May 18 20:15:12 [Tengu] Last time, on SRWU:
May 18 20:16:56 [Tengu] The tomb of the last Rider was discovered. However, it turned out to be located within a town in Eastern Europe. A town that, when the Rider was awakened, was covered by a black, slowly expanding cube, not letting anyone leave.
May 18 20:17:17 [Tengu] Fyra and Sielje entered the cube. And they did something inside that made it disappear!
May 18 20:18:54 [Tengu] Unity Group, waiting for that to happen, quickly moved in to evacuate the town. The inhabitants are in a sorry state, many of them mentally or physically broken, and the settlement shows signs of terrible things being done by desperate people struggling to survive.
May 18 20:19:50 [Tengu] Also, a large source of power suddenly appears. It emanates from the sports stadium, turned into a stage for gladiatorial combat.
May 18 20:20:26 [Tengu] That's where Fyra engaged the Rider, Tre, in combat. Tre who now gets up on his feat after receiving a harsh wound.
May 18 20:20:27 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "What's the status? Anybody know what happened in here?"
May 18 20:20:29 [Arachnion] Eva: "...How long was that cube up..."
May 18 20:20:57 [Tengu] Tre: "Grr... I should've fought you at full power from the start..."
May 18 20:21:12 [Tengu] Tre: "This is the end, Death. Come to me, Fames!"
May 18 20:21:53 [Tengu] The distortion around the Rider manifests into his huge Steed!
May 18 20:21:54 [Tengu]
May 18 20:21:58 [Cubey] Izuru: "Hold it right there!"
May 18 20:22:26 [Cubey] The moment the barrier disappeared, Red Five moved in. And it doesn't take much thinking to figure out who was behind all of this.
May 18 20:22:38 [Cubey] Izuru: "I don't know what you're trying to achieve here but we won't let you continue."
May 18 20:23:08 [Corel] Fyra, after addressing Sielje off to the side, stares down...or rather, up, at her opponent.
May 18 20:23:55 [Tengu] Tre: "Your allies show up, sister? But they are only humans. Hardly a match for me."
May 18 20:24:42 [Corel] Morte is still inactive, which places her in a bad position. But just as she said before: It's not her battle alone.
May 18 20:24:54 [Tengu] Tre: "All of you will meet your end here."
May 18 20:25:07 [Tengu] Fames gets ready to attack!
May 18 20:25:08 [Tengu]
May 18 20:26:15 [Cubey] Izuru: "Don't worry guys, the help is here."
May 18 20:26:25 [Cubey] Izuru: "Kei, Eva, I'm counting on you!"
May 18 20:26:53 [Cubey] Red Five looks up at the Steed. This will not be an easy fight... but the AHSMB is far from alone here.
May 18 20:26:57 [Arachnion] The Tern floats towards the back of things, letting Izuru take point. "...Understood."
May 18 20:27:27 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Right." Kei nodded, flying into a position at the edge of the fighting to overlook it
May 18 20:27:46 [Tengu] Fames is around 45 meters tall - a very large unit. It's also shrouded in some kind of dark force field, a bit similar to the cube that was around the town. Speaking of the town, judging by the detoriation and general state of the buildings and inhabitants, it looks like it was under the cube for at least several months, if not more. Even though only a couple days passed outside.
May 18 20:27:55 [Tengu] Enemy List: Fames (Tre)
May 18 20:27:56 [Tengu] Initiative: Fyra, Izuru, Kei, Eva
May 18 20:28:00 [Tengu] (Fyra, Izuru)
May 18 20:28:07 [Corel] Fyra: "Human they may be. But they have been through more than you."
May 18 20:29:04 [Cubey] Izuru: "These guys always have some kind of weird power... we need to be cautious!"
May 18 20:29:09 [Tengu] Tre: "I'm sure. Humans just love to inflict suffering on each other, after all."
May 18 20:30:21 [Cubey] *Red Five zooms through an abandoned street, rising near the stadium wall - as soon as it's out in the open, a barrage of physical chaingun shells and beam pistol bolts fires upon the Fames, centered on a singular point.+
May 18 20:31:04 [Corel] *Even though she is without her own Steed, Fyra goes on the offensive - she jumps onto the stadium's roof, black bolts launched at Fames with each swing of her scythe!+
May 18 20:31:28 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "I'm keeping an eye out for any power spikes, unusual particles or chemicals coming from it."
May 18 20:32:31 [Corel] Fyra: "Mind any cubes you see, as well."
May 18 20:32:44 [Tengu] Some of the shots fired by both Izuru and Fyra hit Fames' black force field, but the Steed is surprisingly fast and agile for something this huge, and jumps up and a way, avoiding the rest of the barrage! Tre looks like he prefers to keep his distance from the opponents...
May 18 20:32:57 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Naturally, I'm just trying to see if I can learn anything about them or get signs predicting where they'll be."
May 18 20:33:18 [Cubey] Izuru: "He has the power over cubes?!"
May 18 20:33:28 [Arachnion] Eva: "Kei, can you keep an eye out for any...time...weirdness."
May 18 20:33:35 [Tengu] Speaking of black cubes, the enemy extends a hand, and sends a large barrage of them flying towards Red Five, approaching from several directions! (Izuru react)
May 18 20:33:47 [Cubey] Izuru: "Cubes!"
May 18 20:34:15 [Tengu] And at the same time, a focused beam fires from the Steed's eyes, trying to scorch Fyra! (react)
May 18 20:34:32 [Tengu] Tre: "What's the matter, sister? Aren't you going to use your own Steed?"
May 18 20:34:42 [Tengu] Tre: "Oh, that's right. You can't, can you."
May 18 20:35:06 [Cubey] *Red Five reverses its thrust and hides behind the stadium's wall while also swerving to the side as soon as it's out of sight.+
May 18 20:35:57 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "I'll try. It can be difficult to pick up easily."
