Mar 16 19:39:17 [Steam] Previously, the Unity Group had managed to capture the headquarters of Chimera... and by extension the whole of what's left of the Cambio Protocol. Mar 16 19:41:02 [Steam] But a group is more than just a place... and the quiet of the days following that victory was not a reassuring one. And now... Edel Bernal, having marshaled the strength of the Protocol, is coming to take back was taken. Mar 16 19:43:04 [Steam] Various Unity Group members are stationed elsewhere in defensive lines... but the ship itself, where Edel will hit the hardest, is your territory to defend. Mar 16 19:43:54 [Cubey] Setsuko: "This is the 'trap' in action..." Mar 16 19:44:08 [Tengu] Asagi: "He's going to be here too, won't he." Mar 16 19:44:11 [Steam] But Edel is not the only one who is bound to come calling either. Setsuko, perhaps it's the Sphere, or perhaps just the twisted relationship between the two of you. Mar 16 19:44:18 [Cubey] The Virgola is deployed and ready to move at a moment's notice. No matter who may come - Setsuko will face them. Mar 16 19:44:21 [Cubey] "...!" Mar 16 19:44:22 [Steam] But yes, Asakim is coming. Mar 16 19:44:28 [Cubey] Even if it's the Black Stranger. Mar 16 19:46:23 [Steam] You're all prepared for the attack, and finally... Mar 16 19:46:25 [Jockey] "This is going to be rough..." Mar 16 19:46:34 [Steam] It begins. Mar 16 19:46:40 [Aero] "Here they come..." Mar 16 19:47:07 [Steam] Comm lines report the Chimera forces engaging one after another, and then it is your own turn. Mar 16 19:48:32 [Steam] Rising up in the air, and with swarms of mass-produced Chimera machines following behind it... is none other than the Shurouga. Mar 16 19:48:39 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Here they come..." Mar 16 19:48:50 [Steam] Asakim: "Unity Group...!" Mar 16 19:49:14 [Cubey] She hesitates, overwhelmed by the desire for everyone to be alright despite the enemy force's size. And by this sudden sensation. Mar 16 19:49:20 [Terra] Kei was quietly observing things, readying herself for the battle as signs of enemy approach kept showing up. "You didn't think we'd come?" Mar 16 19:49:25 [Cubey] A sensation that made her upset. Mar 16 19:49:29 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Asakim Dowen!" Mar 16 19:49:50 [Steam] The black machine pauses for a moment, its Discalibur materializing in hand. "... And Setsuko Ohara..." Mar 16 19:49:57 [Jockey] Interitus readies her staff and is quickly by the Virgola's side. Mar 16 19:50:19 [Tengu] Asagi: "I got your back, Setsuko. Let's finish this for good." Mar 16 19:50:30 [Jockey] "We're with you too." Mar 16 19:50:42 [Aero] Willis: "So let's get this done." Mar 16 19:51:00 [Steam] "Edel Bernal gave me the privilege of this. This battle of the Holy War... begins now!" Mar 16 19:51:13 [Steam] And with that, the army charges Mar 16 19:51:14 [Steam] Mar 16 19:52:06 [Steam] (Enemies: Shurouga (Asakim Down), MP Capra x 60, MP Leo x 60, MP Anguis x 60) Mar 16 19:52:09 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Everyone... thank you." Mar 16 19:52:48 [Steam] (Initiative; Setsuko, Willis, Vola, Asagi, Kei, and Shu) Mar 16 19:52:56 [Steam] ^Volya Mar 16 19:53:02 [Steam] (Setsuko, Willis, and Volya, go) Mar 16 19:54:01 [Cubey] She grips the Virgola's controls tightly. "This war you speak of will end today! I won't let you do all you want anymore!" Mar 16 19:54:20 [Terra] Kei: "I'll keep an eye on his backup so he won't be able to use them to pin anybody down. Stay safe." Mar 16 19:55:22 [Steam] Asakim: "You've certainly steeled yourself for this battle, Setsuko..." Mar 16 19:55:45 [Aero] * Strahlend draws Quicksilver, transforming the weapon into a massive chainsword before charging towards the massive Chimera army and slamming the weapon into any Chimera machine that got near him. + Mar 16 19:55:49 [Cubey] *Remembering well how fast the Shurouga is, Setsuko aims the Nautilus Carver carefully. High velocity projectiles cut through the air and strike towards the black unit, and Setsuko's mobile suit changes to a one handed grip the second Shurouga starts moving.+ Mar 16 19:55:56 [Steam] "But In the event that this opportunity slips by, let me thank you all the same!" Mar 16 19:56:34 [Jockey] *Interitus reaches out with one hand towards the Shurouga, sending several weaving ribbons of energy streaking through the air before snapping her fist shut and having the whirling patterns of green slash down towards it!+ Mar 16 19:57:34 [Cubey] Setsuko: "There are so many enemies..." Mar 16 19:57:48 [Cubey] But she can't afford to be distracted by that now! Mar 16 19:58:16 [Aero] Willis: "Just leave them to us, you handle Asakim." Mar 16 20:00:08 [Terra] Kei: "And I'll send you any data on where they are, so you can avoid their attacks even when some slip through the rest of us." Mar 16 20:00:44 [Steam] [Setsuko and Volya] The Virgola's rounds slice through the air, the Shurouga charging and weaving through them regardless before suddenly slamming on the breaks and backpedaling as Interitus's energy ribbons come slashing down. But its offensive doesn't stop though, green beams sweeping across to strike at the Virgola! Mar 16 20:00:49 [Steam] (React: Setsuko) Mar 16 20:02:23 [Steam] [Willis] In the meantime, you cleave through one of the MP Capras. But several Leos attack from the flank, their claws whipping out to slash at you! Mar 16 20:02:28 [Steam] (React: Willis) Mar 16 20:04:40 [Cubey] Setsuko: "There it comes..." *The Virgola stays low to the ground but accelerates forward, evading the energy beam by cutting the distance between itself and the enemy, while adding a few pistol shots into the mix thanks to the freed hand.+ Mar 16 20:07:07 [Steam] (Asagi, Kei, and Seta) Mar 16 20:07:22 [Aero] * "Just keep coming at me..." As the claws lash out the chainsword is sent spinning towards them to rip the claws apart before they reached him. + Mar 16 20:08:53 [Tengu] Asagi: "I'll keep them from providing ground support!" Blue One brandished its katana and rushes forward, flying close to the ground! It zips around among the formation of Anguises, moving from one target to another and slashing at them with wide cleaving strikes as it passes by. + Mar 16 20:09:28 [Steam] [Setsuko] The ground behind you is torn apart, but you avoid the attack and return the favor, forcing Asakim further back! "More relentless than ever... and with your death and your key, I will be one step closer to my true freedom!" Mar 16 20:10:14 [Steam] ???: "Oh, if only you'd said that more often way back when." Mar 16 20:10:19 [Steam] Wait, Willis... that voice... Mar 16 20:11:14 [Cubey] Setsuko: "No..." Mar 16 20:11:29 [Aero] Willis: "...I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that you're back." Mar 16 20:11:40 [Cubey] "It is long past the point of you getting anything from me." Mar 16 20:11:51 [Terra] * "Volya, we need to keep them off Setsuko's back so she can focus on Asakim. The Leos have an opening at 9 o'clock. You're currently disengaged due to Asakim's evasion, so if you move along this path you can plug that hole and attack the Leos before they can capitalize on the opening." + Mar 16 20:12:02 [Steam] [Willis] The claws are shredded by your chainsword, but there's a glint of something else in the light. Tiny, razor threads joining in the attack, slipping through your guard and striking the Strahlend repeateadly! The damage is minor thanks to your blade tearing through the cables too... Mar 16 20:12:13 [Steam] But that doesn't change the fact that another machine is among the Chimera forces. Mar 16 20:12:25 [Corel] *Enemies close to the ground will suddenly find themselves besieged by torrents of light coming from the surface. The perpetrator is still on foot, not too far away, but looking quite concerned by the situation.+ Mar 16 20:12:28 [Steam] (Iris: Mar 16 20:13:26 [Aero] Willis: "Just you this time?" Mar 16 20:13:38 [Jockey] "I'll do what I can... let me know if there's anything else I need to help with." Mar 16 20:14:20 [Corel] Seta: "This many..." Mar 16 20:15:25 [Cubey] Setsuko: "This person is working for Chimera too?" Mar 16 20:15:25 [Steam] [Asagi and Seta] A slew of Anguises are cut down or barraged by streams of light... but for every one you strike down, there's plenty more to avenge it! Blue One's katana-fest gets stopped by an energy spear from a Capra, forcing it back before even more Anguises take position to open fire on it! Mar 16 20:15:29 [Jockey] *Interitus dives down like a derpy hawk of doom, swinging her staff at limbs and letting loose with point blank slowing blasts to cause as much inconvenience as possible to the mass produced Leos+ Mar 16 20:15:31 [Steam] (React: Asagi) Mar 16 20:17:13 [Steam] Jennifer: "Not necessarily 'for', but certainly 'with'. And all in all Willis... I thought I owed it to you to see you one last time... have one last dance. And in South America no less... that's certainly exotic, don't you think?" Mar 16 20:17:44 [Tengu] Asagi: "Even at this point, Chimera still manages to find allies? Tch...!" His musings are interrupted by lots of enemies moving in! He kicks away, parrying the incoming spear, and then tries to maneuver around the enemy formation, using his force field and wide defensive swings of the reflecting blade to protect against enemy fire. + Mar 16 20:19:13 [Steam] [Volya] And fortunately, thanks to Kei's guidance, your route of attack is clear! Interitus comes smashg down, impeding a pack of Leos and keeping them out of the thick of things! Mar 16 20:20:07 [Steam] [Asagi] In turn giving Blue One the chance to break off form the Capra! But the flurry of beams strains the mech's shield, and even with your katana several manage to get through to the machine itself! Mar 16 20:20:25 [Steam] (Setsuko, Willis, and Volya, go again) Mar 16 20:21:47 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I appreciate that you're keeping the enemy force off me, but..." Mar 16 20:22:00 [Cubey] The Virgola jumps back and prepares the Nautilus for another shot. Mar 16 20:23:17 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Asakim, if you're hoping for a duel... you are solely mistaken!" *The carver charges up a beam and fires - but rather than hitting the Shurouga, it strikes into ranks of the mass produced Chimera units.