wyverncakes 8:05 pm
(8:05:11 PM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
(8:06:04 PM): The preparations were finally made to deal with The One Who Waits.
wyverncakes 8:07 pm
(8:07:15 PM): Your shuttle heads north, to a mountainous region in Greenland, with both Lagardia and the keys her Court and the Unity Group fought over being brought along for the ride.
(8:07:58 PM): The Melancholy Emerald seems... anxious but determined. Even if you four aren't the ones she had intended to confront the monster alongside.
(8:09:02 PM): Lagardia: "There won't be much time after I release the seal. But we will have to do everything to kill it before it escapes... or worse, regains its immortality."
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 8:09 pm
(8:09:27 PM): Dido swallows audibly. "What would…immortality regainning entail?" She asks.
VJockey 8:09 pm
(8:09:54 PM): "Pretty sure that means 'now impossible to kill' "
(8:10:02 PM): "Followed by untold suffering."
wyverncakes 8:10 pm
(8:10:21 PM): Lagardia: "My father's mistake believing it could grant him power to protect his lvoed ones brought ruin to his people."
(8:10:33 PM): "It won't be much different for humanity."
wyverncakes 8:11 pm
(8:11:37 PM): ^loved
cubey@aol.pl 8:11 pm
(8:11:43 PM): Sielje: "We must slay the beast. There is little hope otherwise. It must be done."
(8:12:20 PM): She sounds determined, hoping to gain confidence from her own words.
wyverncakes 8:12 pm
(8:12:23 PM): With that note, the shuttle nears its destination, a region known to some of its citizens and paranormal experts as "the Bermuda Triangle of Greenland".
arachnion01@gmail.com 8:12 pm
(8:12:27 PM): Jen: "I'm not big on the untold suffering thing, and all."
cubey@aol.pl 8:12 pm
(8:12:32 PM): The Ankaian knight glances at her Arm.
VJockey 8:12 pm
(8:12:41 PM): "....."
cubey@aol.pl 8:12 pm
(8:12:59 PM): Sielje: "This is when it will be known..."
VJockey 8:13 pm
(8:13:03 PM): [Yeah, the whole area being where an eldritch beast was locked away? Kind of a big deal for Calvin.]
wyverncakes 8:13 pm
(8:13:31 PM): Shuttle Pilot: "That's the spot, right?" He points to a random location near one mountain face, interchangable with any of the others you've seen for who knows how long.
cubey@aol.pl 8:13 pm
(8:13:44 PM): Sielje: "I will not falter and fight to the end. Please watch me."
wyverncakes 8:13 pm
(8:13:51 PM): Lagardia: "Absolutely. Get ready to land. I'll... prepare the keys."
cubey@aol.pl 8:14 pm
(8:14:11 PM): She quickly moves towards the Arm, which seems to have a new weapon lying in wait near the sword.
wyverncakes 8:15 pm
(8:15:25 PM): The shuttle moves in for a landing near the mountain, Lagardia the first of you to exit with each of the artifacts in-hand.
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 8:15 pm
(8:15:36 PM): Dido breathes slowly, settling herself for the fight. "If one of those zombies bone spikes hits our mechs…we'll have to dig them out quickly. Freaking cauterize our mechs. Everyone ready for that?"
VJockey 8:15 pm
(8:15:53 PM): [Calvin's quickly going to run to his Genoace and start it up, carefully testing its arms before getting it moving. Rifle in hand he's carefully scanning the area.]
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 8:15 pm
(8:15:56 PM): She doesn't mention the possibility of one of the group being completely taken over.
VJockey 8:16 pm
(8:16:01 PM): "Or we could just not get hit..."
wyverncakes 8:16 pm
(8:16:12 PM): Lagardia: "It's here... the seal is reacting to the keys."
cubey@aol.pl 8:16 pm
(8:16:17 PM): Sielje: "I hear of what this monster can do. I... stand ready."
wyverncakes 8:17 pm
(8:17:09 PM): Holding up a rusty but golden curved blade up, the cliff face seemed to vibrate, rocks starting to fall away. "The Key of Spectacle!"
arachnion01@gmail.com 8:17 pm
(8:17:50 PM): Nemain draws its spear.
wyverncakes 8:18 pm
(8:18:12 PM): An unseen force wrenched the weapon from her hands, pulling it against the cliff face. She was already reaching for the second, a small flask of sorts. "The Key of Ressurection!"
cubey@aol.pl 8:19 pm
(8:19:15 PM): The Knight's Arm stands ready. Sielje draws a long spear and a shield, the beasthide cloak thrown over it for an extra layer of protection as the Ankaian unit takes on a defensive pose.
wyverncakes 8:19 pm
(8:19:22 PM): The same process repeated itself again. And then again and again as she continued offering the keys. Each one helped draw the outline of a doorway into the mountain, more and more rocks falling away.
(8:19:33 PM): But at the seventh...
wyverncakes 8:20 pm
(8:20:16 PM): "The Key of Sorrow!" Lagardia held up a broken sword's hilt... but as it was drawn towards the cliff an explosion suddenly shakes your footing!
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 8:20 pm
(8:20:19 PM): Dido fires a group of Arc Thorns, studing them in a circle around the stone by the gateway. If she's quick, she can zap the One as it comes through.
wyverncakes 8:20 pm
(8:20:22 PM): Rocks fall!
(8:20:48 PM): Nobody dies, fortunately... but with a cry Lagardia has to dive for cover, being knocked away from the remaining two keys!
cubey@aol.pl 8:21 pm
(8:21:01 PM): Sielje: "Wh-what?!"
wyverncakes 8:21 pm
(8:21:13 PM): Lagardia: "What's happening?"
(8:21:27 PM): She turns, Firefly blades in hand as figures begin to rise up from the snow.
VJockey 8:21 pm
(8:21:34 PM): "Aw hell... We got company."
wyverncakes 8:21 pm
(8:21:35 PM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BX5NznUBsXw
(8:22:01 PM): Lagardia: "... This... is a mockery!"
wyverncakes 8:22 pm
(8:22:59 PM): Mish-mash patchwork forms of the Court's Swordsman and Marksman mooks rise up.
(8:23:56 PM): Older, heavier-looking versions of the Guardsmen's spears and swords are being dragged along, but those closest to you accelerate to a charge!
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 8:24 pm
(8:24:16 PM): Dido: "Fudge-Skittles!" She turns around and levels ShelLancer's spear!
cubey@aol.pl 8:24 pm
(8:24:16 PM): Sielje: "Prepare yourselves. This is an ambush!"
wyverncakes 8:24 pm
(8:24:28 PM): Spears are hurled, igniting in mid-air, exploding as they crash into the ground and the mountainside!
VJockey 8:24 pm
(8:24:41 PM): "Lagardia. Get back to the keys. We'll watch your back-!"
wyverncakes 8:24 pm
(8:24:50 PM): Lagardia: "The Old Guard... being twisted and defending The One Who Waits..."
VJockey 8:24 pm
(8:24:55 PM): [Assuming they don't get killed first...]
wyverncakes 8:25 pm
(8:25:02 PM): (Also, reveryone react to the thrown projectiles)
(8:25:36 PM): Lagardia: "Stop them as quickly as you can. If an avalanche blocks the door, we won't reach The One Who Waits in time!"
cubey@aol.pl 8:26 pm
(8:26:00 PM): "Yes!"
wyverncakes 8:26 pm
(8:26:14 PM): (Enemies: The Old Guard x 20)
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 8:26 pm
(8:26:17 PM): *As for Dido, ShelLancer darts to the side with a Shell-Boost, turning its shoulder shield to absorb any stray flak!+
VJockey 8:26 pm
(8:26:25 PM): *The Genoace's boosters flare to life as it kicks away from the ground and does its best to manuever out of the way of the exploding spears!+
wyverncakes 8:26 pm
(8:26:34 PM): (Initiative: Sielje, Dido, Jen, Calvin)
cubey@aol.pl 8:26 pm
(8:26:37 PM): *The Knight's Arm steps forward, Sielje rising the shield and hiding behind it. The mobile suit grade metal is decent protection of its own - but her cloak rests on it, providing an extra layer of protection as she tries to intercept spears going not just for her, but others!+
arachnion01@gmail.com 8:27 pm
(8:27:06 PM): *Nemain jukes from side to side, using its spear to parry anything that gets too close.+
wyverncakes 8:28 pm
(8:28:14 PM): [Calvin and Jen] Your evasive maneuvers keep you from taking any serious hits.
wyverncakes 8:29 pm
(8:29:59 PM): [Dido and Sielje] ShelLancer takes a few glancing blows, the blasts knocking the machine off-balance but you're still good. The Knight's Arm similarly has its Beasthide Cloak tested by the projectiles, your shield working well in tandem with it though the shockwaves from the blasts leave your Arm staggered. Still, now you're in prime position to strike back!
(8:30:08 PM): (Sielje and Dido, go)
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cubey@aol.pl 8:32 pm
(8:32:20 PM): Sielje: "Ugh...!"
VJockey 8:32 pm
(8:32:51 PM): "Too close...."
cubey@aol.pl 8:33 pm
(8:33:06 PM): *The Arm stumbles back a step or two, but quickly recovers and continues the charge forward! Its shield is still raised, but the spear attacks - Sielje spins it overhead and slams the closest Old Guard with the back side of it.
