Jul 23 16:35:49 [Steam] Recently, a group of Decepticons led by the current leader Soundwave arrived on Earth. All on the level to broker trade with the ESUN, though tensions were still understandably high.
Jul 23 16:36:52 [Steam] And then it suddenly began. Reports coming in of swarms of self-replicating Insecticons appearing all around the globe, all converging on a single location in the middle of a North American city.
Jul 23 16:39:19 [Steam] Response teams began to move, encountering unexpected resistance from Earth technology, but were still able to report on a massive Cybertronian ship that has become uncovered. And it was Soundwave who was able identify it: the Proudstar. A Cybertronian ship lost before the time of the Great War.
Jul 23 16:39:20 [aldosalt] "Insecticons?" Dido blurts out, sealing one final rivet on her mech before lowering the gantry. "I thought we blew those guys to bits!"
Jul 23 16:40:08 [Steam] That may have been cause for celebration, but the Insecticons, upon arriving at the location have begun attempting to convert, even "Cyber-form" the surroundings of the Proudstar, expanding slowly but steadily out, committed to the task.
Jul 23 16:40:37 [Jockey] "These Insecticons... not same Insecticons we fight."
Jul 23 16:41:16 [Jockey] [The Proudstar...]
Jul 23 16:41:35 [Steam] Needless to say, the threat this would pose to life as it's known on Earth is great. And with security having been pulled away to ensure the Decepticon exchange went smoothly, it's already gotten to a worrying start.
Jul 23 16:41:39 [Cubey] Sielje: "Why does this happen now? That ship is supposed to be very old, is it not?"
Jul 23 16:41:49 [Cubey] Which would mean that something... or someone, activated it.
Jul 23 16:41:54 [Steam] But that's why Project Unification is on the task, your shuttle entering the city now.
Jul 23 16:42:04 [Jockey] "Not sure what going on. But if find answers... need to go to ship."
Jul 23 16:42:13 [Jockey] "If need to. Smash whoever responsible."
Jul 23 16:42:21 [Arach] Medb stretches and flexes, testing its link to Gwen. "Oh, I like that plan."
Jul 23 16:42:34 [Tengu] Daniel: "What a time for them to go rogue."
Jul 23 16:42:44 [Steam] Mass groups of insecticons spread across buildings, and with strange, massive cybernetic tentacles extending up from the ground an-
Jul 23 16:42:57 [Steam] Shuttle Pilot: "Incoming!"
Jul 23 16:42:58 [Jockey] [Grimlock punches an open hand, the other Dinobots seem to be just as eager to get to the bottom of this as well. Or at the very least have something to sink their teeth into.]
Jul 23 16:43:17 [Tengu] Daniel: "Here they come! Let's get rid of these locusts. Before they destroy everything."
Jul 23 16:43:31 [Steam] A missile shoots up from the ground from near the half-buried ship can be seen! The shuttle banks hard to the side to avoid!
Jul 23 16:44:05 [Jockey] "No more time to talk then. We go now!"
Jul 23 16:44:39 [Cubey] Sielje: "I do not like this... ah!"
Jul 23 16:44:56 [Cubey] The floor is tilting under the Arm's legs!
Jul 23 16:45:41 [Steam] The shuttle gets as close to the Proudstar as possible while still being covered by a building, giving you the chance to get out. And surprisingly, in spite of everything, the Insecticons are ignoring you, and for that matter other allied forces coming in to take the edge off!
Jul 23 16:46:27 [Steam] Instead, Grimlock, as you get out you see other Transformers standing guard in front of an entraceway into the Proudstar!
Jul 23 16:46:37 [Jockey] [Grimlock and team are diving out the now open hatch, leaving craters on the streets as they land with weapons ready-]
Jul 23 16:46:42 [Arach] Medb offers a hand to help keep Sielje on her feet. "Whoah there."
Jul 23 16:46:46 [Steam] (Getaway: http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/thumb/f/fb/G1Getaway_boxart.jpg/300px-G1Getaway_boxart.jpg)
Jul 23 16:46:47 [Tengu] Daniel: "So they have defense systems too... Gotta watch out for those. That was close."
Jul 23 16:46:48 [aldosalt] Dido: "What the hell? Are they trying to make this planet Cybertron 2.0?"
Jul 23 16:46:51 [Jockey] "..."
Jul 23 16:46:58 [Steam] (Flame: http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/thumb/5/57/FlameUK_Robot%26Tank.jpg/200px-FlameUK_Robot%26Tank.jpg)
Jul 23 16:47:04 [Steam] ^http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/thumb/5/57/FlameUK_Robot%26Tank.jpg/200px-FlameUK_Robot%26Tank.jpg
Jul 23 16:47:12 [Steam] http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/thumb/f/fb/G1Getaway_boxart.jpg/300px-G1Getaway_boxart.jpg
Jul 23 16:47:27 [Steam] (Pharma: http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/thumb/d/dd/LifeAftertheBigBang_Pharma.jpg/400px-LifeAftertheBigBang_Pharma.jpg )
Jul 23 16:48:02 [Steam] And even one that's not
Jul 23 16:48:06 [Steam] (Macha: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=38371686 )
Jul 23 16:48:14 [Cubey] Sielje: "You do not have to worry about me..." She acts like she didn't lose her balance at all just now.
Jul 23 16:48:36 [Steam] Getaway: "Finally able to scramble a team to try to get here and stop it?"
Jul 23 16:48:52 [Steam] "Predictable with how much time and energon being wasted catering to Decepticon needs!"
Jul 23 16:48:59 [Arach] Gwen: "Right, right, sorry." She hops on out. "So, what band of quirky assholes showed up today?"
Jul 23 16:49:19 [Jockey] "Getaway. You make big mistake. Think doing this solve anything?"
Jul 23 16:49:44 [Steam] Flame: "... Oh wait... is that Doomstar's old machine, all stripped down?"
Jul 23 16:49:50 [Steam] "Well I guess this is a reunion then!"
Jul 23 16:49:58 [Jockey] "Getaway Autobot. Or used to be. Didn't agree to the peace."
Jul 23 16:50:02 [Steam] "Because the answer... is VIPER!"
Jul 23 16:50:14 [Jockey] "Flame and Pharma Criminals-"
Jul 23 16:50:26 [Arach] Gwen: "Ah. That band of quirky assholes."
Jul 23 16:50:35 [Steam] (Enemies: Flame, Pharma, Getaway, Doubledealer, Macha)
Jul 23 16:50:43 [Jockey] [Of course... who else would a mad scientist work for?]
Jul 23 16:50:44 [Cubey] Whatever response was Gwen going to get is put on hold, because...
Jul 23 16:50:49 [Steam] (Lineup: Grimlock, Gwen, Sielje, Dido, Daniel)
Jul 23 16:50:50 [Cubey] Sielje: "VIPER? They did this?"
Jul 23 16:50:53 [Steam] (Grimlock and Gwen, go)
Jul 23 16:51:03 [aldosalt] Dido frowns at Getaway. "So now you're...what...a Rogue-a-bot? Or a Renegadeticon?"
Jul 23 16:51:19 [Steam] (Doubledealer: http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/thumb/b/b6/Doubledealer_boxart.jpg/300px-Doubledealer_boxart.jpg )
Jul 23 16:51:20 [Cubey] Sielje: "Your alliance has been beaten! Stand down!"
Jul 23 16:51:22 [Tengu] Daniel: "...So this is where VIPER found new allies."
Jul 23 16:52:17 [Tengu] Daniel: "Explains the non-Transformer robot."
Jul 23 16:52:26 [Steam] Doubledealer: "Don't be too surprised. When you're paying for quality and not quantity, you can afford to shop around. And this job... is one too good to pass up!"
Jul 23 16:53:02 [Steam] Indeed, though fortunately the various light tanks and missile trucks are moving to try to fend off other groups, mostly ones focusing on the Insecticons
Jul 23 16:53:04 [Jockey] "Not going to get money if you dead."
Jul 23 16:53:52 [Arach] Gwen jogs to the side of the battlefield, aiming to take cover behind an office building-and firing a few beams from her pistol at Flame as she goes. "So he's the crazy one..."+
Jul 23 16:54:21 [Jockey] *Grimlock and the Dinobots charge in, transforming midstep and letting loose columns of blazing fury as they stampeded towards the enemy!+
Jul 23 16:55:06 [Steam] Flame balks at that! "Crazy? You have yet to see my greatest creations... now rise, my Cybertronian army!"
Jul 23 16:56:11 [Steam] [Gwen] Leftover scraps of metal which had seemingly just been lying there began to quickly mash together, forming sloppily made zombie Transforms that try to lunge at you! But even more than that!
Jul 23 16:56:36 [Steam] ???: "Save some for me dammit!"
Jul 23 16:57:21 [Steam] -The Macha takes aim, firing at the Medb with its rifle too!
Jul 23 16:57:34 [Cubey] Sielje: "Watch out, they have minions!"
Jul 23 16:57:38 [Steam] And that voice-
Jul 23 16:57:49 [Steam] Pharma: "Don't worry..I'm sure there's enough to go around for us, Jen."
Jul 23 16:57:51 [Cubey] # Gwen
Jul 23 16:57:54 [Steam] (Gwen react!)
Jul 23 16:57:55 [Steam] (Approved)
Jul 23 16:58:05 [Cubey] Sielje: "..."
