wyverncakes 11:06 am
(11:06:15 AM): In spite of the events of a week ago, the world keeps turning and people go about their business, for good or for ill.
(11:06:30 AM): In VIPER's case, ill all the way.
(11:07:50 AM): Reports came in recently that they had seized a canyon region out in the United Arab Emirates by storm, no doubt to set up a base of operations there.
(11:08:04 AM): After all, they've kinda been bleeding carrier ships recently, thanks to you all.
wyverncakes 11:09 am
(11:09:01 AM): The good bit of news though is word got to the ESUN quickly, quickly enough that hopefully VIPER hasn't had time to fortify their positions just yet... or know the exact layout of the canyon.
(11:10:19 AM): And thus, this is where you're coming in. Or rather, you're coming in a small, side-entrance to the canyon that hopefully VIPER didn't, and still doesn't, know about.
wyverncakes 11:11 am
(11:11:10 AM): The path is a bit too tight and narrow for a shuttle, but at least so far, things have been quiet.
cubey@aol.pl 11:11 am
(11:11:59 AM): Sielje: "Miscreants appear time and time again..." She does not seem happy with it, nor with the fact that she couldn't deal with thieves or destroyers of Erria in the meantime.
(11:12:18 AM): And yet there she is, moving through a side passage. Sielje is not happy about that either.
tormterra 11:12 am
(11:12:34 AM): Kei: "Yeah...But at least things seem to be calming down a bit." The Zentraedi and Wulgaru weren't invading anymore, at least
tengusaur 11:13 am
(11:13:02 AM): Daniel: "That's why we're here for. Dealing with them is our job."
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:13 am
(11:13:16 AM): Jen: "Mrgh...Getting real tired of dealing with these guys..."
tengusaur 11:13 am
(11:13:21 AM): Steel Wanderer puts the Gun of God on its shoulder.
(11:13:34 AM): Daniel: "They don't know about this passage. Right?"
VJockey 11:14 am
(11:14:45 AM): [The Dinobots are present. They are also carrying with them what looks to be several shipping containers.]
cubey@aol.pl 11:15 am
(11:15:23 AM): Sielje: "If you see any patrols, I will not be able to hide from them."
VJockey 11:16 am
(11:16:22 AM): "Don't worry. Brought cover."
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:16 am
(11:16:25 AM): Jen: "Sielje..."
frifreeman 11:17 am
(11:17:10 AM): Grace: "Don't worry, Sielje. I can hide for both of us."
tengusaur 11:17 am
(11:17:35 AM): Daniel: "You're good at that."
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:17 am
(11:17:36 AM): Jen: "Grace, not helping."
tengusaur 11:17 am
(11:17:42 AM): Daniel: "What matters is that we get the drop on them. And we should."
wyverncakes 11:19 am
(11:19:15 AM): And for once, as you get into the canyon's more open, center-most region, things don't pre-emptively fall apart. Before you is the massive, sprawling base, with a token force of Formors outside of it.
(11:19:24 AM): (Terrestrial Mobile Factory Forgemaster: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100719200706/supcom/images/4/4f/UEFT4Fatboy.jpg)
cubey@aol.pl 11:19 am
(11:19:26 AM): Sielje: "Mmm..."
wyverncakes 11:19 am
(11:19:32 AM): It's time to go to work.
wyverncakes 11:19 am
(11:19:45 AM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
cubey@aol.pl 11:19 am
(11:19:56 AM): She doesn't want to argue with others, but...
tormterra 11:20 am
(11:20:05 AM): Kei: "Seems like they got here a long time before reports came in..."
wyverncakes 11:20 am
(11:20:06 AM): (Enemies: Forgemaster, Formors x 6)
(11:20:20 AM): (Enemies: Jen, Sielje, Grace, Daniel, Terra, Grimlock)
(11:20:25 AM): (Jen, Sielje, Grace, go)
tengusaur 11:20 am
(11:20:48 AM): Daniel: "Just a token force... That's really all they got?"
wyverncakes 11:21 am
(11:21:16 AM): ^initiative
(11:21:18 AM): (derp)
cubey@aol.pl 11:21 am
(11:21:54 AM): But there it is, the enemy base.
frifreeman 11:21 am
(11:21:59 AM): Grace: "Well Daniel, do you expect evil organization to have unlimited budget?"
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:22 am
(11:22:06 AM): *Jen: "Jeez, that's bigger than I thought." Nemain isn't exactly packing a lot of base killer weapons, but Jen does have her rifle! She starts picking off atthe Formors with powerful single, shots.+
frifreeman 11:22 am
(11:22:30 AM): Grace: ""I you think of it, Evil organization is a really bad startup."
(11:22:41 AM): Grace: "Sure, if you're successful you can exect major profit."
(11:22:57 AM): Grace: "But before you reach that part you basically expect loss all the way."
cubey@aol.pl 11:23 am
(11:23:36 AM): The end of the pike slams against the ground, a loud noise to gain the enemy attention - though admittedly, the shots probably took care of that already.
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:23 am
(11:23:44 AM): Jen: "Remind me to tell you about how I introduced viper to futures trading sometime."
tengusaur 11:24 am
(11:24:02 AM): Daniel: "..."
cubey@aol.pl 11:24 am
(11:24:11 AM): Sielje: "I am the Knight Sielje, the Guard of the South! Warriors of VIPER, prepare yourselves, for I challenge you!"
frifreeman 11:24 am
(11:24:39 AM): Grace draw her two guns, and start shooting repeatedly at one of the formors as opening salvo.+
wyverncakes 11:25 am
(11:25:13 AM): Well, between Jen and Sielje, alarms suddenly start going off at the Forgemaster, searchlights coming on and sweeping the canyon to find you all!
tormterra 11:25 am
(11:25:27 AM): Kei: "...I'll look out for anybody sneaking up on us."
frifreeman 11:25 am
(11:25:52 AM): Grace: "Oh crap, searchlight. Is there any trees or building to hide behind."
wyverncakes 11:26 am
(11:26:03 AM): [Jen] And the Fomors are scrambling to turn and face you, but Jen's rifle blows through two of them before they can return fire, the others falling back!
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:26 am
(11:26:18 AM): Jen: "Hey, they noticed. Looks like the party's starting."
