Jun 02 21:14:14 [Cubey] The Unification Project fleet is getting really close to the Crossgate now.
Jun 02 21:15:33 [Cubey] According to Viletta's plan, most of the fleet will surround the Balmarians in a pincer strike - ESUN machines from one side, the Kijin reinforcements from another. While the heaviest hitting elite units will strike in the center.
Jun 02 21:15:54 [Cubey] However, as many plans, this one didn't survive the practice...
Jun 02 21:16:41 [Cubey] Viletta: "A squad of Balmarians broke off from the main force? They are chasing after a single unit!"
Jun 02 21:17:03 [Tengu] Asagi's focusing, trying his hardest to adopt the same mindset that let Izuru awaken his AHSMB. Whatever that is. He's not entirely sure himself. Which means he mostly is just getting a bigger and bigger stomachache.
Jun 02 21:17:10 [Tengu] This announcement doesn't help.
Jun 02 21:17:20 [Cubey] Selena:
Jun 02 21:17:26 [Tengu] Asagi: "A single unit? What is it?"
Jun 02 21:17:45 [Cubey] You managed to flee with Armana and made it to the hangar, where you took possession of the best unit that was available.
Jun 02 21:17:54 [Cubey] Viletta: "Spectra's Varuch Ishar."
Jun 02 21:18:39 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
Jun 02 21:19:23 [Cubey] Spectra's unit was still not fully repaired and its blade buster is damaged beyond repair (except for the bayonet).
Jun 02 21:19:54 [Cubey] The Golar Golem forces are behind you, and you can't possibly take them all - but you can flee, or hide. There are asteroid fields scattered around the Crossgate.
Jun 02 21:19:56 [Cubey] Selena, go!
Jun 02 21:20:27 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "...What?" That was not what she'd expected to hear
Jun 02 21:20:51 [Corel] Seta: "If they are chasing it...that means..."
Jun 02 21:20:51 [Cubey] Enemies: Varuch Ben x4, Esrim Rosh x8
Jun 02 21:20:57 [Cubey] Esrim Rosh
Jun 02 21:20:57 [Cubey] http://srwog.velv.net/mecha_images/esrimrosh.png
Jun 02 21:20:57 [Cubey] Varuch Ben
Jun 02 21:20:57 [Cubey] http://srwog.velv.net/mecha_images/varuchben.png
Jun 02 21:21:45 [Steam] The problem with these fancy Balmarian machines? Selena could grasp flying it and using weapons easy enough. But communication was another matter.
Jun 02 21:21:54 [Steam] Still...
Jun 02 21:21:57 [Tengu] Asagi: "...We should at least figure out what's going on."
Jun 02 21:22:28 [Steam] "Well you know what they say about actions speaking louder than words."
Jun 02 21:23:34 [Steam] * Selena juked the Varuch Ishar back and around, swinging the bayonette to catch the leading Varuch Ben by surprise!+
Jun 02 21:24:58 [Cubey] The first Varuch Ben throws its wheel buster to meet the bayonet. The two strike against one another - but the buster is destroyed.
Jun 02 21:25:01 [Cubey] However!
Jun 02 21:25:18 [Cubey] Spectra: "Stealing my machine, aren't you? I have you now."
Jun 02 21:25:22 [Steam] "A shame I missed some of your machines in the hangar when we split, but if you come at me like this finishing the job's not too-"
Jun 02 21:25:45 [Cubey] Suddenly, a new machine approaches rapidly from the direction of the Balmarian fleet!
Jun 02 21:26:00 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "I think we just got our answer."
Jun 02 21:26:25 [Steam] Well well...
Jun 02 21:26:44 [Cubey] The Varuch, and its surroundings, are bombarded by beams shot from several gun slaves that surround a much larger, fast unit!
Jun 02 21:26:45 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uw_VmlBTvjo
Jun 02 21:26:48 [Cubey] Selena, react.
Jun 02 21:27:05 [Steam] !
Jun 02 21:27:32 [Steam] Suddenly Selena was very much regretting cutting the Ishar's own Gun Slaves off.
Jun 02 21:28:29 [Steam] * "Hang on, Princess!" Hands at the controls, Selena had the machine jerk backwards and swerve through the assault, missiles firing to try to catch as many of the slaves as she could!+
Jun 02 21:29:30 [Cubey] Missiles fly off towards the gun slaves... but the new arrival does something. Telekinetic power is gathered near its chest, and quickly dispersed! The missiles are consumed by the energy.
Jun 02 21:29:47 [Cubey] And the Ishar is being relentlessly bombarded, taking serious damage in the process!
Jun 02 21:29:52 [Cubey] Armana: "Aaaah!"
Jun 02 21:30:35 [Cubey] To make matters worse, more reinforcements catch up from the Fulehs stationed near the Crossgate.
Jun 02 21:30:41 [Steam] Selena: "... Are you insane?!?"
Jun 02 21:30:51 [Cubey] Armana: "Stop..."
Jun 02 21:31:16 [Cubey] Armana: "Stop this assault this instant, Spectra McCready! I, the Priestess of Zehirut, am present in the cockpit! Dare you strike a blow against me?"
Jun 02 21:31:33 [Cubey] Luria: "We cannot hurt the Princess! I dare not say what would happen if..."
Jun 02 21:32:08 [Cubey] Spectra: "There is a reason why I didn't hit the cockpit."
Jun 02 21:32:37 [Cubey] Spectra: "Golar Golems, tear it away from the unit. The Princess will be safe... and I'll personally deal with the spy."
Jun 02 21:32:49 [Cubey] The Balmarians surround the Varuch Ishar, but...
Jun 02 21:33:00 [Cubey] The fleet's in range!
Jun 02 21:33:09 [Cubey] Unity Group - no, Project Unification, deploy!
Jun 02 21:33:20 [Cubey] Initiative: Asagi, Kei, Astara, Seta
Jun 02 21:33:24 [Cubey] Asagi, Kei, go!
Jun 02 21:33:46 * Jockey has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
Jun 02 21:34:04 [Cubey] Enemies: Vayikran (Spectra), Shemuel (Luria), Esrim Rosh x20, Varuch Ben x12
Jun 02 21:34:11 [Cubey] Vayikran
Jun 02 21:34:11 [Cubey] http://srwog.velv.net/mecha_images/vayikra.jpg
Jun 02 21:34:18 [Cubey] Shemuel
Jun 02 21:34:18 [Cubey] http://srwog.velv.net/mecha_images/shemuel.jpg
Jun 02 21:34:51 [Cubey] (There are further units near the Crossgate, including several Hulehs (flower battleships) but they aren't in range yet)
Jun 02 21:35:36 [Cubey] (Since Kei will move a little later, Astara and Seta can go now too)
Jun 02 21:36:30 [Tengu] Asagi: "I'm taking point. Here goes...!" Blue One rushes into the fray, firing several missiles at the Balmarian units to cover its approach - and, under the explosion, the AHSMB moves into melee range, trying to skewer a few Esrim Roshes with wide swings and piercing stabs of its spear! +
Jun 02 21:37:53 [Tengu] Asagi: "Hey, Varuch Ishar's pilot! Can you hear me?"
Jun 02 21:38:03 [Cubey] The Balmarians notice the AHSMB approaching. They aim their rifles, preparing to fire quickly - but Asagi has fire support!
Jun 02 21:38:42 [Cubey] Viletta: "The most advanced models from the Zachariah line? We can't underestimate them!"
Jun 02 21:39:09 [Cubey] Crowe: "Roger, roger. Here goes..."
