(17:03:31): As if a recent disaster was not enough... the waiting time is over. (17:03:47): Apollonius "Loni" Gavin made his move - his BrightSaber was detected. (17:04:18): You'd expect him to be heading towards his uncle's laboratories - but he's not. (17:05:04): The UG shuttle is moving towards a different place altogether, located in a remote-but-ESUN-controlled region in southeastern Europe. (17:05:27): Few know of this place's significance, however... (17:06:07): Dirchs: "That's where the ESUN council gathers." (17:07:03): Dirchs: "And I don't mean the official council at Geneva. The other council - the circle of our beloved sponsors and other secretive types."
Wyverncakes (17:07:20): Mizuki: "As if gutting our funding once wasn't enough for him."
VJockey (17:07:34): "...But why there?"
tengusaur (17:07:50): Hetepheres: "One has to wonder how did Gavin find out about it. Did the Lady whisper this secret into his ear?"
Peter Kampschroeder (17:07:55): Eva: "...They have a council...?" She's busying herself by rapidly disassembling and reassembling a pistol.
VJockey (17:08:01): [Interitus would comment but she's currently in her larger form and lacking a mouth at the moment.] (17:08:30): Huffman: "Hmm, hmm. Whatever his reasons, I don't think our funding is what he's after." (17:08:50): The eccentric commander chimes in to the radio conversation. (17:09:09): Huffman: "The council is having a guest today." (17:09:49): Dirchs: "..." (17:10:27): Huffman: "You can guess who he is, isn't he? The one summoned to talk to the council and explain his - and Gavin's actions, before it..." (17:10:36): Huffman: "Our little troublemaker's uncle himself."
VJockey (17:10:42): "......." (17:10:43):
VJockey (17:10:53): "You don't think he's going to hurt his uncle do you?"
Peter Kampschroeder (17:11:02): Eva makes a slight slip, and gun parts go scattering across the floor. "Ah."
VJockey (17:11:02): "He said things when he left..."
VJockey (17:11:14): "Do you think he's gotten that bad?"
Wyverncakes (17:11:41): Mizuki: "He was bad to begin with."
tengusaur (17:12:27): Hetepheres: "He might want to use force in order to make him give up the third tablet. Regardless..."
tengusaur (17:13:06): Hetepheres: "Whatever intentions might he have. If Gavin and his friends are there to start violence, we shall respond in kind." (17:13:25): Pilot: "Buildings in visual range." (17:13:32): Pilot: "... They're under attack."
Wyverncakes (17:14:26): Mizuki: "Time to respond."
Wyverncakes (17:14:38): She's already summoning up the DuskBird. (17:14:39): Pilot: "Agreed. Get ready to deploy." (17:15:05): In front of you, a few unfriendly looking fortified buildings rise up among the rough terrain.
tengusaur (17:15:12): Hetepheres: "Speaking of which. Let us defend the council!" (17:15:17): Their defense force is currently engaged in battle with familiar enemies. (17:15:33): Portent (17:15:36): Herald (17:15:40): Testimony (17:15:52): The Lady's minions are here - but Loni isn't as far as you can tell! (17:16:08): Time to move out and provide relief to the mass produced mobile suits, which are slowly losing ground. (17:16:16): Initiative: Volya, Eva, Hetepheres, Mizuki (17:16:49): Enemies: Portent x11, Herald x2, Testimony x2 (17:16:51): Volya, Eva, go
VJockey (17:18:11): *Interitus is quickly rushing out of the shuttle, wings spread as she let loose several fingertip energy blasts at the joints of a Testimony's sword arm - seeking to get on the side of the defenders and bolster their lines!+
Peter Kampschroeder (17:20:17): *Eva wastes no time with subtlety; she flies above the crowd of Portents, and bombards them with a barrage of lasers.+ (17:20:32): A series of small explosions sprouts over the Testimony's blade just as it was rising above a knocked over mass-produced Huckebein. (17:20:55): The damaged unit glances under its shoulder in the direction of the new arrivals, allowing the RT to get to safety. (17:21:43): Interitus flies above the enemies, and the Testimony cannot use its main weapon to fight back - but suddenly a Herald jets up, trying to spear through you in close range. React!
Wyverncakes (17:22:09): # Volya (17:22:33): The Portents jump around and bounce off nearby walls, forced to evade as their ranks are being bombarded. Despite their efforts, three are pierced through by lasers and fall apart. (17:23:09): The other Testimony's arm is undamaged - it swings, and the blade goes flying, circling as the deadly projectile tries to cut clean through the Tern. React. (17:23:11): # approved
VJockey (17:24:20): *Interitus quickly draws her staff, Volya letting out a cry as the weapon is swung to parry away the incoming thrust from the plant creature's body!+
Peter Kampschroeder (17:24:31): *Eva just cuts her jets, letting herself fall to avoid the massive blade. "...Simple..."+
Wyverncakes (17:24:54): * "Volya! Hold on!" The Herald will find hitting Interitus easier said than done though, as the DuskBird comes soaring up, Abyss Greatsword swinging down to parry the Herald's polearm before Mizuki brings her weapon around again to return the favor on the mook+ (17:27:10): Eva dodges the attack, then feels a sensation of danger - the blade returns soon after, slashing at the Tern from behind. Barely a graze though... (17:27:32): With the two of them parrying, the Herald is momentarily stopped in its tracks - but it immediately boosts away, thrusters flaring before further counterattacks can commence. (17:27:37): Hetepheres and Mizuki, go now. (17:28:28): ???: "Who is this? Are you fighting the monsters?"
Wyverncakes (17:28:38): * The Herald was falling back, fair enough. The DuskBird immediately shifted to Jet mode to pursue, energy field raised to smash through it!+ (17:28:51): One of the defenders establishes a transmission as the rest tries to withdraw and regroup. (17:29:26): The Herald's spear is still held in your direction, and while fleeing it tries to stop the charge by firing an energy blast. React, Mizuki!
tengusaur (17:29:53): Hetepheres: "You are but a distraction employed while your master accomplishes the real goal, foul minions. Begone!" Scaraber takes up into the air, then drops down towards one of the Portents, hooking at it with its khopeshes and spinning around in order to throw it towards others! Then it rushes forward, slashing at all of them with one cleaving strike of all four blades. +
VJockey (17:30:00): "We're with the Unity Group... did we get here in time?"
VJockey (17:30:12): [Volya tries his best not to sound too nervous.]
Wyverncakes (17:31:44): * The DuskBird quickly shifts to Bird mode for maneuverability, swooping down to avoid the Herald's attack before switching right back to a jet to finish the charge!+ (17:32:48): Hetepheres lunges at the Portent, capturing it before it can raise its weapon. Her throw followed by a cleaving strike cuts down another two, which fall to quarters in front of her. (17:33:09): And other Portents standing behind those ominously throw their spears, which splinter immediately into a deadly rain of shards. React!
tengusaur (17:34:41): Hetepheres: "We are here to fight the monsters, yes. Stand strong, defenders." Scaraber braces against the ground, raising its swords to block the incoming rain of shards. Golden anti-physical Noble Barrier helps. + (17:35:37): Hetepheres withstands the attack, the remaining Portents are jumping around trying to flank the Scaraber now. (17:36:27): Mizuki's dodge was mostly successful, with the blast grazing against the DuskBird's top. She continues the charge soon after, but the slowdown was enough for the enemy to get away and the Herald manages to dodge at the last moment, once again only being grazed. (17:37:23): ???: "We've taken casualties but the defensive line holds! There are civilians in the area, we can't let them... gaah!" (17:38:08): The unit whose pilot was talking seems to be the last one that didn't fall back yet - and as it turns to the side, it suddenly faces two plasma shots fired its way! (17:38:21): Fired from - a new arrival, quickly moving in this direction. (17:38:26): Loni: "Make way, make way!" (17:38:32): New enemies: BrightSaber
VJockey (17:40:14): # (17:40:40): Approved
VJockey (17:41:28): "No!"
