Aug 13 16:07:16 [Cubey] It's late night at Sakihama.
Aug 13 16:07:59 [Cubey] The stream of people who arrive to help with creating the anti-the Lady weapon has thinned somewhat due to time of day, but security is still tight.
Aug 13 16:08:16 [Cubey] ... Which is why everyone is really quick to notice something ominous.
Aug 13 16:08:24 [Cubey] A fog is gathering.
Aug 13 16:08:54 [Cubey] The energy reaction from it proves that it's no normal fog. The nanomachine Chimaera-creating cloud is here!
Aug 13 16:09:09 [Cubey] And to make it worse, it spreads towards the inhabited, non-fake parts of the city!
Aug 13 16:09:19 [Cubey] But... one of you noticed this already, didn't you?
Aug 13 16:09:29 [Cubey]
Aug 13 16:11:00 [Aero] And Willis leaps off of Sakihama's roof after spotting the fog from his vantage point, Strahlend soaring out from the hangar to catch its pilot on its way towards the city. "I should have seen this coming..."
Aug 13 16:11:58 [Aero] He wasn't too surprised but the fact that they were coming in the middle of the night was annoying, the machine sends out an alert back to Sakihama as he makes his way towards the city.
Aug 13 16:12:47 [Cubey] Huffman: "What is this doing here? Anyone available, move out before the city turns into grey goo!"
Aug 13 16:13:12 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "The Chimaera are showing up once again... They need to be taken care of immediately! Deploy the Scaraber, I am heading out!"
Aug 13 16:13:32 [Corel] Elys was just reading the reports of the day, what with Aegis having visited recently and all...when she hears this.
Aug 13 16:13:40 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...Willis has already launched? Hmm."
Aug 13 16:14:01 [Jockey] Optimus: "Understood Commander Huffman. I am taking a team to intercept! The others will assist in evacuating any areas closest to the cloud."
Aug 13 16:14:12 [Corel] Elys: "He's gone ahead again. Time to catch up."
Aug 13 16:14:27 [Jockey] [And a truck, two cars and an ambulance are burning rubber towards the mission zone!]
Aug 13 16:14:31 [Cubey] Willis arrives first to see a picture of chaos. People of Sakihama are desperately trying to get away from a cloud that consumes buildings and vehicles... and not all of them managed to.
Aug 13 16:14:59 [Cubey] Several Chimaera have already formed - and they move towards you with clearly aggressive intent. The fog won't be stopped.
Aug 13 16:15:15 [Cubey] Enemies: Crystal Chimaera x4, Pure Chimaera x4
Aug 13 16:15:24 [Cubey] Fortunately, Willis' friends are not too far behind, either.
Aug 13 16:15:28 [Cubey] Willis, Elyssa - move now.
Aug 13 16:15:37 [Cubey] Crystal Chimaera
Aug 13 16:15:37 [Cubey]
Aug 13 16:15:37 [Cubey] Pure Chimaera
Aug 13 16:15:37 [Cubey]
Aug 13 16:15:45 [Steam] As soon as Mizuki hears the news, the DuskBird's flying out too.
Aug 13 16:16:09 [Corel] Amagahara arrives on the scene not long after, and Elys grimaces at the sight.
Aug 13 16:16:44 [Aero] "Elys...we need to act quickly."
Aug 13 16:17:31 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "The spread of the nanomachine cloud has to be stopped."
Aug 13 16:18:21 [Aero] *Immediately Willis spreads out his own nanomachines to counteract the Chimaera Fog as he draws Quicksilver and transforms the weapon into a nanothorn blade before rushing towards the Crystal Chimaera, aiming straight for their Cores. +
Aug 13 16:18:22 [Corel] Elys: "It worked last time, so even if we can slow it down to buy time, that's something..."
Aug 13 16:19:34 [Corel] *Amagahara disperses some of its nanomachines to hold back the nearby fog. Meanwhile, it deploys its bow, which it fires to provide Willis with cover in his advance.+
Aug 13 16:20:12 [Cubey] Willis tries to counter the Fog's spread and effects, but it's hard to do all by yourself. Fortunately, you are not alone.
Aug 13 16:21:10 [Cubey] The two of you utilize nanomachines to neutralize the Chimaera ones, while Willis slices into a Crystal Chimaera and exposes its core. Arrows fly, destroying it - and causing the rest of the crystalline beasts to scatter!
Aug 13 16:22:07 [Cubey] The Crystal trio, one of them pierced with an arrow but quickly regenerating, run around and quickly discharge spears and other long spikes from their bodies - and quickly throw them towards Amigahara. Elys, react!
Aug 13 16:22:36 [Cubey] While at the same time, a Pure Chimaera's large form moves in closer, buildings in its wake simply turning into more of itself as its limbs slam down on Strahlend.
Aug 13 16:22:38 [Cubey] Willis, react!
Aug 13 16:23:10 [Steam] # Willis
Aug 13 16:23:29 [Cubey] The rest of Project Unification arrives on the scene - but too late to react to what is happening right now.
Aug 13 16:23:30 [Cubey] # denied
Aug 13 16:23:59 [Corel] *Amagahara's ring flashes as the machine forms a number of wide, flat, and heavy blades that come crashing down in front of it to act as a shield!+
Aug 13 16:25:07 [Cubey] Elys creates a physical barrier which stops the attacking projectiles. The Chimaera continue to circle, putting you on the defensive.
Aug 13 16:25:42 [Aero] * A second larger sword is formed in Strahlend's free hand and swung up towards the Pure Chimaera's massive limb to attempt to deflect the attack. +
Aug 13 16:26:59 [Cubey] Willis' sword digs into the large arm, but it still keeps on going!
Aug 13 16:27:20 [Cubey] ???: "After all we talked about you don't intend to leave me behind now, do you?"
Aug 13 16:27:54 [Aero] Willis: "!"
Aug 13 16:28:06 [Cubey] And, suddenly another unit quickly rushes in from Sakihama base's direction! Wielding an invisible blade, it cuts off the Chimaera's arm - and with a cross-slash, splits it apart so it cannot grow back.
Aug 13 16:28:16 [Cubey] Everyone, you're seeing...
Aug 13 16:28:17 [Cubey] Licht
Aug 13 16:28:17 [Cubey]
Aug 13 16:28:33 [Cubey] Leigh: "We're all in this together."
Aug 13 16:28:54 [Cubey] Hetepheres, Mizuki, Optimus (and friends), go now!
Aug 13 16:30:43 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...This is a surprising turn of events. Is she not the one behind the Chimaera attacks?"
Aug 13 16:30:53 [Corel] Elys: "Willis, isn't that...?!"
Aug 13 16:31:10 [Steam] Mizuki bit her lip.
Aug 13 16:31:29 [Aero] Willis: "'s complicated, but she's not an enemy."
Aug 13 16:31:58 [Steam] "Most things with you are..."
Aug 13 16:32:15 [Steam] A sigh, but a relieved one. At least one less person to worry about. And hopefully a little less of a burden for Willis.
Aug 13 16:32:18 [Tengu] * Scaraber jumps forward, spinning its blades around in a quick circular slash as it leaps towards the damaged Pure Chimaera, and then follows up by hacking with them repeatedly at the monster's chest, trying to get to the core! +
Aug 13 16:32:28 [Cubey] Leigh: "I'm not here to fight you, I mean it."
Aug 13 16:32:38 [Jockey] *Optimus and Ratchet quickly skid to a halt - transforming as they went as they armed themselves. Ion Blaster and twin pistols firing upon a Pure Chimaera... the two cars however picked up speed. The white one transformed, leaping into the air as Drift drew his shortswords to cross slash at the enemy's face...
Aug 13 16:32:44 [Jockey] Hot Rod...
Aug 13 16:33:05 [Jockey] Burst into flames as he transformed and drop kicked the Chimaera in the leg+
Aug 13 16:33:06 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "I will expect an explanation when this is over."
Aug 13 16:33:25 [Cubey] Leigh: "I know things happened in the past but I promise to explain later. That wasn't me... not what I wanted."
Aug 13 16:34:06 [Corel] Elys...has her doubts as well.
Aug 13 16:34:12 [Corel] But...
Aug 13 16:34:28 [Cubey] Hetepheres cuts into the Chimaera, which lacks ways of defending itself as Scaraber starts opening a path towards its core.
Aug 13 16:34:29 [Steam] * The DuskBird moves in to attack the Crystal Chimera, letting its whip lash out to pierce through one of them!+
Aug 13 16:34:38 [Corel] Elys: "Fine. Until this is over."
Aug 13 16:34:54 [Cubey] And just as you are close to destroying it... suddenly, the giant gathers energy, and unleashes it as a non-directed blast at close range!
Aug 13 16:34:57 [Cubey] React, Hetepheres.
Aug 13 16:36:15 [Cubey] The Autobots roll out! The Chimaera gets slashed in the face, which only makes it angrier! But as its arm slashes across the offender, it is suddenly knocked off balance by a hit to the leg!
Aug 13 16:36:49 [Cubey] Regardless, it still means Drift has huge Chimaera hands trying to smash him apart. React!
Aug 13 16:37:57 [Cubey] The crystal chimaera were focused on Elys, perhaps due to her nanomachines... too late to notice the whip flying towards one of them! It falls down, its body pierced. But the core was missed, and it quickly starts regenerating.
Aug 13 16:38:18 [Cubey] And the other two won't let you finish it off. They leap forward, their claws elongating and slicing with razor-sharp crystals. React.
Aug 13 16:38:43 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "It is still standing? A tough opponent." Scaraber quickly draws its electro-whip and flails, latching onto the giant monster's arm and swinging around in order to avoid the giant blast. +
Aug 13 16:38:51 [Jockey] *The hands would have gunfire unleashed upon them by Optimus and Ratchet, seeking to delay their impact by damaging the arms as Drift attempted to manuever himself away from the strikes, twisting in mid air with all the grace of a frantic acrobat.+
Aug 13 16:39:55 [Cubey] Drift is trying to get away, but notices that the hands are changing shape into groups of tentacles that follow nimbly!
Aug 13 16:40:14 [Cubey] Fortunately he has support - with Optimus and Ratchet firing at the tentacles, he manages to avoid them in time.
Aug 13 16:40:34 [Corel] Elys: "Thanks, General. It's difficult for me to keep up while doing this."
Aug 13 16:40:54 [Cubey] Hetepheres grabs the other remaining arm of the Chimaera and swings to safety, the blast barely nicking the Scaraber's hind carapace... though it does blast buildings around, instead.
Aug 13 16:40:58 [Steam] * "Just another moment more-!" The DuskBird moves to dodge the defending Chimera's swipes as Mizuki channels Dusk energy down the length of her whip to detonate inside of the Chimera and take its core!+
Aug 13 16:42:10 [Cubey] The DuskBird weaves to one side, evading a leaping Chimaera. Another one's wild swing leaves a notch on its body!
Aug 13 16:42:52 [Cubey] But Mizuki focuses the Dusk energy... the third Chimaera was standing up. But the whip is still embedded in its form, and now it is packed full of explosive force, which consumes it from within and destroys its core!
Aug 13 16:43:05 [Cubey] Willis, Elys, go now.
Aug 13 16:43:13 [Cubey] The fog's spread has been slowed down, but it wasn't halted yet.
Aug 13 16:43:53 [Cubey] Leigh: "The crystalline ones can regenerate the quickest."
Aug 13 16:44:42 [Jockey] Hot Rod: "Then we'll have to smash those ones the fastest! Easy right?"
Aug 13 16:44:58 [Jockey] Optimus: "Hot Rod..."
Aug 13 16:45:20 [Cubey] Leigh: "Actually, if you smash them all fast enough we can stop the spread before it grows any further!"
Aug 13 16:46:10 [Steam] Mizuki: "Then I guess that's the plan then."
Aug 13 16:46:14 [Jockey] Drift: "Then we'll have to act with all due speed."
Aug 13 16:47:43 [Aero] * "Alright then...Leigh, follow up after me." Strahlend pulls back its blade and covers its body with the same reflective coating Licht was using to hide her blade. The machine moves forward at a blur as it transforms its second weapon as well into a Nanothorn Blade and gets to work slashing at the Crystal Chimaera with blinding speeds over and over again. +
Aug 13 16:49:35 [Cubey] Leigh: "Expose the cores Willis, and I'll finish them off!"