VJockey 11:26 am
(11:26:26 AM): [Grimlock and the Dinobots quickly get under the shipping crates and get moving through the dark.]
cubey@aol.pl 11:26 am
(11:26:26 AM): *The Arm advances forward under allied fire. Sielje holds her shield up and moves her way in heavy but decisive steps, thrusting her weapon towards a Fomor as it's close. An explosion follows.+
wyverncakes 11:26 am
(11:26:30 AM): And no, Grace. You're in a desolate canyon region.
tengusaur 11:27 am
(11:27:01 AM): Daniel: "Too late for that."
(11:27:13 AM): (that was to Grace)
wyverncakes 11:28 am
(11:28:36 AM): [Sielje] There's indeed an explosion, blowing the Formor away! Wait, no... TWO explosions! From the top of the Forgemaster, a familiar, hulking machine emerges from an elevator!
(11:29:13 AM): Doomstar: "Ahahaha... look, it's the Unity Group!"
(11:29:28 AM): "Finally, things were getting too boring around here!"
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:29 am
(11:29:32 AM): Jen; "You!"
cubey@aol.pl 11:29 am
(11:29:51 AM): Sielje: "The giant is here!"
tengusaur 11:29 am
(11:29:53 AM): Daniel: "You again. I should've known. "
frifreeman 11:30 am
(11:30:06 AM): Grace: "You!"
wyverncakes 11:30 am
(11:30:11 AM): The Brute wastes no time drawing its serrated sword, corrosive nanobot paste dripping from the blade, and slashing at Sielje!
tengusaur 11:30 am
(11:30:14 AM): Daniel: "This moving fortress is completely your style."
wyverncakes 11:30 am
(11:30:16 AM): (React: Sielje)
frifreeman 11:30 am
(11:30:27 AM): Grace: "Sorry, who is he again?"
frifreeman 11:30 am
(11:30:40 AM): #sielje
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:31 am
(11:31:02 AM): Jen: "She's one of VIPER's lieutenants."
tormterra 11:31 am
(11:31:24 AM): Kei: "And debriefings made her sound completely insane."
frifreeman 11:31 am
(11:31:26 AM): Grace: "Yes, but they got like, a bajillion of lieutenants"
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:31 am
(11:31:41 AM): Jen: "They have three."
tengusaur 11:31 am
(11:31:44 AM): Daniel: "Debriefings were accurate."
frifreeman 11:31 am
(11:31:45 AM): Grace: "Though I think most of them technically one person"
wyverncakes 11:32 am
(11:32:01 AM): (Going to nix that, Grace, since...)
(11:32:20 AM): [Grace] There's only three Formors left, and your gunfire puts a string of holes through one of them! But the other two finally are getting their act together with their crazy boss on the scene, returning fire at you!
(11:32:23 AM): (React: Grace)
frifreeman 11:32 am
(11:32:42 AM): Grace: "Oh right, I have problems on my own."
wyverncakes 11:32 am
(11:32:42 AM): (Daniel, Kei, Grimlock)
frifreeman 11:32 am
(11:32:53 AM): Grace flies above them and point his fist at the formors
(11:33:05 AM): Grace: "Lucky, I'm not the same person as before."
(11:33:19 AM): Grace: "Look at me, Vipers, and despair!"
cubey@aol.pl 11:33 am
(11:33:26 AM): *No time for comebacks. Sielje sees the blade rising and doesn't wait for the fall, already trying to jump to the side, the leap turning into a roll to add more distance between her and the slashing weapon.+
frifreeman 11:33 am
(11:33:36 AM): Grace open his fist into a palm, and a bright light shines "TIME MANIPULATION"
VJockey 11:34 am
(11:34:09 AM): *The Dinobots are going to move as quickly and stealthily as a bunch of alien robots under metal boxes can to get even closer to the mobile factory base.&
tengusaur 11:34 am
(11:34:35 AM): Daniel: "Shouldn't have made yourself open like that." Steel Wanderer quickly rises the Gun of God and slams its hammer repeatedly, sending three armor-piercing bullets flying into Brute's direction while the enemy is, hopefully, still in the air. +
frifreeman 11:34 am
(11:34:37 AM): ...and from everyone's point of view Grace is moving fast... in normal speed of Daughtress actually. It's just a flashbang.+
tormterra 11:34 am
(11:34:45 AM): * "Jen, lay down suppression fire to keep Doomstar from closing the gap too quickly. Daniel, use those few seconds to take down the last smaller ones. Moving up the side towards here," a quick ping, "should let you outflank them if you're quick." +
wyverncakes 11:34 am
(11:34:53 AM): [Sielje] The blade slices through empty air, nanomachine fluid flying off in an arc towards... your general direction! The sand where it strikes bubbles and begins dissolving, but you're fortunately okay!
(11:35:38 AM): [Grace] The remaining two Formors try to take aim, but the burst of light blinds them, letting you safely land free of harm!
cubey@aol.pl 11:35 am
(11:35:48 AM): Sielje: "Ahh... you consider your vile deeds to be boring?!"
wyverncakes 11:38 am
(11:38:17 AM): [Daniel] Your bullets strike into the Brute, all three piercing into it but only one coming out the other side! The Brute's attention changes to the Steel Wanderer... but more machines are suddenly on the offensive, hatches opening up as four more Formors arrive and opening fire!
(11:38:19 AM): (React: Daniel)
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:38 am
(11:38:36 AM): * (kei action) "Right, right." Doomstar finds herself facing bursts from Jen's rifle, aimed so that to avoid she'll have to back off from Sielje. "Woulda thought you'd quit by now, Doomstar!"+
wyverncakes 11:38 am
(11:38:38 AM): (Daniel can also combine his react with his Kei-enabled action. Jen can also move)
(11:39:00 AM): Doomstar: "Well it's pretty boring when you show up to crash a gig and everyone just up and runs away!"
(11:39:19 AM): "What's the point of making a radicaldeath machine if there's nobody to fight with it?"
frifreeman has left the room. 11:40 am
wyverncakes 11:40 am
(11:40:31 AM): [Dinbots] Unfortunately... your METAL BAWCKSES strategy falls apart as the Forgemaster base deploys massive artillery cannons, leveling them in your direction. "That's right... FIRE!"
frifreeman has entered the room. 11:40 am
wyverncakes 11:40 am
(11:40:39 AM): That was Julia's voice! Well, a Julia.
(11:40:51 AM): And now you've got big cannons trying to blow you away!
(11:40:56 AM): (React/continue: Dinobots)
cubey@aol.pl 11:41 am
(11:41:23 AM): Sielje: "She is inside that thing?"
