Aug 18 20:55:46 [Tengu] Last time, during her departure, Setsuna Zeeck warned Project Unification not to interfere with her plans.
Aug 18 20:55:53 [Tengu] What exactly she meant by that remained to be seen...
Aug 18 20:55:55 [Tengu] Until now.
Aug 18 20:56:20 [Tengu]
Aug 18 20:58:12 [Tengu] An alarm rings! Chimaera have been spotted in Dakar, in great numbers!
Aug 18 20:58:15 [Tengu] No, more than that...
Aug 18 20:58:36 [Tengu] The whole Olympios Floating facility appeared there!
Aug 18 20:59:10 [Tengu] All the units available at the moment are quickly ordered to scramble and come to help.
Aug 18 21:00:02 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Just what she's going to do there? She told us not to get in the way, but..." But there's no way they are going to listen to that!
Aug 18 21:00:20 [Aero] Willis: "I think this is just the start..."
Aug 18 21:00:24 [Cubey] Toby: "Somehow I doubt Olympios is here to help anyone!"
Aug 18 21:00:29 [Corel] Chika: "Dakar, huh? There's something about that place..."
Aug 18 21:00:33 [Steam] Mizuki: "After everything she's done?"
Aug 18 21:00:52 [Steam] "We can't trust her not to make things worse."
Aug 18 21:00:59 [Tengu] Huffman: "Dakar is a fair distance away, and lack of TSEN really hurts when it comes to long distance travel..."
Aug 18 21:01:23 [Tengu] Huffman: "Good that we have alternate ways of travel, don't we? Think you can do something about this, professor Shirakawa?"
Aug 18 21:02:01 [Corel] Shu: "Yes. There isn't much time to waste."
Aug 18 21:02:17 [Corel] The professor sounds quite serious for once.
Aug 18 21:02:50 [Corel] And he's already in his machine, which raises a hand to deploy a convenient and properly sized wormhole.
Aug 18 21:02:51 [Aero] As this is going on Willis seems to move over towards Amagahara, checking something in the cockpit of the machine. Maybe it was false hope but he hoped to find something that he could do for her but it seemed to be a lost cause.
Aug 18 21:03:07 [Aero] Willis: "This is...MCR Status....Elys...."
Aug 18 21:03:56 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Willis..."
Aug 18 21:04:08 [Cubey] Setsuko: "There's no time. Professor Shirakawa opened a way, we need to go!"
Aug 18 21:04:19 [Corel] Granzon glances over at where Willis is for a moment too.
Aug 18 21:04:22 [Steam] The DuskBird's summoned, but Mizuki pauses before getting into it as she looks over at Willis.
Aug 18 21:04:46 [Aero] Willis: "It's nothing...lets get moving."
Aug 18 21:04:58 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Let's go, Glory Stars!"
Aug 18 21:05:49 [Aero] As he exits the cockpit he looks over towards Licht and Strahlend, calling his machine to him. Once he enters its cockpit Amagahara's large MCR ring starts to float over towards Strahlend and positions itself behind the machine.
Aug 18 21:05:53 [Cubey] Toby: "It's like I'm hearing someone else. I hear you, Chief #2!"
Aug 18 21:06:21 [Cubey] Denzel: "This is serious shit here, Toby. We're going, guys!"
Aug 18 21:06:53 [Corel] Shu is going to hold up the portal on this side while the others move on first.
Aug 18 21:06:58 [Tengu] Leigh: "I'm coming as well. I won't let Setsuna do wat she wants anymore."
Aug 18 21:07:12 [Tengu] The Licht approaches as well, looking towards Strahlend for a moment.
Aug 18 21:08:34 [Aero] Willis: "Don't worry, I won't go too far."
Aug 18 21:08:50 [Corel] Chika: "I didn't think rings were your thing, but if it'll help."
Aug 18 21:09:32 [Steam] Mizuki: "I hope not."
Aug 18 21:09:33 [Tengu] Leigh: "I know. That's also why I'm going, too."
Aug 18 21:09:44 [Aero] Strahlend moves towards the portal now equipped with the inherited ring from Amagahara. "If I follow in your examples this ring should make all the difference."
Aug 18 21:09:50 [Tengu] It's time to enter the black hole portal...
Aug 18 21:10:17 [Tengu] What lies on the other side is complete chaos.
Aug 18 21:10:53 * Jockey ( has joined
Aug 18 21:12:44 [Tengu] A significant part of the city, from the seaside, is already covered in thick nanomachine fog.
Aug 18 21:13:25 [Steam] "'Don't interfere with this' she said."
Aug 18 21:13:31 [Corel] Chika: "I don't think I need to tell anyone that looks bad."
Aug 18 21:13:32 [Tengu] The wormhole leads you to the edge of it, where ESUN defenders are fighting a desperate battle against numerous crystal Chimaera, as well as a few towering Pure ones.
Aug 18 21:13:57 [Tengu] They are losing. And it looks like the fog is spreading, chimaerizing more and more of the city...
Aug 18 21:14:08 [Aero] Willis: "This is what she wanted..."
Aug 18 21:14:10 [Cubey] Setsuko: "... Oh no."
Aug 18 21:14:36 [Tengu] ESUN pilot: "Aaah! They're everywhere!"
Aug 18 21:14:50 [Tengu] ESUN pilot 2: "We need to evac! We need to evac now!!"
Aug 18 21:15:18 [Tengu] (if anyone wants to attack the Chimaera, move now!)
Aug 18 21:16:24 [Cubey] Setsuko looks back. What Willis said was worrying, but not as worrying as what is happening here in front of her eyes now.
Aug 18 21:16:25 [Cubey] But...
Aug 18 21:16:35 [Cubey] They didn't come here so quickly to do nothing.
Aug 18 21:16:51 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Follow my lead, Glory Stars. Aim for the cores if you can!"
Aug 18 21:17:19 [Steam] "ESUN pilots, we're here! Move towards this broadcast, and we'll do what we can to cover your escape!"
Aug 18 21:17:20 [Cubey] Toby: "Just leave it to me, Leader!"
Aug 18 21:17:31 [Cubey] Denzel: "Remember the warcry?!"
Aug 18 21:17:34 [Jockey] *There's several rapid shots at the Chimaera as a swarm of bits and what was possibly a DODS rifle blasted away.+
Aug 18 21:17:59 [Steam] * The DuskBird takes to the skies in jet mode, firing Abyss Gaze beams into whatever Chimaera are unlucky enough to be close by.+
Aug 18 21:18:10 [Cubey] "Gung ho, gung ho, gung ho!" *The trio of Virgola units moves through the streets, blue energy blasts from their pistols cutting into the Chimaera swarm and trying to create a barrier of pain between them and the rest of the city and its defenders!+
Aug 18 21:18:12 [Aero] * The MCR lights up as it gathers energy around it, Strahlend quickly forms Quicksilver and converts the blade into a massive greatsword before charging forward and swinging the blade to unleash a large wave of energy to take out as many of them as he could. +
Aug 18 21:19:36 [Corel] *"Gran Beam, fire." The Granzon's forehead crest lights up momentarily, before discharging a golden beam that is swept across a few of the Chimaera.+
Aug 18 21:21:04 [Tengu] A barrage of energy blasts and beams fired by the suddenly incoming allies scorches the closest Chimaeras. Leigh swings her invisible sword as well, creating another cutting wave that cuts down more of them, together with Willis'.
Aug 18 21:21:34 [Tengu] The closest monsters are destroyed and shatter, freeing the remains of the ESUN defense force from the enemies!
Aug 18 21:22:05 [Corel] Shu: "The fog must be prevented from spreading as well."
Aug 18 21:22:07 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Project Unification is here. Please get everyone to safety! We will handle the monsters..."
Aug 18 21:22:10 [Tengu] ESUN pilot: "Project Unification is here! Yeah, we're getting out of here...!"
Aug 18 21:22:50 [Tengu] Their mobile suits start to quickly retreat... But more Chimaeras are here, and even more emerge from the fog. But this time, their eyes are on you.
Aug 18 21:22:52 [Aero] Willis: "Even with the MCR I don't think I can contain this much without..."
Aug 18 21:23:06 [Tengu] There's a big swarm of them, as well as two colossal Pure ones...
Aug 18 21:23:27 [Tengu] The first wave of Crystal Chimaeras rushes forward, and leaps, ready to strike in melee!
Aug 18 21:23:38 [Jockey] Leos: "Then we'll have to cut things off at the head... right?"
Aug 18 21:23:52 [Aero] Willis gives a nod.
Aug 18 21:23:59 [Cubey] Setsuko: "In that case we'll have to... ah, incoming!"
Aug 18 21:24:04 [Aero] Willis: "This will be a long day.."
Aug 18 21:24:22 [Corel] Chika: "GIANT UGLIES @ 12 O CLOCK!"
Aug 18 21:24:28 [Tengu] Suddenly, in an instant, a very long lance extends from the city's side, piercing through the first few Chimaeras and destroying their cores!
Aug 18 21:24:34 [Tengu] ???: "Let us help with that."
Aug 18 21:25:11 [Tengu] Double nanomachine storms rush in, catching numerous Chimaeras in their wake, and punching through one of the colossi, leaving gigantic holes in it!
Aug 18 21:25:41 [Tengu] And a barrage of gigantic spears falls upon the monstruous survivors of the attack, cutting and smashing through them!
Aug 18 21:25:52 [Aero] Willis: "Aegis..."
Aug 18 21:26:14 [Corel] Shu: "Excellent timing."
Aug 18 21:26:44 [Tengu] The Chimaera, at least the ones currently nearby, are destroyed. And there are three units standing where the attack came from.
Aug 18 21:26:45 [Cubey] Setsuko: "There they are."
Aug 18 21:26:46 [Tengu] Sofiel
Aug 18 21:26:46 [Tengu]
Aug 18 21:26:46 [Tengu] Sopraffare
Aug 18 21:26:46 [Tengu]
Aug 18 21:26:46 [Tengu] Clarius
Aug 18 21:26:47 [Tengu]
Aug 18 21:27:07 [Tengu] Genoveta: "You know what they say. If you want it to be done right, you need to do it yourself."
