wyverncakes 4:16 pm
(4:16:12 PM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
(4:17:02 PM): It's late one December night... and rather specific night in fact. December 24th.
(4:17:41 PM): But even now, the Unity Group has received a call for help, straight from the North Pole of all places!
wyverncakes 4:18 pm
(4:18:59 PM): Communications were cut shortly after they began, but not before the speaker provide namedropped the Cambio Protocol...
(4:19:32 PM): Thus a response team has been sent... to Santa's workshop!
tengusaur 4:21 pm
(4:21:34 PM): Hetepheres: "Santa Claus... Or Saint Nicholas, as he was known early on. I was not aware that man is still alive. Earthling lifespans are nowhere near as long."
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com has entered the room. 4:22 pm
Meraxa 4:22 pm
(4:22:16 PM): "He is a strange, but powerful man." Ken noted. "Many ninja arts were styled after his infiltration abilities..."
wyverncakes 4:22 pm
(4:22:21 PM): Well Heph, if only there were a mad scientist with a peculiar laugh around in this setting, and you'd get a very enlightening speech about the power of Christmas Spirit...
(4:23:18 PM): But as the shuttle moves further towards the North Pole, plumes of smoke and fire can be seen off in the distance!
wyverncakes 4:24 pm
(4:24:04 PM): And as you get closer, you can all see massive piles of presents are clumped into piles, burning as even more are being stamped into oblivion by gigantic robots!
frifreeman 4:24 pm
(4:24:18 PM): Walt: "Santa is the worst villain this world have."
tengusaur 4:25 pm
(4:25:01 PM): Hetepheres: "Villain? I was under the impression that his presence brings joy to children all over the world."
frifreeman has left the room. 4:25 pm
wyverncakes 4:25 pm
(4:25:13 PM): ???: "Oh, there is a villain here alright!"
frifreeman has entered the room. 4:25 pm
wyverncakes 4:25 pm
(4:25:24 PM): "But you're a fool to think it's Santa Claus!"
frifreeman 4:25 pm
(4:25:43 PM): Walt: "In some case, inaction is worse than outright villainy"
(4:26:03 PM): Walt: "With the kind of power and technology he has, imagine what difference he could make to earth"
wyverncakes 4:26 pm
(4:26:10 PM): At the center of the workshop stands a gigantic machine formed by numerous train cars, and standing at the top of it is the villain to blame for all of this!
frifreeman 4:26 pm
(4:26:16 PM): Walt: "But no, he prefer to bunker in his hideout making useless toys."
wyverncakes 4:26 pm
(4:26:16 PM): The Krampus: http://orig11.deviantart.net/fe72/f/2015/059/e/8/krampus_by_pkstarst0rm-d8jx8np.png
(4:26:33 PM): Krampus: "It is I, Santa's equal and opposite!"
frifreeman 4:26 pm
(4:26:56 PM): Walt: "Gasp! Are you... Satan?"
tengusaur 4:27 pm
(4:27:07 PM): Hetepheres: "I was not aware that the name of Cambio Protocol was to be taken literally."
wyverncakes 4:27 pm
(4:27:55 PM): "They're the ones who have granted me the materials and means to finally fulfill my eternal goal... the failure of Christmas!"
wyverncakes 4:28 pm
(4:28:40 PM): "And with the promise of gifts for good behavior gone, the world will turn to true villainy!" A fist is raised up triumphantly! "A world where I am free to punish any and all whenever I wish!"
frifreeman 4:29 pm
(4:29:17 PM): "Lord Satan, are you going to give us a wish with the price of our eternal soul?"
Meraxa 4:29 pm
(4:29:31 PM): "...YOU FIEND!" Ken screams out in a surprise rage. "Surrender now, or expect no mercy!"
wyverncakes 4:30 pm
(4:30:05 PM): "Surrender?! In my hour of triumph?!? Ahahaha... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
wyverncakes 4:30 pm
(4:30:41 PM): The various red machines all turn to face you, oversized beam magnums in one hand and head hawks in their others.
tengusaur 4:30 pm
(4:30:48 PM): Hetepheres: "He is not Satan. He has said so already."
(4:31:00 PM): Scaraber draws its swords in one smooth gesture.
(4:31:04 PM): Hetepheres: "Satan would have more style than this."
wyverncakes 4:31 pm
(4:31:16 PM): (Enemies: Krampus's machine? (Krampus), Krampus mooks x 12)
frifreeman 4:31 pm
(4:31:25 PM): Walt: "But he said he's satan equal and opposite"
(4:31:40 PM): *santa
(4:31:50 PM): Walt: "Santa's equal and opposite is obviously Satan."
wyverncakes 4:31 pm
(4:31:58 PM): (Initiative: Walt, Heph, and Ken)
(4:32:01 PM): (All three can go)
frifreeman 4:33 pm
(4:33:03 PM): Walt: "Satan and Santa both wear red, magically know i someone's good or bad, but one punish bad people and the other gift good people. Also one is ice themed and the other is fire themed"
(4:33:11 PM): Walt: "And finally, their name is anagram to each others."
(4:33:29 PM): Walt: "If those are not sign of eternal destiny of eternal rivalry, I don't know what is."
Meraxa 4:33 pm
(4:33:56 PM): "Well, whoever said one must have only one opposite?" Ken briefly pauses in his anger, though ScarleTiger raises its fists. The ninja charges Krampus' minions, and attempts to claw his way through them!+
tengusaur 4:34 pm
(4:34:10 PM): Hetepheres: "Equality is not decided by anagrams. Even if most of your comments classify as..."