VJockey (17:42:51): *Yeah this is a familiar scene. Except rather than Alonso Antema simply executing an ESUN soldier it was Loni being a complete ass killing anyone in his path without a thought. Either way Volya throws himself in the path of the Plasma Shots, Interitus doing her best to absorb as much energy from them as she could before deflecting what was left right back at sender!+ (17:43:48): Interitus starts absorbing the plasma... but there's too much high energy! (17:44:03): The bolts explode in her face, throwing the plant monster and Volya back as Loni flies up above them. (17:44:14): At least the security pilot is alright... (17:44:32): Loni: "You guys! Stay the fuck away, this has nothing to do with you!"
VJockey (17:44:39): "AGHBURNS!" (17:45:09): The BrightSaber takes advantage of the security force having withdrawn and tries to move deeper in, towards the insides of the largest building. (17:45:15): Volya and Eva, go.
Wyverncakes (17:45:28): Mizuki: "You say that when there are monsters attacking people?!?"
tengusaur (17:45:36): Hetepheres: "Volya. Stay strong! You went through worse."
VJockey (17:45:58): "We both did... I... aow.... " (17:46:03): Loni: "I'm only here to talk to my uncle! He's got a lot to answer for!"
VJockey (17:46:33): [Volya hisses in pain from the phantom burns... jeez... that thing was way too strong!]
tengusaur (17:47:08): Hetepheres: "The fight is not over yet. But, if we are fortunate, soon it might be."
Peter Kampschroeder (17:47:12): *Eva jets into Loni's path, obstructing it and drawing her sword. "I disagree!" She fires a small barrage of lasers to try to restrict his movements, then goes in to body-check Loni.+
VJockey (17:48:08): *Either way though.... Interitus lets loose a debilitating energy blast at Loni! Hopefully should it strike the Brightsaber would be slowed down... maybe... no telling if whatever force Interitus relies on will have any power over the Brightsabers hax+ (17:50:16): Loni: "You guys always, always get in my way! Just this one time..." The BrightSaber is fast, and Loni very quickly circles around the Tern. Eva, despite your own speed you are being outmaneuvered! (17:50:42): While circling around, he spins his twin plasma katanas and tries to use them to parry the attacks that fall upon him. But they do not fall for long... (17:51:13): Eva, Volya, everyone - a new enemy detected right above you! And immediately after the detection, a destructive ray of energy falls down from the skies, sweeping across the Tern and Interitus's positions! (17:51:15): React, both of you (17:51:30): New enemy: The Seeker (17:51:31): (17:52:22): Loni: "Get the hell out!"
tengusaur (17:52:49): Hetepheres: "...Another one appears."
Peter Kampschroeder (17:53:10): *Eva tries to twist into a kick against the Brightsaber-but she's put on the defensive, and quickly tries to dodge.+
VJockey (17:55:17): "Ugh!" (17:55:52): Loni grits his teeth and quickly moves the plasma blade to parry the kick - the energy burning into Tern's armor, but with a shove he pushes it away and flees closer to the building's entrance. Coincidentally, the shove pushes Tern away from the giant beam, making it easier for Eva to dodge it.
VJockey (17:56:00): *Yeahno, after trying with Loni, Volya and Interitus aren't even going to try absorb this and fly away as fast as they can from the sweeping beam+ (17:56:46): Volya and Interitus flee the beam's path, which burns out after a few seconds without managing to touch you - too long a path to cross. However you are now more distant from Loni than the others. (17:57:14): The Seeker slowly descends down into the battlefield, its main body unmoving with hands in prayer, the circle on its back lit from having fired the beam. (17:57:39): The remaining Lady's minions try to run interference too, getting between you and Loni. You'll have to evade or get through them first... (17:57:45): Hetepheres, Mizuki, go (17:57:52): (Loni can still be targetted though, it just won't be easy)
Peter Kampschroeder (17:58:27): Eva calls out after Loni. "-Wait!" She spends a moment sizing up the new approach the enemies take. "...tch."
Wyverncakes (17:58:44): So many targets... all of them in dire need of being stopped... (17:58:45): Loni: "Yeah, I'm totally going to do that!"
Wyverncakes (17:59:09): "If you're here to talk then just stand down!"
tengusaur (17:59:43): Hetepheres: "Is this your idea of communication, Gavin? Open your eyes and look around. And where have your comrades gone?" While she asks the questions, Scaraber takes off into the skies, flying around in circles in an attempt to outmaneuver the opponents while also brandishing its laser staff and firing a single maintained beam at the more damaged Herald. + (17:59:45): Loni: "So you can throw me in prison again? So you can pile up made up crimes on my head while uncle stands aside and does nothing? No thanks!"
Wyverncakes (18:00:00): * The DuskBird jets towards the Herald from before once more, Void energy gathering up in its hand before unleashing it in an arcing wave to take the machine out!+
VJockey (18:00:24): "Made up crimes?!"
VJockey (18:00:35): "Seriously?!"
VJockey (18:01:07): [Yeah... Loni's acting more childish than the actual child here... there is clearly something very wrong with him.] (18:01:46): The Herald tries to dodge, but Hetepheres' aim chases after it and the laser beam cuts into it, followed by DuskBird's dark strike! The unit explodes! (18:02:36): However the Seeker moves on to offense. Its disattached hammer limb quickly strikes forward, trying to slam the DuskBird down - to fall towards the Scaraber! (18:02:39): React, both of you. (18:03:21): Loni: "Shut up! I... I hoped my uncle would help. But he didn't. He didn't do anything..." (18:03:34): Loni: "So now... I only want to talk..." (18:03:38): He sounds more unhinged than usual.
VJockey (18:04:13): "Your uncle probably tried to help you! You're just too crazy to see how!"
Peter Kampschroeder (18:04:38): Eva: "Volya!"
Wyverncakes (18:04:58): * The DuskBird falls back quickly, wings flapping and feathers moving in the way to form a barrier in the sky as it tries to put as much distance between itself and the Seeker as possible!+
tengusaur (18:05:01): * Scaraber's barrier switches to silver, which makes blocking such a strike not a good idea for the time being. Hetepheres drops towards the ground, trying to quickly evade. +
VJockey (18:05:27): "If... If you really just want to talk with him then you didn't have to shoot your way in here!"
VJockey (18:05:36): "You could have just called him!"
Peter Kampschroeder (18:05:45): Eva: "Better..." (18:05:48): Loni: "Maybe if everyone didn't shoot me on sight! This is self defense!"
tengusaur (18:05:56): Hetepheres: "This opponent will be a tough one to deal with. Its force field is very strong." (18:06:12): Mizuki manages to avoid a direct strike, but the force behind the hammer blow sends her unit spinning in place regardless. (18:06:24): At least DuskBird didn't fall, which means the Scaraber does not need to dodge. (18:06:49): Loni is at the gates of the main building now, and he turns his back on you - cutting his way in with the plasma katanas. (18:06:57): Volya, Eva, go now.
tengusaur (18:07:19): Hetepheres: "You have attacked this place in self defense. Gavin, please. Spare us this hogwash."
VJockey (18:08:31): "Loni! Look around! Just do it! These things that you brought along... your robot... you think if you came charging in here people wouldn't be scared? Especially with how you just shoot and punch everything in your way?"
Peter Kampschroeder (18:08:48): *With another barrage of lasers, Eva moves to cut through the enemies in the way and get in front of Loni-but not to fight him, just to stand in his way. "If we would all calm down..."+ (18:09:48): Loni: "What I'm doing?" (18:09:54): Loni: "I..."
VJockey (18:10:21): *Volya is quickly trying to make good time towards the Scaraber and pass on the energy Interitus managed to leech off Loni's initial shot to power it up!+
Wyverncakes (18:11:14): Mizuki: "Eva..." (18:11:53): Eva reduces the Portents underneath to shreds, only three remain. Also the damaged Testimony is struck by the lasers and ts body cracks, falling down smoking. (18:12:15): However while she passes above the Seeker, the other enemies are still there. A Herald already speeds up to charge at her, and... (18:12:24): Loni: "I'm doing the same thing as you guys!" (18:12:53): Loni: "You're doing the same as me, but I'm not your grunt so you don't like it!"
Wyverncakes (18:12:59): Mizuki: "We came here to save lives!"
