Aug 06 17:13:34 [Cubey] Preparations for the final plan, to create a weapon for use against the Lady before her influence engulfs the whole Earth, were underway.
Aug 06 17:13:55 [Cubey] And this is when the Lost Seekers attacked.
Aug 06 17:14:37 [Cubey] And they did so on a large scale - many attacks over different parts of the globe. Once one attack is repelled, another one appears somewhere else. They just keep coming, relentlessly.
Aug 06 17:15:10 [Cubey] With its current state and TSEN inoperational, Project Unification forces can't be everywhere at once.
Aug 06 17:15:19 [Cubey] But there is a chance.
Aug 06 17:15:52 [Cubey] Intercepted communications point to a center of operations. One Daniel knows very well - it's the old compound of the Seekers. You've been there before...
Aug 06 17:16:24 [Cubey] Now, while the battles around the world still rage on, Project Unification sends a strike team to destroy the brain, the commander behind the attacks.
Aug 06 17:16:38 [Cubey] This is you. The shuttle is already en route.
Aug 06 17:16:47 [Cubey]
Aug 06 17:17:39 [Tengu] Daniel: "They returned to that place. It's been only half a year since it was in ruins. Abandoned."
Aug 06 17:18:20 [Arach] Gwen's enjoying the ride with some warm coffee. "Oh? Somewhere special to you?"
Aug 06 17:18:21 [Jockey] Leos: "People can do a lot of stuff in half a year."
Aug 06 17:18:31 [Corel] Elys: "They couldn't have picked a better time."
Aug 06 17:18:58 [Tengu] Daniel: "...It's the old base. The one I destroyed. Or rather. My old self did."
Aug 06 17:19:05 [Aero] Willis: "I get the feeling this won't be the only case given our luck."
Aug 06 17:19:50 [Tengu] Daniel: "Guess they can't let go of the past easily either, huh."
Aug 06 17:20:17 [Steam] Flit: "We'll just have to make them then."
Aug 06 17:20:27 [Jockey] Lana: "Well we'll just have to make them let go! We'll ask 'em real nicely!"
Aug 06 17:20:51 [Arach] Gwen: "I admire your definition of 'nicely'"
Aug 06 17:20:57 [Jockey] [The smallest robot punches her open hand eagerly.]
Aug 06 17:21:05 [Tengu] Daniel: "Doubt any asking will work here."
Aug 06 17:21:11 [Jockey] Lana: "I know right? Its the best!"
Aug 06 17:21:22 [Cubey] The Shuttle is getting close to its destination now, and one thing is clear.
Aug 06 17:21:27 [Cubey] The compound... is still abandoned.
Aug 06 17:21:45 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Still in ruins. Weird."
Aug 06 17:22:02 [Steam] Flit: "What about underground then?"
Aug 06 17:22:16 [Cubey] But, there are signals! Signatures can be detected within, but they seem weird. Weak and muffled, blinking in and out.
Aug 06 17:22:27 [Corel] Elys: "Maybe they're hiding somewhere-"
Aug 06 17:22:28 [Tengu] Daniel: "There's no underground here. Unless they dig really fast."
Aug 06 17:22:53 [Jockey] Leos: "That or there's something that got missed."
Aug 06 17:23:09 [Aero] Willis: "Or they're waiting for us."
Aug 06 17:23:17 [Arach] Gwen suits up! "This isn't going to be some out-of-phase reality thing, is it?"
Aug 06 17:23:40 [Jockey] Lana: "Hope not! I don't think my body had any testing for that!"
Aug 06 17:24:14 [Tengu] Daniel: "I don't know. But we gotta check it out." He makes sure the Gun of God is loaded, then steps forward. "Earth's burning as we speak. And all those attacks... are controlled from here."
Aug 06 17:24:38 [Cubey] Shuttle pilot: "Whatever is going on there, this craft isn't getting any closer. You still need a ride home when this is over, right?"
Aug 06 17:24:42 [Jockey] One rather alien looking machine and one very Vagan-like one fire up and are prepped to move out with the others!
Aug 06 17:24:46 [Cubey] The shuttle lands, it's all on foot from now on.
Aug 06 17:25:38 [Steam] And the AGE-1 Razor steps out as well, a bit more cautious than Leos and Lana.
Aug 06 17:26:33 [Corel] Amagahara leaves the shuttle, and Elys continues to monitor the scanners just in case.
Aug 06 17:27:13 [Tengu] Steel Wanderer moves carefully through the abandoned ruins, watching for any signs of things out of ordinary.
Aug 06 17:27:16 [Arach] Gwen: "Right, I need to not be too reckless..." Medb takes a position closer to the middle of the team.
Aug 06 17:27:36 [Cubey] The readings point at something being hidden way into the ruined compound.
Aug 06 17:27:38 [Cubey] However...
Aug 06 17:27:53 [Aero] Strahlend follows after the others before moving ahead of the group as usual. "This is ominous..."
Aug 06 17:28:26 [Cubey] ???: "So, you managed to locate the one responsible for our attacks so quickly? I must admit, I'm impressed."
Aug 06 17:29:20 [Cubey] The enemy makes the first move. Suddenly, clouds of smoke explode around the surrounding area - and Lost Seeker legionnaires emerge from them! It's no parlor trick, they were stealthed, and your signals are jammed and can't read them very well!
Aug 06 17:29:36 [Cubey] And it is their leader speaking.
Aug 06 17:29:52 [Cubey] A cold male voice.
Aug 06 17:29:57 [Tengu] Daniel: "...A Smoke Legion trick."
Aug 06 17:30:10 [Steam] Flit: "What?"
Aug 06 17:30:27 [Cubey] ???: "My plans must really have been a thorn in your side. But that is just the beginning..."
Aug 06 17:30:44 [Cubey] ???: "One whose end you won't get to see, sadly enough. It's over. You will die here."
Aug 06 17:30:52 [Arach] Gwen: "Oh, I doubt that."
Aug 06 17:31:47 [Tengu] Daniel: "The one responsible for the attacks... would be you. I assume."
Aug 06 17:32:26 [Cubey] ???: "The Smoke Legion centurion Masaru, in the flesh."
Aug 06 17:33:00 [Cubey] Masaru: "How very perceptive of you. But even now, the Lost Seekers' crusade furthers its cause on all fronts."
Aug 06 17:33:34 [Jockey] Lana: "Yeah? Well how about you make like your names and get lost! Off a cliff!"
Aug 06 17:33:39 [Cubey] Masaru: "And this one will be over soon. Take your doubts to the grave. Seekers, slaughter them!"
Aug 06 17:33:54 [Corel] Elys: "...He's got to have some kind of transmitter to be able to control all his forces like that, right?"
Aug 06 17:34:00 [Cubey]
Aug 06 17:34:12 [Tengu] Daniel: "Probably. Which means that if he dies..."
Aug 06 17:34:21 [Aero] Willis: "That makes it easy then."