(8:33:55 PM): *Followed by a mighty backhand with the Genoace shield! A shield which now holds hastily drawn insignia, an emblem of a hammer and a strange looking key.+
cubey@aol.pl 8:34 pm
(8:34:23 PM): Sielje: "The foes are many... I will not give up!"
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 8:35 pm
(8:35:14 PM): *Dido fires a barrage of Arc Thorns at the ground between the advancing zombie Old Guard at our heroes, then aims her Lance. "Lance Shock, Charging!" Lightning zips out two the field of Thorns, turning it into an electrified minefield as the Old Guard walks into it! "You cannot pass!" Dido shouts. "And you sure as hell can't collected 200 bucks!"+
wyverncakes 8:37 pm
(8:37:15 PM): [Sielje] The Guard machine stumbles backwards from the spear blow, and the shield smashes into its head and knocks it clean off. Centuries without maintenance have not done these machines any good, but it still swings its sword at you with vicious force behind it!
(8:37:18 PM): (React: Sielje)
VJockey 8:38 pm
(8:38:20 PM): #Sielje?
wyverncakes 8:38 pm
(8:38:24 PM): (Go for it)
cubey@aol.pl 8:38 pm
(8:38:33 PM): (Don't worry about it)
VJockey 8:38 pm
(8:38:42 PM): (okay, withdrawing support)
wyverncakes 8:38 pm
(8:38:47 PM): [Dido] Lightning arcs out, frying two of the Old Guard before the others stop... for a few moments to hurl even more spears at the ShelLancer instead.
(8:38:49 PM): (React: Dido)
(8:38:55 PM): (Calvin and Jen can act now though)
cubey@aol.pl 8:38 pm
(8:38:57 PM): Sielje: "Sansone and Faolan's Shop of Machines..."
cubey@aol.pl 8:39 pm
(8:39:37 PM): Sielje: "The name is lost to time and ruin, just as its owners. It is the same as you, old warriors. But..."
VJockey 8:39 pm
(8:39:59 PM): *Hard to blind what is already dead... so his favorite tactics are right out... still though... if Sielje's attack showed him anything.
(8:40:05 PM): "Aim for their joints!"
cubey@aol.pl 8:40 pm
(8:40:19 PM): *The shield still holds high, Sielje determined to keep it that way for at least a few more moments - for the spear to spin again, and stab downwards... but something starts to happen with it.
VJockey 8:40 pm
(8:40:45 PM): Its that there's a weakness to take full advantage of as he lays down careful rifleshots at arms and legs to stymie the attacks from the Old Guard+
cubey@aol.pl 8:40 pm
(8:40:49 PM): Sielje: "I will not let those names be forgotten! It is Sielje you are fighting! The human Sielje - and their daughter!"
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 8:40 pm
(8:40:53 PM): *Are the spears metal! There's no time to check, as Dido tries a new trick! Turning ShelLancer's waist, Dido fires off another Lance Shock that'll hopefully leap to and detonate the explosive spears prematurely!+
cubey@aol.pl 8:41 pm
(8:41:20 PM): *Suddenly flames burst from the tip of the spear as the whole weapon accelerates, held in the unit's grip. It almost shoots out towards the enemy in a barely controlled fashion... and explodes.+
wyverncakes 8:44 pm
(8:44:28 PM): [Sielje] The literal-boomstick erupts into the Old Guard, blowing it away. "Barely controlled" is right though, the pulse of the shock knocking the Knight's Arm over! At least it's not damaged.
cubey@aol.pl 8:44 pm
(8:44:51 PM): Sielje: "Ah...! I did it!"
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 8:45 pm
(8:45:46 PM): Dido: "Whoah…was that a rocket driver?"
wyverncakes 8:45 pm
(8:45:47 PM): [Dido] Your lightning arcs up into the spears, but whatever mechanism their explosions are based on doesn't get triggered easily. Several of the projectiles are blown away, but others still land around you, the blasts rocking the ShelLancer.
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 8:46 pm
(8:46:39 PM): "Keh!" Dido curses. "Alright…change tactics," she self-chides.
wyverncakes 8:47 pm
(8:47:03 PM): [Calvin] Your shots blast through arms and legs of the Old Guard, many of them falling to the ground or losing their weapons. They still crawl or move towards you with all their strength and speed though, and one intact Guard springs up in the air, slashing down with his sword in a two-handed strike!
(8:47:06 PM): (React: Calvin)
VJockey 8:48 pm
(8:48:24 PM): *The answer was to quickly backpedal while letting loose with up close shoulder vulcan fire! Hopefully he can disrupt the swing by reducing this Old Guard's arms to junk!+
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 8:48 pm
(8:48:41 PM): #Calvin?
wyverncakes 8:49 pm
(8:49:23 PM): (Think he has this)
arachnion01@gmail.com 8:49 pm
(8:49:34 PM): *Jen: "Alright then..." Nemain takes its rifle in its left hand, and fires controlled bursts at the various Old Guard units. "...Kind of a good omen they're here, though." +
wyverncakes 8:50 pm
(8:50:42 PM): [Jen] WIth a number of the Old Guard already worn down by Calvin, Jen has an easy time of handling this wave of them.
(8:51:29 PM): [Calvin] And Calvin himself turns the Guard attacking him into so much scrap, what little of it remaining plinking off his Genoace's frame.
(8:51:33 PM): Behind you-
(8:51:39 PM): "The Key of Sorrow!"
(8:52:16 PM): This time the unlocking procedure goes properly, Lagardia already dashing and skirting through the snowbanks to find the last of the keys.
(8:52:27 PM): "Only one more, please just a little more time!"
(8:52:40 PM): (Sielje and Dido, go again)
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 8:52 pm
(8:52:42 PM): A thought occurs to Dido. "Lagardia," she says over the general comm line. "Are you super sure that awakening the One Who Waits is a good idea? What if–"
wyverncakes 8:53 pm
(8:53:13 PM): (Enemies: Old Guard x 13)
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 8:53 pm
(8:53:17 PM): She coughs and continues. "What if these undying Old Guard aren't under the control of the One Who Waits?"
(8:53:42 PM): "What if, in their own way, they're trying to protect the world from it?"
cubey@aol.pl 8:53 pm
(8:53:49 PM): Sielje: "Yes! If they challenge us, it means we are a threat to their plans."
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 8:55 pm
(8:55:00 PM): *Dido's words aside, she advances towards some of the Old Guard and slams down on her panic button. "Shell, Flak, Firing!" The nearest zombie Guards get scorched by razor shrapnel!+
wyverncakes 8:55 pm
(8:55:00 PM): Lagardia: "They came with the Ebon King and the Lady of Flame, my mother and father, in an attempt to slay The One Who Waits. For them to act like this, they've fallen under its control."
(8:55:29 PM): "The One Who Waits will awaken even without lifting the seal anyways- ah, where is the key?"
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 8:56 pm
(8:56:19 PM): "How do you know that the One Who Waits will awaken?" Dido asks. "I'm not backing out of this plan or anything: I just wanna get the facts straight."
arachnion01@gmail.com 8:57 pm
(8:57:02 PM): Jen: "Dido, shut up and kill something."
VJockey 8:57 pm
(8:57:42 PM): "Dido, you're overthinking right now!"
cubey@aol.pl 8:57 pm
(8:57:58 PM): Sielje: "Mmm..."
wyverncakes 8:58 pm
(8:58:04 PM): [Dido] The sharpnel gores three more Old Guard, but others still take the chance to charge the ShelLancer. Swords cut through the snow, swinging up into vertical slashes to cut through the machine's legs!
(8:58:09 PM): (React: Dido)
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 9:00 pm
(9:00:13 PM): *Dido groans loudly. "Oh, c'mon, guys! There's nothing wrong with getting your facts straight!" ShelLancer triggers Shell-Boost and zips backwards to avoid the slashes. Then It grasps it spear in two hands and charges forward, slamming the flat of its weapon into the rising blades…then electrifying them!+
cubey@aol.pl 9:00 pm
(9:00:32 PM): *The Arm quickly stood up. Sielje engages the enemy, not by rushing forward but by gaining ground with solid steps, drawing her sword while being mindful of the enemies' position...&
(9:01:40 PM): Sielje: "It is only belief we have now. In the end - all we have is the Melancholy Emerald's sense of honor, and belief that there is truth to her words."
wyverncakes 9:02 pm
(9:02:42 PM): [Dido] The Old Guard's blades narrowly scrape the ShelLancer's legs as it gets away in time, but as you charge right back in they deliver follow-up attacks. Your spear stops one of them, but the other stabs into the Lancer's leg to widen the wound. Your electrical shocks fry them both shortly thereafter.
wyverncakes 9:05 pm
(9:05:27 PM): [Sielje] There are Old Guard in front of you, and several to the sides breaking off from the attack on Dido. And others still crippled and crawling on the ground as well. The last group of them are the ones that attack first, suddenly diving up in the air and trying to crush you under their very bodies!
(9:05:31 PM): (React/continue: Sielje)
cubey@aol.pl 9:06 pm
(9:06:26 PM): Sielje: "No, I think not."