Wyverncakes (18:13:08): "Something you're interfering with!" (18:13:30): The BrightSaber's plasma vents flare up and he interrupts the door slashing - the plasma katana thrusting forward, to stab at the Tern as well. (18:13:33): Loni: "Get out of my way!" (18:13:36): React, Eva
Peter Kampschroeder (18:13:37): Eva: "If you want to talk, please do it from outside. And Mizuki, be quiet." (18:13:57): Hetepheres receives Interitus' energy. The Scaraber is charged up! (18:14:26): Hetepheres and Mizuki can go
tengusaur (18:14:41): (what's the enemy list?) (18:14:53): Enemies: Portent x3, Herald x1, Testimony x1, BrightSaber, Seeker (18:15:29): Loni: "My uncle... won't talk to me anymore!" (18:15:36): Loni: "He abandoned me!"
VJockey (18:15:52): "...Did you even try?"
Peter Kampschroeder (18:15:58): *Eva attemps a retreat with her parry, stepping backwards and trying to move the plasma katana thrust away. "Well wait here, and we'll get him in touch with you."+
Wyverncakes (18:17:21): * The DuskBird switches targets to the Portents, eyes shining brightly before Abyss Gaze beams shoot out to skewer through them.+
tengusaur (18:18:02): Hetepheres: "Keep talking to Gavin as much as you want. At the very least, it occupies and distracts him."
Wyverncakes (18:18:21): "So long as it doesn't leave her exposed and killed." (18:19:59): Mizuki obliterates the Portents, but the remaining Testimony does the throw again. With a mighty heave, the blade is sent flying. React!
tengusaur (18:20:14): Hetepheres: "Now, I shall use the might you lend me, Volya. Scarab Power!" Thanks to the power from Interitus, Scaraber's super mode activates preemptively! The beetletastic mech grabs its laser staff with all four arms, focusing energy in it, and causing a long beam blade to come out! Hetepheres rushes forward towards the enemies, jumping up and spinning several times horizontally, slashing repeatedly into as many of them as she can before landing down on the ground again. +
Wyverncakes (18:22:13): * No time to really dodge, Mizuki swings her own sword full-force into the Testimony's, all the weight and enginepower of the DuskBird committed to knocking the Testimony's blade away.+
Wyverncakes (18:22:29): "A nice trick... let's see how well you handle losing it!" (18:23:23): Eva's blade clashes with Loni's, but his thrust while quick was also wild and reckless, sent mostly to get you out of the way. Which you do, more than just a step as the force behind it forces you back. (18:23:35): As for the charging Herald... (18:24:23): Hetepheres' laser blade reaches it, the powerful attack slicing it in half. And while Mizuki struggles against the blade, damaging it but also slowly being overpowered and the DuskBird's joints starting to spark from the strain, the Testimony is split in two as well. (18:24:31): The blade it controls seems to lose momentum... (18:25:21): Loni: "I tried! I tried! He doesn't pick up the phone, respond to nothing... I need to talk to him in person. And trusting you guys put me here in the first place so..." (18:25:27): Loni: "Stay the fuck away!" (18:25:45): With a wild slash of the other katana, he cuts a way open - and quickly slinks inside! (18:26:05): Chasing him might be difficult though, as suddenly the Seeker's shield arm falls down on the Scaraber, trying to crush it. (18:26:33): And the main unit moves closer towards the main building, its bulk causing rubble to fall from walls it clips on the way. (18:26:37): React, Hetepheres
Peter Kampschroeder (18:26:57): Eva: "...Damnit."
Wyverncakes (18:28:32): # Heph?
tengusaur (18:29:05): Hetepheres: "Pursue him! Quickly!" Scaraber takes a wide stance, a burst of energy emanating from its Noble Barrier as it changes color to gold, and raises its laser staff/sword, clashing it with the incoming giant hammer and trying to parry it.+
VJockey (18:29:24): "I'll try!" (18:29:28): # approved
Wyverncakes (18:31:01): * Heph is not alone, as the DuskBird charges at the Seeker from behind, slamming its hand into the back of its arm. "Whether another or the same restored, you've come at a bad time and your presence is not wanted! So in the name of the Light and Dark, begone! ABYSS SANCTION!"+
VJockey (18:31:24): [Interitus is going to dive into the ground and dig into it in order to pursue Loni.]
griefgathering (18:31:46): #? (18:31:50): Also approved
aldo salt (18:32:50): @Mizuki? (18:33:16): Go for it
griefgathering (18:33:54): *A human-sized purple flash of light joins in on the defense as well, aiming to slash at the arm to at help knock it out of the way, at least.+
aldo salt (18:35:02): *A quiver of Arc Thorns pierce into the Seeker's other arm after the Abyss Sanction goes off! Thorns that then sprout beautiful buds of LIGHTNING!+
aldo salt (18:35:21): Dido: "Damn Reactor start-up sequences! Sorry for being late Mizuki, Volya!" (18:36:48): Hetepheres struggles against the falling shield... but she is not alone. (18:37:30): Suddenly, a certain goddess adds to the counter-slash - and the arm is zapped by lightning thorns! The descent stops, the arm forced away - while Mizuki attacks the main body itself. (18:37:33): And she too is not alone. (18:37:52): ???: "We're here too, Unity Group! Don't think you're fighting alone!" (18:38:10): The defense force appears from between side buildings, firing at the Seeker's flanks with everything they got!
griefgathering (18:38:31): Purple Heart: "Made it just in time..."
griefgathering (18:39:31): Purple Heart: "I must apologize as well. I've had business matters and events to handle lately, so it took some time for news of this to reach me."
Wyverncakes (18:39:38): Mizuki: "Your help's appreciated!" (18:39:44): With a clear but ominous noise, a barrier springs up to life on the sides and back of the Seeker. It's the same as the last time! The shots hit it without dealing any damage.
aldo salt (18:40:00): Dido looks around her cockpit's viewscreen. "Good to see you, Nep!" She says expression suddenly becoming troubled. "er…is anyone currently engaged with Loni?" (18:40:05): And while Mizuki's Abyss Sanction pierces through it from behind, the attack was severely weakened. (18:40:28): The circle on the Seeker's back lights up again as it prepares to fire another beam. (18:40:38): This time, aiming at the defense force - and the buildings behind it!
tengusaur (18:40:45): Hetepheres: "..."
Peter Kampschroeder (18:40:55): Eva: "...Mm." (18:41:12): The buildings that certainly were not evacuated yet.
Peter Kampschroeder (18:41:14): # buildings
aldo salt (18:41:22): #buildings? (18:41:27): Both approved
tengusaur (18:42:25): Hetepheres: "Evade! Do not let that attack hit you!"
Peter Kampschroeder (18:43:13): *Eva flies up in the path of the beam, spreading the strongest barrier field she can. A green wall of energy forms in front of the Tern, and she braces herself for the shock from taking that hit. "Can't do that, ambassador."+
griefgathering (18:44:01): Purple Heart: "She's going to defend against it...?"
griefgathering (18:45:32): Nep knows she's not going to be able to take that attack as is. Hopefully the bigger units can handle this.
aldo salt (18:45:41): *"Lemmie see what I can do!" ShelLancer rockets up into the the air via booster jets…which then fire down, sending the Sol Machine plummeting towards the Seeker's shoulder, feed first. "Foot Grind!" Dido shouts, as she tries and shoves the Seeker out of alignment with mass and velocity!+ (18:46:47): Dido tries to hit the Seeker - but its shields are rising up again, both the energy barrier and the other disattached shield arm, damaged may it be! (18:47:09): The circle on its back generates a large beam, powerful enough to vaporize everything in its path. Will Eva's barrier have a chance of holding? (18:47:12): ... (18:47:38): Before it can fire, the Seeker turns to the side in a quick jerk of a motion, distracted by something!
Aero (18:49:55): * A massive flash of silver suddenly comes crashing down towards the Seeker, swinging a massive blade down on the ring the Seeker was charging. "Not so fast!" The attack comes from a familiar stolen Super Robot. +
Wyverncakes (18:50:58): Mizuki: "You two!"
aldo salt (18:51:12): "Ohthanksgods!" Dido whispers. They…they're still alive, and still going strong! (18:51:19): The slash is followed by few precise high caliber sniping shots from a beam magnum! The ring is cut... and falls apart, the gathering energy exploding behind the Seeker! (18:52:07): Brye: "Hey..."
