Aug 14 20:13:06 [Cubey] Recently, something not very good happened at Sakihama - despite the city defense being technically a success.
Aug 14 20:13:34 [Cubey] The Caduceus CEO is up to something. Setsuna warned you not to interfere... but right now you have something more pressing to take care of.
Aug 14 20:13:58 [Cubey] You know where the Lost Seekers have their hideout now. And we can't afford their threat to continue any longer.
Aug 14 20:14:56 [Cubey] The stronghold is hidden in a mountainous area, hidden so well you can't really see it despite the shuttle already being there. Not until you get very close.
Aug 14 20:14:59 [Cubey] It's time to end this...
Aug 14 20:15:07 [Cubey]
Aug 14 20:16:17 [Tengu] Daniel: "This is it. What's left of their forces should be here. Unless they're launching another attack already."
Aug 14 20:16:46 [Corel] Lenore: "These guys attacked the entire planet before, didn't they? Can they still do that now?"
Aug 14 20:17:14 [Aero] Astara: "Even if they can't now we should crack down on them before they build up enough forces to do it again!"
Aug 14 20:17:18 [Tengu] Daniel: "Who knows. They suffered heavy losses. But I don't know how many are left."
Aug 14 20:17:21 [Arach] Gwen: "I guess not? They'd need an awful big set of airstrips to get everyone back..."
Aug 14 20:17:50 [Cubey] The stronghold as it is detected by the shuttle sensors is... not a series of airstrips at all.
Aug 14 20:18:08 [Steam] Roy: "Rather not wait to see how long it takes from them to recover myself."
Aug 14 20:18:17 [Tengu] Daniel: "One thing for certain. They're at their weakest right now."
Aug 14 20:18:17 [Cubey] Just a wall and a few buildings around a central, large courtyard.
Aug 14 20:18:18 [Steam] "We'll kick their butts hardcore and be done with it!"
Aug 14 20:18:29 [Cubey] Enemy signatures are also detected!
Aug 14 20:18:52 [Cubey] But there is not many of them. Chloe ran away with only a few Legionnaires, and you don't detect many more than that.
Aug 14 20:19:07 [Cubey] It seems the Lost Seekers really do not have a lot of manpower left.
Aug 14 20:19:43 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Here they are. They probably know we're here. Gotta be quick."
Aug 14 20:20:34 [Aero] Astara pounds her fist into her hand and grins. "No problem, after they attacked the Foundation I don't plan on having any mercy."
Aug 14 20:20:44 [Cubey] Indeed, bullets start flying towards the shuttle.
Aug 14 20:21:10 [Cubey] Pilot: "I'm going low so they can't hit me! You'll have to make your way on foot from here."
Aug 14 20:21:51 [Cubey] The shuttle lands, using the mountainous terrain as cover, its doors open.
Aug 14 20:21:54 [Cubey] It's all up to you now.
Aug 14 20:22:13 [Steam] Right. "Here goes!"
Aug 14 20:22:13 [Corel] Lenore: "You got it."
Aug 14 20:22:27 [Steam] And the Wagner dives out!
Aug 14 20:22:30 [Tengu] Steel Wanderer nods, and then rushes out into the mountains, quickly making its way towards the fortress.
Aug 14 20:22:40 [Tengu] Daniel: "Let's do this."
Aug 14 20:23:24 [Arach] Gwen: "Aaaah~Aw, whatever happened to ladies first?" Medb jumps out and does a graceful flip, turning once in the air.
Aug 14 20:24:20 [Corel] Lenore leaps out on-foot, and runs in a ninja-like manner after touching down.
Aug 14 20:24:24 [Cubey] You quickly approach the stronghold - and its guards are already alerted and awaiting you behind fortifications (though the way towards the central courtyard is reasonably open)
Aug 14 20:24:27 [Aero] Astara dashes and leaps out of the shuttle, currently still on foot and wearing a nice comfy shawl for some reason.
Aug 14 20:24:31 [Tengu] Daniel: "Well. You're faster than me, so..."
Aug 14 20:24:45 [Cubey] Chloe: "I was afraid you would follow me here."
Aug 14 20:25:01 [Cubey] The last Centurion is there amongst them, too!
Aug 14 20:25:08 [Steam] And look who it is!
Aug 14 20:25:19 [Steam] "Well guess what, time to be more than just afraid!"
Aug 14 20:25:24 [Steam] "We're going to be your worst nightmare!"
Aug 14 20:25:32 [Steam] And the Wagner points dramatically at the Centurion
Aug 14 20:26:05 [Tengu] Daniel: "Should've paid more attention to what I fire at you."
Aug 14 20:26:17 [Arach] Gwen: "What can I say? I just couldn't let you go." Medb makes an exaggerated shrug to go with Gwen's words.
Aug 14 20:26:46 [Cubey] Chloe: "I acted cowardly... this is my punishment. But this time, I won't fail."
Aug 14 20:27:11 [Cubey] The Light Centurion draws its Gun of God from the shoulder bullet loader.
Aug 14 20:27:21 [Cubey] Nothing else to say - now you must fight!
Aug 14 20:27:24 [Corel] Lenore: "Um, I'm not sure about the nightmare part, but that's about right."
Aug 14 20:27:28 [Cubey] Daniel, Gwen, Astara, go.
Aug 14 20:27:36 [Cubey] Enemies: Steel Legionnaire x4, Fire Legionnaire x3, Smoke Legionnaire x3, Light Legionnaire x2, Light Centurion (Chloe)
Aug 14 20:29:32 [Tengu] Daniel: "This is over, Lost Seekers. Can't let you start your crusades again. Stand down or die." He jumps between one rock to another, and into the fortifications inside the base, firing a Longinus armor-piercing shot towards the Light Centurion every time, for 3 shots total. +
Aug 14 20:30:27 [Aero] * Astara joins in on the gun-slinging, summoning her pistols to her and firing a barrage of high powered explosive shots towards the Fire Legionnaire's. +
Aug 14 20:30:46 [Arach] * Medb's nanobots form a second pistol, giving Gwen two to work her business with. The fire legionnaires are her first target, and she fires at any of them that dare to poke out from behind cover as she races towards the central courtyard.+
Aug 14 20:30:47 [Cubey] Chloe: "To live is to suffer. But my release won't come yet."
Aug 14 20:31:45 [Cubey] The Light Centurion starts evading, and Chloe quickly fires an energy projectile. "Francis." The ball of light returns, flying towards places Daniel uses as cover to flush him out into the open, and stop his pressing forward!
Aug 14 20:31:47 [Cubey] React, Daniel.
Aug 14 20:32:29 [Arach] Gwen: "-Ah, there's that suffering unending crap again..."
Aug 14 20:32:34 [Cubey] The Fire Legionnaires look ready to counter, but the two of you were faster on the draw.
Aug 14 20:32:45 [Tengu] Daniel quickly switches to another round, and fires an explosive Barbara shot towards the wall, trying to crumble a part of it - and use the rubble as cover! +
Aug 14 20:33:24 [Cubey] The three of them fall down in series of explosions... but the Smoke Legionnaires uses smoke cover to advance, and shoot out kunai from within the cloud towards Medb. React, Gwen!
Aug 14 20:33:56 [Cubey] While at the same time, one of the Light Legionnaires aims from behind a wall's cover, a quick series of energy bolts flying towards Astara! React.
Aug 14 20:35:07 [Cubey] Chloe: "I see..." She stops evading when the bullets cease to fly towards her, but she doesn't press the attack any further as Daniel is hiding inside the hole he made himself.
