[20:11] [Tengu] Enemy List: Fake Judgement x4, Fake Vengeance x2
[20:11] [Tengu] (Izuru, Roy, go)
[20:11] [Steam] * "Don't have the time for this, creepos!" The Wagner springs at a Judgement, leading off with a diving kick before flipping off and away from it, only for his rocket anchor to reel it back in for a vicious slash!+
[20:11] [@Cubey] Izuru: "These guys are even here?!"
[20:11] [Terra] Kei: "Wouldn't you expect guards patrolling, just in case?"
[20:12] [Tengu] Wagner's kick stumbles the Judgement, letting him reel it in withthe rocket anchor and cut through it with his blade! However, two more Judgements leap forward, swinging their polearms in an attempt to skewer him! (react)
[20:12] [@Cubey] *Red Five charges forward and slashes the chainsword with a spinning whirlwind strike, either forcing a Vengeance away or threatening to cut it apart! And as a followup, Izuru aims the gun component, and fires very quickly at close range.+
[20:13] [Tengu] The Vengeance raises its blade in an attempt to clash it with Red Five's, but the AHSMB overpowers it, cuts deeply into it and riddles it with shots, causing it to blow up!
[20:14] [Tengu] The other Vengeance connects its blades into one large dual sword, causing it to be set on fire, and swings it repeatedly in a spinning notion, jumping towards Izuru's machine! (react)
[20:14] [Tengu] (Kei can go)
[20:14] [Tengu] (Astara outside can go)
[20:14] [Steam] * The Judgements attacking would be in for a surprise as more Crisis mode energy flared up. "I know this isn't a real word but whatever! Erriatic CHAINS!" Threads of energy shot out at both fake Craft like a storm of skewering needles.+
[20:15] [Terra] * With both her allies occupied, Kei went on the offensive herself, firing her shock spikes at one of the Judgements attacking Roy and following it up with unloading the rest of her arsenal in the hopefully immobilized enemy. +
[20:15] [@Cubey] *Red Five swerves back, trying to gain extra distance with an evasive maneuver while also countering with fire - an offhand pistol held low shoots a few precise blasts to knock the enemy away from its charge.+
[20:17] [Tengu] Between Roy's counterattack with thin energy threads, and Kei's barrage falling upon the enemies, the two Judgements are destroyed before they can reach their target!
[20:18] [Tengu] Izuru manages to avoid the fiery blade, though it gets a bit too close to comfort. He manages to fend off the enemy by firing a few blasts at it from his pistol.
[20:18] [Tengu] However, it looks like more enemies are incoming! Two more Judgements and one Vengeance, coming from the direction of the energy source!
[20:18] [Aero] * With her enemy in front of her and everything else being taken care of by people she trusted she could focus solely on fighting the Gatekeeper. Once again she uses the powers of Invicta to teleport herself over the Gatekeeper to unleash a rainstorm of bullets from Etraire and Merlot at the Gatekeeper's dome. +
[20:19] [Tengu] The Judgements fire shock shots from their massive poleaxes, aiming at Kei's AHSMB! (react)
[20:19] [@Cubey] Izuru: "More of them are coming this way!"
[20:20] [Terra] * Kei immediately spun her guns around to fire at the newcomer, aiming to end its fire before it could overcome her shields. There wasn't much space to really dodge, especially without getting her friends targeted instead. +
[20:20] [Tengu] Astara rains fire upon the Gatekeeper... But the enemy, unrestricted with limited space anymore, can afford to jump back, and only a few of the shots graze Carina's machine! In response, the Gatekeeper suddenly launches upward, ready to deliver a quick spinning kick at Maxwell! (react)
[20:21] [Tengu] Kei manages to shoot down one of the Judgements, causing it to collapse. The shots hitting her shield cause its energy reserves to drop dangerously low though.
[20:21] [Tengu] (Izuru, Roy)
[20:21] [Tengu] Enemy List: Fake Judgement x2, Fake Vengeance x2 (1 damaged)
[20:22] [@Cubey] Izuru: "We need to finish it now!"
[20:22] [Steam] "Don't need to tell me twice!"
[20:22] [Tengu] Carina: "I'm afraid I have the advantage here!"
[20:23] [Steam] * The Wagner's tendrils rise up and over its body, taking aim at the damaged Vengeance, blue beams firing again and again before explosive arm cannon rounds are added to the mix for good measure!+
[20:24] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Neither Red Five or Purple Two can take another hit, so..." *It's time to fire the big gun. Izuru charges up his main weapon - the gun opening up, and firing a long sweeping energy blast over the enemy ranks.+
[20:24] [@Cubey] Izuru: "We can't ahve them attack anymore!"
[20:25] [Steam] "You can't-"
[20:25] [Steam] Oh huh yeah, boththe Rabbitbots aren't looking so hot. And he had to be stupid and stick to ranged attacks!
[20:25] [Aero] * In response Astara summons Kazan to her once again and unleashes a massive cloud of ash that covers the area. "Not this time." In the cover of the ash Maxwell jets away to evade the kick, taking more potshots as she does. +
[20:25] [Tengu] Between Roy's energy tentacles and arm cannon fire, and Izuru's beam cannon, the enemy ranks are covered with explosions! Three of the fake Craft blow up, and only one Vengeance remains.
[20:26] [Steam] "Gah, just leave taking point to me then!"
