Mod Contact Information

Following individuals are mods of the game SRW Unification:

Cubey - responsible for game site maintenance, mission running, general mod duties
AIM handle:

Tengu - responsible for mission running, general mod duties
AIM handle: tengusaur

Steam - responsible for mission running, general mod duties
AIM handle: wyverncakes

Following individuals are mission runners of the game. They are responsible for running missions but not for other mod duties:

AIM handle:

Our contact email address:

If you need to contact the mods, the fastest way is to check if anyone is on AIM and talk to us directly. Please do not put pressure on the mission runners - they do not have the same duties and responsibilities as full-time mods, though they may be able to relay a message to the "main" mods if no one from that group is online.
Failing that, the second fastest way is to leave a comment on this page. All comments are screened by default so no one but the mod team can read them. If you post anonymously, leave some sort of contact information we can use to respond to you.
Sending an email to the contact address or a private message to the mod account is the slowest method of contacting us. Please do that when you send us material you want us to have access to (detailed mission lists for example), and not for emergencies.

How's My Driving post list

HMD for the game itself, and the mods

Mods' HMDs, respond to them whether you have feedback concerning their work as mods or as players:
Tengu's HMD
Cubey's HMD
Steam's HMD
Jockey's HMD

Players' HMDs:
Drascin's HMD
Fri's HMD
Ishikar's HMD
Jonny's HMD
Junker's HMD
Terra's HMD