(4:34:17 PM): Hetepheres: "Tawls."
wyverncakes 4:34 pm
(4:34:49 PM): [Ken] The claws are met with the swinging might of the mook's axe, stopping it cold! And then out of the blue, the pilot opens a channel to ask a strange question.
wyverncakes 4:35 pm
(4:35:03 PM): "... Hey, do you think you could tell me... what DAY you think it is?"
frifreeman 4:35 pm
(4:35:31 PM): Walt: "8th Genoace team! Be careful! He hasn't told us his identity, but from my calculation, there's 87.26% chance that it's the eternal lord of darkness."
(4:35:48 PM): Walt: "If he offer you something DO NOT accept it. Repeat, DO NOT accept anything it offers."
tengusaur 4:35 pm
(4:35:55 PM): * Scaraber rushes forward towards Krampus, taking a leap into the air and spinning around in a dance-like motion as it slashes repeatedly at the enemy with all four of its khopeshes. +
Meraxa 4:37 pm
(4:37:33 PM): "Its... Christmas Eve!" Ken yells back, struggling against the great big axe.
wyverncakes 4:37 pm
(4:37:42 PM): Pilot: "WRONG!"
(4:38:06 PM): [Ken cont.] The machine kicks the ScarleTiger back, before raising up its beam magnum and firing relentlessly! "GARBAGE DAY!"
frifreeman 4:38 pm
(4:38:07 PM): Walt: "Damnit, can our earthly weapon can even hurt it..." Walt carefully keep his distance from the enemy.
wyverncakes 4:38 pm
(4:38:18 PM): (React: Ken)
(4:38:25 PM): (Mook update: "Ricky" Diases: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/gundam/images/b/b7/Dias-nagano.jpg/revision/20110223112024
cubey@aol.pl 4:39 pm
(4:39:24 PM): # Ken
wyverncakes 4:39 pm
(4:39:30 PM): (Approved)
cubey@aol.pl 4:40 pm
(4:40:13 PM): ???: "I don't think so!"
wyverncakes 4:40 pm
(4:40:29 PM): [Heph] Your blades swing forward, striking the machine's arms as the move up in a block! "Trying to attack my engine of destruction already? The nerve!" From countless smokestacks, flaming chunks of Coal are fired out at the Scaraber!
(4:40:32 PM): (React: Heph)
frifreeman 4:41 pm
(4:41:14 PM): Alice: Don't worry, sir. I have just got my license to ordain yesterday from my internet course. I'm fully legaled to officiate weddings in 12 States. That make me practically a priest. Or priestess. I can bless all of you.
(4:42:07 PM): Alice's genoace raise its arm. "Bless!" she says.
tengusaur 4:42 pm
(4:42:32 PM): Hetepheres: "Someone has to keep you occupied while your minions go down one after another." Scaraber takes a step back, raising its swords, and then slashes with them repeatedly at the incoming coals, creating a barrier of blades! Also, the Gebian mech has the anti-physical golden Noble Barrier. +
(4:42:39 PM): Hetepheres: "It might as well be me."
cubey@aol.pl 4:42 pm
(4:42:45 PM): A faint light shines brightly in the night...
frifreeman 4:42 pm
(4:42:52 PM): Walt: "I feel... confident. Is this what +1 to attack and damage feels? Everyone, attack!"
(4:43:24 PM): With newfound confidence, the 8th's genoace team barrage the anti-santa invaders with lasers.+
cubey@aol.pl 4:43 pm
(4:43:29 PM): *It is the trails of a swarm of missiles, all of them arcing down on the attacking enemy, bombarding it from behind as the one who shot them - a small human sized target, lands on a nearby snowy rock.+
(4:43:41 PM): Chris: "The only garbage here is what I'm taking out, right now!"
wyverncakes 4:43 pm
(4:43:59 PM): [Heph] The coal is cut away and falls to the ground all around you, none of the chunks getting through your own field.
wyverncakes 4:45 pm
(4:45:24 PM): [Walt] The Ricky Diases return fire without much regard for defense, costing one of them its life. Still, you've got your own flurry of beams to worry about now too!
Meraxa 4:45 pm
(4:45:25 PM): Cut off from having his own one liner, Ken attempts to leap away, whilst gaining the assist+
wyverncakes 4:45 pm
(4:45:27 PM): (React: Walt)
(4:46:38 PM): [Ken and Chris] The Sol machine gets away thanks to Chris's interferance, blowing the Ricky Dias away from behind with ease!
(4:46:54 PM): (Updated initiative: Walt, Heph, Ken, Chris)
cubey@aol.pl 4:48 pm
(4:48:13 PM): Chris: "Aah? Not so hot now, are you? You're seeing this Santa, right?"
frifreeman 4:48 pm
(4:48:58 PM): Walt: Crap, I forgot. Does Bless give you bonus defense as well or just attack and damage? Everyone, skedaddle!" Walt and his time fire their booster to dodge, ignoring how the boost might melt some ice on the pole and make earth's environmental problem worse+
wyverncakes 4:50 pm
(4:50:11 PM): [Walt] YOU MONSTER! Valuing your own lives over that of the entirety of Earth! Well at least it's not an act in vain, since you manage to get away...
wyverncakes 4:50 pm
(4:50:39 PM): (Walt and Heph, go again)
(4:51:27 PM): Krampus: "Santa won't see any of this! He's off delivering presents to the colonies! And oh, what a tragedy that'll be for everyone down here don't you think? Jealousy and envy will grip everyone on the planet deprived of their gifts!"
