[22:24] [@Steam] With the passing of Jen's father Johnathan, for one reason or another you've all found yourself at the museum now showcasing his works.
[22:26] [@Steam] The place is about as lively as an exhibit can be while still being civil, you'd be hard pressed to find a painting without countless inquisitive eyes looking it over, or voices in debate over what the exact meanings behind each one were.
[22:28] [Tengu] Daniel stays quiet, and tries to stay out of sight as much as you can when you're a large cyborg. He mostly seems to be observing Jen, and gauging her reaction to everything that's going on.
[22:28] [@Steam] The rain, pouring heavily outside does not seem to be putting a dampener on anyone's spirits, and all that's missing to make this a picturesque social engagement is a string quartet.
[22:29] [Jen_Douglas] Jen's taking her time walking around apart from her sister and mother for once. Every now and then she has a chuckle at the other patron's expenses, but her mood is quiet and somber.
[22:29] [@Steam] But then, someone decides to add some loud, percussive noise to the social gala.
[22:29] [Cubey] The works of art left behind by Jen's father are a bit too modern for Sielje's taste. She keeps to the side, trying not to draw attention.
[22:29] [@Steam] Gunshots, clear and loud, and accompanied by muzzle flashes as someone fires into the air.
[22:30] [@Steam] More guns fire as well, and the screaming begins as men and women dive for cover. No-one is harmed just yet.
[22:31] [@Steam] ???: "Jennifer Douglas!"
[22:31] [Jen_Douglas] "-!!" Jen snaps to attention, and runs towards the sound of gunfire.
[22:31] [Cubey] "!!"
[22:32] [@Steam] The voice is familiar, and with so many people huddled and crouching on the ground, those of you still on your feet can see Apogee 13 standing, hands devoid of weapons.
[22:32] [Tengu] Daniel: "..." He hides behind a column, reaching under his coat. He tries to assess the situation, and see who the hell are the attackers.
[22:32] [@Steam] But that's just because any number of the black-clad figures also standing handled that for her.
[22:33] [Jen_Douglas] "You know, I'm really not in the mood for this right now...Don't you have some puppies to kick or ice cream vans to carjack?!"
[22:34] [@Steam] Apogee 13: "No, because we came for you."
[22:35] [Cubey] "It is her again!" Sielje looks around, frantically trying to assess the situation. And it looks bad. No one here has any weapons, do they? Even she is out in the open...
[22:35] [@Steam] "Unlike Julia, I can take or leave death in most cases. But seeing that you follow after your father's passing... there is a certain poetic appeal to that."
[22:36] [@Steam] "And you have done a great deal of damage to VIPER's efforts."
[22:37] [Jen_Douglas] "..." Jen grits her teeth. She's got a knife with her, but if it's against Apogee and outnumbered... "...Can we do this outside, at least? I'd rather not get torn to shreds in front of my mom."
[22:38] [@Steam] The ninja mulls over the request for a moment before giving a dismissive gesture.
[22:39] [@Steam] "That would certainly spare these works of art."
[22:39] [@Steam] "Selling them on the black market would certainly help us recoup much of what you stole from the Commander."
[22:39] [@Steam] "You have ten seconds to get out then. Nine. Eight-"
[22:40] [Jen_Douglas] "Right, I guess all your shell companies got frozen-"
[22:40] [@Steam] Nowhere near enough to try and run away with, but it'd at least be a chance to get to your mechs and the means to fight back.
[22:41] [Jen_Douglas] Jen starts walking out at a measured, relaxed pace for someone who's going to go get murdered in seven seconds. "Sielje, Daniel, get help. I'll handle this part."
[22:41] [Cubey] Sielje: "Wait! Jen, what do you expect me to..."
[22:42] [Tengu] Daniel: "...And get killed?" He doesn't wait. Steel Wanderer is nearby.
[22:42] [Cubey] She cannot just run away and see this unfold.
[22:42] [Cubey] Not like this.
[22:43] [Jen_Douglas] "Don't worry. I've got a plan." Jen steps outside.
[22:44] [@Steam] "Five."
[22:44] [@Steam] Apogee certainly is taking her time with the countdown.
[22:44] [Tengu] Daniel: "..." He's not sure should he trust that plan. Jen has shown to have some suicidal tendencies before. But the important part is to get to his machine for now.
[22:45] [Cubey] Don't worry? Easy to say!
[22:45] [@Steam] But at the same time, a shift of her hand reveals a small-caliber gun in her hand...
[22:45] [Cubey] With a worried grumble like noise, Sielje tries to leave. But the question is... will the VIPER guards let her
[22:45] [@Steam] Which she immediately fires right into Jen's back!
