Apr 16 22:03:58 [Tengu] Recently, something terrible happened.
Apr 16 22:04:32 [Tengu] The Great Black Void, Solaris' old enemy, who was thought to be destroyed, appeared in its HQ.
Apr 16 22:05:00 [Tengu] Its presence was brief, but while it was there, it did something terrible and unusual:
Apr 16 22:05:15 [Tengu] It kidnapped the unborn Zankuro.
Apr 16 22:05:21 [Tengu] Mizuki's brother, more or less.
Apr 16 22:05:32 [Tengu] The good news is, we know where the Great Black Void went.
Apr 16 22:06:03 [Tengu] The same location where it was thought, and defeated, before:
Apr 16 22:06:26 [Tengu] One of the foci of Earth's orbit. The one located in empty space.
Apr 16 22:06:41 [Steam] Mizuki: "... To be going back there..."
Apr 16 22:07:26 [aldosalt] Dido: "And right after we were patting ourselves on the back for not being bound by the past."
Apr 16 22:07:40 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "The past seems to keep coming back."
Apr 16 22:07:46 * Corel (Corel@210.195.hho.mor) has joined
Apr 16 22:07:48 [Tengu] The invasion of Beasts of Starmind recently meant that Unity Group had to put its efforts there. But now, it's over. And now it's time to rescue Zankuro, and take down the Great Black Void, hopefully for good this time.
Apr 16 22:07:54 [Jockey] "... It does that doesn't it."
Apr 16 22:08:08 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Our fight is still far from over..."
Apr 16 22:08:16 [Tengu] A shuttle, with your units on it, makes its way through space towards the destination.
Apr 16 22:08:20 [Aero] Willis: "Still plenty left to do."
Apr 16 22:08:21 [Tengu] What will it find there...?
Apr 16 22:08:24 [Steam] "All of you though... I appreciate you coming."
Apr 16 22:08:34 [Tengu] Soon, you will find out.
Apr 16 22:08:35 [Tengu] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
Apr 16 22:08:49 [Jockey] David: "...The Atmosphere's gotten really dramatic here..."
Apr 16 22:08:55 [Cubey] Setsuko: "This is the least we can do, right?"
Apr 16 22:08:55 [JonnyBoy] "As if we couldn't come." Ken remarks.
Apr 16 22:09:04 [Steam] "Just be careful. I don't imagine we'd stay in there long enough, but exposure to the Void's killed people before."
Apr 16 22:09:34 [aldosalt] Dido checks the reactor settings on ShelLancer, frowning in thought. "All the previous Sol Units had weaponry designed to harm Void lifeforms," she muttered. "we can't exactly use that strategy with you, Mizuki...so we'll have to rely on good ol' guts and tactics."
Apr 16 22:10:13 [Jockey] Volya: "So... same thing we always do?"
Apr 16 22:11:06 [aldosalt] "Apparently," Dido muses. She clenches her teeth. "All I'll say is this: I won't leave the Void until we've gotten Zankuro back, Mizuki. You can count on that."
Apr 16 22:11:19 [Steam] "You guys..."
Apr 16 22:11:58 [Steam] Even with the personal stakes being what they are... a small smile grows on her face.
Apr 16 22:12:33 [Tengu] The shuttle is close to its destination. It's not there yet... But suddenly, you hear a terrible voice, inhuman and distorted!
Apr 16 22:12:50 [aldosalt] Dido: "What? You think after all the scary swill we've had to beat to a pulp, we'd choose this moment to chicken out?"
Apr 16 22:12:51 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Understood. I'll monitor your status and keep an eye for paths of retreat at all times."
Apr 16 22:13:15 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "I knew you would gather allies and come eventually, Marianas."
Apr 16 22:13:17 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I'm sure everyone will be fine, we just have to work together and be careful..."
Apr 16 22:13:23 [Cubey] Then, the voice calls out.
Apr 16 22:13:31 [aldosalt] Dido: "–EEEEEPP!"
Apr 16 22:13:48 [Steam] -
Apr 16 22:13:54 [Aero] Willis: "There it is."
Apr 16 22:14:02 [Steam] "Still calling me by that name..."
Apr 16 22:14:03 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ugh...!"
Apr 16 22:14:11 [Jockey] [Interitus has a most mature response to this.]
Apr 16 22:14:20 [Jockey] Interitus: "THHHHBTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHT!!!"
Apr 16 22:14:22 [Cubey] This thing calling out is not a pleasant sensation. And a familiar one
Apr 16 22:15:15 [Tengu] Void: "It must've been surprising, to have your naive views dispelled. Did you really think I was gone? No matter how bright a light may shine, no matter how much darkness it dispels, it will always cast a shadow."
Apr 16 22:16:02 [Steam] "I don't care."
Apr 16 22:16:13 [Jockey] Volya: "... Her name's Mizuki. Not Marianas. And we're not just her allies. We're her friends!"
Apr 16 22:16:52 [Steam] "I'm here for my brother, and if the best I'll get by destroying you is another ten years of peace, fine."
Apr 16 22:17:12 [JonnyBoy] Ken: "If there is anything I have learned... It is that a shadow is not an unwelcome companion. But your pitch black darkness cannot tolerated."
Apr 16 22:17:14 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "And no matter who, we will not let you threaten the Earth."
Apr 16 22:17:49 [Tengu] Void: "She brought her friends to die with her, then. Our conflict has never ended, it was merely put on hold... And now, that my strength has fully recovered once again, it is time to resume our war!"
Apr 16 22:17:51 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Shadows are cast by all things, but it doesn't mean you are all of them."
Apr 16 22:18:16 [aldosalt] Dido: "There is nothing natural or inevitable about your pointless cruelty. Get Fudged!"
Apr 16 22:18:19 [Tengu] Tendrils of unnatural pitch blackness, different from the normal void of space, spread out around the shuttle!
Apr 16 22:18:33 [Tengu] They quickly fill the area around you!
Apr 16 22:18:35 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Watch out, it's making a move!"
Apr 16 22:18:42 [Steam] Mizuki: "It's starting!"
Apr 16 22:19:03 [Steam] She moves to get out as fast as she can!
Apr 16 22:20:08 [Jockey] [Interitus is quickly pulling Volya into a protective grasp and transforming around him. David on the other hand is frantically hauling himself into the battered Defender. Both quickly chasing after Mizuki.]
Apr 16 22:20:40 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Interitus, please take care of Volya and David, okay?!"
Apr 16 22:21:04 [Tengu] Those who deploy see that the shuttle is completely summoned by the unnatural darkness now, with no stars or anything in sight. You are within the Great Black Void.
Apr 16 22:21:09 [Cubey] The Virgola is starting up, its green visor glancing outside as the mobile suit takes steps.
Apr 16 22:21:42 [Tengu] It seems like you're alone... But then, large grey shapes slowly emerge from the darkness, moving into your direction.
Apr 16 22:22:14 [Aero] Strahlend launches out of the shuttle, a single eye glowing as it emerges into the darkness.
Apr 16 22:22:52 [Tengu] Void: "My old champions... Fitting executioners for you and your allies, Marianas."
Apr 16 22:22:54 [Jockey] [An affirmative hum was Setsuko's reply.]
Apr 16 22:23:05 [Tengu] Queen Maliasma: http://i.imgur.com/NQAN9DG.jpg
Apr 16 22:23:05 [Tengu] Lord Nova: http://i.imgur.com/z6Iy8h8.png
Apr 16 22:23:05 [Tengu] Admiral Blackheart: http://i.imgur.com/gawWUdU.jpg
Apr 16 22:23:05 [Tengu] Terra Complete: http://i.imgur.com/Qt65aYP.jpg
Apr 16 22:23:05 [Tengu] Hecate: http://i.imgur.com/gs80Bq5.jpg
Apr 16 22:23:05 [Tengu] Queen Mab: http://i.imgur.com/e68p30s.png
Apr 16 22:23:05 [Tengu] Marquis Phobia: http://i.imgur.com/S3yFzoP.jpg
Apr 16 22:23:06 [Tengu] Ptolemeioh: http://i.imgur.com/GPXDWQf.png
Apr 16 22:23:06 [Tengu] Count Warlock: http://i.imgur.com/6oyYjws.png
Apr 16 22:23:07 [Tengu] Algoz: http://i.imgur.com/z4IxO7X.jpg
Apr 16 22:23:10 [Raiko_Horikawa] Like the others, Purple-2 launches. "We need to protect the shuttle and the pilot."
Apr 16 22:23:13 [Steam] The complete isolation from sunlight and starlight would almost be soothing for Mizuki of not for the circumstances of coming here... and then-
Apr 16 22:23:15 [Tengu] The shapes are close enough that you can make out details.
Apr 16 22:23:24 [Steam] "... Your other leaders."
Apr 16 22:23:29 [Tengu] (despite humanoid features, all of them are M or L-sized)
Apr 16 22:23:45 [JonnyBoy] "Your previous failures."