+ Mar 16 20:23:48 [Aero] * "You must be pretty confident to call this our last dance." Taking a note from the Leos, Strahlend's hand suddenly extends out into several whip-like claws that are aimed at Iris and the Leos around her. "Or did you just realize that if you lose here it'll be over for you?" & Mar 16 20:26:13 [Jockey] *Interitus is quickly dashing amongst the Leos she previously assaulted and pushing as hard as she could before letting loose several vines into the pack to drain them as much as she could... & Mar 16 20:27:17 [Steam] [Setsuko] More Chimera units are obliterated by the sweeping attack, but Asakim doesn't act surprised. Rather, "Your concern for comrades is predictable. They are the source of your strength... although..." And just like the Virgola, the Shurouga changes targets too... to Purple 2! Black, birdlike familiars flit off to strike Kei's machine, and Mar 16 20:27:17 [Steam] the Shurouga itself hurtles in, sword ready to strike it! Mar 16 20:27:41 [Corel] #Kei? Mar 16 20:27:49 [Steam] "And if this is how you wish our battle to proceed, so be it!" Mar 16 20:27:51 [Steam] Mar 16 20:28:08 [Steam] (React, Kei. And yes, support is approved) Mar 16 20:28:49 [Cubey] # Kei Mar 16 20:29:11 [Cubey] Setsuko: "!!" Mar 16 20:29:28 [Steam] (Also approved) Mar 16 20:29:31 [Corel] Seta: "Kei, please evade!" Mar 16 20:30:40 [Terra] * Kei immediately spun out of the way, desperately trying to push Purple-2 to the limits of its ability to get out of the way of Asakim. As the survival instinct kicked in, no thought was even given to trying to rely on shields or any kind of aggressive moves to deflect the offense, sheer evasion was all she could manage. + Mar 16 20:30:58 [Corel] *The Kijin raises her hand in Shurouga's general direction, and geysers of light similar to the ones before erupt from the ground! Asakim is fast, so all Seta hopes to accomplish is at least buy the Rabbit enough time to react.+ Mar 16 20:32:33 [Cubey] *Virgola flies after the bats and interposes itself for the sword strike, the Carver raised defensively. "Leave my friends alone! You've hurt everyone... enough!" In response to Setsuko's desperate cry, the still-smoking tip of the Nautilus creates a curved energy blade, which clashes against the Discaliber.+ Mar 16 20:32:48 [Steam] [Willis] "Oh, I won't lose here. Maybe Chimera will, but if this is no last dance... then what's to stop me from leaving?" Jennifer chides as the Iris's own cables change targets, not going to counter Willis's own but rather sink into the surrounding Chimera mooks to take the hits meant for her along with their own. "But enough talk... show me yo Mar 16 20:32:48 [Steam] ur moves!" With Chimera mooks being shielding her, the Iris charges, sword lashing out to cut the Strahlend in half! Mar 16 20:32:50 [Steam] (React: Willis) Mar 16 20:35:13 [Steam] [Volya] Bogged down as they were, many of the Leos models are helpless as they're drained of power... but as the circuit is complete one suddenly bursts alight with power, charging at Interitus as the machine lets out a feral roar! Mar 16 20:35:17 [Steam] (React/contineu: Volya) Mar 16 20:36:44 [Jockey] "We really don't have time for you!!" Mar 16 20:38:42 [Jockey] *Surging with power, Interitus charges right back and does a particularly vicious pole vault from the MP Leo's face before letting loose a rapidly moving vine lash to the Virgola to charge it up and hopefully give it more of an edge against the edgy machine its clashing against!+ Mar 16 20:38:59 [Steam] [Setsuko, Kei, and Seta] The familiars, small and not meant for taking hits, are obliterated by the massive pillars of light, the Shurouga's melee strike stopped when the Nautilus energy sword crashes into the blade. The two are locked for a moment, Asakim laughing in glee. "Yes, that's right. Let the memories of what you lost stir fears of losi Mar 16 20:38:59 [Steam] ng others!" With an open-palm strike from its free hand, the Shurouga knocks the Virgola away... Mar 16 20:39:30 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Aah! Not good...!" Mar 16 20:39:37 [Steam] "And let your strength become your greatest weakness!" Mar 16 20:40:05 [Steam] The Shurouga plunges down, sword ready to gut the Virgola! Mar 16 20:40:08 [Steam] (React: Setsuko) Mar 16 20:40:19 [Jockey] "Setsuko!" Mar 16 20:40:26 [Steam] (Asagi, Kei, Seta, go now) Mar 16 20:41:42 [Cubey] Setsuko: "... no." Mar 16 20:42:19 [Cubey] She can feel it. The Sphere's dimensional power, at a hand's reach. Threatening to overwhelm her... Mar 16 20:42:33 [Steam] [Volya] The MP Leo smashes into Interitus, leaving it spinning awkwardly before crashing onto the ground... but your buff tentacle still reaches the Virgola... helping reinforce it! Mar 16 20:42:49 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I will let my weakness become my greatest strength." Mar 16 20:44:24 [Cubey] *Toby's energy blade materializes once again, shining with strength and power. It clashes against Shurouga's sword once again, but this time with a powerful momentous strike, if only to deflect it for a second... Mar 16 20:44:31 [Corel] Seta: "This...this is definitely not enough." Mar 16 20:44:47 [Aero] * His attention is taken off of Jennifer for a second as Asakim begins his attack on the others. "Setsuko!" However, she quickly regains it as she charges in and he's forced to defend himself by recalling the transformed Quicksilver and raising the blade up to parry Iris'. At the same time the nanomachines that make up the claws are suddenly converted to Mar 16 20:45:09 [Aero] energy and slammed into the side of the opposing U.I.I.N machine. + Mar 16 20:45:20 [Corel] Seta: "Sealed Ignition. Code: Union." Mar 16 20:45:32 [Terra] * Kei slowed down to reassess the situation at a distance, her breathing calming some. "Thanks...Both of you. Seta use the opening before the enemy moves to suppress you to prevent you from interfering again to target this group to continue to keep them off you. There isn't a clear line of fire, but something like that pillar should keep them away, while you keep the ship to prevent them... Mar 16 20:45:34 [Terra] ...from suppressing you anyway." + Mar 16 20:45:56 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Is the sphere the key to your freedom? I'm afraid... aaah...! NOT!" *Taking advantage of the opening, the Virgola quickly turns the carver in its hands - and slams its butt side into the Shurouga to push it away.+ Mar 16 20:46:17 [Cubey] Mar 16 20:46:52 [Corel] After the cloaked form of her Craft is fully manifested, Seta turns to Kei. "Understood." Mar 16 20:47:17 [Tengu] Asagi: "Setsuko..." Blue One jumps up from among the enemies on the ground, firing a few shots from its laser pistol towards Asakim - but that's not the main brunt of the strike. That comes from the AHSMB itself, which spins its spear above its head mid-air, and ends its leap at Shurouga's back, trying to pierce it with the polearm! "Support incoming!" + Mar 16 20:48:01 [Steam] [Willis] The swords collide, with Strahlend being knocked back by the force, but otherwise unharmed. The same can't be said for the Iris though as the energy punches into its side! "A-aaah!" Jennifer's gasp is less of shock or pain though, and more of realization as the iris breaks off. "Ah... now I get it though. Willis, you card... here I tho Mar 16 20:48:01 [Steam] ught you had problems with us meeting together." Mar 16 20:48:07 [Steam] "... But you were just impatient, weren't you?" Mar 16 20:48:16 [Steam] "You wanted to get straight to the penetration first thing!" Mar 16 20:49:10 [Steam] (Seta, you can combine your actions if you want. Just specify if you are.) Mar 16 20:49:16 [Corel] *The Kijin machine proceeds as Kei has instructed. It attacks with a barrage of light spheres from its palm, and occasionally releases a blast via kicks, while noting the surroundings!+ Mar 16 20:49:22 [Corel] (Combining) Mar 16 20:51:03 [Steam] [Setsuko] The Shurouga's blade goes flying away from the parrying, and before Asakim can fall back, it gets a face full of rifle butt. The smashing force sends it away in a spiral! Mar 16 20:52:08 [Cubey] Setsuko: "The future is uncertain... but I am not alone. I won't let the Sphere control me. Nor will I let you!" Mar 16 20:53:05 [Steam] [Asagi] Deprived of its sword, the damaged Shurouga can only try to catch the spear before it plunges into its frame! It succeeds only halfways, the weapon piercing the black machine before being wrenched free. "Always one to come to Setsuko's aid!" Green light erupts from the Shurouga's head again though as it fires another beam at you from poi Mar 16 20:53:05 [Steam] nt black! Mar 16 20:53:09 [Steam] ^blank Mar 16 20:53:13 [Steam] (React: Asagi) Mar 16 20:56:17 [Tengu] Asagi: "I know you torment her by killing her friends or turning them against her." Blue One uses the additional leverage from the spear's reach to quickly spin around the Shurouga, and then disengage into non-melee distance. "But what kind of friend would I be if I didn't help anyway?" + Mar 16 20:56:43 [Jockey] #Asagi? Mar 16 20:56:49 [Steam] (Approved) Mar 16 20:57:03 [Steam] [Seta] Your energy attacks rain havok on the Chimera machines as they tried to move towards the ship, more being blown apart while others still were forced to fall back. But unfortunately... powerful energy beams are fired in your direction from the flank too! More machines are coming! Mar 16 20:57:06 [Steam] (React: Seta) Mar 16 20:57:25 [Terra] #Seta? Mar 16 20:57:27 [Aero] Willis: "I'm really not in the mood for this, I have much more important things to do here than playing with you." Mar 16 20:57:33 [Steam] (Approved) Mar 16 20:57:50 [Steam] Jennifer: "You're actually-" Mar 16 20:57:53 [Jockey] *Interitus quickly moves in to help Asagi get a bit more distance. How? By slamming the Shurouga upside the head with her staff!+ Mar 16 20:57:58 [Steam] "... Well fine." Mar 16 20:58:13 [Jockey] "Not just Setsuko! We've all got each other's backs!" Mar 16 20:58:36 [Terra] * The machines intercepting Seta find themselves suddenly coming under suppressing fire from a Purple-2 that had repositioned itself and was flanking the flankers, forcing them to either accept hits or veer off. + Mar 16 21:00:47 [Corel] *Seta seemingly takes the hits head on... but this is just a cover. What the beams would hit is actually just the discarded cloak of her Craft, which strikes at the attackers with a wide tornado of light fired from its hand.