Jul 23 16:58:55 [aldosalt] Dido: "So you've come–!"
Jul 23 16:59:25 [Cubey] *The Arm's shield is prepared and it charges, trying to tackle that zombie out of the way... and mid-stride, suddenly it almost trips, clumsily stumbling at this voice.+
Jul 23 16:59:52 [Steam] [Grimlock] The Dinobot charge in the meantime forces the enemy Cybertronians back and to scatter, but mid-attack the ground suddenly cracks and gives way just in front of you! And from underneath emerges-
Jul 23 17:00:37 [Steam] ???2: "GRUAAAAAAAGH! FREE AT LAST...!"
Jul 23 17:00:42 [Steam] ... A monster.
Jul 23 17:00:47 [Jockey] "What-!?"
Jul 23 17:00:48 [Steam] (Monstructor: http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/thumb/f/fe/Monstructorg1.jpg/300px-Monstructorg1.jpg )
Jul 23 17:01:15 [Steam] Flame: "Reinforcements!"
Jul 23 17:01:36 [Jockey] [A Combiner?! But... no... this wasn't one Grimlock recognized at all...]
Jul 23 17:01:45 [Steam] Monstructor towers over the Dinobots, furiously smashing its hands down to crush you all!
Jul 23 17:01:49 [Steam] (React: Dinobots!)
Jul 23 17:01:59 [aldosalt] #Dinobots?
Jul 23 17:02:03 [Steam] (Go for it)
Jul 23 17:02:38 [Arach] *Gwen jumps into the air, rockets flaring on Medb's back to push it away from those zombies-faltering in its flight at the sound of Macha's pilot. "That voice-"+
Jul 23 17:03:14 [Steam] [Sielje] The zombies are fortunately hastily-crafted, your Arm crashing into them and crushing several as others stumble, falling apart either from the shock or just bad craftsmanship finally taking toll.
Jul 23 17:03:58 [Jockey] *Not much time to dodge, so the only thing to do was to meet the gestalt form with one of their own! The now formed Dinobot quickly attempting to smash away the incoming blows and return it with a punch to the face! As early into the fight as it was.... something about this thing..+
Jul 23 17:04:12 [Steam] Jen?: "... Yeah."
Jul 23 17:04:24 [aldosalt] *Monstructor's palm suddenly sports an a quilts worth of Arc Thorns...then convulses with lightning as Dido Lance Shock's the heck out of it! "Get out of there!" Dido shouts. "Don't let this bastards make you extinct!"+
Jul 23 17:04:32 [Steam] "I met the Devil, and now it's going to be your turn!"
Jul 23 17:04:38 [Jockey] "What manner of foul pit were you spawned from..."
Jul 23 17:04:50 [Cubey] Sielje: "Jen? Is that really you?"
Jul 23 17:04:51 [Steam] And even her face comes through on the comms!
Jul 23 17:04:54 [Steam] (Jen: https://p.dreamwidth.org/edb54d90de74/2353849-50358/arciel.altervista.org/bazette/12.png )
Jul 23 17:04:59 [Cubey] Sielje: "Why are you doing this?!"
Jul 23 17:05:07 [Tengu] Daniel: "More and more zombie Transformers appear. And on top of that..."
Jul 23 17:05:26 [aldosalt] Dido: "...what?"
Jul 23 17:05:29 [Arach] Gwen: "...Well, now."
Jul 23 17:05:37 [Tengu] Daniel: "Jen. Are you doing the same thing as last time again?"
Jul 23 17:05:41 [Steam] [Gwen] Sielje's assistance holds off the zombies, though the Macha's shots still blow apart the area where you'd just been!
Jul 23 17:06:11 [Steam] Jen: "I'm just doing this because I want to kill you!"
Jul 23 17:06:37 [Arach] Gwen: "And why the hell is that!"
Jul 23 17:07:56 [Steam] [Dido and Dinobot] The thorns pierce into Monstructor's hand, damaging it like a pinprick, but they're driven through all the way as Dinobot smash-parries itself out of Monstructor's attack! But that blow to the face barely knocks it back, and it slowly turns right back to face you!
Jul 23 17:08:24 [Steam] (Sielje, Daniel, Dido)
Jul 23 17:08:53 [aldosalt] Dido's head swims. Zombie transformers, and now a crazy brainwashed Jen?
Jul 23 17:09:02 [Tengu] (gonna ask for an enemy list again)
Jul 23 17:09:02 [Cubey] (How many zombies are left?)
Jul 23 17:09:20 [Tengu] Daniel: "You didn't act this way last time we met, Jen."
Jul 23 17:09:34 [Steam] (They're gone, they're functionally going to be treated like an attack than a unit)
Jul 23 17:09:52 [Cubey] Sielje: "What is going on? You are not like this, Jen!"
Jul 23 17:09:54 [Steam] (Enemies: Monstructor, Flame, Pharma, Doubledealer, Getaway, Macha (Jen?))
Jul 23 17:10:01 [Cubey] Sielje: "You are not trying to trick VIPER again, are you?"
Jul 23 17:10:01 [aldosalt] Dido: "What are you talking about, Jen? You blew that lava shell up to save our lvies...and now you want to kill us?"
Jul 23 17:10:23 [Cubey] Sielje: "And... how are you standing, in front of us!"
Jul 23 17:10:26 [Steam] Jen: "I don't need a reason to kill my ex-friends!"
Jul 23 17:10:41 [Steam] Flame: "Oh yes... that whole lava shell incident!"
Jul 23 17:11:38 [Steam] Pharma: "But we were the ones who found her afterwards. Tended her injuries. Gave her a welcome home. Better than you ever did judging by how bad she wants to kill you all."
Jul 23 17:11:51 [Jockey] "..."
Jul 23 17:12:50 [Jockey] [Team Unity] "I doubt that... whatever those two have done... it could be called pleasant."
Jul 23 17:13:21 [Cubey] Sielje: "You are controlling her! Just like the dead minions!"
Jul 23 17:13:23 [aldosalt] "Yeah, I'm not buying that," Dido snarls to Pharma. "Lest we forget, it was YOUR damn lava super weapon that she had to risk everything to stop!"
Jul 23 17:13:33 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Can't put my finger on it. But something's not right here. Maybe they're bluffing. Maybe it's brainwashing. Maybe it's something else."
Jul 23 17:14:00 [Arach] Gwen: "...So. Why's she going after me, then?"
Jul 23 17:14:49 [Cubey] *The Arm rushes, Sielje's shield has been put away. She'll need both hands for this - a wide swing of her polearm to knock Flame off-balance, and she gets closer as a followup and stabs the spike downwards into his body!+
Jul 23 17:15:19 [Steam] Jen: "You're sounding betrayed? I'M the one YOU betrayed! You and EVERYONE just let me die!"
Jul 23 17:16:01 [Cubey] Sielje: "You are using a machine that looks like what VIPER made... Doomstar's."
Jul 23 17:16:07 [Cubey] It can't be that, can it?
Jul 23 17:16:55 [Arach] Gwen: "Okay, now I'm real confused. How could I have betrayed you?! I didn't even exist until like, a week ago!"
Jul 23 17:17:01 [Steam] [Sielje] The rogue Autobot jumps away, or at the very least tries to! The initial strike grazes his frame, the second piercing through! Flame grunts in pain... but Doubledealer takes aim and fires at you while your weapon's pinned down!
Jul 23 17:17:03 [Steam] (React: Sielje)
Jul 23 17:17:33 [Arach] Gwen: "Do you even know who I am?"
Jul 23 17:17:34 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Jen. You volunteered. You didn't want anyone else to die with you."
Jul 23 17:17:45 [Steam] Jen: "You and EVERYONE just let me die!"
Jul 23 17:17:45 [aldosalt] Dido: "Jen...are you really going to kill us all? Your friends? Your lover?" She takes a calculated risk. "Your daughter?"
Jul 23 17:18:00 [Jockey] "..."
Jul 23 17:18:33 [Tengu] Daniel: "And you. Destroying a city for a job? You make bad name for guns for hire." Steel Wanderer suddenly draws the Gun of God, sending its cape flying, and quickly slamming the hammer in order to fire three armor-piercing bullets into Doubledealer's direction! +
Jul 23 17:18:34 [Cubey] Sielje: "Ugh!" *She uses the cloak to absorb the beam, throwing the shoulder it rests on in the way of the blast.+
Jul 23 17:19:18 [Cubey] Sielje: "We did not leave you to die! You went by yourself... and you promised to return! We waited, no more than that."
Jul 23 17:19:23 [Cubey] Sielje: "We searched for you for so long!"
Jul 23 17:20:03 [Steam] [Sielje and Daniel] The Arm withstands the shot, and Daniel's sudden attack causes Doubledealer to have to abandon his own on Sielje, settling for a few shots in Daniel's direction instead!
Jul 23 17:20:07 [Steam] (React: Daniel)
Jul 23 17:20:41 [aldosalt] *Dido opens fire on getaway on the other transformers, bombarding them with Arc Thorns, trying to push them back from 'Jen''s unit.+
Jul 23 17:21:54 [Steam] [Dido] Your shots rain down on Getaway, Pharma, and Flame, the first two just taking evasive action but the last still injured from before and getting struck by another few thorns!