Apr 16 22:24:15 [Tengu] Void: "Let us see how you handle ten failures at once, then."
Apr 16 22:24:17 [aldosalt] Dido whistles softly. "Ghosts of the past, huh?"
Apr 16 22:24:32 [Tengu] Enemy List: Queen Maliasma, Lord Nova, Admiral Blackheart, Terra Complete, Hecate, Queen Mab, Marquis Phobia, Ptolomeioh, Count Warlock, Algoz
Apr 16 22:24:37 [Tengu] Initiative: Mizuki, Ken, Dido, Volya, Kei, Willis, Setsuko
Apr 16 22:24:48 [Tengu] (SolSaviours go)
Apr 16 22:25:45 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Is this how many leaders the Void had before? You were fighting it for a long time..."
Apr 16 22:25:53 [Steam] "Ten years."
Apr 16 22:25:59 [aldosalt] Dido: "Time to play Exorcist, then!"
Apr 16 22:26:03 [Aero] Willis: "One for each year huh..."
Apr 16 22:26:15 [JonnyBoy] Ken: Think of it this way - the pirate is the one my parents fought.
Apr 16 22:26:18 [Steam] "Ten years, ten creations before being killed in the midst of making the Abyss Empire."
Apr 16 22:26:23 [Cubey] Setsuko: "How regular... but will they be as powerful as originally?"
Apr 16 22:26:30 [Cubey] Only one way to find out.
Apr 16 22:26:51 [Jockey] David: "They can't be..... right?"
Apr 16 22:27:04 [Jockey] [Volya on the other hand is really wary.]
Apr 16 22:27:05 [Aero] Willis: "Just be careful you two."
Apr 16 22:27:12 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Who knows if they're even them and not just illusions of them?"
Apr 16 22:27:43 [Steam] * And the DuskBird draws its greatsword! "All of them should only be the size of a human... whether they're sized up or just imitations... I don't care! I'm here for Zankuro!" And the DuskBird charges at the first, Maliasma, slashing down with her full force!+
Apr 16 22:28:13 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Please play it safe for now. Even if they're not at full strength, we don't know what they're capable of!"
Apr 16 22:28:15 [aldosalt] •ShelLancer draws its rebuilt Shock Lance. Thrusting one hand forward, a volley of Arc Thorns fire from its shoulders and rocket into the black towards Queen Maliasma. Then, with a swing of its lance, ShelLancer sends a curtain of lightning racing after the Thorn, tearing a crack in the night!+
Apr 16 22:30:07 [JonnyBoy] The ScarleTiger moves into the fray, its fists glowing with the power that should make the Void shudder! "Come on!" Its fists become claws, blazing with heat and the light of the sun as he tries to slash Ptolomeioh!
Apr 16 22:30:09 [JonnyBoy] +
Apr 16 22:30:42 [Tengu] Queen Maliasma is targetted by focused strikes! After Mizuki launches an attack and causes a big gash in her body, she tries to counter by turning her arm into a giant toothy maw and chomping with it... But before that can connect, she's fired at by Dido! Her phantom evaporates into mist and disappears!
Apr 16 22:31:11 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "And if we rush in, they might take out the shuttle and leave us stranded."
Apr 16 22:31:33 [Tengu] Void: "Are you that determined to rescue him? You should worry about your own survival, first!"
Apr 16 22:32:27 [Tengu] Admiral Blackheart pulls out a blunderbuss, takes aim, and fires a powerful explosive ball of Void energy towards ShelLancer! And at the same time Terra Complete rushes forward, ready to launch a series of devastating punches at DuskBird! (Mizuki, Dido react)
Apr 16 22:32:37 [Jockey] David: "Y.. Yeah?! You think?! Well maybe you should be worried about yours-!"
Apr 16 22:32:58 [aldosalt] Dido: "Ken! A little help with your natural enemy?"
Apr 16 22:33:03 [Jockey] #Dido with Volya, Mizuki with David
Apr 16 22:33:29 [Steam] Mizuki'd started to fall back as the arm twisted into a mouth, but Dido's attack finished the Queen off and in such a way-
Apr 16 22:33:34 [JonnyBoy] Ken: One moment! But watch out for the Black Blaster!
Apr 16 22:33:55 [Tengu] ScarleTiger slashes with its claws at Ptolemeioh, but he blocks the attack with his shield, which lowers the damage he suffers from the fiery strike. And then he counters, summonining a Void sword and slashing with it twice in quick succession! (Ken react)
Apr 16 22:33:58 [Steam] "That was like... some kind of phantom?"
Apr 16 22:33:59 [Tengu] (support approved)
Apr 16 22:34:17 [Tengu] (Volya and Kei can move)
Apr 16 22:34:40 [aldosalt] *As the Terra Complete rushes in, ShelLancer dodges left...and detonates a full-body volley of Shell-Flak in its enemy's face!+
Apr 16 22:35:06 [Steam] * But no time to overthink it with Terra Complete coming in at her! The DuskBird falls back while beating its wings, unleashing a flechette storm at the fistfighter!+
Apr 16 22:35:08 [Tengu] (you're attacked by Admiral Blackheart, Dido)
Apr 16 22:35:35 [aldosalt] (Derp! Can I revise my action?)
Apr 16 22:35:38 [Tengu] (sure)
Apr 16 22:35:53 [Jockey] *Interitus interposes herself between the incoming attack and the ShelLancer, drawing out her staff... and hurling it with as much force as she could muster to detonate it early! As for Terra Complete... David moves to parry as many of the punches away before falling back as well to allow Mizuki the chance to attack!+
Apr 16 22:35:59 [JonnyBoy] "Scarlet Shotel!" Ken reacts to the counter as quick as he can, drawing one of the ScarleTiger's shoulder blades to meet his opponent's blade!+
Apr 16 22:36:34 [aldosalt] *Dido fires an energized Arc Thorn at the Void Ball, trying to spit it through. ShelLancer also fires off its maneuvering rockets in a bid to dodge left!+
Apr 16 22:37:17 [Tengu] David gets in the way of Terra Complete's strikes, and while he manages to block the first punch, the second one knocks him away! At least this buys Mizuki time to jump away and damage the general a little with her feathers.
Apr 16 22:37:25 [Raiko_Horikawa] * "Setsuko, Willis. Move to support Mizuki and prevent her from getting mobbed by charging in like that. The one with the hat is trying to close the gap here, leaving her open from the back if you strike with a long range attack before moving in, forcing her to respond to you." +
Apr 16 22:37:44 [Tengu] (take the Kei actions)
Apr 16 22:37:50 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ah, watch out!"
Apr 16 22:37:56 [Tengu] (you can combine them with your normal actions fur super efficiency if you want)
Apr 16 22:38:06 [Cubey] The kids are already getting in harm's way without thinking.
Apr 16 22:38:37 * Corel has quit (*.net *.split)
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Apr 16 22:38:37 * Jockey has quit (*.net *.split)
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Apr 16 22:38:37 * Aero has quit (*.net *.split)
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Apr 16 22:39:47 * Aero (Mibbit@c031597707w6u095x.vc.shawcable.net) has joined
Apr 16 22:39:55 [Tengu] Interitus and Dido fire at the orb, managing to make it blow up early... Though the sheer force of explosion still pushes both of them back, though without making either take any real damage.
Apr 16 22:40:20 [Tengu] Ken manages to parry his opponent's strikes in a shower of sparks. Both of them are locked in vicious melee now.
Apr 16 22:40:28 [Tengu] (Volya, Setsuko, Willis go)
Apr 16 22:41:00 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Let's go Willis. We need to help!"
Apr 16 22:41:47 [Aero] Willis gives a quick nod. "Yeah...if they come after you Kei just give us a signal."
Apr 16 22:42:06 [Tengu] (Also, music for the fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiNGYnjHAw4 )
Apr 16 22:42:25 [Cubey] *Taking advantage of data received from Kei, the Virgola moves in closer, zooming through dark space like a falling star. Setsuko fires several stray beam shots at Queen Maliasma's body, then slams down the Carver from above! ... And immediately reverses the grip back to normal, shooting a physical turret round and letting the impact propel her back, away from harm!+
Apr 16 22:42:31 [Cubey] (Combining with my action)
Apr 16 22:42:31 [Jockey] *Interitus lets loose a barrage of energy ribbons at the pirate! Making them curve through the darkness in intricate patterns to catch Blackheart off guard!+
Apr 16 22:44:17 [Aero] * A large bow is formed in Strahlend's left hand and the machine takes aim at Hecate before unleashing a small barrage of what seems to be sword tipped arrows before charging in after Mizuki. "I wasn't around the last time so consider this me making it up to you." The bow is transformed into a large bladed lance as Willis thrusts it towards Terra Complete. +
Apr 16 22:44:20 [Aero] (Also combining)
Apr 16 22:44:37 [Tengu] (Maliasma is down already. Do you mean Hecate? She's the one with a hat)
Apr 16 22:45:24 [Cubey] (I didn't see that she's down, but if she is then switching targets to Terra Complete)
Apr 16 22:46:39 [Tengu] Interitus scorches the pirate enemy with ribbons of energy! Captain Blackheart brandishes his blades and moves in, fully intending to sever the derp duo in two with his attacks! (react)
Apr 16 22:47:48 [aldosalt] #Interitus?