Aug 18 21:27:16 [Cubey] Setsuko: "We need to work together to defend the city!"
Aug 18 21:27:20 [Cubey] They understand that, right?
Aug 18 21:27:23 [Jockey] Leos: "Oh... look....they're ACTUALLY LIVING UP TO THEIR NAMES FOR ONCE."
Aug 18 21:27:41 [Aero] Willis: "Leos..."
Aug 18 21:27:48 [Tengu] Silvius: "Yes. That's what we need."
Aug 18 21:27:58 [Aero] He couldn't exactly argue with that, then again they probably deserve it.
Aug 18 21:28:24 [Tengu] Lucille: "We were always doing that! We just approached it from a different perspective than-"
Aug 18 21:28:30 [Jockey] Leos: "No. It had to be said. After everything they've done. If you weren't going to... I will."
Aug 18 21:28:36 [Tengu] Genoveta: "Save that for later. Don't you have a job to do?"
Aug 18 21:28:43 [Tengu] Lucille: "Ah! Yes, ma'am!"
Aug 18 21:29:01 [Tengu] All three of the units move in, and start spreading a large amount of nanomachines, which starts eating into the fog!
Aug 18 21:30:17 [Tengu] Silvius: "Our previous conflicts... I apologize for them."
Aug 18 21:30:38 [Aero] Willis: "...we know what happened, lets leave it in the past."
Aug 18 21:31:02 [Jockey] Lana: "This... might cut things a little close... I can't calculate how much time those three can buy..."
Aug 18 21:31:05 [Cubey] Setsuko: "We need to look forward to the future... or rather, to make sure everyone HAS a future!"
Aug 18 21:31:40 [Tengu] Genoveta: "You may want to invest into a new calculator then, girl."
Aug 18 21:31:49 [Corel] Shu: "You are not the only one with such a past here, Silvius."
Aug 18 21:32:20 [Cubey] Toby: "Right. So... what's the next move?"
Aug 18 21:32:39 [Aero] Willis: "We need to locate the Core...if I had to guess..."
Aug 18 21:32:53 [Tengu] A few more Chimaera emerge from the fog, only to be cut down by blades thrown by Sopprafare and a massive boomerang sword chucked by Clarius. Also, all three Aegis units spread even more and more nanomachines.
Aug 18 21:33:13 [Tengu] Silvius: "Shirakawa. Yes. I heard about you."
Aug 18 21:34:05 [Tengu] Lucille: "The core should be in the port area. We cleared the way for you, so there's no risk of getting turned into Chimaera. But please hurry!"
Aug 18 21:34:07 [Aero] Strahlend looks over past the many skyscrapers towards the ominous form of the former floating facility in the distance. "It's probably there."
Aug 18 21:34:15 [Cubey] Denzel: "The serpent's head... I'd never expect those crystal monsters to be controlled by someone."
Aug 18 21:34:34 [Corel] Shu: "We can spare the pleasantries for another time. I doubt your supply of those nanomachines is unlimited."
Aug 18 21:34:42 [Tengu] Genoveta: "Let your superiors handle this, Lucille. Granted, you said pretty much what I wanted to, but still."
Aug 18 21:35:04 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Yes. There's no time to lose."
Aug 18 21:35:18 [Tengu] Genoveta: "For now, let's go."
Aug 18 21:35:33 [Tengu] The three Aegis units start moving into another direction, different from yours.
Aug 18 21:35:34 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Everyone... please watch out and be careful."
Aug 18 21:35:45 [Aero] Willis: "What are you?"
Aug 18 21:35:54 [Cubey] That's all she has to say. The Virgola Glory takes to the skies, flying above the buildings towards the port!
Aug 18 21:36:31 [Tengu] Silvius: "There's more locals who need our help."
Aug 18 21:37:00 [Corel] Granzon is making its way towards the floating facility as well.
Aug 18 21:37:39 [Tengu] Silvius: "I'm the CEO of Aegis. The rest... I'll tell later. Maybe."
Aug 18 21:37:42 [Tengu] Leigh: "..."
Aug 18 21:37:56 [Jockey] The Filial and the Gafran LC are moving quickly as well.
Aug 18 21:38:09 [Aero] "....alright, lets go Leigh."
Aug 18 21:38:28 [Steam] "Got your back."
Aug 18 21:38:34 [Steam] The DuskBird heads off as well!
Aug 18 21:38:36 [Tengu] Leigh: "Into the bay area. I expect Setsuna to be nearby..."
Aug 18 21:39:24 [Tengu] The group moves into the fog. And while Aegis' nanomachines are containing it, thinning it out and stopping from spreading it further, the visibility as you make through the city is still limited.
Aug 18 21:40:25 [Corel] Chika: "Waaah, I can't see a thing!"
Aug 18 21:40:45 [Tengu] But even with that, you can see the huge shape of Olympios Floating Facility looming in the distance. It's now swollen into a crystalline tumor, something that seems to threaten to grow even further and swallow the whole city.
Aug 18 21:40:51 [Tengu] And you're getting closer to it.
Aug 18 21:41:21 [Jockey] Leos: "... Does anyone else think that thing's going to turn into a monster and attack us?"
Aug 18 21:41:25 [Corel] Chika: "Oh, there's a...what is that?"
Aug 18 21:41:30 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I can't see very well..."
Aug 18 21:41:36 [Cubey] "..." But she can see that.
Aug 18 21:41:48 [Aero] Willis: "If it is the Core...just be ready Leos."
Aug 18 21:41:53 [Cubey] Setsuko: "It's a monster that already attacked the city..."
Aug 18 21:42:07 [Jockey] Leos: "... We all will."
Aug 18 21:42:43 [Tengu] Soon, you can see it even better. You're entering the port area. It won't be long till you reach the facility now...
Aug 18 21:43:12 [Tengu] Except that you have company.
Aug 18 21:43:34 [Tengu] Large shapes loom in the fog ahead of you, and start moving! Some of them looked like buildings, but no...
Aug 18 21:43:48 [Tengu] Setsuna: "...So you didn't heed my warning."
Aug 18 21:43:56 [Tengu] Jen: "Pity. You really should have."
Aug 18 21:44:07 [Tengu] Mecha and Chimaera emerge from the fog!
Aug 18 21:44:17 [Tengu] Pure Chimaera
Aug 18 21:44:17 [Tengu]
Aug 18 21:44:17 [Tengu] Durandal Chimaera
Aug 18 21:44:17 [Tengu]
Aug 18 21:44:17 [Tengu] Iris
Aug 18 21:44:17 [Tengu]
Aug 18 21:44:17 [Tengu] Xeia
Aug 18 21:44:18 [Tengu]
Aug 18 21:44:24 [Tengu] Enemy list: Xeia (Setsuna), Iris (Jen), Durandal Chimaera, Pure Chimaera x6
Aug 18 21:44:57 [Cubey] Setsuko: "They're here!"
Aug 18 21:45:06 [Steam] Mizuki: "Good."
Aug 18 21:45:12 [Steam] "They're not getting away again!"
Aug 18 21:45:39 [Aero] Willis: "...time to end this."
Aug 18 21:45:40 [Tengu] Jen: "Getting away from what? I'm here to stay!"
Aug 18 21:45:45 [Tengu]
Aug 18 21:45:50 [Tengu] Initiative: Willis, Setsuko, Mizuki, Shu, Leos
Aug 18 21:45:56 [Tengu] (Willis, Setsuko, Mizuki)
Aug 18 21:46:54 [Cubey] Setsuko: "You said that for the sake of mankind, we should stay back... how is this doing anything good for mankind at all?!"
Aug 18 21:47:26 [Jockey] Leos: "Setsuko... whatever they have to say.... Nothing can or will justify what they're doing."
Aug 18 21:47:32 [Tengu] (Leigh available for support as NPC)
Aug 18 21:47:41 [Cubey] *The Glory Star moves higher, Setsuko taking refugee in the mist clouds - and from within, a series of Stray Turret armor piercing shots falls down on the Iris.+
Aug 18 21:48:10 [Aero] * Willis wastes no time, rather than dealing with Setsuna or Jen he immediately makes a break for the Facility itself. Forming a familiar bow as he does and firing a barrage of plasma arrows towards the Pure Chimaera that were in his path. +
Aug 18 21:48:18 [Cubey] Setsuko: "No, no it can't."
Aug 18 21:48:24 [Steam] * The nanomachine cloud's answered by an erupting Darkness, and the DuskBird lunges towards the Durandal... only for its whip to swing to ensnare a Chimaera to be used as an impromptu projectile!+
Aug 18 21:50:09 [Tengu] Iris is under bombardment! But the unit swerves in the skies, avoiding some of the shots. Some of them still hit it, however, and you can see that slowly its regeneration is kicking in.
Aug 18 21:51:07 [Tengu] Jen: "That's what you would think, wouldn't you? How close-minded!" She counters by spinning around in the air and spreading her unit's wings, sending a barrage of crystalline feathers from them, flying towards the Virgola! (react)
Aug 18 21:52:46 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Then what's your reason for doing all of this?!" *The Virgola swoops down low, its wings' lights the only thing visible in the fog as it moves between buildings to evade the feathers.+
Aug 18 21:52:47 [Tengu] Mizuki whips out towards one of the Pure Chimaeras, but the enemies' massive size makes lifting it very difficult! But then, Willis fires a barrage of shots towards them, damaging two of them, including this one and severing its arm. Mizuki can use this as a projectile against Durandal!
Aug 18 21:53:20 [Tengu] But the Durandal Chimaera, after getting hit by the arm, rushes forward and leaps, intending to just body-slam the Duskbird with great force! (react)
Aug 18 21:53:41 [Aero] #Mizuki?
Aug 18 21:54:12 [Tengu] Also, as Willis is going forward, suddenly Xeia blocks his way, and creates a long sword in its hands - and slashes forward at Willis, the blade becoming burning hot as it strikes! (react)
Aug 18 21:54:20 [Tengu] (denied, you have your own thing to take care of)
Aug 18 21:54:35 [Jockey] #Willis & Mizuki?
