Aug 21 15:23:37 [Cubey] The Discovery of Self moves its way towards the horribly bloated bubble of the Lady's influence.
Aug 21 15:24:09 [Cubey] It has already consumed several cities in its path - which were evacuated with plenty of advance warning, but still.
Aug 21 15:24:51 [Cubey] And now, it's time to put this advance to an end. The question is, will the miniscule crystal carried by Inspector Jou suffice to do anything to the Lady...
Aug 21 15:26:00 [Cubey] But.
Aug 21 15:26:35 [Cubey] There is no time for worries and doubts anymore. The dome in front of you reacts, visibly pulsing violently!
Aug 21 15:27:15 [Cubey] And from inside it, Guardians start emerging in large numbers!
Aug 21 15:27:23 [Cubey] Guardian of the Past
Aug 21 15:27:23 [Cubey]
Aug 21 15:27:23 [Cubey] Guardian of the Present
Aug 21 15:27:23 [Cubey]
Aug 21 15:27:23 [Cubey] Guardian of the Future
Aug 21 15:27:23 [Cubey]
Aug 21 15:28:25 [aldosalt] Dido lays a hand on the leg of ShelLancer before climbing into the cockpit. "Two years ago, I couldn't have imagined anything like this," she says to her mech. "You and me, in the storm of battle...crazy, huh?" She smiles, and raises the gantry with a press of a button. "Let's finish this."
Aug 21 15:28:26 [Cubey] Viletta: "Reports are coming from all over the endangered perimeter. It's not just a local thing, foes are appearing from all over the sphere!"
Aug 21 15:29:10 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "It has started. Everyone, ready for battle. Do not expect it to be easy! The Lady will throw everything she can at us!"
Aug 21 15:29:38 [Jockey] Optimus: "Then it seems it will be a battle on multiple fronts."
Aug 21 15:29:41 [Steam] Selena: "Well... it's time, Elma."
Aug 21 15:30:09 [Cubey] Jou: "She has sensed her nemesis. It's because of the Discovery of Self."
Aug 21 15:30:18 [Aero] Willis: "This is it then."
Aug 21 15:30:19 [aldosalt] Dido boots up ShelLancer and glances at the crystal payload. It carries everyone's memories...her memories, and even her mother's memories. "It'll do," she tells herself. "This is Dido Sybil, rolling out in ShelLancer."
Aug 21 15:30:36 [Steam] She's been hastily eating the last bits of her omelette, giving the subot an affectionate pat on his head. "And with cooking like that... I really might just have to keep you around."
Aug 21 15:30:45 [Steam] Elma: "You always have."
Aug 21 15:31:10 [Cubey] ???: "Well well. It's your fault, but we're the ones who have to clear it all up?"
Aug 21 15:31:13 [Fri] Archie: "Time to hunt... the most dangerous game."
Aug 21 15:31:16 [Cubey] Suddenly!
Aug 21 15:31:20 [Steam] Selena: "Well, further encouragement. Alegrias launching!"
Aug 21 15:31:20 [Fri] Archie: "Which turned out not man after all"
Aug 21 15:31:35 [Cubey] The emerging Guardians come under attack!
Aug 21 15:31:47 [Jockey] Skald: "But an interdimensional god being! Truly life is full of surprises."
Aug 21 15:32:16 [Cubey] Under the Dome, four Gesterbens start engaging them one by one in formation. And that's not all!
Aug 21 15:32:57 [Fri] Grace: "Man, you gotta hear about my adventure while I wasn't around. It was such an epic one, full of twist and turns, romance, tears, and friendship. But let's do this so it will have any meaning." Grace launches her daughtress.
Aug 21 15:33:01 [Cubey] Over your heads, a formation of VFs flies in, followed by mass produced versions of very... Majestic looking units. And all around you, many more reinforcements follow!
Aug 21 15:33:14 [Cubey] Max: "Please don't worry about this. We have your back."
Aug 21 15:33:31 [Cubey] Randy: "Don't lose now, Dobermans! Tally ho!"
Aug 21 15:33:51 [Tengu] Daniel: "I'm sure, Grace."
Aug 21 15:34:01 [Cubey] Ange: "Follow our lead, Team Faun. We'll BLOW EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE ASSHOLES OUT OF THE SKY!"
Aug 21 15:34:27 [Tengu] Asagi: "Team Faun...?"
Aug 21 15:34:37 [Aero] Willis: "New Rabbits?"
Aug 21 15:34:39 [Cubey] Izuru: "Team Dobermans! And everyone!"
Aug 21 15:34:45 [Fri] Walt: "On one side if we lose we'll get... what? erased from history? becoming slave? but on the bright side, I can't think of this getting worse /other/ than we get defeated, so, that's good I guess?"
Aug 21 15:35:02 [Cubey] And as the battle starts around you, the allied commander appears on your screens.
Aug 21 15:35:16 [Cubey] Pentacost: "Don't worry about what happens here, Project Unification pilots."
Aug 21 15:35:40 [Fri] Walt: "8th Genoace Team launching. We'll support you. Don't ever think we're outnumbered! Just outgunned, I guess."
Aug 21 15:35:48 [Cubey] Pentacost: "I know a thing or two about holding the line. Go into the breach! For the sake of humanity's survival!"
Aug 21 15:36:22 [Jockey] Leos: "We'll get the job done Marshall. Good luck."
Aug 21 15:36:40 [Cubey] But as the Discovery and its escorts draw dangerously close to the zone... the enemies all around the vincinity start going for you instead.
Aug 21 15:36:52 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "For all the people on every inhabited planet."
Aug 21 15:37:23 [Cubey] Pentacost: "Yes, you are right General. This isn't just for humans. This is for everyone."
Aug 21 15:38:25 [Cubey] Jou: "... Commander Vadim, I suggest all escort units deploy from Discovery right now."
Aug 21 15:39:14 [aldosalt] Various allies charge in to engage the enemies Guardians...including a familiar nuclear-tower headed Jaeger that seizes one of the guardian by the arm and bends it back.
Aug 21 15:39:20 [Cubey] Viletta: "This is our final fight. Project Unification, sortie!"
Aug 21 15:39:52 [aldosalt] Sasha Kaidonovsky: "Constructions! You can follow our timing, nyet?"
Aug 21 15:40:18 [Tengu] Asagi: "Roger that. Blue One is ready for launch. Izuru... Eva... Let's go!"
Aug 21 15:40:20 [Jockey] Devastator: "Hah! Of course!:
Aug 21 15:40:35 [Arach] Eva: "Roger that...launching."
Aug 21 15:40:41 [Steam] Selena: "... Final fight Elma. Let's make the most of the time in the light!"
Aug 21 15:40:47 [Cubey] Izuru: "Let's go guys! We'll show the Lady what it really means to be a hero!"
Aug 21 15:40:50 [Steam] "Alegrias launching!"
Aug 21 15:41:06 [Cubey] And as soon as the Discovery is clear...
Aug 21 15:41:42 [Cubey] Jou: "Allow me to play my part."
Aug 21 15:42:05 [Cubey] Behind you, the huge stone form of the Discovery of Self begins to... change.
Aug 21 15:43:05 [Cubey] Parts of the cathedral-like construction shift places, moving around - revealing a torso, limbs... and a giant head.
Aug 21 15:43:43 [Cubey] The ancient stone guardian has awakened to defend all sentient races of the galaxy. And like countless milennia ago, it takes the most fitting form of a giant humanoid.
Aug 21 15:43:51 [Cubey]
Aug 21 15:44:08 [Jockey] Lana: "This is so cool!"
Aug 21 15:44:32 [Cubey] Its feet land on the shifting, everchanging and ethereal ground that is under the Lady's influence - and immediately stabilize it, creating a bubble of safe space you can be in without coming under her influence.
Aug 21 15:44:40 [Tengu] Daniel: "...The true form."
Aug 21 15:44:40 [Aero] Willis: "Somehow that's not too surprising."
Aug 21 15:44:59 [Jockey] Leos glances anxiously at the blue white Gafran... and hopes at the very least that emergency measure would work.
Aug 21 15:45:25 [Cubey] Its eyes glisten, and where its gaze falls, the Guardians burst into flames or just outright explode!
Aug 21 15:46:12 [Cubey] Jou: "This is the domain of all the universe's people. The Lady belongs outside of it, her minions have no place here!"
Aug 21 15:46:53 [Cubey] But even though the enemy ranks are severely reduced, as you move in just a little bit further in...
Aug 21 15:47:37 [Cubey] ???: "Look who's talking! Shit old man, am I just a minion to you now?"
Aug 21 15:47:57 [Cubey] You can probably guess who this voice belongs to.
Aug 21 15:48:09 [Jockey] Leos: ".... Oh no..."
Aug 21 15:48:21 [Cubey] An all well too known unit floats in the air in front of you, on the border of the safe bubble and Lady's realm.
Aug 21 15:48:23 [Aero] Willis: "And here he is."
Aug 21 15:48:25 [aldosalt] Dido: "Gahhhh...!"
Aug 21 15:48:35 [Cubey] BrightSaber Loni Gavin Custom
Aug 21 15:48:35 [Cubey]
Aug 21 15:48:47 [Cubey] Loni: "This isn't what I was promised. This isn't that at all!"
Aug 21 15:48:50 [Cubey] Loni: "Fuck..."
Aug 21 15:48:55 [Tengu] Asagi: "Argh... And here I thought he'll be away from here..."
Aug 21 15:48:56 [Cubey] Loni: "This is all you guys fault!"
Aug 21 15:49:18 [Steam] Selena: "Well, well... look who it is."
Aug 21 15:50:21 [Cubey] Loni: "All of this is fake. It changes, and if you're going to look closer, it's all bullshit. Bullshit!"
Aug 21 15:50:28 [Jockey] Lana: "Its the bad guy!"
Aug 21 15:51:04 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "That is the power of the Lady. All she promises you are but phantasms."
Aug 21 15:51:08 [Arach] Eva: "Don't act like you didn't have a hand in this."
Aug 21 15:51:20 [Cubey] Loni: "No... ha..."
Aug 21 15:51:32 [Cubey] The BrightSaber shakes slightly as its pilot... is laughing.
Aug 21 15:51:43 [aldosalt] "Don't talk to us about blame, Loni," Dido says. "The whole reason we're in this mess is because you've never been able to face your mistakes. You've always played the victim card...but you've made too many victims yourself."
Aug 21 15:52:00 [Cubey] Loni: "I was supposed to be the hero! And you had to fuck it all up! Look what's happened now!"
Aug 21 15:52:16 [Cubey] Loni: "You want me to do what? Fuck you! It's over now!"
Aug 21 15:52:32 [Cubey] He charges forward towards you! And as he does so, further enemies emerge from the Lady's sphere!
Aug 21 15:52:44 [aldosalt] "Yes it is," Dido says quietly. "No more talk."
Aug 21 15:53:11 [Tengu] Asagi: "You side with the Lady despite everything that happened? Idiot!"
Aug 21 15:53:21 [Cubey] Enemies: BrightSaber, The Seeker x6, Grunbein Alpha x4, Grunbein Omega x4, Guardian of the Past x12, Guardian of the Present x10, Guardian of the Future x8
Aug 21 15:53:33 [Aero] Willis: "Everyone, don't bother talking with him anymore."
Aug 21 15:53:36 [Cubey] Selena, Dido, Arach and Jockey characters, go!
Aug 21 15:53:37 [Cubey] The Seeker
Aug 21 15:53:37 [Cubey]
Aug 21 15:53:37 [Cubey] Grunbein Alpha
Aug 21 15:53:37 [Cubey]
Aug 21 15:53:37 [Cubey] Grunbein Omega
Aug 21 15:53:37 [Cubey]
Aug 21 15:55:06 [Steam] Selena: "Where to begin, where to begin..."
Aug 21 15:55:20 [Cubey] Izuru: "Loni... if things went differently, we could've been friends."
Aug 21 15:55:32 [Cubey] Izuru: "But there are some things I can't forgive so easily!"
Aug 21 15:55:32 [Steam] "... I suppose keeping baby from getting what he wants works as a start. Let's go Elma!"
Aug 21 15:56:07 [Cubey] Jou: "Don't let him damage the Discovery. Its safety is your priority."
Aug 21 15:56:35 [Cubey] The Discovery is busy shooting down Guardians with an assault of pure force, but a few still sneaked through... and Loni is way too fast for it, anyway.
Aug 21 15:56:45 [Fri] Walt: "Dont' worry, I'm used to that type of objective."
Aug 21 15:58:02 [Steam] * The Alegrias hurtles towards the BrightSaber, deploying both of its Servants which begin projecting the images of the Alegrias! "We'll keep him off of you, Inspector!" A flurry of gatling fire is sent Loni's way as two of the Alegrias's flank him... but only as a distraction so the real one can swoop in and do a fly-by slashing with its swords!
Aug 21 15:58:02 [Steam] +
Aug 21 15:58:50 [aldosalt] *All this time, ShelLancer has been carrying two large shipping crates under its shoulders. As the enemies advance, Dido throws the crates at them underarm like grenades. Mid-flight, they ruptures as a flurry of Arc Thorns explode from them, rocketing out to pierce the Grubbeins!+
Aug 21 15:59:11 [Jockey] *Something swiftly moves to intercept the Guardians, ethereal trails of white flowed behind it as a number of winding beams lashed out to bombard them in immense volume!&
Aug 21 15:59:41 [Cubey] Loni: "Dammit!" He starts spinning, the BrightSaber's canon firing a barrage of quick homing blasts. They arc and move towards the Alegrias - all three of them, even the one that starts a quick rush attack! React, Selena.
Aug 21 15:59:45 [Arach] *Gwen: "This is that Loni person?" Medb stretches from its position resting atop the Discovery of Self, where the robot's been meditating. "What a brat." The all-black robot steps forward, a katana forming in its hands-and it runs, dashing down the side of the Discovery, a black blur that slams into a Seeker with a thrust to the head.+
Aug 21 16:01:21 [Steam] Elma: "Incoming!"
Aug 21 16:01:35 [Steam] Selena: "Adjust the course Elma! I'm counting on you!"
Aug 21 16:01:43 [Cubey] The Grunbeins follow after Loni in formation. One of the Alphas sees as enemy approaching - and gets shot up full of thorns! A series of explosions starts to shake its body, but from behind it two Omegas fire, one materializing a powerful gun and firing a homing beam, the other - releasing a rocket punch! React, Dido.
Aug 21 16:01:58 [Cubey] (The Alpha isn't down yet, but damaged)
Aug 21 16:02:00 [Jockey] *A truck's engine roars as Optimus tears towards the guardians, gaining more and more speed before ramping off a surface to punch right through a Guardian of the Past+
Aug 21 16:02:09 [Jockey] #Dido
Aug 21 16:02:13 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 21 16:02:51 [Cubey] A Seeker turns towards the Medb. Gwen can feel a barrier around it - but from the front, it is the weakest! She stabs the foe's head.
Aug 21 16:03:23 [Cubey] ... The Seeker appears to still be moving, as a ring on its back is charging to release a beam towards you! And to make matters worse, your weapon appears stuck. React!
Aug 21 16:03:34 [Steam] * The Alegrias and the Servants move to evade the pursuing blasts. But her endgoal... is still the same! The Alegrias and the Servants blitz past Loni, adjusting their course so his own attacks end up hitting him instead!+
Aug 21 16:03:39 [Fri] #
Aug 21 16:03:44 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 21 16:03:49 [Jockey] *A swift flicker of white rushes to the defense of the Shellancer, four arms unfolding and joining together to form a shield to protect from the beam! As for the Rocket punch.... a violent roar fills the air as a large set of jaws are moving to snap around and crush it into junk!+
Aug 21 16:04:22 [Jockey] ???1 -
Aug 21 16:04:26 [Cubey] The Guardians move forward, their ranks loose because of Inspector Jou's death gaze. One of the Guardians of the Past is already releasing its consuming fumes...
Aug 21 16:04:33 [Jockey] ???2 -
Aug 21 16:05:29 [Cubey] But Optimus punches through it, his fist connecting to the skull - and breaking it, causing the rest of the body to follow suit! These things are either a lot weaker now, or you are a lot stronger...
Aug 21 16:06:19 [Cubey] A Guardian of the Future starts firing many beams at Optimus' curent location, and another Guardian of the Past moves in with skeletal blades, bolstering the acidic mist from the fallen one with its own. Optimus, react!
Aug 21 16:06:20 [Fri] Walt: "Okay team, support incoming! Hash formation!" The 8th Genoace team crisscross around Medb and fire at the attacking guardian with their drill laser.+
Aug 21 16:06:33 [aldosalt] *"Dido dodges left with a Shell-Boost! She raises her lance and fires off a Lance Shock, linking the Alpha to her with a ribbon of lightning. As the rocket punch draws close, she raises her lance, trying to intercept the flying arm with the stream of lightning!+
Aug 21 16:07:52 [Arach] *Gwen: "Close..." Her katana liquifies, the nanobots that make it up pooling and forming a large claw on Medb's hand. At the same time, Gwen kicks down off from the Seeker's head, and slashes at its side as she races to its back.+
Aug 21 16:07:57 [Cubey] Loni's barrage is relentless - but it's spread across three targets, including two unreal ones. Beams flying towards the Alegrias can be dodged easily, only a few nicking its frame. And...
Aug 21 16:08:24 [Cubey] Loni: "Shit. Damn you!" A plasma barrier flares up like a flame around BrightSaber, blocking the shots he himself released...