Jun 02 21:39:13 [Steam] It takes some more doing to figure out how to get to ESUN frequencies on the Balmarian machine, but-
Jun 02 21:39:21 [Steam] "... Asagi! You're a sight for sore eyes!"
Jun 02 21:39:59 [Cubey] The R-Gun and Crowe's MS fire beams, allowing Asagi to throw himself into the melee. Several Esrims are down...
Jun 02 21:40:02 [Corel] "Come, Union!" *Seta wastes no time summoning her Craft, which deploys while still wrapped in a cloak. The white unit blasts forward and unleashes light spheres at the enemies close to the Varuch Ishar, hoping to draw their attention away.+
Jun 02 21:40:37 [Cubey] Luria: "It's you again?!" The Shemuel spins its new polarm, clashing it against Blue One's and trying to overpower it!
Jun 02 21:40:39 [Cubey] Asagi, react!
Jun 02 21:40:47 [Steam] # Asagi?
Jun 02 21:40:49 [Aero] * "Craft Ignite...Maxwell." Maxwell bursts out from the shuttle in a blaze. The Craft immediately forming Etraire and Merlot as it deploys, firing round after round towards the enemies surrounding the Varuch Ishar as well. +
Jun 02 21:40:53 [Cubey] # approved
Jun 02 21:42:34 [Tengu] Asagi: "Selena! You're safe!" Before he can say anything, the assault happens! Asagi swings his spear against Luria's weapon, clashing with it several times from different sides in an attempt to parry the incoming attacks. +
Jun 02 21:42:45 [Steam] * Mid-swing though, Luria's strike would be met by two rapidly-moving objects swinging into the path of her weapon! Could it have overpowered Blue One on its own? Maybe. But it would find it a lot harder now!+
Jun 02 21:42:48 [Cubey] Esrims and Varuchs have their ranks broken into. The explosions of light disrupt their formation, while Maxwell's shots finish many off.
Jun 02 21:42:54 [Steam] Elma: "Miss Selena!"
Jun 02 21:43:41 [Steam] And a familiar, but strengthened machine decloaks next to the Varuch Ishar.
Jun 02 21:43:46 [Cubey] Spectra: "It's THAT woman... and her minions? Go to hell!"
Jun 02 21:43:54 [Steam] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4vm7eRkEtw
Jun 02 21:44:08 [Steam] (AS Alegrias: http://srwog.velv.net/mecha_images/alegrias.jpg)
Jun 02 21:44:17 [Cubey] She releases gun slaves again, which fire on allied ranks, trying to box them in and then destroy all at once with a larger beam blast.
Jun 02 21:44:19 [Cubey] However...
Jun 02 21:44:22 [Cubey] Spectra: "What?!"
Jun 02 21:44:31 [Cubey] She is distracted by the sudden appearance!
Jun 02 21:44:35 [Cubey] React, Astara and Seta.
Jun 02 21:44:50 [Steam] Selena: "The Soleares's repaired? Elma I could kiss you!"
Jun 02 21:46:01 [Steam] Elma: "Please don't... but for that matter this is not simply the Soleares rebuilt! Thanks to Mr. Willis I was able to make further improvements to it across the board to make it closer to the original designs we found!"
Jun 02 21:46:02 [Cubey] The familiar-looking, yet upgraded AS assists Asagi. The two easily parry Luria, and then throw her away, with a few slashes as a farewell!
Jun 02 21:47:08 [Cubey] Luria: "What is this power? The Shemuel is already in a bad position..."
Jun 02 21:47:28 [Corel] *Seta uses her own unit's cloak to deflect the gun slave fire - punching through them if possible - to make her way out of the larger beam's trajectory!+
Jun 02 21:47:37 [Steam] "I couldn't find anything to properly emulate the Lepton Vector Engine, but-"
Jun 02 21:48:04 [Steam] Selena: "It'll do. Armana, you might want to put this on. I'm switching over."
Jun 02 21:48:11 [Aero] * Astara dismisses Etraire and Merlot as she activates Fortuna, forming the sphere of darkness into a Craft-sized Anti-Material Rifle. "I can do this..." The Kijin takes careful aim before firing several bullets towards the asteroids floating around the area. As the bullets hit the asteroids they seem to ricochet off in several different directions to take
Jun 02 21:48:33 [Aero] out the gunslaves as Astara took advantage of the distraction to get away from the larger beam. +
Jun 02 21:49:17 [Corel] Seta: "Wait...Miss Selena...you are switching?"
Jun 02 21:49:28 [Corel] In the middle of all this?
Jun 02 21:54:51 [Cubey] Armana: "Yes. I'm ready, miss Selena!"
Jun 02 21:56:06 [Steam] Making sure that the Golar Golem helmet's snugly on Armana's head, Selena shut her eyes and plugged her ears.
Jun 02 21:56:10 [Steam] "I'm counting on you Elma."
Jun 02 21:56:50 [Cubey] The Kijin are safe - Astara added to the distraction, and Seta deflected many beams all by herself.
Jun 02 21:57:30 [Cubey] Overall Astara suffers from shallow grazing shots at most - and so does Crowe's Adele, it and the R-Gun dodging and the former also using its shield for defense.
Jun 02 21:57:46 [Cubey] Crowe: "That all you got? ... Not sure how long can I keep up avoiding this bullet hell."
Jun 02 21:57:50 [Steam] The Varuch Ishar's cockpit opens to the vacuum of space for all of a moment, all that's needed for Selena to be sucked right out into it... and then back into the open cockpit of the Alegrias that snaps shut behind her!
Jun 02 21:57:54 [Cubey] Viletta: "All part of the plan..."
Jun 02 21:58:34 [Cubey] Luria: "I see it! Your escape ends here!"
Jun 02 21:58:42 [Steam] "... And I guess now that's two I owe you now!" With a relieved sigh, it was time to get back to the job at hand.
Jun 02 21:59:08 [Cubey] Seeing Selena try to switch units, the Shemuel pilot rebalances herself and makes her unit charge forward, trying to make a grab for it!
Jun 02 21:59:19 [Cubey] Kei, Selena - act now!
Jun 02 21:59:34 [Steam] "Armana, just keep going in the direction we came from, we'll cover for you!" Plus take care of Spectra, and Luria too for that matter!
Jun 02 21:59:54 [Cubey] Armana: "Yes... ahh, watch out!"
Jun 02 22:00:05 [Steam] Selena: "Can you bring those gun drones back around Elma?"
Jun 02 22:00:20 [Steam] Elma: "Yes, but they're officially called 'Servant Sluggers'."
Jun 02 22:00:25 [Steam] Selena: "Worry about it later!"
Jun 02 22:00:54 [Corel] Seta: "Servant...Sluggers..."
Jun 02 22:01:21 [Tengu] Asagi: "Think about the weird name later!"
Jun 02 22:01:36 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Even if it is weird..."
Jun 02 22:01:51 [Steam] * The Alegrias draws a Sol Razor blade as the Sluggers take up flanking positions on either side of the machine, spraying gatling fire into Luria's path just before Selena lunges in with a vicious stab to the machine's side!+
Jun 02 22:02:11 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Yeah..."
Jun 02 22:04:06 [Cubey] Luria's too slow! She has to cut thrust to avoid the gatlings, but then Selena stabs into her unit!
Jun 02 22:04:14 [Cubey] Spectra: "... Disappear."
Jun 02 22:04:36 [Aero] Astara:"M-maybe they shoot something that's like shotgun slugs?"
Jun 02 22:04:47 [Cubey] While Spectra uses that telekinetic attack again - an explosion of light-defying power threatens to engulf where the Alegrias is. And the damaged Shemuel, for that matter!