Aug 14 20:35:14 [Cubey] Roy and Lenore can move as well.
Aug 14 20:36:22 [Arach] *Gwen catches the kunai out of the corner of her eye, and turns to shoot it-and also at the point where it was thrown from.+
Aug 14 20:36:39 [Aero] * The Kijin immediately starts dashing towards the back of one of the walls to use as cover from those bolts. "Not another shoot out..." +
Aug 14 20:36:57 [Steam] * An explosive railgun shot fires to explose the Smoke Legionnaires, the Wagner already moving in to hack at their ranks with both of its swords!+
Aug 14 20:37:37 [Tengu] Daniel: "Where's Jason Godefroy, Chloe? He's the last Wise Man. He should be here."
Aug 14 20:38:12 [Cubey] Gwen fires at the kunai, but it was very close to her as she does so - that was a dangerous maneuver. The Smoke Legionnaire that threw it is evading quickly... only to get shot down by Roy!
Aug 14 20:38:40 [Cubey] The Legionnaires are exposed! One seems shocked and too slow to react as Roy cuts the unit apart. But the other tries to shock him back - with electrified bullets. React!
Aug 14 20:39:11 [Corel] *Lenore makes her way between larger rock structures, much like Daniel, but using her own platforms of solid dark energy when she has no footing. While one of the others puts pressure on an enemy, she will dive out and strike with her sword - the propelling force from the built in thruster adding strength to the slice!+
Aug 14 20:39:51 [Cubey] Energy beams blow out parts of the buildings, causing rubble to fall around Astara. But as she hides behind one of them, the enemy loses track of her and doesn't risk any further structural damage to their own base.
Aug 14 20:40:00 [Cubey] Chloe: "... I can't tell you that."
Aug 14 20:40:39 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
Aug 14 20:41:03 [Steam] * Mid-spin Roy sees those bullets come his way, and quickly pulls out his shield for defense!+
Aug 14 20:41:53 [Cubey] Lenore appears from the flank, cutting into the Steel Legionnaires. With an enemy so close to them, two are cleaved and the other two have difficulty firing at a small target amidst explosions! Regardless, they shoot out armor piercing rounds towards her. React.
Aug 14 20:43:00 [Cubey] Electric currents spread over Roy's shield as the bullets strike it. Your systems are shielded fortunately... though the shock is not too pleasant either way.
Aug 14 20:45:01 [Corel] *Spinning in mid air, the horned Kijin extends her free hand out at the shots - black energy spirals out to form a large phantom arm and hand whose palm gets in between the bullets and their intended target!+
Aug 14 20:46:59 [Cubey] With a rumbling noise, the bullets are stopped by the massive phantom hand.
Aug 14 20:47:12 [Cubey] Actually... the rumbling isn't caused by the bullets at all. The ground underneath you shakes.
Aug 14 20:47:25 [Aero] Astara: "Ah...."
Aug 14 20:47:42 [Cubey] All around you, additional fortifications and buildings rise up from underground!
Aug 14 20:48:00 [Cubey] The base was much larger than it initially seemed, but most of it was hidden.
Aug 14 20:48:13 [Cubey] Most of it... that is also full of Lost Seekers, pouring out.
Aug 14 20:48:22 [Corel] Lenore: "They hid all of that...?"
Aug 14 20:48:49 [Arach] Gwen: "...Oi, oi, where did they get all these people..."
Aug 14 20:48:51 [Tengu] Daniel: "...No wonder the base was so hard to find..."
Aug 14 20:49:24 [Cubey] It seems you are surrounded, with foes converging on your position from all sides.
Aug 14 20:49:34 [Cubey] But they do not fire, and between them one moves forward almost nonchalantly.
Aug 14 20:49:45 [Cubey] Steel Watcher
Aug 14 20:49:45 [Cubey]
Aug 14 20:49:54 [Aero] Astara: "They're not attacking?"
Aug 14 20:50:10 [Tengu] Daniel: "An old model of Legionnaire... Just like Steel Wanderer."
Aug 14 20:50:19 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
Aug 14 20:50:33 [Cubey] ???: "Tam Defoe, my old friend! It has been so long."
Aug 14 20:50:39 [Cubey] Its pilot speaks cordially.
Aug 14 20:50:51 [Cubey] You can probably guess who it is, isn't it.
Aug 14 20:51:00 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Jason Godefroy."
Aug 14 20:51:12 [Cubey] Jason: "Oh, pardon me. You go by Daniel these days, don't you?"
Aug 14 20:51:55 [Tengu] Daniel: "You're piloting a Legionnaire. You turned yourself into a cyborg too?"
Aug 14 20:52:41 [Cubey] Jason: "Ah yes. It's not a large price to pay for what all we seek, isn't it? It's all for enlightenment."
Aug 14 20:53:17 [Cubey] Jason: "But I must congratulate you! You were faster than me. Already you are so close to understanding the true nature of God."
Aug 14 20:53:43 [Cubey] Jason: "I just wish you didn't choose to betray our cause..."
Aug 14 20:53:56 [Cubey] Behind him, another building rises up in the middle of the courtyard.
Aug 14 20:53:58 [Corel] Lenore: "The thing about God again, huh..."
Aug 14 20:54:12 [Tengu] Daniel: "I regret I didn't do it sooner. I should've realized earlier that you're a madman, Godefroy."
Aug 14 20:54:24 [Cubey] A round gate-like structure. One that, immediately after rising, activates - some sort of portal starts swirling within.
Aug 14 20:54:35 [Aero] Astara: "Is that!"
Aug 14 20:54:41 [Tengu] Daniel: "...What's this?"
Aug 14 20:54:55 [Arach] Gwen: "Oh, that's got to be something fun."
Aug 14 20:55:06 [Steam] Roy: "The heck?"
Aug 14 20:55:10 [Cubey] Jason: "A portal. A portal you can use to reach God."
Aug 14 20:55:34 [Cubey] Jason: "Only those close to enlightenment can use it. A few other Seekers have tried... but their minds weren't prepared. They were destroyed."
Aug 14 20:55:51 [Cubey] Jason: "But you are. Even despite your insult, I would offer you a chance to join us. To finally meet God."
Aug 14 20:56:09 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
Aug 14 20:56:29 [Cubey] Jason: "But you killed Prospero." His cordial voice transforms with a sharp tone.
Aug 14 20:56:43 [Cubey] Jason: "And now, three Centurions lie dead. Even my forgiveness has its limits."
Aug 14 20:57:00 [Cubey] Jason: "Tam, this is good-bye."
Aug 14 20:57:08 [Cubey] "Lost Seekers, fire at will!"
Aug 14 20:57:19 [Tengu] Daniel: "I wouldn't have accepted anyway, Godefroy!!"
Aug 14 20:57:40 [Cubey] Unfortunately it's hard to retort with a barrage of bullets and energy projectiles flying towards your ranks!
Aug 14 20:57:48 [Cubey] Daniel, Gwen, move now.
Aug 14 20:57:56 [Cubey] Update enemy list: Steel Legionnaire x32, Fire Legionnaire x20, Smoke Legionnaire x21, Light Legionnaire x8, Light Centurion (Chloe), Steel Watcher (Jason)
Aug 14 20:58:12 [Cubey] (Take the enemies surrounding you and firing into consideration when writing actions)
Aug 14 20:59:36 [Tengu] Daniel: "How many people died because you tried to bring your crazy dream to life? Guns of God were supposed to create *heroes*!" Steel Wanderer quickly jumps to the side, trying to take cover behind one of the newly-risen buildings; and at the same time, it fires two more explosive bullets, aiming them at Steel Watcher and the surrounding legionnaires! +
Aug 14 21:00:40 [Cubey] Jason: "Isn't this what the world needs? Crying after deaths of sinners is not unlike you. After all, you killed so many yourself."
