(03:07:58): While everyone was still recovering from Loni's attack on SSR - and its repercussions... (03:08:11): The OSI headquarters came under attack! (03:08:31): And it wasn't even Calvin's doing. (03:08:52): You know only one group of people who would be willing to do such a thing. (03:09:22): And this is why Unity Group is dispatched to rescue OSI's collective ingrateful ass as quickly as possible. (03:09:44): Already en route, you receive reports of the local ESUN garrisoned units fighting the enemy... and doing badly.
VJockey (03:10:24): "...I really really hope someone's going to pick up that damn phone. Because I called it."
Wyverncakes (03:11:20): Hibiki: "Eh? You tried calling the OSI people?!"
Wyverncakes (03:11:28): "Are they holding out okay?"
Peter Kampschroeder (03:11:33): Jen: "...Not that kind of calling, dear."
VJockey (03:11:57): "...Not the case and not very well."
tengusaur (03:13:30): Roger: "Looks like fate forced them to open their eyes and see the truth. Circumstances for that could've been better, though."
tengusaur (03:13:42): Roger: "How much longer until we're there?" (03:13:44): Suddenly, the shuttle rumbles ominously.
tengusaur (03:13:57): Roger: "I guess that answers my question!" (03:14:03): Pilot: "Just the wind. We're entering the area of engagement right now." (03:14:28): Pilot: "You are clear to deploy. No offense but I won't be sticking around. I'll pick you up after the operation." (03:14:37): No wonder, considering what happened the last time... (03:14:46): But in front of you, you already see it - the OSI building. (03:14:49): It is on fire. (03:14:58): And in front of it, three figures.
Wyverncakes (03:15:25): Hibiki looks on, her expression slowly hardening. (03:15:26): Avishai: "Looks like our guests arrive just as scheduled." (03:15:33): Graeme: "Unity Group..." (03:16:34): Lagardia: "Hmph. They won't stop us, try as they might!"
VJockey (03:16:38): "...Avishai. Graeme..." (03:16:44): The Ebon Court
VJockey (03:16:44): "Lagardia." (03:16:52): The whole Ebon Court - those of it who are still alive, is here. (03:17:11): (Lagardia is green, Avishai is blue, and Graeme is yellow)
VJockey (03:17:12): [There was a sense of resignation in his voice... still...]
tengusaur (03:17:18): Roger: "Ebon Court. You had to turn against us, after all..."
Peter Kampschroeder (03:17:32): Jen: "Hey, Lagardia. Fancy meeting you here." (03:17:58): Lagardia: "Turn? Are you trying to make a joke? Don't interfere - or you will be next!" (03:18:11): Behind the trio, an upper floor of the building explodes dramatically! (03:18:18):
VJockey (03:18:25): "...You know... deaths aside. I really do want to thank you for fulfilling a dream of mine." [There was a wry smile on his face as he glanced at the currently burning building and the display of pyrotechnics.]
VJockey (03:18:35): "That being said, I'm afraid you know how this will go." (03:19:16): Graeme: "It's regrettable but can't you allow us to retrieve the artifacts and leave? That would save us much trouble. (03:19:17): "
Wyverncakes (03:20:00): Hibiki: "Not when you're trying to get them the way you are!"
tengusaur (03:20:03): Roger: "I have no intention of watching as you massacre the OSI and ESUN. If you don't cease, then we'll have to talk in another way!" (03:20:16): Graeme: "As I was afraid." (03:20:23): The three take on battle-ready stances. (03:21:05): Avishai: "Unfortunately our own minions made themselves rather... scarce during our conflicts. Including those with Unity Group. However..." (03:21:27): Suddenly, from both sides around the building, a swarm of projectiles flies towards you! (03:21:40): These are not magical attacks, but ordinary missiles and bullets!
VJockey (03:21:50): ".... Oh hell... Let me guess..." (03:22:08): Lagardia: "Do you think we'd come here unprepared? I knew Unity Group would show up!" (03:22:37): (No need for reacts per se - or rather, make your reacts as part of actions)
tengusaur (03:22:44): Roger: "Watch out!" (03:22:50): Initiative: Jen, Hibiki, Calvin, Roger
VJockey (03:22:53): "You made some new friends based on mutual dislike." (03:23:07): Enemies: Graeme, Avishai, Lagardia, and also... (03:23:33): Deus Ex Machina, Death Penalty, Ariake x11, Chaos Anguis, Anguis x2 (03:23:41): Deus Ex Machina

Death Penalty


Chaos Anguis
Peter Kampschroeder (03:24:12): Jen: "Who are these guys?" (03:24:24): Shuran: "Dislike is a personal affect. I am here only to further test efficiency of Chaos Anguis." (03:24:42): In addition to the Chimera member, you spot two ACs, and a group of mass produced ACs.
VJockey (03:24:48): "Two mercenaries... and a member of Chimera.." (03:24:53): But wasn't the Raven's Nest supposed to be disbanded?! (03:24:56): Hibiki, Jen, go
VJockey (03:25:04): *two mercenaries and a bunch of lackies
tengusaur (03:25:50): Roger: "You found more people willing to fight for your cause. How much did you pay them? Do they know they are throwing their lives away?"
Wyverncakes (03:26:23): Hibiki: "So not only are they back to being enemies... they're working with a lot of our enemies..." (03:26:24): ???: "Look who's talking." (03:26:37): The pilot of the four-legged AC addresses you while the unit zooms towards quickly.
Wyverncakes (03:26:53): "Why would you want to trust people like that over us?!" (03:26:59): Isotope: "Ever since the Nest is no more, finding jobs has been very difficult." (03:27:13): Isotope: "Nothing personal but you're my paycheck - as long as your bodies grow cold." (03:28:01): Avishai: "Well. Were we just to come and ask of you to give us the artifacts, would you have given them to us?" (03:28:11): Avishai: "Desperate times call for desperate measures I am afraid." (03:28:30): Lagardia: "Enough! We've beent through so much... it's obvious Unity Group won't even listen!"
VJockey (03:28:54): "... Except you've never really bothered saying much yourself."
tengusaur (03:28:56): Roger: "A professional's dedication to a very non-professional job."
Peter Kampschroeder (03:28:58): *Jen: "I'm not sure if this is an improvement over the nazis or not, really." Nemain fires a burst from its rifle at Lagardia.+ (03:29:28): Graeme: "So it begins!"
Wyverncakes (03:30:01): * Desparate measures indeed. "Balwisyall nescell gungnir tron..." And Symphogear'd up, Hibiki lunged at the Ebon Court members! One blast from her leg pistons sent her spinning into the air, a second sending her into a diving kick at Graeme!+ (03:30:11): Lagardia jumps to the side, the massive body of Graeme assisting her dodge as he blocks some of the shots. (03:30:38): But she's already circling from behind him. Suddenly short swords in hands, she moves in zig zagging motions, getting close to the Nemain - and cutting a fiery swath! (03:30:41): React Jen (03:31:39): Graeme himself grunts as Hibiki's kick slams into his block. But he continues his defense. (03:31:52): And a swarm of missiles falls down on her general location, courtesy of the ACs! React. (03:32:10): Calvin and Roger can move.
