(19:16:25): Today, Unity Group is helping Metis. (19:17:31): Abel Meyers asked you to come to the position of the next discovered tomb of a Rider - it's on a small, unnamed island, located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. (19:18:23): The archeological work around the tomb is underway, and the Metis group of companies has some of their own units prepared for when things get rough. But you're here to take care of most of trouble when it comes. (19:18:30): And it's not an issue of "if", but "when". (19:18:59): Guards: "An unidentified ship is approaching! They've ignored our hails!" (19:19:05): Looks like the when is now...
griefgathering (19:19:25): Morte: "Well, there is the expected trouble."
griefgathering (19:19:59): Morte: "Let's not allow what happened with the previous Rider to repeat itself."
tengusaur (19:20:17): Daniel: "I'd rather not fight another one."
Peter Kampschroeder (19:20:25): The Tern had been sitting medatatively on the ground. Had been; it now stands up to face the opposition. "Mmm."
frifreeman (19:20:45): Walt is leading his team.
griefgathering (19:20:56): Fyra does not say anything while standing near her steed. But she shares that sentiment.
griefgathering (19:21:14): The last encounter with one of her own left a bad aftertaste.
frifreeman (19:21:39): "Wait, I'm not in the role of the fascist regime mook who's going to get killed by propeller-beheading by the archaeologist hero, aren't I? (19:21:51): Indeed, the unidentified ship can be detected, and even seen, far in the distance. (19:22:03): The Metis units are preparing to deploy and set up a defense perimeter... (19:22:51): But all out of sudden, a quiet but sharp noise can be heard - and one of them explodes, thrown back by the force of a mecha-sized grenade!
griefgathering (19:23:27): Morte: "This is not the hero you are looking for, Mr. Schmertz." (19:23:33): Their visual cloak turning off, a group of ninja-like machines appear. They're on the island - and it's Stigma! (19:23:36): And leading them is... (19:23:44): Silon: "We meet again." (19:23:50):
griefgathering (19:24:58): Fyra's attention is immediately drawn to that voice. "You..."
griefgathering (19:25:43): Morte: "I thought I saw Ett destroy him. Hm."
tengusaur (19:26:14): Daniel: "He survived. Somehow." (19:27:03): Silon: "Humanity continues to spread around the Earth like a plague of locusts. As long as the Riders await in their tombs, ready for awakening, I have my mission."
frifreeman (19:27:28): Walt: "Hmm..."
Peter Kampschroeder (19:27:30): Eva: "I'm quite fond of mankind, you know."
frifreeman (19:27:47): Walt: "Mind to wait a few bit? We might need a need for you guys and your cult later" (19:27:56): The ninjas spread around the island, and are convering on the tomb!
griefgathering (19:28:36): Morte: "Nevermind how he's time to put him down again."
frifreeman (19:28:36): Walt: "When a cosmic horror... or whatever the Lady is appear, won't it be nice to have twhatever god he's trying to unearth fight her?" (19:28:37): Silon: "Wait? Ha... get out of the way, or mankind's obliteration will begin with you." (19:29:30): Silon: "If more dangers to humanity appear, threatening to wipe it out - why should I despair? All of Stigma want nothing but for the human kind to be gone and cease tainting this planet." (19:29:40): Silon: "Now then." (19:29:59): He draws a blade, held under the shoulder - and moves quickly towards the tomb, the rest of Stigma ninjas following shortly after! (19:30:07): Fyra, Eva, go now!
tengusaur (19:30:07): Daniel: "...He has a point. At least, if you're a lunatic." (19:30:22): Enemies: Silon, Stigma machine x8
tengusaur (19:30:25): Daniel: "Unfortunately for him. I'm not one."
Peter Kampschroeder (19:31:14): *Eva rushes towards the tomb! Somehow, standing in the way of people has become a thing for her lately. She opens fire with her spread lasers, trying to pass the ninja mechs and block their way.+
griefgathering (19:32:15): *After Morte re-emerges in its humanoid mecha form, Fyra climbs onto its hand for the usual merge. The Steed then charges to cut off the Stigma units, manifesting the black scythe in the form of a curved sword.+ (19:33:36): The ninjas scatter, quickly jumping up and to the sides like ninja are oft to do! One of them is hit by the spread lasers, temporarily off-balance. Morte's scythe slices through it, destroying the unit. That's one down. (19:34:04): However while scattering, the enemies leave gifts in their wake - several throwing knives and small explosive packets are thrown in your direction. Eva and Fyra, both react! (19:34:13): Daniel, Walt, go
tengusaur (19:34:47): # Fyra (will combine with action) (19:34:58): Approved
tengusaur (19:36:25): Daniel: "I know your tricks." He quickly draws and fires the Gun of God, sending a single bullet flying! The projectile goes towards the first of the flying kunai, and ricochets off it! It starts bouncing between the thrown weapons, trying to throw them astray and/or detonate it, before heading straight for one of the ninjas that threw them. +
griefgathering (19:36:51): Fyra: *"Wraith Shield." No point risking deflecting those. She raises one of her hands, projecting a magic circle-shaped barrier to defend against the projectiles and explosives.+
Peter Kampschroeder (19:38:04): *Eva: "Hm." She focuses her mind, moving the Tern's massive bulk with will alone-and has the super robot air-dash to the side suddenly as an evade.+ (19:39:43): A series of explosions happens in front of Fyra and Morte - premature explosions, courtesy of Daniel. The barrier easily blocks incoming attacks. (19:40:23): At the same time, the bullet flies off to hit its final target, piercing through a Stigma unit and causing it to crash down, disabled and lifeless.
