Jul 30 15:45:28 [Cubey] The final project to create the weapon to defeat the Lady is underway.
Jul 30 15:45:48 [Cubey] Security is higher than normal in Sakihama, where the Balmarian relic was set up.
Jul 30 15:45:59 [Cubey] But, something happens - and it's not there.
Jul 30 15:46:28 [Cubey] Operator: "Two unidentified units incoming through the junkyard... it's the BrightSaber!"
Jul 30 15:46:46 [Cubey] Loni is approaching Fort Alhambra.
Jul 30 15:47:16 [Cubey] But before he can get in range or even say anything, a series of explosions sounds through the base!
Jul 30 15:47:25 [Steam] Mizuki: "Is he trying to steal it again?"
Jul 30 15:47:35 [Steam] But then those explosions! "-What the?!?"
Jul 30 15:47:42 [Cubey] Something you didn't see for a while now returns.
Jul 30 15:47:44 [Jockey] "Ah!"
Jul 30 15:47:58 [Cubey] The Lady's minions appeared as if from nowhere and began their assault...
Jul 30 15:48:06 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
Jul 30 15:49:39 [Jockey] "Why do things always explode whenever he shows up?!"
Jul 30 15:50:07 [Cubey] Commander Howe: "Hostiles in the base! All units scramble, and eliminate the enemies."
Jul 30 15:50:25 [Aero] Willis: "Of all times..."
Jul 30 15:50:35 [Aero] Willis: "I swear this is going to be the last time."
Jul 30 15:51:21 [Cubey] Loni: "You people are hearing me? Just where it began... it's gonna end now!"
Jul 30 15:51:35 [Steam] "Sounds like he wants it to be the last time too."
Jul 30 15:51:37 [Cubey] Ilinka: "... Those things."
Jul 30 15:51:42 [Steam] "... Let's oblige him."
Jul 30 15:52:00 [Cubey] Loni: "Yeah, I see them. So even now you want to help me?!" The BrightSaber swings its weapon and...
Jul 30 15:52:08 [Cubey] "Get outta my way!"
Jul 30 15:52:18 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "It is weird they have not attacked Sakihama. Perhaps they are planning something. Keep the other base in a state of alert, as well."
Jul 30 15:52:41 [Cubey] Obliterates a small group of Portents with a single plasma-powered smash!
Jul 30 15:52:54 [Cubey] Loni: "Fuck you Lady. It's not about you."
Jul 30 15:53:04 [Cubey] Ilinka: "It's about us... and Desta."
Jul 30 15:53:10 [Jockey] "...."
Jul 30 15:53:15 [Aero] Willis: "This seems to be more of a personal grudge."
Jul 30 15:53:24 [Cubey] As they approach closer, you can make it out.
Jul 30 15:53:30 [Jockey] "...It does. But..."
Jul 30 15:53:41 [Steam] Well look at that.
Jul 30 15:53:48 [Steam] "For once his pettiness is working in our favor."
Jul 30 15:54:05 [Cubey] The BrightSaber and FightSaber aren't in a pristine condition, unlike usual. They have had makeshift repairs done, rather poorly at that.
Jul 30 15:54:28 [Cubey] And the BrightSaber's sword, lost in the previous fight, is still not here. The large cannon is present however.
Jul 30 15:54:36 [Cubey] BrightSaber Gavin Custom
Jul 30 15:54:36 [Cubey] http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1623590
Jul 30 15:54:39 [Jockey] [Interitus is squeezing on Volya's hand before they get moving, her body soon shifting and transforming into her battle form.]
Jul 30 15:55:20 [Cubey] Enemies: Portent x40, Herald x6, Testimony x5, BrightSaber (Loni), FightSaber (Ilinka)
Jul 30 15:55:26 [Cubey] Portent
Jul 30 15:55:26 [Cubey] http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/448781
Jul 30 15:55:26 [Cubey] Herald
Jul 30 15:55:26 [Cubey] http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1190073
Jul 30 15:55:26 [Cubey] Testimony
Jul 30 15:55:26 [Cubey] http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1190074
Jul 30 15:55:29 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Without help from the Lady, your units are in a poor state. Attacking us like this might have been a mistake."
Jul 30 15:55:36 [Cubey] Willis and Mizuki, go
Jul 30 15:55:41 [Cubey] Loni: "Shut up!"
Jul 30 15:55:51 [Cubey] Loni: "It's your fault Desta's dead. You killed him!"
Jul 30 15:57:03 [Cubey] Loni: "Fuck the Lady, she's been using us all along! But now Desta's dead, and no one can bring him back!"
Jul 30 15:57:13 [Cubey] Ilinka: "But at the very least... we can get revenge for him."
Jul 30 15:57:28 [Cubey] Loni: "So it's over for you assholes now."
Jul 30 15:57:47 [Steam] Mizuki: "You're right. Nobody can bring them back."
Jul 30 15:58:12 [Steam] No Zankuro or BlackNight around this time, but had it been long enough? Mizuki clenched her fists, calling on her inner power.
Jul 30 15:58:22 [Steam] "But if you're so upset... we can still send you both to meet him!"
Jul 30 15:58:34 [Steam] And the DuskBird once more erupts from her shadow!
Jul 30 15:58:36 [Jockey] "... Desta hurt a lot of people. So did the both of you..."
Jul 30 16:00:21 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "So be it then. Your desire for revenge will be the shovel with which you dig your own graves."
Jul 30 16:00:50 [Steam] * The Abyss Empress sprang into action, making a detour before going after Loni or Illinka to blitz past the the Portent horde in Jet mode, wings arranged to tear through them!+
Jul 30 16:01:03 [Jockey] "But... for what its worth... I'm sorry. Even if I didn't like him at all... "
Jul 30 16:01:23 [Aero] * For once Willis boards Strahlend normally while listening to the 'conversation' that was happening. "Volya there's no point in talking with either of them, they're attacking our base." The U.I.I.N Mech soared out from Alhambra's hangar to meet the two Sabers head on as they were at the front of the pack, swinging Quicksilver several times to send
Jul 30 16:01:30 [Aero] waves of energy towards the two machines. +
Jul 30 16:02:33 [Cubey] Ilinka: "It's too late now."
Jul 30 16:02:48 [Cubey] The two quickly approach, but they create a formation.
Jul 30 16:02:55 [Jockey] [There was a small nod. They made the choice... ]
Jul 30 16:04:30 [Cubey] Loni: "You again?! Get out of my way... or die!"
Jul 30 16:05:32 [Cubey] BrightSaber emanates plasma in a sharp burst, an impromptu barrier that absorbs Quicksilver's energy waves while Loni is already aiming with his gun, and letting loose a barrage of projectiles that fall haphazardly not only towards Willis, but the surroundings as well - the base, and even the Lady's minions!
Jul 30 16:05:35 [Cubey] React.
Jul 30 16:06:28 [Cubey] While at the same time, suddenly a dark shadow approaches. Mizuki wrecks through a group of weak Portents, but Ilinka jumps from behind Loni. Without a word, she tries to stop your assault with force, a double cross-slash with dual beam sabers!
Jul 30 16:06:29 [Cubey] React.
Jul 30 16:07:05 [Cubey] ... While at the same time, a Herald zooms in quickly and charges its pike, in preparation of unleashing a blast from behind...
Jul 30 16:07:28 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yabm7i-O4g
Jul 30 16:07:48 [Cubey] Only to explode as a large rocket-propelled fist flies through it, wrecking it fully!