Aug 21 16:08:39 [Cubey] And then his gun is slashed into, and severely damaged! The barrage stops, just like that!
Aug 21 16:08:58 [Cubey] Willis, Tengu and Fri characters can move
Aug 21 16:10:32 [Cubey] The boost knuckle aimed at ShelLancer doesn't meet its target! Something destroyed it completely... and something else tanked the beam meant for Dido!
Aug 21 16:10:40 [Fri] The Smilodon, now upgraded with parts of their mentors' mech, flies toward the enemy formation in fighter mode.
Aug 21 16:11:01 [aldosalt] Dido: "Whoah...!"
Aug 21 16:11:04 [Cubey] The Grunbein is electrified. Already damaged by the Arc Thorns, it can't take it anymore and is destroyed.
Aug 21 16:11:31 [Aero] *And with the opening made Strahlend follows up after Alegrias, forming a massive spear with a disproportionately large tip that made it look more like a greatsword in its hands before charging towards Brightsaber and slamming the spear down towards it. +
Aug 21 16:11:49 [Tengu] Asagi: "I remember how annoying the mist released by those guardians is. Let's take care of it!" Blue One zooms in, brandishing its heavy beam cannon, and starts zooming around the battlefield, firing shots towards the guardians of the past every time it changes direction. +
Aug 21 16:12:00 [Cubey] The Seeker raises its physical shield to block the spiralling beams! But...
Aug 21 16:12:11 [Cubey] Sielje: "H...uuuah!"
Aug 21 16:12:38 [Jockey] Volya: "Made it..!..."
Aug 21 16:12:39 [Cubey] The Arm slams its own, much smaller shield against it. Sielje's unit only slows down the Seeker momentarily before being thrown back violently.
Aug 21 16:12:56 [Cubey] But it was enough for Walt's squad to shoot up the ring on the enemy's back!
Aug 21 16:13:18 [Cubey] It's completley destroyed, and with a follow up claw slice, Gwen removes the enemy head! Causing the rest to stop moving completely.
Aug 21 16:13:18 [Jockey] Volya: "Dido... are you okay?"
Aug 21 16:13:55 [aldosalt] Dido smiles. "Totally fine, Volya...Interitus..." She says. "Fudge-Skittles, I worried you weren't gonna make it!"
Aug 21 16:13:59 [Fri] "See Skald, we could attack the lady straight with a focused attack, and I must admit it's tempting, but a true hunter won't do that if it might be wasted. A hunter must watch carefully first, probe, and look for chance if they can kill their prey in one hit, because otherwise it will be a waste of energy. So let's do just that." Missiles launches
Aug 21 16:13:59 [Fri] from all over the jet-shaped machine asmall turrets also fire at every target of opportunity.+
Aug 21 16:14:56 [Jockey] The strange multiarmed machine carefully places itself on the back massive dragonlike creature. Somehow both looked a little sheepish.
Aug 21 16:15:11 [Cubey] Loni: "I didn't spend so long fighting to get punked like that! I got the skill!"
Aug 21 16:15:42 [Jockey] Volya: "Sorry.... Teritus.. well... the Tronium did something to her and we didn't know what... next thing we knew... this."
Aug 21 16:16:15 [Cubey] Loni still spins. His unit's cannon may be malfunctioning, but the sword is there. As he spins once, he uses the momentum and tries to deflect the oversized spear with his oversized sword. And with a second spin, he sinks it towards Strahlend, the blade bursting into plasma!
Aug 21 16:16:19 [Cubey] React, Willis!
Aug 21 16:16:24 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "It appears that the evolution of Interitus has not ended yet. I wonder how will her next form look like?"
Aug 21 16:16:58 [Tengu] # TOT
Aug 21 16:17:03 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 21 16:17:42 [Jockey] *Optimus dives through the beam barrage... the acidic mist might be a problem... but he transforms once more to drive with all the skill of a certain shuttle pilot to tear through, under and AWAY from the stabbing skeletal guardian!+
Aug 21 16:18:53 [Cubey] The Guardians are shot up, with Blue One's blasts wiping the acidic fog away - as well as one of the enemies responsible for creating it. A moment later, a huge amount of missiles explodes around, consuming the same foe that attacked Optimus, allowing the Autobot leader to get to safety.
Aug 21 16:18:53 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Do you need a hand, Willis? Or several?" Scaraber rushes in, brandishing all of its khopeshes and clashing them against Loni's sword. "Together, let us dance the dance of death!" +
Aug 21 16:19:05 [aldosalt] Dido: "Well, Volya. Interitus is still a growing girl-blossom. I just hope here parents don't get made at us!"
Aug 21 16:19:54 [Jockey] Volya: "That's a really terrifying thought Dido."
Aug 21 16:20:04 [Aero] * Behind Strahlend the inherited MCR lights up as Loni swings the sword towards him, energy crackling from the ring and flowing towards the transformed Quicksilver. "I wouldn't mind some helping hands." And as Heph moves in Willis counters Loni's own burst of plasma with his own powered by the MCR. +
Aug 21 16:20:11 [Cubey] Suddenly, Asagi senses intense threat incoming! One of the Guardians of the Future rushes him, its many blades on fire and swinging in a relentless series of strikes.
Aug 21 16:20:37 [Cubey] While Skald and Archibald come under fire - the Guardians of the Future aren't done with their beamspam yet. Both of you, react!
Aug 21 16:20:41 [Cubey] (Or rather all three of you)
Aug 21 16:21:55 [Jockey] Skald: "Pah! A shameful display!!!! Fight is as true warriors without such cheap tactics!"
Aug 21 16:22:04 [aldosalt] #The Deep-Fried Gang?
Aug 21 16:22:27 [Cubey] Loni: "What?!" His attack... is stopped. The Scaraber struggles against BrightSaber's blade, especially after the plasma burst - but Strahlend neutralizes it, both of them pushing Loni away, and the blades grazing by the BrightSaber's side! Also, cracks appear on its blade.
Aug 21 16:22:46 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 21 16:23:11 [Cubey] Selena, Dido and Arach characters - go again
Aug 21 16:23:17 [Cubey] (Dido can combine # with action, just say if you want to)
Aug 21 16:23:24 [Fri] Archie :"Ha, see? We managed to probe them! This is probing! Skald, I'm redirecting energy to rear shield! The defensive turrets is all yours!" Archie does some aerial ballet rolls on the sky, and trying to focus enemy attacks on their rear where the shield is focused.+
Aug 21 16:23:44 [Tengu] Asagi: "At least they go down easier this time. Hope that means the Lady's power is weakening!" He brings his katana up, trying to parry the first few attacks launched towards him, then swings the coil wrapped around Blue One's wrist at the opponent's arm, trying to latch onto it and spin around, getting behind the enemy safely - and firing a few missiles in its back as he does so!+
Aug 21 16:24:27 [aldosalt] (I think I do want to combine the #)
Aug 21 16:25:31 [Jockey] Skald: "Bwahahaha! Feel the superiority of Feline Ballistics!"
Aug 21 16:25:35 [Cubey] The enemy assault is too hard to block completely - but that is not Asagi's plan. Your coil secures a grip around the Guardian's hand, and you safely swing out of the way while damaging it further!
Aug 21 16:26:36 [aldosalt] *Dido throws out one more ammo crate, which explodes with Arc Thorns that rain down on the Guradians of the Future from above! She raises her lance, calling down lightning that leaps from guardian to guardian in a symphony of roaring. "Asahi, Cats! Get out of there before they recover!"+
Aug 21 16:26:42 [Steam] * With Loni more-or-less preoccupied, Selena switches targets to the swarm of Guardians, letting the Servants open fire on one from afar to help soften it up before the Alegrias moves in for the kill, its chainsaw blade revving up to pierce into its insides and then let loose a string of railgun blasts inside!+
Aug 21 16:28:14 [Arach] *Eva: "...Hopefully." While the rest of the fight goes on, Eva has been hanging in the air far above the battle. Points of light surround the Tern, lasers gathered and hung in mid-air. The Tern sweeps its left hand foreward, its spread lasers firing-and the rest of those in the air launching as well. The hailstorm of pink death targets the area around Asagi, to try to hedge off other foes-and also ding that Guardian of the Future.+
Aug 21 16:29:18 [Cubey] The Guardians of the Future are bombarded by electricity, high power lasers - and Alegrias' servant sluggers! The Guardian of the Present is likewise destroyed. Amongst the chaos, the cats retreat with their barrier held up and being tried by a relentless barrage - until that barrage dies down.
Aug 21 16:29:24 [Cubey] The Guardian offensive is being halted!
Aug 21 16:29:25 [Jockey] @Eva
Aug 21 16:29:42 [Cubey] (No need, the attack was effective enough already)
Aug 21 16:29:47 [Jockey] (gotcha)
Aug 21 16:30:00 [Tengu] Asagi: "No need to tell me twice. We're decimating them!"
Aug 21 16:30:33 [Jockey] Lana: "Well of course we are! We're the Strongerest!"
Aug 21 16:30:46 [aldosalt] Dido: "We better be destroying a lot more than one in ten of them, Asagi!"
Aug 21 16:30:58 [Cubey] But then, one of the Seekers lunges at the Alegrias, its main body not moving as the oversized limbs first try to stun it with the shield, and then - slam down the hammer! Selena, react.
Aug 21 16:31:39 [Cubey] At the same time, the one-handed Grunbein shots out its other knuckle - which circles around the ShelLancer and bombards it with a barrage of beams. While at the same time the Grunbein Omega itself charges, its knee emitters creating double beam blades to skewer the unit. Dido, react.
Aug 21 16:31:59 [Tengu] Asagi: "I thought nobody uses that word's literal meaning anymore..."
Aug 21 16:32:29 [Cubey] And another Grunbein Omega creates a gunsword rifle, its bararge of beams quickly converging on Tern... and if dodged, they make a come back and return from the back. React, Eva.
Aug 21 16:32:38 [Steam] * If it wants to stun her, the Seeker'll have to find her first! "Prism Phantom activate!" A massive burst of light erupts from the machine, followed by it suddenly winking out of existence to escape under and behind the Guardian she'd just attacked!+
Aug 21 16:32:45 [Arach] Eva: "A hot knife through butter, then?"
Aug 21 16:33:01 [Jockey] Leos: "Fish in a barrel?"
Aug 21 16:33:18 [Tengu] # Eva
Aug 21 16:33:25 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 21 16:33:36 [aldosalt] *"Some do, Asagi!" Dido says frantically. She dodges back with a Shell-Boost from the Grubbeins. As the Omega charges, she slams down on her panic button. "Shell-Flak, bursting!" Antipersonnel munitions explode from ShellLancer's armor into the Omega's face!+
Aug 21 16:33:45 [aldosalt] "Some do!"
Aug 21 16:34:03 [Cubey] The Seeker slams its shield, but Selena disappears and appears back behind the Guardian.
Aug 21 16:34:04 [Arach] *Eva does indeed dodge, jetting down through the air to avoid. At seeing the lasers come close again, though, she twists and turns, flying towards them-then swerves out of the way at the last second, betting on a large turn radius.+
Aug 21 16:34:22 [Cubey] The Seeker thinks nothing of it - its barrier rips through the damaged foe, and hits the Alegrias anyway, knocking it back!
Aug 21 16:34:27 [Cubey] Izuru: "Asagi, let's go! Quickly!"
Aug 21 16:34:51 [Tengu] Asagi: "Those can work... I mean... Less talking, more fighting!" Blue One moves in, swinging its katana in defensive patterns in order to deflect some of those shots - and maybe even send some of them back to sender. +
Aug 21 16:35:36 [Steam] Selena: "Geh...!"
Aug 21 16:35:52 [Cubey] The hammer swing on Alegrias never comes. Red Five's spread wings wrap themselves around it, holding it back.
Aug 21 16:36:03 [Cubey] Izuru: "I need to hold... just a bit longer, c'mon!"
Aug 21 16:36:04 [Steam] "... Persistence sometimes isn't the way to a lady's heart..."
Aug 21 16:37:16 [Cubey] Eva finds the enemy beams' turn radius to be both shorter than expected, and unpredictable! Your psychic abilities notice that before the eyes do.
Aug 21 16:38:01 [Cubey] But then, many of the beams are deflected by Blue One charging in with a defensive support. This makes the others easier to shake off, with a friendly barrier on the path of this wild evasive chase.
Aug 21 16:39:03 [Cubey] The rocket fist's beams cause ShelLancer to shake... but only a few of them are shot before the projectile is destroyed!
Aug 21 16:39:21 [Arach] Eva: "Ah...thank you."
Aug 21 16:39:41 [Cubey] Viletta: "I said, I fully intended to command this operation from the frontline." The R-Gun rises its magna beam rifle, still smoking after the blast.
Aug 21 16:40:15 [Cubey] The Grunbein now has no hands, but still charges - right into the barrage of flak. Step by step, it can't move anymore. The emitters shut down, and its hulk falls.
Aug 21 16:40:32 [Cubey] Willis, Jockey, Tengu, Fri characters - go now
Aug 21 16:40:41 [Tengu] (what enemies are left?)
Aug 21 16:41:02 [aldosalt] "Much appreciated, Commander!" Dido says. It's appropriate, she muses, that Ingram's practical sister is here to take care of his former subordinate.
Aug 21 16:41:58 [Cubey] Viletta: "Inspector!"
Aug 21 16:42:02 [Cubey] Jou: "Yes."
Aug 21 16:42:31 [Cubey] Without a further world, the Discovery of Self's gaze turns down on the attacking Guardians.
Aug 21 16:42:47 [Cubey] A Seeker charges forward - and is swept to the side with the Discovery's huge hand.
Aug 21 16:43:14 [Cubey] Loni: "Shit! It wasn't supposed to be like that!"
Aug 21 16:43:23 [Aero] * With the others taking care of the Guardians Willis could focus on dealing with Loni. Strahlend pulls the transformed Quicksilver back before unleashing a series of rapid thrusts towards Brightsaber &
Aug 21 16:45:08 [Tengu] Daniel: "Lots of targets. Which means..." He suddenly raises the Gun of God, making Steel Wanderer's cape flutter on the wind, and slams the hammer repeatedly, sending six shots into the fray, among the enemy Guardians! Then he turns around. "No need to aim too closely." Then all of the bullets blow up, creating a chain of explosions among the enemy lines. +
Aug 21 16:45:26 [Tengu] *among the enemy Grunbeins
Aug 21 16:45:57 [Jockey] Lana: "Lets go Papa! A Father-Daughter Combination attack!"
Aug 21 16:46:27 [Cubey] Loni: "What're you hoping for? A happy fairy tale ending?!"
Aug 21 16:46:56 [Cubey] Loni's chipped blade starts moving quickly, the unit overheating with plasma as Willis' strikes are being parried one by one.
Aug 21 16:47:13 [Jockey] *The Gafran LC charges forward, sword in hand towards a random guardian - sending her machine somersaulting into the air before bringing it down with a massive swing!&
Aug 21 16:47:17 [Cubey] And, with his offhand, Loni punches the Strahlend - BrightSaber's cannon still there, and charging up mid-punch to fire! React/continue
Aug 21 16:47:28 [Aero] Willis: "No, that's what I'm fighting for."
Aug 21 16:47:45 [Jockey] (Random Grunbein not guardian. Doh)
Aug 21 16:48:52 [Fri] "No more tricks, let's do this!" Grace flies straight toward the heart of Lady's troop, with both guns forward, shooting with beam and bullets, rolling left or right before shooting every once a while."Don't think tricks would work against mindless enemies anyway."+
Aug 21 16:49:34 [aldosalt] "Ain't no prince on a horse for us," Dido mutters, not caring if Loni hears. "Just one more day living in this world...and that's more than enough for me!"
Aug 21 16:49:49 [Cubey] Two Grunbeins tank the explosions, creating beams from their on hand emitters to use as parrying blades.
Aug 21 16:50:27 [Jockey] Volya: "A happy ending... I don't know if that's actually possible.... but it'll always be worth fighting for!"
Aug 21 16:50:27 [Cubey] However they take damage from all of this effort - and then Lana swings down, causing one of them to stumble back, heavily damaged. The other punches with both of its beam-equipped hands, they shoot out to skewer her! React/continue, Leos and Lana
Aug 21 16:51:46 [Cubey] While a third Grunbein (Omega this time) releases several slash rippers. The remove weapons fly off towards Grace, trying to stop her beam and bullet barrage by cutting her down, literally. React!
Aug 21 16:52:26 [Cubey] The heavily damaged Grunbein, the one cut by Lana, starts to recover its balance. While doing so, its beam emitters fire a barrage towards Daniel. Explosions all around you! React.
Aug 21 16:52:42 [Aero] * "And there's the opening." As the last thrust is parried and the fist comes up towards him the MCR lights up again and six large bursts of energy suddenly explode out from it simultaneously sending Strahlend accelerating forward in an instant in order to pierce through the arm and hopefully the Brightsaber along with it. +
Aug 21 16:54:11 [Jockey] *Lana is quick to attempt to dance away from the incoming hands with all the focus the STRONGEST AI can manage... and leaves the retaliation to Leos as he swoops in to bury the Filial's twin laser blades deep into the Grunbein and continuously open up with Energy Shotgun fire!+
Aug 21 16:55:09 [Fri] Grace: "Wait, did I say no more tricks? My bad, I meant no more kicks. I got enough of those on my latest travel." After her latest shot, it turned out Grace fired a steel cable toward a grunbein that she passed, and she use the cable to circle around and use the grunbein as shield.+
Aug 21 16:55:27 [Tengu] * "Speaking of tricks..." Daniel stands there for a second, seemingly not reacting... Then, at the last moment, Steel Wanderer suddenly jumps up, propelled high by a pair of glowing feathery wings that disappear immediately after! The mech is covered in glowing runes again, and it leaps over the attacking Grunbein, firing a few armor-piercing shots as it goes above. +
Aug 21 16:55:28 [Cubey] Lana dodges the first attack - but the second hand stabs into the Gafran!
