(03:08:41): A Unity Group operation is underway! (03:09:22): And by that, I mean a visit to a certain ex-Decepticon broker of information and everything. UG made a deal with him once before... (03:09:44): In other words, it's Swindle. And because it's Swindle, you're moving out not unarmed. Just in case. (03:10:47): Dirchs: "According to our..." A pause for under the breath groaning. "Contacts, Swindle may have a piece of information we're interested in."
VJockey (03:11:08): Grimlock's on this one with Swoop and Sludge. Mostly because if he brought the other two... misunderstandings would occur. (03:11:09): Dirchs: "The location of Shirogane after Cambio Protocol hijacked it. And possibly Lee Linjun too, if he's still alive."
tengusaur (03:11:17): Asagi: "I can't believe we're making a deal with him again..."
Wyverncakes (03:12:53): Roy: "Well it's gonna be his butt if he gives us crap info." (03:13:14): Dirchs: "I'd avoid it if I could, but at the moment he's our best bet. Cambio-affiliated groups will try to mislead us but with this guy, you always know where he's standing." (03:13:33): Dirchs: "In other words, you are allowed to take him prisoner if he resists. We will interrogate him in Sakihama."
VJockey (03:14:20): [See, at that Grimlock let out a low chuckle and punches his open palm. Had he been human he would have been popping his knuckles.] (03:15:00): The group makes its way through a mountaineous landscape. According to your source of information, Swindle's base of operations is here. (03:15:44): And by source of information I mean following and later pressing for information a group of Cybertronian scavengers who work with Swindle by selling him junk.
tengusaur (03:16:59): Asagi: "We're close. Hopefully this won't turn into another fight."
VJockey (03:17:37): "...Hm.."
frifreeman (03:17:44): Bahamut: "Hikari, why are we in this shuttle. This is just a simple meeting with an informant."
frifreeman (03:17:55): Hikari: "I want to see giant talking merchant robot."
frifreeman (03:18:12): Bahamut: "...fair enough."
tengusaur (03:18:32): Asagi: "Isn't Bahamut already a giant talking robot?"
frifreeman (03:18:45): Hikari: "He's not a merchant though."
tengusaur (03:19:03): Asagi: "...I guess." (03:19:15): The shuttle moves towards a very conspicous cave entrance.
VJockey (03:19:28): "Why want see Swindle? Put more gun on tank?"
Wyverncakes (03:19:33): Roy: "This the guy's garage?"
frifreeman (03:19:36): Hikari :"Mr Dinosaurbot, will your informant be a dinosaurbot as well?" (03:20:14): As it lands, you see the face of a rather familiar Combaticon glancing towards you, and then disappearing in the cave. (03:20:18): Swindle: "Oh slag."
VJockey (03:20:22): "Informant Car bot. Also transform into leg."
VJockey (03:20:28): "SWINDLE."
VJockey (03:20:32): "GET OUT HERE."
VJockey (03:20:43): "WANT TALK. OR DRAG YOU OUT."
frifreeman (03:20:45): The comm channel crackles. It's Shoji. "An intigruing proposal,. Hikari, i you can, try to ask the merchant robot if he has something good for Bahamut."
tengusaur (03:21:30): Asagi: "...Well, that was some amazing diplomacy."
frifreeman (03:22:04): Bahamut: "Straightforward and forceful. A good attirbute in a leader." (03:22:16): Swindle: "The deal's contract specified quickly that there will be no refunds!" (03:22:24): *Specified explicitly
VJockey (03:22:29): "NEW DEAL. BUY INFORMATION."
Wyverncakes (03:22:47): "And maybe some other stuff by the sounds of it!"
VJockey (03:23:06): "...AND TANK GIRL WANT BUY GUNS TOO." (03:23:19): Swindle: "So you are not here because the energon bomb malfunctioned? I mean... of course you are not!" (03:23:30): He steps forward from the cave with a big shit eating grin on his face. (03:24:28): Swindle: "Deals, guns? I have everything! Tell me what you want, I might even throw in a premium customer's discount!"
tengusaur (03:24:48): Asagi: "It actually worked..."
VJockey (03:25:19): "Swindle always want business. Will always try to cut deal." (03:25:31): ???#1: "Hey, Swindle. You can't believe what we got for you!"
VJockey (03:25:43): "...."
frifreeman (03:25:45): Bahamut: "Reminds me to a certain girl in Unity Group." (03:25:47): ???#2: "Guys, isn't that my fuel pump? I kinda need that. To pump my fuel."
frifreeman (03:25:57): Bahamut: "Let's hope that the two of them never meet." (03:26:09): A group of Cybertronians is climbing up the mountain from the opposite end. (03:26:21): A group of Decepticons! Who freeze as they see the shuttle! (03:26:36): Also they look rather rag-tag. Does one of them have a caved-in head? (03:26:45): Scavengers
VJockey (03:27:41): [Grimlock is just going to let out a low groan and facepalm. Misfire better not be high off some kind of fuel this time around. He'd rather not have to pry him off like the last meeting, as Selena might attest to when they got this info.]
Wyverncakes (03:28:30): "Big guy... does Mr. Mountain Shop have partners or are these guys different?" (03:28:51): One of them strikes a cool and mysterious (in his mind) pose and grabs for his gun.
frifreeman (03:29:09): Hikari: "Mr Roy, you start to talk like Gritlock, you know." (03:29:21): Spinister: "Spies? You'd better not try anything funny... I'll blow a hole in you one by one." (03:29:39): Flywheel: "Yeah! We are Swindle's elite bodyguards after all."
Wyverncakes (03:29:39): "... Hey, Big Guy's awesome but-"
Wyverncakes (03:29:46): ... But then he suddenly goes quiet.
VJockey (03:29:48): "...They Scavengers. Part timers." (03:29:53): The other one, with some really big feet, transforms into a jet as he says that. (03:29:58): He doesn't fly off, just transforms.