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:41 am
(11:41:27 AM): Jen: "I think we're a bit past the point where this is a game anymore! I got impaled, you know!" Her attention snaps up at the voice. "-Julia!!"
cubey@aol.pl 11:41 am
(11:41:38 AM): So that's what VIPER used instead of an underwater ship on dry land...
tengusaur 11:42 am
(11:42:10 AM): Daniel: "More reinforcements..." Using the fire provided by Jen as cover, he quickly jumps to the side in an evasive maneuver, firing a single bullet into a rocky wall. But it's a ricocheting Julian shot! It reflects off the stone and flies into the direction of one of the Fomors on the ground, destructively reflects off it and flies towards the other one! +
wyverncakes 11:42 am
(11:42:14 AM): Julia: "Of course I'm here! You think VIPER Commander wouldn't station me at all his valuable locations and facilities?"
VJockey 11:43 am
(11:43:16 AM): *Curses. Guess that was one strategy Grimlock won't be writing down in that book he got for Christmas. The Dinobots quickly transform into Dinosaur mode and stampede away from the BAWCKSES, breathing fire as well as letting loose missiles and horn lasers in the case of Swoop and Slag respectively. Time to charge right into the base!+
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:43 am
(11:43:45 AM): *Jen: "You know the favoratism that man gives out is really annoying!" Rather than deal with Doomstar, Jen opens fire on the base, targeting its cannons with her grenade launcher.+
wyverncakes 11:44 am
(11:44:13 AM): [Jen] Your attacks force Doomstar to focus on you, sword swinging to repel your strikes. Doomstar just chuckles though, letting the Brute soak up more damage. Not like it can't repair on the fly though, Flak cannon firing from its chest at the smaller Nemain!
(11:44:16 AM): (React: Jen)
cubey@aol.pl 11:45 am
(11:45:42 AM): # Jen
wyverncakes 11:45 am
(11:45:46 AM): (Approved)
(11:45:55 AM): [Daniel] Your Julian shot rebounds just as intended, taking down the two remaining Formors from the initial wave!
(11:46:00 AM): But...
(11:47:20 AM): [Dinobots] Hey, look on the bright side, your boxes still give you an extra few seconds of protection before you engage in your mad charge at Forgemaster base! Several artillery cannons are blown away, and when you crash into it the entire base is knocked backwards! "Ah... retreat! Fall back! Wait, first-"
wyverncakes 11:48 am
(11:48:27 AM): On its side, a powerful-looking device begins to power up, and a moment later magnetic force pulls the two Formors that Daniel trashed towards the base like bullets, drawing them into an open hatch!
(11:48:38 AM): A few seconds later, and they pop right back out... completely good as new!
(11:48:57 AM): Julia: "Behold!"
cubey@aol.pl 11:49 am
(11:49:07 AM): Sielje: "Your tactics do not match up to your lust for battle!" *The corrosive sword is one thing, but she can defend against this! The Arm quickly runs up to the Nemain, its shield standing on the ground like a pavisse, with the main unit taking shelter behind it, its cloak draped around it for an extra layer of protection.+
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:49 am
(11:49:12 AM): *Jen tries to slip away from the flak blast, her spear unfolding and its blade lighting up. "Dammnit Doomstar! I'd rather not murder you, you know!"+
wyverncakes 11:49 am
(11:49:12 AM): "The power of VIPER's nanomachine repairs!"
frifreeman 11:50 am
(11:50:16 AM): Grace: "NANOMACHINES!"
tengusaur 11:50 am
(11:50:37 AM): Daniel: "...Repaired in an instant."
wyverncakes 11:50 am
(11:50:45 AM): [Jen and Sielje] The much of the shrapnel pierces thourgh the Arm's shield like knives, but behind it waits Sielje's cloak too! Jen's kept safe thanks to this!
tengusaur 11:51 am
(11:51:06 AM): Daniel: "Guess we'll need to disable that thing."
tormterra 11:51 am
(11:51:14 AM): Kei: "They have to be controlled or programmed from somewhere. If we can find that and destroy it, we can stop that...I'll look to see what I can find."
VJockey 11:51 am
(11:51:52 AM): "Repair no matter if Pilots crushed to pulp!"
wyverncakes 11:51 am
(11:51:55 AM): Doomstar: "A small, but unstoppable force of machines! Practically like an army of robot zombies... with Forgemaster's tech based off of my Brute!"
(11:52:12 AM): (Jen, Sielje, and Grace, go)
tengusaur 11:52 am
(11:52:27 AM): Daniel: "I didn't know nanomachines can work that fast." Steel Wanderer looks in Jen's direction.
VJockey 11:52 am
(11:52:41 AM): "If no Pilots, then just smash leader to pulp!"
cubey@aol.pl 11:54 am
(11:54:25 AM): Sielje: "You act like you are so eager to prove your strength in battle... but in actuality, you enslave others and force them to fight for you!"
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:54 am
(11:54:54 AM): Jen: "-If you've got the power for it, you can." Jen begins fencing against Doomstar-moving to cut the Brute's legs with her beam spear, hopefully slow it down for a few moments. "Really don't have the time for you today Doomstar!"+
frifreeman 11:55 am
(11:55:16 AM): Grace: "Oh no... can we win this?" Grace starts to cries with obvious stream of tears and snot all over her face.
cubey@aol.pl 11:55 am
(11:55:38 AM): *The Arm lunges from behind its cover - the pike and the shield left behind, as Sielje leaps up, her sword held close to the Arm's chest. And when the distance is right - a mighty thrust forward, into the chest holding the Brute's cannon!+
tengusaur 11:56 am
(11:56:31 AM): Daniel: "...Yes. We can. Just stop doing... that. Please."
frifreeman 11:56 am
(11:56:48 AM): She then starts to rush at one of the Formors, shooting at it again and again while she moves until in melee range, ignoring its counter attack, and even in melee range, she keep shooting at it, even sticking her guns at the formors and keep shooting again and again.+
VJockey 11:57 am
(11:57:12 AM): Slag: "Stupid hat human sit back then! Let real warriors fight!"
wyverncakes 11:57 am
(11:57:29 AM): [Jen and Sielje] Your two-pronged attack scars the Brute's legs and chest together... but Doomstar's sword is already plunging down to make a kebab out of both of you!
(11:57:33 AM): (React: Jen and Sielje)
(11:58:49 AM): [Grace] The Formor gets plenty shot up, not even managing to return fire at all. But as it's wrecked, the others still open fire on you, the magnets of the Forgemaster pulling it back to the base's powerful repair facilities!