griefgathering (19:40:31): Morte: "Much appreciated." (19:41:00): But Silon himself doesn't say a word - silently, he approaches the Steel Wanderer from the flank, running in low and slicing upwards with his blade! React, Daniel.
griefgathering (19:41:16): #Daniel? (19:41:35): Eva jets out of the way, taking advantage of the confusion and her psychic senses to predict and evade what remains of the projectile swarm. (19:41:36): Approved.
tengusaur (19:43:09): Daniel: "...I really need to get a sword one day." Not being equipped with one, all he can do is order Steel Wanderer to quickly dodge to the side in an attempt to evade the strike. +
griefgathering (19:44:01): Fyra: "..." *Though silent, Fyra spots the incoming Silon and fires energy blasts that are formed by the pale green energy surrounding Morte. Even if she can buy time for him to get out of the way, it's something.+
griefgathering (19:44:15): *for Daniel (21:21:51): Last time, on SRWU: (21:21:58): (21:23:22): Suddenly, Fyra-created explosions around Silon's machine force the Stigma leader to back away with a long jump! But it's also an uppercut of his blade, one that slices a shallow gash on Steel Wanderer's side. It'd be much worse if Daniel didn't dodge too. (21:23:25): Walt, Fyra, go now! (21:23:30): Enemies: Silon, Stigma machine x6
Fri Freeman (21:27:50): Walt looks strangely nervous
Fri Freeman (21:27:56): well, more nervous than usual (21:28:23): (Enemies:
Fri Freeman (21:28:35): Walt: "Everyone, spread to small island formation gamma!"
tengusaur (21:28:50): Daniel: "Pretty close..."
Fri Freeman (21:30:12): Walt's team decide to stay close on the island's edges, spread roughly covering same distance from each others. They shoot at the roboninja group, though they're more focused on disrupting them rather than destroying any of them.+
griefgathering (21:31:32): *Fyra transforms her weapon into two short scythes, one of which she swings overhead to gather momentum before throwing it toward the ground near Silon, causing a tremendous blast to try to knock him off balance!+
Fri Freeman (21:32:16): Walt looks strangely distracted. he looks around, as if not focusing on trying to kill the cult
Fri Freeman (21:33:15): Walt: "By the way, if I may know, what's your cult's end goal again? Sorry to ask, but there's just so many weird enemies that I kinda forgot what each of them want. Are you the one who want the time machine?" (21:34:16): The Stigma enemies seem... to be withdrawing! With several smoke bombs thrown for protection, the rank and file dodge the blasts and scatter away. (21:34:51): While Silon himself, already in the air, performs a backwards half-loop and kicks off a nearby building, crushing its wall but managing to get to safety away from the scythe. (21:35:45): Silon: "Naive. The only thing we want... is right here!" (21:36:09): The Stigma ship in the distance charges its cannon - and fires! (21:36:43): This is why the Stigma force was performing evasiv maneuvers. A giant stream of electromagnetic energy flies towards the island, the buildings set up by Metis - and you! (21:36:45): Everyone react.
Peter Kampschroeder (21:38:20): (Is it known if the buildings are still occupied or not?)
Fri Freeman (21:39:04): Lucky that Walt's team are at the edge of the island already. "Well, let's hope my assumption that if this island is going to blow, it's going to start from the middle!" They say as they all jump into water.+ (21:39:10): (They're not)
tengusaur (21:40:37): Daniel: "...Didn't expect that to happen." He quickly tries to evade and keep ground behind some kind of solid barrier. Steel Wanderer is not the fastest, but cover might help him hold out. +
Peter Kampschroeder (21:40:56): *Buildings can defend themselves! Eva jets up into the sky to avoid the attack. She puts the same power that lets her bend lasers to work, trying to divert any energy that gets close enough to harm the Tern.+
griefgathering (21:41:59): *Fyra pushes Morte into evasion as well, and takes to the skies as quickly as possible. Trying to block that is out of the question, but...+
griefgathering (21:42:28): Morte: "The same kind of discharge as before...this is not good." (21:43:05): Walt's team has the best protection, but unfortunately they are now underwater - and the ninja robots start moving towards them, several running atop the sea as they get closer and ready their weapons. (21:44:06): The electromagnetic beam grazes the rest of you, partially deflected and evaded, but most it causes is minor systems malfunctioning temporarily in the Steel Wanderer which takes shelter behind a grounded cover. (21:44:19): That's because most of the stream diffuses harmessly. (21:44:23): After hitting... the tomb's door... (21:44:52): Suddenly the gates explode from within with a surge of energy, and a 40 meter tall machine steps outward. (21:45:10): Silon: "The Second Rider has awakened..." (21:45:18):
griefgathering (21:46:11): Morte: "So they applied that effect to a ranged weapon too...there's no need to enter the tomb with that." (21:46:13): (50 meter tall. Either way larger than other units present.) (21:46:35): The Rider's Steed looks around.
tengusaur (21:46:44): Daniel: "...Really didn't expect this to happen." (21:46:58): ???: "Hmm? What's this?"
Peter Kampschroeder (21:47:01): Eva: "...Ah."