+ Mar 16 21:02:57 [Corel] The unit underneath looks nothing like the dragonic one Lenore knew as the Phantom, or the one that showed up against Carina. Mar 16 21:03:05 [Corel] Mar 16 21:03:21 [Corel] Instead it is more familiar. Mar 16 21:04:07 [Steam] [Asagi and Volya] The bream grazes across Blue One's torso as it tries to dodge, cutting deep but not through the cockpit as you escape... and Interitus's follow-up costs it getting wounded too... but it still knocks the Shurouga away all the same! Mar 16 21:04:16 [Steam] Jennifer continues though. "After all, these are bad tidings for you. You guys all have each other's backs? Good for you. That means, six of you left total? That's nothing." Mar 16 21:04:18 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Rebellion..." Mar 16 21:04:51 [Steam] The Shurouga rises up, miasma "bleeding" from its wounds. "Then you're saying." Mar 16 21:05:00 [Steam] Jennifer: "Oh yes. It's about time." Mar 16 21:05:39 [Steam] A push of a button, and more channels are opened for you to hear... sounds of the battles across the other defensive lines. Mar 16 21:06:17 [Steam] Though "battles" is generous from the desperate calls for help, brave speeches cut abruptly short... and even otherwise brave soldiers losing their nerve and fleeing. Mar 16 21:06:50 [Steam] Jennifer: "There we go. Thought you deserved to hear that all before Edel came and finished you all off." Mar 16 21:07:11 [Steam] "The sounds of your friends and comrades dying, or turning traitor and running, and sometimes both!" Mar 16 21:07:37 [Jockey] "........" Mar 16 21:07:49 [Steam] "Setsuko, you seem to be the star girl of this show, and you might've just saved a friend from Asakim... but what about everyone else who wasn't here?" Mar 16 21:07:51 [Cubey] Setsuko: "... Everyone...?" Mar 16 21:08:35 [Steam] And with that, Asakim just laughs once more, long and hard even as the skies darken, thunder beginning to sound. Mar 16 21:08:58 [Jockey] "...." Mar 16 21:08:59 [Cubey] Setsuko: "No... it can't be. It's not true, is it?" Mar 16 21:09:09 [Jockey] "Stop laughing..." Mar 16 21:09:11 [Steam] Jennifer: "Where do you think those reinforcements were coming from?" Mar 16 21:09:23 [Steam] "They're all-" Mar 16 21:09:25 [Jockey] "SHUT UP! BOTH OF YOU!" Mar 16 21:09:25 [Cubey] Setsuko: "The strongest force attacked this ship." Mar 16 21:09:42 [Steam] But the booming crash of thunder silences Jennifer, crimson lightning raining down...! Mar 16 21:09:49 [Steam] -On the Chimera forces! Mar 16 21:10:00 [Corel] Seta: "...!" Mar 16 21:10:01 [Aero] Willis: "!" Mar 16 21:10:11 [Steam] Mar 16 21:10:22 [Cubey] Setsuko: "We're the ones who've taken the brunt of the attack! And..." Mar 16 21:10:36 [Steam] Toby: "What a load coming from her mouth!" Mar 16 21:11:05 [Terra] Kei: "It's Chimera, they probab-!" The crimson lightning stopped her words as she scrambled to figure out what was happening Mar 16 21:11:23 [Steam] More Carver shots come firing out, destroying more of the Chimera machines as three machines stand on the horizon. The Chaos Capra, flanked on either side by one of the other Virgolas! Mar 16 21:11:54 [Steam] Xine: "And here I was afraid you'd fall for it more easily." Mar 16 21:12:05 [Corel] Seta: "Thank has arrived..." Mar 16 21:12:11 [Steam] Denzel: "Setsuko, everyone.... don't give up!" Mar 16 21:12:20 [Steam] Asakim: "Xine." Mar 16 21:12:31 [Tengu] Asagi: "Toby, Denzel. And... Xine. You're all back." Mar 16 21:12:34 [Steam] There is a surprising... neutrality to Asakim's voice as he says the word. Mar 16 21:12:42 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Kei's right. We're no longer believing anything Chimera has to say to us!" Mar 16 21:13:03 [Cubey] This isn't the first time they tried to trick everyone. Mar 16 21:13:11 [Cubey] But this might just be the last... Mar 16 21:13:31 [Tengu] Asagi: "Yeah. I believe in the rest of Team Rabbits. In the rest of Unity Group, too. They won't lose as easily as that!" Mar 16 21:14:26 [Terra] Kei: "You're all alive." There was a slight hesitation of doubt, Asakim had messed with that before and even with Seta returning, people coming back from the dead was hard to swallow Mar 16 21:14:36 [Steam] Jennifer: "Tch. So much for doing this the easy way. Back to Plan A then." Mar 16 21:14:48 [Steam] (Setsuko, Willis, and Volya can move) Mar 16 21:15:00 [Steam] (Xine and the Alternate Glory Stars are available for supports) Mar 16 21:16:20 [Cubey] Setsuko: "... Enough." She says with a strain in her voice. Truth to be told, the Sphere's dimensional power grows stronger by the second. Setsuko is afraid she will be lost in it. Mar 16 21:16:26 [Cubey] The fight has to end soon. Mar 16 21:16:31 [Aero] Willis: "Setsuko..." Mar 16 21:16:51 [Steam] Asakim: "So this is the path you've chosen then Xine? So long as it's one you made freely..." Mar 16 21:16:54 [Steam] "... Well done." Mar 16 21:16:55 [Jockey] "... We'll finish this fast Setsuko.." Mar 16 21:17:03 [Steam] Xine: "Asakim." Mar 16 21:17:46 [Steam] The name is repeated again, with a soft, almost concerned weight behind it. In contrast, the Chaos Capra brandishes its spear, facing the black machine. Mar 16 21:18:40 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Yes." Mar 16 21:19:04 [Cubey] Setsuko: "This is it, Asakim..." Mar 16 21:19:13 [Jockey] *The Shurouga's got a lot of speed... so Volya's going to do whatever he can to slow it down! Interitus is letting loose several slowing blasts at the Black Stranger!+ Mar 16 21:20:15 [Cubey] *With barely a whisper coming from its pilot, the Virgola gathers power around itself - it jumps up, smashing the earth under it as it takes to the skies. All the energy concentrated in the Nautius Carver, it is held back, then when the unit is close to the SHurouga - unleashed in a stunning forward thrust!& Mar 16 21:23:10 [Steam] [Volya and Setsuko] Focusing on Setsuko, Asakim fails to account for the slowing blast in time, the weaponless Shurouga getting pierced by the Carver. "NNngh! not yet!" Flipping backwards, the wounded machine suddenly erupts with black energy, transforming into its bird mode before hurtling straight back at the Virgola! It's the Ley Buster! "S Mar 16 21:23:11 [Steam] etsuko Ohara... you will be the key that frees me from this prison!" Mar 16 21:23:18 [Steam] (React/continue: Setsuko!) Mar 16 21:25:15 [Cubey] # on self with NPCs Mar 16 21:26:22 [Steam] [Belated Kei and Seta] The Anguis cannon fire sent your way is short lived as Purple-2 opens fire on them, peppering their ranks. Some of the MP machines do call it quits, others still tried to hold their ground... only to be blown away by the Craft's streams of light. Mar 16 21:26:29 [Steam] (Approved) Mar 16 21:27:16 [Corel] Seta: "Thank you, Kei..." Mar 16 21:29:04 [Cubey] Toby: "You're a real stubborn jerk, you know that? All one pattern!" Mar 16 21:29:27 [Cubey] Denzel: "Not now Toby, get in the damn line! Lock at the target... have a go!" Mar 16 21:30:05 [Terra] Kei: "Not going to let Asakim or his help hurt any of you. If I can avoid it, at least." Mar 16 21:30:43 [Cubey] *The alternate Glory Stars circle around Shurouga, firing their ray pistols and causing beams to fly through the air, a maze for the charging Shurouga to navigate if it does not want to get burned harder. A second later, the Chaos Anguis adds a more potent attack, a wide swipe of a ridiculously oversized spear of dark energy. Mar 16 21:30:55 [Cubey] But all of that is just to slow the enemy down... Mar 16 21:31:01 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I agree..." Mar 16 21:31:14 [Cubey] (Chaos Caper) Mar 16 21:32:04 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I will free you." Mar 16 21:33:04 [Cubey] *Nautilus Carver's green eye flashes, the Sphere of Sorrowful Maiden activated and awakened. The delay was long enough, and even though Asakim is still charging with his overwhelmingly powerful Ley Buster... Mar 16 21:34:05 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I had enough of you, Asakim Dowen. I... hate you! Disappear!" *A moment before the two units touch, the Glory Star unleashes a full burst of power. And Shurouga is at the dead center of it.+ Mar 16 21:35:24 [Corel] Seta: "That power..." Mar 16 21:36:24 [Steam] [Setsuko] And in a heartbeat, the Shurouga is but a black mass enveloped by the Virgola's beam. A rapidly shrinking mass, at that. Mar 16 21:36:34 [Steam] Asakim: "... This is it-!!" Mar 16 21:37:17 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Haa..." Deep breaths, deep breaths. Mar 16 21:37:48 [Steam] "But..." with an easy laugh, the Shurouga begins withering away into nothing in the force of the attack. Mar 16 21:38:01 [Steam] "... In the end this is still the freedom I've sought." Mar 16 21:38:39 [Steam] "The power of a truly Awakened Sphere, keys for me to use for my own freedom... or the instrument of a true death!" Mar 16 21:39:56 [Steam] Weakly, an visual transmission comes through from the Shurouga's cockpit, Asakim... smiling once more. Looking at ease. Mar 16 21:40:21 [Steam] "At long last... finally fre-" Mar 16 21:40:23 [Cubey] Setsuko: "This is... what you wanted all along?" Mar 16 21:40:34 [Steam] The transmission cuts short as the cockpit is filled with light. Mar 16 21:40:36 [Cubey] Setsuko: "..." Mar 16 21:40:46 [Steam] And as the attack ends, the Shurouga is gone. Mar 16 21:40:53 [Corel] Seta: "...Setsuko's suffering...all of it for that...?" Mar 16 21:41:07 [Jockey] "... That's... " Mar 16 21:41:26 [Tengu] Asagi: "..." Mar 16 21:41:28 [Terra] Kei: "..." Mar 16 21:41:33 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I do not care anymore... even if this is what Asakim hoped to achieve." Mar 16 21:41:37 [Jockey] The selfishness and cruelty of it all was absolutely horrifying to say the least. Mar 16 21:41:50 [Cubey] She sighs, slumping down on the Virgola's seat. Mar 16 21:41:58 [Steam] Xine: "... There are certainly things I could say, tell you about regarding him." Mar 16 21:41:58 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I am just glad this is over." Mar 16 21:42:08 [Cubey] Except it isn't yet. Mar 16 21:42:09 [Steam] "It wouldn't change what he's done." Mar 16 21:42:22 [Cubey] Setsuko: "The Chimera are still here. Our fight isn't done yet." Mar 16 21:43:28 [Tengu] Asagi: "I'm not happy that this was his goal all along. But if that's what it takes to finally stop him..." Mar 16 21:43:33 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Good riddance." Mar 16 21:43:47 [Steam] Jennifer: "... Well now." Mar 16 21:43:51 [Terra] Kei: "Yeah..." Mar 16 21:44:11 [Steam] The Iris seems to stand off to the side, one of the few -and the only notable- Chimera machine left after Xine and the GS's arrival. Mar 16 21:44:15 [Steam] But- Mar 16 21:44:16 [Aero] Willis: "One left..." Mar 16 21:44:22 [Steam] "-She's cooooooomiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!" Mar 16 21:44:36 [Corel] Seta: "You have bothered Willis enough-" Mar 16 21:44:39 [Steam] "OH YES! MY SWEET, WONDERFUL QUEEN IS COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNG!" Mar 16 21:44:53 [Steam] Oh right. Mar 16 21:45:15 [Steam] Jii Babel, creep and weird scientist dude that he is, was also on the Chimera ship. Mar 16 21:45:31 [Steam] Except now he's not because he's running onto the battlefield as a shadow begins to form on the ground. Mar 16 21:45:44 [Cubey] Setsuko: "He's really energetic..." Mar 16 21:45:50 [Cubey] "Ah! Stay away, it's dangerous!" Mar 16 21:46:22 [Aero] Willis: "What is that..." Mar 16 21:46:40 [Steam] Too late, Setsuko, because with a crashing impact, a gigantic machine lands on the ground near him. Mar 16 21:46:43 [Steam] (Lumeres: Mar 16 21:46:51 [Steam] Mar 16 21:46:53 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Could he either stop yelling so loudly or not run into a battlefield? I can take one. Both is a bit too mu-" Mar 16 21:46:54 [Corel] Seta: "-Ah...!" Mar 16 21:47:18 [Jockey] "Gwah!" Mar 16 21:47:38 