[16:03] [@Tengu] Thanks to information received from Beatrice, and from assets obtained after defeating Carina, there was a breakthrough regarding Cambio Protocol. Or, to be precise, the Chimera.
[16:05] [@Tengu] The location of Chimera's current headquarters, the dark battleship belonging to Black Charisma, was found.
[16:06] [@Tengu] It's currently in South America. The territory is under Chimera's control, the local government deciding to ally themselves with it.
[16:06] [@Tengu] If you want to do something, you have to act fact.
[16:06] [@Tengu] That's why an attack force is currently en route.
[16:06] [@Tengu] That's you.
[16:06] [@Tengu] On board of the shuttle, you have some time left before you reach the destination.
[16:07] [@Tengu] But soon, the fight will start...
[16:07] [Aero] Willis: "A straight on assault huh..."
[16:07] [Jockey] "Okay. Hold still-"
[16:07] [Cubey] This is it. This is the Cambio Protocol core, exposed and ready to be hit.
[16:07] [Jockey] There's a yelp from Interitus as Volya yanks a band aid off of her.
[16:08] [Cubey] Setsuko: "... This feels a bit like..."
[16:08] [Jockey] "...A trap?"
[16:08] [Steam] Selena: "After this, we'll get to see how well Edel's little band of thugs can stand to work with each other."
[16:09] [Cubey] "No." The Glory Star pilot shuffles a bit awkwardly.
[16:09] [Aero] Willis: "I didn't think a frontal assault was your style though Selena."
[16:10] [Cubey] Setsuko: "I guess I am just not used to working outside normal ESUN jurisdiction."
[16:10] [Cubey] Setsuko: "Anyway!"
[16:11] [Cubey] "Please take care of yourself and Interitus, okay?"
[16:11] [Steam] "Well, a lady has to adapt sometimes."
[16:11] [Jockey] "I'll try. I think the doctors are kind of tired of seeing us staying around."
[16:12] [Jockey] Volya grinned a little.
[16:12] [@Tengu] Shuttle pilot: "I got visual. We're close."
[16:12] [Aero] Willis just has a smug grin on his face. "Unfortunately for me this all seems a bit too nostalgic."
[16:13] [Steam] "Your adventures on La GIas?"
[16:13] [@Tengu] Far in the distance, partially hidden from sight due to the uneven terrain, you can see it. A black blot among the surrounding area. the Chimera battleship.
[16:13] [Corel] Elys: "That Underworld?"
[16:14] [Cubey] Setsuko: "There it is. All of them really are working together now..."
[16:14] [Aero] Willis nods in response. "The good Doctor thought it'd be better if we went out in small teams for full assaults."
[16:14] [Cubey] Whether it's a trap or not, it's time to end this.
[16:14] [Cubey] "Toby, Chief... please watch me."
[16:15] [@Tengu] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
[16:17] [@Tengu] You're close enough to launch.
[16:18] [Steam] "Well now, time to see how much of a trap this is."
[16:19] [Steam] The Soleares cloaks itself, taking point just in case.
[16:20] [Aero] "A frontal assault with low numbers, I guess we get to see if these old machines can still do what they were made for."
[16:20] [Jockey] Interitus tackles Volya out of the Shuttle and switches forms as they fall - quickly diving into the ground as she and her partner follow Selena's example of being sneaky.
[16:20] [Cubey] Setsuko: "If we stop Chimera, it'll be all over. Glory Star, I'm going out!"
[16:21] [Cubey] The same flight pack that was made by one of Chimera members now activates, sending Virgola out to the sky - to fight against its semi-creators.
[16:21] [@Tengu] The surrounding terrain has a lot of greenery and rock formations. In addition to that, there are a few concrete walls and other fortifications around the location of the black battleship. Overall, the area looks well defended.
[16:21] [Corel] Elys: "Old doesn't mean obsolete. And, I'm right behind you, Setsuko."
[16:21] [Aero] Strahlend leaps out of the shuttle, spreading its wings open and moving forward with the Virgola.
[16:22] [Corel] Amagahara launches out after the Virgola as well. Its pilot having done some tweaking on the unit shortly beforehand.
[16:22] [Cubey] Setsuko: "Everyone... thank you."
[16:22] [@Tengu] What reinforces that notion is that soon after you start your attack, hostiles appear between you and the battleship. They have no intention of letting you past.
[16:23] [@Tengu] There's a variety of Chimera units here. Most of them AI-controlled autonomous machines...
[16:23] [@Tengu] But not all.
[16:23] [Corel] Elys: "And here they are..."
[16:23] [@Tengu] Xine: "Look who decided to show up."
[16:24] [@Tengu] Shuran: "I see you managed to find our base. Do you really think you can stop our plans?"
[16:24] [@Tengu] Lowen: "Coming here was a mistake!"
[16:24] [@Tengu] It looks like most of the Chimera members are here as well, with their personal mecha.
[16:25] [Steam] Selena: "Well this is a relief."
[16:25] [Steam] "Worst case we can still kill more than half of Chimera's actual members."
[16:25] [Cubey] Setsuko feels a pang of discomfort. She expected them to show up, but...
[16:26] [Jockey] "...We aren't going to let them hurt anyone."
[16:26] [@Tengu] Lowen: "Kill? Do you really think I'm going to lose to you, woman? Ha ha! Ridiculous!"
[16:27] [Corel] Elys: "I can't overlook what happened the last time I saw you guys, either."
[16:27] [@Tengu] Enemy List: Chaos Caper (Xine), Chaos Leo (Lowen), Chaos Anguis (Shuran), Caper x3, Leo x3, Anguis x3, Cornix x12, Canis x6
[16:27] [Cubey] Setsuko: "Lowen..."