[22:46] [@Steam] "... Four."
[22:46] [Jen_Douglas] "-Gah!" Jen stumbles, but catches herself. "-What the fuck! I'm already-urgh-playing by your rules, assole!"
[22:47] [@Steam] Jen, the round is fairly small, but it still tears into your back, hitting at least something vital, but Apogee casts the gun away, giving her followers another swift gesture.
[22:48] [@Steam] "It was just a warning shot. Unfortunately I happened to miss and actually hit you. What're the odds?"
[22:49] [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
[22:49] [@Steam] But rather than gloat or rush you, the ninjas fall back with Apogee being the last to do so...
[22:49] [Cubey] Sielje: "Agh..."
[22:50] [@Steam] "I see you're still not in your machines yet. And time's running short. Three."
[22:52] [Jen_Douglas] "Ghk...Well...I'm out here already, so come on!"
[22:53] [@Steam] Sielje, Daniel, it'll be a bit of a sprint in the rain, but you'll be able to reach your machines quickly enough... even as a number of similarly-colored ninja machines begin to rise up or cast aside surprisingly effective camo.
[22:54] [@Steam] But as for Jen... somehow the ninja assassin has slipped by in front of you once more. She'd much rather settle this on foot, after all.
[22:54] [@Steam] Apogee: "And now we're outside. Satisfied?"
[22:55] [Cubey] Sielje: "..." While stepping outside, she briefly stumbles at the door. She knows Jen can survive this, but this is horrible. Horrible and dishonorable... and she can't say anything about it, lest they notice a small thing she left behind while leaving. Just in case...
[22:57] [Jen_Douglas] "Right then...If you don't mind, I'll be taking the first move." Jen carefully circles Apogee-then breaks and sprints away at top speed!
[22:57] [Tengu] Daniel: "...Looks like we won't be able to come for help after all. T'least until we deal with these guys."
[22:58] [@Steam] "Times up, now-"
[22:58] [Cubey] "Is a fair fight really what you are after?" Sielje notices the enemy robots activating as she tries to get into the Arm. The foul and muddy weather doesn't help.
[22:58] [@Steam] Apogee: "Get back here!"
[22:58] * colesign (colesign@m-18-4-13-527.hsd7.il.comcast.net) has joined #srwumission161
[23:00] [@Steam] She actually sounds a bit surprised by that, lunging after Jen, sword being drawn! And with your injuries, she's gaining fast! "No more delays... if you want to die fleeing, then so be it!"
[23:00] [@Steam] (React: Jen)
[23:00] [@Steam] (Supports are available, getting in your machine can be a free action)
[23:01] [Cubey] # Jen
[23:01] [colesign] #Jen?
[23:01] * Fri (Fri@118.137.ymj.zmw) has joined #srwumission161
[23:02] [@Steam] (Both of you can go for it)
[23:03] [Cubey] Sielje: "... It was a mistake of you to count out loud."
[23:03] [@Steam] Lineup: Jen, Sielje, Daniel, Dido
[23:04] [Cubey] *Apogee may find herself... slightly distracted as a pre-set flashbang explodes behind her, light and loud noise filling up the museum and surroundings.+
[23:04] [Jen_Douglas] *Running away-that, Jen was trained for. She doesn't run in a sraight line, instead vaulting like an expert over any small obstacle in her way-and when she comes to a fenced-off area, she quickly rushes to climb that, too.+
[23:05] [colesign] *Off in a corner, Dido removes her headphones and drops the guided tour recorder. After the flash bang goes off, she takes off running
[23:05] [colesign] past Apogee, spraying her face with her can of pepper spray! Double the sense damage!+
[23:08] [@Steam] [Jen, Dido and Sielje] Running like that hurts, to say the least. But Apogee can't close the distance fast enough as Dido comes moving in! The attempt at spraying her falls flat though as she jukes to the side, smashing the hilt of her blade into the mechanic's face and knocking her down. But before she can follow up on that strike, Sielje's fla
[23:08] [@Steam] shbang goes off!
[23:08] [@Steam] Apogee: "A-ah!"
[23:08] [Cubey] Sielje: "Daniel!"
[23:09] [@Steam] Blinded and dazed, she staggers away, her followers moving in to try to cover for her!
[23:09] [Cubey] The Knight's Arm raises, the cloak providing protection against any VIPER units that may move in to attack.
[23:10] [colesign] Dido: "Blehhh-!" She tumbles to the ground and gets a bit of of the flash bang's brunt as well. "Uhhh...."
