Jun 18 16:04:55 [Cubey] Earth's in a crisis.
Jun 18 16:05:34 [Cubey] Following the recent multi-channel announcement, fear and uncertainity overwhelms the planet. Reports are coming from several areas of the globe of people behaving erratically already.
Jun 18 16:06:02 [Cubey] Huffman: "I wonder how many are actually mind controlled, and for how many it's just blind panic, hmm? Anyway, you know where to go."
Jun 18 16:06:26 [Cubey] Indeed, following the psychic residue allowed Unity Group - or rather, Project Unification, to pick up trail.
Jun 18 16:06:39 [Cubey] At this very moment, a shuttle is en route, with you on board.
Jun 18 16:06:50 [Cubey] And its destination is - an empty region of space?
Jun 18 16:08:03 [Jockey] [Skald remains silent, staring. Judging. Contemplating with great suspicion at one of the people on the shuttle.]
Jun 18 16:08:51 [Aero] And that certain person seems oblivious. "Eeeeehhhh why is it empty?"
Jun 18 16:09:23 [Arach] Eva meditates quietly inside the Tern. "...no more mercy."
Jun 18 16:10:34 [Tengu] Asagi: "They probably have a cloaked base there, or something like that."
Jun 18 16:10:40 [Cubey] Pilot: "Are you sure the coordinates are correct, Commander? I see nothing..."
Jun 18 16:10:50 [Cubey] And just like that, the comment is interrupted.
Jun 18 16:10:58 [Cubey] All of you experience an intense psychic backlash!
Jun 18 16:11:03 [Cubey] Something is trying to push you all away!
Jun 18 16:11:24 [Aero] Astara: "Ahhhh, there is something there!"
Jun 18 16:12:19 [Tengu] Asagi: "Argh... Eva, do you feel that?"
Jun 18 16:13:35 [Arach] Eva grits her teeth through the pain. It's not new...but it still hurts. "Yes. It's going to be a slog..."
Jun 18 16:14:01 [Aero] Astara: "That's not a good sign..."
Jun 18 16:14:16 [Steam] Roy: "Guys!"
Jun 18 16:14:51 [Steam] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CizxhoVr5Tg
Jun 18 16:15:32 [Steam] The Wagner erupts with Crisis energy, sure to counter what's happening.
Jun 18 16:15:40 [Steam] "I got this."
Jun 18 16:16:22 [Steam] "Soon enough Beatrice is gonna be Miss Totally-Gonna-Be-Out-Of-Tricks!"
Jun 18 16:16:47 [Jockey] "Best that you do! Warriors cannot fight well with such irritating feelings gnawing at us!"
Jun 18 16:17:07 [Cubey] The backlash grows weaker immediately. Something starts to shimmer in front of the shuttle...
Jun 18 16:17:31 [Arach] Eva breathes a sigh of relief. "Mm. Thank you, Roy."
Jun 18 16:17:35 [Cubey] And the Crisis Mode energies cancel the psychic influence out! You are free - and the psionic cloak in front of you is dispelled.
Jun 18 16:17:37 [Tengu] Asagi breathes out in relief. "It's getting weaker... Thanks, Roy."
Jun 18 16:18:01 [Steam] The Wagner flashes a proud thumbs-up!
Jun 18 16:18:15 [Cubey] Instead, what you see is a colony. A colony that looks abandoned... yet parts of it have power, and some work seems to have been done to them.
Jun 18 16:18:23 [Aero] Astara's hair ears perk back up as the influence is drowned out. "Ah there was something there."
Jun 18 16:18:47 [Cubey] But, no time to celebrate just yet.
Jun 18 16:18:54 [Cubey] Pilot: "We have company. All units, scramble!"
Jun 18 16:19:07 [Cubey] A swarm of enemies deploys from the colony to intercept you.
Jun 18 16:19:20 [Tengu] Asagi: "So it was a base... Here they come!"
Jun 18 16:19:39 [Cubey] Well known Vandals - accompanied by several copies of a unit you faced before. But there was only one earlier.
Jun 18 16:19:40 [Jockey] "Good! Let them charge right into their doom! To battle!"
Jun 18 16:19:45 [Cubey] Now, Second Fortunes are many!
Jun 18 16:19:52 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
Jun 18 16:22:23 [Cubey] Enemies: Vandal x24, Second Fortune x5
Jun 18 16:22:32 [Cubey] Initiative: Roy, Eva, Astara, Asagi, Skald
Jun 18 16:22:34 [Cubey] Roy, Eva, Astara, go!
Jun 18 16:22:46 [Cubey] Vandal
Jun 18 16:22:46 [Cubey] http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=167081
Jun 18 16:22:46 [Cubey] Second Fortune
Jun 18 16:22:46 [Cubey] http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=132881
Jun 18 16:22:56 [Cubey] (All Vandals are equipped with heavy cannons in addition to their machine guns)
Jun 18 16:24:31 [Jockey] "Hah! Fools! Surround us if you like! It simply means we can attack from any direction!"
Jun 18 16:24:54 [Aero] * Astara leaps out into the void of space, her craft materializing around her as exits the shuttle in a massive blaze. The Craft summons its pistols to it and charges the weapons before firing, unleashing several blazing bullets towards the Second Fortunes. +
Jun 18 16:25:54 [Cubey] The Second Fortunes are fast! They dodge around the bullets quickly, one shooting a hooked cable to restrict Maxwell's movements while another doesn't waste any time charging an energy cannon - to fire!
Jun 18 16:25:57 [Cubey] React, Astara!
Jun 18 16:26:11 [Tengu] Asagi: "Not even five enemy aces can bring down your spirit, huh..."
Jun 18 16:26:41 [Arach] *The Tern slips out of the shuttle, as if falling-then small verniers flare to right itself. "...alright. Be that way." It spreads its wings wide, and slips to the side of the shuttle-then fires volley after volly of spread lasers at the Vandals, each beam arcing towards a different target.+
Jun 18 16:26:49 [Steam] * The Wagner launches as well, both swords drawn as it sets its sights on the colony. "But we're not gonna be going in just any direction. We gotta get in THERE!" A shimmering blue-white blade of energy forms in front of the Wagner as it charges into Vandals, its two physical blades slashing at whatever gets too close as it tries to push by!+
Jun 18 16:28:17 [Jockey] "Not at all Asagi of Toshikazu! It simply means we have challenges befitting of warriors of our skill!"
Jun 18 16:29:35 [Cubey] The Wagner rushes towards the Vandals. The Vandals' ranks are swept through by lasers, cutting into them and blowing several up.
Jun 18 16:29:44 [Cubey] Roy charges into the opening, his blades cutting into more!
Jun 18 16:29:55 [Aero] * Maxwell dismisses the two pistols and in a flash of lightning summons her lightning-charged axe to her before strumming the blade to send a massive bolt of lightning through the wire to hopefully destroy the unit and let her get out of the way of the beam. +
Jun 18 16:30:43 [Cubey] However the rest quickly recover. They thrust out to the sides, those closest to the enemies setting up a suppressive barrage of machinegun fire... and from behind it, the second wave fires their cannons. Several shots coming towards Roy - and Eva, too!
Jun 18 16:30:44 [Cubey] React.
Jun 18 16:31:41 [Corel] #Roy?
Jun 18 16:31:50 [Cubey] # approved
Jun 18 16:32:06 [Cubey] Astara channels electricity - through the cable and towards the Second Fortune.
Jun 18 16:32:29 [Cubey] These units are very agile, but their durability and mass are low. You shock it, and fry the opponent!
Jun 18 16:32:47 [Cubey] You are free: right on time to dodge the beam, which grazes against the Maxwell, but doesn't hit head on.
Jun 18 16:32:58 [Cubey] Asagi, Skald, go!
Jun 18 16:33:02 [Arach] *Suppressive fire is an odd concept out in space, without cover. Eva flits to the side, returning fire at the Vandals.+
Jun 18 16:33:22 [Steam] * With the free-range of space movement, the Wagner dives down and under the fire. "You're gonna need to try better than-" Oh crap those cannons! Up his shield goes for more protection!+
Jun 18 16:34:07 [Corel] "Please make it!" *Suddenly, a new unit appears out of the blue. With little room for error, it gets between Wagner and the beam cannon shots, projecting a barrier of both shadow and flames!+
Jun 18 16:34:40 [Tengu] * Asagi launches forward, firing a long burst from his machinegun towards the enemy Vandals. Its main purpose is to provide cover fire while he gets in melee range, though, at which point Blue One quickly draws its katana and slashes at the same time, cutting at whatever enemies may be close! +
Jun 18 16:35:56 [Jockey] *Skald lets out what he deems to be a ferocious roar as the R-Blade draws its sword-tonfas, spinning and twirling them rapidly before they were held firmly in place. Then the boosters roared to life and he was seeking to chop his way towards one of the Second Fortunes+
Jun 18 16:36:01 [Cubey] Eva's blasts cut down two more Vandals. But the machine gun rounds limit her possible direction of dodging.
