Apr 23 21:43:56 [Steam] When you came to meet with Lady Xion and collect the Great Forge, she had warned you of the brigands that lurked in the region.
Apr 23 21:44:37 [Steam] And it seems that they had struck.
Apr 23 21:46:08 [Steam] An emergency distress transmission on an ESUN frequency comes through to those of you still at Xion's in the middle of the night. The group that was leaving just as you were going to meet her.
Apr 23 21:47:31 [Steam] Needless to say, the odds of any other Earth forces in range on the planet are slim, and the transmission is short but to the point.
Apr 23 21:47:44 * Sciencezam (Arachnion@402.67.09.433.reverse.socket.net) has joined
Apr 23 21:48:22 [Steam] The convoy has fallen under attack and is in dire need of assistance, but at least coordinates come in with the message.
Apr 23 21:49:25 [Cubey] "What?!" Sielje is awake despite it being late, for some reason. That's very opportune, too. Considering what just happened...
Apr 23 21:51:01 [Cubey] Sielje: "Such dishonor... to think these ruffians would dare strike someone so close to a Lord's hall!"
Apr 23 21:51:35 [Tengu] Daniel looks kinda sleepy, at least for someone who's not very good at showing emotions of any kind due to being a metal cyborg.
Apr 23 21:51:40 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei sprung awake immediately. Two years of military service and several years of academy before that had conditioned her to wake up at the slightest hint of alarm or superiors calling a surprise drill. "...Isn't that normal for bandits? If they get the chance."
Apr 23 21:51:58 [Steam] Fortunately, the convoy hadn't traveled too far yet and it doesn't take long to pick up signatures on sensors. and up in the sky you can make out Lions flying, taking potshots whenever they get the opportunity.
Apr 23 21:52:02 [Tengu] Daniel: "Doubt bandits care about honor. It's something else."
Apr 23 21:52:22 [Tengu] Daniel: "They're unusually brave. Must be desperate..."
Apr 23 21:52:24 [Sciencezam] Jen's up fast as well, though not quite so alert. "...Hm? What is it?" She looks over the message on her communicator. "Oh. Great."
Apr 23 21:53:04 [Cubey] Sielje: "Do they seek to reignite tension between Earth and Ankaia? We will stop them. I trust we will."
Apr 23 21:53:26 [Corel] A silent Fyra tries to take in everything that is happening.
Apr 23 21:53:29 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "They're probably just trying to find something to sell for food."
Apr 23 21:53:50 [Tengu] Daniel: "We'll still stop them though. Let's do this."
Apr 23 21:53:52 [Cubey] The Knight's Arm leaves the forges. Sielje mutters under her breath due to once again having to pilot while wearing an un-battle ready dress.
Apr 23 21:53:54 [Corel] The Rider still has no ride, just like the last time she was here.
Apr 23 21:53:56 [Steam] And as you finally reach the battlefield, you can see a handful of standard Genoaces, in formation to try to defend the convoy's trailers even with a number of their own sprawled across the ground, arms and head severed.
Apr 23 21:54:04 [Steam] "!"
Apr 23 21:54:44 [Steam] The first Genoace to see you almost opens fire before another pulls its gun down. "Calm down, these aren't the-"
Apr 23 21:54:53 [Steam] Pilot 3: "They're coming back!"
Apr 23 21:55:51 [Steam] The Genoaces begin to turn, as a number of Knights Arms emerge from the shadows of the hills, weapons drawn!
Apr 23 21:55:56 [Steam] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
Apr 23 21:56:46 [Cubey] Sielje: "There they are..."
Apr 23 21:57:11 [Sciencezam] Nemain carefully articulates each of the joints in its fingers, facing the Knigt's arms. Jen: "I'm afraid you're making a mistake."
Apr 23 21:57:44 [Steam] (Enemies: One-handed weapon Knight's Arms x 3, Two-handed weapon Knight's Arm x 1, Polearm Knight's Arm x 2, Claw Knight's Arm x 2)
Apr 23 21:57:57 [Steam] (Allies: Genoaces x 4, Lions x 2)
Apr 23 21:58:18 [Steam] (As a reminder, the Lions are high up in the air)
Apr 23 21:58:40 [Steam] (Lineup: Sielje, Jen, Daniel, Fyra, Kei)
Apr 23 21:59:04 [Tengu] Daniel: "Relax. We're here to help."
Apr 23 21:59:49 [Steam] The bandits' Knights Arms are predominantly dark colors to help them blend in to their surroundings on dark nights like these, but far less energy's been put into their general maintenance.
Apr 23 22:00:33 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "You're outnumbered, stand down."
Apr 23 22:00:55 [Steam] Many of the cloaks are ragged and torn, swords chipped and cracked.
Apr 23 22:01:30 [Steam] No response, Kei.
Apr 23 22:01:54 [Steam] (Sielje, Jen, go now)
Apr 23 22:01:57 [Cubey] Sielje: "An Arm should be able to heal up in time, but this... this is a quite sorry state they are in."
Apr 23 22:02:24 [Tengu] Daniel: "They really are desperate..."
Apr 23 22:02:53 [Cubey] Sielje: "Yes. But..."
Apr 23 22:02:53 [Corel] Fyra: "..."
Apr 23 22:03:14 [Cubey] Sielje: "Desperation does not excuse your actions! I am the Knight Sielje, the Guard of the South - Ankaian such as you!"
Apr 23 22:03:29 [Sciencezam] Jen: "I'm not exactly in the most comfortable period of my life right now, so if you lot want to live to see another sunrise, leave."
Apr 23 22:03:48 [Cubey] The Arm takes the front, its sword at ready.
Apr 23 22:04:23 [Sciencezam] Nemain's beam glaive flickers to life, as it advances alongside Sielje's Arm.
Apr 23 22:04:33 [Cubey] Sielje: "We will have to defeat them, Jen..."
Apr 23 22:05:35 [Sciencezam] Jen: "...I'm kind of okay with that."
Apr 23 22:06:18 [Cubey] Sielje: "I will be your opponent." *The Arm moves towards the enemy group. Sielje is careful so that they do not flank or surround her - and lunges, jumping up close to the two-handed wielding Arm, ducking under its weapon and then slashing upwards at the limbs it holds!+
Apr 23 22:07:05 [Cubey] Sielje: "If we make a show of strength, they should flee or give up!"
