Apr 15 22:12:44 [Cubey] Unity Group recently faced a crisis.
Apr 15 22:13:00 [Cubey] An ominous one - but one that's on a personal level, still.
Apr 15 22:13:10 [Cubey] And now, to make matters worse, another one appears.
Apr 15 22:13:14 [Cubey] A much more massive one.
Apr 15 22:15:07 [Cubey] Commander Huffman: "I don't want to worry you, but multiple areas around the globe just came under simultaneous attack. The readings are the same as Beasts of Starmind, but this intensity is something new..."
Apr 15 22:16:00 [Cubey] Unity Group forces were dispatched immediately!
Apr 15 22:16:23 [Steam] At the mention of simultaneous attacks, Selena had initially just assumed Balmar.
Apr 15 22:16:23 [Cubey] You cannot defend the whole of Earth at once. There is no choice but to have faith in strength of others, while you take care of nearest threats.
Apr 15 22:17:17 [Cubey] Shoji: "The dimensional walls were already strained by all kinds of anomalies that happened recently. If my calculations are correct, SOMETHING just happened to break them, allowing the Beasts of Starmind to perform a full scale invasion!"
Apr 15 22:17:29 [fri] Hikari: "What's this? This level of attack... They never did an attack of this magnitude before!"
Apr 15 22:17:36 [Aero] Willis: "Something...huh."
Apr 15 22:17:49 [fri] Hikari: "That makes sense..."
Apr 15 22:17:51 [Tengu] Daniel: "It never happened before, did it? More than one Beast of Starmind at once..."
Apr 15 22:18:28 [Cubey] Shoji: "Fortunately for us the attack was always centralized around a single Beast of Starmind, so if you defeat it the rest should disappear... at least that's the hypothesis!"
Apr 15 22:18:37 [Steam] Elma: "So in a way, it almost sounds like what we just barely managed to avert with the kaiju."
Apr 15 22:18:46 [Cubey] Kagami: "You do not sound very convenient, Matsuyama-kun. But what makes you think there will be a leader to begin with?"
Apr 15 22:19:12 [Cubey] One of the tunnels leading from Sakihama base into the city opens. You're on the base's side, and on the other...
Apr 15 22:19:21 [Cubey] Shoji: "... This."
Apr 15 22:19:35 [Tengu] Daniel: "It's an invasion. There's always a leader."
Apr 15 22:19:35 [Cubey] A large army of Beasts of Starmind. And above them all.
Apr 15 22:19:52 [Cubey] A giant figure floats in the air, casting a shadow on the foes - and on the city itself.
Apr 15 22:19:59 [Cubey] Invasion Leader Paranticus
Apr 15 22:19:59 [Cubey] http://i.imgur.com/RdKpRr0.jpg
Apr 15 22:20:11 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
Apr 15 22:20:27 [fri] Hikari: "Months ago they're limited to one japanese town. This is our fault for not being able to nip it when the problem is still small..."
Apr 15 22:20:41 [Steam] Selena: "Well that certainly looks to be the thing to bring down then."
Apr 15 22:21:10 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Another battleship..."
Apr 15 22:21:21 [Aero] Willis: "It's gigantic..."
Apr 15 22:21:27 [fri] Bahamut: "Don't talk like that, Hikari. It's true that if we could solve this whole mystery when it's still limited, it would have limited the collateral damage, but we're working with limited clues and knowledge. Be pragmatic look forward."
Apr 15 22:21:55 [Tengu] Daniel: "Bahamut. You're a tank. Are you good at anti-air?"
Apr 15 22:22:00 [fri] Hikari: "No need to tell it twice, Bahamut! Kagami, I guess this is it, our biggest battle!"
Apr 15 22:22:22 [fri] Bahamut: "My hellbore cannon can shoot an orbiting battleship just fine."
Apr 15 22:22:51 [Cubey] Kagami: "Remember that it's only one front of this battle! But I trust my men to do their best, and expect the same from you!"
Apr 15 22:23:13 [Cubey] The enemy army under the giant Beast's wings has noticed you - and familiar foes are charging immediately.
Apr 15 22:23:18 [Cubey] Defend yourselves!
Apr 15 22:23:26 [fri] Katsuhiko: "Shoji, if there's time to activate the black box, shouldn't it be now?"
Apr 15 22:23:50 [Cubey] Enemies: Cyclops x10, Catoblepas x6, Harpy x20, Centaur x20, Paranticus
Apr 15 22:23:56 [Cubey] (not all foes, just ones currently engaging you)
Apr 15 22:24:02 [Cubey] Cyclops
Apr 15 22:24:02 [Cubey] http://pre02.deviantart.net/df01/th/pre/i/2009/195/8/d/cyclops_by_duster132.jpg
Apr 15 22:24:02 [Cubey] Catoblepas
Apr 15 22:24:02 [Cubey] https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/9f/fa/97/9ffa972548fc9faabe8dfdc19c3f1c25.jpg
Apr 15 22:24:02 [Cubey] Harpy
Apr 15 22:24:02 [Cubey] http://pre10.deviantart.net/39c6/th/pre/i/2012/057/3/f/monster_hunter_challenge___harpy_by_spinebender-d4r31yx.jpg
Apr 15 22:24:02 [Cubey] Centaur
Apr 15 22:24:02 [Cubey] http://pre01.deviantart.net/8210/th/pre/f/2013/199/8/a/kyron_demon_centaur_concept_by_ptimm-d6e0mc1.jpg
Apr 15 22:24:09 [Cubey] Initiative: Hikari, Selena, Daniel, Willis
Apr 15 22:24:12 [Cubey] Hikari, Selena, go!
Apr 15 22:24:27 [Cubey] Shoji: "It is possible. However..."
Apr 15 22:24:35 [fri] Bahamut: "I'm advising against pressing the mysterious red button, Katsuhiko."
Apr 15 22:25:05 [fri] Hikari: "Yeah, at least until we know it can't get worse! We totally still can defeat them now without any mysterious red button!"
Apr 15 22:27:17 [Steam] * Taking point in front of the more massive Bahamut, the Soleares draws its blades before charging right back at those Beast forces! Or it was... until it suddenly winks out of sight with the Prism Phantom... a scant trace of green light periodically trailing behind it before it decloaks, flanking a group of Centaurs! "Now... let's dance!" The A
Apr 15 22:27:17 [Steam] S spins around, gatling guns firing trails of rounds at them!+
Apr 15 22:28:09 [Cubey] A trio of freakish centaur creatures suffers from a hail of gunfire, falling down bleeding.
Apr 15 22:28:27 [Tengu] Daniel: "See what normal weapons can do to their leader. But first... His army."
Apr 15 22:29:05 [Cubey] Two beasts next to their fallen comrades jump to the sides, screech and vomit some kind of acid towards the Soleares. And to make matters worse, the Cyclopses are moving in as a second line, providing suppressing fire with chainguns of their own.