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 9:06 pm
(9:06:46 PM): "Guh!" Dido curses at the blinking red damage readouts. "You should know full well, Sieljie; people with honor and good hearts can still be misled. That's why I'm asking you one last time, Lagardia; are you sure this is the right move?"
(9:06:55 PM): #Sieljie?
wyverncakes 9:07 pm
(9:07:03 PM): (Approved)
wyverncakes 9:07 pm
(9:07:41 PM): "The Key of Fear!"
cubey@aol.pl 9:07 pm
(9:07:51 PM): *The Arm leaps back from the landing spot - the blade spinning mid air as it delivers a wide whirlwind slash while making a landing of its own. A landing near the retreating enemies that attacked Dido earlier.+
(9:08:05 PM): Sielje: "The path is open! ... I think!"
wyverncakes 9:08 pm
(9:08:16 PM): Behind you, the final key is applied, the ground rumbling more as an expansive doorway opens up into the mountain.
VJockey 9:08 pm
(9:08:41 PM): "This is it!"
wyverncakes 9:09 pm
(9:09:08 PM): Lagardia: "It is the right choice."
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 9:09 pm
(9:09:13 PM): *"Shell-Boost!" Dido crouches and charges with ShelLancer, tackling the dive-bombing enemies with a shoulder plate, aiming to smash through them!+
wyverncakes 9:09 pm
(9:09:24 PM): "The One Who Waits' seal is separate from its slumber."
wyverncakes 9:09 pm
(9:09:53 PM): "And I do not appreciate that you chose now of all times to question this."
arachnion01@gmail.com 9:09 pm
(9:09:55 PM): Jen: "So now for the hard part."
wyverncakes 9:10 pm
(9:10:17 PM): There are still more mooks to deal with, but...
(9:11:12 PM): ... Wait, in fact.
(9:11:15 PM): A lot more mooks.
(9:11:41 PM): With the seal's removal, even more of the Old Guard rise up from further in the snow.
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 9:11 pm
(9:11:47 PM): Dido grunts. "It's not about whether I'm sure," she says. "It's whether you're sure, Lagardia. Either way, the die is cast…I hope you don't regret this."
cubey@aol.pl 9:12 pm
(9:12:07 PM): Sielje: "It seems they will not let us pass so easily!"
wyverncakes 9:13 pm
(9:13:13 PM): And along with them, mishappen beasts emerge, howling out loudly.
(9:13:33 PM): Lagardia: "Even more... and the ancestors of our beasts..."
arachnion01@gmail.com 9:14 pm
(9:14:00 PM): Jen: "Alright...that's more in line with what I expected...wait, are these some kind of super-version of your guys?"
wyverncakes 9:15 pm
(9:15:01 PM): [Dido and Sielje] You fall back to an open area and the ShelLancer smashes through the attacking Old Guard, but there are more coming, some climbing atop their mounts.
VJockey 9:15 pm
(9:15:39 PM): "Remember back with the Nazis they had a bunch of those things, only less messed up?"
wyverncakes 9:15 pm
(9:15:46 PM): Lagardia: "Not 'super', but old. And from a higher point in my people's history..."
(9:15:55 PM): "The One Who Waits is trying to stall."
VJockey 9:16 pm
(9:16:19 PM): "...Then we'd better hurry up."
arachnion01@gmail.com 9:16 pm
(9:16:44 PM): Jen: "That's basically super. Important point! I'm gonna get my ass kicked."
wyverncakes 9:16 pm
(9:16:52 PM): (Enemies: Old Guard x 30, Old Beasts x 25)
cubey@aol.pl 9:16 pm
(9:16:57 PM): Sielje: "Shall we guard the back?"
cubey@aol.pl 9:17 pm
(9:17:10 PM): Sielje: "... The foes are many..."
wyverncakes 9:18 pm
(9:18:31 PM): Lagardia: "... And if we all try to fight The One Who Waits, our backs will be to them."
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 9:18 pm
(9:18:43 PM): *Dido clenches her teeth. "If that's the case…the more mobile units should go tackle the One. Us tanky fellows should…well, tank."
wyverncakes 9:19 pm
(9:19:02 PM): For a moment Lagardia hesitates.
wyverncakes 9:20 pm
(9:20:23 PM): But then, very slowly... her grip tightens on her blades, and then she turns and quickly runs into the cave. "... I ams orry, but this fight must be mine!"
(9:20:26 PM): ^sorry
VJockey 9:21 pm
(9:21:53 PM): "Lagardia wait-!"
wyverncakes 9:22 pm
(9:22:19 PM): Your moment of distraction catches you at a bad time Calvin!
VJockey 9:22 pm
(9:22:28 PM): [Damnit this isn't good! Going in half cocked like that meant-]
wyverncakes 9:22 pm
(9:22:42 PM): One of the Old Beasts charges, snarling and rising up to slash your machine to shreds with a claw!
cubey@aol.pl 9:22 pm
(9:22:46 PM): Sielje: "Ah! Do not split up!"
wyverncakes 9:22 pm
(9:22:49 PM): (React and also take your turn. Jen can also act)
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 9:22 pm
(9:22:50 PM): #Calvin?
wyverncakes 9:23 pm
(9:23:07 PM): (Gonna nix it since you already did a support this turn)
VJockey 9:26 pm
(9:26:32 PM): *Calvin does his best to have his Genoace roll away as he launches a few flares into the beast's face! And since it was nice enough to rise up?... He launched a few actual missiles into its gut.+
arachnion01@gmail.com 9:28 pm
(9:28:27 PM): *Jen: "Lagardia! Wait up!" Danger aside, Nemain charges after the Melancholy Emerald-and right towards one of the quadrapedal beasts. With a jump and a thrust, she forces her spear into its face, then rips it out and tries to keep running.+
wyverncakes 9:29 pm
(9:29:35 PM): [Calvin] Your blinding flares make the creature roar in annoyance, and the missiles make those roars of pain instead as it's blown backwards. More beasts and knights charge at your flanks while you're distracted though!
(9:29:38 PM): (React: Calvin)
cubey@aol.pl 9:30 pm
(9:30:11 PM): # Calvin
wyverncakes 9:30 pm
(9:30:16 PM): (Approved
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 9:30 pm
(9:30:18 PM): "Damn!" Dido curses. "Calvin, you and Jen get after Lagardia before she does something stupid!"
cubey@aol.pl 9:30 pm
(9:30:34 PM): Sielje: "I will protect you!"
wyverncakes 9:30 pm
(9:30:46 PM): [Jen] Nemain's spear plunges into the monster's face, but as you try to wrench the weapon free the creature brings a clawed hand up, gripping the weapon and pulling you in to try to tear you apart with its other hand!
(9:30:48 PM): (React: Jen)
cubey@aol.pl 9:30 pm
(9:30:58 PM): *The Arm moves towards Calvin's exposed flank, parrying and blocking with the shield.+
VJockey 9:32 pm
(9:32:02 PM): *Calvin launches a few more flares to force his attackers whom he was facing to back off now that Sielje has him covered. Letting out a few shots aiming to cripple his assailants he quickly moves after Lagardia as well!+
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 9:32 pm
(9:32:05 PM): #Jen?
wyverncakes 9:33 pm
(9:33:40 PM): (Sorry, too far away.)
arachnion01@gmail.com 9:33 pm
(9:33:42 PM): *Jen: "Slow!" Still pulling on her spear with the one hand, her other pre-empts the enemy claw, going straight for the palm of the monster's hand with a plasma fist.+
wyverncakes 9:35 pm
(9:35:19 PM): [Jen, Sielje, and Calvin] Beasts and Guardsmen are driven back from the Knight's Arm and Genoace, more flares and shots working to thin out the ranks. Jen's own twisted brofist moment ruin's the monster's hand just as her spear tears free of the Beast and kills it for good.
cubey@aol.pl 9:35 pm
(9:35:57 PM): Sielje: "We need to move in... while not losing sight of the enemies."
wyverncakes 9:35 pm
(9:35:58 PM): The way's clear for the Nemain, but the rest of you are too far away and there's too many mooks too close to worry about getting to the entrance in time.
(9:36:15 PM): ???: "We'll take care of that."
cubey@aol.pl 9:36 pm
(9:36:18 PM): She doesn't like the odds of it. Every moment is time wasted, but if they charge recklessly after Lagardia then...
(9:36:22 PM): Sielje: "... Ah?"
wyverncakes 9:37 pm
(9:37:39 PM): Large plumes of fire come crashing down onto the battlefield, and along with it DODS Gun shots and chaingun shots tearing into their ranks.
(9:37:43 PM): The way for you four is clear!
(9:38:37 PM): And the assistance comes from a slew of Genoaces, accompanied by a single A-10 Thunderbolt II and Graeme himself!
(9:39:21 PM): Genoace pilot: "Been a long time, sir."
(9:39:29 PM): "Didn't think we'd miss out on this, did you?"
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 9:39 pm
(9:39:34 PM): Dido whistles in relief. "Alright!"