Aug 06 17:34:28 [Cubey] The foes aim their weapons, some hiding behind ruins. Who knows how many are still lurking about!
Aug 06 17:34:31 [Cubey] Defend yourselves!
Aug 06 17:34:32 [Jockey] Leos: "Then this'll stop?... Something about this feels too cut and dried..."
Aug 06 17:34:37 [Cubey] Enemies: Steel Legionnaire x24, Smoke Legionnaire x20, Fire Legionnaire x8, Light Legionnaire x6, Smoke Centurion (Masaru)
Aug 06 17:34:38 [Jockey] "Its never that easy."
Aug 06 17:34:48 [Cubey] Daniel, Leos, Gwen, you can go now
Aug 06 17:35:10 [Cubey] Steel Legionnaire
Aug 06 17:35:10 [Cubey]
Aug 06 17:35:10 [Cubey] Fire Legionnaire
Aug 06 17:35:10 [Cubey]
Aug 06 17:35:10 [Cubey] Smoke Legionnaire
Aug 06 17:35:10 [Cubey]
Aug 06 17:35:10 [Cubey] Light Legionnaire
Aug 06 17:35:10 [Cubey]
Aug 06 17:35:11 [Steam] Flit: "Maybe not... but we can't just let him do what he wants!"
Aug 06 17:36:41 [Arach] Gwen: "Yeah, he's unexpectedly normal for a high commander. Ah well, let's just kill them all!"
Aug 06 17:36:53 [Tengu] Daniel: "There's a lot of them. Gotta thin'em out a little..." Steel Wanderer jumps next to a corner of a ruined building and aims the Gun of God, quickly slamming the hammer in order to empty the chamber and send a barrage of armor-piercing bullets fly towards the steel and smoke legionnaires on the way. "Longinus!" +
Aug 06 17:38:04 [Cubey] Daniel is fast on the draw, two Legionnaires falling down from his shots while the rest seek refuge... and a Smoke one jumps off the building's side, shooting a bullet that turns into a spreading fan of razor sharp kunais! React.
Aug 06 17:39:07 [Tengu] Daniel: "Tch..." He quickly jumps behind the corner for cover, kicking a piece of rubble towards the attacked as a distraction. +
Aug 06 17:39:16 [Arach] *Medb's nanobots form into two long spears, one in each hand. She rushes straight into the fray, slashing left and right as she charges the first targets to present themselves-but taking care to avoid the Fire Legionnaires.+
Aug 06 17:39:19 [Jockey] *The Filial and its accompanying machine split up through the murk, using speed and the ruined nature of the area to their advantage. Leos lets loose a barrage of spread shot lasers at a group of smoke Legionnaires!&
Aug 06 17:42:45 [Cubey] Gwen does well to engage the ranged-focused foes in melee - but getting there is the problem! She slices across the first duo of Legionnaires, but the ones behind start evading, running backwards while quickly firing armor piercing shots... and one of them releases a sticky net that threatens to entangle you, instead!
Aug 06 17:43:07 [Aero] #Gwen?
Aug 06 17:43:11 [Cubey] Masaru: "So reckless. Aren't you taking the Seekers too lightly?"
Aug 06 17:43:13 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 06 17:43:45 [Cubey] The Smoke Legionnaires that come under attack by the Filial jump to the sides. One is too slow and succumbs to the spread laser...
Aug 06 17:44:08 [Cubey] But suddenly, you hear ringing noises! Two bullets ricochet off the ruins' walls, and fly towards you!
Aug 06 17:44:29 [Cubey] Followed by beams that fire through where the Legionnaires were a second ago.
Aug 06 17:44:39 [Cubey] ???#2: "... I have you."
Aug 06 17:44:41 [Aero] * "After the week I've had this is like a vacation." Strahlend's nanomachines gather around its hands, forming a large cross-shaped shuriken that Willis tosses towards the net to rip through it and clear the path for Medb. +
Aug 06 17:44:46 [Cubey] React/continue, Leos!
Aug 06 17:45:11 [Cubey] (Oh yes, Gwen needs to react as well)
Aug 06 17:46:26 [Steam] # Leos?
Aug 06 17:46:36 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 06 17:46:46 [Steam] (Alright, combining with my action)
Aug 06 17:48:26 [Jockey] Leos: "Heh..." *With the incoming attacks Leos pushes the Filial's thrusters to avoid the beams... as for the bullets... Leos swings the twin arm blades on the Martian AC to remove them from the equation!
Aug 06 17:48:37 [Jockey] Leos: "Lana. You got this?"
Aug 06 17:48:58 [Arach] *Gwen catches sight of the cross-shuriken just as they're thrown; with that helping her out, she presses the attack and rushes further into the enemy ranks. She slices and dices, and once a chance presents itself, throws the spears with titanic force at some of her foes.+
Aug 06 17:48:59 [Steam] * "There's no way you do!" The dinging of the bullets is followed by the swirling whoosh of a boomerang hurtling through the fog to scatter it away, and what's more aimed to cut through the bullets mid-flight! "Leos, Lana! I've got this!" But the boomerang arcs around to account for the shots original trajectory and cut down the shooter!+
Aug 06 17:50:49 [Jockey] Lana: "If you say so dad! Leave the other jerks to me!" A yell follows the statement as the Gafran Lana Custom draws a massive blade as she seeks out the other shooters and brings it down hard and fast on the first one she catches!+
Aug 06 17:52:22 [Cubey] The bullets bounce off Filial's arm blades - ricochet for another painful hit, but then they are cut down by Flit!
Aug 06 17:53:24 [Cubey] Leos evades the quickly shot lasers - they are accurate, but his machine is very fast. And now you face off against a new arrival. One that bears the Centurion's banner - and the Light Legion colors.
Aug 06 17:53:45 [Cubey] Masaru: "There you are, Chloe."
Aug 06 17:54:37 [Cubey] The boomerang flies twowards the Light Centurion - and so does the Gafran, its melee weapon swinging fast and hard on the target...
Aug 06 17:54:59 [Cubey] Chloe: "Yes."
Aug 06 17:56:11 [Cubey] Who quickly dodges by carting to the side. Just out of harm's way - but the Gafran is still in the way, making it very hard for the bomerang to strike at the Centurion without hitting Lana as well! And while she is turned upside down, Chloe responds by firing the remains of her gun's Lucia generator and then quickly reloading it. Defend against a shower of beams, Flit! React.
Aug 06 17:57:33 [Cubey] As for Gwen and Willis - the net is cut down, which allows Gwen to press the attack. The first and second enemies are cut apart by wide slashes, the third is skewered and leans down limp, then Gwen throws her weapon towards other two, who try to retreat - but are impaled!
Aug 06 17:57:35 [Steam] Flit: "Lana! Watch out!"
Aug 06 17:57:38 [Cubey] Masaru: "Well then."
Aug 06 17:57:41 [Jockey] Lana: "What in the-?! Okay seriously?! What are these guys?! Cyborg Ninja Cowboys?!"