[16:28] [Cubey] Setsuko: "You're not even bothering to hide your true nature anymore, are you?"
[16:28] [Corel] Elys also looking around to see if there are Aegis units about this time. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case.
[16:28] [@Tengu] Shuran: "Does it bother you so much? Don't worry. You won't be bothered for long anymore..."
[16:28] [@Tengu] Initiative: Setsuko, Selena, Willis, Elys, Volya
[16:28] [@Tengu] (Setsuko, Selena, Willis, go)
[16:28] [@Tengu] Chaos Caper
[16:28] [@Tengu] http://www.mahq.net/mecha/srw/srwz/chaoscaper.htm
[16:28] [@Tengu] Chaos Leo
[16:28] [@Tengu] http://www.mahq.net/mecha/srw/srwz/chaosleo.jpg
[16:28] [@Tengu] Chaos Anguis
[16:28] [@Tengu] http://www.mahq.net/mecha/srw/srwz/chaosanguis.htm
[16:28] [@Tengu] Cornix
[16:28] [@Tengu] http://www.mahq.net/mecha/srw/srwz/cornix.jpg
[16:28] [@Tengu] Canis
[16:28] [@Tengu] http://s59.photobucket.com/user/strike_zero/media/Lineart/2ndOG/canis_zps8b06c136.jpg.html
[16:29] [Cubey] Setsuko: "On the contrary... I won't let you manipulate me, or anyone, anymore. I have good allies - no."
[16:30] [Cubey] Setsuko: "I have good friends, and I know they won't betray me. This will end, now."
[16:30] [Steam] Selena: "You're all pretty confident for people with nowhere to run to. So then..."
[16:30] [Cubey] *The Glory Star aims its Carver, adjusting mid-air altitude as it snipes down on the mass produced Leos, trying to clear a way towards Lowen.+
[16:31] [Jockey] "...Most guys we fight usually are."
[16:31] [Jockey] "But it doesn't last... does it?"
[16:31] [Steam] * Gatling guns whirring to life, the Soleares charged, bounding at the Cornixes before firing, letting streams of bullets raining out into their rainks.+
[16:31] [Steam] "Let's dance!"
[16:31] [Cubey] Setsuko: "Please don't get overconfident either. At least one enemy I expected to see here is still missing..."
[16:32] [Cubey] It could be a trap like Volya feared after all.
[16:33] [@Tengu] One of the Leos is destroyed by Virgola's shots, while another one is damaged and forced on the defense for the time being. Setsuko is suddenly under attack, though, as Lowen himself rushes forward, his Chaos Leo jumping and slashing with its claws at long range, which extend forward on tentacle-like metal tendrils! (react)
[16:33] [@Tengu] Lowen: "I'll shred you to pieces!"
[16:33] [Jockey] #Setsuko
[16:33] [@Tengu] (approevd)
[16:33] [Aero] Willis: "Looks like it's just Chimera this time."
[16:34] [Corel] Elys: "Still, keep what Setsuko said in mind. They have an advantage."
[16:34] [@Tengu] Death rains at the crow-like robots from Soleares' direction, destroying four of them and throwing their formation into disarray. Several of them attack from the flanks, though, trying to claw at Selena's ninja-bot with their talons! (react)
[16:34] [Jockey] *How do you counter tentacles? With MORE tentacles! Ones that burst from the ground to entangle the Chaos Leo's clawlike ones before Interitus leaps out to smack it in the face hard with her staff!+
[16:36] [Steam] Elma: "Selena, they're coming from the sides!"
[16:36] [Steam] "I can see that!"
[16:36] [Cubey] Setsuko: "He's coming!" *She knows the Chaos Leo is very good at melee, so Setsuko cuts the thrust and makes the Virgola back off away from the cable claws, the Nautilus Carver swung in an arc as an extra defensive measure. An energy blade briefly materializes at its end, to cut into any claw that comes too close!+
[16:37] [Steam] * The Stealth Boomerang halves launch up into the AS's hands, spinning strikescoming in response to knock the crows away before hacking down on them once exposed!+
[16:38] [@Tengu] Luckily, between Interitus running interception and Setsuko's own beam blade, Lowen's attack is kept at bay! He struggles for a moment against the vines before retracting the claws again. As the staff comes into his direction, though, he uses Chaos Leo's free hand to clash against it in a block.
[16:39] [@Tengu] The attacking Cornixes are thrown off-balance by the attack with the boomerang, one of them getting cut in half in the following counterstrike! Selena gets a few scratches on her unit for her trouble, though.
[16:39] [@Tengu] (Willis, Elys, Volya)
[16:42] [Aero] * "Don't worry, I'm taking this seriously." Quicksilver is quickly melted down and reformed into a massive jet-powered lance while Strahlend stays in its Zephyr Form. His eyes lock onto the Canis', charting himself a path before activating the thrusters on the lance and charging through as many of the Virgola copies as he could. +
[16:42] [Jockey] *Well with how close they are, Volya's going to make things tremendously inconvenient for Lowen by blasting him with a few close range slowing energy blasts.+
[16:43] [Jockey] "I don't know why you're so awful to Setsuko ... but I'm not letting you even get near her!"
[16:44] [Corel] *Amagahara loads up its bow with blade-arrows - arrows that are rapidly fired at the Cornixes while the unit moves about. These arrows also explode into a shower of smaller ones to make it easier to hit targets!+
[16:44] [@Tengu] Strahlend pierces two of the Canises with its lance, knocking another one off the way and damaging it. The other three jump away from the attack, though, sending a barrage of physical and beam shots into Willis' direction as they do so! (react)
[16:45] [@Tengu] Volya's blast starts hitting the Chaos Leo, slowing it down despite his opponent blocking... But suddenly it's cut short!