Jul 23 17:22:16 [Tengu] * Using the billowing cloak as visual cover, Daniel quickly jumps behind a nearby partially-metallized building, using it for cover from the shots. +
Jul 23 17:23:11 [Steam] But in spite of all of this the only reaction Jen gives is turning to the ShelLancer! ""I met the Devil, and now it's going to be your turn!" Nanomachines flood out of compartments, forming thin glinting wires that lash out to strike the ShelLancer!
Jul 23 17:23:14 [Steam] (React: Dido!)
Jul 23 17:23:29 [Jockey] "...Jen, What was it you said to Grimlock and Kup the day Ultra Magnus took the Autobots to Cybertron?"
Jul 23 17:24:02 [Steam] [Daniel] Doubledealer's haste and self-preservation meant his shots weren't focused ones. The Steel Wanderer escapes unharmed!
Jul 23 17:24:08 [Steam] (Dinobot and Gwen)
Jul 23 17:24:33 [Steam] Jen: ""Hell's awful cold this time of year."
Jul 23 17:24:47 [Steam] - And she diverts one of the threads to strike Dinobot as well!
Jul 23 17:25:01 [Steam] (React to that either before or during your action, Dinobot)
Jul 23 17:25:18 [aldosalt] *Dido Shell Boosts backwards and swings ShelLancer's electrified lance forward, trying to bat the threads aside and conduct lightning through them into Jen!+
Jul 23 17:25:40 [Arach] Gwen: "-That's just a cliche! Alright, that's it. Clearly, you people don't even know who I am, so let me teach you a lesson."
Jul 23 17:26:01 [aldosalt] Dido: "You just used that metaphor, Jen..."
Jul 23 17:26:03 [Cubey] Sielje: "She did not met you, Gwen."
Jul 23 17:26:26 [Cubey] Sielje: "But... she does not seem to be in control..."
Jul 23 17:27:28 [Steam] [Dido] The nanomachine cables prove remarkably surge-resistant, but the power of your lance still interferes with the threads coming your way and repels them!
Jul 23 17:27:36 [Tengu] Daniel: "Just guessing. But. Maybe she's a clone."
Jul 23 17:27:51 [Jockey] *Dinobot angles himself so that the Triceratops-head upon his shoulder faced towards the incoming wire, letting loose a superheated blast at it to reduce it to a molten mess before it reached him... was it enough? No time to make sure. Dinobot was bull rushing Monstructor now, swinging a mighty fist to try get the other combiner in the torso!+
Jul 23 17:29:03 [Jockey] "Whoever or whatever it is... its becoming more doubtful it is who they claim it to be."
Jul 23 17:30:15 [aldosalt] Dido clenches her teeth. She decides to test something. "Jen!" She cries in a plaintive tone. "Why are you doing this?"
Jul 23 17:30:20 [Steam] [Dinobot] The fiery blast on the other hand overwhelms the thread through sheer fiery force before you charge in at Monstructor! This attack carries more bite to it, for as Monstructor roars and moves to counterattack, the scream takes on an element of pain! But not enough to stop it from trying to slam both of its fists down into you from above!
Jul 23 17:30:24 [Steam] (React: Dinobot!)
Jul 23 17:30:59 [Steam] Jen: "You're sounding betrayed? I'M the one YOU betrayed! You and EVERYONE just let me die!"
Jul 23 17:32:27 [Jockey] *This was where having Snarl form the back comes in handy... between the armor and the energy the solar collectors within the reinforced armor plates was providing Dinobot would simply weather the attack to pick up Monstructor for a drive down to SUPLEX CITY!+
Jul 23 17:32:48 [aldosalt] Dido exhales softly. "Jen," she says, in a resigned, dull tone. "Why are you doing this?"
Jul 23 17:34:09 [Arach] *Medb lands, and her nanobots gather material from the surrounding area-forming a spear. "Even if she didn't meet me, she should know me. My name is Gwenhwyfar Douglas, and I am the successor, the fork-the memories of Jen given new life." She idly spins her spear, circling around Macha from a distance. "And quite frankly, I don't really care what your stupid beef is. People's lives are at stake, and it's my duty to save them.
Jul 23 17:34:09 [Arach] Because...I am a hero." With that, Gwen charges Jen, her spear ready for a thrust right through Macha.&
Jul 23 17:34:18 [Arach] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn2NtSKaFwY
Jul 23 17:36:12 [Steam] [Dinobot] Monstructor's fists crash into you, staggering you even with your heightened armor! But that's far more than the mad Combiner would've expected, leaving it caught off-guard as you catch it by surprise and ultimately suplex it hard into the ground!
Jul 23 17:36:41 [Steam] The pavement begins to crack and fracture from both it and Monstructor's destructive arrival and-
Jul 23 17:37:08 [Jockey] "Grh... you strike hard... but come the end of the tale... Monsters fall regardless of their fangs..."
Jul 23 17:37:47 [Steam] [Gwen] And at the same time you surge at the Macha! A nanomachine bayonet forms to try to match your spear and it lunges right back at you!
Jul 23 17:37:53 [Steam] (React/Continue: Gwen!)
Jul 23 17:39:05 [aldosalt] #Gwen?
Jul 23 17:39:45 [Arach] *Before she's close enough to connect, Gwen throws her spear at Macha-then clenches her teeth. In a blur Medb steps backwards, firing off three beams at the larger machine. "...Apogee was faster. I give you an F for entertainment."+
Jul 23 17:40:02 [Cubey] Sielje's Arm is running around the two titans crashing each other into concrete. The Dinobots aren't doing that bad... but she'll have to make sure others don't interfere!
Jul 23 17:41:00 [Steam] (Going to nix that.)
Jul 23 17:42:24 [Steam] [Gwen] Having expected just a straight thrust, it takes a moment for the Macha to realize the spear's coming its way now and has to hastily parry it away! But that throws its guard open as your shots connect, blasting the machine and giving it three smoking holes! It crashes to the ground...
Jul 23 17:42:44 [Steam] ... But the ground is also in a precarious position now!
Jul 23 17:43:58 [Steam] Another moments go by, and the toll taken from the Dinobot suplex is finally too much! The ground gives way, all of you not airborne falling, falling back from where Monstructor crawled out of!
Jul 23 17:44:49 [Tengu] Daniel: "!"
Jul 23 17:44:51 [Steam] Flame: "What? No! No! Someone, quick-!"
Jul 23 17:45:27 [Cubey] Sielje: "Ahh!" Not again! But this time, there's no ground to stand on at all!
Jul 23 17:46:34 [Steam] The fall is not as deep or severe as it could have been, at least for some. You fall down not into underground sewers but instead a vast, highly-technical chamber!
Jul 23 17:46:40 [Steam] It's... the interior of the Proudstar!
Jul 23 17:48:05 [aldosalt] Dido: "What the heck?"
Jul 23 17:48:20 [Steam] All of you at gravity's mercy land on spacious catwalks and elevated platforms, and likewise for your enemies, all save the injured Flame who falls down. Deep, deep down a massive chasm into the nothingness below.
Jul 23 17:48:45 [Jockey] [Dinobot's landing is heavy, but thankfully having Sludge as their feet means their footing is steady... though the area itself...]
Jul 23 17:48:52 [Arach] Gwen slows her fall with the jets on Medb, landing gracefully. "...Huh. Neato."
Jul 23 17:48:55 [Jockey] "This is..."
Jul 23 17:49:09 [Cubey] "Oof..." Sielje lands... less than gracefully.
Jul 23 17:50:03 [Steam] A voice finishes Dinobot's statement.
Jul 23 17:50:10 [Steam] ???: "-A place that should not have been dirtied by organics."
Jul 23 17:50:42 [Steam] And further off another slew of Cybertronians can be seen together, one in particular taking the center of the group.
Jul 23 17:50:46 [Steam] (Nova Prime: http://i1181.photobucket.com/albums/x437/cbradley251/Nova_Prime_by_DonFig_zps2686eb84.jpg~original )
Jul 23 17:51:09 [Steam] But he's not the only one either
Jul 23 17:51:17 [Steam] (Jhiaxus: http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/thumb/f/fc/Jhiaxusg2.jpg/300px-Jhiaxusg2.jpg )
Jul 23 17:51:21 [Jockey] "Nova Prime... you are... functional."
Jul 23 17:51:28 [Steam] (Tarn: http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/thumb/a/a7/MTMTE_Tarn_Alex_Milne.jpg/300px-MTMTE_Tarn_Alex_Milne.jpg )
Jul 23 17:51:42 [Steam] (Helex : http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/thumb/e/e5/Helex_whos_afraid_of_the_djd.jpg/300px-Helex_whos_afraid_of_the_djd.jpg )
Jul 23 17:51:57 [Steam] (Terasus: http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/thumb/b/b3/Flywheels_tesarus_whos_afraid_of_the_djd.jpg/290px-Flywheels_tesarus_whos_afraid_of_the_djd.jpg )
Jul 23 17:52:08 [Steam] (Vos: http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/thumb/d/d2/Mtmte34-p19-vos.jpg/230px-Mtmte34-p19-vos.jpg )
Jul 23 17:52:17 [aldosalt] Dido inhales sharply. "A Prime?" She blurts. "I thought only the bearer of the Matrix could be a Prime!"
Jul 23 17:52:36 [Tengu] Steel Wanderer gets up slowly. The heavy fall isn't doing the old machine any favours.
Jul 23 17:52:42 [Cubey] The Knight's Arm lifts itself up. "Who...?"