Aug 06 17:57:41 [Cubey] Click.
Aug 06 17:57:42 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Two Centurions. The last remaining ones. And both are here..."
Aug 06 17:57:51 [Cubey] The slouched down foe explodes. With the Medb right by it.
Aug 06 17:57:58 [Tengu] Daniel: "!"
Aug 06 17:58:24 [Cubey] Gwen is thrown to the side by the force of the hidden explosive!
Aug 06 17:58:43 [Steam] * The Razor jukes to the side, Flit making the most of his clear view to evade, and keep on evading until the assault stops!+
Aug 06 17:58:45 [Cubey] Willis, Elys, go now.
Aug 06 17:58:59 [Corel] Elys: "They're definitely not messing around."
Aug 06 17:59:14 [Aero] Willis: "They were definitely preparing for us..."
Aug 06 18:00:08 [Jockey] Leos: "With how things are they probably had more than enough time."
Aug 06 18:00:12 [Arach] Medb does its best to regain footing quickly. "...That's it?"
Aug 06 18:00:31 [Steam] Flit: "But it won't be enough!"
Aug 06 18:00:51 [Cubey] Flit's fast, but the enemy predicted where he's going! Beams graze against his unit, forcing the Gundam to move for cover before they hit any vital body parts!
Aug 06 18:01:02 [Aero] Willis: "I highly doubt that's the only surprise they have for us."
Aug 06 18:01:29 [Cubey] Masaru: "It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you all about it, would it?"
Aug 06 18:02:04 [Cubey] Masaru: "What was that? The attack on Sakihama city proceeds well and without interruptions? Very good."
Aug 06 18:02:04 [Corel] Elys: "Time to respond in kind, then." *Amagahara forms a bunch of smaller Shurikens in one hand, which it throws rapidly at the Smoke and Fire Legionnaires to get their attention.+
Aug 06 18:03:11 [Tengu] Daniel: "...I got an interruption right here."
Aug 06 18:05:02 [Aero] * "...and yet you told us anyways." Strahlend forms Quicksilver and transforms the weapon into a large spear with an oversized blade that made it look more like a greatsword than a spear. With said weapon in hand the machine charges through the Steel Legionaires using the massive size of the weapon in order to blow through them and reach the Smoke Centurion
Aug 06 18:05:08 [Aero] to impale it through. +
Aug 06 18:05:14 [Cubey] The Fire Legionnaires hide behind ruined buildings, and immediately go on the move. The Smoke Legionnaires try to dodge under smoke cover, while also providing support fire.
Aug 06 18:05:46 [Cubey] This means several of them succumb to the thrown shuriken - but now Elys has electrified shots flying towards her! And...
Aug 06 18:06:08 [Arach] Gwen: "...Mm. Sielje would be fighting there, wouldn't she..."
Aug 06 18:06:12 [Cubey] The Fire Legionnaires leap out of cover as well, their Guns blazing with close ranged flames. React!
Aug 06 18:06:50 [Jockey] Leos: "So would almost everyone else."
Aug 06 18:07:03 [Cubey] Masaru: "Of course. Did I mention grievous civilian casualties? I believe I should."
Aug 06 18:07:26 [Jockey] Leos: "Okay now that's just being an ass."
Aug 06 18:07:27 [Arach] Gwen: "I don't really care about that."
Aug 06 18:07:28 [Steam] Flit: "You're digging yourself deeper."
Aug 06 18:08:18 [Cubey] Masaru smirks and starts to retreat - the Steel Legion units between him and Willis getting wrecked and thrown to the sides, but then he fires... at his own units!
Aug 06 18:08:39 [Cubey] Several of the side legionnaires disappear in poofs of smoke!
Aug 06 18:09:06 [Jockey] Lana: "... Uh oh.... Uhm... Uncle Willis! Bad Guy's doing a weird thing!!!"
Aug 06 18:09:15 [Cubey] And as Willis draws in closer - Masaru continues to back away, but the same units just as suddenly appear behind your back, four of them firing armor piercing rounds at you! React.
Aug 06 18:09:18 [Corel] Elys: "Come!" *As suddenly as it starts moving, Amagahara goes low- sliding under the close range flames and bullets flying at it. Elys' free hand summons one of her shorter swords to slice through the closest Fire Legionnaire as she spins, hopefully giving her some breathing room to throw the weapon into another!+
Aug 06 18:09:32 [Arach] Gwen: "But there's a few people there I like, and would see die later rather than sooner. So if you're trying to put time pressure on us...well, that'll do it..." She trails off at Masaru's friendly-fire. "Ah, and now he's actually trying."
Aug 06 18:09:38 [Jockey] #Willis?
Aug 06 18:09:45 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 06 18:10:08 [Cubey] (The units he fired upon are the ones that disappeared and later appeared, by the way)
Aug 06 18:11:25 [Jockey] *There was no telling how well the Orbit Weapons would operate under jamming.... but hopefully the Filial's technology would compensate. Leos lets loose a swarm upon two of the attackers attempting to blindside Willis, while Lana seeks to carve through both arms and torsos with another massive swing at the other pair!+
Aug 06 18:13:29 [Aero] * Strahlend immediately turns, the blade on the spear growing hazy as he converts it into a nanothorn to cut through the both the Smoke Legionnaires and armor piercing rounds fired at him with reaction speeds that definitely weren't normal. +
Aug 06 18:13:38 [Cubey] The appearing Fire Legion unit is sliced through, and Elys throws her weapon towards a second one before its pilot can react!
Aug 06 18:13:48 [Cubey] Masaru: "Hmph."
Aug 06 18:14:04 [Cubey] But the first one explodes again, this time scattering flammable liquid everywhere!
Aug 06 18:14:19 [Cubey] It's getting really hot there Elys, especially because "everywhere" includes on Amagahara.
Aug 06 18:16:03 [Cubey] The four Legionnaires are destroyed by Willis with the two L's help. One tries to grasp towards him, but it's too far. It's not hard what its pilot tried to do.
Aug 06 18:16:50 [Cubey] Masaru: "Quite versatile, aren't you? But what happens if that versatility is pushed to its limit?"
Aug 06 18:16:58 [Cubey] Daniel, Leos, Gwen - go again.
Aug 06 18:17:31 [Aero] Strahlend gives the two L's a small nod of approval before turning back towards the Smoke Legionnaire. "You're welcome to try to find out."
Aug 06 18:17:43 [Arach] (enemy list?)
Aug 06 18:18:03 [Corel] Elys: "Actually, I may be able to use this..."
Aug 06 18:18:18 [Corel] Heat and damage aside, that is.
Aug 06 18:18:40 [Cubey] Enemies: Steel Legionnaire x12, Smoke Legionnaire x14 (2 impaled), Fire Legionnaire x6, Light Legionnaire x6, Smoke Centurion (Masaru), Light Centurion (Chloe)
Aug 06 18:18:40 [Aero] Willis: "How..."