Aug 21 16:55:31 [Tengu] Daniel: "Apostle Mode."
Aug 21 16:56:21 [Cubey] But while she's struggling against being partially impaled by a beam blade, Leos moves in to follow up - on the armless Grunbein.
Aug 21 16:56:42 [Cubey] The blades cut deep, and then the beam shotgun fires time and time again. The beam blade turns off as the Grunbein is destroyed!
Aug 21 16:57:24 [Cubey] As for Grace - suddenly she's out of the Rippers' range, the blades nicking her unit as she retreats from amidst their ranks.
Aug 21 16:57:41 [Cubey] But you'd better disconnect from that other Grunbein soon, because suddenly - Daniel takes to the skies.
Aug 21 16:58:02 [Cubey] He evades the barrage, and from above destroys the foe with a few shots that wreck their way through its body.
Aug 21 16:58:26 [Cubey] While at the same time.
Aug 21 16:58:36 [Cubey] Loni's cannon prepares to unleash a devastating blast!
Aug 21 16:58:41 [Cubey] And...
Aug 21 16:59:09 [Cubey] The matter conversion ring's power converges on it mercilessly.
Aug 21 16:59:17 [Cubey] This causes a huge explosion between the two of you!
Aug 21 16:59:24 [Cubey] Loni: "Fuck! No... fuck you!"
Aug 21 16:59:41 [Cubey] The Strahlend rushes from the explosion, leaving it behind it.
Aug 21 16:59:57 [Jockey] Volya: "Loni... its over."
Aug 21 17:00:00 [Cubey] The BrightSaber also escapes it, but spinning recklessly, trying to regain control... in a way less than graceful manner.
Aug 21 17:00:02 [Cubey] Loni: "..."
Aug 21 17:00:05 [Cubey] He looks to the side.
Aug 21 17:00:06 [Steam] Selena: "Whatever ending you were wanting to get..."
Aug 21 17:00:13 [Cubey] The BrightSaber's cannon arm is gone.
Aug 21 17:00:17 [aldosalt] @Volya?
Aug 21 17:00:20 [Steam] "... Idiots like you don't get anything except the worst of endings."
Aug 21 17:00:24 [Cubey] (Volya didn't attack)
Aug 21 17:00:35 [Cubey] The sword arm is damaged.
Aug 21 17:00:40 [aldosalt] @Willis?
Aug 21 17:00:53 [Cubey] (Too late for that now)
Aug 21 17:01:05 [Cubey] Loni: "G... gh..."
Aug 21 17:01:17 [Cubey] You can hardly believe your ears because it sounds like...
Aug 21 17:01:27 [Cubey] Like Loni is trying to stop himself from crying.
Aug 21 17:01:39 [Cubey] The BrightSaber spins around and quickly flees, towards the Lady-controlled zone!
Aug 21 17:01:52 [Jockey] Volya: "..."
Aug 21 17:02:15 [Arach] Eva sighs. "..."
Aug 21 17:02:24 [Aero] Willis: "..."
Aug 21 17:02:27 [aldosalt] Dido: "Seems he's running back to mommy...can anyone shoot him down from here?"
Aug 21 17:02:32 [Cubey] Does anyone try to stop him?
Aug 21 17:02:43 [Cubey] (If so, @ now. All attempts are approved)
Aug 21 17:02:45 [Aero] @?
Aug 21 17:02:48 [Arach] Eva does.
Aug 21 17:02:49 [Jockey] @
Aug 21 17:03:06 [aldosalt] @
Aug 21 17:03:34 [Aero] Willis: "Lets end it here."
Aug 21 17:03:35 [Cubey] (Go for it)
Aug 21 17:03:52 [Arach] *The Tern doesn't have a lot of time to stop his escape. Its left hand charges with energy, firing a spiralling shot-a whole spread of lasers concentrated into a single blast. Eva's mark is the shoulder thrusters on the Brightsaber, to crash and disable it.+
Aug 21 17:05:30 [aldosalt] *"Every time you get away, you show up to cause more grief...but there's no one left to die for you...Loni!" Dido launches a volley of Thorns from ShelLancer's shoulder plates, soaring towards Loni in a ring formation (for people to shoot through). If any of them pierce, she'll follow up with an overcharged Lance Shock!+
Aug 21 17:06:02 [Jockey] *A low rumble emanated from the massive beast of plant and stone that the multiarmed figure rode upon... Across several parts of its body a swarm of vines launch out, lashing from countless angles to grab at the Brightsaber's limbs and pull them back.+
Aug 21 17:06:17 [Aero] * Strahlend raises Quicksilver above it, creating several energy copies of the massive spear that all pointed towards the escaping Brightsaber before soaring towards the machine. All of them aimed at the remaining limbs and head of the machine. +
Aug 21 17:07:01 [Cubey] The attacks fly towards the escaping BrightSaber, Loni too preoccupied pitying himself to focus on defense.
Aug 21 17:07:04 [Cubey] Loni: "...!"
Aug 21 17:07:43 [Cubey] The vines grab at and immobilize, and subsequently lasers, thorns and energy blades pierce through and severely wreck...
Aug 21 17:07:47 [Cubey] The Seekers
Aug 21 17:08:09 [Cubey] The Seekers which quickly position themselves in a defensive phalanx, serving as living shields for the retreating BrightSaber even now.
Aug 21 17:08:30 [Aero] Willis: "Still protecting him huh..."
Aug 21 17:08:41 [Cubey] Loni: "You're still...?!"
Aug 21 17:09:04 [Cubey] His words are cut off as he flees towards the Lady-controlled zone, his Saber disappearing in it like it went underwater.
Aug 21 17:09:20 [Jockey] Volya: "... We're going to have to fight him again."
Aug 21 17:09:30 [Cubey] Jou: "No foes remain. Let's move on - we still have a long way to go."
Aug 21 17:09:36 [Aero] Willis: "I think we're all used to it by now."
Aug 21 17:10:11 [Steam] Selena: "You can almost admire his persistence."
Aug 21 17:10:13 [Cubey] In front of the safe bubble, suddenly a path opens!
Aug 21 17:10:23 [Steam] "... If everything else didn't make him completely disgusting."
Aug 21 17:10:25 [aldosalt] Dido: "He can flee as much as he likes...but in there, there's nowhere left to run."
Aug 21 17:10:28 [Cubey] One full of bright light, but also looking not to be under the Lady's control.
Aug 21 17:10:44 [Cubey] The Lady: "Champions of Earth, you have reached so far."
Aug 21 17:10:49 [Cubey] The Lady: "Come. Let us talk."
Aug 21 17:10:54 [Cubey] Jou: "... Or perhaps, not."
Aug 21 17:11:23 [Arach] Gwen: "...Alright."
Aug 21 17:11:27 [Jockey] Optimus: "... Inspector. Do you think this is a trap?"
Aug 21 17:11:51 [Fri] Archie: "This is the hunter's opening I said we're waiting Skald! Fire! Fire!! Fire!!! ...or... not?"
Aug 21 17:12:16 [Cubey] Jou: "The Lady is incapable of lying. She may only tell half truths, but not direct lies."
Aug 21 17:12:52 [Cubey] Viletta: "Regardless, she opened a path to where she is. That's where we have to go - but with extreme caution."
Aug 21 17:12:57 [Jockey] Leos: ".... half truths are the strongest lies of all though..."
Aug 21 17:13:13 [Cubey] Jou: "Yes, I realize that."
Aug 21 17:13:41 [Cubey] The Discovery takes a step forward.
Aug 21 17:14:01 [aldosalt] Dido: "We have to go in there anyway...if we can glean knowledge we need to stop her, talking may pay off."
Aug 21 17:14:06 [Cubey] It doesn't even step on its path - but the choice was made for you. Suddenly, you are somewhere else.
Aug 21 17:14:20 [Cubey] You didn't venture that far into the zone, but now you are in the epicenter.
Aug 21 17:14:30 [Cubey] This is because, in front of you stands - Fort Alhambra.
Aug 21 17:14:37 [Aero] Willis: "..."
Aug 21 17:14:41 [Steam] Selena: "... Home again, home again."
Aug 21 17:14:49 [Jockey] Leos: "... Aaah..."
Aug 21 17:15:06 [Cubey] Viletta: "Spacial distortion? I thought the Discovery would protect us from the Lady's tricks!"
Aug 21 17:15:28 [Aero] Willis: "This is definitely Alhambra though..."
Aug 21 17:15:35 [aldosalt] Dido: "The Discovery may still be protecting us from the worst of it..."
Aug 21 17:15:38 [Cubey] The Lady: "Do not be foolish. You're in my domain. What tools can you bring to act against me?"
Aug 21 17:15:38 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Apparently here, where her presence is the strongest, even the Discovery is not enough."
Aug 21 17:15:46 [Cubey] And there she is.
Aug 21 17:16:08 [Cubey] Standing atop of the command center of Alhambra, where Roland Antov used to reside.
Aug 21 17:16:15 [Cubey] Not in the form of a gigantic creature.
Aug 21 17:16:23 [Cubey]
Aug 21 17:16:24 [Cubey] But a human.
Aug 21 17:17:05 [Cubey] The Lady: "You have reached so far. Your struggles and tribulations seemed to be without end."
Aug 21 17:17:09 [Cubey] The Lady: "Tell me."
Aug 21 17:17:29 [Tengu] Asagi: "...That is the Lady? I thought she will be... larger."
Aug 21 17:17:38 [Cubey] The Lady: "Do you think you deserve victory for all your efforts? A hero's reward for all he had to go through?"
Aug 21 17:17:48 [aldosalt] Dido: "Like a creepy doll..."
Aug 21 17:18:05 [Arach] Gwen: "Who wants a reward? I just want you to leave us alone."
Aug 21 17:18:31 [Cubey] The Lady: "A happy end is a reward in itself."
Aug 21 17:18:52 [Aero] Willis: "And what is your vision of a happy end for us?"
Aug 21 17:19:00 [Cubey] The Lady: "The heroes are rewarded for their virtue and unbreakable spirit. The villains are punished for their cruelty and vices."
Aug 21 17:19:06 [Fri] Grace: "I thought the journey is its own reward?"
Aug 21 17:19:10 [Cubey] The Lady: "Isn't that the world you wish for?"
Aug 21 17:19:11 [Fri] Grace: "Or is it friendship?"
Aug 21 17:20:17 [Tengu] Asagi: "...I don't need a reward. I just want to live my life how I want it. In peace."
Aug 21 17:20:21 [Jockey] Optimus: "The world is more complex than simple black and white.... it is more than a tale of heroes and villains."
Aug 21 17:20:24 [Steam] Elma: "Honestly, all things considered many 'heroes' in fiction committed what would be regarded as deplorable acts by later generations."
Aug 21 17:20:37 [Steam] Selena: "And besides..."
Aug 21 17:20:52 [Arach] Eva: "...Having been a villain, I'd rather things not be so simple."
Aug 21 17:20:58 [Cubey] Sielje: "I was what you would call a villain once. And I met many people with flaws that were nonetheless commendable..."
Aug 21 17:21:11 [Fri] Walt: "The reward could also be the realization and acceptation that the universe is cruel and uncaring. Thats often end of stories after all."
Aug 21 17:21:12 [aldosalt] Dido: "A victory that's predestined has no meaning. Choices are meaningless if we can't make the wrong ones."
Aug 21 17:21:13 [Steam] "For all your talk of it being an ideal world... everyone who's not a 'hero' gets lumped in with the 'villains' according to you."
Aug 21 17:21:23 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Your worldview is very black and white, the Lady. Would you not call a woman who betrayed her people and killed her own daughter a villain?"
Aug 21 17:21:44 [Jockey] Leos: "I'm anything but a hero. I'd rather have lived a quiet life than being either."
Aug 21 17:21:59 [Cubey] The Lady: "Would you rather take the uncaring universe, where a person's fate is decided by randomness, over one where everyone gets as they deserve?"
Aug 21 17:22:21 [Cubey] The Lady: "I wish you to accept it. But if you won't..."
Aug 21 17:22:33 [Cubey] The Lady: "You won't have a choice."
Aug 21 17:22:33 [Jockey] Volya: "..."
Aug 21 17:22:54 [Jockey] Volya: "We will."
Aug 21 17:22:59 [Tengu] Daniel: "There's always a choice."
Aug 21 17:23:11 [Jockey] Volya: "You don't get to choose for others like you think you do."
Aug 21 17:23:21 [Aero] Willis: "We'll decide our fate ourselves."
Aug 21 17:23:26 [Cubey] Jou: "I have nothing to say to you."
Aug 21 17:23:39 [Cubey] Jou: "The Discovery of Self will finish what it started so long ago."
Aug 21 17:23:53 [Tengu] Daniel: "The reward you promise is meaningless to me."
Aug 21 17:24:01 [Tengu] Daniel: "Because I already got my reward."
Aug 21 17:24:15 [aldosalt] Dido: "I've seen what happens when make make a person's choices for them, Lady. I've seen what happens when you make a person depend on you completely." ShelLancer points at the nearby BrightSaber. "They grow up to sniveling failures."
Aug 21 17:24:32 [Cubey] The Lady: "So be it, then."
Aug 21 17:24:44 [Jockey] Volya: "I've seen what happens when people decide the fates of others."
Aug 21 17:24:52 [Jockey] "All the hurt and pain..."
Aug 21 17:24:56 [Cubey] She smiles sadly - and her body is obscured inside a quickly growing, dark shape!
Aug 21 17:25:25 [Arach] Gwen: "Oh, that doesn't look good."
Aug 21 17:25:31 [Jockey] "So... so.... your stories... they SUCK!"
Aug 21 17:25:34 [Cubey] Jou: "... Unfortunately the Discovery of Self has to enter direct contact with her. It's an automatic process, but you need to defend it."
Aug 21 17:26:05 [Tengu] Asagi: "Now she's growing! Wait, what am I saying... I shouldn't be happy about this!"
Aug 21 17:26:17 [Cubey] The Lady: "AND FOR WHAT?"
Aug 21 17:27:00 [Cubey] Her battle form has fully shaped itself, one as large as the humanoid Discovery.
Aug 21 17:27:01 [Cubey] The Lady manifested
Aug 21 17:27:01 [Cubey]
Aug 21 17:27:18 [Aero] Wills' eyes narrow at that. "And there she is."
Aug 21 17:27:24 [Cubey] Viletta: "The world of people."
Aug 21 17:27:32 [Steam] Selena: "For what we already have."
Aug 21 17:27:39 [Cubey] The Discovery of Self is taking heavy steps forward, its arm reaching out.
Aug 21 17:27:43 [Cubey] Unfortunately it still has a way to go.
Aug 21 17:28:11 [Jockey] Volya: "The world you're talking about... its overrated."
Aug 21 17:28:15 [Cubey] And the Lady's body has spheres of power appear on it - which immediately charge up, like beams!
Aug 21 17:28:28 [Cubey] Viletta: "Protect the Discovery! It's our only chance!"
Aug 21 17:28:35 [Arach] Eva: "I'd die than live a slave again..."
Aug 21 17:28:35 [Cubey] Unfortunately it's easier said than done.
Aug 21 17:28:47 [Cubey] Hundreds of Guardians appear from outside the safe zone around you.
Aug 21 17:28:51 [Cubey] They all go for the Discovery!
Aug 21 17:29:03 [aldosalt] #Discovery?
Aug 21 17:29:06 [Jockey] "A world of 'Wonder' and 'Justice'? I'd give all of that up to have a home, a family, a chance to live a normal life."
Aug 21 17:29:12 [Cubey] Speaking of the safe zone, it doesn't look that big anymore... can it even exist here, or is it all because of the Lady's whims?
Aug 21 17:29:26 [Cubey] Selena, Dido, Arach and Jockey characters, go
Aug 21 17:29:35 [Cubey] (# unnecessary, but you can write actions to defend it)
Aug 21 17:29:39 * Corel (Corel@115.134.ywk.rvk) has joined
Aug 21 17:29:55 [Steam] "So many..."
Aug 21 17:30:05 [Cubey] Enemies: The Lady, too many Guardians to count
Aug 21 17:30:05 [Steam] "... Well, let's see how long they stay coordinated! Servants, fly!"
Aug 21 17:31:26 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "The justice you promise is a poor excuse for the real deal, a simplified version understood by a child. Everyone, intercept Guardians attacking the Discovery! We cannot destroy them all, but all we need is to keep the colossus standing!"
Aug 21 17:31:36 [Arach] Medb stretches. Gwen: "It's nothing but problems...Do you think she brought enough guys?"
Aug 21 17:31:49 [Fri] Archie: "Well, well, there's really too many prey to count. You got your wish. We're in valhalla, Skald."