Apr 23 22:07:15 [Tengu] Daniel looks around at the ESUN forces, both the still-fighting and the downed units.
Apr 23 22:07:26 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Are they striking to disarm?"
Apr 23 22:08:06 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "If we can, but protecting the convoy is our primary goal."
Apr 23 22:08:45 [Sciencezam] *Jen advances as well, moving off to Sielje's side. She targets one of the one-handed weapon using knight's arms, going for its legs and then its torso. While Nemain's smaller, the long reach of her weapon will help even things up.+
Apr 23 22:10:14 [Steam] [Sielje] The two-handing Arm's first strike whiffs over you, its sizeable if bent sword striking nothing but air! Your own strike cuts through far more though, cutting through the machine's right arm! But rather than relent the Arm still tries to attack, awkward and as clumsy as it is, swinging the heavy sword back down with the power of its rema
Apr 23 22:10:14 [Steam] ining limb!+
Apr 23 22:10:16 [Steam] (React: Sielje)
Apr 23 22:11:15 [Cubey] Sielje: "Understood, is anyone trying to reach it... ah!"
Apr 23 22:12:15 [Cubey] *Its shoulder wrapped in its cloak, Sielje's arm rolls a bit to the side opposite to the attacking blade - but mostly forward, trying to knock over the assailant.+
Apr 23 22:13:41 [Steam] [Jen] The one-hander's cloak stays raised to try to delay your glaive striking something vital! It doesn't buy much time though as the weapon stabs into the machine's thigh... but the Arm still strikes back with a swordthrust even as a polearm-using comrade strikes at you from a range as well!
Apr 23 22:13:43 [Steam] (React: Jen)
Apr 23 22:13:49 [Steam] (Daniel, Fyra, and Kei can go)
Apr 23 22:15:45 [Steam] [Sielje] The blade smacks down into your own Arm at a messy angle. Between that and your cloak you're more shaken than anything else, and your retaliatory strike topples over the off-balance Arm!
Apr 23 22:16:38 [Tengu] * Steel Wanderer jumps up on top of a nearby rock, taking aim at a nearby enemy Arm equipped with a sword and quickly firing the Gun of God three times! The first two weak beam shots are just a distraction though - the real strike comes from the third shot, which explodes into a net of sticky foam upon impact. +
Apr 23 22:16:57 [Sciencezam] *Jen yanks on that spear of hers in a sweep, moving to slice right through the leg-while stepping to the side to avoid the oncoming strikes, and twisting Nemain's body for more force in her blow.+
Apr 23 22:17:06 [Tengu] Daniel: "I fought enough Arms to know what works."
Apr 23 22:17:07 [Raiko_Horikawa] * "Try to keep away from them. Ankaian military doctrine doesn't include ranged weaponry, so as long as we can maintain our distance we're safe. Daniel move over to this hill, you'll be under cover and can set up a sniping position. When I ping you, fire at the ones with the polearms, they're the most effective in locking down Sielje and suppressing them will help keep her safe. Jen, draw...
Apr 23 22:17:09 [Raiko_Horikawa] ...their attention away from Daniel while he moves into position.
Apr 23 22:17:33 [Corel] While most of the others advance, Fyra actually looks hesitant to move.
Apr 23 22:18:29 [Cubey] "Oof..." The Arm gets back on its feet quickly, and gains a few steps' of distance between itself and the opponents.
Apr 23 22:18:56 [Corel] *She does try her best to support from where she stands though, black tendrils lashing out at the Arms under attack.+
Apr 23 22:19:43 [Steam] [Jen] The first bandit's Arm loses its balance suddenly, its sword glancing off the Nemain's side mostly harmlessly as you spin. Then the Arm loses its other leg too, its comrade's strike barely missing you.
Apr 23 22:21:24 [Steam] [Daniel] Against a beasthide cloak, your initial shots are only a mild inconvenience and the one-hander Arm charges at you thinking the third is more of the same, which it is decidedly not! The sticky foam traps the entire machine, leaving it helpless.
Apr 23 22:21:45 [Steam] (Daniel and Jen can take their Kei actions)
Apr 23 22:22:20 [Tengu] Daniel: "That hill. Gotcha. Here I go."
Apr 23 22:22:43 [Cubey] That was a pretty close call, but all things considered, Sielje has to admit one thing...
Apr 23 22:22:54 [Cubey] "This fight will not take long..."
Apr 23 22:23:13 [Cubey] The bandits aren't very strong, and they have more desperation than good equipment.
Apr 23 22:24:10 [Steam] [Fyra] Your tendrils are quite the surprise for the brigands, those experiencing it not quite sure what to make of it! But one of the polearm Knight's Arms tries to bat at the tendrils for a few moments before thrusting at you to stop your efforts cold!
Apr 23 22:24:13 [Steam] (React: Fyra)
Apr 23 22:24:54 [Sciencezam] Jen: "Draw their attention, huh..." She keeps close to polearm knight that attacked her, and swings strongly at the knight's weapon-aiming to cut that polearm in half.+
Apr 23 22:25:13 [Tengu] * Steel Wanderer quickly makes its way towards the hill, ending the rush by crouching down, reloading and aiming the Gun of God. As soon as Kei gives the signal, Daniel fires a few armor-piercing shots towards the polearm wielders, trying to keep them away from Sielje and put them on the defensive! +
Apr 23 22:27:00 [Steam] [Jen] Your polearm makes short work of the Ankaians', the pilot falling back and hastily discarding the now worthless half of the weapon to brandish the other like a one-handed weapon!
Apr 23 22:29:18 [Corel] *The fact that the Knight's Arm is quite big means Fyra can see that one coming as an on-foot combatant. She darts off to one side and summons her scythe, which comes spinning out of the blue, to cut into or knock the polearm away.+
Apr 23 22:30:34 [Steam] [Daniel and Fyra] ... Not that they have a long career ahead of them after that though as the armor-piercing shots smash into the Arms' cloaks. In their ragged state, more pierce through than don't, forcing them back and to try to protect themselves, The one attacking Fyra loses his weapon in the ensuing chaos as well. Mission accomplished, those
Apr 23 22:30:34 [Steam] two are crippled and backing off.
