Aug 27 17:12:33 [Cubey] You're not sure how you got here.
Aug 27 17:13:32 [Cubey] Somehow, you are with your units, in cockpits (where applicable). Floating... in space? You can see starts, but the patterns do not look familiar. And there is no Earth, nor any other large space object.
Aug 27 17:14:01 [Cubey] But... something else is here
Aug 27 17:14:23 [Cubey] Loni: "So it's come to this, huh. This is how it's gonna end."
Aug 27 17:14:35 [Jockey] Volya: "Loni..?"
Aug 27 17:14:42 [Cubey] The BrightSaber Loni Gavin Custom has its back turned to you, its large blade resting on its shoulder. The unit is undamaged.
Aug 27 17:14:50 [Cubey] Loni: "You took it from me."
Aug 27 17:14:54 [Jockey] [What in the flying heck is going on..?]
Aug 27 17:15:04 [Cubey] Loni: "Being the hero. I was supposed to be the hero. But you stole my role!"
Aug 27 17:15:06 [aldosalt] Dido looks around frantically. "What is this place? I don't remember deploying..."
Aug 27 17:15:13 [Cubey] Loni: "This was supposed to be my story! Mine, and my friends!"
Aug 27 17:15:18 [Arach] Eva: "...? Nevermind that, where are we?"
Aug 27 17:15:30 [Aero] Willis: "And how did we get here..."
Aug 27 17:15:36 [aldosalt] Dido bites her finger and then checks the writing on her cockpit controls. "Are we dreaming...?"
Aug 27 17:15:37 * Steam ( has joined
Aug 27 17:15:59 [Cubey] Loni: "You know what? I don't know either! Fuck... but I don't care."
Aug 27 17:16:16 [Cubey] Loni: "All that matters is - I'll beat you up for good. I'll take back what is mine. I'll be the hero yet!"
Aug 27 17:16:28 [Cubey] Loni: "My friends are still with me! All that matters!"
Aug 27 17:16:58 [Cubey] Your units are on one side of this featureless battlefield, and on the other - it's not just BrightSaber.
Aug 27 17:17:05 [Cubey] The ShotSaber and a Gespenst mk II are hee, too!
Aug 27 17:17:17 [Jockey] Volya: "Loni calm down! We don't have to fight!"
Aug 27 17:17:34 [Cubey] Loni: "... No?"
Aug 27 17:17:53 [Cubey] Loni: "You don't get it, do you?"
Aug 27 17:17:58 [Cubey] The BrightSaber slowly turns.
Aug 27 17:18:17 [Cubey] Loni: "I did it. I even beat the big bad, the one responsible for all this shit. The Lady..."
Aug 27 17:18:20 [Cubey] Loni: "And now..."
Aug 27 17:18:27 [Cubey] Loni: "The story's going to end."
Aug 27 17:18:36 [Cubey] Loni: "This is what I get? That's not fair!"
Aug 27 17:19:13 [Steam] Mizuki: "You can't live for conflict, Loni. not some 'story' you want to be the center of."
Aug 27 17:19:31 [Cubey] Loni: "You still don't get it, do you."
Aug 27 17:19:36 [Jockey] Volya: "Loni... If life was fair everybody here would have had happier stories from beginning to end... just stop this! Its not worth it! Not for you... not for us... not for anyone!"
Aug 27 17:19:49 [Cubey] Loni: "That's the exciting part. That's what the story was made for."
Aug 27 17:20:03 [Corel] Seta: "Mmnn I'll have that one...ah-"
Aug 27 17:20:06 [Cubey] Loni: "I won't return to the banal everyday life! And it looks like you guys want just that!"
Aug 27 17:20:07 [aldosalt] Dido: "That's life, Loni! The excitement ends, and people go on to do other stuff! No one should live as a hero forever..."
Aug 27 17:20:27 [Arach] Eva: "...To live by the sword is to die by the sword."
Aug 27 17:20:28 [Corel] The yelling wakes up the Kijin, finally.
Aug 27 17:20:30 [Cubey] Loni: "So, I won't let you have your way. Ilinka, Desta, let's go!"
Aug 27 17:20:41 [aldosalt] "...especially not a war hero." Dido mutters bitterly.
Aug 27 17:20:50 [Cubey] The other two units don't respond but they move in, their weapons prepared to strike!
Aug 27 17:21:13 [Cubey] Loni isn't willing to listen to you right now.
Aug 27 17:21:26 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...You are delusional. You have seen your friends fall before your very own eyes, Gavin."
Aug 27 17:21:29 [Cubey] Only one way to end this...
Aug 27 17:21:36 [Cubey] Willis, Eva, Volya - go now!
Aug 27 17:21:53 [Cubey] Enemies: BrightSaber Gavin Custom (Loni), ShotSaber (Desta?), Gespenst mk II M (Ilinka?)
Aug 27 17:22:17 [Cubey] Loni: "What are you talking about! My friends are right here!"
Aug 27 17:22:29 [Corel] Seta: "...Eh? What is going on? Why is Loni...?"
Aug 27 17:23:00 [Aero] * Willis wastes no more words, Strahlend's inherited MCR glows as the machine forms the familiar oversized spear that Willis had grown accustomed to. The machine charges straight towards BrightSaber swinging the massive spear in wide arcing slashes towards it. +
Aug 27 17:23:25 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "And yet all of us saw them fall. What are they? Phantoms conjured by the Lady at the last moment?"
