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Application rules
Original character rules
Application template

Application rules

  • Before you can post or comment in the game, your character must be app'ed and accepted. Applications are written as responses to this post.

  • Every potential player needs to read and understand the rules, which you can find here.

  • You may not app a character that is reserved (unless you are the one who reserved them of course) or taken.

  • You need to be familiar with the game's in-character background. It is a bit vague and malleable on purpose, to make introducing new canons easier. NOTE: If a canon is hard to incorporate into the setting but is otherwise perfectly app'able, ask the mods on how to join it into the game. We can work something out.

  • SRWU is a game that focuses on mecha canons, as well as mission-based combat where players cooperate together as members of one team. However, non-mecha canons are accepted if they still meet the following conditions:
    1. The canon fits into the game in terms of setting and themes. It is not a question of whether a canon "is /m/". There may be canons that contain a lot of mechanical or robot-like elements but their setting is too different from SRWU's to be easily integrated, or it would be hard to run them in a combat-heavy, misson-based game.

    2. Unless it's a non-combatant, the player character being app'ed must be able to handle mecha-sized enemies in a fight. If your character can technically take down a single giant robot after an epic struggle, then this condition is still not fulfilled - enemy grunts may cause some trouble, but your character should be able to take them down reliably as if they were, well, grunts.

    3. Similarly to point 2, enemies from the canon must be able to provide credible threat to giant robots piloted by player characters. If they are human-sized, this usually means having some sort of extraordinary abilities, advanced equipment, or being powerful non-human monsters. This must apply to most enemies in the canon - not just rare bosses, but run of the mill grunts as well.
    If you are not sure if your canon passes or fails any of the above points, ask the mod team.

  • Player characters are all assumed to be, or eventually become, members of the Unity Group (or members of their own organisation that works closely together with the Unity Group). They are by no means forced to all be nice people, but are also at least nominally on one side, the good guys' side. If your character is an antagonist in canon (one that doesn't change sides), and in general the only reason they would be with Unity Group is "because they're a player character", then that character cannot be accepted into the game.

  • The mod team reserves the rights to reject an application not on the merits of the application itself, but because of the person who applies it. This is limited to individuals who are known to have a very negative or detrimental effect on the game as a whole, and are not welcome in SRWU. This is never a decision we make lightly and without consideration. If you are not sure if you are considered such an individual, contact the mod team.

  • Original characters have their own application rules. See below. These rules are in addition to normal application rules, not replacing them.

  • Should an application be rejected, we will provide reasons for doing so. An application may be resubmitted at any time, assuming issues we had with it have been fixed. Please do not abuse this by resending an application over and over with only minimal changes each time.

Original Character (OC) rules

General rules
  • There is no source material for an original character, so the background and personality sections need to be much more detailed than for a canon character. This is to ensure that a character is three-dimensional and makes sense. NOTE: more detailed does not necessarily mean extravagant. Low-key character backgrounds and personalities are welcome.

  • When picking a PB (Played By - a character who will serve as the basis for journal icons) for your OC, do not use a character from a show that can be normally app'ed into SRWU. If you are not sure if a show can be app'ed or not (and thus serves as a good source of PBs), ask the mods.

  • The sample post section must take the form of a post, or several meaningfully long threads, on [community profile] testrun_box or similar test run community. Multiple prompts are encouraged, to show us you have a good handle on the character's voice.

  • As a general rule, an original character must be well-written. A canon character's application is sent to show us the player knows the character in question and can play them competently. An original character's application has to show that, in addition, the character itself is interesting and adding the canon will enrich the game.
Rules for original characters from established canons (to give a theoretical example: an OC Gundam pilot from the Gundam Wing canon)
  • The established canon must actually be in the game before you can app an OC into it.

  • You need permission of all players currently playing characters from the canon before you can app an OC into the canon.

  • You are allowed to add your own events into the canon, especially if they are necessary for the character's introduction or development. However, these events may not overshadow the main canon events and (once again) require permission from all other players playing characters from the canon.

  • Your character's piloted unit (or units) or capabilities may not be used to "one up" canon characters. Examples include app'ing a late-show unit while the plot's canon is still early, app'ing a one of a kind special unit that already exists in canon (or its carbon copy), or being even better at something than a canon character who is already considered to be unique and the best at their field.
Rules for original characters who come with their own original canon
  • Canons that take the form of [something normally un-appable] BUT WITH GIANT ROBOTS are not allowed. Being inspired by something (in moderation) is acceptable, ripping it off wholesale and adding mecha is not.

  • Take into consideration other canons already in the game as well as the game's setting in general when writing your original canon. You are free to add new elements into the setting, but please exercise moderation and do not try to redefine the whole setting - having a shadowy race that secretely controls THE WHOLE WORLD (including other canons' groups) or something that allows millions of people to suddenly develop superpowers without any side effects are examples of doing it wrong.
    As usual, if you have doubts whether your canon passes this rule or not - ask the mods.

  • The event list for the original canon must be finished and detailed. A degree of flexibility is welcome, but we must know all the important things that will happen during the canon's events.

  • Note for UG and UG@ veterans: these games are not in continuity with SRWU (or each other, but that's beyond the point). That means canons that are explicit continuations of canons from these games, or characters that are explicitly stated to be older versions/children/etc of UG/UG@ characters, will not be accepted. Such connections can be implied, but it must be vague.

Application template

IMPORTANT: An application does not have to be whole in one post or response. A player is allowed to split the application across several posts, for example because it's long and that way it is easier to read, or to make it easier for others to avoid spoilers.

Please read this for a description of what you are supposed to write in each section. Some sections are REQUIRED while others are OPTIONAL.

Following is an application template. After copying it and finishing each section, post the application as a comment to this page.
The suggested way of doing this is by writing the application as a post (or several posts, see the note above) on your own journal, then linking it in a comment on this page. This is for the ease of making edits in the application itself.

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