Apr 15 22:29:07 [Cubey] React!
Apr 15 22:30:41 [Steam] * "Elma, defensive Prism Phantom!" A bright light is released from the Soleares this time to throw off her enemies' aim as the machine springs up and away from the Beasts!+
Apr 15 22:31:41 [fri] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsJLSSejzFM&t=1m15s (final boss battle theme!)
Apr 15 22:33:03 [fri] Hikari: Bahamut! No time to hold back now. Fire with all you got!"
Apr 15 22:34:03 [fri] Bahamut raises both of its Hellbore cannon, aimed at Paranticus, and making sure that there's as many Harpies as possible between them. "Acknowledged. Rerouting all energy to cannon."
Apr 15 22:35:01 [Cubey] Selena maneuvers out of harm's way - or rather tries to, as she finds it very difficult with the area becoming satured with enemies.
Apr 15 22:35:05 [fri] Hikari: "BAHAMUT BEEEEAAAAM!" the twin hellbore cannon fire at full strength at once, two streaks of plasma spears uneeringly toward the giant space dragon.+
Apr 15 22:35:49 [Cubey] But then - one of the Cyclopses explodes from concentrated gunfire, the other wounded and forced away. The Tachibana squad is here to provide support fire of their own!
Apr 15 22:36:17 [Cubey] Kagami: "Do not think for a second that you are fighting this battle alone!"
Apr 15 22:36:46 [Cubey] And to second that sentiment, the double plasma cannon fires, a trail of destruction in its wake.
Apr 15 22:36:57 * fri is now known as Fri
Apr 15 22:37:11 [Cubey] Half the harpy squad is annihilated instantly, as the beams shoot out towards the Beast of Starmind.
Apr 15 22:37:25 [Steam] Selena: "Gracias, princess!"
Apr 15 22:37:38 [Cubey] "I AM THE BEAST OF STARMIND... PARANTICUS..."
Apr 15 22:38:23 [Cubey] The cloud raised by the impact disperse - showing the enemy Beast. Its form is barely damaged, and metallic parts start to rearrange themselves, shallow wounds closing!
Apr 15 22:38:57 [Tengu] Daniel: "...It regenerates."
Apr 15 22:39:06 [Cubey] Paranticus: "I EXPECTED MORE OF YOU..."
Apr 15 22:39:38 [Cubey] The wings of the Beast spread a little wider - and lines come out of them. Each line is a guided missile, a swarm of them aimed towards Bahamut Metallia!
Apr 15 22:39:42 [Aero] Willis: "This looks awfully familiar..."
Apr 15 22:39:43 [Steam] Selena: "But it can still be hurt."
Apr 15 22:39:53 [Cubey] While at the same time, more missiles are fired straight downwards!
Apr 15 22:39:58 [Cubey] Wait... these are not missiles.
Apr 15 22:40:10 [Cubey] The Beast discharged more minions, which already charge forward in a large wave!
Apr 15 22:40:23 [Cubey] Bahamut, react! (only to missiles)
Apr 15 22:40:23 [Steam] Elma: "I'll try to determine if there are any meaningful weak points in its design."
Apr 15 22:40:31 [Cubey] New enemies: Invader Beast x60
Apr 15 22:40:33 [Cubey] Invader Beast
Apr 15 22:40:33 [Cubey] http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=726356
Apr 15 22:40:46 [Cubey] Daniel, Willis, go
Apr 15 22:41:16 [Fri] Bahamut: "I AM BAHAMUT METALIA OF UNITY GROUP." Bahamut Metalia's metallic voice roars
Apr 15 22:41:40 [Cubey] Shoji: "The enemy's bulk serves as a carrier for additional forces?!"
Apr 15 22:43:23 [Cubey] Beast of Starmind Paranticus: "THE CONFLICT WILL END..." The booming voice has no manace in it. It is merely stating a fact, like an oracle. "FOR EARTH AND HUMANITY WILL BE NO MORE. AND THE FIRST TO DIE..."
Apr 15 22:43:23 [Tengu] Daniel: "...That's a lot of them! And new ones. I never saw this kind before." He takes aim at the incoming swarm of Beasts, and then quickly draws the Gun of God, slamming its hammer and sending several Longinus shots into their direction! The good thing about the armor-piercing bullets is that, if the target's armor is thin enough, they can shoot through one enemy and hit further
Apr 15 22:43:24 [Tengu] ones. But is that the case here? +
Apr 15 22:43:56 [Fri] small hatches open all over Bahamut's hull, and from them, hundreds of micromissiles launch, flying toward Paranticus' missiles head on!"+
Apr 15 22:44:26 [Fri] In the cockpit, Hikari concentrates at the incoming missiles, focusing all of her mental strength to track and stop them. "BURNING NEEDLE MISSILES!"
Apr 15 22:44:47 [Cubey] The beasts raise their armored forearms for protection. Daniels shoots through several of them, they fall down flat where they stood... but others' protectors flare up. They are not armor. They are boosters.
Apr 15 22:45:04 [Cubey] Half a dozen Beasts are now flying towards you like living projectiles, Daniel! React!
Apr 15 22:45:39 [Cubey] The micromissiles and Paranticus' missiles destroy each other mid-flight.
Apr 15 22:46:06 [Aero] * "I'll try to keep the swarm occupied then." Strahlend forms Quicksilver before reshaping the weapon into a massive spear and charging straight towards the Beasts. The weapon is thrust and swung at as many of the Beasts as he could get near before the it is suddenly tossed towards the Paranticus. &
Apr 15 22:46:16 [Cubey] Paranticus: "IS YOU" But the latter reveal their payload - not an explosive one, but burning acid and a napalm-like substance! This deadly mix falls down on Bahamut, starting to melt through its armor!
Apr 15 22:46:47 [Fri] Hikari: "Bahamut!"
Apr 15 22:47:46 [Tengu] Daniel: "...I won't die here, Paranticus. Not today." He quickly fires one last shot towards the meteor-beasts, and releases empty shell casings from his gun. The blast is an Andrew shot, which spreads into a net of sticky goo upon impact - hopefully this will slow down the enemies or throw them into disarray while Steel Wanderer leaps to the side! +
Apr 15 22:48:22 [Fri] Bahamut: "As expected, he is a formidable warrior..." If the tank has face you know it's wincing now. Since they've rerouted all energy to cannon leaving none to shield, there's nothing they can do now other than hoping their armor would stand.
Apr 15 22:49:41 [Cubey] Strahlend breaks through the first row of invader beasts, but while Willis manages to make a circle of non-enemy emptiness around himself for a second, the beasts soon converge on him from the front and the sides. Centaurs and invader beasts both try to melee with their sharp claws and armored forearms! React/continue
Apr 15 22:50:13 [Cubey] While at the same time, the spear is tossed and Paranticus lacks means to defend against it - or decides not to. It stabs into its size, though massive size makes it look like barely a scratch.