Jun 02 22:04:49 [Cubey] React, Selena!
Jun 02 22:05:17 [Julia_Dietrich] * "...Anyway, the princess is free for now. We can't let them recapture her. Crowe, snipe at these two units to push them back and give their leaders less cover as they head forward. Astara use the opening in their formation to get in and stand by Selena to strengthen the defensive line and give them less openings to break through and catch her." +
Jun 02 22:06:00 [Cubey] Crowe: "Getting your targetting data... time to put my skills to good use."
Jun 02 22:06:22 [Aero] Astara: "Got it Kei!"
Jun 02 22:06:27 [Cubey] But Kei's tactical analysis and giving orders may not go as planned...
Jun 02 22:06:35 [Cubey] ???: "So you are still at it, huh."
Jun 02 22:06:39 [Cubey] You hear... Ingram's voice?!
Jun 02 22:06:47 [Steam] "If you want me to disappear-"
Jun 02 22:06:58 [Cubey] And suddenly a lightning fast unit makes an assault through the battlfield in a flash.
Jun 02 22:07:08 [Cubey] The large enemy makes it - towards Purple Two!
Jun 02 22:07:34 [Cubey] Calico: "First, you eliminate the chain of command..." And from up close, its main body fires a barrage of spreading blasts at Purple Two!
Jun 02 22:07:37 [Cubey] Kei, react!
Jun 02 22:08:00 [Cubey] Crowe: "What the?!" He and the R-Gun are thrown to the sides by the enemy's appearance, and his sniping is inaccurate. No opening to use for you, Astara!
Jun 02 22:08:03 [Aero] #Kei?
Jun 02 22:08:08 [Cubey] Devariim
Jun 02 22:08:08 [Cubey] http://srwog.velv.net/mecha_images/devariim.png
Jun 02 22:08:10 [Cubey] # approved
Jun 02 22:08:28 [Cubey] It's not Ingram, but rather his clone - and he's using this unit!
Jun 02 22:08:53 [Tengu] Asagi: "Calico McCready!"
Jun 02 22:08:59 [Steam] * The Alegrias kicks off of the Shemuel to also help knock Luria away... just as the numerous green plates on the machine begin to come to life! "-Then you only had to ask! Prism Phantom engage!" A blinding burst of light is released in Spectra's direction as the Alegrias evades!+
Jun 02 22:10:08 [Tengu] Asagi: "I knew it was too much to hope never to see him again..."
Jun 02 22:10:17 [Julia_Dietrich] * /Him?/ Even distracted by worries of unreasonable orders to essentially figure out how to do magic and the shock of being attacked by a dead man, Kei pulled back refusing to move in a single predictable trajectory. There was one thought, though. "And you're still following the directions of your original." Which raised all sorts of questions about herself, of course. +
Jun 02 22:10:32 [Corel] Seta: "What is that unit...?"
Jun 02 22:10:59 [Aero] * "Oh no you don't!" Astara wastes no time in activating Invicta, freezing time for a brief second to give her the chance to charge at the Devariim and shoulder tackle the machine and knock it away from firing at Purple-Two. +
Jun 02 22:12:06 [Cubey] The Alegrias disappears from sight, pulling one on Spectra while usually it was the other way around! The Shemuel somehow makes it away from the blast as well.
Jun 02 22:12:16 [Cubey] However, the situation doesn't look too good on the other front...
Jun 02 22:12:42 [Cubey] Calico: "And yet you do the same, still following your orders as you were given. Things didn't change any since I left..."
Jun 02 22:13:23 [Cubey] Astara attacks the Devariim from the flank, only for its pilot to smirk. "Gerush Shlosha!"
Jun 02 22:13:51 [Cubey] A widespread barrage of beams is shot in every direction but forward, forming a sphere of destruction around the Devariim - with Astara caught in the blast.
Jun 02 22:13:53 [Cubey] Astara, react!
Jun 02 22:14:21 [Cubey] While Kei herself is forced to flee from the shots fired by Calico, so faar managing not to get hit - but you are running out of place to run.
Jun 02 22:14:27 [Cubey] Crowe: "Gah, I can't approach it!"
Jun 02 22:14:46 [Cubey] Armana: "Oh no..."
Jun 02 22:15:25 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "I'm a soldier. I follow orders because I'm part of the chain of command." She drew a sharp breath, her usual control fraying. "I chose to remain and continue my service. And I'm going to leave once it is no longer needed."
Jun 02 22:15:26 [Cubey] Luria: "Princess... I am sorry." At least the Varuch Ishar is semi-steadily making its way back to the allied fleets, and no one tries to attack it.
Jun 02 22:16:27 [Corel] Seta: "Kei, Astara!"
Jun 02 22:16:47 [Cubey] Also, to make things worse - the Balmarian fleets are drawing in closer, too.
Jun 02 22:16:58 [Cubey] Asagi, Seta, go.
Jun 02 22:18:07 [Aero] * "What kind of!?" Maxwell forms an emblem beneath its feet in order to try to jump away from the massive MAPW, the Craft wrapping its burning scarf around itself at the same time in hopes that it would be able to deflect some of the beams as she made her escape. +
Jun 02 22:18:26 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Shut up, Calico. I'm not like you." Blue One catches the beam cannon fired by its supply unit, and starts charging it up! The AHSMB fires two beams, then zooms to the side and shoots another one, all of them going for the Devariim in an attempt to catch the large Balmarian unit into a crossfire. +
Jun 02 22:20:05 [Cubey] Astara is pushed away by a series of blasts, she uses the scarf for protection but they quickly overpower her. The Maxwell is thrown back, damaged!
Jun 02 22:20:08 [Cubey] Astara can move now.
Jun 02 22:20:12 [Cubey] Calico: "Hmph."
Jun 02 22:20:42 [Cubey] The Devariim quickly accelerates, getting out of the way of the first beam.
Jun 02 22:20:49 [Cubey] Viletta: "He's trying to surround us."
Jun 02 22:20:54 [Cubey] While the second beam...
Jun 02 22:20:59 [Cubey] ???: "I think not, young one!"
Jun 02 22:21:35 [Corel] *A ring of light forms briefly behind Union as it charges into the fray. Its silhouette seems to warp, and it splits into numerous copies of itself that lunge at the Devariim from multiple directions!&
Jun 02 22:21:36 [Cubey] Clashes against a huge metal ball on a chain that was flying through space, thrown by a unit that appears from the Balmarian direction!
Jun 02 22:21:53 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOO7cT0ecOI
Jun 02 22:22:07 [Tengu] Asagi: "What-"
Jun 02 22:22:19 [Cubey] The ball is then heaved to change direction - towards Blue One! React!
Jun 02 22:22:35 [Cubey] ???: "Fall back Luria. I will handle this!"
Jun 02 22:22:43 [Cubey] Luria: "Baran Doban... sir..."
Jun 02 22:23:00 [Tengu] * Asagi quickly engages into evasion, raising his katana in an attempt to parry the strike in case the ball still reaches Blue One! +
Jun 02 22:23:12 [Cubey] Enemy reinforcements: Bemidoban, Esrim Rosh x8
Jun 02 22:23:22 [Cubey] Bemidoban
Jun 02 22:23:22 [Cubey] http://srwog.velv.net/mecha_images/bemidban.png
Jun 02 22:24:33 [Cubey] Calico: "The Devariim was created to destroy armies single-handedly. Do you think these tactics can work against me?"
Jun 02 22:25:16 [Cubey] Calico's unit is shooting beams all around itself, the Union copies being blasted to shreds as soon as they form! Also, the Devariim is starting to accelerate again.