Peter Kampschroeder (03:33:09): *Jen's nanobots burst forth in a cloud-forming a smokescreen as she slips back and to the side! But while they might block Lagardia's view, they're as much a part of Jen as the rest of Nemain-and so she aims righ at the little green robot in the cloud and blasts away.+
Wyverncakes (03:33:14): * With more missiles coming, Hibiki lets herself fall to the ground feet-first, springing away backwards to get out of the blast zone.+
VJockey (03:33:56): *Calvin grits his teeth as the TSF rushes through the urban terrain and lets loose with several volleys from its assault cannon at the Ariake numbers.+ (03:34:58): As soon as she sees the cloud forming, Lagardia abandons her attack. She jumps behind, several missiles falling in front of her like her own personal smokescreen (but with explosions.)
tengusaur (03:35:02): Roger: "How much time do you have left? Do you really want to spend what remains of it like this? Fighting against people who could help you, accomplishing nothing?" As he asks the members of the Court, Big O moves forward, using its shields to block the incoming missiles, and then following up with several straight, powerful punches at one of the Anguises, trying to bash the snake-like mech into the ground. + (03:35:18): Lagardia: "Cover me, Avishai, Graeme. I will retrieve what we came here for." (03:35:44): Graeme: "Hrrm!" His arms throw Hibiki away while he also backs off from the missiles, surprisingly quickly. (03:36:03): Graeme: "All we need is one chance. One final chance to avenge our people." (03:37:09): Three Ariakes explode, unable to react in time while the rest dodges away.
VJockey (03:37:13): "And after who knows how many years of cloak and dagger, of being party to all sorts of atrocities, not to mention everything you did recently..."
VJockey (03:37:22): "Is it going to even be worth it?" (03:37:26): However, Calvin now has attention of the other, humanoid AC.
Peter Kampschroeder (03:37:35): Jen: "Don't think I'll let you go easy!" (03:37:36): The Animal: "Useless! So useless, these guys are just fodder!" (03:38:06): Stomping forward, the Death Penalty roars with a chain gun, a hail of bullets raining down on Calvin's TSF. React (03:39:01): Lagardia: "Worth it?"
VJockey (03:39:09): *Taking advantage of the Eagle's manueverability, Calvin sends it into a running leap for cover!+ (03:39:37): Lagardia: "Yes. All of it, I would do twice over." (03:40:18): Lagardia: "The monster that nearly wiped out my own people, with only a handful remaining. I will do anything to destroy it forever!" (03:41:05): The Big O draws a part of the missile swarm, and engages the small Chimera contingent - but while Roger pummels one Anguis, another leaps to the side, its hand beam rifle firing from the flank. (03:41:08): And also...
VJockey (03:41:10): "Even if it means a whole bunch of innocent people along with what few friends you have left die on the way?" (03:41:33): Schlan: "Are you seeing this, Lowen? I call it... the Nano Poison Break!"
Peter Kampschroeder (03:41:40): Jen: "You know, if you weren't blowing people up, we could probably help you with that!" (03:41:52): The Chaos Anguis' huge mouth breathes a cloud of nasty acid-like substance at the Big O at the same time. React. (03:42:52): Lagardia: "Don't you understand it? My own people... all of them are dead! What are a few hundred, few thousands compared to that?"
Wyverncakes (03:43:37): Hibiki: "But if nobody has to die then nobody should have to!" (03:43:47): Avishai: "I'd also like to add that peaceful solutions were attempted on several occasions during history. But we were thwarted each and every time."
tengusaur (03:44:12): Roger: "What happened to your people is a tragedy. But it doesn't give you an excuse to spread that tragedy even further!" Big O grabs the serpent it just attacked, turning around and trying to use it as a shield against the beam blast, and especially against the acid attack. + (03:44:13): Avishai: "On the other hand, by acting as we do now - we have come closer to success than ever before. History may see us as sinners or monsters, but..."
VJockey (03:45:50): "But that kind of thinking hardly ever works out in the end!" (03:46:25): Calvin jumps for cover, taking it behind a pile of rubble. The gatling leaves a trail of bullets in his path, and now starts destroying his refuge,pinning him down where he is. (03:46:38): The Animal: "Yes, yes! Hide before you bleed, and die!"
Peter Kampschroeder (03:46:50): Jen: "But, you'll be dead." (03:47:20): The Anguis points a beam rifle at the Big O - only to be grabbed and used as a shield against the poison break. Its armor quickly turns into corroded mess. (03:47:38): Unfortunately the other Anguis manages to land a few shots against Big O's side, but it's heavily armored. It can take it. (03:47:55): Schlan: "Hmm. Quality of materials could use improvement. (03:48:44): Lagardia: "High words for someone who came to kill us. Graeme, Avishai! Protect me!" (03:49:21): She tries to break off towards the building behind the Ebon Court, the two others blocking your way - a ball of fire lightning up in Avishai's hand, and Graeme adopting a melee stance. (03:49:26): Avishai: "Very well." (03:49:31): Jen and Hibiki, go again. (03:50:39): Graeme: "We lived long. Perhaps too long from your perspective... but you must undertand that the beast is a threat to humanity as well."
VJockey (03:51:10): "It would surprise me if it wasn't..."
Wyverncakes (03:51:56): * Seeing Lagadria make a break for it, Hibiki still tries to run to her, heading straight towards Graeme in the process! "I didn't come her to kill anyone..." And taking advantage of the size difference, she makes a diving slide to try to get between the giant's legs& (03:52:59): Graeme: "That's good, because I will not throw my life away easily either!"
Peter Kampschroeder (03:53:24): *Jen: "The national socialists were a threat to mankind too, you know." Nemain crouches-and blasts off towards Lagardia! With its super-speed, it aims to pass between Graeme and Avishai before the two can react, then get on the other side of Lagardia.& (03:53:35): The yellow Court member's hand crackles with electricity - he slams it down, creating a lightning barrier between him and Hibiki. A barrier with discharges that flow towards the small combatant! (03:53:36): React. (03:53:40): and continue
Wyverncakes (03:54:52): "-But..."
VJockey (03:55:24): "Do you really think the three of you can take on something that wiped out your people on your own?" (03:55:37): Avishai: "The whole of humanity? It is not my place to put lives on scales, however..." (03:56:01): Legardia turns around as she moves towards the building - seeing Nemain coming and...
Wyverncakes (03:56:32): * Hibiki slams down with both of her fists and lets her arm pistons fire! "... It you're not going to just say what this is all about then it's probably something really bad we need to stop!" The pulse of the strikes sends her shooting up and over Graeme!+ (03:56:43): Suddenly, Avishai lifts an arm. In the air, levitating blades float towards Jen to meet her unit, forming a cutting wall of razor-sharp projectiles to bypass! (03:56:45): React/conitnue (03:57:55): Lagardia: "You heard enough!" (03:57:59): Graeme: "Ah..."
VJockey (03:58:18): "Hibiki's right... do you want to keep doing this damn song and dance until we whittle you down to nothing?" (03:58:27): Hibiki not only evades the currents, but flies off to the skies - above her foe, in a clear position for future assault. Now, if only she could maneuver in the air better. (03:58:43): Calvin and Roger, go now. (03:59:00): Also, Calvin may find it hard to talk during battle because his cover is still bombarded by the Death Penalty.
Peter Kampschroeder (03:59:18): *"Shit!" Jen has to slam on the metaphorical brakes, slamming its feet into the ground to slow it down. A cloud of steam starts spreading from the overheating joints - but with it slowing down like that, Jen has more time before she hits the wall, and she slices her beam halberd across it in several slashes. "Outta my way!"+
tengusaur (03:59:58): Roger: "Support incoming, inspector. Hang in there!" Big O throws away the now-useless wreck in its hands and looks towards Death Penalty, Arc Lines blazing from its eyes and firing at the AC as the Megadeus takes upon its characteristic laser-firing pose. +
VJockey (04:00:21): "Thanks Roger!" (04:00:35): The first blade is thrown away by Jen's halberd, so is another - but others start catching up with her blows, and Avishai moves his arms in several quick movements as the blades circle around the Nemain, ready for another assault...