Jun 18 16:36:42 [Cubey] And that's where the shells fly. They cover a relatively large area, but one or two still manage to nick the Tern, followed by a solid shot to its arm!
Jun 18 16:38:37 [Arach] Eva: "Guh-tch, I'll make you pay for that..."
Jun 18 16:38:45 [Cubey] Roy is forced to defend, but he suddenly has help!
Jun 18 16:39:08 [Cubey] A new ally's flaming barrier interrupts the shells aimed for him.
Jun 18 16:39:14 [Cubey] Or perhaps I should say, an old ally.
Jun 18 16:39:39 [Corel] Lenore: "That was a bit too close..."
Jun 18 16:39:56 [Cubey] Lenore - you can go now, as well!
Jun 18 16:39:57 [Steam] Roy: "... Hey!"
Jun 18 16:40:04 [Aero] Astara: "Ah...Lenore!"
Jun 18 16:40:09 [Steam] "Thanks a million for saving me-"
Jun 18 16:40:13 [Steam] "Ah, right, Lenore!"
Jun 18 16:40:17 [Tengu] Asagi: "Lenore! You found the way."
Jun 18 16:40:18
[Steam] Thanks for the save, Astara!
Jun 18 16:40:35 [Cubey] Asagi takes advantage of the enemies' spread to move towards one of their sides, putting them in disarray while he destroys one Vandal after another.
Jun 18 16:40:50 [Cubey] However...
Jun 18 16:41:11 [Corel] Lenore: "I was supposed to be looking for some other Kijin, but I couldn't just ignore those broadcasts..."
Jun 18 16:41:25 [Cubey] A quick barrage of two handed pistol rounds interrupts you from below! A Second Fortune is moving upwards, then prepares to fire an energy cannon from above.
Jun 18 16:41:29 [Aero] Maxwell tilts its head in confusion at that. "Other Kijin?"
Jun 18 16:41:32 [Cubey] While another one shoots physical rounds from below!
Jun 18 16:41:33 [Cubey] React.
Jun 18 16:42:08 [Corel] Her unit is almost mummy-like, wrapped in red cloth. But that red cloth soon withdraws into a waist-cape, revealing a purple-colored Craft.
Jun 18 16:42:21 [Corel] Azazil http://i.imgur.com/F7mn4tH.jpg
Jun 18 16:42:43 [Corel] Lenore: "Seta's friends? You didn't know?"
Jun 18 16:42:45 [Cubey] Skald engages the Second Fortune that fired at Astara in melee.
Jun 18 16:42:52 [Cubey] It ducks and weaves, and suddenly...
Jun 18 16:43:00 [Cubey] A wormhole appears, and it disappears within it!
Jun 18 16:43:16 [Cubey] ... To quickly re-appear - behind your back, its pistols aimed at R-Blade at close range, and firing.
Jun 18 16:43:17 [Cubey] React!
Jun 18 16:44:50 [Tengu] Asagi: "Attacks from all directions... I won't let you...!" Blue One quickly starts zooming around, in order to avoid all the small blasts going into its direction... And it keeps getting closer to the cannon-charging enemy! Asagi tries to tackle the opponent and push the weapon to the side, so it won't fire at him! +
Jun 18 16:44:56 [Steam] "Wait, Seta... what're you doing here?"
Jun 18 16:45:00 [Steam] ^Lenore
Jun 18 16:45:30 [Jockey] *An unfair trick... however with all the frantic reflexes a cat can muster, Skald fires the thrusters to make full use of three dimensional combat to loop over the Second Fortune before attempting to rip it open from above!+
Jun 18 16:45:41 [Aero] Astara: "A new craf-wait...but they were just here a week ago..."
Jun 18 16:46:03 [Corel] Lenore: "Anyway, time to get busy...!" *The newcomer lashes out at the nearby Vandals - two types of energies are focused through the Craft's arms as it rapidly approaches and executes several punches and kicks!+
Jun 18 16:47:13 [Cubey] There are less than half of the initial Vandal force remaining - especially once Lenore chases the suppressing ones, which can't react in fast before the fire and shadow working in unison destroy them.
Jun 18 16:47:34 [Corel] Lenore: "Ah, I don't know about any details other than what they look like. I haven't made progress at all..."
Jun 18 16:47:39 [Cubey] But the ones more far behind try to stop her assault, by continuing to fire their cannons as quickly as possible.
Jun 18 16:48:53 [Cubey] Skald leaps over the enemy, who adjusts their aim and fires, fires after the looping R-Blade while trying to back off.
Jun 18 16:49:12 [Cubey] Bullets graze against it, hitting unimportant regions - and with a sweep of the blade, the enemy's arm comes off!
Jun 18 16:49:55 [Corel] *One of the Craft's arms suddenly bursts into flame - but not an explosion. It's warped itself into a much larger, clawed arm that lances out at the incoming projectiles and those who shot them!+
Jun 18 16:49:56 [Cubey] Asagi keeps weaving to dodge the enemy under him. And as you get closer to the one firing the energy weapon...
Jun 18 16:50:08 [Cubey] It disappears into a wormhole, and appears a fair distance away from you!
Jun 18 16:50:18 [Cubey] The cannon doesn't fire at least. But that was cheap.
Jun 18 16:50:39 [Aero] Astara: "Wormholes huh..."
Jun 18 16:51:00 [Aero] Astara seems to be getting flashbacks to something.
Jun 18 16:51:12 [Cubey] The Vandals change their target towards the arm, shooting rapidly to stop it from assaulting them.
Jun 18 16:51:21 [Cubey] They succeed, though it means Lenore wasn't hit herself.
Jun 18 16:51:28 [Cubey] Roy, Eva, Astara, go
Jun 18 16:52:33 [Tengu] Asagi: "It'd be wishful thinking to ask if anyone has something to stop this teleporting around, wouldn't it?"
Jun 18 16:52:47 [Steam] Roy: "So these ones got those cheap portals too... but it doesn't matter!"
Jun 18 16:52:57 [Steam] "We just gotta be ready and blast 'em when they come out of their portals!"
Jun 18 16:53:08 [Steam] The Wagner strikes its fists together, pumping itself up!
Jun 18 16:54:01 [Steam] * And to get down to business, Roy surges towards one of them, taking aim with his arm cannon and firing a stream of bullets to put the pressure on it... until he's close enough to deliver a fast slash with his sword!+
Jun 18 16:54:32 [Arach] *Eva: "There's probably a pattern." She keeps firing on the vandals though, more lasers arcing from her left hand. And this time, the Tern's smaller head-mounted lasers get in on the act as well, trying to prematurely intercept any of those large cannon rounds.+
Jun 18 16:55:10 [Aero] * She shakes herself from it and takes note of the wormholes to try to get a clear image of them in her head. Once she was confident she summoned Fortuna to her before changing the sphere of darkness into a strange alien-looking gauntlet that began to charge with purple energy. The weapon hums loudly before she fires the weapon above them, unleashing three
Jun 18 16:55:32 [Aero] purple spheres that broke apart into a rain of purple lasers that fell on the Second Fortunes. &
Jun 18 16:58:12 [Cubey] The Second Fortune is quickly weaving through Roy's barrage, speeding up to evade it - but it also means it cannot stand still to fire its larger weapons.
Jun 18 16:58:58 [Cubey] It can however fire its hookshot, which entangles itself around the sword as it's coming towards it... and following that, a flashbang is quickly discharged from somewhere on its main body, and it goes off!
Jun 18 16:58:59 [Cubey] React, Roy.
Jun 18 17:00:36 [Steam] * Well, that's a problem when your real body doesn't have eyelids. But.. "Grrrgh... go heatflash!" The ensnaring chain's gonna have a sudden blast of heat and force to worry about and Roy just swings blindly in the hopes of catching something!+
Jun 18 17:00:42 [Cubey] Eva is doing pretty well at suppressing the Vandals. They do not fire, instead choosing to scatter, though her beams arc from one to another and destroy several anyway.