Aug 27 17:23:48 [Arach] *Eva holds quiet on her non-understanding of everything that goes on. Either way, 'ilinka' and 'desta' aren't acting like their usual selves-so she starts by attacking them, firing spread lasers at the Genspenst's limbs.+
Aug 27 17:23:55 [aldosalt] "I think we're in some kind of mental dream-space?" Dido tells Seta. "If we die here, we might wake up in real life...but let's not take chances!"
Aug 27 17:24:11 [Jockey] *Interitus and Volya.... back together again move in to deal with the Brightsaber, staff lashing out to disarm!+
Aug 27 17:24:22 [Cubey] Loni: "Is this what you want? Return to a life of boring drudgery?!"
Aug 27 17:24:54 [Cubey] BrightSaber's sword moves quickly, swinging around to parry blows as they are coming. But Willis and Volya strike together, forcing Loni to defend himself!
Aug 27 17:25:20 [Steam] Mizuki: "Is that what you're afraid of?"
Aug 27 17:25:30 [Corel] Seta: "I do not quite understand... but alright."
Aug 27 17:25:35 [aldosalt] Dido: "I liked my old life, you bloodthirsty piece of messiah complex! I liked repairing and making things and hanging with my friends ! You don't have to kill people in order to live an adventure!"
Aug 27 17:25:43 [Cubey] While he does so, the ShotSaber provides support! The unit quickly fires its beam pistols one then another in a barrage, then charges them both up - creating a large energy ball that flies towards both of you!
Aug 27 17:25:44 [Jockey] Volya: "......."
Aug 27 17:25:54 [Cubey] Loni: "I didn't kill anyone!"
Aug 27 17:26:05 [Cubey] React, Willis and Volya
Aug 27 17:26:26 [aldosalt] Dido: "...come to think of it, you didn't, Loni."
Aug 27 17:26:37 [aldosalt] #Volya?
Aug 27 17:26:55 [Cubey] The Gespenst was also aiming its beam rifle to add to the covering barrage... but suddenly, it loses that arm, and a leg! It quickly sweeps to the side, and unleashes a split missile container in retaliation! As the name suggests, it splits into mini missiles. React, Eva.
Aug 27 17:26:57 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 27 17:27:25 [Jockey] *Long before, Interitus took a barrage from the Shotsaber... and it hurt like hell. It may still hurt this time... but the pair have had worse! Interitus unleashes her vines to absorb the incoming shots before slamming her hands into the energy ball to absorb it directly!+
Aug 27 17:27:29 [Cubey] Loni: "I don't want people to die. All I want is to have fun. For the advennture to never end. Excitement, together with my friends... forever."
Aug 27 17:27:43 [Jockey] Volya: "........."
Aug 27 17:27:53 [Jockey] "... I know someone who wanted the same thing."
Aug 27 17:28:49 [Arach] *Eva floats backwards in space, the lasers on the Tern's head engaging to shoot down incoming missiles. "-You think I did everything to have fun?!"
Aug 27 17:28:58 [Cubey] Hetepheres and Seta can move now too.
Aug 27 17:29:06 [aldosalt] *Arc Thorns erupt from ShelLancer's shoulders. Dido charges them with a zap of lightning as they fly towards the energy ball, creating a barrier to slow it down.+
Aug 27 17:29:22 [Aero] * The transformed Quicksilver is dissipated by Willis before it reforms the nanomachines into a large katana reminiscent of his deceased friend's before rapidly drawing the blade and sending several waves of energy to cleave through the energy ball. +
Aug 27 17:29:44 [Cubey] The missiles get quickly shot down. Compared to what other attacks you had to defend yourself against... this is really unimpressive.
Aug 27 17:30:35 [Jockey] "He wanted an adventure... he wanted to have fun. He wanted excitement. He wanted to be special. To be a hero."
Aug 27 17:30:38 [Cubey] Arc thorns move towards the energy ball, which consumes them - but gets smaller and slower in the process. Willis strikes at it, sending one half flying away, the other half absorbed by Interitus!
Aug 27 17:30:49 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "You never killed anyone personally. Neither did many tyrants. Your friends, on the other hand, were mass murderers, and the Lady whose cause you followed was one of the most vile and dangerous creatures in the world. Your hands are far from clean, Gavin."
Aug 27 17:30:53 [Cubey] But the energy doesn't feel nourishing at all...
Aug 27 17:31:02 [Cubey] Loni breaks off away from the two of you.
Aug 27 17:31:17 [aldosalt] Dido: "...then why did you let your friends hurt so many people! Delta, Ilinka...they were destroying lives left and right–and you did Nothing to stop them!"
Aug 27 17:31:18 [Arach] Eva: "Not all of us volunteered for a life of killing."
Aug 27 17:31:32 [Cubey] Loni: "My friends..."
Aug 27 17:31:41 [Cubey] Loni: "They... they are..."
Aug 27 17:33:06 [Corel] Seta: *"What you wish for and what you receive are often two different things. Even if it is a tiny wish..." As she says this, Seta forms a pair of light spheres in Unions hands, which she launches at the ShotSaber. Said spheres scatter into smaller ones that ricochet against each other, covering a wide area!+
Aug 27 17:33:27 [Tengu] * Hetepheres: "You have a chance to live. Run away and never show your face again. Throw away that chance, and you will receive as justice demands!" Scaraber suddenly rushes forward, slashing a few times at the Gespenst with its khopeshes in succession, then raising the swords and hacking downwards with all four at once. +
Aug 27 17:34:54 [Steam] Mizuki: "Loni... this sort of thing happens. It's inevitable!"
Aug 27 17:35:21 [Cubey] The Gespenst spirals to the side, evading the first slashes with a quick dodge. It is damaged, but it still counterattacks - trying to stop the last double cross slash with a jet magnum to Scaraber's face! React, Hetepheres.