Jul 30 16:08:49 [Cubey] Irm: "Speaking of heroes, the Grungust is here! We're all fighting together now, don't forget that!"
Jul 30 16:08:51 * Corel (Corel@599.21.03.86.trm46-home.tm.net.my) has joined
Jul 30 16:10:08 [Cubey] The Grungust steps out from between the buildings, and Irm is not alone! Beams and other missiles fall upon the intruders as the ex-SSR forces scramble.
Jul 30 16:10:41 [Steam] * That slash will have a hard time connecting as the DuskBird suddenly switches to its Bird mode and banks away, Abyss Gaze beams lancing out through the holes in Illika's guard!+
Jul 30 16:11:13 [Cubey] Crowe: "Attacking head-on with a disadvantage like that... this kid's really full of himself."
Jul 30 16:11:21 [Aero] * As the barrier goes up Willis changes Quicksilver into a large bow, while the weapon wasn't needed to do what he wanted to do it helped him focus. If Elys could convert random particles into theoretical particles the least he had to try to learn. As Strahlend pulls back the string of the bow the nanomachines gathered the air around it compressing
Jul 30 16:11:21 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Excellent. Now we can engage all enemies and stop them from turning the base to rubble much more easily."
Jul 30 16:11:35 [Aero] the air into plasma before unleashing enough plasma arrows to meet BrightSaber's shots. +
Jul 30 16:12:35 [Steam] "When has he never been?" she answers Crowe with.
Jul 30 16:14:02 [Cubey] The DuskBird tries to break off, but the FightSaber follows! One of the sabers grazes against its side.
Jul 30 16:14:38 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Gh..." But while she tries to parry, it's hard to block the Abyss Gaze with a blade, even an energy one, and the FightSaber is pushed away by the beams, not to mention damaged as well!
Jul 30 16:15:20 [Cubey] The BrightSaber's body crackles as it continues to fire, but the blasts flying towards the Strahlend are suddenly absorbed, and neutralized, by the arrows shot by Willis!
Jul 30 16:16:03 [Cubey] But Loni quickly dodges sideways, hiding behind a pile of scrap that litters part of the landscape here. And his bolts did damage to the surrounding area, including the hangar you just leapt out of!
Jul 30 16:16:10 [Cubey] Volya and Hetepheres, go.
Jul 30 16:16:48 [Aero] Willis: "Ghh...still not fast enough."
Jul 30 16:16:53 [Cubey] Crowe: "That's a good question. I can't stand the way he wants to do things..."
Jul 30 16:17:05 [Jockey] "Then I'll slow him down..!"
Jul 30 16:19:55 [Jockey] *Interitus has a number of vines curl around her staff before hurling it as hard as she could at the scrap pile... within moments the vines slip in... before rapidly bursting out in a swarm through the junk pile to entangle Loni&
Jul 30 16:21:00 [Cubey] Loni: "What the shit!" All he can see from his perspective is vines bursting out of a pile of junk.
Jul 30 16:21:20 [Cubey] But suddenly, that pile is strewn all over the place as something bursts out from underneath it.
Jul 30 16:21:46 [Cubey] A gigantic form of a Visitation appears from underground, and two others break the pavement of Alhambra and appear in the base!
Jul 30 16:21:51 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "They are not fighting at full strength. Press on with the attack!" Scaraber jumps up into the air, buzzing on its insectoid wings in order to get over any obstacles, and readies its laser staff, firing a long, focused beam towards the hopefully entangles BrightSaber. +
Jul 30 16:22:16 [Jockey] ".!! This is bad-!"
Jul 30 16:22:55 [Aero] Willis: "She's really going all out..."
Jul 30 16:22:55 [Cubey] The Visitation next to Loni is the target of the vines now, and it tries to stop the laser attack from Scaraber by firing a beam from its forehead!
Jul 30 16:22:59 [Cubey] Hetepheres, react.
Jul 30 16:23:12 [Aero] #Heph?
Jul 30 16:23:29 [Cubey] While one of the other Visitations is close enough to try to grab Interitus - which it does.
Jul 30 16:23:33 [Cubey] React/continue, Volya!
Jul 30 16:23:36 [Cubey] # approved
Jul 30 16:23:40 [Cubey] Loni: "Stop... helping me!"
Jul 30 16:24:21 [Steam] # Volya?
Jul 30 16:24:47 [Cubey] # also approved
Jul 30 16:25:42 [Aero] * Strahlend releases a hand from the bow and quickly forms a large cross shuriken in the now freed up hand, laminating it in a reflective coating before tossing the weapon towards the Visitation's forehead to deflect the beam and take out the herald. +
Jul 30 16:26:13 [Steam] * "Don't hesitate! What you had planned to do, go for it!" The DuskBird compensates for a lack of vines by lashing out with its whip to ensnare Loni!+
Jul 30 16:26:15 [Jockey] *Well... this might be an issue... which is why Interitus is breaking off from the plan she and Volya originally came up with to blast away at the grabbing Visitation!+
Jul 30 16:26:30 [Jockey] (Wait. Scratch that)
Jul 30 16:27:30 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Three of those appear at once. For the first time, I think..." Scaraber does a barrel roll in the air in order to avoid the beam, and then quickly drops towards the ground, where its footing is somewhat better. Hetepheres still tries to fire at Loni, however. "The scale of this battle will be even larger than anticipated!" +
Jul 30 16:28:51 [Jockey] *This was going to be an issue... but they couldn't pass this opportunity up! Interitus unleashes a barrage of slowing blasts upon Loni, seeking to pile on every slow inducing blast with another.+
Jul 30 16:31:03 [Cubey] Loni: "Crap!" The BrightSaber's flames burn brighter, Loni tries to use extreme plasma temperature to throw off the whip and manages to do so, but not before he is pummeled by the slowing blasts.
Jul 30 16:31:48 [Cubey] And with the thrown shuriken deflecting most of the blast (and being thrown off-path in the process), Hetepheres can dodge the Visitation's attack and press on with the beam, damaging the BrightSaber!
Jul 30 16:32:06 [Cubey] However since neither Volya nor Mizuki did anything about the other Visitation, it suddenly grabs Interitus!
Jul 30 16:32:19 [Cubey] And starts squeezing the life out of her! You hear painful plant-crunching noises!
Jul 30 16:32:27 [Cubey] Willis, Mizuki, go now.
Jul 30 16:32:37 [Cubey] (Interitus is still in a grapple!)
Jul 30 16:32:47 [Steam] Mizuki: "Volya!"
Jul 30 16:33:18 [Steam] * The Abyss Greatsword is formed, the DuskBird moving in to begin hacking at the offending arm holding her friend!+
Jul 30 16:34:20 [Jockey] [There were sounds of pain from both of them, though it was clear they were doing their best not to scream.]
Jul 30 16:35:57 [Cubey] The Visitation's arm is very tough - but it lets go as it accumulates damage.
Jul 30 16:36:17 [Cubey] And as it stares down on you, its forehead shines and generates another beam, which it unleashes at close range! React, Mizuki!
Jul 30 16:36:37 [Aero] #Mizuki?
Jul 30 16:36:49 [Jockey] #Mizuki?
Jul 30 16:37:43 [Cubey] Volya approved since he's closer.
Jul 30 16:38:41 [Steam] Mizuki: "You're not... getting this!"
