Requests for upgrades go here. If you want one, respond to this post.

Note: upgrades that were already in an accepted application do not have to be written here, just make sure with the mods that it's okay to introduce them into the game before you do it.

Location upgrade requests - new bases

If you have a potential new base location in mind, write a location upgrade request. Following guidelines are in place:
  • It must be an already existing installation (in the game or in one of its canons), not something that will be built from scratch. Instead it will be modified to serve as a Unity Group base.

  • It must have important things or suspicious activity from hostile groups happening nearby. Read: events must happen in the suggested base's general location, preferably events from more than one canon.

  • Obviously, a similar Unity Group base cannot be too close nearby. Redundancy!

  • It's strongly encouraged that the location have something unusual or interesting that makes it different from other bases.
If a request is approved, the location will be equipped with standard Unity Group teleporters and will become another base for player characters, with all that entails.

Unit upgrades

The meat of this page, so to speak. The rules are simple - if you want an upgrade for your character, write it here, following guidelines from the Applications page. If your request is rejected, the mods will write a response telling you why. It may be because your character already received an upgrade recently or we feel what you have already is powerful or versatile enough. If that is the case, you will have to wait some time before the request can be accepted.

Cross-canon upgrades

A special case to consider is when upgrades come from a canon different than your own character's. In such a case, keep the following in mind:
  • Get permission from all players who have characters from the canon you are "borrowing" your upgrade from.

  • Cross-canon upgrades exist for flavor or roleplaying opportunities, not to engage in one-upping or cherry picking the best out of every canon. Because of that, a cross-canon upgrade cannot be stronger than units used in the canon the upgrade comes from. Nor can it be an upgrade to the extent that it replaces fully or mostly the unit's old abilities, rather than just enhancing them.

In short: Don't powergame, and don't use cross-canon upgrades as an opportunity to try to prove one canon's "superiority" over another.

NEW! Personal position upgrades

Player characters are allowed to apply for a position within Unity Group - by default they have rank of a normal Unity Group pilot/combatant, in addition to their canon rank in their own canon organisation (if they belong to one). If you want something more, well, this is what this section is for.
Any position below base commander is up for grabs. This is not about military-style ranks (Sergeant, Lieutenant, etc), what you apply for is an assignment within Unity Group: drill instructor, chief mechanic (or ordinary mechanic), janitor, cafeteria lady, commander's aide, whatever you feel is appropriate for your character.
The request will be approved or rejected depending on competence and trustworthiness of the character. If accepted, their extra tasks are assumed to be handled offscreen even if you do not post about them (because this is supposed to give you more roleplaying opportunities and not extra work). Do note that abuse of position will end with that position being taken away from the character.

If you want a particular position within Unity Group for your character, please tag this post with an ugprade request as usual.
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From: [personal profile] cloningblues

Wingman request

Requesting Irie Tamaki, the team pet fifth member of Team Rabbits, and her unit Rose Three, to be used as a wingman by any MJP characters currently in the game.

Rose Three is a booster-type AHSMB, which means that its main design theme was Gotta Go Fast! It's also big and fat like its pilot, much larger than any of the other AHSMBs - but this size doesn't translate to toughness, it has a strong shield but its physical armor is rather thin. Its weapons are mostly ranged-oriented, with lots of missile spam, beam spam, and a grappling line it can use to catch enemies.
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From: [personal profile] kill_all_vagans

Weapon request / development request?

I wasn't going to feature it actually but Aero being Aero sorta forced me along for the ride so blargh. Anyways...

Requesting the Beam Rolling Lance for Flit's usage. I cannot find any images of it online so have a picture of the Beam Disc Rod. It looks like that except the beam blade is in the form of a weedwhacker.

Ironically, the Rolling Lance is the first non-joke weapon the AGE-1 gets in the game, and I can sorta see similarities to it and the Titus's beam lariats. It's got reach and remarkable cutting power, but the impractical design of the beam rotor means Flit will be at a disadvantage against other enemies with beam melee weaponry. Flit will probably discard it entirely once his beam daggers are customized to have a beam saber configuration.

Additionally, requesting the DODS Gun for our mooky Genoaces. The DODS Gun is a simplified version of Flit's DODS Rifle and weaker too, but still packs enough of a punch to take down basic UE suits so there's that. I'm not entirely sure when would be a good time to feature them in Uni, so I'm just throwing this out here now.

From: [personal profile] gravitons

New base/external residency request

Shu actually has an island base on Earth that he uses as a hideout, other than his La Gias hideout, and I'd like to make use of this somehow after the next Dark Prison event. Seeing as we have a base in a forest, a space base, a moving ship (which may not always be on Earth), and one in the middle of a city, but none in the middle of the ocean; it might not hurt.

The actual location of the base is somewhere in the Falkland Islands, but I'm okay with it being switched around to wherever is convenient.

As far as features go, it's equipped with the usual hangar (enough to store several mecha including the Granzon itself, in canon), as well as the facilities that come with an island base hideout, like a command center, lounge, library and so on. Probably the most unique feature is that its built under an undeveloped island and therefore has a private beach.