Fri Freeman (21:48:02): Walt: "Has the new cute humanity-slayer bot-girl awakened? Sorry, our view is kinda bad." Comm from Walt crackles
griefgathering (21:48:04): Morte touches down before the newly awakened Steed. (21:48:19): Silon: "Second of the four, War!" (21:49:04): ???: "You? What are you doing here?"
tengusaur (21:49:14): Daniel: "Afraid so, Walt." (21:49:20): The War's Steed looks down on Fyra and Morte. The Rider has a masculine voice this time though.
Fri Freeman (21:50:07): Walt:"I thought the previous one was War? I can never remember the set. What was it? Death, War... Famine? Famine is one of them right? Is the other one Wrath? Or is that from a different set..."
griefgathering (21:50:07): Fyra: "Are you like her, too? Are you trying to fulfill your directive?"
griefgathering (21:50:26): A question for a question.
Peter Kampschroeder (21:50:34): Eva: "Schmertz, please."
griefgathering (21:50:34): Just to be sure.
tengusaur (21:50:37): Daniel: "That was Conquest. A different one." (21:51:13): ???: "What are you talking about? Are you not?" (21:51:15): "..." (21:51:25): ???: "Ha... ha ha ha! Of course! I see it now." (21:52:08): "You've malfunctioned, haven't you? Always the weakest, and now behaving erratically on top of that!"
Fri Freeman (21:52:25): Walt: "Isn't War and Conquest the same thing?" (21:52:40): ???: "Mortal idiot!"
Fri Freeman (21:52:56): Walt: "It's like we get Death and Murder" (21:52:59): ???: "I am the Rider Tver. Conquest, taking over territory? Who cares for that? I certainly don't!" (21:53:31): Tver: "As long as there is chaos, death and destruction of warfare, this is all I need."
griefgathering (21:53:43): Fyra: "..."
Peter Kampschroeder (21:53:49): Eva: "Well." (21:54:07): The Steed's fists tighten, energy gathering around them.
Fri Freeman (21:54:09): Walt: "I think... Fyra kinda dibbed on the "death" part."
tengusaur (21:54:21): Daniel: "In other words... You're even worse than Conquest." (21:54:50): Tver: "Worse? Ha! You weak peace-lovers make me sick!"
griefgathering (21:55:09): Not that anyone can see it, but Fyra looks a bit hurt by Tver's comments about her. (21:55:39): Silon: "Then, cause chaos and destruction as you please. Us of Stigma seek nothing more than for humanity to end. If we can aid your goal in any way, we will gladly serve you." (21:56:08): Tver: "Now that's more like it. The weakest and malfunctioning is against me now, then? Barely a warm up after such a long rest, I'd say!" (21:56:30): (Tver: (21:57:25): Tver: "... But I won't refuse a chance to pound the likes of you into dust."
griefgathering (21:58:22): Morte: "Well, Mistress, it seems there is no other option." (21:58:26): Crouching slightly down, Tver's Steed suddenly leaps forward! It falls down at Morte like a wild beast, leg first - but the arms grab at him as soon as Tver lands, two of them while the other two slice down! (21:58:28): Fyra, react. (21:58:33): Eva and Daniel, go (22:00:52): New enemy: Versus (Tver)
Peter Kampschroeder (22:01:01): *Eva is possessed by the quiet desire to punch Tver. The Tern still floats high above the battlefield, and gathers energy in its left hand. Its arcing spread lasers fire-but this time they curve and twist together, forming a single penetrating strike towards the slightly-larger Versus.+
griefgathering (22:01:35): *Fyra attempts to dodge the foot, only to get caught by two of the arms, and being in danger of getting hit by the blades that follow. Her response is to fire a point blank Erase Blade! The charging is very brief in this case, because there's no time for a full blast...+
tengusaur (22:01:46): Daniel: "Fyra not malfunctioning. She's got her heart in a right place. Unlike you." He quickly fires a single shot in Tver's direction, which splits into multiple bullets mid-flight, all of them flying into Versus' direction in an attempt to fend it away from Fyra and Morte! +
tengusaur (22:01:59): Daniel: "Genevieve, go."
griefgathering (22:02:35): Morte: "Mind Silon and his minions too...this time is different from before."
tengusaur (22:03:08): Daniel: "Don't worry. I haven't forgotten." (22:04:38): Tver's double scimitar strike is stopped as the Versus is hit by split bullets, a joint laser attack, and Fyra's point blank blast!
Fri Freeman (22:04:48): Walt: "I'm still curious. If you want people to die, isn't that Fyra's territory?" (22:06:37): But you hear Tver's ominous laughter again - the damage is lighter than you'd expect, air around the Versus shimmers and distorts, the Rider's barrier absorbing most of the damage. (22:06:46): And what damage is dealt is already starting to regenerate.
griefgathering (22:07:01): You don't know it, but you're making Fyra sad, Walt. (22:07:08): Tver: "Weak, weak! Is that all you can do? In that case - death, as a domain, might as well be mine for claiming too!" (22:08:00): With an energy aura flaring up, Tver's Steed charges forward. With one smooth but powerful motion he grabs the Steel Wanderer, giving it merely a glance - before throwing Daniel and his unit towards Eva! (22:08:13): Tver: "Might as well take care of the smallfry first."
griefgathering (22:09:04): Fyra: "...!" (22:09:15): Versus disappears, teleporting behind and above the Tern - while Eva has to deal with the Wanderer flying towards her, Tver adds a powerful axe kick to her back! (22:09:17): Both of you, react.