[16:47] [@Tengu] Shuran: "Lowen, be strong. I'm coming to your aid!" The Chaos Anguis fires its beam cannon from afar, trying to engulf Interitus in the blast! Chaos Leo itself is not hit. (react)
[16:48] [@Tengu] Lowen: "..."
[16:49] [Steam] # Volya
[16:49] [@Tengu] (approved)
[16:49] [Aero] * "The same as usual." His Core Cells flare up, sending commands to change Quicksilver's shape. The lance erupts into an bouquet of spikes to ensure that the Canis' were trapped on the spear before Strahlend turned around to use the Canis' as shields. +
[16:49] [Cubey] Setsuko: "Watch out, Interitus!"
[16:49] [Steam] Selena: "Elma, focus the Prism Phantom, hurry!"
[16:50] [Steam] Elma: "... You think this will-"
[16:50] [Steam] "Just do it!"
[16:50] [Jockey] "Ah!"
[16:50] [@Tengu] The Cornixes, their formation in disarray, have no way to defend themselves from the area attack, and what's left of their group is destroyed or damaged too heavily to be a threat anymore!
[16:50] [@Tengu] However...
[16:50] [Steam] * The Soleares's green plating begins to shimmer brightly before a sudden burst of light is unleashed, focused directly at Shuran. Perflectly harmless, sure, but all she needs it to blind him to throw off his aim!+
[16:50] [Jockey] *Volya and Interitus quickly try to disengage, bringing up the staff and readying their shield, the question is though... was it soon enough and would it be enough?+
[16:54] [@Tengu] As the Amagahara attacks, something appears above it - it's the Chaos Capra, with its wings spread, which turn into four large red arcane symbols around it! Grabbing its glowing spear, which grows into a huge size, Xine's unit tries to pierce through Elys' mech! (react)
[16:54] [@Tengu] Xine: "I am the witch that went through hell... Let me invite you to oblivion."
[16:55] [Corel] "-Tch!" Well, not that Elys had time to celebrate anyway due to Volya's predicament. But that definitely surprises her.
[16:56] [@Tengu] Thanks to the sudden distraction from Selena, Shuran's aim is thrown off! Volya and Interitus manage to jump away, protecting themselves with the shield, which blocks whatever of the beam would still hit them.
[16:57] [Cubey] The Virgola uses this opportunity to break off, Shuran's beam shooting between it and Lowen.
[16:57] [@Tengu] A few of the shots rattle against Strahlend's thick armor, but Willis manages to use the Canis as a shield, which protects him from the rest of them! Also, his "shield" is predictably destroyed now.
[16:58] [@Tengu] (Setsuko, Selena and Willis can go)
[16:58] [Corel] *Amagahara appears to back away from the oversized weapon, but the ring on the unit's back suddenly glows, providing it a burst of thrust to accelerate upwards! As it flips up and over Chaos Capra, it rains explosive arrows from its bow, hoping to disrupt the aim of the spear!+
[17:00] [Cubey] Setsuko: "Watch out for Lowen. He'll try to backstab you if you let him!"
[17:00] [@Tengu] Elys' maneuver is successful! While the arrows disrupt the spear, none of them manage to hit Xine, however. Chaos Capra is an agile unit in its own right.
[17:01] [Corel] Elys: "Sorry, I don't know what your deal is...but I'm not ready for oblivion just yet."
[17:01] [Cubey] *She focuses her effort on the enemy fire support. The Virgola engages forward, moving towards the Chaos Anguis and firing powerful shells from the Carver. Setsuko gets closer, just a little closer - and slams the weapon into her target!+
[17:02] [@Tengu] Xine: "You wouldn't be the only one who doesn't know."
[17:03] [Steam] * And from below, the Soleares draws the Blade Railgun and takes aim at the Capra as well. "And I've had to face a living hell twelve... no, nineteen times now." The cannon fires with relentless accuracy. "And I've got no interest in yours!"+
[17:04] [Cubey] Setsuko: "She seems really low on innuendo this time... where's Asakim?"
[17:04] [Cubey] Setsuko: "I thought you help him all the time!"
[17:05] [@Tengu] Setsuko moves in, attacking Shuran's long range-focused unit in melee! One of the other Anguises intercepts her initial shots, but they hit it heavily and damage it critically, leaving her path open to the Chaos Anguis and hitting it heavily in melee!
[17:05] [Aero] * "And you're not the only one who's had to go through hell!" Strahlend's nanomachine cloud devours the remains of the Canis and uses it to extend Quicksilver into a massive lance-like blade that he swings towards the Chaos Capra. &
[17:05] [Jockey] "Just because you suffered doesn't mean you have the right to make other people hurt!"
[17:05] [@Tengu] Shuran: "Ghh... This is nothing. Do you really think I have no tricks up my own sleeve?"
[17:07] [@Tengu] Chaos Anguis suddenly separates into pieces, which fly off and around the Virgola! They connect together behind it, the mech's form less humanoid and more resembling a huge cobra - a cobra with some kind of dimensional cannon in its mouth, which now fires! (Setsuko react)
[17:08] [Cubey] Setsuko: "No, of course not..."
[17:09] [Cubey] *The enemy splitting up into parts is a surprise, but she can't stay surprised forever. As soon as the parts move, the Virgola follows - turning, so as not to get blindsided! The cannon fires... "Now!" And the MS jukes at the last moment!+
[17:09] [Corel] Elys: "Ah...! Did it always have that capability?"
[17:10] [Cubey] Setsuko: "The Chimera wouldn't use a unit if there wasn't some trick to it!"
[17:11] [@Tengu] Xine is under fire, and immediately afterwards, Strahlend's melee attack swings at her! She doesn't remain passive, however. Chaos Capra's hands glow with energy, and as it dodges, it throws several energy blasts towards Soleares. When the blade goes into its direction, it slams its fists against it, trying to block it, and hit Willis' unit in response.