May 18 20:36:58 [Corel] *Fyra takes off in one direction in an attempt to avoid that. But she also takes a swing with her weapon to dislodge and throw a part of the roof upwards, hoping it will slow down the beam at least.+
May 18 20:37:28 [Tengu] Izuru manages to avoid most of the cubes... But one of them attaches itself to Red Five's arm and is now wrapped around it! Within, the armor of the AHSMB starts to rapidly detoriate!
May 18 20:37:45 [Tengu] Also, Izuru can feel hunger and pain emanating from the Juria system!
May 18 20:37:55 [Tengu] (1 cube attached to Red Five)
May 18 20:38:40 [Tengu] Fyra dodges to the side desperately, disloging a part of the roof and using it as a barrier. It's hit by the beam, causing an explosion that pushes her away, though without any real damage, luckily.
May 18 20:38:50 [Tengu] (Kei and Eva go)
May 18 20:39:08 [Cubey] Izuru: "Gaah! Get off, get off!"
May 18 20:39:27 [Cubey] This is a really bad sensation. The AHSMB's arm shakes rapidly, trying to make the cube go away.
May 18 20:39:27 [Corel] Despite being knocked away, Fyra's attention is on Izuru.
May 18 20:40:18 * Steam ( has joined
May 18 20:40:42 [Tengu] The cube doesn't get off on its own. (it is, however, targettable)
May 18 20:41:28 [Julia_Dietrich] * "Izuru, follow the path I'm outlining. It'll get you behind cover while you figure out how to get rid of that thing... I'm trying to find something, but I don't know if I'll succeed. Eva, cover him and Fyra to help lock down that guy and maintain the initiative. I'm highlighting a roof that should be a good perch for sniping a few times before moving on." +
May 18 20:42:52 [Tengu] (take those actions)
May 18 20:43:12 [Tengu] Judging by Kei's analysis, attacking with any kind of weaponry should be effective.
May 18 20:43:18 [Cubey] Izuru: "Okay, got it." He tries to stop his stomach from grumbling while Red Five retreats further back towards safety.
May 18 20:43:55 [Arachnion] *Eva floats higher in the streets, carefully circling Fames. "Why do this..." She fires off a volley of lasers from near the position Kei highlighted, then quickly jets upwards and dowards to match it with shots from above and below. The first volley twists together to form a single beam, while the others remain separate.+
May 18 20:45:09 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "I think I might have it. It appears to be a physical object and can be cut or shot. I don't know how durable it is, though."
May 18 20:45:45 [Corel] Fyra: "Without Morte, I cannot disrupt him as before. It is the only option we have."
May 18 20:45:54 [Cubey] Izuru: "Then..." *Only one way to find out! The beam pistol held by the free arm points at the cube and fires repeatedly at point blank.+
May 18 20:46:05 [Tengu] Eva fires a barrage of lasers towards Tre, forcing him on the defensive for the time being. He does fire a few more cubes while zooming around the battlefield, though...
May 18 20:46:06 [Cubey] (This is my Kei action)
May 18 20:47:16 [Tengu] Fames still gets hit by a few of them, though it's hard to say how much damage it took because of the field of darkness. Also, Izuru fires repeatedly at the black cube, until it's overloaded and breaks! The sensation stops.
May 18 20:48:08 [Tengu] But then! Suddenly, a barrage of thrown kunai and mecha-sized shurikens flies towards Eva's Tern, from the direction of nearby buuldinds outside of the stadium!
May 18 20:48:10 [Tengu] (react)
May 18 20:48:24 [Steam] # Eva?
May 18 20:48:29 [Tengu] (sure)
May 18 20:48:48 [Steam] Mizuki: "Eva! You're being flanked!"
May 18 20:50:18 [Steam] * The ninja weapons aren't the only things coming in fast, as the winged BlackNight swoops in, Dusk energy wings shooting down to block the surprise attacks!+
May 18 20:50:38 [Cubey] Izuru: "Woah! We got company!"
May 18 20:51:07 [Arachnion] *A slight pricking on the back of her neck-And Mizuki's yell. That's the warning Eva receives, and so she sends the Tern dashing to the side-into and partially through a building, to dodge.+
May 18 20:51:25 [Arachnion] Eva: "-them again."
May 18 20:52:03 [Tengu] BlackNight manages to shield Eva from the incoming projectiles, letting her Tern escape them safely!
May 18 20:52:45 [Corel] Fyra: "..."
May 18 20:52:46 [Tengu] And indeed, the ones who threw this were Stigma machines, quickly entering the fray. Though the one leading them looks different, for it carries a huge cannon of some kind...
May 18 20:53:07 [Tengu] Silon: "I'm really fed up with you interfering."
May 18 20:53:21 [Tengu] Stigma Machine
May 18 20:53:22 [Tengu]
May 18 20:53:22 [Tengu] Stigma Machine - Silon Custom
May 18 20:53:22 [Tengu]
May 18 20:53:30 [Steam] Zankuro: "... We got her? We really-"
May 18 20:53:35 [Cubey] Izuru: "It's that ninja guy? I thought he died..."
May 18 20:53:42 [Steam] Mizuki: "Yes, but the fight's not over yet. Keep focused!"
May 18 20:53:50 [Corel] Fyra: "So did I."
May 18 20:54:38 [Cubey] Izuru: "Or did we think he died before but he returned? Ahh, no time to think about that now!"
May 18 20:54:54 [Corel] Even though her voice is almost monotone, it's easy to tell even Fyra is annoyed by this.
May 18 20:54:55 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Another one."
May 18 20:55:01 [Tengu] Silon: "I wouldn't die so easily. Stigma's mission is not over yet!"