Apr 23 22:31:31 [Steam] -But the shriek of railgun fire cuts through the battlefield! Overhead the Lions are attacking the clawed Knights Arms... who were using the battle to move closer to the convoy!
Apr 23 22:32:21 [Steam] One of them is knocked back as a shell hits its cloak... but the other surges forward!
Apr 23 22:32:43 [Cubey] Sielje: "... Ah."
Apr 23 22:33:29 [Tengu] Daniel: "One made through...!"
Apr 23 22:33:59 [Steam] It nears the largest of the transports, but its container suddenly bursts open revealing a machine moving to counter it!
Apr 23 22:34:30 [Cubey] Sielje: "We must force it away!"
Apr 23 22:34:35 [Cubey] "... Oh."
Apr 23 22:35:37 [Steam] Thin, almost skeletal... it raises a device in both of its hands, and a pile bunker-like spike shoots out, skewering the Arm almost immediately.
Apr 23 22:36:02 [Corel] Fyra turns to look at what is happening there.
Apr 23 22:37:05 [Steam] The Arm slumps down, but this new machine wastes no time by jerking the weapon to the side, throwing the Arm off before turning the weapon towards the Arm still trapped in Daniel's net.
Apr 23 22:38:09 [Sciencezam] Jen: "...I wonder what loop we were left out of this time..."
Apr 23 22:38:25 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "...Why does this always happen?"
Apr 23 22:38:47 [Steam] A sudden flurry of shrapnel fires out at it, tearing into the machine itself... but more importantly its beasthide cloak! "There's our chance!" And all the Genoaces seize on it, firing their beam sprayguns relentlessly.
Apr 23 22:39:00 [Cubey] Sielje: "What... was this convoy moving?"
Apr 23 22:39:30 [Tengu] Daniel: "...I got a bad feeling."
Apr 23 22:39:58 [Steam] (Sielje and Jen, go)
Apr 23 22:40:21 [Sciencezam] (remaining banditos?)
Apr 23 22:41:57 [Cubey] Sielje: "..."
Apr 23 22:42:00 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "I'm not sure I want to know..."
Apr 23 22:42:07 [Cubey] She looks at the new arrival, and at the units it destroyed.
Apr 23 22:42:13 [Cubey] One of them was unable to fight back.
Apr 23 22:42:21 [Cubey] Sielje: "I have a bad feeling."
Apr 23 22:42:51 [Sciencezam] Jen: "Great, that makes three of us. ESUN forces, mind explaining what's going on here?"
Apr 23 22:42:55 [Steam] (Brigands: One-hander Knights Arms x 2 (both damaged), Two-hander Knight's Arm x 1 (damaged), Clawed Knight's Arm x 1, Polearm Knight's Arm x 2 (one disarmed, the other carrying half a polearm)
Apr 23 22:42:58 [Tengu] Daniel: "ESUN. What's going on? What is this new mech?"
Apr 23 22:44:29 [Steam] The newcomer machine's pilot answers. "Just a little surprise... for when this scum showed up."
Apr 23 22:45:13 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "This is Unity Group, explain the situation. In full."
Apr 23 22:46:15 [Cubey] Sielje: "I do not like this... you would best surrender while you still can!" *She assaults the damaged two-handed wielder, stabbing into the opening where its arm connects with the torso.+
Apr 23 22:46:20 [Sciencezam] *Jen twirls her polearm, moving closer to knight whose weapon she wrecked earlier. "Right, well shooting people who can't fight back is still wrong, so watch it." No longer intent on killing the Akaians, Jen rushes closer to the polearm knight and goes for its legs!+
Apr 23 22:47:45 [Steam] Pilot: "Wanting answers during this? Well too bad. I'm not authorized.to tell you that."
Apr 23 22:48:01 [Steam] "Too bad, so sad."
Apr 23 22:48:25 [Tengu] Daniel: (ally-only channel) "...This guy's annoying."
Apr 23 22:49:08 [Tengu] Daniel: "Well. Focus on fighting enemies who are still on their feet. Not shooting those that can't fight back."
Apr 23 22:49:14 [Sciencezam] Jen: (same) "If he keeps at it I'm going to break his fingers once we're done here."
Apr 23 22:49:24 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: (On the same channel) "And unprofessional, rude and completely dismissive of allies...I wonder what he's trying to hide."
Apr 23 22:50:24 [Tengu] Daniel: "Let's keep an eye out."
Apr 23 22:51:02 [Steam] [Sielje and Jen] With only half a weapon to defend itself with, the Arm targeted by Jen can't close the distance in time to strike back before it's de-legged! And the two-hander similarly has its remaining arm cut away, its blade crashing to the ground noisily!
Apr 23 22:51:37 [Cubey] Sielje: "I implore you to give up. You have no chance of victory, and you will be treated fairly."
Apr 23 22:51:44 [Steam] But after only a moment, a Lion's railgun shot comes hurtling down, piercing through the Arm that Jen just grounded!
Apr 23 22:51:49 [Cubey] This all seems familiar... only she was on the other side. And...
Apr 23 22:51:56 [Cubey] Sielje: "!!"
Apr 23 22:52:52 [Steam] But that's not the end of it! Another shot is fired just for good measure, this one striking something critical! The Arm explodes!
Apr 23 22:53:13 [Steam] "Watch it you idiot!"
Apr 23 22:53:46 [Sciencezam] Jen: "Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing!"
Apr 23 22:53:48 [Steam] And the new machine comes running in past Sielje, its weapon firing into the back of the now-fleeing Arm.
Apr 23 22:54:30 [Cubey] Sielje: "Stop this..."
Apr 23 22:54:31 [Steam] The new machine kicks it loose and to the ground, raising its weapon up for another strike, when-
Apr 23 22:54:36 [Steam] ???: "HALT!"
Apr 23 22:57:02 [Steam] Another machine emerges, standing on top of a hill. Ankaian in design, with a sizeable polearm held in front of it, blade in the ground. The machine's gaze sweeps across the ESUN Genoaces and the new machine before its pilot speaks again.