VJockey 9:39 pm
(9:39:43 PM): "Luther!... Hah... glad you managed to make it."
wyverncakes 9:40 pm
(9:40:12 PM): Graeme: "Fighting The One Who Waits in my current shape would be unfortunately suicidal."
arachnion01@gmail.com 9:40 pm
(9:40:21 PM): Jen rips her spear free, flicking the remnants of monster goop off it. "-Damnnit. I thought you told people not to send help!"
wyverncakes 9:40 pm
(9:40:41 PM): "But we should be more than a match for the hollowed-out remains of the Old Guard."
cubey@aol.pl 9:40 pm
(9:40:46 PM): Sielje: "Yet here they are anyway..."
wyverncakes 9:40 pm
(9:40:55 PM): "Please... find Lagardia. Help her kill the One Who Waits."
arachnion01@gmail.com 9:41 pm
(9:41:16 PM): Jen: "If any of you people turn evil I'm killing you extra hard, okay?!"
cubey@aol.pl 9:41 pm
(9:41:25 PM): Sielje: "I... will not lie and pretend as if I could fight here all by myself."
(9:41:34 PM): Sielje: "Make sure to survive!"
VJockey 9:41 pm
(9:41:54 PM): "I said so... but looks like help came anyway. But..."
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 9:41 pm
(9:41:59 PM): Dido: "Will do, Graeme." She hesitates. "…feel free to use my Arc Thorn minefield. Us lightning masters should stick together, right?"
VJockey 9:42 pm
(9:42:09 PM): "I guess the problem would be if they followed us in."
(9:42:50 PM): [With nothing more for it... Into the gate then... and off to certain death.]
wyverncakes 9:43 pm
(9:43:47 PM): As you enter the cave, you find it leads down at a steep angle... with the trail leading off into darkness.
cubey@aol.pl 9:44 pm
(9:44:02 PM): Sielje: "Jen, everyone... let us go."
(9:44:17 PM): She gives the battlefield a final glance - before quickly running inside.
wyverncakes 9:44 pm
(9:44:33 PM): There's the faint sounds of battlecries and swords clashing, but they quickly die away.
(9:44:45 PM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTmdkMRaPUE
arachnion01@gmail.com 9:45 pm
(9:45:10 PM): Jen takes point, quickly moving down the trail. "Damnit, Lagardia..."
wyverncakes 9:46 pm
(9:46:12 PM): Before long the path begins to open up into what looks to be a much larger passageway, but the angle makes it hard it you can see-
(9:46:50 PM): Another furious scream from Lagardia echoes through it to you.!
cubey@aol.pl 9:47 pm
(9:47:08 PM): Sielje: "..." The Knight's Arm freezes for a second.
VJockey 9:47 pm
(9:47:25 PM): "That can't be good..."
wyverncakes 9:47 pm
(9:47:28 PM): And then, a shuddering crash of something flying into view and then into a wall.
VJockey 9:47 pm
(9:47:41 PM): "That definitely can't be good!"
wyverncakes 9:47 pm
(9:47:43 PM): Lagardia herself.
(9:48:10 PM): Weakly... she tries to turn to you, her combat form's faceplate cracked.
wyverncakes 9:48 pm
(9:48:14 PM): "I-I'm sorry..."
(9:48:17 PM): "... Don't give up."
arachnion01@gmail.com 9:48 pm
(9:48:26 PM): Jen: "Sielje, come on!" She rushes over to Melacholy Emerald.
wyverncakes 9:48 pm
(9:48:34 PM): Tendrils suddenly surge out, snatching her away just as the Nemain nears her.
cubey@aol.pl 9:49 pm
(9:49:34 PM): Sielje recovers her mental equilibrium, only to see... that. "No!" She leaps towards Lagardia!
wyverncakes 9:49 pm
(9:49:39 PM): Her body is pulled away towards a large... thing... in the other side of the chamber.
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 9:49 pm
(9:49:40 PM): "Fudge!" Dido curses!
arachnion01@gmail.com 9:50 pm
(9:50:03 PM): Nemain reaches out after Lagardia-its hand catching nothing. ",,,"
wyverncakes 9:50 pm
(9:50:22 PM): Pulled inside of its expansive, twisted form.
(9:50:29 PM): (The One Who Waits: http://safebooru.org//samples/358/sample_1c704b91cf2d2a8e90bc6cbbbfe600d1a36fea1d.jpg?358342)
cubey@aol.pl 9:51 pm
(9:51:02 PM): Sielje: "A..."
arachnion01@gmail.com 9:51 pm
(9:51:05 PM): Jen: "...ah..."
VJockey 9:51 pm
(9:51:10 PM): [Calvin's gaze had snapped to the direction of where Lagardia was pulled off to... but whatever he was expecting...]
(9:51:18 PM): "glrk-"
(9:51:25 PM): [It was definitely not that.]
wyverncakes 9:51 pm
(9:51:36 PM): Numerous parts along its body appear to be torn open from deep sword slashes, but the wounds are slowly closing themselves and the creature pays them no notice.
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 9:52 pm
(9:52:22 PM): Dido grinds her teeth and looks down at her laps. "Dammit…" She hisses.
wyverncakes 9:52 pm
(9:52:24 PM): TOWW: "The last of one race, and the first taste of the next?"
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 9:52 pm
(9:52:56 PM): Dido jerks her head up. The thing can talk?
cubey@aol.pl 9:53 pm
(9:53:11 PM): Sielje: "You speak..."
VJockey 9:53 pm
(9:53:25 PM): "...Of course it would..."
arachnion01@gmail.com 9:53 pm
(9:53:45 PM): Jen: "...What did you do to her."
wyverncakes 9:54 pm
(9:54:29 PM): The creature pulls itself towards you. "The princess has been reunited with her parents who thought they could slay me."
(9:54:40 PM): "If you all wish, you may all join her as well."
(9:54:46 PM): (Sielje and Dido, go)
(9:54:50 PM): (Enemies: The One Who Waits)
cubey@aol.pl 9:55 pm
(9:55:18 PM): Sielje: "I..."
wyverncakes 9:55 pm
(9:55:33 PM): "If you wish to exemplify your people's own defiance, know it will be but a momentary setback."
cubey@aol.pl 9:55 pm
(9:55:55 PM): Sielje: "I am not afraid! Prepare yourself, I will be your opponent!'
(9:56:04 PM): Her voice's tremble makes it obvious that this is a lie.
VJockey 9:56 pm
(9:56:05 PM): "I think it'll be more than a setback you oversized wishbone."
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 9:56 pm
(9:56:33 PM): ShelLancer levels her lance at the abomination. "Enjoy Lagardia's flavor." She says coldly. "Even the scummiest monsters deserve a last meal."
VJockey 9:56 pm
(9:56:46 PM): [Calvin too tries to sound brave as his Genoace points its rifle at TOWW's ... well what possibly was its face.]
cubey@aol.pl 9:56 pm
(9:56:48 PM): *Sielje leaps towards one of the closing wounds - her blade sinking into it, and then she slashes upwards, trying to open it anew, even more deeply!+
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 9:58 pm
(9:58:58 PM): *ShelLancer's shoulder vanes pivot forward. "Arc Thorns launching…Full Silo!" Smoke burst around ShelLancer as volley after volley of Arc Thorns shoot out, twirling and circles as they rain down at every point of the One's body! The goal–to creates shock-points all along the monster's length!+
(9:59:18 PM): (And, of course, make it hurt!)
wyverncakes 10:00 pm
(10:00:46 PM): [Sielje] Your blade stabs into the wound, The One Who Wait's body feeling almost viscous and irregular before you tear the sword free! Black material spatters up in ribbons and ropes connected to the monster's form, but... "Chidlish." The tips of the threads suddenly sharpen, the rest of the extensions still nimble and loose like tendrils which rake down to cut you to shreds!
(10:00:48 PM): (React: Sielje)
(10:00:57 PM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CscZ9feUW3s
wyverncakes 10:02 pm
(10:02:23 PM): (Is Dido also electrocuting The One Who Waits with this or just stabbing it with a bunch of thorns?)
cubey@aol.pl 10:02 pm
(10:02:59 PM): *The Arm is jumping away from the uppercut, and the jump turns into a roll as soon as Sielje lands, while trying to protect herself with the shield mid-defense, angle of motion permitting.+
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 10:03 pm
(10:03:12 PM): (She's laying the groundwork first, so she can shock specific limbs if needed. Speaking of which…)
(10:03:14 PM): #Sieljie?
wyverncakes 10:03 pm
(10:03:33 PM): (I'll approve that, but let me resolve your action first.)
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 10:03 pm
(10:03:46 PM): (Kuu)
wyverncakes 10:04 pm
(10:04:14 PM): [Dido] The thorns come raining down on The One Who Waits, piercing its body. But as the attack continues, more and more deflect off of it, parts of The One Who Waits's body hardening such that the thorns can't pierce through!