Aug 18 21:55:29 [Tengu] Setsuna: "My goal is to push humanity forward. To improve it. Even if most of them turn into mindless monsters in the process, as long as the others will be better prepared to deal with the various dangers the universe throws at us in the future... it will be worth it."
Aug 18 21:55:35 [Tengu] (approved)
Aug 18 21:55:44 [Tengu] (Leos and Shu can also move)
Aug 18 21:55:51 [Aero] * Strahlend drops the bow as Xeia suddenly blocks his path, the weapon dissipating into nanomachines before reforming into a larger chainsword that is swung against the burning blade. +
Aug 18 21:57:12 [Steam] * "Those ones were heavy enough, can't let this one-" The DuskBird swivels into Bird mode, flapping forcefully away to outflank the Durandal and miss its charge!+
Aug 18 21:57:43 [Tengu] Setsuko's unit flies among the buildings, the feathers cutting right through them as they fly through, sending rubble around. Virgola is safe, however.
Aug 18 21:57:52 [Cubey] # Mizuki
Aug 18 21:57:59 [Jockey] *Setsuna would find a barrage of DODS fire levelled at the Xeia with pinpoint accuracy towards its wrist and elbow in order to weaken its limb to allow Willis an easier time of countering.... meanwhile Leos assaults the Durandal from above in a somersaulting slash with both his laser blades to draw it off!+
Aug 18 21:58:03 [Tengu] (approved?)
Aug 18 21:58:14 [Aero] Willis: "How is this improving humanity? Do you realize what you're doing!?"
Aug 18 21:58:33 [Cubey] Toby: "Hey, don't you think you're underplaying some other folks' efforts here?"
Aug 18 21:59:21 [Cubey] *Suddenly, Virgola unit 2 lunges from the fog, its barley scythe glistening as Toby cuts across the attacking Chimaera's flank, creating a diversion for Mizuki to exploit!+
Aug 18 21:59:45 [Corel] Shu: *"I see, forced evolution..." Shu launches another pair of Gran Beams at Iris, but behind those, he levitates an abandoned building and throws it!+
Aug 18 21:59:59 [Steam] Mizuki: "You're insane to think that would help humanity!"
Aug 18 22:00:08 [Cubey] Toby: "This world's people are doing a good enough job already, since the Earth's still here!"
Aug 18 22:00:14 [Jockey] Leos: "Let me guess... Next you're going to start talking about survival of the fittest and Nietzche?"
Aug 18 22:01:25 [Tengu] Mizuki manages to avoid the enemy attack... Especially since she has help from Toby and Leos, who cut at Durandal Chimaera's thick armor relentlessly!
Aug 18 22:02:32 [Tengu] Speaking of thick armor... Leos' laser blades are stuck in it for a moment. And the Chimaera rushes forward, going on a wild rampage through the city, while he's stuck on its back! Also, Durandal reaches towards him with one of its arms, and the face on in tries to gnaw on his mech! (react)
Aug 18 22:03:14 [Cubey] Toby: "Watch out Pudding Boy!"
Aug 18 22:03:48 [Corel] Chika: "Don't turn into pudding!"
Aug 18 22:04:49 [Tengu] Setsuna's and Willis' swords clash against each other, causing sparks to fly everywhere and straining Strahlend... But then the latter is distracted as shots fall towards her unit from Lana's direction. And then she's forced to disengage as Leigh rushes in and slashes with her invisible sword!
Aug 18 22:05:30 [Jockey] *Oh look... its face is vulnerable! Swarms of bits are now rushing to send barrages of laser fire down its gullet while Leos continuously opens fire with the energy shotgun built into Filial's head!+
Aug 18 22:05:57 [Jockey] Leos: "Here. Chew on this instead."
Aug 18 22:06:17 [Tengu] Setsuna: "How many times have humans fought against an alien threat? The Kijin, Gebians, Balmarians, Wulgaru, Decepticons, and more. Wat do all of those conflicts have in common?"
Aug 18 22:06:34 [Cubey] Setsuko: "That... we won?"
Aug 18 22:07:15 [Tengu] Setsuna: "Every time, humanity didn't win because of its own strength. We won because we relied on alien technology, or the help of defector from the other side."
Aug 18 22:07:44 [Tengu] Setsuna: "Even now, the only thing that is humanity's chance in a fight against the Lady is a Balmarian artifact."
Aug 18 22:07:55 [Jockey] Leos: "So what? We use what we can. We adapt. We improve."
Aug 18 22:08:38 [Cubey] Setsuko: "That's true."
Aug 18 22:08:39 [Steam] Mizuki: "... You don't understand anything."
Aug 18 22:08:47 [Cubey] Setsuko: "But is it really wrong?"
Aug 18 22:09:24 [Steam] "Humanity's culture and philosophies saved the Wulgaru and Zentraedi from themselves."
Aug 18 22:09:40 [Tengu] Setsuna: "And adapting and improving are exactly my goals. Humanity's luck will only go so far if we keep relying on outside factors, on luck, to win our wars for us."
Aug 18 22:10:19 [Steam] "So instead you're making all life on this planet rely on an outside factor instead."
Aug 18 22:10:25 [Steam] "Your crystals and nanomachines."
Aug 18 22:11:05 [Jockey] Leos: "Which aren't exactly of Earthy Origin. And not only that... you're forcing Humanity to shed what makes them human. You're not even giving them a choice..."
Aug 18 22:11:21 [Cubey] Setsuko: "It's not luck..."
Aug 18 22:11:26 [Jockey] "Would there even be a humanity worth protecting when you're done?"
Aug 18 22:11:43 [Cubey] "It's kindness. Willingness of everyone to work together, even if they are so different from each other!"
Aug 18 22:11:58 [Jockey] "Or is everyone simply expendable in your grand plan?"
Aug 18 22:12:28 [Aero] Willis: "Everything you've done has been for this?"
Aug 18 22:12:45 [Tengu] Setsuna: "Humanity. What worth is there in what you call humanity? Look around yourself. People are greedy, selfish and manipulative. Any changes could be only for the better."
Aug 18 22:13:03 [Steam] Mizuki: "Humanity..."
Aug 18 22:13:11 [Aero] Willis: "You tried to get people you knew and worked with to kill each other. Aren't you just as selfish and manipulative!"
Aug 18 22:13:19 [Steam] "... Is being a better person than your enemies expect you to be."
Aug 18 22:14:34 [Tengu] Iris manages to avoid the beams... But Jen didn't expect the building flying on her from the back! It collides with her mecha and shatters into rubble, damaging the machine!
Aug 18 22:15:21 [Jockey] Leos: "Hah..."
Aug 18 22:15:43 [Tengu] Jen: "Argh... Attack me all you want. I will just recover from it! Don't you wish you had the same ability?" While her unit's jumping away, one of the Pure Chimaeras charges up a beam on its chest, getting ready to fire it at the Granzon! (react)
Aug 18 22:16:00 [Jockey] Leos: "Claiming something for someone's own good... then saying they aren't worth anything."
Aug 18 22:16:14 [Jockey] Leos: "You're a shameless hypocrite aren't you?"
Aug 18 22:16:45 [Tengu] Leos keeps firing at the Durandal Chimaera... But it keeps gnawing at his unit, before throwing it off to the ground at the end of its charge! Both of them take non-negligible damage in the process.
Aug 18 22:16:53 [Tengu] (Willis, Setsuko, Mizuki, go)
Aug 18 22:17:17 [Jockey] Leos: "Kh... that stung..."
Aug 18 22:17:31 [Steam] Mizuki: "Don't worry."
Aug 18 22:17:36 [Steam] "He'll be gone soon enough!"
Aug 18 22:17:37 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Leos, are you alright?!"
Aug 18 22:18:27 [Jockey] Lana: "Its okay Auntie Setsuko! Dad's vitals are still okay... its just some feedback."
Aug 18 22:19:29 [Jockey] Leos: "Just -... well. What she said."
Aug 18 22:19:31 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Thank goodness..."
Aug 18 22:19:55 [Corel] Shu: "Gran Worm Sword." *The Granzon's melee weapon is summoned, but seemingly too far out of range - that is, until it throws said weapon into a wormhole, exiting above the Chimaera to descend straight down on it! The weight of the blade is amplified to hopefully bisect the attacker before it can fire!+
Aug 18 22:20:36 [Cubey] Setsuko: "No one else will die here, not if I get any say in it." *The fog in the air isn't the only source of strange power now, as pink energy starts to move and gather around the Virgola's Nautilus Carver.
Aug 18 22:20:54 [Tengu] Setsuna: "I am at least honest in my intentions. I never worked against them, from day one when I started research on the Chimaera Cells on Leigh, from the day when the Lady's appearance forced my hand into continuing my research at an accelerated rate, on the Olympios Floating Facility and Fudou Inc. All the time, I've been true towards my goal. I shall try to turn as many humans into
Aug 18 22:20:54 [Tengu] an improved form as I can - and bear the guilt and responsibility for those who become mindless Chimaeras instead."
Aug 18 22:21:01 [Steam] * The DuskBird charges in to take the edge off of Leos, Dusk energy building up in her left hand again! "Your plan is flawed, and your efforts would only bring life on the planet to ruin! You disregard humanity's achievements for the sake of your argument... but this is... the power of humanity! ABYSS... SANCTION!" And she delivers the open-handed strike to the Durandal's backside!+
Aug 18 22:21:11 [Tengu] Leigh: "..." She's obviously not comfortable with being mentioned there.
Aug 18 22:21:53 [Aero] Willis: "..."
Aug 18 22:21:53 [Cubey] Setsuko: "You may think it's okay to sacrifice a lot of people for sake of your idea of progress. But that's not how a savior of humanity should act! That's just wrong!"
Aug 18 22:22:15 [Cubey] *The Glory Star charges mid-air, preparing to fire, and... "Chief!"
