Jul 28 19:30:21 [Aero] After a day's rest in the Kijin Realm the members of Project Unity that have accompanied Seta have arrived to the location of the anomaly currently affecting the Kijin Realm.
Jul 28 19:31:54 [Aero] Ahead of you is a massive tower that seems to pierce into the sky of the Kijin Realm itself. At the base of the tower you can make out a small army of Kijin Crafts trying to hold off a massive force of creatures several hundred meters tall that seem to pour out of the Tower's doors.
Jul 28 19:32:41 [Cubey] Tamaki: "I thought the Kijin were all girls. But they have guys too, and they're all handsome... ah, Kei, Asagi, Izuru, look!"
Jul 28 19:33:15 [Cubey] Izuru: "Were they fighting under this huge tower all this time?"
Jul 28 19:33:15 [Tengu] Asagi: "...When I heard about constructs, I didn't expect this scale."
Jul 28 19:33:58 [Aero] Cebrail and the other Kijin Generals nod.
Jul 28 19:34:20 [Corel] Seta: "This really could not wait any longer..."
Jul 28 19:34:28 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Guys have visited us before..."
Jul 28 19:34:47 [Aero] Cebrail: "If the problem was manageable on our own we wouldn't have asked her Majesty to return."
Jul 28 19:34:48 [Cubey] Izuru: "Then, let's go help them. Come on, everyone!"
Jul 28 19:35:09 [Cubey] So it begins. Time to be the hero!
Jul 28 19:35:13 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Right. Let's stop whatever is causing this."
Jul 28 19:35:19 [Cubey] ... A hero that Seta's generals found rather unimpressive, but still.
Jul 28 19:36:21 [Corel] "..." Seta looks unsure. As they had discussed, she was probably at fault for not getting in there in the first place.
Jul 28 19:36:38 [Aero] Kalash: "This will be a lot harder without Vallar but we will have to make due."
Jul 28 19:37:10 [Cubey] Izuru: "It's okay, things are gonna be alright. Because..."
Jul 28 19:38:09 [Corel] Seta: "Because...?"
Jul 28 19:38:12 [Aero] Astara puts a hand on Seta's shoulder as she notes her friends expression, it was one she made herself pretty often. "We can still fix it."
Jul 28 19:38:24 [Cubey] "Seta is here now, and we're here, too! Please keep an eye out on the bad guys, Kei!"
Jul 28 19:38:33 [Cubey] Red Five accelerates right into the fight!
Jul 28 19:38:48 [Aero] Memno: "You guys remember the plan right? We'll clear a path, and we'll count on you to accompany her Majesty and break into the towe-."
Jul 28 19:38:52 [Tengu] Asagi: "An army of hundred-meter tall giants. We've been through worse, right?" He doesn't sound too excited about this. "Alright, let's g... Hey, Izuru! Wait!"
Jul 28 19:39:00 [Tengu] Blue One rushes forward as well.
Jul 28 19:39:02 [Aero] Memno: "Aaahhh what is he doing!?"
Jul 28 19:39:03 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Of course. And, yes, we can fix this. We just need to get in there."
Jul 28 19:39:16 [Aero] Memno: "WE HAD A PLAN!"
Jul 28 19:39:48 [Aero] Kalash: "...still disappointing."
Jul 28 19:40:44 [Tengu] Asagi: "At least let our allies finish talking before rushing in!"
Jul 28 19:40:57 [Corel] Seta: "If Izuru is going..."
Jul 28 19:41:08 [Corel] Well, Union rushes in after as well.
Jul 28 19:41:27 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "We're used to rushing in, though..."
Jul 28 19:42:42 [Aero] Astara: "I guess..."
Jul 28 19:42:51 [Aero] [Initiative: Izuru, Kei, Seta, Asagi]
Jul 28 19:43:00 [Aero] [Enemies: Tower “Craft” Snake Type x5, Tower “Craft” Archer Type x 5] [Snake: https://imgur.com/SbuNHib ] [Archer: https://i.imgur.com/3LAPGCA.jpg ]
Jul 28 19:43:14 [Aero] [Everyone can take their turns]
Jul 28 19:43:17 [Corel] Seta: "Cebrail, Kalash, Memno, follow up as the plan was laid out. We will have to improvise..."
Jul 28 19:43:43 [Aero] [NPC Supports Available: Maxwell (Astara), Cebrail, Kalash, Memno]
Jul 28 19:44:02 [Cubey] Izuru: "These things are really huge, if I get too close they can get me in one hit. But..."
Jul 28 19:44:35 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "That's why we should follow a plan..."
Jul 28 19:44:39 [Aero] The Generals nod, whether they like it or not they had to make due with the situation.
Jul 28 19:44:52 [Aero] Astara: "We'll just have to break through...I think..."
Jul 28 19:45:09 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Yeah. And the army seems to be holding most of them back."
Jul 28 19:45:20 [Cubey] *Red Five swoops down, firing long continous streams of energy from its pistols, and then just as quickly flies up into the skies. This should get the enemies' attention - ease the strain on the local Kijin forces, and if they try to turn to follow Izuru: also make it easier for allies to flank them.+
Jul 28 19:45:42 [Corel] Seta: "The latter part of this plan may still work..."
Jul 28 19:48:08 [Corel] *Union lifts a hand in the air, and brings it down in one motion. From high above, a searing beam of golden light shoots down at the ground and sweeps across any enemies targeting Izuru.+
Jul 28 19:48:17 [Aero] [Izuru] The beams strike the Tower Crafts, glancing wounds but at least it was damage. One of the Snake Crafts quickly slithers after Red One before thrusting one of massive spears on its arms towards the AHSMB. [React Izuru]
Jul 28 19:48:28 [Julia_Dietrich] * "Astara, make sure Izuru doesn't get overwhelmed. We don't quite know their capabilities, so they might surprise him drawing their attention like that. If they try to follow through to strike back, an opening in the formation should show up around here as the snake-like ones move ahead. Move into that gap to strike at the archers and keep them from plugging it where they can support each...
Jul 28 19:48:29 [Julia_Dietrich] ...other. The rest will back you up so you don't get surrounded." +
Jul 28 19:48:58 [Aero] Astara: "Got it."
Jul 28 19:49:37 [Cubey] Izuru: "I knew Kei would find an opening to exploit... woah! Here goes!"
Jul 28 19:50:17 [Tengu] Asagi: "As long as we simply help the Kijin make a breakthrough, the plan can still be salvaged, right?" Blue One swoops in, firing a series of missiles towards the enemies, hoping to cause further chaos among their ranks - and under cover of the explosions, the AHSMB launches towards one of the Archers, swinging its polearm and then following up with a stab right to the chest! +
Jul 28 19:50:38 [Cubey] *Seeing the spear's thrust, Red Five quickly weaves to the side while still gaining altitude. The enemy has an advantage of reach, so Izuru tries to evade by going towards a side and then breaking off.+
Jul 28 19:53:42 [Aero] [Kei and Asagi] And immediately Maxwell charges forward once the Crafts formation is broken, the Blazing craft maneuvers past the Snakes and slams her fist into one of the massive Archers crushing the outer armor of the creature's chest exposing it for BLUE ONE's polearm to thrust right through the creature. A response is immediate as the other Archers take
Jul 28 19:53:56 [Aero] aim and unleash a torrent of energy arrows at the machines. [React Asagi]
Jul 28 19:57:02 [Aero] [Izuru and Seta] The massive spear barely whizzes past Red Five as it makes its evasive moves, with the arm extended Seta's beam sweeps across and severs the gigantic arm from the body of the machine which lands below and impales itself into the ground. Upon getting vision of Union more of the Snake Crafts seem to take interest in it and charge at the
Jul 28 19:57:10 [Aero] not!craft. [React Seta]
Jul 28 19:57:16 [Aero] [Izuru and Kei can go again]
Jul 28 19:57:40 [Tengu] Asagi: "As I thought, these ones are long range-focused. Those bows aren't just for show!" Blue One zips around to avoid the first few arrows, drawing its katana at the same time, and then proceeds to not only dodge, but also try reflecting some of the arrows away. +
Jul 28 19:57:57 [Cubey] # Seta (combining with action)
Jul 28 19:58:38 [Aero] [Approved]
Jul 28 19:58:51 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "That's why I wanted to create an opening to get people close to them." For its own part, Purple-2 maintained some distance, keeping low enough to not be a completely obvious target hanging in the sky
Jul 28 20:01:24 [Cubey] Izuru: "But the original plan is still in action. We were told to escort Seta and..." *Red Five spins mid-air, taking aim at one of the attacking Snakes' backs. Izuru quickly sheathes the pistols and grabs a hold on his rifle. "This is what we're going to do!" He fires a series of quick energy rounds, followed by the chaingun charging up and releasing a powerful concentrated blast!+
Jul 28 20:03:32 [Corel] *Union jumps back to hopefully avoid the incoming Snake Crafts long enough for Izuru to attack. But in the meantime, Seta also releases a multitude of light spheres that surround the attackers and fire beams upon them from multiple angles!+
Jul 28 20:04:39 [Julia_Dietrich] * "Astara, keep the pressure on the archers. Khalash, do something about those arrows to relieve Asagi. Asagi, the second you see him do it, turn it around on the archers. They're stuck to the ground and with gravity and the need to bend, hitting the sky directly above them is going to be hard, move in and bombard them from up there." +
Jul 28 20:11:32 [Aero] [Izuru and Seta] One of the massive spears manages to reach Union slamming into the Craft but before the creature could pierce its arm through it comes under attack by Red Five. Slowly but surely the amount of concentrated fire pierces through the massive body tearing it in two. Thankfully once severed the creature stops moving.
Jul 28 20:12:08 [Aero] and is pierced by the remaining beams of light from Union, ending the creature's existence.
Jul 28 20:12:31 [Cubey] Izuru: "Phew! Okay, that was a bit reckless... you okay, Seta?"
Jul 28 20:12:35 [Aero] [Seta can go]
Jul 28 20:12:53 [Corel] Seta: "Ah, thank you, Izuru. I am fine..."
Jul 28 20:13:27 [Corel] Seta: "And they do not regenerate...so..."