VJockey (04:01:24): *Calvin takes advantage of the laser firing. The moment Death Penalty's barrage is pointed away from him, he's going to send several heavy cannon rounds its way!+ (04:02:40): The Death Penalty prepares to unleash another missile swarm, when suddenly... (04:02:45): The Animal: "What the..." (04:02:59): The AC is cut into with Big O's eye lasers, a small explosion over its torso! (04:03:46): As the attack causes the enemy to crackle in a very specific way, Calvin further damages the AC by unleashing more and more shots at it. (04:04:06): And then the Ariakes regroup and start shooting from flanks, using only machineguns but superior in numbers. Calvin, react!
tengusaur (04:04:25): # (04:04:45): Isotope: "Heh. Be more aware of your surroundings." (04:05:04): The Deus Ex Machina is above Big O! Where did it come from?!
VJockey (04:05:26): "Are you kidding me-" (04:05:34): It jumped from the burning OSI building, and as it falls down, Isotope fires plasma cannons at Big O from above (04:05:38): React. (04:06:02): (That # might be hard considering circumstances, but feel free to try if you're up for it)
tengusaur (04:06:13): (gonna focus on my own defense for now)
Wyverncakes (04:06:43): #? (Last I checked Hibiki was still airborne?)
VJockey (04:06:49): *The Eagle takes to the air, Calvin attempting to manuever rapidly to get out of the range of the AC's Targetting Computers!+ (04:06:51): Yes, approved.
Wyverncakes (04:09:18): * "Roger-san!" Coming down like a bullet from her previous jump, Hibiki angled towards the Deus Ex Machina, arm piston armed and firing as she passed by it, her punch aimed for the machine's midsection!+
tengusaur (04:10:14): Roger: "A cunning maneuver. But..." The black Megadeus fires a Moby Dick Anchor into the ground, which pulls it a bit to the side as it raises a free arm upwards, to block the blasts. "Don't underestimate Big O's defenses!" + (04:12:30): Isotope: "Hmm? A fly, perhaps?" (04:13:16): Despite his words, the AC pilot is suddenly forced to reverse - the unit's thrusters cause him to fall back, as Hibiki's punch causes a gash on Deus Ex Machina's torso! (04:13:39): The clumsily fired plasma bolts are intercepted by the shields, and do not deal any significant damage
tengusaur (04:14:11): Roger: "Don't underestimate Little O, either." (04:14:14): Calvin manages to get out of his hiding place, the TSF jumping high and the barrage only grazing it a few times as the Ariakes try to follow its movements. (04:14:23): Go go, Jen and Hibiki.
Peter Kampschroeder (04:14:36): (Remaning enemies?)
Wyverncakes (04:14:46): Finally landing, Hibiki gives Roger a happy smile.
Wyverncakes (04:15:18): (Just to double-check, but can Hibiki get to Lagardia now or is Graeme still blocking her?) (04:15:27): Enemies: Lagardia, Avishai, Graeme (lightly damaged), Deus Ex Machina (Isotope) (lightly damaged), Death Penalty (The Animal) (damaged), Ariake x8, Chaos Anguis (Schlan), Anguis (04:15:36): (Yes, you can reach her)
Wyverncakes (04:18:43): * Hibiki sprints to Lagardia as fast as she can, springing around to get in front of her and... holding out her arms to either side as if to block admittance to the OSI building! "I meant it when I said I didn't come here to kill anyone! We were able to work with some of your friends before... and you've said that if you don't do whatever it is you want then everyone'll be in danger too! So please, tell us what you're trying to do! If the Unity Group can it'll help you and you won't have to fight anyone!"+ (04:20:30): Lagardia: "You must be joking. You said it yourself, our actions meant the loss of life of many. You view us as monsters..." (04:20:43): Lagardia: "You would never help us! Your words are hollow!"
Wyverncakes (04:21:01): "I never called you a monster!" (04:21:26): She slices with a sword held in a reverse grip, low to slice at Hibiki and the ground at her feet!
VJockey (04:21:27): "Look at everything that's happened! Your friend, the Songstress? She's dead. Lucine is dead. Maloz is dead! I believe that everything has consequences but..." (04:21:28): React!
Peter Kampschroeder (04:21:38): #Hibiki (04:21:41): Approved.
Wyverncakes (04:22:22): * Hibiki jumps backward, but doesn't fight back! And nor does she move her arms!+
VJockey (04:22:43): "I'm not going to crush the last damn spark you have left... I owe Maloz that much."
Peter Kampschroeder (04:23:49): Jen: "Getting real tired of you guys..." She makes a long cable with her nanobots, a flexible and non-cutting rope. After a quick set of steps to try to avoid Ashivai's interference, she whips it out at Lagardia. The cable flexes and shifts as it moves, going to wrap itself around Lagardia's sword arm and yank her away.+ (04:25:05): Avishai: "..." (04:25:22): He continues the assault, the blades erupting into fire as they slam towards Jen's position one by one. (04:25:31): However, she manages to whip out the rope regardless! (04:26:06): Graeme: "You're right." (04:26:18): Graeme: "Lagardia!" (04:26:43): The rope is intercepted - the cable entangling itself around Graeme, who blocks it with his arms. (04:27:02): Lagardia's slash causes a large scar... (04:27:26): In the ground - but not in Hibiki's body, who simply jumps away from the rubble and dirt spraying out. (04:27:50): Lagardia: "What are you doing?!"
Peter Kampschroeder (04:27:52): Jen: "Oh, come on!" (04:28:05): Graeme: "They won't give us the artifacts, but maybe..."
Wyverncakes (04:28:13): "If not attacking you when you attack me is what I need to do to make you listen, then I'll do it!" (04:28:31): Graeme: "If only we tried to talk, Lucine wouldn't have to... Lagardia!" (04:28:44): Lagardia: "Did you already forget your own teacher, Graeme? What happened to her?"
Wyverncakes (04:28:47): "I don't know about the other times you tried to reach out with humans, but just because some people were bad doesn't mean I'll be!" (04:29:18): Graeme: "Of course I remember! And that's why..." He struggles against Jen's binding. (04:29:33): Graeme: "I don't want the same to happen again... and yet it did, with Lucine. Nevermore!" (04:29:45): Avishai: "..." (04:30:11): For a moment, all offensive action stops. (04:30:13): What say or do you?
VJockey (04:32:27): "...Whatever it is you're trying to do... you're short on time. there's no point in wasting it fighting us when we can help..."
tengusaur (04:32:43): Roger: "it's not too late for you to change your minds yet. You can make up for the mistakes of the past. You don't have to set the world on fire to have your vengeance when we can help you destroy the beast!"
Wyverncakes (04:34:34): Now was as good a time as any.
Wyverncakes (04:34:53): "If we've worked together before, we can now too!" (04:35:02): Lagardia: "..."