Apr 23 22:57:29 [Steam] "This slaughter stops here! I am Lady Xion, the Bulwark. Hear my words, I challenge-"
Apr 23 22:57:42 [Cubey] Sielje: "Lady Xion?"
Apr 23 22:58:09 [Steam] -But the sudden roar of the new machine's sprapnel cannon, joined by wave after wave of beam spraygun fire, drowns Lady Xion's words out!
Apr 23 22:58:34 [Tengu] Daniel: "...What the..."
Apr 23 22:58:36 [Sciencezam] Jen: "Idiot!"
Apr 23 22:58:49 [Cubey] Sielje: "!!"
Apr 23 22:58:57 [Cubey] Sielje: "What are you doing?!"
Apr 23 23:00:22 [Cubey] Sielje: "You only shoot... without thinking!"
Apr 23 23:00:31 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Stand down. Do you /want/ to cause a diplomatic incident?"
Apr 23 23:00:59 [Tengu] Daniel: "This is an ally, you cretins."
Apr 23 23:02:11 * Corel (Corel@210.195.hho.mor) has left (Leaving)
Apr 23 23:02:14 [Steam] It's too late though. The attacks hammer into Lady Xion's machine, dust and smoke being kicked up as the the hilltop is obliterated.
Apr 23 23:02:31 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
Apr 23 23:03:09 [Sciencezam] Jen: "...You just left her house...." The facepalm is practically audible.
Apr 23 23:03:17 [Steam] ""An ally? Not of their ilk, I am afraid."
Apr 23 23:04:14 [Steam] Xion's Lord's Arm bursts from the cloud, unharmed and with its cloak raised tight around its frame, hurtling straight at the mysterious new machine!
Apr 23 23:04:49 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Ankaia and the ESUN are in an alliance. What your personal thoughts on the matter are are irrelevant. You're attacking an ally without provocation. Do you have any idea what this could do to diplomatic relations?" And the rant is /on/
Apr 23 23:05:51 [Steam] Pilot: "A lot of talk... but who cares?!?" The machine fires its spike at Xion's Arm, but as it meets the cloak the weapon stops, fractures, and suddenly breaks!
Apr 23 23:06:29 [Sciencezam] Jen: "Pretty sure executing the wounded and disabled remains a warcrime, even on another planet..."
Apr 23 23:06:46 [Tengu] Daniel: "...We have to stop them. Before a war breaks out again."
Apr 23 23:06:49 [Steam] And Xion's retaliates by swinging her polearm down the length of the machine, splitting it down the middle in one sudden strike.
Apr 23 23:07:22 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei panted for a bit as she wound down. "I don't know who he is, but as soldiers of the ESUN, it's our duty to stop him before he makes this any worse
Apr 23 23:07:34 [Sciencezam] Jen: "-I dunno, I'm inclined to let Lady Xion take her price."
Apr 23 23:07:53 [Steam] The halves fall away from each other, Xion's attention once more shifting to the ESUN forces that had moment ago opened fire on her.
Apr 23 23:07:55 [Cubey] Sielje: "Ah..."
Apr 23 23:08:20 [Steam] Lady Xion: "As I suspected, you are sent here by traders of Fumerco."
Apr 23 23:08:42 [Cubey] Sielje: "In a single strike, he was..."
Apr 23 23:08:43 [Cubey] "..."
Apr 23 23:09:01 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Fumerco."
Apr 23 23:09:41 [Steam] "Dishonorable curs, seeking only to pillage and ravage.." The polearm sweeps across the group, mobile suits and transport alike. " I sought a fair challenge but you respond as such."
Apr 23 23:10:20 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Are all of our enemies going to return?...It's the Lady, isn't it? Trying to build them up as recurring nemesi, no matter how little sense it makes."
Apr 23 23:11:12 [Tengu] Daniel: "I didn't know Fumerco is still operational. I didn't know they'd go as far as impersonating ESUN..."
Apr 23 23:11:32 [Steam] "None of you will leave alive." The polearm remains aloft, still pointing at the transports like a condemning hand.
Apr 23 23:12:26 [Steam] "And do not be surprised." Lady Xion addresses Daniel.
Apr 23 23:12:55 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Jiart returned. Rogue Zentraedi returned. The Void returned. We can probably expect /all/ our enemies to return."
Apr 23 23:12:57 [Steam] (Daniel and Kei, go)
Apr 23 23:13:56 [Raiko_Horikawa] (Enemy list?)
Apr 23 23:13:59 [Tengu] Daniel: "Hold on. No need to be so drastic about this."
Apr 23 23:14:40 [Steam] Xion: "Fumerco never left. Its name and face may be gone, but its owners and true leaders linger still."
Apr 23 23:14:52 [Tengu] (that's a good question)
Apr 23 23:14:54 [Steam] (What's left of the Brigands are escaping.)
Apr 23 23:15:26 [Steam] (Enemies: Genoaces x 4, Lions x 2)
Apr 23 23:16:02 [Cubey] Sielje: "Fumerco... never left?"
Apr 23 23:16:35 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
Apr 23 23:16:36 [Cubey] Sielje: "But was it not besmirched? Its name was involved in immoral deeds! There was proof..."
Apr 23 23:17:18 [Steam] Lady Xion continues as well. "All its leaders needed to do was reorganize assets and men under a new guise. A new name."
Apr 23 23:18:04 [Raiko_Horikawa] * "Strike to disable. We need to take them in for interrogation. Daniel, you've got nets and other forms of disabling weaponry, get the Lions out of the sky. I'll draw their attention away from you, find cover and hold your fire until they turn away." And with that Purple-2 took to further in the sky, firing some quick rounds at the two Lions. It probably wouldn't be enough to shoot them...
Apr 23 23:18:06 [Raiko_Horikawa] ...down, even if she were to hit, but it should suppress them at least. +
Apr 23 23:18:15 [Steam] "So what if Fumerco was connected? If another company were not Fumerco, who would suspect anything?"
Apr 23 23:21:20 [Steam] [Kei] Your cannons sweep across the sky as the Lions move to evade, but one of them is winged by your attacks! The other defends its comrade by firing its railgun at you!