Aug 27 17:35:32 [Aero] #Heph?
Aug 27 17:35:36 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 27 17:35:36 [Jockey] Volya: ".... Both him and you were put on strings for someone else's plan... and just like you had your friends who did a lot of bad... he had people he was close to where he was who did just as much..."
Aug 27 17:36:44 [Cubey] Coming under attack, the ShotSaber performs multiple backflips! One, two, a third one... while doing so, it gets barraged anyway - but in slow motion, it fires back! Guns held on its chest, it fires sideways, aiming for the spheres - but some of the shots fly off towards the Union, too. React, Seta.
Aug 27 17:36:53 [Cubey] Dido and Mizuki can go.
Aug 27 17:36:55 [Cubey] Loni: "It..."
Aug 27 17:37:10 [Cubey] Loni: "It wasn't supposed to be like that. Shit... it wasn't supposed to go like this!"
Aug 27 17:37:36 [Aero] * That Gespenst might find that hard as Strahlend suddenly appears next to it, Kuchinashi swinging up towards the Jet Magnum to disarm it and allow Heph's attack to continue. +
Aug 27 17:37:50 [Cubey] Loni: "Ilinka! No, get outta there!"
Aug 27 17:37:58 [Jockey] Volya: "You made mistakes. Mistakes that went badly... that got people hurt..."
Aug 27 17:38:42 [aldosalt] *ShelLancer takes aim at the excessively flipping ShotSaber, bombarding it's limbs with with streams of Arc Thorns. With a Lance Shock, she tries to sear Desta's unit's limbs to char!+
Aug 27 17:38:45 [Corel] *Union quickly traces a line of golden light with its fingers, which expands into a barrier to defend against those shots.+
Aug 27 17:38:46 [Tengu] * Hetepheres brings two of her blades up in a block in order to stop the enemy's attack - luckily Noble Barrier is in its anti-physical configuration at the moment. "Are you not going to say anything, Ilinka Venczel?" With the remaining two swords, she slashes at once in an X-shaped strike. +
Aug 27 17:39:27 [Corel] Seta: "They are more quiet than usual..."
Aug 27 17:39:35 [aldosalt] Dido: "Maybe...on a certain level, you knew Ilinka
Aug 27 17:39:37 [Corel] At least, Seta remembers Desta being quite the trash talker too.
Aug 27 17:39:40 [Steam] * The DuskBird makes its move, flying towards Loni! "Things rarely do. Heph had to kill her own daughter. I was supposed to be a villain. Things aren't always clean cut, and all you can do is live for the future, not the past!" Abyss Gaze beams sweep out at the BrightSaber.+
Aug 27 17:39:45 [Cubey] The Gespenst's hand is cut off!
Aug 27 17:39:58 [Cubey] And, a second later, the PT is split apart in a cross-shaped slash.
Aug 27 17:40:08 [Cubey] Loni: "Ilinka, no!"
Aug 27 17:40:17 [Cubey] Loni: "My friends... my..."
Aug 27 17:40:36 [Cubey] He stops. Finally, Loni realizes.
Aug 27 17:40:59 [Cubey] Loni: "My friends are dead..."
Aug 27 17:41:08 [aldosalt] Dido: "Maybe...on a certain level, you knew Ilinka and Desta's actions were unforgivable. Maybe that's why you let them die covering your retreat...Loni."
Aug 27 17:41:37 [Arach] Eva: "They are."
Aug 27 17:41:58 [Cubey] His unit momentarily stops, its pilot staring towards the truth he doesn't want to accept.
Aug 27 17:42:06 [Jockey] Volya: "...I'm sorry Loni..."
Aug 27 17:42:47 [Cubey] While he does so, the ShotSaber's moves slow down - its shots are quickly blocked by Union, and Seta's blasts slam into it. Then, the heavily damaged ShotSaber...
Aug 27 17:42:54 [Steam] Mizuki: "... It's unfortunate but... that's how it is."
Aug 27 17:43:05 [Cubey] No - a phantom ShotSaber, gets hit by ShelLancer, and fried into nothingness!
Aug 27 17:43:15 [Cubey] The two phantoms quickly fade away from existence.
Aug 27 17:43:41 [Cubey] Loni: "It wasn't supposed to be like that..."
Aug 27 17:43:47 [Corel] Seta: "Ah..."
Aug 27 17:43:51 [Corel] So that's what it was...
Aug 27 17:44:24 [Cubey] Loni: "Fuck!" He sees the Abyss Gaze coming towards him. Plasma flares up around BrightSaber, and he aims his gun towards DuskBird and unleashes a quick homing barrage of plasma blasts. React, Mizuki!
Aug 27 17:44:35 [Jockey] Volya: "Adventures... they never turn out like how people think they would."
Aug 27 17:44:38 [Jockey] # Mizuki
Aug 27 17:44:42 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 27 17:44:43 [aldosalt] #Mizuki?
Aug 27 17:44:47 [Cubey] Also approved
Aug 27 17:45:43 [aldosalt] *"Follow my timing, Volya!" Dido fires more electrified Arc Thorns out as a barrier against the plasma. And for the few blasts that get through...!+
Aug 27 17:46:05 [Jockey] *Interitus dashes forth... momentarily... a shimmer of white extends from the back of her head...her hands lash out rapidly, grasping and draining the blasts!+
Aug 27 17:46:25 [Jockey] "Right..!"
Aug 27 17:46:25 [Steam] * Feathers fly from the DuskBird's wings, raising energized barricades as the DuskBird swoops and spirals down, shifting into Jet Mode for greater speed!+
Aug 27 17:47:02 [Steam] "Loni, fighting us won't change anything. Even if you win there's not going to be anything left to fight!"