(4:51:50 PM): "Wars will start! New conflicts that will only further the Protocol's goals!"
tengusaur 4:51 pm
(4:51:54 PM): Hetepheres: "Does it matter that much if Santa sees this?" With Krampus behind the cover of smoke, she changes her targets. Scaraber draws it laser staff, making it spin in the air before unfolding to full length, and then fires several blasts from it in the direction of the mooks. +
wyverncakes 4:52 pm
(4:52:06 PM): "And it was me, the Krampus, who made this all possible! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
frifreeman 4:52 pm
(4:52:38 PM): Walt: "...krampus?"
cubey@aol.pl 4:53 pm
(4:53:02 PM): Chris: "What, you didn't know it's Krampus? Wasn't it obvious?"
(4:53:15 PM): From atop her snowy rock, she gives the Genoace a glance.
wyverncakes 4:54 pm
(4:54:21 PM): [Heph] As your shield shifts to silver, your beam cuts through two more of the Ricky Diases! But through the smoke, something begins to emergy from the Krampus's location!
frifreeman 4:54 pm
(4:54:59 PM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHPYOcgde98
wyverncakes 4:55 pm
(4:55:04 PM): Krampus: "And you getting help from out of the blue like that... well TOO BAD! I'm giving myself reinforcements as a present to myself!"
frifreeman 4:55 pm
(4:55:04 PM): Walt slowly steps back
(4:55:09 PM): one step by one step
(4:55:20 PM): Walt: "We're doomed."
(4:55:33 PM): Walt: "As much a cosmic horror Santa is..."
wyverncakes 4:55 pm
(4:55:44 PM): And out emerges several peculiar-looking machines...
(4:55:51 PM): http://lpix.org/2165236/SRWZUpdate44-397.png
frifreeman 4:56 pm
(4:56:17 PM): Walt: "At least we can see his action as benevolent."
cubey@aol.pl 4:56 pm
(4:56:23 PM): Chris: "What the heck is that?"
wyverncakes 4:56 pm
(4:56:27 PM): [Heph] And they wouldn't be North Stars without tons of mechanical fists emerging to strike the Scaraber with!
(4:56:30 PM): (React: Heph)
(4:56:40 PM): Krampus: "You fools!"
frifreeman 4:56 pm
(4:56:41 PM): Walt: "Krampus is..."
cubey@aol.pl 4:56 pm
(4:56:56 PM): Chris: "What the hell?!"
wyverncakes 4:57 pm
(4:57:09 PM): "This setting doesn't even include Baldios! What defense could you have against these?!?"
frifreeman 4:57 pm
(4:57:26 PM): Walt: "We're all gonna die, man."
tengusaur 4:57 pm
(4:57:31 PM): Hetepheres: "A space station? No. It is something else...!" She quickly backs away, spinning the staff in front of herself in an attempt to deflect some of the attacks.+
wyverncakes 4:57 pm
(4:57:42 PM): (Updated enemy list: Krampus's machine, Artificial North Stars x 2, Rkcy Diases x 8-)
(4:57:45 PM): ^ 8 (
frifreeman 4:59 pm
(4:59:03 PM): Walt: "But eh, it's not like any cosmic horror can kill us deader than the other. Guys, if we're going to die, die content, knowing that chrismas miracle is a lie!"
wyverncakes 4:59 pm
(4:59:26 PM): [Heph] Your staff gets pelted by the flurry of punches and you're knocked backwards into a snow bank! The Krampus laughs victoriously again at the sight!
frifreeman 4:59 pm
(4:59:34 PM): Walt: "If christmas spirit is true, we wonuldn't have to fight and die today! It's all a lieeee! Chaaarge!"
wyverncakes 5:01 pm
(5:01:24 PM): (Ken and Chris can also act)
frifreeman 5:01 pm
(5:01:27 PM): Walt leads his team charging toward Krampus, barraging him like desperate men they are.
(5:01:40 PM): Alice: "If christmas sprit is true, I'd be eating cake with a boyfriend nooow!"
tengusaur 5:01 pm
(5:01:52 PM): Hetepheres: "Gh..." Scaraber slowly raises from the snow. "What is a Baldios?"
frifreeman 5:02 pm
(5:02:13 PM): Geno: "If christmas spirit is true, my wife wouldn't have left me!"
wyverncakes 5:02 pm
(5:02:34 PM): Krampus: "That's right! Give up on the spirit of Christmas!"
tengusaur 5:03 pm
(5:03:04 PM): Hetepheres: "The morale of our troops is falling."
Meraxa 5:03 pm
(5:03:27 PM): "...No... No, I refuse to believe that Walt!" The ScarleTiger stands, looking at the satellite that dares to consider itself a fighter. "Because as my parents... put me through a childhood of endless training and pain..." The ScarleTiger retracts its claws, and bares its fists. "Raised to be a ninja, when I wanted to be a boy... I could always believe..." Its stance, is firm. "IN CHRISTMAS DAY!" And the machine charges, throwing his clenched palm against the fists of the north star.&
frifreeman 5:03 pm
(5:03:28 PM): The 8th genoace team fire at krampus like desperate, unchrismastspirited people, they are+
cubey@aol.pl 5:05 pm
(5:05:16 PM): Chris: "No! Don't you get it? We don't need Baldy-whatever. So what if it's tough... bring it!"
wyverncakes 5:05 pm
(5:05:31 PM): [Genoace team] The DODS Guns strike all across the machine, slightly damaging it! But the Krampus turns his guns on them all in response! "Giving up on Christmas is exactly what I was hoping you'd do, you bad children!" More coal is fired out, seeming to home in on the machines!