[23:10] [@Steam] (Enemies: Melee Ninjabots x 3, Midrange Ninjabots x 3, Distance Ninjabots x 3, Ogres x 4)
[23:10] [@Steam] (Ogres: http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/armoredcore/images/7/75/Ogre.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140616234246)
[23:10] [Jen_Douglas] With that, Jen escapses towards Nemain. Neither of them intended to fight fair from the beginning.
[23:11] [@Steam] (Jen and Sielje, go now)
[23:11] [Cubey] Sielje: "Jen, I will guard you! Do you need a medic's aid?"
[23:13] [Cubey] *The Arm moves forward, large steps throwing splashes of mud around. It draws its sword and secures the grip with both hands, while the shoulder and the cloak that covers it are facing against enemies closest to Jen, Sielje trying to secure her on foot withdrawal.&
[23:13] [Jen_Douglas] Nemain's eyes flash red as it boots up. "-No...urgh, it'll be fine. As long as I don't push myself too hard..." The mecha's larger store of nanobots go to work, sealing off her wound. It's just a temporary patch though, proper healing will need time she doesn't have right now.
[23:13] [Cubey] Sielje: "Ah. Dido." She notices the mechanic lying down in the dirt. Sorry about that.
[23:15] [Jen_Douglas] *Nemain remains partially behind cover as it scans the battlefield-and opens fire with its rifle on the closest ninjabot.+
[23:15] [colesign] Dido: "Nuuu–ooh. It's fine, Sieljie!" Dido gets up and rubs the shiner on her cheek. "Think ye' saved muh bacon."
[23:17] [@Steam] [Sielje] Your protective stance makes the ninja machines hesitate for a moment as their own positioning changes... but suddenly one of the midrange ones suddenly strikes! Its arm suddenly seems to unfold, delivering a swift strike to try to force you back and away from Jen!
[23:17] [@Steam] (React/continue: Sielje)
[23:19] [@Steam] [Jen] But the attention on Sielje also lets Jen's initial shots to go unnoticed until it's too late! A VIPER machine gets torn apart by the gunfire and forces the others to take evasive maneuvers... a few mech-proportioned throwing stars hurled your way!
[23:19] [@Steam] (React: Jen)
[23:19] [Cubey] Sielje: "Then... do not push yourself. I will do all I can. Dishonorable men of VIPER, I challenge you!"
[23:19] [Jen_Douglas] *Jen jukes to the side, darting behind another building.+
[23:20] [@Steam] (Daniel and Dido can move, and Dido can also get in her machine as a free action)
[23:20] [@Steam] (Grace can also go)
[23:20] [Cubey] *The Arm spins on its feet, the cloak spinning in front of the offending enemy attack as the unit itself tries to sidestep it. And during the spin, Sielje's sword raises... and then, falls on the enemy weapon!+
[23:21] [@Steam] [Jen] The stars pierce into the side of the building, but fortunately don't punch through as you manage to escape.
[23:22] [colesign] Dido limps out of the museum to the ShelLancer's parking spot (the finding of which was a nightmare), and clambers in. Transformed into tank form, she steers her mech towards the Ogres and fires Arc Thorns at them!+
[23:22] [Tengu] * Suddenly there's a flash in the rain - from the top of a nearby hill, a Longinus bullet flies! Two more follows as Steel Wanderer slides down the hill, its cape flapping. The targets are the ranged ninjabots. +
[23:22] [@Steam] [Sielje] Your cloak billows and moves as the fist tries to strike you, but it's a total whiff. Your sword hacks through the arm at the first folding segment.
[23:23] [Tengu] Daniel: "Sorry, Jen. These guys are all over the place. Can't call for help till they're down."
[23:23] [Cubey] Sielje: "What of the people inside the gallery?!"
[23:25] [@Steam] [Dido] "... You know, this is some assassination outfit you're running here, Apogee! If it'd been me, I would've just opened fire in the museum for real! And- hey, watch it boys!" The Muscle Tracers fall back as the thorns sail out at them, all taking aim at the Lancer and returning fire with a flurry of bazooka shells!
[23:25] [@Steam] (React: Dido)
[23:25] [Tengu] Daniel: "...Let's protect them."
[23:25] [Fri] Grace: "People? What people?" Grace says as she's shooing an elderly lady with giant glasses rom the back door
[23:26] [@Steam] Apogee: "Complain more after this is over."
[23:26] [@Steam] But the ninja herself is nowhere to be seen.
[23:28] [colesign] *"Shee'bt!" Dodging or hiding behind a building would be irresponsible, so Dido shifts ShelLancer into humanoid mode and tries to take the rocket rounds on her unit's shoulder shields.+
[23:28] [@Steam] [Daniel] Your bullets tear through two of the ranged machines with ease, leaving only one of the throwing-star variety left. "And speaking of over, activate it!" Apogee's voice comes over the radio again, and the question of what she's talking about lingers before a glowing red light shimmers through the cloudy, rainy sky. Right before a laser s
[23:28] [@Steam] weeps down, cutting through the hill you're standing on Daniel!