Peter Kampschroeder (18:52:12): Eva: "...You..." Looks like she's not taking a super-laser today. (18:52:29): The Seeker collapses down to the ground near the entrance to the building (18:52:51): But it quickly rises up again, damaged but still able to move! (18:53:12): The quake caused by the fall causes Interitus to spring out of the ground. It turns out the main building has heavily fortified foundatons and can't be dug in. (18:53:18): And now the Seeker is blocking the path. (18:53:21): You need to take it out! (18:53:31): Neptune, Dido, Volya, go! (18:54:11): Allies: Grungust Alpha (Rani), Huckebein Omega (Brye)
Peter Kampschroeder (18:54:18): Eva: "Where were you!? I was worried, and...I have many objections to what you said!" (18:54:37): Brye: "Ah, that's a long story..."
VJockey (18:54:47): "Ah!"
Aero (18:54:49): Rani: "'d be hard to explain..." (18:54:50): Brye: "Let's beat this thing up before it can hurt anyone! Again! ... Or is it a new one?"
tengusaur (18:55:04): Hetepheres: "Let us wait with debate on personal beliefs after this matter is taken care of, shall we."
VJockey (18:55:10): [And forced out of the ground like a rabbit fired out of its warren was Interitus.]
Wyverncakes (18:55:52): Mizuki: "At least we agree on that."
griefgathering (18:55:55): Purple Heart: "Yes, whatever it is can wait. Now then..."
aldo salt (18:55:57): "How about this?" Dido proposes. "We sit down and have a chat about our issues, figures out how to self-improve…and all of this after we take down Loni and the Lady lackys!"
VJockey (18:56:05): "...Didn't work... building's got tough walls down there..."
VJockey (18:56:51): *Well with that issue put aside Interitus is going to launch an attack at the Seeker, letting loose with several slowing beams at it!+
tengusaur (18:57:33): Hetepheres: "The Seeker seems to have the thinnest barrier on the front. However, this is also where it is guarded by its shield. We need to get rid of it first." (18:57:49): The Seeker turns - slowly, as its main body is slowed. But the hammer arm brings the pain down again, to squash Interitus like a bug! React!
aldo salt (18:58:08): *ShelLancer fires more Arc Thorns at the center of the Seeker's sheild, then fires another Lance Shock, trying to overwhelm its integrity in a specific location!"+
aldo salt (18:58:19): Dido: "Try shooting where I'm shocking!"
VJockey (19:01:06): *Interitus is going to dodge around the incoming limb. Right... probably should have fired at those too. Problem for later. Focus on not getting squashed now!+
griefgathering (19:01:16): *Nep might be tiny here, but that's also an advantage. She takes off and follows behind any projectiles fired by the other members, while readying the Guardian Goddess' Long Sword ™ (thanks PSO2). When she's close enough to maneuver past that shield, she slashes twice - the first one is light, and only to reposition herself before she turns and executes a second, stronger slice!+ (19:03:20): The Seeker tries to block Purple Heart's assault, but the goddess is too small and nimble and also - the shield is under attack by more electricity. Though heavily damaged, it still tries to slam at Dido to stop it. React! (19:04:02): Interitus quickly scampers out of harm's way, the attack dealt by the enemy thrown off-target by the main body getting sliced by Neptune, heavy gashes appearing on it. And also... (19:04:07): Brye: "Don't even think about it!" (19:04:28): The remote slash ripper weapon struggling against the hammer for as long as it can, before it is thrown away uselessly - but long enough to help Volya.
aldo salt (19:05:37): *"Damn! Gotta keep it up…!" Dido Shell-Boosts backward and triggers Shel-Flak in ShelLancer's forward armor, trying to weaken the shield even further!+
VJockey (19:06:43): "Thanks!"
VJockey (19:06:59): [Interitus waves happily at Brye, thankful for the assistance.]
Aero (19:09:00): As the shields are weakened Rani reignites the Lucent Sword once she spotted her chance to strike. The thrusters of the Super Robot activate again and the Grungust charges towards the shield before putting as much force as it could into a single thrust in an attempt to shatter the shield. (19:09:49): Bombarded by shell flak, the shield does not stop... but the sword strikes into its center, and it's too much. It breaks apart, large pieces flying in all directions! (19:10:14): The enemy is defenseless and has only the hammer for offense - which slowly picks up again. Don't let it finish! (19:10:20): Hetepheres, Mizuki, Eva, go!
Peter Kampschroeder (19:12:05): *Eva floats up above the Seeker, and opens fire with every weapon the Tern has. spread lasers, smaller rapid-fire guns, and finally her own gigantic central laser cannon. "That's enough."+
Wyverncakes (19:14:09): * The Seeker might be trying to pick up its hammer, but the DuskBird dives straight down to run through the offending arm with the Abyss Greatsword! "Don't even try it!"+
tengusaur (19:14:51): Hetepheres: "The shield is broken. Now it is time to finish this! Bitles, launch!" Eight small remote weapons launch from slots in Scaraber's armor, and they start circling around it while the main unit aims and charges up its laser staff. Bracing her feet, Hetepheres fires a single, large beam, supported by eight smaller ones fired by the Bitles! + (19:15:39): Mizuki's sword cleaves into the other weapon and the arm it holds. Though it is disattached from the main body, it still struggles and as it's cut, falls limp... (19:16:19): The Seeker itself is bombarded by lasers courtesy of Eva and the Bitles. They overcome its barrier, non-existent from the front. Holes start to form on the Seeker's armor and its body shakes with small explosions.. (19:16:49): The largest laser beam seals the deal. The enemy explodes from within, smoking bits flying off and disappearing into thin air. (19:17:50): All of Lady's minions are gone. You can chase after Loni! (19:17:52): ... Except (19:18:36): Brye: "..."
Aero (19:19:02): The Grungust Alpha now stands where the Seeker once was. It doesn't look like it plans to move any time soon.
aldo salt (19:19:30): "Brye?" Dido asks nervously. "What's going on? Are you sensing something?"
Wyverncakes (19:19:30): Mizuki: "What are you doing?" (19:19:35): Slowly, the Huckebein Omega lifts off from its sniping position and lands next to it.
Aero (19:19:39): Rani: " all should leave now."
Wyverncakes (19:19:53): "Escuse me?"
tengusaur (19:19:54): Hetepheres: "You know we cannot do that."
Wyverncakes (19:19:56): ^Excuse
Peter Kampschroeder (19:19:59): Eva: "I refuse."
aldo salt (19:20:08): DIdo: "We aren't gonna run out on your guys!" (19:20:18): Brye: "You should let Loni talk to his uncle." (19:20:35): Brye: "No one will get hurt."
Peter Kampschroeder (19:20:36): Eva: "I intend to. But I want to be here when he finishes."
tengusaur (19:21:06): Hetepheres: "Do you really think it will end up with just talking?"
Wyverncakes (19:21:16): Mizuki: "THis is Loni we're talking about."
aldo salt (19:21:17): Dido: "…are you sure, guys?" (19:21:19): Brye: "So, please go or at least just wait here for a while until it's over."
Wyverncakes (19:21:30): "The last time someone tried to go the talking route with him, they got killed."
Wyverncakes (19:21:36): Her eyes narrow. (19:21:43): Brye: "It'll be different this time."
VJockey (19:21:44): "Loni doesn't take people pointing things out to him well..."
Wyverncakes (19:21:45): "The man who was in your machine."
Aero (19:22:00): Rani: "Neither do you guys..."
griefgathering (19:22:04): Purple Heart looks over at the Huckebein Omega too. (19:22:04): Brye: "..." She makes a really conflicted noise.
Peter Kampschroeder (19:22:12): Eva: "Waiting here, I can do." The tern floats to the ground, and simply stands. "Though I do not see it ending the same way you do."
griefgathering (19:22:14): She was there when it happened after all.
aldo salt (19:22:28): Dido opens a private channel to Nep. "You're the smallest at the moment…can you go on a stealth mission and see what's happening inside?"
griefgathering (19:23:05): Purple Heart: "I don't think I'd be able to slip past both of them."
tengusaur (19:23:25): Hetepheres: "All the people Apollonius Gavin kills from now on until he leaves, all the trouble he causes, is on your conscience. Are you willing to take that responsibility?"