Aug 18 22:22:55 [Tengu] Shu's sword falls upon the Pure Chimaera, cutting deeply into it! The monster roars and its beam blows up preemptively, engulfing it in an explosion! What little of its body remains disappears into mist.
Aug 18 22:22:59 [Cubey] Denzel: "Roger that, Ohara!" *Denzel's own Virgola fires a wide blast at the Durandal Chimaera from the front! And only following that, Setsuko adds her own, a more powerful Sphere-powered blast, from above!+
Aug 18 22:25:56 [Aero] * "Then there's nothing left to say." Strahlend hangs in the air as it transforms its sword again, rendering the weapon invisible to the naked eye before charging at Xeia again. Like before the machine seems to teleport in wisps of white light, even if it was only temporary with the MCR backing him up he unleashed a barrage of rapid slashes that seemed to
Aug 18 22:26:10 [Aero] come from every direction towards the machine. +
Aug 18 22:26:20 [Tengu] Setsuna: "Compare it to the members of Ono Sendai's board, who, when Elyssa Soleil was gone, agreed to work with me, to test the Chimaera on their machines. What intentions did they have? Do you really think they cared for humanity's future?"
Aug 18 22:26:53 [Aero] Willis: "...ghh that doesn't justify ruining the lives of so many peopel!"
Aug 18 22:26:55 [Aero] people*
Aug 18 22:27:47 [Aero] Willis: "She chose to help people how she could by fighting for them. You're willing to sacrifice all of humanity on a gamble. You know that as well!"
Aug 18 22:28:21 [Tengu] Xeia is attacked by rapid slashes flying into its direction from all sides! Most of them strike an cut into its form, but the unit is visibly regenerating... And then it creates a pair of swords and spins around, sending a circular wave of cutting energy emenating in all directions! (Willis react)
Aug 18 22:28:37 [Corel] #Willis?
Aug 18 22:28:45 [Tengu] Setsuna: "It's a gamble only because everyone keeps interrupting my research!"
Aug 18 22:28:47 [Tengu] (approved)
Aug 18 22:30:35 [Corel] *There is a dark flash as another machine interposes itself between the cutting energy and the intended target. Somehow wielding its sword again, the Granzon defends against the strike!+
Aug 18 22:30:37 [Tengu] The Durandal Chimaera is hit by DuskBird's powerful strike, which causes a huge explosion - and then it's immediately caught in a crossfire of large beams from the Glory Stars! The enemy is scorched and falls on the ground, heavily - if not for its super heavy armor and regeneration, it'd be destroyed. And even in its state, it's heavily damaged...
Aug 18 22:31:59 [Jockey] Leos: "Gee... I wonder why."
Aug 18 22:32:03 [Tengu] Jen: "Finally, an opening. That's how I play!" The Iris suddenly appears from behind a building, firing a large barrage of cutting strings from its tabard and wings, aiming for the Glory Stars! And while this is going on, Durandal Chimaera gets up on its feet and tries to tackle DuskBird, ripping at it with both arms! (both of you react)
Aug 18 22:32:15 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Good intentions don't mean your methods are right..."
Aug 18 22:32:33 [Cubey] The Virgola Glory is floating above the heavily damaged Chimaera, and...
Aug 18 22:32:48 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ah!"
Aug 18 22:32:55 [Aero] Willis: "Setsuko!"
Aug 18 22:33:29 [Steam] Mizuki: "Still able to fight?!"
Aug 18 22:34:06 [Cubey] *Not pressing Jen harder was a mistake! Setsuko swerves to the side, the cables are too many to dodge them easily - but with a short burst of the drawn ray pistol, Setsuko hopes to burn herself a hole to move into for safety.+
Aug 18 22:34:53 [Aero] * Willis counters by activating the MCR again, sending out a pulse of energy to match and hopefully cancel out Setsuna's own. +
Aug 18 22:35:05 [Tengu] (Leos and Shu can go)
Aug 18 22:35:33 [Corel] (Need muh resolve first)
Aug 18 22:36:16 [Tengu] Setsuna's cutting energy is blunted by Willis' MCR - and it hits against Granzon's sword, leaving a gash and damaging the super robot's armor lightly, but leaving Strahlend unharmed.
Aug 18 22:36:45 [Tengu] Setsuna: "I'm disappointed. I thought that, among all people, you are the one who would understand my point of view, Shu Shirakawa."
Aug 18 22:36:48 [Steam] * But as the Durandal comes hurtling in, Mizuki has her wings swing forward to guard against the Chimaera's attack before following up her attack with a vicious vertical slash down the Durandal's center! She's not going to have as good an opportunity as this anytime soon!+
Aug 18 22:37:49 [Jockey] *Leos bombards the Durandal from multiple directions with bit fire... meanwhile... Lana's Gafran utilizes its current loadout... and switches into its flight mode as it strafes the Iris at speeds only an artificial being could survive!+
Aug 18 22:39:05 [Tengu] Setsuko manages to cut an opening in the incoming array of wires, and hide within it! Two of them graze the Virgola, leaving thin marks in its armor, but that's it.
Aug 18 22:39:46 [Tengu] Especially since Jen is then forced to evade, the Gafran firing at it while circling around, shooting more and more at the Iris!
Aug 18 22:40:33 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I made it! I won't die so easily!"
Aug 18 22:41:46 [Tengu] Durandal smashes into DuskBird's wings, damaging them and pushing the mech backwards a bit... But also opening itself to a counterattack! Mizuki launches the strike with her sword, cutting right into the Chimaera, while at the same time bits fire at it from all angles, softening its armor!
Aug 18 22:41:51 [Tengu] The sword cuts through its core.
Aug 18 22:42:05 [Tengu] The Durandal Chimaera falls to the ground heavily and starts to disintegrate.
Aug 18 22:42:15 [Aero] Willis: "..."
Aug 18 22:42:55 [Tengu] Jen: "...I thought you would survive more than that, Michael."
Aug 18 22:43:11 [Corel] Shu: *"Even if you succeeded in this grand plan, humans will always crave their freedom and find a means of escape." As he says this, Granzon forms a series of wormholes around itself, but the exits are not positioned in a sphere like they usually are - instead, it is just a wall, which fires beams at the Xeia!+
Aug 18 22:43:52 [Tengu] Jen: "Oh we- stop buzzing around, you gnat!" She gets interrupted by another blast hitting her unit, and counters by drawing her giant sword, rushing at Lana's unit in an attempt to cut it in two! (react)
Aug 18 22:44:21 [Cubey] Denzel: "That was one tough mother... bastard. How many more does she have like that?!"
Aug 18 22:44:47 [Cubey] Setsuko: "..."
Aug 18 22:44:48 [Cubey] # Lana
Aug 18 22:44:52 [Aero] Willis: "If she succeeds..."
Aug 18 22:44:55 [Tengu] (approved)
Aug 18 22:45:54 [Cubey] *As soon as Jen turns, more blue rays fall on her unit's back and wings! The Virgola is floating there, pistol still in hand.+
Aug 18 22:46:03 [Steam] Mizuki however... just cleans her sword off and looks back at the others.
Aug 18 22:46:12 [Tengu] Xeia creates another sword, swinging it in an attempt to intercept the beams flying into its direction - and succeeds with some of them, but the rest scorch its armor, damaging it further! However, its regeneration is already working on removing some of the damage... And among the barrage, Setsuna suddenly launches forward, cutting twice and sending a cutting wave with each strike!
Aug 18 22:46:12 [Tengu] (react)
Aug 18 22:46:12 [Steam] "... I'm not sure how much of him was left in there but..."
Aug 18 22:46:13 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I believe you mentioned openings."
Aug 18 22:46:17 [Steam] "At least that's over with now."
Aug 18 22:47:06 [Jockey] Lana: "Buzz buzz! Nyeh!"
Aug 18 22:47:47 [Jockey] *Lana pushes the Gafran's thrusters to their breaking point as she pulls away to avoid Jen's assault!+
Aug 18 22:47:55 [Tengu] Setsuna: "Freedom. What worth is freedom? Most people exercise their free will in stupid, pointless, banal ways. It's a small price to pay for the species' survival."
Aug 18 22:49:02 [Corel] Shu: *Granzon responds with its own cutting waves - black distortions of space-time launched from its sword to nullify Xeia's!+
Aug 18 22:49:46 [Tengu] Lana manages to avoid the incoming attack, thanks to Setsuko running interference! Her unit, however, is starting to get strained from all the effort...
Aug 18 22:50:00 [Tengu] Jen: "Ghhh..." She's forced on the defensive by the rays flying into her direction.
Aug 18 22:50:21 [Tengu] Xeia's and Granzon's waves hit each other, exploding between the units.
Aug 18 22:50:38 [Tengu] The ground starts to rumble.
Aug 18 22:50:52 [Tengu] That's not the result of the attack...
Aug 18 22:51:11 [Tengu] The tremors are coming from the Olympios Facility's direction!
Aug 18 22:51:46 [Tengu] The horrible boil it has become is growing and swelling further, like it's about to pop...
Aug 18 22:51:59 [Cubey] Toby: "Woah!" Virgola 2 stumbles on its feet. "So, about making progress to the core?!"
Aug 18 22:52:12 [Tengu] And then something cracks on its surface.
Aug 18 22:52:25 [Aero] Willis: "Here it comes..."
Aug 18 22:52:26 [Tengu] An array of cracks appears and spreads all over it almost immediately!
Aug 18 22:52:47 [Corel] Shu: "It is too late for that, it seems."
Aug 18 22:52:54 [Tengu] A truly gigantic being, hundreds of meters tall, bursts out of it!
Aug 18 22:53:03 [Tengu]
Aug 18 22:53:06 [Cubey] Setsuko: "The facility?!"
Aug 18 22:53:20 [Aero] Willis: "There it is..."
Aug 18 22:53:25 [Tengu] Leigh: "...The Chimaera Core..."
Aug 18 22:53:28 [Cubey] Setsuko: "That doesn't look like a Chimaera... it's more like..."
Aug 18 22:53:32 [Aero] Willis: "That form..."
