(00:21:07): The time we were afraid to come is here. (00:21:35): All Unity Group bases are on red alert - Gavin and his friends are spotted, and they made a run for the Discovery. (00:22:00): It was SSR's turn to watch over it, but... (00:22:36): Viletta: "We've been overwhelmed." (00:23:12): Viletta: "With the current state of SSR, in order to guard the Discovery we'd have to spread our forces too thin." (00:23:37): Viletta Vadim informs you - as you're already en route to the Discovery.
Wyverncakes (00:23:42): Mizuki: "Telling us this would've been smart" (00:24:09): Viletta: "Unity Group would fare no better. Your strength lies in quality, not numbers. It's the same for us." (00:24:51): Viletta: "But now, Gavin is inside the Discovery. He knew exactly where to strike to break through the weakest point. We're engaging the enemy - join us soon! For everyone's sakes!" (00:25:00): (00:27:37): The shuttle is getting close to the Discovery now - you see distant gunfire from time to time, beams of various caliber quickly lighting up and then disappearing. (00:27:58): The Discovery itself is of course submerged underground... but the shuttle has no intention of stopping.
tengusaur (00:28:11): Asagi: "I hope professor Dupond and his team are staying away from the crossfire..."' (00:28:32): You're hearing snippets of SSR communication, audible through sounds of battle. (00:29:09): Crowe: "Watch out, these guys are coming through walls! Talk about troublesome opponents..."
Peter Kampschroeder (00:29:09): Eva's doing her best to remain calm, her eyes closed. (00:29:38): Viletta: "Travis, can you clear a passage?" (00:29:58): Rand: "Leave it to me and the Gunleon! Super... PRESS!" (00:30:04): A distant explosion.
Wyverncakes (00:30:06): Mizuki's summoning up the DuskBird too, Crowe's words lingering in her thoughts. (00:30:12): Shuttle pilot: "Excellent. Hang on tight." (00:30:18): Shuttle pilot: "We're going in fast."
tengusaur (00:30:31): Asagi: "Wait, what."
Peter Kampschroeder (00:31:01): Eva: "Mm. Fly well." (00:31:13): Two Heralds try to circle around the shuttle suddenly - but it only accelerates and makes for the source of the explosion! (00:31:33): The whole thing shakes mightily as you break into the hole, slamming into a few enemy Portents!
frifreeman (00:31:43): Walt: "Okay team, remember our training. If something trying to materialize to our world, think paraplegic fluffy bunny. Paraplegic fluffy bunny. Don't make all of those extra training session go to waste." (00:32:29): And right through a cave wall, the shuttle suddenly performing a turn and decelerating quickly - before it can crash into the Discovery's side itself. (00:33:12): Right next to the entrance to the ancient facility. You just need a second to calm yourselves after the reckless voyage. (00:33:51): However, do not wait too long - the entrance is being blocked by Lady's minions, which as was said earlier, are phasing in through walls themselves, slowly dropping on the floor one by one. (00:34:53): (The Discovery looks like a gigantic, ancient stone cathedral of sorts - hidden underground, only parts of it remain visible even now) (00:35:13): Enemies: Portent x16, Visitation x1, Herald x2 (they chased you)
tengusaur (00:35:15): Asagi: "Urgh... That was quite an entrance..." He tries to to calm down his poor stomach. But looks like the enemies won't give him the time for that. (00:35:19): Portent


Visitation (00:35:28): Initiative: Mizuki, Eva, Asagi, Walt (00:35:31): Mizuki, Eva, go (00:36:45): The Visitation's massive frame is blocking the entrance. (00:36:55): You'll have to go through it if you want to get in - and fast, before Loni can break the seals!
Wyverncakes (00:38:09): Mizuki: "That thing needs to go."
Peter Kampschroeder (00:39:17): *Eva isn't that rattled from the shuttle's flight. It's not a crash, at least. So the Tern is one of the first things out of the shuttle, and it gracefully floats just above the cave floor. "'re in the way." With that, the Tern unleashes a massive volley of lasers on the Visitation's face.+
Wyverncakes (00:40:00): * The DuskBird bursts from the shuttle in Jet mode before transforming midflight. Drawing its whip, Mizuki gives pause for only a few moments to let Void energy charge it up before letting it stab out like a massive spear to pierce that dome-like spot above its brow!+
frifreeman (00:40:27): Walt: "I think this is the proper time to say."
frifreeman (00:40:50): Walt: "No time to waste, go find Loni! We'll hold them back here!"
frifreeman (00:40:57): Walt: "Am I right or am I right?"
tengusaur (00:41:28): Asagi: "Nobody's going anywhere with this monster blocking the way..." (00:41:53): The Visitation quivers slightly, its body moving back - the forehead gem is under attack, but it shines and unleashes a continous stream of energy to destroy the offenders! (00:41:57): Mizuki and Eva, react (00:42:00): Walt, Asagi, go
frifreeman (00:42:33): Walt: "I bet some can... Like the demongirl whose mech can turn into shadowbird, after we distract them! 8th Genoace team, use your most enmity-generating attacks"
tengusaur (00:43:29): * Asagi: "Also, I'm good now. I'll keep those small fries occupied." Blue One launches forward, firing several missiles towards the grouup of Portents, followed by a long burst from its machinegun trailing over them as the AHSMB passes by. +
Wyverncakes (00:44:16): * So it didn't like that, good to know for future reference. But that wouldn't do any good if she got killed though, so the DuskBird banks and flies away as fast as it can.+
Wyverncakes (00:44:34): "... And I'm not a demon."
Peter Kampschroeder (00:44:46): *Eva jukes to the side, trying to dodge that laser beam. She remembers the last time she fought this enemy, the tragedy that happened. Not again.+
frifreeman (00:45:19): And spirited J-pop start to blast from the genoaces' outward speaker with full volume, as their camera visor blink on and off and they spread to the sides and unleash mostly unfocused rapid fire spinny laser shot to the mass of enemy.+
tengusaur (00:45:36): Asagi: "..."
frifreeman (00:45:38): Walt: "I call this, distraction mode!"
Wyverncakes (00:46:09): Mizuki: "..." (00:47:05): The Portents are under attack, the half-formed enemies exploding under a stream of missiles while the standing ones' bodies are ripped by machinegun bullets and circular DODS shots. At least half a dozen fall. (00:47:40): But others counter attack - leaping to the walls, they stick to them and throw spears down at the Genoaces, spears that shatter into shards. React. (00:48:02): Also while he's attacking, Asagi comes under attack himself. Suddenly from behind, a fast foe! The Herald charges, its spear set for skewering. (00:48:04): React.
frifreeman (00:48:26): Walt:"Good, we got their attention! Don't lose it! By dying, or example."
tengusaur (00:48:57): Asagi: "Are you trying to distract the enemies or us!" He quickly spins around, drawing Blue One's katana and bringing it upwards in an attempt to clash against the opponent's blade in one move. + (00:49:14): Mizuki and Eva flee in two different directions, the beam moving around to try to chase them both but doing little... for now. (00:49:30): Mizuki, Eva, you can go again.
frifreeman (00:49:39): the 8th's genoace team strafe sideways, keeping their shield up as they continue shooting at the mass of enemies, trying to find cover as they move. While J-Pop and blinky light still coming from each and every one of them+ (00:49:51): Asagi quickly blocks the enemy spear and throws it away... (00:50:12): Only for the charging Herald's mass to slam into the AHSMB, both units thrown against the rocky wall of the Discovery!
Wyverncakes (00:50:47): Mizuki: "I'm going to try to move in." (00:51:00): The shards are many and the Genoaces' shields look like they belong to a hedgehog now. They're pretty useless at this rate...
Peter Kampschroeder (00:51:10): Eva: "-Tch..."
Wyverncakes (00:54:43): * Mindful of the Visitation's attack, the DuskBird nevertheless flies directly at its forehead, hand brimming with Void energy. "Servant of a false god or not, your persence here is not welcome nor wanted! And there are other reasons for us to be here than to merely fight you... so begone!" The DuskBird thrusts its hand forward to try to enter into the opening its whip made. "ABYSS SANCTION!"+ (00:56:46): As soon as the beam dissipates - Mizuki's counter attack fills the gem with energy once again. Abyss energy. (00:57:07): The Visitation's head is thrown back, roaring furiously as its forehead smokes, the beam emitter useless! (00:57:35): It wastes no time trying to grab the DuskBird while it's very close, its massive arms closing in to crush it with brutal strength. (00:57:36): React!