Aug 06 18:18:57 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Just die. Your crusade must end." He reloads the Gun of God and quickly rushes forward, trying to find another, closer piece of cover, and firing an electrically-charged bullet towards Masaru on the way, following up with a second, exploding one! +
Aug 06 18:19:02 [Jockey] Lana: "Is she going to hug them to death?!"
Aug 06 18:20:04 [Jockey] Leos: "Focus!"
Aug 06 18:20:33 [Cubey] Masaru: "On the contrary. This is what the world needs now more than ever before! Why do you think I began only now?"
Aug 06 18:20:57 [Steam] Flit: "Because you're a psycho!"
Aug 06 18:21:35 [Cubey] Daniel's Medard flies off towards the Centurion... and hits!
Aug 06 18:21:36 [Aero] Willis: "Knowing her that is a possibility...but she'll be fine."
Aug 06 18:21:49 [Cubey] Hits one of the half dozen Smoke Legionnaires that suddenly appear in clouds of (fittingly) smoke.
Aug 06 18:22:01 [Jockey] *Ignoring the irony of being the one to tell someone to concentrate, Leos sends the bits to swarm Masaru, randomizing their attack vectors as much as he could as Lana readied a shield and rushed the hopefully occupied Centurion!+
Aug 06 18:22:02 [Cubey] It is hit by the exploding round as well, and destroyed.
Aug 06 18:22:26 [Corel] Elys: "Wait, what's that supposed to mean?"
Aug 06 18:22:29 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Using your own allies as meatshields."
Aug 06 18:22:39 [Arach] *Gwen goes and retrieves her spears, slicing them through the Legionnaires they had impaled. The two spears pool and reform, making another pistol to go along with her carried one. "...Quiet...calm...The only thing I need is to win..." she mutters under her breath, reaching for that state she fought with apogee in. And once she touches it, Medb moves-as a black whirlwind, a blur of focused will shooting at Legionnaires left and
Aug 06 18:22:39 [Arach] right-and rushing towards Chloe's unit.+
Aug 06 18:23:14 [Jockey] Leos: "With how he's been behaving the whole fight... it doesn't exactly defy expectations."
Aug 06 18:23:29 [Cubey] Masaru: "Come, Bernard."
Aug 06 18:24:42 [Cubey] The Smoke Centurion leaps forward, and quickly fires a single bullet and then reloads. His five minions follow up, coming with him and firing kunai bullets!
Aug 06 18:24:45 [Cubey] However...
Aug 06 18:25:13 [Cubey] The bullet fired by Masaru turns into a small black portal-like fissure, and the kunai disappear into it.
Aug 06 18:25:41 [Cubey] They rain down from above at Leos, who is busy controlling the bits!
Aug 06 18:25:52 [Cubey] And by above I mean they come from a hole in space that opened right above his unit. React!
Aug 06 18:26:00 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Above!"
Aug 06 18:26:10 [Cubey] Masaru: "Worry about your own life, traitor!"
Aug 06 18:27:34 [Cubey] At the same time he quickly moves forward, weaving and jumping between covers to minimize damage from Leos' bits. He hides behind rubble from Lana - and ricocheting bullets immediately start firing from his location, ricocheting towards Daniel... and then a straightforward armor piercing shot breaks through cover and flies towards him as well. React.
Aug 06 18:27:45 [Jockey] Leos: "Ah-.. this is problematic..."
Aug 06 18:28:57 [Jockey] *Leos powers up the thrusters to full in an emergency response. Something that would have pushed him into his seat.... and possibly also sent the Filial flying into a ruin. As for Lana...
Aug 06 18:29:01 [Cubey] The Smoke Legionnaires impaled by Gwen's spear are destroyed, the rest of the enemies gives you a wide berth - to make the area clear for the Light Legion.
Aug 06 18:29:07 [Jockey] Lana: "CHESTOOOOOOOO!"
Aug 06 18:29:13 [Corel] Elys: "Spatial control on top of that. It's certainly something."
Aug 06 18:29:26 [Tengu] *Daniel is overcome by a weird, worrying sensation, but he tries to ignore it as he engages into an evasive maneuver, pushing Steel Wanderer's old joints to their limit in an attempt to avoid the incoming ricocheting bullets. +
Aug 06 18:29:53 [Tengu] Daniel: "...I..."
Aug 06 18:30:05 [Jockey] That rubble is going to be cut through so she can cut into Masaru. She's not letting you get away with shooting her papa!+
Aug 06 18:30:34 [Cubey] Two of Chloe's soldiers charge up their Guns of God, focusing larger beams. At the same time, Chloe herself fires a single shot.
Aug 06 18:31:19 [Cubey] Chloe: "Francis, go." And starts circling around Gwen, focused on dodging and evading her attacks. But the Francis round is a problem - it created a small sphere of light that nevertheless moves forward and unleashes smaller beams as it does so.
Aug 06 18:31:41 [Cubey] Then, the two charged up Lucia shots sizzle through the air!
Aug 06 18:31:42 [Cubey] React, Gwen.
Aug 06 18:32:34 [Steam] # Gwen
Aug 06 18:32:39 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 06 18:33:06 [Cubey] Leos quickly flees from under the kunai shower, but the Filial has several of them stuck into itself now, having pierced its armor.
Aug 06 18:33:16 [Cubey] Lana cleaves through Masaru's hiding place, and...
Aug 06 18:33:29 [Steam] * "Hang on!" The Razor, drawing its DODS Machinegun, opens fire at the sphere of light with its own drilling laser blasts, in the hopes of getting it ruptured!+
Aug 06 18:33:47 [Cubey] Masaru: "So straightforward. Is there a single brain cell operating in that head of yours?"
Aug 06 18:34:11 [Jockey] Lana: "Not at all!"
Aug 06 18:34:12 [Cubey] She reveals that Masaru already moved somewhere else, and was seemingly fired from where he was because of another Bernard portal!
Aug 06 18:34:42 [Jockey] Lana: "Wait... that came out wrong!"
Aug 06 18:34:47 [Cubey] Daniel manages to dodge the Julians, but Masaru then fires his own Gun of God.
Aug 06 18:34:52 [Cubey] Masaru: "Idiot."
Aug 06 18:35:11 [Cubey] From his real location, he hits the Steel Wanderer's knee.
Aug 06 18:35:26 [Cubey] Already pushed to its limits, the unit now falls down, one of its legs no longer working right.
Aug 06 18:35:36 [Tengu] Daniel: "Argh...!"
Aug 06 18:35:45 [Aero] Willis: "That's not good"
Aug 06 18:35:59 [Arach] *Gwen can't really dodge lasers. But she can see where the guns are pointing, and dodge that. "..." A duck here, a sidestep there, a counterattack from here-Gwen's moves are precise and efficient as she works to avoid the lasers and counter. That sphere of light, though-it's hard to read. So Gwen keeps dodging at her full speed, maintaining it for far longer than intended as she lets loose a hail of bullets towards
Aug 06 18:35:59 [Arach] Chloe-followed up by a spin kick!+
Aug 06 18:36:02 [Corel] Elys: "How bad is it?"