Jul 23 17:52:43 [Tengu] Daniel: "You know who this is?"
Jul 23 17:52:47 [Steam] Nova: "Just another example of the stupidity of organics."
Jul 23 17:53:27 [Arach] Gwen: "Hey now, meatbags are our friends."
Jul 23 17:53:32 [Jockey] "He was a Prime of the past. Though clearly he is far different from what was spoken of him."
Jul 23 17:53:50 [Steam] Pharma: "Well well... you're the group we were sent to help with this."
Jul 23 17:54:10 [Steam] Nova: "I was a fool blind to the truth of the Universe, you mean!"
Jul 23 17:54:15 [Cubey] Sielje: "He sounds nothing like the Prime I met."
Jul 23 17:54:23 [Jockey] "... No... no he does not..."
Jul 23 17:54:33 [Jockey] "What truth is it you speak of? Speak it clearly."
Jul 23 17:55:23 [aldosalt] Dido: "Who are you calling a stupid organic?"
Jul 23 17:55:24 [Steam] "This ship, the Proudstar, was meant to safeguard Cybertronian life and history. And as it voyaged, I encountered the great Truth of it all!"
Jul 23 17:55:54 [Tengu] Daniel: "I thought Primes were supposed to be noble leaders. There's still some flesh left in me, and I object."
Jul 23 17:56:20 [Steam] "A being of darkness that showed me the nature and destiny of all life... granting me and my followers here power and making us its Apostles."
Jul 23 17:56:33 [Steam] Nova's eyes flash with fury.
Jul 23 17:57:45 [Steam] "But this planet... its disgusting Organics and the Cybertronians of this era denied the universe its rightful fate in killing its shepard! And when we activated once more, we knew our course was clear!"
Jul 23 17:58:11 [Steam] "The Earth will be remade. Is BEING remade!"
Jul 23 17:58:33 [Steam] "It will become our master's new body! A new body for Unicron!"
Jul 23 17:58:38 [Cubey] Sielje: "You..."
Jul 23 17:58:46 [Cubey] Unicron...
Jul 23 17:58:47 [Jockey] "........."
Jul 23 17:58:51 [Arach] Medb starts clapping. "Good one, good one. But you know, there's one problem."
Jul 23 17:59:04 [Jockey] "You seek to bring back the Chaos Bringer-!"
Jul 23 17:59:23 [Steam] Pharma and Doubledealer discreetly exchange glances.
Jul 23 17:59:43 [Cubey] Sielje: "You look down on those who are not machine, but one of them serves you at this very moment!"
Jul 23 18:00:31 [Steam] (Sielje, Daniel, and Dido, go now)
Jul 23 18:00:38 [Steam] (Enemy update:
Jul 23 18:01:14 [aldosalt] Dido: "I generally do not like you...and so I'm going to burn you."
Jul 23 18:01:15 [Steam] (New enemies: Nova Prime, Monstructor (light damage), Jhiaxus, Tarn, Helex, Tesarus, and Vos)
Jul 23 18:01:33 [Steam] (Old enemies: Getaway and the Macha)
Jul 23 18:01:53 [Steam] (... Pharma and Doubledealer are already well on their way to escaping.)
Jul 23 18:02:35 [Steam] Pharma: "A shame about Flame. Can't change the clone's directive without him...!"
Jul 23 18:02:43 [Jockey] "Getaway you fool... Are you going to continue upon this path?"
Jul 23 18:02:54 [Tengu] Daniel: "Your so-called truth just means you're a slave to a planet-eating madman..."
Jul 23 18:03:01 [Steam] Doubledealer: "... Price for bringing back Unicron? Not right, not right at all!"
Jul 23 18:03:07 [Tengu] Daniel: "...So it is a clone after all."
Jul 23 18:03:09 [Cubey] Sielje: "I... I will stop you! I am the Knight Sielje, the... what was that?"
Jul 23 18:03:20 [Steam] Getaway, however... stands, gun raised against you.
Jul 23 18:03:38 [Steam] Getaway: "I'll see this trainwreck through to its last stop."
Jul 23 18:04:08 [Steam] "It'll be a reminder of just what bad can happen from just trying to be civil with the Decepticons!"
Jul 23 18:04:16 [Jockey] "... You will die then."
Jul 23 18:04:42 [Arach] Gwen: "Aw, nobody's interested in talking to me? Oh well, just more foxes for the hunt."
Jul 23 18:05:19 [Jockey] "Gwen. Be prepared. For anything."
Jul 23 18:05:42 [aldosalt] Dido's ears prick at Pharma's comment. "So," she says in an even tone. "That Jen we fought is actually a clone? Which you filled with chatbot algorithms? To mess with our heads?"
Jul 23 18:05:50 [Tengu] Daniel: "So be it. Draw!" He suddenly fires a shot in Getaway's rough direction... But it goes high above, and misses! That turns out to be a part of his plan, though, because the bullet explodes at the wall above him, sending metallic rubble towards the rogue autobot. And when scrap metal rains at him, Daniel fires another explosive shot, aiming righy at him this time! +
Jul 23 18:05:55 [Cubey] Sielje: "I... no. We, will need to do all we can."
Jul 23 18:06:42 [Cubey] Sielje: "This is not because of the Decepticons! The enemy that is to blame for all of this... stands behind you!"
Jul 23 18:07:17 [Cubey] *And she begins her charge, once again holding the lance with both hands, and running towards Getaway as he's coming under attack by Daniel.&
Jul 23 18:07:25 [Steam] [Daniel] Getaway disregards that first shot, not accounting for the Proudstar's structure! The rubble crashes into him, the explosive shot having a clean course as it blows into his chest, and blows it out right afterwards!
Jul 23 18:07:50 [Steam] The Autobot stumbles and collapses, glaring at you furiously as falls.
Jul 23 18:07:55 [Steam] "... Optimus's fault..."
Jul 23 18:08:05 [Steam] "... This is all... Optimus's faul-"
Jul 23 18:08:40 [Steam] The lights and color dim from his eyes, and then the rest of his body after that\
Jul 23 18:09:28 [Cubey] "... You should have stood down..."
Jul 23 18:09:58 [Jockey] "...He always stubbornly stood by what he believed."
Jul 23 18:10:00 [Steam] [Sielje] Getaway is fortunately completely out of the equation now, but as you get in close, Nova Prime and his own forces charge in afterwards! Vos transforms mid-leap into a sniper rifle that Tarn takes, firing at the Knight's Arm!
Jul 23 18:10:03 [Steam] (React: Sielje!)
Jul 23 18:10:10 [Jockey] "To the bitter end it seems-"
Jul 23 18:10:18 [aldosalt] *ShelLancer steps towards Nova Prime, lance crackling with electricity...then suddenly swivels about and fires an impressive volley of Arc Thorns at Pharma.+
Jul 23 18:10:22 [aldosalt] Dido: "FRY."
Jul 23 18:11:28 [Cubey] Sielje: "Agh... please hold..."
Jul 23 18:12:13 [Cubey] *She pleads her arms, but it's not just the cloak she has for protection this time. There is no enemy in front of her but she lowers the lance anyway - and starts using it as a pole vault, hopefully getting into a jump BEFORE she gets shot!
Jul 23 18:12:49 [Cubey] *And while the Arm raises, the polearm's explosive head goes off, propelling it higher, and further!
Jul 23 18:12:52 * Steam has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
Jul 23 18:15:12 * Steam (Steam@826-353-812-824.lightspeed.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net) has joined
Jul 23 18:18:15 [Steam] [Sielje] Tarn's shots are precise and made with intent to kill. But your own pole-vaulting, rocket-jumping maneuvers get you to the safety of another elevated ledge!
Jul 23 18:18:42 [Steam] At the same time
Jul 23 18:19:00 [Steam] Nova: "Child's play!"
Jul 23 18:19:28 [Steam] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c40lSZh6oz4
Jul 23 18:20:18 [Steam] [Dido] Your thorns hurtle at Nova Prime, but energy builds up from the tips of each of his wings, and orange beams of energy blast out, eradicating them all and continuing on to try to strike you down!
Jul 23 18:20:20 [Steam] (React: Dido!)
Jul 23 18:20:25 [Steam] (Grimlock and Gwen, go)
Jul 23 18:21:27 [aldosalt] *"Fudge!" Dido Shell-Boosts to the left, zigzagging, transforming ShelLancer into Turtle mode to lower her profile!+
Jul 23 18:21:31 [Jockey] *There was a truly thunderous roar from the combiner as he full on charged, leaping towards the fallen Prime with his Energon Claymore blazing with energy, unleashing a veritable avalanche of swings upon him!+
Jul 23 18:21:43 [Arach] (Macha is still around?)
Jul 23 18:22:25 [Steam] (Dinobot, not Grimlock. My mistake)
Jul 23 18:22:29 [Steam] (And yes, Macha is still around)
Jul 23 18:25:09 [Tengu] Daniel ejects the empty rounds and loads fresh bullets after Getaway's fall. "He had conviction. Pity it was misaimed."
Jul 23 18:25:41 [Steam] [Dinobot] "And so keen on racing an Organic to see who'll be the first to fall?" The Claymore slashes down on Nova Prime, the Autobot guarding his body with both arms and wings, the sword leaving scars in both again and again before suddenly being caught in a single hand! "... And I see now why Monstructor had trouble with you."