Aug 14 21:00:59 [Arach] Gwen immediately dives towards the ground to dodge, her nanobot pistol turning into a single long cutting whip. "-Okay, riddle me this." As she rolls and comes up into a crouch, it lashes out at one side of the enemy's formation, trying to slice through as many of the Legionnaires as possible. "I'm a robot. If my consciousness arises solely from matter, what's that mean for your 'soul' and sinner crap?"
Aug 14 21:01:10 [Cubey] Two Steel Legionnaires explode around him, but Jason tumbles to the side and quickly fires...
Aug 14 21:01:10 [Arach] (Whoops, missed my +)
Aug 14 21:01:21 [Cubey] Jason: "Come to my aid, patron of boxing!"
Aug 14 21:01:26 [Corel] Lenore: "I don't really understand what this God is...but from what people tell me of him, I don't think he'd want to meet someone like you."
Aug 14 21:01:49 [Cubey] A rocket fist missile! One that moves towards Daniel's position, wrecking through the building just to slam into him. React!
Aug 14 21:03:30 [Cubey] Chloe: "Maybe you don't have a soul. It is better."
Aug 14 21:03:51 [Tengu] Daniel: "I didn't start a crusade to purge the world." He quickly inserts a bullet into the Gun of God, and fires towards the incoming rocket punch - it spreads into a sticky net of goo on impact! Hopefully this will be enough to slow the attack down, as Steel Wanderer jumps to the side, trying to dodge roll. +
Aug 14 21:04:16 [Cubey] Gwen's fight is hard - a few Legionnaires are careless and don't get away in time, but at least half a dozen are firing towards her in a barrage. And while they do so, Chloe jumps in closer, firing exploding shells all around the Medb, too.
Aug 14 21:04:23 [Cubey] Chloe: "Your actions would only damn it."
Aug 14 21:04:26 [Cubey] React, Gwen.
Aug 14 21:06:43 [Cubey] The fist wrecks through the building, though the net traps it within the rubble momentarily - but it's soon broken, buying only enough time for Daniel to escape from a head on impact, instead suffering a glancing, but still strong blow.
Aug 14 21:06:52 [Cubey] The falling rubble pelting the Wanderer doesn't help at all.
Aug 14 21:06:56 [Tengu] Daniel: "Ghh...!"
Aug 14 21:07:04 [Cubey] Astara, Roy and Lenore can move
Aug 14 21:07:13 [Tengu] He tries hard to focus on activating Apostle Mode. It'd really help right now!
Aug 14 21:08:49 [Steam] Roy: "More jerks here than we really need or want... but you know what? I can deal!"
Aug 14 21:09:37 [Arach] *"Figures." Gwen tries to roll to the side, staying low to keep her profile down and avoid shots. "I'll just have to live forever, then." Her whip lashes up, slicing towards Chloe.+
Aug 14 21:09:39 [Steam] * "Uaaaah!" Crisis energy builds up across the Wagner as it dives towards a cluster of Steel Legionnaires, right before it violently spreads outwards in a destructive sphere! "LET'S GO! CRISISPHERE!"+
Aug 14 21:10:59 [Corel] *Continuing without reducing some of this incoming fire wouldn't be wise. But it's not easy for Lenore to do that without getting pinned down herself. She tries to use what she can find in the surroundings as cover, occasionally deflecting attacks with her sword. But the moment she spots an opening, the dark arm slams down on the ground, creating a seismic wave to knock nearby opponents off-balance!+
Aug 14 21:11:52 [Cubey] Gwen dodges the suppression fire, but it keeps her close to the explosions from Chloe's bullets. The Centurion jukes to the side, the whip still lashing at her and leaving a gash on the side of her armor.
Aug 14 21:12:01 [Aero] * "We need to break out of this containment..." Astara leaps towards the Fire Legionnaires, Maxwell's phantom limbs appear around her and ignite forming a pair of flaming claws that she used to try to rip through the Legionnaires. +
Aug 14 21:12:19 [Cubey] But this is because she is focused on adjusting her aim, the bullets hitting the whip as well! It is damaged, and the explosions around Medb cause further damage.
Aug 14 21:12:57 [Cubey] The Steel Legionnaires try firing towards the incoming Wagner, but they are too slow and become consumed by the growing sphere of destruction.
Aug 14 21:13:03 * Arach has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Aug 14 21:13:15 * Arach ( has joined
Aug 14 21:13:51 [Cubey] A trio of Light Legionnaires add to the barrage though, deciding to stop Roy with charged up high power beams. From a safe distance. React!
Aug 14 21:14:35 [Arach] Gwen: "Tch...Where'd you even get all these bozos, anyways.."
Aug 14 21:15:11 [Cubey] Finding an opening might be hard for Lenore. You flee towards cover, and Fire Legionnaires immediately chase after! Incendiary rounds explode around you (too far to need defending from, at least).
Aug 14 21:15:19 [Tengu] Daniel: "Lots of desperate people in this world. People who fell for Godefroy's lies."
Aug 14 21:15:37 [Cubey] This is your opening - with a slash, the first Legionnaire is destroyed and two others knocked down. But more follow up, firing flamethrowers this time! React.
Aug 14 21:16:09 [Cubey] Jason: "Is it a mystery so many are hoping for a better world, with the condition it is in?"
Aug 14 21:17:01 [Cubey] The engaging Legionnaires have a problem though - suddenly, Astara charges towards them, claws destroying the closest ones! But ones that are just out of reach try to fire her up as well. React!
Aug 14 21:17:05 [Tengu] Daniel: "And you took advantage of them. Brainwashed them into fanatics and killers."
Aug 14 21:17:24 * Arach has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Aug 14 21:17:33 [Steam] * As the beams come hurtling in the Wagner's attack shrinks back down into his body, reshaping into a trio of floating blades of energy to part each shot and ward it off!+
Aug 14 21:17:37 [Cubey] Jason: "They're following what I believe. What we both used to believe."
Aug 14 21:17:56 * Arach ( has joined
Aug 14 21:18:28 [Corel] *Flamethrowers, meet Lenore's other arm - one that is made out of flames now that she's not borrowing Seta's powers anymore. Lenore decides against being greedy though, said arm lashes out only to try to damage or take out one of the attackers, before she repositions to keep moving.+
Aug 14 21:19:10 [Tengu] Daniel: "No. I never wanted this."
Aug 14 21:20:32 [Corel] Lenore: "There really are a lot of them...!"
Aug 14 21:21:00 [Aero] Astara: "Just keep it up Lenore."
Aug 14 21:21:45 [Aero] * As the flames approach her Astara spawns Maxwell's limbs again in order to amplify her Kijin abilities to completely cut any bite those flames might have had. It was sorta her thing. +
Aug 14 21:22:35 [Steam] "Messing with peoples' brains?"
Aug 14 21:22:51 [Steam] "... You're one heck of a sicko!"
Aug 14 21:23:19 [Cubey] The Kijin powers manage to block the fire, though Lenore has to retreat further back. You can keep up with the pressure... at least as long as non-Fire Legionnaires don't join in.
Aug 14 21:23:58 [Cubey] Roy simultaneously cuts through the three beams, each split into two... but they cover a wide enough area of angles that the split up ones still painfully graze against the Wagner, causing it damage.