Jul 30 16:38:55 * aldosalt (Mibbit@m-18-4-13-527.hsd7.il.comcast.net) has joined
Jul 30 16:39:18 [Steam] * The Abyss Greatsword breaks apart, the feathers that make it up erecting a protective shield before the DuskBird dives out of the Visitation's line of fire and sight!+
Jul 30 16:40:29 [Jockey] *Interitus launches a barrage of vines to slam around the forehead cannon and drain as much energy from it as she could to weaken the attack on the Duskbird!+
Jul 30 16:43:01 [Cubey] Interitus' vine hungrily absorbs the power from the Visitation... its blast comes out late, and it's weaker and less wide! Mizuki blocks parts of it that'd graze her unit and easily flees to safety.
Jul 30 16:43:08 [Cubey] And now you have excess energy as well.
Jul 30 16:45:12 [Cubey] (Willis can still move, and in the meantime Hetepheres and Volya can also move)
Jul 30 16:46:36 [Jockey] "Ah... that... probably would have hurt Mizuki pretty bad... wouldn't it..."
Jul 30 16:46:45 [Jockey] "... yeah... We should give it back..!"
Jul 30 16:46:53 [Steam] Mizuki: "That was almost too much... Volya, thank you!"
Jul 30 16:50:28 [Jockey] *Interitus thrusts her hands out, the energy ribbons emanating from her fingers far larger and faster than they were due to the excess energy! The plant's attack would seek to slam into the joints and seams and burst out from others like roots of a tree bursting free from concrete!+
Jul 30 16:51:13 [Jockey] "We're just doing what you would've done Mizuki."
Jul 30 16:51:39 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "That was close, Volya... Let us ensure it will not repeat by destroying the Visitations!" Scaraber draws all four of its khopeshes, then charges forth towards one of the massive opponents! Heph leaps and spins in mid-air, slashing at the enemy with all blades in succession, before slashing at the opponent repeatedly, aiming for the head. +
Jul 30 16:52:13 [Aero] *With the Visitations distracted attacking the others Willis spots an opening and once again forms yet another arrow before taking aim at both Visitations and firing an arrow at each of them, as they reached their target the nanomachines that composed the arrows separated in order to burrow into their bodies and destroy them from the inside out. +
Jul 30 16:52:45 [Cubey] Energy ribbons slice into the Visitation's arm, and seem to enter it... then with a booming noise, it comes off!
Jul 30 16:53:14 [Cubey] The Visitation reels back in pain, still partially stuck underground - allowing Hetepheres and Willis to press with the attack.
Jul 30 16:53:46 [Cubey] Two arrows are shot towards the massive Visitations and explode from inside, and the Scaraber flies up high and cuts the heavier damaged one - the powerful slash cracking its gem and destroying it into a billion pieces!
Jul 30 16:53:50 [Cubey] The giant starts to fall...
Jul 30 16:53:56 [Cubey] Loni: "Yes... yes, just like that!"
Jul 30 16:54:16 [Cubey] And that's when the BrightSaber braces itself, and fires its cannon at full power!
Jul 30 16:54:46 [Cubey] A massive beam blasts through the Visitation damaged by Willis, piercing through it - and going towards the team that just fell the other one!
Jul 30 16:54:52 [Cubey] Hetepheres, Willis, Volya, react!
Jul 30 16:55:08 [aldosalt] #Volya?
Jul 30 16:55:15 [Cubey] # approved
Jul 30 16:55:52 [aldosalt] "Volya, Intee! Get on!"
Jul 30 16:56:01 [Jockey] "Dido-?!"
Jul 30 16:56:19 [Jockey] *No time to question! The plant creature is leaping for the Shellancer!+
Jul 30 16:56:58 [Corel] # ToT and heph?
Jul 30 16:57:01 [aldosalt] *ShelLancer in Turtle Mode rushes by at full speed and Shell-Boost, one hand extended from its shell to grab Interitus!+
Jul 30 16:57:10 [Cubey] Also approved.
Jul 30 16:57:14 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Here it comes! Brace yourselves!" Scaraber crosses all four of its blades in a block, reinforcing the anti-beam silver Noble Barrier. +
Jul 30 16:57:40 [Aero] * "Dammit." As much as he wanted to dodge the beam if he didn't take off some of the bite from it the beam would simply sweep through the base and cause more damage. Strahlend moves forward into the path of the beam and raises its arms in front of it, forming a massive Tower Shield twice of Strahlend's size. +
Jul 30 16:58:38 [Cubey] Dido suddenly appears and turtles - at surprising speed, Interitus away from the beam!
Jul 30 16:58:40 [Corel] *A third defense joins in with Strahlend and the Scaraber...forming a dark colored spherical barrier around both units and itself!+
Jul 30 16:58:57 [Cubey] However, Willis was right. The beam will cause a lot of damage to the base. And facing it head on would be unwise.
Jul 30 16:58:59 [Cubey] Except...
Jul 30 16:59:19 [aldosalt] Dido: "Fast and Steady wins the race!"
Jul 30 16:59:55 [Corel] ???: "Hoh...this power is certainly an improvement from what I recall."
Jul 30 17:00:14 [Aero] Willis: "That voice..."
Jul 30 17:00:18 [Cubey] Hetepheres and Willis' defensive measures are reinforced by a new force.
Jul 30 17:00:30 [Cubey] A force that pulls down the beam and slows it with the force of gravity itself.
Jul 30 17:00:53 [aldosalt] Dido: "I'd know that event horizon anywhere–!"
Jul 30 17:01:00 [Corel] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDTLgxan3QE
Jul 30 17:01:20 [Cubey] Loni: "What the..."
Jul 30 17:01:20 [Aero] Willis: "Shu..."
Jul 30 17:01:34 [Cubey] Loni: "That's cheating! Fucking cheating!"
Jul 30 17:01:41 [Cubey] Loni: "You can't even take a hit properly?!"
Jul 30 17:01:52 [Cubey] Shu, Dido, Mizuki - go now
Jul 30 17:01:52 [Corel] Shu: "Greetings. It's been a while, Unity Group...or should I say, Project Unification now."
Jul 30 17:01:52 [Steam] Mizuki: "Professor Shirakawa..."
Jul 30 17:02:24 [Steam] "But please, Loni. Show us how to take a hit!"
Jul 30 17:02:27 [Cubey] The last visitation is barging out of the underground and has fully emerged.
Jul 30 17:02:34 [Corel] Chika: "How'd ya like it?! This is the power of Granzon the Cheater!"
Jul 30 17:02:39 [Cubey] But your allies seem to be handling the rest of the minions, more or less.
Jul 30 17:02:47 [Cubey] All that remains is the two Sabers.
Jul 30 17:02:51 [Cubey] Ilinka: "..."
Jul 30 17:03:22 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Ah, professor Shirakawa. And Chika, full of spirits as usual. Good to see you again. The circumstances could be better, but still."
Jul 30 17:03:53 [Cubey] Irm: "Shirakawa is here? I'm surprised I'd ever be saying to be glad to see you here, professor."
Jul 30 17:03:53 [aldosalt] Dido glares at BrightSaber and FightSaber, noticing their makeshift repairs. "Mizuki," she says. "This one time...can you follow my lead?"