Wyverncakes (04:35:04): And she offers Lagardia a hand to shake! (04:35:07): SHe lowers her weapons. (04:35:20): And looks down on Hibiki. No handshake though - the size difference is too big. (04:35:36): Lagardia: "You already know that danger is upon us." (04:36:07): Lagardia: "A horrible monster has destroyed everything, killed almost all of my people. It was stopped... but not destroyed." (04:36:29): Lagardia: "It was only sealed away. And we gather the artifacts, keys - to break the seal and awaken it." (04:36:52): Lagardia: "So we may kill it for good!" (04:37:02): Lagardia: "Knowing this, are you still willing to help us?!"
tengusaur (04:40:08): Roger: "You said the monster is a danger to humans too, didn't you? It's within our interest to make sure it's destroyed, too."
Wyverncakes (04:40:37): "Right!"
Peter Kampschroeder (04:40:50): Jen: "What part of 'stop murdering people and we can help' were you not understanding?!"
Wyverncakes (04:40:51): "And it's not the first time we would've helped fight a god after it'd been sealed!" (04:54:51): Lagardia: "... This may be a mistake. Alright." (04:55:10): Lagardia: "But we still need the artifacts regardless, and they are held inside." (04:55:42): Isotope: "... You realize, I am getting paid for this either way." (04:55:53): The Animal: "Is that it? Talk about disgusting!" (04:56:09): But not everyone seems to dislike it as much as the AC pilots. (04:56:17): In fact, you hear the sound of clapping. (04:56:35): Slow, sarcastic clapping, as a single individual walks out of the burning building.
Wyverncakes (04:56:52): "Eh?"
Wyverncakes (04:57:00): Hibiki turns to try to see who it is. (04:57:05): Director Holstein: "Splendid. Beautiful. What a reunion!"
VJockey (04:57:15): "....What the fuck-" (04:57:16): ( )
VJockey (04:57:22): "You're still alive old man?" (04:57:25): Lagardia: "You..."
Peter Kampschroeder (04:57:38): Jen: "You *really* shouldn't be around here right now, geezer!" (04:57:44): Holstein: "Of course, of course. I am not alone, see?" (04:58:07): Behind him, a robed man - Calvin may recognize him. (04:58:33): Acolyte Kurtis, his mole in Scylla und Charybdis. At least until the Nazis were defeated and he was taken into custody by the OSI, for his own safety. (04:59:00): Holstein: "Well, well. Wasn't it nice to hear all of that. Thank you." (04:59:10): Holstein: "What do you say, Kurtis? Ha ha ha." (04:59:14): Kurtis: "Ha... ha..." (04:59:17): They both start laughing. (04:59:35): Avishai: "... Being tight lipped had its advantages too." (04:59:45): Lagardia doesn't say anything. Instead, she raises her blades again. (04:59:48): But not towards Hibiki.
VJockey (05:00:57): "......" (05:00:59): Holstein: "Enough." (05:01:20): Holstein: "I must thank you, Unity Group. Now, the Ancients had their lousy little group removed to an even smaller one."
VJockey (05:01:40): "Beg your pardon. What." (05:02:05): Holstein: "And I agree. The One Who Waits needs his seal broken." (05:02:18): The two start walking closer towards you - their bodies shifting and changing shape...
Peter Kampschroeder (05:02:25): There is the sound of Jen groaning in exasperation.
Wyverncakes (05:02:30): Hibiki: "But... you knew?!"
tengusaur (05:02:35): Roger: "...You wanted to free him all along."
Peter Kampschroeder (05:02:56): Jen: "I *TOLD* you to steal all that stuff, Calvin!" (05:03:04): Holstein: "After he is made immortal! Now, it is time to end this!"
VJockey (05:03:07): "......" (05:03:15): Kurtis: "Serve the Master." (05:03:31): Avishai: "Iomhar... Daumantas... everyone, dodge!"
VJockey (05:03:38): [Holstein was evil all along. Holstein. The architect of his many years of drudgery and suffering was in fact some kind of monster.]
VJockey (05:03:43): "I fucking KNEW IT." (05:03:47): The Kurtis-form, now barely looking humanoid, produces a large bone - and it shatters in his hand! (05:03:53): Sharpnel flies everywhere around! (05:04:02): Everyone, react! (05:04:22): The Animal: "Fuck is tha... ghh... uuu..." (05:04:33): The bony shrapnel pierces cockpits of the ACs and the Ariakes.
tengusaur (05:04:39): Roger: "Get behind me!" Big O raises its shields, trying to intercept the shards going into the way of the Megadeus and anyone who might use it for cover! + (05:04:49): #UG and Ebon?
VJockey (05:05:08): *You better believe Calvin is going to get behind Big O!+ (05:05:15): The units becoming still, but then shuffling in zombie like motion, their units twisting shape as well... (05:05:18): # approved! (05:05:24):
Wyverncakes (05:05:34): * Hibiki springs backwards towards the others! "Lagardia we should fall back!"
Peter Kampschroeder (05:07:11): *Nemain ducks down, using its nanobot cloud to obscure its position and slightly deflect any shrapnel that gets too close.+
VJockey (05:07:43): "Ergh.. for your information Jen, arranging a heist from the Head Office's secure vaults? Not very easy!" (05:08:10): *Suddenly…from the sky…a group of silver vaned spikes soar down like a rain of arrows. A second from the ground, they flip around and decelerate, hovering in place in front of the good guys, arranged in a spider-web formation! "Lance Shock, Charge!" Lightning zaps in, leaping from Thorn to Thorn, charring any bone shrapnel that flies past.+
Peter Kampschroeder (05:08:13): Jen: "Maybe you should try harder then!" (05:08:40): A turtle mech races around the street corner and brakes to a stop in a shower of sparks.
VJockey (05:08:56): "...Can we discuss this after we deal with my boss and informant?" (05:09:02): Lagardia jumps away as well - but not behind Big O.
VJockey (05:09:11): "I think right now we very much need to kill them." (05:09:16): Graeme: "No, do not try to block this! If you get hit, a human like you will..."
VJockey (05:09:21): *ex boss (05:09:22): Dido: "So…I guess you were one of those 'Hidden Agenda' villains, Holstein!" (05:09:32): Not a single bone shard strikes at Big O, or any of your allies. (05:09:35): That's because... (05:09:51): In addition to the thorns, something else fell down on the bone shards. (05:10:18): Fiery blades moved telekinetically in the air, and the last few bone spikes hit the thin, tall body of the one who interposed himself in front of Big O. (05:10:25): Lagardia: "... Avishai." (05:11:09): Avishai: "Don't worry." He tries to sound reassuring, removing bone shards that pierce his skin one by one. His own body is bleeding as he does that, and the Ancient is in obvious pain. (05:11:27): Avishai: "Lagardia... you know well this won't kill me... we need to focus on the two of them." (05:11:49): In front of you, Holstein and Kurtis don't even look human anymore. (05:11:55): Holstein (05:12:02): Kurtis (05:12:16): And supporting them is a group of twisted flesh-and-metal robots. (05:12:24): Schlan: "Well, I believe it's time I made myself scarce..." (05:12:43): The Chaos Anguis flees, having used its AI controlled knockoff as a shield. (05:13:03): Enemies: Holstein, Kurtis, zombie Ariake x8, zombie Isotope, zombie Animal (05:13:21): Dido, Calvin, Roger - go!
tengusaur (05:13:43): Roger: "That was close. We almost shared the fate of these poor fools..."
VJockey (05:14:11): "... Yeah..." (05:14:12): Graeme: "They were always after us. Hunting us down, one by one..." (05:14:30): Graeme: "Lucine... I cannot meet you yet. I'm sorry."
Wyverncakes (05:14:31): "..." (05:14:47): His fists crackle with electricity yet again.