Apr 16 22:47:52 [Tengu] (approved)
Apr 16 22:48:18 [Tengu] Terra Complete is hammered by Setsuko's and Willis' attacks! He can't take it anymore and collapses, his body dissipating into the Void. Hecate gets hit by Strahlend's barrage of arrows as well, though they only cause light damage.
Apr 16 22:48:49 [Tengu] And then, Hecate counters by pointing a magic staff and unleashing her own barrage, of powerful Void beams! Willis is the target! (react)
Apr 16 22:48:52 [Jockey] *Interitus replies by firing as many slowing blasts as she could at the incoming pirate to slow him to a crawl!+
Apr 16 22:49:11 [Steam] And another one bit the dust.
Apr 16 22:49:49 [Tengu] And at the same time, Marquis Phobia moves in, drawing a single knife with each of his numerous arms. He spins around, trying to cut with all of them into Purple Two! (Kei react)
Apr 16 22:49:58 [Steam] "They look like them, and move like them, but-!"
Apr 16 22:49:59 [Steam] # Kei
Apr 16 22:50:03 [Tengu] (approved)
Apr 16 22:50:49 [Tengu] Also, Lord Nova pulls out a long spear from his sleeve - much longer than his arm is - and then swings, throwing it towards the Virgola! The spear glistens with Void energy! (Setsuko react)
Apr 16 22:51:16 [aldosalt] *Suddenly, David rockets up from below, flying between Blackheart and Inter-Volya. He swings his great shield up, bashing Blackheart's sabers back with sheer momentum!+
Apr 16 22:51:24 [Steam] * "Careful Kei!" Fighting like with like, Mizuki fires two streaking Abyss Gaze beams at Phobia's backside!+
Apr 16 22:51:28 [Raiko_Horikawa] * Trying to hit the Purple-2 with a single melee attack faced the obvious issue of just how speedy the unit was thanks to the JURIA system, immediately flying backwards out of the Marquis' reach while peppering him with bullets and beams. +
Apr 16 22:51:29 [Tengu] (Mizuki, Ken and Dido can go, after the reacts)
Apr 16 22:51:57 [Jockey] David: "Back off!"
Apr 16 22:52:44 [Cubey] Setsuko: "There's the counterstrike... now!" *The spear approaches rapidly, but the Virgola will juke to the side at the last possible moment, thrusters from its flight pack adding more speed to the sudden maneuver.+
Apr 16 22:53:05 [Tengu] The giant pirate captain is slowed down by Interitus' ability, letting David parry his strike with his shield. Sparks fly everywhere as metal screeches loudly against metal!
Apr 16 22:53:51 [Jockey] David: "Guh! That's a really REALLY bad noise!"
Apr 16 22:54:08 [aldosalt] Dido: "...none of them have the megalomania and bombast mentioned in the Solaris dossiers!"
Apr 16 22:54:44 [Tengu] Marquis Phobia doesn't manage to deal any real damage to Purple Two, though one of his blades gets close enough to activate the AHSMB's energy shield. He gets hit by some shots for his trouble, both from Kei and Mizuki.
Apr 16 22:54:54 [Aero] * In response Strahlend's lance begins to glow, instead of backing away the machine charges forward veering up and down to get out of the path of the beams. Once he spots an opening the energy building completely covers the lance and is sent flying towards the hatted Queen+
Apr 16 22:55:31 [Tengu] Setsuko manages to avoid the thrown spear. It goes who knows where and disappears from sight.
Apr 16 22:55:45 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "They're puppets with the appearance of them."
Apr 16 22:56:10 [Jockey] Volya: "Is it bad I'm glad that they don't?"
Apr 16 22:56:38 [aldosalt] *ShellLancer fires another volley of Arc Thorns at the Marquis...this time without charging them with lightning! She waits for one of them to pierce and hook the Void General...then unleashes a Lance Shock to burrow inside him like a tapeworm!+
Apr 16 22:57:16 [Steam] * And with Kei bailed out, Mizuki changes gears to join Willis in attacking Hecate, shedding the feathers from her sword to turn it back into a whip, banking and spiraling around to impale her while crossing Willis's lance!+
Apr 16 22:57:57 [Steam] "It's not bad Volya..."
Apr 16 22:58:07 [Steam] "... But it's more than a little tedious!"
Apr 16 22:58:22 [Cubey] Setsuko: "We can do it. They're only pale imitations of the real villains Solaris had to fight in the past... we can definitely do it!"
Apr 16 22:58:49 [Tengu] Strahlend's charge forward is not completely reckless, and Willis manages to avoid some of the beams... But he gets scorched by a few of them, regardless! At least hit unit's armor is tough, letting him reach the enemy and attack her with the energy strike from his lance, zapping her!
Apr 16 22:59:23 [Tengu] Then, Mizuki comes in to finish the job by impaling the hat-wearing general! Her body dissolves into Void...
Apr 16 23:01:01 [Steam] "How much more of this are you going to make us do?"
Apr 16 23:01:25 [Steam] The DuskBird coils back its whip, looking defiant at the darkness surrounding them all.
Apr 16 23:02:04 [Tengu] Marquis Phobia is hit by ShelLancer's barrage of Arc Thorns, followed up by a powerful electric shock! He doesn't really have the agility to avoid those attacks. But, albeit heavily damaged, he can still counterattack, gathering up and then launching a blast of Void energy! (react)
Apr 16 23:03:23 [Tengu] (Ken, Kei, Volya can go)
Apr 16 23:03:27 [Aero] Strahlend lowers its spear with authority. The built up energy around the weapon still crackling.
Apr 16 23:03:50 [Jockey] (Remaining enemies?)
Apr 16 23:04:04 [Aero] Willis: "We need to get to the Void, if I'm right I think he's simply trying to buy time."
Apr 16 23:04:12 [Tengu] Enemy List: Lord Nova, Admiral Blackheart (damaged), Queen Mab, Marquis Phobia (heavy damage), Ptolomeioh (damaged), Count Warlock, Algoz
Apr 16 23:04:35 [aldosalt] *ShelLancer keeps its defense simply, dodging left with all the acceleration it can muster. Teeth clenched, Dido keeps pouring on the lightning juice, not willing to let up until the Marquis is toast!+
Apr 16 23:04:40 [aldosalt] "Fry, you roach!"
Apr 16 23:05:47 [Tengu] The Void blast hits ShelLancer, damaging its armor! At least it's not a direct hit, thanks to the evasion. And Dido manages to overpower the enemy, her electric attack shocking him till he has enough and explodes!
Apr 16 23:06:15 [Jockey] *David's going to rush at Blackheart. Now normally this would be a bad idea... except he's using his shield to turn himself into a battering ram... in which would allow Interitus to vault over the Defender, reobtain her staff and swing it with the intention of smacking the Pirate upside the head!+
Apr 16 23:06:31 [JonnyBoy] The ScarleTiger breaks from Ptolomeioh for a moment, having managed to match it. After a quick glance around the field, Ken catches what he shall do. In the ScarleTiger's free hand, the scarlet whip appears, and is then attached to the remaining shoulder blade. "Kenkama!" He screams as the blade is unleashed on the end of the whip... but seems to aim past Ptolomeioh! Because his true aim is to try and hook into Blackheart, and bring the
Apr 16 23:06:31 [JonnyBoy] two enemies together! Literally!+
Apr 16 23:06:32 [Jockey] [Meaning he'd have to deal with a double whammy]
Apr 16 23:06:41 [Raiko_Horikawa] * "Mizuki, use the opening created by Dido's attack on the multi-armed one to strike the pirate in the back before he realizes his backup is gone. An exceptionally fast charge or a quick ranged attack to make sure you make it." +
Apr 16 23:07:34 [Tengu] (Mizuki, take your action)
Apr 16 23:08:31 [Steam] * If Kei wanted fast, Mizuki'd give her fast! The DuskBird switches to Jet Mode, hurtling at Blackheart from behind at full speed, her own Void energy enveloping the machine to let it smash clean through!+
Apr 16 23:10:37 [Tengu] Blackheart is staggered by the sudden shield bash, and the followup slam by Interitus' staff sends him stumbling backwards! This lets Ken grab him and use him as a weapon against Ptolemeioh, which further wounds both generals as they crash against each other! And then, guided by Kei, Mizuki rushes in, punching through both of the enemies!
Apr 16 23:10:44 [Tengu] They're both done for.
Apr 16 23:11:12 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Good work!"