May 18 20:55:26 [Tengu] Enemy List: Fames (Tre), Silon's Stigma Machine (Silon), Stigma Machine x7
May 18 20:55:40 [Tengu] (Mizuki, Fyra, Izuru)
May 18 20:57:45 [Steam] Mizuki: "Complete or not, you're a persistent, stubborn annoyance."
May 18 20:58:48 [Cubey] Izuru: "You're still trying to make humans go extinct? Don't you see you're only causing more chaos and suffering!"
May 18 21:00:14 [Arachnion] Eva: "Somehow I think they're not worried about that..."
May 18 21:00:20 [Steam] * The BlackNight raised its sword, shifting it into its left hand. "Until it happens to him, I don't think he cares about how many people die from his actions. Zan, let's do this!" The BlackNight springs forward at one of the Stigma machines, sword thrusting out for a vicious skewering!+
May 18 21:00:38 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Yeah...If you're trying to commit speciecide on humanity, I think chaos and suffering are part of the plan."
May 18 21:00:46 [Cubey] *Red Five, free of the cube's influence, moves low through the middle of the street, trailing a bright stream from its thrusters behind. Izuru drops the beam pistol and charges into the ranks of Stigma ninjas, his unit's arm blades slicing at two in a cross slash! Then he boosts away, firing with the chain weapon quickly grabbed.+
May 18 21:01:14 [Tengu] Silon: "It won't take much more time, one way or another. After all... All the Riders have awakened now. None are left."
May 18 21:01:40 [Tengu] Tre: "Suffering is really all humans are good for, in the end."
May 18 21:03:10 [Steam] Zankuro: "That's totally not true! They can be great and forgiving and understanding!"
May 18 21:03:19 [Tengu] Mizuki and Zankuro stab right through one of the enemy ninja-robots, while Izuru cuts through another one with his arm-blades, then follows up by destroying a third one with ranged shots.
May 18 21:03:34 [Tengu] But then, Silon aims his cannon, charging it up...
May 18 21:03:35 [Steam] He's got little experience in the world, but hey. None of the other kids in kindergarten were too shocked by a young man attending class with them.
May 18 21:03:58 [Tengu] Silon: "Remember the electromagnetic gun we used last time? I managed to recover it!"
May 18 21:04:24 [Tengu] And he fires, letting out a huge electromagnetic blast, heading towards Red Five and BlackNight! (you two react)
May 18 21:04:40 [Tengu] (Fyra, Kei, Eva, you can go)
May 18 21:05:22 [Corel] *Fyra continues to bombard Tre and Fames, even if her attacks are less potent without Morte. She follows up quickly, using her scythe in its chain-linked form to latch onto a nearby building and then launch herself at the other Rider!+
May 18 21:05:32 [Cubey] Izuru: "And they were all killed, only Fyra's left. Humans will do more in life than you have in store for them... woah!"
May 18 21:06:06 [Corel] Fyra: "This is the fourth time. Be cautious of him, but do not stray from the objective."
May 18 21:06:42 [Cubey] The Juria System is kicking wildly, telling Izuru to dodge. But...
May 18 21:06:52 [Cubey] Izuru: "AHSMB shields, show me what you're made of!"
May 18 21:07:04 [Julia_Dietrich] * "We need to cut off their suppression. Eva, move to disrupt them. These three intersections give clear lines of fire into their formation, while this path makes it hard to predict where you're going and keeps you in cover the rest of the time." +
May 18 21:07:15 [Tengu] (Eva, you can take Kei's action)
May 18 21:07:38 [Cubey] *He raises both hands while trying to duck low, hoping that this won't be more than a graze... but Izuru focuses his unit's strength, and its pilot's determination, into maintaining the double barrier at all costs! After all...+
May 18 21:07:50 [Cubey] Izuru: "You're firing a large cannon in a city!"
May 18 21:08:43 [Steam] Zankuro's eyes go wide as the electromagnetic cannon fires, the Night starting to move, but Mizuki's hand squeezes his own. "Izuru's right! We need a shield!"
May 18 21:08:49 [Tengu] Tre: "You're killing me off already? How premature!" Seeing Fyra move in and launch a slash at his Steed, he engages in a defensive maneuver and, after her first strike hits, disengages again, simultaneously launching a lighting-quick horizontal slash with Fames' talons! (Fyra react)
May 18 21:08:53 [Steam] Zankuro: "Shield0"
May 18 21:08:56 [Steam] ^-
May 18 21:09:36 [Arachnion] *Eva: "...Excessive." She flies through the city's skyline, bombarding the enemy ninjabots according to Kei's instructions. At the tail end of the run she circles past Silon, peppering his unit with more lasers as well.+
May 18 21:09:38 [Steam] * The BlackNight's energy wings arc forward and around in front of it, forming a multi-layered barrier placed side-by-side with Red Five's!+
May 18 21:12:19 [Tengu] The two units combine their defensive shields in order to block the giant blast! It hits them with great force, and when it stops, both of them are smoking, their armor damaged...
May 18 21:12:39 [Tengu] But they managed to hold. And, more importantly, the blast didn't cause damage to the city.
May 18 21:13:08 [Cubey] Izuru: "Uwah... sorry about that, Red Five."
May 18 21:13:54 [Tengu] Eva's lasers bombard the enemies, causing two of them to get scorched and explode, and the rest of them to scatter! Silon's machine, having suffered some damage, disappears in a puff of smoke...
May 18 21:14:00 [Corel] *Even trying to parry that would be disastrous, so Fyra opts for the next best thing as a human-sized combatant. She tries to avoid the talons just enough to be able to hide between them! That blindspot might give her enough time to get a good slash in on the Steed!+
May 18 21:14:12 [Tengu] Only to appear right above Purple Two and drop down towards it, trying to stab at it with a sword! (react)
May 18 21:14:25 [Tengu] Silon: "How many more blasts are you going to take head-on?"