Apr 15 22:50:59 [Cubey] The beasts charge in a straight pattern, making it easy to avoid - especially with them being suddenly trapped by a net.
Apr 15 22:51:30 [Cubey] But as they get closer, their fires burn more intense. The first beast roars and explodes, the fires consuming it - and freeing the rest!
Apr 15 22:51:40 [Cubey] Hikari, Selena, go
Apr 15 22:52:23 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Self-destruct. If we let them rain on the city..."
Apr 15 22:53:15 [Steam] Selena: "-On it."
Apr 15 22:53:43 [Cubey] Paranticus: "THEY WILL NOT BURN MUCH LONGER. IT WILL BE OVER SOON..."
Apr 15 22:54:15 [Aero] * "Get to work boys." The order is sent by his Core Cells, instructing the spear to break apart into a cloud of nanomachines and start devouring everything around it. As for the incoming beasts, Strahlends hands shift and change into two massive claws of their own that are suddenly thrust at the Centaurs and Beasts. +
Apr 15 22:55:22 [Steam] * While the Beasts are still mostly clumped up from Daniel's attack, Selena hurls the Stealth Boomerang at them, the weapon spinning faster and faster mid-flight as its energy blade covers its entire edge! "It would be over even quicker if you just gave up now, but if you need more convincing-!"+
Apr 15 22:57:13 [Cubey] Willis manages to skewer a mook Beast or three, but their attacks are relentless. Once he shoves the foes away, Strahlend's armor is covered in long scratch marks and parts of it look badly dented.
Apr 15 22:57:36 [Cubey] However - you can see a larger wound form on Paranticus' side!
Apr 15 22:57:47 [Cubey] Paranticus: "VERY WELL..."
Apr 15 22:58:15 [Cubey] It grows larger thanks to the nanomachines... and a tongue of fire bursts from within.
Apr 15 22:58:48 [Cubey] The Beast leader seems to be getting visibly warmer, the tips of its frontmost wings getting aflame as well.
Apr 15 22:59:11 [Cubey] The five invaders are cut down by the boomerang!
Apr 15 22:59:32 [Cubey] But Paranticus shoots down more fiery missiles - each one actually a new Invader Beast, to replace a fallen old one.
Apr 15 22:59:53 [Cubey] No time to ponder the sights Selena. A trio of Catoblepii decide to clear the way by recklessly charging forward.
Apr 15 23:00:11 [Cubey] Towards you, and the support units from the Tachibana squad! React!
Apr 15 23:00:24 [Cubey] (Willis and Daniel can move. Hikari can go as well)
Apr 15 23:01:07 [Tengu] (enemy list?)
Apr 15 23:01:33 [Cubey] Enemies: Cyclops x9 (1 damaged), Catoblepas x6, Harpy x8, Centaur x16, Paranticus, Invader Beast x70
Apr 15 23:02:26 [Steam] Well now, Selena never thought she'd be a bullfighter, but...
Apr 15 23:02:59 [Fri] Bahamut: "Hikari, no time to deal with the soldiers. Let's hope Miss Tachibana's team can hold them off. It's more effective if we focus on Paranticus"
Apr 15 23:03:16 [Tengu] # Selena and co
Apr 15 23:03:17 [Steam] Selena: "Tachibana; shoot at the ground in front of them!"
Apr 15 23:03:24 [Cubey] # approved
Apr 15 23:03:33 [Fri] Hikari: "I have the same conclusion, Bahamut." For some reason she's not mistaking his name at all today.
Apr 15 23:04:19 [Steam] * And in the meantime the Soleares springs up as its boomerang returns to it. The Catoblepii might be charging, but from on high the Soleares comes surging down! "Get the right trajectory... and-" The swords slash at them! "CARVER TEPMEST!"
Apr 15 23:04:21 [Steam] +
Apr 15 23:05:15 [Tengu] Daniel: "Let me lend you a hand with that." He quickly loads a set of fresh ammo into the Gun of God, spins it around and fires another Andrew, aiming at the Catoblepi in an attempt to slow down their charge! +
Apr 15 23:06:07 [Cubey] (Is this your action as well?)
Apr 15 23:06:12 [Tengu] (no)
Apr 15 23:06:24 [Aero] * "At least we can prevent it from repairing itself for a bit." Instead of repairing itself properly, the self-repairing machine sprouts several long bladed extensions from multiple parts of its body before charging through the swarm once again. Each of the blades extending outwards to provide more offense and defense as it charges. +
Apr 15 23:06:37 [Fri] Hikari's eyes darts around the HUD that's flashing straight at her field of vision: "Bahamut beam is charging, keep it low and redirect some energy to shield, this might be a prolonged battle. Bahamut, can volcano cannon reach him?"
Apr 15 23:07:11 [Fri] Bahamut: "My howitzer should have enough kinetic energy."
Apr 15 23:07:23 [Cubey] The net entangles two of the catoblepii, but they are getting hot and the sticky mass burns off them little by little!
Apr 15 23:07:28 [Fri] Hikari: "Alright. Bahamut.... VOLCANO CANNON!"
Apr 15 23:07:38 [Cubey] But that was enough of a slow down.
Apr 15 23:08:20 [Cubey] Tachibana: "Of course. Focus on defeating the leader, otherwise there will never be the end of this! I know my squad can take care of themselves!"
Apr 15 23:08:30 [Cubey] Tachibana: "... Probably."
Apr 15 23:09:20 [Fri] A big hatch opens on top of Bahamut, and the two 250mm Howitzer fires! they launches toward Paranticus like reverse meteor, and explodes into big balls of fire at whatever it hit.+
Apr 15 23:09:49 [Cubey] The catoblepii are further tripped by preset traps - and with an explosion, a shallow hole is made in front of them, a hole into which they fall. Selena's boomerang grazes across their heavy armor, but then comes the main attack.
Apr 15 23:09:53 [Fri] Hikari: "Dont' worry, Kagam, I'll make sure that I defeat the boss quick!"
Apr 15 23:09:57 [Cubey] She cuts into a bull like foe and destroys it!
Apr 15 23:10:02 [Tengu] * Immediately after firing that shot, Daniel turns around, towards the swarm of enemies, and fires the Gun of God four times, each time aiming at a different place among them. And then, with a second's delay, four explosions simultaneously appear as the Barbara shots blow up, forming a line! Daniel's main targets are the Beast, but he tries not to ignore other enemies. +
Apr 15 23:10:12 [Cubey] ... It explodes, throwing Soleares away, slightly singed and with metal bits stuck into it.
Apr 15 23:10:45 [Aero] Willis: "Selena!"
Apr 15 23:11:18 [Cubey] With Daniel providing supporting fire, Willis clears the immediate area of enemies. Barbara explosions cause that area to grow slightly wider.