Apr 16 23:11:16 [Tengu] More than half of the phantom generals are now destroyed...
Apr 16 23:11:28 [JonnyBoy] Ken: A shame that despite all being on the same side, they can scarcely work as a team.
Apr 16 23:11:33 [Steam] "As far as "executors" go, your imitations don't seem to be up to it!"
Apr 16 23:12:02 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "For once, I agree..."
Apr 16 23:12:04 [Tengu] Suddenly!
Apr 16 23:12:21 [aldosalt] Dido: "Only half are down...we need to find a way to kill them faster!"
Apr 16 23:12:24 [Tengu] A black chain flies out of the darkness!
Apr 16 23:12:37 [Tengu] It impales DuskBird from the back!
Apr 16 23:13:05 [Cubey] Setsuko: "...?"
Apr 16 23:13:06 [Cubey] "!"
Apr 16 23:13:28 [Jockey] "MIZUKI!!!!"
Apr 16 23:13:30 [JonnyBoy] Ken: MIZUKI!
Apr 16 23:13:34 [Steam] Mizuki: "!"
Apr 16 23:13:41 [Aero] Willis: "Son of a..."
Apr 16 23:14:02 [Tengu] DuskBird is heavily damaged by the strike! The chain retreats into darkness, and another machine enters the field...
Apr 16 23:14:09 [Tengu] ShadoKnight
Apr 16 23:14:09 [Tengu] http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/whiteknight/images/6/6e/BlackKnight.jpg
Apr 16 23:14:11 [aldosalt] Dido: "Fudge-Skittles! 'Zuni!"
Apr 16 23:14:18 [Steam] Inside of the DuskBird's throne room... well it isn't much of one anymore from the massive chain that just blew through it.
Apr 16 23:14:24 [Steam] "I-I'm okay!"
Apr 16 23:14:43 [aldosalt] Dido sighs in relief. "Don't scare us like that!"
Apr 16 23:14:44 [Steam] Though this kind of damage was leaving her wincing.
Apr 16 23:14:48 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "The time for proxies is over. I'll do myself what my previous creations were unable to do..."
Apr 16 23:15:53 [Jockey] David: "Y.. yeah?! Well we'll kick your butt twice as hard! We'll kick it so hard they'll have to make a whole new day for it!"
Apr 16 23:15:54 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "Thanks to both the BlackKnight... and one more thing. You wanted to see your brother, didn't you, Marianas?"
Apr 16 23:16:08 [Steam] Through clenched teeth and a shut eye Mizuki watched as the new machine appeared, and mentioning Zankuro...
Apr 16 23:16:09 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "..."
Apr 16 23:16:11 [Steam] "Where is he?"
Apr 16 23:16:22 [Steam] "WHERE IS HE?!?"
Apr 16 23:16:26 [Jockey] Volya: "............... oh no..."
Apr 16 23:16:27 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "Right in front of you. What a touching reunion!"
Apr 16 23:16:40 [Tengu] You get a view from the new unit's cockpit!
Apr 16 23:16:49 [Steam] Streams of Void energy seeped from the DuskBird's wounds as Mizuki's temper flared.
Apr 16 23:16:49 [Cubey] Setsuko: "What have you..."
Apr 16 23:16:50 [Tengu] http://orig05.deviantart.net/c3f0/f/2008/047/c/0/shadow_knight_by_oh8.jpg
Apr 16 23:17:11 [Jockey] "..."
Apr 16 23:17:12 [Cubey] Setsuko: "You're a monster..."
Apr 16 23:17:20 [Jockey] [Interitus shrieks in absolute rage.]
Apr 16 23:17:41 [Aero] Willis: "....."
Apr 16 23:17:46 [JonnyBoy] Ken: ...
Apr 16 23:17:50 [aldosalt] Dido: "You..."
Apr 16 23:17:56 [Steam] "Give him back."
Apr 16 23:18:07 [Steam] "GIVE HIM BACK!"
Apr 16 23:18:23 [Steam] "YOU DIDN'T MAKE HIM YOU MONSTER!"
Apr 16 23:18:35 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "I think not. He makes such a good host body, after all. If you want to take him from me, then go ahead and try!"
Apr 16 23:18:36 [Cubey] Setsuko: "What have you done? What... who do you think you are...?"
Apr 16 23:18:43 [JonnyBoy] Ken: Mizuki!
Apr 16 23:18:56 [Tengu] The BlackNight moves into the fray!
Apr 16 23:19:03 [Tengu] (Willis, Setsuko, go)
Apr 16 23:19:05 [Jockey] Volya: "........ We aren't going to try. It's what we're going to do!"
Apr 16 23:19:08 [JonnyBoy] Ken: Words are wasted on this foul thing... the only way to save your brother is to do so with your own hands!
Apr 16 23:19:09 [Tengu] Enemy List: Lord Nova, Queen Mab, Count Warlock, Algoz, BlackKnight (Great Black Void/Zankuro)
Apr 16 23:19:16 [Tengu] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-k3XXGmu-dw
Apr 16 23:19:28 [aldosalt] Dido: "Stay frosty, Mizuki! We'll figure this out...and make that Void bastard suffer!"
Apr 16 23:20:24 [Steam] It'd take some doing though. "I know we will."
Apr 16 23:20:26 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Don't interfere!" *Energy shines in the darkness and gathers around the Nautilus Carver - quickly discharged in a sweeping beam which moves towards Lord Nova, and any other foe that tries to get in the way.+
Apr 16 23:20:36 [Steam] "But the combination mechanism in the DuskBird's busted..."
Apr 16 23:20:42 [Steam] "We'll have to do this without SolSavior."
Apr 16 23:21:07 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "I'll see what I can find for how to break its control. It has to emit some kind of energy..."
Apr 16 23:21:19 [Cubey] Setsuko: "SolSavior won't work?" This became much harder...
Apr 16 23:21:30 [JonnyBoy] Ken: ...Guess they were expecting we might try it. Oh well then. Because its not SolSavior that makes our team, is it?
Apr 16 23:22:21 [Tengu] Lord Nova rushes towards Virgola, seeing that he's become its target. The beam fires towards him, damaging him severely - but he still keeps on going, pulling out another spear and attempting to skewer Setsuko's unit with it in melee! (react)
Apr 16 23:22:33 [aldosalt] Dido: "Hell no, its not! And if they think we can't bust out a team attack as we are...!"
Apr 16 23:22:37 [Tengu] (Mizuki and Ken can move as well)
Apr 16 23:22:39 [Steam] "You're right... it isn't..."
Apr 16 23:23:09 [Steam] "It just comes down to being a savior! Saving our Sol... and saving Zankuro's!"
Apr 16 23:24:03 [Steam] * Injured as it is the DuskBird still lunges at the BlackNight, wings flapping to unleash another barrage of feathers alongside Abyss Gaze beams!+
Apr 16 23:24:11 [Aero] * There's not a word coming from Willis, Strahlend grips the transformed Quicksilver and continues to pump the spear with energy, burning up more of his nanomachines in the process. The machine switches to its Zephyr form before darting towards the remaining Phantoms, moving like an arrow of light to pierce through whoever was left. +
Apr 16 23:25:04 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I've said it already. Don't interfere!" *She sounds upset, and angry. But Setsuko knows the foe's attack pattern - she swerves away from the melee attack while also approaching an angle that'd make it hard to counterattack by throwing the spear, and while the Carver smokes with pink clouds, the ray pistol is grabbed and quickly fired, beams hitting the damaged parts of Nova's body.+
Apr 16 23:26:04 [Tengu] BlackNight suddenly spreads its own wings - eight of them, of different spans! It zooms to the side quickly, barely getting grazed by Mizuki's barrage, and rushes forward, brandishing its sword in an attempt to stab right through DuskBird! Furthermore, its wings are full of Void Energy, and some of them are about to hit Mizuki's unit too! (react)
Apr 16 23:26:11 [aldosalt] Dido' mind races. "Zankuro's still a Void baby...we can't burn away the GeeBeeVee with Sol energy. But with Mizuki's own Void energy–!"
Apr 16 23:26:17 [aldosalt] #Mizuki?
Apr 16 23:26:21 [Tengu] (approved)
Apr 16 23:26:28 [JonnyBoy] Pulling back the Kenkama, Ken disengages the whip handle to render it as the second of the Scarlet Shotels. With both blades in hand, and blazing red, he makes his way at Queen Mab, seeking to cut her down!+
Apr 16 23:27:42 [Tengu] Setsuko manages to avoid Lord Nova's charge thanks to a timely dodge, and shoots at his damaged body with her beam pistol. This proves to be the last nail to his coffin, and the attack blows holes in his body, which soon dissipates into nothingness.