Wyverncakes (03:30:00): ... Kinda hard to figure out how to continue that sentence with both his dignity and body intact. (03:30:14): Swindle: "A ha ha... we are all friends here, right?"
frifreeman (03:30:16): Hikari: "This is so cool, a whole society of giant talking robot. What do they eat. Do they poop?"
tengusaur (03:30:27): Asagi: "We're just here to get some information. We're not looking for a fight..." (03:30:43): Swindle: "Scram, you junk hoarders, you're ruining my business!" He whispers loudly, and everyone can hear that.
tengusaur (03:31:02): Asagi: "...Not a good time for those questions." (03:31:34): The Scavengers are still giving you a dirty look, while suddenly... (03:32:31): ???: "Oh great. Where might you be Shimamura? I must say, once again I must do everything myself!" (03:32:44): Bahamut Metallia receives a sudden transmission. It's Kagami!
frifreeman (03:32:51): Hikari: "Do autobots wear clothings? Do you consider those armors clothes? Or are you all actually nude? Can you be nude if you don't have any clothing culture at all" Hikari keep rambling with non stop questions.
frifreeman (03:33:12): Hikari: "Hey Kagami, what's up?"
VJockey (03:33:44): [Grimlock's palm is staying on his face.] (03:33:49): Kagami: "This is no time for inane questions Shimamura! The Beasts of Starmind are attacking, just where did you drag Bahamut Metallia off to?" (03:34:09): Kagami: "My own men can handle them without difficulty of course, but..."
frifreeman (03:34:26): Hikari: "Wha! Oh crap. Hang in there, Kagami!" (03:34:39): Suddenly an ominous portal opens behind the Scavengers, and from it large beasts appear.
Wyverncakes (03:34:55): Roy: "Another huge turtle?" (03:35:05): Crankcase (the one with a bashed in head): "What is it now? This day just keeps getting worse and worse..."
frifreeman (03:35:10): Hikari flips some switches to turn Metalia into combat mode. "Sorry guys, but we have important business." (03:35:12): Fulcrum: "Uhhh...." (03:35:22): Behind the Scavengers: (03:35:32):
Catoblepas (03:35:46):
frifreeman (03:36:18): Bahamut: "BEAST OF STARMIND!" It roars in anger (03:36:26): (Enemies: Cyclops x2, Catoblepas x3) (03:36:35): Init: Hikari, Asagi, Roy, Grimlock (03:36:39): Hikari and Asagi, go now. (03:37:32): The enemies are raising ominously behind the Scavengers who are a bit slow to react. You have moments to act before the Beasts attack you - and the ex-Decepticons as well, maybe!
frifreeman (03:37:51):
tengusaur (03:37:54): Asagi: "...I didn't expect them to appear so suddenly. Or, for the matter, right here!" Blue One takes off into the skies, trying to maneuver over the Decepticons and firing several bursts from its heavy machinegun towards one of the Catoblepases. (Catoblepi?) +
Wyverncakes (03:38:46): Roy:" Well it's gonna be their mistake!"
Wyverncakes (03:38:54): "'Cause we can kick their butts before they hurt anyone else!"
VJockey (03:39:23): "Beasts of Starmind are huge. Mean have huge guts. Rip and tear!" (03:39:38): The Catoblepas looks up. The machinegun rounds hit against its heavy armor... it releases steam from vents on its sides, and breathes corrosive gas towards the flying Blue One! (03:40:00): Spinister: "I knew it. You are trying something...!"
frifreeman (03:40:00): "Today is the day your invasion end!" Bahamut's twin hellbore cannon fires a stream of plasma toward the crowd of enemies.+ (03:40:08): Krok: "Not now, run for it!" (03:40:13): Fulcrum: "You don't have to tell me that twice!" (03:40:18): The Scavengers scatter to the sides.
tengusaur (03:41:15): Asagi: "I'm trying to save your skin, you morons!" Blue One spins away to the side, trying to circle around the monster in the air to avoid its dangerous emmissions. + (03:41:41): The Catoblepi form the first line of attack! They try to withstand the attack while from behind them... (03:42:24): A Cyclops roars, its hands pointing towards Metallia. The ammo belts on its arms start moving as its palms shoot out a swarm of high caliber bullets! React! (03:42:28): Roy and Grimlock can move as well.
Wyverncakes (03:43:41): # Hikari (will combine it with my action) (03:44:00): The cloud breathes by the catoblepas is corrosive, and everything in its path turns to miasma. However Blue One manages to evade the relatively slow moving attack. (03:44:06): However the corrosive cloud spreads around! (03:44:08): Approved Roy
tengusaur (03:45:19): Asagi: "Stay away from that cloud."
frifreeman (03:45:20): Hikari: "Defend everyone, Bahamut Megatanklia!" Bahamut simply stands it ground, with its energy shield put toward the incoming bullets +
Wyverncakes (03:45:20): "Don't worry Wonder girl! I've got your back and Bahamut Megatanklia's too!"
VJockey (03:45:30): *Grimlock, Swoop and Sludge charge in... no wait. Grimlock and Swoop leap onto the tail of a transforming Sludge who HURLS them at the Catoblepi! Swoop transforms, Spinning rapidly in the air to try funnel away the corrosive cloud from everyone while Grimlock seeks to land sword first on the larger enemy's head!+
tengusaur (03:45:30): Asagi: "I don't like the look of it."
VJockey (03:45:54): Swoop: "Will clear cloud! Not problem after that!"
Wyverncakes (03:46:12): * Wagner lets his rocket anchor get him to flank the freaky breath monster, before opening fire on it with explosive rounds!+
frifreeman (03:46:24): Bahamut: "My given codename is Bahamut Metalia."
Wyverncakes (03:46:43): Roy: "Well yeah... but like... codes are supposed to be secret."
Wyverncakes (03:46:51): "So your codename can use a codename!"
frifreeman (03:46:56): Hikari: "also you feels like a Bahamut Megatanklia"
frifreeman (03:47:07): Hikari: "Right, mister roy?"