Wyverncakes (22:09:38): # Those two? (22:09:44): Approved
tengusaur (22:10:19): Daniel: "Urgh..."
Wyverncakes (22:10:26): ???: "Daniel, if you can-"
Wyverncakes (22:10:32): A new voice!
Wyverncakes (22:10:58): "-Try to slow the Wanderer if you can. I'll handle the rest!"
Wyverncakes (22:11:46): * And a blue blur is coming in fast to intercept the Steel Wanderer, arms held in front of it in a guard to absorb the impact.+
Wyverncakes (22:11:58): It's the AGE-1 Razor!
Fri Freeman (22:13:22): Walt: "Also, if what you want is many people killing each others, I think conquest also got that covered."
tengusaur (22:13:46): * Daniel doesn't have any thrusters or anything else that could help with slowing Steel Wanderer down... But what he can do is pull out a single bullet mid-flight and crush it in his free hand, causing it to explode into sticky net! He tries to use this sticky hand to grab onto the ground, or anything, as he flies! +
Fri Freeman (22:14:05): Walt: "Well, except if conquest isa ctually about political conquest and it's actually about people trying to annex each other's countries diplomatically using treaties and ancient border laws."
Peter Kampschroeder (22:14:39): *Eva decides to let Flit handle this, since he's seeming to try so hard for it. She moves out of Daniel's way, in case the x-rounder messes up somehow.+
Fri Freeman (22:14:42): Walt: "To be fair, I guess massive amount of people killing each others fit you better, but sadly Conquest wakes up first. Sorry man, you're kinda redundant."
griefgathering (22:15:16): Morte: "Reinforcements? You're just in time then." (22:15:33): Tver: "How delusional! Keep on talking inane questions while your allies crumble one by one all around you!"
Peter Kampschroeder (22:16:01): Eva: "Awful full of yourself, aren't you." (22:16:28): Daniel slows down his forced ascent somewhat... but suddenly the AGE-1 appears as a reinforcement and grabs th Steel Wanderer! It's still a rough impact though, and both of you fall to the ground heavily. But while beaten up, you can fight.
Wyverncakes (22:16:43): Flit: "Nobody's going to crumble!"
Wyverncakes (22:16:56): And the new arrival turns to face the Rider.
Fri Freeman (22:17:03): Walt: "I guess that shows how out of touch you are. Inane questions is basically what every soldiers in war do to pass time. Other than thinking "oh god oh god I don't want to die I want to see my fiancee again." (22:17:13): Eva evades the two flying units - but Tver's teleport blindsides her. She reacts anyway, sensing his approach, but he is just too fast and kicks down on the Tern. It crashes to the ground a moment after Daniel and Flit.
Peter Kampschroeder (22:17:51): (Oh, he kicked at Eva and not Fyra?) (22:17:59): Tver: "Ha! Do you really expect me to care what every dead man walking thinks?" (22:19:02): Flit, Walt, go now. (22:19:27): To make matters more complicated for the mobile suit pilots, the Stigma is convering on your position. Including the underwater Genoaces.
tengusaur (22:19:29): Daniel: "Oof... Thanks, kid. This guy's a tough nut."
tengusaur (22:19:46): Steel Wanderer tries to scrub the sticky paste off its hand. Daniel needs that arm for reloading.
Wyverncakes (22:20:05): Have some help with the Razor's blades on that front, Daniel. (22:20:21): The Versus lands on the opposite side, a cloud of dust rising into the air.
Peter Kampschroeder (22:20:34): Eva slowly lifts up from the ground. "Mmm. But, I think he's weaker than what we've fought before."
Wyverncakes (22:20:41): But the Gundam's other hand draws its DODS machinegun, Flit looking at the oncoming mooks.
Peter Kampschroeder (22:20:44): "Dumber, too."
Wyverncakes (22:21:07): "If he wants another war, I'm not going to let it happen."
Peter Kampschroeder (22:21:42): Still, that kick hurt. Eva will be feeling it tomorrow, even if she doesn't take any more damage.
Wyverncakes (22:22:04): * But first thing was first, clearing out the mooks. And to that end the AGE-1 headed towards the submerged Genoaces, leg blades cutting through water like nothing in order to get at them!+ (22:23:12): Two Stigma machines try to stop the AGE-1 Razor - one running atop the water (once again, ninjas) and slashing with its blade, while the other provides support by throwing explosives. React!
griefgathering (22:26:57): Morte: "He is a single combat unit. Ett was a commander. This will depend on how long Stigma remains in battle."
Wyverncakes (22:27:27): * And this is what the machinegun is for! Streams of DODS bullets fire out to intercept the explosives, and the Razor's still got limbs to spare to block the Stigma mook's blade and then cut it down in response!+ (22:29:35): Spiraling beams fly through the air, shooting down the bombs. The two units clash, their blades struggling against each other - but the AGE system equipped one prevails! Flit pushes the Stigma unit away and cuts it in half before it can recover its balance! (22:32:26): Silon: "If you fall here then so be it. Our victory is at hand! Support the Rider as long as your life holds!"