Apr 16 23:28:04 [Steam] * The BlackNight's sword is met by the DuskBird's own, Mizuki spinning it with all her strength as the DuskBird tries to escape from the path of the wings!+
Apr 16 23:28:16 [aldosalt] *Dido charges in with ShelLancer to guard Duskbird! She raises her electrified lance to parry the BlackNight's sword, disabling safety limiters to char the enemy's weapon with lightning!+
Apr 16 23:28:51 [Tengu] Willis rushes forward, trying to pierce right through the remaining phantoms... But the first one he hits, Algoz, turns out to be tough enough to stop the remaining of his charge! While the enemy is damaged, he still can move, and reacts by trying to hack at Strahlend with his wicked blade! (react)
Apr 16 23:30:50 [Tengu] Ken's strikes leave red hot gashes in Queen Mab's body as they cut into her, but the phantom still manages to hold itself together. His opponent's hands suddenly glow with Void, and she launches forward, trying to grab the ScarleTiger and pump it full of Void energy! (react)
Apr 16 23:31:38 [Aero] * There's no hesitation from Willis as the spear hits Algoz, the built up energy within the lance is immediately gathered at the tip of the spear before being discharged all at once within the phantom. +
Apr 16 23:31:49 [Aero] Willis: "Return to the Void."
Apr 16 23:32:12 [Tengu] BlackNight's sword is met by Mizuki's and Dido's blades, which clash with it briefly before both of them are pushed away from the enemy. He's not only fast, but also strong! At least nobody manages to get hit by the wings... That could've ended up real bad.
Apr 16 23:32:23 [Tengu] (Dido, Volya, Kei)
Apr 16 23:33:52 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "Are you surprised by how much power was sleeping, dormant, in this young body? All it took was enough aging up to be usable..."
Apr 16 23:34:16 [aldosalt] *Dido fires more Arc Thorns from ShelLancer and electrifies them. Instead of flinging the resulting lightning nets at BlackNight, she direct them to swarm around the Void unit, forming barriers that restrict its movements!+
Apr 16 23:34:17 [Jockey] *Interitus is quickly rushing in, letting loose several slowing blasts before seeking to entangle the BlackNight in vines! Void energy was still energy so maybe she could drain enough...+
Apr 16 23:34:18 [JonnyBoy] Ken sees what the Queen tries to do... and so decides to merely meet her hand. Because where she has the Void, he has the Sun, and so he begins to fill his machine with his ki, brimming with Sol Energy!+
Apr 16 23:35:00 [Jockey] Interitus: "YOU!"
Apr 16 23:35:05 * Corel (Corel@210.195.hho.mor) has left (Leaving)
Apr 16 23:35:25 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Do you think you can use others like tools?"
Apr 16 23:35:45 [Jockey] Interitus: "Volya was supposed to be Zankuro's cool senpai and big brother figure! Someone he could bond with and be family to!"
Apr 16 23:36:10 [Tengu] Algoz's blade starts to scrape against Strahlend's armor, but then he's hit by the spear, which discharges its accumulated energy and pierces right through his body! Another general is down.
Apr 16 23:37:04 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Umm, Interitus..."
Apr 16 23:37:56 [aldosalt] Dido: "...maybe we should be more concerned about Zankuro being tortured for energy?"
Apr 16 23:38:10 [Tengu] Ken's fist meets the opponent's, and the opposing forces struggle for a while, causing cracks to appear on both arms... Before he manages to overcome the enemy! The solar energy rushes forward, burning through Queen Mab's whole body.
Apr 16 23:38:26 [Jockey] Interitus: "We can deal with that..."
Apr 16 23:38:42 [Jockey] "Now..."
Apr 16 23:38:48 [JonnyBoy] Ken: I may not be allowed to use Sol energy on Zankuro... but you are another matter entirely.
Apr 16 23:38:57 * Raiko_Horikawa has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 45.0.2/20160407164938])
Apr 16 23:39:21 [Jockey] [Her tone was most annoyed.]
Apr 16 23:39:27 [Jockey] "Don't. Fight. Back."
Apr 16 23:40:38 [Tengu] BlackNight is hit by slowing nets from both Volya and Dido, which gives their allies an opportunity to strike... But they better use it soon, because it soon spreads its wings, cutting through the barriers! And in addition to that, it extends a hand forward, creating something resembling a portal...
Apr 16 23:41:28 [Tengu] A phantom of Marquis Phobia appear, rushing forward and spinning rapidly, trying to cut into both of them with its numerous daggers! (Volya and Dido react)
Apr 16 23:41:33 [Tengu] (not a new enemy, just an attack)
Apr 16 23:41:42 [Tengu] (Willis, Setsuko, go)
Apr 16 23:42:28 [Jockey] *David intercepts the Marquis with a parry!... And by that its actually smashing his greatshield into the spindly foe!+
Apr 16 23:42:35 [Cubey] # Volya and Dido
Apr 16 23:42:40 [Tengu] (approved)
Apr 16 23:42:44 [aldosalt] *"Behind me, Volya-Interitus!" Dido shouts, as she slams down on her panic button! The front of ShelLancer's armor erupts in a barrage of Shell-Flak, intended to rip through the Marquis phantom!+
Apr 16 23:43:31 [Tengu] Void: "Your worries and dreams for the future don't concern me. All of them will turn into ruin, this day."
Apr 16 23:43:32 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Watch out!" *The Virgola swoops down, and deals a stunning attack with the frontside of the Carver on the new apparition. The enemy's void energy has the Sphere's dimensional power to contend with!+
Apr 16 23:44:38 [Jockey] Volya: "... How many self centered jerks does this make.."
Apr 16 23:45:04 [Tengu] David and Setsuko manage to hold off the opponent for long enough to let dido barrage the Marquis with lots of flak, causing the phantom to dissipate.
Apr 16 23:45:46 [Cubey] (How many enemies are left?)
Apr 16 23:45:57 [Tengu] Enemy List: Count Warlock, BlackKnight (Great Black Void/Zankuro)
Apr 16 23:46:13 [Aero] Willis: "One Phantom left."
Apr 16 23:46:28 [aldosalt] Dido: "You know, GeeBeeVee...your villainous speeches are just plain boring. Mizuki does them a lot better!"
Apr 16 23:46:40 [Cubey] Setsuko: "It's true that all our dreams and worries will mean nothing one day..."
Apr 16 23:47:07 [Cubey] "But that doesn't mean we are not allowed to live a life right now! And for Zankuro, it's the same!"
Apr 16 23:47:59 [Cubey] *The Glory Star doesn't disperse its dimensional power. Rather, it begins to gather more of it. The carver sets its fins up, the Sphere shining - the Glory Star is discharged, a huge beam which flies towards the BlackNight...
Apr 16 23:48:33 [Cubey] *But rather than hitting the enemy, Setsuko only seeks to graze him - force Zankuro's movement into a position where others can easily strike into an opening!+
Apr 16 23:50:14 [Tengu] Void: "I'm sure you would consider this boring too, then?"
Apr 16 23:50:31 [Tengu] Void energy swirling around Zankuro's body intensifies, and he twitches as if he was in pain!
Apr 16 23:51:07 [Aero] * With the others hopefully doing a better job with Zankuro than he could Willis targets the remaining phantom to leave the path clear for the others. Once again Strahlend picks its target and charges at the last Phantom, stabbing at Count Warlock with Quicksilver. +
Apr 16 23:51:20 [aldosalt] Dido: "!!!"
Apr 16 23:52:08 [Tengu] Virgola's beam fires towards BlackNight (no K there, sorry), and it indeed doesn't hit head-on, because the enemy is very quick... But it does its accomplishes goal, grazing the opponent and forcing him to evade into a place where others can hit him more easily!
Apr 16 23:52:31 [Tengu] While that happens, though, the enemy launches the chain again, into Setsuko's direction! (react)
Apr 16 23:52:43 [Jockey] #Setsuko
Apr 16 23:52:47 [Tengu] (approved)
Apr 16 23:53:15 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Don't let him distract you!" *The Virgola zooms backwards, its legs moving forward with an AMBAC maneuver.+
Apr 16 23:53:25 [Jockey] *The Defender rushes in, swinging its shield forward towards the incoming chain!+
Apr 16 23:53:33 [Jockey] David: "Its okay! I got it!"
Apr 16 23:53:33 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ah! You have an opening!"
Apr 16 23:53:52 [Tengu] Count Warlock creates a magical, pentagram-shaped shield to defend against Quicksilver, which lowers the damage he suffers from the attack. Then, a mass of Void tendrils emerges from the shield, grasping at Strahlend! (react)
Apr 16 23:54:49 [Tengu] Setsuko manages to dodge, also thanks to the interception. David's shield is hit by the chain, and his whole unit is thrown back by the force of impact!
Apr 16 23:54:53 [Tengu] (SolSaviours, go)
Apr 16 23:55:05 [Cubey] Setsuko: "You didn't have to..."
Apr 16 23:55:11 [Jockey] David: "Gwaaah!"
Apr 16 23:55:49 [aldosalt] Dido: "David!"
Apr 16 23:55:56 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Are you okay?!"