Aug 06 18:36:08 [Cubey] Willis and Elys, go now. Flit can also go once he's done with #.
Aug 06 18:36:12 [Jockey] Leos: "Willis, can you fix it back up?"
Aug 06 18:36:34 [Steam] (I did post my #)
Aug 06 18:38:32 [Cubey] Flit fires on the sphere of energy - causing it to burst prematurely!
Aug 06 18:39:10 [Corel] *Elys wastes no time in proceeding to thin down the numbers. The leaders seem to be problematic enough already. Given that Amagahara is still covered in that blazing liquid, she goes in for a seemingly blind charge at the Fire Legionnaires, drawing both her long sword and one of the short swords.&
Aug 06 18:39:13 [Cubey] On one hand that means laser beams everywhere, on the other it means they're all going off at once. Gwen keeps her distance and evades them, and the two larger Lucia beams don't have their targets pinned anymore.
Aug 06 18:40:13 [Steam] (Enemy count?)
Aug 06 18:40:25 [Cubey] Gwen starts firing at Chloe, who keeps on dodging with several quick jumps, most of the shots not connecting.
Aug 06 18:40:33 [Cubey] Chloe: "Don't resist."
Aug 06 18:40:52 [Cubey] And then comes the kick! Which actually connects, hidding her unit's side hard!
Aug 06 18:40:54 [Aero] * "I'll try but..." Given how the fight was going he wondered if repairs would be enough. Strahlend's nanomachines swarm out and began to devour the downed Legionnaires on their path towards the Steel Wanderer to reinforce and and repair the broken leg. In the meantime Willis continues his own assault with the transformed Quicksilver, making broad swings in
Aug 06 18:41:14 [Aero] order to wipe out as many of Legionnaires as he could. &
Aug 06 18:41:31 [Cubey] Chloe: "Ugh... to live is to suffer. Your suffering will be over soon..."
Aug 06 18:42:13 [Cubey] But as her unit flies back, she quickly counters with a shot - sticky net expands, trapping Gwen's leg and sticking it to the ground!
Aug 06 18:42:27 [Cubey] Enemies: Steel Legionnaire x12, Smoke Legionnaire x17, Fire Legionnaire x6, Light Legionnaire x6, Smoke Centurion (Masaru), Light Centurion (Chloe)
Aug 06 18:43:22 [Cubey] The Fire Legionnaires form a unified front, several launching jets of flame while others fire rounds that explode into incendiary fluid. React/continue, Elys!
Aug 06 18:44:26 [Arach] Now stuck, Medb's joints glow red as it cools from the earlier effort. And Gwen...Gwen laughs, a high and joyous sound. "AHAHAHA! I said, HA! Who cares if life is suffering! I'll take the endless indulgences of the world over serenity and peace any day!"
Aug 06 18:45:08 [Steam] * Recovering the Razor Boomerang and once-more mounting it on the Gundam's arms, Flit moves to attack those Fire Legionnaires from the side, making precise shots as he flanks them! "Just hold on... hold on Elys!" DODS Machinegun shots fly, each aimed to rupture their fuel tanks and punish them for using flamethrowers!+
Aug 06 18:45:22 [Jockey] Leos: "...Lana I'm worried about your choice in friends."
Aug 06 18:45:31 [Corel] *Amagahara takes the inferno directly...but something isn't right. What the jets of flame and incendiary rounds hit looks more like a floating, incomplete figure that roughly resembles Elys' machine!
Aug 06 18:45:34 [Jockey] Lana: "I know! She's so cool right?!"
Aug 06 18:46:14 [Cubey] Willis starts to repair Daniel's unit with the nanomachine swarm, and Strahlend engages the five minions of Masaru.
Aug 06 18:46:30 [Cubey] Willis slices two of them apart, but the rest don't look like they want to retreat!
Aug 06 18:46:58 [Cubey] Masaru: "Indulgent and sinful. A perfect representation of the world we will cleanse."
Aug 06 18:47:06 [Cubey] Masaru: "Well, you have to start somewhere. You three!"
Aug 06 18:47:09 [Corel] *The real Amagahara, having shed its outermost layer of nanomachine-skin, flanks the attackers from the side with its bow drawn - and firing a wide, bladed arrow to decapitate as many of its opponents as possible in a single shot!+
Aug 06 18:47:19 [Arach] Gwen: "Life's a banquet! And poor suckers like you are out there starving to death!"
Aug 06 18:48:22 [Steam] (Edit, change my action to Flit aiming for their guns)
Aug 06 18:48:31 [Cubey] Two Fire Legionnaires have their guns shot by Flit. With fire rounds equipped, they explode!
Aug 06 18:48:45 [Cubey] The rest seem confused on what is going on - but then Elys, the actual one, attacks.
Aug 06 18:49:05 [Cubey] They can't dodge in time. One by one, they units are cut through, heads and bodies falling.
Aug 06 18:49:17 [Cubey] The Fire Legion units are all down.
Aug 06 18:49:39 [Cubey] As for the Masaru front:
Aug 06 18:50:12 [Cubey] The three Smoke Legionnaires grab at Strahlend! They try to force it still with melee, firing Guns of God in grapple with little effect... but all they do is buy time.
Aug 06 18:50:27 [Cubey] Masaru: "Heh."
Aug 06 18:50:35 [Tengu] Daniel: "...They're gonna explode!"
Aug 06 18:50:36 [Tengu] #
Aug 06 18:50:50 [Cubey] Yes. They are exploding.
Aug 06 18:51:37 [Cubey] And to make matters worse, Masaru fires a whole magazine of bullets - Genevieve bullets, each one splitting into a swarm of many, firing down on Strahlend to pierce through his own allies and Willis alike!
Aug 06 18:51:41 [Cubey] Willis, react/continue
Aug 06 18:51:44 [Cubey] Daniel - # approved.
Aug 06 18:54:29 [Tengu] Daniel: "Thanks for the leg, but..." He rushes forward, trying to intercept the barrage of projectiles by firing beam spray shots from his Gun of God in their direction repeatedly. Steel Wanderer even gets in the way of the incoming shots itself, trying to block them. "I... Realized..." +
Aug 06 18:55:26 [Corel] Elys: "Willis! Daniel!"
Aug 06 18:55:32 [Corel] Well crap...
Aug 06 18:55:40 [Cubey] Masaru: "That it's time for you to die."
Aug 06 18:55:49 [Steam] Flit: "Daniel!"
Aug 06 18:57:45 [Aero] * "....don't." Strahlend's frame begins to convulse strangely before several metallic maws erupted from its body to devour the Legionnaires attempting to pin him down and to create a makeshift defense against the bullets. +
Aug 06 18:59:56 [Cubey] Strahlend grabsand devours the Legionnaires with its maws. They explode within the maws, but it already starts absorbing them and creating a barrier.