Fri Freeman (22:32:47): Walt nods at his cockpit camera, making a signal toward his team. The team shuffle underwater (thank god Genoace are watertight) before launching. Water splashes at a direction, a few thngs are launching up in coordination at the same time! ...Except it's not mechs, they're heat stakes thrown up at full power! And when the Ninjabot's attentions are hopefully directed there, there's one more splash at the opposite direction, and this time it's Walt, shooting carefully aimed DODS gun shot at the three Ninjabots. "Water Battle Strategy Dragon Z Executed!"
Fri Freeman (22:32:59): +
Fri Freeman (22:34:01): (or how many Stigmas are still above water and/or distracted) (22:34:28): The supporting Stigma machine is damaged by the stakes, while the other remaining one jumps away from them. Walt follows, shooting - his DODS gun piercing through the damaged enemy, and damaging the other! It lunges down low though, thinking nothing of running on water again as it runs closer to thrust its sword into Walt's Genoace. React! (22:34:48): Also, to make matters worse, an energy reaction is increasing from the distant Stigma ship. Its cannon is starting to charge up again. It will fire soon! (22:34:55): Fyra, Eva and Daniel, go.
Wyverncakes (22:36:10): Flit: "Wait, that energy reading..."
Wyverncakes (22:36:24): "Is that what I picked up while trying to get here?"
griefgathering (22:36:41): Fyra: "I will deal with Tver... silence that cannon if possible."
Peter Kampschroeder (22:37:43): Eva: "...Very well. If you need assistance, ask."
tengusaur (22:38:10): (enemy list?) (22:38:20): Enemies: Silon, Stigma machine x4 (1 damaged), Stigma ship, Versus (Tver) (22:38:28): Tver: "Ohh? Confident, aren't you?" (22:38:57): Tver: "Or foolish, perhaps! Weaklings stick together, but even many can't defeat a stronger foe, what about one."
tengusaur (22:39:28): Daniel: "We'll see about that."'
Fri Freeman (22:39:47): Walt just let his machine dive back into deep water. "Walking in water is stupiiiid" is the last thing heard from his speaker.+
griefgathering (22:40:00): *With that, the Rider and her Steed prepare to engage their kin. Fyra deploys the scythe in dual-scythe configuration still, throwing one, which is attached to a chain, as a projectile. The aim is to cut the enemy Steed or make an opening to do so.&
griefgathering (22:41:01): Fyra: "I already have a new will not make me stray from it."
tengusaur (22:41:25): * "Three... Two... One..." From afar, Daniel takes careful aim towards the Stigma ship... And then he fires a single shot right at the barrel of its cannon! If he timed it right, the bullet should fry right into the weapon...
tengusaur (22:41:33): Daniel: "Now." And explode inside! +
Peter Kampschroeder (22:41:55): *Eva floats back into the skies, fully extracating herself from where she landed earlier. She then rushes towards the ship, trying to get right in front of its cannon. Once she can, she'll fire her best imitation of a tohou character right back down its barrel.+ (22:43:23): Walt disappears under the waves again - but so does his enemy, who takes a leap and floats in front of him. (22:43:29): The Stigma machine's visor flashes ominously. (22:44:42): Tver grunts as the scythe on a chain cuts into his unit. He didn't try to dodge - his intention is instead to hold onto the chain and pull on it, drawing Morte and Fyra close as the remaining arms already prepare to pummel! (22:44:49): Tver: "We'll see about that!" (22:44:52): React/continue (22:45:42): Daniel aims carefully and sends his bullet flying a long way towards the ship. Moment later - a distant explosion. (22:46:11): At the same time the Tern rushes forward. In front of the damaged electromagnetic cannon, Eva unleashes her armament's firepower! The front of the ship explodes in a series of blasts and laser beams.
griefgathering (22:46:45): *Tver will find that chain feeling very much like thin air as it suddenly de-materializes! It turns into black mist, which then gathers around Morte's hands, finally manifesting as a single, large scythe! (22:46:55): Unfortunately while this happens, Daniel hears a shuffling noise - Silon leaps towards him from above, his blade thrusting down. And if you take a look, all around you - explosives are set up! Daniel react.
Wyverncakes (22:47:21): # Daniel? (22:47:35): Approved, but do note the distance between you two.
Wyverncakes (22:47:46): (Right)
Wyverncakes (22:48:08): Flit: "Daniel! Grab it!"
griefgathering (22:48:22): *The weapon is swung in the direction of the waiting arms, faster than one would expect. Fyra is hoping it will at least allow her to stay close enough to draw Tver's attention.+
Wyverncakes (22:48:40): * The Razor combines its arm blades, forming a humongous boomerang it hurls to the Steel Wanderer. Not as an attack, but to give him a weapon to match Silon's!+
griefgathering (22:49:13): Morte: "About that, Tver, Versus. My Mistress can be quite stubborn as well."
tengusaur (22:49:43): * There's nowhere to run! Daniel turns around, trying to find a way to match Silon... And might just get it! Steel Wanderer grabs the blade flying into its direction and swings it with all the power the old machine can muster, clashing it against Silon's sword!+ (22:51:50): There is little time to react, and Daniel's swing is simple and relatively unskilled. Though he manages to deflect the enemy weapon, it still stabs deeply into the Steel Wanderer - just a shoulder joint, not the cockpit. (22:51:52): But (22:51:55): It's got power (22:52:23): The Razor's blades combined with the Wanderer's physical prowess cut into Silon's blade. With a faint cracking noise... suddenly, the enemy sword shatters! (22:52:51): Silon: "Ghh?" He's forced to jump away awkwardly lest he fall on the set up explosives himself.
tengusaur (22:53:32): Daniel: "It worked." (22:53:35): While at the same time, Fyra too manages to unleash a counter! Her scythe falls down on Versus... (22:53:59): And there is the barrier again, slowing it down and weakening the blow.