Wyverncakes (03:47:28): "Right on! It's a name of your soul!" (03:48:07): Metalia's shields activate! The bullets bounce off against it, dealing no damage for now. (03:48:48): Enough for friendlies to move to counterstrike! The Wagner shoots at the damaged Catoblepas, and then Grimlock stabs it in the head! (03:48:58): However the remaining cow-like Beasts try to charge him now. (03:49:05): React! (03:49:23): Spinister: "There they are! The real baddies. You snuck up on me, die!" (03:49:34): The Scavengers try to help by opening fire on the Catoblepi. (03:50:00): Misfire: "Oh yeah! I've been practicing my aim, so it's time to say good-bye now." (03:50:04): Fulcrum: "Misfire, no!"
VJockey (03:50:05): [Scavengers... Opening fire-] (03:50:30): Their barrage is wildly inaccurate, with Misfire in particular firing closer to Roy than any of the enemies. (03:50:31): Roy react.
VJockey (03:51:04): [One can almost hear the groan of irritation from the Dinobot leader.]
Wyverncakes (03:51:34): * Wait, some of those shots were coming pretty- actually no! WAY too close to him! "What the heck man?!?" Wagner spins around, shield raised! "I'm on your side jerkwad!"
VJockey (03:52:07): "HIS AIM TERRIBLE!" (03:52:34): Misfire: "These jerks are too fast! Tell them to stay still and then we'll talk!"
tengusaur (03:52:39): Asagi: "To be fair, his name IS Misfire..." (03:53:18): The Wagner tanks the friendly fire incident, the shield taking the shots pretty well. (03:53:40): The other cyclops, the one that is not shooting, rises behind Roy, arms ready to claw at the Wagner!
frifreeman (03:53:52): Hikari nods "There must be an important lesson to be learned there, right Behemoth Megatalia?" (03:53:54): (No need for reacts, however...) (03:54:01): Hikari and Asagi go (03:54:11): also Bahamut is still under attack by the other Cyclops' machineguns
tengusaur (03:55:09): (how does the enemy list look?)
VJockey (03:55:15): *Grimlock transforms into Dinosaur mode and counter charges. Sure they're bigger than him... but he can get at their underbellies and bite and burn them open!+ (03:55:16): Catoblepas x2, Cyclops x2 (03:56:03): The two Beasts can't charge simultaneously - they get in each other's way, and Grimlock uses that fact to slip down under one of them.
frifreeman (03:56:09): Bahamut: "Hikari, mind the allies." (03:56:28): Its hooves hit his torso painfully, but he reaches its belly and rends it painfully. The underside is hot, very hot... you're not the only source of heat here!
Wyverncakes (03:56:41): "You mind your allies too!" Roy points at Misfire again, what with that Cyclops so close.
frifreeman (03:56:47): Hikari: "Yes! Tracking enemies now." Hikari lock into the cyclops with her eyes. "Burning needle missiles, launching!"
tengusaur (03:57:00): Asagi: "Behind you, Roy. Watch out!" Blue One descends towards the cyclops, quickly drawing its katana and slashing with it downwards as it lands - and them, on the ground, follows up with another, horizontal slash. + (03:57:01): (Which cyclops?)
tengusaur (03:57:32): (the one about to attack Wagner) (03:57:43): (I meant Hikari)
frifreeman (03:58:00): A bunch of micromissiles fires up from the hatches on top of Bahamut and home down toward both cyclops.+
tengusaur (03:58:02): (ah derp, that one then)
tengusaur (03:58:14): *Asagi: "Behind you, Hikari. Watch out!"
tengusaur (03:58:35): (ah I'm a moron, scratch that) (03:59:24): Asagi slices the Cyclops, making it take a step back as it roars in pain. It grabs at a chest wound... and lunges forward, trying to fire at point blank range before trying to grab Blue One, and bite into it! (03:59:25): React. (04:00:07): The micromissiles pummel both cyclopses, but the one that was shooting continues to do so! It pays no attention to a series of explosions on its body, and its hands almost rip open as the barrage intensifies! Hikari react. (04:00:28): Roy and Grimlock can act.
tengusaur (04:01:35): Asagi: "I won't let you do that so easily." Blue One raises its sword, trying to deflect a few of the shots with a combination of the katana's blade and his AHSMB's force field, while at the same time kicking away from the cyclops strongly. +
Wyverncakes (04:02:02): * Roy charges to finish off the Cyclops that Asagi's wounded. If it's grabbing and its wounds and Blue One like that, then Wagner's going to give its all to run is sword through the cyclops's eye!+
VJockey (04:04:17): *See. To Grimlock, the additional heat means he must fight fire with fire since liquid nitrogen was not available to cause weaponized thermal expansion. So he unleashes his firebreath at the Catobleplas he injured to cause it to cause it to overheat.+
frifreeman (04:05:33): Bahamut: "This is weird, Hikari. All we've fight are their foot soldiers. Where is their commander?" (04:05:50): Asagi deflects attacks from one side. The other hand grabs at Blue One, he kicks the enemy, whose head draws closer... (04:05:54): And Roy stabs through it. (04:06:06): The cyclops, its mouth still open, goes limp and lets go off the AHSMB.
Wyverncakes (04:06:36): Roy: "Bam."
frifreeman (04:06:48): Hikari: "Then let's thin up the foot soldiers before the commander appears!" (04:06:50): The Catoblepas' brass armor can't take it! The bull like Beast heats up... and explodes! (04:07:10): Unfortunately this means shrapnel flies off everywhere, including towards the one closest to it - which is you Grimlock. React!
tengusaur (04:08:27): Asagi: "Commander? You mean you expect mroe of them to appear?"
tengusaur (04:08:38): *more
frifreeman (04:09:30): Hikari: "You haven't fought them before, rabbit-nii-san?"
frifreeman (04:10:28): Hikari: "You might notice that the one we fight now are mindless machines. They're just foot soldier of the Beast of Starmind."