Jul 30 17:04:20 [Steam] * The DuskBird blasts off at the BrightSaber, Dusk energy gathering up in its hand! "Loni! For too long you've been blind to everything except what you want, only to blame others when it doesn't go your way! The Unity Group and even the Lady... you've reject everything except your absolutely loyal friends... so you have nobody to blame for yours
Jul 30 17:04:20 [Steam] elf but this!"
Jul 30 17:04:23 [Steam] "GO! ABYSS SANCTION!"
Jul 30 17:04:50 [Steam] And the DuskBird thrusts out its left hand, radiating pure Darkness, to strike down Loni's machine!+
Jul 30 17:05:11 [Corel] Shu: "Likewise, General. I'd intended to arrive sooner, but a certain purple haired colleague of mine has been keeping me busy."
Jul 30 17:07:07 [Cubey] Loni: "What I want?"
Jul 30 17:07:27 [Cubey] Loni: "Just once, I want not to be manipulated by one fucker or another! Just leave me be!"
Jul 30 17:07:41 [Cubey] Loni: "And after this is over..."
Jul 30 17:07:47 [Cubey] Loni: "Well, you won't get to see it anyway so fuck you!"
Jul 30 17:08:21 [Cubey] Loni aims his gun towards the very hand that unleashes the Abyss Sanction - and before Mizuki has a chance to use it, he quickly fires to wipe the DuskBird out!
Jul 30 17:08:22 [Cubey] React!
Jul 30 17:08:55 [Aero] #Mizuki?
Jul 30 17:09:00 [Cubey] approved!
Jul 30 17:09:49 [Steam] * Change of plans! If Loni's gonna shoot at her hand? That hand is going to shoot right back! The Dusk energy erupts from her hand in a pillar of absolute blackness to answer and counter Loni's attack!+
Jul 30 17:10:29 [aldosalt] *Dido launches a volley of Arc Thorns at Loni and Glinka, targeting the crudely repaired sections of armor plating. She's repaired both Saber units a dozen times...and she knows their load-bearing points!+
Jul 30 17:10:29 [Corel] Shu: *"And I believe this has gone on far enough." The Granzon raises a hand, forming linked wormholes whose exit points manifest around the last Visitation. Golden beams are fired into the spatial gaps, forming a multidirectional assault!+
Jul 30 17:11:03 [Corel] Shu: "Worm Smasher!"
Jul 30 17:12:14 [Corel] Chika: "Say, weren't there three of them last time...?"
Jul 30 17:12:46 [Aero] * "Not this time!" Strahlend thrusts a newly formed Quicksilver towards BrightSaber's arm, the sword suddenly splitting in two and forming a large maw that reaches out to devour Loni's last weapons before he could fire them +
Jul 30 17:23:30 [Cubey] The Visitation moves around to interfere - but it comes under attack by a fierce bombardment from multiple directions.
Jul 30 17:23:41 [Cubey] It is pummeled heavily, its armor damaged and insides visible...
Jul 30 17:23:57 [Cubey] As a last resort, its chest opens - revealing a blaster, which is shot towards the one that damaged it, the Granzon!
Jul 30 17:24:00 [Cubey] Shu, react!
Jul 30 17:24:38 [Cubey] Loni: "What the fuck?! No, no way! I'll make it!"
Jul 30 17:25:14 [Cubey] Gavin reacts in sheer rage as Dido's arc thorns hit his unit and zap electricity into its joints, disrupting his aim!
Jul 30 17:25:35 [Cubey] But he adjusts it right back - to see the nanomachine maw, and the Abyss Sanction, both coming in his direction!
Jul 30 17:25:46 [Cubey] Loni: "I'll make it for sure! For Desta, for!"
Jul 30 17:25:55 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Loni, move!"
Jul 30 17:26:09 [Cubey] And, the BrightSaber is tackled to the side by the FightSaber.
Jul 30 17:26:21 [Corel] Chika: "Waah! Huge energy signature incoming!"
Jul 30 17:26:43 [Cubey] Whose side is chomped into by Willis, and the same damaged side then takes a blast of void energy.
Jul 30 17:26:54 [Corel] Shu just sighs. Not at the beam, but at his 'radar'.
Jul 30 17:27:06 [Cubey] One-handed and with large parts of its body missing, the FightSaber is thrown back!
Jul 30 17:27:09 [Cubey] Loni: "..."
Jul 30 17:27:10 [Cubey] "..."
Jul 30 17:27:12 [Cubey] "ILINKA!"
Jul 30 17:28:49 [Corel] *The Granzon forms another wormhole in front of itself, through which it disappears, only to reappear by the Visitation with its broadsword drawn and ready to swing. The weighted blade now threatens to slash into the Visitation's side!+
Jul 30 17:29:00 [aldosalt] Dido hisses softly. "Damn..."
Jul 30 17:29:23 [Cubey] The Visitation's beam fires - but its target is no longer there. The Granzon is right by it!
Jul 30 17:29:38 [Cubey] And its Gran Sword slices its damaged torso up.
Jul 30 17:30:02 [Cubey] The upper half can no longer be held up by the destroyed lower. It's not a clean slide off after a slice. It is ripped off, and collapses.
Jul 30 17:30:29 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Coming here... was a bad idea..."
Jul 30 17:30:36 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Loni... get out of here..."
Jul 30 17:30:41 [Cubey] Loni: "Ilinka."
Jul 30 17:30:46 [Cubey] The BrightSaber looks around.
Jul 30 17:31:01 [Cubey] It isn't that damaged yet, but the fight for Alhambra is basically over.
Jul 30 17:31:24 [Cubey] Irm, Crowe, Woolf and the others took care of the Lady's minions, who were less dangerous than the Visitations that are down now.
Jul 30 17:31:42 [Cubey] The FightSaber struggles to move, its form crushed underneath a damaged base building.
Jul 30 17:31:54 [Steam] Mizuki: "... Loni."
Jul 30 17:32:14 [Jockey] "..."
Jul 30 17:32:24 [Cubey] Loni: "This wasn't supposed to go like this... sure, I didn't want a happily ever after ending. Those are lame as fuck, but..."
Jul 30 17:32:25 [aldosalt] Dido: "Ilinka's hurt, Loni! Stand down, and we'll get her medical attention." At this point, she just wants it to be over.
Jul 30 17:32:27 [Cubey] Loni: "NOT LIKE THIS!"
Jul 30 17:32:37 [Steam] "... Turn yourself in, or just keep at it and go down fighting-"
Jul 30 17:32:37 [Jockey] [Interitus is going to move towards the Fightsaber.]
Jul 30 17:32:43 [Corel] Shu: "...Continuing this is meaningless. Surely you realize that, Gavin."
Jul 30 17:32:45 [Steam] "... That's a case of going down fighting then."
Jul 30 17:33:00 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "It is over. If you want to salvage anything from your situation, anything at all, surrender."
Jul 30 17:33:08 [Cubey] Loni: "I..."
Jul 30 17:33:14 [Aero] Willis simply lets out a sigh, as good as their intentions were he knew trying to talk sense here would lead to nothing.
Jul 30 17:33:34 [Cubey] Loni: "I just wanted to have adventures. With Desta, with Ilinka... always exciting, no boring ordinary life bullshit... why did it have to go like this?"
Jul 30 17:33:42 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Loni."
Jul 30 17:33:47 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Loni - run."
Jul 30 17:33:51 [Cubey] Ilinka: "I'll hold them off."
Jul 30 17:33:59 [Cubey] Loni: "Ilinka, no..."