VJockey (19:23:35): "Why are you two so sure nothing bad will happen?"
aldo salt (19:23:45): Dido: "You just need a distraction, and I can provide you with one…" (19:23:50): Brye: "Because..." (19:24:08): Brye: "I just know it. You can call it a premonition." (19:24:32): A series of sounds can be heard from inside - energy blasts and blade scraping against metal. (19:24:35): Brye: "..."
VJockey (19:24:40): "......................"
Peter Kampschroeder (19:24:42): Eva: "..."
Wyverncakes (19:24:47): Mizuki: "So much for your premonition."
griefgathering (19:24:50): Purple Heart: "Those two are psychics, I-"
griefgathering (19:24:56): Purple Heart: "...!"
tengusaur (19:24:58): Hetepheres: "This has gone for long enough. Move."
VJockey (19:25:03): [Yeah no, Interitus is going to rush past the pair to get inside!] (19:25:05): Brye: "No! It'll be over soon!" (19:25:17): The Huckebein aims its gun at Interitus. (19:25:21): Brye: "Just wait a little longer!"
VJockey (19:25:26): "MOVE!"
aldo salt (19:25:32): "Wait, Volya!" Dido shouts. "Let Nep go first! She can be stealthy and tell us what's up!" (19:25:37): Brye: "... I'm sorry."
Peter Kampschroeder (19:25:38): Eva: "...My premonition, is that whether we enter or not, Loni will kill that man."
Aero (19:25:48): Rani: "No..."
VJockey (19:25:53): "Can't let people get hurt!"
VJockey (19:25:56): "We can't!"
VJockey (19:26:11): [It wasn't just Volya talking here...] (19:26:17): The RT pulls the trigger and fires a beam towards Interitus. (19:26:19): Volya, react.
tengusaur (19:26:23): # Volya
aldo salt (19:26:26): #Volya? (19:26:28): (19:26:30): Approved
tengusaur (19:27:06): * Scaraber jumps in between Volya and the blast, crossing all of its khopeshes into a barrier of blades. The silver Noble Barrier flashes. +
aldo salt (19:27:07): (One of us? or both?) (19:27:09): (Both)
tengusaur (19:27:41): Hetepheres: "You had your chance. If you refuse to move... We shall make you."
VJockey (19:28:15): *With Hetepheres and Dido covering them Interitus leaps right over them and with a snap of her wings and a burst of speed rushes forward.... but then there's still Rani to get past isn't there?+ (19:28:19): Brye: "You're free to try! And don't try to sneak in either, I know you'd try it, like with Interitus!" (19:30:19): The Scaraber's barrier easily absorbs the blast. It was a low power one.
aldo salt (19:30:27): *ShelLancer charges in and shoulder checks Rani's mech, trying to unbalance her and let Volya and Interitus slip past. "Trust is a two-way street, you guys!" Dido shouts. "Tell us what's happening, so we don't HAVE to charge in guns blazing!"+ (19:31:03): Volya tries to get in, and Brye was shooting and can't block the entrance - but Rani is there as well, even if ShelLancer tries to move her too! (19:31:19): Neptune, Eva, Hetepheres, move. (19:31:25): ... Whatever you plan to do.
aldo salt (19:31:55): Dido mentally reviews what she's read about Psychodrivers…are future premonitions like Brye and Rani's part of their established abilities?
tengusaur (19:34:01): * Hetepheres draws the electro-whip, flailing it into the direction of Huckebein Omega with great force and speed. She tries to entangle the PT and forcibly pull it out of the way - also, it emits strong electric currents on hit. + (19:35:12): The slash ripper returns and cuts into the whip as the Huckebein OMega jumps away, its thrusters fired up as it moves backwards while also firing several quick rounds to push Scaraber further away! (19:35:13): React (19:35:22): Brye: "Your shield should be changing right about now, right?"
Aero (19:35:48): The Grungust responds by digging its back foot down to keep its footing as the ShelLancer shoulder tackles it. There's a moment of hesitation from Rani but that quickly disappears as the T-Link System of the machine activates and she sends a TK Haymaker towards the turtle machine. (19:36:25): The tackle is countered by a powerful punch fueled by telekinetic powers. React, Dido!
Wyverncakes (19:36:44): # Dido (19:36:53): Approved
Peter Kampschroeder (19:37:00): *Eva carefully considers her options, all of which are terrible. "...If only to prove you two wrong," she says, as the Tern walks forward-and takes up a position guarding the entrance.+
Wyverncakes (19:37:08): "Vagueness does not help your arguements!"
aldo salt (19:37:57): *Dido plants ShelLancer's feet, turns its waist, and takes the punch on her mech's shoulder plate. "Let us just take a look!" She pleads. "We can be stealthy if we have to!"+
aldo salt (19:38:30): Hell if she's going to raise a hand against those two…who only want to believe the best of others…
tengusaur (19:39:00): Hetepheres: "I know better than to rely purely on the Noble Barrier." Scaraber drops to the ground and quickly starts to engage in evasive maneuvers, several of its Bitles launching again and providing cover fire with small laser blasts. +
Wyverncakes (19:39:02): * "Asking us to just wait and see when we've little faith in Loni is dangerous enough... you'd think psychics would recognize that more than anyone!" The fist is met with an open-palm Abyss Sanction strike, telekinetic power meeting Void energy.+ (19:40:32): Brye: "What about us? Don't you have faith in Rani or me?" (19:40:48): The Huckebein is forced away, focusing on evasion rather than staying and taking a hit. (19:41:24): That leaves just Rani for guarding the entrance, but she is busy with two thirds of the SolSavior team. The TK knuckle would send ShellLancer flying back, but the Abyss Sanction collides against it. (19:41:45): The two forces struggle, neither one gaining a significant advantage. DuskBird is however much smaller and the machine is pushed back! (19:41:59): Interitus can get in - or could. But there is the Tern in the way. (19:42:08): The question is, will Eva block entrance for Volya and the plant?
VJockey (19:42:45): "Eva...please."
Wyverncakes (19:42:46): Mizuki: "Not when you can't give a decent explanation!"
Peter Kampschroeder (19:43:57): *"Sorry." The Tern stands in Inertius's way, it's sword drawn-and fires a barrage of lasers at Volya's feet, aimed at keeping him back.+ (19:52:35): Volya react
griefgathering (19:53:19): "Nh..." *Well despite how much she's internally protest to sneaking around while everyone is fighting former friends, Nep is going to give it a shot anyway since someone is in danger in there. She's not sure what she's going to do about Eva though.+
aldo salt (19:53:50): @Nep?
VJockey (19:54:36): *Interitus is going to ignore the shots and just rush ahead with her staff drawn, if Eva attempts to cut at her she'll counter and force her way through like plant roots through concrete!+ (19:55:32): (@ unnecessary, so denied) (19:55:59): Beams hit on the ground around Interitus - and even the plant monster herself. But Intertus's staff deflects some of them, and Volya and friend rush into the Tern. (19:56:17): Without any obstructions on her way, Nep can enter. (19:56:47): And inside the building she sees... (19:56:59): A corridor - one with a trail of destruction left in its wake. (19:57:20): But it was not mecha that are destroyed, but blast doors. One after another, with a hole burned into them or just cut apart. (19:57:39): You do not see a living being (or dead ones for that matter) in sight. (19:57:46): Only, on the other side, under the final blast door... (19:58:17): Loni: "C'mon. Just this one more!" (19:58:37): Loni: "The council's right there. And they're having a talk with my uncle..." (19:58:43): Loni: "Well I want to have a fucking talk too!" (19:59:04): He slashes the blast door with a cross-shaped double slice, the plasma blades easily cutting their way through! (19:59:06): And behind... (19:59:15): Loni: "..." (19:59:20): Loni: "What is this?" (19:59:35): Brye: "I think he's done by now..."
griefgathering (19:59:40): Purple Heart is trying to be as sneaky as possible here. (19:59:50): Behind the last blast door is a large but empty hall. (19:59:59): Empty - except for a thing floating in the air in the center. (20:00:08): A large stone tablet, the final seal.
griefgathering (20:00:29): Unfortunately no cardboard box makes for bad stealthing...
aldo salt (20:00:30): "What's done?" Dido asks, outside. "Brye, what's done?" (20:00:30): Loni: "Why is this here? Where's my uncle?"
griefgathering (20:00:39): And then she sees that.
griefgathering (20:01:45): Purple Heart: "Everyone. You were talking about stone tablets not long ago..." (20:01:46): Without any response, the Huckebein stands still for a moment and then it jumps away.
