Jul 18 21:07:56 The Balmarian capital lies devastated and basically abandoned.
Jul 18 21:08:05 But, one building still stands.
Jul 18 21:08:37 The Spirit Emperor's palace - and inside it, Ruach himself.
Jul 18 21:08:54 Ruach: "Welcome." He doesn't mince words, but now that you see him in person, he's...
Jul 18 21:09:10 Not necessarily what you may have expected.
Jul 18 21:09:17 Ruach Gan Eden
Jul 18 21:09:17 http://srwog.velv.net/char_images/ruach.png
Jul 18 21:09:24 Willis: "You're a lot younger than I would have expected."
Jul 18 21:10:01 Selena: "Practically more a little prince than an emperor."
Jul 18 21:10:38 Armana almost jumps at your words and quickly steps forward.
Jul 18 21:10:53 Kei: "What happened to the city?"
Jul 18 21:11:01 Armana: "This is thanks to Zehirut's power that maintains his form... oh, Spirit Emperor, please forgive their choice of words!"
Jul 18 21:11:06 Ruach: "Hmph." He only smirks.
Jul 18 21:11:38 Ruach: "You saw the evacuation. Time runs out for Ze Balmary. Barely any city remains unscathed."
Jul 18 21:11:47 Ruach: "Come. Time to change this state of affairs."
Jul 18 21:12:00 Right... it was time.
Jul 18 21:12:12 Hetepheres: "Oh, we are quite familiar with people who, due to the use of technology or other techniques, appear much younger than they are as well. Is it not right?" She glances at Willis.
Jul 18 21:12:40 Selena's expression loses all trace of humor as she looked at Armana and just... closed her eyes.
Jul 18 21:12:55 Armana: "Yes. Staving off Apocalypsis will save Balmar... and maybe, Earth too."
Jul 18 21:13:00 As messed up as this situation was, it was the only way to save the Balmarians.
Jul 18 21:13:03 Kei: "And this power sustained the palace too?"
Jul 18 21:13:37 Willis: "H-hey come on it's not like I look that young."
Jul 18 21:13:41 Ruach doesn't answer, instead he moves on foot towards a tunnel. One that is large enough for even mecha sized begins to follow.
Jul 18 21:13:58 It leads underground, and looks positively ancient.
Jul 18 21:15:33 Hetepheres: "Regardless. Princess Armana, should you have a change of heart, this is most likely the last time to say it. Otherwise... let us proceed."
Jul 18 21:15:44 Armana: "Everyone... let's go."
Jul 18 21:16:10 Her choice has been made. Nothing to do but proceed forward.
Jul 18 21:16:26 And the Alegrias follows her as if it were her very shadow.
Jul 18 21:16:30 Forward, towards an ancient Balmarian ritual chamber.
Jul 18 21:16:45 One, where a raised platform leads towards a giant stone figure.
Jul 18 21:17:01 No, it is not a mere figure.
Jul 18 21:17:14 Purple-2 is not far behind, Kei trying to learn as much as she can about the area. No matter what Armana says, this is all way too shady to not be careful
Jul 18 21:17:19 Armana: "Gabar Gan Eden..."
Jul 18 21:17:29 Scaraber stares at the statue after entering the chamber. Or rather, machine.
Jul 18 21:18:01 Ruach: "The one I, the Spirit Emperor, use to commune with Zehirut."
Jul 18 21:18:35 Ruach: "My power wanes. This is when the Priestess of Zehirut is needed."
Jul 18 21:18:39 Armana: "Yes..."
Jul 18 21:19:18 Armana: "Well then." She turns towards all of you. "I guess this is... farewell."
Jul 18 21:19:26 Willis: "So that's it." Given that his own machine used technology based on the Balmarians he was quite interested in everything around them.
Jul 18 21:19:50 Kei: "...Farewell."
Jul 18 21:19:54 She smiles, trying to appear brave - but tears appear in her eyes.
Jul 18 21:20:13 Armana: "I truly enjoyed my time on Earth. Selena, everyone, thank you so much."
Jul 18 21:20:18 Selena: "... Adios, Armana..."
Jul 18 21:20:36 Again, one of her own moving on before her...
Jul 18 21:20:45 ... This was starting to really become a bad habit.
Jul 18 21:21:01 Hetepheres: "Your work towards bringing peace and salvation to the people of both Earth and Balmar will not be forgotten."
Jul 18 21:22:04 Armana: "I only managed to do as much because you were there to help me."
Jul 18 21:22:08 Armana: "So..."
Jul 18 21:22:15 Ruach: "Have you finished?"
Jul 18 21:22:34 Armana: "Yes."
Jul 18 21:22:46 She turns towards the Gan Eden.
Jul 18 21:23:23 Ruach: "Then..." He raises his hand, and a faint hum of power is heard. The Gan Eden starts to radiate a very weak force.
Jul 18 21:23:35 Ruach: "Come, and may your sacrifice be salvation of people of Balmar."
Jul 18 21:23:49 Armana nods, and steps forward.
Jul 18 21:24:04 And then she starts floating - towards Geber Gan Eden's body.
Jul 18 21:24:12 Armana: "Good bye."
Jul 18 21:24:18 And she's absorbed into it.
Jul 18 21:24:28 Gan Eden immediately shines brighter!
Jul 18 21:24:36 Kei looked away one last time, her eyes glued to her instruments, trying to see what happens. Helped not look at Armana too
Jul 18 21:24:41 Ruach: "Yes... yes! It is done!"
Jul 18 21:25:00 The whole chamber rumbles as the ancient relic's massive wings move on their own.
Jul 18 21:25:16 Ruach Gan Eden likewise starts to float towards the Geber.
Jul 18 21:25:59 Selena: "... She finally did it...."
Jul 18 21:26:13 Ruach: "My power... ah!" He gasps in delight as his body is absorbed into it as well - but he doesn't sacrifice himself, rather he enters communion with Zehirut.
Jul 18 21:26:13 Kei: "Yeah..."
Jul 18 21:26:21 Ruach: "It is back! So glorious..."
Jul 18 21:26:31 Ruach: "And now..."
Jul 18 21:26:58 * Corel (Corel@115.135.p.vm) has joined
Jul 18 21:27:01 Gan Eden's glow intensifies, and it starts to raise up, threatening to collapse the chamber's roof.
Jul 18 21:27:05 Ruach: "Now it all ends."
Jul 18 21:27:24 The glow gathers in front of it.
Jul 18 21:27:25 Kei tensed, her hands slipping to near the control for her guns. If he'd tricked them, she would be ready
Jul 18 21:27:34 And as it manifests, it is unleashed as a giant energy beam - aimed towards all of you!
Jul 18 21:27:38 Everyone, react.
Jul 18 21:27:46 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP99-D-VRCM
Jul 18 21:27:47 Willis: "Of course."
Jul 18 21:27:57 Hetepheres: "What overwhelming power... Do not get caught within!"
Jul 18 21:28:31 * Strahlend immediately spreads its wings and takes off towards the ceiling to avoid the path of the beam. "And it's just getting powered up..." +
Jul 18 21:28:46 Selena: "!"
Jul 18 21:28:56 * Survival instinct kicked in, propelling her through the open space and away from the rest of the group. +
Jul 18 21:29:33 * The Alegrias jukes away, kicking off a stone structure for extra mobility!+
Jul 18 21:30:06 * Spreading its insectoid wings, Scaraber quickly takes off into the air as well. Hetepheres starts evasion by going around in a wide circle. "Ruach Gan Eden! Was this your plan all along?" +
Jul 18 21:30:33 Kei: "Obviously."
Jul 18 21:31:02 Ruach could be still gathering his power or he simply underestimated you, but you evade the beam as it cuts deep down into Balmar.
Jul 18 21:31:19 However, the chamber is now collapsing as Geber Gan Eden floats up towards the surface! Better follow it before you are buried alive!
Jul 18 21:31:52 Willis: "The question is what exactly is he getting from this."
Jul 18 21:32:11 Selena: "A painful death very, very soon!"
Jul 18 21:32:15 Viletta: "What has happened down there? The situation has changed - all over Balmar machines are powering down! Only the Discovery of Self is still operating... and there's another meteor storm on the way."
Jul 18 21:32:17 The Alegrias pursues!