[23:29] [@Steam] (React: Daniel!)
[23:30] [@Steam] [Dido] The Lancer's pummeled by a number of rockets, knocking it back. But your machine's plenty sturdy.... enough for at least this round of abuse.
[23:30] [Tengu] Daniel: "...What's that?" He doesn't waste time standing there - Steel Wanderer jumps away, breaking into a roll as it tries to get away to safety and leave the area of effect from the sudden laser strike! +
[23:30] [Fri] "Good day" Grace tips her hat as what presumably the last museum attendant passes the back door into the wilderness of the city. "Big fan of the artist, by the way. If you're an artist with need of business manager, you know where to contact me." She hands over her business card before shooing the last person to the back alley like she did with eve
[23:30] [Fri] ryone before.+
[23:32] [colesign] *"Ashes!" Dido curses at the Muscle Tracers. "Stop trying to blow mushseeum goers up!"
[23:33] [Jen_Douglas] "You know this seems a little overkill if you're really just gunning for me!"
[23:33] [@Steam] [Grace] With that last guest, at the very least the museum is cleared out of anyone who might get caught in the crossfire. And most importantly... that last guy looks over your card with clear interest and appreciation before fleeing! Score one for networking!+
[23:33] [@Steam] (Grace can also get in her machine at any time too)
[23:34] [@Steam] (Jen and Sielje can go again)
[23:35] [Cubey] *Not saying a word, Sielje follows up on the counterattack. Grunting as she strikes, she forces the Arm into a forward leap, the sword in front of it thrusting into the half-disarmed enemy.+
[23:36] [@Steam] [Daniel] The laser cuts through the hill, leaving scorched, fiery line in its wake before ceasing. Overhead comes the dull roar of a plane as a cargo plane moves past... some sort of large, futuristic cannon sticking out of its rear doors.
[23:36] [Jen_Douglas] *It does actually seem a little irresponsible to be shooting people left and right, when any stray bullet is going to land in a building. So Jen stows her rifle in favor of her beam spear, and rushes along the city streets-using Nemain's grappling hooks and thrusters to speed her movement. She rushes those ninjabots!+
[23:37] [Tengu] Daniel: "Look up. To the sky."
[23:37] [Tengu] Daniel: "Another VIPER experimental weapon."
[23:37] [Jen_Douglas] "Oh for the love of-"
[23:40] [@Steam] [Sielje] It's an Arm against a machine missing an arm, and the ninjabot gets skewered. But any celebration will have to wait as a mist begins to spread around you though. "I would have had her if not for you," Apogee's voice rings out, neutral but discomforting before her own machine comes bursting out of the fog, slashing at you with her own bla
[23:40] [@Steam] de!
[23:40] [@Steam] (React: Sielje)
[23:41] [colesign] #Sieljie?
[23:41] [@Steam] (Approved)
[23:42] [@Steam] [Jen] The ninja machines oddly don't draw guns either in this situation! Then again, some are outfitted for melee combat, like the one pulling free an impressive-looking katana! It takes a grazing blow to the side as your spear thrusts at it, but it spins around, blade being brought up high for a decisive blow!
[23:42] [@Steam] (React: Jen)
[23:42] [@Steam] (Daniel, Dido, and Grace can go)
[23:43] [Cubey] Sielje: "Ah?" *She looks upwards for a moment, but a more pressing enemy comes! "It is you!" She quickly retrieves the blade, moving it closer to the Arm's body and twisting at an angle into a block, the unit's legs backing off into a more defensive oriented footing.+
[23:43] [colesign] *"Sielj-uh!" Dido shouts. "Four O'Clock! Duck left!" ShelLancer moves near Sieljie on the opposite side from Apogee...and fires three Arc Thorns at Sieljie's back?+
[23:43] [Jen_Douglas] *"Gh-!" Jen jumps backwards, twirling the spear in Nemain's hands-and bringing it down in a vertical chop on her opponent, using the spear's reach to try to stay out of the way of the sword.+
[23:45] [Tengu] Daniel spins the Gun of God's chamber, loading a single bullet into it. As soon as it stops, he slams the trigger, aiming upwards! The bullet flies towards the plane armed with the laser cannon, spreading into ten shots as it goes, which rain upon the aircraft! +
[23:45] [Cubey] "Four?!" Not knowing what it means, Sielje pushes her unit into a left side defensive kneel.