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Gah!" Mar 16 21:48:11 [Steam] (For those of you who prefer lineart: ) Mar 16 21:48:19 [Steam] And from the machine... Mar 16 21:48:25 [Steam] Edel: "Attention, Unity Group." Mar 16 21:48:32 [Corel] Seta: "Is that why they are called Chimera...?" Mar 16 21:48:36 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ahh..." Mar 16 21:48:42 [Steam] "This is Edel Bernal, leader of the Cambio Protocol and the sole rightful sovereign of the world." Mar 16 21:49:09 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Brigadier Bernal is in this thing?" Mar 16 21:49:22 [Steam] "For the sake of law and order, I demand your surrender. Immediately." Mar 16 21:50:02 [Cubey] Setsuko: "No. Sorry if I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'm pretty sure others feel the same way." Mar 16 21:50:18 [Jockey] "How about you surrender instead?" Mar 16 21:50:33 [Steam] "That will not happen." Mar 16 21:50:40 [Tengu] Asagi: "At least she offers a surrender... But no. I'm not taking it." Mar 16 21:50:41 [Cubey] Setsuko: "All Cambio Protocol did was create more chaos and destruction. There's nothing lawful or orderly about it." Mar 16 21:50:50 [Steam] "I'm the rightful sovereign of the world. I will bring peace and tranquility through law and order." Mar 16 21:51:18 [Terra] Kei: "...That's quite a claim. Do you even rule any parts of the world yet?" Mar 16 21:51:27 [Jockey] "There's nothing rightful about anyone you've worked for or anything you've done..." Mar 16 21:51:39 [Steam] A pause, and then... Mar 16 21:51:43 [Steam] "I'm the rightful sovereign of the world. I will bring peace and tranquility through law and order." Mar 16 21:51:58 [Jockey] "....?" Mar 16 21:52:10 [Corel] Seta: "This is the person who supported Carina...why is she repeating herself?" Mar 16 21:52:31 [Jockey] "I... don't know..." Mar 16 21:52:35 [Steam] Edel: "..." Mar 16 21:52:42 [Steam] Jii: "Ah... Mistress Edel..." Mar 16 21:52:48 [Tengu] Asagi: "..." Mar 16 21:52:49 [Steam] And then at the top of his lungs. Mar 16 21:53:00 [Steam] "I LOVE YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!!" Mar 16 21:53:09 [Terra] Kei: "...Is she even in there? Or did somebody kill her and replace her with an AI?" Mar 16 21:53:13 [Cubey] Setsuko: "She's acting weird..." Mar 16 21:53:30 [Aero] Willis: "Or maybe..." Mar 16 21:53:50 [Steam] "EVEN THOUGH I SURRENDERED TO THE UNITY GROUP, OH PLEASE... PLEASE PUNISH THIS WORTHLESS-" Mar 16 21:53:51 [Jockey] "Willis...? What's going on?" Mar 16 21:54:00 [Steam] Edel: "SILENCE YOU IMBECILE!" Mar 16 21:54:15 [Steam] Mar 16 21:54:17 [Aero] Willis: "That's just a facade..." Mar 16 21:54:38 [Aero] Sounds like someone is speaking from experience. Mar 16 21:54:44 [Steam] The Lemures's drill arms extended, revealing rows and rows of missile bays. Mar 16 21:54:54 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Their relationship is really unhealthy. Watch out!" Mar 16 21:55:10 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ah." Mar 16 21:55:18 [Steam] And a heartbeat later, drill missiles, any one of them dwarfing the size of a human, rains down on Jii's location. Mar 16 21:55:32 [Steam] Jii: "Oh yes... OOOOOH YEEESSSSS BAAAABY! I LOVE YOU KEEP DOING THAAAAA-" Mar 16 21:55:38 [Tengu] Asagi: "..." Mar 16 21:55:54 [Steam] All that's left is a smoldering crater as the Lemures turns to face all of you. Mar 16 21:56:00 [Cubey] Setsuko: "... Why did you do that?!" Mar 16 21:56:12 [Steam] Xine: "... The Brigadier's true face..." Mar 16 21:56:13 [Terra] Kei: "...She's insane." Mar 16 21:56:15 [Steam] It's news to her too. Mar 16 21:56:16 [Tengu] Asagi: "You didn't have to do that." Mar 16 21:56:37 [Steam] Edel: "I had no reason to let him continue living either!" Mar 16 21:56:45 [Steam] "Unwashed garbage like him is a dime a dozen!" Mar 16 21:56:49 [Corel] Seta: "A...Ah..." Mar 16 21:56:57 [Steam] "When this is over I can replace him in a heartbeat!" Mar 16 21:57:20 [Jockey] "...." Mar 16 21:57:31 [Cubey] Setsuko: "He was the last person left alive loyal to you, and you just disposed of him..." Mar 16 21:57:33 [Steam] "Just as I will for the likes of each and every one of you!" Mar 16 21:57:53 [Cubey] Setsuko: "You really are an evil woman, Brigadier Bernal. There is nothing noble about you, it's all a facade." Mar 16 21:58:07 [Jockey] "... Just try it." Mar 16 21:58:16 [Jockey] That was not Volya speaking. Mar 16 21:58:58 [Steam] "So what if it is... it's more than enough to fool the rabble that pollute this world with their very existence!" Mar 16 21:59:16 [Tengu] Asagi: "So much for creating a new, better world... Come, everyone. Let's finish this." Mar 16 21:59:17 [Steam] "And you've long since lived out your purposes anyways!" Mar 16 22:00:07 [Steam] "The SCCF, Carina, VIPER... the Protocol was an effective way to keep them all in check without them even realizing it... but the time for needing them is over, and you by extension! Mar 16 22:00:12 [Cubey] Setsuko: "So this is the Chimera's final trump card... but it's only one. Please be careful everyone." Mar 16 22:00:16 [Steam] (Willis, Asagi, Kei, and Seta can go) Mar 16 22:00:19 [Steam] (Enemies: Lemures) Mar 16 22:00:45 [Cubey] Setsuko: "We don't know what it's capable of, but I'm sure those drills aren't just for show. Or shooting missiles." Mar 16 22:00:59 [Jockey] "It only has two." Mar 16 22:01:18 [Corel] Seta: "You caused much turmoil for my people, for Astara and Lenore, through Carina... and even if you hadn't done so, I would have fought against you." Mar 16 22:01:28 [Steam] Jennifer, however, has taken the opportunity to flee. Mar 16 22:01:34 [Aero] Willis: "Tch..." Mar 16 22:01:45 [Steam] After that bit about using the Protocol, who could blame her? Mar 16 22:02:27 [Aero] Willis: "That was fast..." Mar 16 22:02:32 [Corel] Seta: " it alright letting her go like that?" Mar 16 22:02:57 [Corel] Seta: "She does move quickly..." Mar 16 22:03:28 [Aero] Willis: "It's fine...hopefully it'll make things easier for us in the future." Mar 16 22:03:46 [Terra] Kei: "...How do you plan on taking over the world with a single mecha and expressing your contempt for everyone?" Mar 16 22:04:27 [Aero] Willis: "If I had to guess...those servers contain more than just random information ." Mar 16 22:05:31 [Cubey] Setsuko: "It's only an impression, but... it feels like she doesn't care about that at the moment..." Mar 16 22:05:32 [Steam] "Killing you nine idiots will be a solid start!" Mar 16 22:06:11 [Corel] *Taking note of Setsuko's warning, Seta tests the waters by firing beams from her palm at the Lemures.+ Mar 16 22:06:42 [Jockey] "There's ten of us-" Mar 16 22:06:52 [Jockey] Interitus twitches a moment. Mar 16 22:09:29 [Terra] * "Be careful engaging too closely until we observe more of what her unit can do. Setsuko, fire at her and try moving around her to test reaction times, using the ship and any other cover you can find to present as few clear options for a shot as possible." + Mar 16 22:09:57 [Steam] [Seta] The beams strike against the Lemures, damaging part of it. But it's already starting to regenerate! Mar 16 22:10:00 [Steam] (Setsuko can also go) Mar 16 22:10:02 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Roger that." Mar 16 22:10:06 [Tengu] * Asagi decides to approach in his usual way - an all-out attack that grabs the enemy's attention! Blue One fires a barrage of missiles towards the Lemures, circling around the boss enemy, and then, among the explosions, moves in and slashes a few times with its katana, ending with a rising strike that returns the AHSMB to the air level! + Mar 16 22:10:26 [Corel] Seta: "It can recover from damage..." Mar 16 22:10:45 [Cubey] *The Virgola approaches from the other side than Seta and Asagi. Let's see how quickly can Edel react when the mobile suit is firing physical rounds from the flank!+ Mar 16 22:11:23 [Jockey] "That's one trick... what else..." Mar 16 22:11:32 [Aero] * "Lets stop with the arguing and just take her down." With no regard for carefulness Willis charges straight into the path of danger spawning a second copy of Quicksilver to assist in his barrage of slashes on the Lemures. + Mar 16 22:14:02 [Steam] [Setsuko, Willis, and Asagi] The damage to the Lemures gets added onto as the Virgola opens fire on its back, even as Blue One and the Strahlend hammer it from the front! "All of you... ALL of you are like gnats... things to just be EXTERMINATED! ENGAGE D-MAELSTROM!" Mar 16 22:14:34 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Get away from melee range!" Mar 16 22:14:38 [Cubey] That sounds like bad news. Mar 16 22:15:30 [Steam] The Lemures seems to become enveloped in dimensional energy... before it suddenly bursts out all around it! Mar 16 22:15:33 [Steam] ... Surprisingly! Mar 16 22:15:59 [Steam] Asagi and Willi are relatively unscathed by the release as it more blossoms out beyond them... leaving the rest of you to be the ones to worry about dodging! Mar 16 22:16:16 [Steam] (React: Setsuko, Kei, Volya, and Seta!) Mar 16 22:16:33 [Jockey] "Ah!" Mar 16 22:16:42 [Aero] Willis: "It's not focused on us?" Mar 16 22:17:20 [Tengu] Asagi: "...The attack's strength increases with distance from Lemures!" Mar 16 22:17:27 [Cubey] Setsuko: "A selective zone attack?!" *The Virgola's thrusters send it towards a safe area as quickly as they can carry it.+ Mar 16 22:17:27 [Corel] Seta: "It was not meant for those close to her..." Mar 16 22:19:04 [Jockey] *A bit too sudden to dodge but... Interitus brings out her shield as she does her best to move away as fast as possible from the incoming attack!+ Mar 16 22:19:32 [Corel] *Seta is not going to risk tanking an attack with a name like that either. She moves to avoid it, but is prepared to erect a barrier of light just in case.+ Mar 16 22:20:13 [Terra] * Kei immediately sped backwards, away from the burst hoping to outrun it for long enough that the energy dissipated. This thing was clearly highly dangerous, even if it still didn't seem to something that could conquer the world. + Mar 16 22:22:20 [Steam] [Ranged people] The D-Maelstrom buffets all of you, sending Purple-2 and Interitus flying... though your various barriers help take the edge off the attack. Seta's own shield handles the strain a bit better, and the Virgola managing to narrowly get in under the range minimum of the attack! Mar 16 22:22:39 [Steam] For their part, Xine turned the Chaos Capra's own wings as a shield to protect Toby and Denzel as well. Mar 16 22:22:48 [Steam] Edel: "Still alive...?!?" Mar 16 22:23:11 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I'm sorry, but we won't die as easily as one defenseless old man." Mar 16 22:23:26 [Steam] The Lemures falls back, energy building up in its chest. "You're even worse than gnats, nothing but a swarm of cockroaches!" Mar 16 22:24:16 [Tengu] Asagi: "Then you will die to cockroaches!" Mar 16 22:24:28 [Corel] Seta: "There are those I know who resemble those...they would be most offended." Mar 16 22:24:47 [Steam] More missiles arch out of its arms to try to strike you all down, but the machine otherwise is staying anchored and in one place! Mar 16 22:24:53 [Jockey] "Pretty sure roaches are better for the world than you!" Mar 16 22:25:21 [Cubey] Denzel: "Being talked down to like this is not my thing." Mar 16 22:25:22 [Steam] (Everyone can act while she's charging the Promised Millenium) Mar 16 22:26:15 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Don't let her fire! Everyone, don't worry about the missiles. We'll handle them!" Mar 16 22:26:20 [Cubey] Denzel: "We?" Mar 16 22:27:28 [Jockey] *Interitus is going to let loose several vines at the Lemures to drain its energy... of course the issue here was that there was going to be a ton of it.... which is why several more soon move quickly to as many allied units as she could reach for to spread out whatever she got as much as she could!