Wyverncakes (22:54:13): Flit smiles.
Wyverncakes (22:54:35): "Don't underestimate the AGE System! " (22:54:48): Tver: "You are weak. Weak and malfunctioning. But even if your power was at its highest..." (22:55:07): His arms punch forward despite the lack of reach regardless. (22:55:27): Tver: "My wrath would still triumph! BEGONE!" (22:55:47): The arms unleash powerful energy beams that cut into the island itself as they trail over its surface - and all converge on Morte. (22:55:50): Well, you made him angry at least. (22:55:51): Fyra react. (22:56:09): Walt, Flit, go now.
griefgathering (22:56:46): Morte: "That same defense..."
griefgathering (22:57:07): Well, more important things to worry about now, like giant beams.
Wyverncakes (22:58:10): * Flit moves to join up with Eva and Daniel, eyes searching for a nice, damaged section of the Stigma Ship before jamming the DODS Machinegun into the opening and firing at its innards!+ (22:59:00): (The ship is sinking and not really a target anymore)
griefgathering (23:00:37): *But Fyra hopefully has that handled. Suddenly, Morte is covered in black energy, and so is the scythe. The weapon is directed at the incoming beams to erase or weaken them as the Steed moves to evade - it's a security measure if one of those blasts come too close.+
Wyverncakes (23:00:52): (My mistake. Change it to Flit firing at Silon then) (23:05:12): With his weapon broken, Silon has to regroup. DODS shots firing all around him, he weaves between the spiral beams and disappears between the buildings, a cloud of smoke detonated to cover his tracks. (23:05:47): His Stigma mooks then decide to support him, a rain of thrown blades falling down on the Gundam! (23:05:48): React. (23:06:40): The beams grow thinner and the first two disappear, first one and then another.
Wyverncakes (23:06:48): * Still lacking arm blades, Flit springs back and delivers a Spinzaku-grade spin-kick, answering the thrown blades with his leg-mounted ones!+ (23:07:14): The third cuts a path through the island. Good thing Morte's dodging, but Fyra's Steed is still thrown off his feet by the beam passing way too close! The path starts to fill up with water. (23:07:36): Tver: "That's more like it. You still can use your Order, can't you? But it won't bring you victory." (23:08:05): Tver: "I cannot be defeated no matter what you do. Run, scamper for your life! Victory is assured!"
griefgathering (23:10:26): Morte slowly gets up.
griefgathering (23:11:56): Morte: "I have seen a number of enemies with that kind of confidence, but there is something different about this..." (23:22:07): Flit deflects the blades out of the way, sending some of them back to the sender even! But the enemy projectiles are many, even an X-Rounder cannot block them all at once with a damaged unit. Several of the thrown daggers embed themselves into the Gundam's lower body. (23:22:27): The enemies are damaged and forced to abandon their position. Now where did Silon go? (23:22:56): Fyra and Eva can go. Walt still can move, too
frifreeman (23:24:28): Walt: "We haven't found out his special ability. We might not be able to defeat him personally, but make ourselves useful, 8th Genoace Team! Battlefield Rose Maneuver!"
frifreeman (23:26:16): The five members of 8th Genoace team jumps out of water at the same time from multiple directions around Tyve, and they all attack at the same time. Two shoots with DODS gun at different points, two throws their heat stake (that's been recovered from the previous throw, ther'es no plothole!), and walt charged with shield upfront to melee the ancient godbot!+
griefgathering (23:27:44): Fyra: "I am not running from this battle." *The scythe takes the stage again, this time being used to launch a black crescent wave - one that Fyra follows up by attempting to close the range to execute a series of wide slashes!+
Peter Kampschroeder (23:28:34): *Eva turns back from the ship, satisified in her beamspam's effects. Tver becomes the focus of her attention. She tries to remain calm, and expand her senses in case of another flash-step kick as she fires another corkscrewing laser at the enemy Rider.+ (23:32:37): Walt and the Genoace team leave the Stigma behind and focus on Tver! Spikes cut into Versus, embedding themselves in the dark machine - even as it continues to regenerate. (23:32:43): Though it's being shot at by spiralling beams... (23:32:47): Tver: "Heh." (23:33:37): The Rider does not wait - he rushes forward to meet Walt's Genoace! The shield slam is slowed down by his barrier, and then the mobile suit is grabbed by its head. (23:33:53): And turned around to face the incoming Tern lasers and Fyra's black energy waves! (23:34:20): Using the Genoace as a living shield, Tver fires his own energy beams from behind it, trying to fry Morte and Tern with direct fire. React!