Jun 02 22:25:19 [Cubey] React/continue Seta
Jun 02 22:26:17 [Corel] Seta: "You may be right...however..."
Jun 02 22:26:18 [Cubey] Baran Doban: "Wa ha ha. Not bad, not bad at all!" Blue One gets out of the path of the hammer swing, and good. Even a shockwave of that attack is enough to disrupt your balance, momentarily!
Jun 02 22:26:48 [Cubey] Armana: "Mr Doban is here too?!"
Jun 02 22:27:06 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "You know him, princess?"
Jun 02 22:27:23 [Corel] *That's exactly what Seta wanted Calico to do. The clones erupt into blasts of light when they are struck - essentially flashbangs to disrupt the enemy's vision!
Jun 02 22:27:24 [Tengu] Asagi: "I'd rather not get hit head-on by that..."
Jun 02 22:27:34 [Cubey] Armana: "He was designated to guard me like Luria, but..."
Jun 02 22:28:26 [Steam] Selena: "We'll try to keep that in mind."
Jun 02 22:28:58 [Cubey] Baran: "I'm sorry Princess. It's time to settle things on the battlefield now! Show me your youthful enthusiasm, and how it fares against this 500 year old unit!"
Jun 02 22:28:58 [Aero] * "Ngh..." Maxwell flicks its wrist and clenches its fist. That statement was already bothering her given what she recently learned about her own father. "How many unique machines do they have..." Astara grips Fortuna and takes aim at Calico before transforming the weapon into a rather large shotgun and firing several flame enhanced slugs at the red machine.
Jun 02 22:29:00 [Aero] +
Jun 02 22:29:13 [Corel] Seta: *"Your opponent is an individual. Take this!" Union strikes from an unexpected angle, spinning forward to deliver an axe kick to knock the enemy into one of the nearby asteroids!+
Jun 02 22:30:52 [Cubey] Calico: "Gah!" He is blinded by the copies exploding, and though he already is accelerating, the Devariim is kicked - and shotgunned, out of its projected path!
Jun 02 22:31:16 [Cubey] Spectra: "In the end, it is only a support machine for the Vayikran, isn't it? Very well..."
Jun 02 22:31:22 [Tengu] Asagi: "Enthusiasm... They really should've sent someone else here."
Jun 02 22:31:49 [Cubey] But dark energy is generated in Vayikran's hands again. An attack very similar to the one used by the Zehirut!
Jun 02 22:32:45 [Cubey] Spectra: "Beria... Redifah!" She unleashes a spatial anomaly that tries to suck in everything on its way - and then crush it between two plates of extreme force!
Jun 02 22:32:56 [Cubey] Everything being - the Maxwell and Union! Astara, Seta, react!
Jun 02 22:38:11 [Corel] "This kind of attack..." *The fact that she just got out of striking Calico leaves Seta with little room to do much, but she nonetheless hits one of the nearby rocks with a solid kick to accelerate it toward the anomaly. Maybe that will buy her time to get out of its way.+
Jun 02 22:39:35 [Cubey] Seta is being sucked into the anomaly! The slow down helps a little, but the Kijin empress' Union is still being relentlessly attacked by two surfaces of force, and suffers considerate damage!
Jun 02 22:40:15 [Aero] * There wasn't going to be much of a chance to escape it, instead Astara transformed Fortuna into its beam cannon form and waited, even if Maxwell took massive damage she could at least return some of it by firing Fortuna right in the Vayikran's face. +
Jun 02 22:40:31 [Cubey] Baran: "Looks like reinforcements are here." More Esrims and Varuchs deploy, this time a much larger number, and try to circle around you. While Baran Doban himself moves his unit to block Asagi's approach towards Calico and the Kijins.
Jun 02 22:41:03 [Corel] Seta: "Aagh...!"
Jun 02 22:41:08 [Cubey] Astara is likewise crushed... but the attack is stopped when the Vayikran gets its face scorched by the blast! This causes the attack to stop, and frees the Kijin.
Jun 02 22:41:17 [Cubey] Spectra: "Ghh! I will not forget this..."
Jun 02 22:41:24 [Cubey] ???: "TALLY HO!"
Jun 02 22:41:28 [Cubey] Baraon: "Oooh?"
Jun 02 22:41:47 [Cubey] It's not just the Balmarians whose reinforcements are here.
Jun 02 22:41:54 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GKAvlij9ew
Jun 02 22:42:03 [Aero] Astara: "Gaaa..."
Jun 02 22:42:14 [Cubey] One of the flanking fleets is engaging the enemy swarm from the side!
Jun 02 22:42:50 [Cubey] Randy: "Come on Team Doberman. We'll be always there to assist our juniors!"
Jun 02 22:42:58 [Cubey] Chandra: "Hang in there, everyone!"
Jun 02 22:43:10 [Cubey] Patrick: "Here I go! This is for Tamaki! Is she here?"
Jun 02 22:43:23 [Cubey] Ange: "DIE YOU SCUM OF THE EARTH, YOU HAVE NO PLACE HERE!"
Jun 02 22:43:27 [Steam] Selena: "Well now, these are sights for sore eyes. You were planning a larger assault?"
Jun 02 22:43:28 [Cubey] Oh yeah, and Black Six is there as well.
Jun 02 22:43:48 [Tengu] Asagi: "Right on time, Team Doberman! ...And that scary person too."
Jun 02 22:44:08 [Cubey] A series of explosions strikes across the Balmarian ranks.
Jun 02 22:44:19 [Cubey] Woolf: "Woo-hoo! Just like Viletta planned!"
Jun 02 22:44:34 [Cubey] Calico: "More smallfry has gathered..."
Jun 02 22:44:52 [Cubey] The Devariim is already accelerating to deal with them! And no one can stand in its way as you are busy with other enemies who block your path!
Jun 02 22:44:54 [Cubey] Almost no one.
Jun 02 22:45:02 [Cubey] Kei, Asagi, Selena, go!
Jun 02 22:45:07 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "...They're not of the Earth."
Jun 02 22:45:11 [Julia_Dietrich] (Full enemy list?)
Jun 02 22:45:31 [Cubey] Enemies: Vayikran (Spectra) (light damage), Devariim (Calico) (light damage), Bemidoban (Baran Doban), Esrim Rosh x18, Varuch Ben x7
Jun 02 22:45:37 [Cubey] Not including enemies engaged in NPC combat
Jun 02 22:46:47 [Steam] Selena: "And your boss's machine is one that's supposed to support yours?"
Jun 02 22:47:06 [Steam] True, Selena's tied up, but hey. If it could draw Calico back that would be great though. And if not?
Jun 02 22:47:15 [Steam] Well she never liked Spectra to begin with.
Jun 02 22:50:12 [Steam] * The Alegrias hurls its Stealth wing blades out, but the Servant Sluggers catch them before breaking off in opposite directions for a flanking strike. But the Alegrias is lunging in head-on, bringing its beam daggers together before they suddenly erupt with compounded power, the now massive beam saber swiping at the Vayikran's thin waist alongside the Servants!+
Jun 02 22:50:15 [Julia_Dietrich] * Kei took a brief glance at her instrument, nothing. Nobody could do anything. Except... She took a deep breath, accelerating Purple-2 to its highest speed chasing after the Devariim, firing at its back trying to overtake it and get between it and the newcomers. "Don't touch my comrades!" She cringed a bit hearing herself shout a proclamation like that, but she /was/ supposed to act more...