+ Mar 16 22:28:33 [Corel] Seta: "I understand." Mar 16 22:30:48 [Steam] Edel: "What... what are you doing?" Mar 16 22:31:12 [Cubey] Setsuko: "There's more than a few things I learned from this side's Denzel. Sometimes... even after he was gone." Mar 16 22:31:23 [Tengu] * Not being hit hard by the area attack, Asagi can press on with his own assault. He pulls out the beam cannon and starts charging it... and while he does so, he rushes in, katana in his main hand! The blue ASMH strikes at Lemures a few times, aiming for damaged parts of its armor, and then sticks the gun to the attacked area, firing from point blank. + Mar 16 22:31:27 [Corel] *Union raises a hand to the air. "Answer my call...Shadow Spears!" Out of numerous black orbs, a number of dark spears are formed in the air. Just like Lady Grey's version, the projectiles line up in formation and launch themselves at the charging Lemures!+ Mar 16 22:32:21 [Cubey] *Virgola Glory draws its ray pistol - it circles around the Lemures, shooting! "Come on, what are you doing you oaf?" After a second of hesitation the other two Virgolas join as well, the pistol shots taking down missiles as they are launched!+ Mar 16 22:32:29 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Gung ho, gung ho, gung ho!" Mar 16 22:34:53 [Terra] * "Got it." Kei followed up on the call to overwhelm the Lemures before it could fire again with a nod. All the weapons of Purple-2 spun around to unload in the thankfully stationary enemy. + Mar 16 22:36:37 [Aero] * Both of Strahlend's blades are transformed into the larger chainsword used by the machine earlier before the machine charges straight towards the lion head of the machine and drives both weapons into it before activating the chain to tear the Lemures apart from within. + Mar 16 22:39:25 [Steam] The missiles swarming out would find themselves quickly intercepted... Interitus's buffing helping speed the rate of fire for the beam pistols. And to add to it, the Capra joins in as well... effectively leaving the Lemures completely defenseless as- Mar 16 22:39:29 [Steam] Edel: "no!" Mar 16 22:41:01 [Steam] Spears, chainsaws, blades, and cannons all tore through the massive machine. Its charging cannon fizzling and dying from the onslaught of damage inflicted. Mar 16 22:41:15 [Steam] Edel: "I refuse... I refuse to accept this! As the rightful sovereign I REFUUUUUUUSE!" Mar 16 22:41:33 [Corel] Seta: "..." Mar 16 22:42:02 [Steam] By the time you all are done, the Lemures is still... somehow standing. Mar 16 22:42:03 [Steam] Barely. Mar 16 22:42:44 [Tengu] Asagi: "..." Watching her throw a tantrum like that is not a pleasant sight. Mar 16 22:42:53 [Steam] The smoldering wreck of the machine teeters dangerously. "... I'm the rightful sovereign of the world... I will bring peace and tranquility through law and order...." Mar 16 22:43:05 [Steam] "... I'm the rightful sovereign of the world... I will bring peace and tranquility through law and order..." Mar 16 22:43:59 [Steam] ???: "Sounding like a broken doll." Mar 16 22:44:06 [Steam] "... As to be expected." Mar 16 22:44:06 [Corel] Seta: "Please stop-" Mar 16 22:44:34 [Steam] A figure stands in the battlefield, clad in black, and familiar to some of you. Mar 16 22:45:03 [Steam] The Black Charisma. Mar 16 22:45:05 [Steam] ( ) Mar 16 22:45:36 [Steam] Black Charisma: "It has certainly been some time, hasn't it?" Mar 16 22:45:51 [Aero] Willis: "You..." Mar 16 22:45:55 [Cubey] Setsuko: "... It's you." Mar 16 22:45:57 [Steam] "But now, at the finale... I suppose you're wondering who I could be." Mar 16 22:46:04 [Cubey] Setsuko: "We met once before." Mar 16 22:46:40 [Steam] "And I can't blame you for being confused, as that was my intent. But since we're here..." Mar 16 22:46:54 [Steam] And with that, the Black Charisma goes and takes off the mask revealing... Mar 16 22:46:59 [Steam] Someone you've never seen before. Mar 16 22:47:07 [Steam] ( ???: ) Mar 16 22:47:19 [Steam] Black Charisma: "Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Mar 16 22:47:25 [Steam] "SOMEONE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE!" Mar 16 22:47:37 [Terra] Kei: "...Seriously?" Mar 16 22:47:45 [Aero] Willis:"...huh?" Mar 16 22:48:01 [Jockey] "Wha-?" Mar 16 22:48:04 [Tengu] Asagi: "...I guess that's how it usually goes in real life..." Mar 16 22:48:06 [Cubey] Setsuko: "... Who are you?" Mar 16 22:48:09 [Steam] Mar 16 22:48:11 [Corel] Seta: Mar 16 22:48:54 [Corel] Seta: "...It is true. I have never seen him before." Mar 16 22:48:55 [Cubey] Setsuko: "At least he admits it..." Mar 16 22:49:34 [Steam] ???: "Why, I'm a happy salesman... a genius scientist... even a hard working TA..." Mar 16 22:49:45 [Steam] "You can call me... the..." Mar 16 22:50:03 [Steam] "... Hmmmm, let's go with 'Jii Edel Bernal'!" Mar 16 22:50:30 [Steam] Edel: "What? You take my name?!?" Mar 16 22:50:33 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Aren't you copying someone else's name?" Mar 16 22:50:44 [Steam] The Lemures seems to stir, its repairing powers giving new, if fragile life to the machine. Mar 16 22:50:49 [Jockey] " 'The Edel Bernal'? " Mar 16 22:51:07 [Steam] "It's 'Jii'!" Mar 16 22:51:33 [Steam] "Come on, haven't you ever tacked a 'G' onto something's name to make it sound cooler than a crappier version?" Mar 16 22:51:43 [Steam] "... Oh wait. None of Saotome's boys are here. Drat." Mar 16 22:51:52 [Jockey] "... Nnno?" Mar 16 22:51:54 [Aero] Willis: "I think you'd need an X on top of that..." Mar 16 22:52:02 [Terra] Kei: "..." Mar 16 22:52:06 [Tengu] Asagi: "...This guy can't be for real." Mar 16 22:52:14 [Steam] Xine: "Wait... you're..." Mar 16 22:52:24 [Corel] Seta: "I am...truly confused..." Mar 16 22:52:33 [Steam] The Lemures levels a drill arm at "Jii". Mar 16 22:52:42 [Steam] "This is... an absolute afront to me-" Mar 16 22:52:57 [Steam] Jii: "But... I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEE YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!" Mar 16 22:53:15 [Steam] "Oh and turn around three times in your cockpit and then back like a dog!" Mar 16 22:53:21 [Steam] A moment later. Mar 16 22:53:27 [Steam] Edel: "Woof." Mar 16 22:53:30 [Terra] Kei: "Where did this guy even come from?" Mar 16 22:53:34 [Steam] "... What did you do. WHat did you do?!?" Mar 16 22:53:40 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I don't know but..." Mar 16 22:53:46 [Jockey] "Did she actually just-?" Mar 16 22:53:53 [Cubey] Setsuko: "He's ordering her around?" Mar 16 22:54:21 [Tengu] Asagi: "..." Mar 16 22:54:30 [Steam] Jii: "Oh that was just a simple little 'Binding Spell'. Such a wonderful way to boss around such a powerful woman even as she was walking all over me!" Mar 16 22:54:32 [Steam] "Even literally!" Mar 16 22:55:07 [Steam] In a flash, "Jii" is gone... replaced with just the regular mad scientist Jii Babel, laughing gleefully. Mar 16 22:55:22 [Jockey] "You're that guy who.. who-... UGHK!" Mar 16 22:55:42 [Corel] Seta: "...So...they were the same person..." Mar 16 22:55:45 [Steam] "Ohohohoho... my mistress is so wonderfully cruel... and such a wonderful way of getting the real party here started ohohohoho!" Mar 16 22:55:52 [Cubey] Setsuko: "There is something seriously wrong going on here..." Mar 16 22:55:54 [Steam] "Mmmmm... and that's right!" Mar 16 22:55:57 [Tengu] Asagi: "...It was you. It was you all along." Mar 16 22:56:01 [Corel] Seta looks at Kei here. Kei can make sense of it right? Mar 16 22:56:02 [Jockey] And Interitus takes a step backwards. Mar 16 22:56:33 [Steam] Returning to the bishonen form, Jii grins. Mar 16 22:56:34 [Terra] No, Kei can't make sense of any of this anymore than anybody else Mar 16 22:56:39 [Jockey] "T.. s..something's wrong ... something's really wrong..." Mar 16 22:56:50 [Corel] Seta: Mar 16 22:56:55 [Aero] Willis: "This person...he's dangerous..." Mar 16 22:56:59 [Steam] "Oh stop acting like it's so hard to change your appearance! The sky's the limit with a little bit of Dimensional Power!" Mar 16 22:57:11 [Jockey] " 'Teritus.... you're... you're scared of this guy?" Mar 16 22:57:21 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Dimensional Power?" Mar 16 22:57:33 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Do you have a Sphere as well? Is this... what a Sphere lets you do?" Mar 16 22:57:50 [Cubey] Toby: "I hope it doesn't turn you into a total nutcase too!" Mar 16 22:57:59 [Steam] "You can make all kinds of chaos happen all the time this way... and make Miss Perfect Leader do anything I want!" Mar 16 22:58:28 [Steam] Laughing all the more, Jii seemingly doesn't notice as the Lemures moves to finally make good on running him through with a drill. Mar 16 22:58:54 [Steam] ... Instead, it's the Lemures that gets impaled as an even larger machine runs it through with a staff, appearing in a flash! Mar 16 22:59:04 [Steam] Mar 16 22:59:23 [Steam] (Chaos Lemures: ) Mar 16 22:59:41 [Steam] Edel: "No-no...!" Mar 16 22:59:51 [Jockey] "!!!" Mar 16 22:59:53 [Corel] Seta: "...!" Mar 16 23:00:03 [Cubey] Setsuko: "No..." The Virgola looks up at the new massive arrival. Mar 16 23:00:06 [Corel] Just when she'd noticed what Volya was saying too. Mar 16 23:00:15 [Steam] Jii Edel Bernal: "Awwww, bye bye, dolly! BYE BYE!" Mar 16 23:00:16 [Aero] Willis: "We can't underestimate him..." Mar 16 23:00:34 [Steam] A beam of light erupts from the Chaos Lemures's staff, and in an instant... the vanilla Lemures is gone. Mar 16 23:00:48 [Aero] Willis: "Just like that..." Mar 16 23:00:53 [Cubey] Setsuko: "It was all your fault, wasn't it? All the chaos... you're really enjoying it!" Mar 16 23:01:12 [Steam] "Bingo!" Mar 16 23:01:23 [Steam] The Chaos Lemures snaps its fingers even as Jii does as well. Mar 16 23:01:27 [Corel] Seta: "That is the source...?" Mar 16 23:01:36 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Why? All of it just for fun?" Mar 16 23:01:39 [Steam] "All these nutcases hatching crazy schemes to take control of the world... that's too much of a