Apr 16 23:56:09 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Return back to the shuttle, we'll carry on from here!"
Apr 16 23:56:49 [Jockey] David: "But I-"
Apr 16 23:56:54 [Steam] Mizuki: "Dido, focus! If he's hurt someone can get him to safety... but we have an opening!"
Apr 16 23:57:41 [Steam] * And dashing in, under that chain, the DuskBird thrusts forward with its Abyss Greatsword to try to skewer the BlackNight's side!+
Apr 16 23:57:45 [aldosalt] *Gritting her teeth, Dido re-electrifies the lightning nets and moves them closer to BlackNight. Sweating visibly, Dido tries to burn away the BlackNight's wings without touching the torso!+
Apr 16 23:59:04 [Cubey] Setsuko: "You've done enough. Your unit's too damaged to carry on, we came here to rescue one person. Please don't make it two."
Apr 16 23:59:17 [Aero] * In response to the tendrils Strahlend erupts into an explosion of blades from almost every part of its body to counter the tendrils approaching. +
Apr 16 23:59:35 [JonnyBoy] Ken lashes the Scarlet Whip, charged purely by its own heat rather than Sol Energy, aiming to seize and melt the BlackNight's head!+
Apr 16 23:59:42 [Jockey] David: "A.. alright!"
Apr 17 00:02:21 [Tengu] BlackNight is hit by Mizuki's sword, which cuts deeply into its side! Dido's nets electrify it, damaging it further and shocking it momentarily, letting Ken hit its head! But then, the opponent spins around, deflecting the attacks pre-emptively before they can cause critical damage, as well as hitting with its wings and sword at anyone who may be close! (Mizuki and Ken react)
Apr 17 00:02:51 [Tengu] Willis cuts through the numerous tentacles with his blades, not taking any real damage...
Apr 17 00:03:36 [Tengu] And then, Count Warlock retreats! Or rather, he rushes towards the ShelLancer, gathering energy between his hands, and then launching it like some kind of ki attack from a close range! (Dido react)
Apr 17 00:03:44 [Tengu] (Volya, Willis, Setsuko, go)
Apr 17 00:04:09 [JonnyBoy] Ken tries to catch the BlackNight's blade with his own. The less it can move, the more space they have to try and save Zankuro! "We will not lose to you!"+
Apr 17 00:04:41 [Steam] * As the BlackNight goes spinning around, Mizuki has her own machine slam its feet into the Night's head to get away to safety!+
Apr 17 00:05:47 [Tengu] Ken's blade clashes against BlackNight's, but the opponent turns out to be too ferocious, and ScarleTiger is thrown back from the force of impact! Mizuki manages to get away safely though, kicking away from her opponent.
Apr 17 00:07:19 [Aero] * With the tentacles cleared the pile of blades that now made up Strahlend accelerated forward at max speed to finally tear through the remaining Phantom. +
Apr 17 00:07:20 [Jockey] *Oh this was going to be problematic... Interitus rushes in to not give the Great Black Void a moment's pause as she swung and swept with her staff as rapidly as she could, seeking to disarm and disorient to leave the BlackNight open for someone to push the attack!+
Apr 17 00:09:35 [Tengu] Interitus rushes in, her rapid staff attacks keeping the enemy occupied for the time being...
Apr 17 00:10:51 [aldosalt] *Dido: "Fudge–!"
Apr 17 00:11:22 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "Your lack of killing intent is your second worst enemy..."
Apr 17 00:11:36 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "The first one is me."
Apr 17 00:12:23 [Jockey] Volya: "You aren't even in the top ten-!"
Apr 17 00:12:24 [aldosalt] *Too closer to dodge, too close to her allies, ShelLancer can only to one thing. The Sol Mecha channeling as much reactor energy into its lance as it can, then stabs forward with the electrified weapon, trying to split the Ki attack in half...then drive through towards Count Warlock!+
Apr 17 00:12:27 [Tengu] While parrying Volya's strikes, he extends an empty hand towards Interitus, releasing another Phantom again! It's Queen Maliasma, her arm already in the form of a giant biting maw, which tries to chomp at Interitus! (react)
Apr 17 00:12:38 [aldosalt] Dido: "–SKITTLESSSSS!"
Apr 17 00:12:49 [Steam] ##########!!!!!
Apr 17 00:12:56 [Tengu] (approved)
Apr 17 00:13:20 [Jockey] *Interitus backs off as rapidly as she could, letting loose several energy ribbons into the oncoming maw but-!+
Apr 17 00:13:47 [Cubey] Setsuko: "!!"
Apr 17 00:14:17 [Steam] * And as soon as she thought she was in the clear... Mizuki dives right back in! "VOLYA!" The Abyss Greatsword goes swinging full-force, to cut that Maliasma Phantom down and the BlackNight's arm too if she has to!+
Apr 17 00:14:25 [Jockey] "... This is gonna hurt."
Apr 17 00:14:39 [Tengu] Dido manages to hit the energy blast with her charged lance, causing an explosion that momentarily stuns her opponent. This lets Willis reach Count Warlock, pierce right through him, and finish the job!
Apr 17 00:16:06 [Aero] Willis: "Crap.."
Apr 17 00:16:10 [Tengu] The giant maw gnaws at Interitus, shaking her around as if it was some kind of giant predator! But then Mizuki hacks at it, slashing right through Maliasma and cutting this whole thing short.
Apr 17 00:16:19 [Aero] No time to celebrate the last phantom going down.
Apr 17 00:17:00 * Jockey has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
Apr 17 00:17:25 [Cubey] "Volya! *Virgola flies up towards the BlackNight, an oversized energy scythe created at the Nautilus Carver's tip - slashing down at the enemy, aiming to throw him away with a mighty strike.+
Apr 17 00:17:34 [aldosalt] Dido: "Hang in there, Volya, Interitus!"
Apr 17 00:18:24 [Tengu] BlackKnight raises its sword for a parry, but, considering how many attacks were launched at it in quick succession, is not entirely successful. The enemy takes aother shallow gash and is forced to pull away for a moment.
Apr 17 00:18:43 [Tengu] This gives Interitus and Volya an opportunity to back away, out of the fight.
Apr 17 00:19:36 [Tengu] You can see that BlackNight has taken some damage from all these attacks... But the damage seems less than it should have been.
Apr 17 00:20:02 [Tengu] And you can see why. It's quickly regenerating, material growing over its damaged parts in an almost ooze-like fashion.
Apr 17 00:20:04 [Tengu] Also.
Apr 17 00:20:46 [Tengu] In its side, there is a part that looks different... It's lighter in color than the rest of its body, different in shape, and looks more like there's something stuck within it...
Apr 17 00:21:21 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Stay away!" She breathes heavily. That was a close one...
Apr 17 00:23:05 [Steam] So close to the BlackNight, it doesn't go unnoticed by Mizuki. "What's that?"
Apr 17 00:23:22 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Oh?"
Apr 17 00:24:11 [Steam] "That spot... it doesn't look right. Not... 'Void'-like."
Apr 17 00:24:25 [aldosalt] Dido: "An opening...?" Dido uses ShelLancer's scanning area to examine Black Night...is that light-colored section where Zankuro is trapped?
Apr 17 00:24:50 [aldosalt] *array
Apr 17 00:24:57 [Tengu] Doesn't look like it, Dido. The cockpit is located more in center of the unit, like it should normally.
Apr 17 00:25:16 [Tengu] No, instead, the strange thing stuck within the BlackNight...
Apr 17 00:25:37 [Tengu] Its readings resemble the Discovery very closely.
Apr 17 00:25:45 [Tengu] You're pretty sure it's a fragment of it.
Apr 17 00:26:24 [Cubey] Setsuko: "... That's not from the Void. How did it get there?"
Apr 17 00:27:12 [aldosalt] Discovery artifact!" Dido breathes. "Mizuki, do you see it? I'm starting to think the BeeGeeVee's been holding out on us. He didn't come back on his own!"
Apr 17 00:27:52 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "...So you have discovered it. The source of my power."
Apr 17 00:28:08 [Steam] "The Discovery?!?"
Apr 17 00:29:22 [Cubey] Setsuko: "It came from the Discovery of Self? But that means..."
Apr 17 00:29:24 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "If you're so curious about it, I can tell you. I can share the tale of the Primeval Dusk."
Apr 17 00:29:34 [aldosalt] Dido: "One of those artifacts the ESUN Inspector mentioned! And it's powering the enemy."
Apr 17 00:29:36 [aldosalt] She pauses.
Apr 17 00:29:40 [aldosalt] "Let's rip it out!"
Apr 17 00:29:54 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Where did you steal it from?"
Apr 17 00:30:56 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "Steal? How presumptious. I possessed this artifact from the very beginning!"
Apr 17 00:31:03 [Steam] "!"
Apr 17 00:33:03 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "I am the legacy of the Primeval Dusk. A race of powerful, proud creatures of darkness, ones who fought with courage and strength in the war against the Lady, among many others."