Jun 02 22:50:17 [Julia_Dietrich] ...like Izuru. Once in position, her electrified spike joined in on the attack in the hope that it could do something against the Balmarian superweapon. +
Jun 02 22:50:54 [Tengu] Asagi: "I know what you're planning, Calico...!" He rushes forward, peppering the Devariim with a long barrage of shots from Blue One's machinegun, before following up with a long cut as his AHSMB zooms past and draws its katana! He tries to get into the mindset to awaken the AHSMB - battle furor, but a controlled one, and one directed at protecting his friends. +
Jun 02 22:52:53 [Cubey] Kei's JURIA System surges momentarily!
Jun 02 22:53:01 [Cubey] And...
Jun 02 22:53:26 [Cubey] Nothing. There is no further response from it. If anything, your synchronisation with the system is weaker than before.
Jun 02 22:53:39 [Cubey] Calico: "What are you trying to achieve?"
Jun 02 22:54:18 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Halt you and let them get away."
Jun 02 22:54:19 [Cubey] The Devariim is peppered by Kei's small gunfire, and turns around. It quickly fires beams in frontal spread, destroying the electrified spike before it can reach it - and shooting at the AHSMB itself!
Jun 02 22:54:22 [Cubey] React, Kei!
Jun 02 22:54:27 [Cubey] Also
Jun 02 22:54:34 [Cubey] Asagi's concentration is disrupted!
Jun 02 22:54:41 [Cubey] Baran Doban: "Where do you think you're going?"
Jun 02 22:55:09 [Cubey] As you charge towards Devariim, the Demidoban assaults you from the flank, trying to slam its huge metal ball into Blue One from up close!
Jun 02 22:55:10 [Cubey] React.
Jun 02 22:55:40 [Julia_Dietrich] * And hopefully that was long enough to do it. She immediately sped up, breaking off to the right after a few seconds and continued changing up her movement. As long as it was firing at her, others had a chance to regroup and reposition. +
Jun 02 22:56:40 [Cubey] Spectra: "Hmph! Persistent, aren't you?"
Jun 02 22:57:28 [Cubey] Her Gun Slaves fire at the Sluggers, trying to shoot them down or at least knock them away from the intended target. And as Selena lunges towards Vayikran's body - it channels Aur Asher energy, to fire off at point blank range before Alegrias can strike!
Jun 02 22:57:30 [Cubey] React, Selena.
Jun 02 22:58:34 [Cubey] Calico's attention is focused on Kei...
Jun 02 22:58:39 [Cubey] Viletta: "Get away from that unit!"
Jun 02 22:58:49 [Cubey] Allowing the side force to break off to safety.
Jun 02 22:59:05 [Tengu] Asagi: "Gh... He's running successful interference, in that antique unit...!" He quickly draws his spear, trying to block Baran Doban's attack with it and the katana crossed, and then use the long polearm to barrel over his unit! +
Jun 02 22:59:19 [Cubey] However, this means the AHSMB is under fire again, and with its weaker synchronisation and bad position, the spread blasts eventually catch up to it, the barriers do not last long before the beams singe and partially melt it in several places!
Jun 02 22:59:47 [Cubey] Woolf: "I can't leave a lady in peril! I mean... I won't see a friend die!"
Jun 02 22:59:53 [Corel] Seta: "Kei!"
Jun 02 22:59:56 [Cubey] Randy: "Kugimiya, we're coming to help!"
Jun 02 23:00:09 [Aero] Astara: "No..."
Jun 02 23:00:10 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei gritted her teeth, trying to stabilize her unit and desperately looked around for a way out of the line of fire.
Jun 02 23:01:10 [Cubey] Asagi hears a horrible crack as his weapon clashes against the ball. You quickly vault over the Bemidoban, but...
Jun 02 23:01:25 [Cubey] Baran: "Oh, is that all? You will have to give your all to face me, Baran Doban!"
Jun 02 23:01:39 [Cubey] Your sword breaks apart in your hands. That's one less weapon to use...
Jun 02 23:02:09 [Cubey] Calico: "So eager to serve. Even at the cost of their own lives."
Jun 02 23:02:37 [Cubey] Calico: "You may think of the future but you are no different than the clone armies of Balmar."
Jun 02 23:03:35 [Tengu] Asagi: "..."
Jun 02 23:03:49 [Steam] * And the Sluggers... simply opt to charge straight in and through the Gun Slaves as the Alegrias dives underneath the Vakyra. "After what you've done... you're surprised at how far I'll go!?!" But the beam saber stays behind, becoming a humongous version of her normal daggers' whip configuration, snapping and slashing at Spectra's legs!+
Jun 02 23:04:48 [Cubey] The gun slaves fire at the sluggers, one of them escaping - but the another cuts into the slave and damages it into uselessness!
Jun 02 23:04:55 [Cubey] However the Sluggers themselves are damaged as well.
Jun 02 23:05:43 [Cubey] And the Alegrias quickly dodges the eruption, which appears a second too late - while Selena cuts into the Vayikran!
Jun 02 23:06:15 [Cubey] Unfortunately the remaining Esrims fire their rifles from the flanks now.
Jun 02 23:06:17 [Cubey] Selena react again.
Jun 02 23:06:20 [Cubey] Seta and Astara, go!
Jun 02 23:08:00 [Steam] Selena: "And they're certainly persistent too..."
Jun 02 23:08:24 [Steam] Elma: "Maybe that's how Spectra can recognize it? But don't worry! Engaging Prism Phantom... Mode L!"
Jun 02 23:08:28 [Steam] Selena: "Mode L-?"
Jun 02 23:08:36 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "We /choose/ to fight. It's no different from everyone else here."
Jun 02 23:09:47 [Steam] * The Sluggers move to join back up with the Alegrias, but suddenly holographic images transmit from both of them replicating the look of the much larger machine! A moment later and all three scatter to escape the Esrim fire, a few gatling shots fired here and there along the way!+
Jun 02 23:10:50 [Cubey] Viletta: "Good evasion, Recital."
Jun 02 23:10:51 [Tengu] Asagi: "It's not going good... But I'm not done yet. I refuse to just throw my life away."
Jun 02 23:10:54 [Corel] *Seta gives the situation another good look. Selena seems to be able to handle herself, so she launches another assault on Calico - bombarding the Devariim with homing beams!+
Jun 02 23:11:46 [Cubey] Selena escapes through a trio of clones - find the real one! But the enemies never get a chance, several of them are obliterated by the R-Gun's long shoulder cannons!
Jun 02 23:12:01 [Cubey] Spectra: "You!"
Jun 02 23:12:45 [Cubey] Viletta: "Nothing personal. Though actually... you are a clone of mine, so perhaps..."
Jun 02 23:13:22 [Aero] * If the Balmarians were going to separate from eachother Astara knew she had to back up the others even with Maxwell's condition. The Kijin forms a pair of red and blue dual blades enhanced with her power before breaking apart Fortuna into several dark energy blades that fly towards Demidoban. +
Jun 02 23:13:23 [Cubey] Spectra: "Shut up! I will replace you in just a few moments."
Jun 02 23:13:47 [Cubey] Looks like someone else has issues to work out here, too.
Jun 02 23:14:00 [Cubey] And the Kijin are assisting Team Rabbits with an equal split.
Jun 02 23:14:51 [Cubey] But Calico is moving fast, the homing beams chasing behind him. But he tries to lose them by attacking the source - his own beams fire from Devariim's sides as he passes by Union! React, Seta.
Jun 02 23:15:00 [Steam] Selena: "So she has a bit of an identity crisis. Can't say I'm surprised."