Apr 15 23:12:15 [Cubey] The remaining Cyclopses see a lone enemy standing in the middle of an empty field. Their palms are directed towards Strahlend - and simultaneously open fire with a bulletswarm! React Willis.
Apr 15 23:12:21 [Steam] "I'm fine! A little burnt, but Elma's cooked hotter meals than this!"
Apr 15 23:12:36 [Cubey] While at the same time, remaining harpies swoop down as a swarm, trying to grab the Lone Wanderer and steal it away in their claws! React Daniel!
Apr 15 23:13:02 [Steam] Elma: "Selena, if you're talking pure temperature then that's not true... and I hardly know the scoville amounts for an explosion."
Apr 15 23:14:14 [Cubey] Paranticus itself seems to hover lower and lower, closer to the ground.
Apr 15 23:15:23 [Cubey] "YES..." The heavy exploding rounds hit its armor and cause cracks to appear on it. Showing more fiery wounds underneath, the whole of them attempting to close almost immediately.
Apr 15 23:16:10 [Cubey] But more importantly, the tips of Paranticus' wings grow even hotter. Suddenly, they erupt a barrage of fiery projectiles, which rain down on Bahamut like a swarm of miniature comets!
Apr 15 23:16:11 [Cubey] React!
Apr 15 23:16:18 [Aero] * Strahlend raises its own palm, forming a massive tower shield before planting it down in front of it with a thud. The surface of the shield grows hazy as a layer of nanomachines hovers around it to devour as many bullets as it could. +
Apr 15 23:16:36 [Tengu] Daniel: "I think they're trying to steal me..." Steel Wanderer backs away, meeting any claws that try to grab it with strong, if not very skillful, punches of its free hand, and point-blank beam spray blasts from the Gun of God, currently employing a reserve Lucia generator. +
Apr 15 23:17:14 [Cubey] Willis manages to block the hail of lead, but is currently trapped behind a shield and unable to do anything else, suppressed completely!
Apr 15 23:17:37 [Cubey] Daniel staggers one harpy and then removes its head with a beam spray, shooting a hole in another one...
Apr 15 23:17:53 [Cubey] But there's too many, and they take off to the skies - with your unit in their claws!
Apr 15 23:18:10 [Cubey] Selena can go.
Apr 15 23:20:17 [Tengu] Daniel: "This is bad... I can't fly."
Apr 15 23:20:22 [Steam] Selena: "Need help there, gunslinger?"
Apr 15 23:20:27 [Steam] "I'll take that as a 'yes'."
Apr 15 23:21:32 [Steam] * The Soleares however, CAN fly and move in after the harpies, lining up a shot on those carrying the Steel Wanderer before precisely firing into their ranks!+
Apr 15 23:22:41 [Cubey] Selena quickly frees Daniel. The harpies are slowed down by the weight and focus more on carrying him than on defense!
Apr 15 23:23:26 [Fri] "Redirect energy to top shield." Hikari's says. "And dodge!" A battleship-sized tank trying an evasive maneuver is a sight to behold indeed. It revs its engine and accelerate, not really caring about anything on its side, other than friendly combatant that is. Buildings, trees, stray soldier beasts, it doesn't care, as it tries a defensive maneuve
Apr 15 23:23:26 [Fri] r as best as its massive hulk allow it.+
Apr 15 23:23:26 [Cubey] Paranticus's wings open up and unleash another salvo. If you look up - you see more missiles armed with burning acid. All flying towards your position.
Apr 15 23:23:30 [Cubey] Selena and Daniel, react!
Apr 15 23:24:03 [Aero] #?
Apr 15 23:24:13 [Tengu] Steel Wanderer falls down on the ground heavily, raising dust. At least it fell on its feet from the looks of it.
Apr 15 23:24:16 [Cubey] # approved, but remember about where you are
Apr 15 23:24:38 [Tengu] Daniel: "Ow. Thanks. And watch out. Incoming!"
Apr 15 23:24:50 [Steam] More missiles... and she couldn't take advantage of any kind of strong armor or shielding...
Apr 15 23:25:27 [Tengu] * At least Daniel is currently armed with a Lucia, and he uses it to his advantage, firing barrages of beam shots one after another towards the missiles, until the generator burns out! +
Apr 15 23:26:20 [Steam] * "Elma, escape vectors ASAP!" The Soleares is quick to dive back down to the ground; its performance in the air left too much to be desired, but on the ground it could swiftly run away, sparing potshots with its railgun whenever it can!+
Apr 15 23:26:57 [Aero] * Strahlend's wings open up as the missiles are fired and the machine suddenly rushes towards Cyclopses, aiming to breakthrough the barrage by charging right through with its shield before tossing it and sending it boomeranging towards the missiles to detonate them in the air before they reached anyone. +
Apr 15 23:27:18 [Cubey] The flaming meteorites fall after Bahamut - but the oversized tank moves, and surprisingly quickly too. It slams into a building (don't worry, it's a fake), leaving soon on the other side in a smattering of dust. Metallia leaves nothing but a trail of flat ground in its wake - flat ground that soon shakes with explosions, newly formed craters courtesy of the flaming attack.
Apr 15 23:28:49 [Cubey] The Cyclopses further damage Strahlend, bullets painfully ringing against its armor, some penetrating it and damaging its insides.
Apr 15 23:29:31 [Cubey] But Willis continues his rush, and breaks free of suppression - Daniel and Selena see a shield flying through the air, the acidic projectiles stopped by it and damaging nothing else!
Apr 15 23:30:05 [Cubey] A protective area is formed and from it, you can widen the gap with strategically placed beams.
Apr 15 23:30:25 [Cubey] You're safe - for now!
Apr 15 23:30:40 [Cubey] Hikari, Daniel, Willis, go!
Apr 15 23:30:45 [Cubey] Actually Selena can go as well.
Apr 15 23:32:05 [Tengu] Daniel: "Good defense."
Apr 15 23:32:58 [Aero] Willis: "I'm paying for that though..."
Apr 15 23:33:25 [Fri] Hikari: "Bahamut, spread your wings!"
Apr 15 23:34:30 [Fri] Still in high speed and momentum after the evasive maneuver, bahamut's shield disappear, and in its place, two wings of lights unfold from its side.
Apr 15 23:34:53 [Steam] "Then we'll just have to return the favor."