Aero (20:02:02): With that done the Grungust turns its head towards its partner machine and follows as it fall backs.
griefgathering (20:02:06): Purple Heart: "There is one here now!"
VJockey (20:02:12): "....." (20:02:16): (You can enter the building uninterrupted) (20:02:20): Loni: "..." (20:02:24): Loni: "Uncle?"
aldo salt (20:02:30): Dido inhales sharply. "Rani, Brye…did you know this would happen?" (20:02:31): Loni: "What is his name?"
Peter Kampschroeder (20:02:34): Eva, still locked in melee with Inertius, wavers for a moment. "-What?!"
VJockey (20:02:34): [THAT IS SO MUCH MORE WORSE. He's charging right in!!] (20:02:41): Loni: "What is my uncle's name?"
VJockey (20:02:42): "Move!!"
Peter Kampschroeder (20:02:45): This time she lets Volya go.
aldo salt (20:02:56): Regardless, ShelLancer charges in with a Shell-Boost!
tengusaur (20:03:07): As soon as the non-ambigiously gay duo is out of the way, Hetepheres doesn't wait a second and rushes in. time is of the essence! (20:03:16): The BrightSaber takes a step closer... and suddenly (20:03:23): Loni: "Aaaagh!" He holds his head in pain.
griefgathering (20:03:27): Purple Heart: "Hurry, I don't know what will happe-"
tengusaur (20:03:46): Hetepheres: "..." She listens to this stuff happening. And she has a bad feeling. (20:04:03): An invisible wave of energy emanates from the seal, and with it... (20:04:09): It's like if something in the world shattered. (20:04:24): Loni's uncle? What is his name? (20:04:27): You never even met him. (20:04:50): And with the shattering, it becomes clear. (20:04:52): Loni: "..."
aldo salt (20:04:59): Dido: "But…we…heard his voice on the radio…wait, no…" (20:05:06): Loni: "You were guiding me all along, right?" (20:05:22): Loni: "There was no uncle. It was always you. You were always there to help me when I needed you."
griefgathering (20:05:39): Nep isn't going to wait for the others, though. She's going to try to get closer if she can. (20:06:14): Loni: "That's why he never helped me. Because you started to help me directly, no need for disguises or anything..." (20:06:37): Loni: "You wanted me to get this all along!" (20:06:45): The BrightSaber lunges for the last tablet! (20:06:51): Nep is close enough to react - and only her.
griefgathering (20:08:19): Purple Heart: *"Stop right there...! Ex-Blade, go!" The Goddess fires numerous blue swords that emerge from portals at the BrightSaber's feet, hoping to at least slow it down or force it off-course!+ (20:08:59): The blades pierce through BrightSaber, but Loni doesn't seem to notice it. (20:09:08): He continues on, causing further damage to his machine as he grabs for the tablet (20:09:23): Loni: "You were always there for me. You wanted me to be the hero, right? The chosen one." (20:09:44): From the tone of his voice it's obvious that his eyes are welling up with tears. He sounds... genuinely moved. In a disturbing way.
aldo salt (20:10:13): Dido realizes something else as she rushes towards the scene. "Rani…Brye…why didn't you combine to stop us…? Where is the tablet you possessed?"
VJockey (20:10:32): "........ pleasepleasepleaseplease..." (20:10:35): Loni: "The 'uncle', the council, Unity Group, all of it was just a part of your plan, right? Because you knew. You knew I'm the hero." (20:10:45): Loni: "And now. I can do it, I can be the hero. I can change the world!"
VJockey (20:10:55): [Volya is softly pleading to himself, hoping that this wasn't going to be as bad as he thought it was.] (20:10:56): Loni: "I have all three seals in my hands. Thanks to my new friends!" (20:11:06): Loni: "Thanks for holding off those UG jerks for me, Rani and Brye!" (20:11:17): He touches the seal and air in the room grows thicker.
Peter Kampschroeder (20:11:20): Eva: "-Wha-"
griefgathering (20:11:25): Purple Heart: "Those two too..."
tengusaur (20:11:26): Hetepheres: "..." (20:11:27): Everyone can enter to see a new monster form within... (20:11:56): The Guardian of the Future (20:11:57): (20:12:06): Loni: "Thanks for everything - my Lady!"
griefgathering (20:12:23): Purple Heart: "I'm sorry, everyone...I couldn't stop him." (20:12:23): He tries to make an escape - a cloud of plasma burning around it, the BrightSaber tries to make it through the wall. (20:12:35): And the massive Guardian stands in front of you.
VJockey (20:12:35): ".... its okay..."
VJockey (20:12:41): "You tried..."
griefgathering (20:12:52): Purple Heart: "There was no uncle of his. It was that object." (20:13:12): And you can understand it. Even without hearing Loni or Neptune's words.
tengusaur (20:13:26): Hetepheres: "If the Council did not exist, then where did the funding for Unity Group come from...?" (20:13:32): His uncle never existed. It was the Lady - her illusion playing with people's minds. Or maybe even... with reality itself. (20:13:42): But for now (20:13:50): The Guardian charges up beams to attack!
VJockey (20:13:54): "...." (20:14:01): Volya, Eva, Hetepheres - go!
griefgathering (20:14:59): Purple Heart readies her sword. "...For now, we need to stop that."
aldo salt (20:15:04): Dido: "We been played like puppets…" Her head dips down limply. "But there's no point in feeling ashamed…let's cut some strings!"
tengusaur (20:15:54): *Hetepheres launches forward, Scaraber brandishing all four of its khopeshes again! She reaches the leg of the Guardian and moves around it in almost dance-like movements, cutting at it repeatedly, then jumps high up, all four vibro-swords cutting in long, upwards gashes! +
VJockey (20:16:21): *Interitus slouches for a moment, appearing dispirited.... before she straightens, casting aside her staff. No. This was no time for shame as Dido said. Interitus rushes straight at the guardian and unleashed a barrage of vines from underneath her armor at the charging beams, her wings spread wide. This was going to hurt because of the amount of energy that it was probably going to be emitting....But....&
Peter Kampschroeder (20:16:36): Eva stands at the entrance to the room, the Tern supporting itself with the wall of the corridor. "...I told her..."
tengusaur (20:17:05): Hetepheres: "...Everyone. Focus. This will not be an easy opponent!" (20:18:56): The Guardian wields two blades - that are physical, but have energy auras around them. They clash against the smaller Scaraber's khopeshes, one trying to block Hetepheres, the other - to just cut through her. React!
Peter Kampschroeder (20:19:27): *The Tern glows with a green aura, reacting to Eva's feelings. "...Even though I told her..." She grinds its fist into the wall, her head hanging low. It lifts up, and Eva notices the situation around her-and springs into action. She fires her large chest laser at one of the monster's energy projecters, then shifts rapidly to another position and does it again, firing at a second. Both blasts are at full power, quick-charged with psychic rage.+
aldo salt (20:19:36): # Heph? (20:19:42): Approved
aldo salt (20:20:46): ShelLancer darts in and swings her electrified Lance at the Guardian's blade, just before it cuts into Heph. Straining servos and reactor feeds, Dido tries to bash the blade away!+ (20:20:49): Eva damages one of the energy mouths - the remaining ones charge up though and fire simultaneously! (20:21:24): Interitus' tentacles start stealing power from the beams - there's a lot of it, but it's incredibly painful! You can feel the tentacles being burned by energy that surges through them!