Jul 23 18:25:46 [Steam] "-He was weaker than I thought!"
Jul 23 18:26:32 [Steam] With a sudden spinning flip, Nova Prime spins around, taking Dinobot for a ride before swinging the sword by the blade and slamming the Combiner into the pillar Nova Prime'd been standing on moments before!
Jul 23 18:26:59 [Jockey] "ARGH-!"
Jul 23 18:27:05 [Steam] Kaon: "Time to fry!"
Jul 23 18:27:16 [Arach] *Gwen: "Hyup." Medb hops from catwalk to catwalk, using its rockets to help carry it over the spooky bottomless pits. As Gwen moves, she holsters her pistol, and has her nanobots form two knives, one in each hand. "Clone or not, Sielje would be kinda sad if I shredded you, so..." she lands on the same catwalk as Macha, twirling her knives. "-Let's only mostly kill you. Accelerate!" Medb moves almost too fast for the eye to
Jul 23 18:27:17 [Arach] follow, rushing Macha in a whirlwind of blades.+
Jul 23 18:27:33 [Steam] One of the so-called Decepticon Justice Division agents jumps up high above Dinobot, charging with electricity before firing it all down on his prone target!
Jul 23 18:27:37 [Steam] (React: Dinobot!)
Jul 23 18:28:39 [Cubey] # Dinobot
Jul 23 18:28:45 [Steam] (Approved)
Jul 23 18:29:15 [Cubey] Sielje: "Do not interfere! I will be your opponent!"
Jul 23 18:29:39 [Jockey] *They couldn't risk separating any part of them, not when they're surrounded... so instead Dinobot lets loose with eye beams at Kaon with an enraged snarl!+
Jul 23 18:29:56 [Jockey] "Don't stand in my way!"
Jul 23 18:30:12 [Cubey] *As the justiciar jumps, the Knight's Arm jumps down on him from above! Sielje wraps her unit in its cloak to prevent being shocked TOO much, and as soon as the two crash into each other - she draws her sword, and stabs before trying to jump back to safety.+
Jul 23 18:32:09 [Steam] [Gwen] You lunge at the Macha, and it similarly surges right back at you at similar speed, nanomachines forming claws to try to catch the stabs and return the favor as she blitzes past!
Jul 23 18:32:13 [Steam] (React: Gwen)
Jul 23 18:33:21 [aldosalt] #Gwen?
Jul 23 18:33:50 [Steam] (Approved)
Jul 23 18:34:24 [Steam] [Dinobot and Sielje] Beams crash against the blast of electricity, warding it off before Sielje collides with the shocking Decepticon! There's more than a bit of a jolt as you collide, and made even worse as your blade pierces its body... but Kaon still gasps in shock and pain as his offensive's derailed, clearly in more pain than you are from tha
Jul 23 18:34:24 [Steam] t!
Jul 23 18:35:09 [Steam] Kaon: "That bit deep... oh I have to say I'm going to enjoy seeing an Organic like you fry to a crisp!)
Jul 23 18:35:14 [Arach] *Gwen steps and ducks to the side, moving in past and under her counterpart's attack-and giving her an opening, to slice at Macha's shoulder and hip joints. A wicked grin, a flash of delight crosses her face-Gwen is enjoying herself. "Slow."+
Jul 23 18:35:21 [Steam] (Sielje, Daniel, and Dido can also act)
Jul 23 18:35:49 [aldosalt] *"Whoah!" As Dido frantically dodges Nova Prime's energy blasts in turtle form...she winds up bonking into the Macha's legs like a Goomba shell!+
Jul 23 18:38:20 [Steam] [Dido and Gwen] The energy blasts from Nova Prime blow apart another pillar you'd been on, but fortunately the ShelLancer itself is fine as it crashes into the Macha's legs, the Medb similarly taking off one of the machine's arms and legs at the torso!
Jul 23 18:38:59 [Steam] Jen: "I never told you how much I always hated you!"
Jul 23 18:39:25 [Cubey] Sielje: "... Be quiet."
Jul 23 18:39:52 [Cubey] The electrified Arm lands in a crouching position not far away from the rest of Sielje's allies.
Jul 23 18:40:02 [Steam] The machine falls, trying to turn its large rifle around to fire on you, but lacking limbs it can't really do much of anything anymore stuck on the catwalk like it is.
Jul 23 18:40:07 [Cubey] Sielje: "Gwen, it is... fine."
Jul 23 18:40:46 [Cubey] Sielje: "It is fine. Someone told me..." The Arm glances towards the spinning ShelLancer. "That I always choose to see the truth, even if it may be painful."
Jul 23 18:40:58 [Cubey] Sielje: "And the truth is... Jen is dead."
Jul 23 18:41:54 [Cubey] Sielje: "And you!" The Arm rises, its sword held forward, accusingly pointing towards the Macha. "You are not her."
Jul 23 18:42:01 [aldosalt] Dido: "...Sieljie."
Jul 23 18:42:33 [Arach] Gwen: "...Ah..."
Jul 23 18:42:58 [Cubey] Sielje: "Stand down, or this is the end."
Jul 23 18:43:45 [Cubey] *And so, the Knight's Arm rushes forward. Bold words but Sielje doesn't really have a plan other than to get in close, following up a few quick thrusts with a two-handed spinning slash at whatever wounds Gwen already caused!+
Jul 23 18:43:46 [Steam] Jen:
Jul 23 18:43:46 [Steam] Jen: "What are you looking so upset about? For THROWING ME AWAY!?"
Jul 23 18:44:02 [Cubey] Sielje: "... I never threw Jen away."
Jul 23 18:44:47 [Cubey] Sielje: "Also that one will try to attack me most likely, I would be grateful for an assist!" She adds very quickly, words blurred together. She doesn't feel embarassed or anything.
Jul 23 18:44:51 [Cubey] (That one meaning Kaon)
Jul 23 18:45:13 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Let me take care of him, Sielje. Do what you have to do."
Jul 23 18:45:39 [Steam] [Sielje] Your sword tears into the damaged Macha and with its limbs already severed... there's an easy course right into the machine's core.
Jul 23 18:46:25 [Steam] Your sword slips through to the center of the machine, just as the Jen duplicate begins saying another canned line.
Jul 23 18:46:41 [Steam] "
Jul 23 18:46:41 [Steam] "Hell's awful cold... this time of year..."
Jul 23 18:46:44 [Steam] How fitting.
Jul 23 18:46:55 [Steam] And your warning's also spot on as suddenly0
Jul 23 18:46:57 [Steam] ^-
Jul 23 18:47:11 [Tengu] Daniel turns towards Kaon, quickly loading new bullets into his gun. "You like electric attacks a lot, don't you?" He fires two electrifying bullets at the decepticon, and then, while he's hopefully shocked by them, switches to a Lucia beam generator and fires a long blast of beam spray shots towards him! "Have a taste of Medard!" +
Jul 23 18:47:18 [Steam] "Hmmm... I see. Interesting technology for Organics to use... in their own, primitive way!"
Jul 23 18:48:05 [Steam] [Sielje] It's not Kaon, but rather Jhiaxus who attacks, his body seeming to shift and shimmer as it takes on the colorsceheme of the Knight's Arm, complete with a matching cloak and explosive-mounted polearm! A polearm it then fires at Sielje's direction!
Jul 23 18:48:07 [Steam] (React: Sielje!)
Jul 23 18:48:32 [Jockey] #Sielje
Jul 23 18:48:39 [Steam] (Approved)
Jul 23 18:48:55 [Cubey] Sielje: "... Ah."
Jul 23 18:49:18 [Cubey] *She doesn't really have a plan to defend against this. Only a desperate parry, for what good it can do!+
Jul 23 18:49:56 [Steam] [Daniel] The electric blasts further shock Kaon, and his comeback is halted as the stream of laser blasts come in afterwards! But a burning buildup of fire comes hurtling out elsewhere courtesy of Helex, a massive beam of microwave energy shooting out of his chest at you!
Jul 23 18:50:00 [Steam] (React: Daniel)
Jul 23 18:50:12 [Jockey] *Dinobot pries himself from the pillar he had been embedded in as he attempts to shoulder charge into Jhiaxus before the polearm could reach its target!+
Jul 23 18:51:02 [aldosalt] * "..." Dido, melancholy in mood, transforms ShelLancer back to human form and boosts towards Kaon, firing a swarm of Arc Thorns to pierce the Deception and the ground around him.+
Jul 23 18:52:53 [Steam] [Dinobot and Sielje] Jhiaxus's replicated Beasthide Cloak does little to stop the oncoming force of Dinobot smacking him into another pillar, knocking his aim clearly away and helping keep Sielje safe! "Going to such lengths to save an Organic-"
Jul 23 18:53:08 [Steam] - But also letting him be blindsided as Nova Prime suddenly grabs Dinobot from behind!
Jul 23 18:53:14 [Steam] "-No... in fact DYING for one!"
Jul 23 18:53:29 [Jockey] "Move-!"
Jul 23 18:53:42 [Tengu] Daniel: "Gotta find cover..." He fires the last three Lucia shots into the floor, raising a cloud of steam, and then ejects the smoking Lucia generator, while using the cloud's cover to jump away, hoping to hide from the microwaves behind some solid wreckage left during the battle. +
Jul 23 18:53:52 [Cubey] Sielje: "Ah, that was close."