bother!" Mar 16 23:01:53 [Cubey] Setsuko: "At least Bernal had a real motivation!" Mar 16 23:02:22 [Steam] "Taxes, infrastcture, election campaigns, scandals... aaaaaaaaah there's suuuuuuuuch a long list of things that come with it!" Mar 16 23:02:47 [Aero] Willis: "Then...are you even going to fight us?" Mar 16 23:02:56 [Terra] Kei: "How did you do something like that?" Mar 16 23:03:08 [Steam] "But set a few crazy people in the right places and BAMMO! You actually get a decent show to watch if you didn't forget the popcorn!" Mar 16 23:03:39 [Jockey] "...Th... that's twisted..." Mar 16 23:04:03 [Tengu] Asagi: "All of this is just a show for you? Do you know how many people died?" Mar 16 23:04:09 [Corel] Seta: "It is wrong." Mar 16 23:04:14 [Steam] Jii: "Well, maybe I won't fight you..." Mar 16 23:04:20 [Steam] "... But things have sorta come to a head!" Mar 16 23:04:40 [Steam] "And after that big speech I can't imagine you guys just deciding to let me keep doing what I'm doing." Mar 16 23:05:12 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Are we so predictable?" Mar 16 23:05:22 [Steam] "Besides... with everything still on the horizon, I can't just let you guys play cleanup and ruin all the fun there's left to be had." Mar 16 23:05:46 [Steam] (Setsuko, Willis, and Volya, go) Mar 16 23:05:49 [Terra] Kei: "...Can't we just attack? This guy seems to give us all a headache." Mar 16 23:06:16 [Tengu] Asagi: "I must agree." Mar 16 23:06:23 [Cubey] Setsuko: "He's the one behind it all. It feels like he's only toying with us..." Mar 16 23:06:44 [Cubey] Setsuko: "But even if he's really powerful, he's not the only one with Dimensional Power..." Mar 16 23:07:00 [Jockey] "Setsuko...." Mar 16 23:07:28 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I'm sorry Volya. It was supposed to end, but it feels like we're going to fight some more forever." Mar 16 23:07:36 [Cubey] Setsuko: "No. It'll end now, for sure!" Mar 16 23:08:50 [Cubey] *The Nautilus Carver's orb flashes green, and the weapon shoots a mighty barrage of armor piercing turret rounds towards the drills and extremities of Chaos Lemures. These won't be used to attack again if Setsuko can help it!+ Mar 16 23:10:34 [Jockey] ".... 'Teritus... I know you're scared... but we can't run away if we can do anything to help.. so..." Mar 16 23:10:38 [Jockey] "Lets help." Mar 16 23:11:06 [Aero] * "At the very least it'll be one less person messing things up..." With his weapons already formed Strahlend charges at the Chaos Lemures, attempting to drive the two blades into the head of the machine. If it worked on the smaller machine he had to at least try this option. & Mar 16 23:11:47 [Jockey] *Interitus lets loose with several energy ribbons to accompany the turret shots from the Virgola! Seeking to chase after the shots and make whatever they strike even more damaged!+ Mar 16 23:23:06 [Steam] [Setsuko, Volya, and Willis] In contrast to before though... your attacks strike against a warding barrier, with only a fraction of the force getting through. "And here you were expecting my Chaos Lemures to be the same as Edel's own crappy version?" Segments from the machine's spear broke off, flying at all three of you! Mar 16 23:23:46 [Steam] Willis, you're the only one close, and you've managed to make, at least for the moment, a breach in the Chaos Lemures's shields! But you got an attack coming in at you too so whatever you have planned, do it quick! Mar 16 23:23:55 [Steam] (React: Setsuko and Volya. Willis can continue) Mar 16 23:24:06 [Steam] (Asagi, Seta, and Kei can act) Mar 16 23:24:54 [Jockey] *With that incoming threat Interitus is quickly manuevering through the air in a frantic bid to get away from the attack!+ Mar 16 23:26:25 [Steam] [Volya] One of the spikes shoots past behind you... too close though! Part of Interitus's back gets torn off as it grazes by! Mar 16 23:26:34 [Cubey] *The Virgola won't be impaled by a flying spear piece! Setsuko takes off to the skies and flees the remote weapon.+ Mar 16 23:27:33 [Aero] * Instead of backing off Willis tosses his secondary blade towards the spear flying towards him while continuing to drive his remaining weapon deeper through the Chaos Lemures' shield to reach the machine itself. + Mar 16 23:27:40 [Jockey] There's a barely suppressed hiss of pain... but he's had worse... Mar 16 23:27:50 [Terra] * "Willis has shown that the barrier can be breached with sufficient force and doesn't close immediately. Seta, follow this path to stay out of sight to concentrate on shooting around here to create an opening. Asagi, once Seta fires, fire through the opening as well before it closes again." + Mar 16 23:28:27 [Steam] [Setsuko] The piece zooms in, closer and closer, before... "A-ah!" Jii almost cries out in mock (or possibly real, knowing him) shock before it slips by the Nautilus Carver! Mar 16 23:28:32 [Steam] Jii: "Whew..." Mar 16 23:28:57 [Tengu] Asagi: "I didn't expect this fight to be easy. Doesn't mean I will give up." Blue One flies over the enemy boss, bombarding it with a few remaining missiles and a long barrage from its heavy machinegun. Asagi tries to land behind the Edel, at which point he uses the opportunity to charge up his beam cannon and fire again! + Mar 16 23:29:05 [Steam] "... After all of the work I got to do on that!" Mar 16 23:29:33 [Steam] "It would've been really sucky if I accidentally trashed it!" Mar 16 23:29:50 [Corel] *Seta nods at Purple-2 before weaving past the allied fighters and their large opponent. When at the designated spot, she fires a blast of swirling light from Union's palm to create the opening needed!+ Mar 16 23:30:36 [Steam] [Willis] Your secondary blade gets knocked aside almost immediately, but it does slightly turn the course of Jii's own attack, giving you time to stab into the machine! "O-OOOH BABY YES!" Mar 16 23:30:45 [Steam] "W-wait a second!" Mar 16 23:30:48 [Steam] Jii makes a double take. Mar 16 23:31:19 [Steam] "On the battlefield with a snake girl, a plant girl, an ill girl, and a cow girl, the first one to get up and close with me is one of the guys?!?" Mar 16 23:31:41 [Steam] "But you know what? Doesn't matter! I LOOOOOVE AAAAAAAAAAAAAALLL OOOOOOOF YOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUU!!!!!" Mar 16 23:33:20 [Aero] Willis: "Ghh what are you!?" Mar 16 23:34:15 [Corel] Seta: "..." Mar 16 23:34:32 [Steam] [Seta and Asagi] Seta's precise shot manages to punch through, helped by Asagi's own attacks straining the barrier... catching the machine in its chest! Mar 16 23:34:41 [Tengu] Asagi: "I'm not happy to hear that confession..." Mar 16 23:34:42 [Steam] (Asagi, you can take your Kei action now) Mar 16 23:35:13 [Corel] Seta: "It was not what I was expecting, either..." Mar 16 23:35:20 [Tengu] * Going to the side, Asagi fires a second beam shot to the opening created by Seta, before skedaddling out of there! + Mar 16 23:35:22 [Steam] (Setsuko, Willis, and Volya, go now) Mar 16 23:35:29 [Jockey] "I don't think I should be hearing any of this..." Mar 16 23:37:19 [Steam] [Asagi] The second strike hits home, doing more damage to the Chaos Lemures. Not that Jii is bothered by it at all and instead just thrusts his spear out to try to skewer Blue One! Mar 16 23:37:23 [Steam] (React: Asagi) Mar 16 23:39:03 [Jockey] *Focus.... if there's a barrier than they've got to hit it with everything they got. Interitus' wings spread to their full span as she unleashes a torrent of cascading energy that incidentally looked like a rapidly expanding field of flowers towards the Chaos Lemures that terminates into a whirlwind of glowing petals. That explode into even more wi Mar 16 23:39:03 [Jockey] ld surges of energy.+ Mar 16 23:39:53 [Tengu] * Asagi already started to put distance between himself and the opponent, and he'll just continue to do that. Evasion seems like a better choice here, Chaos Lemures is much too large to block its physical strike like that! + Mar 16 23:41:45 [Aero] * Strahlend continues it's very slow dissection of the Chaos Lemures, revving up the chain of the blade again before dragging across the Chaos Lemures in order to deepen the damage he was able to inflict. + Mar 16 23:41:49 [Steam] [Asagi and Volya] Jii gives up before long on striking your machine, mostly because the staff turns instead to face Volya and Interitus. "Aaaaah, and that's right." Space in front of the staff begins to ripple... a portal breaking open to reveal a massive disgusting sludge of eyes and viscera. "You two had to struggle with that whole Sidereal Ta Mar 16 23:41:49 [Steam] pestry issue..." Mar 16 23:42:03 [Steam] "Funny thing about that..." Mar 16 23:42:24 [Steam] "In one world, would you imagine that... that whole prediction was true!" Mar 16 23:42:38 [Jockey] "!!" Mar 16 23:42:54 [Jockey] "S... so what?!" Mar 16 23:42:58 [Steam] It can't really be called a beam, more a massive, disgusting stream of vileness, blasting out and easily overpowering Interitus's own attack like it was nothing! Mar 16 23:43:05 [Steam] (React: Volya) Mar 16 23:44:08 [Jockey] *Moving up might not be an option... so they go down! Down into the earth to dig into the dark hopefully where that vileness can't chase.+ Mar 16 23:44:08 [Corel] Seta: "Volya, watch out!" Mar 16 23:44:22 [Jockey] "Its not true here and now!" Mar 16 23:45:18 [Steam] [Willis] With the upper body focusing on attacking Volya, Jii instead has the Chaos Lemures's lion-part underbody reaer up! The chainsword gets caught in its mouth, claws slashing down at the Strahlend! Mar 16 23:45:21 [Steam] (React: Willis) Mar 16 23:45:42 [Steam] "And you Mr. Willis... ha, now that I think about it, it just fits too well! Me always changing my face, and you..." Mar 16 23:45:49 [Steam] "... How many years have you had the exact same one now?" Mar 16 23:47:09 [Aero] * Strahlend recalls its second blade at the last moment and raises it in a last second attempt to block the claw. + Mar 16 23:47:58 [Aero] Willis: "I'm guessing you already know the answer so why bother asking." Mar 16 23:48:14 [Steam] [Jockey] Interitus digs into the ground, burrowing deep as the sludge streams across the surface above you before vanishing into another portal. You avoid the worst of it, but the disgusting essence still seems into the ground above you and... even if it is not damage, something about it... *hurts*. Mar 16 23:48:34 [Steam] (Asagi, Seta, and Kei) Mar 16 23:48:51 [Steam] Jii: "Hmmph! With a mentality like that why bother making kids take tests in school!" Mar 16 23:49:11 [Steam] "I'll be sure to let PTA groups around the world know you hate education!" Mar 16 23:49:27 [Cubey] Setsuko: "You know a lot about everyone here... but why did you help with Virgola? It made sense for Asakim - but why you?" Mar 16 23:49:32 [Jockey] That was definitely not an attack to be taken on. There were sounds of fear and pain from them both. Mar 16 23:50:33 [Cubey] *Jii is about to find out how powerful the unit really become, as a powerful charged shot falls down from above on Lemures' head, a rain of shimmering sparks lighting up the surroundings.