Jul 30 17:34:02 [Jockey] "...Loni. Adventures aren't always what they're cracked up to be."
Jul 30 17:34:13 [Jockey] "If I had a choice... I'd have a normal life."
Jul 30 17:34:15 [Cubey] But the FightSaber is standing up already.
Jul 30 17:34:23 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "..."
Jul 30 17:34:25 [Cubey] The space around it shifting and twisting...
Jul 30 17:34:39 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "It is the same as Desta before!"
Jul 30 17:34:47 [Cubey] Loni: "Don't do it Ilinka, no!"
Jul 30 17:34:49 [Aero] Willis: "Everyone be careful."
Jul 30 17:35:13 [Cubey] Ilinka: "What is the strongest power in the world?"
Jul 30 17:35:21 [Corel] Chika: "So wait, there were three, and one isn't here, and now this is...oh. OH."
Jul 30 17:35:22 [Cubey] Ilinka: "You felt it too, didn't you? A long time ago..."
Jul 30 17:35:25 [Jockey] "..."
Jul 30 17:35:33 [Jockey] ".... Don't."
Jul 30 17:35:47 [Cubey] She talks as FightSaber's form distorts itself - changing shape, and growing massively. Which is accompanied by a spike of power!
Jul 30 17:35:59 [Cubey] Ilinka: "The power that makes you feel like you're the most important person in the world."
Jul 30 17:36:09 [Cubey] Ilinka: "The power that makes you feel like you can do anything."
Jul 30 17:36:22 [Cubey] "That you're willing to do anything. Even kill. Even pact with those you hate."
Jul 30 17:37:00 [Cubey] Ilinka: "You're the most precious person to me ever, Loni! Now go! You must live, no matter what!"
Jul 30 17:37:07 [Steam] Mizuki: "..."
Jul 30 17:37:16 [Cubey] With a burst of movement, the newly created Guardian positions itself between you and the BrightSaber!
Jul 30 17:37:33 [Cubey] Guardian of Love
Jul 30 17:37:33 [Cubey] http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/677981
Jul 30 17:37:46 [Cubey] And...
Jul 30 17:37:46 [Aero] Willis: "..."
Jul 30 17:38:08 [Jockey] "Love isn't about being willing to kill."
Jul 30 17:38:16 [Cubey] Ilinka immediately starts charging up the large circle on the Guardian's back - and unleashes a multiple spread laser in all directions, to suppress you. No - to finish you, like she said she will!
Jul 30 17:38:19 [Cubey] Everyone, react!
Jul 30 17:38:23 [Jockey] "Its about being willing to save others."
Jul 30 17:38:48 [Jockey] "No matter how much it hurts."
Jul 30 17:38:49 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Your words will not convince her, Volya. Defend!"
Jul 30 17:38:54 [Cubey] Ilinka: "If you love someone, you're willing to do anything for them."
Jul 30 17:39:00 [Aero] Willis: "It's not worth the time Volya!"
Jul 30 17:39:07 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Loni... allow me to do at least that much!"
Jul 30 17:39:22 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Even though you are right..."
Jul 30 17:39:25 [Corel] Chika: "BIG BEAMS INCOMING!"
Jul 30 17:39:33 [aldosalt] *Dido Shell-Boosts left, zig-zagging as she frantically dodges!+
Jul 30 17:40:25 [Aero] * Strahlend recalls the extended maw and immediately breaks down the devoured contents into more nanomachines before spreading his swarm out, forming a very heavy metallic cloud in order to dissipate as much of the lasers as he could. +
Jul 30 17:40:34 [Jockey] *Interitus lashes out with her vines to retrieve her staff. Vines curling around it she swings toward an incoming laser as hard as possible, not just deflecting it but draining it as well!+
Jul 30 17:41:11 [Jockey] "We know... but we have to try."
Jul 30 17:41:11 [Tengu] * Scaraber quickly ejects the Scarab Frame, jumps up on its compact form like a flying platfor and takes off into the skies to avoid the barrage of beams. The Noble Barrier is still silver, but it's going to change any time now, so Hetepheres knows she can't rely on it in the current situation! +
Jul 30 17:41:31 [Steam] * Mizuki switches to Bird mode again, swooping and spiraling around the flurry of beams!+
Jul 30 17:41:39 [Steam] "Then try after we're not on the defensive!"
Jul 30 17:43:19 [Cubey] As beams start falling around you, the situation's seriousness makes it immediately obvious.
Jul 30 17:43:33 [Corel] Shu: *"So it's come to this..." Even if he's not enjoying the fact, the Granzon's pilot braces for the approaching projectiles. This time, he focuses the Granzon's gravity manipulation to attempt to redirect the attack. The Lady's power isn't to be underestimated after all.+
Jul 30 17:43:35 [Cubey] They are homing in, though many more are content to just slam down on the base's buildings, causing even further damage! Moreover...
Jul 30 17:44:14 [Cubey] ???: "What are you waiting for? Fire the Tronium Cannon! Make introductions later!"
Jul 30 17:44:16 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTZlfw8qH-M
Jul 30 17:45:03 [Cubey] A bright blue beam of blinding power suddenly cuts the barrage down - by hitting the Guardian right in the middle. A direct hit... from the Shirogane!
Jul 30 17:45:47 [Cubey] Lee: "Evacuate the base! Alhambra is no longer safe for non-essential personnel! On the double!"
Jul 30 17:46:34 [Cubey] The Guardian is engulfed in the tronium blast - while BrightSaber...
Jul 30 17:46:39 [Cubey] BrightSaber was already fleeing.
Jul 30 17:46:47 [Jockey] "...."
Jul 30 17:47:28 [Cubey] Lee: "Don't try to reason with the enemy. She has crossed the threshold of being reasonable."
Jul 30 17:47:48 [aldosalt] Dido opens a comm line to the fleeing BrightSaber, before it vanishes over the horizon. Before Loni vanishes, she says a single sentence. "I know how you can save Ilinka, Loni!"
Jul 30 17:48:08 [Cubey] Ilinka: "No..."
Jul 30 17:48:14 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Don't listen to her!"
Jul 30 17:48:23 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Listen... to me!"
Jul 30 17:48:28 [Jockey] "Neither of you have to die!"
Jul 30 17:48:47 [Jockey] "Please... just stop this!"
Jul 30 17:49:13 [Cubey] Still engulfed by the blast, the Guardian of Love suddenly lights up. The lights on its wings generate smaller beams, which all gather in front of the circle - which fires a concentrated blast!
Jul 30 17:49:27 [Cubey] That, in a single quick movement, swipes over the Shirogane!
Jul 30 17:49:30 [Cubey] Lee: "What..."
Jul 30 17:49:41 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...!"
Jul 30 17:50:10 [Cubey] Ilinka: "I can't stop. For love... what is the world worth, if the one person I love can't do what he wants!"
Jul 30 17:51:04 [Cubey] The Shirogane is cut in two... as long as everything else that stood in the way of the blast!
Jul 30 17:51:06 [aldosalt] Dido: "Are you going to abandon another companion, Loni? Could you live with yourself, knowing there's a way you could save her?"
Jul 30 17:51:24 [aldosalt] Dido looks up at the ruptured Shirogane. "Oh, no..."
Jul 30 17:51:25 [Aero] Willis: "You've got to be kidding me..."
Jul 30 17:51:35 [Cubey] Its back side is still floating, though it is coming apart in a series of explosions, the bow and the whole front side is falling down.