Jun 18 17:01:06 [Cubey] But the damaged one-handed Second Fortune is quickly approaching, the beam cannon in its chest charging up...
Jun 18 17:01:14 [Cubey] Then it disappears in a wormhole, appearing above you. And fires!
Jun 18 17:01:15 [Cubey] React.
Jun 18 17:02:23 [Cubey] While Astara unleashes her own laser swarm, the Second Fortunes are too nimble to get caught in it easily.
Jun 18 17:02:37 [Cubey] They too activate their wormholes - and two of them appear on your flanks.
Jun 18 17:02:44 [Cubey] Both of them fire their pistols, simultaneously!
Jun 18 17:02:46 [Cubey] react/continue
Jun 18 17:02:53 [Arach] *"Behind...? no. Above!" Eva jerks to the side, trying to just narrowly avoid the beam-and immediately reply with a fully volley, right at the Second Fortune above her.+
Jun 18 17:03:09 [Corel] Lenore: "Those things move really fast..."
Jun 18 17:05:36 [Jockey] "Then we must move faster!"
Jun 18 17:08:06 [Aero] * "Got you." She was watching for that, the moment the wormholes were opened she activated the lasers homing ability, forcing the dodged lasers to immediately rush through the wormholes to chase after the Second Fortunes. At the same time she summoned yet another weapon to her to form a massive block of ice around her to protect her from the pistol shots. +
Jun 18 17:09:11 [Cubey] Astara comes under fire, the ice block around her suffering from penetrating shots, parts of it torn off with each bullet.
Jun 18 17:09:29 [Cubey] But the spread lasers fire down on the enemies, quickly cutting it.
Jun 18 17:09:57 [Cubey] Both Eva and the Second Fortune she fought against dodge - but only one of them is barraged by spread lasers, which causes your own counterattack to finish it off.
Jun 18 17:10:48 [Cubey] Roy forces his way through the flashbang. Swinging wildly, he cuts off the enemy cable off! But the Second Fortune got away...
Jun 18 17:10:55 [Aero] Astara: "Whew...that was close."
Jun 18 17:11:00 [Cubey] The two remaining ones are damaged pretty heavily and malfunctioning though.
Jun 18 17:11:12 [Cubey] In addition to that, there are only six Vandals left!
Jun 18 17:11:15 [Cubey] Asagi, Skald, Lenore - go!
Jun 18 17:14:10 [Jockey] "I am not quite the marksman as Archie or Daniel... however... my paws are swift, my aim steady and my eyes see all! Now..."
Jun 18 17:14:48 [Jockey] *Skald stows the blades... and quickly draws both G-Revolvers, firing round after round at the Vandals!+
Jun 18 17:15:04 [Jockey] "Draw!.... Blast... I was supposed to say that BEFORE I fired..."
Jun 18 17:15:20 [Tengu] Asagi: "They really should retreat at this point. We got this!" Blue One catches the heavy beam cannon that was fired towards it from offscreen, and takes aim, charging a shot. Asagi fires, trying to catch a few Vandals on the way of the blast, which heads towards a Second Fortune. And at the same time, he keeps an eye out, in case the enemy starts to teleport again! +
Jun 18 17:15:26 [Corel] Lenore: *"Right, my turn..." The violet Craft draws its revolver and fires three shots at one of the Second Fortunes - trying to force it to use the wormhole...+
Jun 18 17:15:29 [Corel] *&
Jun 18 17:16:06 [Tengu] Asagi: "You're not a gunslinger, Skald. You don't even have fingers."
Jun 18 17:17:08 [Arach] Eva: "They should retreat...but they won't. They're just...useless weeds. Waiting to be pulled."
Jun 18 17:17:23 [Jockey] "... Must you spoil everything for me Asagi
of Toshikazu? You are like the anathema of enjoyment."
Jun 18 17:18:43 [Cubey] Skald fires upon the Vandals. Instead of dodging, they prepare to fire their cannons back. Even as you shoot one of them down, then another...
Jun 18 17:18:52 [Cubey] But Asagi's beam engulfs the remaining ones!
Jun 18 17:19:28 [Cubey] Also the Second Fortune Asagi targetted has dodged - normally, without wormholes. It seems too damaged to use one!
Jun 18 17:19:41 [Cubey] But it's still moving, charging towards you while firing its pistols rapidly.
Jun 18 17:19:50 [Cubey] And another one ducks under the beam, and does the same to Skald.
Jun 18 17:19:52 [Cubey] React, both of you.
Jun 18 17:19:58 [Steam] # Asagi
Jun 18 17:20:01 [Cubey] # approved
Jun 18 17:20:13 [Cubey] The third of the Second Fortunes was relatively undamaged.
Jun 18 17:20:51 [Cubey] It can still use wormholes. And it does - disappearing into one, then reappearing under and behind Lenore. It fires its hookshot, and prepares to discharge the energy cannon in its chest as a follow up!
Jun 18 17:20:54 [Cubey] React/continue, Lenore
Jun 18 17:20:56 [Steam] Roy: "Tryin' to just slip on by shots now? Well bad news for you, you unwanted blast from the past!"
Jun 18 17:21:00 [Steam] "And speaking of blasts-"
Jun 18 17:21:15 [Steam] * The Wagner fires at that Second Fortune, his railgun shots exploding as they near the machine!+
Jun 18 17:21:28 [Jockey] *Being the aggressive feline he is, Skald charges in, moving to slip past as many shots as he could before sending the PT into a spin kick at his attacker!+
Jun 18 17:22:32 [Tengu] Asagi: "Fun can wait until we're done with this really crucial mission. Watch out!" He jukes to the side to avoid the incoming blasts, reflexively firing a second, less charged beam shot towards one of the attackers, even if none of them teleported. +
Jun 18 17:23:08 [Cubey] Both Asagi and Roy fire at the Second Fortune, cutting its attack down before it could hit anyone. It is destroyed.
Jun 18 17:23:57 [Corel] Lenore: *"I'm not as quick as you guys, but..." The hookshot suddenly meets the cloth that forms Azazil's waist cape, which lashes out at the attacker in retaliation! The cloth branches in multiple directions to stab into the Second Fortune as well!+
Jun 18 17:25:49 [Cubey] Skald charges through the pistol shots. His PT is taking damage, but he continues with the charge regardless - meeting the enemy in melee, his mighty kick throws it back!
Jun 18 17:25:56 [Cubey] Something cracks inside the Second Fortune. It blows up.
Jun 18 17:25:58 [Cubey] One remains.
Jun 18 17:26:11 [Cubey] One that fires its beam at Lenore!
Jun 18 17:26:16 [Cubey] But... something is wrong.
Jun 18 17:26:30 [Cubey] The cape moves towards it, engulfing both the blsat and the Second Fortune.
Jun 18 17:26:38 [Cubey] It stabs it from several directions, leaving no place to escape.
Jun 18 17:27:57 [Cubey] The last enemy is attacked relentlessly. It had no chance to survive.
Jun 18 17:28:12 [Cubey] This fight is over.
Jun 18 17:28:14 [Cubey] However...
Jun 18 17:28:18 [Cubey] The mission isn't yet.
Jun 18 17:28:25 [Cubey] In fact you still didn't make it into the colony itself.
Jun 18 17:30:00 [Corel] Lenore: "...Was that all of them?"
Jun 18 17:30:11 [Steam] "If there were more they'd show up by now."
Jun 18 17:30:17 [Tengu] Asagi: "That's a new ability... Looks like it though. Yeah."
Jun 18 17:30:25 [Aero] Astara: "Or they could be waiting for us..."
Jun 18 17:30:30 [Steam] And the Wagner sets off to the colony once more!
Jun 18 17:30:37 [Tengu] Asagi: "Is everyone okay? I doubt we'll have a chance to take a breather inside. Whatever lies in there."
Jun 18 17:30:51 [Aero] Maxwell continues to stare at Lenore's new Craft awkwardly.
Jun 18 17:31:07 [Jockey] "I am well. Let us continue! Onward!'
Jun 18 17:31:37 [Aero] Astara: "Ah...yes we should."
Jun 18 17:32:06 [Arach] Eva: "Mmm."
Jun 18 17:32:54 [Corel] The stare doesn't escape Lenore, but she nods.
Jun 18 17:33:19 [Tengu] Asagi: "Okay. Let's go."
Jun 18 17:33:25 [Cubey] The colony is dark and desolate. The entrance area looks like it hasn't been used for years.
Jun 18 17:33:30 [Cubey] Though that obviously isn't the case.