(5:05:35 PM): React: Walt and co.)
cubey@aol.pl 5:05 pm
(5:05:50 PM): Chris: "Because..."
(5:05:56 PM): # Walt (will combine with action)
wyverncakes 5:06 pm
(5:06:17 PM): (Approved)
cubey@aol.pl 5:07 pm
(5:07:09 PM): *Chris stands still, but she braces herself. The Ichiibal relic opens on her back, and from under it missiles appear again. This time there were only two - really large ones. She aims carefully and the surroundings become deprived of snow as their engines launch, sending the two massive projectiles into the air towards the firing smokestacks. MEGADETH FUGA, away.+
frifreeman 5:07 pm
(5:07:25 PM): Alice: "Lieutenant, make him know the feeling of a single 26 years old girl!" Alice yell as she shield Walt by equipping her shield and throwing her machine an incoming coal.
cubey@aol.pl 5:07 pm
(5:07:27 PM): Chris: "I was a bad girl, so I'm sure Santa wouldn't come."
wyverncakes 5:07 pm
(5:07:57 PM): [Ken] Your own fists smash through the limbs of one of the Artificial North Star, tearing the arms clean off! But the machine falls back, glowing with a bright light before- "TENHA... KASSATSU!" - firing a massive beam of solar energy at the Tiger in response!
(5:07:59 PM): (React: Ken)
cubey@aol.pl 5:08 pm
(5:08:15 PM): Chris: "But... this is our chance! If we beat the shit out of Santa's arch rival, he'll put us on the nice list and he'll be there for sure! This is my redemption, so the harder it is, the better!"
frifreeman 5:08 pm
(5:08:24 PM): Geno:"And the feeling of a man left behind by his newly wed wife just because he don't want to buy gift for all of his wife's 27 nephews!" Geno does the same
(5:09:12 PM): Walt: "I won't throw away your feeling in vain!" Walt continues his charge+
cubey@aol.pl 5:09 pm
(5:09:26 PM): Chris: "In other words if you save Christmas, Santa will owe us a favor and your dreams will come true for sure."
Meraxa 5:11 pm
(5:11:08 PM): "Shiranui...!" Ken raises his own sol energy - his own ki - and surges it into the fists of the ScarleTiger. His other fist, overflowing forward, fires such power towards his opponent's attack-! "RETSU KEN!" And now it is a contest!+
wyverncakes 5:12 pm
(5:12:59 PM): [Chris and Walt] Alice and Geno's Gespensts crash into the flamining blasts of coal, sending both flying away into snowmounds. But as the guns turn on Walt for another barrage, the Megadeth missiles blow into it, ruining many of the cannons and letting Walt score more free hits! "Agggh... you... really naughty girl!"
wyverncakes 5:13 pm
(5:13:14 PM): "You think Santa won't see through your cheating through to good behavior?!?"
tengusaur 5:14 pm
(5:14:05 PM): Hetepheres: "I think he will be too grateful for saving his life to care."
wyverncakes 5:14 pm
(5:14:59 PM): [Ken] The solar beam meets the power of the Sol punch, but Ken's strike is not merely that of the Sun... but of the life born from the Sun as well! The beam is parted, Ken's strike continuing on to blast a chunk out of the Artificial North Star!
(5:15:09 PM): (Walt and Heph)
cubey@aol.pl 5:15 pm
(5:15:11 PM): Chris: "Tell me about it! I was naughty but even I can do good things!"
tengusaur 5:15 pm
(5:15:13 PM): Hetepheres: "Everyone. Your feelings about this holiday might be weird and complicated. But let those feelings drive you forward, against this enemy!"
tengusaur 5:15 pm
(5:15:24 PM): Hetepheres: "We shall save Christmas!"
frifreeman 5:17 pm
(5:17:02 PM): Walt: "Krampus, let me ask you a question."
(5:17:11 PM): Walt: "What is the opposite of christmas spirit?"
tengusaur 5:17 pm
(5:17:36 PM): * Scaraber leaps towards one of the artificial Stars, ending the jump by slamming a foot and plunging all four of its swords into the enemy's surface - and then proceeds to slash at it repeatedly, trying to deepen the damage with each strike! +
wyverncakes 5:18 pm
(5:18:17 PM): Krampus: "What isn't? That opposite comes in many forms and is called many things!"
(5:18:30 PM): "If not for those accursed ghosts everyone would call it Scrooge-ism!"
frifreeman 5:19 pm
(5:19:02 PM): Walt: "There's where you're wrong."
(5:19:22 PM): Walt: "There's one thing that can summarize the opposite of the spirit of christmas."
wyverncakes 5:19 pm
(5:19:43 PM): [Heph] Your blades stab into the until-then undamaged Artificial Star... but from behind you more Ricky Diases spring into action, striking you with their axes!
(5:19:46 PM): (React: Heph)
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 5:20 pm
(5:20:24 PM): #Heph?
frifreeman 5:20 pm
wyverncakes 5:20 pm
(5:20:55 PM): (Go for it)
frifreeman 5:21 pm
(5:21:20 PM): And as he yells, Walt, lunges at Krampus with his heat stick, powered with all of the anti-christmas spirit he has.
frifreeman 5:21 pm
(5:21:52 PM): And as you know, if someone on earth has abundance of despair, it is Walt.+
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 5:23 pm
(5:23:03 PM): *"Cambrio Protocol!" A mysterious voice (it's Dido) shouts. "You're getting some lumps for Christmas…but not lumps of coal!" Arc Thorns reign down from the sky like festive snowflakes on the Rick Dias units!+
(5:23:10 PM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrZdvW6BBkc
wyverncakes 5:25 pm
(5:25:06 PM): [Walt] Your stake goes plunging in, only to be deflected as glass snowglobe dome form around the Krampus on the top of the machine! "And you thought I would leave myself vulnerable? My all-powerful Cool Coalanoid Engine wouldn't be complete if it had such an obvious weak point!" Strong buffets of smog knock the Genoace up into the air, the C2 Engine firing segments of train tracks at the Genoace to finish you off!