Apr 23 23:21:30 [Steam] (Daniel can combine actions if you want)
Apr 23 23:21:34 [Steam] [React: Kei]
Apr 23 23:22:30 [Tengu] Daniel: "ESUN won't like it that they're doing a false flag operation. That's for sure." While the Lions zoom overhead, he loads the Gun of God with special ammo and takes careful aim, and then quickly slams the trigger, firing further net-like bullets towards each them, followed by electrically-charged Medard bullets in order to overwhelm their systems! Daniel wants them to stay on
Apr 23 23:22:30 [Tengu] the ground instead of taking off once again. +
Apr 23 23:22:35 [Tengu] (combining with my action)
Apr 23 23:23:03 [Raiko_Horikawa] * And that was the signal to break off and try to keep their attention by making it hard for them to land a hit. Sacrificing some accuracy for speed, she kept firing as she went into a series of sharp turns and unlikely angles to throw off their aim while still forcing them to focus on her. +
Apr 23 23:23:09 [Cubey] Sielje cannot bring herself to say anything. Didn't they come here to defend a convoy? The situation became not only very complicated, but the news are ominous, in the worst way...
Apr 23 23:25:52 [Steam] [Kei and Daniel] Concerned more with Purple-2 than the hidden Steel Wanderer, the Lions mistakenly think they can outrun and outgun Kei's machine. Too late do they realize their mistake as the Lions are ensnared and shocked, systems going offline for both. It's all the can do to have their Tesla Drives keep them from having fatally crash-landing.
Apr 23 23:26:27 [Sciencezam] Jen: "...do I really have to keep them alive...?"
Apr 23 23:27:21 [Tengu] Daniel: "We need some of them to show they're not really ESUN."
Apr 23 23:27:56 [Steam] Lady Xion: "The enemies we face, that Ankaia faces, need an example made of them. Letting them survive and return would invite only tragedy."
Apr 23 23:28:00 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "And for intelligence to interrogate them and see what they can learn."
Apr 23 23:28:21 [Sciencezam] Jen: "...I can do some."
Apr 23 23:29:27 [Tengu] Daniel: " 'Sides. This is already a mess. Let's not escalate."
Apr 23 23:29:29 [Steam] And the Lord's Arm moves towards the transports, its intent clear. Clear enough that several personnel and technicians can be seen through some of the damaged sections of the vehicles.
Apr 23 23:29:49 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
Apr 23 23:30:28 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Let's leave the interrogation to the accountable professionals."
Apr 23 23:31:00 [Steam] (Sielje and Jen)
Apr 23 23:31:53 [Sciencezam] *Jen's loading her rifle. "Lady Xion, we'd like to visit our kind of justice on these men. Besides. Not much point in killing someone who can't fight back." To illustrate her point, Nemain crouches and opens fire on two of the Genoaces with a long burst.+
Apr 23 23:32:15 [Tengu] Daniel: "Stop. Don't kill non-combatants."
Apr 23 23:32:38 [Cubey] Sielje: "... Wait. This went on for long enough."
Apr 23 23:32:47 [Cubey] Sielje: "This is enough."
Apr 23 23:34:32 [Steam] Xion: "You would do well to stay away from this."
Apr 23 23:35:14 [Cubey] Sielje: "We are already in the middle of this! What are you trying to achieve, Lady Xion the Bulwark?!"
Apr 23 23:35:16 [Steam] "My fight is not with you, and not with the whole of Earth."
Apr 23 23:35:53 [Cubey] *The Knight's Arm stands between the transport vehicle and Xion's Arm, sword in hand - but lowered.+
Apr 23 23:36:09 [Steam] "My goal is protecting Ankaia!"
Apr 23 23:36:20 [Steam] And now Sielje is in her path.
Apr 23 23:37:35 [Steam] [Jen] The rifle fire sweeps across the mobile suits, one of them barely managing to get its shield raised in time and getting an arm and part of its upper body blown away. That one though is the lucky one, as the other gets its entire upper body blasted away.
Apr 23 23:39:22 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Please, Lady Xion, stand down. You'll anger lots of people on Earth and give lots of others an excuse to try to attack Ankaia. Peace between our planets is at stake."
Apr 23 23:39:41 [Steam] [Sielje] Slowly but resolutely, Lady Xion readies her halberd. "I have seen Earth for myself, and have seen the fair people that live there. But there are countless liars, scoundrels, thieves, and assassins as well!"
Apr 23 23:40:06 [Steam] And the polearm comes smashing down in an attempted repeat performance from before!
Apr 23 23:40:10 [Steam] (React: Sielje!)
Apr 23 23:40:27 [Tengu] Daniel: "Well. That's not false. But-"
Apr 23 23:40:33 [Tengu] Daniel: "...!"
Apr 23 23:40:48 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Yes...And you'd give them an excuse to attack Ankaia."
Apr 23 23:43:30 [Steam] Xion ignores you Kei. "So long as Ankaia maintains contact with Earth, the likes of Fumerco and others who would prey on our world will take advantage of the open door and dispose of anyone they need to."
Apr 23 23:44:44 [Steam] "Only by breaking contact between our two worlds can Ankaia be kept safe from them."
Apr 23 23:45:31 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "If you like starving, sure."
Apr 23 23:46:05 [Steam] Xion: "If we must starve, then it will be on our own terms."
Apr 23 23:46:46 [Tengu] Daniel: "We can help. We can get rid of Fumerco. It will take time. But it will be done. You don't have to cut ties."
Apr 23 23:47:08 [Steam] "The machine you saw before was made using parts stolen from Ankaian people. If weapons, why not food?"
Apr 23 23:47:20 [Cubey] *Sielje can't say she didn't see it coming... but defending herself against this kind of strike while also not getting shoved aside is not easy.
Apr 23 23:47:56 [Cubey] She doesn't try to parry. Instead...
Apr 23 23:48:16 [Cubey] Sielje: "This is why we need to fight hard to defend Ankaia against those who would do it ill!"
Apr 23 23:49:05 [Cubey] *Which at the moment includes you, Lady Xion - the Arm leaps forward, Sielje willing to risk getting hit by the halberd's pole if it means getting away from the blade. And after that attack comes, she strikes with an upward swing at the Arm's shoulder.+
Apr 23 23:53:52 [Steam] [Sielje] You slip in under the blade, instead getting struck somewhat forcefully by the pole instead. But your own swing at the Lord's Arm's shoulder strikes against its cloak, causing only mild damage. And a shift of her footing and hold, and Xion's polearm smacks you again, knocking your Arm
Apr 23 23:54:48 [Steam] Xion: "... If that is what you believe..."