Peter Kampschroeder (23:37:26): *Eva makes her own beams split apart again, spreading to the sides of Tver as she dodges. Her dodge is comgined with an advance, to try to get in close and perform some careful swordwork on the Rider around his "shield".+
griefgathering (23:39:11): Fyra: "..." *A simple wave of the hand is enough to make the black wave of energy vanish - though it might be a close call for Walt. As for the approaching beam, Tver is not the only one with a Wraith Shield - Fyra deploys her own, though she has to move still instead of tanking the beam directly.+
frifreeman (23:39:28): Walt:"Well, that shows that he's not physically immune to beam or physical shots, and can be meleed, only he's regenerating and strong. Not much additional information..." he says as he's being hold by his head
frifreeman (23:40:36): Walt: "Don't mind me, I'll be gathering information from up close." He says as he squirms in Tver's hold.+
tengusaur (23:40:47): Daniel: "..."
frifreeman (23:40:55): (By squirming I mean moving his arm and legs randomly like a kid in tantrum)
Wyverncakes (23:42:44): Flit: "... You talk about being strong but you have to resort to using a human shield?" (23:43:55): The attacks on Tver cease, and he laughs again. (23:44:07): Tver: "Have to? No... I simply enjoy the ensuing chaos!" (23:44:53): He starts crushing the Genoace in his grip - but the Tern, despite its side grazed by Tver's beam, engages forward.
Wyverncakes (23:45:28): Flit: "!"
Wyverncakes (23:45:29): "Stop!'
frifreeman (23:45:43): Walt: "In that case I think you should be called Chaos, you know. Chaos is pretty cool and edgy word too." (23:45:50): Versus smacks it with a powerful backhand, Eva's unit not damaged by the attack but staggered back. Walt is let go, though not of his own volition. The Genoace simply loses its head. (23:46:32): Daniel, Walt, Flit - go now.
Peter Kampschroeder (23:46:35): Eva: "...Mm. Schmertz, are you alright?"
frifreeman (23:46:43): "That's a flesh wound." The headless genoace says before splashing down into water
tengusaur (23:47:02): Daniel: "...Now. Before he goes after him again."
frifreeman (23:47:09): Walt: "Yes, this is why I prefer conventional mech without neural link, really."
Peter Kampschroeder (23:47:26): Eva: "Don't brag."
tengusaur (23:47:28): Daniel: "Can you still fight? You can pull back if you're too damaged."
griefgathering (23:47:46): Morte: "In this particular case, losing one's head is quite fortunate."
frifreeman (23:48:03): Walt: "Well team, I guess I'm pretty aimless now (ha ha, see what I said?), but we don't see him having any special barrier. Pound with your best shots and chip his armor! I'll be... resting here with the fishes.
frifreeman (23:48:21): The rest of Walt's team simply shooting rapidly at Tyve with all they got now+
Wyverncakes (23:49:16): * Flit joins in, having the AGE-1 open fire at Tver with sweeping flurries from his own machinegun!+
tengusaur (23:50:21): Daniel: "Well then... Let's go, Nicholas." He quickly fires a straightfoward shot at Tver, an attack that's easy to dodge, but which will put the enemy in the direction of his follow-up: throwing the boomerang blade Flit gave him. Except that this attack is pretty easy to dodge as well, Daniel not being used to this weapon. But he has another trick in his sleeve... &
griefgathering (23:50:46): Morte: "The barrier is still present. But he seems to be confident enough not to use it in all situations. Be careful." (23:56:40): Tver: "Confident? More than that." (23:57:13): Tver: "You have your Order, and I have mine. The Order of War that makes me undefeatable in any conflict!" (23:57:48): The Versus jumps up high - Walt has to shoot up, while Daniel's shot is dodged - only for the boomerang blade to hit its target. (23:58:38): The target who activates his barrier again, but only for a short time. Thinking little of defending himself from the DODS shots of the Gundam and the Genoace, Tver starts falling down like a meteorite ready to sink the whole island! (23:58:48): And at the same time, the Stigma return. (23:59:27): Silently, Silon leaps from one building to another, throwing explosives towards the backs of units that attack the Rider. While the remaining Stigma ninjas brandish their blades and charge at the Genoace team! (23:59:29): React.
30 January 2016 (00:00:15): (Also Tver didn't fall yet so don't react to that - but he will soon, right after..." (00:00:18): Fyra - move now
frifreeman (00:00:36): The genoace team stand their ground, and change target of their barrage toward the incoming ninjabots instead+ (00:00:52): And Daniel can continue as well of course
Peter Kampschroeder (00:02:05): Eva: "Mm. So that's his power..."
tengusaur (00:02:37): Daniel: "...Fyra. Handle Tver!" While shouting this, he quickly tries to avoid the thrown explosions... But the first shot he fired wasn't an ordinary bullet! Mid-flight, the Nicholas shot unfolds into something larger - a remotely controlled rocket fist! It flies around in a big circle and then moves towards the enemies, rushing at Silon and his minions! +
frifreeman (00:04:13): Walt:"So to defeat him.. we should cease to fight him... and give him flowers or something?"
griefgathering (00:04:24): "Understood." *Fyra engages Tver again. Her advance is accompanied by a storm of green beams fired rapidly from the aura around Morte. But this time, instead of using her weapon, she charges with her own Wraith Shield secretly set up - imbuing it in one hand to strike!+
griefgathering (00:05:28): Also, whether that acknowledgement was to Walt, Daniel, or both, is not clear. (00:05:31): The Genoaces turn towards their targets - and fire, the first Stigma machine getting pierced by a DODS shot. (00:05:52): But the next one is too close and cuts off a gun-wielding arm, knocking the mobile suit over. Another Stigma grunt moves in for the kill... (00:06:51): And it's swept away by the rocket fist. (00:07:34): Though Daniel's rattled around by explosions courtesy of Silon, his bullet turns into a giant punishing punch that wrecks all the ordinary Stigma units one after another.