Jul 18 21:32:46 Hetepheres: "The most powerful Balmarian unit yet... Everyone, get out of here. This battle shall continue in the city."
Jul 18 21:32:47 Kei: "Kugimiya here. The Spriti Emperor has betrayed us and opened fire. We don't know his plans."
Jul 18 21:32:49 Wait, all the Balmarian machines?
Jul 18 21:33:08 Willis: "At the very least the city was evacuated already..."
Jul 18 21:33:25 "You said they were all powering down?"
Jul 18 21:33:27 Ruach laughs. Geber Gan Eden spreads its wings wide, incredible power readings reveal lines of energy coming from every corner of the planet - towards his palace, and then the Gan Eden itself
Jul 18 21:33:57 Viletta: "Yes. If this is a fast one Ruach pulled on us, it's a very strange one. What is going on?"
Jul 18 21:34:24 Kei: "He's probably draining their power... Is it a plan to become a god or to survive apocalypsis on his own?"
Jul 18 21:34:45 Viletta: "Hang in there. Support's on the... ah!"
Jul 18 21:34:49 Suddenly the line is cut!
Jul 18 21:35:01 Strahlend chases after Alegrias, upon hearing that however he's quickly thinking how they would deal with this alone.
Jul 18 21:35:13 Ruach: "You survived your own burial, sniveling worms?"
Jul 18 21:35:46 Ruach: "But not for long I'm afraid. Clones, fools, aliens... what do any of them amount to?"
Jul 18 21:35:57 Ruach: "I care not for Balmar for as long as my own power is back!"
Jul 18 21:36:03 Ruach: "All I need..."
Jul 18 21:37:12 High above your heads, in low Balmarian orbit, a portal opens. Gan Eden focuses its power as a temporary Crossgate-like anomaly is created, and spits out...
Jul 18 21:37:15 The Discovery of Self!
Jul 18 21:37:25 Ruach: "Is a way to leave this doomed planet!"
Jul 18 21:37:37 Elma: "The Discovery!"
Jul 18 21:37:38 Geber Gan Eden starts floating upwards, towards the distant artifact ship.
Jul 18 21:37:47 ... You won't just let Ruach do it, will you?
Jul 18 21:37:53 Selena, Willis, go now!
Jul 18 21:38:03 Enemies: Geber Gan Eden (Ruach)
Jul 18 21:38:08 Geber Gan Eden
Jul 18 21:38:08 http://www.mahq.net/mecha/srw/alpha3/geberganeden.jpg
Jul 18 21:38:08 Hetepheres: "The people of Geb are experts on burial-related matters. And soon, it will be time for yours."
Jul 18 21:38:25 Hetepheres: "Do not let him reach the ship!"
Jul 18 21:38:47 Willis: "You don't have to tell me twice."
Jul 18 21:38:48 Selena: "You're leaving this planet in a body bag, your grace."
Jul 18 21:38:50 Kei: "Understood, General." Kei nodded, already springing into movement to intercept
Jul 18 21:38:58 The Alegrias drew its railgun!
Jul 18 21:39:24 "And it's time for you and it to be intimately acquianted!"
Jul 18 21:39:53 * The Alegrias blasted after the Geber, moving to flank it as a flurry of shots were fired all around its face and body where Ruach merged with the machine!+
Jul 18 21:41:17 Ruach: "What did you learn during your pathetic short life? Do you know of the Lady? When she comes, she will erase your existence in an instant!"
Jul 18 21:41:42 Intense light gathers around Gan Eden's wings.
Jul 18 21:41:54 Ruach: "And the only one who can stand up to her... is me!"
Jul 18 21:42:04 * Strahlend wastes no time chasing after the Gan Eden, forming a large bow in the machines hand as he begins chase. Rather than nocking an arrow as he pulls the "string" back a large number of nanomachines begin to gather before converting themselves into energy before the "string" is released unleashing several bolts of plasma that homed onto the ring on
Jul 18 21:42:07 Ganeden's back. +
Jul 18 21:42:44 And it is unleashed in a barrage of powerful energy bolts, ones that fly off towards the projectiles fired at Gan Eden to fully engulf them - and then blast the units that fired them!
Jul 18 21:42:51 React, Selena, Willis!
Jul 18 21:45:10 * Willis changes Strahlend back into Zephyr and begins to dart around quickly to avoid the projectiles, making multiple sharp turns in case they had homing capabilities. +
Jul 18 21:45:11 * The Alegrias's Tesla Drives are pushed to the limit as the machine spins and swerves to avoid the Geber's counterattack!+
Jul 18 21:46:09 Selena: "Tough talk... but seems all you have love for is yourself!"
Jul 18 21:46:12 The light projectiles are not homing - but they are the size of some of smaller UG units, and as they hit the ground they cause massive explosions, only worsening the damage to the city.
Jul 18 21:46:23 "And a king without love for his people, little prince... is no king at all!"
Jul 18 21:46:36 Ruach: "King? Spare me your small minded thinking."
Jul 18 21:46:57 Ruach: "I am the Spirit Emperor! Second only to Zehirut, with power at my peak... I am a god!"
Jul 18 21:47:05 Kei, Hetepheres - go.
Jul 18 21:48:20 Kei: "Really."
Jul 18 21:49:20 Hetepheres: "Were you always this egocentric, or did communion with Zehirut drive you insane, Spirit Emperor?" Scaraber draws all four of its blades at once, spreading them out, then rushes forward, slashing repeatedly with them in succession as it spins around Geber, before backing away and jumping in once more, stabbing with all khopeshes at once. "Let us begin the dance of death!"
Jul 18 21:49:20 +
Jul 18 21:50:37 Geber Gan Eden turns downwards towards the attacking Scaraber, its wings moving as large shields to block the attacks while Ruach summons another wide-area blast to stop the beetle from assaulting!
Jul 18 21:50:52 * "God or not, we have to stop him and try to make sure he doesn't hit anybody who isn't done evacuating. Selena, follow up the general's actions. I don't know his capabilities, but if he has a normal field of vision, her should be less aware of this area unless he chooses to ignore the direct charge. Use your camouflage to get into position and strike from there before he overwhelms her." +
Jul 18 21:51:55 Selena: "You don't have to tell me twice!"
Jul 18 21:52:12 Ruach: "Acting friendly towards you lowlives was tiring enough already. I am the only one who may defeat the Lady. It is my destiny! All who stand in front of it will be dust!"
Jul 18 21:52:18 Hetepheres react.
Jul 18 21:52:22 Also, take your action Selena.
Jul 18 21:52:34 #Heph?
Jul 18 21:52:39 # approved
Jul 18 21:53:00 "Then I'll stand to the side."
Jul 18 21:53:16 And the Alegrias winked out of existence.
Jul 18 21:54:44 * "-And I'll kill your delusions then and there!" The Alegrias reappeared in the Geber's blindspot, Blade Railgun stabbing its blade into the machine's side!+
Jul 18 21:55:41 * "So you'd rather wipe us out then? What kind of arrogance is that?" Strahlend's nanomachine swarm surges out in front of Scaraber, causing the air in front of the machine to glimmer as the nanomachine convert the air around them into a heavy metallic cloud coated with a reflective coating to disperse the area of the blast that would reach Scaraber. +
Jul 18 21:55:58 Hetepheres: "Even the very same people you were supposed to protect? You will end up ruling the world alone, on a barren rock." Scaraber crosses its blades in a defensive block, reinforcing its anti-beam silver Noble Barrier as much as it can. +
Jul 18 21:56:40 Ruach: "Ha ha ha... aaah?!"
Jul 18 21:57:26 He cries out in shock when the AS disappears - and sinks its weapon into Gan Eden's side. The size difference is considerable and the ancient machine is tough, but when Selena's blade is retrieved, you see a wound left behind.
Jul 18 21:58:07 Ruach is shocked, his beam shooting somewhat astray. But it still reached the Scaraber - which endures it! Between Hetepheres' block and Willis' nanomachine support, the silver barriered Scaraber is more or less unscathed.
Jul 18 21:58:18 Ruach: "What is this? Geber Gan Eden was supposed to be invincible!"
Jul 18 21:58:23 Selena, Willis, go now!
Jul 18 21:58:32 Selena: "Well look at that!"