VJockey (20:21:42): "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!" (20:21:44): To make matters worse, both Eva and Interitus are targets of the barrage. React and/or continue, both of you! (20:22:08): Loni's damaged BrightSaber charges and almost becomes a blazing green comet. (20:22:28): He makes his exit by simply bursting his way out of a wall on the opposing side of the room, leaving a large hole behind. (20:22:51): You can see the sky on the other side. And Loni disappearing in the distnace.
tengusaur (20:22:57): Hetepheres raises all of her swords, trying to parry both of the enemy's blades at once. She has an advantage in terms of numbers, though not size or raw power, it looks like. Because of that she lets the force of the strike push her away rather than stand her ground for now. At least silver Noble Barrier helps to protect from the energy part of the weapons. +
Peter Kampschroeder (20:23:01): *Eva flits around the area at high speed, spreading a barrier with its left hand almost casually. The Tern's path traces a sharp zig-zag around the area, doing its best to avoid the barrage.
tengusaur (20:23:35): Hetepheres: "...Once again, he got away."
aldo salt (20:23:37): "Fudge!" Dido curses. She shouldn't let him get away….but their hands are as full as can be!
aldo salt (20:23:55): "The damn Lady always has a mook ready to shield his retreat!"
aldo salt (20:24:09): "Anything for her pampered champion!"
tengusaur (20:24:27): Hetepheres: "Anything for her hero." (20:25:02): With Dido's support, Hetepheres manages to stand her ground and block the enemy somehow, while dealing light cuts of damage in return. Because of your close range, no beams fire upon you. For now.
VJockey (20:25:47): *Pain, massive amounts of it. Blinding. Screaming. Volya couldn't tell if it was his voice or someone else's... maybe Interitus'? He could almost hear her own pain along with his. But there was a purpose to this pain. Protecting life. Saving it. Even if the vines were being burned they kept drawing as much as they could.... and then... released it right at the Guardian. Several times before, they would speak in unison before unleashing this attack. Instead it was set loose almost instantaneously, charged to even greater force by the energy they kept drawing in. Spurred on by their mutual desire to protect. A gigantic tidal wave of magical energy taking the form of a flowering meadow disgorges from Interitus' torso to crash into her foe and its attack!+
aldo salt (20:27:01): "You know," Dido wonders. "The Unity Group has been filled with a heapful of traitors and double agents! Folks who go off the reservation! And we've had poor luck trying to sniff them out ahead of time! But if our judgement was being deliberately clouded, just a smidge…" (20:27:08): The Tern evades around the beams, but there are many of them - too many to dodge easily. Her shield takes a glancing hit and the psychic barrier weakens significantly from it, here comes another one! But... (20:28:03): Interitus unleashes a powerful attack that strikes into the Guardian's main body, visibly knocking it away and melting a hole into it (not through the full length of the body though). Yet, there is no defense taken against beams already in motion. (20:28:05): But... (20:28:59): ???: "Hold! Please hold... TK Barrier!" (20:29:07): A unit flies in through the hole left behind by Loni.
Aero (20:29:20): ???: "Stay synced...that's the only way it'll hold up." (20:29:36): With an energy barrier flaring up at highest level, it reinforces the Tern's barrier and the two easily tank the beam.
griefgathering (20:31:58): Purple Heart: "Wha...!?"
Peter Kampschroeder (20:32:01): Eva: "...Who.."
aldo salt (20:32:25): Dido: "Which the heck side are you two on?"
Aero (20:32:36): Another unit follows and lands in front of Interitus, absorbing the many beams fired at the plant. (20:33:02): The Grungust Alpha's thick armor and barrier hold - and the Huckebein Omega's tk barrier helps as well. (20:33:05): The two are here. (20:33:27): Brye: "You trusted me." (20:33:30): Brye: "So..." (20:33:37): Dido, Neptune, go now.
VJockey (20:34:01): "Not anymore..."
tengusaur (20:34:19): Hetepheres: "Are you two really allies of Gavin?" (20:34:53): Brye: "... We have our reasons." She says with hesitation.
Peter Kampschroeder (20:35:01): Eva: "You...but...Do you know what you did?! Why shouldn't I kill you right now?!" She's screaming, and her voice is on the edge of tears now.
griefgathering (20:35:23): Purple Heart: "Let me confirm then...are you here to help us this time?"
aldo salt (20:35:24): *Dido snorts, takes aim with her unit's Arc Thorns…and bombards the hole carved into the Guardian unit with conductive rocket spikes! "Fry, you son of a gun! Lance Shock, charging!" Lightning leaps into the Guardian's innards!+
griefgathering (20:35:41): Purple Heart: "This enemy is the priority. So..."
Aero (20:35:55): Rani: "We're here to help you against this being..." She's choosing her words carefully.
VJockey (20:36:04): "..."
griefgathering (20:36:42): Purple Heart: "That's all I need to hear for now."
Peter Kampschroeder (20:36:59): Eva takes a few deep breaths, her will and focus sharpening again. "...Fine. It first."
aldo salt (20:37:04): Dido: "…don't tell me. You want to let Loni gather all sorts of power to reshape reality…then steal it from him at the last minute and fix all the world's problems?"
VJockey (20:37:06): [Interitus regards Rani... there's no way of telling if its a glare or just wondering if the two will decide what they want.] (20:37:16): The Guardian roars, standing on its hind legs as it's being shocked. Around it, circular energy patterns form - and from it, smaller beams shoot at the SHellancer,circling around to hit it from the bak. React! (20:37:35): Brye: "We got our own plan for fixing the world." (20:37:45): Brye: "And... if it means helping Loni, then so be it!"
VJockey (20:37:54): "..."
VJockey (20:38:07): [Interitus snarls at that.]
griefgathering (20:38:15): Purple Heart: "..."
VJockey (20:38:15): "Easy girl.... not now..."
VJockey (20:38:43): #Dido? (20:38:52): Approved
tengusaur (20:39:17): Hetepheres: "You know helping Gavin will bring no positive results. You have experienced his actions firsthand."
Peter Kampschroeder (20:39:46): Eva's response to Brye is icy. "Shut up, you idiot."
VJockey (20:39:49): *Burned as it was from its last attack, Interitus quickly rushes in to guard Dido's back. Once more absorbing the incoming beams as the burned vines coil against the Solmachine to overclock it!+
aldo salt (20:39:52): *Dido Shell-Boosts back and forth, trying to zig-zag past the blasts. "Rani, Brye…listen to me very carefully. You cannot change the world with huge, primal sources of energy! That's not how it works!"
griefgathering (20:40:40): Either way, a goddess keeps her word. Nep looks at the Guardian and narrows her eyes. "...I've also let this get out of hand, so I'll take responsibility now." (20:40:56): Brye: "... That's what it's like with you guys all the time, isn't it?"
aldo salt (20:41:24): "You change the world with…I dunno…a better water filter! A new kind of greenhouse! Chiding people who use bigoted language, boycotting irresponsible corporations…social activism, not world-wracking rituals!"
VJockey (20:41:32): "... What its like all the time with us is trying to keep people from doing bad things..."
Aero (20:42:26): Rani: "Brye don't bother..."
Peter Kampschroeder (20:42:28): Eva: "Brye, be quiet." (20:42:31): The ShelLancer suddenly receives a surge of energy courtesy of the smaller, not so painful to absorb beams. Unfortunately they are also quicker and some of them manage to hit its armor beforehand - but the rest is easily avoided thanks to the boost of speed!
VJockey (20:43:02): "... you helped someone whose first instinct on being told he's too full of himself was to punch me in the face."
aldo salt (20:43:15): Dido: "Thanks, Volya, Int…"
griefgathering (20:43:27): While others are on the attack, Purple Heart seems to draw energy to herself, before a burst of light erupts from her body. But she doesn't turn into her smaller form or a jet... instead...
VJockey (20:43:33): "You think someone as fickle as that... is going to change the world for the better?"
griefgathering (20:43:46): (20:44:53): Brye: "No." (20:45:11): Brye: "I... I've had enough." (20:45:47): Brye: "You act like only you know what's good for the world! And like if we don't support your own goals then we're automatically in the wrong, and you don't have to try to understand why we're doing it." (20:45:56): Brye: "We had this talk once already, remember?"
VJockey (20:46:19): "I'M JUST A KID!"
griefgathering (20:46:22): *The upgraded Purple Heart charges the guardian and strikes it in sequence several times. That sword she's holding is definitely smaller than before, but the Guardian is about to see that it packs way more of a punch!+
Peter Kampschroeder (20:46:35): Eva: "I-you-you idiot! I fought hard for my life! I had to claw and suffer for it, and I like where it is!"
aldo salt (20:46:47): "Even if you manage to get Loni out of the picture, do you think the Lady's gonna sit by and let you do as you please with her power?" Dido asks. "I'm sorry you think we don't respect your goals…but BAD IDEAS aren't entitled to respect!"