(5:25:09 PM): (React: Walt)
tengusaur 5:26 pm
(5:26:04 PM): Hetepheres: "Good! Right on time." Scaraber finishes its attack by slashing with each of the khopeshes into a different direction, creating a large cross-shaped strike, and then jumps away and spins around, raising its swords to parry and supplement the Noble Barrier. "Push back against Krampus and his minions!" +
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 5:29 pm
(5:29:44 PM): "Roger that, Heph!" Dido replies. ShelLancer rolls into view, a green, white and red scarf made of parachute fabric wound around its neck. "Like you said, I'll push back! These guys won't succeed with their Christmas attack!"
frifreeman 5:30 pm
(5:30:36 PM): Walt: "Do you think some stupid supernatural engine... is stronger the despair deep inside human's heart?" Walt fires his booster to straighten his machine in the air... and attempt to ninja run and jump from train track to train track! Especially in christmas. Where human's despair is multiplied hundredfold!+
wyverncakes 5:30 pm
(5:30:37 PM): [Heph and Dido] Arc thorns come raining down, impaling two more of the Ricky Diases just as the Scaraber comes spinning around, blocking the other two! The Artificial North Star drifts away, sparking and seriously damaged from the massive wound on its frame.
frifreeman 5:30 pm
(5:30:52 PM): (That last line was supposed to be a dialogue"
wyverncakes 5:32 pm
(5:32:32 PM): [Walt] Fortunately train tracks are, you know, train tracks. With plenty of nice spots for you to put your legs to do those kinds of crazy stunts on!
(5:32:39 PM): Krampus: "He dodged?!? BAH!"
(5:32:56 PM): "Maybe I should've gone for a more practical projectile..."
(5:33:09 PM): (Chris, Ken, and Dido can go)
tengusaur 5:33 pm
(5:33:55 PM): Hetepheres: "...Is that a festive holiday scarf."
Meraxa 5:35 pm
(5:35:55 PM): "Perhaps you should try..." Ken charges forward, towards the wounded North Star. He seeks to grab it, and if he can, throw it - a 'gift' from Krampus, if you will. "Something like this?!"+
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 5:36 pm
(5:36:09 PM): "It is!" Dido chirps, full of charm and cheer. "I try knitting a couple every Christmas year!"
tengusaur 5:37 pm
(5:37:04 PM): Hetepheres: "Of this size. I see. It must be a lot of work."
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 5:37 pm
(5:37:31 PM): *Dido triggers Shell Boost: ShelLancer Races ahead. She fires Arc Thorns at the Krampus to render it dead!+
wyverncakes 5:39 pm
(5:39:31 PM): [Ken and Dido] The Artificial Star crashes into the C2 Engine, knocking it backwards a few steps, but its arms swing out to catch as many of the Arc Throns as possible before flinging them right back at both of you!
(5:39:36 PM): (React: Dido and Ken)
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 5:39 pm
(5:39:59 PM): "I use motion capture controls to make ShelLancer knit." Dido explains. "Would you like me to make one for you–OH SHIT!"
cubey@aol.pl 5:41 pm
(5:41:44 PM): Chris: "I have no idea how you can pull off crazy shit like that, but it's time to go down!" *She jumps into the air, performing a spin to right herself - from above, her target the Artificial Star is visible. Ichiival's crossbows grow into twin chainguns, and Chris performs a deadly barrage from above, covering the enemy with a hail of lead!+
wyverncakes 5:43 pm
(5:43:06 PM): (Which Artificial Star is she attacking? The one by Krampus or the other one?)
cubey@aol.pl 5:43 pm
(5:43:21 PM): (Oh yeah, there are two. The one Heph fought earlier)
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 5:43 pm
(5:43:36 PM): *ShelLancer dodging, weaving to and fro! Dido also transmits a signal to make the Arc Thorn abort down in the snow!+
Meraxa 5:44 pm
(5:44:28 PM): Ken, of course, tries to dodge his way through as well, curiously, knicking a few points in amongst the ice+
wyverncakes 5:46 pm
(5:46:25 PM): [Sol duo] Your fancy footwork keeps both of you safe, and Dido turning off the electrical charges just makes them any other kind of big flying projectile that doesn't hit anybody.
wyverncakes 5:47 pm
(5:47:55 PM): [Chris] The big wound that Heph inflicted on the Artificial Star earlier gives you a nice, big target to unload on! The Star's perforated by the shots and explodes brilliantly, the resulting shockwaves throwing everyone, allies and enemies alike, off-balance a little!
cubey@aol.pl 5:48 pm
(5:48:32 PM): Chris: "I did it! Oof!" She lands in a fluffy snowpile.
wyverncakes 5:48 pm
(5:48:33 PM): Krampus: "You fiends! Do you have any idea how much money those things cost?!?"