Apr 17 00:33:22 [JonnyBoy] Ken: ...And yet this is what you have become...
Apr 17 00:33:45 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "But that was not enough. The Dusk were annihilated during the conflict. None of them survived..."
Apr 17 00:34:02 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "But something still lingered."
Apr 17 00:35:05 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "This lingering presence slowly grew over time, amassed power thanks to this artifact... And from it, I was born. And I knew what is my purpose."
Apr 17 00:35:05 [Steam] "You mean you did."
Apr 17 00:36:20 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "The demise of the Primeval Dusk... It was the fault of other races. Weak, inferior, cowardly races of light, who didn't take the brunt of the Lady's wrath together with them."
Apr 17 00:37:21 [Cubey] Setsuko: "You grew envious... or rather, hateful."
Apr 17 00:38:00 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "My purpose is vengeance! I bring war to those born of the light. What else do they deserve for their betrayal, but to participate in the battles of the past once again?"
Apr 17 00:38:00 [Steam] "... That's where we came from?'
Apr 17 00:38:21 [Steam] "That's..."
Apr 17 00:38:28 [Steam] "... pathetic."
Apr 17 00:38:50 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "...What?"
Apr 17 00:39:04 [Aero] Willis: "Look at what you're doing."
Apr 17 00:39:31 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Do you really think that's what the Dusk felt?"
Apr 17 00:39:45 [Steam] "These... 'Primeval Dusk'... they were exterminated but so was their enemy!"
Apr 17 00:40:21 [Cubey] Setsuko: "If they fought for real, to defend everyone... would they really hate the survivors, even if they died?"
Apr 17 00:40:26 [Steam] "And you couldn't have your revenge on the rightful party, but you just had to lash out at someone!"
Apr 17 00:40:41 [JonnyBoy] Ken: If anything, you dishonour their legacy...
Apr 17 00:41:19 [Steam] "You wanted to define yourself by fighting and killing, even if it meant turning on innocent lives!"
Apr 17 00:42:13 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "You carry the sins of your ancestors. None of you are innocent!"
Apr 17 00:42:22 [aldosalt] Dido: "You talk about honoring the Primeval Dusk...but you're holding back the future of a new race of Dusk beings!"
Apr 17 00:42:32 [Cubey] Setsuko: "You stole an unborn child just to spite his family... even now, you're acting petty!"
Apr 17 00:42:50 [Steam] "I've done more good in twelve years than you've done in... in who knows how many!"
Apr 17 00:43:07 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Mizuki, her parents, and her brother are the legacy of the Primeval Dusk... not you!"
Apr 17 00:43:31 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "...Silence! This battle is not over yet!"
Apr 17 00:43:41 [Tengu] The BlackNight moves in, ready to attack again!
Apr 17 00:44:02 [Tengu] The good news is, its regeneration seems to slow down... Especially around the exposed Discovery part.
Apr 17 00:44:31 [Tengu] Seems like that's the weak point, and the key to stopping it.
Apr 17 00:44:35 [Tengu] (Mizuki, Ken, Dido)
Apr 17 00:45:20 [Steam] Mizuki: "It will be when we wrench that fragment out of you."
Apr 17 00:45:51 [aldosalt] Dido: "We'll follow your lead, Mizuki! Let's go!"
Apr 17 00:46:26 [Steam] * And the DuskBird moves in again, sword ready to try to swing at it... only for the feathers to burst off and pepper the BlackNight's body while the whip instead lashes at the Knight's side relentlessly to knock the fragment free!+
Apr 17 00:47:30 [JonnyBoy] Ken: And though my ancestors have sinned, I seek to take that legacy into a brighter tomorrow! No more battles between my clans, but their combined potential bringing forth new light! *Ken yells as the ScarleTiger charges, seeking to strafe the opponent up close with quick slashes from all sides, to distract it!+
Apr 17 00:48:31 [Steam] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxgwZiCM6wA
Apr 17 00:48:35 [Tengu] BlackNight covers the relic with its wings, intent on defending it from attackers... But that just means DuskBird's strikes end up hitting its body, instead, further damaging it! Ken also jumps around the opponent, slashing from every direction and causing more damage.
Apr 17 00:49:01 [aldosalt] *ShelLancer fires more Arc Thorn to pepper and pierce BlackNight's arms and legs! Retro-Rocket firing, ShelLancer charges in from the side, thrusting a foot with spinning spike wheels into the Black Night's wings! "Foot...GRIND!"+
Apr 17 00:50:02 [Tengu] Dido further hits the enemy, damaging it with the initial salvo and knocking the opponent backwards with the kick!
Apr 17 00:50:33 [Tengu] But then, the Great Black Void counterattacks, spinning around quickly and slashing several times at Ken and Dido - and both of them are in danger of getting hit with its wings as well!
Apr 17 00:50:38 [Tengu] (Ken, Dido, react)
Apr 17 00:51:26 [Tengu] And at the end of that, the enemy summons another phantom - a copy of Admiral Blackheart rushes forward, trying to slash at Mizuki with his cutlass! (react)
Apr 17 00:51:31 [Tengu] (Setsuko, Willis, react)
Apr 17 00:51:42 [Cubey] # Mizuki
Apr 17 00:51:48 [Tengu] (approved)
Apr 17 00:51:53 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Let's retrieve that fragment!"
Apr 17 00:52:13 [Tengu] Also. You can see something resembling cracks in your surroundings...
Apr 17 00:52:20 [Cubey] The Virgola nods at Strahlend. And then, the VBRS's thrusters accelerate it as fast as they can.
Apr 17 00:52:23 [aldosalt] *Dido keeps in closer, parrying with ShelLancer's electrified lance. "We're not...backing down!"+
Apr 17 00:53:40 [Cubey] *The mobile suit charges, the Carver in front of it like a bayonetted gun. A gun that fires at the copy of the void general - while the Jack Carver is also there, stabbing through the apparition, but the Virgola keeps going. Setsuko's target - the BlackNight. The knife stabs into its side, starting to carve the placement of the artifact!+
Apr 17 00:54:03 [JonnyBoy] Ken seeks to catch the BlackNight's attack again, but this time, he abandons his shotels mid-deflection, trying to dive under and clutch the arms that swing his enemy's weapon. "You can stop all of us!"+
Apr 17 00:54:23 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Hang in there, Ken-kun, Dido!"
Apr 17 00:54:47 [Steam] * The Blackheart copy gets two Abyss Gaze beams blasted right into it! She doesn't have time for this right now!+
Apr 17 00:55:19 [Aero] * Strahlend follows behind Virgola, shifting to its Zephyr form to keep up with the other machine. The machine's right hand transforms in the midst of its charge and it plunges the claw into the side of the Blacknight assisting Setsuko to help dislodge the artifact. +
Apr 17 00:55:49 [aldosalt] Dido pouts. "What? I don't qualify for a 'ne-sama', Setsuko?"
Apr 17 00:56:11 [Tengu] Dido braces and manages to hold her own against the opponent's strike, sparks flying as the two blades clash! Ken manages to grab the enemy's arm, although the two are struggling now and it's probably only a matter of time before he's thrown off. But this gives an opening to his allies!
Apr 17 00:56:30 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "Ghh! Be gone, pest!"
Apr 17 00:57:09 [JonnyBoy] Ken: Guys, do it!
Apr 17 00:58:38 [Tengu] Blackheart gets hit by Abyss Gaze and Gunnery Carver shots, and evaporates! Setsuko and Willis rush forward, both of their blades stabbing deeply right where the Discovery artifact is located!
Apr 17 00:59:46 [Tengu] But then, BlackNight manages to finally wrestle Ken off, and flaps its wings, both in an attempt to defend the artifact and to hit the two attackers with their Void-infused power!
Apr 17 01:00:06 [Tengu] (Setsuko, Willis, react)
Apr 17 01:00:09 [Tengu] More cracks appear in the environment around you...
Apr 17 01:01:13 [Steam] Mizuki: "Your power's failing you, isn't it!"
Apr 17 01:01:14 [aldosalt] #Setsuko/Willis?
Apr 17 01:01:37 [Tengu] (go for it)
Apr 17 01:01:40 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ugh... I won't..." She sees the wing coming, but...
Apr 17 01:02:02 [Aero] Willis: "We're not backing off now."
Apr 17 01:02:44 [Cubey] *The Virgola's blade disappears - the physical Jack Carver replaced by the energy Barley Scythe. Which strikes down at the wound, to cleave it more open and free the Discovery part!+ "I won't give up!"
Apr 17 01:04:49 [Aero] * Strahlend transforms its free hand into another claw and drives it into the wound as well without any fear from the wing, they had to get the Discovery part out of Blacknight for any of this to matter. +
Apr 17 01:05:16 [aldosalt] *The moment BlackNight spread its wings, ShelLancer springs forward and skewers it through with its lance. "Not..." Dido growls. "...a chance! Lance Shock!" Spear crackling with lightning, Dido drags the lance downward, ripping a huge jagged gashed in the BlackNight's wings!+
Apr 17 01:05:23 [aldosalt] *jagged gash.