Peter Kampschroeder (00:58:31): # (00:59:14): Approved
Wyverncakes (01:00:12): * "Damaged but not beaten yet..." The DuskBird slams both of its feet into the Visitation's head to kick off, going back into Jet mode to speed past those hands before they can catch her.+
Peter Kampschroeder (01:00:49): *Then Tern moves like a blur, racing towards the Visitation's face-and charging into a stab, straight through it's skull. Once she slams into the monster, Eva fires a barrage of spread lasers into it at point-blank range.+ (01:03:54): The DuskBird is starting to retreat - and the Tern engages, throwing the enemy's head back and then continuing with a powerful barrage. (01:04:28): Mizuki takes advantage of this slaughter to get away. So much firepower is enough to take the whole head off! (01:04:29): But...
Wyverncakes (01:04:46): Mizuki: "Wait, Eva...!"
Wyverncakes (01:04:57): Trying to move in for the kill just as she was falling back? (01:05:00): The Visitation yet moves! Its arms pointing upwards in a dramatic gesture, the chest splits open to fire another - a much larger, more destructive beam.
Wyverncakes (01:05:05): "Eva watch out!" (01:05:06): And the Tern is really close to it. (01:05:13): Eva, react. (01:05:17): Asagi and Walt can move
Peter Kampschroeder (01:06:22): Eva: "-!!"
tengusaur (01:07:09): Asagi: "Eva!" He stabs at the center of the chest of the Herald fighting him, in an attempt to push it away, then rushes forward and launches two wide slashes at it, trying to break through! +
Peter Kampschroeder (01:07:28): *Eva doesn't have the time or the space to back away properly. So instead, she moves forward, pitching over the smoldering stump of the Visitation's head-and taking cover behind its back.+
frifreeman (01:09:36): Walt: "Okay team, continue! On my tactical calculation, we could clear the way more by finishing the smaller mooks than focusing on the big guys. Because every enemy has attack-of-opportunity area and clearing nine smaller area is better than clearing two bigger area, if we're lucky."
frifreeman (01:09:57): Walt: "And I'm totally not saying this because we'd have no chance actually damaging or annoying those big guys at all. Totally not that."
frifreeman (01:10:51): Walt's team pop out from the covers they managed to get (or not) before, and start shooting unfocused fire at the portents from many directions.+
frifreeman (01:11:49): Walt: "Those with super powerful one-of-a-kind robots, if you're not using this chance to find Loni faster, I will be very disappointed on you. I might even put a dislike on your social media account. I know that matters a lot to you, Asagi." (01:14:02): The Visitation's blast is wide, and aimed upwards. Trying to flee it by quickly moving forwards saves Eva from the worst - but doesn't save the Tern from taking damage. Even despite the barrier, its back areas are swept by the wide beam, one which cuts a hole into the cave ceiling above you. (01:15:07): The Herald, once at a stop, is easy to damage and stab into - the enemy is thrown away but quickly tries to parry the sword strikes and counter with a thrust into the middle of Blue One's mass. Asagi, react!
Peter Kampschroeder (01:15:34): Eva: "-Gah!" (01:16:03): Walt's team starts to shoot the Portents down one by one, but while they are focused on some of the nimble opponents, a group of four converge on one Genoace and leap to stab it from multiple sides simultaneously! React.
Wyverncakes (01:16:38): Mizuki: "Eva, how bad are you hit?"
Peter Kampschroeder (01:17:13): Eva: "-I-I'm fine. Don't worry."
tengusaur (01:17:46): Asagi: "I don't- gah, this doesn't matter right now!" He raises his katana into a parry, but keeps on pressing forward, the AHSMB's fight instinct in full display. As soon as the enemy is in range, Blue One launches a quick spinning kick, trying to knock the Herald off balance, followed by a vertical downwards cleave with the katana! +
frifreeman (01:19:42): Walt: "No! Michael! Try to limit their angle of attack!" The ganged-up Genoace raises his shield and back up to corner and try its best to defend itself from the attacks by shooting defensively, while the others turn and try to peel the incoming attackers from their comrades by carefully shooting at them.+
VJockey (01:22:18): #Walt? (01:22:24): Approved
VJockey (01:26:07): *The sound of rapidy falling hooves fills the air as something approaches. Its the Regalis Filia having borrowed an appropriated horse to get here in time! Peola quickly seeks to trample two of the portents while quickly snatching up the Genoace to save it from the other two!+ (01:27:09): The Herald tries to accelerate backwards - but it looks like you found its weak point, which is moving from a standstill. The enemy is overpowered by the AHSMB's survival sense, thrown off balance and its attack parried. (01:27:24): The damaged form is cut, a deep slash that damages it into an almost useless state. (01:28:05): At the same time, one of the Genoaces is in dire straits - its pilot cannot defend himself from all directions at once! Fortunately, here comes the rescue on a mighty steed. (01:28:31): Walt and his team manage to shoot down two of the attacking Portents, and Peola's timely rescue means the other two are not a threat (01:28:50): The enemies' numbers seem to be thinning out! (01:28:57): At this rate you might be able to...
VJockey (01:29:06): "Did we make it in time?!"
VJockey (01:29:10): *Did I (01:29:19): (01:29:30): A new unit descends from the hole in the ceiling, cut by the Visitation's beam. (01:29:41): The Seeker
Wyverncakes (01:29:57): Mizuki: "That thing again?!?"
tengusaur (01:30:59): Asagi: "More of them keep appearing... And we haven't even reached Loni yet." (01:31:22): Peola, Mizuki, Eva, go
Wyverncakes (01:32:44): Mizuki: "And whatever he's come to do, he also hasn't been able to do it just yet either! We can still do this!"
Peter Kampschroeder (01:33:05): (Current enemy list count?) (01:33:13): Enemies: Portent x5, Visitation x1 (damaged), Herald x2 (1 heavily damaged), The Seeker
Wyverncakes (01:33:24): * The DuskBird's gaze turns to the new Seeker, eyes burning with darkness before two Abyss Gaze beams are fired at the machine's chest!+ (01:34:22): The Seeker's shield moves quickly to block the beams. And while it's defending, the arm raises - and falls on the DuskBird! (01:34:41): (Reminder that the two large of Seeker's limbs are disattached from the body itself) (01:34:53): The arm is of course equipped with a giant hammer. This is happening again. React, Mizuki!
aldo salt (01:35:36): #Mizuki? (01:35:41): Approved
Peter Kampschroeder (01:36:23): *The Visitation is between everyone and the inside of the ship. So: Eva goes to town on it. She starts slashing at it again and again in close combat-then fires her own chest laser beam at it from close range.+
VJockey (01:36:37): "Just have to break through first... hyah!!!" (01:37:14): The Visitation's fists come down again - not to grab, just to pummel to stop the Tern's assault! React, Eva.
aldo salt (01:37:15): *"…leave my team leader alone! Foot…GRIND!" ShelLancer rockets upward in and , then dives wheel-spinning feet-first at the Seeker's hammer, trying to push it to the side!+
Wyverncakes (01:37:24): * With that hammer coming in, Mizuki dives under the swing of the hammer, spinning around all the while to turn the Abyss Gaze on the offending hand instead!+
VJockey (01:38:17): *Kicking the steed into a rapid charge towards the Visitation, Peola charges.... then the Regalis Filia stands upon the Mechanical Steed's saddle and leaps from it to deliver a barrage of literally explosive ki-powered blows!&
Peter Kampschroeder (01:38:33): *"-Slow..." Eva jets backwards, putting a slight bit of distance between her and the Visitation before firing. But that gives her a wider choice of targets, so she'll shoot for the enemy's own chest cannon with hers.+ (01:39:25): And now Peola's under attack by the pummelings as well. And mind Eva's close-ranged laser blasts! React/continue, Peola.