VJockey (05:15:22): "... They won't be doing much hunting... or anything else after this." (05:15:55): Lagardia: "Iomhar... IOMHAR!" (05:16:32): With unusual fury, the green Ancient leaps forward. (05:16:48): *Let's clear out the mooks–!" Dido transmits a command to the hovering, electrified Arc Thorns, which pivot and fly towards the zombified ACs, trailing streamers of lightning behind them!+ (05:16:53): Holstein: "Are you so eager to share the fate of your kind? Oh well. The gig is up, so everyone has to die now."
VJockey (05:17:06): "You first."
tengusaur (05:17:12): Roger: "The least I can do for them is cut this short!" Big O raises its hands, visibly gathering energy around its head, and then lowers its arms, swinging its elbows to the side and connecting its fists. A large beam erupts from its forehead, heading towards the zombified enemies! + (05:17:27): Dido: "…are the Ebon Court on our side now? It feels like they are, but I won't wanna make assumptions."
VJockey (05:17:40): *Calvin sends his TSF into the air again and lets loose several volleys off cannon fire at Holstein!+ (05:18:17): The corrupted Ariakas shake under the electric attack, the beam burning them one by one. (05:18:53): But, the ACs move towards you - the Animal fires its chaingun again, but this time it moves with a horrible squelchy noise, and Dido finds herself under attack not by bullets, but more and more bone shards. (05:19:17): While Isotope moves through air, changing direction unpredictably, unable to stand still for a second.
Peter Kampschroeder (05:19:25): Jen: "...Is that dutiful subordinate of yours around at all? If we're all murdering each other, I'd like to add her to the list." (05:19:39): One of its plasma guns drops off while another pulses and grows large - discharging not a beam, but red blood-like fluid towards Big O! (05:19:40): React.
VJockey (05:19:58): "Please, please tell me she's evil too... it would really be like Christmas came early." (05:20:55): Holstein: "Representative Caroll?" (05:21:12): He ducks and weaves, almost effortlessly dodging Lagardia's slashes.
tengusaur (05:21:24): Roger: "That's just awful." He redirects the beam, trying to clash it against the incoming spray of blood and evaporate the liquid before it can reach Big O. + (05:21:28): Calvin fires - but Holstein looks up, his arm also raising upwards. (05:21:28): *"Oh…ew!" Dido engages Shell-Boost and tries zooming behind a major landmark. While behind cover, she transforms ShelLancer into humanoid mode.+ (05:21:55): And shooting out a wild stream of purple and black lightning that turns cannon shots into ash - and then flies towards the TSF! (05:22:48): Holstein: "She's just a puny human. One who did an extrarordinary good job at tormenting you, Calvin... but now I'll take over." (05:22:52): React. (05:23:41): The bone shards rattle against the ShellLancer's armor, sticking out of it but fortunately not causing any major damage while Dido manages to get to safety. (05:24:00): And these ones do not have the same effect as Kurtis' bone, fortunately. (05:24:36): The bloody attack doesn't evaporate, but the stream is redirected by the beam and shoots to the ground, burning a hole in it.
VJockey (05:24:41): *The TSF quickly does its best to go higher and twist away from the stream!+ (05:24:42): Dido scrapes them off with her lance, just to be safe. (05:25:02): Big O however burns a part of Isotope, sending the enemy crashing down cannon-less. (05:25:42): Holstein: "Is that all you can do, Edwards? Run away?" (05:26:20): His attack aims higher too, but only to a limited extent. Calvin gets out of harm's way, though the lightning singes his unit's lower legs... and causes parts of them to stop functioning. Landing may be unpleasant. (05:26:30): Hibiki and Jen, go
VJockey (05:26:40): "And is talking down at people all you can do you oversized tick?!"
Wyverncakes (05:27:25): (Enemy list?) (05:28:09): Enemies: Holstein, Kurtis, Corrupted Isotope, Corrupted Animal, Corrupted Ariake x5 (05:28:22): (Hard to judge damage of corrupted enemies) (05:28:55): Holstein: "Why would you deserve any better?"
Wyverncakes (05:29:14): * Not exactly sure what else Holstein or Kurtis could do, Hibiki settles for going after the Ariakes. WIth a running start she launches herself into a divekick into one of their chests!+
VJockey (05:29:24): "Oh. Right. Forgot who I was talking to for a moment." (05:29:28): Holstein: "Incompetent, cowardly... I could go on. But frankly Edwards - something about you just rubs me the wrong way. I can't stand your face!"
VJockey (05:30:17): "Good. Because I'll make sure this mug is the last thing you see when you die."
VJockey (05:30:28): "and I'll make sure to point and laugh!"
Peter Kampschroeder (05:30:35): *"Something about you jerks...really ticks me off." Jen's earlier cable has been retracted, and now she has two. So Jen channels her inner rodeo star, and zips around to get up on Kurtis's back, using those ropes to hold back his shoulders.& (05:31:49): Hibiki kicks the corrupted zombie-unit - it is thrown away! (05:32:01): Dido: "Even after morphing into a monster, you still put on the airs of a Snob? How many cocktails parties or banquets do you think you can schmooze at when you're seven stories tall, Holstein?" (05:32:28): Two others move forward. Their arms rip painfully, revealing long sharp claws. They charge, slashing with them, revealing them to be elastic to a degree as well. React!
Wyverncakes (05:33:01): "Uaah!" (05:33:18): Holstein: "Monster? No, you have it wrong. As typical of a pea-brained imbecile. This is the form granted by my Master." (05:33:35): Holstein: "With it, I'll take great pleasure in shattering your limbs, one by one."
Wyverncakes (05:33:54): * She wasn't expecting that, but Hibiki shifts her stance to a more compact one to try to juke out of the way of those attacks, delivering a sliding kick to one of the machines' legs!+ (05:34:41): Kurtis starts to generate energy projectiles to shoot towards Jen, however someone else is no longer entangled... (05:34:48): Graeme: "I have your back!" (05:35:32): The Ancient unleashes a beam of energy from his palms, struggling against the projectiles. Jen lands on Kurtis... who tries to impale her with the tail! React/continue (05:35:43): Kurtis: "Off with you, pest!" (05:37:10): Hibiki slides under the enemies, her kick causing the zombie-AC's foot to become concave. It stumbles while also splotching a mix of metal and a suspicious dark liquid. (05:37:22): Dido, Roger and Calvin can move.
VJockey (05:39:20): *Calvin's going to try to get behind Holstein and open fire on that oversized back of his... maybe... just maybe the results will be explosive!+
Peter Kampschroeder (05:40:50): *"Not so fast now!" Now, the hard part. Jen shifts her ropes to one hand, while she runs towards the centaur-kurtis's vertical back. At the last moment she'll take her free hand to land a solid plasma punch to the base of his skull-and then jump away, trying to make it so the tail has to either stop attacking or hit its owner.+
tengusaur (05:41:39): Roger: "I'm not sure what other abilities do these corrupted enemies have, and I'd rather not find out. Now, Big O!" The black Megadeus rushes forward, the piston in its arm going backwards, and it punches at Isotope's malformed body, lifting it into the air! "Sudden Impact!" The piston slams forward, releasing the accumulated pressure in a powerful burst! + (05:42:09): As Jen moves around the back, she sees Kurtis overpowering Graeme's blasts. The cultist monster's magic starts pummeling into his massive body... (05:42:24): But you evade the stinger tail, and deliver it - a punch to the head. The barrage stops! (05:42:34): Kurtis shakes in pain, and roars angrily! (05:42:41): *"You're called Graeme, right?" Dido asks the Ebon Court elementalist. "I saw you wield lightning…follow my lead!" ShelLancer moves out of cover and fires a volley of Arc Thorns past Graeme, flying through the projectiles and into Kurtis's flank. "Light up the Thorns!"+ (05:42:44): @Graeme? (05:42:59): Graeme: "Haaa... haa... yes!" (05:43:45): The distracted Kurtis suddenly has several thorns thrown at his body. And Graeme, wounded may he be, wastes no time - he unleashes an electric bolt from his palms. (05:44:00): Kurtis is further shocked! Jen needs to evacuate though, or she will be electrified too! (05:45:29): Isotope tries to regain his balance - only for Big O to pick up the zombie with its fist. The piston unleashes steam... (05:45:40): Dido: "Ah, sorry, Jen! Avoid the metal objects!" (05:46:12): The corrupted AC is hit head on! It explodes, showering the surroundings in rather unpleasant liquids.