(10:04:19 PM): (Go for it now)
wyverncakes 10:04 pm
(10:04:25 PM): (Jen and Calvin can also go)
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:06 pm
(10:06:41 PM): *Jen: "Ah..." Sielje charging snaps Jen out of it. Kind of. The hairs on the back of her neck ar still pricking, and Nemain feels a lot warmer than it is. Lacking much imagination right now, she fires her rifle at the creature's face on full auto.+
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 10:07 pm
(10:07:28 PM): *"Hardening your body as a defensive adaptation…?" Dido grins. "You're only trapping them in you…" She whispers under her breath. As Sieljie gets tentacle attacked, ShelLancer levels its lance! "Lance Shock, Charging!" A bolt splits the air and grounds itself into the One's body just as if makes its grab!+
VJockey 10:07 pm
(10:07:53 PM): *Noting how some of the attacks were being deflected, Calvin switches gears and brings out the DODS gun, firing several rounds into the 'eyes' of the beast!+
wyverncakes 10:09 pm
(10:09:27 PM): [Sielje, Dido, Jen, and Calvin] The Knight's Arm deftly gets away thanks to everyone else focusing down on The One Who Waits, lightning, machineguns, and DODS beams hammering it! The creature's knocked backwards, its "face" an absolute wreck, but...
(10:09:44 PM): "... Rods to channel your lightning..."
(10:10:13 PM): TOWW's form seems to ripple for a moment... and suddenly the Arc Thorns are being launched at the Nemain!
(10:10:18 PM): (React: Jen)
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 10:11 pm
(10:11:00 PM): Dido's sly grin fades away. "Uh-Oh…"
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:11 pm
(10:11:14 PM): *"Gah!" Jen puts up her forearms in a block-and Nemain's nanobots layer over them, beefing up its armor. But it's still tiny.+
wyverncakes 10:11 pm
(10:11:19 PM): And from its misshapen form a shadow seems to move. What starts as just a shade shifts... into a massive black figure, charging at Calvin!
(10:11:23 PM): (The Ebon King: http://safebooru.org//samples/141/sample_48d1064491a2f5da546c6cbfb6fb8a188bd8bd4c.jpg?140435)
wyverncakes 10:11 pm
(10:11:41 PM): Its sword moves to cut you in half!
(10:11:44 PM): (React: Calvin!)
(10:11:57 PM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ckdcc2aR0jI
VJockey 10:13 pm
(10:13:12 PM): "!!!"
cubey@aol.pl 10:13 pm
(10:13:28 PM): Sielje: "A shapeshifter?!"
wyverncakes 10:13 pm
(10:13:36 PM): (The One Who Waits is still present)
cubey@aol.pl 10:14 pm
(10:14:01 PM): The new enemy looks just like one of the Ancients.
VJockey 10:14 pm
(10:14:13 PM): *OH THAT IS SO NOT GOOD! Calvin does his best to leap as far and away from the attack. If the swing is coming from the side then maybe he could jump over it-!!+
wyverncakes 10:14 pm
(10:14:28 PM): The One Who Waits: "The King and his bride have been made one with me."
cubey@aol.pl 10:15 pm
(10:15:00 PM): Sielje: "Lagardia's mother and father..."
wyverncakes 10:15 pm
(10:15:15 PM): [Calvin] You narrowly avoid the strike. But there's a second, green figure rushing in as well, blades delivering a follow-up!
(10:15:22 PM): TOWW: "As has their daughter."
(10:15:29 PM): (React again, Calvin)
cubey@aol.pl 10:15 pm
(10:15:34 PM): # Calvin
wyverncakes 10:15 pm
(10:15:44 PM): (Approved. You can combine it with your action if you wish.)
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:15 pm
(10:15:52 PM): Jen: "...Stop. Stop talking about it."
VJockey 10:16 pm
(10:16:06 PM): *Calvin doesn't have any more time to dodge just after that first attempt! All he could do was bring up his own shield and hope for the best.+
wyverncakes 10:16 pm
(10:16:29 PM): [Jen] The thorns pierce through your extra layers of armor and into the Nemain's arms themselves. Most of them miss, fortunately.
cubey@aol.pl 10:16 pm
(10:16:58 PM): Sielje: "The Melancholy Emerald! Can you not hear me? We are here for the same reason!"
cubey@aol.pl 10:18 pm
(10:18:24 PM): *Her shield on the back temporarily, Sielje wields her sword with both hands - a horizontal parry to block Lagardia's blades, followed by extra blocks as necessary, Sielje waiting for the flurry to lessen... and that's when she counters, seeing an opening - a slash to repel the enemy away!+
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:20 pm
(10:20:13 PM): Jen winces in pain as the thorns lance through Nemain's arms. "...Gh..." She has the distinct feeling of having bitten off more than she can chew.
wyverncakes 10:20 pm
(10:20:44 PM): [Calvin and Sielje] Lagardia's blows are knocked away, her strikes coming fast but still being repelled. And just as the opportunity comes, Sielje's sword slashes across her body, leaving a shining green gash!
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 10:20 pm
(10:20:45 PM): Dido clenches her teeth. "Do you think we'll hesitate to fight the bodies of our allies, monster? You'll have to do better than that to un-nerve us!"
wyverncakes 10:20 pm
(10:20:53 PM): Lagardia stumbles back, but does not answer.
(10:21:17 PM): Instead, both she and the Ebon King both just fade away into black whisps, returning to The One Who Waits.
cubey@aol.pl 10:22 pm
(10:22:07 PM): Sielje: "Such dishonor... it cannot be forgiven..."
wyverncakes 10:22 pm
(10:22:10 PM): (Dido and Sielje can act)
cubey@aol.pl 10:22 pm
(10:22:15 PM): Her breath is heavy. This is not good.
wyverncakes 10:22 pm
(10:22:35 PM): The One Who Waits: "You."
wyverncakes 10:22 pm
(10:22:52 PM): Tendrils born from the wound Sielje inflicted pointed at the ShelLancer.
(10:22:55 PM): "I will devour you last."
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 10:24 pm
(10:24:25 PM): *Dido fires another barrages of Arc Thorns…this time right next to the One Who Waits, instead of into him. "Sorry, big guy!" Dido drawls, firing off another nerve-sizzling Lance Shock. "I don't let anyone devour me unless they buy me drinks first!"+
cubey@aol.pl 10:24 pm
(10:24:27 PM): Sielje: "No! I refuse!"
cubey@aol.pl 10:25 pm
(10:25:41 PM): *The Arm runs forward, as the Thorns fly above its head Sielje executes a maneuver - moving on the balls of the machine's feet, she delivers a spinning slash at the moving tendrils. And then a followup, the arms straighten and the weapon with it, a powerful two-handed thrust into the wound!+
wyverncakes 10:27 pm
(10:27:40 PM): [Dido] Your lightning strikes him again, leaving The One Who Waits smoking briefly... but the area seems to brighten up more as another phantom shifts from TOWW's body. There's only a brief moment to catch a glance of her... before fire erupts all around you.
wyverncakes 10:27 pm
(10:27:45 PM): (React: Dido)
(10:28:06 PM): The source?
(10:28:29 PM): (The Lady of Flames:http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1126530)
VJockey 10:29 pm
(10:29:23 PM): "Dido! Get back!"
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 10:29 pm
(10:29:50 PM): *"Fudge-fudge-fudge!" Dido, in a bid to avoid becoming a Marshmellow, triggers ShelLancer's booster rockets, jumping up and back out of the flame–!+
wyverncakes 10:29 pm
(10:29:51 PM): [Sielje] The tendrils are cut clean off, your blade stabbing into the wound once more! It goes deepear, TOWW's entire body seeming to flinch for a moment. But then the summoned figure turns towards you, and with a gesture sends streams of fire your way!
(10:29:54 PM): (React: Sielje)
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 10:30 pm
(10:30:31 PM): #Sieljie?
cubey@aol.pl 10:30 pm
(10:30:59 PM): Sielje: "Have you no strength of your own, to use others as puppets?!"
wyverncakes 10:31 pm
(10:31:22 PM): (You've got your own self to worry about)
cubey@aol.pl 10:31 pm
(10:31:26 PM): *She quickly covers herself up with the beasthide cloak for protection, while moving to the side, away from the flames.+
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:31 pm
(10:31:29 PM): Jen: "-! Let them go! Those people you're holding on to-let them go!" She blurts it out as the Lady of Flame appears, starting to come out of her stupor.
wyverncakes 10:32 pm
(10:32:47 PM): TOWW: "In losing to me, they gave up rights to their bodies, minds, and strength."
(10:33:35 PM): [Dido and Sielje] The flames wash over both of you, however briefly. ShelLancer's frame is charred from the immense flames, and even Sielje's Beasthide Cloak struggles to hold back the energies as you both stumble to safety.
(10:33:43 PM): (Jen and Calvin, go again)
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 10:33 pm
(10:33:58 PM): "Bull!" Dido replies to TOWW. "You're just replicating their physical forms! A chump like you couldn't keep a grip on their minds and souls!"
VJockey 10:34 pm
(10:34:15 PM): "Gave up their rights..."
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:34 pm
(10:34:30 PM): Jen: "I don't care what you think! Let them go!"
VJockey 10:34 pm
(10:34:48 PM): "Who the hell are you to think you've got any right in deciding that for others?!"
cubey@aol.pl 10:35 pm
(10:35:17 PM): Sielje: "Y... yes!"
wyverncakes 10:35 pm
(10:35:24 PM): TOWW: "Because..."
cubey@aol.pl 10:35 pm
(10:35:42 PM): The Knight's Arm moves up, extinguishing its cloak and taking a stand near the others at the same time.
wyverncakes 10:35 pm
(10:35:45 PM): The One Who Wait's form rumbles as it chuckles.