May 18 21:15:06 [Steam] Zankuro's left wincing too. "Does taking hits like that always hurt like this?"
May 18 21:15:31 [Julia_Dietrich] * Kei immediately sped backwards, the guns spinning around to shoot above her to force Silon for the rash move or force him to abort, hopefully giving her the space to get out. +
May 18 21:15:31 [Cubey] Izuru: "We can't let him fire again... watch out!"
May 18 21:15:40 [Cubey] # Kei
May 18 21:15:57 [Tengu] Fyra manages to hide between the claws and launch another hit, slashing at Tre's giant mech... But then he follows up with a quick backhand, hitting her and sending her crashing towards the ground!
May 18 21:15:59 [Tengu] (approved)
May 18 21:16:55 [Cubey] *Red Five leaps towards the ninja, its chainsword blocking and clashing against his own blade. Izuru wants to hold him long enough to give Kei a chance to react - and make Silon regret it with counter-fire!+
May 18 21:18:41 [Corel] "Damage is..." Fyra slowly gets back up, but without Morte, that definitely stung.
May 18 21:20:08 [Tengu] Tre: "What's the matter? Are you starting to regret fighting me without your Steed?"
May 18 21:20:27 [Steam] Zankuro: "Hey, leave her alone!"
May 18 21:20:48 [Steam] "Let's see you do better without... without your own Steed!"
May 18 21:21:36 [Corel] Fyra: "..."
May 18 21:22:24 [Corel] Well, even if she hates to admit it, what Tre is saying is true.
May 18 21:23:04 [Tengu] Izuru's and Silon's blades clash with each other, both of their mecha struggling to overpower the opponent... And then the bullets start flying. A few of them zip around Silon's unit and hit its armor, causing it to disappear in a puff of smoke, and drop down towards a nearby building's roof.
May 18 21:23:10 [Tengu] (Fyra, Izuru, Mizuki)
May 18 21:23:33 [Tengu] Enemy List: Fames (Tre) [light damage], Silon's Stigma Machine (Silon) [light damage], Stigma Machine x2
May 18 21:24:34 [Cubey] Izuru follows up with a swing as soon as he feels the enemy strain lightening... shame about the ninja tricks.
May 18 21:25:00 [Cubey] Izuru: "Fyra's really at a disadvantage here. What do we do?"
May 18 21:25:08 [Cubey] She needs help. But they can't just leave Silon alone...
May 18 21:25:12 [Tengu] Tre: "Feel free to try separating me from Fames, if you can."
May 18 21:25:20 [Steam] Mizuki: "Try to finish up with Silon."
May 18 21:25:25 [Steam] "We'll help Fyra."
May 18 21:27:41 [Corel] Fyra: "It is appreciated."
May 18 21:27:50 [Corel] Especially in this sorry state.
May 18 21:28:01 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "I'll keep an eye on both. There are only a few left apart from Silon and the big one. If we take them out, pinning them down should be simpler."
May 18 21:28:25 [Steam] * The BlackNight moves to back up Fyra, or rather, moves in front of her to face the Fames. "Let's see about doing just that then, Rider!" The BlackNight springs forward, furiously swinging its sword at the Fames, changing hands mid-strike again and again to try to overwhelm him!+
May 18 21:30:34 [Tengu] Seeing BlackNight moves in, Tre jumps backwards, and spreads Fames' arms, which causes another huge barrage of black cubes to appear - they vary in sizes from small to very large, there's a lot of them, and all of them are in Mizuki's way! (react)
May 18 21:30:52 [Cubey] Izuru: "Alright! Let's clear the area then!"
May 18 21:31:39 [Corel] *But far from being one to give up under these circumstances, she continues her assault with the new assistance. Black colored blasts home in on Fames - curving around from behind BlackNight!+
May 18 21:32:28 [Cubey] *Red Five jumps upwards and falls down on one of the Stigma machines, slashing with the chainsword to dismember! After the heavy swing, it stands at a low stance and fires a quick burst of energy from the opening sword's gunbarrel, before jumping away.+
May 18 21:32:28 [Steam] * One or a dozen or countless, the ONodera duo grits their teeth and directs the BlackNight's wings to surge forward and destroy the cubes!+
May 18 21:34:12 [Tengu] BlackNight destroys many of the cubes with its wings, and manages to reach Fames with its sword and cut at it, causing a temporary distortion in its black force field...
May 18 21:34:30 [Tengu] But then a large cube rushes towards it, catching it inside!
May 18 21:35:04 [Steam] MizukI: "!"
May 18 21:35:08 [Steam] Zankuro: "Aah!"
May 18 21:35:16 [Tengu] The black unit's armor starts detoriating, and its energy gets drained, while the siblings inside start to feel pain, exhaustion and hunger!
May 18 21:35:41 [Tengu] To make it worse, it seems like time inside the cube slows down - from the outside, the entrapped unit moves very, very slowly!
May 18 21:37:46 [Tengu] Tre: "Yes, suffer... Slowly rot into nothingness!"
May 18 21:37:50 [Tengu] Tre watches this, but gets distracted as Fyra's barrage hits Fames' armor. The Rider jumps forward, to avoid further attacks... And at the same time, a few remotely-controlled needle-like weapons launch from its back, flying towards Fyra! (react)
May 18 21:39:17 [Tengu] Izuru's attack wrecks the Stigma machine - the ninja tries to defend against the strikes, but is too slow! But at the same time, the other one rushes forward, throwing several shurikens before getting ready to slash with a sword! (react)
May 18 21:39:31 [Tengu] Also, you can see Silon charging up another blast again! He's not firing yet, but will soon!