Aug 21 17:32:02 [Steam] * The Alegrias's Stealth Boomerang is hurled out before breaking apart, the Servants docking with both of the blades, and both quickly surge out into the ranks of the Guardians to do passing-by strafes and slashes to disrupt their ranks! It might not be much on their own, but the attacks are timed and aimed to make sure the lead machines are slowe
Aug 21 17:32:02 [Steam] d down or herded so subsequent Guardians will crash into them!+
Aug 21 17:32:05 [Aero] Willis: "Only one way to find out."
Aug 21 17:32:20 [aldosalt] *"Stuff this in your ears, Lady!" Dido shouts. "We. Don't. Need You!" ShelLancer rockets up into the in front of the Discovery, and erupts in a flash of light! Arc Thorns and Shell Flak erupt in a concentric hemisphere, shredding the faces of Guardians! Even raw lightning arcs whip out from ShelLancer... with so many enemies, Dido doesn't need thorns to aim.+
Aug 21 17:32:30 [Fri] Archie: "There's one... two... three... four... many... Yep, many enemies."
Aug 21 17:33:02 [Arach] *Eva , however, acts first! She locks on to those charging energy spheres-and fires, lasers arcing into them in the hope of overloading them.+
Aug 21 17:34:19 [Jockey] *Interitus roars as energy streams from her body and unleashes it in a tremendous burst upwards.... just as the smaller, white haired machine leaped from her, Arms opening up and joining together. The result? An immense pulse of green that washes over all of Project Unification's forces for a power boost!+
Aug 21 17:34:57 [Cubey] Suddenly, you feel a surge of power. Interitus' energy is yours to command.
Aug 21 17:35:20 [Jockey] Skald: "Hah... ahahahaha! To the end then! FOR OUR ANCESTORS! FOR THE LIVING! CHAAAAARGE!!!"
Aug 21 17:35:32 [Cubey] With that energy, the Alegrias starts boxing in foes from one side, and ShelLancer zaps them!
Aug 21 17:36:10 [Cubey] But, the Guardians are many. You are under threat of being caught in a swarm of them, one that shoots a stray beam or slices as it passes - from other directions rather than the one you attacked.
Aug 21 17:36:26 [Cubey] And as it happens, Eva fires her beams, trying to overload the Lady's orbs.
Aug 21 17:36:47 [Cubey] The Lady: "... YOU CANNOT DEFEAT ME IN THIS STATE."
Aug 21 17:36:57 [Cubey] The orbs bulge out...
Aug 21 17:37:17 [Cubey] And explode into countless energy ribbons, that threaten to cut down everything in their path!
Aug 21 17:37:30 [Cubey] To be more specific, the Alegrias, Shellancer, Interitus and Tern.
Aug 21 17:37:46 [Cubey] And last but not the least, the Discovery of Self! Everyone react!
Aug 21 17:37:56 [Cubey] (Dido and Selena have the Guardian swarm to react to as well)
Aug 21 17:39:00 [Arach] *Eva tries some emergency evasions-but as the real important thing here is the Discovery of Self, she dodges into some of the fire directed at it. A barrier thrown up with all her force forms a wall in front of the Tern, a shield for the Discovery.+
Aug 21 17:39:26 [aldosalt] *ShelLancer jukes and weaves through the Guardian swarm, fires constant burst of point-blank Shell Flak, while trying to duck behind Guardians, using them as shields against the Ribbon attacks!+
Aug 21 17:39:55 [Fri] "Not yet!!" Runes appear on Grace's mech, and from everyone's point of view Grace seems to be appearing and disappearing here and there+
Aug 21 17:40:06 [Steam] * Selena's forced to forego the Servant assault for the moment as she makes use of the disruptions in the swarm's formation! Anything to keep the heat off the Discoveyr, and anything to thin out the crowd! The Alegrias tries its best to weave through the attacking Guardians, putting them between the energy ribbons and herself!+
Aug 21 17:40:52 [Aero] * "Dammit..." Strahlend breaks down Quicksilver and reforms the weapon into a massive tower shield, as he does this he creates several copies before laminating them all with a reflective coating before sending them forward to deflect as many of of the ribbons as he could while using the same coating on Strahlend and dashing around to help himself. +
Aug 21 17:40:59 [Jockey] *An overwhelming attack made out of energy?...Well... this was fast. Interitus unleashes a swarm of vines to consume as many ribbons as she can, Volya in the mean time moves to the Discovery's defense - the four shields rapidly deflecting everything they could!+
Aug 21 17:41:12 [Cubey] (People who weren't under attack don't have to defend, poor phrasing on my part)
Aug 21 17:41:18 [Fri] Super Smilodon turn into Fighter mode and flies in a circle, its shield fully erected and defensive turrets trying to shoot the laser ribbons. Most likely won't work, but might as well.
Aug 21 17:41:46 [aldosalt] Dido: "You may be right Lady. Our defeat is a clear possibility...but the odds of success are irrelevant; we'll fight with all we've got to the end!+
Aug 21 17:41:57 [Fri] "Team, don't sacrifice yourself for this, because I know it'll be useless. There'll be time where you can sacrifice yourself AND be useful. So just go hide somewhere!"
Aug 21 17:42:08 [Fri] Walt's team just hide behind discovery of self, sadly.+
Aug 21 17:42:44 [Cubey] Using the Guardians as shields is of limited usefulness - the ribbons cut through them and still strike at targets behind them, though they seem slowed down and weaker.
Aug 21 17:43:40 [Cubey] Regardless, Willis and Interitus try to reduce the number of ribbons, with very limited success... the laminate doesn't last long at all, and trying to absorb the energies makes one or two ribbons seem weaker, but now you're under threat of being cut apart as well.
Aug 21 17:44:15 [Cubey] The ribbons grind against Eva's shield, but the barrier is quickly overwhelmed. You have to juke aside to evade being cut apart, still losing a piece of an arm in the process.
Aug 21 17:44:41 [Arach] Eva: "-Ghh.."
Aug 21 17:44:59 [Tengu] Asagi: "Eva! Are you okay?"
Aug 21 17:45:11 [Arach] Eva: "I'm fine!"
Aug 21 17:45:17 [Cubey] The ShelLancer has long and deep slices visible on it, and Interitus' tendrils are cut off while Volya's barriers offer some help.
Aug 21 17:45:37 [Cubey] The Discovery of Self blinks - one last time, a fiery gaze reducing the number of assaulting Guardians.
Aug 21 17:45:45 [Cubey] Before half of its head is chopped off.
Aug 21 17:46:07 [Jockey] Leos: "Damnit!"
Aug 21 17:46:17 [Cubey] The giant stumbles in its step forward, one of its shoulders sliding off and falling heavily.
Aug 21 17:46:28 [Cubey] Somehow the arm still holds. But the Discovery is damaged.
Aug 21 17:46:38 [Cubey] Jou: "Just a few steps more..."
Aug 21 17:46:43 [Cubey] It's more than a few steps.
Aug 21 17:46:54 [Cubey] Willis, Tengu and Fri characters - go
Aug 21 17:47:26 [Cubey] The Lady: "I REMEMBER YOU."
Aug 21 17:47:33 [Fri] Archie: "Time to honor your ancestors, Skald. By murder!"
Aug 21 17:47:50 [Cubey] The Lady: "THE EFFORT THAT ALL OF UNIVERSE UNITED FOR."
Aug 21 17:47:50 [aldosalt] Dido: "Geh...someone go for her beam emitters. Or her eyes!"
Aug 21 17:48:10 [Aero] Willis: "Ghhh...what power."
Aug 21 17:48:26 [Cubey] As you look behind on the Discovery
Aug 21 17:48:47 [Cubey] The parts where Eva and Volya erected their shields are visible because the cuts are more shallow there.
Aug 21 17:48:55 [Cubey] If it wasn't for that, the damage would be far more severe.
Aug 21 17:49:06 [Fri] The Super Smilodon rolls on the air and land in the middle of hte crowds of guardians in the shape of humanoid robot its chainsaw spinning. It starts to indiscriminately smash and slice at everything around it with loud roaring noise.+
Aug 21 17:49:37 [Cubey] The Lady: "WHAT ARE YOU HOPING TO ACHIEVE?"
Aug 21 17:49:43 [Steam] Selena: "... We have to keep going..."
Aug 21 17:49:55 [Aero] Willis: "...leave it to me."
Aug 21 17:50:48 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "We must not fail. Show her the determination of but a single planet. You need to press on, inspector. We will clear a way for you. Do not give up! Scarab Power!" A burst of power emanates from Scaraber! The Gebian mech grabs its laser staff with all four arms, making a long laser blade extend from it, and then leaps forward, spinning repeatedly in mid-air in a dance-like manner,
Aug 21 17:50:48 [Tengu] before launching a wide, large-scale slash at the enemies - including the Lady herself! +
Aug 21 17:51:37 [Cubey] The Smilodon serves as a distraction - pulling the guardians' attention away from the Discovery! And some distraction it is, immediately starting to rip and slice through the foes.
Aug 21 17:51:49 [Cubey] And as they turn towards it, they are blown away by the laser blade!
Aug 21 17:52:05 [Aero] * With damage on the Discovery starting to grow something had to be done to keep the Lady's attention off of it. Strahlend reforms its massive spear again and begins to cleave its way through the crowd, joining Hetepheres in her sweeping assault before raising its spear above it and unleashing a large burst of plasma that spread out in every direction,
Aug 21 17:52:10 [Aero] including towards the Lady. +
Aug 21 17:52:11 [Jockey] Skald: "HAHAHAHAHA! FEEL THE WRATH OF TRUE WARRIORS!"
Aug 21 17:52:22 [Cubey] But a new wave comes, Guardians of the Past and Present lunging with their blades while the Future ones fire away with their beams.
Aug 21 17:52:36 [Cubey] Their ranks are thinned out by the plasma explosion, but they're still there. React, cats!
Aug 21 17:52:39 [Fri] Archie: "Well my friend, there's time for subtle hunting, and there's time for indiscriminate smashing."
Aug 21 17:52:42 [Tengu] # cats
Aug 21 17:53:11 [Cubey] While at the same time, the Lady herself comes under attack.
Aug 21 17:53:23 [Cubey] The Lady: "... FUTILE."
Aug 21 17:53:39 [Jockey] Skald: "It seems we are surrounded...GOOD! Then that means all our attacks will always hit!"
Aug 21 17:53:56 [Cubey] She raises a clawed wing to serve as a shield. Did the plasm and laser beams deal some damage to it?
Aug 21 17:54:07 [Cubey] The large eye atop of her form blinks once. Energy shimmers within it.
Aug 21 17:54:16 [aldosalt] Dido: "You're using super villain words, Lady. Better put a coin in the jar!"
Aug 21 17:54:19 [Cubey] The area behind you is consumed in a giant explosion.
Aug 21 17:54:38 [Cubey] Strahlend and Scaraber are under threat of being engulfed in it! But the epicenter is the Discovery's side.
Aug 21 17:54:39 [Cubey] React.
Aug 21 17:54:43 [Cubey] # approved - if you can somehow make it
Aug 21 17:54:50 [aldosalt] #Discovery?
Aug 21 17:55:23 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 21 17:55:27 [Jockey] #Discovery
Aug 21 17:55:42 [Cubey] Also approved
Aug 21 17:55:50 [Fri] Archie: "Exactly, Partner" The Smilodon sommersaults sideways, continuing its indiscriminate slashing, while defensive turrets now shooting all over as well. "Come here, you mindless beasts! You want a fight? Here's fight coming at you!"
Aug 21 17:55:53 [Fri] +
Aug 21 17:56:20 [Tengu] Daniel: "Catfriends! Here." He repeatedly fires the Gun of God, reloads and fires again, sending a hail of sticky immobilizing net shots and electrifying shock bullets towards the attacking Guardians! +
Aug 21 17:56:24 [aldosalt] *Dido has little time to react. So she makes the best choice she can think of: protecting the most damaged part of the Discovery's toros. ShelLancer charges one of the larger Guardian. She impales it with her lance. Then ShelLancer rockets up into the air, using the Guardian and herself as a shield for an age-old hope!+
Aug 21 17:56:32 [Fri] Archie: "Just continue, partner! I'll handle the defensive guns and shields!"
Aug 21 17:56:49 [Jockey] *Like a bad habit both Interitus and Volya leap to block the explosion! Every bit of energy absorbed shunted to the shield formed from the four combined arms!+
Aug 21 17:57:03 [Aero] Willis: "Heph, you saw that right? The eye."
Aug 21 17:59:18 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Of course. If we focus attacks on that eye..." Scaraber rushes away from the incoming explosion, spreading its insectoid wings! With the noble barrier currently in golden form, Hetepheres can't afford to get caught in the blast.+
Aug 21 18:00:10 [Cubey] The attacking horde suddenly gets partially immobilized! That means Skald and Archibald have an easier time priotizing enemies.
Aug 21 18:00:40 [Cubey] They blast or slash out them one by one. But then, the Smilodon takes several beams - the barriers can't take it. You're put on the defensive.
Aug 21 18:00:59 [Aero] * Strahlend takes off in the other direction, using yet another burst of energy from the MCR in order to quickly get itself away from the explosion. +
Aug 21 18:01:22 [Cubey] The Strahlend and Scaraber quickly flee the explosion.
Aug 21 18:01:33 [Cubey] And, ShelLancer and Interitus charge right into it!
Aug 21 18:02:07 [Cubey] The unit and plant monster both are... blown to the sides by the sheer force of it. And you're not even in the epicenter!
Aug 21 18:02:24 [Cubey] But, this distraction allowed the stumbling, heavily damaged Discovery of Self to move closer forward.
Aug 21 18:02:37 [aldosalt] Dido: "Gnnngh...!"
Aug 21 18:02:47 [Cubey] As the two fall down to the ground under its feet, the Discovery makes sure not to step on them as...
Aug 21 18:02:55 [Cubey] It begins to run forward
Aug 21 18:03:06 [Jockey] Volya: "Ow..."
Aug 21 18:03:14 [Cubey]
Aug 21 18:03:32 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Dido, Volya. Can you fight? If not, go to the back. We shall protect you."
Aug 21 18:03:45 [Cubey] Jou: "There's no need for that."
Aug 21 18:03:49 [Cubey] The Lady: "!!"
Aug 21 18:03:50 [Steam] Selena: "Inspector..."
Aug 21 18:03:54 [Cubey] It runs - and leaps!
Aug 21 18:03:59 [Steam] "... Make this moment count!"
Aug 21 18:04:18 [Cubey] The Discovery's huge form lunges towards the Lady, its left hand opening as it's stretched out towards her!
Aug 21 18:04:36 [aldosalt] "There's nothing to fall back to, Heph," Dido hisses. "All or nothing!"
Aug 21 18:05:12 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Then fight. To the last!"
Aug 21 18:05:14 [Cubey] It's open and...
Aug 21 18:05:25 [Cubey] The Lady: "IN STORIES, THIS KIND OF ATTACK..."
Aug 21 18:05:29 [Cubey] "ALWAYS FAILS."
Aug 21 18:05:40 [Cubey] A cutting beam zaps out from the eye.
Aug 21 18:05:49 [Cubey] It strikes through the Discovery of Self's body - bisecting it!
Aug 21 18:06:00 [Aero] Willis: "!"
Aug 21 18:06:01 [Cubey] The arm that was so close to touching her is falling down...
Aug 21 18:06:18 [Cubey] And it seems the Lady herself didn't move - but somehow became just that little distance more far away from it!
Aug 21 18:06:41 [Cubey] By the way.
Aug 21 18:06:52 [Steam] Selena: "Inspector!"
Aug 21 18:06:59 [Aero] Willis: "This isn't good."
Aug 21 18:07:09 [Cubey] The Inspector isn't talking on the comm wave, but in person. How can you hear him? Probably because the Lady's whim for it to be so.
Aug 21 18:07:16 [Cubey] Not that you can talk to him anymore...
Aug 21 18:07:23 [Cubey] Jou: "... Time to go."
Aug 21 18:07:40 [Cubey] As the falling hand opens, it reveals what it was carrying.
Aug 21 18:07:49 [Fri] Walt: "It hasn't good since Alhambra fell anyway. Or since Balmarian attack? Or since first time kaijus appear?"
Aug 21 18:08:00 [Cubey] It's Inspector Jou, craddling something tiny in his hands.
Aug 21 18:08:02 [Cubey] He leaps forward!
Aug 21 18:08:04 [Tengu] Asagi: "Inspector Jou...!"
Aug 21 18:08:41 [Cubey] Now he is falling in person, but his hands slowly open, revealing the crystal.
Aug 21 18:08:56 [Cubey] The tiny crystal that holds all memories of those who decided to imprint on it.
Aug 21 18:09:10 [Cubey] How many was it? Ten thousand people, maybe? Last time, it was untold billions.
Aug 21 18:09:49 [Cubey] No one liners. No last words. The crystal cracks.
Aug 21 18:09:55 [aldosalt] Dido breath catches. Everyone's memories...hers...Mizuki's...Ken's...even her crazy mom...
Aug 21 18:10:08 [Cubey] There is no effect.
Aug 21 18:10:11 [Jockey] Volya closes his eyes... his memories...
Aug 21 18:10:19 [Cubey] The Inspector is still falling, no reaction of force blows all of you away or anything like that.
Aug 21 18:10:40 [Cubey] ... But the Lady is.
Aug 21 18:10:55 [Cubey] The Lady: "WHAT? THIS SENSATION? SO MANY? What is this?!"