[20:26] [Tengu] This remaining Vengeance releases clouds of thick volcanic ash in order to confuse its targets' sensors, and then fires a barrage of fiery plumes into the direction of Red Five and Wagner! (react)
[20:27] [Tengu] Astara manages to avoid the kick, but she feels the sheer force of the strike as it zooms past her. She fires more potshots at the Gatekeeper's armor, though with the enemy's nigh-invulnerability, they don't do much damage to it.
[20:27] [Tengu] (Kei and Astara can go)
[20:28] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Did I do it?"
[20:28] [@Cubey] *Volcanic ash says no! Izuru is forced to dodge further back, the large cannon held down and cooling down after the blast.+
[20:29] [Steam] * To stay true to his word, Roy stands his ground, raising his shield to help give Izuru cover!+
[20:30] [Tengu] Izuru manages to avoid the fiery feathers - thanks to both his AHSBM's agility and Roy holding ground! The latter's shield takes quite a hit from this, though.
[20:30] [@Cubey] Izuru: "There's the last one, Kei!"
[20:31] [Terra] * With her superior sensors, the cloud did a lot less to impede Kei than most and she made use of the opening provided by unloading a big, heavy shot like that to try to shoot it down before it had time to resume movement. +
[20:32] [Tengu] The fake Craft is focused on generating ash as its current mean of defense.
[20:32] [Tengu] It didn't expect that to happen.
[20:32] [Tengu] The beam shot pierces right through its chest, making it collapse and explode.
[20:33] [Tengu] Nothing stands in your way now.
[20:33] [Tengu] You can follow the power lines again.
[20:34] [Aero] * Astara draws Kazan once again and slashes at the air several times, sending a myriad of blades of fire at the Gatekeeper's limbs. At the same time she directs the ash to cover the Gatekeeper and begins to superheat it using her own Kijin abilities to do so. +
[20:36] [Tengu] The Gatekeeper raises its arms in order to block the incoming attacks - the fiery blades cut into them, and the superheated ash creates a thick, impenetrable cloud around it. Suddenly, light within the cloud! Astara has but a moment to react before the Gatekeeper fires a barrage of beams again, into her direction! (react)
[20:36] [@Cubey] Izuru: "We did it! Let's go, quickly!"
[20:36] [@Cubey] Red Five keeps on moving forward. Hopefully there won't be any more guards... at this rate they'll run out of energy. Or time.
[20:38] [Steam] The Wagner matches speed with Red Five, Roy having his shield at the ready and bodyguard instincts at full power.
[20:38] [Steam] ... Did he even have some sort of "bodyguard" subsystem? Best worry about it later.
[20:38] [Tengu] The lines read you to another, somewhat brighter chamber, one where the power lines amass and crawl all over the walls, connecting to a strange-looking reactor in the middle, hanging from the ceiling.
[20:38] [Terra] Kei followed along with the others, her eyes glued to keeping track of what data she could find
[20:38] [Tengu] Connected to the reactor with metal, the same kind that trapped her before... There is Lenore, trapped.
[20:39] [Steam] Roy: "Lenore!"
[20:40] [Steam] The Wagner's already soaring up to get a closer look and see if there's some graceful, safe way of getting her out.
[20:40] [@Cubey] Izuru: "There she is!"
[20:40] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Ah, Roy, watch out!"
[20:40] [@Cubey] Knowing Carina, it could as well be a trap.
[20:40] [Tengu] It is a trap.
[20:40] [Tengu] As soon as Roy gets close, a huge shadow looms over you!
[20:41] [Tengu] It jumps in, endangering to smash the Wagner with its mass!
[20:41] [Tengu] (Roy can evade without a reaction)
[20:41] [Tengu] It's a gigantic, 50-meter tall, dragon-like... thing.
[20:41] [Tengu] No, not just a thing. A Craft.
[20:41] [Tengu] Finale
[20:41] [Tengu] http://i.imgur.com/aUlYaVA.jpg
[20:42] [Steam] Evade the Wagner does, rocket anchor helping yank itself to safety as the monster blitzes past him!
[20:42] [Tengu] Carina: "I think it's about time I showed myself. At this rate you might break something inside the Gatekeeper, and I'd rather avoid that."
[20:42] [Steam] "The heck is this thing doing in here?!?"
[20:42] [Corel] Lenore opens her eyes slowly when she hears something going on.
[20:43] [Tengu] Carina: "Surprised? My experiments let me ascend beyond human limitations. I have finally became a Kijin!"
[20:43] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Carina? Is that you?"
[20:43] [Steam] "So it's you then! Carina the Crazy dra- wyv-" Gah, why were there so few lizards with a name starting with a hard "C" sound?
[20:43] [Steam] "-Quetzlcoatl!"
[20:43] [Steam] He'd make some compromises.
[20:44] [Tengu] Carina: "Who else would it be? And this, wielding the power of Shahryar's sword, is my Craft - the Finale."
[20:44] [Tengu] Carina: "A fitting name, because it's your fin-" She stops, interrupted by Roy's lame pun.
[20:44] [Tengu] Carina: "..."
[20:45] [Tengu] Carina: "Just do me a favour and die already."
[20:45] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Uwah..."
[20:45] [@Cubey] That was bad.
[20:45] [Tengu] (Roy, Izuru can go)
[20:45] [Tengu] (Astara still has to react)
[20:45] [Aero] * Instead of countering Astara anchors herself and activates Maxwell's beastial form. The Craft braces itself and as the beam approaches her she uses both Kazan and her own powers in tandem in an attempt to absorb all of the heat and take away most of the bite of the beam. +
[20:46] [Steam] "You first! I mean, you're the one with a machine called 'Finale'!"