[23:47] [colesign] *The Arc Thorns accelerate past Sieljie towards the thigh of Apogee's mech, at an angle and from a position the Ninja wasn't able to observe!+
[23:47] [Fri] Grace: "Where's the valet service when you need it..." Grace pops out with her mech.
[23:47] [@Steam] [Sielje and Dido] Your blade meets Apogee's, but the force of her strike still leaves you staggering a bit in spite of your footing! But Dido's quick warning still gets you out of the line of fire in time for the thorns to strike Apogee instead. None of them do more than scrape her machine's sides as the ninja suddenly dodges with extreme speed..
[23:47] [@Steam] . but the damage is still there!
[23:48] [Fri] Grace: "You know what beat ninjas? Guns. Guns beat ninjas." Grace starts to pepper Apogee with both of her guns in rapid motion.+
[23:50] [Cubey] Sielje: "Appreciated..." She sighs, that was close.
[23:50] [Cubey] The Arm tries to stay out in the open rather than getting between buildings, where the ninjas have more place to do ambushes.
[23:50] [@Steam] [Daniel] Your shot breaks up into ten, striking the plane at numerous points. Still, it keeps on flying... and suddenly you find yourself coming under fire from the Ogres! "Hey there... try picking on someone who can actually shoot back!" Bazooka shells fly out at you!
[23:50] [@Steam] (React: Daniel)
[23:51] [colesign] Dido: "Sorry uh wasn't clearer!" She stares at the juking Apogee mocha. "Did uh hear that right? Is thut ninja obsessively stalking Jen?"
[23:52] [@Steam] [Jen] The sword comes crashing down, missing only because of your own fast spin. The ninjabot though... is not as fortunate as your spear cut down into the mech, finishing it off in one go.
[23:53] [Jen_Douglas] "Jeez, that was close..." She winces in pain. That back wound's not liking high-speed manuevers. "Urgh...Yeah, she's been trying to kill me since we met Sielje. And I am really not up for it today!"+
[23:54] [Tengu] Daniel: "I know better than to let that thing fire again." He dashes to the side, intending to take cover behind a nearby wall - and as he does so, he fires a few beam spray shots from the Gun of God, trying to preemptively shoot down those shells. +
[23:56] [colesign] Dido: "Thut sucks, Jen." She works her jaw and gets the slur out of her system. "Let's teach her what boundaries mean."
[23:56] [@Steam] [Grace] But as you join in the attack on Apogee, she has a counter. Guns might beat ninjas... but the ninja has her own machine draw a pair of guns, opening fire in response to your shots! Apogee simply opts to shoot your own bullets out of the air with her own... and after a moment's deliberation suddenly jukes far out of your line of fire while
[23:56] [@Steam] still keeping you in hers! "Not this ninja," she tells you, before unloading at you!
[23:56] [@Steam] (React: Grace)
[23:58] [colesign] #Grace?
[23:59] [@Steam] (Gonna nix it, only because you already #'d someone this turn)
[23:59] [@Steam] (Jen and Sielje)
[23:59] [Jen_Douglas] (Remaining enemies?)
[23:59] [Fri] Grace: "That's cheating!" Grace ducks behind building with only her guns peeking, shooting at Apogee's general direction.
[00:00] [Fri] Grace mumbles. "...first guns can't beat knights, then guns can't beat ninjas, what good are guns for then..."
[00:00] [@Steam] (Enemies: Apogee 13's machine (Apogee 13), Melee Ninjabots x 2, Midrange Ninjabots x 2, Distance Ninjabots x 1, Ogres x 4)
[00:01] [@Steam] [Daniel] The beams pierce through the shells, resulting in a massive plume of explosions between you and the Ogres!
[00:03] [Tengu] Daniel: "They can beat planes."
[00:04] [Jen_Douglas] *"Still a long way to go..." Jen closes her eyes and focuses, spreading a fog like Apogee's through the streets nearby. She casually twirls the beam spear as she slinks through the streets, moving to ambush and destroy ninjabots.+
[00:09] [@Steam] [Jen] At first the various ninjabots are confused for a moment as you steal their boss's big gimmick. And that's all the time Jen needs, as the machines get taken by surprise and gutted, one after another!
[00:10] [@Steam] But...
[00:10] [Cubey] Sielje: "This weapon of theirs... I cannot reach it." It's too high up in the sky. Shy frowns.
[00:10] [@Steam] Apogee: "... This farce is ending here. Falchion!"
[00:11] [@Steam] That gets a grunt from the lead Ogre pilot, after which Apogee 13 continues. "Did you find them?"
[00:11] [@Steam] Falchion: "Of course!