Jun 18 17:33:57 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Do you like it? My own personal Panopticon."
Jun 18 17:34:20 [Cubey] Especially since the voice of the one you're after is now sounding from speakers hidden somewhere around.
Jun 18 17:34:49 [Cubey] (Also there's faint atmosphere, otherwise there'd be no sound in space)
Jun 18 17:35:34 [Steam] Roy: "Well when we're done with you it's gonna be your own personal giant floating casket in space!"
Jun 18 17:35:49 [Jockey] "No. I do not like it."
Jun 18 17:35:51 [Steam] "And right now it's pretty dark and crappy too so in a way that's gonna be an improvement!"
Jun 18 17:35:55 [Arach] Eva: "You've gone too far, Beatrice."
Jun 18 17:36:17 [Cubey] Beatrice: "The boy wonder is here, of course. But, do you even know why I named this colony like that?"
Jun 18 17:36:28 [Tengu] Asagi: "What are you trying to do? Take vengeance on Roy?"
Jun 18 17:37:24 [Cubey] Beatrice: "A panopticon is a facility that allows just one person to watch over countless others."
Jun 18 17:37:44 [Cubey] Beatrice: "This is what I am going to do. For the sake of a new, better, more safe world."
Jun 18 17:37:56 [Steam] "Well yeah, and how're you gonna observe anything?"
Jun 18 17:37:57 [Arach] Eva: "It's a prison, isn't it?"
Jun 18 17:38:00 [Steam] "Don't even see a tv screen here!"
Jun 18 17:38:09 [Cubey] Beatrice: "With Dakova's power... and Roy Garnette's existence is the last remaining obstacle!"
Jun 18 17:38:41 [Arach] Eva: "One of your own making, though. Who will manage the world if you want to leave?"
Jun 18 17:38:58 [Cubey] The whole colony is rumbling.
Jun 18 17:39:03 [Jockey] "Is that so? A pity then that you will lose on this day.... Beatrice the beaten!"
Jun 18 17:39:11 [Tengu] Asagi: "How many more cities are you going to destroy to create your safer world!"
Jun 18 17:39:26 [Steam] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNPXoV4B5HQ
Jun 18 17:39:40 [Cubey] A gigantic entity emerges from the depths of the colony, as parts of it crumble around it.
Jun 18 17:39:48 [Steam] Roy: "... Still using Dakova, but-"
Jun 18 17:39:53 [Steam] "THE HECK!?!"
Jun 18 17:40:00 [Cubey] The psychic presence of Dakova grows strong.
Jun 18 17:40:11 [Corel] Lenore: "What's going on...?"
Jun 18 17:40:12 [Cubey] It was supposed to be dead. Yet... here it is...
Jun 18 17:40:13 [Cubey] Armored Dakova
Jun 18 17:40:13 [Cubey] http://www.titanatelier.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/1258344-640x600.png
Jun 18 17:40:18 [Jockey] "A challenge... EXCELLENT!"
Jun 18 17:40:46 [Tengu] Asagi: "Argh... What the..."
Jun 18 17:40:52 [Cubey] Beatrice: "A prison? No. I am not a warden, I am only the one who keeps SCCF's will alive and forcibly carries on with the world's betterment."
Jun 18 17:40:54 [Aero] Astara: "Rggh..."
Jun 18 17:40:58 [Tengu] Asagi: "Why is Dakova alive! And under your control?!"
Jun 18 17:41:57 [Cubey] Beatrice: "It was supposed to die, didn't it?"
Jun 18 17:42:21 [Cubey] Beatrice: "But, the same machinery that enslaved it had the faintest reaction still. I knew there was a chance. I just had to force Dakova to reconstruct itself, and it did."
Jun 18 17:42:52 [Steam] Roy: "You didn't even let it die in peace?!?"
Jun 18 17:42:52 [Cubey] Beatrice: "The path towards the new paradise was still open. Now, I just have to make sure no one stands to block it..."
Jun 18 17:43:07 [Steam] "Well too bad!"
Jun 18 17:43:09 [Arach] Eva: "If thinking that comforts you in the moments before your coming death," she readies the Tern's blade, slipping into a fighting stance- "Then so be it."
Jun 18 17:43:13 [Cubey] With a psychic discharge, a wave of force emanates from Dakova.
Jun 18 17:43:15 [Steam] "Becasue we're gonna be the biggest blocks you've ever seen!"
Jun 18 17:43:34 [Cubey] It pushes you all a little back - and causes four smaller, burning effigy-like beings to burst into existence.
Jun 18 17:43:51 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Not for long, I'm afraid."
Jun 18 17:44:07 [Jockey] "Agreed. Your death comes soon."
Jun 18 17:44:08 [Cubey] The Dakova and its spawn move towards you to attack. Defend yourselves!
Jun 18 17:44:25 [Cubey] Enemies: Armored Dakova (Beatrice), Dakovaspawn x4
Jun 18 17:44:31 [Cubey] Roy, Eva, Astara, go
Jun 18 17:45:13 [Cubey] (The Dakova takes up a lot of the colony's space, being several hundred meters tall. Just an estimate)
Jun 18 17:47:00 [Aero] * Astara is not going to take a chance knowing what Dakova could do. She rushed at the nearest Dakovaspawn and in her left hand a burst of fire suddenly erupts around it, forming a familiar flaming katana that she draws as she passes by the creature to cut into it. &
Jun 18 17:47:42 [Arach] *Eva crouches low, and the Tern's joints are suffused with a green glow. When she moves, it's like a streak of lightning, thrusting her blade into a Dakovaspawn and scything it down.+
Jun 18 17:48:19 [Cubey] The dakovaspawn's arms turn into large blades themselves, crossing in a double guard - that tries to lock Astara's katana. And as you get closer, you feel the enemy's flame - but it's not heat based, rather it causes things to corrode on contact! This is not good!
Jun 18 17:48:23 [Cubey] React/continue Astara
Jun 18 17:48:48 [Steam] * Crisis energy radiates from the Wagner in response as it combines its swords together into the twinblade. The weapon spins furiously in Roy's hands as he charges at one of the Dakovaspawn, stabbing relentlessly as another Heat Flash erupts to blow it away!+
Jun 18 17:52:53 [Cubey] The second dakovaspawn turns most of its front body into a large shield, whcih is only half formed when Eva cuts into it.
Jun 18 17:53:10 [Aero] * At the last moment Astara reverses her grip on Kazan and pulls the weapon back to sheathe the blade. Maxwell's eyes glow for a brief
second as it gathers power to the weapon and draws the weapon again, this time unleashing a massive swarm of super-heated waves of energy that surround the Dakovaspawn and lay into him at what seemed to be a single instant. +
Jun 18 17:53:25 [Cubey] It collapses down on the Tern, threatening to pin it down - and allow it to suffer from the spawn's corrosive aura full force! React.
Jun 18 17:53:51 [Tengu] #
Jun 18 17:53:59 [Tengu] (I'd like to combine this with my action)
Jun 18 17:54:06 [Cubey] # approved
Jun 18 17:55:25 [Cubey] Roy's attack is met with the enemy forming long, stabbing lances from its limbs, and countering back with a similar barrage of blows!
Jun 18 17:55:29 [Cubey] And to make matters worse...
Jun 18 17:55:36 [Arach] *the Tern's thrusters flare to pull it up and away-while its chest beam cannon quickly charges, unloading a shot right in the Dakovaspawn's face. "Let. Go."+
Jun 18 17:55:43 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Always going for the smallfry first, aren't you? Or... are you afraid?"
Jun 18 17:56:05 [Cubey] The Dakova looms above as it draws closer. It draws in power...
Jun 18 17:56:21 [Cubey] The effect is similar to the main cannon of the Yellow King's Decree!
Jun 18 17:56:31 [Cubey] And it fires, a similarly large blast - aimed at the Wagner!
Jun 18 17:56:33 [Cubey] React, Roy.
Jun 18 17:56:44 [Tengu] Asagi: "Eva! Help incoming!" Blue One rushes forward, brandishing its spear with both hands, and stabs it right into the Dakovaspawn, trying to hold up the enemy and stop its impact upon the Tern. As soon as Asagi feels that he has a stable hold, he releases one arm and fires several missiles towards the enemy, at close range! +
Jun 18 17:56:54 [Steam] Roy: "Dream on!"
Jun 18 17:57:25 [Cubey] Astara blows the dakovaspawn away with extreme force and heat!
Jun 18 17:57:29 [Corel] Lenore: "Ah, look out!"