Aug 13 16:49:52 [Corel] Elys: "Going to try not to lose the momentum..." *Elys keeps up the pressure on the fog, just in case, but she also launches a barrage of shots at a Chimera, this is followed by grabbing one of those large blades from earlier and throwing it at the enemy.+
Aug 13 16:51:14 [Cubey] Willis charges at the Chimaera and cuts them to pieces!
Aug 13 16:51:44 [Cubey] Then, in a blink of an eye, Licht moves - posing with its blade elegantly as a series of explosions behind it destroys the Crystal Chimaera cores!
Aug 13 16:52:41 [Cubey] The severely damaged Pure Chimaera throws the Scaraber off itself and rushes the two, absorbing everything on its way to try to repair itself. Which includes the Strahlend and Licht!
Aug 13 16:52:43 [Cubey] Willis, react!
Aug 13 16:53:33 [Cubey] Elys keeps further damaging the tentacle-y Pure Chimaera - with nanomachine arrows piercing its form and the crystalline blade slicing into it, it looks far worse for the wear.
Aug 13 16:53:56 [Cubey] But it still counters, tentacles moving through the air and whipping towards Amigahara in a powerful smack... or perhaps, a grappling attempt!
Aug 13 16:53:57 [Cubey] React.
Aug 13 16:56:58 [Aero] * Strahlend switches its grip on its weapon to a reverse one and begins to charge the blade with energy before unleashing several blade waves towards the approaching Chimaera to slow its approach towards the two machines. The last bit of energy is used to extend a longer energy blade from the weapon that is swung up to cleave through the Chimaera. +
Aug 13 16:57:33 [Tengu] # Willis
Aug 13 16:57:37 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 13 16:58:49 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Do you think you will will get rid of me this easily?" In mid-air, Scaraber draws its laser staff, spreads its wings to stabilize its flight, then fires a focused beam right at the Chimaera's back! +
Aug 13 16:59:41 [Cubey] Strahlend turns and unleashes a series of sword slashes, slowing the foe down as it quickly loses its mass... and is blasted through with the laser, something inside it melting!
Aug 13 16:59:47 [Cubey] The Chimaera is then sliced in two.
Aug 13 16:59:49 [Cubey] So much for that one.
Aug 13 17:00:24 [Cubey] Leigh: "Good save, umm... I don't think we were introduced yet."
Aug 13 17:00:44 [Cubey] Hetepheres, Mizuki and Optimus can go (Elys still needs to react)
Aug 13 17:01:02 [Jockey] Ratchet: "Drift! Say something inspirational!"
Aug 13 17:01:08 [Jockey] Drift: "What? Why?"
Aug 13 17:01:18 [Jockey] Ratchet: "I fight better when I'm annoyed!"
Aug 13 17:01:43 [Tengu] (enemy list?)
Aug 13 17:01:59 [Cubey] Enemies: Pure Chimaera x3 (1 damaged)
Aug 13 17:03:09 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Hetepheres, general of Geb and Gebian ambassador on Earth. You have heard about Geb, have you not? I do not know how much time exactly have you spent being dead."
Aug 13 17:03:15 [Jockey] *Banter aside Ratchet is quickly moving in, leaping into the air and firing shot after shot at the damaged Chimera looking like he came right out of a John Woo movie. Hot Rod on the other hand moved to flank it, letting loose a barrage of blasts from his arm mounted blasters while Optimus and Drift harried its legs with axe and sword respectively+
Aug 13 17:03:18 [Steam] Three left, and one of them damaged. Best not give it the chance to heal back up.
Aug 13 17:04:24 [Jockey] Optimus: "Willis... This person..."
Aug 13 17:04:35 [Jockey] [Optimus doesn't press for details but he has a feeling...]
Aug 13 17:04:40 [Steam] * And add one more to the mix! The DuskBird lunges in as well, changing its whip for the Abyss Greatsword for an aggressive fly-by slash, taking care not to collide with Optimus or Drift as they do the same!+
Aug 13 17:05:00 [Tengu] * Scaraber spins around while landing on the ground, and sends several more shots from its laser staff towards one of the remaining Chimaeras. Slots open in its back armor and several Bitles fire, buzzing around the giant enemy and providing additional fire with their small beams! +
Aug 13 17:05:31 [Cubey] Licht: "Something about ancient Egyptian mythology? I'll have you know I am not old enough to have seen the pyramids being built."
Aug 13 17:05:56 [Cubey] (That was Leigh, it's not her unit talking)
Aug 13 17:06:23 [Corel] *Amagahara draws its blades in response. The unit's bow immediately disappears as it is released from its grip, and the two swords taking its place slice across in rapid arcs, to cut apart or deflect the incoming tentacles!+
Aug 13 17:07:45 [Cubey] Elys starts staving off the many tentacles. Cutting off some of them, but more are coming... right in time for the allies' counterattack.
Aug 13 17:08:31 [Cubey] The Chimaera is bombarded by Bitle fire and struck in melee by attacking Autobots. Mizuki's slash exposes its core!
Aug 13 17:08:38 [Cubey] And then Ratchet and Hetepheres fire upon it.
Aug 13 17:08:41 [Cubey] The foe is destroyed.
Aug 13 17:09:02 [Corel] Elys: "Much appreciated."
Aug 13 17:09:24 [Aero] Willis: "It's pretty much that Optimus..."
Aug 13 17:09:39 [Cubey] There are only two enemies remaining, and with Leigh there shouldn't be any problems halting the Fog's progress.
Aug 13 17:09:45 [Cubey] Especially because reinforcements are incoming.
Aug 13 17:10:07 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "A bit more recent than that. I think only Willis is old enough to remember that."
Aug 13 17:10:11 [Jockey] Optimus: "... I see... Do you expect the worst to come?"
Aug 13 17:10:26 [Jockey] [Optimus isn't talking about Leigh.]
Aug 13 17:10:34 [Cubey] Jen: "Oh? You left some for us? And here's the target."
Aug 13 17:10:50 [Cubey] Michael: "Right. Not much left... but let's end it."
Aug 13 17:11:29 [Cubey] Iris and Durandal are here, their (recently engaged) pilots working in unison as they make their way towards the cloud.
Aug 13 17:11:30 [Aero] Willis: " a word...yes."
Aug 13 17:12:18 [Cubey] The Durandal gathers speed, and forcibly charges...
Aug 13 17:12:24 [Cubey] Towards Licht!
Aug 13 17:12:36 [Jockey] #Leigh
Aug 13 17:12:45 [Cubey] Leigh: "..."
Aug 13 17:12:46 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 13 17:14:13 [Steam] Mizuki: "Wait! Stop!"
Aug 13 17:14:18 [Steam] Then again...
Aug 13 17:14:26 [Steam] Why isn't she surprised by this?
Aug 13 17:14:33 [Jockey] *Despite the size difference Optimus launches himself towards the Durandal, fist cocked back. It would be easy for anyone to believe that it wouldn't do much.... but... as a certain battle in Paradigm City would show... size is not always proportionate to strength!+
Aug 13 17:15:07 [Jockey] Optimus: "Then as a promise... from one friend to another... I will protect her!"
Aug 13 17:15:15 [Cubey] Michael: "Hmm?!"
Aug 13 17:15:55 [Cubey] He didn't expect this kind of reckless interruption - Optimus launches a punch! You can feel Durandal's armor hardening under your blow, but it means Michael's attention is split between two targets now.
Aug 13 17:16:17 [Cubey] He throws you off, having not suffered even a scratch - but Leigh leaps away in an instant thanks to your defense.
Aug 13 17:16:36 [Cubey] And the Iris throws several barely visible, razor thin wires towards her, but the Licht swerves to the side quickly.
Aug 13 17:16:48 [Cubey] Leigh: "What gives! Stop this, we're all on the same side here!"
Aug 13 17:17:05 [Corel] Elys: "She's not a hostile. Stand down."
Aug 13 17:17:08 [Jockey] Hot Rod: "Yeah! What the heck are you psychos doing?!"
Aug 13 17:17:09 [Cubey] Jen: "Are we? Sorry, but one way or another I got a job to do."
Aug 13 17:17:22 [Aero] Strahlend positions itself in front of Licht, weapon still drawn. "Really Jen?"
Aug 13 17:17:34 [Cubey] Michael: "She's the Core. Why do you think the nanomachine cloud is here?"
Aug 13 17:18:00 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Not according to her."
Aug 13 17:18:29 [Jockey] Optimus: "There could easily be other reasons. And I trust Willis' judgement that she is not the cause."
Aug 13 17:18:38 [Jockey] "I ask of you. Stand down."
Aug 13 17:18:38 [Corel] Elys: "...."
Aug 13 17:18:43 [Cubey] Jen: "You don't trust anything anyone tells you, right General? Especially an enemy who was proved to control the Chimaera time and time again."
Aug 13 17:19:05 [Cubey] Jen: "We're here because she came here, expecting Chimaera to follow, and we were right. Well then..."
Aug 13 17:19:09 [Cubey] Michael: "Out of my way."
Aug 13 17:19:17 [Corel] As much as Elys believed Willis here, the two had a point...
Aug 13 17:19:17 [Cubey] Michael: "Or I'll crush you alongside her."
Aug 13 17:19:24 [Cubey] Leigh: "..."
Aug 13 17:19:50 [Jockey] Optimus: "Stronger and more terrifying foes than you have tried."
Aug 13 17:19:59 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "She helped us fight against the Chimaera, and did not attack our forces once, unlike some people present. What proof do you have that she is behind this, other than your words?"
Aug 13 17:20:06 [Jockey] "I will not let you pass."
Aug 13 17:20:07 [Steam] Mizuki: "For someone who's the 'Core', she's done nothing but help us try to contain the problem here."
Aug 13 17:20:23 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "And, for the record. Do you have anything to prove your innocence, Leigh?"
Aug 13 17:20:36 [Cubey] Jen: "You really are naive!"
Aug 13 17:20:47 [Cubey] Leigh doesn't say anything.
Aug 13 17:21:04 [Cubey] And to make matters worse, the two Pure Chimaera are still here and don't look like letting down, either.
Aug 13 17:21:08 [Cubey] Willis, Elys - go now.
Aug 13 17:21:30 [Cubey] New enemies(?) - Yellow: Iris (Jen), Durandal (Michael)
Aug 13 17:21:35 [Cubey] Durandal
Aug 13 17:21:35 [Cubey]
Aug 13 17:21:35 [Cubey] Iris
Aug 13 17:21:35 [Cubey]
Aug 13 17:22:16 [Steam] Mizuki: "Now if you would please, there's still Chimaera to deal with."
Aug 13 17:22:36 [Cubey] Leigh: "They won't listen..."
Aug 13 17:22:37 [Aero] Willis: "She's your friend as well, if she's still her shouldn't you believe her also?"
Aug 13 17:22:38 [Steam] "And we can all agree that they're the big threat here, so let's deal with them and then sit down and talk like sane people for once."
Aug 13 17:23:14 [Corel] Elys: "If I were to follow logic, you two might have a point. But there's more going on here than just that."
Aug 13 17:23:36 [Corel] Elys: "And I'm going to trust my friend."
Aug 13 17:24:01 [Corel] To that end, Amagahara readies its blades.
Aug 13 17:24:03 [Cubey] Michael: "That's a big if."
Aug 13 17:24:47 [Cubey] Michael: "As long as the core looks like Leigh and kinda acts like Leigh, you'd do anything to protect it right Willis?"
Aug 13 17:24:57 [Aero] Willis: "Gh...."
Aug 13 17:26:15 [Jockey] Optimus: "Willis. He is simply trying to draw a rise out of you. Concentrate on protecting Leigh and dealing with the Chimera."
Aug 13 17:26:25 [Jockey] "...I'll keep this one off your back."
Aug 13 17:26:25 [Corel] *The ringed unit strafes Iris, using one of its swords as an arrow, and the other to attack up close with a slash!+
Aug 13 17:26:42 [Aero] Willis: "...right."
Aug 13 17:27:02 [Cubey] Michael: "All it has to do is play up to its former killer's tastes! That way no matter what it does now it will be safe. Even if it runs away after this fight, you'll still buy it."