Jul 28 20:14:42 [Corel] *Seta focuses all those spheres to fire on a single point in front of her, where they combine to form a much larger beam that targets the other Snake Craft. She's hoping for the attack to punch through one and hit another!+
Jul 28 20:14:55 [Aero] [Kei and Asagi] Maxwell nods and Astara summons her broadsword and continues the assault on the already damaged Archer, thrusting her own sword into the creature and charging the blade with energy. "Just a bit more.". Meanwhile Kalash summons her own Craft, a Black Knight that emerges from her shadow and quickly covers her as a torrent of darkness erupts out
Jul 28 20:15:15 [Aero] from the craft engulfing the arrows that were chasing after Blue One.
Jul 28 20:15:25 [Aero] [Kalash Craft: http://i.imgur.com/5zZQ6lf.jpg ]
Jul 28 20:15:43 [Aero] [Asagi you can take your kei action and normal action]
Jul 28 20:17:47 [Tengu] Asagi: "Got it, Kei. A perfect opportunity for counterstrike!" Blue One takes off high into the air, drawing and charging up its energy cannon... And then it flies over the remaining archers, bombarding them with powerful beams as it passes by! +
Jul 28 20:17:56 [Tengu] (both actions combined)
Jul 28 20:21:07 [Aero] [Asagi] With the Archers completely exposed thanks to Kalash and Astara Blue One has free reign to charge its attack. Astara leaps out of the way as the massive beam sweeps through the distracted Archers, destroying the already damaged Archer and another with it while majorly wounding the others. They respond in kind, unleashing a single massive arrow that
Jul 28 20:21:59 [Aero] splits apart into several homing lasers that track down Blue One and surprisingly Purple Two. [React Kei and Asagi]
Jul 28 20:22:39 [Aero] [Izuru can go]
Jul 28 20:23:21 [Aero] [Enemies: Tower “Craft” Snake Type x4, Tower “Craft” Archer Type x 3]
Jul 28 20:23:50 [Cubey] Izuru: "They're targetting our command structure?!"
Jul 28 20:24:17 [Cubey] Tamaki: "No time to be surprised, I'll just break through with force! Come on!"
Jul 28 20:24:20 [Julia_Dietrich] * Kei was already low to the ground, so she went lower, trying to use Purple-2's superior responsiveness to dash between rocks and other obstacles and make the laser crash into them instead of her. +
Jul 28 20:24:37 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "I guess they can hear our communications."
Jul 28 20:25:09 [Cubey] *Purple Three barges through the battlefield like a flying wrecking ball, one that wildly shoots missiles and lasers everywhere as it forcibly makes its way towards the Archers...
Jul 28 20:25:39 [Cubey] *And then from under its shadow, Red Five lunges at them. "Uwooooh!" Izuru delivers an X-shaped slash with both of his AHSMB's forearm blades!+
Jul 28 20:26:26 [Tengu] Asagi: "I thought these are supposed to be mindless AIs?" He fires one more blast, towards the incoming arrows and enemies who fired them, before quickly continuing his travel in the air by zooming past to the opposite side of enemies in an evasive maneuver. +
Jul 28 20:27:50 [Aero] [Seta] The massive sphere combines and the beam slams into the Snake Craft, surprisingly it manages to push against the beam threatening to pierce through it however.... "Craft Ignite" Cebrail speaks the words as he summons his own Craft, the winged machine raising its staff? and amplifying the power of Seta's beam enabling it to pierce through the Snake
Jul 28 20:27:53 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "They could have language recognition programs, radio decoding software and a solid tactical AI, but no qualia."
Jul 28 20:28:01 [Aero] along with the Tower Craft behind it.
Jul 28 20:28:12 [Aero] [Cebrail Craft: http://i.imgur.com/TZ0xCE6.png ]
Jul 28 20:28:46 [Cubey] Izuru: "Qualia?"
Jul 28 20:30:31 [Corel] Seta: "I think it is safe to say that our assumptions were not completely true...there is definitely more to them."
Jul 28 20:30:58 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Conscious experience."
Jul 28 20:31:08 [Aero] [Kei and Asagi] The beams twist and turn to chase after the two respective AHSMBs. Purple-2 dashes and weaves through the many rocks that line the wasteland of the Kijin Realm and thankfully her motions work and the beams slam into the rocks, sending debris flying in every direction but overall leaving the machine unscathed.
Jul 28 20:31:27 * Steam (Steam@66.213.ppg.lhu) has joined
Jul 28 20:31:52 * Steam has quit (Client Quit)
Jul 28 20:31:58 * Steam (Steam@66.213.ppg.lhu) has joined
Jul 28 20:32:41 [Corel] Seta: "And thank you, Cebrail. You were just on time."
Jul 28 20:33:14 [Aero] As for Blue-1... "Craft Ignite." The last Kijin General summons her Craft and in an instant the barrage of homing lasers is met by another one fired by the General's craft, matching and diffusing them before they could reach Asagi.
Jul 28 20:34:32 [Aero] Cebrail: "I won't miss my timings your Majesty, this just feels like old times."
Jul 28 20:35:59 [Aero] [Kei and Asagi can go now]
Jul 28 20:36:41 [Aero] [Memno's Craft: http://i.imgur.com/6TnaRm3.jpg?1 ]
Jul 28 20:37:10 [Julia_Dietrich] (Remaining enemies? And who is engaged with what?)
Jul 28 20:37:20 [Aero] [Enemies: Tower “Craft” Snake Type x2, Tower “Craft” Archer Type x 3]
Jul 28 20:37:55 [Aero] [No one is currently engaged since Astara lept away and the Vanguard is destroyed so basically the situation is reset]
Jul 28 20:38:33 [Tengu] Asagi: "Good support. At this rate, they won't last much longer!" While flying over an Archer-type enemy, Blue One throws its spear towards its main body - and then immediately descends, following up the attack by dropping at the enemy and slashing several times viciously with the katana! +
Jul 28 20:39:15 [Aero] [SLIGHT CORRECTION, Izuru is attacking the Archers.]
Jul 28 20:39:26 [Aero] [And Tamaki]
Jul 28 20:41:18 [Julia_Dietrich] * "Seta, pin down the frontline so it can't interfere with the rest of my team. Memno, once the frontline is pinned and you're safe from interference, snipe at the enemy archers. I'll send you targeting data and I'm ready to track any arrows they fire at you and shoot them out of the sky." +
Jul 28 20:41:52 [Aero] [Izuru] In the scramble that ensued from the homing lasers Rose-3 manages to slam its big fat body through whatever formation the Archers could manage, rattling the copy crafts allowing Red-5 to emerge from the shadows and cut right through the Archer and land on the other side. the X-shaped wound glowing for a few seconds before the Archer explodes behind
Jul 28 20:41:55 [Aero] you.
Jul 28 20:42:52 [Aero] Cebrail: "Hmmm that was surprisingly well done.."
Jul 28 20:43:05 [Aero] Kalash: "He really isn't as derpy as we thought..."
Jul 28 20:43:43 [Cubey] Tamaki: "Aww thanks, it's all in a day's work~"
Jul 28 20:44:14 [Aero] [Seta take your Kei action]
Jul 28 20:44:15 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "He did kill Jiart and save Earth."
Jul 28 20:44:46 [Cubey] Izuru: "Umm, yeah... anyway it looks like we're pushing them! At this rate we can barge in soon!"
Jul 28 20:45:15 [Tengu] Asagi: "He's still Izuru, though."
Jul 28 20:45:30 [Corel] Seta: *"I understand, Kei. Here it goes...!" Union charges its fist with dark energy and slammed into the ground. Instead of the usual light pillars, geysers of darkness appear beneath the enemies to reduce their movement!+
Jul 28 20:45:43 [Aero] [Aaaaand as Izuru says that the Tower suddenly glows before several more of the creatures spawn from it.]
Jul 28 20:47:22 [Cubey] Izuru: "Uweh..."
Jul 28 20:47:57 [Tengu] Asagi: "...I thought it will take more time to generate more of them!"
Jul 28 20:48:28 [Aero] Astara: "I think...something is making it more aggravated."
Jul 28 20:48:56 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "We need an opening to break through. We can't just fight all of them. I'll see if I can find a path."
Jul 28 20:48:57 [Cubey] Izuru: "It's creating more of them because we managed to kill several so quickly?"
Jul 28 20:49:18 [Aero] Astara looks up towards Seta, she was beginning to see why even the Kijin Army was being pushed back.
Jul 28 20:50:48 [Corel] Seta: "...We are already too far in this to back off now."
Jul 28 20:51:17 [Cubey] Izuru: "We're not backing off, right? Our mission's to get in!"
Jul 28 20:51:33 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "We need somebody to hold the line and somebody else to help cut a path to the door."
Jul 28 20:52:03 [Aero] [Seta and Kei sorta] "We need to concentrate our fire then." As the geysers begin to pour up and block paths of escape for the Tower Crafts Memno takes several pinpoint shots and picks off several of the Archer crafts, the heads of the creatures exploding as her shots ring true.
Jul 28 20:52:13 [Aero] However their numbers continue to grow...
Jul 28 20:52:17 [Aero] At this rate...
Jul 28 20:52:25 [Cubey] Izuru: "That was what we are trying to do..."
Jul 28 20:52:30 [Aero] [???, and ??? GOOO]
Jul 28 20:52:35 [Cubey] But it doesn't seem to be working very well.
Jul 28 20:52:57 [Aero] [Enemies: Tower “Craft” Snake Type x10, Tower “Craft” Archer Type x 10]
Jul 28 20:53:43 [Cubey] Tamaki: "There's twice the numbers of them than at the start? That's cheating!"
Jul 28 20:54:26 [Corel] Seta: "We do not need to defeat all of them...just..."
Jul 28 20:54:58 [Steam] ???: "-Relax... I think... I think we got this!"
Jul 28 20:55:52 [Steam] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGzZS2eadWY
Jul 28 20:56:28 [Aero] [Asagi] With the last remaining Archer in its sights Blue-1 eviscerates the last Archer from the initial wave, the katana tearing through the stone-like creature in ways that a katana really should not. When all is over and said with the remains of the creature surround Blue-1 but the katana looks slightly bent out of shape.
Jul 28 20:57:07 [Steam] * Blue strands of energy whip across the battlefield, lashing at the lines of the Tower "Craft" to put the pressure on them. As long as they all are, they all inevitably trace back to the same source, the Wagner, radiating Crisis energy!+
Jul 28 20:57:32 [Corel] ???2: "It was - cut a path, right?"