Aug 06 19:00:29 [Cubey] A barrier that won't work at all because Masaru changed his target - to Daniel, whose unit limps as the barely repaired leg malfunctions.
Aug 06 19:00:38 [Cubey] Then, the armor piercing shots perforate it. It falls down on its face, heavily.
Aug 06 19:01:04 [Cubey] Masaru: "At this very moment, while fighting you I command Lost Seekers all over Earth."
Aug 06 19:01:14 [Cubey] Masaru: "But it seems you are incapable of doing even one thing at a time!"
Aug 06 19:01:52 [Corel] Elys: "..."
Aug 06 19:02:01 [Tengu] Daniel: "A... Argh... No... I can do this, beca-"
Aug 06 19:02:21 [Cubey] Masaru: "No. Have enough dignity in face of death to face the truth, at least."
Aug 06 19:02:23 [Jockey] Lana: "Come on cool Cyborg Dude! Get back up! Do a cool thing!"
Aug 06 19:02:46 [Cubey] His unit turns, reloading its gun as behind him, a cracked wall collapses from the armored piercing shots, rubble falling over the Steel Wanderer.
Aug 06 19:03:03 [Cubey] Leos, Gwen, move now.
Aug 06 19:04:06 [Aero] Willis: "..."
Aug 06 19:05:21 [Steam] Flit: "Lana..."
Aug 06 19:06:20 [Jockey] Lana: "Dad... Dad what should I do?"
Aug 06 19:07:48 [Arach] *Gwen has taken some time to cut herself free. "Sec," she says, and runs for Masaru. Her naobots form two long tentacles on each wrist; the right one splits into a cat o'nine tails like array of cutting monowires, while the other detaches, dives underground, and then bursts upwards to stab at Masaru.+
Aug 06 19:07:57 [Cubey] Masaru: "You call yourselves soldiers?"
Aug 06 19:08:23 [Cubey] Masaru: "One of yours falls and your morale disintegrates! Don't you realize how many people died today?"
Aug 06 19:08:30 [Cubey] Masaru: "Even more will follow..."
Aug 06 19:08:58 [Steam] Flit: "And... you're going to be one of them!"
Aug 06 19:09:21 [Arach] Gwen: "Is that so."
Aug 06 19:09:42 [Steam] "You're right... Daniel isn't the only person you've killed, but he's was one we knew!"
Aug 06 19:10:15 [Jockey] Lana: "I'm not a soldier... No... more than that! I'm the STRONGEST! And I'm gonna break you!"
Aug 06 19:10:20 [Steam] Was there more emotional attachment to him because of familiarity? Yes.
Aug 06 19:11:07 [Cubey] The Light Legion members see what Gwen is trying to do. While she's freeing herself, one of them is firing explosive bullets at her, while another stands back and charges up another concentrated beam!
Aug 06 19:11:21 [Cubey] All to distract your attack on the Centurion. React.
Aug 06 19:11:24 [Steam] But... "For us, he's a face for everyone you've attacked and tried to kill... and for what?!?"
Aug 06 19:11:24 [Cubey] *Disrupt
Aug 06 19:11:40 [Steam] "There's even worse problems going on and you're choosing NOW to try to take over?"
Aug 06 19:11:49 [Arach] (So does gwen get to act or not)
Aug 06 19:12:03 [Cubey] (Yes but she is attacked mid-attack)
Aug 06 19:12:22 [Jockey] *Leos unleashes a barrage using both his bits and his scatter laser, the Filial's blades roaring at full power as he charges towards Masaru!&
Aug 06 19:12:34 [Arach] (After she's freed, then)
Aug 06 19:12:41 [Steam] @ Leos?
Aug 06 19:12:53 [Cubey] @ approved
Aug 06 19:13:33 [Cubey] Masaru: "Earth is corrupt, its people have grown vile and sinful. What happened is a portent, a sign."
Aug 06 19:13:37 [Jockey] Leos: "You can put on all the airs you like. At the end of the day you're nothing but scum."
Aug 06 19:13:52 [Cubey] Masaru: "The time has come to cleanse the planet of all but the pure."
Aug 06 19:14:26 [Arach] *The distracting lasers draw some of Gwen's attention, making her simplify her attack-instead of a diversionary underground attack, she just swipes with two arrays of cutting whips, taking more than a few risks in pressing her offense.+
Aug 06 19:14:27 [Cubey] Masaru: "Personally, I can't say I mind at all. I'll gladly begin with the rest of you!"
Aug 06 19:14:37 [Steam] * DODS bolts fire at Masaru as well, the Razor synching up with the Filial before delivering a spinning kick with a leg razor before a vicious combination of slashes afterwards!+
Aug 06 19:14:57 [Arach] Gwen: "Thing is, I *like* the corruption and sin!"
Aug 06 19:15:27 [Jockey] Leos: "And lets be honest. There's no such thing as a pure person."
Aug 06 19:16:00 [Cubey] Masaru: "Urgh?" He jumps upwards, trying to evade the underground attack... which never comes!
Aug 06 19:16:23 [Cubey] Instead, the double whips leave a gash across his unit's torso!
Aug 06 19:18:07 [Cubey] But, while Gwen acts in time to evade the explosives that fire around her, the beam strikes Medb's side, melting and burning the torso!
Aug 06 19:18:18 [Cubey] Fortunately it doesn't reach nowhere near the cockpit.
Aug 06 19:18:46 [Cubey] But at the same time, another slow ball appears between Leos and Flit, spreading lasers everywhere.
Aug 06 19:19:07 [Cubey] Chloe: "That's alright. Just let go, it will be over soon."
Aug 06 19:19:59 [Cubey] Masaru: "If you like this world's corruption then die! You deserve nothing more!"
Aug 06 19:20:42 [Arach] Gwen: "I wouldn't die even if you killed me. I'm going to be a blight on you people 'til the end of time..."
Aug 06 19:20:49 [Jockey] Lana: "And if you wanna live in a world with so much purity how about you take an express train to the next one?! OOORYAAAAAAAAAAA!"
Aug 06 19:21:11 [Cubey] While the ball peppers the melee combatants with lasers, Masaru himself fires his gun upwards.
Aug 06 19:21:55 [Cubey] He creates a Bernard portal - and shoots like crazy all he has. The Light Legionnaires add to it as well, a stream of beams and physical bullets suddenly barraging Flit and Leos from below, just as the ball does from the side.
Aug 06 19:21:57 [Cubey] React, both of you.
Aug 06 19:22:20 [Tengu] Something twitches in the pile of rubble.
Aug 06 19:22:26 [Tengu] Daniel: "D..."
Aug 06 19:22:35 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Don't kill me off just yet."