Aug 27 17:47:34 [Steam] "People fought, died, and gave everything they could for the peace we've been able to attain!"
Aug 27 17:47:37 [Cubey] Dido's Arc Thorns create a barrier of electricity - it captures several of the blasts, but quickly breaks!
Aug 27 17:47:54 [Cubey] Interitus starts absorbing the beams, allowing Mizuki to quickly get out of the way.
Aug 27 17:48:45 [Cubey] However, in the process she finds the power to be burning her, the plasma too hot to handle safety before it can be drained. Interitus' hands are burning and hurt... but they held and stopped the barrage.
Aug 27 17:49:12 [Cubey] Loni: "It wasn't my fault!"
Aug 27 17:49:20 [Cubey] Loni: "You said I can live forward. To what!"
Aug 27 17:49:30 [Cubey] Loni: "This world won't accept me as the hero, even though I did nothing..."
Aug 27 17:50:03 [Cubey] The escaping yobs fallen by Desta.
Aug 27 17:50:11 [Cubey] The rampage created by Ilinka - and her killing of Antov.
Aug 27 17:50:15 [aldosalt] Dido: "And that's the issue, isn't it?"
Aug 27 17:50:20 [Steam] "You played a role in defeating the Lady."
Aug 27 17:50:32 [Cubey] Flashback Cicero: "La... dy..."
Aug 27 17:50:32 [Steam] "We're willing to recognize that!"
Aug 27 17:50:41 [Arach] Eva: "There's more to life than glory."
Aug 27 17:50:46 [Cubey] Flashback Loni: "That's it for you, old man!"
Aug 27 17:52:03 [Cubey] Flashback Loni: "Same to you. It won't for long, though."
Aug 27 17:52:18 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "It is easy to bask in glory when everything goes your way. But when it does not... What are you going to do, Gavin?"
Aug 27 17:52:29 [Cubey] Loni: "GRAAAAAH! No! Fuck, make it stop!"
Aug 27 17:52:47 [Jockey] "Loni!"
Aug 27 17:52:48 [Cubey] The BrightSaber clutches its head, mimicking movements of its pilot.
Aug 27 17:53:04 [Steam] Well that was...
Aug 27 17:53:31 [Arach] Eva: "...Give him some space."
Aug 27 17:53:36 [Corel] Seta: "Will he be alright...?"
Aug 27 17:53:39 [Cubey] Gavin is distracted and temporarily unable to defend himself or do anything at all for that matter. If you want to do something, now's your chance.
Aug 27 17:54:36 [Aero] Willis: " would be real easy right now."
Aug 27 17:54:49 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...I do not know." Scaraber raises its laser staff, ready to fire. "If he tries something..."
Aug 27 17:54:52 [Arach] Eva: "Don't."
Aug 27 17:54:54 [Jockey] "......."
Aug 27 17:55:11 [Jockey] "Please..."
Aug 27 17:55:35 [Jockey] *Interitus moves in towards the Brightsaber.... and what it does next...
Aug 27 17:55:42 [aldosalt] Dido: "This may well be a dream realm...this is probably the only space where he could face himself...."
Aug 27 17:55:45 [Jockey] Is gently pull it close.+
Aug 27 17:55:54 [Arach] The Tern floats close as well, standing watch.
Aug 27 17:56:53 [Cubey] Loni: "Ah... ahh..."
Aug 27 17:57:20 [Cubey] He breathes heavily - the plasma eruption around BrightSaber clearing off. It is held by Interitus, and - for now, it doesn't do anything.
Aug 27 17:57:54 [Jockey] Volya: "...Loni... that friend I said was a lot like you... do you know what happened to him...?"
Aug 27 17:57:55 [Cubey] Loni: "It's going to end, ain't it."
Aug 27 17:58:46 [Arach] Eva: "Nothing ever ends, Loni. It just...changes form."
Aug 27 17:58:56 [Jockey] "He admitted to his mistakes... he got better... and he has a chance to become a hero. For real."
Aug 27 17:59:15 [Jockey] "Just because this part of the story ends... doesn't mean its the end."
Aug 27 17:59:53 [Cubey] Loni: "Huh."
Aug 27 18:00:06 [Cubey] Loni: "So that's how these things are."
Aug 27 18:00:11 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "If you look at life as a collection of stories, then you should realize... After one ends, it does not take much time for another one to start."
Aug 27 18:00:19 [Jockey] "...Loni... you're a jerk.... but I also think you can be a better person..."
Aug 27 18:00:48 [Cubey] Loni: "But..."
Aug 27 18:00:53 [Cubey] Loni: "You still don't get it."
Aug 27 18:00:57 [Aero] Willis: "...sometimes people don't change.."
Aug 27 18:01:00 [Steam] Mizuki: "Solaris's own history has been... a lot of-"
Aug 27 18:01:08 [Steam] "... Volya, get away from him."
Aug 27 18:01:11 [Cubey] All around the space, energy flares up!
Aug 27 18:01:15 [Aero] Willis: "..."
Aug 27 18:01:17 [Steam] "Get away from him!"
Aug 27 18:01:22 [aldosalt] Dido: "....dammit...!"
Aug 27 18:01:27 [Cubey] The stars in space... open up!
Aug 27 18:01:30 [aldosalt] #Volya?
Aug 27 18:01:31 [Cubey] They turn into portals!
Aug 27 18:01:47 [Cubey] # unnecessary, because BrightSaber doesn't attack
Aug 27 18:02:02 [Jockey] [Interitus.... doesn't move.]