[00:12] [colesign] Dido: "Find who?" She pauses. "Oh fudge-skittles."
[00:12] [@Steam] "They were like all the others, running away... but we managed to nab them no problem!"
[00:13] [Cubey] Sielje: "... Oh no."
[00:13] [Jen_Douglas] Jen pauses her stalking the ninjas. "...What did you do."
[00:13] [Cubey] She has a really bad feeling about this.
[00:13] [@Steam] And the Ogre holds up a limousine, its windows cracked and broken open from when it was first snatched up. And inside? Jen's sister and mother... looking quite terrified.
[00:13] [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
[00:14] [@Steam] The entire front section's already been smashed to bits... the driver obviously not worth being kept alive.
[00:14] [@Steam] Apogee: "Get out where I can see you."
[00:15] [@Steam] "I said it would be fitting if you followed soon after your father."
[00:15] [@Steam] "Don't make me decide I'd rather your mother and sister go first."
[00:15] [Jen_Douglas] "...." Jen grinds her teeth loud enough for the radio to pick it up. Then, a defeated sigh. "...Fine." She calls back the nanobot fog, and steps into the open.
[00:16] [Jen_Douglas] "so, now what?"
[00:16] [Jen_Douglas] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQBqNY3xFyE
[00:16] [colesign] Dido scans the Ogre holding Jen's parents, evaluating how much damage it has.
[00:16] [Cubey] Sielje: "No... have you no dignity to hide behind innocents?!"
[00:17] [Fri] Grace: "Why do you do that? What's the point of all this anyway?"
[00:17] [Fri] Grace: "Is this all 'you betrayed my training and used it for good, while we could've ruled the world together so now I must kill you' thing? Is it that kind of thing?"
[00:18] [@Steam] No damage, Dido. The Ogres have been holding back, in case it came to this.
[00:18] [@Steam] Visible once more, Apogee draws her katana once more.
[00:18] [Jen_Douglas] "Mmm, it is that, isn't it." If only she can think of some way out of this...
[00:19] [@Steam] Apogee: "If it makes this any easier, you can rest easy knowing your mother and sister will be sa-"
[00:19] [colesign] Dido opens a laser comm channel to Daniel. "If you had time to line up the shot," she whispers, "could you plug him in the combat block?"
[00:19] [@Steam] The Ogre pilot raises the limo up even higher for all to see, fingers tensing to fully crush it!
[00:20] [@Steam] Apogee: "FALCHION!"
[00:20] [Jen_Douglas] Jen's eyes go wide with shock, and in that instant-
[00:20] [Jen_Douglas] #limo
[00:20] [Cubey] Sielje: "... A..."
[00:20] [@Steam] (Go for it)
[00:20] [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
[00:21] [colesign] Dido: "!"
[00:22] [Jen_Douglas] *-She doesn't think. Her emotions are a whirl of fear and anger. Fear, that her family will be killed. Anger, that she can do nothing for it. It's enough to overpower her normal thoughts, and-empty her mind. When Jen activates Nemain's super speed, she moves on instinct, dropping her spear as she covers the distance to Falchion in an instant. With a blindingly fast blur, she stabs Nemain's claws through the arm of the
[00:22] [Jen_Douglas] Ogre, then spins and kicks it square in the chest.+
[00:24] [@Steam] Apogee's machine is already turning to the MT, gun being drawn to shoot it out of principle... but there's no need.
[00:25] [@Steam] In a fraction of a heartbeat the Nemain crosses the distance to the machine, tearing through its hostage-holding limb before that kick smashes... no, practically *slashes* through it.
[00:25] [@Steam] Falchion: "What the-"
[00:25] [@Steam] The entire chest of the Ogre is torn cleanly through.
[00:26] [@Steam] Apogee: "... Fast..."
[00:27] [@Steam] But after a moment she regains her composure. "None of you others are to lay a finger on that limo, or anyone getting out of it!"
[00:27] [Cubey] The Arm interposes itself between the Nemain and Apogee's unit!
[00:27] [@Steam] "And you Jen..."
[00:27] [Cubey] ... Though it was not necessary.
[00:28] [@Steam] ... Apogee briefly chuckles. "... You've just made this interesting."
[00:28] [@Steam] (Sielje, Daniel, Dido, and Grace can go)
[00:29] [Jen_Douglas] Nemain's joints glow a dull red with heat, the rain instantly turning into steam. "Ah. I understand what you tried to teach me, now. An empty mind...I guess meditation isn't the only path to reaching it." Nemain flexes its fingers carefully, as Jen tries to take her mind off a slight buzzing in the back of her head.
[00:30] [Tengu] Daniel: "...Jen. Be careful. She's up to something."