Jul 18 21:58:50 Kei: "...You didn't even know?"
Jul 18 21:58:51 Willis: "He can bleed?"
Jul 18 21:58:52 Elma: "You really shouldn't be surprised."
Jul 18 21:59:27 "Many times there have been cases of objects or machines regarded as 'indestructible' that prove far from it once technology has advanced enough."
Jul 18 21:59:53 "Even the term 'atom' is derived from a term meaning 'indestructible', but of course now there's nuclear fission."
Jul 18 22:00:15 Kei: "You'd think he'd at least check."
Jul 18 22:00:27 Selena: "And thank you for the suggestion Elma! Splitting him open sounds like a good place to start!"
Jul 18 22:00:33 * With Ruach in shock Strahlend moves to take advantage of it, crashing through his own metallic cloud in order to recollect the nanomachines and transform them into a large lance which he attempts to impale the Ganeden with. &
Jul 18 22:00:57 Willis: "He had to sacrifice the Princess to even get it moving despite how 'powerful' he is."
Jul 18 22:01:03 Willis: "I don't think he could."
Jul 18 22:01:05 Ruach: "Silence! I have the power of the whole of Balmar at my own hands!"
Jul 18 22:01:15 Hetepheres: "I doubt he had many opportunities to control this machine in the past. High priestesses to sacrifice are not exactly easy to come by."
Jul 18 22:01:42 * The Servants are deployed from the Alegrias's shoulders and the the Stealth Boomerang flies once more! "Servants, Carver... it's time to go!" The blade hurtles by the wound previously landed, gatling fire following after it!+
Jul 18 22:02:30 The Gan Eden moves half of its wings to the side, their swipe trying to sweep the Alegrias away from itself.
Jul 18 22:02:45 While at the same time, Ruach furiously creates another barrage of projectiles to stop the charging Willis and his lance.
Jul 18 22:02:56 React Selena, react/continue, Willis!
Jul 18 22:04:19 * As the projectiles began to flow out the heavy cloud Strahlend immediately discharges the metallic cloud out again while also laminating Strahlend's own armor in the same reflective coating in order to complete his charge. +
Jul 18 22:05:47 * And seeing those wings come at her, Selena knew it was now or never. "Let's see just how fragile you really are!" Her Sol Razors were drawn, joining together to form a massive beam saber as she slashed them at the wings to cut a path through them!+
Jul 18 22:08:53 Selena deals more relatively shallow wounds to the Gan Eden, and as the wings come - she cuts across them, causing them to retreat back!
Jul 18 22:09:25 The barrage falls down around Willis, one large projectile of light and then another grazing against Strahlend and dealing damage to it.
Jul 18 22:09:37 But he doesn't give up, the damaged machine sinking its spear into the Gan Eden!
Jul 18 22:10:09 Ruach: "No! I can't believe it! How can this be happening?!"
Jul 18 22:10:34 ???: "It's a simple matter, Ruach."
Jul 18 22:10:49 ???: "The Geber has power. You do not."
Jul 18 22:10:59 Ruach: "You..."
Jul 18 22:11:08 You hear the voice coming from a new face on your screens.
Jul 18 22:11:10 Or rather.
Jul 18 22:11:17 A mask obscuring a face.
Jul 18 22:11:32 Ruach: "Shiva Gozzo. You traitor!"
Jul 18 22:11:39 Shiva Gozzo
Jul 18 22:11:39 http://srwog.velv.net/char_images/shiva_mask.png
Jul 18 22:12:13 Shiva: "Allow me to demonstrate."
Jul 18 22:12:26 Hetepheres: "It appears you were double-crossed, Spirit Emperor!"
Jul 18 22:12:31 And, like in command, the Gan Eden's hand moves, a powerful punch thrusted...
Jul 18 22:12:35 Right into its own chest.
Jul 18 22:12:40 Ruach: "Guah!"
Jul 18 22:13:01 The hand embeds itself into the body, a large gashing wound in the torso.
Jul 18 22:13:10 Selena: "What is he-?"
Jul 18 22:13:52 Kei: "I don't know... I'll tell if anything abnormal happens. More abnormal."
Jul 18 22:13:56 Shiva: "What have you to say to all the Balmarian lives lost during the conflict, oh Spirit Emperor? The conflict you yourself prolonged."
Jul 18 22:14:31 Shiva: "And yet you chose to ignore it. You chose to ignore the meteor storms. You are guilty of inaction!"
Jul 18 22:14:47 Shiva: "Your attention focused only on Zehirut, on sustaining your own power."
Jul 18 22:15:36 Shiva: "You were so blind... so blind, you didn't even notice that the Golar Golem forces were disconnected from the Geber. They are operating even now, and under my command."
Jul 18 22:15:58 Indeed - you see units approaching.
Jul 18 22:16:13 The Golar Golem Varuch Bens, but that's not all.
Jul 18 22:16:32 Also their commanders' Vayikran and Devariim. Which means most likely, Calico and Spectra are here.
Jul 18 22:16:39 And so is Shiva's massive unit itself.
Jul 18 22:16:46 Black Judecca
Jul 18 22:16:46 http://www.mahq.net/mecha/srw/alpha1/agx-18.jpg
Jul 18 22:17:20 Shiva: "Nor did you notice how the Geber was tampered with. On my command."
Jul 18 22:17:44 Shiva: "Rather than the 'sacrifice' powering its pilot, it is the other way around! Do you not feel it, Ruach? The power waning from your body?"
Jul 18 22:17:50 Ruach: "N... no! Damn you..."
Jul 18 22:18:13 Shiva: "Enough. You are guilty of crimes against Balmar to further your own ends."
Jul 18 22:18:20 On one hand... seeing the Golar Golem again did not make Selena very happy
Jul 18 22:18:23 On the other hand...
Jul 18 22:18:26 "Heh..."
Jul 18 22:18:34 Its arm still inside its chest, the Gan Eden's hand...
Jul 18 22:18:37 Squeezes.
Jul 18 22:18:53 Ruach: "No... this cannot be! No! Save me, Zehirut! I beg of..."
Jul 18 22:19:04 A horrible crushing noise interrupts his cries.
Jul 18 22:19:07 "... So the little prince wanted to ensure only he got a happy ending in all of this. But villains in fairy tales don't get those."
Jul 18 22:19:18 This was possibly reassuring, but even so, Kei felt a lot more comfortable trying to find the position of all the newcomers
Jul 18 22:19:20 Hetepheres: "Princess Armana was just the last of the many lives whose sacrifices the Spirit Emperor turned into a mockery... He got his due."
Jul 18 22:19:27 "Only the standard, unhappy endings..."
Jul 18 22:19:31 Hetepheres: "Now what, Shiva Gozzo?"
Jul 18 22:19:46 Shiva: "... Golar Golems, take control of the Discovery of Self."
Jul 18 22:20:00 ... Well that didn't last long.
Jul 18 22:20:10 Willis: "..."
Jul 18 22:20:11 Selena: "It's not yours to take."
Jul 18 22:20:24 The Alegrias levels its railgun at the Black Judecca
Jul 18 22:20:32 Hetepheres: "You know we cannot let you do that. What do you even need it for?"
Jul 18 22:20:42 Shiva: "That is not your decision to make. It is necessary to ensure Balmar's continued survival."
Jul 18 22:20:51 Shiva: "For Balmar, I am willing to do whatever it takes."
Jul 18 22:21:02 Willis: "So it's us or you then, is that it?"
Jul 18 22:21:14 Kei: "And it's necessary to ensure the survival of everybody. Not just Balmar."
Jul 18 22:21:39 Shiva: "Golar Golems, destroy all who stand in your way."
Jul 18 22:21:53 The Balmarians chase towards you. And...
Jul 18 22:22:16 Spectra: "You have no idea how happy I am to hear that!"
Jul 18 22:22:28 Sounds like an old acquintance is here.
Jul 18 22:23:20 Spectra: "I will prove my worth to Balmar. A new golden era will usher... and THAT woman will disappear forever, all at the same time."
Jul 18 22:23:37 Willis: "Were they the ones that attacked Viletta..."
Jul 18 22:23:40 Calico: "Hmph. Golar Golems, you have your orders."