Aug 27 18:02:22 [Cubey] Loni: "This one story's over. The Lady's dead and her power's running out."
Aug 27 18:02:53 [Jockey] "Loni..."
Aug 27 18:02:55 [Cubey] Loni: "There's no way you can be the hero anymore. This is the final chapter. I tried to make it a realm of endless adventure, but I can't!"
Aug 27 18:03:01 [Cubey] The BrightSaber pushes Interitus away.
Aug 27 18:03:09 [Cubey] Loni: "Fuck. If I can't be the hero here, then..."
Aug 27 18:03:19 [Cubey] Loni: "I can be a hero somewhere else! I'll find a new world!"
Aug 27 18:03:37 [Jockey] "Loni!"
Aug 27 18:03:39 [Cubey] Loni: "A totally new universe where I can be the hero!"
Aug 27 18:03:45 [Jockey] "You can't just run away from your mistakes!"
Aug 27 18:03:57 [Cubey] The BrightSaber takes off and moves towards one of the portals.
Aug 27 18:04:09 [Corel] Seta: "He really is determined to become one..."
Aug 27 18:04:11 [Steam] "And what happens when you run out of adventures there?!?"
Aug 27 18:04:16 [aldosalt] Dido: "If you don't grow and learn, you'll just repeat everything! Dammit..!"
Aug 27 18:04:18 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "If you do not change, if you do not realize your mistakes, how do you expect the new world to welcome you?"
Aug 27 18:04:18 [Cubey] Loni: "Isn't that what you're all trying to do? Turn over a new leaf? Don't be a fucking hypocrite!"
Aug 27 18:04:26 [Steam] "You'd be no better than the Indalph!"
Aug 27 18:04:40 [Cubey] He can see it - and you can see it too. One of the many other existences.
Aug 27 18:04:45 [Aero] Willis: "And what have you done to deserve our sympathy."
Aug 27 18:04:45 [aldosalt] Dido's getting flashbacks to Sara...her dream of eternal conquest.
Aug 27 18:05:02 [Aero] Willis: "You're just going to end up repeating your stupid actions again and again."
Aug 27 18:05:07 [Jockey] "Even if you become a hero........ Would it be worth it without your friends?"
Aug 27 18:05:13 [Cubey] A world where a powerful force ended up in a time loop, growing mighty, and hateful of humanity, it turned against the same people who tried to use it.
Aug 27 18:05:41 [Cubey] Loni: "Eh?"
Aug 27 18:05:48 [Cubey] BrightSaber looks back - before it disappears into the portal.
Aug 27 18:06:14 [Cubey] Its surface swirls and... a second later, spits the BrightSaber out!
Aug 27 18:06:26 [Cubey] Loni: "Why..."
Aug 27 18:06:30 [aldosalt] Dido: "Oh Fudge Skittle, should we pursue him...ohthankgod..."
Aug 27 18:06:34 [Arach] Eva: "...Well."
Aug 27 18:06:42 [Cubey] Loni: "Why doesn't it let me?!"
Aug 27 18:06:54 [Cubey] The portal is gone. But BrightSaber's on the move again.
Aug 27 18:06:56 [Steam] Mizuki: "Because it doesn't owe you anything."
Aug 27 18:07:00 [Cubey] It flies towards another one.
Aug 27 18:07:04 [Cubey] And is spat out again.
Aug 27 18:07:20 [aldosalt] Dido: "Maybe the power you wield knows you want to be a hero...and heroes mustn't run away."
Aug 27 18:07:27 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "A pitiful spectacle..."
Aug 27 18:07:41 [Jockey] "This is..."
Aug 27 18:07:46 [Corel] Seta nods quietly in agreement to that, Heph.
Aug 27 18:07:53 [Cubey] A world where an ancient empire tried to make the whole universe theirs. A world where a madman tried to throw down an asteroid on the planet. A world where nigh omnipotent beings tried to stop the inevitable evolution. A world where ancient gods exist just outside of human's domain.
Aug 27 18:08:00 [Cubey] All of them reject the BrightSaber.
Aug 27 18:08:08 [Cubey] All of them have their own heroes... or don't need one.
Aug 27 18:08:38 [Cubey] Loni: "Fuck."
Aug 27 18:08:42 [Cubey] "FUUUUUCK! Why!"
Aug 27 18:09:14 [Jockey] "... Because as painful as it is... your story... its here."
Aug 27 18:09:17 [Cubey] BrightSaber's aura explodes in an intense plasma field, flowing out in all directions.
Aug 27 18:09:23 [Aero] Willis: "..."
Aug 27 18:09:38 [Cubey] Only one portal is left.
Aug 27 18:09:46 [Cubey] The portal behind you. And you recognize the world that's on the other side.
Aug 27 18:09:48 [Cubey] It's your world.
Aug 27 18:09:57 [aldosalt] Dido: "You've been running for a long time, cliche as it sounds, maybe you're running from yourself?"
Aug 27 18:10:19 [aldosalt] "But now there's nowhere left to go."
Aug 27 18:10:28 [Arach] Eva: "There's a chance to live in peace, if you'll take it."
Aug 27 18:10:40 [Jockey] "Please..."
Aug 27 18:10:48 [Cubey] Loni: "I won't go back to that life."
Aug 27 18:10:55 [Cubey] Loni: "No matter what!"
Aug 27 18:11:01 [Aero] Willis: "...that's it then."
Aug 27 18:11:03 [Jockey] "Loni."
Aug 27 18:11:12 [Jockey] "Before a hero can save others...."
Aug 27 18:11:15 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "What else will you do then? Stay in this void forever? Have the courage to face the consequences of your actions, instead of running away from them."