[20:46] [Steam] "And when it ends, there'll be nothing left for you!"
[20:47] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Is this what you wanted to do? Turn into a Kijin all along?"
[20:47] [Steam] * The Wagner comes zooming back at Finale, Crisis energy forming another floating energy sword to deliver a sweeping strike at Carina!+
[20:48] [@Cubey] Izuru: "You're a real villain! But your reign of terror ends here, Carinaaa!"
[20:48] [Tengu] Astara braces against the strike, and manages to absorb most of the attack... But not all of it. Maxwell still takes quite a beating from the beams exploding around it, its damage slowly accumulating.
[20:49] [@Cubey] *With a rallying yell, Izuru flies up quickly. Chainsword in one hand and a forearm blade in the other, he swings the melee weapons from the left side.&
[20:49] [Corel] Lenore: "You guys..."
[20:50] [Corel] Her voice is rather weak, and she even looks exhausted. Being a battery kind of does that to you.
[20:50] [Aero] Astara: "Ha...ha...ha...you seem distracted Carina."
[20:51] [Tengu] Carina draws the Finale's gigantic black greatsword, and uses it to quickly parry the incoming melee strikes, causing sparks to fly around as she does so! Immediately afterwards, the giant Craft breathes fire into Red Five's direction, while slashing with a wing at Wagner - the wing burns with bright light as it does so!
[20:51] [Terra] Kei: "We'll get you out...I'll try to see if I can do something while Carina is occupied."
[20:51] [Tengu] (Roy react/ Izuru react/continue)
[20:51] [Tengu] (Kei can go)
[20:52] [Steam] "If you can, geh-go for it!"
[20:53] [Tengu] Carina: "Your friends seem to have succeeded into reaching the core. Don't think this makes your, or theirs, demise any less inevitable."
[20:53] [@Cubey] *Izuru continues with the spin, using the energy of the motion to quicken himself and get away from the burning flame as far as possible while also...
[20:53] [@Cubey] Izuru: "I got it!"
[20:53] [Steam] * The energy sword spins around, breaking apart and reforming into a lattice of blades crossed against each other to block Carina's counterattack!+
[20:53] [Terra] Kei looked around to see if she could find any way to unplug Lenore from whatever it was that held her and drained her energy? She was their objective and not just that, it might well weaken Carina and make things easier for them
[20:53] [@Cubey] *Slashing. Towards the metal that holds Lenore captive - the blades hitting above and below her humanoid form.+
[20:54] [Tengu] There doesn't seem to be an easy way to do so, Kei - Lenore is fused to the reactor with the living metal. You'd have to cut her out. Carefully, presumably.
[20:55] [Tengu] Roy's numerous blades clash against Carina's burning wing of light...
[20:55] [Tengu] It's not enough. The Finale is too strong! Wagner is knocked away!
[20:56] [Terra] * "...She's a dragon and probably has the classic weak points of them. The neck and the underbelly should be softer and there might even be a functional heart, despite how it's a craft. I'll fire some shots to distract her, use that opening to get under her and cut into the belly, Izuru." True to her word, she fired a few, quick rounds at the head of the dragon to create the promised opening. +
[20:57] [Tengu] Izuru tries to avoid the flames, though some of them hit Red Five's energy shield regardless, making it uncomfortably hot inside. He cuts at the metal that is imprisoning Lenore...
[20:58] [Tengu] The cut is shallow, and the metal is slowly starting to grow over again...
[20:58] [Tengu] (Izuru, take Kei's action)
[20:58] [Tengu] (Astara can move )
[20:58] [@Cubey] Izuru: "That's not enough?!"
[21:00] [@Cubey] *Red Five gives trapped Lenore a momentary glance, before breaking away. "Sorry!" It dives low, under the enemy - holding up the chainsword, and when Izuru is near Finale's underside, he strikes as he goes!+
[21:01] [Aero] Astara: "Kei...did you find Lenore yet?" She's really hoping that she was still able to communicate with those inside the Gatekeeper.
[21:02] [Terra] (Is Astara able to get through?)
[21:02] [Tengu] (yes!)
[21:02] [Corel] Lenore just appears incredibly spaced-out still. She's actually trying to figure out what's going on, but she can't even focus.
[21:02] [Terra] Kei: "We did. She's fused into some of the living metal and we can't easily break it...And we're fighting Carina and don't have time to break out heavy industrial work." Her tone is rather more clipped than usual and more than a bit strained
[21:03] [Tengu] Kei fires several distraction shots at the dragon-like Craft, which Carina quickly dodges... But this lets Izuru launch his sneak attack at it, cutting at the Finale's underbelly!
[21:03] [Tengu] Sparks fly around as the chainsword grinds against the dragon-like thick skin, however. The gash is long, but it's also shallow.
[21:03] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Astara!"
[21:03] [Tengu] Carina: "Do you think attacks of this magnitude will harm the Finale? Behold..."
[21:04] [Tengu] The Finale raises its hands, gathering energy above them - it creates a dark purple ball above the left hand, and a flowing green one above the right.
[21:04] [Tengu] Carina: "The power to pull in, and the power to push away... Let them rip you apart!"
[21:04] [@Cubey] Izuru: "How are you holding... uh oh."