Peter Kampschroeder (05:46:34): Jen lets go of the cables, her momentum carrying through the air and away from Kurtis. (05:46:45): Holstein: "Hmm! A busybody as always, buzzing around like a fly." (05:47:11): He is fast, but he has difficulty following Calvin - Holstein's body has limited field of vision as it is now. (05:47:15): Also the second he turns his back... (05:47:38): Lagardia: "Did you take me for dead already, monster?" (05:47:48): A double stab to his back! (05:48:07): Lagardia: "Strike, firefly blades!" (05:48:49): As Lagardia unleashes a series of quick thrusts, and Calvin fires at Holstein's... flank, due to his movement... (05:49:06): Holstein: "I'll swat the pest down." (05:49:32): His whole body shakes with power as blood spilled by the zombies starts to gather around him in a protective sphere. (05:49:49): The attacks strike it instead of his body... and then the sphere explodes in a bloody blast! (05:49:52): Calvin, react! (05:50:16): Jen, Hibiki, go.
tengusaur (05:52:09): Roger: "Even after death you won't let them rest?"
Peter Kampschroeder (05:52:45): * "Hm, I wonder.." Jen readies her beam halberd, manuevering around Kurtis. "Let's see what this does." Nemain stops moving for a moment-and with a sonic boom, it dashes alongside the length of Kurtis's body, slicing at his legs.
Wyverncakes (05:52:45): * Still not sure if getting close to Holstein is smart, Hibiki tries to get another corrupted AC between her and the real villain of the situation! And once she does... "I'll just need to hit it just right...!" She charges at it again, but this time rather than a dive-kick she swings both her fists forward as she lunges up, to smash it into Holstein!+
Peter Kampschroeder (05:52:50): (+) (05:54:02): Holstein glances in Hibiki's direction. (05:54:26): His six eyes start shooting out projectiles - piercing bullets of blood, which strike their way through the thrown AC. (05:54:39): They riddle it full of holes, and fly off further - towards the Relic user. React! (05:56:07): Seeing the Nemain move around, Kurtis starts accelerating... (05:56:28): No energy projectiles this time. He simply tries to counter-charge the charge - and he is also really fast, having advantage of mass atop of that! (05:56:29): React, Jen!
Wyverncakes (05:57:01): * Okay, Hibiki wasn't expecting that! She dives to the side, leg pistons firing to get her out of the way, moving in a zig-zag pattern!+
VJockey (05:57:27): *Calvin, finding himself faced with the prospect of an explosion swings himself towards cover... that being the burned/burning husk of his old workplace!+ (05:59:37): #Jen? (05:59:45): Approved (05:59:57): Dido: "Jen…! Jump up, now!"
Peter Kampschroeder (06:00:20): *Jen just relies on her speed for dealing with this-by the time Kurtis finishes taking a single step, she'll already be dozens meters past him. Of course, then it has to stop and vent, and her movement will be slowed while the nanobots repair damage.+ (06:00:49): Calvin flees behind the building, while Holstein doesn't even stare at him. He's busy glaring blood projectiles at Hibiki, who is forced to run for her life while he just continues shooting. (06:00:53): As for Lagardia... (06:01:29): Lagardia: "Urgh!" She is thrown back from the explosion, but the whole of its impact does not hit her. (06:01:44): That's because in front of her, Avishai's blades fly again, having created a barrier. (06:02:34): Calvin and Roger, go again. (06:02:41): Also Dido go (feel free to continue # with action) (06:02:44): *Combine (06:03:42): *ShelLancer crouches and engages Shell-Boost, accelerating towards Jen's back, building up velocity and using the Nemian as cover. When Jen gets out of the way, Kurtis will discover a huge turtle mech about to collide with it, with its own advantage of speed and mass…and a spear aimed to pierce through and shock its chest!+
tengusaur (06:04:18): (enemy list?) (06:04:46): Enemies: Holstein (lightly damaged), Kurtis (pretty heavy damage), Animal, zombie ACs x4
tengusaur (06:06:32): Roger takes aim at the zombified ACs, swapping the controls inside Big O's cockpit. One of the Megadeus' arms unfolds into a huge gatling gun, which proceeds to fire round after round of energy shots in the direction of all five of them! & (06:07:52): The ACs roar - their head splitting open, and bloody beams shooting out from inside. The Animal adds its own barrage of the bone-chaingun, all to try to counter the energy shots! (06:08:06): Yet, the barrage starts hitting them one by one. React/continue, Roger. (06:08:20): Kurtis accelerates... (06:08:39): However Jen was faster - moving to strike from the flank, she hobbles him, causing him to stumble. (06:08:47): And then, suddenly in front is the SHellLancer. (06:08:52): Kurtis: "By mere humans..." (06:09:13): He is shocked and starts shaking in painful looking tremors. The whole massive centaurian body collapses! (06:10:01): Dido: "Humans, yes!" ShelLancer twisted its lance and rips it out brutally. "But not mere–!"
tengusaur (06:10:22): Roger: "This is the end of the line for you. Go to sleep!" An energy ring forms around Big O's arm as the O Thunder keeps firing, and it flies forward, exploding amont the zombified enemies! + (06:10:59): The bloody streams are deflected by the energy ring. The bone barrage pierces into Big O's body... (06:11:18): For a second the ring disappears. Then, the whole enemy group explodes, putting the attack to an end.
VJockey (06:15:09): *Its good that Holstein's attention wasn't on Calvin anymore... because since it looked like his head was permanently fixed in one direction.... he takes the oppertunity to leap into the direction he probably couldn't look without tremendous difficulty. Up. Weighed down by gravity he uses the now useless lower legs of his TSF as crushing implements to drop upon his boss!+ (06:16:02): Holstein: "There you are, Edwards!" (06:16:24): As Calvin performs the double kick... Holstein swings his arm up blindly! (06:17:16): The tubes connecting his limb with his back start glowing and something red flows as energy channels in the clawed hand, the one that tries to skewer the TSF, and then do who knows what! (06:17:21): React!