Aug 27 18:11:32 [Jockey] "....Sometimes... they need someone to save them from themselves."
Aug 27 18:12:13 [Arach] Eva: "It's that or die here."
Aug 27 18:12:37 [Jockey] "There's other ways you can be a hero to people..."
Aug 27 18:12:47 [aldosalt] Dido: "Or go catatonic from the isolation, depending on how this dimension works..."
Aug 27 18:13:07 [Cubey] Loni: "No."
Aug 27 18:13:33 [Cubey] Loni: "The future this world's got in store of me. I'm not taking it."
Aug 27 18:13:38 [Cubey] Loni: "No matter what!"
Aug 27 18:13:51 [Jockey] "And what's that future you think it has Loni?"
Aug 27 18:13:51 [Cubey] Green flame blazes on BrightSaber's sword as it turns towards you.
Aug 27 18:13:59 [Cubey] The unit floats in space, its head lowered.
Aug 27 18:14:03 [Jockey] "Just what do you think it is?"
Aug 27 18:14:13 [Cubey] It looks like Loni, after all, still wants to fight. He won't return to the world.
Aug 27 18:14:15 [Cubey] But...
Aug 27 18:14:23 [Corel] Seta: "If you are so certain..."
Aug 27 18:14:24 [Cubey] You can do it. You can just return and leave him here.
Aug 27 18:14:39 [Cubey] Willis, Eva, Volya and Hetepheres - you can act now.
Aug 27 18:14:44 [Cubey] In whatever way you find fitting.
Aug 27 18:14:49 [aldosalt] Dido: "Spell it out for us, Loni! What are you afraid of?"
Aug 27 18:15:17 [Cubey] Loni: "..."
Aug 27 18:15:52 [Cubey] Loni: "Life! I don't want this life!"
Aug 27 18:16:08 [Jockey] *Interitus moves towards Loni.+
Aug 27 18:16:20 [Cubey] Loni: "You think growing older, getting a job, starting a family - heh, as if. What's this supposed to be?!"
Aug 27 18:16:26 [Cubey] Loni: "Something to look forward to?!"
Aug 27 18:16:35 [Steam] "Of course it is!"
Aug 27 18:16:38 [Cubey] Another angry explosion of plasma threatens to throw Interitus away - or worse! React.
Aug 27 18:16:46 [Steam] # Volya
Aug 27 18:16:59 [Cubey] Loni: "You didn't live what I lived through! I had no one! And fuck them!"
Aug 27 18:17:00 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 27 18:17:18 [aldosalt] #Volya?
Aug 27 18:17:21 [Cubey] Loni: "I'll be the hero! Not for anyone. Just for myself!"
Aug 27 18:17:28 [Cubey] Also approved
Aug 27 18:17:39 [Jockey] *Volya grits his teeth... Interitus continues forward no matter what - reaching towards the Brightsaber+
Aug 27 18:17:43 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...You are a fool to the end, Gavin."
Aug 27 18:17:54 [Aero] Willis: "...let's end this then."
Aug 27 18:17:57 [Arach] Eva: "So you choose to die in ignomy, then..."
Aug 27 18:18:07 [Steam] * The explosion swells, but the DuskBird charges forwards at it, Abyss Greatsword formed, Void energy enveloping it as she swings to part the blast before it reaches Volya!+
Aug 27 18:18:10 [Aero] Willis: "Talking with you once again has been a waste of time."
Aug 27 18:19:26 [Cubey] Loni: "Living on in this world is as good as death!"
Aug 27 18:19:30 [Tengu] * Scaraber fires its laser staff in quick bursts, sending a barrage of them towards the BrightSaber. Hetepheres aims towards the mech's generators, hoping to at least make whatever Volya is planning easier. +
Aug 27 18:19:46 [aldosalt] *As the others moves to defend Volya, Dido shifts to Turtle mode and ShellBoosts forward, moving in a circle around BrightSaber. Once Loni's distracted, she zooms in from behind, shifts back to human form, and has ShelLancer try to bear-hug BrightSaber from behind!+
Aug 27 18:19:53 [Arach] *Eva fires once. The beams from her spread laser twist and converge, spiralling into one shot straight at the cockpit.+
Aug 27 18:20:00 [Steam] "Then if you want to die, kill yourself!"
Aug 27 18:20:07 [Jockey] "Loni! You had people willing to die for you-!"
Aug 27 18:20:54 [Steam] "But you haven't... you still want something from the world!"
Aug 27 18:20:58 [Aero] * Strahlend sheathes Kuchinashi and charges straight towards Brightsaber, disappearing in a blur of speed as it closes the distance between the two machines .It draws the weapon as it reaches Brightsaber and aims to sever the machine in two. &
Aug 27 18:21:56 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "There are very few circumstances where death is better than life. And yours, no matter how much you made things worse for yourself, is not one of them!"
Aug 27 18:22:10 [Cubey] Loni: "Ghh?!" He sees actual attacks incoming - not just Interitus! And the ShelLancer approaches - the BrightSaber kicks it forcefully, trying to move upwards and get away from the attacks.
Aug 27 18:22:42 [Cubey] This means Eva and Willis have not just the BrightSaber but also ShelLancer in the path of their attacks! React, the three of you!
Aug 27 18:23:00 [Jockey] # Loni and Dido
Aug 27 18:23:04 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 27 18:24:03 [aldosalt] *"Fudge!" Dido's regretting her actions right now...she shifts ShelLancer back to Turtle form, lowering her profile to avoid the beam attacks!+
Aug 27 18:24:09 [Jockey] *And getting in the way of those attacks... was Interitus. Willing to take the hit from Eva full on and parry the blow from Willis!+
Aug 27 18:24:29 [Aero] * Strahlend dissipates Kuchinashi as ShelLancer suddenly appears in the path of his attack, spinning to the right to avoid the turtle mech using a quick burst of energy from the MCR and reforming the Katana before continuing back on his path towards Brightsaber. +
Aug 27 18:24:30 [aldosalt] Dido: "Volya, no!"