Aug 13 17:28:05 [Cubey] Jen: "I'd expect someone as old as you to make better choices than this."
Aug 13 17:28:20 [Jockey] Optimus: "Do the both of you enjoy what you do?"
Aug 13 17:28:44 [Cubey] Jen taunts Elys, Iris' sword raised as she tries to block the arrow - and counters with wires. A single swing of them tries to entangles the attacking Amigahara, and another one, cut at it deeply!
Aug 13 17:28:46 [Cubey] React, Elys.
Aug 13 17:29:30 [Corel] Elys: "I've never been one to look too far into the future. If I did, I wouldn't have made many of the mistakes I have."
Aug 13 17:29:41 [Jockey] "Tormenting others. Causing pain and destruction. Throughout every encounter recorded... never once have I seen either of you act upon your better natures."
Aug 13 17:30:22 [Jockey] "I will only ask once more. Cease your attacks and help us. Otherwise what happens next... is all upon your head."
Aug 13 17:30:41 [Aero] * Strahlend maintains its position next to Licht, changing Quicksilver into a bow in order to take aim at the remaining Chimaera before unleashing several bolts of plasma out towards their Cores in an effort to end this as quickly as possible. +
Aug 13 17:31:09 [Corel] *Elys has fought this before. A few times now, and because of that she's on her guard. The cables are met with blades that appear in mid air to slice through them, while her sword continues on its path to attempt to cut off one of the Iris' arms!+
Aug 13 17:33:13 [Cubey] Jen: "Oh yes. Because the cybertronian visitors brought nothing but peace and prosperity to Earth!"
Aug 13 17:33:14 [Corel] Elys: "When there are too many what-ifs, you just have to go with what you believe. Things do happen for a reason."
Aug 13 17:33:50 [Steam] Mizuki: "They've done more for the world than you ever have."
Aug 13 17:34:30 [Cubey] Jen: "Destroyed far more of it, I agree."
Aug 13 17:34:51 [Cubey] Willis quickly fires plasma bolts towards the Chimaera.
Aug 13 17:35:03 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "So much for presenting a united front in the face of the Lady..."
Aug 13 17:35:05 [Cubey] They are damaged, but start charging up an energy blast...
Aug 13 17:35:21 [Cubey] But to make matters worse, Michael decides now it's time to charge you and Leigh both!
Aug 13 17:35:27 [Cubey] Leigh: "Willis, he's coming!"
Aug 13 17:35:28 [Cubey] React.
Aug 13 17:35:47 [Jockey] # Willis and Leigh
Aug 13 17:35:49 [Cubey] While at the same time, Elys cuts through the first wire attack.
Aug 13 17:35:52 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 13 17:35:54 [Aero] Willis: "...dammit. This isn't the time for this!"
Aug 13 17:36:17 [Cubey] Jen: "On the contrary, as soon as the core's gone the Chimaera... !"
Aug 13 17:36:58 [Cubey] She's interrupted because Amagahara is not entangled as she hoped. Elys moves forward, the cables nicking her, but Jen is forced to abandon the attack and the strike slashes at her unit's arm deeply, making it limp uselessly.
Aug 13 17:37:25 [Jockey] *Optimus' axe surged to life as he launched himself towards Michael once again, energon crackled across the blade as Optimus swung hard... and let loose an arcing blade of energy towards the incoming attacker!+
Aug 13 17:38:06 [Corel] Elys: "You got the jump on me that one time. It's not going to happen again!"
Aug 13 17:38:33 [Aero] * Rather than fire more energy a different arrow is nocked onto the bow. Borrowing a trick from Jen herself Willis covered the tip of the arrow with several long wires before firing it, sending out a sharp make-shift net that would only do damage should Michael force his charge further. +
Aug 13 17:39:26 [Cubey] Leigh: "Willis... and everyone, thank you for believing me."
Aug 13 17:39:30 [Cubey] Leigh: "Let's fly!"
Aug 13 17:39:47 [Cubey] As Willis discharges the arrow show - suddenly Leicht grabs Strahlend by the arm.
Aug 13 17:40:05 [Cubey] And quickly moves the two out of harm's way, Leigh slashing at the Durandal as she passes by!
Aug 13 17:40:24 [Cubey] Michael: "Stop interrupting, this is for the better... arrgh!"
Aug 13 17:41:00 [Cubey] Durandal is slowed down by the wire-net, and Michael has to harden his armor to defend against Optimus' shockwave.
Aug 13 17:41:17 [Cubey] But it means his efforts to block Leigh's invisible blade are weaker still, and to make things even worse for him:
Aug 13 17:41:34 [Cubey] The Pure Chimaera blast hits Durandal head on. He can't defend from so many attacks at once. Durandal is damaged!
Aug 13 17:41:54 [Cubey] Hetepheres, Optimus, Mizuki - go now.
Aug 13 17:42:12 [Cubey] Leigh: "I won't die. We can overwhelm you easily."
Aug 13 17:44:17 [Steam] * And that damaged section of the Durandal is looking rather enticing! The DuskBird lunges at the machine, switching to grab the Abyss Greatsword by its blade so it can forcefully swing its pommel into the machine's new weak spot!+
Aug 13 17:44:20 [Aero] Willis: "We can just..."
Aug 13 17:44:35 [Aero] Willis bites his tongue, at this point was it even worth it.
Aug 13 17:44:46 [Steam] "We never did get to see before how well you'd fair against this tactic before. But if you're so keen on fighting us, then let's find out now!"+
Aug 13 17:44:49 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "You are not off the hook completely, Leigh. After this is over, I *insist* you stay and explain yourself. In detail, if possible." Scaraber takes off into the skies, firing a few laser blasts towards one of the remaining Chimaeras, then suddenly descends towards it, drawing all four blades at once and slashing with them in one swift outwards gesture, creating an X-shaped
Aug 13 17:44:49 [Tengu] attack! +
Aug 13 17:45:02 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "For now, stop this outbreak!"
Aug 13 17:45:56 [Jockey] *Which means its time to push the attack...Optimus charges once more leaping at the Durandal to grasp onto its face!.... Meanwhile Drift and Hot Rod assist Hetepheres against the Chimaera, the former having drawn his longsword, focusing his spark's energy through it as he slashed at it with a loud Kiai, while Hot Rod roared acrthe side of a buildin
Aug 13 17:45:57 [Jockey] g in car mode, launching himself off of it as he unleashed a flaming spin kick to the head!+
Aug 13 17:47:19 [Cubey] The Chimaera's body seems to fall apart under Hetepheres' series of attacks.
Aug 13 17:47:41 [Cubey] But the core wasn't destroyed yet - and just as quickly as it was cut, it reforms int a multitude of limbs that try to envelop the Scaraber from all sides!
Aug 13 17:47:42 [Cubey] React.
Aug 13 17:48:02 [Corel] #Heph?
Aug 13 17:48:10 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 13 17:49:07 [Cubey] "Ghh! Get... out!" Michael sputters in anger as combatants converge on him from all sides but the front! His defensive ability is at its limit and he tries to simply swing his weapon around and trample whomever is close!
Aug 13 17:50:01 [Cubey] Jen: "We're not done here yet. Hold on, darling" And those who retreat from Durandal's vincinity are under threat of being cut by half of Iris' wire cables.
Aug 13 17:50:02 [Corel] *With her attention still on Jen, Elys notes the Chimaera's attack. With a wave of a hand, she redirects a few of the blades used to cut the Iris' wires to reduce the pressure on Scaraber.+
Aug 13 17:50:07 [Cubey] Autobots and Mizuki, react.
Aug 13 17:51:01 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "This is not over yet." Scaraber's golden, anti-physical Noble Barrier glows. The Gebian mech keeps slashing at the incoming multitude of limbs, while at the same time reaching out towards the core with a free hand, and trying to crush it. +
Aug 13 17:52:23 [Steam] Mizuki: "Settle down and we well!"
Aug 13 17:52:52 [Steam] * Mizuki springs back to avoid the Durandal's thrashing, wings raised up just in case its attacks find their mark.+
Aug 13 17:53:04 [Jockey] *Optimus would maintain his grip on the Durandal's face... digging the fingers of one hand into the nanomachine reinforced metal. His other hand... crackling with immense amounts of energy that promised a spectacular explosion?... Swung down upon it like a hammer being brought down.+
Aug 13 17:53:05 [Cubey] Blades - thrown AND wielded, cut into the Chimaera's form, splitting apart limbs and removing tentacles. Hot Rod's kick pushes the enemy back - allowing Hetepheres to uncover the core!
Aug 13 17:53:20 [Cubey] And with a single grasp, you destroy the crystalline cluster.
Aug 13 17:53:28 [Cubey] The rest of the Chimaera falls apart around you.
Aug 13 17:54:44 [Aero] Willis: "One's Scaraber Heph?"
Aug 13 17:54:53 [Cubey] Michael does what he can but the nanomachines of Durandal are at its limit, and the massive unit is thrown back by Optimus' blow and force behind it!
Aug 13 17:55:25 [Cubey] On the other hand, Mizuki manages to escape the trampling enemy... only for the DuskBird to suffer deep cuts from the cables, courtesy of Iris!
Aug 13 17:55:41 [Jockey] Optimus: "... If you don't want this to get worse... stay down."
Aug 13 17:56:06 [Cubey] Jen: "Well well. Looks like this isn't as easy as you expected, hmm?"
Aug 13 17:56:09 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Barely any damage. I could fight for the rest of the day if I had to... Even though it looks like it is almost over."
Aug 13 17:56:32 [Aero] Willis: "Hopefully we can keep the fog contained..."
Aug 13 17:56:34 [Cubey] Michael: "No. You idiots don't know what you're doing! We need to finish it, now."
Aug 13 17:56:38 [Cubey] Willis, Elys - go now.
Aug 13 17:59:40 [Corel] "You're right about that." *Switching to her bow again, Elys fires a volley of arrows - all of which will strike the ground around Iris.&
Aug 13 18:01:03 [Cubey] Jen: "You don't think the same old tricks will work against me again?"
Aug 13 18:01:27 [Cubey] Iris spins, swinging its cables around to slash at Amagahara - but also to disrupt the arrows as they fall down! React/continue
Aug 13 18:01:41 [Steam] # Elys
Aug 13 18:01:43 [Aero] * "One left..." Willis continues to set his own nanomachines onto the fog before soaring down towards the last Chimaera and swinging Quicksilver toward its Core again. +
Aug 13 18:01:46 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 13 18:01:55 [Corel] Elys: "Didn't bet on it."
Aug 13 18:02:30 [Steam] "Your own tricks are feeling more dated by the minute too!"
Aug 13 18:02:40 [Cubey] As Strahlend falls down on the Chimaera, it tries to stop it - energy appears in the form of a wide barrier, that a second later explodes in Willis' face! React.
Aug 13 18:02:55 [Steam] * The DuskBird lashes out with its own whip, energized with Dusk energy again, to cut through some as Abyss Gaze beams fire to shred others!+
Aug 13 18:03:01 [Corel] *Longsword drawn, Amagahara slices at the cables, but at the same time...its free hand reaches out at the destroyed arrows...
Aug 13 18:04:33 [Corel] *And they are converted into numerous kunais, as per the Smoke Legionnaires, as the unit's ring flashes. Each kunai in turn exploding once in Iris' vicinity!+
Aug 13 18:05:13 [Aero] * Willis immediately changes Strahlend into a much larger blade and laminates the entire weapon with a reflective coating in order to cut through the energy and the Chimaera behind it. +
Aug 13 18:07:08 [Cubey] Willis cuts through the energy field. He breaks through, and goes forward, the explosion going around him but only glancing Strahlend from all sides instead of damaging it.
Aug 13 18:07:27 [Cubey] Your blade is sunk deeply into the remaining Chimaera!
Aug 13 18:07:36 [Cubey] It starts to disintegrate, its core penetrated and destroyed.
Aug 13 18:09:33 [Cubey] The Iris starts cutting through as many projectiles as it can and dodge as well, but Jen is at her limit and her unit is taking severe damage.
Aug 13 18:09:36 [Cubey] However, despite that...
Aug 13 18:09:42 [Cubey] Jen: "So be it. Okay, Michael, now!"
Aug 13 18:10:03 [Cubey] Michael: "Eat this! The finale!"