Aug 18 22:53:48 [Aero] Willis: "You really think you're salvation for humanity?"
Aug 18 22:54:36 [Tengu] Setsuna: "Of course. Do you think you can stop me by destroying it?"
Aug 18 22:54:43 [Aero] Glancing back at Licht, he had an idea on why the Core would have taken that form of all things between the two things influencing it.
Aug 18 22:55:44 [Corel] Chika: "Girl, you don't wanna start that!"
Aug 18 22:56:34 [Cubey] Setsuko: "We can't persuade you to stop, can we?"
Aug 18 22:56:41 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Because..."
Aug 18 22:56:55 [Cubey] Denzel: "Like hell we're packing up and getting home after witnessing that."
Aug 18 22:57:12 [Jockey] Leos: "...Well someone certainly has a lot of self confidence."
Aug 18 22:57:27 [Tengu] Setsuna: "You can try to destroy this one, if you like. Who knows, maybe you will even manage it, by some miracle."
Aug 18 22:58:08 [Tengu] Setsuna: "Fortunately, I made copies. I used the samples taken from Leigh and Licht to create multiple Cores."
Aug 18 22:58:20 [Tengu] Setsuna: "And all of them should awaken soon."
Aug 18 22:58:40 [Tengu] Xeia starts to shake!
Aug 18 22:58:59 [Tengu] Steam starts to raise from it, as the machine starts to visibly get red-hot!
Aug 18 22:59:11 [Tengu] Furthermore, parts of it starts to change shape and grow!
Aug 18 22:59:47 [Tengu] The mech - or maybe a chimaera, or a mixture of both - grows three times in size, taking upon itself a larger, more menacing form...
Aug 18 22:59:52 [Tengu]
Aug 18 23:00:13 [Steam] Mizuki: "... What in the-?"
Aug 18 23:00:20 [Tengu] Steam still raising from its heated armor.
Aug 18 23:00:23 [Aero] Willis: "You were...a Chimaera?"
Aug 18 23:00:52 [Tengu] Setsuna: "Are you surprised? Like I just said... You can only win by a miracle."
Aug 18 23:00:56 [Jockey] Leos: "....."
Aug 18 23:00:58 [Tengu]
Aug 18 23:01:05 [Cubey] Setsuko: "What have you done? Even to yourself!"
Aug 18 23:01:05 [Tengu] (Willis, Setsuko, Mizuki)
Aug 18 23:01:12 [Cubey] (Enemies left?)
Aug 18 23:01:21 [Jockey] Leos: "Casting away your humanity like that...."
Aug 18 23:01:28 [Tengu] Enemy list: Xeia (Setsuna), Iris (Jen) [heavy damage], Pure Chimaera x5 (2 damaged)
Aug 18 23:02:21 [Cubey] Toby: "Crap! There's no time!"
Aug 18 23:02:37 [Cubey] Denzel: "Dammit Toby, where do you..."
Aug 18 23:03:04 [Cubey] *But Toby doesn't listen, Virgola Two charging forward, slicing its scythe at the Xeia's legs as it passes by and tries to break closer towards the core!&
Aug 18 23:03:16 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Be careful. No!"
Aug 18 23:03:59 [Corel] Chika: "Hey! Wait!"
Aug 18 23:04:05 [Jockey] @Toby w. Lana
Aug 18 23:04:10 [Aero] Willis: "Crap."
Aug 18 23:04:24 [Tengu] As Toby strikes, suddenly a wide barrier appears around Xeia! And to make it worse, the giant mech creates a heated sword in its hand, which it swings with ferocity at the Virgola!
Aug 18 23:04:30 [Tengu] (react/continue, support approved)
Aug 18 23:05:28 [Jockey] *The Xeia would find a barrage of DODS shots levelled at it once more from a different angle - mainly from above! The Gafran soon transforms and attempts to slash its sabers past the giant mech's body!+
Aug 18 23:05:45 [Cubey] Too reckless. But...
Aug 18 23:05:57 [Cubey] Setsuko: "It's like before. I won't let the same mistake happen again!"
Aug 18 23:07:28 [Cubey] *Virgola Glory leaps down and spins, its own Barley Scythe activating as it falls. Setsuko swipes with it - not towards the barrier, but the incoming blade, clashing just momentarily! "Get out Toby! Chief!" And as Virgola unit 2 starts backing up, Denzel adds to the distraction by firing stray turret rounds. "Dammit!"+
Aug 18 23:10:09 [Tengu] The incoming barrage of DDOS shots and physical rounds rattles against the barrier - but some of them go through and hit the armor! Setsuko's blade clashes against Setsuna's, and Lana tries to stab into the back of the colossal unit - which then jumps back, throwing both of the melee attackers away forcefully! It lands on the ground and releases steam again.
Aug 18 23:10:42 [Aero] * Willis closes his eyes for a moment as Strahlend forms a familiar nodachi once used by the original owner of the ring and rushes towards Xeia. With both hands holding onto the weapon energy suddenly explodes out from the weapon forming an even larger white blade that is swing down towards Xeia. +
Aug 18 23:11:13 [Corel] Chika: "It's like it's three times stronger, too!"
Aug 18 23:11:16 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Let's not do anything reckless anymore. Please..."
Aug 18 23:11:32 [Corel] Shu: "Chika..."
Aug 18 23:12:27 [Tengu] Setsuna creates her own, two blades, which she swings and clashes against Willis, trying not just to block his attack, but also overpower it. Also, at the same time, a nearby building suddenly crumbles into rubble, as a Pure Chimaera's tentacles smash through it and go into Strahlend's direction! (Willis react)
Aug 18 23:12:33 [Tengu] (Mizuki, Leos, Shu can go)
Aug 18 23:13:38 [Steam] # Willis?
Aug 18 23:14:16 [Jockey] *Leos grits his teeth as he sends the Filial into a bullet charge, blades stabbing out into the pure Chimera as he tried his best to get at its core.... yet....
Aug 18 23:14:24 [Jockey] "Nanomachines are still machines...."
Aug 18 23:15:24 [Jockey] its a fruitless attempt perhaps... but he tries to force his will into the Chimera, attempting to spread it like a plague through its many many pieces.+
Aug 18 23:15:24 [Tengu] (approved)
Aug 18 23:15:37 [Tengu] (you can combine it with your action if you want)
Aug 18 23:15:37 [Steam] Mizuki: "Willis! Watch out!"
Aug 18 23:15:45 [Steam] (And yes, that is my intent)
Aug 18 23:17:01 [Steam] * The DuskBird blasts off towards that Chimaera with all the speed that its Jet Mode can allow, wings angled to cleave through as many tentacles as it can on the way to crashing into the Chimaera itself!+
Aug 18 23:17:40 [Tengu] Leos hits the gigantic Chimaera's core and tries to force its will upon its crystalline form...
Aug 18 23:18:08 [Tengu] This is a weird thing, much different from normal, mechanical things... But you think you can more or less establish control, for the time being!
Aug 18 23:18:20 [Aero] * "Dammit." Another pair of smaller blades form near Strahlend and begin to orbit the machine before spiraling towards the tentacles to cleave through as many of them as it could. +
Aug 18 23:18:56 [Tengu] There may be a way to test this, because another Pure Chimaera lumbers forward, trying to swing its clawed arm at Filial and crush it! (react)
Aug 18 23:19:22 [Jockey] "...Sic 'em."
Aug 18 23:19:36 [Corel] *Shu lifts more of the pieces of large, surrounding debris using Granzon's gravity powers. He brings them all together and compresses the mass - forming a smaller scale gravity well that he fires at the Xeia!+
Aug 18 23:20:46 [Jockey] *And with that he commands the Chimaera he latched onto. Focusing a desire for it to attack the one that was trying to harm him with as much ferocity as it could manage.+
Aug 18 23:20:54 [Tengu] Circling blades, and DuskBird rushing forward in jet mode, cut through the pure Chimaera's numerous tentacles - and the latter one keeps going, charging forward and cutting into the giant monster's body, and punching right through it and its core!
Aug 18 23:21:06 [Tengu] The pure Chimaera collapses and starts falling apart...
Aug 18 23:21:40 [Tengu] But Xeia manages to push Strahlend away, making the super robot's joints creak with effort as it happens.
Aug 18 23:23:08 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Don't tell me you took control of that thing..."
Aug 18 23:23:57 [Aero] Willis: "Leos, be careful..."
Aug 18 23:24:01 [Tengu] Then it gets hit by the gravity well, though! After a moment Xeia evades with surprising speed, trying to escape the area of the attack before it suffers any further damage! While it evades, though, it creates a large double blade, and throws it towards Granzon, making it spin! (react)
Aug 18 23:25:26 [Tengu] The giant Chimaera listens to Leos' command, and launches towards the other one, attacking it with claw and tentacle alike! Both of them are engaged in melee now, smashing at each other and causing more and more damage to themselves, not to mention the nearby buildings!
Aug 18 23:25:56 [Jockey] Leos: "I wasn't sure it would work..."
Aug 18 23:26:28 [Corel] *The Granzon attempts to sink into a wormhole beneath its feet to avoid the thrown weapon. With the powerup Xeia gained, it's going to be close either way.+
Aug 18 23:26:42 [Tengu] But then...
Aug 18 23:26:43 [Jockey] Leos: "And... I'll try."
Aug 18 23:26:51 [Tengu] Suddenly Leos feels like something is wrong.
Aug 18 23:26:55 [Tengu] His presence is detected.
Aug 18 23:27:04 [Tengu] The Chimaera realized he's here.
Aug 18 23:27:10 [Tengu] And it's reacting in the best way it knows.
Aug 18 23:27:24 [Tengu] Its body starts turning into energy, and it's about to detonate! (Leos react)
Aug 18 23:28:01 [Tengu] Granzon uses a wormhole to avoid the thrown blade - though it flies really, really close...
Aug 18 23:28:19 [Tengu] (Willis, Setsuko and Mizuki can go again - although...)
Aug 18 23:28:46 [Corel] Chika: "Uh, kid! You might wanna do something!"