Jul 23 18:54:04 [Cubey] Sielje: "Ah, dodge!"
Jul 23 18:54:15 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Dinobot...!"
Jul 23 18:54:28 [Steam] - In a bitter, ironic echo the evil Prime slams Dinobot into the flooring of a catwalk, the combiner's size not an issue as it's dragged along the floor, painfully and then thrown up into the air!
Jul 23 18:54:49 [Steam] "I wonder what Orion Pax would think of such a sacrifice! But unfortunately he's not here!"
Jul 23 18:55:39 [Steam] Nova's wingtips charge up with energy and swing to face the dazed Combiner, all firing into each others course to form a pinpoint beam... that suddenly explodes outward, completely enveloping Dinobot!
Jul 23 18:56:30 [Cubey] Sielje: "That was for me... no! No! Leave them be!"
Jul 23 18:56:35 [Steam] [Dido] Still reeling, a stream of thorns finally, decisively pin the Decepticon cleanly to the ground!
Jul 23 18:57:19 [Steam] [Daniel] The steam fortunately makes a huge difference, even though the temperature quickly spikes. The microwave beam sweeps across the battlefield trying to catch you, but you still safely escape!
Jul 23 18:57:59 [aldosalt] "Where are your mighty lightning attacks, Kaon?" Dio taunts, noting the several Arc Thorns that have pierced the Decepticon. "Come on! Show them to us!"
Jul 23 18:58:25 [Steam] It is not Dinobot the combined machine, but the individual Dinobots that fall to the ground, smoking and burnt from Nova Prime's attack.
Jul 23 18:58:45 [Steam] Nova Prime: "... Of course, such a quick and sudden death would not be fitting, would it?"
Jul 23 18:58:56 [Steam] They're alive, barely.
Jul 23 18:59:06 [Steam] (Grimlock and co: Downed)
Jul 23 18:59:16 [Jockey] Grimlock: "Urgh.... go... frag... yourself..."
Jul 23 19:00:13 [Cubey] Sielje: "I am sorry... I made a mistake, I was careless!"
Jul 23 19:00:23 [Steam] Nova Prime; "Bold words you're choosing to die by."
Jul 23 19:00:34 [Steam] A massive energy axe generates in one of Nova Prime's hands!
Jul 23 19:00:39 [aldosalt] Dido: "Grimlock!"
Jul 23 19:01:07 [Steam] "... But when we're done there won't be anyone left to even remember who you were or this planet ever was!"
Jul 23 19:01:12 [Arach] #Grimlock
Jul 23 19:01:21 [Steam] And the axe comes crashing down!
Jul 23 19:01:30 [Cubey] # Grimlock
Jul 23 19:01:32 [Cubey] Sielje: "..."
Jul 23 19:02:13 [Steam] (Approved, but keep in mind the distance-)
Jul 23 19:02:22 [Steam] Monstructor: "Gruaaaaaaaaaaah!"
Jul 23 19:02:33 [Tengu] Daniel: "Gotta protect them...!" He rushes in from his cover, but there's a fair distance and Steel Wanderer's not very fast and is currently reloading ammo!
Jul 23 19:02:42 [Steam] (-And that the enemy Combiner is rising again, very, very angry about all of this)
Jul 23 19:04:19 [Jockey] #
Jul 23 19:04:23 [Arach] *Medb moves as a blur again, leaping towards the Dinobot-then, lacking a good foothold to slow down with, kicking off of Nova Prime to bring it to a stop. Gwen's nanobots flow and harden in an instant, forming a shield; she raises it to block the mortal blow.+
Jul 23 19:04:42 [Cubey] *Sielje's body moves almost on its own. The Arm rushes forward in a reckless dash, running around Monstructor's giant frame, and then she leaps forward, a leap that moves into a roll, her sword already drawn, and as the role ends right next to Grimlock - the Knight's Arm is kneeling with its sword held up, all of Sielje's might focused to just let. The block... hold.+
Jul 23 19:06:11 [Steam] (Self-support also approved)
Jul 23 19:07:18 [Jockey] *There's the sound of tyres screeching across metal, an engine roaring as gears shift.... another figure rushes to the defense of Grimlock as an axe of bright yellow and orange swings forward give more strength to the counter..... which was soon followed by a tremendous blast of sound from a figure of blue landing behind the three defenders to thro
Jul 23 19:07:18 [Jockey] w back the aggressor Prime!+
Jul 23 19:08:00 [Jockey] ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSh73d3TZcA )
Jul 23 19:09:31 [Steam] [Gwen, Sielje, and Optimus] Monstructor is suddenly flanked, Nova Prime's attack suddenly being stopped cold by the three! "-Orion Pax...!"
Jul 23 19:09:57 [Steam] But then the sonic power of 80s power ballad knocks him back, courtesy of Soundwave!
Jul 23 19:10:02 [Cubey] Sielje: "The leader of Auto... Cybertronians."
Jul 23 19:10:10 [Cubey] Sielje: "Optimus Prime..."
Jul 23 19:10:14 [Steam] Monstructor: "Gruuaaaaaaaah!"
Jul 23 19:10:18 [Jockey] "And I am not alone."
Jul 23 19:10:46 [Steam] The mad Gestalt attempts to strike out at you, but two more sizeable figures come jumping down too!
Jul 23 19:11:22 [Steam] A sword flashes, and the hulking form of Menasor strikes across Monstructor's body, leaving a massive scar across all of it!
Jul 23 19:11:53 [Steam] Monstructor stumbles back, barely letting its damage show in its movements, before-
Jul 23 19:11:58 [Steam] Devastator: "Stay down!"
Jul 23 19:12:19 [Steam] The giant green Gestalt follows right after Menasor, blasting through Monstructor's body with his drills.
Jul 23 19:13:21 [Steam] Nova Prime: "Even more of our own, coming in defense of this worthless planet?!"
Jul 23 19:14:06 [Jockey] "This planet has more worth than you realize. Not simply as a planet but because of those that live upon it!"
Jul 23 19:15:03 [Steam] (Enemies: Nova Prime, Jhiaxus, Tarn w/Vos Sniepr Rifle, Helex, Tesarus, Kaon (heavy damage))
Jul 23 19:15:14 [Steam] (Soundwave, Menasor, and Devastator available for NPC supports)
Jul 23 19:15:41 [Jockey] "It has returned to the Cybertronian people our hope and our future... and we will fight for it until the very end!"
Jul 23 19:15:55 [Cubey] Sielje: "Optimus is right. This planet is not my home... but I too swore to protect it!"
Jul 23 19:16:09 [Steam] (Optimus and Gwen)
Jul 23 19:16:15 [Tengu] Daniel: "...So that's how fighting side by side with Optimus Prime feels like, huh."
Jul 23 19:16:40 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Inspirational."
Jul 23 19:16:47 [aldosalt] Dido: "...it is something, isn't it?"
Jul 23 19:16:51 [Steam] Nova Prime; "How naive you are to the truth of it."
Jul 23 19:17:02 [Steam] "... Though you are right about one thing, Orion Pax."
Jul 23 19:17:23 [Tengu] Daniel: "Yeah. Quite something."
Jul 23 19:17:28 [Steam] "This planet does hold a key to Cybertron's hope and future!"
Jul 23 19:18:09 [Arach] Gwen: "I keep my stuff here, so." The remains of Gwen's shield pull back into Medb. "Optimus, you don't know me yet, but it's good to see you again."
Jul 23 19:18:37 [Jockey] "Then I look forward to knowing you again."
Jul 23 19:19:24 [Jockey] [Optimus gives Gwen a small nod, optics shining with a friendly warmth before it turned to fierce determination as his gaze shifted to Nova!]
Jul 23 19:19:38 [Jockey] "Can I count on your support?"
Jul 23 19:20:11 [Arach] Gwen: "Haha! Of course, I wanna show this guy what puny earthlings can do."
Jul 23 19:20:38 [Jockey] "Then let him have it!"
Jul 23 19:22:08 [Jockey] *Optimus rushes forward, firing upon Nova with his Ion Blaster before unleashing a number of ferocious slashes upon his tainted predecessor!&
Jul 23 19:23:18 [Arach] *Gwen: "That is to say..." Medb jumps and jets up over Nova prime, four tentacles arcing out of its back-and they stab at Nova prime's limbs in minor, non-critical hits. Gwen lets gravity take over, dropping her below the catwalk-then jets up on the other side, wrapping her cables around and securing them to the frame-and tying down Nova Prime. "-we can be real annoying."+
Jul 23 19:25:02 [Steam] [Optimus and Gwyn's] Nova Prime swoops low and lunges forward under your shots, and then answers your axe swings with his own, both of you fairly evenly matched... until suddenly Tarn leaps up from behind Nova, firing the rifle at you! But Nova can't capitalize on it as Gwen's own attack ensnares his limbs! "Geh... get these off of me!"
Jul 23 19:25:37 [Steam] Tesarus is glad to oblige, manipulator arms connected to plates of armor exending out from his body and swinging down to try to crush you!
Jul 23 19:25:45 [Steam] (React, Gwen. React/continue, Optimus)
Jul 23 19:26:47 [Jockey] *Optimus is going to leap back quickly... transforming and going full throttle to slam as hard as he could into Nova before he could free himself from Gwen's snare!.... As for Tarn...+
Jul 23 19:26:54 [Jockey] #Soundwave
Jul 23 19:26:58 [Jockey] *With Soundwave
Jul 23 19:28:42 [Steam] "Megatron is gone, Tarn. What good do you hope to accomplish for the Decepticons?" Soundwave's synthesized voice is cold and focused, just like the soundblast that buffers into the sniper, knocking him away!