Apr 15 23:35:49 [Fri] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQomw32stLg
Apr 15 23:35:49 [Tengu] Daniel: "You won't pay for long." He loads a combination of three different bullets into the Gun of God, raises the revolver with two hands, aiming at a previously damaged part of the enemy leader. And then, he pulls the trigger three times, firing three different bullets - first a shocking Medard shot, then a Longinus to punch through the armor, then a Barbara to enter through the hole
Apr 15 23:35:49 [Tengu] and explode within! "Counterstrike!" +
Apr 15 23:37:10 [Steam] * Springing up onto the closest building she can, the Soleares hurls the Stealth Wing once more at Paranticus aiming at the same spot as Daniel, the blade following right after the Barbara round!+
Apr 15 23:37:11 [Fri] Its shield disappears, and on its place, two massive wings of light spreads. And bahamut soars! Flying uneeringly toward the incoming giant space dragon, a trail of light blast behind the giant tank.
Apr 15 23:38:05 [Fri] Bahamut: "FROM HELL'S HEART I STAB AT THEE!"
Apr 15 23:39:10 [Aero] * Willis takes a trick from one of his friends and forms a bow in its free hand. An array of multiple drill-like arrows are formed and then fired immediately at the leader's weakspot as well. +
Apr 15 23:39:19 [Fri] Hikari: "TAKE THIS! HYPER ATTACK! SUPER GRAVITY DRAGON BURST SLASH!" And Bahamut uses its whole body as one giant projectile, shot toward Paranticus!"+
Apr 15 23:39:55 [Cubey] Paranticus is struck by many projectiles. Something explodes inside its damaged side!
Apr 15 23:40:01 [Aero] Willis: "That's one hell of an attack name..."
Apr 15 23:40:25 [Cubey] But as the Beast of Starmind emits a load roar, the on the ground part of the team comes under attack!
Apr 15 23:40:56 [Cubey] The Invader Beasts charge towards you like earthbound meterorites, trailing double fiery signs in their wake.
Apr 15 23:41:05 [Cubey] Willis, Selena, Daniel:
Apr 15 23:41:17 [Cubey] The Beasts do not try to pummel into you or explode. But to hold you down!
Apr 15 23:41:37 [Cubey] Paranticus: "THE DEFENDERS OF HUMANITY... PERISH NOW."
Apr 15 23:42:54 [Cubey] The wings of the beast burst into flames - and emit down a powerful continous stream of fire, its head belching magma to add to the assault, a devastating blast to destroy everything in its path.
Apr 15 23:43:01 [Steam] Selena: "Don't count on it!"
Apr 15 23:43:19 [Cubey] Which means you - and especially the charging, airborne Bahamut Metalia!
Apr 15 23:43:25 [Cubey] Everyone, react!
Apr 15 23:43:27 [Tengu] Daniel: "...!"
Apr 15 23:43:41 [Cubey] Kagami: "Shimamura!"
Apr 15 23:43:49 [Fri] Hikari: "Aargh... Hold on, Bahamut... Pierce through evil!"
Apr 15 23:44:15 [Fri] Bahamut: "Piercing evil with all my might. Redirecting all energy toward thrust!"
Apr 15 23:45:57 [Steam] * The Stealth Boomerang's too far away to be called back in time, but Selena spins around rapidly as the blade railgun's bayonet is deployed, letting the Soleares meet those lunging Beasts as a spinning top of destruction!+
Apr 15 23:46:05 [Tengu] Daniel: "Bahamut..." He quickly jumps back, trying to get out of the way of Paranticus' gigantic blast. Two Longinus shots are fires towards the charging beasts in an attempt to destroy the closest ones and discourage further ones from trying further. +
Apr 15 23:46:59 [Aero] * Strahlend attempts to disengage, unleashing arrow after arrow as the machine pulls back to get out of the firing arc of that blast. +
Apr 15 23:48:55 [Steam] (The Soleares is doing this to try to have breathing room to escape, sorry.)
Apr 15 23:50:40 [Fri] +
Apr 16 00:20:30 [Cubey] Willis and Daniel start evading, and Selena destroys the enemies around herself and then joins them.
Apr 16 00:20:56 [Cubey] The flames however are all over the place, and it's hard to evade the burn without sustaining critical damage.
Apr 16 00:20:59 [Cubey] Hard, but not impossible.
Apr 16 00:21:11 [Cubey] Because Bahamut Metalia is taking on the brunt of the blast.
Apr 16 00:21:29 [Cubey] The blast that slows it down. The final piercing attack, that was supposed to thrust through the Beast's head...
Apr 16 00:21:35 [Cubey] Doesn't even touch it.
Apr 16 00:21:45 [Cubey] Thud. The burning hulk of Bahamut Metallia falls heavily on the ground.
Apr 16 00:21:58 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
Apr 16 00:22:17 [Steam] Selena: "Bahamut-"
Apr 16 00:22:18 [Cubey] Shoji: "Hikari! Hikari, speak to me!"
Apr 16 00:22:37 [Steam] Selena: "Elma, life signs, as fast as you can!"
Apr 16 00:22:58 [Steam] "I will, but the damage from before's made it a bit difficult...!"
Apr 16 00:23:06 [Aero] Willis: "Tch..."
Apr 16 00:23:16 [Fri] Bahamut"...system rebooting."
Apr 16 00:23:34 [Cubey] Paranticus: "EARTH AND ITS DEFENDERS BURN."
Apr 16 00:23:47 [Fri] You hear response from Hikari. Her voice wavers, but she's alive.
Apr 16 00:23:53 [Steam] Still a chance then...
Apr 16 00:24:18 [Steam] Selena: "You haven't won yet... so save your gloating for after you do."
Apr 16 00:24:24 [Fri] Hikari:"...cough. Where... That didn't quite work out. Bahamut, status report."
Apr 16 00:24:28 [Tengu] Daniel: "You two. Can you still fight? Or..."
Apr 16 00:24:57 [Cubey] Paranticus gathers its breath, flames dancing on its wings in preparation for a finishing attack.
Apr 16 00:25:09 [Cubey] Shoji: "Thank goodness... but there's no time! It's going to wipe you out!"
Apr 16 00:25:20 [Cubey] Shoji: "It looks like we have no chance but to use it..."
Apr 16 00:25:49 [Cubey] Shoji: "Even though we don't know what exactly will it do. It might spell our doom for all we know..."
Apr 16 00:26:11 [Cubey] Kagami: "We're already in the worst possible situation anyway, aren't we?!"
Apr 16 00:26:13 [Tengu] Daniel: "He's following up. Do it!"
Apr 16 00:26:22 [Cubey] Hikari
Apr 16 00:26:28 [Cubey] looks like there is only one thing you can do now
Apr 16 00:26:32 [Cubey] Hikari and Bahamut - go
Apr 16 00:27:22 [Fri] Bahamut's mechanical voice wavers as well"life support system still work. Massive hull and system damage. Cockpit block still intact, but armor at 50% integrity and falling. Weapon system..."
Apr 16 00:27:41 [Fri] Hikari: "Shoji, activate the black box!"
Apr 16 00:27:56 [Fri] Shoji: "Black box activated."
Apr 16 00:29:36 [Cubey] The mysterious circuit inside Bahamut Metallia has been activated.