(11:58:53 AM): (React: Grace)
(11:59:01 AM): (Daniel, Kei, and Dinobots can go)
frifreeman 11:59 am
(11:59:33 AM): Grace flails away in panic. "Please don't kill me, please don't kill me!"
arachnion01@gmail.com 12:00 pm
(12:00:17 PM): *Jen moves to the side to avoid the downwards thrust, slashing again at Doomstar's legs!+
frifreeman 12:00 pm
(12:00:23 PM): But as she reaches out of their range and the destroyed formors is pulled inside,, she stops running, and sheathes both of her gun, her mech's tarpaulin cloak flutters in the wind."
(12:00:40 PM): Grace: "Just as planned. Now let's see if this work, should we?" She says as she pushes a button
(12:01:11 PM): "I put a bomb in that formors. Let's see if that repair factory likes it."
VJockey 12:01 pm
(12:01:19 PM): *Given the repairs are going to be a problem...The Dinobots are going to punch holes into the Forgemaster in order to charge inside and destroy everything in view!+
tengusaur 12:01 pm
(12:01:31 PM): Daniel: "...Smart."
frifreeman 12:02 pm
(12:02:04 PM): Grace: "Heehee, you think so, Daniel? Aww, you're making me embarassed."
cubey@aol.pl 12:02 pm
(12:02:07 PM): Sielje: "Ugh!" *Using the sword as leverage, she tries to push herself up, her unit's feet moving on the Brute's torso to run up, away from the giant blade.+
wyverncakes 12:03 pm
(12:03:02 PM): [Dinobots and Grace] The Dinobots begin to smash their way through the initial armoring of the base, doing a bit of damage before Grace's explosive does its thing, blowing up a small, but important-looking segment of the Forgemaster!
tormterra 12:03 pm
(12:03:31 PM): * "Still trying to figure out how the machine works and what to target to take out the controls. But I can at least tell you the weak points to try to damage the cargo bay doors sucking them in, hopefully forcing them shut. Dinobots, you're in the area, smash the mechanics that I highlight to keep those doors shut, we need to stop reinforcements for now." +
wyverncakes 12:03 pm
(12:03:34 PM): Julia: "Ack! Repair teams... get the 'repair the part of the base that does repairs' part up and running... quickly!"
tengusaur 12:03 pm
(12:03:35 PM): * Daniel quickly opens the Gun of God, loads two bullets into its chamber and spins it, firing quickly at the giant mobile factory as soon as it stops spinning! The first bullet causes electric currents to crawl over its target, and the second one blows up in an explosion! He tries to aim for the device that powered up when Forgemaster started to do repairs. +
wyverncakes 12:03 pm
(12:03:45 PM): "... We haven't finished installing that yet...?"
wyverncakes 12:04 pm
(12:04:36 PM): "... Very well then! Then prepare yourselves, Unity Group... because this is the day I make up for all of my deaths at your hands!"
wyverncakes 12:06 pm
(12:06:40 PM): [Daniel] As your bullets shock and blast the Forgemaster base... it nevertheless begins... to open and rise up.
VJockey 12:06 pm
(12:06:55 PM): "Big talk! Show action!"
wyverncakes 12:07 pm
(12:07:45 PM): Julia: "With pleasure!"
wyverncakes 12:09 pm
(12:09:00 PM): What seemed to just be a mobile base begins to stand up, arms and legs emerging, even a head as well as you all fall under a shadow. "Behold... The Terrestrial Mobile Colossus Forgemaster!"
(12:09:30 PM): "Don't you wish you were aiming at the 'transform the machine into its stronger combat form' segment instead now?"
(12:09:48 PM): Countless gun emplacements across the machine take aim at the Dinobots, opening fire once more!
(12:09:51 PM): (React: Dinobots)
arachnion01@gmail.com 12:12 pm
(12:12:25 PM): Jen: "Why would it be any stronger, that doesn't make any sense..."
VJockey 12:12 pm
(12:12:34 PM): *The Dinobots quickly crowd together to defend themselves. Now one would have to ask why they would do that if it meant that VIPER could concentrate fire on a smaller area. Well.. the sudden sweeping of eye laser at the emplacements from the combined Dinobot would explain that.+
(12:12:44 PM): "That can be remedied."
cubey@aol.pl 12:12 pm
(12:12:46 PM): Sielje: "How does the fight fare... oh..."
wyverncakes 12:13 pm
(12:13:11 PM): [Jen and Sielje] In the meantime though, Doomstar seems oddly quiet as Sielje pulls away from that slash. "... Agh, get back here!" The sword slashes again... but Jen strikes through the Brute's other leg, throwing the machine off balance! It falls... spinning and stumbling before the Brute's own blade stabs through its chest!
(12:13:33 PM): Doomstar: "That's... not cool..."
(12:13:55 PM): It sinks to the ground, its body beginning to decay from its own nanomachines.
cubey@aol.pl 12:14 pm
(12:14:02 PM): Sielje: "Ah!" First the enemy base transforms, now the titan she was climbing is falling!
wyverncakes 12:15 pm
(12:15:43 PM): [Dinobots] The smallest, and easiest to move gun emplacements manage to sweep across the Dinobots' position, a few hits managing to land and damage them. But the higher-power cannons don't get a chance, as the return fire still manages to blow through a segment of the Forgemaster!
(12:16:10 PM): (Jen, Sielje, and Grace)
(12:16:50 PM): (Enemies: Formors x 5, Terrestrial Mobile Colossus Forgemaster (light damage)
tengusaur 12:16 pm
(12:16:53 PM): Daniel: "Jen, Sielje. Did you get her? For good?'
frifreeman 12:16 pm
(12:16:57 PM): Grace: "Okay, this is a more straightforward fight."
frifreeman 12:17 pm
(12:17:53 PM): Grace: "Now we only need to find the glowing red part."
cubey@aol.pl 12:17 pm
(12:17:54 PM): Sielje: "Uugh..." She tries to gather her bearings, the arm alone in a disintegrating pile of nanomachines that used to be the Brute. "I am not sure..."
(12:18:03 PM): She glances around for Doomstar herself.
frifreeman 12:18 pm
(12:18:11 PM): Grace:"But while we're trying to find that part..."
arachnion01@gmail.com 12:18 pm
(12:18:13 PM): Jen: "...Probably for a while, at least."
frifreeman 12:18 pm
(12:18:57 PM): Grace flies around the Forgemaster wit both of her daughtress' arms behind. "Daughtress Fairy Mode!"