Peter Kampschroeder (20:46:55): Eva: "I like where it is! I never asked to be saved by you!"
VJockey (20:47:28): "People who want to change the world like you did...."
VJockey (20:47:33): "They took away my Uncle..."
VJockey (20:47:47): "They did so many things..."
Aero (20:47:48): Rani: "Because we came back to make sure all of you weren't killed here!"
VJockey (20:47:49): "Stop it."
tengusaur (20:48:12): Hetepheres: "..."
tengusaur (20:48:28): Hetepheres: "Fight the monster. This is the matter of first importance."
VJockey (20:48:41): "..." (20:48:49): Purple Heart carries on with the assault - the enemy's melee blades are still here. She is too small to parry, but the swords swing down on her position even as she continues with the strikes, trying to put this to an end. React!
aldo salt (20:48:51): Dido: "…yeah. you're right, Heph."
griefgathering (20:48:58): NEXT Purple: "Yes. The bickering can wait..." (20:49:06): Volya, Eva and Hetepheres can go also.
aldo salt (20:50:43): #Purple Heart? (20:50:53): Approved
griefgathering (20:51:31): *Normally, that would be an attack to avoid. But in this form, the ring on Nep's back provides power to her blade. The weapon suddenly becomes a much longer energy blade that she uses to intercept the counterattack!+
Peter Kampschroeder (20:52:05): *Eva practically grinds her teeth, as she directs her attention back to the monster. With her off hand she fires a barrage of spread lasers, each more powerful than normal. Then, she dashes in at blinding speed, slicing across one of the monster's legs. "...I don't want your kind of savoir. That's all."+
aldo salt (20:53:01): *Dido rushes in, raising her electrified Lance like a staff to block the descending swords. Firing rocket boosters and foot wheels, ShelLancer tries to push the swords back, or at least bind them in place!+
tengusaur (20:53:46): Hetepheres: "This is it. Now we shall dance the dance of death!" Scaraber sends forward several Bitles to barrage the Guardian with lasers, but they're just a distraction. The main attack comes from Heph herself! Scaraber brandishes its laser staff with all four arms, creating the laser blade again, and rushes forward, slashing upwards at the enemy with a jumping strike - and then spins around in mid-air and strikes again, stabbing with the laser blade into the monster's head! +
VJockey (20:54:11): *Interitus staggers as she retrieves her staff, then her stumbling gait smoothed out into a dash towards the Guardian, seeking to embed the head of her weapon into one of the massive enemy's arms.... then expand a shield inside of it to break it right off.+ (20:56:34): ShelLancer's lance is thrust forward - it holds only for a moment, but that's enough. (20:56:59): Dido pushes the enemy blade away before her weapon cracks... and breaks. But this allows Purple Heart's energy blade to not just parry it, but cut through it altogether! (20:57:56): Interitus stabs from one side, the shield expanding and causing the enemy's side to start to fall apart...
aldo salt (20:58:03): Dido: "Gah!" (20:58:27): While on the other, Eva bombards the foe with lasers and cuts at the leg, and Hetepheres delivers a stabbing motion with her blade and Bitle support. (20:58:36): The final finishing strike at the enemy's head... (20:58:41): But the Guadian opens its mouth (20:59:14): And fires another giant energy beam, while more circular signs in the air appear again to fill the room with smaller beams! (21:00:12): Brye: "No matter what you're saying... I'm still here. And it's not about just you. I'll save everyone!" (21:00:19): Brye: "Let's go Rani!"
Aero (21:01:07): Rani gives a nod and the Grungust Alpha takes a forward position, syncing up her T-Link Barrier with Brye once again. (21:02:10): The T-Link Barrier expands, the two units working in unison to tank as many beams as possible... but the large one is still being breathed. (21:02:24): Hetepheres, Interitus, Eva - react
griefgathering (21:03:35): NEXT Purple: "Finish it!"
tengusaur (21:04:21): Hetepheres: "It does not have much strength left. Press on with your assault!" Scaraber spreads its wings, engaging in airborne evasion. This is not a good time to try tanking a beam of this size. +
Peter Kampschroeder (21:04:53): *Eva: "Your kind of's no different from a dictator." Eva jets high above the enemy monster, then streaks down to stab its mouth from above. "-I've had enough of those. I will stop you."+
VJockey (21:05:09): *Interitus steps forward once again... tired... in pain. This was going to hurt so much. She and Volya throw themselves at the incoming blast. Absorbing as much of it as they could before letting loose another verdant wave!+ (21:05:54): Hetepheres gets out of harm's way - and Tern and Interitus take her place. (21:06:07): However, the blast is cut short by Interitus' counter-beam, and then Eva's stab. (21:06:25): The Guardian... breaks unceremoniously. Something in it just gives and it falls down, promptly starting to disintegrate. (21:06:32): Interitus falls down a fraction of a second later. (21:06:38): Smoking. (21:06:41): Heavily injured. (21:06:44): Barely capable of movement.
tengusaur (21:07:03): Hetepheres: "...Volya, can you hear me?" (21:07:04): The air in the room is filled with escaping sparks. (21:07:11): Brye: "..."
VJockey (21:07:17): [Nothing but silence Heph.]
aldo salt (21:07:19): Dido: "Volya!" ShelLancer rushes over to check on him. (21:07:35): Sparks of seal energy that dissipate in the air now that the third seal is no longer there.
tengusaur (21:07:55): Hetepheres: "...We need a medical team. At once." (21:08:06): Some of them gather around the Grungust and Huckebein. (21:08:10): The holders of the second seal. (21:08:17): Brye: "... We should leave now."
Peter Kampschroeder (21:08:31): Eva floats towards the ground gently. "...I'll help evacuate him." She glances at Brye. "You should."
tengusaur (21:08:37): Hetepheres: "What will you do with the seal?"
Aero (21:08:44): Rani: "..."
griefgathering (21:08:50): Nep's new form does not last long, and as soon as the monster is down, another purple flash sees her back in her tiny body.
tengusaur (21:09:04): Scaraber lands down, next to Interitus together with ShelLancer. (21:09:47): Brye: "You know. There are a lot of people suffering in this world." (21:10:03): Brye: "I'm sure you realize it."
aldo salt (21:10:21): Dido: "Together with me, Heph. One, two three…" Dido alongside the Gebian tries moving Interitus. (21:10:31): Brye: "You really think that's a bad thing? To do something to make it all better for them? To make it so people won't die from easily preventable causes every minute?"
tengusaur (21:10:47): Heph helps Dido. Carefully.
aldo salt (21:10:50): Dido looks up at Brye and Rani. Coldly, she speaks.
aldo salt (21:11:58): "There are people suffering right here in this place. There's a young boy and young girl right in front of you, suffering right now. Help them, dammit."
Peter Kampschroeder (21:12:30): Eva: "...No. But the way you're going about it, you could erase billion's of people's lives." Eva gets in on the lifting Volya action, the larger Tern being able to shoulder more weight. "I don't want that." (21:13:09): Brye: "... I'm sorry."
Aero (21:13:12): Rani: "Of course..." Rani sounds tired, as if she was expecting this reaction.
griefgathering (21:13:15): Nep: "Um. Look guys, we've all had a long day. If you're gonna leave, you'd better do it quick." (21:13:20): The Huckebein jumps into the hole, the same it came from.
tengusaur (21:13:23): Hetepheres: "..."
griefgathering (21:13:35): Nep: "Yeah, like that."
Aero (21:13:36): The Grungust follows without another word.
tengusaur (21:13:37): Hetepheres: "...I trust you have more sense than Gavin."
tengusaur (21:13:55): Hetepheres: "Do not prove this trust misplaced."
tengusaur (21:14:16): Hetepheres: "Come, Dido. The doctors should be on their way." (21:15:04): In the end, one of yours was wounded. (21:15:14): And the seal fell in Loni's hands - or as it turns out, both seals.
aldo salt (21:15:17): "Right," Dido says, hauling Interitus and Volya along. "Right." (21:15:35): This mission brought only further questions in mind, and also a promise of bad happenings in the future. (21:15:46): Loni has all the seals. You must stop him from using them. (21:15:50): MISSION FAILED