Apr 23 23:55:01 [Cubey] Sielje: "Ugh!"
Apr 23 23:55:03 [Steam] (Enemies: Fair Reprisal (Lady Xion)
Apr 23 23:55:29 [Cubey] Knocked back, the Arm tries to regain footing before it crashes into the very thing it was supposed to defend!
Apr 23 23:55:36 [Cubey] Sielje: "Y... yes."
Apr 23 23:55:51 [Steam] Xion: "But those in my land share my belief. This land is a refuge for those who wish for Ankaia to be separated from Earth."
Apr 23 23:55:57 [Steam] (Daniel and Kei, go)
Apr 23 23:56:28 [Steam] (The other two Genoaces are still present too)
Apr 23 23:59:46 [Tengu] Daniel: "That's what you think. But I disagree. Sielje's not the only one." Steel Wanderer quickly loads its gun, spins the chamber and fires two times, sending two bullets that bounce off nearby rocks and transport vehicles (and causing no real damage, they're not activated yet) before heading straight towards Lady Xion's Arm from different angles (and hopefully causing damage this
Apr 23 23:59:46 [Tengu] time)! +
Apr 24 00:01:00 [Raiko_Horikawa] * "You fight your duel, Sielje, we'll deal with the last few Fumerco troops. Jen, can you do something to disable them? We might face more bandits of Fumerco troops disguised as members of the ESUN and we should preserve Daniel's ammunition. Daniel, ambush them with your most basic rounds. Mostly try to draw their attention, but if you can disable their weapons that would help too. I'll join...
Apr 24 00:01:01 [Raiko_Horikawa] ...in as well. Jen, once we've got them suppressed, strike to disable." And yet again, she made herself a distraction as she moved in on the last two genoaces, doing strafing runs over them from the air. +
Apr 24 00:01:26 [Cubey] Sielje: "It is no duel..."
Apr 24 00:01:46 [Cubey] Once again she is forced to fight an enemy outmatching her.
Apr 24 00:02:36 [Cubey] No. One part of that is wrong.
Apr 24 00:03:05 [Steam] [Daniel] The sounds of each ricochet cause Xion to get on the defensive, but the changing angles causes her to be struck by both anyways! The resilient machine though turns its attention to Daniel, shifting its hold of its polearm to suddenly deliver thrusting stabs as if it were an oversized rapier!
Apr 24 00:03:07 [Cubey] Sielje: "You are no enemy of mine, Lady Xion..."
Apr 24 00:03:16 [Cubey] # Daniel
Apr 24 00:03:26 [Steam] (Go ahead Sielje)
Apr 24 00:03:57 [Steam] (Daniel, you can focus on your Kei action. Jen as well.)
Apr 24 00:04:43 [Cubey] Sielje: "You fight those who wish Ankaia harm. But your methods are wrong! This way your goals will not be achieved..."
Apr 24 00:04:51 [Steam] [Kei] Fortunately Genoaces are a lot less maneuverable than Lions, both of them trying to hunker down for protection, and in turn leaving themselves wide open for the others!
Apr 24 00:05:32 [Cubey] *The Knight's Arm tries to grab the assaulting halberd and hold it down mid-strike, its whole mass forcing down on the weapon and making it really annoying to move!+
Apr 24 00:06:00 [Tengu] * Daniel quickly jumps away from the opponent's strike, pointing the Gun of God to the side, over his shoulder, and firing several beam spray shots towards the Genoaces' limbs, as per Kei's guidance. +
Apr 24 00:06:09 [Sciencezam] *Jen: "Right, right..." Nemain's right hands extrudes a long cutting whip, and Jen slashes it towards the Fumerco troopers-slicing once to get at their legs, then another two times to take care of their weapon-arms.+
Apr 24 00:07:29 [Steam] [Sielje] "!?" Sielje's Arm grabs down on the polearm, throwing off its aim and causing it to stab harmlessly into the ground... which is all the opening Daniel needs to get away safely in time!
Apr 24 00:08:53 [Steam] [Jen and Daniel] And the remaining Genoaces have their limbs cut and shot apart, both of them toppling over onto the ground.
Apr 24 00:09:31 [Sciencezam] Jen: "...And that should be all of it."
Apr 24 00:09:49 [Tengu] Daniel: "All Fumerco down. There. No need to kill them."
Apr 24 00:10:32 [Steam] Xion: "For now, but there will be more. Fumerco never stopped before."
Apr 24 00:10:38 [Steam] (Sielje and Jen)
Apr 24 00:10:39 [Cubey] Sielje: "We may stop the fight now..."
Apr 24 00:11:35 [Tengu] Daniel: "It will. Because we'll make it."
Apr 24 00:11:39 [Steam] "And sparing them removes any fear of death."
Apr 24 00:11:58 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "They'll be locked up and the information they provide will help unravel the rest."
Apr 24 00:12:09 [Sciencezam] Jen: "Do you think fear of death really factors into their mindset...?"
Apr 24 00:13:25 [Sciencezam] Jen: "Killing them won't fix your problem, but it'll give you some newer, bigger problems."
Apr 24 00:13:31 [Steam] "If enough thieves die, who would chance robbing what little Ankaia has left?"
Apr 24 00:14:02 [Sciencezam] Jen: "You underestimate how determined thieves can be."
Apr 24 00:14:55 [Steam] "And you underestimate how-"
Apr 24 00:15:08 [Steam] "Lady Xion! Lady Xiiioooon!"
Apr 24 00:15:29 [Cubey] Sielje: "This has to stop..."
Apr 24 00:15:39 [Cubey] "..." Who is it now?
Apr 24 00:15:39 [Steam] Another Knight's Arm is approaching, coming full speed from the same direction both you all and the Fair Reprisal came from!
Apr 24 00:17:12 [Steam] The machine moves quickly, but doesn't hold a weapon in its hands. And as it reaches the battlefield it stops, pilot bowing his head. "Lady Xion, news just arrived of the Champion's talks with Earth
Apr 24 00:17:17 [Steam] ^'s government."