Jul 18 22:24:03 Lastly, perhaps worryingly...
Jul 18 22:24:09 The Gan Eden is still moving.
Jul 18 22:24:21 Willis: "!"
Jul 18 22:24:34 There is a large hole in its chest, but it doesn't close.
Jul 18 22:24:38 ... Oh no.
Jul 18 22:24:43 Hetepheres: "Is it remotely controlled? Or perhaps..."
Jul 18 22:24:52 Selena: "Elma... is there a life sign inside of there?"
Jul 18 22:25:05 Honestly Selena didn't know which answer she was more fearful of.
Jul 18 22:25:15 Kei tensed, looking to see if she could find any hint of what was going on
Jul 18 22:25:52 There is no need to check for life signs. The one now in control of Gan Eden speaks to you directly.
Jul 18 22:26:21 Armana: "Mavlet..."
Jul 18 22:26:53 Followed by incomprehensible phrases in Balmarian. Armana repeats herself, in a trance... but alive!
Jul 18 22:27:30 Selena: "Armana..."
Jul 18 22:27:38 Shiva: "With Ruach gone, Balmar will require a new Spirit Emperor."
Jul 18 22:27:38 Hetepheres: "Shiva Gozzo was right. She is still alive."
Jul 18 22:28:20 Unfortunately, the new Spirit Emperor doesn't seem that friendly either!
Jul 18 22:28:55 Enemies: Geber Gan Eden (damaged) (Armana), Black Judecca (Shiva), Vayiikra (Spectra), Devariim (Calico), Varuch Ben x12
Jul 18 22:29:11 These are only the Varuchs that engage you. A lot more broke off towards the Discovery of Self.
Jul 18 22:29:16 Kei: "...We need to focus on the mission. I'll see what I can find to try to restore her later."
Jul 18 22:29:18 Let's hope Viletta's force will be able to resist them...
Jul 18 22:29:23 Kei, Hetepheres, go now!
Jul 18 22:29:48 Vayikran
Jul 18 22:29:48 http://www.mahq.net/mecha/srw/alpha3/vayikran.jpg
Jul 18 22:29:48 Devariim
Jul 18 22:29:48 http://www.mahq.net/mecha/srw/alpha3/devariim.jpg
Jul 18 22:29:48 Varuch Ben
Jul 18 22:29:48 http://www.mahq.net/mecha/srw/alpha3/varuchben.jpg
Jul 18 22:30:09 Willis: "I don't like these odds."
Jul 18 22:30:33 Selena: "We'll even them soon enough."
Jul 18 22:31:52 Hetepheres: "Fools. This is time for cooperation to ensure mutual survival, not fighting over the means towards it!" Scaraber extends its arm, launching the Bitles from its armor and sending them towards the enemy formation, in order to disrupt it with laser fire. But the main attack comes from Scaraber itself, which points its laser staff and fires a focused beam, aiming at Black
Jul 18 22:31:53 Judecca and trailing it over the giant unit's body! +
Jul 18 22:32:56 Shiva: "I'm afraid that may not be possible."
Jul 18 22:33:31 Willis: "I'm hoping that's not false confidence Selena."
Jul 18 22:33:58 The Varuch Bens jump to the sides and fire several shoulder cannon shots while evading - the Judecca tanks all the shots!
Jul 18 22:34:27 Shiva thinks little of damage he sustains as power causes the large hand on one of the Judecca's hands to light up.
Jul 18 22:34:50 Shiva: "Now, suffer the first circle of hell: Caina!"
Jul 18 22:35:09 And the hand is shot out in a powerful, distance-twisting rocket punch, accompanied by the cannon shots!
Jul 18 22:35:11 React, Hetepheres.
Jul 18 22:35:43 * "It was the last time." Kei looked straight at the prime minister. "And I'm not going to roll over just because you think your species is more valuable. Willis, I can help even them. Follow up on the general's attack, don't let the smaller ones regroup. Something big that keeps the passage to Shiva open and gives Hetepheres room to maneuver." +
Jul 18 22:36:30 Willis - take Kei's action!
Jul 18 22:36:31 Willis: "Something big huh..."
Jul 18 22:36:32 However...
Jul 18 22:36:44 Calico: "You never learn, do you?"
Jul 18 22:37:10 * Hetepheres: "How can you be so sure of that?" Scaraber starts to weave between the incoming shots, before landing on top of a nearby building, bracing itself and trying to block the incoming rocket punch with its staff! Luckily the Noble Barrier switches to gold just on time! +
Jul 18 22:37:11 The Devariim seeks to disrupt the chain of command. Calico throws his super fast assault unit in Purple Two's face - and starts blasting with beams from the main body of it.
Jul 18 22:37:13 Kei, react!
Jul 18 22:37:23 # Kei
Jul 18 22:37:43 # approved
Jul 18 22:39:00 Hetepheres avoids the Katif Cannon attacks, but as her weapon clashes with the rocket punch - the fist is stronger! The Scaraber is knocked down, the building underneath crushed!
Jul 18 22:39:10 * The Devariim's not the only fast assault unit! "And you didn't learn to not show your face again!" The Alegrias charges in afterwards, Sluggers hurtling out to punch through the machine's body!+
Jul 18 22:39:14 Fortunately the Noble Barrier caused it to take less damage, but that was a powerful attack regardless
Jul 18 22:39:14 Willis: "Heph!"
Jul 18 22:39:52 * Two people have accurate beams that can strike quickly. Of course, his had real force behind them, but even so, as Kei sped backwards and upwards, her cannons locked on to him. "You saw what happened last time. Do /you/ learn?" +
Jul 18 22:40:03 Hetepheres: "Ghh... I can still fight! Continue the assault!"
Jul 18 22:41:47 Calico pushes forward while weaving, most of the cannon shots missing his unit while Kei also evades most of the barrage - but her shield can take only so much and collapses under the strain of absorbing so many beams.
Jul 18 22:41:55 This is when Selena's assault comes. However...
Jul 18 22:42:04 Calico: "Here is your opening, Spectra."
Jul 18 22:42:25 * "Dammit." It was at this moment that he really wished that Elys had told him the trick behind her own time bending attack, regardless he had to make due with his own. Once again he forms Strahlends bow and this time he creates a special arrow. "Convert matter to energy...and then back all into the arrowhead..and then control the reaction." Nanomachines
Jul 18 22:42:40 Spectra: "Follow the example of the rest of your squad!"
Jul 18 22:43:00 She yells as she sends gunslaves to attack the attacking Alegrias!
Jul 18 22:43:09 React, Selena.
Jul 18 22:44:18 gather again and form an arrow with a special trick, it was only a tiny amount but it would hopefully be enough. The arrow is released and as the arrow reaches the midst of the Black Judecca and the other units the tiniest part of the arrowhead is converted to antimatter...immediately sending colliding with the matter around it and creating an enormous blast.
Jul 18 22:44:21 +
Jul 18 22:46:14 The Black Judecca is right on course. However...
Jul 18 22:47:03 * Well, this wasn't that surprising. "Unable to accept anyone going against the grain, Spectra? Is that why even your boss's boss wears a mask; so you won't get jealous?!?" The Alegrias spins in place, all four gatling guns firing to shoot the Gunslaves out of the air!+
Jul 18 22:47:09 Shiva: "Ptolemea!" It raises two of its arms, and a large amount of gunslaves appears from within its body. Gunslaves? No... they look like Megillots, and other Balmarian drone type units! Some throw themselves in front of the exploding arrow, absorbing most of the antimatter explosion's impact.
Jul 18 22:47:24 But others fly around the Strahlend and bombard it with their beams, which are much more accurate than usual.
Jul 18 22:47:25 React!
Jul 18 22:48:41 Selena abandons her attack on Calico - but you manage to destroy some of the gunslaves, and evade the others. Spectra doesn't seem happy about it...
Jul 18 22:48:50 Spectra: "Gh! This is my face!"
Jul 18 22:49:13 Spectra: "No one else may have it. I will erase all others, and remain the only, the original!"
Jul 18 22:49:32 Indeed as she speaks, her transmission is visual and not just audio. And this time...
Jul 18 22:49:40 http://srwog.velv.net/char_images/spectra.png
Jul 18 22:49:49 Her helmet is not there. You can see her face, same as Viletta's.
