Tengu Shikigami (18:10:27): Huffman: "The good news is, we managed to locate Carina Gloster, the Gatekeeper, and presumably Lenore Iblis, used as a power source for the latter."
Tengu Shikigami (18:10:55): Huffman: "The bad news is, this is because they have attacked the Gloster headquarters."
Tengu Shikigami (18:12:17): Huffman: "In fact, the Gatekeeper is located there right now, occupying the underground chamber under the headquarters. Despite the efforts from the Gloster Foundation, it refuses to leave."
Tengu Shikigami (18:12:43): Huffman: "As far as we know, the completed Gatekeeper is virtually invulnerable to damage."
sparecubey (18:14:01): Izuru: "This is bad! How is everyone? Are the Gloster kijin safe?!"
flibblespeak (18:14:39): Kei: "Yes, do we need to look out for hostages or civilians trying to evacuate?"
Tengu Shikigami (18:16:40): Huffman: "You don't have to look out for anyone, evacuation of non-combat personnel has already finished. The only ones remaining there are Gloster agents, fighting off the fake Craft."
Tengu Shikigami (18:17:11): Huffman: "Our well-known accomplice Astara Kellin among them."
flibblespeak (18:17:20): Kei: "Understood."
sparecubey (18:17:57): Izuru: "We'll have to help her."
sparecubey (18:18:01): He states it as a matter of fact.
wyverncakes (18:18:05): Well this was one less thing to ask Beatrice about.
sparecubey (18:18:11): Nevermind that the enemy was just described as invulnerable to all damage.
wyverncakes (18:18:32): "Not just that... we need to finally shut up Crazy Carina."
Tengu Shikigami (18:18:41): Huffman: "We're moving in to support them now. For you see... According to my analysis, the Gatekeeper's structure means that it has a weakness. And we're going to exploit it."
Tengu Shikigami (18:18:51): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
wyverncakes (18:19:02): The Wagner's repaired fist clenchs tight in resolution. The mechanics sure got done not a moment too soon.
flibblespeak (18:19:48): Kei nodded, not breaking the formality of a soldier at a briefing, letting the officer explain what said weakness was first
Tengu Shikigami (18:22:05): That was a briefing, some time ago. And now, your small group is quickly heading towards the Gloster HQ. You still remember Huffman's words...
Tengu Shikigami (18:23:47): Huffman: "The Craft-producing factory module is still destroyed. If you manage to knock the Gatekeeper off-balance, and focus your attacks at the same point where you focused previously, you may be able to cause damage to it. Enough damage to create a hole in the structure."
Tengu Shikigami (18:24:08): Huffman: "At which point, your job is to enter inside."
Tengu Shikigami (18:24:17): Huffman: "Enter, and recover Lenore Iblis."
sparecubey (18:24:34): Izuru: "Astara... hang in there. We're coming!"
sparecubey (18:24:37): "And..."
sparecubey (18:24:41): "Lenore, too!"
flibblespeak (18:24:49): Kei: "Understood."
flibblespeak (18:25:31): Kei: "We won't fail them. We'll find a way to manage it." Hopefully, this wouldn't be a repeat of the Kijin Emperor
Tengu Shikigami (18:25:59): You're quickly approaching the Gloster HQ. Last time you checked, the buildings were in a sorry state of disrepair, despite the recent efforts to reconstruct them.
Tengu Shikigami (18:26:08): And now, they're even worse.
Tengu Shikigami (18:27:04): There's visible damage to the constructions, smoke, and a huge hole in the main building. Large enough for even the Gatekeeper to pass through.
Tengu Shikigami (18:27:23): You can hear the sounds of combat, and detect energy reading, from there.
sparecubey (18:27:31): Izuru: "Yeah. For sure..."
sparecubey (18:27:39): He goes quiet. This is where the enemy is.
sparecubey (18:27:54): And... this is where it ends. One way or another!
wyverncakes (18:28:08): "Time to bring her down!"
wyverncakes (18:28:23): The Wagner speeds in that direction, swords drawn and ready!
Tengu Shikigami (18:30:26): The hole leads deep underground, into the chamber that houses the Gate.
Tengu Shikigami (18:30:53): The Gate that used to be inactive, but right now energy is slowly gathering and swirling within it!