VJockey 10:35 pm
(10:35:47 PM): *Calvin.... Aims upwards and fires on the ceiling of this cave of nightmares, seeking to bring down chunks of the prison on its prisoner!+
wyverncakes 10:35 pm
(10:35:58 PM): "... I fell on this lump of rock, aeons past."
(10:36:13 PM): "Countless planets, countless worlds, completely lifeless."
cubey@aol.pl 10:36 pm
(10:36:22 PM): Sielje: "Your dishonor colors your actions! You have no rights to do this!"
wyverncakes 10:37 pm
(10:37:08 PM): "And yet I missed every single one, instead coming here. To a planet with fools to absorb and control and warp to my very whims. 'Serendpitiy', that is what you would call it?"
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:37 pm
(10:37:14 PM): Jen: "What part of 'I don't care' are you not getting! Let them go, or so help me-"
wyverncakes 10:37 pm
(10:37:25 PM): "Blame whatever force you wish for having you be born on this planet."
cubey@aol.pl 10:37 pm
(10:37:30 PM): Sielje: "Have you used the forms of Lagardia's parents against her too? Despicable!"
(10:37:59 PM): Sielje: "You will... control no one more!"
wyverncakes 10:38 pm
(10:38:21 PM): "So help you, you'll do what?"
(10:38:33 PM): The One Who Waits turns to Jen.
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 10:39 pm
(10:39:27 PM): "You still haven't proven you've got their minds inside you," Dido insists. "How about it, big guy? Why don't you let them speak for you themselves?"
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:39 pm
(10:39:32 PM): Jen: "-Ah..." Right. It was a sort of empty threat. What could Jen really hope to do against this sort of monster? It's way, way too strong. But...
wyverncakes 10:40 pm
(10:40:21 PM): [Calvin] The DODS Gun makes short work of the ceiling, The One Who Waits's focus on Jen lets rocks come crashing down, smashing into and tearing apart whole segments of the creature's body. More black tendrils are all that connect them... but from the severed clump Lagardia rises up again. Her wound still present, she wordlessly lunges, spinning her way to delivering vertical strikes at your Genoace!
(10:40:23 PM): (React: Calvin)
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:40 pm
(10:40:57 PM): *She swallows hard. "-Or. I'll rip them out of your stinking corpse with my own two hands!" Nemain snaps into action, and zips around the room at high speed-and immediately empties all six of its grenades at the monster's chest.+
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 10:41 pm
(10:41:05 PM): #Calvin?
wyverncakes 10:41 pm
(10:41:13 PM): (Approved)
VJockey 10:41 pm
(10:41:30 PM): *Calvin launches several smoke bombs at Lagardia, shield up as he jumps back from the incoming strike!+
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 10:42 pm
(10:42:16 PM): *Dido silently launches some Arc Thorns at Lagardia's form, following up with a Lance Shock combo if they hit!+
VJockey 10:43 pm
(10:43:25 PM): "Lagardia! Snap out of this! You said you wanted to end this damn monster didn't you?"
(10:43:29 PM): "Then wake up!"
wyverncakes 10:44 pm
(10:44:08 PM): [Jen] The One Who Waits sports plenty of weak points thanks to Calvin, your grenades blowing its body up into a disgustingly-spread mess. But the Ebon King emerges again... not attacking head on but from your side, spinning around to slash at you from behind while more tendrils launch forward to try to pull you into the creature itself!
cubey@aol.pl 10:44 pm
(10:44:09 PM): Sielje's Arm looks around frantically, and she moves to the side to pick something up.
(10:44:41 PM): # Jen
wyverncakes 10:44 pm
(10:44:45 PM): (Approved)
cubey@aol.pl 10:45 pm
(10:45:47 PM): Sielje: "Have you forgotten? Have you forgotten the face of your family and its bonds? They grew strong... you all acted to save each other, from this monster!"
wyverncakes 10:46 pm
(10:46:01 PM): [Dio and Calvin] The Arc Thorns and the smokescreen... do next to nothing. Without missing a beat Lagardia spins to cut the thorns to pieces before running through the smokescreen. She's fought you before. She remembers how you fight. She remembers how you'll dodge. One of the Firefly blades stabs into the Genoace's elbow, cutting off its left hand as the other plunges towards the Genoaces cockpit!
cubey@aol.pl 10:46 pm
(10:46:10 PM): *She rushes forward, and - as the Ebon King materializes to slash at the Nemain...
wyverncakes 10:46 pm
(10:46:22 PM): She remembers its location too. How far it is to where the pilot's seat will be.
(10:46:36 PM): Calvin, the blade pierces through your armor, heading straight towards you-
cubey@aol.pl 10:46 pm
(10:46:41 PM): Sielje: "Answer me!" *A shield slam to his head. The Ebon King sees the emblem rapidly closing in. Emblem of Sielje's own parents.+
wyverncakes 10:46 pm
(10:46:44 PM): "A-ah... agh!"
(10:46:58 PM): Lagardia stumbles back suddenly, crying out.
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 10:47 pm
(10:47:03 PM): Dido: "CALVINNNN–!"
wyverncakes 10:47 pm
(10:47:11 PM): She falls to one knee, hand against the wound on her chest.
(10:47:17 PM): ... And she remembers.
(10:47:27 PM): "C-Calvin!"
(10:47:31 PM): GOOD NEWS CALVIN!
(10:47:35 PM): Well, bad news.
(10:47:47 PM): If you'd had a beard, you could've gotten a free shave right then and there.
(10:47:55 PM): You'll have to make due with just being alive.
VJockey 10:48 pm
(10:48:15 PM): [Breath... held... tightly. Lungs... aching... Fear of cutting self on sword... at maximum...]
cubey@aol.pl 10:48 pm
(10:48:16 PM): Sielje: "Lagardia! Remember!"
wyverncakes 10:48 pm
(10:48:37 PM): Lagardia: "I do, I... I- Father!"
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:48 pm
(10:48:44 PM): *With Sielje taking care of the Ebon King, Jen focuses on the tendrils. Specifically, she moves to the side and forward, closer to them-and grabs as many as she can in one hand. A plasma punch goes to punch through the rest.+
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 10:49 pm
(10:49:41 PM): Dido freezes. So its true…their mind and souls are trapped within the One Who Waits. But…But…!
cubey@aol.pl 10:49 pm
(10:49:49 PM): Sielje: "King, do you not remember your own daughter?!"
wyverncakes 10:49 pm
(10:49:54 PM): [Seilje and Jen] The tendrils are smashed away by Jen's plasma punch as the Ebon King's attack is thrown off by the unexpected Shield Bash. The King's knocked to the side, oblivious to Lagardia's cries.
wyverncakes 10:50 pm
(10:50:15 PM): Lagardia: "Father, what's... no, you can't-"
(10:50:26 PM): The One Who Waits: "Enough of this."
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 10:50 pm
(10:50:43 PM): "C'mon!" Dido shouts. "Friends of the Ebon Court! Show this big guy what's what!"
wyverncakes 10:50 pm
(10:50:59 PM): Lagardia and the Ebon King vanish in puffs of black smoke again, the monster's body beginning to repair itself at a quicker pace.
(10:51:18 PM): "Yes... my period of mortality is ending fast."
VJockey 10:51 pm
(10:51:28 PM): "..."
wyverncakes 10:51 pm
(10:51:48 PM): "There will be no more inconveniences, and your illusions of hope will die shortl- uaaaaaaagh!"
VJockey 10:51 pm
(10:51:57 PM): "Then you'd better work fast you bony bastard. Because if you don't kill us soon enough we're ending you-"
wyverncakes 10:52 pm
(10:52:19 PM): From the black mass, a bright green light erupts, Lagardia crying out as she bursts free!
(10:52:50 PM): The One Who Waits: "No...! That's impossible!"
(10:53:13 PM): The Melancholoy Emerald falls to the ground, still holding her swords as she weakly looks up at the monster.
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:53 pm
(10:53:28 PM): "Lagardia!"
wyverncakes 10:53 pm
(10:53:29 PM): Lagardia: "Your hold over me... was brief..."
cubey@aol.pl 10:53 pm
(10:53:51 PM): Sielje: "We have not given up. Just as you told..."
wyverncakes 10:54 pm
(10:54:04 PM): "And my wound, and the memories of battling the Unity Group stirred my sense of self!"
wyverncakes 10:54 pm
(10:54:40 PM): The One Who Waits; "If you'll not live in me then you'll die by my hand!"
(10:54:48 PM): Tendrils sharpene again, raining down on her form!
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 10:54 pm
(10:54:54 PM): #Lagardia?
VJockey 10:54 pm
(10:54:56 PM): #Lagardia
wyverncakes 10:55 pm
(10:55:00 PM): (Approved. Both of you)
VJockey 10:55 pm
(10:55:56 PM): *Calvin's quickly interposing his Genoace between the Ancient and the beast, opening fire with the DODS gun in his Mobile Suit's remaining arm at the incoming tendrils!+
(10:56:21 PM): "Sorry... but this dame's got a story to finish and I've got a case to close."