Aug 06 19:22:36 [Tengu] #
Aug 06 19:22:42 [Cubey] # approved
Aug 06 19:22:45 [Tengu] (combining with action)
Aug 06 19:23:59 [Jockey] *Leos pushes his full concentration on dodging the immense barrage.... and with the heat on him and Flit... it meant Lana could flank around to let loose with a charging thrust at Masaru!+
Aug 06 19:24:16 [Tengu] * Suddenly, the pile of rubble explodes with light, as something bursts up from it! It's Steel Wanderer, jumping high up with agility never demonstrated before... And covered in glowing, spiral-shaped patterns of symbols unlike any language known to man.
Aug 06 19:24:17 [Tengu]
Aug 06 19:24:41 [Corel] Elys: "What...?"
Aug 06 19:24:58 [Steam] * Taking a move from Leos's playbook, Flit similarly focuses on evasion, letting his razor blades cut through and otherwise ward off the bullets and beams!+
Aug 06 19:25:23 [Tengu] * Steel Wanderer spins around in mid-air, firing its Gun of God repeatedly, filling the air with bullets that spread into even more bullets! The huge rain of lead falls down, upon the nearby enemies, and the glowing ball of energy, and even the bullets they fired themselves. &
Aug 06 19:26:15 [Aero] Willis: "Runes?"
Aug 06 19:26:44 [Cubey] Masaru: "You... what are you...?"
Aug 06 19:27:39 [Cubey] Masaru is dodging furiously, his unit dodging backwards as projectiles fall all around him. Chloe's energy ball explodes, and so do two of the Light Legionnaires, two others damaged and hiding behind cover.
Aug 06 19:27:53 [Cubey] Masaru: "Go back to Hell where you belong!"
Aug 06 19:28:14 [Cubey] As soon as he's done with his roll, he fires ricocheting bullets towards the new - old target.
Aug 06 19:28:24 [Cubey] React/continue, Daniel
Aug 06 19:30:15 [Corel] Elys: "Some kind of super mode...?"
Aug 06 19:30:31 [Tengu] Daniel: "What I wanted to say before..." Suddenly a pair of glowing wings appears on the back of Steel Wanderer, just for a quarter of a second, and they flap, sending the mech flying to the side before disappearing! Were they really there? "Is that I was very close to unlocking it. The true power of the Gun of God. And after killing those last few legionnaires... I reached it." He
Aug 06 19:30:31 [Tengu] quickly loads a single bullet into the giant revolver, and then suddenly side-steps almost without movement, covering a surprisingly large distance and leaving flashing images behind. Steel Wanderer is suddenly behind Masaru's Centurion!
Aug 06 19:30:48 [Tengu] Daniel: "Apostle Mode." And he fires a single armor-piercing shot into Masaru's back. +
Aug 06 19:31:23 [Cubey] The bullets have nothing to ricochet off of.
Aug 06 19:31:38 [Cubey] With strangely supernatural movements, Daniel is behind Masaru, and he fires.
Aug 06 19:32:08 [Cubey] Masaru: "God's gra..."
Aug 06 19:32:29 [Cubey] The bullet blows a huge hole in his back, the Centurion falls down, heavily damaged.
Aug 06 19:32:36 [Cubey] And then... aren't you forgetting about someone?
Aug 06 19:32:52 [Cubey] Lana slams her weapon down on the critically damaged foe!
Aug 06 19:33:54 [Cubey] The unit under your blade... had one last surprise! It too explodes.
Aug 06 19:33:59 [Cubey] Better get out of there!
Aug 06 19:34:05 [Jockey] Lana: "GWAH!!!"
Aug 06 19:34:05 [Cubey] Flit, Willis, Elys, go now.
Aug 06 19:34:32 [Cubey] Chloe: "This is bad..."
Aug 06 19:35:01 [Tengu] Holding the Gun of God to its left shoulder, Steel Wanderer slides away from the explosion, Castlevania-style.
Aug 06 19:35:24 [Aero] (Enemy list?)
Aug 06 19:36:11 [Tengu] Daniel: "Sorry to have you worried. This sensation... Is distracting. Takes a lot of focus."
Aug 06 19:36:18 [Steam] Flit: "Not so confident now, are you!?"
Aug 06 19:36:32 [Jockey] The Gafran LC pulls away from the explosion, despite a slight stumble its pilot manages to recover her footing and pride and quickly resheaths its massive sword.
Aug 06 19:36:43 [Corel] Elys: "Good to have you back, or well...up again."
Aug 06 19:36:59 [Cubey] Enemies: Steel Legionnaire x9, Smoke Legionnaire x8, Light Legionnaire x4 (2 damaged), Light Centurion (Chloe) (lightly damaged)
Aug 06 19:38:14 [Tengu] Daniel: "I never left."
Aug 06 19:38:20 [Jockey] Leos: "So are you all going to keep going? Or are you going to make it easier on yourself."
Aug 06 19:38:40 [Corel] Elys looks over at the Light Centurion, "I'm going to guess surrender isn't on the list of their options."
Aug 06 19:39:04 [Cubey] Chloe: "... Either way, this ordeal will go on."
Aug 06 19:39:10 [Jockey] Leos: "Its probably not... but I figured it was just polite to ask."
Aug 06 19:39:23 [Steam] * And to make things easier for Daniel, the Razor dove towards a group of Steel Legionnaires, kicking one away to give him enough room to spin around and open fire on all of them surrounding him!+
Aug 06 19:39:29 [Aero] Willis: "The hopefully this throws the forces attacking everywhere else into disarray."
Aug 06 19:42:10 [Cubey] The Legionnaires aren't willing to give up yet! They fire a few inaccurate shots towards the swooping down Razor, but as the Gundam is within their ranks, armor piercing shots fall all around the surrounding area as they try to push it away - or more! React, Flit.
Aug 06 19:43:43 [Arach] Gwen: "So...Kill them all, is it?"
Aug 06 19:43:43 [Corel] *Elys prepares another pair of arrows which are simultaneously fired at the Legionnaires. The two projectiles seem to go in opposite directions as they fly forward - but in between them is a thin and razor sharp nano-filament cable that will cut into enemies as they pass them by!+
Aug 06 19:44:28 [Aero] * "Then..." Strahlend sets its sights onto the Light Centurion, rendering itself invisible suddenly before the machine reappeared next to the machine before swinging the massive spear down towards it. +
Aug 06 19:44:55 [Corel] Elys: "Assuming the one Daniel just took down was really in command, yeah. Their forces should be facing more difficulty now."
Aug 06 19:45:13 [Tengu] Daniel: "Chloe is the last centurion. Without her, their command will be gone completely."
Aug 06 19:45:18 [Cubey] Smoke Legionnaires dodge the arrows - but not the wire between them, which bisects several.