[17:11] [@Tengu] (Selena react, Willis react/continue)
[17:12] [@Tengu] Xine: "Wouldn't you like to know where Asakim is right now? I'm afraid I can't lay all my secrets bare before you like that."
[17:12] [Steam] * As the blasts come hurtling down the Solears jukes to the side with ninja agility.+
[17:12] [Aero] Willis: "You shouldn't get distracted so easily."
[17:13] [@Tengu] Setsuko keeps track of her enemy's movements... And thanks to that, she manages to avoid the blast right before it'd hit!
[17:13] [@Tengu] (Elys and Volya can move too)
[17:15] [Aero] * As the fist comes up to block the blade the weapon suddenly changes its form again, this time into a hammer of equal size. To push things further he applies the same jet powered weaponry concept and applies it to the hammer as well, igniting the thrusters to give the hammer swing even more power and crush the Chaos Capra +
[17:16] [Jockey] *Volya and Interitus try to press their attack on Lowen, this time at range as they bombard him with several weaving beam threads!+
[17:18] [Corel] *While the others handle named units, Elys targets the Canises to draw their attention. Amagahara's bow lets loose another volley of blade-arrows!+
[17:19] [@Tengu] Willis' weapon suddenly turns into a huge rocket hammer! It overpowers the Chaos Capra, smashing into it and throwing it back, damaged. Thanks to that, Selena manages to dodge, too. Well, that, and her mech's ninja-like agility.
[17:21] [@Tengu] Elys rains arrows towards the Canises, destroying two of them. The counterattack doesn't come from the last remaining one, however, but from the rest of Chimera forces - a Capra rains energy blasts towards her, an Anguis fires its beam rifle, and a Leo shoots spikes from its mane! (react)
[17:22] [Cubey] # Elys
[17:22] [@Tengu] (approved)
[17:22] [@Tengu] Xine: "Ah~... That was unexpected..."
[17:22] [@Tengu] Lowen: "How weak. Watch this!"
[17:24] [@Tengu] Chaos Leo dashes between the incoming waves, although it still gets hit by a few of them - and suddenly the unit emits a burst of power! Set ablaze, it jumps up and then descends towards Interitus like a comet, ready to crash into her and claw with ferocity! (react)
[17:24] [Aero] Willis: "Usually I would play along but this has gone on long enough."
[17:24] [Cubey] Setsuko: "The Chimera aren't the only ones who can do this..." *The Nautilus glows with energy, which is quickly discharged in a wide sweeping beam. "Vi Straight Turret, fire!" The beam flies over the ranks of mass produced units attacking Elys.+
[17:24] [@Tengu] Lowen: "Ha ha ha! Take this! Burn Leo Grapple!"
[17:25] [Corel] Elys: "I knew you wouldn't make this easy..." *Amagahara's ring flares to life again as the unit dives into the fray. That burst of speed is only to avoid as much of the Capra's energy blasts though: the beam rifle shot and mane spikes are met with the longsword that Amagahara draws to deflect them!+
[17:27] [@Tengu] The previously damaged Leo, and the attacking Canis, are destroyed by the beam! The Anguis evades, forcing its attack to go astray without hitting anything.
[17:27] [@Tengu] Elys manages to deflect the incoming rain of spikes with her sword. She's not super successful at evasion, though, and a few of the blasts still scorch her armor.
[17:27] [Jockey] *And here they thought they were going to be able to get through this without too much pain. Except they possibly could. Concentrating the barrier around the staff... Interitus uses it as one would a bat to hopefully grandslam the incoming Chaos Leo away!+
[17:27] [Corel] Elys: "That could've ended worse. I owe you, Setsuko."
[17:28] [Jockey] "Sorry! Take it somewhere else!"
[17:29] [Cubey] Setsuko: "Please don't mention it. We're all working together here."
[17:30] [@Tengu] Interitus focuses her energy and slams her staff into the Chaos Leo... The melee attacks of both units clash with great force! For a second it's not certain which is going to overcome the other. And then, an explosion of power causes both of them to get thrown away, Volya and Interitus in one direction and Lowen in another! Both suffer minor damage from this.
[17:31] [Cubey] Setsuko: "... Ah. Volya!"
[17:31] [@Tengu] Xine: (to Willis) "No longer in the mood, are you? That's no fun. After all... What you and I went through was not entirely dissimilar."
[17:32] [Corel] Elys: "..."
[17:33] [Aero] Willis: "You shouldn't talk to those guys too much, doing that will actually turn you into a terrible person."
[17:36] [@Tengu] (Setsuko, Selena, Willis)
[17:37] [@Tengu] Enemy List: Chaos Caper (Xine) [damaged], Chaos Leo (Lowen) [damaged], Chaos Anguis (Shuran) [damaged], Caper x2, Leo x1, Anguis x2, Canis x1
[17:37] [Jockey] "I'm fine!"
[17:38] [Cubey] *The Vi Straight Turret beam sweeps further, Setsuko decides to sacrifice more of the reactor's power to keep it going, shooting towards the Chaos Leo and Anguis, forcing the two to evade if they don't want to get caught!&
[17:38] [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ah, thank goodness..."
[17:40] [Aero] * Willis transforms Quicksilver back to its regular sword form before swinging and sending several blades of energy towards the remaining regular Capers. He's keeping a close eye on their leader in case it does try something. +
[17:40] [Steam] * Loathe as she is to take to the skies with the Soleares's crap flight capabilities, Selena still has the machine lift off to try to get above Xine's. The Stealth Boomerang flies once more to see how the Capra will dodge.&
[17:41] [@Tengu] Shuran: "This way, Lowen. As long as you're with me, you'll be safe!"