(12:19:32 PM): and as she circles around the forgemaster, fairy dust trails behind her, covering around the forgemaster!
cubey@aol.pl 12:19 pm
(12:19:41 PM): Sielje: "Jen, the giant may return?"
frifreeman 12:20 pm
(12:20:57 PM): Okay, it's not fairy dust. It's thick choking smoke and pieces of alumunium foils and chaffs, intended to scramble the forgemaster's view to the outside world."
(12:20:59 PM): +
arachnion01@gmail.com 12:21 pm
(12:21:00 PM): Jen: "Doomstar has the same sort of powers I do, and a few others. If her brain or heart isn't destroyed, she's probably not fully dead." Jen looks over the new giant enemy. "...Though she should be gone for the fight, after a hit like that."
(12:22:00 PM): *Jen focuses her nanobots into a single long, cutting whip-many times longer than Nemain, and flicks it out at the Forgemaster's knee!+
cubey@aol.pl 12:22 pm
(12:22:07 PM): (Is Doomstar herself visible anywhere? Also, how much of the Brute is left behind?)
wyverncakes 12:24 pm
(12:24:21 PM): (The Brute's still being eaten away at by its nanomachines, but there's a lot of it to be eaten away. Doomstar isn't visible anywhere right now though, but is presumably in it)
(12:25:40 PM): [Jen] Your whip flicks out at the knee, but suddenly something else whips out towards the same direction! Another whip... from a machine standing on the Forgemaster's shoulder!
(12:26:04 PM): Julia: "So Doomstar went down that way of all ways? A shame she never bothered with clones!"
wyverncakes 12:26 pm
(12:26:22 PM): (New machine: http://i.imgur.com/xFiWU6V.gif)
(12:27:34 PM): The two whips get tangled together, but Julia's glows red hot... with Nemain's own starting to melt from the contact!
cubey@aol.pl 12:27 pm
(12:27:42 PM): Sielje: "She is probably still alive then!"
(12:27:57 PM): A new foe?
wyverncakes 12:28 pm
(12:28:00 PM): Julia: "And now... let's just say I'm overjoyed that this particular me gets to be the one to kill you!"
(12:28:17 PM): The new machine lunges forward, plasma projectors enveloping all of its hand as it strikes at the Nemain!
(12:28:19 PM): (React: Jen)
VJockey 12:29 pm
(12:29:30 PM): #Jen?
wyverncakes 12:29 pm
(12:29:47 PM): [Grace] At the very least your own attack doesn't get stopped by Julia though, the Forgemaster's guns trying to lock onto you but failing miserably. Artillery and anti-aircraft guns fire uselessly in random directions... but the Formors are still going strong, their own shots much more accurate!
(12:29:50 PM): (React: Grace)
(12:29:54 PM): (Approved.)
cubey@aol.pl 12:30 pm
(12:30:04 PM): # Grace (will combine with my action)
VJockey 12:30 pm
(12:30:47 PM): *Dinobot leaps towards the new VIPER machine, swinging their massive Energo-Greatsword at the elbow joint of the Plasma coated hand!+
wyverncakes 12:31 pm
(12:31:05 PM): (Also approved)
frifreeman 12:31 pm
(12:31:11 PM): Grace: "Status effect: It's either hax or completely useless." Grace says as she dives underneath the forgemaster to use it as cover.+
arachnion01@gmail.com 12:31 pm
(12:31:16 PM): *"Tch!" Jen breaks her own whip off, retracting her nanobots from before the point of contact. She jumps away from Julia's attack!+
cubey@aol.pl 12:31 pm
(12:31:40 PM): Sielje: "You would best... not be distracted!" *The Arm barges into the Formor group, tackling one of them and Sielje delivering a stab into the smaller unit's main body, then withdrawing the blade and swinging around to scatter the rest.+
wyverncakes 12:33 pm
(12:33:11 PM): [Grace and Sielje] The Daughtress swoops down, the Formors' attacks missing and not being able to follow-up as Sielje shanks one of their members. The rest fall back as her sword comes swinging around at them.
wyverncakes 12:36 pm
(12:36:35 PM): [Jen and Dinobot] The Energo-Sword comes cutting in, but the machine parries the sword with its other plasma-sheathed claw. It crashes into the ground beside it, and then. "Want to be first up then?" And it begins to unleash a furious, fast string of blows to Dinobot's chest!
(12:36:43 PM): (React: Dinobot)
(12:37:01 PM): (Daniel and Kei can act. DInobot can combine his react with his action if he'd like)
tengusaur 12:37 pm
(12:37:42 PM): (what enemies are left?)
wyverncakes 12:38 pm
(12:38:42 PM): (Enemies: Formors x 4, Terrestrial Mobile Colossus Forgemaster (light damage and confused), Nemain Killer (Julia))
VJockey 12:40 pm
(12:40:23 PM): *Sadly, dark as it is Dinobot isn't as nimble as they should have been and the most they could do was try to parry some of the incoming blows. However the moment an opening caught their optics, Julia would find a Triceratops head topped shoulder charge that was breathing fire at her launched at the Nemain Killer's face!+
cubey@aol.pl 12:40 pm
(12:40:23 PM): Sielje: "Yes. I am here!"
cubey@aol.pl 12:40 pm
(12:40:42 PM): The Arm towards the Formors dramatically... but the more dangerous enemies are still there.
(12:40:49 PM): The fight is far from over yet.
tormterra 12:41 pm
(12:41:15 PM): * "We should be able to take the fortress down if we target the joints in the leg. Daniel, I'm sending you the analysis of how the joint fit together to try to strike at it. Sielje, give him the opening to line up a clear shot at the left knee of the fortress. Dinobots, prepare to tear into it once it falls, we need to find a control room or similar to stop it." +
cubey@aol.pl 12:42 pm
(12:42:20 PM): Sielje: "I understand!" The Arm nods.
tengusaur 12:42 pm
(12:42:48 PM): Daniel: "Alright. Barbara should do the trick here."