Apr 16 00:29:38 [Cubey] And...
Apr 16 00:29:56 [Fri] Nothing happens.
Apr 16 00:30:11 [Cubey] Not even a realization that Bahamut was evil all along.
Apr 16 00:30:15 [Cubey] Absolutely nothing.
Apr 16 00:30:23 [Cubey] Paranticus: "... FOOL."
Apr 16 00:30:27 [Fri] Hikari: "...Shoji, what's happening. I thought you said it will do something!"
Apr 16 00:30:59 [Cubey] The Beast of Starmind unhastily descends, its head preparing to breathe another destructive cone of flames on Bahamut!
Apr 16 00:31:06 [Fri] Bahamut: "I'm... not exactly feeling anything different. But whatever it was inside me, it activates."
Apr 16 00:31:07 [Cubey] This one you can't block!
Apr 16 00:31:23 [Fri] Hikari: "Bahamut! Stand ground!"
Apr 16 00:31:43 [Cubey] Bahamut, react!
Apr 16 00:32:11 [Fri] Hikari: "FIRE! FIRE EVERYTHING WE GOT!"
Apr 16 00:33:47 [Fri] Hatches open, and all the remaining micromissiles launches. As well as all of bahamut's small turrets and volcano howitzer. The dozens of small turrets and two big turrets are all aimed at Paranticus and fire at the same time.+
Apr 16 00:35:13 [Cubey] The Beast of Starmind is wounded by missiles that embed into its flesh and armor. The repeaters and huge howitzers add to the barrage...
Apr 16 00:35:27 [Cubey] The barrage that is quickly cut short as the breath is unleashed on the large tank.
Apr 16 00:35:50 [Cubey] Reducing it to a half-melted pile, its features barely recognizable.
Apr 16 00:35:56 [Fri] Kazuhiko/Shoji: "BAHAMUT!"
Apr 16 00:36:08 [Fri] Hikari: "Aaargh!"
Apr 16 00:36:11 [Cubey] Kagami: "Hikari!"
Apr 16 00:36:29 [Steam] Selena: "No!"
Apr 16 00:37:37 [Cubey] Selena, Daniel, Willis - go now
Apr 16 00:37:43 [Cubey] Bahamut status - downed
Apr 16 00:37:48 [Tengu] Steel Wanderer takes a step forward.
Apr 16 00:37:56 [Tengu] Daniel: "...It's not over. Not yet."
Apr 16 00:38:11 [Cubey] Paranticus: "BEASTS OF STARMIND ARE UNSTOPPABLE."
Apr 16 00:38:25 [Aero] Willis: "You're going to have to learn something about humans."
Apr 16 00:38:26 [Fri] Bahamut: "Armor at 5% integrity... and falling. All micromissiles spent. Cockpit block... intact."
Apr 16 00:38:43 [Fri] Bahamut: "Sorry... hikari. It turned out I'm not strong enough to defend humanity..."
Apr 16 00:39:38 [Fri] Bahamut: "Operating system... shutting down... It's good knowing you guys... From all people that could woke me up from my slumber... I'm glad that it was you, Hikari..."
Apr 16 00:39:52 [Fri] Hikari: "NO!"
Apr 16 00:40:15 [Fri] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxcJWyvxfzY
Apr 16 00:40:43 [Tengu] Daniel: "Someone has to get Hikari out of here. And Bahamut. While we hold Paranticus off." He loads a single bullet into the Gun of God, spins its chamber, and fires it as soon as it stops revolving. The bullet unfolds mid-flight into a rocket fist, which flies towards the gigantic enemy leader, punching into its wounds, flying around, then punching again. "Go, Andrew...!" +
Apr 16 00:41:17 [Fri] Hikari: "No Bahamut Metalia of Unity Group, of Earth. You will stand! This is not your time yet! This is not our time yet!"
Apr 16 00:42:06 [Cubey] The Beast of Starmind Paranticus shoots out a third swarm of missiles, seeking to burn through the flying Andrew rocket punch - and burn the unit that shot it! React, Daniel!
Apr 16 00:42:49 [Cubey] Kagami: "Shimamura... Hikari! And Bahamut Metallia - you are too stubborn to give up even now, aren't you? I know you too well!"
Apr 16 00:43:06 [Cubey] Despite her dignified words you can hear very undignified sniffing as well.
Apr 16 00:43:37 [Tengu] * Daniel jumps behind nearby cover, quickly firing further energy shots towards the missiles. The remotely controlled rocket punch opens its hand, to provide further cover from them. +
Apr 16 00:43:45 [Fri] Tear starts to flow on Hikari's cheek. "I know you always remind me to be pragmatic on battles. That you're actually always entertaining me when I do all those friendship speech and bombastic attack names, that all of those stupid beam names actually have actual weapon names, and those boost of power actually have technological reason made by Shoji
Apr 16 00:43:45 [Fri] and Professor."
Apr 16 00:44:10 [Steam] * Inside of the Paranticus though... something begins to stir again. Selena never did recall her Stealth Boomerang, after all... and it bursts out violently before the Soleares goes lunging in where the wound was made, Sol Razors elongating out into beam whips! "If you can bleed, you can die... so die!" And Selena strikes at her opening, to driv
Apr 16 00:44:10 [Steam] e the weapons in as far as they can go!+
Apr 16 00:44:37 [Fri] Hikari: "But you're not just a miltiary machine. You're also our friend! And friendship have real power!"
Apr 16 00:44:52 [Cubey] Daniel is safe - but the rocket punch is severely melted down, barely a rocket powered pile of scrap that hits the Beast semi harmlessly.
Apr 16 00:45:18 [Cubey] The Beast of Starmind seems to shudder for some reason.
Apr 16 00:45:26 [Fri] Shoji: "It's true. Sometimes there are spikes in energy unexplainable by my calculation. And coincideentally they're int the same time with Hikari's outburst. I know it's not really scientific for me to say this, but maybe... that's not coincidental."
Apr 16 00:46:00 [Cubey] Having taken damage from the cutting boomerang - but suddenly remaining Invader Beasts charge the Soleares, spiralling comets from all direction dogpiling the single AS as they try to stop its advance - for good.
Apr 16 00:46:02 [Cubey] React!
Apr 16 00:46:16 [Aero] * "That might be easier said than done right now." Considering that the enemy was literally raining down on them. Strahlend unleashes several long strands of razor wire through the area to both protect Bahamut and HIkari as well as clear the immediate area of the beasts, borrowing yet another trick this time from a former friend. &
Apr 16 00:46:28 [Fri] Katsuhiko: "And all those serials we watch together, don't that teach us that belief have power? Not only belief in yourself, but also belief in people that belief in you! Stand up, Bahamut!"