[17:42] [@Tengu] The two bosses jump in the same direction in order to avoid Setsuko's fire. And, as a distraction, at the same time two Anguises fire beam guns at Virgola, from the opposite side! (react/continue)
[17:43] [@Tengu] Chaos Capra dodges left in an attempt to evade the boomerang, summoning its giant spear again and trying to throw it at Soleares! (react/continue)
[17:44] [Corel] #Setsuko?
[17:44] [Cubey] (No need)
[17:44] [Corel] (ok)
[17:44] [Cubey] Setsuko: "... I got it."
[17:44] [@Tengu] Willis' sword waves fly towards the two ordinary Capras, slashing right through them one after another! Cut to pieces, they blow up.
[17:44] [Steam] Now... flight was certainly hard for the Soleares. But falling? Well, anything can do that just fine.
[17:45] [Cubey] *The second the two Chimera start escaping - so is the Glory Star, in the opposite direction. But it's no mere escape!
[17:45] [Steam] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4ny7xOk_Xw
[17:45] [Steam] "It's time Elma!"
[17:46] [Cubey] Setsuko: "Toby's maneuver... the ranged attack was just a distraction. Now - take this!" *Virgola Glory zooms through the sky, weaving between the two enemies' shots. The energy Setsuko used to attack with the beam is still there, but it twists, taking on a mist like form... and as the Nautilus hits at the Chaos Caper's back, the same mist engulfs it and tries to overwhelm and stun it!+
[17:46] [Steam] * The Soleares cuts its thrusters, beginning its descent down and past the Chaos machine before they kick on, speeding it even further as it jukes around the spear. Its boomerang returning to its hands, Selena strikes down at the Chaos Capra! "Carver Tempest..!"+
[17:47] [Cubey] Setsuko: "This is the opening, everyone!"
[17:47] [Cubey] Setsuko: "And as for you, Xine Espio... I know well who you are, and don't you think helping Asakim will do you any good!"
[17:48] [Aero] @Selena?
[17:49] [@Tengu] (it's good)
[17:50] [@Tengu] Setsuko dashes between the energy blasts! Selena drops down, avoiding the massive spear going above her head! And both of them strike!
[17:51] [@Tengu] Selena's Carver Tempest hits from the front, cutting deeply. Setsuko's Nautilus hits from the back with blunt force, the energy mist engulfing the Caper! Xine's unit is thrown away, electric currents crawling over its armor.
[17:51] [@Tengu] Xine: "Ahhh... You know who I am? Don't be ridiculous...! Do you even remember the first time we met...?"
[17:52] [Steam] Selena: "... Can't say I know, but I've only seen one other woman with fashion sense like yours."
[17:52] [Steam] "And you aren't her."
[17:53] [Cubey] Setsuko: Didn't you say it yourself?"
[17:53] [Cubey] Setsuko: "The first... no, second time we met."
[17:53] [Cubey] Setsuko: "You told me to remember the ESUN group that was sent to La Gias to investigate. That... became lost. And you said you lost someone, too."
[17:53] [Aero] Willis: "She was also loyal to a fault."
[17:54] [Jockey] "..."
[17:54] [Cubey] Setsuko: "You don't need to be a genius to connect the dots here."
[17:54] [Steam] "... so you're saying..."
[17:54] [Cubey] Setsuko: "I'm sorry for your team's loss. I don't know where they could be now, and don't know what Asakim or Chimera promised you."
[17:54] [Steam] Looking at the Capra and then to the Virgola, and then back at the Capra...
[17:54] [Cubey] Setsuko: "But... if Asakim told you he will bring them back, he's lying."
[17:55] [Cubey] Setsuko: "Lying! He always lies, and he uses people by telling them what they want to hear!"
[17:55] [@Tengu] Xine: "..."
[17:55] [Cubey] Setsuko: "This has happened so many times before. To Rand, and even to the other Toby and Chief... who also were thrown here to a world they don't know."
[17:56] [Cubey] Setsuko: "For him, they're all just tools."
[17:56] [Cubey] Setsuko: "And you're not any different."
[17:56] [Cubey] Setsuko: "The whole of Chimera is just a tool for him for all I know! Where is he?"
[17:56] [Steam] "... This makes me feel even dumber than with Lowen."
[17:57] [Steam] "But Setsuko's right... and you're even dumber still. Your talk about going through hell... but you just help that man put someone else through it?!?"
[17:57] [@Tengu] Xine: "...Then what else am I supposed to do?"
[17:59] [@Tengu] Xine: "What would you do, in my place?"
[17:59] [Cubey] Setsuko: "Not help the man whose fault it is in the first place!"
[17:59] [Cubey] Setsuko: "This applies to all of you. He's just using you."
[17:59] [Cubey] The Virgola turns mid air towards the other two Chaos units.
[18:00] [@Tengu] Xine: "..."
[18:00] [Cubey] Setsuko: "There is only five Chimera members. You can't change the world the way you are now. Cambio Protocol lost a lot of its members and you've spent all this time in hiding."
[18:01] [Cubey] Setsuko: "You won't change anything! The Earth is endangered, we're all under threat of much larger things and instead of helping, you're only causing more chaos!"
[18:02] [Corel] Amagahara looks back and forth between the Chimera machines. Elys is naturally still wary.
[18:02] [@Tengu] Xine: "...I was deluding myself. Asakim... is not here."
[18:02] [@Tengu] The Caper starts to, hesitantly, leave the battlefield.
[18:02] [@Tengu] Xine: "...You were right."
[18:03] [@Tengu] Unless someone stops her, Xine is going to escape.
[18:03] [@Tengu] As for the other two Chimera members...