Jun 18 17:57:38 [Steam] * The Wagner jumps to the side, planting its polearm in the ground to let it vault further away from the massive energy blast!+
Jun 18 17:57:49 [Cubey] But, damaged it may be, it still moves, and quickly starts reforming.
Jun 18 17:58:04 [Cubey] And Maxwell's armor and weapons are now corroded where they were the closest to the spawn.
Jun 18 17:58:07 [Steam] "How about YOU just wait your freakin' turn!"
Jun 18 17:58:30 [Aero] Astara: "This might be a bit harder than I thought..."
Jun 18 17:59:01 [Cubey] Asagi holds up the spawn, and both him and Eva throw the enemy back with a furious barrage.
Jun 18 17:59:20 [Jockey] "Hahahahaha!"
Jun 18 17:59:36 [Cubey] But while it flies off in low gravity, the spawn sweeps its arms towards Blue One - they stretch out, blades at the end.
Jun 18 17:59:41 [Corel] Lenore: "Looks like just focusing on the big one won't work either..."
Jun 18 17:59:44 [Cubey] And Asagi: your spear doesn't look too good!
Jun 18 17:59:46 [Cubey] React.
Jun 18 17:59:49 [Cubey] Lenore and Skald, go.
Jun 18 18:00:16 [Cubey] Enemies: Armored Dakova, Dakovaspawn x4 (2 damaged)
Jun 18 18:01:16 [Jockey] *Skald moves in to assault Dakova, drawing the G-Railgun and seeking to move swiftly around its head whilst peppering it with shots so someone can hit it hard!+
Jun 18 18:01:32 [Jockey] "Come then haughty one! Your foe is here!"
Jun 18 18:01:56 [Cubey] The energy blast separates Roy and the Spawn (which is not hit, infuriatingly)
Jun 18 18:02:12 [Cubey] But the force and scale of it blow you back, just as it wrecks a large hole in the colony wall!
Jun 18 18:02:15 [Tengu] * Asagi kicks away from the Dakovaspawn, spinning the spear in his hands and then throwing it at full force at the attacking enemy! "Here, hold onto this!" +
Jun 18 18:02:28 [Aero] Astara: "If we spend too much time on these ones they'll wear out our weapons..."
Jun 18 18:03:09 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Yes... but not for long, I'm afraid!"
Jun 18 18:03:40 [Cubey] Armored Dakova moves forward - its lower body throwing the Wagner further back like it was nothing, even before the two can touch.
Jun 18 18:03:56 [Cubey] Some kind of energy barrier - a psychic one, that absorbs the Railgun shots before they can connect!
Jun 18 18:04:17 [Cubey] And, with a move of Dakova's arm, Beatrice summons large blades. Energy ones, moving in space, just like the ones Roy uses.
Jun 18 18:04:23 [Cubey] Only those are much larger.
Jun 18 18:04:29 [Cubey] And they slash down on the R-Blade!
Jun 18 18:04:32 [Cubey] React, Skald.
Jun 18 18:04:36 [Steam] #? Skald?
Jun 18 18:04:40 [Cubey] # approved
Jun 18 18:04:40 [Aero] #Skald?
Jun 18 18:04:50 [Cubey] Also approved
Jun 18 18:04:52 [Jockey] "..Meow?"
Jun 18 18:05:06 [Steam] "Crap, hang on Captain Cat!"
Jun 18 18:05:25 [Jockey] *Skald is surprised by the sudden appearance of the swords and does his best to weave through the gaps between them to pull back!+
Jun 18 18:05:35 [Cubey] You're not sure is it because Beatrice's focus is elsewhere, but the dakovaspawn is pierced with the spear and stops moving, its body quickly extinguished to nothing.
Jun 18 18:05:44 [Cubey] Leaving only the spear behind, but it's rusted into a useless state now.
Jun 18 18:05:44 [Steam] * The Wagner sprints after Skald, conjuring up his own swords to to match Beatrice's, hanging his assortment shoot up to parry hers!+
Jun 18 18:07:04 [Aero] * Maxwell leaps into the air in order to get away from some of the corrosive flames, as she spots the Cat-Blade under attack she summons Fortuna once again allowing the weapon to stay in its regular form before it explodes into a torrent of black energy spears to join in with Roy's blades and help break through Beatrice's. +
Jun 18 18:07:08 [Corel] *"If that's the case..." Lenore assists Astara, going up against the damaged spawn. Azazil wreathes itself in dark colored flames as it strikes at close-range, firing off point-blank blasts and targeting the weakened areas of the enemy.+
Jun 18 18:08:17 [Cubey] Lenore's target wraps itself up in a protective cloak of force, once again going defensive while it is pummeled fiercer and fiercer.
Jun 18 18:09:01 [Cubey] It seems it is going to give... but the two other spawns lash out at Lenore! Rather than attacking in any way, they just tackle the Azazil and try to grapple it, their auras being the most destructive of their weapons.
Jun 18 18:09:01 [Cubey] React.
Jun 18 18:09:32 [Cubey] Roy and Astara create weapons of their own to block the massive blades.
Jun 18 18:09:36 [Aero] Astara: "Lenore!"
Jun 18 18:09:59 [Cubey] But Dakova's blades just slice through them, being minimally slowed down, allowing Skald to begin his dodging maneuvers.
Jun 18 18:10:18 [Corel] Lenore: "Agh!"
Jun 18 18:10:58 [Cubey] But the first's weight almost nicks him, knocking the R-Blade off balance. And the other strikes its side, only a graze - but for these weapons, that still means a long and deep gash on the R-Blade's body.
Jun 18 18:11:09 [Cubey] The unit is crashed down into the colony wall. Its right arm doesn't seem to work too well anymore...
Jun 18 18:11:19 [Cubey] Roy, Eva, Astara - you can go now
Jun 18 18:11:22 [Jockey] "MEOWCH"
Jun 18 18:12:17 [Steam] Roy: "There's nothing original at all about that stupid thing, is there?!?"
Jun 18 18:12:18 [Cubey] Beatrice: "How does it feel?"
Jun 18 18:12:22 [Tengu] Asagi: "Another spear down. Anna won't be happy about this... But that's the least of my concerns right now!"
Jun 18 18:12:26 [Cubey] Beatrice: "I'd lie if I say I wasn't enjoying this!"
Jun 18 18:13:23 [Corel] Lenore: "I didn't come all this way to get beat! Hraaah!" *The emitters across the Craft's body glow the same color as the energy it channels - and two giant arms of darkness and fire counter-grapple the spawns. Lenore uses them to fire an almost omnidirectional blast of heat and shadow to repel and damage her attackers!+
Jun 18 18:15:08 [Arach] *Eva has a bit of breathing room. So, she walks her shots along Armored Dakova's surface, looking for anything that reacts or gives in more easily. "It's easy to have fun when you abuse power, isn't it."+
Jun 18 18:15:38 [Aero] * Astara recalls the remaining dark spears to her and reforms Fortuna into a large sniper rifle. She knew that regular bullets would be useless, as such she poured her own power into the weapon before taking aim at the Dakovaspawns and pulling the trigger, firing four flaming bullets that she hoped would disrupt their flames with her own. +
Jun 18 18:15:43 [Steam] * The Wagner turns back again towards the Armored Dakova... trying to figure out how to break through to the machine. But there was no time to just stand around and just fiddle around and think! The Wagner fired a spread of shots at the gigantic machine... before following up with a massive energy sword that swung at its leg!+
Jun 18 18:16:34 [Cubey] Lenore manages to throw the Dakovaspawn back - two of them, as the third is destroyed.
Jun 18 18:17:13 [Cubey] They lunge for another assault, but Astara starts firing at them. So instead, their bodies turn thin and long, making them hard to hit - as their limbs slash out towards the Maxwell! And rather than just cutting, they try to entangle it.
Jun 18 18:17:14 [Cubey] React.
Jun 18 18:17:35 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Abuse power? Look who's talking."
Jun 18 18:17:51 [Cubey] Beatrice: "You made my work so much more difficult. You killed all my friends at SCCF!"
Jun 18 18:18:08 [Cubey] Beatrice: "And for what?"
Jun 18 18:19:07 [Cubey] Your attacks - both Eva's and Roy's, hit nothing! The enemy disappears in a massive wormhole.
Jun 18 18:19:55 [Cubey] Beatrice: "For the sake of 'stopping Dakova'? Protecting the world from it? The world doesn't need protecting from Dakova..."
Jun 18 18:19:58 [Steam] "And you all killed boss man!"