Apr 17 01:06:32 [Tengu] Setsuko and Willis dig even deeper into BlackNight's frame, while Dido protects them from the wings hitting them with a stab of her lance!
Apr 17 01:07:43 [Tengu] But the wings still create a shockwave, which throws all three units back while simultaneously getting the black enemy away from everyone. Yet, the relic is pretty much completely exposed now, barely holding itself in BlackNight's body. Its regeneration power seems to have stopped completely.
Apr 17 01:08:03 [Tengu] The void darkness around you is crumbling, replaced with the usual, normal darkness of space.
Apr 17 01:08:07 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ah! Did we get it?"
Apr 17 01:08:41 [Cubey] The Virgola readjusts itself, with Setsuko quickly checking if everything is alright... but it's not. The relic is still inside the enemy unit.
Apr 17 01:08:46 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "I... won't die like this..."
Apr 17 01:09:00 [Tengu] The enemy flaps its wings once again... And then starts to flee!
Apr 17 01:09:16 [aldosalt] Dido: "You're already dead inside...if that makes any sense–HEYCOMEBACK!"
Apr 17 01:09:37 [Tengu] While damaged, the BlackNight still is a very fast unit...
Apr 17 01:09:39 [Aero] Willis: "Close enough..."
Apr 17 01:09:46 [Steam] Mizuki: "Then you'll die running away!"
Apr 17 01:09:47 [Tengu] But then, suddenly, it stops!
Apr 17 01:09:54 [Tengu] Zankuro: "Now...!"
Apr 17 01:09:55 [Steam] "I'm going home with my brother!"
Apr 17 01:09:59 [Steam] "!"
Apr 17 01:10:12 [Tengu] Zankuro: "Rip it out...!"
Apr 17 01:10:22 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ah!"
Apr 17 01:10:31 [Tengu] You can hear the strain in his voice... But that's definitely him, not the Void, speaking!
Apr 17 01:10:34 [Tengu] (Mizuki)
Apr 17 01:10:37 [Steam] Mizuki's already moving in after the two of them!
Apr 17 01:10:48 [aldosalt] Dido: "...go for it, 'Zuki!"
Apr 17 01:13:17 [Steam] * The DuskBird's left hand builds up with Void... no... *Dusk* energy of its own as it closes the distance! "Black Void... enemy of the Light and the Dark... it's time to finally face your fate! If you want to live by conflict.. then it's time to die by it too! ABYSS-!" The DuskBird reaches out, grabbing at what little's keeping the relic still
Apr 17 01:13:18 [Steam] insight the BlackNight!&
Apr 17 01:14:28 [Tengu] Mizuki is about to reach the enemy with her destructive attack and wrestle the artifact free.
Apr 17 01:14:29 [Tengu] But...
Apr 17 01:14:52 [Tengu] Void: "It's not over yet...!"
Apr 17 01:15:10 [Tengu] Suddenly the BlackNight jukes to the side, avoiding the strike!
Apr 17 01:15:34 [Tengu] And not just that! As it passes by, its wings hit the DuskBird head-on!
Apr 17 01:15:56 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Mizuki, watch out!"
Apr 17 01:16:14 [Tengu] The attack is sudden and ferocious! DuskBird is pretty much obliterated!
Apr 17 01:16:15 [Cubey] A warning that came a bit too late.
Apr 17 01:16:24 [Aero] Willis: "Mizuki!"
Apr 17 01:16:28 [JonnyBoy] Ken: MIZUKI!
Apr 17 01:16:36 [aldosalt] Dido: "No..."
Apr 17 01:16:50 [Tengu] (react...? Continue...?)
Apr 17 01:17:00 [Cubey] Setsuko: "A..."
Apr 17 01:17:04 [Steam] "-SANCTION!"
Apr 17 01:17:13 [aldosalt] Dido: "...she won't get taken down by something like that!"
Apr 17 01:18:07 [Steam] The DuskBird might be gone, yes, but there happened to be a very convenient hole in the machine made just a short while ago. And the Sanction wasn't limited to just the DuskBird itself either.
Apr 17 01:18:52 [Steam] * Clinging to the BlackNight's frame with one hand, Mizuki slams her other, energized one to free the Relic!+
Apr 17 01:19:54 [Tengu] Mizuki, on her own, without her mech, finishes the Abyss Sanction, and hits right where she should to break the artifact out.
Apr 17 01:20:13 [Tengu] And that's exactly what happens! The relic is ripped out, and floats away from the now-still body of the DarkNight!
Apr 17 01:20:58 [Tengu] The Void around you dissipates almost completely. All that's left are thin, tiny wisps, floating around the artifact...
Apr 17 01:21:18 [Tengu] And even they are shrinking, until all that's left is a tiny, black form.
Apr 17 01:21:26 [Tengu] http://s1110.photobucket.com/user/Steamrollerssolveall/media/Great20Black20Void_zpsymftc98g.jpg.html
Apr 17 01:21:53 [Steam] Something Mizuki immediately snatches up and brings to her face.
Apr 17 01:22:01 [Steam] "Just look at you now."
Apr 17 01:22:05 [Tengu] It's so small it fits in Mizuki's hand.
Apr 17 01:23:07 [Tengu] 'Great' Black Void: "You should be careful. You might've won this time, but I will return again even if you destroy me... And without my power, your precious brother will die."
Apr 17 01:23:40 [Steam] "Stop that."
Apr 17 01:23:50 [Steam] "It's getting old."
Apr 17 01:24:41 [Tengu] GBV: "..."
Apr 17 01:24:49 [Steam] "I'm not sure if you're just delusional... or you're just trying to make me give up."
Apr 17 01:24:54 [Cubey] Setsuko: "..."
Apr 17 01:26:04 [Steam] "You're right that light will always create shadows. But to truly remove one... you need to swallow it up in an even greater darkness."
Apr 17 01:26:43 [Steam] "And you're nothing. You needed the Relic for all of this... and you had to kidnap an unborn child to use as a vessel! And even then Zankuro was able to take control when it mattered!"
Apr 17 01:26:52 [Steam] "You needed him more than he... or ANY of us need you!"
Apr 17 01:28:13 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "...I concede."
Apr 17 01:28:49 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Rather than fighting to the bitter end, you surrender?"
Apr 17 01:29:11 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "I admit, you are right. I have lost. And it seems I misjudged the situation..."
Apr 17 01:30:16 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "No, there is no surrender. But I know I've lost. You are the true successor to the Primeval Dusk... Mizuki."
Apr 17 01:30:39 [Steam] "... At least one of them."
Apr 17 01:31:01 [Steam] "And thank you. This will... be over quick."
Apr 17 01:31:16 [Tengu] Great Black Void: "...Do it."
Apr 17 01:31:31 [Steam] Literally holding the life of her creator in her hands... Mizuki chooses to end it.
Apr 17 01:31:39 [Steam] "Abyss... Absolution."
Apr 17 01:31:52 [Steam] She clenches her fist, crushing the Void.
Apr 17 01:32:14 [Aero] Willis: "..."
Apr 17 01:32:14 [Tengu] The black wisp is crushed in Mizuki's hand and dissipates into nothingness.
Apr 17 01:32:31 [Tengu] The Great Black Void is no more.
Apr 17 01:33:33 [Cubey] Setsuko: "... Where's Zankuro?"
Apr 17 01:33:45 [Tengu] Zankuro: "I'm here. I'm... fine now. I think."
Apr 17 01:33:58 [Steam] "Zankuro!"
Apr 17 01:33:59 [Tengu] You still have a connection to his cockpit.
Apr 17 01:34:00 [Tengu] http://static.zerochan.net/Oswald.%28Odin.Sphere%29.full.741906.jpg
Apr 17 01:34:05 [Tengu] And looks like he returned to normal now.
Apr 17 01:34:18 [aldosalt] Dido: "Oh shit...!" Dido scans for where Zankuro is, moving to pick him up before he suffocates–!
Apr 17 01:34:20 [aldosalt] -Oh.
Apr 17 01:34:20 [Tengu] Though he's still aged up.
Apr 17 01:34:43 [Cubey] Setsuko: "You're very mature for your age." She tries to ease the atmosphere, awkwardly.
Apr 17 01:34:58 [Steam] Mizuki turns to the BlackNight... but lacking a machine now she's kinda in the dark about how he looks.
Apr 17 01:35:07 [Aero] Willis: "Well, it runs in the family."
Apr 17 01:36:44 [aldosalt] Dido pinches the bridge of her nose. "Just...you..."
Apr 17 01:37:35 [Tengu] And on that light-hearted note...
Apr 17 01:37:37 [Tengu] MISSION COMPLETE