[18:04] [@Tengu] Lowen: "Do you really think you'll persuade me with your talk? I'm not like that weak, useless woman!"
[18:04] [@Tengu] Lowen: "How dare you insist Brigadier Edel is manipulated by anyone! Her vision will come true."
[18:05] [@Tengu] Lowen: "The world she's building will come true!"
[18:05] [Steam] The Soleares moves to again to cut off the goatmech's escape route... but it holds off on attacking just yet.
[18:05] [Steam] Selena: "Are you just going to be running away or do you have something better planned?"
[18:06] [@Tengu] Xine: "...I have a lot of thinking to do."
[18:06] [Cubey] Setsuko: "You're taking Asakim Dowen too lightly..."
[18:07] [@Tengu] Shuran: "Don't let any of this bother you, Lowen. Remember, I'm here for you. Always."
[18:07] [Jockey] "... Even if she wasn't being controlled by him, what makes you think we're going to let that happen?"
[18:07] [Corel] Elys: "If that guy is as good a liar as I've heard, no one is safe."
[18:07] [Corel] Elys: "He should've tried running a company instead."
[18:07] [@Tengu] Shuran: "But let us ensure this betrayal won't go unpunished, shall we?"
[18:08] [Aero] Willis: "He managed to convince the SSR that he was a good person. Who's to say he's not manipulating all of you also?"
[18:08] [@Tengu] Chaos Anguis transforms into its snake-like form again, firing the dimensional cannon towards Chaos Caper!
[18:09] [Steam] Selena: "Don't be afraid to tell us when you finally make a decision. In fact- WATCH OUT!"
[18:09] [Steam] # Xine?
[18:09] [Aero] #Both?
[18:09] [@Tengu] (approved both)
[18:09] [Cubey] Setsuko: "He's firing, evade!"
[18:10] [Jockey] "Look out!"
[18:11] [Steam] * The Soleares is a bit smaller than the Capra, but it still dives at the bigger mech. "Elma, put everything into the Tesla Drive! EVERYTHING!" The Soleares does everything it can to get both machines out of the Anguis's line of fire!+
[18:12] [Aero] * And like clockwork Strahlend immediately leaps from where it stands to throw itself in front of the dimensional cannon. The entire machine starts to become reflective however, he's not too sure how much that would help against a dimensional cannon but at the very least he could give them a few more seconds to get away from the blast. +
[18:14] [@Tengu] The Soleares tackles the Chaos Capra, getting both machines out of the way of the blast! Strahlend buys them time by getting in the way of the beam!
[18:14] [Cubey] Setsuko: "Willis...!"
[18:14] [@Tengu] Strahlend starts to stretch and twist, visions of some other, dark and unfriendly world appearing before Willis' eyes... But his mech stays here, albeit damaged.
[18:15] [@Tengu] The defense is successful.
[18:15] [Corel] "Oh for...!" Elys knows it can't be helped in this case, but seeing Willis charge in like that is not very pleasant at all.
[18:16] [@Tengu] Xine: "..."
[18:16] [Aero] Willis: "I'm....fine."
[18:17] [Aero] He's taken a bit back from those visions...something about it felt familiar but he couldn't quite place his finger on it.
[18:17] [@Tengu] Xine: "...We'll talk again. And this time, not as enemies."
[18:17] [Cubey] Setsuko: "..."
[18:17] [@Tengu] Xine: "...Thanks."
[18:17] [Steam] Selena: "Alright then."
[18:17] [@Tengu] Chaos Capra retreats.
[18:17] [Steam] "... And sorry."
[18:18] [Cubey] There's a reaction coming from the Virgola, not as overwhelming as some times in the past but still a noticeable one...
[18:18] [Steam] Now that she knows the real origin of how Chimera got the Canis designs... some comments she said to her in the past... feel rather uncouth.
[18:18] [@Tengu] Shuran: "She got away. Tch. Oh well."
[18:18] [@Tengu] Lowen: "Not for long. But first, your turn!"
[18:18] [Corel] Elys: "...And now..."
[18:19] [@Tengu] Thw remaining Chimera move in to engage you again!
[18:19] [@Tengu] (Elys, Volya)
[18:19] [Jockey] "...Here we go again."
[18:19] [@Tengu] Enemy List: Chaos Leo (Lowen) [damaged], Chaos Anguis (Shuran) [damaged], Leo x1, Anguis x2, Canis x1
[18:20] [Jockey] *Volya starts off with a barrage of slowing blasts at the Chaos Leo, before following up with a multiple angle barrage of energy threads as Interitus took to the air!&
[18:22] [@Tengu] Seeing Interitus go up into the air, Lowen counters by firing a whole barrage of spikes from Chaos Leo's coat! The slowing blasts do help in making his reaction somewhat more sluggish, however. (react/continue)
[18:23] [Cubey] # Volya
[18:23] [@Tengu] (approved)
[18:23] [Corel] Elys: "I'm not going to let you pull that off again..." *With a flourish, Amagahara swings its blade at the Chaos Anguis from a distance. White waves of energy are released in the shape of a cross - each threatening to stun the enemy if they hit!+
[18:23] [Cubey] *Virgola's offhand draws its ray pistol and fires quick blasts towards the spikes, trying to shoot them down from the sky before they can connect with anything.+
[18:25] [@Tengu] Shuran: "Make yourselves useful." The two other Anguises jump in, to intercept Elys' attack! While they're stunned by it, it gives Shuran an opportunity to counter with his beam cannon - at least it's a normal one, not the dimensional thing. (react)
[18:25] [@Tengu] (Setsuko, Selena, Willis)
[18:26] [Jockey] *A sharp breath and the duo are doing their best to maneuver through and away the spike barrage... but with how sluggish the Chaos Leo was... Interitus goes for the eyes! Throwing the staff as hard as she could as the barrier comes to life at the Chaos Leo's face!+
[18:26] [Cubey] The Glory Star's visor shines briefly, small explosions of the spikes reflected in it.
