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If you want to reserve a character, comment here. Reserved characters cannot be app'ed by anyone else other than the person who made the reserve. Reserves should used in a situation where you are already working on an app and do not want anyone to preempt you, not when you are still only pondering whether to app a character or not.

Reserves are valid for one month after posting. After that time, a reserve comment will be deleted. If your reserve expires and you do not actually end up app'ing the character, please wait a while before making another reserve. There are no official rules on that but reserve abuse will be frowned upon.


If you wish to see a particular character in the game, write a character request here. Characters can be requested only in two cases:

-When you already have a character from the same canon as the requested character, and seek to increase the cast.
-When you are ready to app into the same canon as the requested character. In such a case, write which character you are willing to app as well.

Requests are cleared every activity cycle, but can be reposted without any limits.

Event Planning

If you want to plan a particular event for your canon, especially one that requires or would be nice if it included cross-canon interaction, post here. Discussion between players is encouraged!

If you need a mod's opinion on anything, or want to bring results of planning to the mods' eyes, please contact them as usual.

Event planning tags are not cleared.
abugslife: (Default)

From: [personal profile] abugslife

Re: Reserves

Tengu would like to reserve Roger Smith from Big O, though he will probably wait a bit with his introduction instead of appearing early.

Also this creature, but she's an OC.
dolorous_sensei: (Default)

From: [personal profile] dolorous_sensei

Re: Reserves

I'm reserving Dorothy to go with Tengu's Roger Smith later.
zenbuzenbuzenbu: (Default)

From: [personal profile] zenbuzenbuzenbu

Cubey here, reserving Chris Yukine from Symphogear - she won't appear in the game for a while though.

Also reserving Setsuko Ohara from Super Robot Wars Z, but I am working on an app as we speak so it should be up soon enough.
way_of_vengeance: (Oho?)

From: [personal profile] way_of_vengeance

Re: Reserves

Kanae Ootori from Muramasa, and 2 OC's who show up later-Sarah for Volya and Good Jen for Willis.
streamedastar: <user name="yumis-icons" site="tumblr.com"> (Blood is Kool-Aid?)

From: [personal profile] streamedastar

Re: Reserves

Reserving Ultraman Zero from the Ultraman metaseries.

Also working on this OC still
gardock: (Default)

From: [personal profile] gardock

Ethan here, reserving Ryoma Nagare from some damn version of Getter Robo or another, and Shinji Ikari from Rebuild of Evangelion.
mechmadeoflove: (Default)

From: [personal profile] mechmadeoflove

Re: Reserves

Bliss would like to reserve Joshua Preston and Meredith Baker (Bliss Stage: LIOW).

He's also pretty keen on this speaking in third person thing
cluelesssoldier: (Guns solve problems)

From: [personal profile] cluelesssoldier

Re: Reserves

Hey, Nick here. Going to reserve Gentaro Kisaragi aka Kamen Rider Fourze from Kamen Rider Fourze.

Edit:Go ahead and put me also down for Michiru Hanaten from Super Robot Wars OGS
Edited Date: 2014-04-27 04:28 am (UTC)
ugyuuya: Yuuya Default (Default)

From: [personal profile] ugyuuya

Re: Reserves

Placing reserves for Meiya from Muv-Luv Alternative. Will be applying with Yuuya Bridges from Total Eclipse shortly but wanted to hold off on her until we get closer to the end of his Cannon story.

*Edit: Dropped reserve on Takeru*
Edited (dropping 1 reserve) Date: 2014-05-02 02:40 am (UTC)
moonbeamfunk: SHSL avatar (Default)

From: [personal profile] moonbeamfunk

Re: Reserves

Moonbeam Newguy here again, for those who remember. I'd like to reserve Kamina/Simon from Gurren Lagann if possible. I have no intention to play both, I just wanted to be sure I got one of them.

Additionally I'm placing a reserve on Coop from Megas XLR, cuz chicks dig giant robots.

The main reason I'm reserving is due to having no reliable computer access right now. I can finally start doing profiles around next Sunday or Monday, give or take.
ugyuuya: Yuuya Default (Default)

From: [personal profile] ugyuuya

Tropical Vacation

So the Argos flight is making a trip to the tropics for TSF testing and PR. They're footing the bill for a whole resort so it's an open invite for those who would like to come. If anyone would like consideration for their own cannon events during this trip let me know and I'll be happy to help facilitate them.
ugyuuya: Yuuya Default (Default)

From: [personal profile] ugyuuya

Training Day

We've had a few characters express interest in TSF piloting and getting into the cockpits themselves. The sims and units are available but I just wanted to see who all would be interested to see how large of an event we'd be looking at.
break_the_nine: (Default)

From: [personal profile] break_the_nine

You definitely know I'll be sending this goofball in.