[00:30] [Tengu] (enemy list please?)
[00:31] [@Steam] (Enemies: Apogee 13's machine (Apogee 13), Melee Ninjabots x 1, Distance Ninjabots x 1, Ogres x 3)
[00:31] [Tengu] (is the plane targettable too? Not gonna do it yet but asking for the future)
[00:32] [@Steam] (The plane is too. My bad)
[00:33] [Cubey] Sielje: "Jen..."
[00:33] [Cubey] Sielje: "Do you... wish to fight her in a duel?"
[00:34] [Jen_Douglas] "...I don't think I'll have much choice."
[00:34] [Tengu] Daniel loads several fresh bullets into his gun's chamber. "I won't let you throw opportunity shots again..." Steel Wanderer jumps between columns and walls, from cover to cover, firing a single armor-piercing shot or several beam blasts every time. His targets are the Ogres! +
[00:34] [Cubey] Sielje: "You do."
[00:35] [Fri] Grace: "What? Duel, aw bummer, I'm already sneaking around to flank her and shit."
[00:36] [Tengu] Daniel: "Only her word keeps her goons off Jen's family. Let's humour her. For now."
[00:36] [Cubey] Sielje: "You always insist of doing things the underhanded way, the..."
[00:37] [Cubey] Sielje: "..."
[00:37] [@Steam] [Daniel] The remaining Ogres would've loved the chance to avenge their comrade, but your attacks are the bigger priority! They scatter, one still getting pelted by a number of beam shots costing it its gun arm. But something else is getting the chance to fire again too... the plane, its laser sweeping down at you once more!
[00:37] [@Steam] (React: Daniel)
[00:37] [Cubey] "If you need any help, I will be there for you."
[00:38] [colesign] #Daniel (Combining with my action?)
[00:38] [Cubey] # Daniel
[00:38] [Jen_Douglas] "I wouldn't want it any other way."
[00:39] [colesign] (I withdraw my #)
[00:39] [Tengu] Daniel: "Here it goes again..."
[00:39] [@Steam] (Alright)
[00:39] [@Steam] (Sielje, go ahead)
[00:40] [Cubey] There it goes again. This strange beam employed by a flying vehicle.
[00:40] [Cubey] But!
[00:40] [Cubey] *The Arm throws itself on the line of fire as soon as Sielje notices the charging up again.
[00:40] [colesign] *Dido moves in, firing a full volley of Arc Thorns that swoop down on the Ogre's from above, mortar style. Whether they dodge or get hit, ShelLancer electrifies the descending Thorns with a Lance Shock!+
[00:41] [Cubey] Sielje: "They always fought like this, even since I battled them the first time..."
[00:42] [Cubey] *VIPER fights underhanded - but the Knight's Arm was built to last against this type of underhanded tactic! The beam meets with the beasthide cloak, wrapped around the Arm in multiple beam-absorbing layers.+
[00:43] [Fri] Grace: "Well, whatever floats your boats!" Grace pops out. But not from where her voice came from! Apparently it's a recording or something? And she appears from behind another building, bombarding the ogres with smoke screens and explosives+
[00:44] [Tengu] Daniel: "...Thanks, Sielje. Now I can do this...!" While letting the Knight's Arm protect him, he fires the last shot into the plane's direction - an electrifying Medard shot, that will hopefully short-circuit its systems! It's aimed straight for the laser cannon! +
[00:44] [@Steam] [Sielje] Indeed. The beam sweeps across the battlefield, but throwing yourself in its path, your cloak stops the heat and energy of the attack easily! Daniel is unharmed, and your own Arm touches down little worse for wear!
[00:45] [Cubey] Sielje: "The cloaks are not much of use against beasts of Ankaia, but..."
[00:45] [Cubey] Sielje: "We knew people of Earth use ranged weaponry, heat beams. And such."
[00:46] [@Steam] [Dido and Grace] Clever girl, Grace. Clever, clever girl. Dido's rain of arc thorns sends the Ogres running, but too bad for them that they move right into your line of sight! The smoke screen only adds to their confusion, and the storm of Thorns and explosives that follows sees to it that they all follow after their leader!
[00:48] [@Steam] [Daniel] With Sielje's help you had the focus time needed to prepare, and your shot hits home. The laser's struck, sparks spraying everywhere and rocking the plane... and as it passes by you it doesn't turn around for another attempt.
[00:49] [@Steam] Leaving... just Apogee.
[00:49] [@Steam] (Jen)
[00:52] [Jen_Douglas] *Jen has been busy. She's broken down her rifle, turning it into a pistol and a knife. Lighter weapons will let her move faster...With the pistol and knife crossed in front of her, Jen rushes towards Apogee! She has eight shots with which to kill Apogee with the pistol, after which there will be no time to reload-only a melee battle at each fighter's top speed.+
[00:52] [Jen_Douglas] "Come on."