Jul 28 20:58:37 [Cubey] Izuru: "It's the Wagner?"
Jul 28 20:58:48 [Corel] *A glowing phantom arm is thrust forward - emitting a gigantic fiery beam from its outstretched palm that slices through the enemies!+
Jul 28 20:59:10 [Aero] Astara: "That arm...Lenore?"
Jul 28 20:59:23 [Corel] As for where it came from, another Craft stands on the ground not too far away!
Jul 28 21:00:06 [Corel] http://i.imgur.com/F7mn4tH.jpg
Jul 28 21:00:28 [Tengu] Asagi: "I need to be careful cutting hard targets, or I'll get an earful again... Roy! Lenore!"
Jul 28 21:00:38 [Corel] Lenore: "Looks like we made it...!"
Jul 28 21:01:20 [Corel] Lenore: "And, Astara...I think I found your guy."
Jul 28 21:01:37 [Corel] Lenore: "Roy was a big help with it, too."
Jul 28 21:01:39 [Aero] Astara: "...really?"
Jul 28 21:01:55 [Aero] [???1 and 2] The combined attack rips through, forcing the Crafts to leap out of the way...opening a path if you will but the number of enemies were still massive...
Jul 28 21:02:24 [Aero] A familiar blue haired Kijin who went missing weeks ago walks through the battlefield...
Jul 28 21:02:26 [Steam] Roy: "Lady... I didn't do that much. Just what any good bodyguard would!"
Jul 28 21:03:29 [Aero] Vallar: "Your highness! I forgot to inform you, the Tower has gone out of control and we might need you back in the Kijin Realm in order to deal with the situation! I'm glad I managed to find you again to deliver this news I lost track of."
Jul 28 21:03:43 [Cubey] Izuru: "Woah..."
Jul 28 21:03:44 [Aero] Astara: ".............................."
Jul 28 21:03:51 [Corel] Seta: "......."
Jul 28 21:04:18 [Tengu] Asagi: "...This Tower over here, you mean?"
Jul 28 21:04:30 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "We're in the middle of a battle, we'll talk when we get back." She had a lot to ask Lenore later. "...We're trying to bring the Tower under control."
Jul 28 21:04:39 [Aero] Vallar: "...Ah I see, this is where you were leading me Lenore."
Jul 28 21:04:40 [Cubey] Izuru: "So Lenore found Vallar at least, but... err..."
Jul 28 21:04:58 [Cubey] Tamaki: "Wow, Kijin really suck at finding their way!"
Jul 28 21:05:20 [Aero] Cebrail: "Hahaha...well one way or another we have Vallar back."
Jul 28 21:05:36 [Aero] Memno: "I told you we shouldn't have let him be the one to give the news..."
Jul 28 21:05:46 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "And know about the tower."
Jul 28 21:06:13 [Corel] Seta: "Well...it is too late to regret that."
Jul 28 21:06:32 [Aero] Astara: "We still need to clear a path into the tower..."
Jul 28 21:06:43 [Tengu] Asagi: "Anyway! The path is open, but not for long!"
Jul 28 21:06:49 [Cubey] Tamaki: "What would you guys do without us?"
Jul 28 21:06:49 [Aero] Astara: "Ah...right lets go!"
Jul 28 21:06:55 [Cubey] Izuru: "Right! No time to waste!"
Jul 28 21:07:09 [Cubey] Izuru: "Hold on tight, this won't take long! Probably."
Jul 28 21:07:49 [Corel] Lenore: "Roy, go along with the others."
Jul 28 21:08:03 [Corel] Lenore: "I think they're going to need me out here."
Jul 28 21:08:28 [Tengu] Asagi: "There's still a lot of them out here. You're going to help your fellow Kijin, Lenore and Vallar?"
Jul 28 21:08:51 [Steam] Roy: "If you think so..."
Jul 28 21:08:58 [Aero] As the members accompanying Seta start to move forward the Crafts outside of the massive building attempt to block the path again. However... "Indeed, I must make up for my mistake."
Jul 28 21:09:04 [Corel] Lenore: "That's the plan. We'll be okay!"
Jul 28 21:09:05 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Okay... We'll talk later."
Jul 28 21:09:06 [Steam] Yeah, at there'd at least be backup for her.
Jul 28 21:09:16 [Steam] "Well then all of you watch yourselves!"
Jul 28 21:09:41 [Aero] "Craft Ignite!" The last Kijin General is surrounded by a torrent of water as his own Craft is summoned.
Jul 28 21:09:46 [Aero] [Vallar's Craft: https://i.imgur.com/MQMaPOG.jpg ]
Jul 28 21:09:56 [Corel] Seta: "I will be counting on all of you as before..."
Jul 28 21:10:10 [Corel] Seta: "Lenore, as well."
Jul 28 21:10:27 [Tengu] Asagi: "Alright. I'll count on you. Don't die!" Blue One moves towards the Tower, while there's still an opening.
Jul 28 21:10:50 [Steam] The Wagner speeds off through the opening too, right alongside Asagi!
Jul 28 21:11:04 [Cubey] Izuru: "They're going to be fine, right?" Red Five quickly speeds up towards the tower. "That felt like a cool entry... well, mostly."
Jul 28 21:11:42 [Aero] And to answer everyone's worries with a flick of its hand a mass of watery tentacles emerge from portals around the remaining Tower Crafts that slam and smash into the creatures, destroying them with ease.
Jul 28 21:11:59 [Aero] Vallar: "There your path is secured...best of luck your highness and Project Unity."
Jul 28 21:12:26 [Corel] After nodding at Vallar, Seta immediately moves as well.
Jul 28 21:12:42 [Aero] Astara blinks twice but follows after Seta and the others as well.
Jul 28 21:12:54 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "They ahve the entire army supporting them. They'll be okay."
Jul 28 21:14:14 [Corel] Seta: "Everyone is here now..."
Jul 28 21:14:15 [Cubey] Izuru: "Yeah... the real challenge is on us, now."
Jul 28 21:14:29 [Aero] As the group finally makes it into the tower outside Vallar kneels over slightly from exhaustion. "Perhaps I shouldn't have pushed myself so quickly."
Jul 28 21:15:16 [Aero] Inside the tower....it seems even bigger on the inside than it was on the outside. Almost as if you had stepped through the gate into the Kijin Realm once again.
Jul 28 21:16:01 [Cubey] Tamaki: "Woah, there's so much free space here!"
Jul 28 21:16:32 [Aero] And...the door you entered from seems to have disappeared...
Jul 28 21:16:49 [Tengu] Asagi: "Looks like there's no going back till we fix this..."
Jul 28 21:16:50 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "I wonder what this place actually is..."
Jul 28 21:16:52 [Aero] A mass of stairs twist and turn upwards leading to...who knows what.
Jul 28 21:17:04 [Cubey] Izuru: "Guys... looks like the tower knows it got guests."
Jul 28 21:17:11 [Cubey] But there's no way but forwards now.
Jul 28 21:17:26 [Aero] Astara: "What kind of place is this..."
Jul 28 21:17:41 [Steam] Roy: "... A really freaky place by the feel of it."
Jul 28 21:18:04 [Steam] "-But if it was so committed to keep everyone out, then that just means we're on the right track, right?"
Jul 28 21:18:35 [Corel] Seta: "It was built before the previous Emperor, Invicta's, time...we can only ascend to find out now."
Jul 28 21:18:36 [Tengu] Asagi: "It's not like the Kijin Realm is normal either, by our standards." He comments while Blue One follows the bizarre staircase.
Jul 28 21:18:38 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Or it's leading us into a trap now that we broke through the first line of defense."
Jul 28 21:19:06 [Aero] Astara: "Should we go straight up then?"
Jul 28 21:19:10 [Aero] Kei
Jul 28 21:19:35 [Cubey] Izuru: "It's really old... but if it's really a trap - why does it want from trapping us here?"
Jul 28 21:19:48 [Aero] In spite of...the general weirdness there is a very large energy signature that is pinging once every few seconds far above you.
Jul 28 21:20:07 [Aero] Astara: "Maybe it wants us to climb it?"
Jul 28 21:21:16 [Corel] Maybes aside, Seta is already doing just that.
Jul 28 21:21:21 [Steam] "Nothing worthwhile below by the looks of it."
Jul 28 21:21:34 [Steam] The Wagner follows suit.
Jul 28 21:21:36 [Aero] Astara: "Ah Seta..."
Jul 28 21:22:17 [Cubey] Izuru: "We won't find out by staying here."
Jul 28 21:22:26 [Cubey] He puts on a determined face. Red Five, onwards! Well... upwards.
Jul 28 21:23:12 [Corel] Seta: "If those Craft were spawned because I did not do this in the first place...then I will. Even if it is a trap..."
Jul 28 21:23:17 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Something is above us. But it's a lot of energy and could be dangerous..."
Jul 28 21:25:24 [Tengu] Asagi: "Probably the source of these constructs... Which means we need to get Seta there."
Jul 28 21:25:34 [Aero] Astara: "No time to waste then..."
Jul 28 21:25:50 [Aero] Maxwell begins to run to chase after the others.
Jul 28 21:26:54 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Or we could be running into a reactor."
Jul 28 21:27:44 [Corel] Seta: "The hostiles outside were somewhat intelligent...but they were not...alive?"
Jul 28 21:27:49 [Corel] If that's the right word...
Jul 28 21:29:33 [Tengu] Asagi: "Then let's not shoot it before we determine what it is. Unless it attacks first."
Jul 28 21:30:08 [Aero] Astara: "It did sort of attack us already...if it was making those things"
Jul 28 21:30:43 [Steam] Roy: "If."
Jul 28 21:30:57 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "If it's not attacking immediately... I'll keep track of heat, radiation and similar to make sure we don't walk into anything."
Jul 28 21:31:06 [Steam] "... Just because something's weird and crazy and makes life suck hardcore for other people... doesn't mean it's doing it because it wants to."
Jul 28 21:32:43 [Aero] The trek up the stairs continues in a similar fashion..for a while it does not seem to end until you finally reach the top of the stairs which leads to what seems to be another Gate.
Jul 28 21:33:07 [Tengu] Asagi: "...I know what you mean."
Jul 28 21:34:47 [Cubey] Izuru: "Yeah..."
Jul 28 21:35:16 [Cubey] Izuru: "Is that the thing?"
Jul 28 21:35:30 [Aero] Astara: "Seems like it.."