Aug 13 18:10:46 [Jockey] Optimus: "Willis! Leigh! Be on your guard!!"
Aug 13 18:10:50 [Cubey] Durandal begins to charge as Jen's cables move in an intricate pattern. Some were hiding, masked by others' movements from before.
Aug 13 18:11:12 [Cubey] Leigh: "Yes, I know!"
Aug 13 18:11:15 [Cubey] Michael: "...!"
Aug 13 18:11:32 [Aero] Willis: "She was setting up for this..."
Aug 13 18:11:35 [Cubey] But as Durandal runs forward, it suddenly changes direction - to the side. Towards Iris.
Aug 13 18:11:55 [Cubey] Jen didn't notice two Crystal Chimaera having emerged from underground, righy by her.
Aug 13 18:12:07 [Cubey] Which stab with their spiked limbs, and...
Aug 13 18:12:12 [Cubey] Jen: "Michael?"
Aug 13 18:12:38 [Cubey] Thrust into the damaged Durandal, which takes the blow for itself.
Aug 13 18:13:01 [Cubey] Michael: "Sorry... Jen. I wish I could've taken our engagement furth..."
Aug 13 18:13:11 [Cubey] The limbs grow, piercing through the Durandal fully.
Aug 13 18:13:15 [Cubey] And its cockpit as well.
Aug 13 18:13:19 [Aero] Willis: "!"
Aug 13 18:13:32 [Cubey] Jen: "Michael..."
Aug 13 18:14:06 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "..."
Aug 13 18:14:12 [Cubey] In shock, she raises more wires from underground, abandoning attempts at trickery - and lunges at Leicht!
Aug 13 18:14:20 [Cubey] Jen: "You... inhuman monster!"
Aug 13 18:14:53 [Steam] Mizuki: "Dammit!"
Aug 13 18:15:18 [Cubey] Leicht takes a step back, Leigh's blade risen up in a block.
Aug 13 18:16:00 [Cubey] But as it's by mere meters away, Iris is grabbed by large tentacles from underground, that become sharp in the end and pierce through it!
Aug 13 18:16:26 [Cubey] Immediately after, the rest of the Pure Chimaera appears as well, its gaze away from Licht and towards other possible threats.
Aug 13 18:16:36 [Cubey] Jen: "I..."
Aug 13 18:16:55 [Corel] Elys: "..."
Aug 13 18:17:10 [Cubey] Several more Chimaera appear, breaking from underground, as if forming a defensive perimeter around the Licht.
Aug 13 18:17:24 [Cubey] Enemies: Crystal Chimaera x6, Pure Chimaera x3
Aug 13 18:17:35 [Cubey] Leigh: "..."
Aug 13 18:17:53 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...They sprung to your defense, Leigh."
Aug 13 18:18:09 [Cubey] Leigh: "I didn't want to..."
Aug 13 18:18:23 [Aero] Willis: "Leigh..."
Aug 13 18:18:32 [Cubey] The Chimaera are more interested in the destroyed Iris and Durandal, the ones that touch them begin absorbing them quickly - and the others get near as well.
Aug 13 18:18:44 [Cubey] But, suddenly they stop.
Aug 13 18:18:53 [Cubey] And all face towards one direction.
Aug 13 18:19:00 [Cubey] From which a trio of machines arrive.
Aug 13 18:19:20 [Cubey] Silvius: "... I see."
Aug 13 18:19:38 [Cubey] Sopraffare
Aug 13 18:19:38 [Cubey]
Aug 13 18:19:38 [Cubey] Sofiel
Aug 13 18:19:38 [Cubey]
Aug 13 18:19:38 [Cubey] Clarius
Aug 13 18:19:38 [Cubey]
Aug 13 18:19:50 [Cubey] The Aegis Security CEO is here. And so are Genoveta and Lucille.
Aug 13 18:20:24 [Aero] Willis turns Strahlend to face the new machines. They had arrived at the worst possible time.
Aug 13 18:21:32 [Cubey] A moment of silence falls upon the battlefield, interrupted only by the horrible metal-on-crystal grinding noises caused by the Chimaerae.
Aug 13 18:21:36 [Jockey] Optimus: "..."
Aug 13 18:21:40 [Cubey] Silvius: "..."
Aug 13 18:21:54 [Cubey] The Clarius moves its arm in a single commanding gesture.
Aug 13 18:22:20 [Cubey] Giant wings sprout on its back, and it starts unleashing nanomachines in large quantities.
Aug 13 18:23:03 [Cubey] Nanomachines that envelop the Chimaera Fog - and quickly start eating it away! Discharges like in a storm form within this new nanomachine cloud, which also starts consuming the Chimaera.
Aug 13 18:23:08 [Cubey] One by one, destroying them.
Aug 13 18:23:11 [Cubey] Except Licht.
Aug 13 18:23:31 [Cubey] Silvius: "A tragedy."
Aug 13 18:23:34 [Cubey] Leigh: "..."
Aug 13 18:23:45 [Cubey] Silvius: "I'll have to finish it by myself."
Aug 13 18:23:57 [Cubey] And, brandishing its sword, Clarius swoops down on the Licht!
Aug 13 18:23:58 [Steam] Mizuki: "... You could just do that?"
Aug 13 18:24:07 [Jockey] Optimus: "....
Aug 13 18:24:07 [Aero] #Licht
Aug 13 18:24:17 [Jockey] #Licht once again
Aug 13 18:24:19 [Corel] Elys: "Silvius...!"
Aug 13 18:24:20 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 13 18:24:27 [Cubey] Both
Aug 13 18:25:52 [Jockey] *Once more the Autobot Leader leaps to the defense, Axe swinging with all his might into the blade. But this time Drift too added his own blade to the defense! Hot Rod and Ratchet open fire on the Clarius in an attempt to deter it further!+
Aug 13 18:26:11 [Aero] * Despite everything they had just witnessed Willis had made his choice, Strahlend meets its sibling machine head on and slams Quicksilver against Clarius' blade with as much force as he could to match it. +
Aug 13 18:26:19 [Jockey] "The only way you will finish this is past my broken, Sparkless body!"
Aug 13 18:27:07 [Cubey] Willis and Silvius clash their blades - but you feel the nanomachines having an effect. They are neutralizing yours!
Aug 13 18:27:51 [Cubey] And Silvius says nothing but with an intense slice, overpowers your blade and pushes Strahlend away, then adds a second slash to damage it instead of Licht!
Aug 13 18:28:18 [Cubey] The Autobots try to interfere as well, however...
Aug 13 18:28:30 [Cubey] Genoveta: "No. I am done with this place."
Aug 13 18:29:31 [Cubey] Sopraffare summons a swarm of blades of various sizes - that slam downwards intensely with overwhelming force. They form a labyrinthine wall in front of the firing cybertronians, while Drift and Optimus Prime have smaller spikes going towards their limbs!
Aug 13 18:29:32 [Cubey] React!
Aug 13 18:29:54 [Steam] # Autobos?
Aug 13 18:29:57 [Cubey] Genoveta: "Stay out of this if you know what's good for you."
Aug 13 18:30:04 [Cubey] Genoveta: "Lucille, cover me!"
Aug 13 18:30:07 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 13 18:30:15 [Corel] Elys: "...This just keeps getting worse. Look out, Autobots!"
Aug 13 18:30:21 [Cubey] Lucille: "... Yes, ma'am!"
Aug 13 18:30:30 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...Why have you done this? You know she is the source."
Aug 13 18:31:30 [Steam] * The storm of blades and spikes were met with wave after wave of explosive feathers launched their way to thin them out, each beat of the DuskBird's wings adding more to the counter-assault!+
Aug 13 18:31:43 [Cubey] Silvius: "Yes. Leigh Tahlia is the Core of Chimaera. She keeps creating, giving birth to them, that much is undisputed fact."
Aug 13 18:32:14 [Steam] Mizuki: "... That's what you're saying, yes."
Aug 13 18:32:58 [Jockey] Optimus: "Gh!"
Aug 13 18:33:11 [Aero] Willis: "Optimus!"
Aug 13 18:33:26 [Steam] "But still..."
Aug 13 18:33:39 [Steam] "... I trust Willis."
Aug 13 18:33:42 [Cubey] Silvius: "The Chimaera follow and are created in her wake. Even if she doesn't realize or control it, this is how things are."
Aug 13 18:33:45 [Jockey] *Optimus and Drift rapidly do their best to carve away at the incoming attacks. Meanwhile Ratchet does his best to dive into cover, dragging Hot Rod with him!+
Aug 13 18:33:48 [Aero] Willis: "Mizuki..."
Aug 13 18:34:20 [Jockey] Optimus: "Willis... I believe in the human race. I believe in its potential... but most of all I believe in my friends."
Aug 13 18:34:43 [Steam] "However the Chimaera are controlled..."
Aug 13 18:34:58 [Cubey] Mizuki and the Autobots working in unison managed to deflect incoming blades and escape with only scratches and glancing strikes with no direct hits
Aug 13 18:34:58 [Steam] "I'll believe that Leigh is the Core when I see her create one."
Aug 13 18:35:11 [Jockey] "And I believe.... the source of your woes has revealed itself..."
Aug 13 18:35:16 [Cubey] However, Genoveta and Lucille now managed to position themselves between you and Silvius-Leigh-Willis combo.
Aug 13 18:35:28 [Cubey] Hetepheres, Mizuki, Optimus, go now.
Aug 13 18:35:43 [Corel] Elys: "She's still there, Silvius. Even if it's a part of her. At least make sure something like this is your last option!"
Aug 13 18:36:01 [Cubey] Silvius: "We saw it happen. The fog will follow and reappear where she is. She needs to be removed for it to be fully neutralized."
Aug 13 18:36:27 [Cubey] Silvius: "And considering how bad the circumstances are, with the Lady threatening to engulf this whole planet - we cannot afford to wait."
Aug 13 18:36:51 [Cubey] Silvius: "It's a hard choice, but it must be made."
Aug 13 18:36:59 [Cubey] Silvius: "I'm sure you understand. After all..."
Aug 13 18:36:59 [Aero] Willis: "All of us are responsible for this in some way..."
Aug 13 18:37:18 [Aero] Willis: "..."
Aug 13 18:38:12 [Cubey] Silvius: "That time, when the Chimaera first appeared. You did the same, Willis."
Aug 13 18:38:15 [Cubey] "Didn't you?"
Aug 13 18:38:46 [Cubey] Enemies: Sopraffare (Genoveta), Sofiel (Lucille), Clarius (Silvius)
Aug 13 18:39:11 [Cubey] Leigh: "..."
Aug 13 18:39:16 [Jockey] *Glancing at the others Optimus transformed and rushed at full speed at Genoveta with trailer in tow... then at the last second he disconnected it, sending it flying... except this was not the only thing that happened. The trailer was opening up, revealing its turret which opened fire with a barrage of missiles.... before it was triple drop kicked
Aug 13 18:39:17 [Jockey] into the Sopraffare by Drift, Hot Rod and Ratchet!+
Aug 13 18:39:53 [Steam] "And now you're trying to throw Willis under the same bus as well."
Aug 13 18:40:16 [Steam] If only Shu or one of those La Gias people were here...
Aug 13 18:40:26 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...I put my trust into the claims of innocence of a young boy once, despite the evidence to the contrary."
Aug 13 18:40:42 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "It is only fair that I do the same now again."
Aug 13 18:40:53 [Steam] ... A simple "yes" or "no" to whether or not Chimerae had ever shown up while he was there would give her much more of a leg to stand on.
Aug 13 18:41:10 [Steam] But on the other hand... perhaps there was still another way.
Aug 13 18:41:18 [Cubey] Silvius: "I have caused Willis enough trouble, and for that I apologize. Leigh is my employee. It is my task to take care of her."
Aug 13 18:41:21 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "But do not get me wrong. Should those claims turned out to be false, I was more than willing to kill him. And this is the same scenario as well."
Aug 13 18:41:41 [Jockey] Optimus: "You claim to make a hard choice, yet all I see is a man entirely willing to end a life instead of considering a peaceful option."
Aug 13 18:42:03 [Cubey] Lucille: "Ma'am, allow me!"