Aug 18 23:29:01 [Aero] Willis: "LEOS GET AWAY FROM THAT."
Aug 18 23:29:34 [Tengu] Jen: "...Got you!" Suddenly her unit, regenerated enough to keep fighting again, jumps from behind a building, from Strahlend's flank - and from close distance, it fires a huge array of wires, aiming for all the openings it can find in Willis' armor! (react)
Aug 18 23:32:54 [Steam] Torn between Willis and Leos's respective crises, Mizuki chooses...
Aug 18 23:32:56 [Cubey] Denzel: "She got the jump on us again! Shit!"
Aug 18 23:33:16 [Steam] # Both?
Aug 18 23:33:31 [Tengu] (I'm not sure how you're going to pull it off, but go for it)
Aug 18 23:33:58 [Cubey] Setsuko: "... Ah."
Aug 18 23:34:03 [Jockey] Leos: "!!"
Aug 18 23:34:08 [Steam] "Leos!"
Aug 18 23:34:19 [Steam] "Grab on!"
Aug 18 23:34:29 [Jockey] *Reacting as best as he could Leos tries to have the Filial kick away from the Chimaera!+
Aug 18 23:34:53 [Aero] * "Ghh, that's where you went." Strahlend swings Kuchinashi in a wide arc in order to cleave through the wires before rushing closer towards Iris using both of the orbiting blades to protect him from the rest of the wires, but at this distance he couldn't stop all of them...but...&
Aug 18 23:35:11 [Steam] * The Chimaera was too big to toss with her whip, she knew that from before. But she still swings it at the monster instead... this time aiming above so Leos can instead use it as a means to escape... and be thrown at the Iris like an impromptu Fastball Special!+
Aug 18 23:35:38 [Cubey] *The Barley Scythe starts to disappear off the Nautilus Carver. The Virgola spins... Setsuko won't let it fade! "Do what I need you to, Sphere. Your power... is also mine!" And with another spin, she throws the scythe - not the whole Carver, but the blade flies off and becomes much larger, a pink cutting projectile that slices through everything on its way - buildings, and then the cables thrown by Jen!*
Aug 18 23:37:07 [Tengu] Leos manages to get yanked away from the explosion just in time before the Chimaera explodes, engulfing the other one in the process as well. And then he's thrown like a projectile, smashing into Iris!
Aug 18 23:37:54 [Tengu] Jen: "What the-" she kicks the Filial away, but that's too late. Setsuko and Willis already managed to cut through most of her wires, and the latter is now coming quickly into her direction! (Willis continue)
Aug 18 23:38:42 [Corel] Chika: "Woah! Talk about quick thinking."
Aug 18 23:39:47 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Willis! There's an opening!"
Aug 18 23:40:28 [Aero] * "I see it." Strahlend makes a beeline for Iris and aims straight for its cockpit, the orbiting swords multiplying themselves to do the same. He was deadset on ending it even if it meant he had to take even more of the wires to do so. +
Aug 18 23:42:28 [Jockey] Lana: "Aunt Mizuki?!"
Aug 18 23:42:33 [Jockey] D8
Aug 18 23:42:43 [Tengu] A few of the wires cut into Strahlend... But Willis keeps pushing on, stabbing right into Iris' cockpit with both its held sword and the numerous floating ones!
Aug 18 23:43:06 [Steam] Mizuki: "S-sorry Leos..."
Aug 18 23:43:07 [Tengu] All of them hit straight-on!
Aug 18 23:43:13 [Tengu] Jen: "Argh...!"
Aug 18 23:43:19 [Steam] "I... didn't want to save just one of you..."
Aug 18 23:43:23 [Tengu] The Iris shudders, then kicks away.
Aug 18 23:43:33 [Tengu] Jen: "H... heh... that hurt."
Aug 18 23:43:48 [Jockey] Leos: "That's okay... I can understand that."
Aug 18 23:43:51 [Tengu] Jen: "I think I will leave you for now, ladies and gentlemen."
Aug 18 23:44:01 [Tengu] Jen: "But you know what, Willis? I'll be back."
Aug 18 23:44:08 [Jockey] [Leos gives Mizuki a slightly dizzied thumbs up-]
Aug 18 23:44:20 [Tengu] Jen: "Thanks to this immortal, regenerating body, I can afford to always come back."
Aug 18 23:44:34 [Tengu] Jen: "Forever. Well, adieu!"
Aug 18 23:44:39 [Tengu] Iris starts pulling away!
Aug 18 23:44:42 [Tengu] (Willis)
Aug 18 23:44:43 [Jockey] Leos: ".... Yeah. No."
Aug 18 23:47:12 [Aero] * "Not this time." The impaled blades still within Iris explode into their nanomachines. Even if she could regenerate he could stop it, at least here. Even if it was completely inhumane and a hypocrisy...he had enough. Strahlend's nanomachines start to spread through Iris to prevent its regeneration and worst of began to devour Jen herself. +
Aug 18 23:47:32 [Aero] Willis: "...."
Aug 18 23:47:59 [Tengu] Before Jen manages to escape, the nanomachines start to cover Iris.
Aug 18 23:48:18 [Tengu] Jen: "What... Oh. Oh no. No!"
Aug 18 23:48:34 [Tengu] They start to consume the whole unit, including the pilot!
Aug 18 23:48:36 [Cubey] Setsuko: "..."
Aug 18 23:48:50 [Tengu] Jen: "No, I didn't really mean it! I didn't-"
Aug 18 23:48:57 [Jockey] Lana: "U...Uncle Willis?"
Aug 18 23:49:05 [Cubey] The Virgola turns around. As soon as she realizes what's going on... Setsuko can't bear to see this.
Aug 18 23:49:16 [Corel] Shu: "I did tell you. Your actions would have consequences."
Aug 18 23:49:19 [Jockey] Leos: "... Look away Lana."
Aug 18 23:49:24 [Tengu] Where the nanomachines pass, there is only light for a moment. And then, nothing.
Aug 18 23:49:35 [Tengu] Iris is gone.
Aug 18 23:49:41 [Tengu] Leigh: "..."
Aug 18 23:49:44 [Aero] The expression on Willis face is ice. He shows no emotion for her passing, not this time. Not after everything she did.
Aug 18 23:50:00 [Tengu] (Setsuko, Mizuki, Shu, Leos, you can go)
Aug 18 23:50:03 [Jockey] Leos: "Be an immortal regenerating bitch in hell."
Aug 18 23:51:08 [Steam] Mizuki: "... Never again..."
Aug 18 23:51:11 [Tengu] Setsuna: "I advise you to use the same trick on Xeia. I am sure your nanomachines will overpower mine."
Aug 18 23:51:11 [Steam] Another one bit the dit.
Aug 18 23:51:13 [Steam] ^dust
Aug 18 23:51:41 [Corel] Shu: "Hm."
Aug 18 23:51:44 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Please don't... even if you get such an idea."
Aug 18 23:52:16 [Cubey] Despite everything, she can't help but feel bad at what happened.
Aug 18 23:52:27 [Cubey] But it's not the time for this. It's time to finish it, instead.
Aug 18 23:53:36 [Steam] Mizuki: "We couldn't afford any other options with her. Not when she was running away again."
Aug 18 23:53:39 [Steam] "But you're different."
Aug 18 23:53:54 [Steam] "You have a plan and a dream you have to defend!"
Aug 18 23:53:59 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I'll clear the way. Leos, please don't do anything reckless again, okay?"
Aug 18 23:54:13 [Cubey] Setsuko: "And Leigh... watch Willis so he doesn't do anything reckless, either!"
Aug 18 23:54:25 [Steam] Mizuki: "I'm with you Setsuko!"
Aug 18 23:54:48 [Tengu] Leigh: "...I will. Don't worry. He's been mostly good so far."
Aug 18 23:54:55 [Jockey] Leos: "I can't make any promises... but I'll try."
Aug 18 23:55:10 [Aero] Willis: "..."
Aug 18 23:55:12 [Steam] The DuskBird flies up into the air, Dusk energy accumulated once more in its hand before firing it all in a violent plume of darkness at Setsuna's machine!+
Aug 18 23:55:13 [Jockey] Lana: "I'll keep an eye on Papa! Don't worry Auntie Setsuko!"
Aug 18 23:55:32 [Cubey] *The Carver barely cooled down, but it's already used again - Setsuko accelerates, the back thruster unit firing up as Virgola takes to the skies, its weapon starting to gather dimensional force again as it slams upwards towards the Xeia! And, Setsuko is not alone...&
Aug 18 23:57:23 [Tengu] Setsuna's giant unit is hit with a burst of darkness, causing her barrier to appear again! The dust that raises from this makes the damage from the attack hard to determine... But there's no time for that, because suddenly the Xeia creates another, fiery sword, swinging it and creating a wave of flames flying forward, towards both DuskBird and the attacking Virgola!
Aug 18 23:57:31 [Tengu] (react and react/continue respectively)
Aug 18 23:57:35 [Jockey] *Leos keeps his distance from the Xeia, knowing that it could easily overpower him in close range. He instead has his bits swarm it like a cloud of bees, letting loose blast after blast into its vulberable parts!+
Aug 18 23:59:29 [Cubey] Setsuko: "This power isn't mine. I too received it from some strange source... I don't even know from where, exactly."
Aug 19 00:00:15 [Corel] *The Granzon summons a number of wormholes around itself that are connected to those which appear around Xeia. Said wormholes only appear briefly, long enough for them to transfer a volley of golden beams intended to overwhelm the target's barrier!+
Aug 19 00:00:36 * Steamy ( has joined
Aug 19 00:00:56 [Cubey] "But if you think it's wrong to use it to defend humanity, or it's any worse than what you're trying to do, then you are mistaken!" *Setsuko spins the Carver in Virgola's hands, gripping it from behind - just as the two other Glory Stars approach! Under Xeia's legs, they strike at the underside. Denzel smashes his own Gunnery Carver towards the barrier, and then Toby follows suit - opening the scythe to cut through it, and into the
Aug 19 00:00:56 [Cubey] nanomachine enemy! As for Setsuko herself...