Jul 28 21:36:22 [Tengu] Asagi: "Just where could it be leading... Seta, did you expect a Gate here?"
Jul 28 21:36:52 [Corel] Seta: "No, but there is only one way to go."
Jul 28 21:37:19 [Corel] Union steps in without hesitation.
Jul 28 21:37:35 [Aero] Maxwell follows suit.
Jul 28 21:37:53 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei followed as well. Nothing to be gained from looking inside that. It was, unfortunately, magic
Jul 28 21:38:08 [Tengu] Asagi: "Hey, wait!" Blue One follows after the Kijin.
Jul 28 21:38:32 [Steam] If the Wagner had a lip, Roy would've bit it.
Jul 28 21:38:41 [Steam] He settled for having his drone do that before going on through.
Jul 28 21:42:19 [Aero] Once you step through the gate something about the space around you collapses. It takes only a moment and once the temporal distortion finishes the space the group emerges into is...less strange. A massive hall that seemed to be made from marble with massive pillars that lined a pathway to another set of stairs.
Jul 28 21:42:32 [Cubey] Izuru: "Hey, that's kinda reckless... woah."
Jul 28 21:42:41 [Aero] It actually kind of resembles a throne room...
Jul 28 21:42:42 [Cubey] The surroundings change yet again.
Jul 28 21:42:53 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Good thing we don't have to actually walk here..."
Jul 28 21:42:54 [Cubey] Izuru: "Is this what Invicta made?"
Jul 28 21:43:18 [Tengu] Asagi: "A palace... For an emperor."
Jul 28 21:44:03 [Corel] Seta: "The structure is older than he is...but if he left his mark here, this could be it."
Jul 28 21:44:38 [Aero] The room begins to shake.
Jul 28 21:44:57 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Or he had a predecessor as emperor."
Jul 28 21:45:10 [Cubey] Izuru: "Too early for the whole place to come apart!"
Jul 28 21:45:13 [Aero] Above energy gathers and gathers before crashing onto the floor below.
Jul 28 21:45:23 [Corel] Seta: "Ah...!"
Jul 28 21:45:24 [Tengu] Asagi: "Something's coming!"
Jul 28 21:45:25 [Cubey] Izuru: "We didn't even defeat the boss... ah, watch out!"
Jul 28 21:46:03 [Aero] The darkness grows and to make matters worse it draws...something both from Maxwell and Union.
Jul 28 21:46:14 [Aero] Astara: "Argh...what"
Jul 28 21:46:39 [Corel] Seta: "Nnh...what is going on...?"
Jul 28 21:46:54 [Aero] The darkness begins to shape itself...
Jul 28 21:47:22 [Aero] Into the forms of familiar Kijin, a large black phoenix, a dark dragon, and a massive black hydra.
Jul 28 21:47:36 [Aero] Astara: "Is that...Kazan..."
Jul 28 21:48:01 [Tengu] Asagi: "Not again... We've defeated them already! More than once!"
Jul 28 21:48:05 [Corel] Seta: "Ilnaha...and Maga..."
Jul 28 21:48:14 [Cubey] Izuru: "Seta, Astara! Are they trying to take you over?!"
Jul 28 21:48:17 [Aero] [Enemies: Kazan Phantom, Ilhana Phantom, Maga Phantom ]
Jul 28 21:48:46 [Steam] Roy: "Wait, Kazan as in that firebird?!?"
Jul 28 21:49:03 [Aero] The Kijin roar, they seem intent on blocking the way.
Jul 28 21:49:05 [Aero] [Kazan: http://orig01.deviantart.net/1755/f/2011/088/8/0/phoenix_by_genzoman-d3cqnzj.jpg ] [Ilhana: http://orig08.deviantart.net/37d4/f/2009/295/1/9/golden_dragon_departure_by_genzoman.jpg ] [Maga: http://orig15.deviantart.net/bb0c/f/2011/164/c/1/hydra_omnivore_by_velinov-d3isnau.jpg ]
Jul 28 21:49:09 [Corel] Seta: "Take over, no...but I believe I know what this place just drew from us..."
Jul 28 21:49:11 [Aero] [But Black!]
Jul 28 21:49:26 [Aero] [Initiative: Izuru, Kei, Seta, Asagi, Roy]
Jul 28 21:49:31 [Aero] [Izuru Kei Seta gooo]
Jul 28 21:49:35 [Corel] Seta: "This is my past...our past."
Jul 28 21:49:43 [Aero] [Astara available for support]
Jul 28 21:50:08 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Can you still use Kazan?"
Jul 28 21:50:27 [Corel] On that question, Seta looks at Astara.
Jul 28 21:50:35 [Corel] She's the one holding it now...
Jul 28 21:50:46 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Is it a test? Spectres of defeated enemies coming back to test the new emperor..."
Jul 28 21:51:06 [Corel] Seta: "That is what I feel, Kei."
Jul 28 21:51:22 [Aero] Astara raises Maxwell's hand in front of her and summons the familiar flaming Katana that was once used as a lynchpin against them.
Jul 28 21:51:24 [Cubey] Izuru: "The time flows weirdly in the Kijin realm. And this place doesn't respect space a whole lot either!"
Jul 28 21:51:34 [Aero] Astara: "I still have control over his Soul..."
Jul 28 21:51:45 [Aero] Astara:: "I think the tower is merely making a copy also.."
Jul 28 21:52:06 [Tengu] Asagi: "Then he's not reborn. It's just a doppelganger... Or something similar."
Jul 28 21:52:22 [Cubey] *They won't get any answers from standing around. Red Five engages Maga, quickly zooming around its heads and slashing them with its swords. Izuru tries to focus on one neck at a time, while taking notice of where all the others are.+
Jul 28 21:54:00 [Corel] Seta: *"And standing in our path..." The new Empress charges at Ilnaha's specter, loosing bolts of light as she closes the distance, so that she can land a spinning kick!+
Jul 28 21:56:23 [Aero] [Izuru] As Red-5 makes its passes across Maga's many heads something seems off...out of all his many slashes only one of them manages to nick Maga. The creature almost seems to be flickering in and out of existence making it hard to know when to land attacks. The heads however still chase after the AHSMB, aiming to devour it in one bite. [React]
Jul 28 21:57:24 [Aero] [Seta] The bolts of light seem to do a better job at hitting the Spectre, however as Seta attempts to kick the dragon she merely phases through the creature and ends up in the path of a tail swipe. [React Seta]
Jul 28 21:57:25 [Cubey] Izuru: "Something's not right!"
Jul 28 21:57:30 [Aero] [Asagi and Roy can go]
Jul 28 21:57:42 [Cubey] *Abandon the attempt. The AHSMB breaks off for now, prioritizing its pilot's safety over all else!+
Jul 28 21:58:12 [Steam] "Yeah, I saw that!"
Jul 28 21:58:15 [Aero] [Izuru] Thankfully the hall is absolutely massive giving Izuru more than enough room to get the hell out of the path of the snapping Hydra.
Jul 28 21:58:25 [Steam] "Like... like some jerk's flicking a projector witch on and off!"
Jul 28 21:58:32 [Steam] ^switch
Jul 28 21:59:01 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "I'll see what I can do to track down weak points or the pattern of the flickering. At the very least, I should be able to time the flickering and send the data for when to attack."
Jul 28 21:59:15 [Tengu] Asagi: "Maybe energy weapons will work better!" He zooms by the side of the hall, from column to column, and every time he emerges from behind one, he fires a single blast from Blue One's beam cannon towards Ilhana. +
Jul 28 21:59:19 [Aero] Astara: "I wonder if I could use Invicta's powers here..."
Jul 28 22:00:21 [Steam] * But still, there was only one way to go about this. The Wagner drew both of it swords and condensed its Crisis mode energy into the Machina Ex-Caliber, going after that snapping Hydra as well! The HFM swords slashed relentlessly, and in addition the energy sword whipped around Wagner like an orbiting, razor-sharp satellite!+
Jul 28 22:00:32 [Corel] *Seta notes this and also that the tail swipe is meant to hit...which means it can't flicker again, right? Union's arm is raised in defense and charged with explosive energy, so that the impact will knock both of them away from each other at worst...+
Jul 28 22:03:11 [Julia_Dietrich] * Following through on her statement, Kei turned her attention fully to the various instruments and sensors in Purple-2, playing around with them to try to home in on just what was happening with the enemies.+
Jul 28 22:03:24 [Cubey] Izuru: "Synchronisation data? Got it, Kei. I'll make sure to use it well!"
Jul 28 22:04:10 [Aero] [Asagi] The specter does not give Asagi the chance to test that theory, the black dragon roars and breathes out a bolt of black lightning from its mouth to clash against the incoming beam. As they clash Ilhana's specter suddenly roars out in pain as the explosive fist slams into its tail. Sending the bolt of lightning veering up and allowing Asagi's beam
Jul 28 22:04:47 [Aero] to pierce through a section of the specter.
Jul 28 22:05:54 [Aero] That is quickly recovered as the specter flickers in and out of existence again. Meanwhile Union is sent sliding back from the force of the tail swing.
Jul 28 22:07:43 [Tengu] Asagi: "This ability is getting pretty annoying..."
Jul 28 22:08:44 [Aero] [Roy] The HFM blade tore into Maga despite its flickering, the blade severing another of the Hydra's heads...however once again it seems to recover from its injury by flickering in and out of existence again and it response by attempting to slam one of its heads towards Wagner. [React!]]
Jul 28 22:09:21 [Corel] Seta: "We will need Kei's help to pinpoint the exact moments of their vulnerability."
Jul 28 22:09:48 [Cubey] Izuru: "They're not just blinking in and out, they're resetting!"
Jul 28 22:10:09 [Aero] [Kei] In the midst of their flickering Purple-2's sensors detect...something powering the three specters in each of the phantoms. A copy of a Kijin Soul giving out the same signatures as the Crafts and Weapons formerly used by Seta and Astara.
Jul 28 22:10:14 [Steam] * Not sure of the timing for Maga's phantom yet, Roy backpedals as quickly as he can, physical swords crossed in front of him for defense as the Ex-Caliber thrashes wildly in front of him to catch Maga as soon as the moment to damage it comes!+
Jul 28 22:11:05 [Aero] Astara: "Ghhh...how is there even a copy of Maga...didn't you destroy her Soul Seta?"