Aug 14 21:24:09 [Cubey] This is not good, especially because you dove right into the enemy ranks.
Aug 14 21:24:19 [Cubey] Jason: "... Shame."
Aug 14 21:24:43 [Corel] Lenore: "I'll try. But going at it this way, we'll have to take them one by one..."
Aug 14 21:25:12 [Cubey] The Seekers focus their fire once again!
Aug 14 21:25:15 [Aero] Astara nods. "Then we should go all out."
Aug 14 21:25:16 [Cubey] However...
Aug 14 21:25:40 [Cubey] ???#1: "Looks like we're here right on time. Is everything ready?"
Aug 14 21:25:52 [Cubey] ???#2: "Ho ho, of course!"
Aug 14 21:26:08 [Cubey] ???#2: "Deisitic Disarmament Field, activate!"
Aug 14 21:26:26 [Tengu] Daniel: "...!"
Aug 14 21:26:30 [Cubey] Suddenly, a wave of some sort of power moves through the whole battlefield.
Aug 14 21:26:54 [Corel] Lenore: "Dessi- Dessu- Dessa- what...?"
Aug 14 21:26:57 [Cubey] Its source - a small wheeled vehicle standing next to the base, with some sort of radar dish atop of it.
Aug 14 21:27:23 [Arach] Gwen: "Um?"
Aug 14 21:27:25 [Tengu] Those voices are very familiar to Daniel, even though they're something he hasn't heard for many, many years...
Aug 14 21:27:32 [Tengu] Daniel: "Maggie! Bobby!"
Aug 14 21:27:34 [Cubey] Jason: "What?"
Aug 14 21:27:56 [Cubey] Seeing the newcomer, several Seekers closest to the vehicle aim their Guns of God at it!
Aug 14 21:28:05 [Cubey] And...
Aug 14 21:28:33 [Cubey] Other than dry clicks, pulling of the trigger has no effect for them.
Aug 14 21:28:36 [Cubey] The guns refuse to fire.
Aug 14 21:28:43 [Tengu] Daniel: "...My friends! You are real! You exist!"
Aug 14 21:30:18 [Cubey] Maggie?: "Excuse me? Did you already forget? My name is Marjory Marita, with assistance provided by the always close to us both Rupert Nestore!"
Aug 14 21:30:39 [Cubey] Rupert: "Considering the state of his memory, I think that's good enough..."
Aug 14 21:31:27 [Tengu] Daniel: "It's been so long... I thought you were a fake memory..."
Aug 14 21:31:41 [Cubey] Rupert: "Anyway! It has been a long time since we spoke the last time. You disappeared, left the scientific academia circles without a trace."
Aug 14 21:32:24 [Cubey] Rupert: "But what happened recently was a big enough clue. We managed to put the two and two together. And we prepared to act."
Aug 14 21:32:43 [Cubey] Marjory: "We created this here device to assist you. With the power of science!"
Aug 14 21:33:00 [Tengu] Daniel: "You two... You were always like this."
Aug 14 21:33:08 [Cubey] Chloe: "..."
Aug 14 21:33:49 [Corel] Lenore: "So they're not called Maggie and Bobby...but's going to help a lot."
Aug 14 21:34:09 [Tengu] Daniel makes some kind of strange, quiet, metallic noise.
Aug 14 21:34:10 [Cubey] Jason: "The Guns of God, stopped by an act of human hubris? You cannot be serious..."
Aug 14 21:34:15 [Arach] Gwen: "Okay, sure."
Aug 14 21:34:29 [Cubey] Rupert: "... It's good to see you again."
Aug 14 21:34:47 [Tengu] Daniel: "Likewise, my friends. Likewise."
Aug 14 21:35:02 [Cubey] But even without the Guns, the enemy ranks are still there.
Aug 14 21:35:14 [Cubey] Most of them staring in shock at their malfunctioning weapons, but who knows for how long?
Aug 14 21:35:24 [Cubey] Daniel, Gwen, Astara, go.
Aug 14 21:36:18 [Cubey] Marjory: "We have so much to talk about - but that has to wait for a more opportune time! I believe as a member of Project Unification you are currently involved in an undertaking. Good luck!"
Aug 14 21:36:30 [Tengu] Daniel: "Yes. Let's talk later. After this is over!" He presses the trigger of the Gun of God. As expected, nothing happens. So instead, he rushes forward, smashing at Lost Seekers on the way with powerful punches and kicks, trying to clear the way to Jason Godefroy! +
Aug 14 21:37:47 [Cubey] Daniel's gun isn't immune to the field's effect either! But the Lost Seekers are easily thrown around by the Wanderer's stronger frame, and too shocked to move either. Finally one of them decides to pistol whip Daniel, while another tackles him from the side. React!
Aug 14 21:37:51 [Corel] Lenore: "So even Mr. Daniel's isn't working now..."
Aug 14 21:38:33 [Tengu] * Daniel tries to grab the one tackling him in a lock, and then throw him over the shoulder, towards the pistol-whipping one!
Aug 14 21:38:42 [Tengu] Daniel: "Don't worry. I won't need it. Because I have all of you."
Aug 14 21:39:23 [Arach] Gwen: "...I'll be fair, I won't use my guns either." What's left of Gwen's nanobots coat Medb's claws, making them into wicked silvered talons. "Come on. Give it your all." She rushes towards Chloe, clawing through anything unfortunate enough to get in her way. "Shoot me, hurt me, kill me! Show me what you're made of!"&
Aug 14 21:39:24 [Cubey] The foe is easily grabbed, the Lost Seeker lacking experience in melee - the Legionnaire is thrown towards the other one, both of them floored.
Aug 14 21:40:06 [Cubey] In front of him, Daniel sees only Jason's Watcher, who takes a step back while reloading his gun, and tries to fire - to no effect.
Aug 14 21:40:11 [Cubey] Jason: "..."
Aug 14 21:40:16 [Corel] Lenore: "Right. I'll try to keep up."
Aug 14 21:40:45 [Aero] * Still in the midst of the now slightly disarmed Legionnaires Astara gets as close as she can before summoning her craft. "Craft Ignite, Maxwell!" As the blazing craft forms around her she uses the flames involved in its summoning as a makeshift MAPW as they roared out towards the Legionnaires. +
Aug 14 21:40:51 [Cubey] Chloe: "No. I can't do it..." She actually sounds panicked.
Aug 14 21:41:33 [Cubey] The enemies between her and Gwen are easily cut apart, and the last Centurion jumps to the side, if any of the Medb's claws get too close then she resorts to grabbing them just to stop them! React/continue
Aug 14 21:42:34 [Cubey] The Legionnaires are backing off from Astara, unable to do anything. The same flames they wield now consume them.
Aug 14 21:46:49 [Arach] *"What a shame." Gwen kicks up to break Chloe's grasp, and then sets to work peeling the mecha apart like a can-opener.+
Aug 14 21:47:16 [Cubey] Chloe: "Ah, stop!"
Aug 14 21:47:34 [Cubey] The grip is not easy to break, and layers of the Centurion's armor are getting torn off.
Aug 14 21:47:59 [Cubey] Chloe herself seems to have lost her composure and her efforts of getting away are fruitless.
Aug 14 21:48:02 [Cubey] Jason: "... Stop."
Aug 14 21:48:11 [Cubey] Jason: "Stop this. We surrender."
Aug 14 21:48:17 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Huh?"
Aug 14 21:48:45 [Cubey] Jason: "We won't fight anymore. Lost Seekers - they may be useless now, but drop your weapons."