(5:48:39 PM): (Walt and Heph)
Meraxa 5:49 pm
(5:49:19 PM): "What do you care for the cost? Aren't you some ancient spirit?" Ken questions.
wyverncakes 5:50 pm
(5:50:34 PM): "But the more money I owe, the more coal I have to sell off instead of giving it away as punishment!"
tengusaur 5:50 pm
(5:50:41 PM): Hetepheres: "Oh, woe is you. Allow me to double your expenses. Scarab Power!" A burst of energy emanates from Scaraber, and the Gebian mech digs its feet into the snow, aiming its laser staff and visibly gathering power in an energy orb at its end. The orb explodes into a big blast, flying towards the other Star! +
frifreeman 5:51 pm
(5:51:17 PM): Walt lands on the snow, and instantly turns back to charge at Krampus again.
wyverncakes 5:51 pm
(5:51:19 PM): "The more people that recognize econocmic values of coal, the better the feel about getting it!"
(5:51:31 PM): "... And I could always just give people copies of Sonic 2006, but even I have limits!"
(5:51:37 PM): He shudders at the very concept of doing that.
frifreeman 5:51 pm
(5:51:40 PM): Walt: "Hahaha, hahaha, Krampus, you're such a second rate villain."
cubey@aol.pl 5:51 pm
(5:51:41 PM): "Maybe you shouldn't have tried to ruin Christmas for everyone, you jerk!" The Chris snow pile objects.
frifreeman 5:52 pm
(5:52:38 PM): Walt: "You say that by erasing the reward of good gift, you think the world will turn to true villainy? Do you know human at all?"
(5:53:13 PM): Walt: "The reason why human hasn't descend into anarchy is not becasue they though they'll get reward by being good. But becaseu they fear that if they do evil they'll be promised!"
(5:53:22 PM): Walt: "Destroying santa won't change anything!"
Meraxa 5:53 pm
(5:53:53 PM): "...Also, haven't we like, moved on from coal? Aren't there other resources for you to sell?" Ken asks, uncertain of just how truly futuristic his setting is.
frifreeman 5:54 pm
(5:54:05 PM): Walt: "But you know what would change everything? If we kill you. Then the fear of punishment from doing evil will be gone. Humanity will be free to do whatever they want! MUHAHAHAHA!"
frifreeman 5:56 pm
(5:56:52 PM): Walt: "Die so mankind can reach their true potential!" Walt jumps high to the air and fire with his DODS gun, not at Krampus, but at the snow around him! He's attempting to melt it, ignoring how many arctic animal might be depending on the existence of those snow later on!"
(5:56:54 PM): +
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 6:00 pm
(6:00:23 PM): Dido: "And giving gifts is just one part of Christmas, mind! Its also about warmth and light and being kind! So spread your coal Krampus, do what you will do! In the name of Mithras and the Allfather, we'll punish you!"
cubey@aol.pl 6:00 pm
(6:00:52 PM): Fluffy the snow pile: "Everyone's going about their own thing..."
wyverncakes 6:01 pm
(6:01:07 PM): [Heph and Walt] The powerful Scaraber beam surges at the Artificial Star, but it's met by an equally powerful beam from the damaged machine that pushes back... freeing up the Krampus to open fire on you as well with more cannon shots! Walt's blasts disrupt the C2 Engine's footing to make the shots go somewhat off... but more Ricky Diases take aim and fire at the Genoace in response!
(6:01:10 PM): (React: Heph and Walt)
(6:01:20 PM): (Ken, Chris, and Dido can act)
frifreeman 6:03 pm
(6:03:23 PM): Walt: "I'll gladly sacrifice myself to the advancement of mankind. It's not like I have anything better to do!" Walt can't do much in the air, so he just let himself fall down with gravituy, with his shield directed at the incoming projectiles+
cubey@aol.pl 6:03 pm
(6:03:41 PM): Chris: "Ah, whatever!" The snow pile explodes, leaving only heavily armed fluff behind. Chris fires another barrage of micromissiles, which rain down on the ranks of Rickys!+ "Let's end this!"
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 6:04 pm
(6:04:04 PM): *ShelLancer sends lightning crackling down its lance. Then the Sol Machine settles into a low crouching stance. Cocking its hand back, ShelLancer lets the lance fly! Like a javelin, it darts towards the Artificial Star's Eye!+
tengusaur 6:04 pm
(6:04:28 PM): Hetepheres: "You know well your coal industry will not save you, Krampus!" She jumps away from the way of the powerful beam, spinning around and swinging the laser staff, quickly sending a wide beam over the further incoming coals. +
Meraxa 6:06 pm
(6:06:37 PM): Ken draws his Scarlet Whip, looking towards the Krampus. The ScarleTiger lashes it several times towards the twisted figure of the season. Or rather, he lashes it towards their feet... intent on finishing Walt's work. Which, given its a whip on fire, it should be able to melt some ice+
wyverncakes 6:07 pm
(6:07:00 PM): [Walt] The beam shots smash into your shield, parts of the blasts still carrying through and damaging your Genoace as it crashes to the ground, frame damaged and shield now ruined. Still, you're alive!
(6:07:44 PM): [Chris] And in the meantime, your missiles blow up more of the Ricky Diases, the mooks being blown skyward before crashing into the ground much less gracefully.
wyverncakes 6:09 pm
(6:09:13 PM): [Dido, Heph, and Ken] And lastly the burning heat of the Scarlet Whip finally melts through more of the ice underneath the C2 Engine... causing it to begin sinking! "What?!?" Heph's laser ignites even more, damaging parts of the machine as well, and the ShalLancer's spear skewers both the Artificial Star and the Engine itself!
(6:10:02 PM): Krampus: "No... I won't... be beaten... by people who are becoming eco-terrorists!"
(6:10:18 PM): "Guaaaaaaaaaah!"