[00:53] [@Steam] [Jen] The Nemain moves almost faster than the eye can see, but Apogee's machine doesn't back down.
[00:54] [@Steam] "So soon after mastering that technique, and you think you can take me on."
[00:54] [@Steam] "Let me show you who's faster."
[00:55] [@Steam] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx52EOHt280
[00:55] [@Steam] Apogee 13 charges straight back, gun in one hand, katana held in a reverse grip in the other as both machines begin a rapid assault on each other!
[00:56] [@Steam] The pistol rounds for each are expended almost immediately, forcing it down to just melee strikes. And Jen's machine...
[00:57] [@Steam] ... Is proving the faster by just a hair!
[00:58] [@Steam] The Nemain's knife bites into the ninja machine's side, Apogee grunting in frustration... before...
[00:58] [@Steam] "Hmph."
[00:59] [@Steam] -The katana comes crashing down into the Nemain's arm, severing it at the elbow before kicking the Nemain on its back with devastating force!
[00:59] [@Steam] "... Faster, I'll admit. But still so predictable!"
[01:00] [Jen_Douglas] "Gah!"
[01:00] [@Steam] Pain explodes in your back, Jen, the force of the impact bursting open your gunshot wound from before!
[01:00] [@Steam] And without pausing for more gloating, Apogee raises the katana up for a finishing blow!
[01:00] [@Steam] (React: Jen!)
[01:01] [Jen_Douglas] *Still pushing herself to her limits, Jen rolls along the ground to dodge-her increased heartrate only making that buzzing in her head and the gunshot wound worse. "-Guys! Help!"+
[01:01] [Cubey] A heartbeat.
[01:01] [Cubey] # Jen
[01:02] [colesign] #Jen?
[01:02] [Tengu] #?
[01:02] [@Steam] (Go Sielje)
[01:05] [Cubey] "Is this predictable too?!" *Not the best battlecry, but there's no time to think of something better. The Arm leaps forward, its sword held above its head - that way as it falls by the Nemain, the blade is right in front of the katana, clashing... while the hilt's pommel slams forward towards Apogee's machine's head.+
[01:06] [@Steam] [Jen and Sielje] Apogee's katana is deflected, crashing into the pavement mere inches from the Nemain. It's enough though, as is the crushing force of the Arm's pommel striking the ninja machine's head.
[01:06] [@Steam] Apogee: "Again?!?"
[01:06] [colesign] Dido: "Knight. Beats. Ninja."
[01:07] [@Steam] Clearly frustrated the ninja moves to pull her blade free from the ground... only for a sickening snap to be heard.
[01:07] [@Steam] The blade stays behind, the hilt all that Apogee pulls back up to try to fight back with.
[01:08] [@Steam] Apogee: "... How very fortunate for you all then..."
[01:08] [Cubey] Sielje: "This was nowhere close to a honorable duel..."
[01:08] [@Steam] "... This isn't over yet... even if you may think it is for now."
[01:08] [@Steam] Another plume of smoke is released from Apogee's machine, hiding it completely from sight.
[01:08] [Cubey] Sielje: "You should not be surprised we will do all we can."
[01:08] [Cubey] "Ah!"
[01:08] [@Steam] And in that span of time, the VIPER member makes good her escape.
[01:09] [Tengu] Daniel: "...You will try again. I know. But you won't succeed."
[01:10] [Tengu] Daniel: "Jen. Are you fine? What about your family?"
[01:10] [Jen_Douglas] "Argh-just...Argh..." Jen's panting from the effort of all this, and clutching her head. That damned ringing hasn't gone away, only getting worse. "Yeah, I'm...fine..." is all she offers as she passes out.
[01:10] [Fri] Grace: "And I still don't know what the deal is with that ninja"
[01:11] [Cubey] Sielje: "I wonder."
[01:11] [Tengu] Daniel: "...Let's get medics here."
[01:11] [Cubey] http://v.dreamwidth.org/8722349/2364294
[01:13] [Fri] Grace: "Hey sielje"
[01:13] [Fri] Grace: "With that other girl from VIPER, Doomstar..."
[01:14] [Fri] Grace:"And now with Apogee"
[01:14] [Fri] Grace:"Not counting julias of course"
[01:14] [Fri] Grace: "I wonder if trying to take over the world is the only thing Jen do in VIPER back then..."
[01:14] [Cubey] Sielje: "!"
[01:14] [Cubey] "N... now is not the time for this kind of thought."