+ Mar 16 23:50:44 [Steam] [Willis] The claw swings up, struggling against the blade but failing to get past it in tmie! Mar 16 23:51:38 [Aero] Willis: "Just barely..." Mar 16 23:51:41 [Corel] *With Willis engaging at close range, Seta takes the opportunity to attack. Blades of light fire upon the giant enemy from a different angle than Setsuko's!+ Mar 16 23:52:07 [Steam] [Setsuko] "Oh well THAT's simple. How could I finish the Chaos Lemures's artificial Sphere without getting at least a decent look at an original!" Mar 16 23:52:08 [Aero] He's sure that the blade is ready to shatter at any time after blocking an attack of that magnitude. Mar 16 23:52:33 [Cubey] Setsuko: "You're using a fake?!" Mar 16 23:52:50 [Steam] The shots rain down on the Lemures's head, breaching the the shield before the machine swings it's spear up, sending more destructive beams right back at the Virgola! Mar 16 23:52:56 [Steam] (React: Setsuko!) Mar 16 23:53:44 [Steam] "Bingo! But nothing wrong with still wanting the original... because hey! There's still so much I want to do still!" Mar 16 23:54:03 [Steam] "When you're being chased by something, who cares about 'don't walk' signs or red lights?" Mar 16 23:54:08 [Tengu] Asagi: "That's not... gah. This guy is making my head hurt!" Blue One attacks from the side again, throwing its spear at the enemy's flank - and immediately rushes in after that, katana in one hand! Grabbing the polearm after it (hopefully) hits, Asagi starts hitting the enemy in succession with both blades, moving around him and aiming for the already damaged segments! + Mar 16 23:54:25 [Steam] ".And since you're not doing that, why not run over some fruit stands or take candy from babies while you're at it!" Mar 16 23:54:48 [Terra] * Everybody knew what to do and there weren't any obvious weakpoints to attack. Instead Kei kept careful track of the fight and what was going on, keeping her weapons aimed at the Chaos Lemures at all time, then the second somebody else punched a hole through its barrier she unloaded everything, including her electrified spikes into it. + Mar 16 23:55:27 [Cubey] Setsuko: "If you can do so much with a copy, I definitely can't let you get your hands on the original, no matter what!" *The Virgola starts to dodge furiously, while getting further away from the enemy - but still in the air, hoping Jii is distracted enough for others to strike at him while blindsided.+ Mar 16 23:56:48 [Corel] Seta: "Wait...being chased?" Mar 16 23:57:00 [Steam] [Seta and Kei] Your attacks coincide, with Jii too focused on Setsuko to do anything to you... at least at first. "Aah... and so now the romantic rivals gang up on me! I wonder if Izuru'd be willing to change places with me!" Purple-2's shots soften up joints, and Seta's own tears them clean off. An arm of the Chaos Lemures is torn clean off! Mar 16 23:57:13 [Steam] ... But it's fast regenerating. Mar 16 23:57:37 [Cubey] Setsuko: "It's a figure of speech..." Mar 16 23:59:01 [Jockey] "... I really hope it is..." Mar 16 23:59:14 [Jockey] "I don't want to know what'd make someone like this run away..." Mar 16 23:59:32 [Corel] Seta: "That...I have no such relation with Izuru any more..." Mar 16 23:59:54 [Corel] And now she just feels both embarrassed and awkward. Mar 17 00:00:13 [Steam] [Setsuko and Asagi] The Virgola moves to try to dodge... but a seemingly random shot wings the flight unit, sending the machine into a spiral with the damaged device straining to keep the Virgola airborne! "Ahaha! And don't forget I'm the one who helped make that for you, Setsuko baby! My own creations never betray their mphooo!" His rant was cu Mar 17 00:00:13 [Steam] t short as Asagi starts piling up the damage from behind! Mar 17 00:00:39 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Aah, I'm losing altitude!" Mar 17 00:00:50 [Terra] Kei: "Regardless of that, Set's my friend." Mar 17 00:01:40 [Steam] (Setsuko, Willis, and Volya) Mar 17 00:01:51 [Corel] Seta: "Kei..." Mar 17 00:01:58 [Corel] Well, she's right. Mar 17 00:02:31 [Steam] Jii: "Haha... oh with you saying that... Izuru really OUGHT to be here!" Mar 17 00:03:16 [Cubey] Toby: "Hey." Mar 17 00:03:28 [Cubey] Toby: "Guess what isn't your creation, you prick!" Mar 17 00:03:56 [Jockey] *Interitus is going to bust out of the ground as painful as it probably would to quickly aid Setsuko, sending several energy ribbons into the Chaos Lemures' eyes!+ Mar 17 00:04:00 [Cubey] The two Virgola units simultaneously strike at Lemures' feet - with Toby's barley scythe slashing across the ground, while Denzel just slams his Gunnery Carver into it. Mar 17 00:04:38 [Cubey] Xine: "So, you enjoy this? Don't worry, there's plenty more where it came from!" *She follows up the combo with energy blasts from the Caper's hands towards damaged Lemures parts.+ Mar 17 00:07:17 [Aero] *And with the Virgola's attacking the feet that leaves Strahlend free to dissolve his second weapon and transform his remaining one into a nanothorn blade to cut apart the molecular bonds of whatever he slashed at, no longer content with just relying on simple sharpness to do the job. + Mar 17 00:10:58 [Steam] [NPCs and Willis] The Chaos Lemures's leg gets demolished from the threefold assault even as Willis manages to finally cleave through that humongous Lion head! But - "Well... you're not TOTALLY correct there! Xiney's Eliphias is one of mine... of course it's long since been worthless in the long run. Oh well... you haven't really started being h Mar 17 00:10:58 [Steam] onest enough anyways until now! So... LET'S GO... D-FALL 2000!" Mar 17 00:11:46 [Steam] Unlike the D-Maelstrom from before, the buildup and release of energy from the Chaos Lemures starts sudden and starts hitting immediately, with the first people facing it being those that had moved in for melee! Mar 17 00:12:16 [Steam] ... The only saving grace though is... Mar 17 00:12:46 [Steam] [Volya] The suddenly striking energy ribbons strike the Lemures's eyes... throwing off the focus of the attack! Mar 17 00:12:47 [Steam] (React, Setsuko's friends, Asagi, and Willis!) Mar 17 00:12:58 [Steam] (After which, Asagi can take his action, and Seta and Kei can also act) Mar 17 00:13:12 [Cubey] Setsuko: "..." Mar 17 00:13:14 [Cubey] # Everyone Mar 17 00:13:27 [Steam] (Go for it) Mar 17 00:15:29 [Cubey] *Jii isn't the only one who fired an attack without a longer buildup. Setsuko's Carver starts to run dry despite the Sphere powering it. Another Vi Straight Turret beam is shot out quickly - it lacks power compared to the Glory Star, but... Mar 17 00:16:15 [Cubey] *It's not the Lemures that is the target! Rather, the beam carves a path under its feet, with two goals - to make it stumble on the newly created opening, and to create an obstacle for the spreading area attack.+ Mar 17 00:17:39 [Corel] The words this person was saying were as much a weapon as his giant machine, and while Seta realizes no one would fall for them, she is actually pretty bothered by things like that being exposed... Mar 17 00:18:36 [Tengu] Asagi: "Setsuko... thanks!" He tries to use the advantage she created in order to jump towards a deadzone that the area attack won't reach. His beam cannon is already charging - as soon as Asagi gets the opportunity to act, he fires three times, aiming for the head of the gigantic opponent! + Mar 17 00:18:40 [Steam] [Setsuko] And at first. "Aha... oh dear are you going blind again with aim like that?!?" Jii doesn't realize what's happening, or the sizable ditch offering cover for everyone close! Mar 17 00:18:46 [Tengu] (both react and action here) Mar 17 00:20:10 [Aero] * With the opening created WIllis instead tries to get behind the Chaos Lemures in order to both evade the attack and expose the hopefully vulnerable back of the machine. + Mar 17 00:21:03 [Cubey] Setsuko: "..." Not going to comment on that, but she thinks the same thing Seta did. Mar 17 00:22:04 [Terra] * An opening had been created and it seemed like they were overwhelming their enemy. With how its barrier worked, pitching in to overwhelm it with firepower was the obviously right choice and once again, Kei unloaded everything on the enemy before it was too late. + Mar 17 00:22:06 [Steam] [Asagi and Willis] You slip under tosafety, and Blue One's cannon gives Jii an answer to Setsuko and Seta don't have to. The Chaos Lemures's entire head and neck are blown clean away! Mar 17 00:23:14 [Tengu] Asagi: "Did I get him? Maybe now he'll shut up..." Mar 17 00:23:42 [Jockey] "... I don't think we're ever that lucky..." Mar 17 00:23:45 [Aero] Willis: "No...judging from what happened to its arm earlier..." Mar 17 00:24:53 [Corel] *While the others were engaged against Chaos Lemures, Seta quietly removes one of the earrings she has been wearing ever since she came back. She joins in on the ranged assault on Chaos Lemures by firing what looks like a thin, focused beam!+ Mar 17 00:25:32 [Steam] [Seta and Kei] And once more you make an unlikely tag-team, hammering the Chaos Lemures with everything you have... Seta's beam piercing clean through the machine! Mar 17 00:26:01 [Steam] There is a decisive explosion on the inside of the Lemures, the machine seeming to slump forward for just a moment. But then... Mar 17 00:26:21 [Steam] Jii: "Haaaa... well that was exciting!" Mar 17 00:26:36 [Steam] "... But I can't keep doing this all day! Fighting all the time gets exhausting!" Mar 17 00:26:37 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Are you still enjoying yourself?" Mar 17 00:27:08 [Steam] Mar 17 00:27:11 [Cubey] Even like this... Mar 17 00:27:24 [Cubey] He is still not taking it seriously? Mar 17 00:27:30 [Steam] "Well, I'm trying... but I think I've had enough fun for now. So!" Mar 17 00:27:45 [Steam] "Let's just skip the whole self-repair bit this time and REALLY go all out!" Mar 17 00:28:14 [Steam] With a snap of his fingers, the Chaos Lemures just seems to... suddenly start swapping out parts. A ruined arm vanishes, only to be replaced with a fresh one. Mar 17 00:28:43 [Steam] The stump of its neck disappears, only for a new one to take its place with a head to boot! Mar 17 00:28:57 [Steam] And Edel's looking really happy as he just suddenly gives a high-five to empty air! Mar 17 00:29:01 [Steam] "Awesome, great job alternate mes!" Mar 17 00:29:23 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Alternate?" Mar 17 00:29:27 [Steam] "Donating parts from your Chaos Lemures's is totally great! Be sure to write it off on your taxes if taxes still exist in your dimensions!" Mar 17 00:29:40 [Steam] "And well duuuuuh." Mar 17 00:29:42 [Tengu] Asagi: "...This can't be for real." Mar 17 00:29:51 [Steam] "There's an alternate Toby and Denzel right here, so why can't there be alternate mes?" Mar 17 00:29:54 [Aero] Willis: "Is he talking