Aug 27 18:28:25 [Cubey] Interitus starts absorbing the laser beams shot towards Loni and Dido - both the ones from Scaraber, and the spiralling beam that starts to cut painfully into her form!
Aug 27 18:28:31 [Cubey] But, suddenly she's tackled away!
Aug 27 18:28:42 [Cubey] Loni: "Get away! I don't need your help! Urgh!"
Aug 27 18:29:09 [Cubey] Though because of his movement, the beam hits the lower part of BrightSaber - but it still drills a hole in it. And, one Willis slash later, the unit loses an arm - the cannon flies away!
Aug 27 18:29:14 [Cubey] Loni: "You pity me now?!"
Aug 27 18:29:23 [Jockey] "This isn't about pity!"
Aug 27 18:29:42 [Jockey] "... I'm not a hero... I don't want to be a hero... but the people who I know who are..."
Aug 27 18:29:51 [Jockey] "They don't pick and choose who to save!"
Aug 27 18:30:05 [Jockey] "I still think you can be someone better!"
Aug 27 18:30:33 [Jockey] "... I'm not going to give up on that Loni... No matter how much its going to hurt me."
Aug 27 18:30:46 [Corel] Seta: "Volya..."
Aug 27 18:30:58 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "He is trying to save your life. Even though, by all objective means, you do not deserve it, and even actively refuse yourself."
Aug 27 18:31:20 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...But if Volya really wants it so badly, I am willing to let him. Will you?"
Aug 27 18:31:35 [Cubey] Loni: "..."
Aug 27 18:31:37 [Cubey] "..."
Aug 27 18:31:41 [Cubey] "Get out."
Aug 27 18:31:47 [Cubey] Loni: "All of you, just get out."
Aug 27 18:32:11 [Cubey] Loni: "Return to your world. Whatever."
Aug 27 18:32:20 [Cubey] Loni: "The story ends here. There's nothing else."
Aug 27 18:32:31 [Cubey] The portal behind you seems to wane - slowly grows weaker.
Aug 27 18:32:44 [Cubey] You can still leave through it, but who knows for how much longer?
Aug 27 18:32:46 [Jockey] Volya: "..."
Aug 27 18:32:55 [Cubey] Power crackles over BrightSaber's surface, but it lowers its weapon.
Aug 27 18:33:01 [Cubey] Loni will just stay here.
Aug 27 18:33:03 [Jockey] "What about you?"
Aug 27 18:33:03 [aldosalt] Dido sighs. "Pearls before swine, Volya...I won't let you get stranded here for his sake. I owe that to your friends."
Aug 27 18:33:23 [Steam] "What would it take to make you go back?"
Aug 27 18:34:07 [Cubey] Loni: "What."
Aug 27 18:34:14 [Cubey] Loni: "You still want me to return?"
Aug 27 18:34:26 [Cubey] Loni: "Didn't I make it clear? You know what awaits me on the other side?!"
Aug 27 18:34:27 * J0ckey (Jockey@175.142.rxk.jh) has joined
Aug 27 18:34:44 [Steam] "Possibilities."
Aug 27 18:34:47 [Steam] "There aren't any here."
Aug 27 18:35:04 * Jockey has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Aug 27 18:35:16 [Steam] "Like I said, I was supposed to be a villain."
Aug 27 18:35:29 [J0ckey] "...You can find another story Loni..."
Aug 27 18:35:32 [Steam] "... But things ended up differently."
Aug 27 18:35:33 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "You will face a court martial. In all likelihood, your sentence will be severe. But the question is; do you prefer that, or banishment and solitude in this void, forever?"
Aug 27 18:36:00 [aldosalt] Dido: "A whole universe to people and cultures to meet..." Even in prison, she supposes...
Aug 27 18:36:09 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Do you prefer the unknown, uncertain future, or nothing?"
Aug 27 18:36:27 [J0ckey] "I promise... there'll be something for you."
Aug 27 18:36:53 [Cubey] Loni: "I..."
Aug 27 18:36:56 [Cubey] "I don't know."
Aug 27 18:36:59 [Cubey] "Fuck."
Aug 27 18:37:03 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "I would pick the former. But then, I am not you. Everyone, come. Let us return." Scaraber turns around.
Aug 27 18:37:34 [Cubey] Gavin: "So much for being a hero."
Aug 27 18:37:35 [J0ckey] [Interitus reaches out for the Brightsaber again, almost pleadingly.]
Aug 27 18:37:44 [Corel] Union lowers its head slightly at Brightsaber.
Aug 27 18:38:09 [Cubey] Gavin: "I'm not a hero. Fuck! I was supposed to be the hero, but I'm not! Never was! How can I..."
Aug 27 18:38:18 [Cubey] ...
Aug 27 18:38:20 [Corel] Seta: "I apologize. If I did not shoulder any other responsibilities, I would be putting in as much effort as Volya is..."
Aug 27 18:38:21 [Steam] "Everyone starts somewhere."
Aug 27 18:38:30 [Cubey] The BrightSaber starts to crumble.
Aug 27 18:38:37 [Cubey] The willpower that held it together cannot hold anymore.
Aug 27 18:38:42 [Cubey] Nor can it hold the portal.