VJockey (06:23:53): *This was going to be... really tight. He mentally notes to send an apology as he punches out of the TSF with a yell!+
VJockey (06:24:02): "SOMEONE SHOOT IT WHEN IT CRASHES ON HIM!" (06:24:46): The TSF falls down on Holstein, just as his claw glows with energy and starts punching a bolt through it... (06:24:56): And then it explodes when one of the fiery blades penetrates it! (06:25:05): Avishai: "Don't mind if I take the advantage, then." (06:25:28): Holstein: "Relic of a past era.... gaaah!" (06:25:57): He's thrown back by the explosion, and rest of the blades strike into him. Also the energy blast stops as the cables are severed. (06:26:26): Lagardia: "Iomhar, this is where you die." (06:26:40): After slashing through his cables on both sides for good measure, she raises her blades and... (06:26:44): Lagardia: "Go to hell." (06:26:50): Stabs them down on his skull, before jumping away. (06:27:05): Holstein's body is consumed by the explosion. (06:27:18): The trio of Ancients jump away from it, right in time. (06:27:36): Graeme: "Are they truly dead? It's over..." (06:28:10): ???: "Ha... ha ha... to think that..." (06:28:12): Dido: "Don't relax until we find their bones, guys! Stay alert!" (06:28:21): "…alert. Oh dear..."
VJockey (06:28:27): "...Well..."
VJockey (06:28:31): "...damn." (06:28:33): Holstein stumbles from the explosion. His body a mess, partially burned and the severed pipes spewing ichor everywhere. (06:28:45): He sways as he takes steps forward.
tengusaur (06:28:50): Roger: "You're still alive, despite all this?' (06:29:05): Holstein: "Pathetic ancient. And Edwards, from all people..."
tengusaur (06:29:13): Roger: "Remarkably tough. Give up. You can't win." (06:29:15): He falls down next to Kurtis' dead body. (06:29:26): Holstein: "That you'd be the end of me..." (06:29:44): Holstein: "I refuse."
VJockey (06:29:54): "!!"
VJockey (06:29:59): "Somebody shoot him!" (06:30:00): Holstein: "Even if I can't move back, give up my body forever." (06:30:03): Holstein: "I refuse!" (06:30:08): Is ShelLancer in range to step on Holstein? (06:30:22): He reaches out towards Kurtis! (06:30:23): If so, Dido moves to do that! (06:30:27): Take action Dido
tengusaur (06:30:29): Roger: "..." (06:31:45): *ShelLancer raises its foot, and stamps down! And for good measure– "Shell Boost!" Dido sets her mech's foot wheel and rocket boosters spinning as she moves to crush Holstein!+ (06:32:37): With a sickening crunch, Holstein's arm is crushed under ShelLancer's heel. (06:32:49): Avishai: "..." (06:32:52): Dido (06:33:04): you see Kurtis' head moving to stare right at you (06:33:20): as his own hand reaches out towards Holstein too. And in the blink of an eye, the two of them start fusing together. (06:33:42): Both of their heads stare at you as they are moved towards each other - and then covered by skeletal armor. (06:33:45): Dido: "Ah–! He wasn't dead!" (06:33:57): Dido: "Everyone start firing!"
Wyverncakes (06:34:02): Hibiki: "But... how?!" (06:34:02): The enemy roars (06:34:03):
Wyverncakes (06:34:09): People were supposed to be dead when they were dead! (06:34:11): Abomination: (06:34:34): Holstein and Kurtis: "I gave up my body to become a monster. I will rip your throats for this insult!"
VJockey (06:34:37): ".... shit..."
tengusaur (06:35:00): Roger: "Get ready, everyone. The batte has only started!" (06:35:09): The enemy starts shaking, and glow flares up inside its mouth...
VJockey (06:35:15): [And here he is without a machine... what was he supposed to... wait.. no. Think... the OSI Head office should have...]
Peter Kampschroeder (06:35:19): Jen: "Man, you're annoying." (06:35:37): Holstein and Kurtis: "Begone." (06:35:52): Instead of shooting from its mouth, bloody lances fire off from the Abomination's EVERYWHERE. (06:35:55): Everyone, react. (06:36:16): Lagardia: "No, my blades!" (06:36:32): Her swords - and Avishai's telekinetic blades as well, are still stuck in the enemy and they can't use them.
tengusaur (06:36:45): * Big O covers its body with one of its shielded forearms, and its face with another, bracing against the ground. + (06:37:01): *"Shell Up!" ShelLancer shifts to its low-profile form and darts away with a Shell Boost! "Oh Fudge oh Fudge–!"
Peter Kampschroeder (06:37:12): #lagardia? (06:37:27): Approved.
tengusaur (06:37:43): Roger: "Hide behind me if you need to!"
VJockey (06:38:17): *Calvin grits his teeth and leaps to get behind the Big O. Pretty easy given his situation... but also much more dangerous...+
Wyverncakes (06:38:31): * Hibiki starts trying to dive and avoid the shots! But Lagardia's comment about her weapons though... keep her from falling too far back too much.+
Peter Kampschroeder (06:40:09): *Nemain races for Lagardia, covering the distance with its high speed. As the lances draw closer, every effort is expended in parrying them. Cables solidified from Nemain's nanobots whip around to bat them away, Nemain's beam halberd deflects a few - and once moving it into position fast enough becomes an issue, Jen resorts to trying to step in past the lances and push them aside with her bare hands.+ (06:41:02): Graeme: "Behind me!" (06:41:26): Air around his hands freezes, creating impromptu ice barriers as he steps in front of the ShelLancer. (06:41:37): The barriers are pierced, and the Ancient falls down to one knee. (06:41:40): Graeme: "Urgh..." (06:42:10): Calvin and Hibiki are safe, but Big O is pelted heavily - its arms were battered already, and now actual holes are being punched through the thick shields! (06:42:31): Jen parries a few blood bolts, but they start pummeling her. (06:42:46): Lagardia: "What are you... do not lose your life!"
tengusaur (06:43:07): Roger: "Ghhh... Stand your ground, Big O! If this keeps up...!"
Peter Kampschroeder (06:43:10): Jen: "Hah...Are you kidding? I'm gonna live forever." (06:43:19): Jen's most desperate of measures are not needed though. (06:43:32): The barrage stops as Avishai's blades rip through the enemy's bone armor! (06:43:52): Avishai: "Do not underestimate the Ancients, creature." (06:44:26): The blades remove a few bones, focusing on the skull especially - revealing heads of (monster form) Holstein and Kurtis underneath, if only for a moment. (06:44:32): Then, they circle around Avishai again as he commands them. (06:44:53): Avishai: "Everyone, you need to strike at the heads. If you manage to destroy them both, the abomination will be sla..." (06:45:11): He is interrupted as small bone shards, hidden inside his blades, fly off and strike through his body, growing larger as they do so. (06:45:19): Avishai: "Guh."
Wyverncakes (06:45:27): Hibiki: "!" (06:45:28): Lagardia and Graeme: "Avishai!"
VJockey (06:45:43): "!!" (06:45:44): Holstein and Kurtis: "Idiot! To depths of hell with you!" (06:46:07): The abomination bullrushes the Ancient and with a gore of its horns, sends him flying into the ruined building that the trio attacked what seems like ages ago! (06:46:13): His body falls to the ground, limp. (06:46:20): Holstein and Kurtis: "Ha ha ha!"
tengusaur (06:46:23): Roger: "Avishai..." (06:46:47): Lagardia: "No..." (06:46:59): Jen, Hibiki - go now. (06:47:16): Graeme: "Another one of us... and I can't..."
VJockey (06:47:27): "...." (06:47:30): He can't stand up, only further slouching down instead.
VJockey (06:47:50): [Calvin's going to run towards the building as fast as he can. Nothing for it now...]
Wyverncakes (06:47:57): Hibiki: "He..."
tengusaur (06:48:21): Roger: "Bear in mind his last words. Aim for the heads."