Jul 30 17:51:54 [Cubey] Lee: "All hands, abandon ship! Abandon..."
Jul 30 17:52:01 [Corel] Chika: "This must be awkward, huh, Master?"
Jul 30 17:52:03 [Steam] Mizuki: "...The entire ship..."
Jul 30 17:52:08 [Cubey] Lee: "But I'm taking you with me. I'm fed up with your childish antics."
Jul 30 17:52:17 [Aero] Willis: "People were still evacuating..."
Jul 30 17:52:20 [Cubey] The bow falls down... and starts charging the Tronium Cannon up again!
Jul 30 17:52:59 [Cubey] Lee: "At least one person here understands a damn chain of command. The captain... goes down with the ship!"
Jul 30 17:53:22 [Jockey] "The world's worth something if you could help him find another path..! Anyone can die for another person... but if you really do care about him you'd live for him and help him be a real hero instead of just letting him do what he wants and not accept the consequences!"
Jul 30 17:53:25 [Cubey] The guardian tries to grab the falling bow with its many wing-like arms.
Jul 30 17:53:33 [Cubey] And then, the bow explodes in a point blank tronium blast!
Jul 30 17:53:40 [aldosalt] Dido: "Lee, don't-!"
Jul 30 17:53:51 [Aero] Willis: "Everyone brace!"
Jul 30 17:54:10 [Aero] If he ignited the tronium then the following explosion would be...
Jul 30 17:54:42 [Corel] Shu: "Linjun...you..."
Jul 30 17:55:24 [Steam] And suddenly she was both regretting, and simultaneously being grateful that Zankuro wasn't around for this!
Jul 30 17:55:49 [Corel] Well considering Shu's history with that ship, watching this was certainly unpleasant...
Jul 30 17:56:32 [Jockey] # Lee and Illinka
Jul 30 17:56:36 [Cubey] # approved
Jul 30 17:59:16 [Jockey] *It would be a stupid....naive and childish move for someone to jump in to try save these two people. The explosion was probably too much for anyone to do anything. Not only that... but were Illinka and Lee worth saving?... Two people believed so. Interitus would tear forward into the tronium blaze, vines exploding forth from her limbs to lash as w
Jul 30 17:59:17 [Jockey] idely as she could everywhere to drain all she could... and try channel it all upwards to keep it from harming anyone+
Jul 30 17:59:30 [Steam] Mizuki: "Volya, no!"
Jul 30 18:00:13 [Cubey] Interitus starts absorbing the tronium energies - and her tendrils burn from the effort.
Jul 30 18:00:14 [aldosalt] Dido: "Fudge-Skittles!" ShelLancer lunges forward to try and grab them, even though she's too far–!"
Jul 30 18:00:36 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...Volya!"
Jul 30 18:00:43 [Aero] Willis: "Volya please don-"
Jul 30 18:00:49 [Cubey] As one by one small parts of the blast's energy are siphoned out and upwards, the tendrils do shrivel up and burn from within one by one as well!
Jul 30 18:00:53 [Jockey] "I've had enough! Nobody's dying today! I won't let it happen! I WON'T!!!"
Jul 30 18:01:03 [Cubey] Interitus herself is suffering from intense burns from the bright blue energy as well.
Jul 30 18:01:19 [Cubey] Ilinka: "You felt it, didn't you?"
Jul 30 18:01:29 [Corel] Shu: "If the Tronium detonates, this entire region will be erased. We should stand back..."
Jul 30 18:01:44 [Cubey] Ilinka: "A long time ago... someone told you. Someone made a promise. Of love..."
Jul 30 18:01:55 [Cubey] The air around you starts to twist!
Jul 30 18:02:06 [Jockey] "I know.... I know... that... that's why I'm doing this!"
Jul 30 18:02:18 [Cubey] A powerul distortion suddenly engulfs both the Guardian and Interitus!
Jul 30 18:02:26 [Cubey] And from within it, a blue beam is shot upwards!
Jul 30 18:02:34 [Cubey] When it dissipates...
Jul 30 18:02:53 [Steam] Mizuki: "Please don't..."
Jul 30 18:02:56 [Cubey] You see Interitus standing by a heavily damaged Guardian of Love, her (Interitus') limbs pointing up.
Jul 30 18:03:10 [Cubey] Interitus is severely burned and withered.
Jul 30 18:03:19 [Cubey] And the Shirogane... Shirogane is gone, destroyed...
Jul 30 18:03:43 [aldosalt] Dido: "Volya, Int–"
Jul 30 18:03:45 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Loni can't hear you."
Jul 30 18:04:01 [Cubey] Ilinka: "I am making sure he doesn't. I understand now."
Jul 30 18:04:18 [Cubey] Ilinka: "He'll get exactly the world he always wanted. Not just a copy. The real thing."
Jul 30 18:04:26 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...The Lady. Is this a part of the story you are so obsessed with creating...?"
Jul 30 18:04:38 [Cubey] And the Guardian's arms slice their razor sharp fingers/feathers towards Interitus!
Jul 30 18:04:40 [Cubey] Volya, react!
Jul 30 18:04:45 [Aero] Willis: "Dido get Volya outta there!"
Jul 30 18:04:48 [Tengu] #
Jul 30 18:04:53 [Cubey] # approved
Jul 30 18:05:47 [Jockey] *Interitus struggles to leap back. Its difficult as badly injured as she was.+
Jul 30 18:06:18 [aldosalt] Dido: "Got it!"
Jul 30 18:06:41 [Tengu] * Scaraber rushes into the fray - and something launches from the base's direction as well, colliding with the Gebian machine! Armed with the Crab Frame, Hetepheres gets in the way of the incoming fingers - and grabs them with Scaraber's powerful pincers. A burst of energy emanates from the mech and its golden Noble Barrier intensifies! +
Jul 30 18:06:55 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Get to safety, Volya! Scarab Power!"
Jul 30 18:07:39 [aldosalt] *ShelLancer Shell-Boosts forward, reaching out a hand to grab Interitus, sling her over its shoulder and get out of there!+
Jul 30 18:08:06 [Jockey] "...Please stop.... please..."
Jul 30 18:08:11 [Jockey] "It isn't worth it..."
Jul 30 18:08:52 [Jockey] [Still as burned out as they were... they try to reach out to Illinka one more time.]
Jul 30 18:09:28 [Cubey] The slice is stopped by powerful crab pincers! The feathers cut into them, but the golden noble barrier and the Scarab Power form a double layer of protection atop its thick hide! The Crab Frame holds, and even starts crushing the limbs of the Guardian with its force. Ilinka is weakened now.
Jul 30 18:09:53 [Cubey] The Guardian's face turns towards Interitus as she's being rescued by Dido, but says nothing. It stares coldly and without expression.
Jul 30 18:10:22 [Cubey] Willis, Hetepheres, Shu - you can go now.
Jul 30 18:10:28 [aldosalt] Dido: "Volya...she used up all her mulligans long ago."
Jul 30 18:10:42 [Cubey] Also
Jul 30 18:10:47 [Cubey] Volya and Interitus - downed
Jul 30 18:11:31 [Steam] Mizuki: "... Save your strength Volya."
Jul 30 18:11:57 [Steam] "... Don't throw yourself away just for her sake."
Jul 30 18:13:08 [Corel] Chika: "That was closer than I woulda liked...I thought we were gonna end up as crater decorations..."