Aug 06 19:45:24 [Steam] * As the new wave of armor-piercing shots comes, Flit quickly has the AGE-1 duck and dodge under them, letting a razor-bladed leg shoot out to cut down any Legionnaires who try to get too close!+
Aug 06 19:46:19 [Cubey] But the Light ones fare better - one of them rolls under the wire, the another jumps above it, while firing a net at Elys. And then the one which rolled charges up a high power beam to shoot at Amagahara as well. React.
Aug 06 19:47:15 [Cubey] Flit shoots up and cuts down several of the Legionnaires, getting out of the way of each one's fire and destroying the offender before they can readjust. When you're done, the Gundam is surrounded by destroyed units.
Aug 06 19:47:49 [Cubey] Chloe: "I see."
Aug 06 19:48:30 [Cubey] The Centurion quickly reloads its gun in the shoulder unit. When Willis reappears, Chloe throws it to the side - while firing recklessly and inaccurately.
Aug 06 19:48:55 [Cubey] But those shots are once again ricocheting ones, hitting buildings and then returning to strike Willis' back before his weapon can slam down on the Centurion. React.
Aug 06 19:50:38 [Corel] *Elys quickly shifts the ring on Amagahara's back to her front, setting it to absorb the net's matter, and using that as a shield against the incoming beam!+
Aug 06 19:53:45 [Cubey] There's not much of energy or matter behind the sticky net to absorb, but it's neutralized easily enough - and though it struggles, ultimately Amagahara holds against the beam with minimal damage.
Aug 06 19:54:23 [Cubey] Danie, Leos and Gwen can go again.
Aug 06 19:54:43 [Aero] * As the bullets closed in Strahlends wings separated into individual mono-wires that stuck out towards the bullets, creating a massive weave to absorb the bullets as the machine continued with its attack without any hesitation even with the approaching bullets. +
Aug 06 19:56:15 [Cubey] Willis cuts down several of the bullets, the others hitting Strahlend's back and sides painfully... but he continues on, the spear slamming down on Chloe's unit. She dodges, but the melee weapon slices on its side, knocking her temporarily off balance.
Aug 06 19:57:24 [Jockey] *Best to clear out what foes still remain! Leos and Lana are moving to quickly blitz through the remaining Steel and Smokes in melee! The former with wide bisecting slashes, with the latter swiftly and brutally attempting to gut every enemy she moved past with the paired beam daggers!+
Aug 06 19:57:24 [Tengu] Daniel: "...This is amazing. It's like I can see all the patterns clearly..." His mind operating on an unusual speed, he uses the Apostle's Armory to quickly produce bullets mid-combat, something he could never do before. And new ones, too! Daniel quickly loads them, slides to the side and fires, launching two Nicholas rocket fists towards the Light Centurion - their hands open and try
Aug 06 19:57:24 [Tengu] to grab and crush the enemy! And in addition to that, electrical currents crackle on their surfaces, to zap the opponent as well! +
Aug 06 19:59:25 [Arach] *Gwen's had some time to put a temporary nanobot patch on Medb's early injuries, and to form a katana and knife for her own use. The Legionnaries are limited in melee-but that's where she excels, and that's where she pushes the fight to them.+
Aug 06 20:00:14 [Cubey] Chloe dodges one of the hands. "Oh no." But there comes the second one! It grabs the Centurion and starts squeezing and electrifying it.
Aug 06 20:00:41 [Cubey] She quickly fired explosive shots towards Daniel before getting grabbed though. They blast all around his surrounding area. React!
Aug 06 20:01:58 [Tengu] * With a long jump backwards and a flip, Daniel tries to avoid the explosion. At the highest point of the jump, he fires a third Nicholas, but this one is a traditional rocket punch that smashes into the enemy! +
Aug 06 20:03:03 [Cubey] Chloe: "Ah... no, no, no."
Aug 06 20:03:51 [Cubey] Daniel evaded the explosions, while his opponent sees the attack coming. She fires the reminder of explosive bullets - not towards the Wanderer, but into the hand that held her. She manages to free herself - but the third Nicholas smacks the Centurion with a graze, knocking it down.
Aug 06 20:04:14 [Cubey] When Chloe gets up, she sees the destruction Gwen, Leos and Lana brought. Only the Light Legionnaires remain.
Aug 06 20:04:33 [Cubey] Chloe: "This can't continue. All fronts falter too... withdraw."
Aug 06 20:05:03 [Cubey] The Light Legion members start to flee, hiding amidst the rubble as cover!
Aug 06 20:05:19 [Steam] Flit: "Finally trying to cut and run?!?"
Aug 06 20:05:32 [Tengu] Daniel: "..." He quickly loads fresh ammo into the Gun of God, and fires several shots towards the escaping Light Centurion.
Aug 06 20:05:47 [Tengu] Daniel: "If at least one hits..."
Aug 06 20:06:12 [Cubey] Chloe: "The future will bring in much suffering. I'm sorry."
Aug 06 20:07:07 [Cubey] Daniel's shots rain down on the escaping enemies, but it seems one or two hit... and deal only scratching damage at best.
Aug 06 20:07:11 [Cubey] However, if anyone else...
Aug 06 20:07:35 [Steam] Flit: "But it'd bring in less if your group stopped killing people!"
Aug 06 20:07:39 [Cubey] Commander Howe: "Good job, everyone. The Lost Seekers are withdrawing, and I mean on all fronts."
Aug 06 20:07:57 [Cubey] Howe: "... Let the ones that are fleeing from you go."
Aug 06 20:08:16 [Cubey] The jamming is gone! And it seems it has been for some time already.
Aug 06 20:08:21 [Jockey] Leos: "Understood.."
Aug 06 20:08:43 [Corel] Elys: "They don't sound like they're done yet..."
Aug 06 20:08:44 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Good to hear that." The glowing patterns on Steel Wanderer fade out, and the mech falls down to one knee, its damage catching up to it.
Aug 06 20:09:09 [Arach] Gwen: "How are casualties on your end?"
Aug 06 20:09:23 [Cubey] Howe: "No, and neither are we."
Aug 06 20:09:44 [Cubey] Howe: "Sakihama came under attack while you were out, but we doubled on security and the enemy was repelled easily."
Aug 06 20:10:31 [Cubey] Howe: "Other placed were under attack too but we offered what assistance we can. No major casualties... but we were stretched thin. Good thing you stopped their commander as soon as you did."
Aug 06 20:10:53 [Corel] Elys: "Thank goodness..."
Aug 06 20:10:55 [Tengu] Daniel: "I see. Commander, from your words... The transmitter is working, yes?"
Aug 06 20:11:02 [Cubey] Howe: "Of course."
Aug 06 20:11:08 [Steam] And with that... a breath of relief.
Aug 06 20:11:20 [Cubey] Howe: "This isn't over yet. We'll know soon just exactly where the Lost Seekers are fleeing to."
Aug 06 20:11:38 [Jockey] Lana: "And then we beat them up?"
Aug 06 20:11:44 [Cubey] Howe: "That's the plan."
Aug 06 20:12:04 [Cubey] MISSION COMPLETE
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