[21:05] [Tengu] Carina throws the first ball to the ground, causing it to create some kind of gravitic hole that starts to pull Red Five in! And she throws the second one at Purple Two, which creates a tornado!
[21:05] [Tengu] (Izuru and kei react)
[21:05] [Tengu] (Astara can go, Roy can go)
[21:05] [Aero] Astara: "...I'm doing fine but...that's not good."
[21:06] [Aero] Astara: "Kei...if you can try to pinpoint where you all are on that thing."
[21:06] [Aero] With Carina busy fighting everyone inside Astara knew this was the only chance she would get to do this.
[21:07] [Steam] * "You're talking pretty tough... but you still got a gash, Lady McLizard!" The Wagner surges back up into the air, tendrils firing their beams to try to cut across and widen that wound on the Finale!+
[21:08] [Terra] * "On i-" Kei's response to Astara was interrupted by the vortex coming her way, forcing her to scramble to get out of the way of it and any suction or thrust it would provide. Hopefully it didn't work on the same rules as gluons and had force that got stronger the further away she was. +
[21:08] [@Cubey] *Izuru needs to get away! He needs to get away now. Red Five accelerates, both upwards and forward - but mostly the latter, the sooner he can leave the black hole's area of influence the better.+
[21:09] [Tengu] Both Izuru and Kei can hear the metal of their respective AHSMBs creaking, but they manage to avoid the dangers created by Finale, and get out of their area of effect. However, they are still there, so you have to watch out for them.
[21:10] [Aero] Astara: "Kei! Izuru! Please tell me you're alright..."
[21:11] [@Cubey] Tamaki: "What is going on in there? You're okay, right?!"
[21:11] [Tengu] A few oh the lasers hit the Finale's belly, although the Craft is very tough and barely feels it - and it suddenly jumps up, swinging its dark greatsword at Roy! And to make it worse, tendrils of darkness emerge from the blade before the strike, trying to grab Wagner and immobilize it! (react)
[21:11] [Terra] Kei: "We're fine for now...I'm sending our position right now, but I think space is bigger in here than outside."
[21:11] [Tengu] Carina: "It amazes me how someone as dumb as you could even learn to pilot a mech."
[21:11] [Tengu] (Izuru and Kei can go)
[21:11] [Steam] "Jokes on you, I AM the mech!"
[21:12] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Somehow..."
[21:13] [@Cubey] Izuru: "That was an opening, but..."
[21:13] [@Cubey] Izuru: "We need to rescue Lenore! We came here to save her, right?"
[21:13] [Steam] * Crisis energy erupts again as Roy sends more threads to ward off the tendrils, but Roy doesn't risk trying to directly block the greatsword! Instead the Wagner slips to the side to get away from the strike!+
[21:14] [Terra] * "We need to do something about that beast...Izuru, stick to it so it can't strike effectively or swat you. I'll try to see if anything gives me readings showing a weak point of some kind. I'll try to send you some angles it should be hard for it to strike at you from." +
[21:16] [Tengu] Roy's energy threads and the tendrils of darkness tangle one with the other for a moment, before the former manage to cut through. He dodges at the last fraction of a second, the huge blade swingign where the Wagner was just a moment ago. If this connected, it'd probably be the end...
[21:16] [Tengu] (Izuru can take Kei's action)
[21:16] [Tengu] Astara receives the coordinates from Kei!
[21:17] [Tengu] Now you can see where the fighting takes place. But what will you do with that?
[21:17] [Tengu] (Astara can move)
[21:17] [Aero] Astara: "One shot..."
[21:17] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Right!"
[21:19] [Aero] * With Kei's data Astara quickly starts to make some mental calculations, it was a very long shot but she had to do something. Using all of the power she absorbed into herself and Kazan earlier she takes aim as she charges Kazan with the same energy she took from the Gatekeeper before rushing forward and impaling the sword at a very specific spot on the
[21:19] [Aero] Gatekeeper's chest &
[21:22] [Tengu] The Gatekeeper is ready to defend itself... But Astara is faster! Her sword stabs right at the chest of the gigantic opponent, just at the right sword! Kazan goes deep in, causing the battleground inside the Gatekeeper to shake!
[21:22] [Tengu] (Astara continue)
[21:22] [Tengu] Carina: "What!"
[21:23] [@Cubey] On that moment, Red Five flies in really close to the Finale.
[21:24] [@Cubey] Izuru: "This is it! The time!" *Taking advantage of Carina's surprise, the red AHSMB circles around the Craft like a stubborn oversized fly, sticking close and stabbing and slashing as it passes by, trying to strike the sides and back and wounds dealt already.+
[21:24] [@Cubey] (Combining with Kei's action)
[21:24] [Aero] Astara: "What a tough exterior...I'm really hoping you're softer in there. Lenore! I'm trusting you this time...so you better not let me down!" Maxwell backs up and draws her pistols imbued with the same energy stolen from the Gatekeeper and fires at Kazan's hilt to drive the katana with blazing force through the Gatekeeper's shell and right towards the
[21:25] [Aero] battlefield and into someone. +
[21:25] [@Cubey] Izuru: "If it's a death by thousand cuts then so be it!"
[21:26] [Tengu] Red Five starts cutting repeatedly at the Finale, each slash sending sparks flying and deepening the damage it took just by a little more. The angle of the attack makes it hard to counterattack, but Carina still tries, raising her sword again...
[21:27] [Tengu] But then, Kazan is driven even deeper into the Gatekeeper - right into the battlefield!