(6:10:27 PM): "Engaging emergency protocls!"
(6:11:03 PM): The Krampus keys in commands all over his machine as the Artificail Star weakly reaches out with two arms, fingers surging out and impaling... the C2 Engine's own legts!
wyverncakes 6:11 pm
(6:11:14 PM): Krampus: "Yes... YES!"
(6:11:33 PM): With a sudden surge of power the machine erupts from the the ice and the water, knocking all of you backwards!
(6:11:48 PM): "I knew installing pressure points on the Engine would work out in my favor eventually!"
cubey@aol.pl 6:12 pm
(6:12:22 PM): Chris: "Pressure points? This isn't a kung fu movie!"
wyverncakes 6:12 pm
(6:12:55 PM): Krampus: "Call it a Christmas miracle! AHAHA... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 6:13 pm
(6:13:06 PM): Dido's eyes widen: she swallows nervously in dread. "Its seems that C2 device…is already dead."
wyverncakes 6:13 pm
(6:13:25 PM): "And as a Christmas gift to myself-"
(6:14:03 PM): The Engine seems to bulge strangly before more, massive coal cannons burst from its form, angled at all of you and opening fire-
(6:14:41 PM): - Only for a sudden hail of Thompson machinegun fire to tear through all of them!
(6:15:12 PM): The source: a red sleigh, being pulled by nine reindeer!
wyverncakes 6:15 pm
(6:15:53 PM): ???2: "Yes, thank you all!"
cubey@aol.pl 6:16 pm
(6:16:12 PM): Chris: "Ahh... you're kidding, right? It can't be him, can it?!"
wyverncakes 6:16 pm
(6:16:15 PM): An elf appears on your video screens, looking very thankful and then turning around to give a thumbs-up to people offscreen.
(6:16:34 PM): ???2: "You're... right. It's not him. More like an emergency double we have around for security..."
(6:16:58 PM): From the sack in the sleigh, the figure pulls out a bazooka, firing at the C2 Engine once more!
(6:17:12 PM): "Krampus, you've been VERY naughty this year!"
(6:17:20 PM): (Santa?: http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/en.futurama/images/e/ed/Santa_bot.JPG/revision/latest?cb=20071101205312)
Meraxa 6:17 pm
(6:17:31 PM): Ken: ...I was going to say, he looks... mean.
cubey@aol.pl 6:17 pm
(6:17:37 PM): Chris: "Who cares, it's awesome!"
(6:17:44 PM): Her eyes are shining. It's Santa... with guns!
tengusaur 6:18 pm
(6:18:03 PM): Hetepheres: "...This is acceptable."
wyverncakes 6:19 pm
(6:19:10 PM): The Robot Santa turns around, grinning at all of you before emptying his bag out on the ground filled with Free Electron Cannons, Graviton Launchers, Shishioh Blades, and all those other fancy weapons you'd normally have to jump through tons of secrets to get!
frifreeman 6:19 pm
(6:19:49 PM): Walt: "The spirit of christmas!"
wyverncakes 6:19 pm
(6:19:50 PM): Robot Santa: "I normally don't do this but then again I normally don't do much with how rarely anyone tries to attack the North Pole!"
frifreeman 6:20 pm
(6:20:01 PM): Walt: "It really exist after all!"
wyverncakes 6:20 pm
(6:20:07 PM): "... So what are you waiting for?!?"
(6:20:23 PM): "Are you just going to make me have to kick his ass all on my own?!?"
(6:20:28 PM): (Everyone, go for it!)
cubey@aol.pl 6:20 pm
(6:20:55 PM): Chris: "You're kidding, right! This is what I call Christmas!"
Meraxa 6:22 pm
(6:22:20 PM): Ken receives... a sword. An oddly european, long sword-esque sword.With it in hand, he cannot help but strike a certain pose.
(6:22:24 PM): https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-rDF_-rjDxn4/UGKFsjPVtYI/AAAAAAAChSo/MutUY6SogQc/w1590-h1422/1348606594857.jpg
cubey@aol.pl 6:22 pm
(6:22:48 PM): *Struggling to pick up a graviton launcher, Chris aims... and fires! "Whoa!" She's thrown back by the weapon's kick, but a black gravitic round strikes at Krampus time and time again, the attack further supported by her Megadeth Party.+
frifreeman 6:23 pm
(6:23:40 PM): Walt picks a gun from the pile
Meraxa 6:23 pm
(6:23:48 PM): "SOLAR!" Driven by its power, the ScarleTiger skids across the icy surface, but does not slip and fall, instead moving ever forward towards his target. Suddeunly, he jumps- "BLAAAAAAAADE!" And the sun is at his back as he slashes down!+
frifreeman 6:23 pm
(6:23:49 PM): Walt: "This gun... is calling me..."
frifreeman 6:25 pm
(6:25:29 PM): Walt aim that gun at Krampus and fire. And the gun fires
(6:25:46 PM): a black hole that sucks all matter and energy toward it
(6:26:23 PM): Walt: "This gun... fires a black hole. There is a gun that as dark as me. Christmas miracle exist after all..."
tengusaur 6:26 pm
(6:26:33 PM): Hetepheres: "Do not hesitate. Use all of the power that is available to you! Speaking of which..." From the pile, she picks up something large and round. It's a bomb. Scaraber swings mightily, sending it flying towards Krampus. And then...