Jul 23 19:29:05 [Steam] Tarn: "-The extermination of those that strayed from Megatron's ideals! And that includes you!"
Jul 23 19:29:17 [Steam] (Sielje, Daniel, and Dido can act)
Jul 23 19:29:57 [Cubey] (Enemy list please)
Jul 23 19:30:01 [Arach] *Gwen: "Tsk tsk tsk, that's no way-" She sprints into Tesarus's attack, one arm meeting the crushing blow-while the other draws her gun and holds it across her body, pointing up into Tesaurus's chin. "-to treat a lady." With that, she fires.+
Jul 23 19:30:14 [Steam] [Optimus] And without his backup, you're able to crash right into Nova Prime full-force, knocking him away!
Jul 23 19:30:53 [Steam] (Enemies; Nova Prime (damaged), Jhiaxus (replicated the Knight's Arm), Tarn w/Vos Sniper Rifle (damaged), Helex, Tesarus, Kaon (severely damaged))
Jul 23 19:30:59 [Cubey] Sielje: "Without numbers, he will falter! But we need to keep it that way..."
Jul 23 19:32:04 [aldosalt] "Megatron believed the strongest should rule!" Dido shouts, Shell-Boosting close to Tarn. She triggers Shell-Flak, bombarding the deception with armor-launched shrapnel! "Megatron lost to Optimus, so what's your problem?"+
Jul 23 19:32:13 [Cubey] *And having said that, Sielje runs up to Tarn and Vos, her weapon sparking against the metal of the platforms as she delivers wide slashing hits!&
Jul 23 19:32:57 [Steam] [Gwen] Your fist crashes into the armor... releasing an explosive blast! This is reactive armor! You still manage to begin blasting into Tesarus's chin, but the Decepticon just snorts and swings its waldos around to slam you into the massive mess of rotorblades that appear as his torso opens!
Jul 23 19:33:02 [Steam] (React again: Jen!)
Jul 23 19:35:14 [Tengu] Daniel: "I'll keep the rest of them off you guys for a bit. Go, Genevieve. And again!" He jumps on top of a nearby piece of rubble, firing two shots towards the rest of enemy Cybertronians, each of which spreads into 10 full sized bullets, falling towards the enemies like rain and hopefully forcing them to keep on the defensive! He especially aims for Kaon. +
Jul 23 19:36:04 [Steam] [Sielje and Dido] You both charge at the Decepticon duo, attacking them from close-range and from afar! And their response? To separate! Vos returns to robot form, rolling away from the shell flak and towards the attacking Sielje... brandishing his very face as countless blades and drills erupt from it, all trying to stab you with it! Tarn in t
Jul 23 19:36:05 [Steam] he meantime takes aim and returns fire on the ShelLancer!
Jul 23 19:36:29 [Steam] (React, Dido. React/continue: Sielje)
Jul 23 19:37:43 [Cubey] Sielje: "Dido, get out of here!"
Jul 23 19:38:36 [Arach] *With the waldos closing in, Gwen changes her targets-firing one beam at each of them, then setting her pistol's magazine to overload and explode-and letting it fall into Tesaurus's gnashing pit.+
Jul 23 19:38:56 [Steam] [Daniel] Kaon, injured and immobilized as he is, finally, decisively gets shot apart by Daniel's assault, and though Helex isn't taken down by the assault, still suffers quite a bit of damage while trying to escape! Jhiaxus however, simply guards with his replica Beasthide cloak and charges, brandishing a sword identical to Sielje to strike you do
Jul 23 19:38:57 [Steam] wn with!
Jul 23 19:39:00 [Steam] (React: Daniel)
Jul 23 19:39:46 [Cubey] *Sielje starts retreating while her sword deflects the incoming drill-mask, while she quickly retrieves something from under the cloak. It's her polearm's spare warhead. She slams it down - by Vos's feet.
Jul 23 19:39:56 [Cubey] Menasor: "Menasor CRUSH!"
Jul 23 19:40:27 [aldosalt] *"Grrrraaah!" Dido Shell-Boosts forward in a zig-zagging motion, taking hits if she has to so she can pierce Tarn with his electrified Shell-Lance!
Jul 23 19:40:37 [aldosalt] #Devastator?
Jul 23 19:40:41 [Cubey] *And as she tries to get away, the massive combiner slams down its foot on the catwalk... a catwalk damaged by Sielje's prior sword slashes, Dido's flak, and now the explosion.+
Jul 23 19:40:57 [Steam] [Gwen] There's a flurry of explosions as the armor's blasted away before it can get to you... and it holds, and comes surging right back as the pistol is swallowed up by Tesaurus's gaping void! "It's over! You should've kept shooting but now-"
Jul 23 19:40:58 [Steam] Boom
Jul 23 19:41:30 [Steam] Tesarus's upper body explodes violently from the overload, what's left smouldering and falling to the ground.
Jul 23 19:42:07 [Steam] (You can get support from Devastator. Go ahead, Dido)
Jul 23 19:43:34 [Tengu] Daniel: "I fought against Sielje before. More than once, even!" He focuses, remembering his melee training, then, as soon as Jhiaxus is close, tries to defend from his attack by grabbing his forearm, and then knock him over in a judo throw! For once Steel Wanderer engages a smaller enemy in melee... +
Jul 23 19:44:16 [Arach] Gwen laughs to herself, brushing the waldos off of Medb as she goes to retrieve her nanobot cables. "Oh, today's a good day."
Jul 23 19:45:26 [aldosalt] *As Dido closes the distance, Devastator lumbers in from the side, lashing out, hooking Tarn with his crane hook, and pulling his former ally off balance!+
Jul 23 19:45:31 [Steam] [Daniel] The slash is caught mid-swing, Jhiaxus then being thrown cleanly away and grutning from the impact!
Jul 23 19:46:19 [Jockey] "Not yet... but even so let us see if we can make it better."
Jul 23 19:48:33 [Steam] [Sielje, Dido, Devastator, and Menasor] The crane hook jerks Tarn to the side, giving Dido her opening to move in! The Decepticon is run through cleanly, and likewise Sielje's surprise explosion catches Vos by surprise! As the dust settles the Decepticon's body struggles to stand, clinging to the catwalk desperately with only one hand. For a sec
Jul 23 19:48:34 [Steam] ond he almost seems amazed he's still alive.
Jul 23 19:49:26 [Steam] ... Then Menasor just smashes through a section of that bit of catwalk, and the rest falls away... Vos screaming in terror as he does las well.
Jul 23 19:49:40 [Steam] ^as well
Jul 23 19:50:52 [Cubey] Sielje: "Are you fine?" She takes a step back from the collapsed section, looking down.
Jul 23 19:50:55 [Cubey] How horrible.
Jul 23 19:51:10 [Steam] (Enemies: Nova Prime (damaged), Jhiaxus (damaged), Helex (damaged)
Jul 23 19:51:35 [Steam] And yet... with their numbers so severely reduced, Nova Prime simply chuckles.
Jul 23 19:51:46 [Steam] "... You fools."
Jul 23 19:52:10 [Steam] "Thinking that the battle and the Organics' world are about to be won?"
Jul 23 19:52:58 [Steam] Standing up as defiant as ever, Nova looks at you all, and holds out something strange.
Jul 23 19:53:02 [Jockey] "Your allies have fallen Nova... There are but the three of you left! Cease this madness-"
Jul 23 19:53:33 [Steam] "Orion Pax... when I told you before that this ship would restore Cybertron, you might not have understood what I meant! But remember the purpose of the Proudstar!"
Jul 23 19:53:36 [Steam] "Remember this!"
Jul 23 19:53:45 [Steam] He holds out some strange object.
Jul 23 19:53:48 [Steam] (http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/d/d9/Devastation-Ferrotaxis.jpg )
Jul 23 19:53:51 [aldosalt] Dido rips her lance out from Tarn's wreckage. "What is–?"
Jul 23 19:53:58 [Steam] Nova: "Remember the Ferrotaxis!"
Jul 23 19:54:31 [Cubey] Sielje: "It is almost like the Matrix of Leadership!"
Jul 23 19:55:01 [Tengu] Daniel: "Is this what makes him a Prime?"
Jul 23 19:55:04 [Jockey] "!!"
Jul 23 19:55:27 [Steam] Nova laughs at Optimus's shock!
Jul 23 19:55:30 [Steam] "I thought as much!"
Jul 23 19:55:39 [Jockey] "The Matrix holds the Wisdom of the past.... but the Ferrotaxis..."
Jul 23 19:56:11 [Steam] "The Proudstar was meant to preserve Cybertronian life... the ship able to cyberform words to support our people. But it is the Ferrotaxis that holds within it the entire collective history and culture of our race!"
Jul 23 19:56:29 [Steam] "And it is linked to the Cyberforming process!"
Jul 23 19:57:05 [Jockey] [Optimus hands are trembling, clenched tightly as they were. He knew what it meant...]
Jul 23 19:57:07 [Steam] "To stop it would require you all to destroy it, destroy the only remaining record of thousands of years of our culture and history... history otherwise lost during the Great War!"