Jul 30 18:14:00 [Jockey] "...had to try.."
Jul 30 18:15:09 [Aero] * With Scaraber holding the Guardian in place Willis immediately charges towards the Guardian, gathering his nanomachine swarm to himself again. Quicksilver bulges as the weapon is transformed into a large chainsword that Willis brings down towards the ring on the back of the Guardian.
Jul 30 18:15:31 [Aero] If it was anything like a certain transformed machine that ring had to be important. +
Jul 30 18:15:50 [Corel] Shu: "Miss Onodera is right. Save your strength. And for us, this is an opportunity not to be wasted."
Jul 30 18:16:11 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Countless people died already because of your love. I will not let that number grow any larger." Scaraber grabs the Guardian tighter with one of its claws - but lets go with the other one, and swings it back for a punch. The pincer starts to rotate rapidly, like a drill - and Heteperes smashes this drill right into the center of Ilinka's unit! "Let us dance the dance of
Jul 30 18:16:12 [Tengu] death!" +
Jul 30 18:18:00 [Cubey] The Scaraber starts drilling into the Guardian - but the lights on its body light up once again!
Jul 30 18:18:15 [Corel] *The Granzon readies its sword again, this time raising it in the air and bringing it down from a distance. The weapon tears a rift in space time that appears as a black rift - screaming toward one of the Guardian's side sections!+
Jul 30 18:18:18 [Cubey] No time to gather beams again, they just fire smaller blasts towards the Crab Frame.
Jul 30 18:18:26 [Cubey] But it's at point blank range! React, Hetepheres.
Jul 30 18:19:01 [Cubey] Ilinka: "H... haaa!"
Jul 30 18:19:25 [Steam] # Heph
Jul 30 18:19:34 [Cubey] As the Guardian is being bombarded and Ilinka's long range options are limited - she is forced to swing desperately with one of the feathered limbs! And as she does that, the feathers go flying towards the Granzon! Shu react.
Jul 30 18:19:36 [Cubey] # approved
Jul 30 18:19:52 [Steam] "Not anyone else! You've taken enough!"
Jul 30 18:19:54 [Cubey] It seems Ilinka can't defend against Willis as he starts cutting into the ring...
Jul 30 18:19:56 [Cubey] Except
Jul 30 18:20:07 [Cubey] a dark metal part was hidden behind one of the wings
Jul 30 18:20:22 [Cubey] It's an oversized fist! A fist that slams down on Strahlend!
Jul 30 18:20:23 [Cubey] React.
Jul 30 18:20:33 [Tengu] * Crab Frame's eye stalks flash for a second, and then two large beams fire from them, clashing against the incoming blasts in an attempt to counter, or maybe even overpower them!+
Jul 30 18:21:43 [Steam] * The DuskBird grabbed hold of a hand's worth of feathers, hurling them out in Heph's direction before firing another Abyss Sanction blast, striking each of them! The Dusk energy fragmented out into numerous smaller beams to intercept and collide with the Guardian's own, as many as she could to thin out the crowd!+
Jul 30 18:22:30 [Corel] *Shu charges Gran Worm Sword with gravitational energy, before throwing it forward. The blade spins in the air, across the flight path of the feathers, crushing the projectiles under their own weight if it hits!+
Jul 30 18:23:07 [Aero] * Strahlend raises its free hand in response, instantly forming a secondary Zweihander that was immediately converted into a Nanothorn edge and swung upwards against the fist to severe it in two against the molecule splitting weapon as he did the same to the chainsword whirling against the ring. +
Jul 30 18:23:21 [aldosalt] Behind an intact wall (but not to close to the wall), ShelLancer lays Interitus and Volya down. "You did good, kids," Dido whispers. "She doesn't want to be saved...but you still did good." With that, ShelLancer heads back to the fray.
Jul 30 18:23:47 [Cubey] The surroundings of Scaraber become a crazy light show of beams shot in all directions! And while several strike against its armor, cutting visible gashes on it, Hetepheres' eye beams cause the enemy beam emitters to power down as well, in some cases - forever!
Jul 30 18:24:09 [Cubey] Finally, the Guardian is thrown back by the drill that finishes drilling it.
Jul 30 18:24:42 [Cubey] The thrown feathers seem attracted to the heavy gravity sword, which speaks their doom as the whole thing falls down heavily. Only a few hit against the Granzon, not dealing any significant damage.
Jul 30 18:25:06 [Cubey] And finally...
Jul 30 18:25:13 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Aaah! Loni...!"
Jul 30 18:25:24 [Cubey] The fist - and the circle on the Guardian's back, are both split!
Jul 30 18:25:39 [Cubey] But both halves of the fist slam down on the Strahlend anyway, and throw it into the ground.
Jul 30 18:26:18 [Corel] Chika: "Woah...you okay there?"
Jul 30 18:26:25 [Cubey] The Guardian has difficulty keeping itself afloat...
Jul 30 18:26:35 [Corel] Chika: "Actually, why don't we have one of those?"
Jul 30 18:26:42 [Cubey] The Strahlend's body is all cracked, but Willis and his unit survived much worse. Doesn't make it any more pleasant though.
Jul 30 18:26:53 [Cubey] Two thirds of Team SolSavior - go!
Jul 30 18:27:28 [aldosalt] Dido: "Mizuki...I'll follow your lead!"
Jul 30 18:27:35 [aldosalt] "Let's do this!"
Jul 30 18:28:32 [Aero] Willis: "Gh...dammit"
Jul 30 18:28:47 [Steam] Mizuki nodded.
Jul 30 18:28:49 [Aero] That was still a pretty significant rattling of the old head case.
Jul 30 18:28:57 [Steam] "Then try to keep up... and for that matter, keep safe."
Jul 30 18:29:01 [Aero] Willis: "Its defenses should be down now."
Jul 30 18:29:23 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Hopefully you can still fight, Willis. This fight is not over yet... And it will not stop until one of the sides is dead."
Jul 30 18:29:51 [Aero] Willis: "You know me better than that, they'll have to grind me to dust before I stop."
Jul 30 18:30:11 [aldosalt] Dido: "Remind me, Mizuki: who's the person in the turtle-themed robot? Focus on the enemy!"
Jul 30 18:30:35 [Steam] * Reforming the Abyss Greatsword, the DuskBird takes off into the sky, arching up and above the Guardian. With its defenses and flight weakened... time to exploit both at the same time! The Abyss Greatsword begins brimming with Dusk energy, and Mizuki dives down to stab the sword into the Guardian as far as it can go!&
Jul 30 18:33:25 [aldosalt] *ShelLancer charges in from the other side, peppering the Guardian's right arm with Arc Thorns, then hitting it with a Lance Shock to try and char the arm into uselessness!+
Jul 30 18:33:46 [Cubey] Ilinka: "..."
Jul 30 18:34:06 [Cubey] The Guardian's remaining wings aim high, their feathers slashing to cut the DuskBird into pieces as it draws near!
Jul 30 18:34:10 [Cubey] React/continue, Mizuki
Jul 30 18:34:21 [Cubey] And then, it is being shocked by the ShelLancer.
Jul 30 18:34:35 [Cubey] Ilinka: "What? A..."
Jul 30 18:34:56 [Cubey] Surprised and unable to finish her sentence, she can only try to fire what few emitters still function to barrage Dido with blasts. Also react!