Aug 27 18:38:57 [Cubey] The time to leave is now! Talking is pointless!
Aug 27 18:39:04 [Corel] Following after Scaraber, Union darts off.
Aug 27 18:39:15 [J0ckey] "..."
Aug 27 18:39:19 [Cubey] Loni: "...!" The cockpit is disintegrating around him, his body left floating in the void!
Aug 27 18:39:21 [Cubey] Everyone react.
Aug 27 18:39:30 [Cubey] And by react I mean - move towards the portal.
Aug 27 18:39:42 [aldosalt] Dido: "Volya! We're leaving...cast a lifeline out if you can!" ShelLancer pulls at Interitus, heading towards the portal.
Aug 27 18:40:07 [Aero] Strahlend immediately follows after Union and Scaraber. "...."
Aug 27 18:40:17 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Hurry!" Scaraber's wings spread, the unit moving at high speed towards the portal - but Heph waits till everyone leaves before doing so herself!
Aug 27 18:40:19 [Tengu] =
Aug 27 18:40:20 [Tengu] +
Aug 27 18:40:25 [J0ckey] *Interitus is moving.... but not alone. Several vines move to pull Loni to her as she makes her escape!+
Aug 27 18:41:16 [Steam] * And the DuskBird blasts off towards the portal, its whip grabbing hold of Interitus to pull it and Loni along behind!+
Aug 27 18:42:20 [Arach] *The Tern darts off, quickly slipping on through. Left behind, just in case-a single, small knife.+
Aug 27 18:44:13 [Cubey] One by one, your units move towards the portal. The Scaraber waits at the gateway, with DuskBird pulling on Interitus, and Interitus pulling on Gavin
Aug 27 18:44:28 [Cubey] Gavin, who while floating in space, didn't miss a present left for him.
Aug 27 18:45:29 [Cubey] He seems to be considering his options... and as you move towards the portal, you see it.
Aug 27 18:45:35 [Cubey] The world that you are returning to.
Aug 27 18:45:47 [Cubey] The world that, years ago, had a person living on it.
Aug 27 18:46:10 [Cubey] A boy who had no parents, they died like so many others in those dangerous years.
Aug 27 18:46:28 [Cubey] He had no hopes and stayed to himself, often bullied by others, especially his neighbour Desta.
Aug 27 18:46:45 [Cubey] Then one day... a letter. Everyone was surprised to learn he had an uncle.
Aug 27 18:46:48 [Cubey] Least of all, himself.
Aug 27 18:47:10 [Cubey] Gavin: "Yeah."
Aug 27 18:47:30 [Cubey] Gavin: "Desta... was a huge asshole. And now that I think of it, Ilinka wasn't much better."
Aug 27 18:47:41 [Cubey] Gavin: "Some friends, huh."
Aug 27 18:48:25 [Cubey] Gavin: "I wanted to be a hero for myself to escape from all of this. But now..."
Aug 27 18:48:37 [Cubey] Gavin: "Yeah. As long as this power's in the world, the story won't end."
Aug 27 18:48:40 [Cubey] "Fuck."
Aug 27 18:48:59 [Cubey] Something lights up around the dark, starless universe that you are leaving!
Aug 27 18:49:14 [Cubey] And at the very last moment - with DuskBird, Interitus and Scaraber crossing the threshold.
Aug 27 18:49:18 [J0ckey] "Wha-?"
Aug 27 18:49:27 [Cubey] Gavin: "I'm off to make my own one."
Aug 27 18:49:42 [Cubey] Something snaps painfully!
Aug 27 18:49:49 [J0ckey] "-AH!"
Aug 27 18:49:53 [Cubey] Interitus is thrown... all of you drop down on the ruins of Fort Alhambra.
Aug 27 18:49:58 [Cubey] And Loni - Loni isn't with you.
Aug 27 18:50:02 [Cubey] The tentacles were cut.
Aug 27 18:50:29 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...So he has chosen his fate. Is everyone else here?"
Aug 27 18:50:46 [Corel] Seta: "It appears like it..."
Aug 27 18:50:50 [Cubey] He made his choice. In the end, unaffected by the Lady, his friends - or even you.
Aug 27 18:50:53 [Aero] Willis: "Yeah..."
Aug 27 18:50:55 [J0ckey] "..."
Aug 27 18:51:03 [Steam] "... We're here."
Aug 27 18:51:27 [Cubey] Apollonius "Loni" Gavin decided for himself, and now you feel like something is missing from this world. A subtle influence - but one that was malicious and on a personal level disinterested.
Aug 27 18:51:29 [Cubey] It's missing now.
Aug 27 18:51:29 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "You have tried your best, Volya."
Aug 27 18:51:32 [Arach] Eva: "Present and safe."
Aug 27 18:51:37 [aldosalt] Dido: "He seemed to realize something good, Volya...maybe you don't have to worry for him."
Aug 27 18:51:50 [J0ckey] [There's a long glance at the severed vines...]
Aug 27 18:51:56 [J0ckey] [Then a tired acceptance...]
Aug 27 18:52:04 [Steam] "A lesson hard learned..."
Aug 27 18:52:11 [J0ckey] "Maybe.... maybe not..."
Aug 27 18:52:13 [Cubey] The story truly is at an end now.
Aug 27 18:52:15 [Steam] Mizuki looks back up into the sky from where they fell.
Aug 27 18:52:23 [Steam] "... But he did learn it."
Aug 27 18:52:33 [Cubey] And someplace wildly different, a location no one ever knows of...
Aug 27 18:52:51 [Cubey] Someone finally could be happy with a decision he had made. The first and last one of his life.
Aug 27 18:52:59 [Cubey] THE END