Jul 28 22:11:51 [Cubey] Izuru: "I guess souls are harder to destroy than it looks like..."
Jul 28 22:12:11 [Corel] Seta: "It is not the souls that it seems to be drawing from, but my memories..."
Jul 28 22:12:14 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "I'm not sure, but these things are similar to the weapons you have. Like Kazan. Just given form as Kijin."
Jul 28 22:12:45 [Aero] Astara: "So...this tower can use our memories to make fake Kijin?"
Jul 28 22:12:45 [Cubey] Izuru: "Eh? So they're just phantoms?"
Jul 28 22:13:17 [Corel] Seta: "Yes...and if it is able to create copies based on our pasts, this is not a situation we want to stay in for long."
Jul 28 22:13:50 [Cubey] Izuru: "I can think of people from our past I don't really want to see again..."
Jul 28 22:13:54 [Cubey] Tamaki: "Don't give it ideas!"
Jul 28 22:14:15 [Tengu] Asagi: "I'm pretty sure this only works on Kijin..."
Jul 28 22:14:24 [Steam] "Crap... don't give me ideas either!"
Jul 28 22:14:38 [Corel] There is one in particular who comes to mind for Seta...
Jul 28 22:14:38 [Aero] [Roy] The crossed swords manage to catch Maga as the heads lunge in, severing the head before it can do damage but...like before it uses its phantom nature to restore itself.
Jul 28 22:14:41 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "...Hopefully." Even if that was bad enough
Jul 28 22:15:16 [Aero] As if to answer Seta's worries she hears the sound of heels suddenly clattering against the marble stairs.
Jul 28 22:15:29 [Cubey] Izuru: "How do you beat up a memory?"
Jul 28 22:15:31 [Tengu] Asagi: "Anyway, do you think we can target the souls inside them?"
Jul 28 22:15:54 [Corel] Seta: "..."
Jul 28 22:16:04 [Aero] ???: "Ahhh soooo there was a racket down here."
Jul 28 22:16:13 [Aero] The voice sounds...slightly familiar.
Jul 28 22:16:29 [Aero] ???: "To think I would have been awoken to see this..."
Jul 28 22:16:35 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "..."
Jul 28 22:16:45 [Cubey] Izuru: "Who's that?"
Jul 28 22:16:48 [Steam] Roy: "... Whoever's there, frickin' show yourself!"
Jul 28 22:17:00 [Aero] However...the face...is not so familiar.
Jul 28 22:17:01 [Aero] https://i.imgur.com/L4F8x8X.png?1
Jul 28 22:17:03 [Steam] "It's a real dick move to just make us fight these things!"
Jul 28 22:17:40 [Aero] A blonde haired woman in a long regal dress emerges from the darkness.
Jul 28 22:17:43 [Cubey] Red Five's sensors center on the new arrival.
Jul 28 22:17:53 [Cubey] Izuru: "A Kijin? She's not anyone I know..."
Jul 28 22:18:08 [Corel] The resemblance is definitely there...but more than anything, that manner of speech is what makes Seta sure...
Jul 28 22:18:16 [Corel] Seta: "...Madame?"
Jul 28 22:18:25 [Cubey] Izuru: "Eeeh?"
Jul 28 22:18:56 [Aero] ???: "I see, I guess it's not too surprising you would make it here sooner or later Seta."
Jul 28 22:18:59 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "A younger one?"
Jul 28 22:19:33 [Tengu] Asagi: "...She's just a memory too, right?"
Jul 28 22:19:38 [Corel] Seta: "She looks younger...but only one person I know speaks...and dresses...like that."
Jul 28 22:19:42 [Steam] Roy: "Wait, who's this Lady?"
Jul 28 22:20:06 [Corel] Seta: "She is...was...my teacher..."
Jul 28 22:20:07 [Cubey] Izuru: "Seta's teacher, who was usually much more mean and older than this..."
Jul 28 22:20:10 [Aero] Astara is practically reeling. "Seta's...teacher back at Gloster..."
Jul 28 22:20:42 [Aero] Madame Grey?: "You should consider yourself lucky that Invicta brought the Kijin Realm to Earth without it I wouldn't have these memories...now then."
Jul 28 22:20:51 [Aero] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFQLZEYRzo0
Jul 28 22:21:02 [Aero] Madame Grey?: "Craft Ignite Fortuna."
Jul 28 22:21:35 [Cubey] Izuru: "Are you going to fight Seta? She's not alone... and she grew a lot since the last time, so she can totally take you on!"
Jul 28 22:21:44 [Aero] A familiar Craft that you've fought previous forms around her.
Jul 28 22:21:46 [Aero] https://i.imgur.com/8G7fH5G.jpg
Jul 28 22:22:08 [Aero] The craft raises its many arms surrounding the area with dark spears.
Jul 28 22:22:28 [Aero] Madame Grey: "No I'm just merely taking out the garbage around her, I hope you'll understand."
Jul 28 22:23:02 [Tengu] Asagi: "This garbage defeated you once already. And it will do so again!"
Jul 28 22:23:23 [Corel] Seta: "Madame, I..."
Jul 28 22:23:51 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "I'm not sure she's talking about us."
Jul 28 22:23:59 [Aero] The spears then rain down...on the Specters impaling all of them and spreading a poison even through their phantom bodies. The specters stop flickering and crash into the ground in pain, roaring at the newly emerged Kijin.
Jul 28 22:24:16 [Cubey] Tamaki: "Typical stupie-doopie Izuru!"
Jul 28 22:24:23 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Eh? Well... I guess I'm too used to her being an enemy."
Jul 28 22:24:44 [Cubey] Izuru: "Oh. Sorry..."
Jul 28 22:24:54 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "She didn't sound hostile."
Jul 28 22:24:57 [Cubey] Well, someone's feeling mighty stupid now.
Jul 28 22:25:02 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "How rude, I was the one that saved Seta's life from that angry one over there and I have no reason to keep Invicta's control over this place going."
Jul 28 22:25:03 [Cubey] Izuru: "She rarely did..."
Jul 28 22:25:21 [Cubey] Izuru: "But, how can Invicta still control anything?"
Jul 28 22:25:22 [Aero] Her craft points specifically at Astara's Maxwell.
Jul 28 22:25:29 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Not just the tone. What she said too..."
Jul 28 22:25:39 [Corel] Even Seta feels pretty stunned by this.
Jul 28 22:25:45 [Aero] [Izuru, Seta, Kei go]
Jul 28 22:25:55 [Aero] [Astara and Young Madame Grey available for support]
Jul 28 22:26:07 [Tengu] Asagi: "Sorry about that. Bad experiences with... an older, different version of yourself."
Jul 28 22:26:33 [Cubey] Izuru: "I'll make up for this by helping clear them out!"
Jul 28 22:26:39 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "Technically I am her as well thanks to Invicta."
Jul 28 22:27:26 [Cubey] *Red Five leaps to the skies, and falls down towards Maga, its chainsword held upside down to cut her up... but Izuru doesn't go towards any of the heads! He quickly evades between them, flying to the sides, up and down, and aims for the power reading that Kei detected.+
Jul 28 22:27:30 [Cubey] Izuru: "This must be it!"
Jul 28 22:28:25 [Corel] Union claps its hands to the sides of its face.
Jul 28 22:28:48 [Corel] Seta: "Right...yes...there are still enemies..."
Jul 28 22:30:30 [Aero] [Izuru] Maga's now physical heads attempt to bite Red-5 out of the air to no avail as the red machine dodges between and begins to tear its way towards the soul copy, the chainsword digging deeper and deeper, however this leaves the machine exposed for a barrage of flaming feathers courtesy of Kazan. [React]
Jul 28 22:31:01 [Steam] # Izuru
Jul 28 22:31:07 [Aero] [Approved]
Jul 28 22:31:18 [Corel] *Union readies its hands to fire another blast of energy. But instead of launching it straight, the released beam hits the floor, and proceeds to reflect off of the columns and many surfaces, creating an impromptu laser net to restrict the enemies from moving!+
Jul 28 22:31:32 [Steam] "Watch your back!"
Jul 28 22:31:57 [Cubey] Izuru: "Right! C'mon, barrier!"
Jul 28 22:32:21 [Cubey] *While he continues to cut in deeper, Izuru frees one hand to stretch out towards the feathers and generate an energy shield. Hopefully it will hold, it must!+
Jul 28 22:32:24 [Steam] * Moving to protect Izuru's flank, the Wagner has its energy sword seperate again into its threads to skewer the storm of feathers into unlikely kebabs!+
Jul 28 22:34:16 * Steam has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
Jul 28 22:35:12 [Aero] [Izuru Roy and Seta] The web of lasers and threads stops Maga and the feathers approaching Red-5, detonating them somewhat harmlessly around him. The massive hydra damages itself trying to struggle against the laser net to stop Red-5 from reaching its soul. One massive maw manages to reach Red-5 and...a scream moments before it closed over the AHSMB as the
Jul 28 22:35:17 [Aero] copy was destroyed.
Jul 28 22:35:48 [Cubey] Izuru: "Guh..."
Jul 28 22:35:57 [Aero] [Asagi gooo]
Jul 28 22:35:59 [Cubey] Izuru: "Thanks for the save, you two."
Jul 28 22:36:22 [Julia_Dietrich] * "We need to address Kazan before he swells and tries to explode. And we need to stop Izuru from being pinned. Lady Grey, use the way he's occupied shooting feathers at Izuru to strike at him. A quick attack coming from behind this pillar over here should do the trick. Or anything indirect that he can't see coming." +
Jul 28 22:39:26 [Aero] [Kei] "Oho you have a lot of nerve ordering me around." Despite saying this Fortuna forms yet another array of dark spears around Kazan as he attacked Red-5, some kind of stellation of a icosahedron that quickly surrounds and converges on the black phoenix. The beast struggles in pain and ignites its entire body to destroy the spears before
Jul 28 22:39:31 [Tengu] Asagi: "I'll lend you a hand with that!" Blue One moves into the main part of the battlefield again, and starts to circle around Kazan, peppering the giant phoenix with shots from its machinegun and a few missiles... Before quickly rushing into melee, drawing its katana and slashing at the enemy with two near-instant cuts as it zooms by! +
Jul 28 22:39:44 [Aero] diving towards Purple-Two instead! [React]
Jul 28 22:40:05 [Cubey] Izuru: "Oh no you don't!"