Apr 24 00:18:17 [Tengu] Daniel: "News...?"
Apr 24 00:18:48 [Steam] "It has been arranged for all vehicles and cargo coming to or leaving Ankaia are to be rigorously inspected to prevent the spread of contraband or illicit activity."
Apr 24 00:20:39 [Steam] Lady Xion: "... And Ankaia controls the only teleport route between both worlds..."
Apr 24 00:21:41 [Steam] The Fair Reprisal's hold of its polearm falters as these facts settle.
Apr 24 00:24:14 [Steam] The Lord's Arm turns back to you all. "This convoy would have never made it to Earth. For my actions, I apologize."
Apr 24 00:24:23 [Cubey] Sielje: "Ynya and Kimhone made a good decision."
Apr 24 00:24:27 [Cubey] She sighs in relief.
Apr 24 00:24:48 [Cubey] Sielje: "Lady Xion, as you see... there is no need to do this."
Apr 24 00:24:51 [Steam] And then in a flash the Fair Reprisal tosses up its polearm, charging at you all and moving into a sudden, spinning slash!
Apr 24 00:24:51 [Steam] (React: everyone!)
Apr 24 00:25:05 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Watch out!"
Apr 24 00:26:01 [Tengu] * Steel Wanderer jumps to the side, the leap turning into a roll as Daniel tries to get behind a rock formation to protect himself against this attack! =
Apr 24 00:26:03 [Tengu] +
Apr 24 00:26:05 [Sciencezam] *Jen relaxes momentarily, while Lady Xion apologizes. So, her dodge-a rocket-assisted leap high into the air-is slower than normal.+
Apr 24 00:27:29 [Raiko_Horikawa] * Kei immediately flung herself backwards, Purple-2 reacting on its own the second she spotted the attack. *
Apr 24 00:27:55 [Cubey] Sielje: "Ghh!" *The Arm wraps itself in its cloak for defense.+
Apr 24 00:31:45 [Steam] [Everyone] The polearm sings through the air as it tries to strike at you... but the Steel Wanderer, Purple 2, and Nemain all manage to slip out of Xion's range in time. Sielje's Arm is struck with the full force of the strike, but the beasthide cloak nevertheless keeps the Arm intact and functioning, even though it gets knocked down from the blow
Apr 24 00:31:45 [Steam] !
Apr 24 00:32:06 [Steam] (Anyone who wants to attack Xion now, go ahead.)
Apr 24 00:32:09 [Cubey] Sielje: "She will not... give up!"
Apr 24 00:32:28 [Sciencezam] Jen: "-What the hell?!"
Apr 24 00:32:35 [Tengu] Daniel: "Then... We'll have to make her."
Apr 24 00:33:08 [Cubey] Sielje: "Lady Xion, why are you..."
Apr 24 00:34:40 [Tengu] * Daniel loads two bullets into the Gun of God, then gets up on both feet and steps out of his cover, pressing the trigger twice and causing Steel Wanderer's cape to flutter. The two bullets spread into around ten full-sized projectiles each, which rain upon Xion's unit! Daniel makes sure nothing else is caught in the area of the effect, though. +
Apr 24 00:37:15 [Steam] [Daniel] The sudden retaliation from Daniel causes the Fair Reprisal to raise it's guard, polearm crossed in front of it to lighten the damage as all the shots hammer at its beasthide cloak. But in spite of Lady Xion's guard, the Fair Reprisal begins to falter!
Apr 24 00:38:40 [Cubey] Sielje: "I see it..."
Apr 24 00:40:16 [Cubey] Sielje: "You left an opening!" *From the side which the polearm's head is pointing towards - with Lady Xion unable to strike quickly since she's at defense, from the same side the Knight's Arm is leaping right at her now.
Apr 24 00:40:48 [Cubey] *Sielje crashes into her opponent, and then raises a sword - and stabs down.
Apr 24 00:40:51 [Cubey] Sielje: "..."
Apr 24 00:41:10 [Cubey] Down at the enemy's main arm. She can't bring herself to strike anywhere near the cockpit.+
Apr 24 00:43:02 [Steam] [Sielje] And Daniel's attack gave you the opening to move in. The two Arms smash together, your blade plunging through the Fair Reprisal's arm topple and crash into the ground below.
Apr 24 00:44:15 [Cubey] Sielje: "Lady Xion..."
Apr 24 00:44:31 [Cubey] Sielje: "You keep fighting even now but this does not make sense."
Apr 24 00:44:46 [Cubey] Sielje: "If you insist on fighting to the bitter end..."
Apr 24 00:44:58 [Cubey] Sielje: "Why are you not using the Power Within?!"
Apr 24 00:45:03 [Cubey] Sielje: "I know you can!"
Apr 24 00:45:19 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
Apr 24 00:45:21 [Sciencezam] Jen: "Hey, don't..."
Apr 24 00:45:34 [Steam] Silence.
Apr 24 00:46:09 [Cubey] Sielje: "... No Jen, it is alright. Please trust me."
Apr 24 00:46:19 [Steam] There is no response from Lady Xion, or even a sign of the Fair Reprisal stirring.
Apr 24 00:46:32 [Sciencezam] Jen: "...Alright."
Apr 24 00:46:36 [Cubey] With its back to the convoy that it tried so hard to protect, the Knight's Arm cockpit opens.
Apr 24 00:47:09 [Cubey] And Sielje steps out, sword at hand. The unfitting to the battlefield dress moving in the wind.
Apr 24 00:47:23 [Cubey] She moves down, towards the cockpit of the Lord's Arm.
Apr 24 00:47:47 [Cubey] Sielje: "Lady Xion? Can you hear me?"
Apr 24 00:47:53 [Cubey] She is actually a bit worried now...
Apr 24 00:48:15 [Steam] "I can hear you."
Apr 24 00:49:09 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Ah. Good."
Apr 24 00:49:16 [Steam] The Lord's Arm's cockpit opens as well, and after a moment, Lady Xion emerges from it, her own sword drawn and held at the ready.
Apr 24 00:50:06 [Steam] "And it's time. One final clash to settle it all with."
Apr 24 00:50:29 [Cubey] Sielje: "You still wish to...?!"