Jun 18 18:20:04 [Cubey] You hear her voice and a wormhole appears.
Jun 18 18:20:07 [Steam] "And blew up Erria!"
Jun 18 18:20:07 [Cubey] And from it...
Jun 18 18:20:12 [Cubey] A large blade swings forward.
Jun 18 18:20:15 [Aero] * Rather than fight against
it she seems to allow the spawns to entangle her, following the actions of her clone daughter Maxwell roars in defiance as its mouth plate lowers to reveal its feral face. As the craft roars out a massive torrent of fire spewed out in every direction from its body to completely envelop the remaining spawns. +
Jun 18 18:20:22 [Steam] "And messed with peoples' brains all the time and act like you know what's best!"
Jun 18 18:20:24 [Cubey] And then, another wormhole - and from it, a weapon. And another, and another.
Jun 18 18:20:30 [Cubey] Only a moment later does Dakova reappear.
Jun 18 18:21:11 [Cubey] Beatrice: "I will make the world a better place for everyone. If hard choices have to be made... then so be it."
Jun 18 18:21:27 [Cubey] The energy blades slice at the Tern!
Jun 18 18:21:34 [Cubey] ... But they do it only as they pass by it.
Jun 18 18:21:41 [Cubey] In actuality, all of them converge on a single location.
Jun 18 18:21:51 [Cubey] Which is where the Wagner happens to be at the moment.
Jun 18 18:21:53 [Steam] "Too bad you're not doing the easiest choice though and just freaking stopping!"
Jun 18 18:21:57 [Cubey] React, Eva and Roy.
Jun 18 18:22:33 [Cubey] The spawns are partially disintegrating due to the heat.
Jun 18 18:22:59 [Cubey] But they still carry on, and still try to grab on to Maxwell! Their forms are damaged, but Maxwell's in a bad shape, and is getting corroded more and more!
Jun 18 18:23:14 [Cubey] Asagi, Skald, Lenore - go.
Jun 18 18:23:59 [Steam] * Crisis energy backed by righteous fury erupts from the Wagner! "Blah blah blah friends and making the world a better place... you're bonkers beyond belief, Beatrice!" With a cry a massive Crisisphere erupted to ward off the blades!+
Jun 18 18:24:33 [Arach] *Eva: "...Good question.", she says as Beatrice disappears. Even now-no, especially now, she can't bring herself to debate the morality of all this. As the energy blades scythe at her, the Tern twists and turns through the air to avoid them, trying to slip in between the attacks. "I'm not really sure."+
Jun 18 18:24:52 [Tengu] (enemies left?)
Jun 18 18:25:30 [Cubey] Armored Dakova and Dakovaspawn x2 (damaged, and entangling Astara)
Jun 18 18:25:46 [Cubey] Eva slips through openings in Beatrice's attacks
Jun 18 18:25:49 [Corel] Lenore is having a difficult time deciding what to focus on with everything that's going on. But those spawns are her priority for now.
Jun 18 18:26:04 [Cubey] because the attack wasn't meant for her. The blades are held to a stop thanks to the Crisisphere
Jun 18 18:26:29 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Of course you don't care about any of those things. You're just a machine!"
Jun 18 18:27:06 [Jockey] *Despite the damage the R-Blade has taken Skald refuses to back down! He's soon rushing at the Dakovaspawn, giving the tonfa in the PT's still working arm a solid swing in an attempt do decapitate one of them!+
Jun 18 18:27:26 [Cubey] Dakova's psychic power emanates in another shockwave!
Jun 18 18:27:40 [Cubey] The blades overwhelm the defensive sphere, and strike down at the Wagner.
Jun 18 18:27:56 [Cubey] Large weapons cut into it, destroying parts of its body, and then just impaling through it.
Jun 18 18:28:19 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Well."
Jun 18 18:28:24 [Tengu] Asagi: "I need to be precise..." He draws Blue One's katana and moves towards one of the Dakovaspawn, cutting across it in a long gash as his AHSMB moves past! After that, he spins around and unloads several shots from his machingun, making sure he doesn't hit Astara by accident. +
Jun 18 18:28:36 [Corel] Lenore: *"Astara!" That's all the other Kijin will get as a heads up to act as she approaches - both arms' claws lengthening and slashing across the spawns!+
Jun 18 18:29:25 [Cubey] Your attacks quickly manage to pry the spawn off Astara - and destroy them, without taking too much damage yourselves!
Jun 18 18:29:29 [Cubey] This is good, now there's only...
Jun 18 18:30:08 [Aero] Astara lets out a sigh of relief. "Thanks Asagi...you too Lenore."
Jun 18 18:30:11 [Cubey] Dakova lands on the colony wall, the force field around it faintly visible if contained by its physical ring radius.
Jun 18 18:30:31 [Cubey] And by landing, I mean it lands down on the Wagner's disabled body, crushing it somewhat flatter.
Jun 18 18:30:43 [Cubey] Beatrice: "The obstacle is gone now."
Jun 18 18:30:48 [Aero] Maxwell lands on the ground of the Colony in time to see that. "!!"
Jun 18 18:31:10 [Cubey] Dakova charges its battleship-scale beam again - and sweeps it across all who saved Astara!
Jun 18 18:31:11 [Corel] Lenore: "Roy!!"
Jun 18 18:31:23 [Cubey] Lenore, Asagi, Skald - react!
Jun 18 18:31:33 [Tengu] Asagi: "Tha- Roy...!"
Jun 18 18:31:44 [Jockey] "!!!"
Jun 18 18:32:10 [Aero] #Everyone?
Jun 18 18:32:13 [Jockey] *Skald leaps upwards and away from the direction of the sweeping beam, pushing the R-Blade's thrusters to the limit!+
Jun 18 18:33:10 [Tengu] * There's no time to be shocked, even though Asagi is pretty damn shocked right now! Seeing the giant beam incoming, he tries to zoom around it, letting Blue One's survival instinct take over momentarily. +
Jun 18 18:33:30 [Cubey] # approved
Jun 18 18:34:43 [Corel] "You...!" *Unfortunately, Lenore is very shocked. All she can do is put up a barrier in defense.+
Jun 18 18:35:36 [Cubey] You try defensive maneuvers, but they are tampered with.
Jun 18 18:35:47 [Aero] * Maxwell moves forward and slams its fist into the ground to form yet another massive wall of ice, it wouldn't stop the beam she knew that but at the very least since she was sweeping it across it'd buy the others more time to get away from it. +
Jun 18 18:36:21 [Cubey] Beatrice: "I did mean it. You saw the horde of robotic minions outside. With Garnette interfering, that's the best I could do, just control machines. But with it gone..."
Jun 18 18:36:55 [Cubey] You feel Dakova's presence - inside your minds, trying to wrestle control away from you!
Jun 18 18:37:25 [Cubey] As you struggle against it, you are distracted and your reaction time is slower. You won't make it!
Jun 18 18:37:37 [Jockey] [Skald musters all the resistance of a cat that refuses to heed anyone!]
Jun 18 18:37:54 [Cubey] ... You made it. Astara's ice wall doesn't last a second, but that's enough to evade taking the beam head on.
Jun 18 18:38:13 [Tengu] Asagi: "Ghhh... No... Not again..."
Jun 18 18:38:35 [Cubey] It burns a large and long hole in the colony's wall, and air starts to rush out of it. But your units aren't engulfed in the beam.
Jun 18 18:39:04 [Cubey] At least not fully. Grazing hits and partial connects seriously damage the R-Blade and Blue One.
Jun 18 18:39:47 [Cubey] Lenore's barrier didn't last long against the grazing beam either. It breaks and Azazil's side looks really bad now...
Jun 18 18:40:07 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Good luck evading the next... hmm?"
Jun 18 18:40:19 [Cubey] Suddenly!
Jun 18 18:40:30 [Arach] Eva: "Asagi. Do you need help?" The Tern floats closer to Blue One.
Jun 18 18:40:35 [Cubey] As quickly as it appeared, Dakova's influence over your minds and bodies... is gone.
Jun 18 18:40:55 [Corel] Lenore: "I can't...not like- eh?"
Jun 18 18:40:56 [Aero] Astara: "What's going on?"
Jun 18 18:41:17 [Tengu] Asagi: "...What? What happened?"
Jun 18 18:41:50 [Steam] "... Finally... noticed?"
Jun 18 18:41:51 [Steam] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1ZXAxr5hF4
Jun 18 18:42:15 [Steam] The voice crackles over the comms., even as faint sparks of energy radiate from the crumpled remains of the Wagner.