Jul 18 22:50:47 Kei: "..." Even with all the suspicions about Viletta, it still came as a surprise
Jul 18 22:51:56 Kei: "Even if you and the commander are clones, she's not you." Her jaw set. "Killing her is just as much murder as killing anybody else."
Jul 18 22:52:37 * "Tch it can make copies...it's just like that Crystal at Aidoneus." Rather than evading back Strahlend moves forward instead in order to avoid the beams circling it, forming several thin spears in its hands and tossing them at the drones as he continued to close the distance. +
Jul 18 22:53:15 Willis' idea is good, and he manages to destroy quite a few drones - but, they keep coming, and he eventually runs out of spears.
Jul 18 22:53:29 Hetepheres doesn't say anything, but she wonders if Kei or any of her team members had similar issues. Even if they express them in less murderous ways, obviously.
Jul 18 22:53:30 Selena: "Well look at that... you've gone against the grain!"
Jul 18 22:53:58 More shoot their lasers at him, and though they are weak, their barrage adds up to a sizeable hit that throws the Strahlend back and prevents it from reaching the Judecca, which has landed.
Jul 18 22:54:22 Selena, Willis - go again
Jul 18 22:58:32 * Calling back her Servants, Selena has her machine face down Spectra's. "But the thing is Spectra... you talk all about you. Not your comrades, not your friends. Not anyone else!" And the Alegrias botls off at the larger machine, its lengthy beam saber suddenly going slack before a sudden flick of the AS's wrist causes the beam whip to begin l
Jul 18 22:58:32 ashing at the Balmarian craft! "I'm here not just for me... not even just for the living!"+
Jul 18 22:58:48 "This is for the Captain, Albhard, and everyone else!"
Jul 18 23:00:37 Spectra: "This will be good for all of Balmar... even if I do it because of myself, who cares!"
Jul 18 23:01:06 The Vayiikra moves a little back, though the beam whip lashes over it anyway.
Jul 18 23:01:13 Spectra: "Calico!"
Jul 18 23:02:01 Calico: "The system is operating. Get ready."
Jul 18 23:02:26 The Devariim breaks off from Purple Two - and breaks apart, quite literally! Its parts move towards the Vayikra's legs, and shoulders...
Jul 18 23:02:32 The two combine, once again.
Jul 18 23:02:42 Gador Vayikran
Jul 18 23:02:42 http://www.mahq.net/mecha/srw/alpha3/gadorvayikran.jpg
Jul 18 23:03:02 Spectra: "Ars Magna..."
Jul 18 23:03:10 Calico: "FURVAN!"
Jul 18 23:03:23 And, at a relatively close range, the combiner unleashes a huge blast of energy.
Jul 18 23:03:32 Elma: "Incoming energy-"
Jul 18 23:03:34 Selena: "I KNOW!"
Jul 18 23:03:45 A blast that seems to hold some kind of dark phantom within it, one that threatens to swallow the Alegrias whole!
Jul 18 23:03:50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQLUXVa5CwE
Jul 18 23:03:53 Selena, react!
Jul 18 23:05:18 * If that as how that was going to do the only thing he could do was meet Judecca's swarm with his own. The nanomachine swarm explodes out in every direction as even Strahlends wings and weapons are dissipated to add to the swarm, the UIIN pilot ordering his nanomachines to devour and add the many drones to the swarm in order to match it. +
Jul 18 23:05:28 * Tesla Drives don't fail her now! The Alegrias dives down to try to escape the attack!+
Jul 18 23:06:50 Willis is clearing the swarm - no, more than that, multiplying his own!
Jul 18 23:07:20 Shiva: "Curse me as you wish. This is all for the good of Balmar. Fourth Hell... Judecca!"
Jul 18 23:08:05 But the Black Judecca creates a circle of energy. Within it, its hands move, and grasp for power centered in front of its body - then unleash it, a powerful destructive force that engulfs the nanomachine swarm, and then the Strahlend itself!
Jul 18 23:08:07 React, Willis!
Jul 18 23:09:29 Selena barely escapes! The beam cuts down deep into Balmar, and as she evades, it glances her unit's side. The Alegrias' foot is gone, and a lot of its inner systems are not functioning well anymore!
Jul 18 23:14:33 * "Then there's nothing left to say." As the destructive power begins to engulf him the massive nanomachine swarm is recalled back to him to rapidly reinforce the machine, rather than taking the attack lying down Strahlend forms Quicksilver however instead of extending the blade a beast-like maw erupts out from the blade in an attempt to devour the
Jul 18 23:14:42 Black Judecca in the midst of its own attack. +
Jul 18 23:16:15 Though he keeps getting bombarded by the attack, Willis launches his own one! The blade's beastly awakening takes Shiva by surprise and...
Jul 18 23:16:52 Armana's incomprehensible chanting intensifies. Gan Eden lands in front of the attack, its form battered by it.
Jul 18 23:16:59 But Shiva's Judecca is unharmed.
Jul 18 23:17:15 While the Strahlend is pretty heavily damaged right now...
Jul 18 23:17:27 The situation doesn't look good at all.
Jul 18 23:17:31 Hetepheres, Kei, go now!
Jul 18 23:17:41 (enemy list?)
Jul 18 23:17:54 Willis: "Ugh...ha...Princess it would be really nice if you woke up right about now."
Jul 18 23:19:05 Enemies: Geber Gan Eden (damaged) (Armana), Black Judecca (Shiva) (moderate damage), Gador Vayikran (Calico and Spectre) (very light damage), Varuch Ben x12
Jul 18 23:19:50 Selena: "Or we have to get her out of there."
Jul 18 23:20:05 Easier said than done for her with Spectra and Calico pulling out the stops.
Jul 18 23:22:53 Hetepheres: "In that case, let me try." Drawing its electro-whip, Scaraber is ready to take off into the air again! The Gebian machine rushes towards Geber Gan Eden, attacking it with the whip and releasing a current as it flies around, and then jumping in closer, cutting with two khopeshes at the damaged part of its body, trying to deepen the wounds! The last hand is empty, ready to
Jul 18 23:22:54 grab Armana if she's visible. +
Jul 18 23:24:48 * Suddenly, out of nowhere the Gador Vayikran finds itself under fire from spectral units circling it. Units in the form of four AHSMBs, with one conspicuous absence. "We'll get to her. After we deal with these." A barrage of bullets and beams fire at it from behind where Kei had been left behind for the combination. GLowing like the last time they fought the Balmarians, Purple-2 doesn't...
Jul 18 23:24:49 ...remain in place for long. "And you two, don't leave an enemy alone." +
Jul 18 23:25:05 The Gan Eden's wounds are deepening under the assault - but getting to Armana may prove difficult.
Jul 18 23:25:47 Geber Gan Eden shines with light again, focusing on its wings and then launched as a series of large energy projectiles, aimed at the Scaraber.
Jul 18 23:26:04 Armana: "Mavlet... Gospel."
Jul 18 23:26:08 Hetepheres, react!
Jul 18 23:26:30 Spectra: "Trying to steal the Priestess, are you? I think not."
Jul 18 23:26:32 #?
Jul 18 23:26:36 # approved
Jul 18 23:27:04 Gador Vayikran charges another powerful energy blast...
Jul 18 23:27:41 But it comes under attack from spectral units!
Jul 18 23:27:45 Calico: "This again?!"
Jul 18 23:28:12 It turns around to meet them, the blast firing upon the phantoms - but the Gador Vayikran's capability to quickly change targets is limited.
Jul 18 23:28:21 Calico: "Tch, we cannot split apart easily!"
Jul 18 23:28:29 Spectra: "I am doing what I can. Hold still, you fly...!"
Jul 18 23:29:57 The damaged Vayikran changes its target towards the awakened Purple Two - and, still cooling down, decides to simply ram it and grab with its hands!
Jul 18 23:30:24 ???: "Wa ha ha! Well done, just keep their attention occupied for a moment, young one!"
Jul 18 23:30:30 A voice you may recognize.
Jul 18 23:30:31 Kei, react!