Aug 14 21:48:57 [Cubey] He is the first to do so, the Gun of God dropped to the sand heavily.
Aug 14 21:49:37 [Corel] Lenore is pretty stunned by this too.
Aug 14 21:49:47 [Cubey] The remaining Seekers follow as well, standing down one by one.
Aug 14 21:49:58 [Steam] Roy: "... Just like that?"
Aug 14 21:50:17 [Cubey] Jason: "Yes. I am a man of conviction but I see a cause that has been bested."
Aug 14 21:50:28 [Aero] Astara: "Huh..."
Aug 14 21:50:34 [Cubey] Jason: "I cannot win this. You're the ones who won."
Aug 14 21:50:37 [Tengu] Daniel: "...This better not be a trick, Godefroy."
Aug 14 21:50:43 [Arach] Gwen: "Aha...hrmph." She lets go of Chloe's Centurion, and pushes it back with one hand. "Still so sure you're ready for death, Chloe?"
Aug 14 21:51:04 [Cubey] Chloe: "..." The Centurion quickly backs off.
Aug 14 21:51:05 [Aero] After all that work Maxwell tilts its head at the sudden end of the battle.
Aug 14 21:51:31 [Cubey] Jason: "My cause... all those years, and for what?"
Aug 14 21:51:38 [Tengu] Daniel: "Let's get the rest of Project Unification folks here..."
Aug 14 21:51:50 [Cubey] Jason: "The crusade ends here." He sounds positively hearbroken, which would be sad if not for the fact that they killed a lot of people.
Aug 14 21:51:59 [Corel] Lenore: "I don't think I've ever heard someone say that before..."
Aug 14 21:52:17 [Cubey] Jason: "I don't understand. How did you manage to kill enough unjust to reach understanding of God, but none of mine did?"
Aug 14 21:52:39 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Godefroy. You made a mistake. A terrible one."
Aug 14 21:52:58 [Cubey] Jason: "... What are you talking about, Tam?"
Aug 14 21:53:03 [Tengu] Daniel: "You thought the people of this world are the unjust ones. But they're not."
Aug 14 21:53:29 [Tengu] Daniel: "It's people who misuse gifts given to them, to do terrible things. Gifts like the Gun of God."
Aug 14 21:53:37 [Tengu] Daniel: "People like you, Godefroy."
Aug 14 21:53:52 [Cubey] Jason: "Are you saying... the Lost Seekers were the unjust ones?"
Aug 14 21:54:31 [Tengu] Steel Wanderer just nods in response.
Aug 14 21:54:41 [Tengu] Daniel: "It took you a long time to realize."
Aug 14 21:55:10 [Cubey] He falls down silent for a moment, having realized what they really have done.
Aug 14 21:55:19 [Cubey] Jason: "I understand."
Aug 14 21:56:17 [Cubey] Click.
Aug 14 21:56:32 [Cubey] All the Lost Seeker machines (sans the Steel Watcher) explode at once!
Aug 14 21:56:41 [Tengu] Daniel: "...!!"
Aug 14 21:56:54 [Corel] Lenore: "Ah-!"
Aug 14 21:56:59 [Aero] Astara: "Wha-!"
Aug 14 21:57:01 [Steam] Roy: "Woaaaaaah!"
Aug 14 21:57:07 [Steam] "THE FREAKING HECK MAN?!?"
Aug 14 21:57:12 [Arach] Gwen: "-What the!"
Aug 14 21:57:12 [Tengu] Daniel: "Godefroy...!!"
Aug 14 21:57:18 [Cubey] Jason: "That should be about enough... ghh... yes! ARGH!"
Aug 14 21:57:48 [Cubey] Jason screams in pain as his own machine starts changing.
Aug 14 21:57:48 [Tengu] Steel Wanderer rushes in, trying to tackle Steel Watcher!
Aug 14 21:58:03 [Arach] Gwen: "You fucking idiot!"
Aug 14 21:58:21 [Cubey] Entering its own Apostle Mode... but unlike Daniel's, this one twists the unit's form dramatically.
Aug 14 21:58:25 [Corel] Lenore: "Is it because they were- oh...!"
Aug 14 21:58:27 [Steam] "I thought you were Jason the Jerkwad before but-"
Aug 14 21:58:32 [Cubey] A pulse of power throws the Steel Wanderer away!
Aug 14 21:58:34 [Steam] Aaaaand then the transformation starts happening.
Aug 14 21:58:44 [Tengu] Daniel: "Agh...!"
Aug 14 21:59:04 [Cubey] Jason: "Agh... ha... ha ha ha! I understand now! The nature of God! And it's amazing indeed!"
Aug 14 21:59:33 [Cubey] Jason: "So awe-inspiring! Now is my time to meet God in person!"
Aug 14 22:00:11 [Cubey] The unit in front of you grew larger - but its mass didn't change, its body emaciated and stretched out. With four arms and six wings, the only non-thin part is an oversized head.
Aug 14 22:00:16 [Steam] "Dude, I'm a billion percent sure the nature of God isn't blowing people up!"
Aug 14 22:00:42 [Aero] Astara: "I don't think he's going to listen!"
Aug 14 22:00:53 [Cubey] But, its body is covered by glowing bandage-like scraps. Ones with dark writings on them, written in no known language...
Aug 14 22:01:36 [Cubey] Jason: "Let's go..."
Aug 14 22:01:38 [Cubey]
Aug 14 22:01:59 [Cubey] Some sort of force starts pulling everything around upwards.
Aug 14 22:02:04 [Cubey] It is small, but...
Aug 14 22:02:09 [Cubey] Rupert: "Damn, this is overloading!"
Aug 14 22:02:12 [Tengu] Daniel: "...What is he doing?"
Aug 14 22:02:19 [Cubey] Something inside the vehicle explodes!
Aug 14 22:02:45 [Cubey] Marjory: "Cough cough. I dare say, I don't appreciate this treatment! It looks like the Deisitic Disarmament Field has overloaded!"
Aug 14 22:03:16 [Cubey] Rupert: "And this sudden force... what is going on? It is stronger by the second! No..."
Aug 14 22:03:48 [Cubey] Rupert: "Within hours, this force will be strong enough to carry the whole planet into... wherever Jason wants it to go!"
Aug 14 22:04:07 [Tengu] Daniel: "Stop it, Godefroy! You can go meet God if you want, but leave us out of this!"
Aug 14 22:04:54 [Cubey] Jason: "This unjust world will make for a most fitting sacrifice! Let us go to God. But I shall be the one to meet Him!"
Aug 14 22:05:27 [Tengu] Daniel: "You... Ugh. This is my mistake. I should've stayed quiet..."
Aug 14 22:06:10 [Corel] Lenore: "I'm going to have to decline...religion really isn't for me!"
Aug 14 22:06:28 [Tengu] Something starts to glow within Steel Wanderer. Slowly, one by one, glyphs appear over it, forming circular patterns - just like before. Identical glyphs to the one covering the Watcher's twisted form, but while Godefroy's are pure black, Daniel's are glowing brightly.
Aug 14 22:06:46 [Tengu] Daniel: "...I won't let you go anywhere, Godefroy. This is the end."
Aug 14 22:06:59 [Tengu] Daniel: "Everyone. Ready?"
Aug 14 22:07:00 [Cubey] Jason: "Ha... ha ha ha!"
Aug 14 22:07:20 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Draw!"
Aug 14 22:07:21 [Tengu]
Aug 14 22:07:23 [Cubey] The Apostle spreads its wings and arms, ominously floating in front of you. If he gets his way...