Aug 13 18:42:13 [Steam] * The DuskBird lunges at the Sofiel, Abyss Gaze beams blasting out to drill holes in the machine!+
Aug 13 18:42:29 [Aero] Willis: "'s not the same, not this time."
Aug 13 18:42:53 [Cubey] The Sofiel stands in front of Sopraffare, spinning its weapon which leaves behind a trail of nanomachines to act as an improvised barrier.
Aug 13 18:43:11 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "I cannot allow you to kill Leigh here. But I cannot allow her to leave here, either." Scaraber suddenly takes off into the skies, quickly flying between the buildings... Only to suddenly emerge from behind one of them and lashing with its electro-whip at Sopraffare, causing electric currents to flow through it. +
Aug 13 18:43:22 [Aero] Willis: "I'm the only one who knows that, and I'm going to believe her this time just like before...I'm willing to take the risk of being wrong just like you're taking this risk to be right."
Aug 13 18:43:24 [Cubey] Lucille manages to tank the Abyss Gaze and the turret firing, but as it's kicked, Lucille's unit is knocked over by its mass!
Aug 13 18:43:44 [Cubey] Lucille: "Oof! My apologies..."
Aug 13 18:44:09 [Cubey] Genoveta: "You talk about ending lives yourself."
Aug 13 18:44:32 [Cubey] Genoveta: "But your lack of decisive action meant how many lost their lives today? How many more are threatened?"
Aug 13 18:44:43 [Cubey] Genoveta: "All for the sake of just one person."
Aug 13 18:45:02 [Cubey] Genoveta: "Foolish. I won't kill you, but I'll teach you a lesson you won't forget."
Aug 13 18:46:21 [Cubey] Sopraffare jumps high into the air, bombarding the Autobots and DuskBird with a concentrated stream of smaller projectiles... which is a distraction as larger blades slice at them from the sides!
Aug 13 18:46:42 [Aero] #Autobots and DuskBird?
Aug 13 18:47:51 [Cubey] Genoveta is interrupted only as the Scaraber's whip lashes at her - and she spins mid-air. The long ponytail-like tendrils from Sopraffare's head move to capture it! And while she's struggling against the whip, Genoveta creates nanomachine blades between her and Scaraber, and pushes them towards the latter.
Aug 13 18:48:02 [Cubey] Optimus, Mizuki, Hetepheres, react.
Aug 13 18:48:04 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 13 18:48:04 [Steam] * Attacks coming from the side and above? Mizuki lunges forward in response, keeping her wings raised again to prevent more damage from landing on the center of her body!+
Aug 13 18:48:40 [Aero] * He had to keep his focus on Silvius but at the very least he could send his own barrage of swords towards Genoveta's projectiles in order to open up a clear path to dodge for them. +
Aug 13 18:49:43 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "All of this could be avoided if anyone was willing to talk, instead of instantly drawing weapons." She keeps pulling on the whip, but uses the remaining three of Scaraber's arms to draw khopeshes, and use them in an attempt to parry the incoming blades. +
Aug 13 18:50:13 [Jockey] *The Autobots moved quickly as well, not intending to be easy targets... Optimus and Ratchet concentrated on avoidance while Drift did his best to deflect the projectiles and dodge the blades.... Hot Rod?
Aug 13 18:50:47 [Jockey] Charged straight through, taking risky, close shave dodges in order to get a shot at Genoveta's face!+
Aug 13 18:51:46 [Cubey] Genoveta: "How about people turned into Chimaera? Would talking prevent their fate?!"
Aug 13 18:52:29 [Cubey] Willis intercepts some of the barrage, only to find out that Genoveta's blades explode when they hit anything but their intended target!
Aug 13 18:52:47 [Aero] Willis: "Still doing that..."
Aug 13 18:52:56 [Cubey] That makes the escape very hot for Mizuki and the autobots, though Willis created an opening which allows them to get to safety.
Aug 13 18:52:59 [Cubey] Well, most of them.
Aug 13 18:53:33 [Corel] Elys: "I think the General did sum it up nicely..."
Aug 13 18:54:06 [Cubey] Hot Rod charges forward, a blade piercing his arm and as he turns into vehicle mode, his tires as well.
Aug 13 18:54:25 [Cubey] Genoveta: "A Cybertronian? Don't struggle, I wouldn't want to penetrate your spark by accident."
Aug 13 18:54:43 [Cubey] But she sees him, damaged and more and more spiky by the second, move forward - and as she tries to dodge - she can't!
Aug 13 18:55:34 [Cubey] The Scaraber took damage from explosions of parried blades (still better than letting them thrust through you), but it holds the head tendrils tight! Genoveta manages to wrestle herself free, but not before her unit is blasted into the face!
Aug 13 18:55:57 [Cubey] Genoveta: "Ugh! ... Now I'm angry. Who was responsible for supporting me, again?"
Aug 13 18:56:06 [Cubey] Lucille: "I... I am very sorry, ma'am..."
Aug 13 18:56:20 [Jockey] "A human huh...? Why don't YOU not struggle. I wouldn't want to accidentally vaporize you."
Aug 13 18:56:42 [Cubey] But while this scene happened, Silvius clashed with Leigh.
Aug 13 18:56:57 [Cubey] Leigh: "... Oh no. The nanomachines!"
Aug 13 18:57:42 [Cubey] Licht is weakened, unable to move fast and its blade doesn't appear so invisible anymore, blinking in and out of visibility spectrum as Clarius' own anti-nanomachine cloud seems to focus on it. A wind is howling as the two clash blades, with Silvius winning.
Aug 13 18:57:51 [Cubey] Willis, Elys, go now.
Aug 13 19:00:54 [Corel] Elys: "Sorry about this. Your boss is enough trouble already...well, both of them." *Elys launches an assault of thrown daggers at Sofiel. Then proceeds to form a proper blade that it wields in an up close assault!+
Aug 13 19:01:01 [Aero] * And at that Willis tags himself in against and slams the transformed Quicksilver into Clarius to push it away from Licht. "Leigh you need to get back." &
Aug 13 19:03:15 [Cubey] Lucille: "I wish this could be avoided but..."
Aug 13 19:04:11 [Cubey] Lucille fires a barrage of energy projectiles from her blade, trying to cut down the kunai more than strike at Elys' units. But as Amagahara comes close, she switches its form into a long spear.
Aug 13 19:05:00 [Cubey] "If I didn't believe them I wouldn't be here! I'm one of the many that was saved because nobody hesitated to do what had to be done!"
Aug 13 19:05:37 [Cubey] And swings it to meet against Elys' blade - but the back side of the weapon unleashes nanomachines at the same time, an additional attacking effect added to the parry.
Aug 13 19:05:40 [Cubey] React, Elys.
Aug 13 19:06:17 [Cubey] Leigh: "No, Willis. I can't..."
Aug 13 19:06:25 [Cubey] Silvius: "I know it's painful, but stay out of this."
Aug 13 19:07:24 [Cubey] His blade steadily overwhelming Licht's, Silvius unleashes some sort of energy in the nanomachine swarm surrounding the whole battlefield. A localized storm suddenly stops Strahlend in its tracks, pelting it mercilessly with wind and nanomachine thunder!
Aug 13 19:07:28 [Cubey] React/continue, Willis
Aug 13 19:07:50 [Jockey] Optimus: "You claim that this could be avoided.... but in this life. As living beings we are offered two choices when it comes to others."
Aug 13 19:08:00 [Jockey] "To hurt others. Or to help them."
Aug 13 19:09:12 [Jockey] "I cannot claim to have done no harm... but as a living being... no matter what. I would do whatever I can to help others."
Aug 13 19:09:38 [Corel] *Instead of parrying, Elys...impales part of her unit on the opponent's spear as it is lowered. However, she alters her position just enough that only one of Amagahara's shoulders is the target. Her own UIIN nanomachines are focused on keeping that spear lodged where it is, while her blade moves to sever Sofiel's weapon arm!+
Aug 13 19:09:42 [Cubey] Genoveta: "How idealistic."
Aug 13 19:10:29 [Cubey] Genoveta: "But there are times when helping many without hurting one can't be avoided. Especially when the one deserves it."
Aug 13 19:11:11 [Jockey] "Perhaps not. But even if such a thing is true. Even though not every single person can be saved..."
Aug 13 19:11:18 [Jockey] "No matter what the cost. I will try."
Aug 13 19:11:23 [Cubey] Lucille: "Ah, what are you doing!"
Aug 13 19:12:26 [Corel] Elys: "We're both just doing what we think is right here. I don't blame you at all."
Aug 13 19:12:33 [Cubey] Sofiel's spear embeds itself into the Amagahara. But it's trapped, and Lucille's nanomachines aren't doing much good when they are struggling against, and being overpowered by Elys's. With a single slice, the Sofiel loses an arm, and Lucille has to let go of her weapon.
Aug 13 19:12:58 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Does Leigh deserve it? Just what, exactly, has she done in the past?" This question is directed at Genoveta as much as at Willis and Leigh.
Aug 13 19:13:02 [Cubey] Lucille: "That's true... and even if I can't help much - I still will!"
Aug 13 19:13:42 [Corel] That being said, Elys realizes she's been using up those nanomachines this time...
Aug 13 19:13:46 [Aero] * "I can't Silvius...not this time." As the nanomachine storm swirls down towards him Willis gathers his own into one point in Strahlends hand before swinging it forward and converting the air and lightning around him into a long claw of plasma that roared towards Clarius' side. +
Aug 13 19:13:46 [Cubey] Hetepheres, Mizuki and Autobots can move now.
Aug 13 19:14:36 [Steam] Mizuki: "The biggest problem with arguing the end of just one person..."
Aug 13 19:14:49 [Steam] "... Is it's an easy concession to make."
Aug 13 19:14:56 [Cubey] Willis' unit is seriously damaged by the storm, and you can feel Strahlend's nanomachines weakening. But he focuses what is left of them and unleashes a powerful plasma strike!
Aug 13 19:15:11 [Cubey] ... Which the Clarius dodges quickly.
Aug 13 19:15:20 [Cubey] Silvius: "Then I will make you."
Aug 13 19:15:25 [Cubey] Leigh: "I don't think so!"
Aug 13 19:16:02 [Cubey] But the Licht uses this opportunity to sink its sword into Clarius's side, and follows with as many energy blasts as it can, even if they weaken in the nanomachine cloud.
Aug 13 19:17:13 [Cubey] Leigh: "I'll tell you everything. Just, after this, okay? All we have to do is survive - no, win."
Aug 13 19:17:15 [Jockey] *It was a risky manuever but Optimus was now burning rubber hard... faster than one could expect of a truck. A burst of flame erupted from underneath it as he launched himself upwards, kicking off a building to break past Lucille and Genoveta to fire as many shots at Silvius as he could! Anyone seeking to interrupt the barrage would find Drift pull
Aug 13 19:17:16 [Jockey] ing a similar maneuver - only his was to slam both his shortswords into the camera systems of whoever tries to interfere!+
Aug 13 19:18:19 [Steam] * And seeing as Sofiel's vulnerable, the DuskBird charges in towards the machine, energy building up in it's left hand! "But there's still too many things we don't know... and your arrival felt just a shade too convenient! And sometimes we aren't fortunate enough to get the truth spelled out fo us immediately, which is why..." The machine's whip
Aug 13 19:18:19 [Steam] lashes around Sofiel's machine to knock it off balance, before Mizuki dashed in for the kill!
Aug 13 19:19:18 [Steam] "... When the truth's uncertain... it's faith we have to trust in! ABYSS SANCTION!" And she delivers her open-palm strike to the machine!+
Aug 13 19:20:39 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "For all your talk, the only deaths we could have prevented were Jen and Michael. And those poor fools dug their own graves by focusing on killing Leigh over trying to contain the Chimaera." A burst of energy emanates from Scaraber, and the insectoid machine launches high, attacking Genoveta's unit with a flying kick. The attack is followed by an intense barrage of slashes
Aug 13 19:20:39 [Tengu] with all four blades, the khopeshes attacking from all directions and cutting at the speed of sound. "Do not repeat their mistake! Scarab Power!" +
Aug 13 19:20:55 [Cubey] Optimus charges towards Silvius, but someone's still in the way...
Aug 13 19:21:13 [Cubey] Genoveta: "Apparently you learnt nothing. Don't ignore a powerful enemy right in front of your eyes!"