VJockey (04:10:34): *Grimlock is going to guard his vital areas. Admittedly he's a mite more durable in this form and his tiny t-rex arms can't protect much but hey, every bit counts.+
tengusaur (04:10:52): Asagi: "Well yes, but I thought maybe it was just a small force..."
frifreeman (04:10:57): Hikari: "They should be led by a commander, someone sentient, and chatty."
frifreeman (04:11:03): Bahamut: "Chatty is a good word"
tengusaur (04:11:14): Asagi: "...I really should;ve known better than to have my hopes up, shouldn't I." (04:11:19): When Grimlock stands up, the dinobot leader has shards of metal sticking out of himself.
Wyverncakes (04:11:23): Roy: "Well Miss Pennybags talked about the Beasts attacking earlier..."
Wyverncakes (04:11:36): "Maybe this was just a little branch of the tree, and we still got the trunk to burn down?"
frifreeman (04:12:30): Bahamut revvs its engine and moves toward the cyclops who keeps shooting, if it won't stop shooting by being shot at, maybe being ran at would stop it.+
VJockey (04:12:50): "Grimlock thought would be worse.."
frifreeman (04:12:53): Hikari: "Yes, where is Kagami anyway?"
VJockey (04:13:06): [Yeah this still hurts though.] (04:13:51): The shield on Bahamut Metalia is starting to break! It charges the enemy, but the bullets are hitting against the armor now. (04:14:21): Suddenly, the Cyclops roars, blinded! A shot from the forest below hits it in the eye! It grabs for its head - and Metalia crashes into it! (04:15:35): The last Catoblepas was circling around - but suddenly mobile suits appear from the woods. A group of Genoaces and Daughtresses immobilize it by throwing thick electrified nets. It tries to charge them... but trips! (04:15:44): You see a wire trap set up. (04:15:57): Kagami: "Right on time to save the day, wouldn't you say?" (04:16:08): The Tachibana mercenaries are here. (04:16:38): The units look somewhat beaten up, but the squad of various mass produced mobile suits looks pretty confident, as much as mobile suits can be.
tengusaur (04:16:57): Asagi: "Here they are! Much more reliable allies than Swindle's bodyguards." (04:17:01): (All enemies are down, except for the one catoblepas who is caught in nets anyway)
frifreeman (04:17:13): Hikari: "Of course they are! Kagami is my precious rival!" (04:17:22): Swindle: "They are not my bodyguards! That'd mean I pay them. Oh, is it over?" (04:17:40): Look who was hiding in his cave the whole time during the fight and only now comes out again.
frifreeman (04:17:45): Hikari: "Kagami, did you mee ttheir commander on your way here?"
frifreeman (04:17:49): *meet (04:18:13): Krok: "It's over? Remember to give us a bonus for saving your hide, Swindle." (04:18:29): Swindle: "I don't remember saying anything about..." (04:18:35): As the Cybertronians start to argue... (04:19:16): Kagami: "Shimamura-san, I will have you know that my force obliterated the enemy completely." (04:19:37): Kagami: "... But that was admittedly because their numbers were small. There didn't seem to be any leader either." (04:19:45): Kagami: "I thought you have taken care of it already?"
VJockey (04:19:58): "...If not taken care of it... where Leader."
VJockey (04:20:31): [Grimlock was reaching for one of the shards to pull them out, but immediately withdraws his attempt.] (04:20:33): Around you, more enemies warp in using the Beast of the Starmind portals!" (04:20:46): Was it a trap?!
frifreeman (04:20:52): Bahmut: "Hikari, prepare yourself! More of them coming!" (04:21:26): Enemies: Harpy x4, Centaur x5, Cyclops x2, Catoblepas x3 (one immobilized) (04:21:32):
tengusaur (04:21:54): Asagi: "More of those ones!" (04:21:56): Kagami: "Do not let them surround you! You know the drill, everyone!" (04:22:02): Hikari, Asagi, go (04:22:26): Flywheels: "I'm not scared! We can take them on too!" (04:22:37): The Scavenger transforms into a tank-like mode while saying that.
tengusaur (04:23:54): * Asagi takes off into the skies, firing several missiles into the direction of the harpies in order to scatter their formation - and among the resulting smoke he immediately charges in, Blue One cutting the closest enemy with a wide, cleaving strike of its katana! +
frifreeman (04:24:14): Hikari: "Bahamut, open a way out of this for everyone!"
frifreeman (04:24:21): Bahamut: "Understood."
frifreeman (04:25:35): Bahamut charges forward to one direction, its many infinite repeater fires countless ion bolts at enemy of opportunity, more to harass them rather than to damage or kill, so he can open a way out.+ (04:26:35): Asagi immediately reacts to the harpies in the air, taking care of half of them, the ion bolts keeping the enemy at bay! (04:26:38): Except... (04:26:41): something is wrong (04:27:00): Bahamut Metalia's turrets aim towards Blue One as well! (04:27:01): React!
tengusaur (04:28:49): Asagi: "...What?" He's surprised by this, but only for a second! Blue One spins around, dodging to the side and turning to face Bahamut simultaneously, trying to use its katana to deflect some of the blasts and make them go nowhere. "Hikari! Watch for friendly fire!" +
Wyverncakes (04:28:55): Roy: "What? Woah girl, no!"
frifreeman (04:29:27): Hikari: "No! I didn't aim there! Bahamut, was that you?" (04:29:53): The barrage is being blocked by Asagi - but one of the Harpies swoops and knocks Blue One down. Thanks to the shields, there is no serious damage yet... but that was very irresponsible! (04:29:58): Roy and Grimlock, go!
tengusaur (04:30:08): Asagi: "Gah!"
frifreeman (04:30:13): Bahamut: "Nn... no! I wasn't aiming there as well!"
Wyverncakes (04:31:08): "Then you've got worse aim than Blind-ironsi-"
Wyverncakes (04:31:17): Wait. Ironsights, blindsides.
Wyverncakes (04:31:21): That didn't work.