Jul 18 23:31:41 * "Hopefully this works." While not his original plan the fact that Quicksilver was able to devour part of Ganeden could work to his advantage given the nature of the machine and the power flowing into it from Balmar. As the maw retreats back into the blade Willis takes the piece of Ganeden and breaks it down to make it a part of Strahlend to repair
Jul 18 23:32:01 the machine and give it a boost to position itself between Scaraber and the projectiles fired at it. +
Jul 18 23:33:09 * Hetepheres hacks at the Geber one last time before pulling away, crossing her blades and reinforcing them with the silver Noble Barrier in order to block the incoming attack. +
Jul 18 23:33:30 Hetepheres: "There is not much left to go... I can feel it."
Jul 18 23:33:39 * There isn't even a moment of hesitation, Purple-2 spins out of the way, up and above the vayikran. Before changing directions and coming down right behind it. Through all of this, its guns never stop firing." +
Jul 18 23:35:08 Controlled by Armana, the Gan Eden is much more powerful than before when Ruach was the pilot. The barrage is hard to defend against - but Hetepheres finds help, Willis standing in front of her and tanking one of the bolts, which makes blocking the other, grazing ones so much easier.
Jul 18 23:35:27 However... even with emergency repairs, the Strahlend falls down to its knees. It can barely keep going now...
Jul 18 23:35:56 Willis: "Ghh...come on Strahlend."
Jul 18 23:36:18 Kei circles around the Vayikran, away from its hands. The immediate attack is evaded, and she damages its back even more.
Jul 18 23:36:36 Spectra: "This ends, now! Ars Magna..."
Jul 18 23:37:01 Above you, a unit without flight capabilities has left the Discovery of Self - and is at the moment, falling down.
Jul 18 23:37:14 Baran Doban: "Doban IMPAAAAACT!"
Jul 18 23:37:32 Actually
Jul 18 23:37:33 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utrLKdfvyZg
Jul 18 23:37:36 Make that two units
Jul 18 23:37:44 Rand: "Let's go! THE HEAT CRUSHER!"
Jul 18 23:37:50 Mail: "Aaaah Darling this is a really bad idea!"
Jul 18 23:38:26 Calico: "Spectra, evade!"
Jul 18 23:38:52 Spinning their weapons wildly, the Demidoban and Gunleon slam down on the Gador Vayikran in unison.
Jul 18 23:39:18 The crash wrecks the three into a deep crater, an explosion of raw physical force sending rubble flying everywhere.
Jul 18 23:40:00 In the skies, the Varuch Bens are stopped.
Jul 18 23:41:09 Luria: "Golar Golems, halt! It is my duty to protect Balmar... but an even greater one, to act for the safety of Princess Armana!"
Jul 18 23:41:20 Luria: "If you wish to take this vessel over, you'll have to face me!"
Jul 18 23:42:01 Hetepheres: "...Right on time! Our allies granted us an opening. Do not squander it! Willis, can you still fight?"
Jul 18 23:42:11 Irm: "Don't forget, we're fighting for Balmar AND Earth right now!"
Jul 18 23:42:22 Above you, allied units are moving towards a counterattack.
Jul 18 23:42:32 Kei: "And everybody else."
Jul 18 23:42:34 And below...
Jul 18 23:42:44 Willis: "Of course...you should know how hard it is to keep me down."
Jul 18 23:42:50 Baran: "What is the meaning of this, Shiva? Explain yourself!"
Jul 18 23:43:10 The two super robots leave the crater, not really that much worse for the wear despite the stunt they pulled.
Jul 18 23:43:13 Shiva: "My friend..."
Jul 18 23:44:12 Shiva: "It is all for the sake of the Balmarian people. Armana, as well. Do you think her fate would be better with what Ruach had planned for her? I think not!"
Jul 18 23:45:19 Shiva: "Without the Discovery of Self, the people of Balmar will not survive. We need it. It was all for..."
Jul 18 23:45:31 Selena: "He would use her as a battery, you're settling for a puppet."
Jul 18 23:45:33 Rand: "You're just willing to throw everyone under the bus for the sake of Balmar, aren't you? Forget that!"
Jul 18 23:45:43 "I don't think you have any high ground, Prime Minister."
Jul 18 23:47:15 Baran: "Creating your own well being at the price of suffering of others... no, enough. This may be a politician's way but I am not one of them. I am a warrior. My old friend - prepare to face a warrior's wrath!"
Jul 18 23:47:33 Spectra: "...No."
Jul 18 23:47:44 The two Vayikran pilots are still alive?!
Jul 18 23:48:24 The heavily damaged unit bursts out of the crater it was embedded in. Energy charging in its hands, it recklessly charges - straight at the Alegrias!
Jul 18 23:48:53 Spectra: "I'll prove myself! No matter what! And most of all..."
Jul 18 23:48:58 Spectra: "I want YOU gone from my life!"
Jul 18 23:49:03 Willis, Selena, go now.
Jul 18 23:50:19 Willis: "Selena!"
Jul 18 23:50:30 Selena: "And there's two ways to fix that. Too bad I'm not going anywhere!"
Jul 18 23:50:51 Kei: "You have. SHowing the individuality of being a single-minded, murderous jerk makes you clearly different from all your clones."
Jul 18 23:51:50 * The Alegrias releases another blinding burst of light from the Prism Phantom, but this one fizzles out almost immediately, and the machine is still right where it was before! "The damage from before-?"&
Jul 18 23:53:28 Spectra: "Ha... haha..."
Jul 18 23:53:34 Calico: "Spectra, wait!"
Jul 18 23:54:39 The Vayikran grabs the Alegrias, and the two units are swiftly rising - towards the ends of the stratosphere, and into space!
Jul 18 23:54:55 However, it seems Spectra doesn't have any workable weapons left.
Jul 18 23:56:19 Spectra: "Shiva, do it!"
Jul 18 23:56:29 Calico: "No! This is not the deal we had, Spectra! Dammit..."
Jul 18 23:56:48 Spectra: "Do it, it is the only way I can be useful to you. For Balmar, is that not what matters? I beg of you!"
Jul 18 23:56:50 Shiva: "..."
Jul 18 23:57:03 Selena: "Geh... what's the matter Calico... not happy to share the fate of your friend?"
Jul 18 23:57:30 It looks like a suicidal rush - but the Vayikran isn't going to self destruct.
Jul 18 23:57:36 Shiva: "... Do it."
Jul 18 23:57:53 Black Judecca creates a wormhole - and in it, the Gan Eden disappears.
Jul 18 23:58:02 Its form already starts to shift... change...
Jul 18 23:58:12 and as it leaves the wormhole, it looks like a gigantic, stone dragon!
Jul 18 23:58:23 One that is now flapping its mighty wings high above the Vayikran and Alegrias.
Jul 18 23:59:16 Shiva: "The power to destroy even celestial bodies..."
Jul 18 23:59:39 Armana: "Meth... Beriat... Ha'Olam."
Jul 19 00:00:04 And, the dragon breathes a gigantic stream of energy, a pillar of pure power that destroys everything in its wake.
Jul 19 00:00:19 Its diameter many hundreds of meters wide - and centered on the two!
Jul 19 00:00:23 Armana: "S..."
Jul 19 00:00:26 Armana: "Selena!"
Jul 19 00:00:27 Selena, react!
Jul 19 00:01:16 Selena: "Well... this wasn't how I'd planned it..."
Jul 19 00:01:27 "... But it'll do! ELMA, NOW!"
Jul 19 00:01:31 Elma: "ROGER!"
Jul 19 00:01:31 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4ny7xOk_Xw
Jul 19 00:05:00 * Sol Razor blades are suddenly fired from out from the Alegrias's wrists to free the AS's arms, its gatling guns unleashing point-blank hell on the Gador Vayikran before the Alegrias spins around to plant both in the machine's chest just for good measure. "Adios, Spectra!" And then it's time to get the hell out of there. "Full power to the Tesl
Jul 19 00:05:00 a Drives Elma!"+
Jul 19 00:06:36 Spectra: "What?"
Jul 19 00:06:44 The Alegrias suddenly frees itself - and jumps away!
Jul 19 00:06:53 The Gan Eden does have time to adjust its dragon breath.
Jul 19 00:06:58 But for some reason, it does not.
Jul 19 00:07:11 Spectra: "I'll see you in hell, SELENA!"