Jul 28 22:40:07 [Cubey] # Kei
Jul 28 22:40:12 [Aero] [Approved]
Jul 28 22:41:12 [Corel] Seta: "Ah, the attack from Coiling Dra-"
Jul 28 22:41:21 [Aero] Astara: "Seta shhhh"
Jul 28 22:41:38 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "Ahh so you finally read my novels?"
Jul 28 22:41:59 [Aero] Astara: "Crap..."
Jul 28 22:42:03 [Julia_Dietrich] * Kei responded to the dive by going up and backwards to get out of the way. She supported this by shooting at the incoming enemy to try to force Kazan to break its charge. +
Jul 28 22:42:08 * Steam (Steam@66.213.grz.ymn) has joined
Jul 28 22:42:13 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Novels?"
Jul 28 22:42:43 [Cubey] *Kazan is distracted, but there's no time to try to attack him from behind or the back. Izuru rushes forward - Red Five spreading its arms as it tries to serve as a living shield for Purple Two!
Jul 28 22:42:58 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "Written by yours truly."
Jul 28 22:42:59 [Cubey] *But it's no reckless block without thinking.
Jul 28 22:43:29 [Cubey] Izuru: "You keep returning time and time again... but this time it's over, Kazan!"
Jul 28 22:43:35 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "It's much more sophisticated than the regular junk that is put out there."
Jul 28 22:44:01 [Cubey] *Red Five appears to burst in flames of its own, but rather than fire it is light energies of the Awakening. Its wings fold in front of it, creating a layer of protection!+
Jul 28 22:45:52 [Corel] Seta: "Those three are not here to see Izuru like this..."
Jul 28 22:46:15 [Corel] Seta: "Um, four."
Jul 28 22:46:41 [Aero] [Izuru Kei Asagi] Kazan's massive body slams into Red-5's wings threatening to break through even the energy of Awakening, small fractures begin to appear along the wings but before it can break through. "This is the last time you cause problems for us!" Astara leaps over the pair and draws Kazan as she passes through the Phoenix alongside Asagi. The red
Jul 28 22:47:59 [Aero] and blue duo's swords rip through the Phoenix's body and the specter pauses for a brief moment as they sheath their weapons before the creature's soul shatters and disappears in a puff of darkness.
Jul 28 22:48:26 [Aero] Now there was one...
Jul 28 22:48:41 [Tengu] Asagi: "Two down, one to go."
Jul 28 22:50:15 [Corel] Back to the target Seta was originally focusing on...
Jul 28 22:50:19 [Cubey] Izuru: "Everyone became much stronger since when we fought you. You're just memories."
Jul 28 22:50:33 [Aero] [Everyone goooo]
Jul 28 22:51:26 [Steam] "And memories need to stay where they belong in peoples' heads! 'Cuz if they're not there, then they're nothing!"
Jul 28 22:51:33 [Steam] "And it's time for you to become exactly that!"
Jul 28 22:51:57 [Corel] Seta: "Yes. Ilnaha was my first Kijin opponent as a member of the Unity Group...but that was then."
Jul 28 22:52:59 [Steam] * The Wagner takes off in a lunging strike, joining its swords together into a mighty dual-bladed polearm as it blitzes past, Crisis energy tendrils lashing out behind it to continue the assault after the Wagner moves past!+
Jul 28 22:53:19 [Cubey] Izuru: "I'll be opening the path!" *Red Five lunges towards the dragon-like foe, a blade of energy materializing in its hand. Moving with amazing speed, the unit tries to sink the sword into the foe's chest - and follow up with a quick barrage of offhanded projectiles, created from nothing on the AHSMB's palm.+
Jul 28 22:53:46 [Tengu] Asagi: "And now it will be the last. Let's finish this!" Blue One draws its spear again, spins it above its head, then leaps high into the air - hanging mid-fligt, it fires two last missiles towards the dragon, then descends down at it, trying to land atop its head and stab right into it with the spear's mighty lunge! +
Jul 28 22:55:45 * Steam has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
Jul 28 22:55:59 [Corel] *Union draws a broadsword from thin air, which it powers up with light that extends from its edges. The white Craft blitzes around the field, launching spheres that fire continuous beams at the dragon specter, before it approaches with a wide, arcing slash!+
Jul 28 22:56:42 * Steam (Steam@66.213.grz.ymn) has joined
Jul 28 22:57:31 [Julia_Dietrich] * Kei too joined in, peppering the dragon with projectiles from her guns. Not the most impressive, but it would do. +
Jul 28 23:01:04 [Aero] [Everyone] Ilnaha is bombarded by beams, cannons, missiles, and energy blasts preventing the Specter from doing much as the multiple machines close in on it. A flurry of tendrils follows it up as the dragon is pierced in several different places by a multitude of weapons. The dragon screams in pain as Union finally cleaves through both the dragon and its soul
Jul 28 23:01:28 [Aero] destroying the final? phantom.
Jul 28 23:03:02 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "Now one step left..."
Jul 28 23:03:25 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "If it's become like this then those two should be awake soon..."
Jul 28 23:03:35 [Cubey] Izuru: "Those two?"
Jul 28 23:03:35 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Which two?"
Jul 28 23:04:08 [Tengu] Asagi: "..."
Jul 28 23:04:11 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "Ohoho don't worry about it, I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise. Now come along."
Jul 28 23:04:40 [Aero] Without another word the craft makes its way up the last set of stairs.
Jul 28 23:04:46 [Steam] Roy: "Someone else playing the 'ooooh secrets' card..."
Jul 28 23:04:54 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei followed, still keeping an eye out for anything that was going to happen
Jul 28 23:04:57 [Aero] Astara: "...that's sort of her thing."
Jul 28 23:05:03 [Cubey] Izuru: "... She was always like this, wasn't she?"
Jul 28 23:05:18 [Corel] "Mm..." Seta doesn't have a good feeling about this either, but she goes along.
Jul 28 23:06:44 [Tengu] Asagi: "If it turns out she wants to kill us after all, I won't be happy..." He follows regardless.
Jul 28 23:06:58 [Aero] Once the stairs are ascended the area the source of the massive energy source can be spotted, a massive pillar of energy that resonated every few seconds with the Kijin in the room surrounded by several magic emblems that served as footing for the group.
Jul 28 23:07:31 [Corel] Seta: "This...is where it all came from...?"
Jul 28 23:07:41 [Aero] The resonating is erratic, something about it seemed off as if it was broken.
Jul 28 23:08:19 [Aero] Astara: "Just what is it..."
Jul 28 23:08:31 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "Hmmmmm a symbol?"
Jul 28 23:08:52 [Cubey] Red Five steps from one magical emblem to another.
Jul 28 23:09:16 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "In ages past Emperors of the Kijin would ascend this tower in order to gain control of the realm and prove themselves stronger than the generation before them."
Jul 28 23:09:34 [Cubey] Izuru: "The rhythm is off... you think it's malfunctioning?"
Jul 28 23:09:54 [Corel] Seta: "Is this because...I did not?"
Jul 28 23:09:59 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "It is malfunctioning."
Jul 28 23:10:05 [Steam] Roy: "So it really is just a proving ground?"
Jul 28 23:10:21 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "A proving ground, a throne room, the core of our realm itself."
Jul 28 23:10:24 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Any idea how it is malfunctioning or what we can expect?"
Jul 28 23:10:30 [Steam] "Kinda a scumbag move to make a whole freaking army if they don't get there in time though."
Jul 28 23:10:59 * Steam has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
Jul 28 23:11:12 [Tengu] Asagi: "Can we fix it? Can *Seta* fix it?"
Jul 28 23:11:14 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "Oh it's quite simple, it's simply been too long."
Jul 28 23:11:35 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "Invicta took the throne...I don't even remember how long ago it was."
Jul 28 23:11:56 * Steam (Steam@66.213.grz.ymn) has joined
Jul 28 23:12:35 [Corel] Seta: "So now we must pacify it...somehow..."
Jul 28 23:12:45 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "After Invicta was destroyed well...you can see for yourself"
Jul 28 23:12:59 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "That trip into your realm did not help either"
Jul 28 23:14:17 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "It's a relic though a pointless test that did nothing but cause our people to think combat was the only way to live life."
Jul 28 23:14:56 [Corel] Seta: "..."
Jul 28 23:15:12 [Cubey] Izuru: "A leader doesn't need to be strong. It helps, but other qualities are much more important!"
Jul 28 23:15:59 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "As much as I am loathe to admit it I loved being free from this place...enjoying life outside of this wretched place."
Jul 28 23:16:25 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "That's why I wanted to ensure that Invicta would be killed no matter the cost."
Jul 28 23:17:30 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "Now then..."
Jul 28 23:17:34 [Tengu] Asagi: "..."
Jul 28 23:19:02 [Aero] [Fortuna raises its arm and immediately the pillar reacts, a large sphere suddenly escapes from the pillar and begins to fire a barrage of beams at everyone.]
Jul 28 23:19:05 [Aero] [React everyone!]
Jul 28 23:19:49 [Steam] * Wagner plants its shield in the ground for defense, then goes one-further with Crisis energy forming layers of barriers in front of it!+
Jul 28 23:20:05 [Corel] *Seta acts quickly by projecting a barrier around herself - wide enough that others can take use of it too if they want.+
Jul 28 23:20:37 [Tengu] Asagi: "Ghh...! Damnit! I *was* right!" Blue One quickly zips around nearby pillars for protection, before ducking behind Seta's barrier. +
Jul 28 23:25:06 [Aero] [Everyone] The beams ring out and are thankfully deflected by the multitude of barriers thrown up by everyone. Reflecting off of them and ricocheting off into the void.
Jul 28 23:25:25 [Aero] [Everyone go?]
Jul 28 23:25:59 [Aero] [Enemies: Tower Core]
Jul 28 23:26:12 * Steam has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
Jul 28 23:26:50 [Cubey] Izuru: "This is the part of the test?! In that case..."
Jul 28 23:27:17 * Steam (Steam@66.213.grz.ymn) has joined
Jul 28 23:27:24 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "Part of it...but in this case we're going to destroy this whole system."
Jul 28 23:27:37 [Cubey] *Red Five leaps from the protective crouch it was in. The AHSMB bombards the core with several energy blasts, then it immediately circles around the Core, its wings cutting it as it passes by.+
Jul 28 23:28:03 [Tengu] Asagi: "It would be nice if you gave us more warning about what's about to happen. But regardless..."