Wyverncakes (04:31:27): "You got worse aim than that guy!"
Wyverncakes (04:31:32): And Wagner points at Misfire.
VJockey (04:31:54): [Grimlock growls, one painful transformation back into robot mode and he's switching his optical systems through several spectrums, looking at Bahamut.]
Wyverncakes (04:32:29): * But as its gesturing, Wagner's hand cannon ejects from its right hand and is snatched up by the left, and he fires at one of the harpies.+ (04:32:47): Misfire: "That didn't happen before since the last time. Don't look at me!" (04:33:34): The Wagner fires at the harpy, bringing it down with several shots. However, the Centaurs circle around it now, getting closer while also firing their own beams. React!
tengusaur (04:34:17): Asagi: "Less arguing, more shooting the monsters. The general didn't even show up yet."
VJockey (04:36:16): *Admittedly for all Grimlock knew the Starmind creature might even be invisible. So what else is there to do than throw a few shots in random directions while he and his wingmen open fire on the Harpies?+ (04:37:10): The other Dinobots start firing at the Harpy (only one left).
Wyverncakes (04:37:18): * The Centaurs will find the Wagner an elusive foe as it springs away, shield covering its backside for protection.+ (04:37:26): But... Grimlock notices it. Some kind of unusual reaction on Bahamut's body. (04:37:39): Its missile pods open and micro missiles fire up at a tall arc. (04:37:51): Before falling down - towards the Dinobots, Grimlock included. React! (04:38:47): The Wagner manages to evade one blast, the shield protecting from the other while Roy gets out of harm's way. The charging centaur is tripped - a Genoace giving you a thumbs up as it stands up from a trap it just set up.
VJockey (04:39:13): *The Dinobots scatter. Grimlock takes advantage of the Debris on his body by ripping several of them out and hurling them at the micromissiles!+
Wyverncakes (04:39:15): Roy returns that thumbs-up full-force!
Wyverncakes (04:39:19): "I owe you one!"
VJockey (04:39:30): "Something on the tank!"
frifreeman (04:39:37): Hikari: "Bahamut! Stop that!" (04:39:54): Grimlock's unusual readout was not in the visible spectrum, but the electromagnetic one.
frifreeman (04:39:55): Bahamut: "I'm... I'm trying! My weapon system is not responding!"
tengusaur (04:40:11): Asagi: "Something wrong is going on..."
tengusaur (04:40:19): Asagi: "..." (04:40:36): Kagami: "Shimamura, what is the meaning of this?!"
tengusaur (04:40:43): Asagi: "Is the Beast of Starmind doing this?"
VJockey (04:40:45): "...SWINDLE. MAGNETIC BOMB! HAVE ONE OR NOT?!"
frifreeman (04:40:59): Hikari: "I don't know! Bahamut is not responding to me as well!"
Wyverncakes (04:41:02): Roy: "Wait, what?!"
frifreeman (04:41:36): Hikari: "Shouji, what's going on here?" (04:41:44): Swindle: "This one's extra!" He rummages the inside of the cave and throws an explosive towards Grimlock - but will you react in time?
frifreeman (04:41:55): Shouji replies from the base: "I'm running diagnostic now."
frifreeman (04:42:25): You can hear sound of super rapid fire typing from the commline. (04:42:55): ???: "Ha ha ha! Is that the best you can do?" (04:43:16): ???: "All your great power fell Beasts of the Starmind before. But now, what good is it for?" (04:43:21): A voice... is coming from inside Metalia!
tengusaur (04:43:33): Asagi: "...It's inside Bahamut."
VJockey (04:44:22): *Grimlock's probably going to be a bit slow to get the bomb with his injuries, and Sludge is ploddingly slow... so...
VJockey (04:44:29): "SWOOP!"
VJockey (04:45:43): The Pteradon Dinobot does as his name says and moves in to grab it! If he succeeds? That bomb is going to be hurled onto Bahamut!+
frifreeman (04:45:52): Shouji: "Hikari! Bahamut is infected by some sort of computer virus! It's taking control of his body now!"
VJockey (04:46:07): "Friendly Fire isn't. Sorry! Hope plan work!" (04:46:32): Bahamut Metallia is zapped and momentarily it seems as if the micro missiles are going dumb, falling off-course... (04:46:54): But a portion of them readjust themselves. The Dinobots are pummeled by a series of small explosions! (04:47:32): ???: "How primitive. You expect to force me out so easily? It is as good as banging the armor of Bahamut Metalia with a rock!" (04:47:59): Swindle: "... You still need to pay for that one, you realize this of course!"
Wyverncakes (04:48:39): Roy: "If you could get in, you can definitely get pulled out!"
VJockey (04:48:56): "Know that!"
frifreeman (04:50:55): Shouji :"I'm trying to reroute the processing system into secondary mainframe, but the virus is blocking all of my attempt!" You can hear even more rapid typing. You can imagine various kind of pop up windows popping on Shoji's computer screen now. "I'm setting up multiple firewalls now, but the virus keep changing its signature! This must be some kind of self-learning self-evolving computer virus!" (04:51:37): ???: "Yes. I am Plexippus, Beast of the Starmind." (04:51:59): Plexippus: "And I know well what you are, Bahamut Metalia. Or rather, that is the name humans chose for you."
frifreeman (04:52:16): Bahamut Metalia: "What do you mean, vile beast!?"