[18:28] [Steam] * Drawing its Blade Railgun again, Selena draws a bead on the remaining Leo, firing repeatedly as she moves to catch back up with everyone else.+
[18:28] [@Tengu] Setsuko thins out the hail of spikes, letting the derp duo evade the remaining shots! Interitus throws her staff, which embeds itself deep into one of Chaos Leo's eyes!
[18:28] [@Tengu] Shuran: "Lowen...!"
[18:28] [@Tengu] Lowen: "Ah ha ha ha! I'm going to rip you apart for this!"
[18:29] [Cubey] The Sphere's reaction intensifies further...
[18:29] [Cubey] Setsuko: "No more harming my friends. This is over!"
[18:30] [Corel] *Elys uses her own agility to her advantage. With the two units defending against her attacks stunned, she skirts the beam fired by Shuran and uses it to conceal her approach! The surprise counterattack comes from one of the Chaos Anguis' side, from not one, but three blades: one carried in the hands, and two floating on their own!+
[18:30] [Cubey] But Setsuko is in control of it now - in control, but mad.
[18:30] [Aero] Willis: "Setsuko..."
[18:31] [Cubey] Setsuko: "It's alright, Willis. I won't do things that will make everyone worry... and Virgola is with me on that."
[18:31] [@Tengu] Selena's first shot throws the Leo off-balance, and the followups deal more and more damage until the unit blows up! However, the last remaining Canis runs in, jumping high up and trying to hit her with its own Carver copy as it drops down! (react)
[18:31] [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4MsCBxrwFQ
[18:32] [@Tengu] Elys manages to avoid the beam. With the other two Anguises in his way, Shuran can't see her attack coming - and her three blades strike at Chaos Anguis in succession, leaving long marks in its armor and damaging it heavily!
[18:32] [Cubey] *The Nautilus Carver starts to shake from energy generated within. The Virgola drops its ray pistol to secure both hands on its grip, just as the 'eye' of the weapon shines, and its scales move up, and the mouth opens...
[18:32] [@Tengu] Shuran: "Argh...!"
[18:33] [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ms Elys, I'm firing!"
[18:33] [Cubey] *Taking extra care not to hit any allies, Setsuko discharges the full power Glory Star. A large beam flies off towards the damaged Anguis.+
[18:33] [Corel] Elys: "Got it!"
[18:33] [Corel] Time to leave only petals behind as Amagahara backs out of melee range!
[18:35] [Aero] *Willis gives an approving nod to the Glory Star and backs up from the area to allow Strahlend's self-repair system to do its job, trusting in Setsuko entirely+
[18:35] [@Tengu] Setsuko's blast engulfs the two Anguises on the way, incapable of movement due to the stun effect given to them by Amagahara. And it doesn't stop!
[18:36] [@Tengu] It goes towards the Chao Anguis, covering it entirely!
[18:36] [@Tengu] Shuran: "No... Lowen..."
[18:36] [@Tengu] Shuran: "I'm sorry... I... I love you... I always have..."
[18:36] [Steam] * The Canis might be coming down at her, but the Blade Railgun isn't useless in melee! The chainsaw blade deploys, Selena slipping in underneath to cut the machine down as it comes to meet her!+
[18:37] [@Tengu] Chaos Anguis is overwhelmed by the huge beam and explodes.
[18:37] [@Tengu] Selena strikes first, before the opponent can reach her. The Canis is cut apart.
[18:37] [@Tengu] Lowen: "..."
[18:37] [Cubey] The Virgola slowly floats in the air, the Carver raised, and Setsuko sighs.
[18:37] [Corel] Elys: "...Confirmed that energy signature is gone."
[18:37] [@Tengu] Lowen: "...Do you think I care, Shuran?"
[18:37] [Jockey] "........."
[18:38] [Steam] "... Well you're no fan of women *or* men..."
[18:38] [Jockey] "That's... you couldn't even spare him a kind word..."
[18:38] [Jockey] "... you really are a horrible person."
[18:38] [@Tengu] Lowen: "You were trash. All the people I met, men and women alike, are trash. Filthy and stupid."
[18:38] [Steam] "How'd someone like you even get this far in life, I wonder?"
[18:38] [@Tengu] Lowen: "All, except Brigadier Edel!"
[18:39] [Cubey] Setsuko: "So this is your true nature..."
[18:39] [Cubey] Setsuko: "I feel sorry for Shuran."
[18:39] [@Tengu] Lowen: "I'll do everything for her. I'll kill all of you in her name!"
[18:39] [Cubey] Setsuko: "I feel sorry for anyone who got close to you, Lowen General!"
[18:40] [Cubey] (Which includes herself actually)
[18:40] [@Tengu] Lowen: "Ha ha ha! Pitiful! Bring it on!"
[18:40] [Steam] "I'm not interested in you killing in her name, Lowen."
[18:40] [@Tengu] (only Lowen is left)
[18:40] [Jockey] "... Even if he was an enemy, he didn't deserve...."
[18:40] [@Tengu] (so everyone who wants to move, can)
[18:40] [Steam] "But *dying*... that's something else entirely."
[18:40] [Aero] Willis: "..."
[18:41] [Aero] Willis' mood seems to change, he begins to check over Strahlend's systems and unfortunately for him the U.I.I.N System is completely focused on repairing the damaged machine.
[18:41] [Aero] Willis: "Elys...how many weapons do you think you can fire at him."
[18:42] [Corel] Elys: "-Eh? What do you plan to do?"