[21:27] [Tengu] The blade of fire flies straight towards Lenore...
[21:27] [Tengu] And impales her.
[21:27] [Steam] "!"
[21:27] [Tengu] Carina: "..."
[21:27] [Corel] Lenore: "Gh!"
[21:28] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Now we just need to get..."
[21:28] [@Cubey] "Lenore..."
[21:28] [Aero] Astara: "Now we're even..."
[21:28] [Corel] Only, that may not be a bad thing. For Lenore anyway...
[21:28] [Aero] Astara: "So get up already and get your revenge!"
[21:28] [Aero] Astara: "A chance like this doesn't happen everyday you know!"
[21:28] [Terra] Kei: "..."
[21:28] [Corel] Her eyes light up at that.
[21:29] [Corel] And from within the liquid metal holding her in place, a bright light starts to break through!
[21:29] [Tengu] The metal around Lenore seems to solidify... And cracks appear on its surface.
[21:30] [Corel] Lenore: "I know..."
[21:30] [Corel] *The light twists to finally break the binds, so that Lenore is finally free again!+
[21:31] [Tengu] The binds around Lenore shatter! She's freed from the reactor!
[21:31] [Corel] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvztE75zH0w
[21:31] [Tengu] The energy lines around you start blinking, fizzling, or going haywire... The whole battleground starts rumbling...
[21:31] [Tengu] Carina: "No... Impossible... I had everything planned out..."
[21:31] [Tengu] (Lenore, go)
[21:32] [Corel] She pulls out the sword from her chest and gives it a glance. "You couldn't revive the dead, but I guess I owe you one after all..."
[21:32] [Steam] "Well too freaking bad!"
[21:32] [Corel] Lenore: "And all of you too..."
[21:33] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Ah, I was really worried there for a second! I forget how kijin stuff works sometimes..."
[21:33] [@Cubey] The inside of his pilot suit is kinda sweaty now.
[21:34] [Corel] Lenore: *"This time, I will finish it...come! Iblis!" Wielding both Kazan and her own large blade, the black Craft jets forward at blinding speed, slicing into Finale repeatedly... &
[21:35] [Tengu] Carina: "Curse you!" The blades cut deep into the Finale, dealing further damage to it! But the dragon-like Craft doesn't remind static, and it raises a hand, sending tendrils of darkness in return, while getting ready to hack with its sword at the same time!
[21:35] [Tengu] (react/continue)
[21:36] [@Cubey] # Lenore
[21:36] [Tengu] (approved)
[21:36] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Did you forget someone?!"
[21:37] [@Cubey] *The raised hand of darkness is met witha furious flurry of thrusts and swings as Izuru tries to bring it down or at least disrupt its attack.+
[21:38] [Corel] *Lenore responds by calling on the Phantom Guardian. It's pretty fitting too - a dragon against a dragon, and hers has both its fists ready to deliver a one-two punch in retaltiation!+
[21:39] [Tengu] Izuru's fierce flurry clashes against the hand of darkness, disrupting the tendrils.
[21:40] [Tengu] Which lets Lenore call upon her strike! The Phantom Guardian hits the Finale, throwing it off-balance, then hits it again, throwing it backwards with a huge dent in its armor!
[21:40] [Tengu] Carina: "That... That ca-"
[21:41] [Tengu] She's interrupted by a huge explosion inside the Finale.
[21:41] [Tengu] The ground below what's left of the Finale starts to crumble. The Craft falls into darkness.
[21:41] [Tengu] In fact. Everything around you is shaking and crumbling.
[21:41] [Tengu] The Gatekeeper is falling apart.
[21:42] [Corel] Lenore exhales, but the crumbling Gatekeeper doesn't escape her.
[21:42] [Corel] Lenore: "I think we should go..."
[21:42] [Steam] Roy: "Lenore... you did it!"
[21:42] [@Cubey] Izuru: "What's going on now?"
[21:43] [Terra] Kei: "Yes...I should be able to easily find the way out."
[21:43] [Corel] Lenore: "I'm not powering this thing anymore, it could come down any time."
[21:43] [@Cubey] Izuru: "I guess the way out is obvious... let's get out of here!"
[21:44] [Tengu] Time to quickly leave, the same way you entered!
[21:44] [Tengu] You leave the Gatekeeper and emerge outside, where Astara is waiting.
[21:44] [Corel] Lenore actually looks over her shoulder for a bit before she does.
[21:44] [Tengu] As well as the other Gloster agents, who jump out of the hole one after another.
[21:44] [Tengu] Looks like everyone's here.
[21:44] [Tengu] Gloster agent 1: "You did it!"
[21:45] [Aero] Astara: "Good job..."
[21:45] [@Cubey] Tamaki: "More bad guys? Missiles away!"
[21:45] [@Cubey] Tamaki: "Oh wait, it's Kei and Izuru."
[21:45] [Steam] "And we got Lenore back too!"
[21:45] [Tengu] Behind you, the Gatekeeper slowly falls apart, and crumbles into dust...
[21:46] [Tengu] It turns into a huge cloud.
[21:46] [Tengu] But, among this cloud, you can hear a terrible metallic noise.
[21:46] [Corel] Lenore's Craft looks at Astara's. "I guess I should thank you too-"
[21:46] [Corel] Lenore: "..."
[21:47] [Tengu] Out of the destroyed Gatekeeper, climbs out... The Finale. It's visibly damaged, but still operational.