May 18 21:39:34 [Tengu] (Kei, Eva)
May 18 21:40:44 * Aero ( has joined
May 18 21:41:01 [Corel] *Seeing this and the BlackNight's situation, Fyra has to act quickly. She draws the needle drones closer to the cube around Mizuki and Zankuro, with the intent to let them strike - and break the cube instead of her.+
May 18 21:41:19 [Cubey] Uh oh. The situation looks bad.
May 18 21:41:21 [Cubey] But...
May 18 21:41:38 [Arachnion] *Eva: "...There you are." Eva has been quietly focusing, trying to trace the ninja's movments through his mental presence-though that cannon charging makes it an awful lot easier. The Tern zig-zags towards him at high speed, dashing behind him and stabbing for the chest.+
May 18 21:41:40 [Julia_Dietrich] * Slipping out of her usual role, Kei suddenly sped towards the head ninja, firing her spikes at him. No time to communicate that he was about to attack to others, but she could at least force him to abort the charge. +
May 18 21:42:00 [Cubey] Izuru: "There you are!"
May 18 21:43:14 [Cubey] *Red Five tries to deflect the shurikens only with its forearm armor - and barriers generated by it of course. But Izuru also charges forward, and tackles the last Stigma unit. Then, he proceeds to follow up on Kei's attack - with a throw. One of your allies coming right at you, Silon!+
May 18 21:44:57 [Tengu] Fyra manages to outmaneuver the remote drones and make them hit the giant cube, which causes cracks to appear in it, before the whole thing disappears. Mizuki and Zankuro are free again, although temporarily exhausted.
May 18 21:46:06 [Tengu] And everyone else decides to pile on Silon!
May 18 21:47:00 [Tengu] Izuru's barrier gets strained by intercepting the projectiles, but he manages to throw the Stigma ninja towards Silon's machine - and at the same time, Kei fires at the enemy leader, and Eva rushes forward to skewer him!
May 18 21:47:12 [Steam] Freed from the Cube -and not a moment too soon-, the two Abyssians try to stop for breath.
May 18 21:47:20 [Steam] "I... owe you one..!"
May 18 21:47:22 [Tengu] But before any of those attacks can do too much damage to him, Silon fires!
May 18 21:47:33 [Corel] Fyra: "Are you two able to continue?"
May 18 21:48:06 [Steam] Zan: "That was... a big drain..."
May 18 21:48:14 [Tengu] It's a preemptive, not fully charged blast, and it's aimed upwards, into the sky - but the other Stigma machine is still on its way, and gets completely fried! Make sure the same doesn't happen to the rest of you! (Kei, Eva, react)
May 18 21:48:29 [Steam] Mizuki: "Not enough to make us back down. WIth the two of us... we should be able to keep the Night going."
May 18 21:48:37 [Steam] "We're not leaving you to deal with that alone."
May 18 21:50:32 [Arachnion] *The Tern briefly glows as eva's psychokinesis sets itself to work. This sort of attack-is not unexpected. She narrowly shifts the Tern's flight path as a dodge, and picks up more speed towards Silon-shifting her attack into a full lunge with her blade.+
May 18 21:51:44 [Cubey] Izuru: "... Okay."
May 18 21:51:55 [Cubey] This is not the end yet, just the final step of what he hoped to do.
May 18 21:52:08 [Cubey] # Kei and Eva (will combine with my upcoming action)
May 18 21:52:50 [Julia_Dietrich] * Purple-2 immediately changed directions, moving sharply down towards the street below, making the most of its mobility and fast reaction speed to get out of the way of the blast
May 18 21:53:07 [Tengu] (I advise against combining, but you can support)
May 18 21:54:18 [Cubey] *As soon as his hands are free, Izuru reaches to the side and downwards. Picking up the discarded beam pistol, he fires a single beam shot. The target: firing electromagnetic cannon.+
May 18 21:56:17 [Tengu] Kei manages to avoid the blast, though she starts to feel it trying to overload her shield. So does Eva! But then, Izuru fires his shot, causing a small explosion inside the cannon! It stops firing - and that's what Eva needs to attack! Her lunge hits the enemy leader, crashing his unit into the building it was standing on!
May 18 21:56:57 [Tengu] Quite heavily damaged, and with probably inoperable cannon, Silon's unit rolls out from the ruined building on the street level, on the opposite side.
May 18 21:57:37 [Tengu] Silon: "Just a little more time, and it should be enough..."
May 18 21:58:11 [Tengu] Tre: "Hmm? Oh, I don't think so."
May 18 21:58:24 [Tengu] Tre: "I already regained enough of my strength just now!"
May 18 21:58:30 [Cubey] Izuru: "... Eh?"
May 18 21:58:44 [Tengu] Fames raises its hand into the sky! The sky starts to darken!
May 18 21:59:13 [Corel] Fyra: "...!"
May 18 21:59:14 [Tengu] The gigantic cube that was over the whole town not so long ago, before Fyra banished it by wounding Tre...
May 18 21:59:17 [Tengu] It materializes again!
May 18 21:59:29 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "..."
May 18 22:00:11 [Cubey] Izuru: "We're going to get trapped inside!"
May 18 22:00:30 [Tengu] Everyone starts to feel really heavy, almost frozen in place! Slowly, the feelings of exhaustion and pain are coming in!
May 18 22:00:53 [Tengu] Fyra doesn't feel that... But even she can't really move.
May 18 22:01:16 [Cubey] Izuru: "Guaah!"
May 18 22:01:42 [Steam] Zankruo: "Not agai-aagh!"
May 18 22:02:18 [Tengu] Tre: "Look at that, sister. You're not affected by the mental effects of Order Famine... But your allies are a different matter entirely."
May 18 22:02:47 [Corel] Fyra: "..."