[18:42] [Steam] * The Soleares lunges at the Chaos Leo, Stealth Boomerang being hurled at it before winking out of existence. "Sol Fencer configuration!" But the real lynchpin of her attack was a beam whip, lashing out at the machine as the boomerang swung around to attack from behind!+
[18:42] [Aero] Willis: "Just start firing..."
[18:43] [Corel] Elys: "But with Strahlend like that-"
[18:43] [Corel] And Willis cuts her off.
[18:43] [Corel] She recognizes that tone.
[18:44] [Corel] Elys: "Alright. It's quite a lot, mind you."
[18:44] [Jockey] *Volya and Interitus move in quickly, grasping both hands around the staff that was embedded into the Chaos Leo's eye and forcing the barrier into existence, pushing power into it to make it as wide as possible when it forms!+
[18:44] [Aero] Willis: "I'm not worried about that, just do it."
[18:45] [@Tengu] Lowen doesn't even try to evade, Selena's attack cutting and slashing and burning his Chaos Leo! The reason for that is that his unit emits another burst of power and is set ablaze once again, and rushes forward in order to meet the Soleares with a Burn Leo Grapple!
[18:45] [Corel] *With a wave of its hand, Amagahara forms a number of 'arrows' that aren't just simple thin blades and begins to launch them at the Chaos Leo. Some are swords like her own, others are featureless spears, but they are fired all the same!+
[18:45] [Cubey] Setsuko: "... Willis..."
[18:45] [Cubey] By the sounds of it, he's trying to do something really stupid.
[18:46] [Steam] (React?)
[18:46] [@Tengu] However, Volya's barrier suddenly appearing damages Chaos Leo's head and makes it stumbly, stopping its charge for just a second! This may be a good opening!
[18:46] [@Tengu] (Selena react, yes)
[18:47] [Steam] * If Lowen wants to ensnare her, he'd be out of luck. Another focused blast of the Prism Phantom to cover her escape, and Selena makes for escape!+
[18:48] [Corel] Elys: "You guys might want to back away as soon as you can!"
[18:48] [@Tengu] With a blast taht further damages the Chaos Leo, Selena makes her retreat - but she can feel its flames so close to her, regardless!
[18:49] [@Tengu] Elys' barrage hits the Chaos Leo repeatedly, damaging it - but then it spins around and jukes to the side at the same time, sending three metallic tentacle-claws going into her direction at the same time! (react)
[18:49] [Aero] #Elys with action?
[18:49] [@Tengu] (go for it)
[18:50] [Aero] * And the moment the weapons are fired Willis charges forward, grabbing Setsuko's discarded ray pistol and unloading the remaining shots into the Chaos Leo before tossing the pistol as Amagahara's weapon rain comes in with Strahlend in the line of fire. Despite its damage Strahlend shifts back into its Zephyr form and starts to weave through the weapons,
[18:50] [Aero] catching the evaded weapons and attacking the Chaos Leo with every single one he could possibly get his hands on. +
[18:52] [Corel] *Amagahara immediately moves into evasion! Elys definitely wants nothing to do with those tentacles.+
[18:52] [Aero] Willis: "Ignoring your damage will be the end of you Lowen."
[18:52] [Corel] Elys: "Willis, whatever you're plann-"
[18:52] [Corel] And then she sees that.
[18:52] [@Tengu] Willis gets in the way of the claws, letting Elys safely evade.
[18:53] [@Tengu] Chaos Leo is peppered with beams, combined with Elys' rain of projectiles - followed by an explosion of the beam pistol. And then, all the weapons Strahlend could conjure up hit the Chaos Leo in succession, smashing it further and further.
[18:53] [@Tengu] Lowen: "Aha ha ha ha! Look who's talking! Ha ha... Gack..."
[18:54] [@Tengu] The Chaos Leo had enough. The unit explodes violently, casting light and shadows over the area.
[18:54] [@Tengu] Nearby, thrown away by the explosion, the staff falls, embedding itself into the ground.
[18:55] [@Tengu] That's all the Chimera forces. Nothing stands in your way anymore.
[18:55] [@Tengu] Xine saw the light and retreated. Will she be back? She said she will.
[18:56] [@Tengu] Lowen and Shuran are dead.
[18:56] [Cubey] Setsuko: "That's really careless..."
[18:56] [@Tengu] And what lies ahead of you is the black battleship. What will you find inside?
[18:56] [Corel] Elys: "I'll say..."
[18:57] [Corel] Elys: "Either way, that's all of them, isn't it?"
[18:57] [Aero] And in the sea of weapons Strahlend tosses the last one towards where the Chaos Leo once stood. "He can't recover from it though.....and I've never been the careful type." In the middle of his sentence his voice returns back to it's usual tone.
[18:57] [Cubey] Setsuko: "All of them who were here. But not all of them in general..."
[18:57] [Corel] Elys: "Whoever's behind this has to come out soon..."
[18:57] [Aero] Willis: "One thing left to check."
[18:57] [Cubey] Setsuko: "I really hope there won't be any more fighting ahead of us."
[18:58] [Steam] Selena: "For a trap this didn't seem to be all that great."
[18:58] [Cubey] But from the tone of her voice, she doesn't really trust it to be the case.
[18:58] [Steam] She looks at the ship as well.
[18:59] [Jockey] "...We still haven't heard anything from their leader..."
[18:59] [Jockey] "We've still got to be careful right?"
[19:00] [Cubey] Setsuko: "Definitely."
[19:00] [Cubey] Setsuko: "Brigadier Edel is not a pilot. But somehow... I don't think she'll give up easily."
[19:00] [Aero] Willis: "I guess we should lead then. Right Elys?"
[19:01] [Corel] Elys: "You've done enough today. Stay at the back."
[19:01] [Corel] A very stern tone here.
[19:02] [@Tengu] MISSION COMPLETE