Wyverncakes (06:48:40): "... You killed him."
Wyverncakes (06:48:46): "You killed... all of them!"
Peter Kampschroeder (06:48:52): Jen: "A good actor knows when their role is done, and doesn't linger on the stage."
tengusaur (06:48:57): Roger: "Graame, Lagardia, leave it to us. Stay alive."
Wyverncakes (06:49:01): Hibiki's fists clench tightly, a shadow starting to fall across her face.
tengusaur (06:49:19): Roger: "Hibiki..." (06:49:58): Lagardia doesn't listen to you, Roger. (06:50:16): She moves quickly - not towards the Abomination, but Avishai's unmoving body.
Wyverncakes (06:50:27): * What came next, came out as more a growl than anything else, eyes flashing red as she charged at one of the combined monster's heads. Her hands joined together, then went smashing down onto the top of it.+
Peter Kampschroeder (06:51:01): *Nemain's nanobot fog focuses, but not on repairing it. Rather, it gathers behind Nemain, forming into a number of small floating clumps. "...So get lost, already." Each of those clumps aims towards the monster's heads-and fires, a barrage of beams joined by Nemain's own grenade launcher.+ (06:52:01): Hibiki's assault cracks the bones of the enemy's head. (06:52:13): Holstein and Kurtis continue laughing and the head moves up, trying to gore her as well! React.
VJockey (06:52:41): [He spares a glance, unsure of what to say... but...] (06:52:49): At the same time it's getting back on its hind legs. Taking further damage, but thinking nothing of it. The Abomination's front limbs come together, generating a blood red blast - and firing towards Nemain. React! (06:53:01): Dido scans the Abomination's form, a combination of of Kurtis and Holstein…are the Arc Thorns she skewered Kurtis with still part of its makeup? (06:53:23): They are somewhere in there, but if you remember what happened to Avishai's blades...
VJockey (06:53:40): [He knows something that may help as he goes deeper into the building...] (06:54:06): Avishai: "So, it has come to be... all of us, fade away, one by one..." (06:54:52): Lagardia: "You are alive?! Avishai, no. No... I was willing to sacrifice all. But I cannot lose..."
Peter Kampschroeder (06:55:23): *As the blast comes towards her, Jen leaves her attack drone swarm in place, still firing at The Abomination's face. Nemain, on the other hand, jumps into the air, using its grappling hooks to drag itself further to the side.+ (06:55:23): Avishai: "You have already lost me. But..." A pained cough.
Wyverncakes (06:55:26): * Hibiki's hands swing down to grab onto one of the goring horns. This had to go. With as tight a grip as she could manage she kicks into the base of it to break it lose!+ (06:56:20): Avishai: "Take what is mine. You have learnt well, so take the rest too." (06:56:29): Avishai: "Lagardia, my grand daughter." (06:56:34): Lagardia: "..." (06:57:05): The horn of the abomination suddenly breaks, and its limbs are seperated, skewered by blades. (06:57:15): Fiery blades of Avishai - but the one controlling them is... (06:57:28): Lagardia: "Enough." (06:57:43): Due to her interruption, Hibiki's kick deals further damage to the enemy skull. (06:58:00): And Jen's nanomachine attack continues to drill into it. The bones explode! (06:58:04): Revealing underneath... (06:58:23): Holstein and Kurtis: "Aren't I happy to see you? No. No I am not. I hate it." (06:58:27): Dido: "–!" (06:58:28): The two heads, talking simultaneously! (06:58:38): Dido and Roger, go! (06:59:20): Lagardia: "The Ancients are gone. But the One Who Waits will be defeated." (06:59:31): Lagardia: "Strike now and end this miserable existence... humans!"
tengusaur (07:01:22): Roger: "You do not have to tell me twice!" He slams a button inside Big O's cockpit, sending several Moby Dick Anchors in the direction of the abomination's limbs and body, to immobilize it at least for a second - and while this happens, Big O steps forward while pulling on one of them, its free arm ready to launch another Sudden Impact, at the abomination's double heads! + (07:02:54): *"Right!" Dido shouts. ShelLancer's shoulder pauldrons bend forward. "Emptying the bins…Arc Thorns, firing!" volley after volley of Arc Thorns shoots out, rocking towards the Kurtis-Holstein head alliance. She points her Lance out, lightning gathering around its tip. "Lance Shock, Charging!" A bolt leaps out, following the Arc Thorns to their target!+ (07:03:23): Kurtis: "Aggghaaa!" (07:03:40): The heads shriek in pain as the arc thorns hit them, and start electricfying. (07:04:25): The Sudden Impact strikes again, sending a shockwave into the inside of the Abomination's skull. (07:04:37): The skeletal montrosity seems to waver down, weakening and going limp... (07:05:12): But as the dust settles, Kurtis's head is smashed and flattened - yet Holstein is still there. (07:05:29): Holstein: "That was close. Now, die!" (07:05:47): At point blank range, his eyes focus and shoot bloody missiles at Big O and Shellancer, both already heavily damaged! (07:05:49): React!
VJockey (07:06:29): # (07:06:33): Approved (07:06:36): React - and go! (07:06:44): Calvin!
tengusaur (07:07:13): Roger: "He's still not dead yet!" Big O takes a step backwards, blocking the incoming projectiles with both of its arms. +
VJockey (07:08:46): *Holstein would find several flares lashing through the air. And I do mean a lot. Blinding streaks all focused on slamming into his face to keep the loathesome thing from aiming properly as a certain modified genoace rapidly launches out of the ruined building with knife drawn! Bringing it down as hard as possible right between Holstein's eyes!+
VJockey (07:08:58): "Just so you know you old bastard.... I've always wanted to do this!" (07:09:19): *"Ah!" Dido shouts, trying to Shell-Boost left and dodge!+ (07:09:23): Holstein: "Edwaaaards! Gaaah!" (07:09:50): The flares blind Holstein - he can't blink, so he is forced to look away, the bloody attack hitting nothing in particular. (07:10:08): With a wet sound, the knife strikes down on his head. (07:10:42): Holstein doesn't say anything, but with a thud, the abomination instantly falls. (07:10:49): Calvin's genoace loses balance. (07:11:01): Almost falling down on its mechanical ass... (07:11:15): But in front of you, the Holstein and Kurtis abomination rapidly disintegrates. (07:11:31): And behind you. (07:12:02): Lagardia: "The One Who Waits will become immortal soon." (07:12:10): Lagardia: "But there is still time. He can be stopped." (07:12:14): Lagardia: "..."
Wyverncakes (07:12:19): "E-eh?"
Wyverncakes (07:12:36): Hibiki is suddenly looking back to normal, and surprised that the Abomination just... is suddenly dead. (07:12:39): She glances sideways - towards Avishai's body, now cold and definitely dead. (07:12:53): Lagardia: "I will... need your help..."
VJockey (07:13:18): "... You've got it. Tell us everything we need to know." (07:13:19): Lagardia: "I beg of you! I have done terrible things, but I ask of you to do just this!"
tengusaur (07:13:22): Roger: "...You can count on it." (07:13:38): Lagardia: "... Then, I will say all I know. But first." (07:14:06): Avishai's blades circle around her now, before turning to a standstill as they are no longer combat ready. (07:14:25): Lagardia: "Graeme will need medical help. And we need to get out of here." (07:14:29): MISSION SUCCESSFUL (07:15:16): Quietly, Dido steers ShelLancer to gently pick up Graeme and evacuate to the shuttle.