VJockey (01:42:18): *Peola's trusting Eva not to fry her here. Pumping more ki into one of her fists she brings it down in a powerful strike right into where the machine's head used to be, twisting her machine's hand the moment it made impact with something and letting the energy that built up in her hand explode outwards. (01:42:53): Regalis Filia is punched by a giant earthen fist from above! (01:43:08): Though damaged... with a surge of energy it strikes into the enemy's old wound! (01:43:21): Peola and Eva press on the attack. The second punch never comes. (01:43:41): The Visitation is overwhelmed with explosive ki, light shining through new holes in its body. (01:43:58): And then, it disappears in a violent discharge of energy. (01:44:23): The way is clear - all you have to do is to follow it. And worry not to be attacked by enemies from behind. (01:44:25): Speaking of which. (01:44:54): The ShelLancer out of nowhere helps Mizuki - but the hammer blow is mighty and not easy to deflect like that! The weapon is carrying you now, as well!
Wyverncakes (01:45:18): Mizuki: "Di-"
Wyverncakes (01:45:25): Yeah that was the ShelLancer. "Dido!" (01:45:33): (01:45:39): ???: "Dead end shoot."
aldo salt (01:45:42): Dido: "–I Want A Mulligan!!!" (01:46:12): A beam of tronium energy hits the hammer from the side - cracking it! Pieces of stone fall all around, and SHellLancer lands without harm. (01:46:42): The blast came from an SSR reinforcement. (01:46:44): R-Gun: (01:47:04): Viletta: "It looks like you're just in time, too."
aldo salt (01:47:27): Dido blinks. "…I owe you a drink, Viletta!" (01:47:51): Viletta: "I didn't know we were on a first name basis." (01:47:54): Viletta: "Anyway... (01:48:18): The R-Gun faces the Seeker - which is already charging its back circle in preparation of another huge beam being unleashed. (01:48:49): Viletta: "I don't think so. Don't look down on SSR, be you an angel or demon." (01:49:29): The Seeker does not fire, as suddenly... (01:50:00): Rand: "Full throttle onward! Come on Gunleon, let's show them some speed!" (01:50:08): (01:50:20): Mail: "Aaah! That's too fast Darling, too fast!"
tengusaur (01:50:37): Asagi: "It's the cru-"
tengusaur (01:50:41): Asagi: "...The Heat." (01:50:45): The lion themed super robot slams its giant wrench into the enemy from the front, not bothering to flank it - or maybe Rand knows about its shields. (01:51:49): Viletta: "All other exits are blocked. You know what this means." (01:52:18): Viletta: "What are you waiting for?! We'll hold these things down here. You go stop Gavin!"
tengusaur (01:52:39): Asagi: "...Right. You don't have to tell us twice!"
VJockey (01:52:51): "We'll take care of it! Just make sure you're all alright!"
Peter Kampschroeder (01:53:20): Eva: "Roger."
VJockey (01:53:23): [A sharp whistle and Peola's quickly throwing her machine back on top of the quickly moving steed.] (01:53:26): Rand: "Even if we get beaten up, I'll just put everyone back together! Don't you worry!" (01:53:28): A cheesy thumbs up (01:53:44): Mail: "Darling that doesn't work for people! ANd don't do the Heat Smile in combat, fight, fight!"
Wyverncakes (01:54:06): Mizuki: "That looks..."
Wyverncakes (01:54:12): What's the word for it, stuffy?
tengusaur (01:54:39): Asagi: "Yeah. Listen to her please." Blue One zooms towards the hole at maximum speed, avoiding any enemies that may block its passage with quick maneuvers.
aldo salt (01:55:23): "Don't have to tell me twice!" Dido shifts ShellLancer into turtle mode and Koopa Troops her way towards the Discovery's entrance!
Peter Kampschroeder (01:55:34): Eva's zipping along as well, making sure the others are following.
Wyverncakes (01:55:53): The DuskBird's well on its way too.
frifreeman (01:56:06): Walt leads the 8th Genaoce team to pick up the fallen Genoace.
VJockey (01:56:24): [Regalis' Filia's charging right on through.]
frifreeman (01:56:35): "Mike, you okay?" He says as he checks his subordinate's machine. Walt glacnes at the machine, before saying
frifreeman (01:56:46): "Right, you stay here, we'll continue with the others."
frifreeman (01:56:58): Walt: "But commander!"
frifreeman (01:58:04): Walt raises a thumbs up. "If we never come back, there'll need to be someone to pass the story about us." He then turn back and continue toward Discovery. "Let's go, team!"
aldo salt (01:58:20): "So…" Dido says. "You ready for this, Mizuki?"
frifreeman (01:58:35): As they move, Geno open a comm line. "Commander, that was..." (01:58:49): Viletta: "Go." (01:59:01): She smiles briefly as the members of UG disappear into the depths of Discovery.
Wyverncakes (01:59:20): Mizuki: "We'll know when we see just what we're up against."
frifreeman (01:59:23): Walt: "I left him as the beneficiary of all my credit card debt."
aldo salt (02:00:14): Dido pouts at Mizuki over the comm-channel. "Aren't you supposed to say something like 'Our Hopes and Dreams will open the way forward'?" (02:00:18): You pass through the halls quickly. Many of them are covered in rubble, blocking entrance. (02:00:29): Rubble that you're pretty sure was not there before.
VJockey (02:00:49): "...Just like Loni to leave a mess wherever he goes."
aldo salt (02:01:07): "Damn!" Dido cursed. "Loni had the same idea as us…but in reverse!"
tengusaur (02:01:14): Asagi: "I *really* hope professor Dupont stayed away from this..." (02:01:19): Even if the paths were not blocked, you know where to go. Almost like if led by an invisible hand. (02:01:39): Or perhaps it's the massive energy readings in front of you. (02:02:19): Ilinka: "... I don't like this. Loni's been acting... different." (02:03:01): Desta: "Yeah. Don't you get any big ideas! Just because he praised you once, doesn't mean you're suddenly his new best friends. We knew each other for years. Years!" (02:03:04): ???: "..." (02:03:29): You quickly enter a relatively small-ish room. (02:03:40): But that's where the power was coming from. (02:03:55): Ilinka: "Why is he taking so much time? There shouldn't be interruptions by..." (02:04:08): Suddenly you are facing off against the ShotSaber and FightSaber.
Wyverncakes (02:04:10): "You lot." (02:04:17): (02:04:19): And the Grunbein
VJockey (02:04:27): ".........."
Peter Kampschroeder (02:04:39): Eva: "...Hello." (02:04:51): The Sabers are holding a seal each in their hands. The third - is definitely in the Grunbein. Its power is reacting to the others so strongly, the sensation can be almost physically felt.
aldo salt (02:04:52): Dido: "Oh-Hoh! Grumpy about no longer being Loni's besties?"
frifreeman (02:04:58): Walt: "Oh, it's the main character's harem."
Aero (02:04:59): Rani: "...I guess we shouldn't be surprised."
VJockey (02:05:05): [There's a low and angry noise from Peola.] (02:05:12): Brye: "... Hey..."
VJockey (02:05:17): "You two..."
frifreeman (02:05:20): Walt: "Hey Peola, you have experience about this harem stuffs right?"
VJockey (02:05:32): "I can't believe I was stupid enough to trust you two..." (02:06:08): Brye: "You think we're the worst, don't you."
VJockey (02:06:17): "Not now Walt..."
Wyverncakes (02:06:30): Mizuki: "You're certainly trying to convince us you are."
Peter Kampschroeder (02:06:35): Eva's voice is strained when she replies. "...Close..."
Aero (02:06:45): Rani: "That's not a surprise either."
tengusaur (02:07:00): Asagi: "If you don't want us to think that? Stop helping Loni." (02:07:02): Brye: "You know, we're still trying to make the world a better place."
aldo salt (02:07:03): Dido: "…for the last time. Stop this Brye and Rani. You don't know what the Seals will do when united, and you don't have any way to control their energy!" (02:07:22): Desta: "Oh come on! Spare me this shit."
VJockey (02:07:35): "Stop it!"
VJockey (02:07:40): "Stop lying!!!"
Peter Kampschroeder (02:08:09): Eva: "...Like that makes it any better!"