Wyverncakes (04:52:19): Roy: "He's got tons of names! And they're all awesome!" (04:52:25): Plexippus: "Enough talk. And now, YOUR ALLIES DIE!"
frifreeman (04:52:30): Bahamut: "Get out of there and fight with honor!" (04:52:53): Metalia's massive canons start moving, energy channeling inside them as they prepare to fire the main blast... (04:52:59): And aim straight towards Swindle and his lair.
tengusaur (04:53:05): Asagi: "Crap! How do we fight it?" (04:53:13): Swindle: "... May I interest you in an offer of a lifetime?" (04:53:19): Asagi, go now. (04:53:24): Also Hikari - if you can do anything!
frifreeman (04:53:26): Bahmut/Hikari: "NO!" (04:53:39): Bahamut Metalia is fully under Plexippus' control and counts as an enemy!
frifreeman (04:54:03): At the very last second Hikari and/or Bahamut apparently managed to regain control of the turret and aim it somewhere else! (04:54:11): Kagami: "What do we do?! Don't you have an emergency shutdown for this kind of thing?"
tengusaur (04:54:33): Asagi: "Tch... Sorry, Bahamut!" Blue One rushes in, trying to tackle Bahamut's turret and aim its cannon away somewhere else with physical force! +
frifreeman (04:54:37): Shouji: "We have! But none of it working!" (04:54:41): The Tachibana mercs are trying to move forward - but the centaurs are still there, not to mention other Beasts. The trapped Catoblepas is setting itself free, too.
VJockey (04:55:38): "DO IT MANUALLY THEN!" (04:55:54): Asagi moves in, desperately trying to change the turret's direction. The AHSMB pushes with all its might... (04:56:03): The guns swivel upward and fire! (04:56:12): Swindle: "Aaah! All the money I have yet to earn!" (04:56:29): The giant plasma blasts go above Swindle and burn out twin holes in the mountain behind him. (04:56:32): Swindle: "..." (04:56:48): Plexippus: "How did you!"
tengusaur (04:57:00): Asagi: "Don't just stand there! Help us!" (04:57:03): The turret moves again, the barrels of the cannons swinging, trying to club Blue One to death! (04:57:04): React. (04:57:07): Roy, Grimlock, go.
frifreeman (04:57:39): Bahamut:"...That was a miracle... but I'm not sure if that could happen again..."
tengusaur (04:58:25): * Asagi tries to hop over the flailing cannons and hold onto one of the barrels. Try to hit Blue One now! +
VJockey (04:58:44): *Sludge and Swoop move in to assist the Tachibana Mercs with close range bombardments and massively powerful tail sweeps on the Starmind Minions. Meanwhile Grimlock is trying to help Asagi by tackling those cannons!+ (04:58:57): The cannons are moving rapidly up and down. Blue One is not getting damage, but Asagi is having a wild ride. Hope your stomach feels well today!
frifreeman (04:59:22): Bahamut: "...there's no other choice. Incapacitate me. Hikari is deep inside my hull, even if you destroy my outer hull, Hikari should be safe..."
tengusaur (04:59:41): Asagi: "I'm starting to regret that idea..."
tengusaur (04:59:48): Asagi: "...Bahamut?" (05:00:03): Kagami: "You cannot be serious!"
VJockey (05:00:49): "Unless can cut out Starmind thing from Tank somehow, no other ideas!"
Wyverncakes (05:01:10): * Roy has Wagner charge at Metallia. "Maybe man, but we're not gonna let this creep make us kill you!" He instead opts to just stab his swords into the joints of one of the turrets. "Not gonna let him get anyone killed, not even you!"+ (05:01:19): The Centaurs are getting bombarded by the two Dinobots. Their ranks disrupted - the mobile suits follow up, some of them sniping from a distance while others raise shields to protect the former.
frifreeman (05:01:27): Bahamut: "What other choice do I have? I'm fully under cthe enemy's control. At this rate, I will be a massive danger to Hikari and all of you... no, toward this region as well!" (05:01:52): Also, suddenly an explosion near one of the Centaurs - not coming from the Dinobots. (05:02:07): Crankcase: "Now you're making me really angry. This sucks. You guys are the worst." (05:02:14): Misfire: "Alright! Bring another bomb!" (05:02:21): Fulcrum: "... Don't even look at me."
frifreeman (05:02:35): Hikari: "NO!" (05:02:51): The Scavengers are attacking the Beasts from the flank. However... (05:03:28): As Grimlock charges Bahamut Metalia, one of the Catoblepases tries to counter-charge him. And behind it, a Cyclops is already preparing its guns to fire. React! (05:03:38): Roy stabs at Bahamut.
frifreeman (05:04:09): Hikari: "I WON'T ALLOW YOU!" Hikari yells in anger. (05:04:13): The closest repeaters open up and fire at him to try to make the Wagner go away! (05:04:23): Plexippus: "Ah, I see now." (05:04:24): React Roy (05:04:36): Plexippus: "This kind of reaction... ha. Ha ha ha! This is rich!"
VJockey (05:04:41): *No time to stop the Charge.... Grimlock is going to use all his strength to try grab the incoming Bull Monster by the horns, lift it up and smash it on the Cyclops! If Optimus could lift a Megadeus, however damaged it was.... Grimlock could manage this!+ (05:04:57): Plexippus: "A connection with a human?" (05:05:08): Plexippus: "That one I didn't expect!" (05:05:20): Asagi go again. Hikari as well - if you can do anything. (05:06:32): The Catoblepas breaths corrosive air again. But Grimlock, even though his armor plates start to seriously hurt, thinks nothing of it.
frifreeman (05:06:49): Hikari: "Bahamut! You're our friend! I won't let any creepy beast o starmind take you away from us!" Hikari's eyes burn with fury and she concentrate all of her mental energy, her thought, all of her being and determination, to move Bahamut the other way." (05:06:52): With the ground underneath you crumbling, you lift up the bull like foe. Which is hit by the Cyclops' barrage - and then! Heave!
Wyverncakes (05:06:58): "You probably don't expect a lot, Hijack Jack!" (05:07:02): You throw it. The two Beasts collide with each other and fall in a heap. (05:07:12): The Cyclops is trapped undearneath the fallen beast. (05:07:19): But Grimlock is seriously injured now.
Wyverncakes (05:07:47): * The repeaters firing? Sure. Roy wrenches his swords free to expose as much of the cannon's interior to its fire before getting off Bahamut's top.+
Wyverncakes (05:08:04): "And that was really phoned in but I'm NOT apologizing for it!"
tengusaur (05:08:11): (enemy list?)