Apr 24 00:50:37 [Cubey] Sielje: "... I see. Very well then."
Apr 24 00:51:25 [Cubey] Sielje: "Everyone. Lady Xion... I am sorry."
Apr 24 00:51:29 [Cubey] Clang.
Apr 24 00:51:50 [Cubey] Sielje's own sword is dropped down. It bounces against the Arm's frame and falls out of reach.
Apr 24 00:52:18 [Cubey] Sielje: "You still continue on, do you not? The reason why you did not invoke your Power Within..."
Apr 24 00:52:47 [Cubey] Sielje: "You saw your mistake, and found it hard to live with it. Was it not?"
Apr 24 00:53:13 [Cubey] Sielje: "You wished... to pay for your mistakes with your life. With all of us being agents of that exchange."
Apr 24 00:53:18 [Cubey] Sielje: "But... but I refuse."
Apr 24 00:53:28 [Steam] "... you..."
Apr 24 00:53:58 [Cubey] Sielje: "Ankaia still needs you, Lady Xion. Even if your beliefs are not like mine... nor Ynya's, nor Kimhone's... you have the well being of this land and its people in your heart. This is what matters."
Apr 24 00:54:28 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
Apr 24 00:54:39 [Cubey] Sielje: "I swear that we will do our best to protect it. And for that, we need all the assistance we may receive."
Apr 24 00:55:09 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "..."
Apr 24 00:55:13 [Cubey] Sielje reaches forward. Not with a weapon, but with an open hand.
Apr 24 00:55:20 [Steam] Xion's own sword begins to lower, her gaze following suit.
Apr 24 00:56:09 [Tengu] Daniel: "Yeah. Sielje's not lying."
Apr 24 00:57:40 [Steam] The various technicians and drivers from the transport begin peering out, curious and anxious about the sounds of battle dying away.
Apr 24 00:57:57 [Cubey] Sielje looks away, a little awkward.
Apr 24 00:58:38 [Steam] And seeing Sielje and Xion, out of their mechs and clearly not fighting anymore, brings about a collective sigh of relief from many of them.
Apr 24 00:58:48 [Cubey] Sielje: "Besides... to be frank, I am fed up with you dictating my actions, Lady Xion. I will act as I wish, not as you demand me to."
Apr 24 00:59:19 [Cubey] Sielje: "Even if it means forcing you to live. Living with consequences of what you have done, even knowing that you chose poorly... is hard."
Apr 24 00:59:25 [Cubey] Sielje: "I know it myself."
Apr 24 01:00:08 [Cubey] A slight, awkward smile.
Apr 24 01:00:48 [Steam] Lady Xion begins to smile in return.
Apr 24 01:01:15 [Steam] Just in time for one of the transport technicians to draw a pistol and shoot at her.
Apr 24 01:01:29 [Cubey] Sielje: "..."
Apr 24 01:01:43 [Cubey] #
Apr 24 01:01:49 [Tengu] Daniel: "!"
Apr 24 01:01:55 [Steam] (Approved)
Apr 24 01:02:00 [Sciencezam] Jen: "-what the-!"
Apr 24 01:02:41 [Cubey] *Sielje puts the only thing she has between Lady Xion and the bullet.
Apr 24 01:03:00 [Cubey] *Which is her own back as she goes for a protective leap, without a second thought or hesitation.+
Apr 24 01:05:39 [Steam] [Sielje] You dive in front of Lady Xion just before the shot hits, and both of you fall to the ground in an awkward mess.
Apr 24 01:06:18 [Tengu] Daniel: "Sielje!"
Apr 24 01:06:18 [Sciencezam] Jen: "-SIELJE!"
Apr 24 01:06:20 [Steam] Lady Xion: "Sielje... you..."
Apr 24 01:06:41 [Cubey] Sielje: "Ugh..."
Apr 24 01:07:04 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "..."
Apr 24 01:07:42 [Cubey] Sielje: "It really hurts..."
Apr 24 01:07:48 [Cubey] Slowly, but surely, the knight lifts herself up.
Apr 24 01:08:00 [Steam] Shocked as she is, Lady Xion slowly rises back to her feet. Unharmed.
Apr 24 01:08:05 [Steam] "Sielje!"
Apr 24 01:08:10 [Cubey] And rubs her back, wincing in pain.
Apr 24 01:08:35 [Sciencezam] Jen: "-Don't-don't move, I'll be right there!"
Apr 24 01:08:37 [Tengu] Daniel: "...How did you...?"
Apr 24 01:10:20 [Tengu] Daniel: "I thought only I'm made of iron here. Speaking of which..."
Apr 24 01:10:31 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Looks like the dress did more than you expected."
Apr 24 01:10:40 [Cubey] On closer examination, Sielje isn't even wounded... though her back already has a bad bruise forming under her dress.
Apr 24 01:10:53 [Cubey] Sielje: "Yes. Thank you, Kimhone..."
Apr 24 01:11:02 [Tengu] Daniel's going to leave Steel Wanderer to catch up to the guy who did this and punch him out.
Apr 24 01:11:26 [Cubey] The beasthide saved her. Though, if she wore her armor instead, perhaps she would be even less hurt than she is right now.
Apr 24 01:11:31 [Sciencezam] Which leaves Jen free to rush over towards Sielje, worry clear on her face.
Apr 24 01:11:50 [Cubey] Sielje: "Ah, uhm. I had you worried, did I not?"
Apr 24 01:12:14 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Yes. All of us."
Apr 24 01:12:40 [Steam] It's not hard to find him, Daniel. Not when the other technicians close by are eager enough to point him out.
Apr 24 01:12:45 [Sciencezam] Instead of answering or crying (though it sure looks like she's about to), Jen forces Sielje into a tight hug.
Apr 24 01:13:45 [Cubey] Sielje: "Jen? Ah..."
Apr 24 01:14:15 [Cubey] The troublesome knight flails weakly, her bruise hurting from pressure.
Apr 24 01:14:42 [Cubey] Sielje: "Too tight... a bit too tight!"
Apr 24 01:15:08 [Sciencezam] Jen: "Don't...huh? Oh, ah-" She quickly lets go.
Apr 24 01:15:18 [Steam] MISSION ACCOMPLISHED