Jun 18 18:42:44 [Steam] "'... Cuz you're wrong about everything! Like... seriously everything!"
Jun 18 18:43:39 [Steam] And with great difficulty, Roy's damaged drone body pulls himself free of his machine, tearing himself up in the process and exposing all the cybernetics underneath.
Jun 18 18:44:02 [Steam] "You talk and talk about making the world soooooo much better... when you're just also bashing on robots left and right!"
Jun 18 18:44:10 [Cubey] Beatrice: "You're still functioning? What can do you in this sorry state?!"
Jun 18 18:44:24 [Corel] Lenore: "Roy..."
Jun 18 18:44:38 [Steam] "But you're just gonna take everyone's free will away with Dakova and make them freaking dolls!"
Jun 18 18:44:45 [Corel] While relieved, it's pretty obvious to Lenore that the robot is not alright...
Jun 18 18:45:09 [Steam] "And if peace were that easy to get... it wouldn't mean anything! That's why Boss Man let me choose and think and learn for myself rather than just kill Dakova from the start!"
Jun 18 18:45:28 [Steam] "... Wouldn't have been fair to Dakova... it's never done anything bad on purpose! But YOU though...!"
Jun 18 18:45:54 [Steam] Roy pointed dramatically at the Armored Dakova, even as the Wagner's broken limb creaked and raised to do likewise.
Jun 18 18:46:40 [Steam] "Ammo magazine's busted... so I only got one bullet left to use. And it's probably only gonna buy a few secs but... my buds here are awesome!"
Jun 18 18:46:49 [Cubey] Roy - go!
Jun 18 18:47:02 [Steam] "So when you get your opening... show her what the difference that a few seconds... heck a billionth of a second can do!"
Jun 18 18:48:19 [Steam] * And with that, Roy's drone jumps into the Wagner's railgun. Crisis energy builds up further and further, flooding into the cannon... before a massive blue burst shoots forth like a comet... straight at Dakova!+
Jun 18 18:48:51 [Cubey] Beatrice: "What are you..."
Jun 18 18:49:05 [Cubey] Despite lacking useable weapons - Roy used himself as one.
Jun 18 18:49:20 [Cubey] The Dakova's shield appears again!
Jun 18 18:49:26 [Steam] From the force of the shot, the remainder of the Wagner breaks apart into pieces... but hey, not like he was using it anymore.
Jun 18 18:49:34 [Corel] Lenore: "...!"
Jun 18 18:49:41 [Cubey] But, with a crack, the mental energy is gone! The ring around Armored Dakova smokes and falls down!
Jun 18 18:49:55 [Cubey] And Roy himself
slams into the Dakova, pushing it back from the force of a sudden explosion!
Jun 18 18:50:00 [Jockey] "... This is our chance..."
Jun 18 18:50:02 [Jockey] "STRIKE NOW!"
Jun 18 18:50:22 [Cubey] Eva, Astara - go now!
Jun 18 18:50:43 [Tengu] Asagi: "Roy..."
Jun 18 18:50:52 [Tengu] Asagi: "...You can count on me!"
Jun 18 18:50:59 [Aero] Astara: "We'll finish her for him."
Jun 18 18:51:04 [Cubey] Beatrice: "No... the paradise of tomorrow... the gates aren't closed yet!"
Jun 18 18:51:09 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Don't think you achieved anything!"
Jun 18 18:51:22 [Cubey] Energy blades appear around Dakova, ready to strike at anyone who tries to attack.
Jun 18 18:51:29 [Cubey] But... now is your chance! Don't waste it!
Jun 18 18:52:37 [Aero] * Astara rushes forward without any hesitation, drawing Maxwell's own broadsword from its back before running up Dakova's armored leg, slashing at anything and everything that she could. She just had to find the right point... &
Jun 18 18:53:31 [Arach] *"What..." Eva shakes her head, focusing. The Tern opens fire with each of its lasers in succession-and then cycling back again, Eva starts to fire her spread lasers without any cooldown between barrages. The shots fall all over Dakova's body, and everywhere there's a crack-Eva hits again, and again, and again.+
Jun 18 18:53:56 [Cubey] Moving upwards, Astara manages to cut Dakova. Its armor is tough - but you do it!
Jun 18 18:54:00 [Corel] Lenore's hand had reached out for Roy just before that impact, too far to do anything...but now she lowers it and grits her teeth.
Jun 18 18:54:18 [Cubey] Beatrice grabs one of the swords. Not risking using a beam so close up, she swings it at the Maxwell, to cut it down as it ascends!
Jun 18 18:54:51 [Cubey] Eva's lasers fire upon Dakova - those that land around the head and upper torso seem to deliver the most effect.
Jun 18 18:55:00 [Cubey] Unfortunately Dakova still fires its own, much larger beam in retaliation!
Jun 18 18:55:03 [Cubey] React, Eva!
Jun 18 18:55:07 [Cubey] Also continue/react, Astara.
Jun 18 18:55:13 [Cubey] Asagi, Skald, Lenore, go now.
Jun 18 18:56:13 [Jockey] *There wasn't enough time to get up close to use his blade... so Skald draws the Railgun. A few seconds... enough to send several high speed rounds hammering through an enemy!+
Jun 18 18:57:08 [Arach] *Eva: "Close-" The Tern jerks sideways, as Eva puts that psychokinesis to use and drags the whole machine to try to avoid the beam.+
Jun 18 18:58:31 [Aero] * "Now, Invicta!" Once again she invokes the former Kijin Emperor's ability to stop time as the blade swings down towards her, using it only for a fraction of a second to get away and make the creature strike itself. As she leaps up she slams her fist into Dakova's chest in an attempt to freeze the armor of the creature. +
Jun 18 18:58:57 [Cubey] The beam sweeps across the colony - but Eva can see it. With your psychic ability, you can dodge it!
Jun 18 18:59:53 [Cubey] Beatrice: "!!"
Jun 18 19:00:19 [Tengu] Asagi: "I won't let Dakova turn anyone into a puppet..." Blue One's eyes flash, and the third one in its forehead opens much wider than usual. A ring of seemingly solid light appears on its back. The AMSMB has entered an awakened state!
Jun 18 19:00:21 [Cubey] Somehow she had it, a surefire strike - that was dodged anyway! Astara's time trick got her out of the way.
Jun 18 19:00:45 [Cubey] And she froze the chest of the enemy - which then erupts painfully as railgun rounds hit it!
Jun 18 19:00:58 [Cubey] Beatrice: "No! You can't do it... my dream... it's good for everyone, why are you doing this?!"
Jun 18 19:01:14 [Cubey] She sends the other flying blade at Skald in desperation. React!
Jun 18 19:01:18 [Aero] Astara: "There's an opening everyone!"
Jun 18 19:01:29 [Jockey] "Because I don't like you."
Jun 18 19:01:50 [Jockey] *Skald kicks away from the blade as much as he could+
Jun 18 19:02:51 [Tengu] Asagi: "Your dream was a terrible one. It's over, Beatrice!" He points his katana forward, and several large pieces disattach from the ring, forming a much bigger blade around it! Blue One rushes forward, slashing at Dakova with the large sword, which causes the blade to shatter into numerous pieces - but the pieces spin around in mid-air and then rush forward, flying towards Dakova
Jun 18 19:02:52 [Tengu] like cutting projectiles while Asagi keeps slashing from multiple directions! +
Jun 18 19:03:51 [Cubey] The blade quickly returns, since Beatrice is forced to use it - in addition to the one in her hand, to defend herself.
Jun 18 19:04:09 [Cubey] Both blades are crossed to block Asagi, but the Dakova is being overpowered despite its advantage in size!
Jun 18 19:04:16 [Corel] Lenore: *"Because you were on the same path Cambio was...and now..." The dimmed energy around Azazil erupts into an inferno as it summons a pair of disembodied arms to its sides - not Seta's, but her own, of shadow and flames - the two are brought together...
Jun 18 19:04:24 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Everyone's... ideal world!"
Jun 18 19:04:45 [Cubey] She slices with both blades in a cross slash, a forceful attempt to make Blue One back off - in pieces, if possible
Jun 18 19:04:46 [Cubey] React
Jun 18 19:05:06 [Arach] #Asagi?