Aug 21 18:11:17 [Cubey] Around you, in a flash the Lady's territory disappears!
Aug 21 18:12:01 [Arach] # Inspector?
Aug 21 18:12:05 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 21 18:12:37 [Tengu] Asagi: "This isn't a story! This is real life!"
Aug 21 18:13:15 [Arach] *Gwen's fast. She covers the battlefield in a blink, and spreads a net of metal fibers between Medb's hands, a cocoon to catch the falling Inspector.+
Aug 21 18:14:28 [Cubey] Gwen approaches the Lady's body quickly - it's like she is being battered by a gigantic hurricane, one that threatens to rip her out of this reality altogether. Just as it did to the Guardians, which are torn into nothingness.
Aug 21 18:14:39 [Cubey] But, you leap, and create a net, and capture Inspector Jou.
Aug 21 18:14:42 [Cubey] You land on the ground...
Aug 21 18:14:46 [Cubey] Which is no longer the ground.
Aug 21 18:14:57 [Cubey] Or if it is, you cannot see it.
Aug 21 18:15:02 [Aero] Willis: "Where..."
Aug 21 18:15:13 [Cubey] You seem to be surrounded by impenetrable darkness. Physically, and - more worryingly, mentally.
Aug 21 18:15:17 [Cubey] An overwhelming presence is coming.
Aug 21 18:15:47 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Something's wrong."
Aug 21 18:15:47 [Arach] Eva: "Where...?!"
Aug 21 18:15:48 [Cubey] A Crossgate-like portal opens.
Aug 21 18:16:12 [Cubey] From it, surrounded by a large group of smaller machines, and three disturbingly animal-like ones, appears... something.
Aug 21 18:16:14 [Steam] Selena: "..."
Aug 21 18:16:18 [Cubey] Something that looks like a giant black egg.
Aug 21 18:16:24 [Steam] "... Oh no..."
Aug 21 18:16:30 [aldosalt] Dido looks around. "This is just like the final battle with the Lady's Good Men. Darkness..."
Aug 21 18:16:36 [Cubey] Its psychic reaction is very strong - not only the psychics amongst you can feel it!
Aug 21 18:17:02 [Steam] Suddenly... realization is dawning on her about whatever she'd been forgetting.
Aug 21 18:17:15 [Cubey] Enemies: Egg, Ra Kanuf x1, Ra Keren x1, Ra Zanav x1, Shemuel Ben x24
Aug 21 18:17:22 [Cubey] Ra Kanuf
Aug 21 18:17:22 [Cubey]
Aug 21 18:17:22 [Cubey] Ra Keren
Aug 21 18:17:22 [Cubey]
Aug 21 18:17:22 [Cubey] Ra Zanav
Aug 21 18:17:22 [Cubey]
Aug 21 18:17:22 [Cubey] Shemuel Ben
Aug 21 18:17:22 [Cubey]
Aug 21 18:17:26 [Cubey] All of those are pitch black
Aug 21 18:17:28 * Arach has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Aug 21 18:17:50 * Sciencezam ( has joined
Aug 21 18:18:04 [Jockey] Volya: "A... AAAAH! W..what-?!"
Aug 21 18:18:05 * Sciencezam is now known as Arach
Aug 21 18:18:08 [Fri] Walt: "Well, this is much better. They're countable at least."
Aug 21 18:18:09 [Cubey] The Lady herself too is enveloped by darkenss and disappears from sight.
Aug 21 18:18:15 [Tengu] Asagi: "Ghh... This presence... Huh? Balmarian units? What the..."
Aug 21 18:18:15 * Arach has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Aug 21 18:18:18 [Cubey] But... it seems something new has appeared.
Aug 21 18:18:19 [Jockey] Leos: "Urghk..."
Aug 21 18:18:25 [Aero] Willis: "What is this..."
Aug 21 18:18:36 [aldosalt] Dido: "Did we...gestate something...?"
Aug 21 18:18:51 [Steam] Selena: "Elma... please tell me you know where we are."
Aug 21 18:18:51 * Sciencezam ( has joined
Aug 21 18:18:57 [Jockey] Optimus: "...What in the Matrix are we looking at...."
Aug 21 18:19:04 [Cubey] Selena, Arach characters, and Dido - go now
Aug 21 18:19:09 * Sciencezam is now known as Arach
Aug 21 18:19:12 [Cubey] The foes immediately rush towards you.
Aug 21 18:19:14 [Steam] Elma: "I... readings are coming back null!"
Aug 21 18:19:26 [Cubey] In the middle of your ranks, the collapsed remains of the Discovery of Self still remain, if in pieces.
Aug 21 18:19:29 [Cubey] Is that their target?!
Aug 21 18:19:35 [Steam] "We should still be at Alhambra but nothing's coming back at all! Like it's all just getting swallowed up!"
Aug 21 18:19:42 [Cubey] Dido and Interitus are capable of movement despite sustaining heavy injury. Somehow.
Aug 21 18:20:40 [aldosalt] *ShelLancer gets to it's feet, battered all over. Regardless, it advances towards the Discovery of Self, fires Arc Thorns over it towards the shadow Ra Kanufs!+
Aug 21 18:20:47 [aldosalt] Dido: "Volya...are you alright?"
Aug 21 18:21:03 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "I do not know what is going on. But we must not let them reach the Discovery."
Aug 21 18:22:28 [Cubey] The Ra Kanaf is bombarded by Arc Thorns. It tries to use its wings for protection... and gathers fiery energy in its beak. A large fireball is visble - and then shot out towards Dido! React.
Aug 21 18:22:44 [Cubey] While it does so, the egg itself starts moving towards the Discovery!
Aug 21 18:22:52 [Aero] Willis: "Crossgates..."
Aug 21 18:23:01 [Jockey] Volya: "This... something... I don't know..."
Aug 21 18:23:10 * Arach has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Aug 21 18:23:25 [aldosalt] *"ShelLancer Shell-Boosts left. Dido raises her lance. Lightning burrows into the Ra Kanuf through the Thorns. "C'mon!" Dido growls.+
Aug 21 18:23:36 [Fri] Walt: "This feeling... What is happening..." Walt clutches his chest. "It's like... that time when I realized that my post-military pension won't even be able to support my current modest life..."
Aug 21 18:23:57 * Arach ( has joined
Aug 21 18:24:45 * Arach has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Aug 21 18:24:58 * Arach ( has joined
Aug 21 18:26:22 [Cubey] The bird screeches in pain - voicelessly, as electricity cracks on its surface. The fireball is evaded by ShelLancer, not even hitting the ground but disappearing in black... something.
Aug 21 18:26:41 [Arach] *Gwen: "-now who the hell are these assholes?" Her nanobots form two small, disk-like blades-each on the end of a long cable. She whips them back and forth at the Shemuel Ben troops, scything into them.+
Aug 21 18:26:55 [Cubey] But even though you didn't feel a voice, you felt a tormented sensation. The foes you face... seem to be in intense pain!
Aug 21 18:28:14 [aldosalt] There's nothing else to be done...but still Dido winces. "What are these things?"
Aug 21 18:28:15 [Cubey] Gwen's blades slice through two of the enemies - one then the other, they are cut apart. The third charges up some kind of energy ball and throws it at her!
Aug 21 18:28:18 [Cubey] But...
Aug 21 18:28:23 [Cubey] Sielje: "Gwen, look out!"
Aug 21 18:28:53 [Cubey] The Knight throws herself, seeing the destroyed foes reform. With the impression of pain and despair intensifying, they stab at you from behind! React.
Aug 21 18:28:56 [Aero] #Gwen?
Aug 21 18:29:01 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 21 18:30:50 [Steam] Selena: "This kind of agony..."
Aug 21 18:31:14 [aldosalt] Dido: "Are they being forced to fight us, Selena?"
Aug 21 18:32:15 [Aero] * Strahlend disappears in a blur of motion as the machine rushes forward to reach the Shemuel's attacking Gwen from behind, in one swift move the machine reappears back to back with Medb and raises Quicksilver to parry the blades coming at her. +
Aug 21 18:33:52 [Steam] Selena: "... Your guess is as good as mine..."
Aug 21 18:33:57 [Steam] But how many people wouldn't guess that?
Aug 21 18:34:57 [aldosalt] Dido: "If so, then this one will be a doozy. What happens if that egg reaches the Discovery of Self?"
Aug 21 18:35:13 [aldosalt] Dido pauses. "The fool's answer? Something hatches."
Aug 21 18:35:29 [Aero] Willis: "Guessing at our situation right now isn't going to help."
Aug 21 18:35:58 [Tengu] Asagi: "I don't think it's that kind of egg... Whatever happens, it can't be good."
Aug 21 18:36:30 [Arach] *Gwen: "Well. Whatever they are, they're gonna be dead." Medb does't drop its chain blades, but it draws its pistol and fires a beam straight into the energy ball.+
Aug 21 18:36:32 [Fri] Grace: "Can anybody like, science-scan it or something?"
Aug 21 18:36:57 [aldosalt] Dido: "Selena's robot tried...but I can give it a shot."
Aug 21 18:36:57 [Steam] Selena: "Better yet."
Aug 21 18:37:25 [Cubey] The Strahlend and Sielje's Arm both block the incoming blades, wielded by units that reformed from the darkness.
Aug 21 18:37:46 [Cubey] At the same time Gwen continues slicing, and also shoots the ball - which is enough to cause a preemptive explosion.
Aug 21 18:38:07 [Steam] * The Alegrias pulls out its railgun again, moving towards the egg. No clue where there was any kind of vulnerable spot, but they had to start somewhere. "-Let's just crack it before it hatches!"+
Aug 21 18:38:26 [Steam] The cannon fires repeatedly across its entire frame!
Aug 21 18:38:52 [Fri] Walt: "Okay but what if whatever inside this egg is... actually good entity?"
Aug 21 18:38:53 [Cubey] Coming under fire, the egg stops.
Aug 21 18:39:02 [Fri] Walt: "Hey, worst case scenario and all that. It's in my blood."
Aug 21 18:39:02 [Cubey] Small cracks appear on its surface.
Aug 21 18:39:07 [Arach] Eva: "...Doubt that."
Aug 21 18:39:16 [Cubey] Not sure if it's because of the damage or... because it begins to open.
Aug 21 18:39:30 [aldosalt] Dido: "Now you're making me worry, Walt...more than usual..."
Aug 21 18:39:40 [Jockey] Lana: "Well whatever it is... lets take down the giant space chicken!"
Aug 21 18:39:45 [Cubey] The cracks grow larger, revealing a huge humanoid that spreads its... are those even wings?
Aug 21 18:39:50 [Steam] It's barely a whisper, but, "What are you...?"
Aug 21 18:39:52 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes
Aug 21 18:39:52 [Cubey]
Aug 21 18:40:13 [Cubey]
Aug 21 18:40:43 [Tengu] Daniel: "...That's no good entity..."
Aug 21 18:40:44 [Cubey] ???: "I am Keisar Ephes. Also known as the true Balmarian god."
Aug 21 18:40:48 [Cubey] Keisar: "Augustus."
Aug 21 18:41:23 [Cubey] The voice seems to come from multiple directions at once. The voiceless minions are now all talking in a single voice, and you can see the projection of the one talking - in your minds.
Aug 21 18:41:31 [Cubey]
Aug 21 18:41:31 [Fri] Walt: "Oh whew, it's just balmarian.... god."
Aug 21 18:41:44 [Steam] Selena: "... Augustus..."
Aug 21 18:41:52 [Aero] Willis: "Is he...even overpowering the Lady."
Aug 21 18:41:52 [aldosalt] Dido: "Huh?"
Aug 21 18:41:52 [Steam] ... She can't help but laugh in shock at that.
Aug 21 18:42:02 [Arach] Gwen: "The last god we killed was smaller..."
Aug 21 18:42:06 [Jockey] Interitus is trembling... this being....
Aug 21 18:42:07 [Steam] "... Well now don't I feel like an idiot."
Aug 21 18:42:19 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "So, you endured. Humanity always had a tendency for that. To live on and overpower all obstacles in its way."
Aug 21 18:42:25 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "Even the Lady."
Aug 21 18:42:34 [Tengu] Asagi: "What the hell... What are those things?!"
Aug 21 18:42:52 [Steam] "... Ruach wasn't the end-all of the Balmarian culture. Him."
Aug 21 18:43:04 [Aero] Willis: "I guess your hunch was right Selena..."
Aug 21 18:43:19 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "Ruach? Ha. He wanted only to save his own hide."
Aug 21 18:43:49 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "Shiva Gozzo wished to save Balmarian people by all possible means, thinking nothing of the rest."
Aug 21 18:44:02 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "I know the path lies elsewhere."
Aug 21 18:44:31 [Jockey] Leos: "And where's that?"
Aug 21 18:44:32 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "Yours was at best a temporary solution. To truly defeat the Lady..."
Aug 21 18:44:48 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "I will subjugate all life in the galaxy."
Aug 21 18:45:18 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "Control it and bend it to my will. The people of life, just as I do to the ones in death that stand in front of you."
Aug 21 18:45:32 [Steam] "-Ones in death?"
Aug 21 18:45:34 [aldosalt] Dido: "Um...thanks but no thanks?"
Aug 21 18:45:47 [Arach] Eva: "No..."
Aug 21 18:45:51 [Aero] Willis: "...."
Aug 21 18:45:54 [Jockey] Lana: "T...those things are zombies?!"
Aug 21 18:45:59 [Tengu] Asagi: "You don't even let them die peacefully..."
Aug 21 18:46:20 [aldosalt] Dido's mind races. If this Keisar really intends to mess with their heads... "What have you done, you bastard?"
Aug 21 18:46:26 [Cubey] Keisar: "My Neshemah, who came from so many planets. After death, they became my servants."
Aug 21 18:46:44 [Cubey] Keisar: "And now... all I need is the Discovery of Self."
Aug 21 18:46:54 [Cubey] Keisar: "No one will stand in my way. Not even the Lady."
Aug 21 18:46:57 [Cubey] "Least of all, you."
Aug 21 18:47:29 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Keisar Ephes. Your solution is even more monstruous than the universe the Lady dreams of."
Aug 21 18:47:42 [Jockey] Optimus: "We have persevered through many trials and ordeals..."
Aug 21 18:47:46 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "I am the God Augustus. My will is absolute."
Aug 21 18:47:50 [Arach] Gwen: "...Well, I ain't so sure...about that."
Aug 21 18:47:58 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes moves in closer towards the Discovery.
Aug 21 18:48:05 [Jockey] "You who show no empathy. Who shows no compassion. You will fall!"
Aug 21 18:48:06 [Cubey] But, even though the psychic reaction is immense and dreadful...
Aug 21 18:48:10 [Cubey] You won't let him get his way, will you?
Aug 21 18:48:25 [Cubey] Willis, Jockey, Tengu and Fri characters - go now
Aug 21 18:49:14 [Cubey] Inspector Jou: "Ugh..."
Aug 21 18:49:38 [Cubey] He seems to have passed out because of all that happened recently. But now he is stirred awake by the turn of events.
Aug 21 18:49:52 [Cubey] Jou: "The Lady? No... impossible."
Aug 21 18:50:05 [Fri] Walt: "Inspector Jou. Was something like this ever happened before?"
Aug 21 18:50:16 [aldosalt] Dido: "How many pies have you had your grubby fingers in, Dog Augustus? The first attack by the Aerogators, the Balmarian unrest...all the other alien invasions?"
Aug 21 18:50:36 [Tengu] Asagi: "I can't let you!" He rushes forward towards Keisar Ephes, starting to circle around the large enemy and fire missiles at him - and then, suddenly, descends towards him, wielding Blue One's spear in both hands and trying to stab deeply at the opponent! +
Aug 21 18:50:55 [Cubey] Jou: "No... this has never happened before."
Aug 21 18:51:22 [Jockey] *Optimus opens fire with his Ion Blaster... despite the immense difference in size Optimus tears across the darkness as flashes of light tear towards the massive thing!+
Aug 21 18:51:41 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "I had no doing in foolishness of others. But death and misery their actions have caused has nourished me with power!"
Aug 21 18:51:48 [Aero] * The MCR activates again, sending Strahlend blasting towards Kaiser Ephes with Quicksilver pointed in front of him again aimed towards the head of the...being. +
Aug 21 18:51:57 [Fri] Walt: "Okay, get yourselves together guys. Remember, the worst thing that can happen is we get stuck together here in enternity, but if that happens you don't need to pay for rent or medical ever again, so we have nothing to lose! All out attack!"
Aug 21 18:52:17 [Fri] Walt lead his team to fire all they got to the balmarian emperor, which to be fair, isn't much.+
Aug 21 18:53:00 [Cubey] The missiles, ion blaster shots and blades all fall down on Keisar Ephes... but his unit is very durable. It is as if fate itself decried that you won't deal any significant damage to it.
Aug 21 18:53:05 [Cubey] Keisar: "Now... begone."
Aug 21 18:53:08 [Fri] Walt: "Besides, we've fought god of multiple civilization before. This is just god of one civilization, so by that calculation, we should be able to defeat it, right?"
Aug 21 18:53:30 [Jockey] Leos: "...I really hope so..."
Aug 21 18:53:44 [Cubey] He moves his unit's arms in a commanding gesture, threatening to smack Strahlend and Blue One out of the way. Then, his unit goes down on all fours, turning into some kind of more animalistic form...