Apr 16 00:46:52 [Tengu] # Selena
Apr 16 00:47:02 [Fri] Hikari/Shoji/Kagami/Katsuhiko: STAND UP! DEFENDER OF EARTH!
Apr 16 00:47:10 [Cubey] # approved
Apr 16 00:47:16 [Fri] #
Apr 16 00:47:22 [Cubey] # also approved
Apr 16 00:47:59 [Fri] And the slag of armor that is Bahamut Metalia starts to shine. "Operating system, rebooting..."
Apr 16 00:47:59 [Cubey] Willis slices a razor sharp wire through closest beasts - they seem focused on Selena for now, which was a mistake on their part.
Apr 16 00:48:20 [Cubey] Some of the Cyclopses try to fire on you again.
Apr 16 00:48:30 [Steam] * The swarms of mooks were met with the roar of gunfire as the Soleares's cannons fired with abandon into their ranks!+
Apr 16 00:48:37 [Tengu] * Daniel fires several more blasts towards the attacking Beasts, before his second Lucia burns out and he's forced to eject it. "We'll keep on fighting as long as you need. Bahamut... Don't disappoint these kids." +
Apr 16 00:48:38 [Cubey] But miraculously, the support squad is still there, and one by one the Cyclopses are downed!
Apr 16 00:48:40 [Cubey] Willis continue.
Apr 16 00:49:07 [Fri] Bahamut: "Apparently... there's reason why I'm paired with a pilot. What you said is true... some of my spike in energy... does coincidentally be in the same time with your outburst, Hikari..."
Apr 16 00:49:18 [Fri] Hikari: "Bahamut!"
Apr 16 00:49:54 [Fri] Bahamut: "We have one last chance at this, grit your teeth, Hikari. And everyone... believe in me."
Apr 16 00:50:15 [Fri] Bahamut's wings unfolds once more, and it floats.
Apr 16 00:51:03 [Fri] Bahamut: "I guess you'd call this..."
Apr 16 00:51:09 [Cubey] Paranticus: "YOU STILL MOVE? A MISTAKE..."
Apr 16 00:52:07 [Fri] Bahamut flies toward Paranticus, but.. is his operating system and sensor's damage is more severe than he thought? Because he misses them by a mile!
Apr 16 00:52:38 [Fri] Bahamut: "Earth, lend your power to me at least this once!"
Apr 16 00:54:34 [Fri] Bahamut flies up above with all of his remaining energy, up to the edge of atmosphere, and then it falls down! Using the power of gravity, combined with his remaining thrust power, Bahamut falls as a literal meteor, its remaining armor burns down as it falls toward Paranticus.
Apr 16 00:54:56 [Cubey] Paranticus: "RIDICULOUS!"
Apr 16 00:55:20 [Cubey] The Beast of Starmind looks up and charges up flames - quickly discharged, they shoot upwards...
Apr 16 00:55:35 [Cubey] A bit too slow. Too slow to stop the falling down gigantic behemoth of a tank.
Apr 16 00:55:53 [Cubey] Bahamut destroys the Beasts on the way, clearing Selena's air.
Apr 16 00:56:18 [Cubey] And, striking through the burning flames, shatters the upper armor of Paranticus.
Apr 16 00:56:44 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Show him what for, Bahamut."
Apr 16 00:56:45 [Cubey] Paranticus: "I CANNOT... BE..."
Apr 16 00:57:05 [Cubey] With an explosion, Metalia falls breaks through the bottom.
Apr 16 00:57:19 [Cubey] A half-melted, barely functioning hulk of a tank somehow looks... heroic, as it lands.
Apr 16 00:57:27 [Cubey] The gigantic foe exploding in the air behind it.
Apr 16 00:57:33 [Fri] Shoji :"You can't beat physics. Something as heavy as bahamut, falling from atmosphere.... that's not something you can easily withstand."
Apr 16 00:58:00 [Fri] Katsuhiko: "Physics... and heart of course! Don't forget about that!"
Apr 16 00:58:05 [Cubey] Remaining beasts stand still suddenly. One by one, they go limp and fall down, lifeless.
Apr 16 00:58:14 [Steam] Elma: "... That certainly is the most effective form of anti-air."
Apr 16 00:58:30 [Cubey] Kagami: "I never doubted you for even a moment! As expected of my lifelong rival!"
Apr 16 00:58:47 [Tengu] Daniel: "That was a long attack name for what amounts to physics. Hikari's influence, I'm sure."
Apr 16 00:58:59 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Bahamut. Hikari. You two okay?"
Apr 16 00:59:09 [Cubey] The fight is over. The Beast of Starmind is defeated, the invasion stopped.
Apr 16 00:59:11 [Fri] Bahamut: "...sorry for taking that last attack name, Hikari"
Apr 16 00:59:24 [Fri] Hikari: "...apology accepted... really accepted."
Apr 16 00:59:25 [Cubey] Commander Huffman: "Pretty well done, hmm?"
Apr 16 00:59:47 [Cubey] Commander Howe: "You're still alive? Good! All over the world, the Beasts of Starmind are..."
Apr 16 00:59:55 [Cubey] Commander Howe: "Still fighting."
Apr 16 01:00:13 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Paranticus didn't control them?"
Apr 16 01:00:23 [Fri] Hikari: "...what?"
Apr 16 01:00:25 [Aero] Willis: "Great..."
Apr 16 01:00:28 [Cubey] Commander Howe: "The defense forces are breaking in many points. ESUN doesn't have enough military strength to hold all places that were attacked."
Apr 16 01:00:57 [Cubey] You are covered by quickly growing shadows.
Apr 16 01:01:01 [Tengu] Daniel: "...We gotta help."
Apr 16 01:01:09 [Fri] Shoji: "...what is this shadow?"
Apr 16 01:01:09 [Cubey] Something else, other than Bahamut Metalia, descends from the stratosphere.
Apr 16 01:01:28 [Cubey] Paranticus?: "FOOLISH."
Apr 16 01:01:33 [Steam] Selena: "What-!"
Apr 16 01:01:41 [Steam] But he was already killed!
Apr 16 01:01:54 [Cubey] Paranticus #2: "YOU WOULD THINK... AN INVASION TO HAVE ONLY ONE LEADER?"
Apr 16 01:02:09 [Cubey] Paranticus #3: "EACH INVADING FORCE... CAN ACT INDEPENDENTLY."
Apr 16 01:02:29 [Cubey] Each place on Earth that was attacked had its own leader, its own Paranticus.
Apr 16 01:02:31 [Cubey] And now...
Apr 16 01:02:47 [Cubey] Enemy list: Beast of Starmind Paranticus x3, Invader Beast x180
Apr 16 01:02:52 [Cubey] A new army descends from the skies.
Apr 16 01:03:19 [Fri] Hikari:"Wh... wha?" Even hikari is stunned silent.
Apr 16 01:03:28 [Tengu] Daniel: "...I thought it's over. But no. It's only starting..."