Aug 14 22:07:25 [Cubey] But he won't.
Aug 14 22:07:33 [Cubey] Roy, Lenore, go!
Aug 14 22:07:45 [Cubey] Enemies: Malignant Apostle (Jason Godefroy)
Aug 14 22:11:20 [Corel] Lenore: "Yes. Ignite - Azazil!"
Aug 14 22:11:25 [Steam] * "Yeah, look at you all tough talk and with crazy attraction powers and blah blah blah 'meeting God'." The Wagner blasts up into the sky, its arm cannon and tendrils firing beams and bullets at the machine! "If you really wanna meet him that bad, just stand still and we'll make this quick!"+
Aug 14 22:11:36 [Steam] "Can't say it won't hurt, but for a scumbag like you, you deserve every second of it!"
Aug 14 22:12:42 [Corel] *Lenore's violet craft forms in a whirlwind of darkness and flames, drawing its revolver and firing several shots as its wings spread to propel it around!+
Aug 14 22:12:43 [Cubey] The Apostle is being showered by projectiles, Godefroy taking a second to snap his attention towards the Wagner.
Aug 14 22:13:59 [Cubey] One of its hands unleashes something - it's an orb of energy, unleashing small beams as it moves forward just as late Chloe's special bullet did! And while it flies towards Wagner, another hand charges a large sweeping blast, and unleashes it to cut it in two. React, Roy.
Aug 14 22:15:31 [Cubey] As Lenore's Azazil spreads its wings, Godefroy tries to keep it entangled together - by materializing a sticky net in a third arm. The Apostle moves to the side to evade some of the shots, and its two free hands now start shooting armor piercing projectiles, en masse - towards the possibly trapped Craft. React, Lenore!
Aug 14 22:16:14 [Tengu] # Lenore
Aug 14 22:16:17 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 14 22:17:11 [Tengu] Daniel: "Watch out!" He slams the hammer of the Gun of God, sending a near-constant barrage of beam shots towards the net, in an attempt to shred it before it hits the target. +
Aug 14 22:17:30 [Steam] * With all of those attacks coming, Roy's got no choice but to dodge, falling back fast to put as much difference between that energy orb as possible while trying to also get up and over the sweeping blast!+
Aug 14 22:18:34 [Corel] "Yes, I see it!" *Azazil's waist cape branches out- forming sharp tendrils that also lash out at the net, allowing Lenore to focus on shooting those armor piercing projectiles with her own bullets!+
Aug 14 22:19:33 [Cubey] Daniel takes care of the net, allowing Lenore to focus on shooting down enemy bullets. But there is a lot of them, and several hit and penetrate Azazil's armor!
Aug 14 22:20:28 [Cubey] Roy manages to evade the relatively slow moving ball, but as he jumps up, the force continues pulling him and messes up his rhythm. The very side of the beam grazes against Wagner's leg and lower body, damaging both.
Aug 14 22:20:34 [Cubey] Daniel, Gwen, Astara, go.
Aug 14 22:21:39 [Corel] Lenore: "Ugh. He isn't making this easy..."
Aug 14 22:22:20 [Corel] Lenore: "But, I'm not going to escort him to where he's going."
Aug 14 22:22:24 [Tengu] * Daniel opens the Gun of God and loads six fresh bullets into it. Steel Wanderer jumps, quickly bouncing off the sides of nearby buildings as it circles the enemy and fires six bullets from different directions! The Julian shots start ricocheting - off walls, the Malignant Apostle, and even each other - and each time they hit the enemy, they deal damage! +
Aug 14 22:22:59 [Cubey] Jason: "I see it... it's so wonderful..."
Aug 14 22:23:04 [Aero] * Maxwell draws the broadsword hanging from its back and begins to cut through the bandages in order to make it into the main body of the new Apostle and drive the sword into the...machine? +
Aug 14 22:23:20 [Tengu] Daniel: "What? What do you see?"
Aug 14 22:23:52 [Cubey] The apostle quickly moves aside in the air, making the Julians' maneuvers hard - but not impossible. It is hit several times regardless.
Aug 14 22:24:04 [Cubey] Jason: "Everything!"
Aug 14 22:24:33 [Cubey] Each one of his arms creates a flying fist - all of them thrown upwards! But a second later, they all fly down towards Daniel's current location!
Aug 14 22:24:34 [Cubey] React!
Aug 14 22:25:20 [Arach] *Gwen takes a breath. No getting angry. No letting her mind be clouded. Just...will. Her nanobots form into a long javelin, with a beam blade at the head. Clear mirror, still water... "Die." Medb's super speed kicks in, and Gwen throws the spear-faster than even a bullet, it streaks towards the Apostle's chest.+
Aug 14 22:25:46 [Cubey] While Godefroy is busy with Daniel, Astara sinks her sword into the enemy. The bandages prove to be as hard to damage as the main body... perhaps they ARE the main body.
Aug 14 22:26:11 [Cubey] Both the sword, and Medb's spear strike the torso of the enemy.
Aug 14 22:26:25 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Even crazier than before..." For a split second, a pair of glowing wings appear on the back of Steel Wanderer, and they flap once, sending it flying back. Daniel quickly loads more ammo and fires four shots repeatedly - each expands into a rocket fist, and they go forth to meet Godefroy's! +
Aug 14 22:26:39 [Cubey] Who then proceeds to grab at the Maxwell, two of the Malignant Apostle's hands trying to crush it, surprising strength in their skeletally thin form!
Aug 14 22:27:07 [Cubey] While the other two hands bombard Gwen with an unrelenting barrage of beams, smaller than the charged ones, but there is a lot of them! Both of you, react.
Aug 14 22:28:03 [Cubey] Daniel escapes the fists, and fires his own ones. A struggle of Nicholas projectiles - the rocket punches crash against each other, knocking themselves off course or being destroyed in air!
Aug 14 22:29:36 [Arach] *Gwen sees the beams-and the spaces between them. She weaves and dodges, moving as a blur to dodge the danmaku.+
Aug 14 22:30:00 [Aero] * Once again Astara uses her Kijin Abilities, rapidly chilling the air around her in order to freeze the arms to help facilitate an escape. +
Aug 14 22:31:17 [Cubey] Astara slows the hands down - enough not to get caught, but their skeletal fingers strike against the Maxwell as she escapes, dealing... relatively little damage, actually.
Aug 14 22:31:25 [Cubey] Even as he is now, Godefroy isn't that powerful in melee it seems.
Aug 14 22:31:49 [Aero] Astara: "I see..."
Aug 14 22:32:08 [Cubey] The beams fired on Medb seem to be absolutely everywhere, but Gwen moves from one safe spot to another as the bombardment goes on, suffering only a few nicks from the energy shots in the process.
Aug 14 22:32:16 [Cubey] Lenore, Roy, Daniel, go again.
Aug 14 22:32:32 [Corel] Lenore: "Astara? What is it?"
Aug 14 22:32:47 [Aero] Astara: "He's trying to overwhelm us with projectiles because of a weakness in close combat."
Aug 14 22:34:16 [Aero] Astara: "If our faster members can keep him focused on that we should be able"
Aug 14 22:34:26 [Tengu] Daniel: "Then we need to make an opening. And exploit it."
Aug 14 22:34:30 [Aero] Something about this statement was giving Astara a really bad case of deja vu.
Aug 14 22:35:57 [Steam] Roy: "Need an opening?"
Aug 14 22:36:01 [Steam] "I think I'm doing for it!"