Jul 19 00:07:25 Calico: "No, it wasn't supposed to be like this! I was the real Ingram! He was just a..."
Jul 19 00:07:35 The Vayikran is obliterated by the planet-shattering attack.
Jul 19 00:08:40 Shiva: "The control system's output is weakening? The same one that kept Ingram in check now... impossible."
Jul 19 00:08:40 At the risk of getting caught in the blast, the Alegrias turns around, Selena watching as the two McCreadys were wiped from existence.
Jul 19 00:08:55 "... You might see me yet..."
Jul 19 00:08:57 Hetepheres: "That was quite the maneuver."
Jul 19 00:08:59 The Gan Eden slowly falls down back to the battlefield, having turned back into its more angelic form.
Jul 19 00:09:03 But
Jul 19 00:09:04 "... But not yet. And not right now, Spectra."
Jul 19 00:09:11 Armana is back to mumbling cryptic phrases.
Jul 19 00:09:16 The control was not broken.
Jul 19 00:09:18 Yet!
Jul 19 00:09:24 Willis, Hetepheres and Kei - go now!
Jul 19 00:10:34 * As much as he wanted to help with...everything else, he had to take the opportunity presented to them. "Dammit." As Shiva was busy taking control of Gan Eden and worm holing it into space Willis took his opportunity to finally rush at Judecca. Quicksilver's edge converting to a nanothorn blade as the machine attempts to bisect the larger Balmar machine. +
Jul 19 00:10:49 (Enemy list? Kinda getting tired and zoning out)
Jul 19 00:11:03 Geber Gan Eden (damaged) (Armana), Black Judecca (Shiva) (moderate damage)
Jul 19 00:11:11 Also a certain number of Varuch Bens but they don't really matter anymore.
Jul 19 00:12:08 Shiva is distracted by the performance - but!
Jul 19 00:12:49 Seeing the attack, he pushes the Judecca once again. It disappears in a shimmer, reappearing above Strahlend. And before Willis can readjust his attack, he tries to interrupt it for good and slams down the Caina knuckle on him!
Jul 19 00:12:50 React!
Jul 19 00:13:01 #
Jul 19 00:13:12 # approved
Jul 19 00:13:21 (Either combine with action or do seperately, just tell me which)
Jul 19 00:13:23 * Kei immediately spun around from her last target, charging at the Judecca, the holograms following her. Breaking off as she got within range, she started strafing it while peppering it with beams and bullets. At the same time the holograms spread out to attack from multiple directions, adjusting to its new position practically at the speed of thought. +
Jul 19 00:14:36 * The Caina knuckle is suddenly interrupted by a very long laser blade appearing in its direction, aiming to parry it and maybe even cut through! The blade extends from Scaraber's laser staff, held in all four arms, the Gebian mech suddenly in the way and crackling with energy. +
Jul 19 00:14:44 Hetepheres: "...Scarab Power."
Jul 19 00:14:52 (support separate from action)
Jul 19 00:16:52 Shiva: "No! Third layer of hell, Ptolemea!"
Jul 19 00:17:16 * Rather than retreat Willis joins in with Hetepheres and attempts to cut through the Caina Knuckle with the Gebian. +
Jul 19 00:17:39 The black Judecca is bombarded by Kei's unending barrage, and Shiva sends out as many remote controlled drones as possible to try to end it and shoot Purple Two down. Though they are clumsy in comparison individually, there is a lot of them. React!
Jul 19 00:18:39 * The main unit of Purple-2 broke off from the assault, instead dedicating its guns to taking down the drones and clear out an opening for herself to attack the Balmarian prime minister. +
Jul 19 00:23:40 Hetepheres and Willis strike together - their target, Caina. The oversized hand of Judecca is split apart, its halves flying off and exploding uselessly!
Jul 19 00:24:24 Purple Two moves through a swarm of weak enemies - something which the Rabbits were trained to deal with most. Kei cuts them down an masse and, with herself as support, clears the way towards Judecca, bombarding it further and further!
Jul 19 00:24:28 Hetepheres, go now!
Jul 19 00:24:44 Selena can also go.
Jul 19 00:26:10 * After the long laser blade disappears, Hetepheres draws the electro-whip again, and swings it several times around Scaraber's head, conjuring up a tornado of electric currents, which zaps nearby enemies (most likely helping those allies who are fighting the Varuch Bens)! Then, she follows up by swinging it several times at Judecca, flailing with great power! +
Jul 19 00:26:53 Hetepheres: "I shall disrupt them further. Press on with the assault!"
Jul 19 00:26:59 Shiva: "Not yet! Antenora!"
Jul 19 00:27:30 The skies darken and Shiva launches a desperate attack, creating an expanding sphere of power that threatens to engulf everyone nearby. Such as the Scaraber, for example!
Jul 19 00:27:33 React Hetepheres.
Jul 19 00:28:15 #?
Jul 19 00:28:47 # approved, but mind the damage
Jul 19 00:29:14 * Hastened by Scarab Power, Hetepheres whips out at Judecca's tail, then swings around the enemy to the opposite side, hopefully away from the energy ball and to safety! +
Jul 19 00:30:11 * With Spectra finally dead and cremated now, all that really mattered was... "Prime Minister..." The Alegrias charges at the Black Judecca! "... I think it's about time you and I have words regarding Armana!" The Alegrias zips up into the air, Servants flanking it on either side to pepper the machine before it comes in with a sudden slash to cle
Jul 19 00:30:11 ave its tail!+
Jul 19 00:34:40 * As the sphere expanded out Strahlend once again moves to where the sphere would have collided with Scaraber, as damaged as he was he still had a large amount of power and nanomachines to work with thanks to all the devouring he did earlier. Quicksilver expands and after raising the sword over its head the machine slashes the air in front of it and releases
Jul 19 00:35:05 a large wave of red energy to clash and cancel out the portion of the sphere approaching them. +
Jul 19 00:35:37 Hetepheres escapes the sphere - she swings, but the dome of power expands after her. The Scaraber may not be fast enough, even with Scarab Power!
Jul 19 00:35:52 But, Willis stands up and once again risks grevious injury to himself.
Jul 19 00:36:00 And the power of the sword cancels out the dome.
Jul 19 00:36:09 Judecca is damaged, electrified by the whip.
Jul 19 00:36:12 And, out of options.S
Jul 19 00:36:16 Shiva: "Ghh..."
Jul 19 00:36:33 Alegrias cleaves down at the unit, and makes it slowly fall down, cut up too critically to continue moving.
Jul 19 00:36:56 ...
Jul 19 00:37:04 Suddenly, a barrage of light projectiles from the Gan Eden!
Jul 19 00:37:09 Selena, react!
Jul 19 00:37:12 This fight is not yet over!
Jul 19 00:37:22 Selena: "Armana, no!"
Jul 19 00:37:50 Armana: "Ah..."
Jul 19 00:38:01 Armana: "Mav...let..."
Jul 19 00:38:58 (While Selena reacts, everyone else can go again)
Jul 19 00:40:03 Gan Eden's light still shines. But worryingly, the battlefield is darkened - even with Judecca down.
Jul 19 00:40:06 * The Alegrias grapples with the Judecca, blade held in one hand and poised to plunge into the Judecca. "You... you're going to stop this right here and now! Stop treating Armana like a doll, or..." The Alegrias looms even closer, stabbing slow and deliberately into the machine. "Or you're going to strangle yourself on the puppet's strings."
Jul 19 00:40:06 +
Jul 19 00:40:59 * Kei kept pressing the assault. If he really did control Armana, then they had a change to break it if they defeated him and there was no better time than now. Purple-2 and the four holographic ASHMBs all spun into a dive towards the falling Judecea, making no effort to join the attacks that didn't come, just aiming straight at it and unloading all weapons, only breaking off in the last...
Jul 19 00:41:01 ...moment before crashing. +
Jul 19 00:41:02 Shiva: "... I cannot."
Jul 19 00:41:11 Shiva: "I cannot control her anymore."
Jul 19 00:41:26 The beams fly above you and explode on the ruins further away.
Jul 19 00:41:36 Even the way she is now, Armana doesn't dare fire - at the Judecca at least.
Jul 19 00:42:21 Shiva: "The system keeping Armana Tikvah in check has gone berserk. She can't be controlled... you can only try to physically remove her from her cockpit."