Tengu Shikigami (18:30:56): And more importantly!
Tengu Shikigami (18:31:15): Battle rages within the chamber!
Tengu Shikigami (18:31:42): On one side, the gigantic Gatekeeper, and the remains of its army of fake Craft.
Tengu Shikigami (18:31:56): On the other hand, Gloster Foundation's Craft, including Maxwell!
Tengu Shikigami (18:32:10): Gloster Agent: "It's the Unity Group!"
Tengu Shikigami (18:32:15): *on the other side
Tengu Shikigami (18:32:49): The chamber is huge enough that the Gatekeeper can fit and move around it, though it doesn't have the limitless mobility it did last time, in the city.
Tengu Shikigami (18:33:40): One of the generic Craft used by the Foundation stops firing energy blasts towards the enemies as it notices you.
Tengu Shikigami (18:33:40): Gloster Craft
sparecubey (18:34:11): Izuru: "Huge..."
sparecubey (18:34:21): And the Gatekeeper didn't get any smaller either.
Aero (18:34:38): Astara: "Everyone..."
flibblespeak (18:34:56): Kei: "We're here to assist you. Any changes to the situation since the briefing?"
Tengu Shikigami (18:35:12): Carina: "What's this? Your crushing defeat last time wasn't enough for you, and you've come for a second serving?"
sparecubey (18:36:17): Izuru: "Astara! We're here to help!"
wyverncakes (18:36:59): Roy: "The only thing that's gonna get served here..."
wyverncakes (18:37:01): "Is YOU!"
wyverncakes (18:37:18): The Wagner points dramatically at the Gatekeeper.
Aero (18:37:24): Astara shakes her head. "Nothing has changed since I sent that first report."
Aero (18:37:52): "I've managed to keep her busy but..."
Tengu Shikigami (18:38:03): Gloster Agent: "Briefing? I don't remember any briefings. They just appeared..."
Tengu Shikigami (18:38:18): Gloster Agent 2: "The briefing wasn't for us, you doofus!"
Aero (18:38:28): She looks over at the other Gloster Crafts. They weren't in the best of states, some of them didn't even see combat until today.
Tengu Shikigami (18:38:29): Gloster Agent 1: "Ahh... That explains it..."
flibblespeak (18:40:10): Kei: "Understood. The plan we got was to break through the blockade of Carina's army and break a hole in the Gatekeeper to infiltrate it and free Lenore."
Tengu Shikigami (18:40:18): Carina: "Ha ha, good luck with that! Last time, you faced the unfinished Gatekeeper, and still lost! What chance do you think you have against the complete version?"
sparecubey (18:40:32): Izuru: "I don't know."
Aero (18:40:50): Astara: "Well...I took care of most of the army."
sparecubey (18:40:54): Izuru: "I don't know what we can do against you, but we have to try! That's what heroes do! And I won't let you destroy Astara's home any more!"
Tengu Shikigami (18:40:58): Carina: "I'd say you should run for your lives... But I'm afraid it's too late now."
Tengu Shikigami (18:41:09): The enemies press in to attack again!
Tengu Shikigami (18:41:17): Enemy List: Fake Judgement x12, Fake Vengeance x6, Fake Rebellion x2, Gatekeeper

Allies: Gloster Agent x5
Tengu Shikigami (18:41:22): Initiative: Roy, Izuru, Kei, Astara
Tengu Shikigami (18:41:26): (Roy, Izuru)
Tengu Shikigami (18:41:31): Gloster Craft

Faux Judgement

Faux Vengeance

Faux Rebellion

Tengu Shikigami (18:42:07): Gloster Agent 2: "Here they come! Fight!"
wyverncakes (18:42:22): If the Fake Craft wanted to press inwards, let them.
wyverncakes (18:42:35): "Funny you're talking about fighting things that aren't really 'finished' yet, crazy lady."