VJockey 10:56 pm
(10:56:43 PM): "You aren't doing anything but dying here!"
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 10:57 pm
(10:57:00 PM): *"Whoah, whoah, whoah! What's this, big guy? Having a little indigestion?" ShelLancer's lance crackles with sparks. "Well, here's an epicat!" ShelLancer zaps some nearby Arc Thorns, thorns the One Who Waits forgot to dispose of next to him! "Scorch and burn!+
wyverncakes 10:59 pm
(10:59:46 PM): [Calvin and Dido] The electricity and DODS shots shred the tentacles... but more flames from the suddenly-summoned Lady of Flame destroy the thorns, and the Ebon King forms again, his sword swining out to cut Calvin apart again!
(10:59:49 PM): Lagardia: "Calvin!"
(11:00:41 PM): The Firefly blames swing up in a cross guard to block the Ebon King's massive own blade. The first one cracks and shatters. The second one just cracks as the force blows Calvin and Lagardia away!
(11:00:56 PM): (Sielje and Dido)
(11:01:20 PM): The One Who Waits's form is now fast repairing itself
(11:01:34 PM): ^, with Lagardia's parents standing guard.
VJockey 11:01 pm
(11:01:49 PM): "Argh!"
wyverncakes 11:02 pm
(11:02:00 PM): Lagardia: "... The Ebon King... and the Mother of Shadows..."
(11:02:22 PM): She looks down at her blades, throwing away the ruined one and desparately holding her damaged sword in both hands.
(11:02:34 PM): (Lagardia available for supports, just please request it)
(11:02:57 PM): "... I've had to see friends go. I've had to... kill my best friend even."
(11:03:12 PM): "And if I must, then I will free you both from The One Who Waits the only way I can!"
(11:03:19 PM): Neither figure responds to her words.
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 11:04 pm
(11:04:19 PM): Dido: "We need to break through those two–with words or with weapons! Once we're through, does anne have bombs or explosives we can toss inside this guy?"
(11:05:52 PM): ^anyone
cubey@aol.pl 11:06 pm
(11:06:04 PM): Sielje: "I used my at the very beginning..."
cubey@aol.pl 11:06 pm
(11:06:19 PM): Should've brought more than one pike.
VJockey 11:06 pm
(11:06:34 PM): "I've still got a few loaded up."
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:06 pm
(11:06:51 PM): Jen: "There's me."
VJockey 11:06 pm
(11:06:56 PM): "..."
(11:07:02 PM): "Lagardia."
wyverncakes 11:07 pm
(11:07:17 PM): "Yes?"
cubey@aol.pl 11:07 pm
(11:07:17 PM): Sielje: "I will earn the Ancients' attention. You strike while the way is clear!"
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 11:07 pm
(11:07:18 PM): Dido: "Let's call Calvin's thing Plan A…and Jen's thing Plan B."
VJockey 11:07 pm
(11:07:25 PM): [Calvin's temporarily stowing his DODS gun to toss her his knife.]
(11:07:44 PM): "Here... something tells me you're more used to using two than just one."
wyverncakes 11:07 pm
(11:07:48 PM): The Ancient catches it, testing its weight briefly.
(11:08:09 PM): On account of the size difference, it makes a suitable partner to her damaged sword.
(11:08:14 PM): "Does it have a name?"
VJockey 11:08 pm
(11:08:22 PM): "Not yet."
cubey@aol.pl 11:08 pm
(11:08:24 PM): Sielje: "The Ebon Kind, Mother of Shadows... have you forgotten the face of your daughter?"
(11:08:43 PM): Sielje: "You may have met last ages ago, but a parent forgets not! This is what I have learnt!"
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:08 pm
(11:08:47 PM): Jen: "Speak for yourself. I'm going to do this."
VJockey 11:08 pm
(11:08:48 PM): "But if I had to pick anything..."
(11:08:51 PM): "Truth."
cubey@aol.pl 11:09 pm
(11:09:27 PM): *The Knight's Arm rushes forward, Sielje's blade held in both hands as she clashes with the King, the sword striking his and trying his guard.+
wyverncakes 11:12 pm
(11:12:13 PM): [Sielje] The King's blade crosses with the Arm's own, the Ebon King falling back a single step before pressing the offensive with furious technique and focus, each strike smacking Sielje's blade away with more and more force!
(11:12:17 PM): (React: Sielje)
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 11:12 pm
(11:12:34 PM): #Sieljie with Lagardia?
wyverncakes 11:12 pm
(11:12:41 PM): (Approved)
(11:13:14 PM): The One Who Waits: "The closer to the decisive moment of my immortality, the stronger I become and the stronger my puppets as well!"
(11:13:36 PM): "They alone pushed me far harder than the five of you combined!"
(11:13:41 PM): (You can also combine it with your action if you wish)
cubey@aol.pl 11:14 pm
(11:14:52 PM): Sielje: "Then... use that power, the Ebon King! Use it... ugh!" *She's on the defensive, the sword flicking with blocks that try to throw the blade off target as Sielje takes steps back, losing ground but hopefully not balance!+
(11:15:02 PM): Sielje: "Against your greatest enemy!"
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 11:16 pm
(11:16:16 PM): *"You take your mother, Lagerdia! I'll take the mother!" Dido darts forward with a Shell-Boost, building up momentum and velocity. Then she swings ShelLancer's electrified lance into the Ebon King's weapon!+
(11:16:33 PM): ^I'll take the father!
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:16 pm
(11:16:44 PM): Jen: "Good thing I've still got an ace up my sleeve, then." Nemain crouches to the ground.
wyverncakes 11:20 pm
(11:20:34 PM): [Sielje, and Dido] The Lady of Flame is already moving to roast the ShelLancer again, but Lagardia runs interferance! Her blades slash at her mother, sending her falling back as Dido aids Sielje's defense. The King's swordsmanship is masterful though, and as it comes crashing down at the Knight the Lancer's spear moves to block it! The spear breaks at the midway point moments later, but Sielje fortunately gets away in time!
(11:20:46 PM): (Jen and Calvin)
VJockey 11:21 pm
(11:21:20 PM): "Someone sounds a bit desperate."
wyverncakes 11:21 pm
(11:21:22 PM): Lagardia: "We are running out of time! If I have to I'll try to hold both of them off!"
cubey@aol.pl 11:21 pm
(11:21:47 PM): Sielje: "We will not last much longer! Strike now!"
VJockey 11:22 pm
(11:22:26 PM): *Calvin brings out the DODS gun again, opening fire on the injured segments of TOWW's body that he opened up with the rockfall! But this time he moves closer with a plan in mind&
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:23 pm
(11:23:49 PM): *Nemain's fingers are spread wide across the ground. "...Ready, set.." It raises up and sprints right for The One Who Waits. "-Go!" She jumps at the last moment, landing on the monster's chest, and begins landing a flurry of plasma punches on the creature's body. What's more, the gap between punches decreases-they get faster and faster with time.&
wyverncakes 11:26 pm
(11:26:25 PM): [Calvin and Jen] The DODS shots drill holes into the monster's body, and Jen's plasma punches continue to pile up the damage, smashing it flat bit by bit. The Ebon King and the Lady of Flames turn to try to retaliate, the King's sword swinging out again-
(11:27:53 PM): -Only for Lagardia's new knife to hook itself around the weapon's ornate hilt and turn it aside! The weapon stabs into the ground just shy of The One Who Waits, and Lagardia turns to lunge at her mother, slashing with her Firefly blade to part the streams of fire! The blade burst bright, melting away in the process. But both their attacks are stopped!
(11:28:05 PM): Lagardia: "Quickly! We're out of time!"
wyverncakes 11:28 pm
(11:28:29 PM): Indeed, The One Who Waits is fast regenerating, now, only Jen's accelerating punching keeping up with the rate.
(11:28:56 PM): (Jen and Calvin can go again. Sielje and Dido can also attack if they wish)
VJockey 11:29 pm
(11:29:43 PM): *Calvin's letting out a frantic yell as he all but jams the entire payload of explosives he brought into the closest wound that was opened by a DODS shot, backing off as he detonated them!+
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 11:30 pm
(11:30:57 PM): *"Go for it, Calvin!" Dido shouts. "Go for it!" She moves past the Ebon King and, with her broken lance, stabs into a squishy bit of the TOWW and pumps it full of current!+
cubey@aol.pl 11:31 pm
(11:31:11 PM): Sielje: "Aaaah!" *In desperation, the Arm jumps up, the cloak billowing. Sielje stabs at the One's distorted head, and pushes the blade deeper and deeper, both of the Arm's hands forcing it into the enemy.+
(11:31:32 PM): Sielje: "Do not pass the threshold!"
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:31 pm
(11:31:51 PM): *Jen: "I hope...you...remember this!" Jen stays close, and shifts from punches to ripping and throwing away chunks of the monster's flesh. Her nanobots coil around the back and form their own set of stabby tentacles, which join in on the ripping and tearing as well.+
wyverncakes 11:33 pm
(11:33:13 PM): [Everyone] You dogpile The One Who Waits, tearing and blasting at its body as it suddenly cries out in pain. "N-no! You can't...!" More holes are blown through the monster... and then Calvin's explosives go off.