Aug 21 18:54:44 [Cubey] A large magical circle appears around its mouth, and it fires a blast of force! One that, when it reaches its target, explodes in a large-area, time and space distorting effect.
Aug 21 18:54:55 [Cubey] React, Walt, Optimus, Asagi, and Willis!
Aug 21 18:55:11 [Steam] Selena: "... That much power..."
Aug 21 18:55:38 [Jockey] *Optimus transforms and burns rubber, doing his best to outrace the explosion!+
Aug 21 18:56:40 [aldosalt] #Walt?
Aug 21 18:56:42 [Tengu] Asagi: "Ghh... He's really tough..." Blue One pushes its thrusters and desperately tries to get out of the way of the incoming giant limb, and then the rushing wave of energy! +
Aug 21 18:57:14 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 21 18:57:55 [Aero] * "One thing to another..." The best thing he can do is rapidly thrust away from both the swaying limb and the burst of energy that would more than likely do a pretty good job of killing him. +
Aug 21 18:58:12 [aldosalt] ShelLancer shifts into turtle mode and Shell-Boosts towards Walt and the closest of his teammates. "Grab on!" Dido shouts, extending two hands from ShelLancer's shell!+
Aug 21 19:00:06 [Fri] Walt: "Don't think we can tank that guys. Try to dodge it!"
Aug 21 19:00:20 * Jockey has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Aug 21 19:00:51 [Fri] Walt jumps away from the trajectory, putting his shield in front, from where explosion is expected to come
Aug 21 19:01:43 [Cubey] The arms throw Blue One and Strahlend away - you dodged and managed to avoid a straight on hit, but its mass and momentum still knocked you around.
Aug 21 19:02:19 [Cubey] Everyone flees from the explosion, Walt's squad with Dido's help - behind you, the blackness twists itself drastically, ending in a release of force. That would've been really bad to get into.
Aug 21 19:02:26 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "Only one thing remains."
Aug 21 19:02:31 * Jockey ( has joined
Aug 21 19:02:44 [Steam] Even outside of the blast range of the attack, the Alegrias is rocked by it!
Aug 21 19:03:10 [Cubey] With obstructions out of the way, Keisar Ephes slams arms down on the Discovery's remains. They strike through to inside it, searching for something...
Aug 21 19:03:12 [Steam] Selena: "... That much power, and machines that just come back whenever they're destroyed... This is going to be tricky..."
Aug 21 19:03:13 [Cubey] The core.
Aug 21 19:04:20 [Steam] Elma: "Selena!-"
Aug 21 19:04:41 [Cubey] The upper body of Keisar Ephes (the unit) seems to be opening.
Aug 21 19:04:52 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "Yes. I see it. It is within my hands!"
Aug 21 19:05:02 [aldosalt] #Core?
Aug 21 19:05:06 [Cubey] From within, a human-sized, four-armed figure emerges.
Aug 21 19:05:14 [Cubey]
Aug 21 19:05:20 [Steam] "... Well now."
Aug 21 19:05:21 [Steam] # Core
Aug 21 19:05:24 [Cubey] my bad
Aug 21 19:05:26 [Cubey] # both approved
Aug 21 19:05:59 [Steam] "Elma... GO NOW!"
Aug 21 19:06:02 [Steam]
Aug 21 19:06:33 [aldosalt] *The moment that four-armed being appears...Dido fires a single Arc Thorn...a missile that rockets forward, burns out and falls towards the God Augustus with the silence of an arrow.+
Aug 21 19:07:29 [Steam] * The Alegrias blasts off at the mobile weapon, Sol Razors joining together to form its energy blade! "Your mistake, Keisar Ephes! Don't step out to celebrate victory... until you've actually won!" And she swings the sword at Ephes's body!+
Aug 21 19:08:13 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "...!"
Aug 21 19:08:24 [Cubey] The thorn and Sol Razors fly off towards his true self!
Aug 21 19:08:58 [Cubey] And...
Aug 21 19:09:10 [Cubey] A magic circle appears, absorbing them both!
Aug 21 19:10:02 [Cubey] "Fools." Keisar Ephes poses, his arms creating a mystic symbol. The circle expands into some kind of window... you're not sure what's on the other side but you don't like it. Selena's sword is still stuck into it!
Aug 21 19:10:11 [aldosalt] Dido: "...Fudge Skittles."
Aug 21 19:10:32 [Steam] Selena: "!"
Aug 21 19:10:35 [Cubey] Keisar: "Now, witness what I did. The suffering of an end of the galaxy!" From inside it, horrifying energies move out and hit their target head on.
Aug 21 19:10:47 [Cubey] Which means the one whose weapon is stuck. The Alegrias!
Aug 21 19:10:49 [Cubey] React, Selena!
Aug 21 19:10:53 [Aero] Willis: "Selena!"
Aug 21 19:11:04 [Cubey]
Aug 21 19:11:28 [Jockey] # Selena?
Aug 21 19:11:29 [Steam] Selena: "Elma-!"
Aug 21 19:11:41 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 21 19:12:40 [Jockey] *Interitus and Volya tear forward reaching out - both attempting to pull the Alegrias from the attack!+
Aug 21 19:12:48 [Fri] Walt: "Oh, it's only a galaxy's suffering, it's fine. At least other galaxies will still exist."
Aug 21 19:12:55 [Jockey] Volya: "Miss Selena!"
Aug 21 19:16:13 [Steam] * Alegrias tries to grab at the offered hand, but it's still too close to the attack, Selena unable to get away before the energies wash over the machine!+
Aug 21 19:16:37 [Steam] Selena: "What.... what's happening?!?"
Aug 21 19:16:56 [Cubey] Selena leaves the stream before it can cause any damage to her unit!
Aug 21 19:17:00 [Cubey] But...
Aug 21 19:17:11 [Cubey] The real damage is not physical.
Aug 21 19:17:44 [Cubey] Her mind is bombarded - bombarded by visions of people suffering and lives ending, countless aeons of tragedies as whole planets and galaxies were extinguished of life, helpless to prevent it.
Aug 21 19:18:41 [Steam] "Ack- ga-"
Aug 21 19:18:49 [Cubey] It's too much.
Aug 21 19:18:49 [Steam] Make it stop.
Aug 21 19:18:55 [Steam] Make it stop make it stop make it stop!
Aug 21 19:19:02 [Cubey] Selena can't take it anymore.
Aug 21 19:19:20 [Steam] Her eyes bug out inside of her cockpit, every nerve and vein tense before-
Aug 21 19:19:51 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "Such is the fate that befalls all those who oppose me."
Aug 21 19:20:09 [aldosalt] Dido: "Selena!"
Aug 21 19:20:10 [Cubey] Selena's heart is no longer beating. She has perished.
Aug 21 19:20:14 [Steam] Elma: "... Selena?"
Aug 21 19:20:17 [Aero] Willis: "....."
Aug 21 19:20:19 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "..."
Aug 21 19:20:20 [Steam] "Selena?!?"
Aug 21 19:20:22 [Jockey] Volya: "No... No no nonononono..!"
Aug 21 19:20:27 [Steam] "SELENAAAAAAAAA!"
Aug 21 19:20:50 [Arach] Eva: "Ah..."
Aug 21 19:21:11 [Steam] The drifting Alegrias suddenly begins to move again as its copilot takes over the reigns. "You... ABSOLUTE... MONSTER!"
Aug 21 19:21:24 [Cubey] Keisar: "Hmph." His unit's head starts gathering energy for another dimension-wrecking blast.
Aug 21 19:21:37 [Cubey] This time, it is aiming for Alegrias and Interitus!
Aug 21 19:21:57 [Aero] #Both?
Aug 21 19:22:07 [Cubey] ???: "Augustus. No, Keisar Ephas. Stop!"
Aug 21 19:22:21 [Cubey] No need - suddenly, Keisar Ephas is thrown back by a wave of incredible force!
Aug 21 19:22:39 [Cubey] A wave that appears from another crossgate
Aug 21 19:22:44 [aldosalt] Dido tries to access Selena's vital signs wirelessly. Does she get any important information?
Aug 21 19:23:06 [Cubey] There is no heartbeat or other vitals you can sense.
Aug 21 19:23:30 [Cubey] From the crossgate, a familiar, yet slightly different, angelic form appears.
Aug 21 19:23:38 [Cubey] Nashim Gan Eden
Aug 21 19:23:38 [Cubey]
Aug 21 19:23:56 [Aero] Willis: "That's..."
Aug 21 19:24:14 [aldosalt] Dido: "A complete flatline..." Dido runs a shaking hand through her hair. "Elma," she shout over the comms. "Elma...can you hear me?"
Aug 21 19:24:16 [Cubey] Armana: "Don't give up, everyone. I beg you! Keisar Ephes is a false god."
Aug 21 19:24:38 [Cubey] Baran Doban: "Fight to the end like a true warrior! You've come too far to give up now!"
Aug 21 19:24:59 [Steam] Elma is... unfortunately not answering the comms right now Dido.
Aug 21 19:25:01 [Cubey] A contingent of Balmarian troops accompanied the Gan Eden, charging towards the Neshamah.
Aug 21 19:25:15 [Cubey] There's even a huge Zehirut.
Aug 21 19:25:22 [Cubey] But...
Aug 21 19:25:29 [aldosalt] Dido: "Fudge...!"
Aug 21 19:25:31 [Cubey] Armana: "Is everyone... oh no." She notices the Alegrias.
Aug 21 19:26:08 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "Do you think your struggles will do anything? You intend to doom the galaxy to the Lady's rule. She returns."
Aug 21 19:26:14 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "But I won't let her succeed."
Aug 21 19:26:26 [Jockey] Volya: "Shut up..."
Aug 21 19:26:32 [Cubey] His unit raises its arms. Behind it, two huge crystalline creations appear in the air.
Aug 21 19:26:46 [Cubey] They are also Zehiruts - but look like neither humanoids, nor flower-ships.
Aug 21 19:26:54 [Cubey] They resemble huge faces instead.
Aug 21 19:27:27 [Aero] Willis: "Are those...Zehiruts?"
Aug 21 19:27:49 [Jockey] Leos: "Whatever they are... I don't like the way they're looking at us..."
Aug 21 19:27:51 [Cubey] Armana: "Keisar Ephes isn't a god. He's only a man."
Aug 21 19:28:01 [Cubey] Armana: "A man who, a long time ago, too opposed the Lady."
Aug 21 19:28:20 [Cubey] Armana: "The group led by him eventually became the first Balmarians. I would never expect..."
Aug 21 19:28:43 [Cubey] Armana: "I would never expect that he would resort to this! We must end this!"
Aug 21 19:29:08 [Cubey] The Gan Eden gathers energy for another attack. But...
Aug 21 19:29:19 [Cubey] Suddenly, from behind it is cut into by streaming beam ribbons!
Aug 21 19:29:53 [Cubey] The Lady: "Your efforts have gone on for long enough! This world, this universe... once again, it will be mine."
Aug 21 19:30:07 [Aero] WIllis: "Of all times..."
Aug 21 19:30:08 [Jockey] Volya: "Both of you..."
Aug 21 19:30:10 [Cubey] From the Darkness, the Lady appears again - and she has guards of her own!
Aug 21 19:30:16 [Jockey] "BOTH OF YOU!!!!!!!"
Aug 21 19:30:45 [Cubey] Enemies (Keisar Ephes): Keisar Ephes, Ra Kanuf x1, Ra Keren x1, Ra Zanav x1, Zehirut Eved x2
Aug 21 19:30:45 [Cubey] Enemies:(The Lady The Lady, Grunbein Alpha x6, Grunbein Omega x6
Aug 21 19:30:57 [Cubey] You're stuck between two powerful groups of foes
Aug 21 19:31:04 [Cubey] What can you do
Aug 21 19:31:05 [Cubey] ?
Aug 21 19:31:20 [Cubey] Dido, Jockey and Arach characters, go!
Aug 21 19:31:44 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...The scale of this fight exceeds anything I could have anticipated."
Aug 21 19:32:12 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Yet, we need to press on. If we die, make this our funeral pyre!"
Aug 21 19:32:13 [Aero] Willis: "I hope that doesn't lower your resolve Heph."
Aug 21 19:32:37 [Cubey] (Nashim Gan Eden, Bemidoban, and other Balmarians available as allies)
Aug 21 19:32:41 [Fri] Archie: “The enemy is in front of us, the enemy is behind us, the enemy is to the right and to the left of us. They can't get away this time!”
Aug 21 19:33:11 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Nothing can make me lose it. Not at this point."
Aug 21 19:33:16 [Jockey] *There's an enraged scream. Not from Interitus but from Volya - who charges at blinding speed towards Keisar Ephes with shields held before him ahead of his partner!+
Aug 21 19:33:28 [aldosalt] Dido: "We need to play defensive. Get Keiser Alphes and the Lady to wear themselves down. Then tackle the survivor!"
Aug 21 19:33:50 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "Fool. I will obliterate you both!"
Aug 21 19:34:21 [Cubey] He raises hands, and his unit unleashes waves of force in a star shaped pattern. One of its spikes aims straight at Interitus. React!
Aug 21 19:34:37 [aldosalt] *Dido in turn launches some Arc Thorns at the Lady's head, before turning and Shell-Boosting towards Keisar!+
Aug 21 19:34:47 [aldosalt] #Volya?
Aug 21 19:35:07 [Cubey] Izuru: "This is the final boss. My... everything is sweating."
Aug 21 19:35:35 [Tengu] Asagi: "I didn't need to hear that."
Aug 21 19:36:16 [Cubey] Unfortunately Dido, as soon as the Lady is being hit with the Thorns, she counters by shooting out more ribbons. Smaller scaled ones, but they cut off your escape - and then threaten to cut the SHelLancer, too!
Aug 21 19:36:17 [Cubey] React!
Aug 21 19:36:19 [Cubey] # denied
Aug 21 19:37:35 [aldosalt] *Dido, still transformed into Turtle mode, soars up on jump jets, trying to leap over the energy ribbons with her mech's lowered profile!+
Aug 21 19:37:42 [Tengu] # Volya
Aug 21 19:37:54 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 21 19:38:40 [Jockey] *Volya isn't going to relent... that being said, the immense draconic form is quickly keeping pace with the smaller, separate part of itself to the point the shieldbearer was being pushed forward.... arcs of green lighting up across its body as energy was pumped into the shield to turn it into a bulldozing wall!... But would it be strong enough to
Aug 21 19:38:41 [Jockey] withstand the false god's attack?+
Aug 21 19:39:12 [Arach] *The Tern hangs in space, its hands folded as if in prayer. "...You're both miserable." Points of light form around it, first a dozen...then more, and more, a glittering array of suspended lasers. "Begone." Eva fires, added the Tern's chest-laser into the mix-all of her beams focused on Keiser Ephes.+
Aug 21 19:39:27 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "I have it, Volya. Push on!" Scaraber rushes in, raising its laser staff in order to block the beam going into Interitus' direction - and spreading its silver Noble Barrier in the process, making it become visible. +
Aug 21 19:39:39 [Jockey] Volya: "I can forgive the knights... I can forgive Loni's friends... I can even forgive Loni himself as much as a jerk as he's been.... but you two..."
Aug 21 19:39:53 [Jockey] "The universe is better off if the both of you stopped existing!!!"
Aug 21 19:44:52 [Cubey] Dido jumps up, evading the ribbons behind her - but as they return, they slice into her unit, making it topple upside down! The vehicle mode doesn't seem to work well anymore!
Aug 21 19:45:45 [Cubey] Hetepheres starts blocking the beam - but Keisar Ephes' power is immense. Even Volya's own barrier isn't enough to halt the attack, the two of you working together...
Aug 21 19:46:01 [Cubey] But the assault wanes when Eva bombards Keisar Ephes with her barrage. And that was just the beginning.
Aug 21 19:46:18 [Cubey] Armana: "Meth Beriat... Ha'Olam..."
Aug 21 19:46:21 [aldosalt] "Fudge!" Dido curses. She returns to humanoid mode, ShelLancer groaning in alarming fashions as it resumes an upright stance.
Aug 21 19:46:44 [Cubey] From above, Keisar Ephes' body is bathed in light - and destructive energy, a breath coming from Gan Eden's mouth as it took the shape of a massive primal dragon once again!
Aug 21 19:47:01 [Cubey] Keisar: "Ha... hu hu hu ha ha..."
Aug 21 19:47:37 [Cubey] Armana: "Gan Eden's most powerful ability was no match for it?!"
Aug 21 19:47:57 [Cubey] As the breath stopped - Keisar's attack was stopped as well, but damage to his unit was relatively small...
Aug 21 19:48:09 [Cubey] Willis, Fri and Tengu characters - go now
Aug 21 19:48:23 [Aero] Willis: "Even so, we can't give up."
Aug 21 19:48:58 [Jockey] Optimus: "Not when so many depend upon us."
Aug 21 19:49:42 [Fri] Archie: "I think it's time for overwhelming firepower, partner. Redirect all energy to weaponry."
Aug 21 19:50:33 [Fri] Super Smilodon transfer into its four-legged weapon platform mode, and raises its gigantic railgun.
Aug 21 19:50:39 [Jockey] Skald: "Diverting power! Let the battlefield roar with fury!"
Aug 21 19:50:46 [Fri] "Partner, which mindless flase god should we target for now?"
Aug 21 19:50:54 [Fri] "Just asking for your opinion."