Jun 02 23:15:36 [Steam] Elma: "Well it's not like it ever seemed like Balmar had any kind of therapy program for its soldiers. At least, not one we've heard of."
Jun 02 23:16:19 [Cubey] While Astara's blade strikes the Bemidoban - but the unit is very tough, and it seems the damage you have done is relatively small!
Jun 02 23:16:35 [Cubey] Baran Doban: "That's more like it! Come on, show me your true potential!"
Jun 02 23:16:44 [Cubey] Crowe: "This guy really reminds me of someone..."
Jun 02 23:17:23 [Cubey] Crowe assists with support fire - but Baran Doban throws his hammer again. The rest of the energy blades are stuck into it, and it threatens to slam into Maxwell and Crowe both!
Jun 02 23:17:24 [Cubey] React Astara.
Jun 02 23:20:42 [Corel] Seta: "Do not speak ill of my friends...!" *Seta throws Union's cloak forward as Calico passes by - the cloak spreading to tank the beams, while covering the Devariim's face and acting to hamper the enemy's vision.
Jun 02 23:21:19 [Aero] * Astara combines her blades into one large dual ended weapon in response before spinning the weapon rapidly in front of her, releasing a massive tornado of ice towards the massive hammer to hopefully alter its trajectory. +
Jun 02 23:21:32 [Corel] *Meanwhile, Union draws its own katana and uses the Devariim's own momentum to slice into its side!+
Jun 02 23:24:16 [Cubey] Astara's icy winds slow down the flying hammer, enough for Crowe to get out of harm's way unscathed!
Jun 02 23:24:21 [Cubey] Crowe: "Good save."
Jun 02 23:24:46 [Cubey] The hammer then slams into Maxwell's side, slowed down but it still sends the damaged unit flying as shards of ice fly off in all directions!
Jun 02 23:24:59 [Cubey] Crowe: "Bad save! Very bad! Are you okay?"
Jun 02 23:25:37 [Cubey] Seta's cloak absorbs some of the blasts, and as she strikes at Calico from the side...
Jun 02 23:25:56 [Cubey] The enemy suddenly turns a 180 and flees away from you. You barely nicked him. And the opposite.
Jun 02 23:26:06 [Cubey] Calico: "No, play time's over."
Jun 02 23:26:24 [Cubey] Calico: "If it is your choice to fight here... then it is your choice to die, as well."
Jun 02 23:26:34 [Cubey] Patrick: "What?"
Jun 02 23:26:49 [Cubey] The Devariim accelerates - towards the ESUN fleet!
Jun 02 23:27:08 [Cubey] Calico: "Gerush Echad... fire!"
Jun 02 23:27:30 [Julia_Dietrich] # Fleet
Jun 02 23:27:32 [Corel] Seta: "It is turning...no...!"
Jun 02 23:27:32 [Cubey] A widespread array of beams is fired in a frontal arc at your allies!
Jun 02 23:27:53 [Cubey] # approved
Jun 02 23:28:01 [Cubey] For what little you can do.
Jun 02 23:28:16 [Aero] Astara: "Ghhh..I'm fine..."
Jun 02 23:34:14 [Julia_Dietrich] * Purple-2 was battered and broken, yet slowly accelerating to charge after the Devariim spraying it with beams and bullets. "I've fought for the Earth for years. I've buried friends and seen them come back." A series of lights started flickering on on the Purple-2 as it charged. "I'll not stop because you told me to." Plates that had never moved before and didn't look like they could...
Jun 02 23:34:15 [Julia_Dietrich] ...started sliding open on the back of the robot. "I'm not one of your dolls, blindly doing what I'm told. I'm Kei Kugimiya, soldier of the ESUN and Project Unification and you will not defeat us here." Suddenly in a flash a shimmering robot of purplish energy formed in front of the Devariim holding a giant ball and chain. A copy of the Bemidoban made out of solid energy, soaking up the beams. +
Jun 02 23:35:09 [Cubey] Calico: "What...!"
Jun 02 23:35:37 [Cubey] The beams do not land on a single target. An energy projection created by Purple Two absorbed it all.
Jun 02 23:35:41 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Kei..."
Jun 02 23:35:53 [Cubey] Baran Doban: "Uwooo? What is it that I see!"
Jun 02 23:36:31 [Corel] Seta: "She could do that all along...?"
Jun 02 23:36:33 [Cubey] And the AHSMB itself is flowing with energy of its pilot. Of determination to live - not as a clone soldier. On her own terms.
Jun 02 23:36:40 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sROzE4jivyU
Jun 02 23:36:55 [Cubey] Kei, Asagi, Selena - move now!
Jun 02 23:38:14 [Aero] Astara: "She did it..."
Jun 02 23:38:31 [Steam] "And nicely done at that!"
Jun 02 23:39:37 [Tengu] Asagi: "It really happened... Very good, Kei! I'm not going to fall behind, either!" Brandishing his spear, he rushes towards Baran Doban, launching several wide swings before following up with a stab! &
Jun 02 23:40:17 [Tengu] Asagi: "...But why isn't Blue One awakening..."
Jun 02 23:40:38 [Cubey] Baran Doban: "Amazing! Very impressive. But..."
Jun 02 23:41:01 [Cubey] Baran Doban: "It looks like someone's lagging behind. What's wrong?!"
Jun 02 23:41:17 [Cubey] Indeed, unlike Purple Two and Red Five, Blue One isn't even close to awakening.
Jun 02 23:41:46 [Steam] * But she wasn't going to let up on Spectra at all! The Alegrias surged back at Spectra, but wait! The machine winked out of existence once more before reappearing elsewhere, and then the cycle repeated itself again and again; a miracle feat courtesy of the Prism Phantom! "Spectra McCready, it's time for your last dance!" And from its side the real Alegrias finally made itself known, stabbing into the
Jun 02 23:41:46 [Steam] machine's side with the Blade Railgun!&
Jun 02 23:41:50 [Cubey] And the Bemidoban, stabbed with a spear, doesn't stop. With light damage, it starts spinning... or rather, its upper torso does!
Jun 02 23:42:37 [Cubey] The upper half of the unit is spinning quickly, and it holds on to the hammer - creating a severe risk of Blue One getting smashed into thin paste!
Jun 02 23:43:01 [Corel] Seta: "Asagi, you can do it...!"
Jun 02 23:43:04 [Cubey] Baran: "I do not intend to hold back! UWOOOOOOH! Doban IMPACT!"
Jun 02 23:43:09 [Cubey] React/continue, Asagi!
Jun 02 23:43:23 [Julia_Dietrich] * "..." A moment of shock at managing it cut through Kei's focus, but only for a second. Instead she sped up, Purple-2 moving with impossible speed far beyond what it ever displayed before, making it nigh-impossible to pin down. Her guns started spraying the Devariim with pinpoint accuracy. However, she was not alone in her movement. More of energy projections cropped up next to the...
Jun 02 23:43:25 [Julia_Dietrich] ...Balmarian superweapon, firing at it from different directions. The other four AHSMBs, the Rebellion and a single, tiny projection merely the side of a human delivering a crushing blow like no human could. +
Jun 02 23:44:32 [Tengu] * Asagi raises his spear, trying to block the incoming attack with it, though the first impact will probably push Blue One away regardless, and potentially ruin the weapon!
Jun 02 23:44:56 [Tengu] Asagi: "...I get it. I get it now...!"
Jun 02 23:45:24 [Cubey] Spectra: "No, it's your time to meet your maker! Just follow your team's example and die!"
Jun 02 23:45:46 [Steam] "Like hell!"