VJockey (05:08:12): "..Ngh... That... all... you... got..? Me Grimlock... strongest."
VJockey (05:08:24): [He says as he drops to one knee.] (05:08:46): Enemies: Catoblepas x2, Cyclops x2 (1 trapped and injured), Plexippus/Bahamut Metallia
tengusaur (05:08:54): Asagi: "Hikari, is there anything we can do to free Bahamut? Anything?" He finally gets thrown off the barrel, but it's a controlled maneuver - mid-air, Blue One spins around, drawing its beam cannon, and fires a few shots in the direction of the still-remaining beasts. + (05:09:03): The repeaters fire into Wagner mercilessly.
frifreeman (05:09:16): Shouji: "Yes, I guess so. Bahamut, you're not just a collection of code, ." Apparently Shouji stop typing. "Any other computer program won't be able to do that. But you're not just a computer program. you are our one and only giant tank friend, Bahamut Metalia. You can control your own body, Bahamut!" (05:09:17): However... they stop for a second, closing as the Bahamut seems to move. (05:09:29): Plexippus: "Friend?" (05:10:18): A deep, rumbling laughter comes from the hijacker virus Beast. (05:10:32): Plexippus: "What do you know of this so called Bahamut Metallia? Of its past?" (05:11:00): Plexippus: "Do you think your forcibly implanted link between human and machine is there for no reason? If it wasn't there - how would you call Bahamut Metalia? A friend?" (05:11:04): Plexippus: "Or... something else?" (05:11:42): Just where did Bahamut Metalia come from? It wasn't made on Earth. It was found...
frifreeman (05:12:03): Shouji:"..."
frifreeman (05:12:10): Bahamut: "..." (05:12:32): Kagami: "... Would you kindly stop this instant?" (05:12:51): Kagami: "Even if we are fighting for our lives, I trust better than to have our opponent besmirch the name of my own rival!" (05:13:42): Kagami: "How would we call Bahamut Metalia? Does it matter? This is the matter as it is, and that's how we call him! Or her. I was not sure... regardless!"
VJockey (05:14:22): "That Stupid. Tank Girl and Tank friends... Even me Grimlock can see that. Stop talking nonsense. Stupid Starmind Voice." (05:14:31): Kagami: "I do not know why Shimamura-san was chosen by Bahamut Metalia when I am obviously a far superior choice, but I will not let others question this decision!" (05:14:35): Kagami: "Do you understand?" (05:15:41): Kagami: "Do not listen to this nonsense, Shimamura! You are my rival, are you not?"
frifreeman (05:15:54): Hikari: "Yes!" (05:15:54): Kagami: "Or do you concede?!" (05:16:22): Plexippus: "Ridiculous! You blind yourselves on purpose! This is why humanity must perish!"
tengusaur (05:17:02): Asagi: "It's not blindness..." (05:17:06): Blue One fires the beam launcher - the cyclops under the catoblepas is engulfed by blue flame and destroyed, and so is another bull like foe next to it.
tengusaur (05:17:08): Asagi: "It's trust." (05:17:49): Bahamut Metalia's missile pods open again, all of them aiming their barrage towards the AHSMB. (05:17:57): Preparing for fire - and there won't be any magnetic bombs this time! (05:18:00): React, Asagi.
Wyverncakes (05:18:49): Roy: "You know, there's a ton of robots here who know more than a bit about feelings and giving a crap about stuff."
tengusaur (05:18:55): Asagi starts zooming around, trying to outrun the missiles - and as he does he, he pulls out his machinegun, laying down some suppression fire in an attempt to shoot them down. +
Wyverncakes (05:18:57): "You're like the only one here who doesn't!"
frifreeman (05:19:57): Hikari: "Hah, in your dream, Kagamin. I never doubted Bahamut for the slgihtest, ever. Does it matter what you did in the past, Bahamut? What matters is your feeling now. I understand why Professor gave you the neural link now. Not to rein you, but to make you sure that if something like this happen, there will be someone to help you! So that you can fight with all of your spirit, because you know we won't allow you to fall to the wrong hand! You want to protect everyone, don't you? Free yourself! YOU. ARE. BEHEMOTH METALALLOY!"
frifreeman (05:20:04): # (05:20:14): Approved
frifreeman (05:20:26): Bahamut: "The codename is Bahamut Metalia."
frifreeman (05:22:01): The missilepods fire
frifreeman (05:22:42): But they're not flying toward blue one, or any Unity Group members. They're flying toward the Catobeplas!+ (05:23:15): The Beast is pummeled by a giant swarm of indirect fire, and explodes - this time with no one close to it or getting hurt! (05:23:29): Plexippus: "What?! Impossible!" (05:23:51): Plexippus: "My control is absolute! My algorythms are unbreakable!" (05:23:58): Roy, Grimlock - go now. (05:24:07): Enemies: 1x cyclops
tengusaur (05:24:17): Asagi: "Not as unbreakable as you thought!"
VJockey (05:25:15): "Smart thing stupid. Nothing unbreakable."
frifreeman (05:25:29):
VJockey (05:26:44): *Grimlock's opening fire on the Cyclops with his twin-RPG gun, sending rockets at it while Swoop divebombs with missiles and fire breath and Sludge transforms to open fire with his Laser Pistol (though honestly to other Transformers its more like a laser RIFLE.)+
Wyverncakes (05:26:45): Roy: "You were banking on the wrong things, moron!"