Apr 16 01:03:31 [Aero] Willis: "This is going to be a long day."
Apr 16 01:04:05 [Fri] Bahamut: "Hikari...."
Apr 16 01:04:06 [Cubey] Paranticus #1: "HAVE YOU ANY FINAL WISHES?"
Apr 16 01:04:20 [Cubey] The Invader Beasts charge towards you in a reckless rush, trying to overwhelm with sheer numbers!
Apr 16 01:04:27 [Cubey] Everyone react.
Apr 16 01:05:16 [Fri] Hikari opens her mouth... but nothing really come out, other than meaninless gasps. No heroic speech, no dramatic last stand. She really didn't expect this.
Apr 16 01:05:59 [Fri] Tachibana Corps: "C...comander Tachibana? What should we do now?"
Apr 16 01:06:11 [Cubey] Kagami: "..."
Apr 16 01:06:31 [Tengu] Daniel: "Julian...!" Steel Wanderer falls back, firing a single bullet that bounces between the attacking mass of beasts, dealing devastating damage with each ricochet. At least there's plenty of targets to choose from! +
Apr 16 01:06:35 [Steam] Selena... just sighs.
Apr 16 01:06:54 [Steam] "... Looks like I might be seeing you all again sooner than I wanted. But let's see."
Apr 16 01:07:05 [Fri] Shoji:"jumpstarting battery. Rerouting energy! Come on... there should be some energy remaining. Come on!" You can hear Shoji pounding something at his side.
Apr 16 01:07:24 [Steam] * Gatling fire, the Stealth Boomerang, and beam whips lash out at the Starbeast ranks!+
Apr 16 01:07:32 [Aero] Willis: "I'd rather not get to the other side yet...'
Apr 16 01:07:49 [Cubey] Daniel's single bullet bounces off the enemies, taking them down one by one. Indeed there are plenty Beasts... too many to take care of!
Apr 16 01:08:02 [Cubey] Selena fell the first rank, but the other is mostly unhindered.
Apr 16 01:08:04 [Cubey] Except...
Apr 16 01:08:11 [Cubey] Thud.
Apr 16 01:08:49 [Cubey] Suddenly, bright blue energy blasts strike the ground in front of the enemies, and then scatter their ranks themselves.
Apr 16 01:08:53 [Aero] * Strahlend erupts an entire arsenal of weapons around it, almost every weapon that Willis has ever used is created and used consecutively to fend off as many of the Beasts as he could. Spears, swords, hammers, lances, whips, wires, everything. +
Apr 16 01:09:00 [Cubey] Something heavy just fell on the ground behind you.
Apr 16 01:09:03 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf3ASPyB0tg
Apr 16 01:09:18 [Tengu] Daniel: "What...?"
Apr 16 01:09:50 [Cubey] One by one, powerful cannons fire, thinning out the attacking ranks - enough to funnel them into Willis' killzone.
Apr 16 01:10:12 [Cubey] Behind you - a large metallic object.
Apr 16 01:10:24 [Cubey] Not dissimilar to Bahamut Metalia itself, though more pyramidal in shape.
Apr 16 01:10:39 [Cubey] And next to it, a hole in space opens and another large robotic entity crawls in.
Apr 16 01:10:42 [Cubey] And another, and another.
Apr 16 01:10:56 [Cubey] ALl of them immediately start shooting - the Beasts of Starmind their targets.
Apr 16 01:11:09 [Cubey] Each one looking different, but with a shared purpose.
Apr 16 01:11:12 [Tengu] Daniel: "Bahamut? No..."
Apr 16 01:11:24 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Bahamut's people?"
Apr 16 01:11:29 [Cubey] Paranticus: "IMPOSSIBLE."
Apr 16 01:11:53 [Cubey] ???: "You fought bravely. Allow us to help."
Apr 16 01:12:22 [Cubey] Huffman: "Oh?"
Apr 16 01:12:29 [Cubey] ???: "We are... the Dinochrome Brigade!"
Apr 16 01:12:45 [Fri] Shoji: "The black box! It's actually a hyperspace beacon!"
Apr 16 01:13:26 [Fri] Shoji:"Of course! It's acting as beacon for some people, so they could jump here!"
Apr 16 01:13:33 [Cubey] Dinochrome Brigade member: "A fine place to reunite with a long lost member of our ranks. But we need to deal with this threat first. To arms!"
Apr 16 01:13:35 [Fri] Bahamut: "Dinochrome... brigade?"
Apr 16 01:13:59 [Tengu] Daniel: "This explains... a lot."
Apr 16 01:14:13 [Tengu] Daniel: "Let us help you."
Apr 16 01:14:40 [Cubey] All over the world, suddenly tables are turned as defenders, some faring better and many far worse, suddenly receive help most unexpected.
Apr 16 01:15:12 [Cubey] And at Sakihama, likewise! The Dinochrome Brigade opens fire, many large caliber beams and cannons bombarding the commanding Beast of Starmind!
Apr 16 01:15:23 [Cubey] Everyone, go now!
Apr 16 01:16:32 [Steam] * No reason to stop bringing the pain now that they had a clear chance of winning! Selena keeps pressing the offensive, with everything she can muster being brought down on the Beasts!+
Apr 16 01:16:33 [Tengu] Daniel: "Now. Something I've been working on..." He loads two Nicholas rocket punch bullets, and then fires them in quick succession. But, mid-flight, the rocket fists open, and then combine together into a double fist. And then they fly towards one of the gigantic space dragons, spinning rapidly! "Double Nicholas." +
Apr 16 01:21:24 [Aero] * Quicksilver is again reformed, this time in the form of a large Zweihander. Rather than using the weapon itself to attack it is merely used as a conduit to build up a massive amount of energy before swinging the blade and unleashing all of it at once towards the many commanders. +
Apr 16 01:22:50 [Cubey] The Brigade doesn't stop shooting, their cannonade pummeling down on the Beasts of Starmind while the machines flank them. Selena's all out attack causes damage to one of them to intensify, the projectiles piercing through it before it finally explodes.
Apr 16 01:23:30 [Cubey] The double rocket punch hits the damaged Beast in the head. It tries to fire back, but the spinning attack returns and breaks into inside, coming out on the other end with destructive results.
Apr 16 01:23:51 [Cubey] As the third is sliced down, its form too damaged to counter. Strahlend's energy blade bisects the foe.
Apr 16 01:24:24 [Cubey] The Dinochrome Brigade spreads around to check for more enemies. And the result is negative.
Apr 16 01:24:33 [Cubey] The invasion of the Beasts of Starmind is truly stopped, now.
Apr 16 01:24:48 [Cubey] And it seems a secret has been finally revealed... and you made some new allies.
Apr 16 01:24:49 [Cubey] However!
Apr 16 01:24:54 [Cubey] MISSION END