Tengu Shikigami (18:42:35): (allies available for support - they mostly use martial arts and fire energy blasts)
sparecubey (18:43:19): Izuru: "It's these things again... we need to clear the way!"
sparecubey (18:43:33): "Please watch my back, I'm going in!"
wyverncakes (18:45:18): * The Wagner moves almost dangerously forward, an tempting target easy to cut off from all the others. But a flicker of blue energy begins to swirl around it, and when the time was ripe and the Craft close enough... "ALright... here we go! CRISISPHERE!" Blue-white energy poured from the Wagner's body into a destructive, expanding dome to punish any Faux Judgements that got too close.+
sparecubey (18:45:30): *Red Five's dual wielding its main armaments again. The AHSMB charges forward, leaving a trail of energy blasts and physical bullets in its wake. The barrage suppresses the lesser enemies while Izuru heads for... "Stop copying Seta!" The fake RB, his chainsword stopping its fire to cut down on the foe.+
Tengu Shikigami (18:47:42): Two of the Vengeances are enveloped by the Crisissphere and fried by the violent energy burst! Their accompanying Vengeance avoids the attack, however, and as it evades it fires a barrage of flaming feathers into Wagner's direction! (react)
Aero (18:47:58): #Roybot?
Tengu Shikigami (18:48:01): (approved)
Tengu Shikigami (18:49:25): Izuru's suppression fire keeps the lesser opponents at bay, causing some minor damaged to them, while he moves towards a stronger enemy! His chainsword starts cutting into the Rebellion... But the opponent creates two blades of light, and swings one to parry the strike, while stabbing with the other straight at Red Five's chest! (react)
Tengu Shikigami (18:49:30): (Astara, Kei go)
sparecubey (18:51:04): *Izuru quickly twists his unit's body to the side, with the same speed as if he was doing it with his own flesh. "Now!"
sparecubey (18:51:12): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vdd_Wel5HH4
wyverncakes (18:51:30): * And the other thing about this Crisis mode energy, as Roy was discovering... "Time for takeoff!" The Wagner leaps into the air to get over the feather assault, but it doesn't come down. With two streams of energy trailing after its legs, the Wagner finally soars, flying independently.+
Aero (18:51:37): * Maxwell freezes for a moment and in an instant it seems to suddenly teleport to the Wagner's side. The hands of the craft ignite and summons Kazan before drawing the blade to send a large flaming crescent to destroy the feathers approaching. +
sparecubey (18:51:39): Tamaki: "Leave dummy Izuru and all our friends ALOOONE!"
sparecubey (18:52:01): *Rose Three slams Rebellion from the side, firing spread lasers wildly everywhere.+
Tengu Shikigami (18:53:08): Astara's flaming strike overwhelms most of the plums with superior fire, causing them to burn out preemptively! What little remains, Roy dodges easily with aerial maneuvers.
flibblespeak (18:53:10): * "Astara, I need you and your agents to follow up on the opening Izuru and Roy's charge created. Striking at the smaller ones here, here and here will widen the gap and make it harder for them to cover for each other while closing our own flanks. Fast, short-range attacks to make use of it would be best." +
wyverncakes (18:53:44): Roy: "Wait... that's..."
Tengu Shikigami (18:54:01): Izuru dodges to the side, avoiding the incoming blade of light by inches - it actually hits his energy barrier, but not the AHSMB itself, because...
wyverncakes (18:54:06): "Didn't that fire sword thing get stolen by the crazy lady?"
Tengu Shikigami (18:54:14): Because Rose Three comes in, unexpectedly.
Tengu Shikigami (18:54:47): And slams into the already damaged fake RB, carrying it away and peppering it with lasers.
Aero (18:54:54): Astara: "She was kind enough to give it back, by using it to reactivate the Gate."
Tengu Shikigami (18:55:17): And by carrying it away, I mean that after a short distance, both crash into the wall.
Tengu Shikigami (18:55:40): Luckily, Rose Three's shield absorbs the force of impact.
Tengu Shikigami (18:55:46): The RB is destroyed, however.
sparecubey (18:56:21): Tamaki: "Uwawa... this place is too small!"
sparecubey (18:56:43): Izuru: "You have Kazan? Then... maybe we can still do something!"
flibblespeak (18:57:34): Kei: "Right, but we'll need to look into that later
Aero (18:59:26): * "Alright, you guys heard her right? Get moving" The Gloster Crafts catch up to their leader and charge in to unleash a barrage of punches at the fake Crafts. Astara herself re-sheathes Kazan before dashing forward, unleashing a storm of rapid slashes at anything she got near, even teleporting several times to catch as many of the fake Crafts as possible. +
Aero (18:59:34): (Combining regular action with Kei action)
Aero (18:59:44): Astara: "For now we need to focus on the Gatekeeper."
sparecubey (19:00:23): Izuru: "Yeah! Commander told us where to hit. We just need to do it..."
sparecubey (19:00:25): Easier said than done.