May 18 22:02:48 [Tengu] Tre: "Now you have to witness their suffering..."
May 18 22:02:57 [Tengu] Tre: "Let's watch them suffer, together!"
May 18 22:03:28 [Arachnion] Eva hovers above Silon's crashed mecha, watching the cube around them. "...So this is what it feels's stronger than expected..."
May 18 22:04:22 [Corel] The fourth Rider lowers her head, looking defeated.
May 18 22:05:12 [Corel] But then, strange words can be heard.
May 18 22:05:45 [Corel] Fyra: "Rerouting...S4 through S10."
May 18 22:06:12 [Corel] Fyra: "D12 through D61."
May 18 22:06:52 [Corel] Fyra: "Restoring functions. Unlock."
May 18 22:07:28 [Tengu] Tre: "What...?"
May 18 22:08:21 [Cubey] Izuru: "Ghh... is Fyra?"
May 18 22:08:21 [Corel] Where Fyra was motionless a moment before, a spatial distortion happens. From which, a giant humanoid figure emerges.
May 18 22:09:18 [Corel] It looks slightly different, but is all in all familiar.
May 18 22:09:19 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "I think so."
May 18 22:09:25 [Corel] Sann Morte:
May 18 22:10:23 [Corel] The manifested Steed's voice comes soon after.
May 18 22:10:28 [Arachnion] Eva: "...Was he ready...? Or..."
May 18 22:10:41 [Cubey] Izuru: "She kickstarted him back!"
May 18 22:10:48 [Corel] Morte: "Ah, that was quite refreshing."
May 18 22:11:39 [Tengu] Tre: "Your Steed! But-"
May 18 22:11:43 [Corel] Morte: "It is a little of both. But it appears my Mistress has finally come to terms with something enough to face it herself."
May 18 22:11:44 [Tengu] (Fyra)
May 18 22:12:15 [Corel] Fyra: "..."
May 18 22:13:48 [Corel] *The reborn Morte raises its hand toward Fames, and swings! It would be a harmless gesture, if not for the fact that the entire arm suddenly transforms into a massive scythe that slices across the target!+
May 18 22:15:31 [Tengu] The huge scythe cuts deeply into Fames, leaving a massive gash in its body and throwing it back!
May 18 22:15:48 [Tengu] The cube around the town shatters. Everyone can move again!
May 18 22:16:33 [Tengu] Tre: "How... How could you overcome my Order..."
May 18 22:16:36 [Tengu] Tre: "...!"
May 18 22:16:53 [Cubey] Izuru: "You did it! Ah, it feels good!"
May 18 22:17:07 [Tengu] Tre: "The malfunctions... I don't detect any of them anymore... Just what have you done?!"
May 18 22:17:13 [Cubey] The AHSMB flies higher with renewed vigor.
May 18 22:17:30 [Tengu] Tre takes a step back in his heavily damaged Fames...
May 18 22:17:32 [Corel] Morte: "You were afraid of what you truly are. That you would become like the enemy before us now if you embraced it."
May 18 22:17:43 [Steam] Zankuro: "We're free again!"
May 18 22:17:48 [Corel] Morte: "Is that not right, Mistress?"
May 18 22:17:58 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei breathed out, the first unobstructed breaths he'd had in what felt like ages
May 18 22:17:59 [Tengu] Then he turns around and starts to flee, firing a few more remotely controlled needles at Fyra to cover his escape! (react)
May 18 22:18:37 [Tengu] Tre: "I need to recover...!"
May 18 22:19:18 [Corel] Morte: "But you honored your word to protect and reawakened yourself. So, what are you now?"
May 18 22:19:53 [Corel]
May 18 22:21:24 [Corel] *Morte's figure is suddenly shrouded by darkness, taking on the form of a black cloaked, skeletal being. One that promptly swings its scythe a second time, down on the needles and Fames!+
May 18 22:22:44 [Tengu] The second slash of the scythe cuts through Fames' remote weapons and the escaping Fames itself! In succession, in a chain of explosions, all of them blow up!
May 18 22:23:08 [Tengu] Tre: "I shouldn't have... Arghh...!"
May 18 22:23:26 [Tengu] Fames is engulfed by the explosion.
May 18 22:23:33 [Tengu] Nothing is left of the Rider anymore.
May 18 22:24:02 [Corel] Fyra: "I am...Death."
May 18 22:24:24 [Tengu] Silon: "...Ha..."
May 18 22:24:31 [Cubey] Izuru: "Do you think the people of this town didn't try to run away while you tormented them?"
May 18 22:24:44 [Cubey] Red Five looks at the explosion. It looks like the tables have turned...
May 18 22:24:55 [Tengu] Silon: "Ha ha ha ha ha! Ah ha ha ha ha!"
May 18 22:25:12 [Tengu] The last remaining Stigma member's machine slowly gets up on both legs.
May 18 22:25:33 [Tengu] And a strange, multicolored aura, starts to glow around it!
May 18 22:25:39 [Steam] Zankuro: "What's so funn-"
May 18 22:25:40 [Steam] "What the?!?"
May 18 22:25:46 [Steam] "That looks really bad!"
May 18 22:25:51 [Corel] Fyra: "..."
May 18 22:26:00 [Cubey] Izuru: "Is he unlocking his secret villain form?!"
May 18 22:26:26 [Arachnion] Eva keeps her blade pointed at Silon as he does so. "Who knows."
May 18 22:26:38 [Corel] Morte points its scythe-arm at Silon's machine.
May 18 22:26:44 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "..." She started spinning the guns around to deal with whatever he was doing proactively
May 18 22:27:10 [Corel] Fyra: "I remember now. Your identity."
May 18 22:28:41 [Tengu] Silon: "I'm impressed. You managed to fix your malfunction without restoring your directive, and turning back into a killing machine like all your siblings. As expected of the most powerful of the Horsemen!"