Jul 28 23:28:21 [Corel] Seta: "That was never how she did things, either..."
Jul 28 23:28:55 [Corel] Seta: http://v.dreamwidth.org/10101457/2398718
Jul 28 23:28:57 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "You already beat me, I thought you were ready to jump into any situation."
Jul 28 23:29:24 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "Would you have liked a lecture on how the Core fights?"
Jul 28 23:29:39 [Steam] * Wagner similarly grabs hold of what's left of its shield and hurtles at the core, loading its short-sword into its slot at the bottom! "Alright then... if we gotta be thorough-!" Lasers streak across its face alongside Crisis energy threads, all for a decent opening... "Then let's go!" The Wagner stabs its short-sword/pile-bunker in the openi
Jul 28 23:29:39 [Steam] ng as far as it can go!
Jul 28 23:29:50 [Steam] "And now... HEAT FLASH GOOOOOO!"+
Jul 28 23:29:52 [Corel] Seta: "We will pass...thank you."
Jul 28 23:29:58 [Aero] [Izuru] The blasts slam into the massive sphere, the sections hit by the beams and wings exploding into dark mist as the sphere is assaulted. It responds in kind with another flash of beams. [React Izuru]
Jul 28 23:30:47 [Tengu] Asagi: "I can't afford to not go all-out here, can I?" He sits quietly for a second, and then suddenly Blue One's third eye opens widely! A ring of light forms on the back of the AHSBM, from which several blades form - and as the awakened Blue One rushes forward, stabbing at the core with its spear, the weapons follow, piercing into it as well in succession! +
Jul 28 23:30:56 [Cubey] Izuru: "No thanks, it's pretty straightforward so far!" *But straightforward doesn't mean easy. Another explosion of beams - Izuru tries to outrun them, the AHSMB spinning if any get too close. Good thing Red Five was already on the move!+
Jul 28 23:31:09 [Tengu] Asagi: "I've also grown since the last time we met!"
Jul 28 23:31:44 [Corel] *Seta takes rapid swings at the core with her sword. Each slash releases a blade beam, forming a stream of such projectiles that will slam into it consecutively!+
Jul 28 23:32:05 [Aero] [Roy] The result is similar to Izuru's the short sword bunker slams into the sphere and breaks off yet another section of the Sphere that explodes into dark mist. In the mist you can see what seems to be red eyes that fire beams as well. [React Roy]
Jul 28 23:33:25 [Aero] [Asagi and Seta] Blue One powers up and in an instant a barrage of blades flows from the AHSMB piercing into and through the sphere. As Asagi turns to face the sphere he can spot several more red eyes in the mist that was beginning to build from the damage. Something was off.
Jul 28 23:34:09 [Aero] Thankfully the barrage of blade beams stop the Core from responding and instead it is forced to take those face on, further reducing it into dust.
Jul 28 23:34:23 [Steam] * That glint of red is answered with blue! The Crisis threads rejoin together to form a sword to deflect the strikes!+
Jul 28 23:34:33 [Corel] Seta: "We are making progress...I think."
Jul 28 23:34:46 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Something's not right here."
Jul 28 23:35:08 [Aero] [Izuru] Red Five safely escapes but from his higher point he can see that something about the "damaged mist" was off.
Jul 28 23:35:11 [Aero] [Enemies: Damaged Tower Core] http://i.imgur.com/e1m6biO.jpg
Jul 28 23:35:26 [Aero] Eyes...dozens of glowing red eyes.
Jul 28 23:35:41 [Aero] A voice bellows out from them.
Jul 28 23:35:42 [Cubey] Izuru: "Eyes? Some kind of shapes, maybe?"
Jul 28 23:35:45 [Cubey] Izuru: "It's..."
Jul 28 23:35:50 [Aero] "I-I-I-I-I"
Jul 28 23:35:56 [Cubey] Just like Invicta...
Jul 28 23:36:08 [Aero] "Kijin Emper-Emper-Emper"
Jul 28 23:36:19 [Tengu] Asagi: "..."
Jul 28 23:36:28 [Aero] Astara: "....."
Jul 28 23:37:07 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "Hmph as expected of course he only gave up a tiny sliver of himself."
Jul 28 23:37:13 [Steam] Roy: "So this is Emperor Redeye?"
Jul 28 23:37:43 [Cubey] Izuru: "Invicta is still alive, and operating through the Core!"
Jul 28 23:37:56 [Tengu] Asagi: "Do you mean this is not a copy? But Emperor Invicta himself?"
Jul 28 23:38:01 [Aero] [Roy] The beams strike the blue and are thankfully deflected away from the machine.
Jul 28 23:38:23 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "No more than the sliver that is currently within Astara there."
Jul 28 23:38:49 [Cubey] Izuru: "Astara?"
Jul 28 23:39:16 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "The reason i can speak to you like this is because along with Invicta's other former generals I gave up a large portion of my own soul when I ascended this Tower the first time."
Jul 28 23:40:06 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "It seems that our former Emperor only gave up the absolute minimal he could in order to gain control of the Tower."
Jul 28 23:40:23 [Aero] Astara: "I'm fine...I think."
Jul 28 23:40:45 [Aero] [Everyone can go]
Jul 28 23:41:12 [Cubey] Izuru: "And now he's trying to spread his influence and take over the Kijin world..."
Jul 28 23:41:23 [Cubey] Izuru: "But it's not his anymore. It's Seta who is the new empress!"
Jul 28 23:41:26 * Steam has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
Jul 28 23:42:21 * Steam (Steam@66.213.grz.ymn) has joined
Jul 28 23:42:25 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "Another Phantom of the Tower if you will."
Jul 28 23:42:37 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "Although I guess that describes me as well..."
Jul 28 23:42:46 [Aero] For a second she actually sounds...sad?
Jul 28 23:43:18 [Cubey] Izuru: "But your influence already falls outside of the tower."
Jul 28 23:43:32 [Cubey] Izuru: "You've written a story, right? I'll make sure to read it!"
Jul 28 23:44:06 [Corel] Seta: "I am not sure if that is a good idea..."
Jul 28 23:44:21 [Aero] Astara: "We've already tried..."
Jul 28 23:44:40 [Corel] Seta: "But for now, this must end...or the Kijin will have no future."
Jul 28 23:45:13 [Cubey] Izuru: "Anyway..." He had a really bad feeling about the story for a sudden, but that is not important right now.
Jul 28 23:45:40 [Cubey] "Seta is right. You're just a phantom, Emperor Invicta. Leave the world to those who live there!"
Jul 28 23:46:18 [Steam] Roy: "... So some dead jerk, still making life miserable for everyone?"
Jul 28 23:46:54 [Cubey] *Red Five floats in one point of space and begins charging energy, being covered by its wings for protection while it does so.&
Jul 28 23:46:55 [Corel] *Seta lunges forward to continue her attack, summoning blades of light that shoot out at the phantom Invicta. She grabs them mid-air and attempts to impale him with them, then immediately backing off, and repeating the process!+
Jul 28 23:47:07 [Aero] Astara: "Because of his selfishness all that's left of him is a phantom that can barely think and just ruins the area around him."
Jul 28 23:47:13 [Steam] "Way to just rain garbage on everyone's parade! But at the same time... it doesn't have to be this way!"
Jul 28 23:48:42 [Aero] [Izuru and Seta] The eyes turn to face Red Five and readies to fire its eye beams once again, it's immediately interrupted by Seta's phantom blades that dig into the eyes giving Izuru the chance to finish charging. [Continue Izuru]
Jul 28 23:48:58 [Steam] * Gathering up the power of the Crisis energy, there's a spark of red among it as it focuses in front of the Wagner more and more... the threads uniting into a single point! "If you're gonna leave something in your wake, you better make it something that has some honest meaning rather than a bunch of crap!"
Jul 28 23:49:07 [Steam] "So GO!"
Jul 28 23:49:39 [Tengu] Asagi: "You've caused enough problems for everyone, Emperor Invicta. This ends now!" He points his katana forward, and the flying blade around awakened Blue One move in, merging around it, and forming a much longer blade of solidified light. Asagi rushes forward and cuts at the phantom with the giant blade, and then again from opposite direction, each attack accompanied by a wave of
Jul 28 23:49:39 [Tengu] light behind it! +
Jul 28 23:50:35 [Steam] * No crazy maneuvers this time. No rushing attacks. Just punching a fist out to issue a command, as the gigantic bladed limb of Dakova, formed from Crisis energy, burst out to run through the phantom Invicta.+
Jul 28 23:51:14 [Cubey] Izuru: "Seta, Asagi, let's go!" *Red Five opens its palms, power overflowing from them... and it doesn't unleash it. The AHMSB charges forward first, towards the phantom reeling from Seta's attack - and then, a huge explosion of light, followed by two mighty beams searing it at point blank range.+
Jul 28 23:54:26 [Aero] [Everyone...again] The three-pronged attack cuts through the darkness exposing the eyes to the rest of the attacks, the power of each taking out a mass of eyes as they all passed through the phantom's body. It should have been the end and yet.... "N-n-n-n-no" The Darkness gathers again reviving Invicta once again as the tower around you begins to shake. With
Jul 28 23:54:34 [Aero] a wave of its hands the time around you freezes...
Jul 28 23:54:42 [Aero] [Enemies: Tower Core Invicta ] http://i.imgur.com/2kPWSMl.jpg
Jul 28 23:54:57 [Aero] Astara: "No not this time!"
Jul 28 23:55:16 [Cubey] Izuru: "Invicta... ghh!"
Jul 28 23:55:47 [Aero] [Invicta's massive hands reach down aiming to crush everyone in the frozen time however but this time.]
Jul 28 23:55:50 [Steam] Roy: "What's he... what's he doing?!?"
Jul 28 23:56:43 [Corel] Seta: "It is only a fragment of him, but he is fully manifested...!"
Jul 28 23:56:44 * Steam has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
Jul 28 23:56:55 [Aero] [Energy builds up in his hands, enough that the entire surroundings around you began to disintegrate if that reached everyone...]
Jul 28 23:57:08 [Aero] Astara: "Invicta!"