Aug 14 22:36:31 [Tengu] * Steel Wanderer jumps high up, firing all six bullets repeatedly, loading a fresh batch and firing again, all in mid-air! All of the bullets are shocking Medards or Andrew-type nets, falling upon the enemy in a barrage of annoying crowd control. Well, all of them except the last one - that's another Julian rocket fist. +
Aug 14 22:36:33 [Steam] ^down
Aug 14 22:38:04 [Steam] * The Wagner instead tries to charge in towards the Apostle, a trail of Crisis energy being left behind, in the general shape of- "Alright, and here we go!" The Wagner suddenly breaks off to the side, peppering the Apostle with beams as that still-present "trail" of energy crystalizes into a blue imitaiton of Dakova's arm, stabbing at Godefrey's m
Aug 14 22:38:05 [Steam] achine!+
Aug 14 22:38:32 [Cubey] Two of Apostle's palms are open and aimed at the Steel Wanderer. From within them, a barrage of explosive bullets flies off and collides with Daniel's own barrage, shredding the nets and destroying Medards. They also fly off towards the Wanderer itself, react to the explosions Daniel.
Aug 14 22:39:22 [Corel] Lenore: "I'll try to, so here goes!" *Lenore infuses her own powers in her revolver, which now fires a rapid barrage of flaming and darkened shots, meant to explode and obscure enemy vision. Behind that, however, is a special bullet that is charged before firing - it hides a delayed, but stronger blast!+
Aug 14 22:40:32 [Cubey] The Apostle circles around you, evading the beams and bullets that explode around it.
Aug 14 22:40:52 [Cubey] Then, Godefroy gets hit by the delayed rocket fist!
Aug 14 22:41:05 [Tengu] * Suddenly, in a near-complete disregard of the law of momentum, Steel Wanderer goes straight down, leaving behind after-images - and then, on the ground level, shuffles to the side the same way. +
Aug 14 22:41:37 [Cubey] The Malignant Apostle is knocked slightly backwards - allowing the Dakova imitation to stab into it, with Lenore's strong blast hitting it straight on!
Aug 14 22:41:47 [Cubey] The Apostle looks actually damaged now!
Aug 14 22:42:11 [Cubey] Godefroy: "Yes, yes. Struggle in vain. The ultimate prize... the reward is before my very eyes!"
Aug 14 22:42:53 [Cubey] Fingers on one of the Apostle's hands light up.
Aug 14 22:42:53 [Corel] Lenore: "Does going after that one thing mean that much to yo-"
Aug 14 22:43:04 [Cubey] Burning projectiles fall down to the ground, five of them in a pentagram shape.
Aug 14 22:43:09 [Cubey] This seems familiar!
Aug 14 22:43:28 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Lucifer. Don't get caught in it!"
Aug 14 22:43:34 [Cubey] The place between the bullets lights up in flame as firewalls rise up to create a burning symbol!
Aug 14 22:43:56 [Cubey] Roy and Lenore both are under threat of getting caught. React!
Aug 14 22:44:27 [Aero] #Both?
Aug 14 22:44:44 [Cubey] At the same time, the Steel Wanderer performs a physics-defying stunt, moving like a video game character more than anything to which gravitation or velocity apply. Daniel leaves the explosions behind, safe.
Aug 14 22:44:46 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 14 22:46:44 [Steam] * The Wagner falls back and tries to keep clear of the firewalls as best he can! "Least it's a predictable shape!" The machine keeps its shield up pointed towards Godefroy just to be safe though!+
Aug 14 22:47:57 [Corel] *Lenore didn't only stop because of the Lucifer shot, but also because she remembered how focused she was on revenge when Carina was still kicking. That being said, if it's a pentagram, it should have some empty spots where there aren't any flames, and that's where Lenore tries to go, albeit covering herself in her own fire!+
Aug 14 22:48:42 [Aero] * As the flames light up Astara throws Maxwell towards the middle of the symbol to absorb as much of the flames as she could. +
Aug 14 22:49:50 [Cubey] It's a good thing Roy raised his shield. Because, a moment after they flare up, the flames change their direction - and fall down on Wagner and Azazil!
Aug 14 22:50:36 [Cubey] Only to grow weaker as Astara starts absorbing them. But they are hot, and supernatural - there is a limit to how much you can do that. They singe against the Wagner's shield and Azazil's fire barrier, both of their pilots feeling more than a little warm!
Aug 14 22:50:43 [Cubey] Gwen, Astara, go.
Aug 14 22:51:22 [Arach] (Is Gwen's spear still lodged in the guy?)
Aug 14 22:52:52 [Cubey] (No, it fell off after the impact)
Aug 14 22:53:49 [Corel] Lenore: "...That was a bit close. Thanks, Astara."
Aug 14 22:54:25 [Aero] Astara: "Lets get closer so he can't do that again."
Aug 14 22:55:08 [Aero] * "Alright, I just need to imagine I'm fighting her." Astara pumps herself up before rushing towards the Apostle again. In the midst of her dash Maxwell disappears in a blur of red and suddenly reappears closer behind him a trail of red dart-like energy blades appearing around the Apostle and converging on the ascended machine as a start to her plan. &
Aug 14 22:56:10 -Global- [Network Notice] Azhure - Attention Roleplayers! The next Multiverse date has been set, following the poll on the DarkMyst site: Oct 7th-9th! Applications for events and prize sponsorship are now open: If you have any questions, please come by #RPG-Hub
Aug 14 22:57:22 [Cubey] The Apostle's hands start unleashing a series of ricocheting Julian bullets - ones that strike against each other, and also against the energy darts, knocking them off course or causing premature explosions - and heading for Astara as she is behind it! react/conitnue
Aug 14 22:57:23 [Arach] *Gwen retrieves her spear, takes a few quick steps-and then jumps, soaring high into the air above the Apostle. "..." She throws her spear down at the machine, and a moment later Medb's thrusters flare to life-sending Gwen rocketing down at the Apostle, to kick her spear straight through it.+
Aug 14 22:57:55 [Cubey] The Malignant Apostle's oversized, eyeless head nevertheless looks up.
Aug 14 22:58:40 [Cubey] Two of its hands join in to create one giant beam - large enough to consume the Medb, and the spear both. All in an effort to stop Gwen's attack - react!
Aug 14 23:01:02 [Arach] *Gwen makes a slight "tch" noise, and carries on in her attack regardless.+
Aug 14 23:02:10 [Aero] * "Invicta." Rather than completely freezing time Astara uses Invcita's abilities merely to slow the time around her as the bullets closed in. Once she spots the direction they were coming from she summons Kazan to her before rapidly slashing at the air in front of her, creating several swirling vortexes of flaming slashes at them and the Apostle.+
Aug 14 23:03:16 [Tengu] # Jen
Aug 14 23:03:39 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 14 23:04:44 [Cubey] The bullets fly through air really slowly around the Maxwell - and suddenly, they are caught in the burning vortexes, that also catch the Apostle and batter it with fiery force.
Aug 14 23:05:09 [Cubey] The Malignant Apostle looks worse for the wear - but it continues firing its beams regardless of damage it took!
Aug 14 23:05:21 [Tengu] Daniel: "Jen! Here." He quickly loads a new, special kind of bullet, and fires. It spreads into a net, like a typical Andrew one, but this net is very shiny, covered in a reflective material. The net gets in the way of the giant blast the enemy fired, hopefully weakening it before burning out. +
Aug 14 23:05:40 [Cubey] And as the beams fire...
Aug 14 23:06:01 [Cubey] The spear escapes them, and embeds itself into the Apostle's head as it stares up.