VJockey 12:43 pm
(12:43:11 PM): "We will break away from this as soon as we are able."
wyverncakes 12:44 pm
(12:44:28 PM): [Dinobot] The strikes still came hard and fast, pounding into your chest. Fortunately, Dinobot's made of stern stuff... and that shoulder-charge forces Julia to roll away with tremendous speed, one side of the machine still glowing red from the heat of the flames!
cubey@aol.pl 12:44 pm
(12:44:44 PM): Sielje: "Stand your ground, Jen. I know you can!"
wyverncakes 12:45 pm
(12:45:13 PM): (Kei actions approved)
cubey@aol.pl 12:45 pm
(12:45:29 PM): *She continues the close combat engagement, drawing the Formors' attention to the Knight's Arm, the unit delivering wide slashes as it circles around the enemies. The more the ranged foes get in each other's way, the better.+
wyverncakes 12:45 pm
(12:45:31 PM): (Daniel can combine his with his normal action too if you want)
tengusaur 12:45 pm
(12:45:37 PM): * Daniel checks the data gathered by Kei, and slowly raises his gun, aiming at the weak points of the giant's left knee. And then, he fires a single Barbara shot, which blows up upon impact, the explosion making Steel Wanderer's cloak fluttering! But he's not done yet, and follows up by near-instantly shooting two Longinus bullets at the weakened joint as well. +
(12:45:50 PM): (I'm combining)
arachnion01@gmail.com 12:45 pm
(12:45:54 PM): Jen twirls her spear, keeping her attention on Julia. "Yeah...Yeah, I got this part."+
tengusaur 12:46 pm
(12:46:02 PM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqOhPvthFUs
wyverncakes 12:47 pm
(12:47:35 PM): [Sielje] The Arm's strikes herd the Formors into a group quite well, but one still tries to make a break for it, springing up into the air and firing at the Knight's Arm wildly. Even the shots that miss still kick up sand, giving the others a chance to try to rush you as well!
(12:47:38 PM): (React: Sielje)
wyverncakes 12:50 pm
(12:50:03 PM): [Daniel] The Forgemaster's damaged knee does not take the Barbara blast well at all, metal creaking as the machine fell against a side of the canyon. The Longinus bullets worsen things further... the creaking becoming a prolonged groan of a deathcry with the mobile base falling forward, towards some of you and firing wildly in every direction it can for added measure!
(12:50:17 PM): (React: Grace, Kei, and Daniel)
tengusaur 12:51 pm
(12:51:31 PM): Daniel: "Now, Dinobot!" Steel Wanderer quickly jumps to the side, trying to get behind a bend in a wall of the canyon to avoid the chaotic barrage. +
VJockey 12:51 pm
(12:51:32 PM): *The moment Daniel makes his shots, Dinobot throws their greatsword to the ground to use it as a jumping point to tear right into the Fortress as it falls! Using the impact they would make upon slamming into it to force their way through!+ (Kei Action)
cubey@aol.pl 12:51 pm
(12:51:49 PM): *Sielje's reaction to the enemy appearing in the air - is to let go of her weapon, the sword flying forward in a mighty throw! But as rounds start to hit the Arm's armor, she quickly covers herself with the cloak for defense. Only now does she realize, this means there are no weapons at hand now.+
(12:51:51 PM): And yet...
(12:52:00 PM): Sielje: "I too, will stand my ground. For certain!"
tormterra 12:52 pm
(12:52:03 PM): * Springing into action the second the threat manifested, Kei kept close to the ground speeding directly backwards and away from the falling giant, letting her shields handle the lesser threat of the bullets. +
cubey@aol.pl 12:52 pm
(12:52:20 PM): This type of enemy is the exact foe the Arm was made to fight!
wyverncakes 12:54 pm
(12:54:40 PM): [Sielje] The aerial attack stops almost a squickly as it started, your sword skewering the Formor and making it fall. The others race by you, your cloak taking a number of bad hits that knock you down to one knee, but no further!
arachnion01@gmail.com 12:55 pm
(12:55:08 PM): Jen's attention's distracted by that. "-Sielje!"
wyverncakes 12:56 pm
(12:56:08 PM): [Daniel and Kei] You both move through the Forgemaster's clumsy, inaccurate counterattack, though the size of the colossus is so large it almost seems like there'd be no way to get to safety in time. Fortunately though...
cubey@aol.pl 12:57 pm
(12:57:32 PM): Sielje: "Ugh... do not worry for me! I am still fine, I am!"
wyverncakes 12:57 pm
(12:57:45 PM): [Dinobot] There's tremendous RIP-AND-TEAR going on as a massive split is torn through the Forgemaster's middle section, metal, personell, and everything in between being torn to bits, the force of the initial impact also knocking the Forgemaster safely away from everyone!
(12:57:47 PM): BUT!
cubey@aol.pl 12:57 pm
(12:57:59 PM): Regardless of her words, the unit tries standing up, but it's pinned down and for now, can't
tengusaur 12:58 pm
(12:58:27 PM): Daniel: "That was reckless, Sielje."
wyverncakes 12:58 pm
(12:58:45 PM): [Jen] Getting distracted is not a good idea as Julia's machine suddenly zooms in, a red-hot nanomachine sword slashing down at you!
(12:58:49 PM): (React: Jen!)
wyverncakes 12:59 pm
(12:59:37 PM): Julia: "You really shouldn't turn your back on me after the last time!"
(12:59:54 PM): "What was it, oh yes, acting in defense of that girl!"
(1:00:22 PM): "Well, I'm not complaining, irony kills are always fun!"
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:02 pm
(1:02:37 PM): *Jen: "Shut up!" She meets that sword with her energy spear. She's rushed, so they don't quite complete it, but Jen's nanobots form three large extra arms, ending in spikes-which arc from Nemain's back and and stab at Julia.+
wyverncakes 1:05 pm
(1:05:22 PM): [Jen] The spear and sword crash together, but as those extra arms come stabbing in, Julia just snorts, dropping the blade to deliver another vicious flurry of blows into the the Nemain! The nanomachine arms just seem to burn away on contact with the fists, and the Nemain gets beat brutally before a finaly hit sends it flying away into a canyon wall!
(1:05:41 PM): Julia: "You think I wouldn't come prepared for this?'
(1:05:49 PM): "This machine..."
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:06 pm
(1:06:16 PM): Jen: "Geh..."
wyverncakes 1:06 pm
(1:06:39 PM): "It's made as response to your own! Speed and heat, Jen Douglas... heat strong enough to melt all your own nanomachines... and god willing also boil you alive!"
(1:07:00 PM): (Jen, Sielje, and Grace, go)
cubey@aol.pl 1:08 pm
(1:08:28 PM): Sielje: "..."
(1:08:30 PM): "..."