Jul 19 00:42:37 The Judecca's sole functioning arm points towards the hole in Gan Eden's chest.
Jul 19 00:42:50 Just as its pilot does, his mask half-broken, blood visible behind it.
Jul 19 00:44:16 Purple Two surely got Armana's attention. She moves to block the barrage with her wings - and quickly counters with much larger energy bullets of her own! React!
Jul 19 00:44:20 ... Well how about that.
Jul 19 00:44:45 Hetepheres: "Then I shall do just that. Bitles!" Eight of the small remote weapons launch from Scaraber's back, heading towards Gan Eden and shooting precise laser blasts at it, trying to get to the cockpit and provide cover both, while Scaraber launches into melee range, ready to do the same with its own khopeshes, the blades now vibrating at supersonic speed. +
Jul 19 00:45:43 The Scaraber quickly moves towards Gan Eden, slashing at its wound.
Jul 19 00:45:51 You see something resembling possibly a cockpit inside!
Jul 19 00:46:08 The blade's pulled out of the machine. "Well congratulations, consider this your lucky break for helping with Ruach."
Jul 19 00:46:12 But, before you can do anything with it, Geber Gan Eden gathers power to unleash a point blank wide area blast.
Jul 19 00:46:15 React, Hetepheres!
Jul 19 00:46:28 # with action?
Jul 19 00:48:13 * The dive immediately breaks off and Purple-2 changes its direction completely to strafe a long the ground and slipping between the shattered remnants of broken buildings to throw off Armana's aim. Hopefully it'd give the others the time to get her out. +
Jul 19 00:48:19 # approved
Jul 19 00:48:20 Go for it
Jul 19 00:50:44 * "That won't work again!" With the remains of his energy Strahlend once again soars up to chase after Hetepheres and Ganeden, transforming Quicksilver into a large Tower Shield that was further expanded with a beam shield that used the remaining energy he got from devouring the section of Ganeden. +
Jul 19 00:50:52 Willis: "I hope this is enough..."
Jul 19 00:51:30 * Using the shield as cover, Hetepheres tries to press on with her attack, cutting into the enemy's body in an attempt to get to the cockpit! +
Jul 19 00:52:09 Willis has a reaction - the nanomachines don't play well with Gan Eden's material. But the shield you created looks mighty... even if it's a bit unstable!
Jul 19 00:52:21 It holds against the beam, at least for long enough for the two of you not to get hit by it immediately
Jul 19 00:52:35 But then it suddenly explodes, scattering nanomachines!
Jul 19 00:52:41 ... Just as Hetepheres stabs into the cockpit.
Jul 19 00:52:44 Slashing it open.
Jul 19 00:53:01 The Gan Eden goes limp, and from inside a person falls out.
Jul 19 00:53:03 It's Armana!
Jul 19 00:53:35 Someone better catch her.
Jul 19 00:54:00 As Gan Eden shuts down, distant areas of Balmar light back up.
Jul 19 00:54:17 The Balmarian machines are coming back online! Right in time for...
Jul 19 00:54:28 The Alegrias bolts to catch Armana before she falls!
Jul 19 00:55:25 Armana is safe, but the skies are still dark.
Jul 19 00:55:29 And the reason for that is...
Jul 19 00:55:38 Viletta: "... A meteorite storm is coming. This is serious."
Jul 19 00:55:52 Viletta: "Everyone, vacate the planet immediately. I know we didn't get what we came here for but if you stay on it..."
Jul 19 00:55:56 Viletta: "You won't survive."
Jul 19 00:56:14 The meteorites are so huge and many, they blacken the skies.
Jul 19 00:56:44 Baran Doban: "Oh no! Not good, I have not seen such a catastrophe since as long as I can remember!"
Jul 19 00:56:48 Hetepheres: "...We should go. Immediately. I hope the civilians were all evacuated in time."
Jul 19 00:57:15 Viletta: "..."
Jul 19 00:57:21 Kei: "Understood." Purple-2 began moving upwards again, hopefully it'd get to space before its awakened state ceased
Jul 19 00:57:24 Her silence says more than any acknowledgement would.
Jul 19 00:57:51 Kei: "..." Had there even been a real evacuation?
Jul 19 00:57:52 And in the distance, on all sides around you, there is alot of movement and really spastic action, with whatever craft is available trying to take off.
Jul 19 00:57:56 It's obvious.
Jul 19 00:58:04 The evacuation is still underway.
Jul 19 00:58:08 People can't make it out of Balmar in time.
Jul 19 00:58:14 Willis: "This is not..."
Jul 19 00:58:42 Selena: "... We ran out of time..."
Jul 19 00:58:59 "... The little prince got the last laugh...!"
Jul 19 00:58:59 Rand: "Then we'll smash as many meteorites as we can! Come on guys, buy others as much time as you can!"
Jul 19 00:59:13 Kei simply looked over the scene unfolding. "If the Ruach and Shiva hadn't insisted on fighting..."
Jul 19 00:59:47 Shiva: "... No."
Jul 19 00:59:55 Behind you, the Judecca stands, powering up!
Jul 19 01:00:03 Though critically damaged, it is still moving!
Jul 19 01:00:26 Shiva: "I... refuse..."
Jul 19 01:00:39 Kei's guns spun around to aim at him, even at extreme distance. "You better not think about fighting more."
Jul 19 01:00:40 It gathers power for one final stand!
Jul 19 01:01:07 Shiva: "I refuse to accept the end of my people!"
Jul 19 01:01:18 And the power is unleashed, creating...
Jul 19 01:01:20 A portal.
Jul 19 01:01:26 Then another one, and another.
Jul 19 01:01:35 All over the planet, suddenly Crossgate-like portals appear.
Jul 19 01:01:53 The Black Judecca crackles with power as well, the strain almost too much for it to bear.
Jul 19 01:02:04 Willis: "Crossgates?"
Jul 19 01:02:11 Shiva: "All for the Balmarian people. I may not lead them towards a new age of prosperity..."
Jul 19 01:02:19 Shiva: "But I can ensure they will have a new age at all! Go, now!"
Jul 19 01:02:47 On the other side of the portals you see the Discovery of Self - and the two gigantic Hermodrs, refugee ships entering them one by one!
Jul 19 01:02:48 Selena: "... Shiva..."
Jul 19 01:03:02 Something explodes in Judecca's head.
Jul 19 01:03:08 Shiva's mask breaks off.
Jul 19 01:03:09 http://srwog.velv.net/char_images/shiva.png
Jul 19 01:03:42 Shiva: "Armana... I entrust the Balmarian people to you."
Jul 19 01:03:49 Shiva: "And as for you."
Jul 19 01:04:09 Shiva: "If you truly intend to oppose the Apocalypsis, and the Lady..."
Jul 19 01:04:19 Shiva: "I beg of you to protect the people of Balmar as well."
Jul 19 01:04:31 Hetepheres: "We shall."
Jul 19 01:05:00 Selena: "... Shiva..."
Jul 19 01:05:16 Shiva: "I have nothing more to say. Go, now."
Jul 19 01:05:32 "It's a shame that you had a hand in Team Jelba's death."
Jul 19 01:05:44 The portals are wavering quickly as Judecca is literally coming apart, the weight of what it is doing overwhelming it.
Jul 19 01:05:48 "... Otherwise I'd be feeling more than I do right now."
Jul 19 01:05:51 "A lot more."
Jul 19 01:06:17 Stowing Armana safely inside the Alegrias's cockpit, Selena makes for the closest Crossgate.
Jul 19 01:07:01 As you move through the portals which lead back to space, and towards the Discovery of Self.
Jul 19 01:07:11 You see the meteorites start to bombard the planet already. But...
Jul 19 01:07:21 Hetepheres: "...So long, Shiva Gozzo."
Jul 19 01:07:25 It has been evacuated. All but the unit that held the portals up as long as it could.
Jul 19 01:07:45 Until it could no longer and the effort caused it to implode.
Jul 19 01:07:54 Shiva: "Will this erase the weight of my sins?"
Jul 19 01:08:00 Shiva: "What would you have done in my place?"
Jul 19 01:08:03 Shiva: "Euzeth?"
Jul 19 01:08:06 MISSION COMPLETE