Aug 14 23:06:05 [Cubey] And following it..
Aug 14 23:06:46 [Cubey] Covered by the newly formed Andrew, the Medb is half-melted by the beams - but it is still in one piece thanks to Daniel's rescue! It slams into the spear, thrusting it through the whole oversized head of the opponent!
Aug 14 23:06:59 [Cubey] it comes out on the other side, and something explodes within the Apostle's skull.
Aug 14 23:07:28 [Cubey] Then, the Medb falls down to the ground, kinda resembling its original form... but pretty heavily melted.
Aug 14 23:07:47 [Cubey] Jason: "The light..."
Aug 14 23:08:06 [Tengu] Daniel: "J...Gwen. You okay?"
Aug 14 23:08:07 [Cubey] Jason: "The light, come to me! I know, but I want to learn so much more! This is amazing!"
Aug 14 23:08:20 [Cubey] Roy, Lenore, go now.
Aug 14 23:08:30 [Cubey] The enemy continues his maniacal rambling despite the heavy damage his unit has taken!
Aug 14 23:09:08 [Corel] Lenore: "I kind of don't want to know what he's seeing now..."
Aug 14 23:09:27 [Corel] Lenore: "But he said...everything, right?"
Aug 14 23:09:42 [Arach] Gwen: "'s hot..."
Aug 14 23:10:22 [Steam] "You want to see a great big light, right?"
Aug 14 23:10:38 [Tengu] Daniel: "Hold on. It's gonna be over soon."
Aug 14 23:10:57 [Steam] "Yes... we're gonna make sure you walk towards it!"
Aug 14 23:11:10 [Tengu] Daniel: "And... I don't know what he sees. Doubt he's lucid. He went insane."
Aug 14 23:11:39 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Not because he saw God, I hope."
Aug 14 23:12:46 [Steam] * The Machina Ex-Caliber forms again, orbiting the Wagner like a gigantic satellite that dwarfs its planet before it lunges at Jason again, focusing on one of those elongated limbs and bringing the mighty blade down on it!+
Aug 14 23:13:21 [Cubey] Jason reaches out - but the Apostle's hand is chopped off by Wagner!
Aug 14 23:14:05 [Cubey] But the one below it doesn't stop. It fires another missile fist. Then another, and another - for a total of trio of them, they spiral and change course as they move towards their target!
Aug 14 23:14:07 [Cubey] Roy, react.
Aug 14 23:15:25 [Corel] *Despite suddenly feeling like she's much less dressed than she is, Lenore advances. Hopefully the damage Gwen dealt would make enough of an opening. "I may not have as many powers, but there are things I know how to do well, like this! Ora-!" Forming both her phantom arms, Azazil approaches fast and furiously, lashing out with both fists in a series of rapid punches, and one straight uppercut at the enemy's damaged head!+
Aug 14 23:16:47 [Cubey] As Azazil approaches, Jason tries to stop its advance with continous stream beams from the Apostle's palms. But as punches start raining down on the unit's head, the beams - and prior projectiles, start being thrown off course, the whole Apostle shaking from accumulated damage!
Aug 14 23:16:48 [Cubey] React.
Aug 14 23:17:24 [Cubey] Daniel, Gwen, Astara - you can move now.
Aug 14 23:18:44 [Steam] * More rocket punches? But the Ex-Caliber suddenly breaks apart into a storm of threads to chase after and shred them, Roy firing out his sword's rocket anchor to pull him to safety in the meantime!+
Aug 14 23:19:17 [Cubey] One of the fists just flies off astray, and Roy impales the other two - and cuts them apart!
Aug 14 23:20:35 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Let's do this again. But this time, even better." He fires a single Nicholas, causing the rocket fist to take a wide circle, letting Steel Wanderer jump up and land on it, holding balance despite its small size! Daniel keeps firing armor-piercing bullets at the enemy, over and over, before jumping off at the last moment, letting the rocket fist collide with Godefroy's twisted
Aug 14 23:20:35 [Tengu] unit too! +
Aug 14 23:20:52 [Corel] *The hail of strikes only stops for a brief moment, while Lenore forms a blazing, dark sphere between herself and the beams, which she also punches to hit it straight at the Apostle!+
Aug 14 23:21:02 [Arach] *The half-melted frame of Medb moves slowly, raising its pistol towards the Malignant apostle-and it fires a beam twice.+
Aug 14 23:22:31 [Cubey] The beams are stopped by the dark barrier - which strains to contain them at first, but the enemy's aim is further worsened by a shot. Gwen's beam hits the Apostle in the head.
Aug 14 23:22:52 [Cubey] It is critically damaged now - and here comes Daniel, damaging it further and further.
Aug 14 23:22:56 [Cubey] Jason: "Ha... ha ha ha..."
Aug 14 23:23:56 [Cubey] The Nicholas fist slams into the thin body of the Apostle - no, more than that. It breaks it, leaving a hole behind. The Malignant Apostle can't support itself, and it starts breaking down... as the pulling force around you wavers.
Aug 14 23:24:23 [Cubey] Jason: "I... failed."
Aug 14 23:24:35 [Cubey] Jason: "Daniel! Only you... can meet God now!"
Aug 14 23:24:39 [Cubey] The Apostle explodes.
Aug 14 23:24:57 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
Aug 14 23:25:13 [Tengu] Steel Wanderer raises its head, looking at the explosion, and the giant portal behind it.
Aug 14 23:25:44 [Cubey] Your enemy is consumed by the explosion - and so the Lost Seekers end.
Aug 14 23:25:52 [Cubey] All that is left is the empty stronghold.
Aug 14 23:25:56 [Cubey] And the portal, that is still active.
Aug 14 23:26:00 [Cubey] A portal that one may use to reach God...
Aug 14 23:26:07 [Corel] Lenore: "Did we do it...?"
Aug 14 23:26:16 [Tengu] One step at a time, Daniel approaches the swirling portal.
Aug 14 23:26:20 [Tengu] Daniel: "Yes."
Aug 14 23:26:26 [Tengu] Then, he stares at it from up close.
Aug 14 23:27:00 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
Aug 14 23:27:12 [Corel] Lenore: "...Mr. Daniel? Shouldn't we close that now?"
Aug 14 23:28:03 [Tengu] Daniel doesn't respond. Steel Wanderer brings its hand to the surface - but doesn't touch it.
Aug 14 23:28:10 [Aero] Astara: "H-hey."
Aug 14 23:28:33 [Tengu] Daniel: "Yes?"
Aug 14 23:29:42 [Corel] Lenore: " aren't thinking of going through that, are you...?"
Aug 14 23:30:19 [Corel] She looks, and sounds quite worried here.
Aug 14 23:30:48 [Tengu] Daniel: "Understanding the true nature of God... It's why the Guns of God were created. My whole purpose. Back in the day."
Aug 14 23:30:53 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
Aug 14 23:31:04 [Aero] Astara: "..."
Aug 14 23:31:07 [Tengu] Steel Wanderer's hand goes to the side, to the console. It pushes a button.
Aug 14 23:31:17 [Tengu] Daniel turns off the portal.
Aug 14 23:31:30 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Maybe I'll do it one day. But not today."
Aug 14 23:32:07 [Tengu] Steel Wanderer turns towards everyone else. Its glowing glyphs fade.
Aug 14 23:32:14 [Cubey] And so the last wielder of the Gun of God made his decision.
Aug 14 23:32:17 [Cubey] MISSION COMPLETE
Aug 14 23:32:51 [Corel] Lenore lets out a sigh of absolute relief.
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