[21:47] [Tengu] Carina: "Do you think you could get rid so easily of me...?"
[21:47] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Look, we beat up your Gatekeeper! You've lost."
[21:47] [Tengu] Several fake Craft emerge from its remains, too. And furthermore, a few more jump out from the hole, to join their ranks.
[21:48] [Corel] Lenore: "...Give it up, Carina."
[21:48] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Ack."
[21:48] [Tengu] Carina: "You beat it, yes. But do you think I lost? Oh no... A smart planner always has a plan B."
[21:48] [@Cubey] Reinforcements, even now?
[21:48] [Tengu] Carina: "And now, it's time for mine..."
[21:48] [Tengu] You can detect an energy spike on your sensors!
[21:48] [Corel] Lenore: "What are you-"
[21:48] [Tengu] It's coming from the hole leading to the Gate!
[21:48] [Aero] Astara: "The Gate.."
[21:48] [Tengu] The Gate that is now swirling at a much faster speed!
[21:49] [Tengu] Your sensors are going haywire at the amount of energy!
[21:49] [Tengu] Carina: "It is time! Come...!"
[21:49] [Tengu] Something is starting to emerge from the Gate!
[21:49] [Terra] Kei: "..." She immediately went for her instruments, but they didn't show much. "I think she's calling an army from there..."
[21:49] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Oh no..."
[21:49] [Steam] Roy: "I'm like 100% sure this is bad but someone please fill me in on the details!"
[21:49] [Tengu] A single, human-sized shape...
[21:50] [Aero] Astara: "If you remember the last time they summoned..."
[21:50] [@Cubey] Izuru: "This is the gate to... where the Kijin Emperor resided..."
[21:50] [Tengu] Carina: "Come, Kijin Emperor!"
[21:50] [Tengu] http://i.imgur.com/AAwEzbR.jpg
[21:50] [Tengu] Carina: "Be awaken anew!"
[21:50] [Tengu] The ominous armored figure flies up, towards the battlefield.
[21:50] [Aero] Astara can feel Invicta's power pulsing within her.
[21:51] [Tengu] Carina looks at it for a moment, as if surprised by the small size of the emperor. But...
[21:51] [@Cubey] Izuru: "No, that's impossible! The emperor can't be here because..."
[21:51] [Aero] Astara: "....."
[21:51] [Corel] Lenore: "That's the one?"
[21:51] [Tengu] Carina: "Kijin Emperor! I, who stand before you, am a true Kijin! I beg of you, destroy the opposition, the enemies of our kind!"
[21:51] [Terra] Kei: "It doesn't look like him, but..."
[21:51] [@Cubey] Because they killed him. And the one who became the new Emperor...
[21:52] [Tengu] The armored figure looks at you with its red eyes.
[21:52] [Tengu] Then it raises a hand. Energy starts to gather around it.
[21:52] [Corel] Lenore has her weapons raised. "Hey...!"
[21:53] [@Cubey] Izuru: "No! Everything Astara and Seta did was for nothing? It's impossible!"
[21:53] [Tengu] The Kijin Emperor fires a huge, powerful spiral-shaped blast of energy!
[21:53] [Tengu] ...Towards Carina's forces!
[21:53] [@Cubey] "!!"
[21:53] [Aero] "!!!"
[21:53] [Tengu] The fake Craft are engulfed by the blast and, one after another, destroyed!
[21:53] [Steam] "?!?"
[21:53] [Tengu] Carina: "...What?!"
[21:53] [Corel] Lenore: "Eh...?"
[21:53] [Aero] Astara: "What..."
[21:53] [@Cubey] Izuru: "... Eh. Ehh?"
[21:53] [Tengu] The armored figure looks towards you again. Then, it removes its helmet.
[21:54] [Corel] ???: "At last..."
[21:54] [Aero] Astara: "!"
[21:54] [Corel] ???: "How long has it been...I do not know..."
[21:55] [Corel] The one behind the armor is
[21:55] [Corel] http://v.dreamwidth.org/7600702/2231540
[21:55] [Terra] Kei: "Seta! You survived?"
[21:56] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Ah..."
[21:56] [Aero] Astara: "...Seta..."
[21:56] [Corel] Lenore: "..."
[21:56] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Is it true? It's really you?"
[21:57] [Corel] Seta: "...Can you not tell how happy I am to see you?"
[21:57] [Corel] Seta: "It is me...I am...home."
[21:58] [Terra] Kei: "Welcome back."
[21:58] [Steam] "... Who are you?"
[21:58] [@Cubey] Izuru: "I thought... I was going to..."
[21:58] [Corel] Lenore: "The one who gave me the Phantom Guardian..."
[21:58] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Waaaaah!"
[21:58] [Terra] Kei: "Seta...You should have heard about her."
[21:58] [Aero] Astara: "Izuru! Don't...cry...you're going to make everyone...everyone..."
[21:58] [@Cubey] Time for incoherent very unhero-like crying.
[21:59] [Corel] Lenore: "Guys...I hate to interrupt..."
[21:59] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Ahh! Sorry but.. Seta... Seta's here! Is this a dream?"
[21:59] [Steam] "So she... well thanks for bailing us out hardcore!"
[21:59] [Tengu] You can hear sobbing sounds coming from the other Gloster Craft too.
[21:59] [Tengu] Well, except one.