Tengu Shikigami (19:00:56): Gloster Agent: "Roger. Here we go...!" The other Craft move in to support Maxwell's assault by rapidly firing energy blasts at targets pointed out by Kei.
Tengu Shikigami (19:02:26): Between their support, and Astara's main assault, three of the Judgements and two Vengeances are reduced to ruin, cut through or burnt, and the rest of the fake Craft are suffer minor damage and are forced on the defensive for the time being!
Tengu Shikigami (19:02:35): Your way to the Gatekeeper is open!
Tengu Shikigami (19:02:40): Speaking of which...
Tengu Shikigami (19:03:41): Carina: "You create a free zone of attack for me? How nice." The Gatekeeper's shoulder-mounted eye-like cannons charge, and fire a barrage of beams towards the open area, trying to hit as many targets as possible with beamspam!
Tengu Shikigami (19:03:46): (Astara, Kei react)
Tengu Shikigami (19:04:01): Gloster Agent: "That's a lot of light..."
Tengu Shikigami (19:04:09): Gloster Agent 2: "Don't watch! Evade!"
Tengu Shikigami (19:05:52): (Roy and Izuru can move again)
sparecubey (19:06:43): Izuru: "Wait!"
sparecubey (19:06:46): # Everyone
Tengu Shikigami (19:06:58): (approved)
flibblespeak (19:07:24): * Kei didn't bother addressing their asshole enemy, instead she made use of the massive space inside the cave to go into full dogftighting mode, swinging in between some of the fake craft in hopes that Carina would try to follow her with the blast and fry her own minions instead. +
Aero (19:07:43): * Astara changes her main weapon again, this time invoking the last present Lady Gray gave her. "Fortuna..." The sphere of darkness suddenly shifts into what looks to be a strange gauntlet that forms over Maxwell's hand, the weapon charges with purple energy for a few seconds before firing and unleashing her own beamspam to counter. +
sparecubey (19:07:43): Izuru: "The same kind of trick won't work twice. This isn't the city anymore!"
sparecubey (19:08:31): *Red Five generates half-spheres of energy barriers in its forearm generators... which are quickly shot out, like rocket punches! The two stay next to each other to create a double layer of defense, while also moving forward to catch as many beams as possible.+
Tengu Shikigami (19:09:28): Several of the Gatekeeper's beams rain on the floor, causing explosions that shake the entire chamber...
Tengu Shikigami (19:10:04): But between Astara's counter-beamspam and Izuru's rocket punch energy shields, the damage is minimal! You can keep on fighting!
Tengu Shikigami (19:10:39): Also Kei's offensive evasion means that one of the Judgements is caught in the crossfire and destroyed.
wyverncakes (19:10:53): * The Wagner closes in on the Gatekeeper, Roy looking to find the damaged section on the gigantic machine's humongous shoulders. "And that's where your weak spot's supposed to be, right?" The Wagner swoops down in a dive bomb, hurling its spear at his target!+
Tengu Shikigami (19:13:24): Roy flies in, chucking his spear at the Gatekeeper... But the gigantic enemy swings its arm, both to block the incoming polearm and to send its claws flying towards him like a rocket punch! (react)
sparecubey (19:13:45): Izuru: "Here I go!" *Red Five follows up the barrier punches thrown, quickly letting go of its weapons. In flight, Izuru catches up to the forearm parts and quickly reattaches them, the AHSMB flipping forward... and cutting down on the same spot as Roy with a cross slash of forearm blades.+
wyverncakes (19:14:05): "Alright! You actually tried to defend yourself from-"
wyverncakes (19:15:06): * "GEH!" Gigantic claws coming at you can kill any kind of optimism, and the Wagner spirals and dives away, holding up its shield for all the good it'll do Roy... which he hopes is enough.+
Tengu Shikigami (19:16:56): While Carina is distracted dealing with Roy, Izuru manages to cut at the weakened part - and it looks like some strain begins to appear. That's not for long, however, as the Gatekeeper counters by dealing several quick punches at Red Five with gigantic fists, before jumping back! (react)
Tengu Shikigami (19:17:35): The force of the opponent's claws flying past makes Wagner flip in mid-air, but Roy doesn't take any serious damage from it.