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:08 pm
(1:08:59 PM): Inside Nemain's cockpit, Jen adjusts loosens her tie. The cockpit's gone from cool to boiling in a single bout, and most of her nanomachines are just gone. So no fancy repair tricks..."Jeez, I was hoping it'd take longer for this to happen..."
frifreeman 1:10 pm
(1:10:00 PM): well
cubey@aol.pl 1:10 pm
(1:10:30 PM): *The Knight's Arm disattaches something hidden under its armor, and drops it. Rolling on the sand towards the Formors... suddenly, an explosion between the enemies and Sielje's unit! One of the pike charges she carried was detonated.
wyverncakes 1:10 pm
(1:10:33 PM): Julia: "It's the Nemain Killer."
(1:10:40 PM): "Not Nemain Inconveniencer."
cubey@aol.pl 1:11 pm
(1:11:58 PM): Sielje: "I do not need defending! And you... you made a mistake!"
(1:12:12 PM): *And from the exploding cloud of sand, the Arm bursts out - lunging towards the Nemain Killer in desperation, with nothing but bare hands!&
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:13 pm
(1:13:11 PM): *Jen: "...Seriously? Aw, heck..." She shifts her stance, holding her rifle in the left hand and her spear in the right. It's an awkward grip for both weapons, but drawing a weapon here is gonna take just too long. She opens fire on Nemain Killer with a long burst followed by a grenade-only then to notice Sielje diving at it. "-Sielje!"+
wyverncakes 1:13 pm
(1:13:48 PM): [Sielje and Jen] The blast catches two more of the Formors, the last of them barely escaping the blast in time. But as it charges, the Nemain Killer suddenly jukes to the left, avoiding your strike and spinning around to give you an axe kick to your head... knocking you into the path of Jen's gunfire!
(1:13:58 PM): (React/continue, you two!)
cubey@aol.pl 1:14 pm
(1:14:44 PM): Sielje: "P-press on, Jen!"
frifreeman 1:15 pm
(1:15:06 PM): Grace:"Space manipulation!"
frifreeman 1:15 pm
(1:15:29 PM): #sielje combining with my action if allowed, if not, just my action
wyverncakes 1:15 pm
(1:15:59 PM): (Totally allowed.)
cubey@aol.pl 1:16 pm
(1:16:12 PM): *The Arm blocks the kick with one of its limbs, and the other secures a grip to try to reverse it into a throw, using its own momentum against it.
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:16 pm
(1:16:56 PM): *"Dammnit!" Nemain stops firing, lowering itself to the ground briefly-and then it charges with its speed mode, delivering a blindingly fast spear thrust towards Julia.+
cubey@aol.pl 1:17 pm
(1:17:13 PM): *But even while trying to throw, Sielje does not let go. She entangles the enemy with the protective cloak, the cloak which took its share of wear and tear during this battle - but can still absorb anti-nanomachine heat of the Killer well enough!+
wyverncakes 1:20 pm
(1:20:44 PM): [Jen and Sielje] The Arm's, well, arm, is crunched blocking the kick, and the cape that gets caught up in the Nemain Killer. That keeps the Arm from being flung too far into Jen's line of fire... but it's still grazed by a few hits, and the grenade blast rocks it, smashing it back into the sand!
(1:21:39 PM): Sielje's life-signs are still there, but the machine is still scorched from the impact severely and its cloak torn free.
(1:21:43 PM): (Sielje: Downed)
(1:21:44 PM): But...
cubey@aol.pl 1:21 pm
(1:21:50 PM): Sielje: "Ugh..."
wyverncakes 1:22 pm
(1:22:30 PM): [Jen] Your spear-thrust still still plunges into the Nemain Killer, tearing through one of the machine's arms as it tries to stumble away, Sielje's cloak tangling it up and slowing its footwork!
wyverncakes 1:22 pm
(1:22:51 PM): Julia: "Ah... you bitch...!"
(1:23:01 PM): "You don't even know how to sacrifice yourself right!"
(1:24:21 PM): "Still..." Julia chuckles softly. "I'd imagine preparations are finally set."
frifreeman 1:24 pm
(1:24:42 PM): Grace: Preparation for what?
wyverncakes 1:24 pm
(1:24:57 PM): "Oh I might die here... but ask yourself..."
(1:25:29 PM): "'Have we killed enough Julias to compensate for the casualties a nanomachine WMD could cause?' 'What about five of them?'"
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:25 pm
(1:25:43 PM): Jen: "...You..!"
tengusaur 1:25 pm
(1:25:44 PM): Daniel: "..."
VJockey 1:26 pm
(1:26:17 PM): "..."
wyverncakes 1:26 pm
(1:26:36 PM): A rumbling begins to sound from the the ruined Forgemaster, missile ports opening up on either side of its now split-frame... and launching into the sky!
wyverncakes 1:27 pm
(1:27:02 PM): Julia: "Don't know who the crews aimed the missiles at, but I'm sure they picked juicy targets!"
cubey@aol.pl 1:27 pm
(1:27:08 PM): Sielje: "What is going on?!" She cannot see, her visor pointing at the sand. Something's being shot?
wyverncakes 1:27 pm
(1:27:25 PM): (Quickly! React, Grace, Kei, Daniel, Dinobot team!)
tengusaur 1:27 pm
(1:27:29 PM): Daniel: "...We gotta shoot them down!"
frifreeman 1:27 pm
(1:27:53 PM): Grace: "Ha ha, jokes on you! Because this is right in Unity Group's lan! Don't you think we have anti-missile satellite, aiming their laser, waiting for this exact moment?"
(1:28:04 PM): Grace: "You lost, VIPER!" grace points at julia
(1:28:24 PM): Grace then whispers at the others "Wait, Unity Group has anti-ICBM sattelites laying around on orbit, right?"
tengusaur 1:28 pm
(1:28:38 PM): Daniel: "...None I know of."
VJockey 1:29 pm
(1:29:06 PM): *Dinobot can't fly. Well. Maybe one piece can. Swoop arm rockets forth and transforms back into the Pteradon Dinobot who is now intercepting one of the missiles and is seeking to melt it down!+
(1:29:24 PM): "Swoop is taking care of one of them! We need to take care of the other one."
tengusaur 1:29 pm
(1:29:27 PM): * Daniel quickly turns around, aiming the Gun of God into the sky, and slams the hammer repeatedly, firing a barrage of beam shots created by the Lucia generator, trying to hit as many missiles as he can. +
tormterra 1:29 pm
(1:29:27 PM): Kei: "Let's make insane taunts and bluffs after we've stopped the warheads."
frifreeman 1:29 pm
(1:29:31 PM): Grace: "Damnit, that should be the very basic thing they should prepare with villains running around with icbm nukes all over the world."
tormterra 1:30 pm
(1:30:01 PM): * True to her word, Kei sped into the air firing her lasers at the nearest missiles, hoping to cause them to crash harmlessly in the desert sand. +
VJockey 1:30 pm
(1:30:16 PM): *other ones
frifreeman 1:30 pm
(1:30:36 PM): Grace put his hands on both of her previously sheated guns, each hands on the opposite sheath, with her daughtress tarpaulin cloak spread behind her.