Aug 13 19:22:00 [Cubey] She creates huge blades that strike from underground, suddenly making Optimus's advance very difficult.
Aug 13 19:24:35 [Cubey] And to make matters worse, as he enters the nanomachine cloud, it starts eating into his outer hull plating. "Waiting so long for decisive action resulted in many deaths. Every Chimaera core is a person - their loss is on our hands." Silvius responds while his blade turns into a lance, one which he sets against Optimus - and thrusts heavily!
Aug 13 19:24:53 [Cubey] But at the same time...
Aug 13 19:25:12 [Cubey] Genoveta's assault is made difficult due to a certain dual wielding cybertroninan lunging right at her!
Aug 13 19:25:30 [Cubey] She spins her unit around again, the ponytail capturing Drift's much smaller body!
Aug 13 19:25:51 [Cubey] Genoveta: "I don't need my foes to take turns, but I prefer it that way."
Aug 13 19:26:04 [Cubey] And, spinning again, she throws him towards the Scaraber to stop Heph's attack!
Aug 13 19:26:08 [Cubey] React, autobots and Hetepheres.
Aug 13 19:26:35 [Aero] #Autobots?
Aug 13 19:26:39 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 13 19:27:12 [Cubey] Lucille: "Are you saying we're suspicious? You..." There is actual anger in her voice.
Aug 13 19:27:40 [Cubey] Sofiel doesn't give up now. The four white parts attached to its head turn forward and start absorbing energy and matter - just like Elys's ring!
Aug 13 19:28:13 [Cubey] The DuskBird's whip doesn't do much other than get somewhat shorter, while a small blade forms in Sofiel's one hand. Lucille quickly stabs it towards DuskBird!
Aug 13 19:28:17 [Cubey] React, Mizuki.
Aug 13 19:29:38 [Steam] * Change of targets then! Mizuki has her machine duck under Lucielle's stab, then lunge up to direct her attack at the offending wrist instead!+
Aug 13 19:29:42 [Steam] "And yes!"
Aug 13 19:29:48 [Jockey] *Armor being eaten away? That was definitely painful... but the blades as inconvenient as they are would soon prove to be a boon as Optimus manuevers between them - using them to avoid the lance and continue firing upon Silvius! As for Drift, he does is best to twist out of the way of Heph's attacks and for a lack of better term, drift over her sho
Aug 13 19:29:48 [Jockey] ulder mid 'flight'+
Aug 13 19:29:51 [Steam] "Yes you are suspicious!"
Aug 13 19:31:46 [Cubey] Lucille: "We were here to find Leigh, the three of us was to move in if ms Douglas and mr Verge are in trouble, but they didn't say anything until it was too late!"
Aug 13 19:32:00 [Aero] * A large lance suddenly rings out to meet Silvius', hopefully deflecting it away from the Cybertronian. At the same time another copy of Quicksilver was formed, using up even more of his nanomachines in order to swing the weapon into the exposed area Licht made earlier. +
Aug 13 19:33:39 [Cubey] Lucille's stab barely grazes against DUskBird which ducks too quickly, and then slams into the wrist. It goes limp, letting go of the weapon.
Aug 13 19:33:43 [Cubey] Lucille: "Ah..."
Aug 13 19:34:09 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "You speak so much of decisive action. And yet, we were the first to respond to the crisis." She ducks, trying to avoid Optimus flying over her, then presses on with the attack on Genoveta! "If your amazing nanomachine-consuming mech arrived here early instead of waiting, you could have saved so many lives!" +
Aug 13 19:35:07 [Cubey] Genoveta: "As my assistant kindly but unnecessarily BLABBED to you, the other two insisted they go in first."
Aug 13 19:35:52 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "It was a mistake to let them."
Aug 13 19:36:13 [Jockey] *Drift
Aug 13 19:36:30 [Cubey] The Scaraber ducks under the drifting Drift, and presses forward towards Soprafarre!
Aug 13 19:36:34 [Cubey] Genoveta: "... Yes."
Aug 13 19:36:57 [Cubey] Genoveta quickly tries to dodge, but the blades leave a layer of cuts, some shallow and others deeper, on the unit.
Aug 13 19:37:35 [Cubey] While at the same time, Silvius finds his blade deflected.
Aug 13 19:37:45 [Cubey] He gasps in surprise and is forced to dodge the truck charging for his unit!
Aug 13 19:37:59 [Cubey] But Willis' offhand Quicksilver stabs into the wound instead, deepening it.
Aug 13 19:38:20 [Cubey] Silvius: "Letting you off my sight was a mistake. Don't worry, I won't make it again."
Aug 13 19:38:59 [Cubey] Genoveta: "You'd better not. I came here to win, and this is annoying me."
Aug 13 19:39:03 [Cubey] Genoveta: "Well, then."
Aug 13 19:39:18 [Cubey] The Soprafarre gathers nanomachines, which form a dark flickering aura around itself!
Aug 13 19:39:36 [Cubey] At the same time, massive blades start forming in the air above it, threatening to go down like Damocles' swords the size of skyscrapers.
Aug 13 19:39:39 [Jockey] Hot Rod: "That's.... not a good thing is it."
Aug 13 19:39:49 [Cubey] Willis, Elys, go now.
Aug 13 19:39:54 [Corel] Elys: "She's really pushing it..."
Aug 13 19:39:57 [Cubey] Genoveta: "I'm done playing around."
Aug 13 19:40:00 [Jockey] Hot Rod: "....nope. Definitely not good."
Aug 13 19:40:04 [Cubey] Genoveta: "Lucille, get out of the attack area."
Aug 13 19:41:10 [Cubey] Lucille: "Ma'am, the collateral damage?!"
Aug 13 19:41:16 [Cubey] Genoveta: "Don't doubt my aim."
Aug 13 19:41:28 [Aero] Willis: "Ghhh"
Aug 13 19:41:43 [Corel] Elys: "I'm doubting pretty hard right now..."
Aug 13 19:41:45 [Aero] This situation was getting worse and worse.
Aug 13 19:43:31 [Corel] *Amagahara removes that spear embedded in its shoulder and twirls it before advancing. One hand wields the spear, while in the other, one of the short swords is held - she swings it multiple times to launch sword waves at Genoveta's machine!&
Aug 13 19:44:29 [Steam] Mizuki: "You're really going to go to these lengths?"
Aug 13 19:44:31 [Cubey] Genoveta: "You are in for a surprise, then."
Aug 13 19:44:40 [Cubey] One of the large blades slams downwards!
Aug 13 19:45:35 [Cubey] Its target - the ground between Amagahara and Soprarfare, to serve as a massive shield. And, true to her word, Genoveta actually did aim away from buildings, or other targets she could accidentally wreck with a building-sized weapon.
Aug 13 19:46:20 [Cubey] And then, Sopraffare's dark form jumps from behind the blade, and unleashes a powerful energy blast towards Amagahara!
Aug 13 19:46:23 [Cubey] React/continue, Elys
Aug 13 19:47:33 [Aero] * "...I'm ending this." Suddenly, Willis goes quiet as he charges at Clarius once again unleashing barrage of invisible sword after invisible sword. Even as it moves Strahlend seems to teleport from place to place, carefully masking its movements by reflecting what little light there was off of it in random spurts all in order to close in on the Black Machine
Aug 13 19:47:34 [Aero] &
Aug 13 19:48:32 [Cubey] Silvius: "Yeah. Let's end this, indeed."
Aug 13 19:49:41 [Corel] *Elys immediately flips backwards when she sees that giant blade move, which is not very difficult. Sopraffare's attack, however, is a different story. "Tch!" She responds by flying towards the giant blade, spreading nanomachines over it as she uses it for footing to slide across to avoid the blast, and counter by throwing the energy charged spear!+
Aug 13 19:50:15 [Cubey] The nanomachine cloud around Clarius suddenly weakens significantly!
Aug 13 19:50:29 [Cubey] All of the nanomachines are returning to their source - the unit's wings burst open in full glory!
Aug 13 19:51:13 [Cubey] Silvius charges forward, his unit wrapped in the wings, following Strahlend's movement. The Clarius' speed is immense, easily able to crash into the swords and overcome them. But Silvius goes not for blades, but for the Strahlend itself.
Aug 13 19:51:17 [Cubey] React/continue, Willis!
Aug 13 19:53:39 [Cubey] The blast flies above Amagahara as Elys lunges forward and above the blade - but Genoveta quickly readjusts, and Amagahara is slammed with most of its force!
Aug 13 19:53:56 [Cubey] The unit is seriously damaged, its nanomachines straining to function...
Aug 13 19:54:20 [Cubey] And then, the spear is thrown, and puts a stop to the discharge - hitting Sopraffare and embedding itself in its chest.
Aug 13 19:54:37 [Cubey] Genoveta: "Why... you..."
Aug 13 19:54:48 [Aero] * "Just like that!" Strahlend comes out of hiding and faces Clarius head on. Its weapons all shatter around it into their individual nanomachines and gather into both of Strahlend's arms. "Gather the machines, condense the matter...and then...annihilate." As Clarius crashes into it Strahlend responds in kind creating a massive antimatter explosion in front of
Aug 13 19:54:54 [Cubey] The unit can still move, but its aura is gone. And one by one, the floating massive blades disappear, thenanomachines summoned back.
Aug 13 19:54:58 [Aero] it to match Clarius' attack. +
Aug 13 19:55:09 [Cubey] There are no obstacles between everyone and the Clarius now!
Aug 13 19:55:23 [Corel] Elys: "Gotcha..."
Aug 13 19:55:29 [Cubey] You can witness the fight.
Aug 13 19:55:48 [Cubey] Just in time as Silvius' unit rushes the Strahlend at full force, its nanomachines starting to consume it.
Aug 13 19:55:55 [Cubey] And then, a massive explosion.
Aug 13 19:56:27 [Jockey] Optimus: "WILLIS!"
Aug 13 19:56:51 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "..."
Aug 13 19:56:53 [Steam] Mizuki: "No!"
Aug 13 19:57:04 [Cubey] In the epicenter, once the energy is gone, two basically wrecked units fall down to the ground, next to each other.
Aug 13 19:57:38 [Cubey] It feels hard to believe that the pilots could have survived this...
Aug 13 19:57:50 [Cubey] Silvius: "Urgh..."
Aug 13 19:58:22 [Aero] Willis: "Ghkk.."
Aug 13 19:58:30 [Cubey] Silvius: "Why..."
Aug 13 19:58:37 [Cubey] Silvius: "Why didn't you finish me off?"
Aug 13 19:58:48 [Cubey] "You had a perfect chance, and... you swore to protect Leigh."
Aug 13 19:58:55 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...Both of them are still alive. Good."
Aug 13 19:59:39 [Aero] Willis: "...because I had the choice...and I chose not to..."
Aug 13 20:00:41 [Aero] Willis: "Heph...was right...the only reason any of this happened was because we kept jumping to conclusions and suspecting each other even fighting because of it. We're both fighting off of a guess...a hunch that we're right."
Aug 13 20:01:24 [Cubey] Silvius: "..."
Aug 13 20:01:38 [Cubey] Silvius: "Yes."
Aug 13 20:02:03 [Aero] Willis: "Elys was dragged into this...all of us were because of that."
Aug 13 20:02:11 [Cubey] Silvius: "I suppose... you're right. I couldn't admit that I could be wrong, but I was."
Aug 13 20:02:38 [Cubey] Silvius: "If only we'd talk more instead, all of this could've been prevented."
Aug 13 20:03:21 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "It is not too late to start."
Aug 13 20:03:26 [Aero] Somehow Strahlend manages to get onto its feet, it's exposed cockpit showing that Willis himself had some severe injuries just from the shockwave of the clashing attacks but somehow he managed to get the machine up.
Aug 13 20:03:47 [Aero] Willis: "I'm sorry...that we couldn't save Michael and Jen..."
Aug 13 20:04:14 [Cubey] Silvius: "... It wasn't your fault."
Aug 13 20:04:57 [Aero] Willis: "They were my friends at one point...even Jen at one point was more. If this all never happened maybe...things could have been different..."
Aug 13 20:05:43 [Cubey] Jen: "Oh, how happy am I to hear that! So you did have positive feelings for me after all."