Jun 02 23:45:59 [Cubey] Spectra is done with games and disappearing units. She charges another Beria Redifah, and as the Alegrias appears - releases it, trying to capture it, Viletta, and Crowe!
Jun 02 23:46:05 [Steam] Elma: "Captain Symphonia... Mr. Albhard... and everyone else are still fighting right here with us!"
Jun 02 23:46:10 [Cubey] React/continue, Selena!
Jun 02 23:46:15 [Cubey] Crowe: "Woah, this is bad!"
Jun 02 23:46:28 [Cubey] Viletta: "This attack again, watch out!"
Jun 02 23:46:50 [Tengu] * Suddenly, light starts erupting from the blue AHSMB, and, in a shower of sparks, the third eye barely visible in its forehead opens much wider! Also, light-like matter grows from the boosters on its back, like wings, before forming a circle on its back!
Jun 02 23:48:56 [Tengu] Asagi: "I'm done living in Izuru's... no, in everyone's shadow. Everyone's always comparing me to them, treats me like I'm the failure. I thought it's true, myself. But the truth is... I've accomplished so much already. I'm my own man! I won't live my life being compared to them constantly!"
Jun 02 23:49:52 [Tengu] * Several glowing weapons appear floating around the circle at Blue One's back! The AHSMB grabs two of them, double katanas, and slashes repeatedly into Baran Doban's unit, to parry its ball and stop its assault! The rest of the blades rush forward to stab on their own! +
Jun 02 23:50:24 [Tengu] Asagi: "I don't have to prove anything to you!"
Jun 02 23:50:54 [Cubey] Baran Doban: "O-oooOOOH?!"
Jun 02 23:50:58 [Steam] * Selena grips the railgun as tight as she can, angles the weapon as best she can... "But it's not just Miss Selena you're fighting against!" pipes up Elma as suddenly the Sluggers begin to project a different image image across the battlefield!-
Jun 02 23:51:03 [Steam] Spectra's own face! (http://srwog.velv.net/char_images/spectra.png)
Jun 02 23:51:12 [Cubey] His unit suddenly stops, creaking. The hammer is stopped cold!
Jun 02 23:51:33 [Cubey] And the nigh unstoppable Bemidoban is thrown back, long cuts on its armor from a swarm of summoned weapons!
Jun 02 23:51:59 [Cubey] Calico: "Tch. Don't think you outgrew your origins!"
Jun 02 23:52:13 [Steam] Selena: "That's all you have underneath that... and trying to be a right bitch to compensate won't change anything!" Another shift of the railgun, and Selena begins unloading into the Vakiyra's insides. Repeatedly.+
Jun 02 23:52:18 [Cubey] The Devariim tries to get out of here, but it's relentlessly attacked by copies of several units - and one human being, not any weaker though!
Jun 02 23:52:40 [Cubey] As a resort, Calico fires quick beams all around himself to disintegrate the clones and target the AHSMB itself. React, Kei!
Jun 02 23:53:15 [Cubey] Spectra: "..."
Jun 02 23:53:18 [Corel] #Kei?
Jun 02 23:53:27 [Cubey] Spectra: "Stop it!"
Jun 02 23:53:31 [Cubey] # Approved
Jun 02 23:53:40 [Cubey] Crowe: "Struck a nerve, huh?"
Jun 02 23:54:41 [Cubey] Spectra is distraught at the sight of her own face - and Viletta's as well. This is enough for Selena to repeatedly slam railgun rounds into her unit's side, and disrupt the whole crushing telekinetic attack!
Jun 02 23:55:40 [Cubey] Though it holds firm, the Alegrias is eventually shaked off by the Vayikra, but the unit has taken significant damage from the railgun!
Jun 02 23:57:25 [Corel] Seta: *"We are not done yet..." With its free hand, Union reaches out to empty space - from which it draws a large, crystalline sword. Dual wielding this weapon and the katana from before, it slashes rapidly into the Devariim's beams to knock them off-course!+
Jun 02 23:58:16 [Julia_Dietrich] * There wasn't even a hint of hesitation in Kei's movement as she dived out of the way, her and Purple-2 were as one right now and it was faster than ever before. The movement did nothing to halt her fire, the guns sliding around the ring almost effortlessly to continue spraying the Devariim with beams. +
Jun 02 23:59:09 [Cubey] The copies disappear - but Kei dodges the beams, a few that even get close in her direction deflected by Seta. Her assault causes a lot of damage in the Devariim, several of its sections look severely beaten up and unable to even fire beams anymore!
Jun 02 23:59:14 [Cubey] Seta, Astara, go now!
Jun 02 23:59:53 [Cubey] Spectra: "There can be only one person with this face, and it will be me!"
Jun 03 00:05:03 [Corel] *Holding the sword up, Seta begins to channel light into its blade. The large amoung of energy gathered is eventually discharged as she swings down from a distance - sending a giant wave of golden light at the Devariim!+
Jun 03 00:06:01 [Cubey] Calico: "..."
Jun 03 00:06:27 [Cubey] Calico: "I am not the Golar Golem leader to fall to the likes of you!"
Jun 03 00:07:04 [Cubey] In a moment of desperation, the Devariim charges at Union, trying to slam into it and firing quick scattering beams even as the blade falls down on it!
Jun 03 00:07:06 [Cubey] Seta, react
Jun 03 00:07:14 [Aero] # with action?
Jun 03 00:07:19 [Cubey] # approved
Jun 03 00:08:26 [Aero] * With the situation turning in their favor Astara knew she had to go all out now, she holds Maxwell's hand out and summons the Sword of Shahryar to her. As Maxwell grips the weapon the Craft's entire shape changes along with the weapon in a flash of golden light.
Jun 03 00:08:32 [Aero] http://i.imgur.com/V5sY5IP.png
Jun 03 00:09:44 [Aero] In an instant Maxwell seems to teleport next to Union and holds the sword in front of it before thrusting the weapon directly towards the approaching Devariim, unleashing a massive tornado of energy at the Balmar machine. +
Jun 03 00:11:39 [Corel] *And that Tornado is not alone. In a defensive act, Seta likewise shifts the light wave into a whirlwind of light to counteract the beams and engulf Calico!+
Jun 03 00:12:39 [Cubey] The double tornado disperses the beams - and engulfs the Devariim! The unit can't take it and starts to fall apart into pieces!
Jun 03 00:12:45 [Cubey] Spectra: "Calico!"
Jun 03 00:13:00 [Steam] Selena: "Well look at that."
Jun 03 00:13:03 [Steam] "You got a promotion!"
Jun 03 00:13:08 [Cubey] Only for the Vayikran to throw itself towards it.
Jun 03 00:13:14 [Cubey] And as a result, the both of them are under attack!
Jun 03 00:13:36 [Cubey] Baran Doban: "..." He observes the scene with shock.
Jun 03 00:13:59 [Cubey] Baran Doban: "Most impressive. Though you said it yourself young man. You have nothing to prove to anyone."
Jun 03 00:14:05 [Cubey] Baran: "However..."
Jun 03 00:14:59 [Cubey] ???: "Sir Baran Doban! Did the Earthlings put you in this sorry state?"
Jun 03 00:15:07 [Cubey] ???: "Where is the Princess? Is she safe?"
Jun 03 00:15:12 [Tengu] Asagi: "Blue One may not be 500 years old. But I'm ready to take on anything you, or the Balmarian fleet, throws my wa-"
Jun 03 00:15:17 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Huh?"
Jun 03 00:15:36 [Tengu] Asagi's cool one-liner got interrupted.
Jun 03 00:15:38 [Cubey] You hear a transmission coming from two new units.