(1:30:46 PM): Grace: "I guess this count as emergency."
(1:31:01 PM): Grace: "TIME MANIPULATION!"
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:31 pm
(1:31:02 PM): Jen: "Julia, you bitch! Call those off, abort their launch or something!"
frifreeman 1:31 pm
(1:31:15 PM): and this time for real
(1:32:10 PM): from her point of view, everything stops, and she flies to the nearest missile port and shoots everything she can at the missiles appearing from there with the precious few seconds she has, before everything start moving again.+
wyverncakes 1:35 pm
(1:35:07 PM): [Anti-missile squad] Swoop's manages to catch up to one of the missiles, blowing it apart in the sky, and Grace stops another missile before it can even launch! But as Kei and Daniel each manage to gun down one missile each... they only manage to wing the last as it soars higher and higher, almost out of reach!
(1:35:12 PM): Julia: "Yes!"
(1:35:21 PM): "Finally going to fix that kills-to-death ratio!"
(1:35:55 PM): ... Right until the last Formor is suddenly thrown right into it, both detonating in the sky as well!
(1:36:16 PM): ???: "You were saying?"
(1:36:47 PM): And the thrower of that unlikely projectile? The Brute... and Doomstar!
cubey@aol.pl 1:37 pm
(1:37:20 PM): Sielje: "What?"
wyverncakes 1:37 pm
(1:37:36 PM): Julia: "What?!?"
(1:38:18 PM): Doomstar:"Julia... you should've known better!"
wyverncakes 1:39 pm
(1:39:51 PM): "Crazy use of nanomachines... oh you can have a pretty good party with drugging and experiments and stuff."
(1:40:18 PM): "But you don't just go after civvies like that! Can't have a party when everyone's dead!"
(1:40:59 PM): "And here I was thinking maybe you wouldn't sink so low. But Jen was right!"
(1:41:26 PM): The Brute spares the Nemain a brief nod.
tengusaur 1:41 pm
(1:41:35 PM): Daniel: "Doomstar... is less insane than you, Julia."
cubey@aol.pl 1:41 pm
(1:41:46 PM): Sielje: "So you are not entirely honorless..."
wyverncakes 1:41 pm
(1:41:49 PM): "Sorry for having my doubts... but a scientist's gotta actually test these things."
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:41 pm
(1:41:57 PM): Jen: "...I don't know about less insane, but less evil..."
VJockey 1:42 pm
(1:42:14 PM): "Less evil will suffice for now."
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:42 pm
(1:42:27 PM): "What the big guy said."
wyverncakes 1:43 pm
(1:43:46 PM): Julia: "... Well you know what?"
(1:43:52 PM): "FINE!"
wyverncakes 1:44 pm
(1:44:33 PM): The Nemain Killer wrenches the cloak off of itself, obscuring the view of it for a half-second. Where or who is it going after- unsurprisingly, the Nemain!
(1:45:13 PM): A shoulder tackle from the side missing an arm knocks your machine backwards, opening you up for one last flurry of blows!
(1:45:25 PM): Julia: "Still not over yet, Jen! It's not over yet!"
(1:45:29 PM): (Jen, react one last time!)
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:48 pm
(1:48:05 PM): *Jen's gun is knocked out of her hand by the strike, and she loses her grip on the spear as well. But she's still got one weapon left, and as the flurry comes-she doesn't defend, going on the offense instead. Jen aims a single punch, right towards Nemain Killer's cockpit, her plasma projector firing.+
vertigojockey@gmail.com has left the room. 1:49 pm
griefgathering has left the room. 1:51 pm
wyverncakes 1:52 pm
(1:52:14 PM): [Jen] The first hit knocks the Nemain back, raising the heat inside the machine even more. But there seems to be a delay as the Killer turns... as if it were trying to punch with its severed arm! "What-?!?" It's only a split-second, but it's enough to retaliate... the punch turning into a cross counter as the Nemain slips around the next blow, its own fist smashing through the Killer's cockpit.
(1:52:36 PM): Julia: "It's... not fair...!"
(1:53:12 PM): "The automated punching combo... if I'd had my other arm...!"
(1:53:42 PM): The Nemain Killer falls back and off of the Nemain's arm, a bloody smear on the latter machine's fist.
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:54 pm
(1:54:13 PM): Jen: "...Huh." She looks down at Nemain's hand. "That worked."
tengusaur 1:54 pm
(1:54:22 PM): Daniel: "Another Julia bites the dust."
(1:54:29 PM): Daniel: "Good work Jen."
cubey@aol.pl 1:55 pm
(1:55:33 PM): Sielje: "In the end... the Nemain Killer could not even do what it was made for."
(1:56:01 PM): She breathes a sigh of relief, continuing to remove herself from the Arm's control harness.
wyverncakes 1:56 pm
(1:56:29 PM): "So..." Doomstar begins. "What happens now?"
tengusaur 1:56 pm
(1:56:36 PM): Daniel: "We managed to stop the WMDs. Good."
wyverncakes 1:58 pm
(1:58:34 PM): "Yeah, good riddance to them."
frifreeman 1:58 pm
(1:58:48 PM): Grace: "Hey, don't you think we should've captured one of those Julias? Imagine what we can gather from them."
wyverncakes 1:59 pm
(1:59:12 PM): "Hey, you think I'm not good enough for that?"
(1:59:23 PM): Doomstar's pride actually sounds wounded from that.
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:59 pm
(1:59:25 PM): Jen: "No."
tengusaur 1:59 pm
(1:59:32 PM): Daniel: "What are you going to do now, Doomstar?"
frifreeman 2:00 pm
(2:00:07 PM): Grace: "Maybe after his change of heart now he will not doom this star."
wyverncakes 2:00 pm
(2:00:19 PM): "Well sounds like I'm going to have to blow your BRAINS with what I know!"
frifreeman 2:00 pm
(2:00:34 PM): Grace: "You mean... doom our brains?"
wyverncakes 2:00 pm