Jul 30 18:36:55 [Steam] * She doesn't need to hang around for long! With all of her strength, Mizuki has the DuskBird punch the Greatsword into the Guardian's body, the recoil of the hit knocking her away! "And now... detonate!" And within the Guardian's very body, the Greatsword unleashes its potent payload of Dusk energy!+
Jul 30 18:36:56 [aldosalt] *Dido keep Shell-Boosting forward, zig-zagging to avoid the blasts! As she passes by Ilinka, she discharges her Shel-Flak, peppering the Guardian to further damage Ilinka's emitters!+
Jul 30 18:37:54 [Cubey] Beams cause earth to rumble and rocky shards to fly up under ShelLancer, but it keeps moving, its flak and the spear damaging Ilinka's side!
Jul 30 18:37:59 [aldosalt] Dido: "I'm just gonna point out the elephant in the room: Loni doesn't love you, Ilinka!"
Jul 30 18:38:38 [Cubey] Causing enough of a distraction for Mizuki to pass through! The feathers cut into DuskBird, but it stabs into the Guardian.
Jul 30 18:38:40 [Cubey] And detonates.
Jul 30 18:38:42 [Cubey] Ilinka: "!!"
Jul 30 18:38:54 [Cubey] Shocked both by the attack, and by Dido, her unit starts falling in dramatic slow motion.
Jul 30 18:39:16 [Cubey] And that's when.
Jul 30 18:39:46 [Cubey] Loni: "I made up my mind. Desta's gone Ilinka, but I still have you. C'mon! Let's have more adventures, together! Forever!"
Jul 30 18:40:06 [Cubey] Gavin appears on foot, climbing up a hill so as not to be detected.
Jul 30 18:40:12 [Cubey] And that's when he sees this...
Jul 30 18:40:16 [Cubey] Loni: "... Ilinka?"
Jul 30 18:40:35 [Cubey] Ilinka looks at him approaching.
Jul 30 18:40:41 [Cubey] She smiles.
Jul 30 18:40:50 [Cubey] And the Guardian explodes.
Jul 30 18:41:09 [aldosalt] Dido: "..."
Jul 30 18:41:20 [Cubey] Loni: "..."
Jul 30 18:41:26 [Cubey] He falls down on his knees.
Jul 30 18:41:34 [Cubey] Staring down on his hands in shock.
Jul 30 18:41:48 [Cubey] Loni: "Hey..."
Jul 30 18:42:06 [Cubey] Loni: "Hey. I know you can hear me."
Jul 30 18:42:21 [Cubey] Loni: "You... you can't bring them back again, can you? Just... just asking..."
Jul 30 18:42:31 [Cubey] And the Lady responded.
Jul 30 18:42:41 [Cubey] "No. No force in this world can bring your friends back."
Jul 30 18:43:11 [Cubey] Loni: "Then..."
Jul 30 18:43:23 [Cubey] Loni: "Can you... change this world?"
Jul 30 18:43:34 [Cubey] And the Lady responded.
Jul 30 18:43:36 [Cubey] "Yes."
Jul 30 18:43:55 [Cubey] "I have the power. All I need is your willingness to bring me back."
Jul 30 18:44:07 [Cubey] And Apollonius "Loni" Gavin said...
Jul 30 18:44:10 [Cubey] "Okay."
Jul 30 18:44:34 [Cubey] Suddenly, his body is forced high into the air by a horrible force!
Jul 30 18:44:40 [Corel] Chika: "Just letting you guys know as part of my job, that doesn't sound good!"
Jul 30 18:44:49 [Aero] Willis: "You don't say..."
Jul 30 18:45:03 [Cubey] The air around him starts to distort horribly, and an aura of... some kind of force, starts to expand!
Jul 30 18:45:18 [Cubey] It's not so fast that it can't be outrun, but perhaps... don't let it touch you.
Jul 30 18:45:24 [Cubey] And to make matters worse
Jul 30 18:45:39 [Cubey] a hole in reality appears behind Loni, who is screaming his head off as more Guardians start coming through!
Jul 30 18:45:48 [Cubey] Guardians - and you feel the presence of something massive approaching.
Jul 30 18:46:04 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...The Lady is coming."
Jul 30 18:46:05 [Aero] Willis: "Is this..."
Jul 30 18:46:05 [Cubey] Something that tried to breach the walls of its - her prison and return to this world, but was stopped before.
Jul 30 18:46:07 [Cubey] This time...
Jul 30 18:46:13 [Corel] Shu: "...The Lady herself."
Jul 30 18:46:14 [Cubey] This time no one is there to stop her.
Jul 30 18:46:33 [aldosalt] Dido: "Oh no." ShelLancer boosts away from the Aura....heading towards where Volya and Interitus lay!
Jul 30 18:46:38 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "We need to evacuate. Quickly. Do not let anyone behind."
Jul 30 18:46:49 [Cubey] Howe: "What's going on there? The base has been evacuated, but the energy readings are ridiculous!"
Jul 30 18:47:05 [Cubey] Huffman: "I strongly suggest getting out of there. Get far away, as far as possible."
Jul 30 18:47:10 [aldosalt] Dido: "Dammit! Is the crystal memory weapon ready?"
Jul 30 18:47:12 [Steam] Mizuki: "What about you?!?"
Jul 30 18:47:14 [Aero] Willis: "this was..."
Jul 30 18:47:28 [Corel] Shu: "Move quickly. And do not let that energy come into contact with you."
Jul 30 18:47:46 [Cubey] Howe: "Don't worry, I won't go down with the sinking ship. Unlike Captain Linjun... there's nothing we can do for him now..."
Jul 30 18:47:49 [aldosalt] On that note, Dido definitively moves to grab Volya and Plantfriend!
Jul 30 18:48:09 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "I shall trust your words, commander. Everyone, come!"
Jul 30 18:48:31 [Jockey] [The two were unconscious by this point so there was not much to be said.]
Jul 30 18:48:33 [Aero] Willis: "Dammit...did we just play into her hands?"
Jul 30 18:48:36 [Tengu] Scaraber leaves quickly, but makes sure nobody stays behind, just like Heph said. She's willing to help anyone.
Jul 30 18:48:43 [Corel] Chika: "Master, I haven't seen anything on this scale since..."
Jul 30 18:48:49 [Cubey] Huffman: "We can do one thing - live to fight another day, hmm? The weapon isn't ready. Yet. But it will be."
Jul 30 18:48:54 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...We might have."
Jul 30 18:49:38 [Aero] Willis: "...."
Jul 30 18:49:39 [Cubey] You quickly run away - the Guardians seem content with staying inside the expanding sphere, fortunately. Because their numbers grow huge quickly.
Jul 30 18:49:52 [Cubey] So does the sphere - you can outrun it, and no one was left behind but the dead... and Gavin.
Jul 30 18:50:36 [Cubey] But if you look back, as you are already several kilometers away, you can see it continues to expand. Though it may be just an optical illusion, but the rate of expansion seems to slow down a little.
Jul 30 18:50:57 [Aero] Willis slams a fist into Strahlend's control. "How much time do we have left..."
Jul 30 18:50:59 [Cubey] And the territory trapped within seems to shift and change... looking unstable, yet somehow... alluring.
Jul 30 18:51:12 [Cubey] Suddenly, a huge shape appears
Jul 30 18:51:19 [Cubey] The Lady has passed through to this world.
Jul 30 18:51:25 [Cubey] MISSION FAILED