[21:59] [Tengu] Gloster Agent 3: "I'm moved." (emotionless voice)
[22:00] [Tengu] Carina: "What is this... This ridiculous, sappy idiocy?"
[22:00] [Tengu] Carina: "Give me a break! I will not let my plans fall apart like this!"
[22:00] [Terra] Kei hadn't cried, though she certainly understood it. But the comment from that one agent caused her to immediately snap back to look to them in preparation for eventual betrayal
[22:01] [Corel] Seta: "Carina Gloster...I answered your call."
[22:01] [Tengu] Carina: "I still have the Finale with me! It's only a matter of time before it regenerates completely! And then, I'll find a way to open the Gate again! Summon a real Emperor, not... not Seta Albreich!"
[22:01] [Corel] Seta: "I am the Empress of the Kijin Realm, the successor of Invicta. But that place is no longer what it was."
[22:01] [Tengu] Judging from her voice, she's in the middle of an angry breakdown.
[22:02] [Corel] Seta: "Our enemies are now those like yourself."
[22:02] [@Cubey] Izuru: "You... don't know anything!"
[22:02] [Tengu] Carina: "You... I refuse! You are not my Empress! Now begone!"
[22:02] [Tengu] The Finale moves in to attack!
[22:02] [Tengu] (everyone can move)
[22:03] [Corel] Seta: "Astara...and..."
[22:03] [Corel] The small figure gazes at Iblis.
[22:03] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Sorry Red Five. I know it's not like you." He coughs, sounding more calm now. "You don't act like this. But..."
[22:03] [Corel] Seta: "Lenore. We have much to talk about as well. But first... let us finish this..."
[22:04] [Corel] Seta: "...All of us."
[22:04] [Corel] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HZX1b70TaE
[22:04] [@Cubey] Izuru: "But I'm the one in charge, and there's nothing wrong with being moved by happiness! That's what I think!"
[22:04] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Let's go! Kei, Seta, everyone!"
[22:05] [Corel] Lenore: "That's more like it...!"
[22:05] [@Cubey] Tamaki: "Shut up you big stupid meanie poo-head! What do you know!" *The Rose Three pilot tries to shut Carina down (while leaving waterfalls of tears everywhere) and launches a giant barrage of missiles from her large unit.+
[22:05] [Terra] * There was no hesitation as Purple-2's weapons spun around to keep pelting the damaged Finale. She was more than fed up with Carina's condescending, petulant villainy and she would /not/ have Seta murdered by her. Even ignoring the possibility of Carina becoming a new Kijin emperor. +
[22:07] [Tengu] The Finale is pelted by missiles and energy shots from the two AHSMBs! Its damage deepens, and a multitude of small explosions blow up on its surface. Carina doesn't say anything, just lets out a frustrated grunt, and the dragon-like Craft tries to breathe fire at both of them!
[22:07] [Steam] * "I bet it really sucks right now to be you, doesn't it? All that time I was thinking you had an 'I Win' button... turns out someone put the wrong label on it all this time! You lost from the very freaking start!" The Wagner charges at the Finaale full speed, Crisis energy enveloping his HFM sword, blue and red intermingling as his hands moved
[22:07] [Steam] to deliver a rolling, two-handed slash across the monster's frame!+
[22:07] [Tengu] (Kei, Tamaki react)
[22:07] [@Cubey] # Kei
[22:07] [Tengu] (approved)
[22:08] [Tengu] Although it's worth noting that this attack certainly throws the enemy's aim off! Roy's special HFM sword slashes across the Finale's body, leaving a deep, nasty gash!
[22:09] [Corel] And while those attacks buy her some time...
[22:09] [Corel] Seta: "Craft - Complete. Code: Union."
[22:09] [Terra] * Like always, Kei went into full dogfighting mode to throw herself upwards and backwards, away from the fire. "Uwoooo" Tamaki on the other hand, hit the throttle and her shields and charged straight ahead to crash through everything, safe behind the most powerful barrier protecting any of the AHSMBs. +
[22:09] [@Cubey] *In a flash of light, Red Five is suddenly between the attack and its allies. One hand raised, palm outstretched - and generating a large, almost solid barrier, wings of awakening spread around it.
[22:10] [Aero] Astara: "Maxwell."
[22:10] [@Cubey] + (oops, sorry)
[22:10] [Corel] A burst of light erupts from where the Empress stood, and standing there in its place is
[22:10] [Corel] http://i.imgur.com/tK6dWYW.jpg
[22:11] [Aero] Astara: "Your Craft..."
[22:11] [Tengu] Kei and Tamaki evade to the sides safely, while the fiery breath hits against Red Five's barrier, and is dispersed by it!
[22:11] [Corel] Lenore: "The Phantom Guardian...so that's what it was..."
[22:12] [Tengu] Carina: "Damn... I won't go down like this...!" Finale gathers bright, burning light energy in its hands, and then swings its claws widely, trying to hit Wagner, and anything else that's close!
[22:12] [Tengu] (Roy react)
[22:12] [@Cubey] Izuru: "You can still surrender, you know."
[22:13] [Tengu] (oh wait, missed a thing, let me add)
[22:13] [@Cubey] Izuru: "But if you don't..." Red Five's barrier arm is curled up into a fist, the energy it dispersed returning and gathered within.
[22:13] [Tengu] Carina: "Never... Urgh!" She's interrupted as the Finale is hit by Tamaki's heavy, heavy charge, and the force field in front of Rose Three!