Tengu Shikigami (19:17:38): (Kei and Astara)
sparecubey (19:19:25): Izuru: "We're doing it... gah!"
sparecubey (19:20:07): *The AHSMB's survival instinct kicks in like crazy, forcing Red Five into a wild escape of juking and swerving away from the oversized punches.+
flibblespeak (19:21:15): * "Roy, flip around and strike it from the back while Carina's focused on Izuru. Don't give her any room to breath and keep up the pressure at all times. Move over this way to remain in her blind spot for the seconds before you strike." +
Tengu Shikigami (19:21:43): Getting hit by one of these punches would probably end badly for Izuru, which is why it's good he manages to avoid them.
Tengu Shikigami (19:21:47): (Roy take your action)
wyverncakes (19:23:34): * The Wagner archs around the Gatekeeper, sticking to the route Kei had charted up for him. Out pops his arm cannon again, taking aim and trying once more at the weak spot, railgun shells exploding violently as they near the shoulder!+
Aero (19:27:25): * "There." Astara switches to RB and follows the other two Rocks by teleporting next to the Gatekeeper's shoulder. As she closes in on the broken shoulder she rears the gauntlet covered fist back, charging a massive amount of light into it. "Now Maxwell!" At the exact same moment she slams the straight into the shoulder Maxwell enters its berserk form for a brief instance, the space around the craft distorting as she does this to increase the power of the punch to finally break through the invulnerable machine. +
Tengu Shikigami (19:29:59): Wth each of Roy's shells hitting the Gatekeeper's shoulder, cracks visible on the giant enemy's armor continue to spread! And then, Astara's powerful strike comes, slamming into the damaged part and causing the cracks to break into a visible gash! It's just wide enough for the AHSMBs and Wagner to squeeze through... And something seems to be glowing red from the inside...
wyverncakes (19:30:18): Roy: "Alright!"
Aero (19:30:20): Astara: "There..."
Tengu Shikigami (19:30:22): Carina: "Uh... This force again...?!"
Tengu Shikigami (19:30:38): The Gatekeeper is thrown off-balance momentarily, giving you an opportunity that might not repeat itself!
wyverncakes (19:30:48): "Time to freaking eat your words, lady! The Gatekeeper's sure as heck not unbeata-"
wyverncakes (19:30:54): "... Wait what's that?"
Tengu Shikigami (19:31:19): Huffman: "See? I told you it will work perfectly. Now, waste no time and enter the Gatekeeper!"
Tengu Shikigami (19:31:43): (Izuru, Kei, Roy)
Aero (19:31:51): Astara: "You all need to get in there to rescue Lenore."
sparecubey (19:32:14): Izuru: "It's not so indestructible! Let's go now!"
sparecubey (19:32:31): *Red Five lunges into the opening. No time for second guessing now!+
wyverncakes (19:32:43): * There's no time to delay then! The Wagner dives right through that glowing gash!+
Aero (19:33:10): Unlike the others, Astara seems content with staying where she is.
sparecubey (19:33:18): Tamaki: "Aaah, Rose Three's too big to fit through!"
flibblespeak (19:39:25): Kei: "We don't know what we'll find in there, having more firepower is preferable. Come with us, Astara." Kei called out to the Kijin leader as she scrambled to get through the breach before any self-repair systems fixed it or the escort units started blocking passage
Tengu Shikigami (19:40:20): The three units enter the hole and disappear inside...
Aero (19:40:22): Astara: "Sorry...I know I should but if I came in with you I don't think these guys could stop Carina from just destroying everything here."
Tengu Shikigami (19:41:11): Carina: "Do you really think dividing your forces is a good idea when fighting against the Gatekeeper? Allow me to show you how stupid it was!"
flibblespeak (19:41:22): Kei: "Understood. Look after Tamki and your own people and stay safe out there."
Aero (19:41:31): Astara: "You too, I'm counting on you guys."
Aero (19:41:37): Astara: ""All of you.