Jun 03 00:15:46 [Cubey] Units that appear from the crossgate - and are colosally huge.
Jun 03 00:15:47 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "More enemy reinforcements."
Jun 03 00:15:54 [Cubey] Hermodr
Jun 03 00:15:54 [Cubey] http://s23.photobucket.com/user/IsaacJoule/media/SRWS/AGX-11.jpg.html
Jun 03 00:16:08 [Cubey] This time there's two of them - a red one and a blue one. Each one has a captain speaking, though they both sound the same.
Jun 03 00:16:23 [Cubey] Baran Doban: "Princess Armana has left the battlefield. She is in safe hands."
Jun 03 00:16:42 [Cubey] And to make matters worse...
Jun 03 00:17:02 [Cubey] Spectra: "Ha... ha ha..."
Jun 03 00:17:04 [Tengu] Asagi: "More clone commanders..."
Jun 03 00:17:25 [Cubey] The Vayikran and Devariim are still functional, even though the latter fell apart.
Jun 03 00:17:44 [Cubey] And in fact, its parts drifted around. Controlled by telekinetic powers, they combine with the Vayikran.
Jun 03 00:17:49 [Cubey] Becoming extensions of its limbs!
Jun 03 00:18:09 [Aero] Astara: "They combined..."
Jun 03 00:18:19 [Cubey] Calico: "To think I was forced to use the Gador Vayikra here..."
Jun 03 00:19:13 [Cubey] ???: "Understood. The sixth fleet is releasing its force to take care of the Earthlings."
Jun 03 00:19:21 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "...I can't imagine what it must be like to not even have your own face."
Jun 03 00:19:33 [Cubey] ???#2: "The Fifth Fleet Zehirut Eved is prepared for an assault."
Jun 03 00:19:49 [Cubey] Viletta: "Prepare yourselves! This is it!"
Jun 03 00:19:58 [Tengu] Asagi: "Looks like the battle is only just beginning."
Jun 03 00:19:59 [Cubey] The enemies draw closer...
Jun 03 00:20:03 [Corel] Seta: "Zehirut..."
Jun 03 00:20:17 [Cubey] And...
Jun 03 00:20:28 [Cubey] Suddenly, they all stand still.
Jun 03 00:20:40 [Steam] Selena: "They're co-..."
Jun 03 00:20:44 [Cubey] Baran Doban: "?"
Jun 03 00:20:53 [Steam] Selena: "Elma, are they actually launching?"
Jun 03 00:21:04 [Steam] Elma: "It's... hard to say?"
Jun 03 00:21:35 [Cubey] All the Balmarian clones (sans Spectra and Calico) speak in unison, a booming voice.
Jun 03 00:21:47 [Tengu] Asagi: "..."
Jun 03 00:21:55 [Cubey] "I am Ruach Ganeden, Spirit Emperor of the Balmarian Empire."
Jun 03 00:22:18 [Cubey] "My long communion with Zehirut has gone to an end, and revealed to me the path the empire must undertake."
Jun 03 00:22:54 [Cubey] Baran Doban: "The Spirit Emperor..."
Jun 03 00:23:29 [Tengu] Asagi is listening tensely. A lot relies on what words are going to follow.
Jun 03 00:23:43 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "I think we all know what that path is..."
Jun 03 00:23:45 [Cubey] Ruach: "Consider yourselves fortunate, people of Earth, for from this day forward Za Balmary is not your enemy."
Jun 03 00:24:38 [Corel] Seta: "Huh...?"
Jun 03 00:24:43 [Aero] Astara blinks twice at that statement. "What?"
Jun 03 00:25:02 [Cubey] Ruach: "Obliterating you would be a minor affair, but circumstances being as they are, the Empire cannot afford another war."
Jun 03 00:25:51 [Cubey] Ruach: "All recent hostilies were by command of my Prime Minister, Shiva Gozzo. Having ended my communion, I declare this state of affairs void. The war ceases now."
Jun 03 00:26:28 [Tengu] Asagi: "......"
Jun 03 00:26:42 [Corel] Union's head is tilted in confusion, and disbelief.
Jun 03 00:26:44 [Cubey] Ruach: "Moreover, the Minister himself had plotted behind my back, tried to usurp righteously given power. I shall deal with him at my own discretion."
Jun 03 00:26:46 [Steam] Selena: "Just like that?"
Jun 03 00:27:22 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "...That's not what I expected."
Jun 03 00:27:28 [Cubey] During the talk, the combined Gador Vayikran quickly makes itself scarce, without a word from either Calico or Spectra.
Jun 03 00:27:45 [Cubey] Ruach: "Are you surprised? Know the mercy of the Spirit Emperor."
Jun 03 00:27:51 [Tengu] Asagi: "That- I- So suddenly-"
Jun 03 00:27:58 [Tengu] Asagi: "...I just hope he won't change his decision."
Jun 03 00:28:58 [Corel] Seta: "Setting pride aside, it would have been difficult to continue the battle."
Jun 03 00:29:10 [Cubey] Ruach: "As Spirit Emperor, it is my duty for Balmarian people to avert Apocalypsis by any means necessary."
Jun 03 00:29:31 [Cubey] Ruach: "This is part of it. I heard in my wisdom that people of Earth too are playing their part."
Jun 03 00:29:51 [Cubey] Ruach: "A certain ancient ship of yours is being assembled from components long lost."
Jun 03 00:30:02 [Cubey] Ruach: "I believe one such component may be found on Balmar."
Jun 03 00:30:23 [Aero] Astara: "Then..."
Jun 03 00:30:26 [Steam] Elma: "A Discovery component? That's-! Well, actually that's not surprising at all!"
Jun 03 00:30:36 [Cubey] Ruach: "I am willing to part with it. However..."
Jun 03 00:31:18 [Cubey] Ruach: "It needs to be activated, and I may do so only at the height of my power. In order for me to be revitalized, a sacrifice of the Priestess of Zehirut is necessary."
Jun 03 00:31:57 [Cubey] Ruach: "Armana Tikvah's time comes soon. Until it arrives, I declare her to do as she will. Even stay on Earth if that is her decision. But I expect to see her on Balmar when she is needed most."
Jun 03 00:32:05 [Cubey] Ruach: "A duty she understands herself."
Jun 03 00:32:23 [Corel] Seta: "..."
Jun 03 00:32:31 [Tengu] Asagi: "...This talk of sacrifice again..." He mutters to himself.
Jun 03 00:33:19 [Cubey] Ruach: "I shall call for you. Expect to hear my voice soon. Until that time comes, I leave these cloned soldiers for you to do with them as you please."
Jun 03 00:33:54 [Steam] "... Excuse me?"
Jun 03 00:34:17 [Cubey] Ruach: "The Zehirut fragments are unique and irreplaceble."
Jun 03 00:34:23 [Cubey] Ruach: "The others, I care not for."
Jun 03 00:34:29 [Aero] Astara: "Ugh..."
Jun 03 00:34:31 [Tengu] Asagi: "..."
Jun 03 00:34:39 [Cubey] And just like that, the Spirit Emperor's communication ends.
Jun 03 00:34:50 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "They're-" And it was too late
Jun 03 00:34:53 [Cubey] The clones snap back to their senses - and the Hermodrs are turning back.
Jun 03 00:35:01 [Cubey] But the rest of the Balmarian forces remain here.
Jun 03 00:35:12 [Cubey] Baran Doban: "So that is your decision then, Spirit Emperor..."
Jun 03 00:35:25 [Cubey] The old warrior sounds introspective.
Jun 03 00:35:31 [Cubey] MISSION COMPLETE