to alternate versions of himself..." Mar 17 00:29:54 [Cubey] Setsuko: "You're cannibalizing your alternate selves?" Mar 17 00:30:07 [Corel] Seta: "..." Mar 17 00:30:09 [Steam] "Well why not! I'd do it for them!" Mar 17 00:30:20 [Steam] "But..." Mar 17 00:30:21 [Cubey] Toby: "Can't say I was that close to any other Toby, y'know..." Mar 17 00:30:30 [Steam] Energy begins to build up from the Lemures again! Mar 17 00:30:36 [Steam] "How about I just give you a first hand demonstration!" Mar 17 00:31:40 [Steam] The Chaos Lemures raises its staff in the sky, dimensional power streaming forth to open up a much, much more massive hole... inside only a garish neverspace, sucking anything too light and not tied down right into it! Mar 17 00:32:11 [Steam] "Let's just do what I did... on an even BIGGER scale!" Mar 17 00:32:39 [Terra] Kei: "..." Mar 17 00:32:42 [Steam] "A big copy and paste... merging a whole bunch of realities together!" Mar 17 00:33:02 [Steam] "Look on the bright side... maybe you'll be free of Loni! Isn't this totally a small price to pay for that?" Mar 17 00:33:02 [Jockey] "...!!!" Mar 17 00:33:24 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Merging realities? No..." Mar 17 00:33:38 [Cubey] Setsuko: "It was dangerous enough when I... I mean..." Mar 17 00:33:40 [Aero] Willis: "What will happen if he finishes..." Mar 17 00:33:42 [Cubey] She cannot bring herself to say it. Mar 17 00:33:45 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Tempting... But no! This will only end in a disaster!" Mar 17 00:33:46 [Steam] Laughing in glee, the Lemures pours in more power... the portal growing even larger. Mar 17 00:34:11 [Steam] Now even your machines are being slowly pulled up towards it. Mar 17 00:34:21 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ah! Hold on tight!" Mar 17 00:34:42 [Aero] Willis: "...." Mar 17 00:34:54 [Cubey] The Virgola lands and tries to brace itself. Mar 17 00:34:57 [Terra] Kei: "The scale of destruction...How many people from different worlds will have to die for it...?" Mar 17 00:35:13 [Jockey] Interitus quickly lashes out several vines to the ground as tethers, before launching out even more to anyone within reach... but this probably wouldn't be a good long run solution at all... Mar 17 00:35:17 [Corel] Seta: "One world was not enough for you..." Mar 17 00:35:20 [Steam] "Iunno" Mar 17 00:35:22 [Steam] Jii shrugs. Mar 17 00:35:24 [Tengu] Asagi: "Don't let it swallow you!" Blue One's thrusters engage to push it in the opposite direction. Mar 17 00:35:26 [Aero] Willis: "How many will he take..." Mar 17 00:35:52 [Steam] Jii: "Oh come on... like you're one to talk about taking and losing things." Mar 17 00:35:55 [Cubey] Setsuko: "What you've taken is already too many!" Mar 17 00:35:56 [Jockey] "There's got to be something we can do...!" Mar 17 00:36:14 [Aero] Willis: "..." Mar 17 00:37:20 [Terra] Kei: "I'll try to find the cockpit and we can see if we can destroy it..." Mar 17 00:37:41 [Aero] Willis: "No..." Mar 17 00:37:50 [Aero] Willis: "Kei, you have to find where the fake sphere is" Mar 17 00:37:53 [Cubey] Setsuko: "We don't have much time, please..." Mar 17 00:37:56 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Oh?" Mar 17 00:38:00 [Steam] Fortunately Kei... Mar 17 00:38:04 [Steam] The Sphere is easy to find. Mar 17 00:38:23 [Steam] After all, it's the thing powering all of this, and it's a duplicate of what's in Setsuko's Carver. Mar 17 00:38:39 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Yes! If we get rid of it somehow, these effects will cease!" Mar 17 00:39:08 [Steam] Jii: "Really?!?" Mar 17 00:39:14 [Cubey] She aims with the Nautilus Carver - only for it to start discharging energy in a smoking cloud instead of any kind of controlled beam, the green sphere shining brightly as it reacts. Mar 17 00:39:24 [Steam] "You're really going to try to take HIS advice on trying to fix things and NOT lose everything?" Mar 17 00:39:25 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ah, hurry!" Mar 17 00:39:35 [Steam] "Excuse me but that's so funny I forgot to not laugh AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Mar 17 00:39:50 [Tengu] Asagi: "Shut up!" Mar 17 00:40:20 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Willis has a good idea, we just have to..." Mar 17 00:40:32 [Corel] Seta: "Do not speak of Willis like that!" Mar 17 00:40:32 [Jockey] "Willis has more things worth listening to than you do... you... you..." Mar 17 00:40:33 [Terra] Kei: "It is...We just need to figure out how to actually destroy it." Mar 17 00:40:45 [Jockey] "You gigantic derp!" Mar 17 00:40:50 [Steam] Jii: "Oh you're grasping at straws! This is just going to be the start of a new history! A wonderful black history...! Too bad this isn't February!" Mar 17 00:41:14 [Aero] Willis: "If we're not careful we're just going to be absorbed into that portal." Mar 17 00:42:13 [Aero] Willis: "That's it..." Mar 17 00:42:36 [Aero] #Everyone from the portal? Mar 17 00:42:51 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Willis? What are you doing?" Mar 17 00:43:24 [Aero] Willis: "....sorry." Mar 17 00:43:28 [Steam] (Go) Mar 17 00:44:33 [Corel] Seta doesn't like the sound of that either. Mar 17 00:45:21 [Aero] * And instead of trying to get away from the portal Strahlend's wings open up and the machine makes a mad charge towards the Chaos Lemures. He had seen it before, Setsuko's sphere reaction if it was anything similar then the fake sphere would be easy to find. With Quicksilver drawn the machine strikes at the point where the dimensional reaction was strongest. Mar 17 00:46:19 [Corel] Seta: "Ah...?! Wait!" Mar 17 00:46:37 [Steam] And suddenly mid-laugh, Jii cries out in shock as the Lemures is impales. "W-what?!?" Mar 17 00:46:41 [Aero] He had to disrupt the fake sphere...that was the only way to stop this and he was sure of that. + Mar 17 00:46:52 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Willis, no!" Mar 17 00:46:57 [Aero] Willis: "Hah....looks like I was right..." Mar 17 00:47:03 [Tengu] Asagi: "Willis!" Mar 17 00:47:12 [Jockey] "Willis!" Mar 17 00:47:13 [Steam] The machine's staff falls, the portal ceasing to grow... but at the same time both machines were beginning to flow up into the portal itself! Mar 17 00:47:17 [Aero] Willis: "It's out of your control now also..." Mar 17 00:47:38 [Steam] Jii: "You... you stupid insane homewrecker...! Dimensionwrecker even!" Mar 17 00:47:57 [Corel] Seta: "No...!" Mar 17 00:47:59 [Aero] Willis: "Who knows where we'll end up Jii...." Mar 17 00:48:17 [Aero] Willis: "Maybe we won't even be ourselves." Mar 17 00:48:19 [Steam] Unstable dimensional energy flooded out of the Chaos Lumeres from its wounds, its Sphere fast growing critical! Mar 17 00:48:26 [Terra] Kei: "..." Another death, even as they'd hoped to stuff people from hurting Setsuko... Mar 17 00:48:44 [Jockey] "Willis! That's enough! Get out of there! Please!" Mar 17 00:49:10 [Steam] Jii: "This... this is some kinda joke right! You're doing this because of the dimensional barriers that stuck you in La Gias right?!?" Mar 17 00:49:10 [Cubey] Setsuko: "You said I didn't have to worry any more! There must be another way!" Mar 17 00:49:18 [Cubey] But it's too late. Mar 17 00:49:21 [Cubey] She can't do anything. Mar 17 00:49:39 [Cubey] Setsuko: "My future... I thought I had no future..." Mar 17 00:49:43 [Cubey] Or can she? Mar 17 00:49:51 [Cubey] Setsuko: "But..." Mar 17 00:50:08 [Cubey] "I was wrong." Mar 17 00:50:11 [Cubey] Mar 17 00:50:16 [Aero] Willis: "...Setsuko...don't you don't have to use the sphere anymore." Mar 17 00:50:57 [Cubey] Setsuko: "This isn't just for me. This is for my future - for everyone's future." Mar 17 00:51:10 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I will show you what a real Sphere can do! Not just a fake!" Mar 17 00:51:44 [Cubey] The glow from the Sphere of Sorrowful Maiden turns intense, emanating outwards like an explosion. Mar 17 00:51:58 [Cubey] But somehow, Setsuko doesn't feel intense despair nor does a dimensional anomaly form. Mar 17 00:52:20 [Cubey] Setsuko: "This is the path we all agreed to walk on... together." Mar 17 00:52:39 [Corel] Seta's fingers rest on her other earring - she was preparing to remove it...until that happened. Mar 17 00:52:51 [Cubey] *Dimensional Power is unleashed - not to rip apart, but...+ Mar 17 00:54:10 [Terra] Kei looked on nervously, prepared for the worst to happen, even if Setsuko seemed in control this time Mar 17 00:56:53 [Steam] The wave of energy washes across the battlefield, blindingly. Mar 17 00:57:56 [Steam] But for those of you who've had the misfortune of experiencing dimensional anomalies before, this is clearly different. More peaceful... minus the shocking and furious cries of Jii Edel Bernal, though those quickly fade away. Mar 17 00:59:49 [Steam] The next thing any of you will likely see is the night sky, free of clouds, free of the dimensional portal. Mar 17 01:00:15 [Corel] Seta: "It is gone..." Mar 17 01:00:19 [Steam] How long were you out? And was Jii- Mar 17 01:00:22 [Steam] Xine: "Ah!" Mar 17 01:00:34 [Steam] More machines are present. Mar 17 01:01:19 [Steam] But these are somewhat familiar, and the Chaos Caper itself falls to its knees as she stands before a slew of ESUN Canis models. Mar 17 01:01:54 [Steam] Xine: "... You're back. All of you." Mar 17 01:01:58 [Cubey] The Virgola's cockpit hatch opens, and its pilot descends to the ground. Mar 17 01:02:03 [Cubey] Setsuko: "..." Mar 17 01:02:20 [Cubey] With uneasy stumbling steps, she moves a few feet forward. Mar 17 01:02:25 [Cubey] And then looks up, to the sky. Mar 17 01:02:35 [Terra] Kei: "Are you alright? That didn't do anything to you?" Mar 17 01:02:46 [Cubey] Setsuko: "It's..." Mar 17 01:02:52 [Cubey] Setsuko: "It's finally over..." Mar 17 01:02:55 [Terra] The Purple-2 moved down to be next to the other soldier in case she needed something Mar 17 01:03:05 [Tengu] Asagi: "...What happened to Willis?" Mar 17 01:03:08 [Terra] Kei: "Yes." Mar 17 01:03:50 [Steam] Fortunately, the Strahlend is still there as well, lying a ways off and no worse for wear. Mar 17 01:04:12 [Tengu] Asagi: "That dimensional anomaly felt different. It was much less violent." Mar 17 01:04:31 [Steam] The day is won, Chimera, and the man behind it, vanquished. Mar 17 01:04:51 [Aero] Willis exits Strahlend's cockpit and just looks at the scene around them. Mar 17 01:05:27 [Aero] Willis: "I'm fine...thanks to Setsuko." Mar 17 01:05:33 [Steam] MISSION ACCOMPLISHED Mar 17 01:06:13 [Cubey] Setsuko: "You really are reckless. How am I supposed not to worry?" Mar 17 01:07:21 [Aero] Willis: "I guess I should apologize...again." Mar 17 01:08:11 [Jockey] "Setsuko... that was really scary... please tell us you're okay!" Mar 17 01:08:48 * Jockey ( has left Mar 17 01:08:52 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I am. Sorry, everyone. But I'm okay now. Everything is okay..."