Wyverncakes (05:26:57): And Roy-
Wyverncakes (05:27:35): * ... Well Grimlock and company look like they've got this handled. And Roy's already had enough friendly fire incidents today, thank you very much so no reason to risk it.+ (05:28:49): The last Cyclops is overwhelmed by firepower and destroyed. (05:28:57): You can see a few rounds flying all around above your heads though. (05:29:06): Misfire sometimes can't help himself. (05:29:13): Plexippus: "Enough!" (05:29:26): A barely visible cloud of nanomachines forms around Bahamut - no, escapes it! (05:30:23): Plexippus: "Your speeches about emotions and friendship... what a waste of time! Useless drivel! It won't last to the end of our war. You don't even remember, Bahamut Metalia, do you?" (05:30:39): Plexippus: "Your origin. Your allies will curse the day when it's revealed." (05:31:21): The nanomachines move towards the least damaged Catoblepas corpse - the nearby Centaur and Cyclops parts moving towards it, all fusing together in a mechanical, many limbed mess! (05:31:37): Plexippus: "Not that they are in risk of living to that day! Disappear!" (05:31:58): The Beast Plexippus spreads its arms, firing powerful beams in all directions! (05:32:00): Everyone react!
frifreeman (05:32:02): # (05:32:08): # who?
frifreeman (05:32:15): everyone (05:32:19): Approved. (05:32:39): Fulcrum: "Ah, no! Someone help!"
VJockey (05:33:24): #Scavengers? (05:33:33): Approved
frifreeman (05:33:46): The previously silent Bahamut Metalia, suddenly charges forward, right toward the chimeric monster, its energy shield shines at full capacity!+
VJockey (05:35:26): *See... the thing is that while these guys are Decepticons... they're just relatively harmless enough for the Dinobots to try to protect. Given that the nicer ones are here that probably helps too. Swoop swings in from above to grab Fulcrum up and try dodge through the beams, while Grimlock and Sludge rush in to grab the others and try haul them towards cover!+ (05:35:50): The beams go off flying - towards Bahamut Metalia's energy shield. They are powerful, but the shield holds, reinforced by a mysterious power! (05:35:58): Plexippus: "Wh..." (05:36:37): The barrage draws to a close as the Beast is knocked backwards by the charging giant tank. It crashes into the mountainside!
VJockey (05:36:50): "That happens a lot." (05:37:06): The Dinobot defense force manages to get the Scavengers out to safety - Bahamut had it handled, but now they won't get in the line of fire. (05:37:09): Everyone - go now!
frifreeman (05:37:24): Bahamut: "Sorry to worry all of you. I'm fully in control of all of my systems now."
VJockey (05:37:43): "Good. Kill Starmind Creature. Make sure doesn't control again." (05:37:48): Plexippus: "I know about your subroutines. The energy shields do not have specifications allowing for this performance!"
tengusaur (05:38:37): Asagi: "Good to hear that. And thanks to your action, h's wide open now!" Blue One lands on the ground, bracing its feet against it as its beam cannon charges up - and then it fires a focused blast right at Plexippus' form, aiming at the center of the mass! And then another one, a bit higher! + (05:39:16): Kagami: "You see an opening, don't you? All units, fire!"
frifreeman (05:39:27): Hikari: "Yeah Plexipus? Maybe your calculation doesn't take account of... " (05:39:31): The mercs spread around the creature and add to the barrage.
frifreeman (05:39:50): Hikari: "The power of friendship!"
Wyverncakes (05:40:04): * Roy has the Wagner's tendrils arc up, firing two beams at the Beast!+
frifreeman (05:41:03): Bahamut: "I was going to say overloading the transistors with overrided emergency backup powers, but I guess that works too, Hikari."
VJockey (05:41:16): *The Dinobots open fire at Plexippus from where they are, adding to the barrage. Grimlock does his best to make sure Misfire's aim is at the very least corrected from where he was if he tries shooting.+ (05:41:56): The form of the improvised Beast is falling apart, held only by Plexippus' nanomachines. (05:43:12): But even though Plexippus lost most of its mass, you targetted the body and not the nanomachines. Which are partially burned but try to slip away as a cloud that spreads.
frifreeman (05:44:44): Hikari: "We won't allow you to escape. You know what to do right Bahamut?"
frifreeman (05:44:50): Bahamut: "Right, Hikari."
frifreeman (05:45:32): Hikari/Bahamut: "BAHAMUT BEAAAAAAM!" With that shout the tank's twin hellbore cannon fires its massive plasma charge, burning everything on its path+ (05:46:40): Plexippus: "The truth... the truuuuuth!" (05:46:53): The cloud is consumed by the plasma blast, which drills another hole in the mountain. (05:47:02): And obliterates the Beast of the Starmind fully! (05:47:55): Flywheels: "We're still alive? ... Thank Primus! It's over!"
tengusaur (05:48:29): Asagi: "Is he dead? If there's some nanomachine dust left, he might still remain in it..."
frifreeman (05:48:41): Bahamut: "Well, let's make sure then."
frifreeman (05:49:12): Bahamut nonchalantly opens the top of his hull and something ires in parabolic arc
frifreeman (05:49:32): a fiery explosion engulf the area where Plexipuss was last seen. (05:49:32): Kagami: "Burn and melt down all the enemy remains to be sure." (05:49:44): Misfire: "No! My scrap!"
tengusaur (05:49:54): Asagi: "...I wouldn't want to be in Swindle's skin right now."
VJockey (05:50:22): "Still need go back, get information from him." (05:50:24): Swindle: "So, why are you here again? Other than completely ruining my business for five hundred mega-cycles..." (05:50:42): The Combaticon looks totally down on his luck and spirits. (05:50:54): Also, the holes burned in the mountain? They went through his hideout. (05:51:02): He probably realizes exactly how much equipment has been lost by now. (05:51:06): MISSION COMPLETE
frifreeman (05:51:18): Shouji: "I wouldn't worry about that too much, guys. If anyone try to do the same thing, I bet Hikari and Bahamut can easily purge them now since now they know how to do it, right?"
tengusaur (05:51:24): Asagi: "Well. We actually came here to get information from you."
tengusaur (05:51:32): Asagi: "And Bahamut..."
tengusaur (05:51:50): Asagi: "What was the enemy general talking about? Who are you exactly?"
frifreeman (05:51:51): Hikari: "Hmm yes, it's like moving your ears actually. At first it seems impossible, but after you did it once, you just know how to do it."