Aug 13 20:05:55 [Aero] Willis: "Wh-"
Aug 13 20:06:16 [Cubey] Jen: "I'll remember your last words fondly. Unless you somehow manage to pull yourself back together after this."
Aug 13 20:06:39 [Corel] Elys: "...?!"
Aug 13 20:06:48 [Jockey] Optimus: "No-!"
Aug 13 20:06:51 [Cubey] The Strahlend and Licht are suddenly pierced by hundreds of razor sharp wires!
Aug 13 20:06:59 [Cubey] The attack - comes from underneath the earth!
Aug 13 20:07:03 [Cubey] Silvius: "What..."
Aug 13 20:07:45 [Cubey] The Chimaera fog returns around you.
Aug 13 20:07:48 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "!!"
Aug 13 20:07:58 [Cubey] To make matters worse, it is much thicker than before.
Aug 13 20:08:05 [Jockey] "........"
Aug 13 20:08:09 [Cubey] Jen: "Well, you had your show I suppose, but it's time to end this."
Aug 13 20:08:23 [Cubey] More Chimaera appear from the fog - and between them, stands Iris. Perfectly fine.
Aug 13 20:08:58 [Cubey] Jen: "Looks like it took me much less time to come back than Leigh's. Call it a natural talent if you will."
Aug 13 20:09:20 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...All along, you were the one controlling them, were you not?"
Aug 13 20:09:37 [Cubey] Jen: "Oh no, no. That was all Leigh."
Aug 13 20:09:50 [Corel] Wounds and damage to her unit aside, Elys makes a move to stand.
Aug 13 20:10:01 [Cubey] Lucille: "..."
Aug 13 20:10:11 [Aero] Willis: "Y-ou..."
Aug 13 20:10:22 [Cubey] The Sopraffare stands up, the spear still in its chest, turning towards the Chimaera.
Aug 13 20:10:32 [Cubey] The Sofiel, handless as it may, does so as well.
Aug 13 20:10:39 [Cubey] Jen: "Oh, I really wouldn't if I were you."
Aug 13 20:10:42 [Corel] Elys: "...I understand...that's what happened before in Antarctica, and now you too..."
Aug 13 20:11:01 [Cubey] Jen: "You should be more or less at your limit right now, wouldn't you?"
Aug 13 20:11:17 [Cubey] Enemies: Crystal Chimaera x12, Pure Chimaera x4, Iris (Jen)
Aug 13 20:11:22 [Cubey] Mizuki, Hetepheres, Optimus - go
Aug 13 20:11:43 [Corel] Elys: "Bitch..."
Aug 13 20:11:48 [Steam] Mizuki: "For you... I can go all day."
Aug 13 20:12:05 [Cubey] Jen: "I'm not talking to you."
Aug 13 20:12:18 [Cubey] Jen: "The nanomachines. They must be all spent now, aren't they? Especially her."
Aug 13 20:12:21 [Cubey] The Iris points at Amagahara.
Aug 13 20:12:48 [Cubey] Jen: "Any more strain and you'll be at 100%, won't you?"
Aug 13 20:13:05 [Tengu] Hetephers: "The rest of us can still fight. And fight, we shall!" Scaraber takes off into the air, visibly charging up energy at the end of its laser staff, and then from above, it fires, a huge blast that tries to engulf as many Chimaera as possible! +
Aug 13 20:13:52 [Corel] Elys: "..."
Aug 13 20:14:07 [Steam] * No time like the present! The DuskBird hurls its greatsword up into the air, focusing with all its power before... "Gotta clean you all out!" The blade explodes outward, feathers raining down to tear through the Chimaera!+
Aug 13 20:14:17 [Jockey] Ratchet: "As a doctor... I think its time I stated my professional opinion...."
Aug 13 20:14:39 [Cubey] Scaraber's laser starts sweeping across the Chimaera, destroying the crystals - and Mizuki aims for exposed cores!
Aug 13 20:14:50 [Jockey] [The medic is now glaring at Jen.]
Aug 13 20:14:55 [Cubey] Suddenly, you hear a rumbling sound and something shakes the ground from within the fog.
Aug 13 20:15:04 [Jockey] Ratchet: "That someone is in dire need of an attitude adjustment."
Aug 13 20:15:31 [Cubey] A large unit charges forward, trampling DuskBird like a wild animal before jumping upwards to the Scaraber and sweeping at it with frenzy!
Aug 13 20:15:39 [Cubey] A familiar-looking large unit.
Aug 13 20:15:45 [Cubey] Durandal Chimaera
Aug 13 20:15:45 [Cubey]
Aug 13 20:16:24 [Cubey] Jen: "Oh? What a shame."
Aug 13 20:16:49 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...Michael." She spins her staff and brings it up to parry the incoming attack, reinforced by the golden Noble Barrier. +
Aug 13 20:16:54 [Cubey] Jen: "I hoped Michael would return like me and Leigh. He too was made of Nanomachines after all... but in the end, he just became another generic, brainless Core. A pity, really."
Aug 13 20:17:24 [Jockey] *Ratchet opens fire upon the Iris repeatedly, sending blaster bolt after blaster bolt at it. But one would think such a thing was a futile action... except Drift and Optimus would rush forward to swing their respective blades into the areas Ratchet had hopefully softened up with his gunfire!+
Aug 13 20:19:12 [Steam] Mizuki: "Geh! You again...!"
Aug 13 20:19:18 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "You sound like you are full of grief."
Aug 13 20:19:31 [Cubey] The Chimaera's sheer impact knocks into the Scaraber, knocking the unit down - and then landing on it.
Aug 13 20:19:53 [Cubey] But it quickly turns around, sensing a new foe.
Aug 13 20:20:08 [Cubey] Jen: "Well, either way you bite it, you can't argue with the results."
Aug 13 20:20:25 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Gh..."
Aug 13 20:20:53 [Cubey] She starts weaving between the blaster bolts, swinging another series of cables towards the meleeing cybertronians to push them away - and then the Durandal Chimaera charges, barging right through them!
Aug 13 20:20:57 [Cubey] React, Optimus and friends!
Aug 13 20:22:16 [Cubey] Jen: "This is what happens to those that hit their limit. The 100% Destruction Level - they end up like this, or worse."
Aug 13 20:22:51 [Jockey] Hot Rod: "What? Like you?!"
Aug 13 20:23:09 [Corel] #?
Aug 13 20:23:15 [Cubey] Jen: "What, me? No, no. I'm like Leigh. You liked Leigh, didn't you?"
Aug 13 20:23:17 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 13 20:23:35 [Corel] Elys: "That actually doesn't sound half bad."
Aug 13 20:23:49 [Jockey] *As Optimus and Drift transform to manuever away from the Durandal Chimaera... Hot Rod fires upon it with his undamaged arm!+
Aug 13 20:23:53 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "100%..." How close is Elys to that? Considering what she told her...
Aug 13 20:24:28 [Cubey] Jen: "... What did you just say?"
Aug 13 20:24:43 [Corel] Elys: "I made a lot of mistakes before...hiding away from Willis was among them. But I'm not going to lose that trust again."
Aug 13 20:25:12 [Corel] Elys: "That last bit goes for everyone I've met in Unity Group too."
Aug 13 20:25:40 [Corel] Elys: "Matter Conversion Ring - Release all safety limiters."
Aug 13 20:26:49 [Corel] *And much like another ringed machine's final attack, the ring on Amagahara's back lifts up and hovers horizontally, before expanding, causing a bright flash that envelops the area!
Aug 13 20:27:05 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...Are you sure you want to do this?"
Aug 13 20:27:26 [Cubey] Jen: "No, you don't. Are you suicidal?"
Aug 13 20:28:46 [Corel] *When that flash ends, the surroundings are different - an endless field with incalculable pink petals hovering in the air, battling the fog!+
Aug 13 20:29:39 [Corel] Elys: "I've had my fair share of what I wanted."
Aug 13 20:29:46 [Cubey] Jen: "She... actually did it..."
Aug 13 20:30:05 [Cubey] The fog's effects seem to have been lifted - or at least, severely weakened.
Aug 13 20:30:18 [Cubey] The Chimaera suffer for it. They seem confused, which includes the Durandal as well!
Aug 13 20:30:25 [Corel] Elys: "I wasn't meant to go out and fight...originally I did so in secret...and Amagahara..."
Aug 13 20:30:45 [Corel] Elys: "It was the same. This machine was made to help rebuild, not battle."
Aug 13 20:30:47 [Cubey] It stumbles, the Autobots getting out of the way - and the Iris getting shot at! It stumbles back, the gunshot smoking pink.
Aug 13 20:31:35 [Cubey] Jen: "No! Too bad it ends for you like this, then!"
Aug 13 20:31:52 [Cubey] But the enemies are still there, and so are cables that have trapped Strahlend and Licht.
Aug 13 20:31:56 [Cubey] Everyone - go now!
Aug 13 20:32:18 [Cubey] Enemies: Crystal Chimaera x7, Pure Chimaera x3, Durandal Chimaera, Iris (lightly damaged)
Aug 13 20:32:37 [Corel] Elys: "I told Sielje that I don't think I'm a warrior, but now I think... I can finally call myself one."
Aug 13 20:33:01 [Corel] Elys: "Let's go, everyone."
Aug 13 20:33:16 [Jockey] Optimus: "No. Today. Here and now. It ends for you."
Aug 13 20:33:27 [Steam] Weakly, the DuskBird rises back up again, eyes on the Durandal Chimaera.
Aug 13 20:34:03 [Steam] Mizuki: "WIllis... just hang on!"
Aug 13 20:35:29 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "More than just a warrior." Scaraber braces its feet against the ground, extending a long laser blade from the end of its staff. And then, it rushes forward, the weapon trailing behind it, and cutting through as many Chimaeras as it can, as well as the cables entangling Willis and Leight, if possible. "You are a hero, Elyssa Soleil!" She ends the attack with a wide, rising
Aug 13 20:35:30 [Tengu] strike aimed at Iris! +
Aug 13 20:35:46 [Corel] *Amagahara, now reduced to an almost skeletal form, charges into the fray! "Here, I don't need to gather matter to form anything, because..." A pair of daggers instantly form in her hands, "It's all already here."
Aug 13 20:36:02 [Corel]
Aug 13 20:36:29 [Steam] * Gathering all of its power, the DuskBird unleashes a massive burst of darkness at the Durandal, but that's not all! "And one more...!" With a running start the machine shifts back into Bird mode, diving into the energy to become a massive, burning effigy of absolute darkness! If half-swording wasn't working fast enough? There was always a fu
Aug 13 20:36:29 [Steam] ll-on collision!+
Aug 13 20:36:36 [Corel] *With it, Elys spins through the air to strike-&
Aug 13 20:37:26 [Cubey] Hetepheres' strike slices through several Chimaera, as well as the razor cables, cutting through most of them.
Aug 13 20:37:33 [Cubey] Jen: "What are you doing?"
Aug 13 20:37:36 [Jockey] *Hot Rod grins and despite his damage he rushes forward, despite his increasingly low energy reserves he risks one more burnout attack as he bursts into flames for a fiery tackle into the wound he caused before attempting to break off... and had his attack followed by Drift hacking away with his shortswords... but why those? Because Optimus had bor
Aug 13 20:37:37 [Jockey] rowed his Longsword, channeling his own spark's powerful energies into the blade for a mighty swing!+
Aug 13 20:38:23 [Cubey] As Scaraber raises its blade and the Autobots prepare to strike, the Durandal charges to be an obstruction.
Aug 13 20:38:48 [Cubey] ... But it is met with a handful of darkness, which blows it away!
Aug 13 20:39:03 [Cubey] The unit tries to right itself furiously, using all available limbs as it's damaged by the Abyss Sanction.
Aug 13 20:39:55 [Cubey] Jen: "You... guh..." The Iris starts dodging, but it cannot defend well against such an avalanche of strikes. The melee attacks stab into it, and it is forced to evade being split apart by the giant sword of light at the last second.
Aug 13 20:40:00 [Cubey] "What are you doing?!"
Aug 13 20:40:05 [Corel]
Aug 13 20:40:14 [Cubey] Her cables swing forward, trying to entangle and penetrate everything in their path.
Aug 13 20:40:22 [Cubey] But, these are just things that are in the way.