VJockey (02:08:14): "At least with Loni and those two over there you know they can be honest!" (02:08:35): Desta: "These guys think we're just human crap or something like that. They wouldn't spare a second killing us in cold blood if they could get away with it." (02:08:46): Desta: "Why don't we return the favor." (02:08:57): He points ShotSaber's gun towards you all, the other hand holding the seal.
tengusaur (02:09:14): Asagi: "Look who's talking, Desta!"
Wyverncakes (02:09:20): "If I have to..."
Wyverncakes (02:09:34): "I'll drag each and every one of you out of your machines and throw you in a prison."
Wyverncakes (02:09:41): "Just to prove you wrong, Desta." (02:09:51): Ilinka: "... I won't let you." (02:10:19): The FightSaber's gravity cannon is aimed towards you as well. (02:10:32): Ilinka: "Loni went through so much because of you. But now we're close to making it all better. You won't interfere."
Peter Kampschroeder (02:10:49): Eva: "You know that's a lie." (02:11:04): Ilinka: "You'll have to go through me first."
Wyverncakes (02:11:07): "How many people went through worse because of him?"
aldo salt (02:11:14): "You are a walking heap of unwitting irony, Desta," Dido says, shaking her head. "And Ilinka….this will only end in heartbreak for you."
Peter Kampschroeder (02:11:19): Eva: "I intend to."
tengusaur (02:11:43): Asagi: "Talking won't get us anywhere." (02:11:45): Brye: "Rani?" (02:11:59): Brye: "I think..."
Aero (02:12:15): Rani: "..." (02:12:31): Brye: "No. It's okay. Even if no one appreciates it, or sees it the way we do..." (02:12:34): Brye: "Let's do it."
VJockey (02:13:14): "... I took care of my promise Rani. That's more than I can say for what I hoped from you two."
Aero (02:13:44): Rani: "...we're just liars and traitors, right? Then there's nothing left to talk about."
VJockey (02:13:58): "No... No there isn't." (02:14:04): Brye: "Wish I could say I was sorry, but..." (02:14:12):
Aero (02:14:16): Rani: "That would be a lie..."
Peter Kampschroeder (02:14:18): Eva begins grinding her teeth.
aldo salt (02:14:22): Dido: "You used up your friendship mulligans, guys….time to go all out!" (02:14:29): The Grunbein attacks - firing blasts from its knees, while simultaneously summoning an energy gunblade that slashes widely! (02:14:37): ... Into ShotSaber and FightSaber! (02:14:45): Ilinka: "... Dodge!" (02:14:48): Desta: "Whaaaat!"
tengusaur (02:14:57): Asagi: "Wh..." (02:15:10): The ShotSaber falls down, smoking, while the FightSaber barely dodges, the blade taking large parts of its armor as it passes! (02:15:30): Brye: "You guys really are self-centered jerks, aren't you?" (02:15:36): Brye: "All you care about is Loni this, or Loni that." (02:15:43): Brye: "What about the rest of humanity?!" (02:16:00): Desta: "Shit.... fucking traitors..."
Wyverncakes (02:16:05): Mizuki: "You're only now seeing that?"
frifreeman (02:16:14): Walt: "Nomnomhuh what?" (02:16:16): Brye: "No..."
Aero (02:16:18): Rani: " you think we're blind?"
VJockey (02:16:23): "Yes."
Peter Kampschroeder (02:16:29): Eva: "Very yes."
frifreeman (02:16:33): *There's a hurried sound from walt's comm." (02:16:49): Brye: "Do you really have that little faith in us?"
Aero (02:17:06): Rani: "I think we already know the answer from last time..."
frifreeman (02:17:34): Walt: "It's starting yet? Sorry, I muted the sound input when you guys start talking, took the time to eat the donuts I brought, I thought it'd be a better use of my time. Sorry, let me clean up the crumbs first."
VJockey (02:17:38): "We used to, then you completely burned our trust."
Peter Kampschroeder (02:17:40): Eva: "Do you really want to know? You aren't leaving this with that machine intact." (02:18:02): Brye: "That's too bad."
aldo salt (02:18:08): Dido: "…okay, okay. I'm confused. Are you still planning to harness the power of the Seals alongside Loni?"
frifreeman (02:18:08): Walt: "Okay, let's do this! And... who are we attacking now? Is Brye and Rani still our enemy or friends again or still enemy?" (02:19:12): Brye: "Whenever some people in UG left and you thought they were traitors, you welcomed them with open arms afterwards, right? Even that guy who tried to drop the moon on Earth..." (02:19:20): Brye: "You don't think we're worse than him, are you?"
Peter Kampschroeder (02:19:28): Eva: "I do."
tengusaur (02:19:36): Asagi: "..."
Aero (02:19:51): Rani: "...heh, that's just how it is."
aldo salt (02:20:02): Dido: "We have welcomed a few betrayers back…after beating them up." (02:20:02): Brye: "Well. Too bad..."
Peter Kampschroeder (02:20:16): Eva: "That does not mean that I can't forgive you. But it does mean I won't let you carry out this idiotic plan!" (02:20:16): Desta: "..."
Wyverncakes (02:20:18): Mizuki: "Don't compare yourselves to Leos."
Wyverncakes (02:20:37): "He was... damaged... but even he recognized that."
tengusaur (02:20:56): Asagi: "I still wanted to kill him back then. For what he did." (02:21:09): Ilinka: "We need to get out of here..." (02:21:25): Desta: "Shit no! What about the third seal?!" (02:21:36): The two Saber units slowly lift themselves back up. Damaged, but still functional.
tengusaur (02:22:29): Asagi: "But... the important thing is that we stopped his plan. The mission is more important than your personal feelings about it."
tengusaur (02:23:21): Asagi: "And our mission is to stop Loni." (02:23:27): Brye: "You know..." (02:23:41): Brye: "You can be really selfish, you know. What do you think we were going to do with the seals?!" (02:23:58): Brye: "Change the world, so it's better for my liking, like how Loni wanted to do it?" (02:24:55): Brye: "Eva, you said you don't want the world to change. But I knowthere's a lot of people who do! Can't we change it for them? And leave it as it is for those who don't want a new world?" (02:25:02): Brye: "Is it so bad?!"
Peter Kampschroeder (02:26:41): Eva takes a deep breath. "...And when two people disagree...?"
aldo salt (02:26:47): Dido: "It's not wrong in spirit…but it's too damn easy! Changing the world without doing any work? Without having to devote your life to a cause or spend time understanding people's problems? It's too good to be true!" (02:27:19): Brye: "We'll figure something out! I'm not Loni!" (02:27:29): Brye: "I don't need it to change right now!" (02:27:36): Brye: "Why can't we just understand each other?"
Peter Kampschroeder (02:27:44): Eva: "Then give up on the seals! Do something safe!"
Peter Kampschroeder (02:27:55): "You don't need the power of god to change the world!"
VJockey (02:28:10): "Why can't you understand us?! Its a path that goes both ways!" (02:28:12): Brye: "But..."
Wyverncakes (02:28:41): "This charade needs to end."
tengusaur (02:28:46): Asagi: "Can't you at least help us stop Loni? Because otherwise he will use the seals to get what HE wants."
Peter Kampschroeder (02:28:46): Eva: "...The wheel grinds slow, Bryne, but it grinds fine." (02:28:48): The Grunbein seems smaller just for a moment...before flaring up as the seal's energy amplifies. (02:28:52): Brye: "What else CAN I do?!" (02:29:07): Desta: "Okay, shit. THis is out of hand." (02:29:10): Ilinka: "..." (02:29:24): Though the ShotSaber tries to sneak away during the argument, the FightSaber stays.
VJockey (02:29:58): "You do something to help the world. One person at a time. No easy solutions." (02:30:27): Brye: "I'm not giving the seals to Loni. No way. That for..." (02:30:44): Ilinka stays in place - and the discussion is rudely interrupted. (02:30:58): With the arrival of the (damaged) Seeker, which bursts through walls, thinking nothing of the ancient building.
VJockey (02:31:13): "...."
VJockey (02:31:28): "-Untranslatable alien cursing-"
aldo salt (02:31:29): "You bite the bullet and devote your life to bettering the world," Dido says. "Not this…interdimensional equivalent of a summer mission trip– WHOAH!"