If this doesn't qualify the place as a full fledged base, I hope it's at least okay to get it as Shu's off-base residency.
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From: [personal profile] modern_ancient

Less an upgrade, more "cool idea I thought of that I want to retcon since Njall hasn't deployed yet anyways."

He carries his giant sword around in a truck, but I think it would be cooler (and not really broken in anyway I can think of) if the truck just had various mecha sized medieval weapons in it. So like, a sword, a giant bow and some arrows, a shield, a dagger, an axe, and a mace. Also a belt/quiver to hang all these on, though he probably couldn't carry more than like 2-3 at a time without it getting awkward.

So how does that sound?
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From: [personal profile] kill_all_vagans

Position upgrades

Going to do a two-fer here just to save on time.

First making a request for Flit to -now that we're doing this- officially be part of the R&D team working on finding counters to the UE.

Also requesting that Selena and Albhard be considered recon people for the Unity Group, so that in the leadup to planned missions where we're going somewhere, if it's appropriate they can go and take a look around and report back on what they see.

Selena and Albhard's little adventures obviously wouldn't happen without the consent of the players involved, and I'll defer to them on just how much or little they might find out.
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From: [personal profile] break_the_nine

Additional Weapon + Mount

Due to events that transpired in the mission "Hide and Seek", Leos has acquired a sword from Argos Flight.

Specifically the Type 74 PB Blade.

As such the Pale Rider is getting some modifications to allow it to carry this thing around.
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From: [personal profile] blackhole_sunattack

New Unit request

Unit Name: Death Battle (Shark type)
Unit Description: The Death Battle is a battleship-type machine shaped much like a hammerhead shark. In terms of weapons it has little, missile launchers and a few laser canons up front, but little else as far as conventional weaponry. As well, it can cover itself entirely in fire, even in the water! There's also still a few hundred robotic dinosaurs to command, only about as effective as seen in the previous mission. It's primary use is for "capturing" and transporting large quantities, or namely, other ships smaller than it, even able to draw them into it's mouth with a tractor beam.

Size: Battleship, LL
Terrain compatibility:
Air: A
Ground: B
Water: C
Space: A
Favored terrain: Air

This ship is open for anyone to use freely, or as a carrier for mecha to another mission site. Only Daitarn 3 wouldn't fit within it.
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From: [personal profile] break_the_nine

Plot Related Upgrade

Human PLUS

A highly invasive cybernetics surgery. Those that undertake it are capable of linking their minds into their machines and literally become one with them - granting 1:1 reaction time in addition to all the other usual benefits that cybernetic enhancements would provide (greater strength, etc). AC pilots who successfully survive their surgeries often are capable of pushing their machines to unbelievable performance.

Side effects include but are not limited to: PTSD, mimicing of involuntary movements from linked mecha and other minor issues.

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From: [personal profile] kill_all_vagans

On account of an upcoming finale, requesting Flit be able to use the Assault Jacket as a one-time upgrade/add-on.

The Jacket wasn't developed through the AGE System, but still is used on the AGE-1 and grants it additional armor and weaponry for large-scale battles. It sports a double-barreled DODS Rifle on its right hand and a high-power DODS Launcher on it shoulder, as well as a weapon-mounting shield on its left.

The shield sports beam sabers as well as "beam vulcans", leading me to think that those aren't DODS-based and sacrifice stopping power for increased rate-of-fire.
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Jen Douglas | Nanomachines

Some side effects of Jen being made Cethlenn's pilot that I really should have put in or brought up a long time ago.

The nanomachines that Cethlenn's jammed Jen full of have had enough time to replicate in her system and come to full effect, giving her some really nifty powers and a drawback that she'd rather live without. In their current state they don't have a real notable effect on muscle mass, so no super strength or anything like that. They do however make her difficult to kill; Jen is almost totally immune to poisons now, and will heal quickly from small wounds. Something like a maiming would not kill her, but could only be repaired if she was inside Cethlenn. Grievous bodily trauma-stuff like having multiple limbs crushed or amputated at once-would still prove fatal or put her in a coma outside of Cethlenn and will knock her out for some time inside of it. Headshot are still deadly, as is being reduced to the consistency of chunky salsa-the nanomachines can't repair brain damage.

Near-total immunity to poisons includes alcohol though, so getting drunk is now not really practical. The same applies for other recreational drugs, except caffeine.
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From: [personal profile] actuallyselfish

ShelLancer Upgrade: Improved Arc Thorns

Being the bread and butter of ShelLancer's offensive capabilities, Dido tries to create an upgraded version with streamlined maneuvering vanes and thruster modules with improved vectoring capabilities.

These new Arc Thorns have the ability to temporarily hover in place in a gravity-present environment, balancing on their rocket exhaust; this allows them to be deployed in more intricate formations.

They still aren't bits; their flight paths/formations must be assigned before launch or manually reprogrammed on the fly.
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