May 18 22:29:23 [Steam] Mizuki: "Fyra... who is he then?"
May 18 22:29:26 [Tengu] The light glowing around his unit intensifies, becoming blinding!
May 18 22:30:03 [Tengu] Any shots fired at Silon, by Kei or anyone else, disappear within the light, seemingly not doing anything...
May 18 22:30:04 [Corel] Fyra: "One who was special, even among us."
May 18 22:30:15 [Tengu] And from within, another, huge, angelic unit emerges...
May 18 22:30:21 [Tengu] Escha
May 18 22:30:22 [Tengu]
May 18 22:30:47 [Cubey] Izuru: "He wasn't the Horsemen' servant... but the boss all along!"
May 18 22:31:17 [Arachnion] Eva: "...Why hide yourself like that..."
May 18 22:31:31 [Tengu] Silon?: "My name is Quintus. I am the backup system of the Sequence - or, as you could call it, the end of the world."
May 18 22:32:37 [Tengu] Quintus: "I was created with the purpose of protecting the leaders of my creators, and to continue carrying on the Apocalypse in the case the Horsemen were somehow defeated."
May 18 22:33:50 [Tengu] Quintus: "But then the civilization of my creators fell, and I was left in a sleeping state, without important memories; living among humans, unable to age, unaware of my true purpose."
May 18 22:34:41 [Tengu] Quintus: "However, eventually my memories returned to me! It was when Earth was temporarily moved to the Kijin realm."
May 18 22:35:42 [Tengu] Quintus: "The abilities of the Riders were based on attempts of reproducing Kijin abilities... And being so close to true Kijin made me remember everything."
May 18 22:36:29 [Corel] Morte: "There was no mention of Stigma before that period...I see now."
May 18 22:36:44 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "And what were your creators trying to achieve with the Apocalypse?"
May 18 22:37:47 [Tengu] Quintus: "I don't know. What's important is..."
May 18 22:39:20 [Tengu] Quintus: "Perhaps, with their complete control over the world, they didn't want to relinquish it to anyone else. None of us will never know the truth anymore, though, because they have already fallen..."
May 18 22:39:41 [Tengu] Quintus: "...And because of that, the directive given to me keeps returning an error!"
May 18 22:40:13 [Tengu] Quintus: "I cannot protect the dead!"
May 18 22:40:25 [Steam] Mizuki: "Then stand down."
May 18 22:40:32 [Cubey] Izuru: "Following those orders makes no sense anymore! Fyra was right to reject them."
May 18 22:40:41 [Corel] Fyra: "You are malfunctioning as well."
May 18 22:41:01 [Tengu] Quintus: "Do you have any idea how much it hurts to be unable to do the one thing that you were made to do? The only thing you desire to do?"
May 18 22:41:29 [Arachnion] Eva: "...A bit."
May 18 22:41:36 [Tengu] Quintus: "This is why I shall fulfill my directive the other way..."
May 18 22:41:40 [Corel] Fyra: "..."
May 18 22:41:59 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "..."
May 18 22:42:35 [Cubey] Yeah... that does sound familiar.
May 18 22:42:38 [Cubey] But...
May 18 22:42:45 [Cubey] Izuru: "But destroying the world is not the answer!"
May 18 22:43:16 [Steam] Mizuki: "Whatever you were made to do... nobody is forcing you to try to achieve it!"
May 18 22:43:38 [Tengu] Quintus: "I've been wtching the Metis Company for a long time, measuring its movements, planning for the Horsemen to awaken. Fyra gaining free will was unexpected, but I was able to salvage the situation and use her to destroy the other three Horsemen."
May 18 22:43:39 [Corel] Morte: "It is likely not that simple."
May 18 22:44:11 [Tengu] Quintus: "Now, with only one Rider left alive, my emergency power has activated - one above the strength of all the Horsemen combined!"
May 18 22:44:50 [Tengu] Quintus: "Destroying the world is the only way left for me to fulfill my directive, to end my suffering. I must do it."
May 18 22:44:55 [Arachnion] Eva: "You're...a weak person, aren't you?"
May 18 22:45:18 [Cubey] Izuru: "We won't let you do it!"
May 18 22:45:27 [Tengu] Quintus: "If you consider me one... Then soon, you will fall to a weak person!"
May 18 22:45:30 [Tengu]
May 18 22:45:46 [Tengu] Escha moves in to attack!
May 18 22:45:55 [Tengu] (Mizuki, Fyra, Izuru)
May 18 22:46:25 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "You could always commit suicide."
May 18 22:46:56 [Tengu] Quintus: "That is not a part of my directive."
May 18 22:47:15 [Cubey] Izuru: "We won't let you selfishly destroy the Earth just because you don't feel good without it!"
May 18 22:48:01 [Corel] Morte: "Be careful. What he said about his powers was no bluff."
May 18 22:48:39 [Arachnion] Eva: "I beleive you. Still, he's...pathetic."
May 18 22:48:39 [Cubey] Izuru: "But on the other hand... it means we know what he's capable of doing!"
May 18 22:49:19 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Stronger than those other people isn't a very accurate benchmark."
May 18 22:49:24 [Cubey] *Red Five's fists shake, clenched tightly... in a flash of light, the wings of light explode around the AHSMB as it awakens. Izuru feels like a comic book hero facing off an apocalyptic villain!
May 18 22:49:57 [Cubey] *A comic book hero that charges forward, carried by the flapping winds, a lance of light forming in his hands - and exploding as he thrusts it towards the target!+
May 18 22:50:17 [Tengu] Izuru stabs with his lance with great power...
May 18 22:50:57 [Tengu] But several layers of reflecting barriers of light appear in front of the enemy! The strike punches through a few of them, but they intercept it regardless!