Wyverncakes (02:31:52): Mizuki: "It's still active?!?"
tengusaur (02:32:10): Asagi: "What happened to the SSR who were fighting it?" (02:32:19): Its weapon may be damaged, but it shines with energy similar to the one from its beam attacks as it smites down on the perceived most dangerous enemy on location. (02:32:23): Which is the Grunbein. (02:32:27): Brye: "..."
aldo salt (02:33:15): #Grunbein? (02:33:24): Approved
VJockey (02:33:25): #Grunbein (02:33:27): (If you really want to) (02:33:30): Approved also
Wyverncakes (02:33:40): # (02:33:46): Approved
Wyverncakes (02:34:15): Mizuki: "You two, get out of the way!"
VJockey (02:34:38): *Peola leaps off the horse once more, the massive hilted sheath on its back soon wrapped up in ki-reinforced armored scarf to defend both herself and the traitorous duo from the incoming attack.+
aldo salt (02:35:12): *Dido fires a volley of Arc Thorns at the damaged portion of the Seeker's hammer. She fires a concentrated Lance Shock at the hammer, trying to break it mid-swing!+
Wyverncakes (02:35:16): * The DuskBird flaps its wings at the Seeker's direction, not to attack but to erect as large a shield as she can between it and the Grunbein. Charged with Void energy thrown up at an angle, she can hope it at least partially deflects the attack!+
VJockey (02:35:22): "Let me make this clear... this doesn't mean I'm going to forgive either of you!"
VJockey (02:36:20): "... I'm only giving you one more chance. That's it." (02:36:38): Brye: "What are you..."
Wyverncakes (02:37:17): Mizuki: "If you really understand us, this shouldn't surprise you at all." (02:37:32): The damaged hammer is shocked - breaking more parts of it, though the energy remains. And is being held by the shield erected by the DuskBird, which even if forced to move steps back, still holds. Holds with Peola's support.
aldo salt (02:37:41): Dido: "You're being a bunch of idiots…but idiots don't deserve to be squished by alien hammer minions!" (02:38:13): Brye: "No we're not!" (02:38:16): Brye:"But..." (02:38:32): "If we could talk about this in a civilized way, without one party trying to kill another, that'd be nice!" (02:38:35): "... Don't you think?"
VJockey (02:38:42): "............."
Peter Kampschroeder (02:39:42): Eva sighs.
aldo salt (02:40:03): "…if you promised to analyze the Seals and their functions with thorough science before doing anything…we'd be a lot more rational about this!" Dido grunts, offering an olive branch.
tengusaur (02:40:14): Asagi: "Do you think it's the right time for having a time for a talk? We can have that after we stop Loni from rampaging all over the place!" (02:40:42): Brye: "Okay. Maybe we're making a mistake here, but how about..." (02:40:50): Ilinka: "..." (02:41:06): While the Grunbein is busy defending itself - and being defended. (02:41:30): The FightSaber stabs its beam sword into its back. (02:41:41): Brye: "..."
Aero (02:41:54): Rani: "!" (02:41:56): Ilinka: "You said Loni is never getting this seal." (02:42:04): Brye: "Ugh... Ra... ni..." (02:42:30): With strange strength to her damaged unit, Ilinka rips off the beam saber from the Grunbein. (02:42:39): Causing the combiner's power to wane immediately. It falls down lifeless. (02:42:48): Because the form of the seal is now impaled on the sword. (02:42:56): And she is holding the other one under her arm. (02:43:03): Ilinka: "Let's go to Loni, right now." (02:43:10): Desta: "Yeah, no need to tell me twice!"
VJockey (02:43:14): "You aren't going anywhere!!!!" (02:43:15): The two try to flee, holding all the seals!
Aero (02:43:19): Rani: "They..."
tengusaur (02:43:24): Asagi: "...You think I'll let you?!"
aldo salt (02:43:28): Dido: "…Get Her!" (02:43:35): Also (02:43:40): The Seeker, though damaged, is still here
Peter Kampschroeder (02:43:43): Eva stares in shock. (02:43:52): (Anyone who wants to act, can now. Just # or @)
tengusaur (02:44:01): @ (02:44:04): Approved
VJockey (02:44:07): @ (02:44:11): Approved
Peter Kampschroeder (02:44:11): @ on the fleeing pair? (02:44:16): Yes, approved
aldo salt (02:44:29): @? (02:44:45): (All auto approved)
VJockey (02:45:13): *Peola forgoes the horse, simply pumping more and more ki into her machina to boost its speed and strength... and seeks to slam into the Fightsaber as hard as possible from its Flank!+
tengusaur (02:45:58): Asagi rushes forward, Blue One drawing its spear, spinning it over its head and throwing it towards FightSaber, in an attempt to pin it to a wall or at least distract it while he moves in closer to engage Ilinka in melee with the katana! + (02:46:14): Ilinka: "No!" (02:47:06): The FightSaber tries to desperately defend itself with the beam saber, while the other seal is held under its arm so it can quickly draw and shoot - and promptly discard, a gravity cannon in Peola's direction. (02:47:09): Asagi, Peola, react
aldo salt (02:47:37): *Dido Shell-Boosts towards the exit Ilinka is heading towards. She fires three volleys of Arc Thorns…which soar towards FightSaber…then unexpectedly juke left past her and pepper the rim of the doorway. "Lance…Shock!" Dido electrifies the ring of thorns, creating a hedge of lightning that'll scorch anyone going through!+
VJockey (02:48:47): *Throw sheathed weapon into the Cannon shot. Her sword was already broken anyway. Continue charging and push Ilinka into Asagi's Spear.+ (02:50:18): Ilinka: "No. No matter what, I'll have to... reach Loni!" Running out of weapons, the FightSaber presses on regardless. And is promptly electrocuted. (02:50:22): Ilinka: "Urgh!"
tengusaur (02:51:28): Asagi: "I won't let you!" He quickly exchanges blows with Ilinka, trying to parry her strikes while simultaneously launching more and more of his, in order to push her on the defense and cut off her escape. + (02:51:52): The blast further damages Regalis Filia - but the sword stabs into the FightSaber. (02:52:16): This makes Ilinka's counter strikes pathetically easy to block. (02:52:26): Ilinka: "Ugh..." (02:52:53): Asagi - no matter how deadly your attacks are, you can't not notice that Peola's sword is struck through FightSaber's cockpit. (02:52:57): The unit slows down... (02:53:03): But is grabbed by ShotSaber! (02:53:07): Desta: "Let's get out of here!" (02:53:17): Desta: "Hold it, Ilinka! You said it yourself, we gotta reach Loni!" (02:53:37): ShotSaber is getting away!
VJockey (02:54:17): "Mizuki! Eva!"
Peter Kampschroeder (02:54:56): *Eva: "...You...all of you..." The Tern is suffused with a green glow, as Eva's emotions flare. "STOP!" She feels, for a moment, the sort of rage her mother had. The utter hatred of these people, of their continued existence. The evil they work on the world. And so Eva speeds towards her foes in a flash, the Tern's blue form towering over Shotsaber. She attacks with her sword in a focused flurry, aiming a barrage of slashes down at Desta.+
Wyverncakes (02:55:02): Mizuki: "Working on it!" (02:55:34): Desta: "Ghh...! Fuck..." (02:55:49): Desta: "YOU!" At the last possible moment he swerves to the side. (02:56:09): And that's because the Seeker gets in the way. (02:56:25): Lacking any weaponry, it seeks to just crush Tern with its mass by ramming. While ShotSaber flees further. (02:56:50): But, by doing so, Desta's unit starts to smoke from holes left by Grunbein's barrage. One by one, they almost light on fire.
aldo salt (02:57:03): Dido: "C'mon…!"
Wyverncakes (02:57:11): Regrowing as many feathers as it can, Mizuki lunges forward with a hand outstretched, but then Eva getting smashed happened.
aldo salt (02:57:23): #Eva?
Wyverncakes (02:57:25): Mizuki: "Eva-!" (02:57:30): Desta: "Safe! Fuck you fuckers!" (02:57:31): # approved
Peter Kampschroeder (02:57:39): (Does Eva do a react?) (02:57:48): (Oh yes, that is necessary)
VJockey (02:58:36): "Mizuki! It's alright! We've got her!"