Aug 19 00:02:30 [Cubey] Setsuko: "And I'll do it right now! The Glory Star - FULL BURST!" *She fires her most powerful blast at point blank range, the dimensional discharge pushing the Virgola back. The mobile suit doesn't oppose the force at all, quickly being shoved in the direction opposite of the flaming waves!+
Aug 19 00:02:44 [Steamy] * Mizuki does the only thing she really can in the face of the giant flaming sword, duck and dive for cover, leaving floating barricades of feathers as shields to give her some breathing room and layers of protection!+
Aug 19 00:02:49 * Steam has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
Aug 19 00:03:28 [Tengu] The giant wave of fire flies over Mizuki's head. She manages to evade it. Setsuko, on the other hand, chooses the upper route, and jumps over the attack...
Aug 19 00:04:08 [Corel] Shu: "It is as Setsuko has said, and it is not just the Sphere. The Granzon is also a product of our many visitors' technologies."
Aug 19 00:04:58 [Tengu] Setsuna's barrier is bombarded by rapid fire from bits! She creates another sword, ready to creating a circular cutting sphere to cut through them again... But the fire is joined by Shu's beams! All of the attacks start to not only overwhelm the barrier, but burst through it, damaging the unit's own armor!
Aug 19 00:06:11 [Tengu] Setsuko's teammates attack the giant enemy from below, throwing the unit off-balance! And then, Setsuko fires the giant beam, pushing back both herself and the enemy!
Aug 19 00:06:28 [Tengu] Xeia falls on the ground heavily far away from the group, heavily damaged.
Aug 19 00:06:50 [Cubey] Toby: "Yahoo! Take that!"
Aug 19 00:07:00 [Cubey] Denzel: "Don't let your eyes off that thing, she's not down yet!"
Aug 19 00:07:02 [Tengu] It looks like you're winning this...
Aug 19 00:07:15 [Tengu] But the nanomachine fog around you is slowly getting thicker again.
Aug 19 00:07:27 [Tengu] It's spreading once again, despite your allies working to contain it.
Aug 19 00:07:33 [Tengu] Also... you get a radio call.
Aug 19 00:07:54 [Tengu] Howe: "I know you're in the middle of a mission, but this is urgent."
Aug 19 00:08:13 [Tengu] Howe: "There are reports of gigantic, angelic Chimaeras appearing, all over the world."
Aug 19 00:08:24 [Corel] Chika: "Awawawa, what's going on?!"
Aug 19 00:08:28 [Cubey] Setsuko: "... The Cores."
Aug 19 00:08:38 [Tengu] Howe: "ESUN tries what it can to fight them, and we're sending in reinforcements soon... But it's not looking good."
Aug 19 00:08:55 [Aero] Willis: "This is what you meant..."
Aug 19 00:09:04 [Tengu] Leigh: "..."
Aug 19 00:09:10 [Cubey] Denzel: "She planted them all over the world like surprise eggs!"
Aug 19 00:09:26 [Tengu] Leigh: "Those cores... are made from mine and Licht's cells, aren't they."
Aug 19 00:09:41 [Tengu] Leigh: "I'm the original one."
Aug 19 00:10:20 [Jockey] Leos: "..."
Aug 19 00:10:21 [Tengu] Leigh: "If I reintegrated into their structure, I would become the main Core again. And then, if I died..."
Aug 19 00:10:32 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Do you think you could control them?"
Aug 19 00:10:34 [Cubey] "..."
Aug 19 00:10:38 * Steam ( has joined
Aug 19 00:10:39 [Aero] Willis: ""
Aug 19 00:10:54 [Jockey] Leos: "There's got to be a better plan..."
Aug 19 00:11:09 [Tengu] Leigh: "What is it, then?"
Aug 19 00:11:15 [Aero] Willis: "..."
Aug 19 00:11:25 [Aero] Willis looks over towards the Granzon.
Aug 19 00:11:37 [Tengu] Leigh: "We don't have much time. Soon, those other Cores will start doing the same thing as this one here."
Aug 19 00:11:41 [Tengu] Leigh: "Willis..."
Aug 19 00:12:12 [Cubey] Setsuko: "There must be another way. We always tried hard to find one."
Aug 19 00:12:23 [Aero] Willis: "There has to be something...I can't..."
Aug 19 00:12:29 [Cubey] Setsuko: "The same will happen now! ... Right?"
Aug 19 00:12:30 [Corel] Shu simply shakes his head, and the Granzon by extension. "No amount of power I wield can solve this."
Aug 19 00:12:48 [Tengu] Licht floats in closer, towards Strahlend.
Aug 19 00:13:23 [Jockey] Lana: "Why can't the both of you control it?! There's two of you! Maybe... maybe if you split the weight you don't have to die!"
Aug 19 00:13:26 * Steamy has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
Aug 19 00:13:47 [Tengu] Leigh: "Willis, please. If we hesitate here..."
Aug 19 00:14:29 [Corel] Shu: "You do not have much time. There may be even more of those Cores hidden elsewhere."
Aug 19 00:14:29 [Cubey] Setsuko: "... I don't want this to happen."
Aug 19 00:14:54 [Cubey] Setsuko: "First Elys, and now... how many people must sacrifice themselves because of this?"
Aug 19 00:16:25 [Jockey] Leos: "....."
Aug 19 00:16:28 [Tengu] Licht's cockpit opens.
Aug 19 00:17:13 [Jockey] Leos: "Miss Leigh? I'm sorry. But this is a terrible idea."
Aug 19 00:17:31 [Aero] Willis bites his lip. Once again it was happening.
Aug 19 00:17:52 [Tengu] Leigh: "I know. It's a terrible idea. But do we have anything better?"
Aug 19 00:18:07 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Maybe... maybe the Sphere could..."
Aug 19 00:18:13 [Cubey] No.
Aug 19 00:18:35 [Aero] Strahlend's cockpit opens, revealing Leigh's face to him.
Aug 19 00:18:50 [Aero] Willis: "..."
Aug 19 00:19:08 [Tengu] Leigh stands in her cockpit's hatch, looking at Willis from up close.
Aug 19 00:19:10 [Steam] Mizuki: "... What are you doing?"
Aug 19 00:19:13 [Aero]
Aug 19 00:19:16 [Jockey] Leos: "..."
Aug 19 00:19:17 [Tengu] Then, she steps closer. And kisses him.
Aug 19 00:19:54 [Aero] Willis returns it and for a moment puts his arms around her as they do...
Aug 19 00:20:33 [Tengu] The kiss lasts a while. Maybe a lifetime, as far as the two involved are concerned.
Aug 19 00:20:48 [Tengu] But then it slowly ends.
Aug 19 00:21:09 [Tengu] Leigh: "I just wanted to make sure I was able to do it one last time..."
Aug 19 00:21:16 [Aero] Willis: "...I did too."
Aug 19 00:21:37 [Tengu] Leigh takes a step back and returns into her machine.
Aug 19 00:21:41 [Aero] Willis is holding back his tears, this would be the last time. He had gotten a second chance would end here.
Aug 19 00:22:16 [Tengu] Leigh: "Willis... Let's go."
Aug 19 00:22:40 [Aero] Willis: "...yeah. Let's end this...once and for all."
Aug 19 00:22:54 [Jockey] Leos: "Willis..."
Aug 19 00:23:01 [Tengu] Licht takes off and rushes forward, towards the gigantic Core!
Aug 19 00:23:27 [Aero] Strahlend follows after it in perfect sync. There was only one thing left to do.
Aug 19 00:24:15 [Tengu] The two machines rush towards the enemy... But the last remaining two Pure Chimaeras get in their way, ready to strike with claws and tentacles! And the Core, noticing their approach, tries to block their way with its arms as well!
Aug 19 00:24:18 [Tengu] (Willis react)
Aug 19 00:24:27 [Cubey] Setsuko: "..." A sniffling sounds can be heard, briefly.
Aug 19 00:24:31 [Cubey] # Willis
Aug 19 00:24:34 [Corel] #
Aug 19 00:27:03 [Aero] * "This is the last time." Kuchinashi disperses and reforms into Quicksilver. He knew he could trust in Leigh to handle the other and in a moment of clarity the machine reaches out and cleaves through the claws and tentacles before slashing the Core as they passed through the Chimaera. +
Aug 19 00:27:47 [Tengu] The cut off limbs of the Chimaera fly around! Its core is cut through and destroyed, causing the whole monster to get eradicated!
Aug 19 00:28:26 [Tengu] At the same time, Leigh cuts at the other Chimaera with her invisible sword, slashing its limbs, then stabs with the blade downwards, causing a huge pillar of light to erupt from the ground, and burn the monster into nothingness!
Aug 19 00:28:47 [Tengu] Both of them slash at the giant's arms as well, pushing them away - nothing stands in their way. Except...
Aug 19 00:29:36 [Tengu] Setsuna: "...I can't let you do that." Xeia jumps forward, steam raising from the machine as it leaps forth, two glowing swords already formed in its hands, ready to strike!
Aug 19 00:29:44 [Cubey] #
Aug 19 00:29:55 [Tengu] (approved)
Aug 19 00:30:12 [Jockey] #
Aug 19 00:30:18 [Tengu] (also)
Aug 19 00:30:19 [Corel] #
Aug 19 00:30:29 [Tengu] (all approved)
Aug 19 00:31:01 [Steam] (Since everyone else is, #)
Aug 19 00:31:02 [Jockey] *There's the sound of roaring thrusters as both Leos and Lana move to intercept the Xeia. Two twin sets of blades rushing to crash at both the swords!+
Aug 19 00:31:08 [Tengu] (go for it too)
Aug 19 00:31:09 [Cubey] Denzel: "Shit! No you don't, I see you moving!"
Aug 19 00:31:13 [Jockey] Leos: "You... You've done enough!!"
Aug 19 00:31:16 [Cubey] Toby: "That voice, are you crying Chief?"
Aug 19 00:31:21 [Cubey] Denzel: "Like hell I am!"