[22:14] [Steam] * "Then go down with some dignity and freaking give up already, DUH!" The Wagner flips back and up to get over those wide slashes, kicking off of the dragon's face for good measure.+
[22:14] [@Cubey] "Then you'll pay for all the people you harmed! Keep at it guys!" *Taking advantage of Tamaki knocking the enemy off balance, Red Five charges - and unleashes that fistful of light into the enemy's mouth, a brilliant explosion to silence the burning maw, possibl forever.+
[22:15] [Corel] Lenore looks at the other two Kijin. "Lead the way. I'll be right there."
[22:15] [Tengu] Roy vaults over the dragon-like enemy, avoiding the claws. His kick to the face adds insult to the injury, while Izuru dishes out the main pain, causing a large explosion inside the Finale's mouth!
[22:16] [Corel] Union nods at Iblis, and then vanishes to appear behind the enemy, wherever it ends up after the others' attacks!
[22:17] [Tengu] Carina: "My power over the forces of gravity hasn't waned yet! Begone!" She tries to channel the two orbs of gravity and wind again, buut is disrupted by a barrage of energy blasts firing at her!
[22:17] [Aero] Maxwell nods as well and disappears to appear in front of the enemy, opposite of Union.
[22:17] [Corel] *The not-so-Phantom Guardian then draws its own sword and thrusts toward Finale, not intending to do so only once, but repeatedly!&
[22:17] [Tengu] Gloster Agent 1: "Fire, fire!"
[22:17] [Tengu] Gloster Agent 2: "Well provide you with support!"
[22:17] [Tengu] Gloster Agent 3: "I'm very angry at you, Carina." (monotone)
[22:17] [Tengu] Gloster Agent 4: "Ata ta ta ta!"
[22:18] [Tengu] Gloster Agent 5: "I... I wasn't crying back then, okay?"
[22:18] [Aero] *Maxwell draws its own blade and follows Union in thrusting at Finale in sync with the other Craft. &
[22:19] [Tengu] Carina is hit by swords from opposite directions! But she doesn't give up, and tries to defend herself by hitting with her tail and sword, respectively, channeling burning light energy again! (react/continue)
[22:20] [Aero] Astara: "Seta your turn!"
[22:22] [Corel] Seta: *"Right...!" The sword is immediately sheathed in a quickly summoned scabbard, and Union vanishes - all that is left in its wake is a trail of slashes that go across where Finale stands!+
[22:22] [Corel] *The intent is to knock Carina's sword out of her hand.+
[22:24] [Aero] * Astara follows up with one last thrust to impale Finale and prevent it from moving completely, ignoring the trail of slashes in front of her as she completely trusted Seta not to damage her. +
[22:26] [Tengu] Seta's barrage of slashes cuts into the Finale, disarming it from its giant sword and further damaging its body!
[22:26] [Tengu] The last stab in Astara's combo hits the opponent's body and tail, impaling through them and piercing the opponent into the ground!
[22:27] [Tengu] The Finale is immobile right now, although it's struggling and soon about to overpower its opposition...
[22:28] [Corel] Seta: "Lenore!"
[22:28] [Aero] Astara: "Finish it!"
[22:29] [Corel] *The black Craft appears at that exact moment, high in the air. It taps into the Phantom's power, manifesting a single fist, but one imbued with turbulent light and dark energies...
[22:30] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Go Lenore!"
[22:31] [Corel] Lenore: *"This is for all of them! Everyone you've hurt! Haa---!!" The fist descends right into Finale, and creates a vortex that implodes, before detonating in spectacular fashion!+
[22:32] [Tengu] The fist sinks deep into the Finale, punching right through its armor.
[22:32] [Tengu] Carina: "All of my years of work... For... Nothing..."
[22:33] [Tengu] The Finale implodes. Then explodes. The detonation is blinding for a moment, casting shade upon everything.
[22:33] [Tengu] It slowly fades.
[22:33] [Tengu] There's nothing left of the Finale. It's gone.
[22:33] [Tengu] So is Carina. And her Gatekeeper. And her army.
[22:33] [Steam] "And good riddance!"
[22:34] [Tengu] Gloster agents: "Woo!" "You've done it!" "Yay." (monotone)
[22:34] [Corel] Iblis kneels down on one knee where it landed.
[22:34] [Terra] Kei relaxed in her seat. Finally, even if there were more important questions. "What happened since...Last time?" Her gaze fixed on Seta as she said it. "We all thought you were dead."
[22:34] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Just because you worked hard doesn't mean it was for a good cause..."
[22:34] [@Cubey] Levitating under its wings, Red Five slowly floats down to the ground.
[22:35] [@Cubey] Izuru: "I... wanna know too."
[22:35] [Aero] Astara: "Me too..."
[22:35] [Aero] Astara: "Since....you know..."
[22:35] [Corel] Seta: "Yes...I will answer as much as possible."
[22:36] [Corel] But first, Union lands next to Iblis and puts a hand on its shoulder.
[22:36] [Corel] Lenore: "I...no...we did it."
[22:37] [Corel] Lenore sounds like she's in disbelief, but also relieved.
[22:38] [Aero] Astara: "but before that...um...welcome home Seta."
[22:38] [@Cubey] Izuru: "Welcome back."
[22:39] [Corel] Seta: "Yes... I'm back."
[22:39] [Tengu] MISSION COMPLETE
[22:39] [Tengu] CANON COMPLETE
[22:39] [Tengu] GOOD END