VJockey (02:58:41): "Go get Desta!"
frifreeman (02:58:44): Walt: "Well that's that." Walt's team descend from above out of nowhere and start opening fire at desta from close range.+
aldo salt (02:58:55): *ShelLancer Shell-Boosts forward, unfolding into it's humanoid form. Leveling its lance, it rams into the Seeker's leg, trying to trip it, pierce it, and stun it with a point-blank Lance Shock!"
Peter Kampschroeder (02:59:05): *Eva: "The world-" She starts to slip to the side of the Seeker, her barrage of sword strikes going towards its flank, "-Doesn't need saviors like you! Get back here!"+
Wyverncakes (02:59:11): Mizuki: "No... you're not safe..."
aldo salt (02:59:34): "What Peola said!" Dido shouts. "Desta has to be stopped! Trust us, Mizuki! Trust us to Survive!"
aldo salt (02:59:51): "TRUST! US!"
frifreeman (02:59:57): Walt: "Nobody expect genoace inquisition! Because we don't usually inquisite, really."
Wyverncakes (03:00:25): * With another eruption of void power enveloping her machine, Mizuki has the DuskBird blast straight at Desta, full speed! "You... are NOT... escaping justice ANYMORE!"
Wyverncakes (03:00:27): + (03:02:22): The Seeker does not have legs, but attacking its lower body does the trick of holding it long enough - it is pierced, then Eva cuts its damaged form. It falls down, disintegrating into smaller rubble-like parts. (03:02:34): Desta: "Bitch, shut the..." (03:02:52): The ShotSaber is perforated by several DODS blasts. (03:03:02): And... (03:03:18): The DuskBird's void power blasts into it from behind at full strength. (03:04:20): The ShotSaber is split in two. The lower half explodes. The upper still keeps going, but not by its own force. It is thrown by the force of impact, landing under a gate. (03:04:28): Ilinka: "U... Des...ta..." (03:04:54): The FightSaber is somehow still able to move. It lets go of the seals though. Instead, its fingers grasp forward. (03:05:01): Towards the gate the two were trying to escape to. (03:05:12): The gate slowly opens. (03:05:30): Behind it, another hall. You know this hall. (03:05:50): It's a hall full of books written in a strange unknown language. A tall library. (03:06:19): The hall that the Lady's Good Men leader, Aaron Anso Antema, was found in. (03:06:20): And now... (03:06:38): Apollonius "Loni" Gavin: "... Guys?" (03:06:56): The BrightSaber is standing there. Its pilot shocked to see...
tengusaur (03:07:08): Asagi: "...It's over, Loni." (03:07:22): Ilinka: "Lo..." (03:07:34): She says nothing more. (03:07:40): The BrightSaber falls to its knees. (03:07:46): Loni: "Desta? Ilinka...?" (03:08:00): No one answers him. Loni's friends - are gone. (03:08:39): Loni: "Guys?" (03:08:57): Loni: "... Aaaah!" (03:09:06): Yelling out in agony, he draws his twin beam katanas.
Wyverncakes (03:09:11): Mizuki: "What did you expect was going to happen-" (03:09:17): And leaps towards you in rage!
aldo salt (03:09:18): Dido takes a deep breath….and quickly looks for where the Seal has gone. Can she grab it while Loni's raging?
tengusaur (03:09:28): Asagi: "Watch out...!" (03:09:34): (The three seals are all within reach.)
aldo salt (03:10:21): Dido opens a comm to the only person she can count on! (03:10:23): Dido, Asagi, Mizuki - go (03:10:33): Enemies: BrightSaber (Loni)
Peter Kampschroeder (03:11:02): Eva: "....You chose this, Apollonius."
aldo salt (03:11:17): Dido: "Walt Schmertz! Grab just one of the Seals…and hide it away from here!"
aldo salt (03:11:27): "Remember your whiteboard!"
aldo salt (03:11:32): "Remember it!"
tengusaur (03:11:50): * Asagi tries to slow down Loni's charge by quickly firing three blasts from his beam cannon towards him, before dropping it and drawing his katana in anticipation for the melee that's likely to follow! +
Wyverncakes (03:12:16): * More than a bit under after that display for force, Mizuki springs back from Loni, settling on mild harassment by launching feathers at him.+
aldo salt (03:12:27): *With that, ShelLancer moves forward and fires several Arc Thorn Volleys at Loni, trying to hit him with at least one–!+ (03:13:56): Loni tries to parry the ranged attacks. (03:14:14): But he continues to charge recklessly in your direction - and that means one beam hits him, and he is electrified. (03:14:32): Loni: "I know how you guys felt..." (03:14:46): Loni: "You were jealous, right? Because those two new girls came. That they'd replace you..." (03:15:14): Attacked by feathers and beams, regardless Loni continues with a beam katana assault at Blue One! He delivers a series of wild, incredibly reckless -b ut also strong strikes! (03:15:16): Asagi react. (03:15:27): Walt, Eva, Peola can go
tengusaur (03:17:17): Asagi: "Ghh... Keep the seals away from his range!" He tries to block as many of Loni's strikes as he can, using the combination of his katana and energy barrier, but he can't stand his ground against the ferocious attack for too long and has to engage in evasion after a moment. +
VJockey (03:17:57): *Peola moves in quickly, pulling off her machina's armored and quickly seeking to use it to entangle at least one of the Brightsaber's forearms in order to slow down its attacks!+
Peter Kampschroeder (03:18:41): *Tired. Eva is tired of this, now. She goes to grab one of the seals, and float away with it-sparing a spread lasers blast towards Brightsaber as she does so, aiming to hamper its movements.+
frifreeman (03:20:12): Walt: "Okay team, we're not running away now, we're tactically retreating. And the FATE OF THE WORLD depend on HOW FAST WE CAN TACTICALLY RETREATING now! Talk about pressure." He says as he boost away from the area (03:20:56): Walt is moving with one seal, Eva with another. You can't really split in different directions for now because either way you hvae to go through the long hall between the place Loni's at, and the place where the Grunbein met its end. (03:22:08): But... (03:22:10): There's no reason for that. (03:22:13): Loni: "no..." (03:22:35): Seeing the seals escape, he reaches out and calls weakly - even the assault can be dodged by Blue One. (03:22:57): Held down by Regalis Filia, BrightSaber's on its knees. (03:23:25): Loni: "Give those back!"
Wyverncakes (03:23:36): Mizuki: "Loni, look at yourself!" (03:24:07): Loni: "Desta... Ilinka... they can't be replaced..."
Wyverncakes (03:24:20): "And neither could all the people you and them killed!" (03:24:23): Loni: "They were afraid they could be, but before I could tell them anything... now they're... gone..." (03:24:29): Loni: "I..."
VJockey (03:24:42): [Was that... genuine regret?] (03:25:28): Loni: "The seals..." (03:25:37): Loni: "I need the seals..." (03:25:57): He sniffs in a very undignified manner. (03:26:18): Loni: "Changing the world? Acting like some high and mighty eminence? Who needs this crap?" (03:26:42): Loni: "I..." (03:27:34): Loni: "I want what I really care about! They're the only ones who ever liked me, so..." (03:27:56): ???: "You have but to say the words..." (03:28:03): Loni: "I WANT MY FRIENDS BAAAAAACK!"
VJockey (03:28:14): "!!!?!"
Wyverncakes (03:28:31): "!?"
tengusaur (03:28:35): Asagi: "..." (03:28:38): The seals held in your units' hands suddenly light up... and shatter!
Peter Kampschroeder (03:28:49): Eva: "...!" (03:28:59): Massive energy starts to emanate from them. Forming a vortex that seems to distort reality around you. (03:29:00): Dido: "…Impossible!"
frifreeman (03:29:10): Walt: "EVERYONE THINK OF PARAPLEGIC FLUFFY BUNNY NOW!" (03:29:25): It's like that one time you fought Aaron, once again! Only... (03:29:28): This time it's much stronger.
tengusaur (03:29:36): Asagi: "Paraplegic what! This is serious! What's going on?!"