May 18 22:51:04 [Steam] Mizuki: "Do you see that Zankuro?"
May 18 22:51:25 [Tengu] And now they push towards Izuru quickly, while two more appear behind him in an attempt to restrict his movement! (react)
May 18 22:51:26 [Steam] "... THat's the kind of person Mom, Dad, and I resolved to not be like."
May 18 22:51:35 [Corel] *As Morte advances, a hail of pale green energy bolts are fired at Escha! Fyra tries to use this opportunity to get into a better position to attack, as well.&
May 18 22:51:59 [Cubey] Izuru: "I'm making an opening!"
May 18 22:52:00 [Steam] Zankuro: "That kind of person... let's take them down!"
May 18 22:53:11 [Cubey] *Red Five spins around, its wings covering it like a protective shell - but its moves are also trailed by two energy ribbons, formed from its palms they cut into the barriers like Jiart's semi-elastic swords.+
May 18 22:54:35 [Steam] * The BlackNight charges, sword in its left hand and raised up high! "Forgotten and misplaced safeguard... the purpose you're striving towards is pointless and unwanted by all!" With Mizuki's words a massive energy blade erupted from the physical weapon as it was taken in both hands. "-And for the sake of this world of Light... Darkness itself r
May 18 22:54:36 [Steam] ejects you! So go!" And finishing the incantation, Zankuro brought the massive weapon slashing down! "Abyss Execution!"
May 18 22:54:37 [Steam] +
May 18 22:55:44 [Tengu] Izuru manages to cut through the obstructing barriers, but the attacking ones keep pushing towards Red Five -nevertheless, he manages to fend them off, for the time being.
May 18 22:57:06 [Tengu] Mizuki and Zankuro rush forward, launching a mighty strike with the massive energy sword! But Escha creates more defensive barriers in order to protect against the strike! Among the flash of light accompanying the strike, it's hard to say just how much damage it did to the opponent...
May 18 22:57:26 [Tengu] And at the same time, suddenly two copies of Escha manifest as its sides, before rushing forward at BlackNight like meteors! (react)
May 18 22:57:34 [Tengu] (Fyra, Kei, Eva, go)
May 18 22:58:56 [Steam] * The BlackNight dives down as the copies come charging at it, but only enough for- "You're lined up!" Getting them in position to be skewered in a single mighty stab!+
May 18 22:59:37 [Tengu] Morte's green energy blasts rain against Escha's tough shields, creating explosions and raising dust! But the barriers are tough... And simultaneously, six energy barriers appear around Morte, and all of them rush in, each from a different direction, in an attempt to crush Fyra and her Steed! (react/continue)
May 18 23:01:15 [Arachnion] *Eva: "Masterless doll..." Eva circles above Escha, raining laser blasts on it from above, "...Your mission ends here."+
May 18 23:02:52 [Tengu] Eva's lasers join the barrage of attacks raining down upon Escha. You can clearly see that some of them manage to penetrate its tough barriers, and judging from the machine's state, some of the previous ones probably still did as well... Though the overall damage is still low.
May 18 23:03:07 [Corel] *Morte's eyes flash gold, and a black aura surrounds its limbs! It spins as both arms turn into scythes to cut into and 'kill' the barriers, before advancing on Escha itself like a deadly top!+
May 18 23:03:58 [Tengu] Mizuki manages to cut through the charging copies, causing them to disappear... But you definitely feel their mass, and the strain of your machine against them as you do so. They're not just illusions.
May 18 23:05:24 [Tengu] Quintus is about to evoke another set of force fields in order to strike towards Eva... But he's interrupted! Morte spins around rapidly, cutting through the incoming barriers, and then slamming against Escha itself, cutting deeper and deeper into its force fields before striking at the machine itself!
May 18 23:05:38 [Tengu] In a shower of sparks, Escha backs off. It's lightly damaged.
May 18 23:06:13 [Tengu] Quintus: "Damnit...! My Order didn't have time to settle in yet!"
May 18 23:06:44 [Tengu] The light around the machine starts to grow to blinding brightness again!
May 18 23:06:58 [Tengu] Quintus: "We'll be seeing each other again... Soon."
May 18 23:06:59 [Corel] Morte: "Do not let him escape."
May 18 23:07:11 [Cubey] Izuru: "Are you trying to run away like Tre?!"
May 18 23:07:25 [Tengu] With a sharp flash, Escha disappears!
May 18 23:07:48 [Tengu] Its readings are nowhere to be seen in the nearby area...
May 18 23:08:14 [Cubey] Izuru: "... Aww, damn."
May 18 23:08:46 [Arachnion] Eva: "...Could they all do that...?"
May 18 23:09:12 [Corel] Morte: "That, is unique to him."
May 18 23:09:53 [Tengu] There aren't any enemies left anymore. All the Stigma are gone, and so is Tre.
May 18 23:10:14 [Corel] Morte: "But I do apologize. Something was wrong the moment he backed away. What we were not aware of is that he requires time as well."
May 18 23:10:39 [Steam] "It's fine."
May 18 23:10:50 [Corel] Fyra: "He was just as surprised."
May 18 23:10:52 [Steam] Mizuki: "But if there's anything else he can do we should know of, we'll need to know before he makes his next move."
May 18 23:11:01 [Tengu] The town may, with ESUN's help, return to some semblance of normality, over time.
May 18 23:11:10 [Tengu] But where did Quintus disappear to?
May 18 23:11:21 [Tengu] When will he appear again?
May 18 23:11:35 [Tengu] Maybe there was something that could help discover the truth in the revelation he has given...
May 18 23:11:37 [Tengu] MISSION COMPLETE
May 18 23:11:47 [Cubey] Izuru: "You did the best you could."