Aug 21 19:51:10 [Tengu] Daniel: "Gotta take care of this side too." He quickly dashes to the side, firing four bullets one after another. "Nicholas!" Each one of them turns into a full-size rocket fist, and all of them rush towards the Lady's minions, attacking them repeatedly before connecting into two Polish Hammers, which start to spin and rush forward in an attempt to punch through the the Lady herself! +
Aug 21 19:51:13 [aldosalt] Dido, bereft of options at the moment, tries again: "Elma, Elma! If you can hear me, try using chest compressions on Selena! Precise blows to the breastbone! To the rhythm of "Staying Alive"...!"
Aug 21 19:51:19 [Aero] * No matter what he had to keep up the pressure, Armana made a chink in the armor he had to build on that. Strahlend charges the transformed Quicksilver, making the weapon glow a deep red before he activated the MCR again to use rapid bursts of energy in order to zig zag towards Keisar and aim for the damaged point made by Gan Eden.+
Aug 21 19:52:44 [Fri] Archie aims at the Lady. "Well, if all the same for you..." And he launches multiple missiles toward the Lady, before firing the giant gun.+
Aug 21 19:52:44 [Cubey] One of the Lady's Grunbeins starts parrying, but the attack falls off it and towards the Lady.
Aug 21 19:53:06 [Cubey] The Lady: "Still you resist. Taking the side of Augustus. Begone!"
Aug 21 19:53:19 [Cubey] The eye atop of her body is pummeled by the hammers!
Aug 21 19:53:22 [Cubey] It pulses and blinks.
Aug 21 19:53:27 [Cubey] Another explosion is centered on Daniel.
Aug 21 19:53:34 [Jockey] "Well... Ladies first I think!"
Aug 21 19:53:40 [Cubey] React!
Aug 21 19:53:45 [Jockey] "HAH! You read my mind partner!"
Aug 21 19:54:11 [Cubey] As for the cats and Willis...
Aug 21 19:54:47 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "You dare raise a hand against me? I am a god, more ancient and powerful than you can even imagine. A futile attempt."
Aug 21 19:55:17 [Tengu] Daniel: "No. I'm taking my own side." Briefly Steel Wanderer's glowing wings appear again, just for long enough to let it jump back in a large leap, spin in the air and then shuffle back a long distance without moving its feet - somehow. +
Aug 21 19:55:18 [Cubey] Despite his words, your attacks slam into the damaged parts! Willis quickly moves in and stabs into it, and the Smilodon's railgun deepens the wound!
Aug 21 19:55:35 [Cubey] The wound that already begins to close as Kaiser Ephes reforms itself (not completely yet).
Aug 21 19:55:38 [Cubey] And to make matters worse.
Aug 21 19:55:45 [Cubey] While it happens, his true body appears again.
Aug 21 19:55:59 [Cubey] And, creates the portal to the End of the Galaxy, preparing to unleash energies on both of you!
Aug 21 19:56:02 [Cubey] React, Willis and cats!
Aug 21 19:56:24 [Steam] # Willis and cats
Aug 21 19:56:28 [Cubey] # approved!
Aug 21 19:56:49 [Cubey] Izuru: "You know, I thought I had it all figured out about heroes. But even if I was wrong about a lot of things, you're even more wrong!"
Aug 21 19:56:57 [Fri] Archie: "Great shot, if I might say so myself. Let's fly away from here." The weapon platform now turn into a fighter jet and flies away from the general area.
Aug 21 19:56:59 [Fri] +
Aug 21 19:57:17 [Steam] * The Alegrias doesn't move, but communications finally return to the machine as- "This burning, intense sensation..."
Aug 21 19:57:18 [aldosalt] "Oh Gods!" Dido curses, fed up with the antics of the two gods. "Why don't you two just Get a Room?"
Aug 21 19:57:24 [Cubey] The explosion around Daniel is slowed down - because Red Five charges, its arms covered in glowing energy as it punches both of them into the Lady's eye!
Aug 21 19:57:33 [Cubey] Then Izuru quickly flees... and thanks to this effort, Daniel does, too!
Aug 21 19:57:34 [Steam] Singing begins broadcast from it.
Aug 21 19:57:51 [Steam] "-Is burning hotly in our hearts."
Aug 21 19:58:06 [Aero] Willis: "A song?"
Aug 21 19:58:07 [Steam] "As we depart for the battlefield,"
Aug 21 19:58:15 [Tengu] Asagi: "...What?"
Aug 21 19:58:16 [Steam] "Let us join hands and forge our oath."
Aug 21 19:58:18 [Steam] +
Aug 21 19:58:57 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "What... this voice, where does it come from? Ghh!"
Aug 21 20:00:13 [Cubey] He is distraught by the words of the song - or perhaps, by singing itself, as it comes from Alegrias!
Aug 21 20:00:27 [Cubey] The End of Galaxy winks out of existence, prematurely!
Aug 21 20:00:34 [Cubey] As around you, the song continues to be heard.
Aug 21 20:00:35 [Cubey]
Aug 21 20:01:04 [Steam] "... It worked."
Aug 21 20:01:16 [Aero] Willis: "Selena?"
Aug 21 20:01:31 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "Your spirit should have been added to ranks of the Neshemah by now. And yet... you are alive?!"
Aug 21 20:01:36 [Jockey] Volya: "Miss... Miss Selena..?"
Aug 21 20:01:36 [Steam] And the Alegrias begins to move again... as a relieved sigh is let out.
Aug 21 20:01:52 [Steam] Elma: "You forgot I was here!"
Aug 21 20:01:55 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...Selena Recital. What a pleasant surprise. How are you alive?"
Aug 21 20:01:56 [aldosalt] Dido: "Selena...!" She wipes something from her eyes. "Sorry! We've been shouting your name a lot."
Aug 21 20:02:03 [Steam] Selena: "And more than that-"
Aug 21 20:02:08 [Steam] She held up her electro-whip.
Aug 21 20:02:22 [Steam] "Leave it to little Elma to find a way to give me the kiss of life like any Prince Charming~"
Aug 21 20:02:54 [Arach] Gwen: "There are children here."
Aug 21 20:03:16 [Steam] "How your spirits didn't do... whatever they should've done I don't know. But this song..."
Aug 21 20:03:28 [aldosalt] Dido: "A makeshift defibrillator! Sweet!" It would be hard to do car with Elma's stubby wing arms anyway, she muses...
Aug 21 20:03:42 [Tengu] Asagi: "I'm an adult."
Aug 21 20:03:44 [Steam] "It was a song of the dead, but meant for the living. A song meant for defeating you!"
Aug 21 20:04:01 [Steam] "Waiting for someone to bring it into the world!"
Aug 21 20:04:44 [Cubey] Amongst the words of the song, suddenly you hear other words.
Aug 21 20:04:51 [Cubey] You don't know who they're coming from, but...
Aug 21 20:04:57 [Cubey] "Don't give up!"
Aug 21 20:05:03 [Cubey] "Fight, for Earth, for humanity!"
Aug 21 20:05:16 [Cubey] "I didn't give up my life just so Earth would be enslaved!"
Aug 21 20:05:33 [Cubey] Encouragement comes to you in the form of many voices, most of whom you never heard before...
Aug 21 20:06:08 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "A brilliant choir. The hopes of everyone in the world lie within us..."
Aug 21 20:06:18 [Cubey] But some you did.
Aug 21 20:06:27 [Aero] Willis: "All of these voices..."
Aug 21 20:06:52 [Jockey] Optimus: "We cannot-... no. We will not fail them."
Aug 21 20:06:57 [Cubey] Ingram: "Go, soldiers of Earth. I did all I could to prepare you for this task."
Aug 21 20:07:16 [Cubey] One of the Grunbein Alphas suddenly grows very still...
Aug 21 20:07:34 [Cubey] And the blade in its sword grows much longer with telekinetic energy - it starts wrecking the other ones!
Aug 21 20:08:08 [Cubey] Brye: "I want everyone on Earth to get better, but your way is nothing like you advertised, the Lady!"
Aug 21 20:08:42 [Aero] Rani: "You used us but...we'll pay back our comrades this time."
Aug 21 20:09:01 [Cubey] Antov: "Unity Group... or is it Project Unification now?"
Aug 21 20:09:18 [Arach] Eva: "...Eh?"
Aug 21 20:09:42 [Cubey] Antov: "I never thought I'd be able to do anything with my life. But that wasn't true - and it's all thanks to you. Now, it's your final mission! Just take it a little bit further!"
Aug 21 20:09:57 [Tengu] Asagi: "Commander..."
Aug 21 20:10:07 [Steam] Selena: "Can do, commander. Can do."
Aug 21 20:10:10 [Jockey] Leos: "... We'll make you proud Sir."
Aug 21 20:10:13 [Cubey] ???: "Eva, Volya, everyone..."
Aug 21 20:10:30 [Cubey] Ren: "I know you can do this. Defend your, and everyone's homes, one last time. I will be watching you."
Aug 21 20:10:32 [Cubey] Ren: "Always."
Aug 21 20:10:47 [Jockey] Volya: "...... Ren.."
Aug 21 20:10:49 [Cubey] These and so many other voices encourage you on - from the other world.
Aug 21 20:10:59 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...Always."
Aug 21 20:11:38 [Cubey] The negative energy wielded by Keisar Ephes seems to be dissipating. The three Baral guardians suddenly start to disintegrate, his own power no longer having any hold on them!
Aug 21 20:12:08 [Cubey] Only the Zehiruts remain - and on the other side, the Lady's minions were destroyed by the hijacked Grunbein, pilotted by the dead trio!
Aug 21 20:12:23 [Cubey] Selena, Dido, Arach and Jockey - go!
Aug 21 20:12:51 [Jockey] Optimus: "Let this light shine through the Universe's darkest hour..."
Aug 21 20:13:21 [Steam] Selena: "Your power's suddenly fading fast, isn't it Spirit Emperor?"
Aug 21 20:13:47 [Steam] "And here I imagine you're regretting trying to kill me in such a way. Elma!"
Aug 21 20:13:56 [Steam] Elma; "I'm ready Selena!"
Aug 21 20:15:02 [aldosalt] *"I"m beat to heck," Dido muttered, ShelLancer groaning with every step it takes. "But I built this mech tough..." She examines the Lady's fearsome visage. "And I've pricked you with my thorns. Now go and be a Sleeping Beauty!" ShelLancer raises her lance. Lightning crackles around it's tip, then leaps toward the Lady to give her a nice face-sizzle!+
Aug 21 20:15:26 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "You are too full of yourself, sure of your victory. It will not come." He gathers all dark spirits he can command - they move to the main body, reinforcing it.
Aug 21 20:15:37 [Cubey] But, every second, that dark cloud grows weaker...
Aug 21 20:15:42 [Steam] * Beam saber in one hand, railgun chainsaw in the other, the Alegrias lunges at the machine where that wound had been getting mended, the machine spinning into a blazing top, and heralded by the Servants plunging in as well!+
Aug 21 20:15:51 [Steam] (Requesting @ from Armana?)
Aug 21 20:15:52 [Jockey] *Optimus' torso opens... the Matrix... the wisdom of ages past shines brightly... no... more than that... amplified by the wishes of those who have passed on... by the hopes and dreams of those who still live... a brilliant blade forged from the very crystaline formation within it forms in a burst of light in the Prime's hand!
Aug 21 20:15:54 [aldosalt] Another voice speaks up, addressing Izuru and Asagi.
Aug 21 20:15:57 [Jockey] "Let it be the sword that cuts through the dark clouds and become the stars!"
Aug 21 20:17:28 [Jockey] Optimus tears towards the Lady, the sword forged from the essence of the Matrix itself a Saber of Stars wielded in both hands - He unleashes a mighty swing!+
Aug 21 20:18:04 [aldosalt] Yancy: " guys aren't kids anymore. You've grown into the best kind of men. Go kick butts and save the earth, Rabbits!"
Aug 21 20:18:28 [Cubey] Izuru: "Mr Becket!"
Aug 21 20:19:05 [Tengu] Asagi: "..." He nods. "I'll kick all the butts."
Aug 21 20:19:11 [Cubey] Izuru: "Yeah! Let's go... bro!"
Aug 21 20:19:22 [aldosalt] The voice chuckles as it starts to fade. "Now that makes me sound old, you guys. Call me...Yancy..."
Aug 21 20:19:59 [Tengu] Asagi: "I won't forget you, Yancy."
Aug 21 20:20:15 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "Ghh..." He has to turn his gaze away from the Matrix of Leadership - right on time for Selena to start attacking the now not-so regenearting unit with everything she has! And moreover...
Aug 21 20:20:23 [Cubey] Armana: "Selena... watch out!"
Aug 21 20:20:34 [Cubey] Here comes another incinerating dragon breath!
Aug 21 20:21:25 [Steam] "-Armana?"
Aug 21 20:21:28 [Cubey] But, one of the Zfyluds moves in to intercept it - partially. The half-melted face breathes its own blast, a powerful energy stream towards Alegrias. React!
Aug 21 20:21:50 [Steam] Elma: "Yes, that's Armana in that machine, but- Ah!"
Aug 21 20:22:16 [Arach] *As Eva sits in her cockpit, a feeling of warmth embraces her. A comforting presence...a familiar voice. "It's been a long time, Eva...I'm sorry to have left you." "-M-mom?!" "I've had a nice rest. But that man there, he's rather...Aggravating, isn't he? Let's rip his fucking heart out." "...Yes," Eva says, and the Tern raises a clenched fist that glows with psychic power. When Eva bombarded Keiser Ephes before, it was with dozens
Aug 21 20:22:16 [Arach] of shots. Now, bolstered by her mother-there are thousands. The two psychics roar in rage, and the storm falls upon the God of Balmarians-followed along with a scream of psychic fury so intense it's almost physical.+
Aug 21 20:22:22 [Cubey] At the same time, the Lady is creating those trio of energy spheres again.
Aug 21 20:22:36 [Steam] * The Alegrias Servants re-dock with the machine and it takes off to evade the stream, still dragging its weapons across Ephes's body as she makes her getaway!+
Aug 21 20:23:17 [Steam] Selena: "... Definitely has a more feminine touch compared to what she was in last. A lot more fitting!"
Aug 21 20:23:21 [Cubey] But, the Sword of the Stars, wielded by Prime's hand, plunges itself into her body - one of them pops! Then, the Lady is electrified. As a last resort, the two other spheres release slashing ribbons everywhere, and turn back to slice at the melee opponents right next to her! Optimus and DIdo react.
Aug 21 20:23:23 [Steam] And still plenty powerful by th elooks of it!
Aug 21 20:23:31 [Tengu] ???: "...I understand now. I understand why do you keep fighting. The last thing you said to me... I know now that you were not lying."
Aug 21 20:23:35 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...!"
Aug 21 20:23:38 [Tengu] ???: "Mom."
Aug 21 20:23:48 [Aero] Willis: "So that's..."
Aug 21 20:24:09 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "......Yes."
Aug 21 20:24:22 [Jockey] *Optimus twists the hold on his sword - the blade extending as he swung to carve the ribbons apart!+
Aug 21 20:24:33 [Jockey] Optimus: "Dido! Get down!"
Aug 21 20:25:17 [Cubey] ???: "I love this world. Protect it for sure."
Aug 21 20:25:34 [Cubey] ???: "It has things that are nice. There are... cinnamon buns."
Aug 21 20:25:39 [aldosalt] *Dido's luck dodging those ribbons has been horrible so far...but no one disobeys Optimus. "Yessir!" ShelLancer literally falls onto its back, raising its electrified Shell Lance as a last-resort shield!+
Aug 21 20:27:15 [Cubey] The one Zehirut continues to move while firing its blast - to absorb more beams. But it can't. It is overwhelmed by the barrage from the Tern, and explodes - the beams hitting Keisar Ephes, instead, while Alegrias uses this chaos and advance warning from Armana to get away!
Aug 21 20:27:49 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "No... this cannot be..."
Aug 21 20:28:08 [Cubey] While at the same time - Optimus is trying to cut up some of the energy ribbons.
Aug 21 20:28:20 [Cubey] Baran Doban: "Allow me, Optimus Prime! DOBAN IMPACT!"
Aug 21 20:28:52 [Cubey] The Bemidoban smashes its hammer into the Lady while its upper body spins like a madman. She's pushed away, the ribbons flailing off to random sides with no damage done!
Aug 21 20:28:56 [Cubey] The Lady: "..."
Aug 21 20:29:02 [Cubey] Her form is now heavily wounded.
Aug 21 20:29:09 [Cubey] Barely holding itself together.
Aug 21 20:29:26 [Cubey] The Lady: "I cannot do this. My power... where is my power? Where is my champion?"
Aug 21 20:29:43 [Cubey] Loni: "Huh? Wha... what happened..."
Aug 21 20:29:52 [Cubey] The heavily damaged BrightSaber stumbles into the battlefield!
Aug 21 20:30:20 [Cubey] The Lady: "Yes. Come to me, the one I gave all my boons to..."
Aug 21 20:30:25 [Fri] Walt: "Man, Imagine if she actually take a competent champion, like Izuru or something." *shiver* "Let's not"
Aug 21 20:30:28 [Cubey] Loni: "What are you? Shit... aagh!"
Aug 21 20:30:47 [Cubey] The Lady's hand grasps towards the BrightSaber - and just as suddenly, her body disappers.
Aug 21 20:31:02 [Cubey] She moved INSIDE the BrightSaber, which starts to pulse and grow, shifting into a new form!