Peter Kampschroeder (03:29:52): Eva races towards Asagi. (03:29:55): In the blink of an eye, suddenly you are on a platform levitating amids swirling stars. (03:30:16): There is only one gate, but between you and it: (03:30:27): Dido: "…Oh….Fudge…Skittles!" (03:30:40): Guardian of the Past x3, Guardian of the Present x3, Guardian of the Future x3, the Seeker x4 (03:31:16): And that's not all. (03:31:23): Desta: "Jesus Christ... Loni, what the fuck just happened?" (03:31:28): Ilinka: "Loni..." (03:31:39): The FightSaber and ShotSaber stand in the middle, whole.
Peter Kampschroeder (03:31:45): Eva: "...Ilinka-you're alive?!" (03:31:57): ???: "Let it be known, I never spoke a single lie to you." (03:32:09): Loni: "Yes! Yes... you're... you're just the best!"
Wyverncakes (03:32:11): Mizuki: "Who are you?"
VJockey (03:32:17): "Wh...what in the...?!" (03:32:18): The BrightSaber turns towards you.
tengusaur (03:32:20): Asagi: "..." He grabs his stomach. His ulcer is hurting like crazy.
Wyverncakes (03:32:20): "... I have my suspicions, but out with it!" (03:32:27): And is suddenly enveloped in a field of plasma. (03:32:35): Loni: "You guys..." (03:32:38): Loni: "Are fucked." (03:32:45): It explodes - taking a new form. (03:32:49): (03:33:30): Dido: "…so this is what it's like to get shredded by the power of friendship…"
frifreeman (03:33:31): I don't think my phone provider let me see danbooru
frifreeman (03:33:42): do you have a safebooru version or whatever? (03:33:52): Enemies: Guardian of the Past x3, Guardian of the Present x3, Guardian of the Future x3, the Seeker x4, ShotSaber (Desta), FightSaber (Ilinka), BrightSaber Gavin Custom (Loni) (03:34:12): Dido, Asagi, Walt, go (03:35:28): Guardian of the Past

Guardian of the Present

Guardian of the Future
frifreeman (03:37:33): Walt: "Well, it could've been worse." His genoace raises his DODS gun. In cue, the remaining 8th Genoace Team raise their guns.
VJockey (03:37:54): "How could it be worse than this?!"
tengusaur (03:37:56): Asagi: "...Anyone got communication to the outside? Or a way out of this mess?" Blue One starts to quickly circle around the Guardians, taking aim at one of the Past ones, before rushing in from the side and trying to slash at its chest with the halberd a few times before stabbing with a powerful two-handed skewering strike. + (03:38:19): *ShelLancer stays still for a moment, Dido frozen in what seems like fear. Then she sighs and steps forward. "Bring it on," she says. ShelLancer's shoulder plates almost seem to explode as she fires all her remaining Arc Thorns at Loni's BrightSaber Custom!+ (03:38:54): Asagi starts slashing the Guardian, but the enemy is just as tough as it was the last time - and a point blank range, it discharges corrosive fog that engulfs the nearest immediate area! (03:38:57): React. (03:39:50): Loni: "I've had enough of your self important attitude! You think you're so smart and have it all figured out? You just want to look down on people!"
frifreeman (03:40:01): Walt: "Come on, team! What's one army of superpowered god-mech compared to another? Ten thousand power output level difference or Ten hundred thousand, it doesn't really matter after some level, isn't it? When you pass some power output level difference you got destroyed all the same."
tengusaur (03:40:18): Asagi: "This attack... Right! Stay away from it!" He quickly tries to get out of there as fast as he can, somersaulting over the enemy and then zooming away! + (03:40:19): With a quick series of strikes, the BrightSaber's massive weapons destroy Arc Thorns one by one! The unit can move, and ridiculously fast despite the size! (03:40:41): As a follow up, Loni charges at ShelLancer and just kicks it - sending it flying into the air. And follows with a single stab. (03:40:46): React Dido
VJockey (03:40:50): "Isn't there an Earth Saying about pots and kettles?!" (03:41:09): Loni: "Shut up!"
frifreeman (03:41:48): Walt: "Now let's make this a fight to be remembered for the rest of our life! Which most likely is about 10 minutes." Walt charges forward and fire his swirly laser at Loni. His team spread to multiple places and shoot Loni as well, both to hit him from different angle and... to make sure that he can't kill all of them at once.+ (03:41:52): Loni: "Look who's talking! You act like I'm some kind of monster for being upset about my friends, but all you do is get fucking furious yourself!" (03:42:17): Desta: "Nope." (03:42:29): *"Argggggghhhhh!" ShelLancer twists in midair, trying to parry with its Lance. "Shell-Flak!" ShelLancer's erupts with a blast of antipersonal shrapnel in Loni's face!+ (03:42:46): *Shell-Lancer's Armor erupts... (03:42:46): While Walt's teammates are attacking, Desta's ShotSaber leaps backwards and spins, shooting from its beam pistols. Shots are aimed at their limbs, to crucify or otherwise immobilize them. (03:43:06): Desta: "I'll take you down one by one. Don't think I forgot what you did to me!" (03:43:09): React, Walt. (03:43:42): Loni: "Fuck off!" Too slow, Dido.
VJockey (03:43:49): "The fact that you care about your friends is probably the only good thing I've seen of you!" (03:43:53): The stab goes through your lance - and into your unit, the blade coming out on the other side. (03:43:57): Away from the cockpit, fortunately. (03:43:59): But still... (03:44:09): Mizuki, Eva, Peola, go. (03:44:42): Asagi gets away from the Guardian, but the fog started to get around the barrier and eating into Blue One's armor. (03:44:47): Dido: "Gllllssk…agghhh!" Master alarms blaring everywhere!
Wyverncakes (03:44:51): Mizuki: "We have to take care of Gavin. As fast as possible!" (03:44:53): You can see the damage to your enemy was light. And is starting to close up already.
Peter Kampschroeder (03:45:00): Eva: "...Ilinka...It doesn't have to be this way. Please."
Wyverncakes (03:45:04): "There's no telling if he can't repeat what he's just done!" (03:45:14): The surrounding area starts to twist some more. (03:45:22): You feel the presence of.... something... coming.
frifreeman (03:45:24): Walt as Desta is shooting his team member, walt draws his heat stake and leap at him, his visor camera blinking rapidly with multiple color and j-pop song playing even louder than before. "MEET YOUR DEATH!"+ (03:45:28): Ilinka: "What are you talking about?" (03:45:47): Ilinka: "You tried to hurt Loni."
Wyverncakes (03:45:58): * The DuskBird lunges at the BrightSaber, whip swinging out to snare the machine's arms.+ (03:46:15): Dido coughs as smoke fills her cockpit. "Mizuki! It's happening again! Ken's not here, but maybe….we could still do THAT!" (03:46:24): Ilinka: "You've hurt me, too. And Desta."
Wyverncakes (03:46:36): "And how many people have you done that to? People who hadn't been fighting back? Hostages you would've just let DIE!" (03:46:40): Ilinka: "And now that we have an upper hand, you act like you don't want to do this."
tengusaur (03:46:40): Asagi: "Eva... She won't stop. You know she won't. I'm sorry."
Wyverncakes (03:46:54): "You always have excuses... but you've never cared about anyone outside your little group even once!"
Peter Kampschroeder (03:48:00): Eva: "I stopped wanting to do this long ago." She signs. "...Well, if that's your choice, fine. I have people to protect too, now."
Peter Kampschroeder (03:48:06): (Sighs, damnit) (03:49:02): Walt charges the ShotSaber, his stake ready and jpop blaring loudly. (03:49:05): Desta: "WHat the fuck?!" (03:49:10): All his shots are aimed at the Genoace.
VJockey (03:49:17): *No two ways about it... this was going to get ugly as hell. She focuses and rushes at Loni, the Regalis Filia's fists blurring as she unleashed a veritable barrage of punches at him!+ (03:49:41): It charges, but gets shot with each shot. Eventually, falls to the ground, its limbs full of holes.