Wyverncakes (00:07:48): * With more Stigma mooks coming, Flit spins around to try to gun down those that he can before recovering his blade and thrwoing it into another mook too!+ (00:10:54): Flit's support fire adds to the Stigma grunt destruction. You clear the battlefield before they can do any more harm. (00:11:02): Then the Gundam gets an explosive to the head. (00:11:14): Through thrown back, the AGE-1 throws its blade towards Silon anyway! (00:11:33): It creates a long gash in his unit's metallic side and forces him to dodge. (00:12:03): Silon: "... More Riders will awaken. The sequence does not end with War." (00:12:09): He tries to run away! (00:12:50): However you can't really stop him at the moment, you have your own problems to deal with. (00:13:14): Tver's Steed falls down, both feet stomping in a powerful kick of the Rider.
tengusaur (00:13:18): Daniel: "..." He tries to fire at Silon as he flees, but Steel Wanderer is still off-balance from the explosive blast.
Wyverncakes (00:13:19): Flit: "But there... should only be one left!"
Wyverncakes (00:13:32): The Gundam tries to right itself after that blast. (00:13:59): As Fyra strikes, his Shield is raised again... (00:14:06): And her energy is unleashed, suddenly neutralizing it! (00:14:52): Tver: "I didn't know it was possible but you exceeded my expectations. Not by winning but..." (00:15:07): Unfortunately being the closest, this means the kick is aiming right for Morte. (00:15:22): And Fyra and her Steed are being pushed down by a falling meteor of a strike. (00:15:31): One powerful enough to shake and rumble the whole island as it connects. (00:15:36): Tver: "MAKING ME MAD!" (00:15:42): Fyra, react
tengusaur (00:16:42): Daniel: "...Strong..."
griefgathering (00:18:29): "Gh...!" *Facing that, Fyra attempts to meet the kick with her own charge. However, it catches both Morte and her as her scythe is raised, throwing it up and away. She nonetheless attempts to fire the Erase Blade in retaliation!+ (00:20:59): The attack slams a new crater into the island, and a deep one too. (00:21:27): Something stands up from it. It's the Versus. (00:21:51): Tver took the blade but thinks nothing of it - the gash on his Steed visible but his unit still moving just fine. (00:22:04): Tver: "Victory is mine." (00:22:20): Tver: "In the end, I take it back. You were a disappointment after all." (00:22:48): Morte's critically damaged form lies in the center of the crater, broken.
frifreeman (00:22:50): Walt: "Story of my life."
griefgathering (00:23:23): Fyra: "..."
frifreeman (00:23:24): Walt"Wait, you're not even my parents!"
Peter Kampschroeder (00:23:28): Eva: "...Fyra...Fyra, are you alright?!"
tengusaur (00:24:28): Daniel: "...Fyra. Is that really it for you...?" (00:24:42): Tver: "Why the concern? You'll follow her fate soon enough..." (00:25:00): Schunk (00:25:13): Fyra's scythe falls from the sky. (00:25:20): Impaling Versus from above. (00:25:32): Tver: "..." (00:25:43): Very slowly, he falls down to his knees. (00:26:09): Tver: "W... why..." (00:26:23): He coughs up blood, the pilot impaled right through just as his machine was.
griefgathering (00:26:34): Fyra takes this opportunity to break the link with Morte. Not looking too hot herself, she stands atop her Steed's crippled form. (00:26:48): Tver: "I have the Order... how could I be defeated..."
griefgathering (00:27:01): Fyra: "You weren't defeated." (00:27:02): Tver: "The War Order is absolute..."
griefgathering (00:27:18): Fyra: "I was the one who lost."
tengusaur (00:27:28): Daniel: "..."
griefgathering (00:28:08): Fyra: "But Death does not differentiate between winner or loser..."
griefgathering (00:29:01): Fyra: "One who wins all conflicts...can still die." (00:29:43): Tver: "Heh... the way you are. Are you satisfied with your state as it is?" (00:30:03): Tver: "You will never be the most powerful if you are this way..." (00:30:11): Tver: "You will... never fix yourself..." (00:30:21): "G... roaaaah!" (00:30:56): With a final pained roar, the Versus and its Rider shake - a giant explosion emerging from within, consuming both of them! (00:31:12): The island is once again rocked by powerful force. (00:31:15): But this too passes. (00:31:36): And once it does, the surroundings seem so quiet and serene - despite being destroyed.
tengusaur (00:31:48): Daniel: "He was incredibly strong..."
tengusaur (00:31:58): Daniel: "How's Morte?"
griefgathering (00:32:01): On that note, Morte has fallen completely silent.
griefgathering (00:32:35): Fyra kneels down and puts her hand against the steel armor.
griefgathering (00:33:00): Fyra: "Let us bring him back. Please."
griefgathering (00:33:35): There is as much of an urgent tone to her voice as she can muster.
tengusaur (00:33:54): Daniel: "...Let's."
Peter Kampschroeder (00:34:11): The Tern floats over towards Morte, kneeling. "Of course." (00:34:36): Despite the destruction the second Rider has caused, his fire forged war path begins and ends on this island. (00:34:58): However, the fact that Silon is still alive - and remains so, having made his escape, is both puzzling and troubling. (00:35:23): Only one more Rider remains encased in their tomb. Stigma will try to awaken this one too, no doubt. (00:35:26): But for today (00:35:28): MISSION SUCCESSFUL