Aug 13 20:40:29 [Cubey] All of them converge - towards the skeletal Amagahara.
Aug 13 20:40:38 [Cubey] Autobots, Hetepheres, react!
Aug 13 20:40:40 [Cubey] Elys, continue.
Aug 13 20:41:13 [Corel] Elys: "Helping my friend."
Aug 13 20:41:55 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "This is going to be over soon." Scaraber rotates several times like a deadly spinning top, slashing with its laser blade at the incoming cables. +
Aug 13 20:42:34 [Corel] *Amagahara waves its hand, once again instantaneously forming weapons from the petals in thin air - this time, giant swords that come crashing down to act as shields...
Aug 13 20:42:51 [Corel]
Aug 13 20:43:37 [Corel] *And while that happens, the unit moves with surprising agility, forming a golden tipped lance that she aims at Jen...
Aug 13 20:43:49 [Corel]
Aug 13 20:44:06 [Corel] Elys: "Shoot."
Aug 13 20:44:34 [Corel] *A giant pink beam fires from the weapon - threatening to consume the Iris!+
Aug 13 20:45:06 [Cubey] Jen: "..."
Aug 13 20:45:12 [Cubey] "You old hag..."
Aug 13 20:45:30 [Cubey] The cables are blocked by huge blades out of nowhere - and a moment later, the Iris has nothing to go.
Aug 13 20:45:37 [Cubey] The giant pink beam blasts it away, incinerating it!
Aug 13 20:46:02 [Cubey] The cables that kept the two allied units skewered are gone, burned away as their unit is blasted.
Aug 13 20:46:18 [Cubey] Leigh: "Ugh... aaah!" She gasps for air, the Licht trying to lift itself back up.
Aug 13 20:46:39 [Aero] Willis: "Ga..."
Aug 13 20:46:53 [Cubey] The blast has removed what was left of the fog now.
Aug 13 20:46:56 [Aero] Willis takes in several deep breaths as his nanomachines manage to get him conscious again.
Aug 13 20:47:00 [Cubey] The surroundings seem almost serene now...
Aug 13 20:47:04 [Aero] Willis: "Where..."
Aug 13 20:47:45 [Corel] In Amagahara's cockpit, bits of Elys' body are beginning to disintegrate...not that anyone can see it at first
Aug 13 20:48:12 [Aero] Without a good portion of his cockpit destroyed he can only look out with his own eyes from the missing bits of the machine.
Aug 13 20:48:38 * Steam has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Aug 13 20:48:43 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Jen turned out to be alive, and evil. Elys saved you, Willis." She pauses, looking at what happened to the two.
Aug 13 20:49:17 [Corel] But the unit begins to fall apart, and its cockpit hatch too.
Aug 13 20:49:35 [Aero] Willis: "Elys..."
Aug 13 20:49:42 [Aero] no no no...
Aug 13 20:50:01 [Corel] And that's when everyone can see what is going on.
Aug 13 20:50:25 [Aero] Strahlend forces itself closer to Amagahara, there was no way he was letting this happen.
Aug 13 20:50:38 [Corel] Elys: "This place was the only place...where what I imagined could become something the way I wanted it."
Aug 13 20:51:13 [Corel] When she looks at Willis, she smiles.
Aug 13 20:51:30 [Aero] Willis: "Elyssa...please. I just got everyone back...I can't."
Aug 13 20:51:37 [Jockey] [Ratchet was quickly rushing over to the Amagahara... it was unlikely that whatever aid he could offer could even reach the level that Elys needed... but...]
Aug 13 20:51:55 [Corel] The crack-like lines on her body grow longer, but that smile doesn't fade.
Aug 13 20:51:56 [Aero] Strahlend is close enough that Willis manages to move closer to Elys in her cockpit...he had to reach her.
Aug 13 20:52:07 [Corel] Elys: "This isn't a bad way to go, you know."
Aug 13 20:52:16 [Corel] Elys: "Live well, Willis."
Aug 13 20:52:32 [Aero] As injured as he was he reached out, she was so close...
Aug 13 20:53:00 [Corel] And that's it. Elys' body disperses into wisps of light...
Aug 13 20:53:05 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...So long, Elyssa Soleil."
Aug 13 20:53:56 [Cubey] The Amagahara collapses, its pilot gone.
Aug 13 20:54:24 [Corel]
Aug 13 20:54:28 [Cubey] And around you, the petal field disappears. The area returns to normal - there is no fog, either.
Aug 13 20:54:44 [Jockey] [Hot Rod drops to the ground, brushing at his injured arm as he was unsure what to make of this. Drift bows his head, clasping his hands together as if to wish Elys well... wherever she went...]
Aug 13 20:55:04 [Jockey] [As for Optimus... he simply places a hand on the Strahlend.]
Aug 13 20:55:25 [Cubey] Leigh: "..."
Aug 13 20:55:37 [Cubey] THe Licht can move, but its pilot looks down, not saying anything.
Aug 13 20:55:51 [Cubey] It looks like you won, but... at what cost?
Aug 13 20:56:07 [Cubey] Suddenly, the terrain rumbles!
Aug 13 20:56:18 [Cubey] The Durandal Chimaera appears from within a destroyed building.
Aug 13 20:56:22 [Cubey] And... it starts retreating.
Aug 13 20:56:39 [Cubey] A few other stray Chimaera follow it.
Aug 13 20:56:44 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...It is escaping. Has a Chimaera ever done that before?"
Aug 13 20:56:45 [Cubey] Or rather, they all provide escort for...
Aug 13 20:57:17 [Cubey] Jen: "Phew, that was close. If I wasn't effectively immortal, I could've died out there!"
Aug 13 20:57:23 [Cubey] Jen: "So, retreat for now, quickly!"
Aug 13 20:57:35 [Cubey] The Iris - heavily damaged, but still somehow able to move!
Aug 13 20:57:37 [Aero] * "YOu...."
Aug 13 20:58:00 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...I cannot let you leave."
Aug 13 20:58:00 [Jockey] Optimus: "Willis.... stop."
Aug 13 20:58:11 [Cubey] Jen: "Hmm, let me think about that. How about no!"
Aug 13 20:58:25 [Cubey] Unfortunately the Chimaera are acting like escorts, and you are all severely damage.
Aug 13 20:58:26 [Cubey] But...
Aug 13 20:58:29 [Cubey] That won't stop you, will it?
Aug 13 20:58:44 [Jockey] "We will find her. We will finish this... but we can't today."
Aug 13 20:59:31 [Tengu] Hetepheres certainly tries to go after the escaping Iris, brandishing her swords. Even if the Chimaera will probably get in the way, she still has to try.
Aug 13 20:59:57 [Aero] *In spite of all his injuries and Strahlend's damage the machine escaped from Optimus and roared back to life to chase after Iris. "No, this time!" Quicksilver somehow forms in his hand and he aims straight for Iris' cockpit. "Why, what the hell did you want after doing all of this. Betraying everyone you knew, working for monsters and causing so many deaths"
Aug 13 21:00:09 [Aero] what kind of fucking monster are you!?"
Aug 13 21:00:19 [Cubey] The Durandal Chimaera serves as a living shield, it can't use its momentum against Hetepheres, but its thick armor absorbs the blows without suffering too heavy damage in the process.
Aug 13 21:00:29 [Cubey] However
Aug 13 21:00:42 [Cubey] Hetepheres opened a path for Willis, since the DUrandal can only be in one place at a time!
Aug 13 21:01:20 [Cubey] Quicksilver moves towards the Iris!
Aug 13 21:01:25 [Cubey] Jen: "Well... you could say that..."
Aug 13 21:01:47 [Cubey] Suddenly!
Aug 13 21:01:59 [Cubey] Willis' attack is put to a stop.
Aug 13 21:02:09 [Cubey]
Aug 13 21:02:27 [Cubey] Another unit suddenly lunges down on him from above, wielding two swords, both slicing down on Strahlend!
Aug 13 21:02:28 [Cubey] React.
Aug 13 21:02:34 [Cubey] Xeia
Aug 13 21:02:34 [Cubey]
Aug 13 21:03:09 [Aero] * In one last desperate move the only thing Strahlend can do is swing back at the new unit. +
Aug 13 21:03:13 [Cubey] Jen: "You could say I enjoy the chaotic world we live in."
Aug 13 21:03:47 [Cubey] Jen doesn't seem moved or shocked in the slightest - as the new unit cuts into Strahlend, making it sserious wounds even worse!
Aug 13 21:04:00 [Jockey] Optimus: "Willis!"
Aug 13 21:04:02 [Cubey] Willis' unit barely holds itself together, and falls down after a barrage of quick blows.
Aug 13 21:04:15 [Cubey] Jen: "I will continue to do so."
Aug 13 21:04:29 [Cubey] Jen: "Especially now, that I am immortal, even more so than you Willis, than Leigh."
Aug 13 21:04:52 [Cubey] Jen: "Or anyone else. All of you, nice wonderful people who worked at Aegis."
Aug 13 21:05:06 [Cubey] Jen: "Perhaps one day you will join me. As mindless pets like Michael, or as something else. Who knows."
Aug 13 21:05:37 [Cubey] Jen: "Do you have anything to add, Boss Lady?"
Aug 13 21:06:04 [Cubey] And, Xeia's pilot responds.
Aug 13 21:06:09 [Cubey] Setsuna Zeeck
Aug 13 21:06:30 [Aero] Willis: "...Setsuna?"
Aug 13 21:07:03 [Cubey] Setsuna: "I am Setsuna Zeeck. The CEO of Caduceus, the company responsible for the Olympios Floating Facility for those of you ignorant enough not to know it."
Aug 13 21:07:24 [Cubey] Setsuna: "I am also the one responsible for the Chimaera."
Aug 13 21:07:29 [Aero] Willis: "..."
Aug 13 21:07:38 [Cubey] Setsuna: "Both the original test on Antarctica, and their recent revival."
Aug 13 21:07:46 [Jockey] Optimus: "...."
Aug 13 21:08:00 [Aero] Willis: "This has to be a joke right..."
Aug 13 21:08:09 [Jockey] "Somehow... I doubt it is.."
Aug 13 21:08:23 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...Finally, the truth comes to light..."
Aug 13 21:08:43 [Cubey] Setsuna: "The time for lies is no more. I must speak to you directly, or else the Earth will suffer for it."
Aug 13 21:08:44 [Aero] Willis: "You're...pretty arrogant to reveal yourself now Setsuna."
Aug 13 21:08:54 [Cubey] But, she is interrupted.
Aug 13 21:09:10 [Cubey] Silvius: "... So this is how it is."
Aug 13 21:09:19 [Cubey] Lucille: "Hyaaah!"
Aug 13 21:09:25 [Cubey] Genoveta: "This day was awful enough already."
Aug 13 21:09:51 [Cubey] The three somewhat-repaired Aegis units attack the Xeia, Lucille in melee while the other two create a nanomachine storm and blades respectively.
Aug 13 21:10:16 [Cubey] And...
Aug 13 21:10:44 [Cubey] There is no effect - the Xeia-released nanomachine swarm absorbs the attacks en masse, leaving the three Aegis units defenseless in front of it.
Aug 13 21:11:01 [Cubey] Setsuna: "Considering what happened to Elyssa Soleil, I suggest you stay out of it." She states coldly.
Aug 13 21:11:23 [Cubey] Setsuna: "This is my message to Aegis. As for you, Project Unification."
Aug 13 21:11:58 [Cubey] Setsuna: "If you want humanity to survive, don't interfere in my doings. This is my truthful, and final, warning."
Aug 13 21:12:09 [Cubey] Setsuna: "It will be better for everyone in the end."
Aug 13 21:12:28 [Jockey] Optimus: "The promises of a tyrant ignorant of their own nature."
Aug 13 21:12:47 [Cubey] Setsuna says nothing more. The Xeia turns around, the whole party leaving.
Aug 13 21:12:47 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "We shall see."
Aug 13 21:12:56 [Cubey] The Aegis units, and Willis, left behind not bothered any further.
Aug 13 21:13:01 [Cubey] This...
Aug 13 21:13:06 [Cubey] Nothing good can come from this.
Aug 13 21:13:13 [Cubey] Leigh: "... We need to talk."
Aug 13 21:13:15 [Cubey] MISSION COMPLETE