(6:27:06 PM): Hetepheres: "Everyone, get ouf of melee range!" Scaraber fires another laser blast, at both the bomb hitting Krampus right now and Krampus himself! +
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 6:29 pm
(6:29:55 PM): *ShelLancer raises a hand to grasps its falling prize: a rune-carved warhammer of large blocky size! Dido hefts it in hand, waits for Hetepheres to shoot. Then she hurls lightning at Krampus! "Time for you to get the boot!"+
wyverncakes 6:32 pm
(6:32:57 PM): [Everyone] The sword and the hammer smash into the C2 Engine, crushing and slicing through the war machine before the three-pronged assault of gravity and explosions tear through and absorb much of the machine... leaving the Krampus to fall into the snow in front of the Robot Santa Claus.
(6:33:20 PM): Krampus: "Haaaa... stop... stoooop please! I-!"
(6:33:51 PM): His pleas are silenced as he sees Santa standing over him, wearing a foam hand with its fingers shaped like a gun.
(6:34:15 PM): Krampus: "... you wouldn't...!"
wyverncakes 6:35 pm
(6:35:03 PM): Robot Santa: "Wouldn't what? Withhold your present this year: me sparing your life? I might..."
(6:35:35 PM): But then he turns, pointing the foam finger at one of the mounds of ruined toys. With a cute little "bang" sound, the entire mound explodes!
(6:36:36 PM): "... But you're lucky that Santa's going to be gone for a few more hours taking care of everyone not on the Earth! That'll be time enough for you to replace each and every toy you destroyed before the Unity Group got here!"
cubey@aol.pl 6:37 pm
(6:37:05 PM): Chris: "Bang, huh?"
wyverncakes 6:37 pm
(6:37:20 PM): The Krampus just looks on in abject terror. "You... you can't be serious! Every single one? That's insa-"
(6:37:21 PM): "Pew!"
(6:37:50 PM): Santa fires another "shot" from the foam fingergun, this time blowing up a mound closer to the Krampus, letting half-molten plastic rain down on him.
(6:38:02 PM): "Better get started quick! Tick tock, Krampus!"
(6:38:14 PM): "I'm going to run out of mounds to blow up soon!"
wyverncakes 6:39 pm
(6:39:10 PM): The Krampus... sulks off towards the Christmas worshop, sparing you all a look half envy, half a plea for mercy.
tengusaur 6:39 pm
(6:39:27 PM): Hetepheres: "I would heed his advice."
cubey@aol.pl 6:39 pm
(6:39:51 PM): Chris: "It almost looks like you'd prefer to be blown up after all!"
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 6:39 pm
(6:39:56 PM): Dido claps her hands thrice in polite applause. "Glad that's done…what's next, Robot Santa Claus?"
cubey@aol.pl 6:39 pm
(6:39:59 PM): Chris: "But then... who'd be Santa's nemesis?"
Meraxa 6:40 pm
(6:40:01 PM): Ken: ...Santa has a scary backup plan...
frifreeman 6:41 pm
(6:41:37 PM): Walt straddles the black hole gun. "So... Christmas miracle does exist."
wyverncakes 6:42 pm
(6:42:06 PM): Robot Santa: "What's next? Why the rest of Christmas for you all then!"
tengusaur 6:42 pm
(6:42:16 PM): Hetepheres: "Use your newfound toy responsibly, Schmertz."
frifreeman 6:42 pm
(6:42:20 PM): From under a mound of snow, two slightly beaten up genoace pops out.
wyverncakes 6:42 pm
(6:42:28 PM): "I would send you away with cookies, but Robot Mrs. Claus isn't finished yet."
(6:42:37 PM): "And they would probably just be a bunch of circuitboards."
frifreeman 6:42 pm
(6:42:41 PM): Geno: "It does exist. We're still alive after all."
wyverncakes 6:43 pm
(6:43:15 PM): "Enjoy the Christmas season, and never forget to defend it!"
(6:43:19 PM): "With all the firepower you can muster!"
Meraxa 6:43 pm
(6:43:49 PM): Ken: Uh... Yes... sir?
frifreeman 6:44 pm
(6:44:00 PM): Alice: "So... Geno... Your wife left you? So do you have... some free time today?"
cubey@aol.pl 6:44 pm
(6:44:24 PM): Chris: "Count on me for that!"
wyverncakes 6:44 pm
(6:44:26 PM): Scooping the untaken weapons back up into his bag, the Robot Santa gets back up into his sleigh, sparing you all one last salute as the sleigh takes off...
cubey@aol.pl 6:44 pm
(6:44:35 PM): She tries to drag along that graviton cannon.
wyverncakes 6:44 pm
(6:44:37 PM): "And Merry Christmas to all... and to all... a goodnight!"
(6:44:47 PM): ... And then just goes back into the workshop's hangar.
(6:45:04 PM): What? He's a security killbot, not the real deal.
frifreeman 6:45 pm
(6:45:11 PM): Geno: "Wait a sec, Alice, got a call..." Genos picks his cellphone. "...Oh, really!? You're waiting where now? It's all just for what? Awwwww. I know you do love me after all."
wyverncakes 6:45 pm
frifreeman 6:45 pm
(6:45:17 PM): Geno: You're saying something Alice?
(6:45:32 PM): Alice: "I'm saying that being alive is the best christmas miracle of all! Ha ha ha."
tengusaur 6:45 pm
(6:45:54 PM): Hetepheres: "..."
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 6:47 pm
(6:47:12 PM): Dido: "That was underwhelming. Still, this was an interesting trip! How about we head back to base…and make cocoa to sip?"
mad4space@hotmail.com has left the room. 6:47 pm
cubey@aol.pl 6:47 pm
(6:47:34 PM): Chris: "What the hell are you talking about? We saved Christmas... with explosions!"
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