Jun 18 19:05:13 [Cubey] # approved
Jun 18 19:06:45 [Corel] *"Roy is gone because of you!" The combined energy from both arms forms a crimson sphere, from which two swirling projectiles emerge and launch toward Beatrice! One of these has the head of a familiar-looking dragon, and the other - a wolf. They slam into the enemy's sides with extreme force!+
Jun 18 19:06:53 [Arach] *Asagi has support. The Tern, larger but not all that much tougher, flies above it and intercepts those blades mid-swing. Eva puts up a barrier with both hands, hoping to slow the swords down a bit-then flee. "Not mine."+
Jun 18 19:09:12 [Tengu] Asagi: "Any world where I can't be myself is not an ideal one!" With a swing of his hand, he summons two disembodied, large swords made of solid light - and then he brings his katana to parry, and the blades follow its movement completely, all the weapons blocking the enemy's strike together! +
Jun 18 19:10:04 [Cubey] Asagi and Eva are blocking the weapons.
Jun 18 19:10:17 [Jockey] "You are a fool to think that everyone shares the same vision of an ideal world."
Jun 18 19:10:25 [Cubey] This is the moment Lenore's double attack slams into Dakova.
Jun 18 19:10:32 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Ghh..?!"
Jun 18 19:10:38 [Cubey] The blades flicker - and disappear!
Jun 18 19:10:58 [Cubey] The disembodied swords of light slice down and stab into Dakova's center of the body.
Jun 18 19:11:06 [Cubey] But the giant is already falling.
Jun 18 19:11:13 [Cubey] You feel like...
Jun 18 19:11:28 [Cubey] Like its presence just escaped you. No wild thrashing, just a feeling of relief.
Jun 18 19:11:44 [Cubey] Some of its non-armored parts start to disintegrate already.
Jun 18 19:11:56 [Aero] Astara: "Is it.."
Jun 18 19:12:17 [Tengu] Asagi: "Dakova's torment is ending..."
Jun 18 19:12:23 [Cubey] The Dakova has perished.
Jun 18 19:12:59 [Cubey] But.
Jun 18 19:13:02 [Cubey] Someone else has not.
Jun 18 19:13:07 [Cubey] Beatrice: "No..."
Jun 18 19:13:16 [Cubey] You hear a loud sniff. And, crying.
Jun 18 19:13:41 [Aero] Astara: "...."
Jun 18 19:13:45 [Cubey] Beatrice: "All of SCCF's sacrifices... all for nothing?"
Jun 18 19:13:52 [Jockey] "Yes."
Jun 18 19:14:03 [Steam] "... Haha..."
Jun 18 19:14:04 [Cubey] Beatrice: "The paradise was lost... the door to the ideal world is closed now... aaaah....!"
Jun 18 19:14:19 [Aero] Astara: "What should we do?"
Jun 18 19:14:19 [Steam] "Ahahahaha... ahahahahahahaha...!"
Jun 18 19:14:27 [Cubey] The SCCF leader crawls out of Dakova's corpse, and falls down to her knees. Right next to the destroyed Wagner.
Jun 18 19:14:35 [Arach] Eva looks around for wherever Beatrice is. "I'll play the role of executioner."
Jun 18 19:14:53 [Steam] "Like heck you will!"
Jun 18 19:15:25 [Steam] A determined hand pulls free of Dakova's frame, the rest of what's left of Roy following!
Jun 18 19:15:37 [Tengu] Asagi: "Eva. No. It's over now."
Jun 18 19:15:45 [Steam] "... Sorry Beatrice, but that crap you were saying?"
Jun 18 19:15:53 [Steam] "It was so unfunny I forgot to NOT laugh!"
Jun 18 19:15:58 [Arach] Eva: "-Why not! Why shouldn't we!"
Jun 18 19:16:08 [Corel] Lenore: "...Roy!"
Jun 18 19:16:17 [Aero] Astara...was in no position to pick a side here.
Jun 18 19:16:18 [Jockey] "Because there is no crueller fate than her having to live in a world she despises.:
Jun 18 19:16:44 [Steam] "I'll say it one last time... what you were trying to do was no paradise at all... because even one person would be suffering in it! Dakova would be!"
Jun 18 19:17:04 [Tengu] Asagi: "Because a court should decide what happens to her. She's not a threat to us anymore."
Jun 18 19:17:14 [Tengu] Asagi: "...And they'll likely end up executing her anyway."
Jun 18 19:17:22 [Steam] "I'd just hoped to throw off its powers for a few moments... but Dakova... Dakova chose to die and let its power be extinguished against mine!"
Jun 18 19:17:45 [Steam] "It understood nothing about our world but it at least could understand that!"
Jun 18 19:18:14 [Steam] "It understood more about making the world a better place than you or the SCCF ever did!"
Jun 18 19:18:19 [Arach] Eva stays quiet for now.
Jun 18 19:18:31 [Cubey] There is no reaction from Beatrice other than quiet sobbing.
Jun 18 19:18:35 [Cubey] She doesn't even look at you anymore.
Jun 18 19:18:47 [Cubey] But. It looks like, one way or another, it's over.
Jun 18 19:19:05 [Cubey] Huffman: "Everyone, dodge! Get out of Panopticon, now!"
Jun 18 19:19:17 [Cubey] What's this, the commander is sending an emergency message - and he sounds hurried like never before!
Jun 18 19:19:21 [Corel] Lenore: "I have never been so scared more times in a single battle-"
Jun 18 19:19:27 [Cubey] In the distance,
something is rumbling...
Jun 18 19:19:30 [Corel] Lenore: "Wha-?"
Jun 18 19:19:31 [Cubey] Everyone, react!
Jun 18 19:19:40 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Crap! It was all rigged to explode!"
Jun 18 19:19:49 [Aero] Astara: "Lets move"
Jun 18 19:20:16 [Arach] *Eva grabs Blue One and flees!+
Jun 18 19:20:28 [Jockey] "There is no honor to dying by a self destruction! Away!"
Jun 18 19:20:32 [Aero] * Injured as it was Maxwell could move at the very least. "Lenore come on."
Jun 18 19:20:32 [Steam] Roy: "... Crap! Someone... grab what's left of my machine, fast!"
Jun 18 19:20:48 [Steam] And Roy moves to grab Beatrice! No way is she getting the satisfaction of dying along with her dreams!
Jun 18 19:20:48 [Tengu] Asagi tries to see if any allies need help, and grabs them as he flies past! Not flies on his own, but still. +
Jun 18 19:20:58 [Tengu] That'd be the remains of Roy's unit, yes. +
Jun 18 19:21:06 [Jockey] [Skald is moving quickly to help with the Wagner and bailing as fast as a cat can!]
Jun 18 19:21:07 [Corel] Lenore: "Right!" *Time to bail, and Azazil helps with whatever is left of Roy before leaving!+
Jun 18 19:21:49 [Steam] And Roy hitches a ride with the Azazil too, still holding tight to Beatrice!+
Jun 18 19:22:00 [Cubey] Everyone quickly makes themselves scarce - including Roy, who took Beatrice with him as well.
Jun 18 19:22:10 [Cubey] Behind you, you can see what happened to the colony.
Jun 18 19:22:15 [Cubey] It's no self destruction mechanism.
Jun 18 19:22:27 [Cubey] A massive blast engulfs it and destroys it completely.
Jun 18 19:22:38 [Cubey] It was arced, but it obviously came from Earth's direction.
Jun 18 19:22:41 [Cubey] And, one more thing.
Jun 18 19:22:44 [Cubey] It wasn't energy.
Jun 18 19:23:08 [Cubey] It was physical, incredibly hot liquid. Like molten metal. Or... lava.
Jun 18 19:23:22 [Cubey] Huffman: "Is everyone safe? Thank goodness."
Jun 18 19:23:32 [Tengu] Asagi: "What was that?"
Jun 18 19:23:36 [Cubey] Huffman: "It looks like the Cambio Protocol coalition just fell apart..."
Jun 18 19:24:01 [Corel] Lenore: "Magma...? With that kind of force?"
Jun 18 19:24:28 [Arach] Eva: "...From where..."
Jun 18 19:24:53 [Cubey] Huffman: "Beatrice wasn't the only one hiding a large scale weapon. You were VIPER's first target just now."
Jun 18 19:24:58 [Jockey] "How would that even be possible."
Jun 18 19:25:01 [Cubey] Huffman: "Let's hope there won't be a second..."
Jun 18 19:25:05 [Cubey] MISSION COMPLETE
Jun 18 19:25:16 [Jockey] "A lava cannon? Absurd!"
Jun 18 19:25:24 [Jockey] [Coming from a talking cat... that's hipocrisy.]