VJockey 11:33 pm
(11:33:31 PM): "I think we just did."
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 11:33 pm
(11:33:56 PM): Dido: "Blame whatever force you wish for having you landed on this planet!"
wyverncakes 11:34 pm
(11:34:12 PM): The blasts blow all of you away, a mess of black gunk scattered all across the floor and walls of the chamber.
(11:34:21 PM): It's...
(11:34:26 PM): "... Over..."
(11:34:29 PM): "Ahahahaha...."
cubey@aol.pl 11:35 pm
(11:35:20 PM): Sielje: "..."
wyverncakes 11:35 pm
(11:35:32 PM): ... The Ebon King and the Lady of Flames still stand motionless as The One Who Wait's form begins to move back together, pulling itself together, faster and faster by the second!
(11:35:49 PM): "Your time is up! This planet's time is up!"
(11:35:51 PM): MISSION
(11:35:55 PM): FAI-
(11:36:00 PM): "Not yet."
(11:36:13 PM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFrcmJQencc
(11:36:46 PM): In an instant, the Ebon King's sword ignites, swinging up to smash into The One Who Wait's form!
(11:37:06 PM): And the Lady of Flames joins in the attack as well!
(11:37:16 PM): The One Who Waits: "What?!?"
wyverncakes 11:37 pm
(11:37:40 PM): Lagardia: "Mother... father... he said that we had run out of time!"
(11:37:46 PM): "ANd you... you're..."
(11:38:03 PM): The Ebon King: "He lied. There is still time left!"
(11:38:26 PM): The Lady of Flames: "Lagardia... how you've grown..."
(11:39:06 PM): "The One Who Waits was correct. As he grew in strength, so did we. And when you broke free of his control... it gave us this brief window..."
(11:39:23 PM): The Ebon King: "We are sorry... for the burdens you have had to bear!"
wyverncakes 11:40 pm
(11:40:29 PM): The streams of fire seem to finally break through to something! There's another pulse of energy, and from it, a glowing white sphere rises up into the air!
(11:40:42 PM): The Ebon King: "That's it! That is the monster's very heart!"
(11:41:05 PM): The One Who Waits: "N-no... this can't... be... happening! I WILL NOT DIE HERE... AT THE HANDS OF PUPPETS!"
(11:41:50 PM): Core still exposied, the black mass writhes and launches itself at the Lady of Flame. But the Ebon King is faster, abandoning his sword to throw himself in the course of the attacks!
(11:41:55 PM): "... My sword...!"
(11:42:00 PM): "Lagardia my sword!"
wyverncakes 11:42 pm
(11:42:55 PM): The Melancholy Emerald runs to try to pick up the blade... but its size and weight are like nothing she's had to wield. Desperately she tries to lift it. "N-no! Not now...!"
cubey@aol.pl 11:43 pm
(11:43:19 PM): Sielje: "No..."
(11:43:23 PM): #
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 11:43 pm
(11:43:46 PM): "…Go for it, Lagerdia!" Dido shouts. "You too, Calvin!"
VJockey 11:44 pm
(11:44:02 PM): [Except that she doesn't have to lift it alone.]
wyverncakes 11:44 pm
(11:44:27 PM): (Anyone else wishing to help out can, just please specify)
cubey@aol.pl 11:44 pm
(11:44:35 PM): # Ebon King
wyverncakes 11:44 pm
(11:44:41 PM): (Go for it)
VJockey 11:44 pm
(11:44:41 PM): *Calvin's Genoace is quickly helping to lift the mighty blade, though its remaining arm is whining from the effort!+
cubey@aol.pl 11:45 pm
(11:45:06 PM): Sielje: "Whatever transpired in the past... tragedy and disgrace..."
VJockey 11:45 pm
(11:45:40 PM): "This thing may only have one arm left.... but it'll be good for this... come on!"
cubey@aol.pl 11:47 pm
(11:47:08 PM): *The Knight's Arm bursts forward, its pilot yelling out with a tear-filled gaze! "This moment is not yours!" Sielje stabs at the black writhing tentacles from above, trying to pin them as she falls to the ground level. The shield is raised in front of the Ancient, a stalwart protection that she is determined to hold no matter what.+
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:47 pm
(11:47:52 PM): @Sielje
wyverncakes 11:47 pm
(11:47:57 PM): (Approved)
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:50 pm
(11:50:08 PM): *Nemain jumps in the air, pulls back its spear in one hand-and the flash of its super speed, it's thrown. The weapon looks more like a beam than a spear as it meets Sielje's stab, slamming into the black mass and pinning it to the ground.+
wyverncakes 11:51 pm
(11:51:08 PM): [Sielje and Jen] The attack on the Ebon King ends as several tendrils are cut away, others pierced by Jen's spear. And all that leaves is...
(11:51:43 PM): [Calvin and Lagardia] With some difficulty, the Ebon King's sword is raised high by the both of you.
wyverncakes 11:52 pm
(11:52:23 PM): The weight is immense... but you can feel... others holding onto this sword with you and Lagardia...
VJockey 11:52 pm
(11:52:43 PM): "Heh...."
wyverncakes 11:52 pm
(11:52:45 PM): Faint glimmers of red, purple, and blue.
VJockey 11:52 pm
(11:52:55 PM): "Case... closed."
wyverncakes 11:53 pm
(11:53:14 PM): Lagardia: "Time's up!"
(11:53:39 PM): The sword's immense blade comes crashing down as The One Who Wait's blackness rushes back in to try to protect its core.
(11:53:42 PM): Too late.
(11:54:12 PM): WIth green flames erupting from the blade, it cleaves clean through, the blackness falling to the ground once more. This time... truly lifeless.
(11:54:18 PM): It really is over.
wyverncakes 11:54 pm
(11:54:29 PM): The One Who Waits is dead.
(11:54:53 PM): Lagardia: "... Ah! Father!"
cubey@aol.pl 11:55 pm
(11:55:04 PM): Sielje: "Ah... ah... it is done..."
(11:55:18 PM): She glances at the One's remains with suspicion. Just try to move...
wyverncakes 11:55 pm
(11:55:39 PM): Lagardia turns to her parents, the Ebon King having fallen to one knee from his wounds. Black whisps are coming off of him... and also the Lady of Flame as well.
(11:55:55 PM): The Ebon King: "... It... is done."
VJockey 11:56 pm
(11:56:16 PM): "... How long...?"
wyverncakes 11:56 pm
(11:56:40 PM): Lagardia: "How long...?"
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:56 pm
(11:56:45 PM): Nemain slumps back. Its nanobots filter over its arm, repairing the stress and strain from using that spear throw.
wyverncakes 11:56 pm
(11:56:50 PM): She looks to the Genoace, then back at her parents.
(11:56:59 PM): "N-no! You can't be..."
(11:57:16 PM): Shifting back to her normal form, Lagardia just stands theres, tears welling up in her eyes.
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 11:58 pm
(11:58:05 PM): Dido stows her lance and slumps back in her cockpit. She watches Lagardia's farewell in silence.
cubey@aol.pl 11:58 pm
(11:58:06 PM): Sielje: "..." BUt she can't look at the foe for long. Not with this taking her attention.
wyverncakes 11:58 pm
(11:58:11 PM): The Lady of Flame meets Lagardia's gaze, trying to reach a hand out with which to comfort her daughter. It falls apart into smoke mid-gesture. But her sad smile is still the same.
VJockey 11:58 pm
(11:58:31 PM): "..."
wyverncakes 11:59 pm
(11:59:30 PM): The Lady of Flames: "You have had to suffer so much... we can't even imagine how few of our people remain."
(11:59:42 PM): "But.. you are strong."
(11:59:52 PM): She turns to look at Calvin's Genoace.
(12:00:31 AM): "And you found strong comrades. To correct the mistakes you were forced to live with."
(12:01:06 AM): Slowly, the Ebon King rises up again, staring at all of you one by one, before turning his gaze back to Lagardia.
(12:01:22 AM): "All of you... before our time is spent, I have but one request."
wyverncakes 12:01 am
(12:01:54 AM): "The plague The One Who Waits wrought on my people was my own doing, in an attempt to yoke the monster's strength."
(12:02:36 AM): "It was my people's undoing, and I have no idea the lengths my daughter went through to try to make amends for it. The lives she harmed."
(12:02:47 AM): "Let any fault for her crimes fall on me."
VJockey 12:03 am
(12:03:04 AM): "... I'll..."
(12:03:11 AM): "I'll do what I can."
wyverncakes 12:03 am
(12:03:13 AM): Lagardia's mouth drops open in shock. "Father, no! You can't... the things I did were still-"
(12:03:33 AM): She runs to try to meet them, only to run through smoke.
wyverncakes 12:04 am
(12:04:00 AM): Lagardia just stops, sinks to her knees... and cries.
Aldosalt.cole@gmail.com 12:04 am
(12:04:01 AM): Dido: "…"
wyverncakes 12:04 am
cubey@aol.pl 12:04 am
(12:04:12 AM): Sielje: "... To be able to speak to your parents, one last time. It is both a blessing... and..."
(12:04:25 AM): The Knight's Arm stands with its head low, arms resting on its shield.
vertigojockey@gmail.com has left the room. 12:07 am