Aug 21 20:31:05 [aldosalt] Dido: "Best not, Loni! She might try to eat you for your strength...huh?"
Aug 21 20:31:34 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Damn."
Aug 21 20:31:36 [Cubey] Loni: "No.... argh! Get out, I don't want your gifts and shit!"
Aug 21 20:31:57 [Cubey] The BrightSaber shakes its lone remaining arm wildly.
Aug 21 20:32:17 [Cubey] The Lady: "What would the story be without the hero? Don't you want to be one?"
Aug 21 20:32:20 [Cubey] Loni: "I..."
Aug 21 20:32:25 [Cubey] Loni: "I want... to be the hero..."
Aug 21 20:32:32 [Cubey] The pulsing and struggles stop...
Aug 21 20:32:44 [Tengu] Asagi: "No! Don't say that!"
Aug 21 20:32:55 [Jockey] Leos: "He never learns..."
Aug 21 20:32:57 [Tengu] Daniel: "Brainwashed..."
Aug 21 20:32:57 [Cubey] Loni: "And I'll be one without you! Fuck off!"
Aug 21 20:33:12 [Cubey] In a split second, the BrightSaber throws out the Lady's body like a piece of garbage!
Aug 21 20:33:15 [Cubey] Loni: "AAAARGH!"
Aug 21 20:33:21 [Tengu] Daniel: "...!"
Aug 21 20:33:27 [Jockey] Lana: "....You might wanna retract that statement papa"
Aug 21 20:33:40 [Cubey] He slices down on her, dealing heavy damage! And in a single motion, Loni flees the battlefield!
Aug 21 20:33:41 [aldosalt] Dido: "Loni...did something right?"
Aug 21 20:33:46 [Cubey] The Lady: "No... impossible..."
Aug 21 20:33:51 [Steam] "-Wait, he did?!?"
Aug 21 20:33:53 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...Apparently."
Aug 21 20:33:55 [Jockey] Optimus: "It is a day of firsts it seems"
Aug 21 20:33:56 [Steam] Biggest shock of the battle.
Aug 21 20:34:00 [Cubey] Her form crumbles apart.
Aug 21 20:34:12 [Cubey] Revealing only the human figure inside...
Aug 21 20:35:11 [Cubey] The Lady: "Even my champion... I promised so much to you - you betray me?!"
Aug 21 20:35:25 [Cubey] She rises to the air, the power making her float. It's not the end yet.
Aug 21 20:35:30 [Cubey] But... it might be very close to it.
Aug 21 20:35:38 [Cubey] Willis, Tengu and Fri characters - go!
Aug 21 20:35:47 [Fri] smiles. "Oh, you're considered dead? Thank god. I thought you'd have to spend eternity alone without sense like before. Death isn't so bad, isn't it?"
Aug 21 20:36:02 [Aero] Willis: "Let's end this."
Aug 21 20:36:33 [Corel] ???: "Well, would you look at that. Go for it, everyone."
Aug 21 20:36:49 [Corel] ???: "And Willis, don't screw up."
Aug 21 20:36:58 [Jockey] Leos: "Willis... We've got your back."
Aug 21 20:37:03 [Cubey] Sielje: "... That voice."
Aug 21 20:37:06 [Aero] Willis: "...and here I was hoping I wouldn't hear you Elys..."
Aug 21 20:37:44 [Cubey] Sielje: "I always... looked up to you. And now you are..."
Aug 21 20:38:04 [Fri] Walt: "Just for this time... I'll listen to the voices inside my head. Just this one time, you know?"
Aug 21 20:39:40 [Tengu] Asagi: "Now..." Blue One's third eye opens wide and a glowing ring appears on its back, several floating weapons emerging from it! And the AHSMB rushes forward! "Let's go, Izuru!" Asagi keeps zooming around Kaiser Ephes, sending one of the glowing weapons to hack and slash at him every time, each from a different direction! And then, at the end, Blue One attacks itself, dual-wielding its
Aug 21 20:39:40 [Tengu] katana and spear, and then rushing forward to slice with both in an X-shaped strike as it rushes past! +
Aug 21 20:40:13 [Cubey] Izuru: "After you Asagi! Take the lead!"
Aug 21 20:40:48 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes is being sliced into from all directions. All kinds of weapons are stabbed into his body, and the passing by energy wings cut into it as well!
Aug 21 20:40:59 [Aero] * Strahlend flicks its wrist to the side taking sight of Keisar Ephes again as he primes Quicksilver. With Elys' encouragement the MCR fires up again and the machine moves with new vigor to reach the body of the Spirit Emperor. A storm of floating swords suddenly spawned around the machine as it moved, slashing at Keisar Ephes rapidly before the MCR detached
Aug 21 20:41:07 [Jockey] @Willis
Aug 21 20:41:08 [Cubey] Keisar: "That is enough!" He releases a star shaped energy explosion once again! Asagi, react!
Aug 21 20:41:11 [Cubey] @ approved
Aug 21 20:42:18 [Aero] and slammed itself into the already weakened point of the large body before the machine plunged the massive spear into the ring, annihilating all of the matter gathered in it and releasing a massive explosion centered on Ephes. "Now die!" +
Aug 21 20:42:47 [Tengu] Asagi: "It won't be enough till you're down!" He backs away, the weapons on the back of Blue One shifting their shape and then moving to the front of the AHSMB, combining together to form a shield - a reflective one! +
Aug 21 20:43:39 [Cubey] Blue One forms a defensive layer - and Red Five creates another one with its wings. The blast is fully reflected!
Aug 21 20:43:59 [Fri] Walt: "Everyone, follow me, it's time to show our true form!" Walt boost forward. "Everyone focus on my target!" Walt lead the attack on the lady, firing her DODS gun. "Wait, we're already in our true form from the start..." He closes to melee range. "FEEL MANKIND'S SORROW, ANGER, AND WHAT SEPARATE THOSE FROM ANIMALS' IN THE MOST BASIC FORM! A BIG
Aug 21 20:44:00 [Fri] SHARP STICK!" Walt jumps toward the Lady's human form, heat stake forward, before sommersaulting over her and boosting away.+
Aug 21 20:44:21 [Jockey] *Both Leos and Lana tear towards Keisar Ephes in concert, twin white blurs behind the Strahlend- "Kick his butt big bro!" - Bits disengaged and swarmed alongside the swords and unleashed an endless barrage - "Leos... you've done so much... both good and bad... but... I know you can make a better tomorrow! Go!" - Shotgun blasts of energy stormed for
Aug 21 20:44:21 [Jockey] th
Aug 21 20:45:42 [Jockey] And Lana... so many voices... so many... she recognizes them yet she doesn't... her creators... the ones who charged her with her duty... she grits her teeth and lets out a warcry as she kicks her immense sword at Ephes' face!+
Aug 21 20:46:17 [Cubey] Walt fires the DODS Gun at the Lady - it is deflected by a barrier suddenly appearing.
Aug 21 20:46:49 [Cubey] The Lady: "An insignificant, everyday being. You hope to kill the goddess of the universe?"
Aug 21 20:47:06 [Cubey] She already raises her hand, and innumerable beam ribbons appear behind her.
Aug 21 20:47:22 [aldosalt] #Walt?
Aug 21 20:47:31 [Jockey] #Walt
Aug 21 20:47:42 [Cubey] Rejected, because...
Aug 21 20:47:50 [Cubey] Two rocket punches suddenly fall on the Lady.
Aug 21 20:48:08 [Cubey] Shooting a stream of energy bolts, the Grunbeing Boost Knuckles break the barrier - and fall into the ribbons, causing them to explode!
Aug 21 20:48:23 [Cubey] Brye: "It'd be fitting, wouldn't it? Talk about an anticlimax, the kind you don't like!"
Aug 21 20:48:54 [Steam] What's more, one more voice adds itself to those cheering you on Leos.
Aug 21 20:49:19 [Steam] ???: "Looking back... I've gotten a lot of time to see all the mistakes I made."
Aug 21 20:49:38 [aldosalt] Dido's breath catches.
Aug 21 20:49:39 [Steam] "One thing that wasn't though... maybe the only one... was believe that you were worth something."
Aug 21 20:49:49 [Aero] Rani: "We'll help this unlikely hero because of that."
Aug 21 20:50:07 [Cubey] Roland Antov: "Push on, Lt Schmertz."
Aug 21 20:50:20 [Cubey] Walt stabs with the heat stake!
Aug 21 20:50:26 [Cubey] The Lady: "What, you cannot do it, where are you..."
Aug 21 20:50:28 [Cubey] Stab
Aug 21 20:50:38 [Steam] "And Dido... thanks. For doing what I walked away from like an idiot."
Aug 21 20:50:56 [Cubey] The Lady: "... Urgh..."
Aug 21 20:51:10 [Cubey] Her body is fully pierced through with the heat stake.
Aug 21 20:51:42 [Cubey] And, a second later - Leos and Lana smiting with their weapons, and Willis creating a powerful no-distance explosion, cause Keisar Ephes to overload!
Aug 21 20:52:13 [Cubey] Better get out as the ancient false god explodes!
Aug 21 20:52:35 [aldosalt] "You damn well better be thankful," Dido growls. She's nowhere close to forgiving her, but..."Goodbye, Sara."
Aug 21 20:52:37 [Cubey] The darkness starts to dissipate... the surroundings seem to slowly return to normal.
Aug 21 20:52:45 [Cubey] On the other side of the battle.
Aug 21 20:52:58 [Cubey] The Lady closes her eyes - her body crumbling away into wisps in the wind.
Aug 21 20:53:08 [Cubey] So she dies, slain by the least likely candidate.
Aug 21 20:53:25 [Cubey] The Grunbein looks at the scene wistfully.
Aug 21 20:53:29 [Cubey] It too starts to disintegrate.
Aug 21 20:53:42 [Cubey] It looks like... somehow, this is all finally...
Aug 21 20:53:46 [Jockey] Volya: "Its over..."
Aug 21 20:53:49 [Aero] Rani: "I hope that was enough..."
Aug 21 20:54:00 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...Farewell."
Aug 21 20:54:15 [Fri] "Huh, it works? I was just trying to make a message, honestly."Walt looks backward as his genoace floats to land.
Aug 21 20:54:24 [Cubey] Brye: "Please don't hate us, alright? In the end, we all just wanted what's good for the world..."
Aug 21 20:54:25 [Fri] "Boss..." A familiar voice sounds
Aug 21 20:54:41 [Cubey] And with that, the Grunbein disappears.
Aug 21 20:55:02 [aldosalt] Dido: "Congratulations, Walt." She chuckles with immense amusement. "You saved the universe. Again."
Aug 21 20:55:11 [Fri] "Let's not ruin this, shall we?" A familiar voice tell him.
Aug 21 20:55:42 [Cubey] "It's not over yet. One day, no matter how many milennia it takes... when the name Keisar Ephes is forgotten, I will return in full strength! This I swear!"
Aug 21 20:55:52 [Cubey] But...
Aug 21 20:55:59 [Arach] Gwen: "Oh, cram it up your asshole."
Aug 21 20:56:07 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes' unit may be destroyed, but his real body - the four armed one, is fleeing!
Aug 21 20:56:11 [Steam] Selena: "Trying to plan your own encore, Spirit Emperor?"
Aug 21 20:56:14 [Aero] Willis: "He's still alive!?"
Aug 21 20:56:15 [Cubey] Floating mid air towards a quickly opened crossgate!
Aug 21 20:56:18 [Steam] "Not on your life!"
Aug 21 20:56:21 [Cubey] The only one close enough to react is...
Aug 21 20:56:23 [Cubey] Selena - go!
Aug 21 20:56:44 [Jockey] @Selena with a power boost?
Aug 21 20:56:48 [Tengu] Asagi: "...We can't let him just escape like that!"
Aug 21 20:56:49 [Cubey] @ approved
Aug 21 20:56:59 [Jockey] Volya: "He won't!"
Aug 21 20:57:20 [Steam] * The Stealth Boomerang flings out to cut off Ephes's escape route, the Alegrias swooping in with gatling gun rounds firing!+
Aug 21 20:57:26 [aldosalt] Dido: "Don't mind us, Keisar: we're on the far side of this place, Doing Your Job For You!"
Aug 21 20:57:32 [Jockey] *Interitus let out a roar as she unleashed a truly immense burst of energy.... one that Volya focused into the Alegrias!+
Aug 21 20:57:33 [aldosalt] @?
Aug 21 20:58:00 [Cubey] (One @ is enough)
Aug 21 20:58:47 [Cubey] Alegrias receives a power boost! Selena moves in quickly, cutting off Keisar Ephes' escape route, and then firing at him...
Aug 21 20:59:04 [Cubey] For no visible effect, since the gatling gun rounds are deflected by his powerful TK barrier!
Aug 21 20:59:20 [Cubey] Keisar: "Fool. Even now, you wish to fight against the strongest Psychodriver in history?"
Aug 21 20:59:28 [Cubey] The Alegrias is lifted into the air by a psychic force!
Aug 21 20:59:41 [Steam] "... Geh! Going the physical route this time?!?"
Aug 21 20:59:42 [Cubey] Keisar changes the posing of his arms - and another force begins to crush it from above.
Aug 21 20:59:57 [Steam] Elma: "Selena, pressure's skyrocketing!"
Aug 21 21:00:03 [Cubey] Keisar: "I was willing to leave your planet be for millenia, but you interfere still... so I'll crush you."
Aug 21 21:00:10 [Cubey] Selena, react!... If you can!
Aug 21 21:00:44 [Steam] ???: "LIKE HELL YOU'RE TOUCHING HER!"
Aug 21 21:00:55 [Steam] The Alegrias unfortunately is still bound.
Aug 21 21:00:56 [Steam] But.
Aug 21 21:00:59 [Steam]
Aug 21 21:01:26 [Steam] * A shimmering phantom emerges from the machine, pulling back a fist and slamming it into Ephes's face!+
Aug 21 21:01:59 [Steam] Elma: "That's-"
Aug 21 21:02:03 [Steam] Selena: "ALBHARD?!?"
Aug 21 21:02:14 [Cubey] Ephes is thrown back by a powerful punch - thrown by Albhard himself!
Aug 21 21:02:29 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "Impossible! How may a spirit of the fallen manifest like this!"
Aug 21 21:02:42 [Cubey] He tries to flee, but...
Aug 21 21:03:09 [Cubey] ???: "It's not unlike your Neshamah, isn't it? Besides..."
Aug 21 21:03:34 [Cubey] ???: "Your mission is your mission. And your life is your life. One doesn't end just because the other did."
Aug 21 21:03:49 [Steam] Selena: "... That's..."
Aug 21 21:04:23 [Cubey] More spirits appear - manifesting threads between them, they circle around Keisar Ephes, who struggles and uses his telekinetic power to try to break free, but he can't.
Aug 21 21:04:33 [Cubey] The spirits that, to Selena especially, are very familiar.
Aug 21 21:04:35 [Steam] The tears begin to well up just from hearing their voices again.
Aug 21 21:04:47 [Steam] "All of you... you're..."
Aug 21 21:04:52 [Cubey] Captain Symphonia: "And to us... protecting Selena is the mission."
Aug 21 21:05:09 [Cubey] Captain Symphonia: "Selena and Elma."
Aug 21 21:05:31 [Steam] Elma: "This... it's a miracle!"
Aug 21 21:05:37 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "No! Who dares! Who do you think you are?!"
Aug 21 21:05:43 [Cubey] (Selena, continue - this time, for real!)
Aug 21 21:06:00 [Steam] And it's not just them.
Aug 21 21:06:25 [Steam] Looking down, Selena sees spiritual threads not just coming from her, but Elma as well. Connecting them to Albhard and Captain Symphonia respectively.
Aug 21 21:06:58 [Steam] And the Alegras moves to let those threads ensnare Ephes as well, again and again as-
Aug 21 21:07:26 [Steam] "I am... nobody! I am any face in the crowd!"
Aug 21 21:07:52 [Steam] "I am... your retribution! For the countless people you used just for your own ends!"
Aug 21 21:07:53 [Steam]
Aug 21 21:09:12 [Steam] * The threads go tight. Seven of them, finally leaving Ephes vulnerable at long last. "ELMA! WE'RE FINISHING THIS!" Both pilots in the Alegras pull hard on their threads, their deceased teammates doing the same... and with her free hand Selena runs her sword through Keisar Ephes's body before slicing itself free!+
Aug 21 21:09:50 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes: "Without me, the Lady... I am..."
Aug 21 21:10:09 [Cubey] Keisar Ephes is cut into parts by the spiritual energy.
Aug 21 21:10:41 [Steam] "Adios, Spirit Emperor."
Aug 21 21:10:45 [Cubey] His body, almost all created from negative energy, now disintegrates - the countless spirits now, free.
Aug 21 21:10:55 [Steam] Selena bows her head, in thanks to her fallen friends.
Aug 21 21:11:00 [Steam] "Adios, our fight."
Aug 21 21:11:06 [Cubey] Just as the Earth - the universe, is, of the Lady's realm.
Aug 21 21:11:08 [Cubey] Forever.
Aug 21 21:11:11 [Cubey] MISSION COMPLETE
Aug 21 21:11:24 [Cubey]

Aug 21 21:35:42 [Cubey] Loni: "Shit... this is supposed to be all? No way. It can't just end like this! Can it? Fuck..."
Aug 21 21:35:53 [Cubey] "No. I won't let it."
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