Peter Kampschroeder (03:50:00): *Eva floats up, and opens fire on Fightsaber-a barrage of lasers streak towards Ilinka, curving and twisting through the air in odd way. "And I won't let you take them from me."+ (03:50:33): Loni: "Ilinka!" (03:51:34): ShelLancer, smoking, barely functional, picks itself up from the ground. "Walt!" Dido shouts. "You alright? Talk to us!" (03:51:35): The BrightSaber counterattacks! The unit performs a double uppercut - with its blade and the gun simultaneously. Thinking little of being pummeled, Loni instead uses all his might to throw Regalis Filia into the air - on path of Eva's lasers. (03:51:54): Loni: "Leave her alone! You fucking murderer! Wasn't it enough to kill her once?!"
frifreeman (03:52:04): Walt: "Heh, finally enough enmity generation to attract the Aggro... Get away from here team, mention what happen here, I'm not sure our comm could get through. And... it's not actually debt. I didn't mention it because I don't want you guys to start kill ing each others but... I registered everyone at cumulative insurance. Whoever survive last woudl get everyone's insurance. See? See that goal? Now get out of here. SURVIVE! GET THAT INSURANCE MONEY!"
frifreeman (03:52:19): And that's Walt's final comm
VJockey (03:52:22): "Agh!" (03:52:27): #Peola? (03:52:40): He starts charging up his gun. The giant cannon whose blast could destroy Alhambra in one shot - and didn't only because of a certain intervention. (03:52:44): # approved
Peter Kampschroeder (03:52:54): Eva: "If you're still on this path-evidently not!" (03:53:05): Eva, Peola, react (03:53:31): (The gun will fire on both Peola and Eva, by the way)
frifreeman (03:53:42): Geno: "Commander... You heard him, as his second in command, this is an order. Retreat!"
frifreeman (03:53:55): (The rest of 8th genoace team will try to escape now) (03:53:58): Dido: "No…No, dammit…" (03:54:16): (The only problem is - the door is guarded by Seekers. And they look combat ready)
Peter Kampschroeder (03:54:30): *Eva's lasers were already twisting and turning-and now they bend to avoid Peola, instead streaking towards the barrel of Loni's cannon. Eva moves to avoid, but keeps most of her concentration on twisting the beams-no fancy airdashes this time.+
frifreeman (03:54:33): (I know, I don't actually think they'd be able to escape) (03:54:43): (Okay) (03:56:05): *ShelLancer steps forward, swaying. Firing all its remaining rockets, putting all its juice into its Shell-Boost wheels, Dido closes the gap towards Loni, enfolds Brightsaber's waist in a bear hug, and tries jerking the machine and it's cannon to the side!+
VJockey (03:56:28): *Peola tries to move with the twists Eva's lasers were taking in order to grab onto the ground and right herself... and seeing that cannon charging up... she needed to get out of there!+ (03:56:29): "Loni!" Dido roars. "The universe. Does not! Revolve! Around You!" (03:57:53): ???: "You are wrong." (03:58:11): During the struggle, suddenly you hear that voice again. (03:58:21): A tear in the middle of the room seems to be opening... (03:58:29): and from inside it, another Guardian of the Past appears. (03:58:50): A Guardian of the Future seems to be materializing next. But other than that - something far more massive in its presence is coming. And talking to you - in a soft feminine voice. (03:59:04): ???: "Every story needs a hero. Without the hero there is no story."
VJockey (03:59:28): "......"
VJockey (03:59:36): "You are not the writer of this story!" (03:59:41): ???: "The hero's hands are not bloodied. By circumstance or actions of others, the hero's friends did the killing for him. All he did was kill mindless clones." (03:59:46): ???: "Loni did nothing wrong."
tengusaur (03:59:59): Asagi: "..."
VJockey (04:00:11): "Loni is anything but a hero!"
tengusaur (04:00:27): Asagi: "She... She's saying the truth... " (04:00:33): The cannon is shot at by Eva's lasers - and suddenly BrightSaber is held by ShelLancer!
tengusaur (04:00:47): Asagi: "It's all messed up, but she's not lying..." (04:00:51): Loni: "Stay... away!"
Wyverncakes (04:01:02): Mizuki: "... And yet somehow Loni's done nothing to better the world."
Wyverncakes (04:01:04): "Ever."
Peter Kampschroeder (04:01:10): Eva: "You can not lie, and still not be telling the truth." (04:01:12): He smacks the SHelLancer away and aims the cannon at it, at point blank range! Though damaged, it is still charging!"
VJockey (04:01:21): "Heroes make the effort to help the world! All he's done was help himself!" (04:01:46): ???: "A hero is a great man who is capable of much. His story needs to be interesting." (04:02:04): ???: "And your role in his... is ending."
tengusaur (04:02:19): Asagi: "Who the hell are you!" (04:02:36): ???#2: "I'm sorry but I don't agree!" (04:02:49): A new voice? (04:02:52): No. An old one. (04:02:58): That you didn't hear for a very long time. (04:02:59): Dido, out of all her tricks, sighs and makes a rude gesture. "And yet, your precious baby boy would have done nothing without you…Lady." (04:03:07): "…!" (04:03:19): Loni's gun fires at point blank range!
VJockey (04:03:37): "We've still got stories of our own to tell-!" (04:03:56): But the blast spreads to the side, deflected by a massive telekinetic field coming from a unit that appears in the strange hall of swirling stars, the gate slamming wide open. (04:04:13): It's the Grunbein. (04:04:21): Its power source still missing. But it holds itself together. Somehow. (04:05:10): Brye: "Hello." (04:05:29): Brye: "You know what, we can't just sit still and let those jerks do what they want."
Peter Kampschroeder (04:05:37): Eva: "Brye!" There's no concealing the joy in her voice. (04:06:13): Loni: "You... fucking traitors!"
tengusaur (04:07:13): Asagi: "You two... How did you get here? No, nevermind. We need to get out of here! Everyone!" (04:07:18): Brye: "Sorry, but this is the end." (04:07:31): Brye: "And I'm not talking to Loni. Isn't that right?" (04:07:44): Brye: "Rani? And... Commander?" (04:07:57):
Aero (04:08:25): Rani: "...mmmhmm...there's still something we can do." (04:08:34): ???: "What are the tools of that man trying to achieve?"
Wyverncakes (04:08:47): Mizuki: "-Tools?" (04:08:58): ???: "This world is one step away from becoming my domain once again!"
Wyverncakes (04:09:00): ... The obvious guess would be Lee, but...
Peter Kampschroeder (04:09:23): Eva flinches at that. (04:10:15): Loni: "I don't know what you're after but you're going to wreck everything! Again! Screw off!" (04:10:49): He moves towards the Grunbein in a plasma-driven rush, but the Grunbein is already starting to shine as its TK field intensifies... (04:11:08): Brye: "Dunno if you're going to be sad but... good-bye."
VJockey (04:14:07): "Wha- Wait!"
Aero (04:14:53): Rani: "It might not be much's the last thing we can do to try to apologize."
tengusaur (04:14:56): Asagi: "What are you-" (04:15:04): There's no time to wait. (04:15:25): The rift suddenly explodes in its size, as something absolutely massive doesn't just come out - but rather begins to appear.
VJockey (04:15:30): "Apologize when you come back with us! Don't-" (04:15:33): The whole world around you starts to change, but... (04:16:19): The Grunbein itself emanates a TK field so powerful, that... (04:16:25): ???: "What..." (04:16:57): Antov: "One last time. Let me help you, one last time."
tengusaur (04:17:19): Asagi: "...!" (04:17:20): The two forces clash, but you do not see the outcome. The surroundings white out. (04:18:05): Loni: "Noooo! Dammit, no! I will... I am the hero, dammit! This is my story! THis is..." (04:18:18): ???: "Hey." (04:18:31): Suddenly, you come by.
VJockey (04:18:37): "..!"
VJockey (04:18:43): "Commander..." (04:18:47): Viletta: "Are you alive?" (04:18:55): The surroundings are dark. Dark but... peaceful.
Peter Kampschroeder (04:19:16): Eva: "...I think so..." (04:19:32): You are inside the library of the Discovery. It's normal - and no Lonis in sight or his friends or Lady's minions. (04:19:37): But neither is the Grunbein here. (04:19:45): It all seems normal. Almost like it was a dream. But it was no dream.
tengusaur (04:19:47): Asagi: "Yeah, but... What happened?"
Wyverncakes (04:19:48): Mizuki: "... Somehow."
VJockey (04:19:52): "......" (04:19:56): And you have a strange feeling that something ominous just happened... (04:20:00): That something... has changed. (04:20:03): MISSION COMPLETE