Aug 19 00:31:36 [Jockey] Leos: "Go back to hell where you belong!"
Aug 19 00:32:05 [Jockey] "No... that'd be an insult to demons... you... just stop existing you worthless piece of trash!"
Aug 19 00:32:23 [Cubey] *As soon as the Xeia makes a single move - the Glory Stars start suppressing it down! Denzel's Carver fires up a powerful beam, regardless of the weapon heating up, while at the same time Toby shoots quickly aimed physical rounds. And between them...
Aug 19 00:32:36 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Leave them alone. It was all your fault. All of it."
Aug 19 00:33:07 [Cubey] *One of the glowing swords is cut into with Setsuko's Jack Carver. And guess what? That's the same weapon the other two Glory Stars' attacks fell on.+
Aug 19 00:33:25 [Steam] * A black plume of Dusk energy's fired at Xeia's general direction, only for the DuskBird to immerse itself in it as a massive effigy of darkness, hurtling straight towards it! "After everything you've done, after all the pain you've put everyone through... you're still going to try to deny them something? That's not going to happen! You're not getting your way... AND THIS IS ENDING HERE! ABYSS... NOVA!"+
Aug 19 00:33:31 [Jockey] Lana: "Uncle Willis... Uncle Willis deserves something better... but...this is what they chose..."
Aug 19 00:33:40 [Jockey] "So I won't let you get in their way!!"
Aug 19 00:34:25 [Corel] Chika: "That's our cue, too. Let's help out, Master."
Aug 19 00:34:56 [Corel] Shu: "..."
Aug 19 00:35:35 [Corel] The professor has his eyes closed in thought, but who knows what he's thinking. He eventually nods though.
Aug 19 00:37:35 [Corel] Shu: *"It would be best if you cleared the way after your strikes." That's meant for the Project Unification members as the Granzon raises both its arms. Its chest cavity opens, focusing a number of micro black holes into a cluster of such...
Aug 19 00:39:41 [Corel] Shu: *"You wished to see how much freedom means, Setsuna Zeeck. Here it is - Black Hole" The dark projectile is launched, creating a massive gravitational distortion before itself as it spirals toward the Xeia!+
Aug 19 00:39:55 [Tengu] Blades collide with Setsuna's swords, and numerous projeciles and beams fall upon her own weapons.
Aug 19 00:40:03 [Tengu] The glowing swords of light... shatter.
Aug 19 00:40:56 [Tengu] Then, Xeia is hit by Abyss Nova with full force, the explosion of darkness engulfing and burning it, throwing it away with severe damage!
Aug 19 00:41:15 [Tengu] Then, before it even hits th ground, it gets captured by the gravitational distortion.
Aug 19 00:41:25 [Tengu] And damaged severely by it.
Aug 19 00:41:59 [Tengu] A chain of explosions appears on the Xeia's surface, and the unit crashes down on the ground, nearly wrecked.
Aug 19 00:42:19 [Tengu] It barely can move anymore... but its nanomachines are functioning.
Aug 19 00:42:23 [Tengu] And at the same time...
Aug 19 00:42:31 [Tengu] Leigh reaches the giant chimaera.
Aug 19 00:42:36 [Tengu] Leigh: "Now..."
Aug 19 00:42:49 [Tengu] Licht reaches out with its hand, touching the massive Core.
Aug 19 00:43:00 [Tengu] This causes the machine to slowly fuse with it.
Aug 19 00:43:14 [Cubey] Setsuko: "..." It begins.
Aug 19 00:43:30 [Cubey] The giant enemy fell down in front of her, but it's not over yet. The hardest part is yet to come.
Aug 19 00:43:43 [Aero] Willis: "..."
Aug 19 00:44:12 [Tengu] Licht looks towards Strahlend, and at the same time, Leigh looks towards Willis.
Aug 19 00:44:35 [Tengu] Leigh: "...It's done."
Aug 19 00:44:37 [Aero] Strahlend opens its cockpit once again...looking at Leigh one last time.
Aug 19 00:45:14 [Aero] Willis swallows his sorrow and gives her one last smile. "I'll be alright...don't worry about me."
Aug 19 00:45:21 [Tengu] Licht's cockpit opens as well, Leigh looking at Willis with melancholy, but also detemrmination.
Aug 19 00:45:36 [Tengu] And she smiles in response. "I know."
Aug 19 00:45:46 [Tengu] (Willis)
Aug 19 00:47:51 [Aero] * His tears betray him as the MCR powers up again. A massive amount of matter gathered in the machine's right hand with Willis still leaving the cockpit open as it happens...there is only a single moment of hesitation before Strahlend moves forward and seemingly takes reaches out towards Licht. "Goodbye...I love you." And the matter is annihilated. +
Aug 19 00:49:06 [Tengu] Leigh exhales and closes her eyes. "I love you too..." And then, in a single moment, Licht is annihilated completely. As well as a large chunk of the gigantic Core with it.
Aug 19 00:49:36 [Tengu] What remains of the Chimaera around you starts falling apart into singular cells, which scatter into the wind and disappear.
Aug 19 00:49:49 [Tengu] The wind disperses the nanomachine mist as well, into nothingness.
Aug 19 00:50:09 [Cubey] The Virgola units look around as the nanomachine matter stops existing.
Aug 19 00:50:16 [Tengu] Howe: "I don't know what you did, but it's working. All the Chimaera over the world are disintegrating!"
Aug 19 00:50:18 [Cubey] Setsuko: "... Good-bye."
Aug 19 00:50:35 [Jockey] Leos: "......."
Aug 19 00:50:42 [Tengu] Xeia takes one incredibly strained step forward.
Aug 19 00:50:46 [Tengu] Setsuna: "..."
Aug 19 00:50:57 [Jockey] Leos: "You..."
Aug 19 00:51:00 [Cubey] Setsuko: "All it took are great people who aren't willing to sacrifice others... only themselves."
Aug 19 00:51:06 [Cubey] "!"
Aug 19 00:51:07 [Aero] Willis: "Setsuna..."
Aug 19 00:51:08 [Tengu] The mech is slowly disintegrating as well.
Aug 19 00:51:10 [Cubey] The Xeia is still here?
Aug 19 00:51:16 [Tengu] Setsuna: "...Good luck in your battle against the Lady."
Aug 19 00:51:21 [Tengu] And Setsuna together with it.
Aug 19 00:51:34 [Tengu] In fact. They just fell apart into dust on the wind.
Aug 19 00:51:34 [Jockey] Leos: "We don't need anything from you."
Aug 19 00:51:54 [Cubey] Setsuko: "It's not luck. It's willingness to work together..."
Aug 19 00:51:54 [Aero] Strahlend hovers in the air...watching the nanomachines disperse around it.
Aug 19 00:52:09 [Cubey] Her words trail off, an echo of what she said earlier but so much more melancholic now.
Aug 19 00:52:12 [Tengu] The remains of the colossal Chimaera are crumbling around Strahlend. Looks like it's all over...
Aug 19 00:52:36 [Jockey] Leos: "Disappear... fade. And I hope whatever afterlife awaits you... you get everything you deserve..."
Aug 19 00:53:30 [Cubey] Setsuko: "That doesn't matter..."
Aug 19 00:54:29 [Steam] Mizuki: "... Willis..."
Aug 19 00:54:38 [Steam] "... Are you... going to be okay?"
Aug 19 00:56:46 [Corel] For once, even Chika is quiet.
Aug 19 01:01:36 [Aero] Willis: "I think...I'll be fine, right Leigh?."
Aug 19 01:01:53 [Tengu] Leigh: "...Yes."
Aug 19 01:02:12 [Tengu] Leigh: "You'll be fine, Willis."
Aug 19 01:02:36 [Jockey] Lana: "Uwah?!"
Aug 19 01:02:49 [Cubey] Setsuko: "..."
Aug 19 01:02:50 [Tengu] The response comes from the same channel as Willis.
Aug 19 01:02:50 [Cubey] "Huh?"
Aug 19 01:02:57 [Tengu] Which means Strahlend's cockpit.
Aug 19 01:03:33 [Aero] Willis: "Elys...Amagahara didn't have a all I had to do was use this ring...and then make someone else the new Core of Amagahara.."
Aug 19 01:04:02 [Jockey] Leos: "You switched her out..."
Aug 19 01:04:28 [Jockey] [There was a disbelieving laugh, tearful yet relieved.]
Aug 19 01:04:56 [Jockey] Leos: "Oh thank god.."
Aug 19 01:04:59 [Cubey] Denzel: "Very clever. I don't know how this nanomachine stuff works, but that's some quick thinking."
Aug 19 01:05:02 [Aero] Willis: "And brought her back."
Aug 19 01:05:10 [Cubey] Toby: "Chief is totally crying right now!"
Aug 19 01:05:28 [Steam] Mizuki: "... Willis you... you had us scared there for a minute!"
Aug 19 01:05:34 [Steam] "You didn't have to leave us in the dark for that long!"
Aug 19 01:05:35 [Corel] Chika: "Wait, what, what'd I miss?!"
Aug 19 01:05:38 [Tengu] Leigh: "Willis, you're so stupid. Trying something so dangerous in the midst of a crisis... And to think it was my job to stop you from doing anything reckless."
Aug 19 01:05:44 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ah..."
Aug 19 01:05:52 [Corel] Chika: "I wasn't crying or anything, right Master?"
Aug 19 01:05:54 [Cubey] Setsuko: "You... you're both so reckless!"
Aug 19 01:06:05 [Cubey] She sounds absolutely relieved despite trying to tell them both off.
Aug 19 01:06:33 [Corel] Shu actually sighs in relief.
Aug 19 01:06:42 [Jockey] Lana: "T...that makes sense! Its probably why they get along so well!"
Aug 19 01:07:08 [Corel] Shu: "Well done, Willis."
Aug 19 01:07:46 [Aero] Willis: "I know.."
Aug 19 01:08:53 [Tengu] The last remains of the Chimaera Core are scattered on the wind around Strahlend as the sun slowly sets.
Aug 19 01:08:54 [Tengu] MISSION COMPLETE
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