Jul 28 23:57:37 * Steam (Steam@66.213.grz.ymn) has joined
Jul 28 23:57:58 [Aero] [Time screams out again as Astara manages to freeze Invicta in his tracks as well before kicking everyone out of the way of those hands and putting herself in the way of the attack.]
Jul 28 23:58:06 [Aero] Astara: "This time..."
Jul 28 23:58:13 [Aero] [Time begins to resume...]
Jul 28 23:58:19 [Corel] Seta: "Astara-!"
Jul 28 23:58:25 [Aero] Astara: "It has to be me..."
Jul 28 23:58:25 [Cubey] Izuru: "Astara, no!"
Jul 28 23:59:18 [Tengu] Asagi: "Astara...?!"
Jul 28 23:59:25 [Aero] Astara: "..everyone..."
Jul 28 23:59:26 [Steam] Roy: "!"
Jul 28 23:59:32 [Aero] The energy explodes...
Jul 29 00:00:18 [Aero] As the dust finally clears nothing is in the way of that attack.
Jul 29 00:00:44 [Aero] The shattered emblem that made up the floor are scattered around to give footing to everyone but...
Jul 29 00:02:19 [Aero] ???: "Ahhh why do you always have to get yourself into trouble."
Jul 29 00:03:02 [Aero] Maxwell somehow escaped thanks to the arrival of yet another pair of Crafts.
Jul 29 00:03:23 [Aero] Young Madame Grey: "Took you two long enough I didn't think that you would awaken in time."
Jul 29 00:03:31 [Aero] [Reinforcements: ] [???’ Craft: https://i.imgur.com/tu0DRwF.jpg ] [???’s Craft: https://i.imgur.com/Pxjn8kp.jpg ]
Jul 29 00:03:58 [Cubey] Izuru: "Who? ... Woah..."
Jul 29 00:03:59 [Corel] Seta: "Astara...you are alright! And..."
Jul 29 00:04:05 [Aero] In this case Maxwell was currently being princess carried by the black Craft.
Jul 29 00:04:20 [Tengu] Asagi: "You two... You saved Astara."
Jul 29 00:04:23 [Aero] Astara: "...dad?"
Jul 29 00:04:29 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Dad?"
Jul 29 00:04:51 [Cubey] The new arrivals look like powerful allies indeed. And since they're phantoms...
Jul 29 00:04:54 [Cubey] Izuru: "DAD?!"
Jul 29 00:05:05 [Corel] Seta: "...Your father?"
Jul 29 00:05:10 [Aero] Sirius: "Ahhh it's been so long...or should I say it's nice to meet you...hmmm weird memories being from the past with memories from the future."
Jul 29 00:05:36 [Aero] Sirius: "Nice to meet you I'm Sirius, Astara's dad."
Jul 29 00:05:58 [Aero] Astara was now failing to hold back tears.
Jul 29 00:06:20 [Aero] Sirius: "Ah come on, you're all grown up now you shouldn't be crying like that."
Jul 29 00:06:32 [Tengu] Asagi: "Likewise! Er, the 'nice to meet you' part, I mean."
Jul 29 00:06:35 [Aero] [Sirius: https://i.imgur.com/Dc7UWnp.png?1 ]
Jul 29 00:06:50 [Corel] Seta: "Hello..."
Jul 29 00:06:57 [Corel] Union manages an awkward wave.
Jul 29 00:07:13 [Aero] Sirius: "Ah Seta you've grown up so well..."
Jul 29 00:07:19 [Steam] Roy: "Hey there... thanks for the save!"
Jul 29 00:07:48 [Corel] Seta: "...Um..."
Jul 29 00:07:50 [Aero] In the midst of the awkward reunion the other white Craft fires a series of beams of light and darkness towards Invictas arms.
Jul 29 00:07:59 [Tengu] Asagi: "The other phantom... If you're Astara's father, does that mean it's..."
Jul 29 00:08:18 [Aero] [Everyone can go]
Jul 29 00:08:30 [Corel] Seta: "..."
Jul 29 00:08:37 [Cubey] Izuru: "You don't think..."
Jul 29 00:08:45 [Corel] Yes, she has a feeling she knows too, Asagi.
Jul 29 00:08:49 [Aero] Sirius: "Ah don't mind him, he doesn't like to speak much."
Jul 29 00:08:58 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Let's help him out."
Jul 29 00:09:03 [Aero] Sirius: "He's a real business first kind of person"
Jul 29 00:09:26 [Cubey] Tamaki: "I won't let you ruin this heartfelt reunion! Go to hell Invicta, uwoooooh!" *Rose Three charges, an explosive ball full of beams and missiles!+
Jul 29 00:10:12 [Aero] Sirius: "Now Astara come on, you can do all the sulking you want afterwards."
Jul 29 00:10:52 [Steam] * Crisis energy waning from that outburst, Roy instead takes aim with his railgun, firing a slew of rounds all across Invicta's frame... a slew of explosions unleashed only after the last one's fired!+
Jul 29 00:11:56 * Steam has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
Jul 29 00:12:05 [Tengu] Asagi: "Let's make sure Tamaki doesn't get surrounded again. Now, one final strike...!" He takes a step back, getting ready to swing the giant blade of light - and as Blue One does so, the sword shatters into numerous tiny shards, leaving only the physical blade underneath! Those shatters, however, fly towards Invicta, forming an almost wave-like cutting barrage! +
Jul 29 00:12:20 [Aero] [Tamaki] Beams and missiles pelt across the Phantom Invicta's body, the Phantom can barely respond after it used up all that power with only a sliver of its soul in tact.
Jul 29 00:12:59 * Steam (Steam@66.213.grz.ymn) has joined
Jul 29 00:13:11 [Aero] [Roy] Round after round explodes off different sections of Invicta's body and does not stop until Roy finally hears a finally empty click of the trigger.
Jul 29 00:13:23 [Cubey] At the same time, Red Five looks ready to provide defensive support for whomever comes under Invicta's attack.
Jul 29 00:13:26 [Cubey] This is it.
Jul 29 00:13:51 [Corel] *Yeah, Seta tries not to think of that Craft's pilot for now. "Alright. This is it..." She morphs Union into its dragon-like form, also known before as the Phantom Guardian - its two disembodied fists come together with light and dark energies and creating a vortex of power that Seta drives straight into the phantom's chest!+
Jul 29 00:15:22 [Aero] [Asagi] The sword shatters and the shards rip across Invicta's body finally removing the phantoms arm with a single swing as the shards do their job.
Jul 29 00:16:36 [Aero] "Yeah...after." Knowing who was around her Astara draws the Sword of Shahryar transforming her own craft as the now black craft charges forward alongside Union, the energy around it gathering into a spiral that swirled towards the Phantom.
Jul 29 00:19:04 [Aero] [Seta and Astara] The two Kijin are joined by Sirius and the other mysterious pilot along with Fortuna. Sirius' craft erupting energy all around it as it charged forward along with the other white Craft that gathered its energy as well into the form of a large white dragon.
Jul 29 00:20:10 [Aero] In an instant...it was over the combined force of the Kijin tore through Invicta...and shattered the Core within it. Energy began to seep out in every direction as the last remnants of Invicta's soul and the Tower's Core was destroyed.
Jul 29 00:20:38 [Cubey] Izuru: "... Is it over?"
Jul 29 00:20:47 [Aero] The realm that made up the interior of the Tower collapsed and then....stone...just normal stone.
Jul 29 00:21:01 [Tengu] Asagi watches as the remains of the energy dissipate. "I hope so."
Jul 29 00:21:06 [Cubey] Izuru: "The place is falling apart! It's definitely over!"
Jul 29 00:21:16 [Aero] The light that emanated from the tower dispersed and then...
Jul 29 00:21:17 [Aero] Nothing
Jul 29 00:21:31 [Aero] The Tower remained standing...but it was nothing more than a stone tower now.
Jul 29 00:21:49 [Corel] Lenore: "Hey, is everyone okay in there?"
Jul 29 00:22:00 [Aero] Astara: "Lenore?"
Jul 29 00:22:10 [Cubey] Izuru: "Somehow... we have some people to really help for that."
Jul 29 00:22:20 [Cubey] Izuru: "Hey, you can hear us?"
Jul 29 00:22:22 [Aero] Standing at the doors to the tower are Lenore and the other Kijin Generals. Seta's Generals
Jul 29 00:22:25 [Cubey] *Really thank for that
Jul 29 00:22:27 [Corel] Lenore: "Oh, you're there! The guys outside just stopped and disappeared..."
Jul 29 00:22:41 [Aero] You were now standing only a few mere meters away from each other.
Jul 29 00:23:01 [Steam] Roy: "-They're gone? Good to hear!"
Jul 29 00:23:07 [Cubey] Izuru: "So it really is over! Thank you very much..." Red Five turns around to the Phantoms who helped them. Lady Grey, Astara's dad... and the third one.
Jul 29 00:23:18 [Corel] Seta: "..."
Jul 29 00:23:52 [Tengu] Asagi: "It'd go bad if those people didn't help us out, though." He also glances at the phantoms. If they're there at all.
Jul 29 00:23:54 [Aero] Sirius: "Hey you going to say anything?"
Jul 29 00:24:05 [Aero] Thankfully the Phantoms were still there.
Jul 29 00:24:37 [Cubey] Izuru: "Ah, you're here! I was afraid you'd be gone. But..."
Jul 29 00:24:46 [Cubey] Izuru: "You're still phantoms, right? So that means..."
Jul 29 00:24:48 * Steam has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
Jul 29 00:25:14 [Aero] Young Fortuna: "Sooner rather than later but...we still have a bit of time."
Jul 29 00:25:34 [Aero] Young Fortuna: "Not as long as some of us might hope however..."
Jul 29 00:26:04 [Aero] ???: "......"
Jul 29 00:26:06 [Corel] Seta: "I...want to see him."
Jul 29 00:26:22 [Aero] Sirius: "You'll get a chance now come on."
Jul 29 00:26:40 [Aero] His craft slaps the other in the back to push it forward.
Jul 29 00:27:21 [Aero] As it's pushed forward the craft dissipates and Seta can see the face of the man that piloted it.
Jul 29 00:27:41 [Aero] https://i.imgur.com/g6cizki.png?1
Jul 29 00:28:33 [Corel] Likewise, Union disappears, leaving Seta looking at the person face to face.
Jul 29 00:28:54 [Aero] ???: "...."
Jul 29 00:29:16 [Aero] MISSION COMPLETE
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