Tengu Shikigami (19:42:06): The Gatekeeper's cannons start charging again - but it looks different this time! The gigantic enemy fires not a barrage of beam, but two huge, focused ones, which combine into one gigantic, bright blast, endangering to burn everything in its way!
sparecubey (19:42:12): Tamaki: "Don't worry Kei, I'll take good care of all the kijins!"
Tengu Shikigami (19:42:24): This is the attack Carina tried to use before catching Lenore last time!
Tengu Shikigami (19:42:27): (Astara react)
Aero (19:45:46): * Astara presses her hand against the gap one last time for some strange reason before it closed. "You're not destroying another thing here Carina!" As she leaps back from the Gatekeeper she summons Fortuna once again. This time changing the weapon into a massive weapons platform and countering the gigantic beam with her own. +
Tengu Shikigami (19:46:30): The two beams clash against each other, causing a huge explosion!
Tengu Shikigami (19:47:06): After the explosion fades, both of the combatants are smoking... Though Astara's Maxwell is noticably damaged, while Carina's Gatekeeper looks like it didn't care much for it.
Tengu Shikigami (19:47:11): And furthermore.
Tengu Shikigami (19:47:32): The explosion caused the ceiling above you to be destroyed. You can see light from above.
Tengu Shikigami (19:47:55): The Gatekeeper jumps up! It lands on the ground of the Foundation HQ!
Tengu Shikigami (19:48:17): Carina: "See? You're already losing your advantage!"
Aero (19:48:47): Astara: "It'll take a lot more than that to keep a Kijin down Carina."
Tengu Shikigami (19:48:51): Gloster Agent 1: "Astara! We... We'll hold the fake Craft. You take care of her!"
Aero (19:50:00): Astara: "Are you sure you'll be alright?"
Tengu Shikigami (19:50:32): Gloster Agent 2: "Don't worry about us! You're not the only one fighting here!"
sparecubey (19:50:58): Tamaki: "Hey, aren't you forgetting about someone!"
Aero (19:52:10): Astara: "...alright. thanks you guys."
Aero (19:52:16): And she leaps up after the Gatekeeper.
Tengu Shikigami (19:52:19): Carina: "A Kijin, you say? Funny you should say that, as I'm sure your friends will soon find out. Come!"
Tengu Shikigami (19:52:33): The Gatekeeper emanates another burst of power as Astara, alone, comes to face it!
Tengu Shikigami (19:52:38): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTTb5BVnwKQ
Tengu Shikigami (19:53:08): In the meantime, inside the Gatekeeper...
Tengu Shikigami (19:53:50): You're inside a large, dark chamber, full of floating platforms and columns. This place, while dark, looks huge - much bigger than the inside of the Gatekeepe should be.
Tengu Shikigami (19:54:25): Also, there are glowing red lines here, pretty much everywhere. They clearly lead the energy flowing through them into one direction...
Tengu Shikigami (19:54:42): Your sensors can detect a large source of power from that direction.
Tengu Shikigami (19:55:47): Also, a lot of the metal around you feels not entirely solid, shifting slightly like the metal that swallowed Lenore.
sparecubey (19:55:52): Izuru: "Uwah..."
flibblespeak (19:56:17): Kei: "Just what is this thing..."
sparecubey (19:56:47): He has bad experience with alternate spaces as far as Kijin related matters go...
wyverncakes (19:57:23): Roy: "Your guess is as good as mine..."
Tengu Shikigami (19:58:33): The whole place rumbles and shakes slightly, for a moment. The Gatekeeper is moving outside.
Tengu Shikigami (19:58:51): A reminder that the time is not still inside this strange place.
flibblespeak (20:01:16): Kei begins movement in the direction of the lines, worried about what she'll end up finding
sparecubey (20:01:32): Izuru: "Lenore's got to be somewhere in here. We don't have much time!"
sparecubey (20:01:40): That rumbling was worrying.
Tengu Shikigami (20:02:07): You start following the power lines, and the power source they lead to...
Tengu Shikigami (20:02:18): But before you can reach it, you have company.
wyverncakes (20:02:19): "And after that... we can smash our way out!"
Tengu Shikigami (20:02:32): Several fake Craft dash into your direction, jumping from platform to platform.
Tengu Shikigami (20:02:38): Enemy List: Fake Judgement x4, Fake Vengeance x2
Tengu Shikigami (20:02:44): (Izuru, Roy)