Jul 23 19:57:37 [Jockey] "..."
Jul 23 19:57:43 [Steam] "And you DON'T have the manifolds to sacrifice it for an Organic's planet, Orion Pax!"
Jul 23 19:57:48 [Steam] "None of you do!"
Jul 23 19:57:55 [Steam] (... Right?)
Jul 23 19:58:05 [Cubey] Sielje: "Is this the dirty trick you rely on? Have you no honor?!"
Jul 23 19:58:15 [Cubey] The Arm takes a step forward, but...
Jul 23 19:58:39 [Jockey] [Optimus glances at the others... at Soundwave. At the Stunticons and Constructicons... at Gwen and Daniel... Dido and Sielje.... before turning to regard Nova.]
Jul 23 19:58:45 [Jockey] "Then so be it."
Jul 23 19:59:09 [Jockey] *In one swift motion he raises his Ion Blaster and fires upon the Ferrotaxis... and his shots were not alone.+
Jul 23 19:59:49 [Steam] And Nova...
Jul 23 19:59:56 [Steam] ... Does not pull the Ferrotaxis back in time.
Jul 23 20:00:42 [Steam] The vessel of Cybertronian life, culture, and history... blown away in a hail of gunfire by Cybertronians themselves for the sake of the Earth.
Jul 23 20:00:52 [Steam] Nova Prime: "You..."
Jul 23 20:01:31 [Jockey] "We will not sacrifice the world that returned our future for the sake of our past. Not with the debt we owe to them."
Jul 23 20:01:42 [Steam] The scorched scrap of it fell away from Nova's hand, the Prime watching it fall before glaring back furiously at Optimus!
Jul 23 20:02:07 [Steam] "You will not live to regret this... Orion Pax...!"
Jul 23 20:02:16 [Tengu] Daniel: "...It was a great treasure. No doubt about it. But treasure ain't worth much to a dead world."
Jul 23 20:02:20 [Arach] Gwen: "Looks like you miscalculated."
Jul 23 20:02:21 [Steam] (Everyone, go.)
Jul 23 20:02:23 [Jockey] "We will forge a new history and rebuild our culture... together and alongside Earth!"
Jul 23 20:02:36 [Steam] (Enemies: Nova Prime, Helex, Jhiaxus)
Jul 23 20:02:37 [Steam] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIETEz_MZvc
Jul 23 20:03:16 [Cubey] Sielje: "You would..."
Jul 23 20:03:22 [Cubey] "Yes."
Jul 23 20:04:28 [Jockey] *Optimus transforms into his alt mode! Tires screaming as he surged towards Nova before a burst of flame flared from underneath, launching the truck upwards... Optimus transforming in mid air to drop kick the fallen Prime!+
Jul 23 20:04:38 [Cubey] *The Knight's Arm blocks Helex and Jhiaxus from reaching Nova Prime and the rest, its back proud as it stands in front of them. "Do not interfere. This honor and conviction - do you not see it? You cannot win. Stand down!"+
Jul 23 20:05:17 [Tengu] Daniel: "Now... New use for Nicholas. Grabbing!" He fires a single bullet, which expands into a remotely controlled rocket fist! But the fist doesn't just hit an enemy... It flies around in a circle, and grabs a large piece of metal - and Steel Wanderer jumps up and lands on it! Flying forward, propelled by the fist, Daniel quickly keeps firing armor-piercing Longinus bullets at the
Jul 23 20:05:17 [Tengu] remaining enemies - and then quickly jumps off, right before the rocket punch lets go off the piece of metal and collides with Nova Prime! +
Jul 23 20:05:35 [aldosalt] *"Let's try this again!" Dido shouts. "Empty the Bins!" Smoke erupts from ShelLancer's shoulders along with a swarm of Arc Thorns and seek out Nova Prime's limbs and joints!+
Jul 23 20:06:30 [Jockey] @Daniel w. Soundwave & Cassettes?
Jul 23 20:06:32 [Arach] *Medb runs and leaps over the Knight's arm, six nanobot-formed swords in hand-one between each knuckle. With a roar, Gwen rushes Jhiaxus, clawing furiously at the Decepticon.+
Jul 23 20:07:02 [Cubey] Sielje: "Wait!"
Jul 23 20:07:04 [Steam] (Sure thing on that support)
Jul 23 20:08:16 [Jockey] Soundwave: "Laserbeak, Buzzsaw. Ravage. Ratbat. Rumble, Frenzy... eject. Operation: Defiance."
Jul 23 20:08:33 [Steam] [Gwen] Medb rushes Jhiaxus, but the Decepticon's body changes again, taking a color scheme emulating the Medb itself! "... Hmmm... much of this machine's been stripped away. But this is more than sufficient!" And a sudden cloud of all-devouring nanomachines are fired right at you Gwen!
Jul 23 20:08:35 [Steam] (React: Gwen!)
Jul 23 20:09:39 [Jockey] *Daniel's armor piercing barrage would be supported by a barrage of multiple angle laser fire on behalf of the flying cassetticons, a barrage of missiles from Soundwave and Ravage.... and the very ground itself tearing apart into sharpened shrapnel underneath Helex courtesy of Rumble and Frenzy!+
Jul 23 20:12:07 [Steam] [Sielje] Gwen is pre-occupying Jihaxus, but Helex nevertheless still charges up his microwave cannon! "Maybe not... but you know what they say about burning out and fading away!" And the Decepticon answers Sielje's plea with a devestating microwave blast!
Jul 23 20:12:09 [Steam] (React: Sielje)
Jul 23 20:13:12 [Cubey] Sielje: "... I have no idea what you are talking about."
Jul 23 20:13:53 [Cubey] *So be it. The Arm covers itself with its cloak - but it still moves forward, and when Sielje gets close enough, she slams the enemy - with her shield, hidden beneath the cloak!+
Jul 23 20:14:28 [Tengu] # Sielje
Jul 23 20:14:43 [Steam] (Approved)
Jul 23 20:14:45 [Arach] *Gwen's sword-claws shift form, becoming a thin layer of extra armor on Medb's surface. She plows straight through the nanobot cloud, full speed, hoping that short exposure and the extra armor will mitigate the damage. An armored claw reaches out first, a blur of motion-as Gwen moves to stab into Jhiaxus's chest and grab his very heart. "Oi. That's my gimmick, you know?"+
Jul 23 20:15:02 [Steam] [Optimus, Daniel, and Dido] The stream of attacks sent Nova Prime's way quickly overwhelms Nova! The evil Prime's blown back, shot and stabbed across his entire body... Optimus's kick staggering him! But in retaliation Nova lunges right back as you're recovering, letting loose a vicious flurry of blows from his fists!
Jul 23 20:15:07 [Steam] (React: Optimus!)
Jul 23 20:15:53 [Tengu] * As he jumps off his rocket platform, Daniel takes the opportunity to kick right at Helex's head with a jumping kick! +
Jul 23 20:16:00 [aldosalt] #Optimus?
Jul 23 20:16:14 [Steam] (Gonna nix that)
Jul 23 20:17:58 [Jockey] *And Optimus replies to the rapid barrage of blows with his own! The red and blue of his arms blurring with speed as metal crashed against metal, sending sparks flying with every impact before Optimus made to grapple with Nova!+
Jul 23 20:18:50 [Steam] [Gwen, Sielje, and the Daniel Double Defense] The covering fire from Soundwave's helpers and Daniel's own assault helps to stagger both Jhiaxus and Helex, and then there's Daniel's jumping kick into Helex's head that knocks him completely off-balance!
Jul 23 20:19:33 [Steam] Gwen's able to lunge straight through the cloud, suffering severe damage to the Medb... but not enough to destroy it, or more importantly the machine's claw! it runs through Jhiaxus's body, breaking through to the other side!
Jul 23 20:20:26 [Steam] ... And at the same time Sielje's charge comes to an end, her shield crashing right into Helex's chest and trapping the microwave energy tightly inside of his body! That is, before the heat begins seeping out of the cracks, and then "Ha-ha... going out with a ba-"
Jul 23 20:20:31 [Steam] Bang!
Jul 23 20:20:59 [Steam] Helex's body explodes from its own built-up power, knocking Sielje away... and leaving nothing left of Helex himself.
Jul 23 20:21:11 [aldosalt] Dido: "Sieljie!"
Jul 23 20:21:35 [Steam] The Knight's Arm is fortunately intact, blown clear safely...
Jul 23 20:22:47 [Steam] [Optimus] And then there is the matter of the two Primes! Optimus and Nova unleash their full force on each other, not caring anymore about their own safety, just hurting the other. But Nova finally falters, and Optimus's grappling is more like a full-on grab that ensnares Nova!
Jul 23 20:22:57 [Steam] Nova: "Ah... let go Ori-"
Jul 23 20:23:07 [Steam] "-O... O... O-Optimus!"
Jul 23 20:23:11 [Steam] "Optimus Prime!"
Jul 23 20:23:16 [Jockey] "Its over-!"
Jul 23 20:23:21 [Steam] His voice is now panicked, pleading even!
Jul 23 20:23:24 [Steam] "Wait, please Optimus!"
Jul 23 20:23:57 [Steam] His eyes shimmer, taking on a less hostile shade, and he even stops physically resisting.
Jul 23 20:24:09 [Jockey] [Optimus ceases his attack... the voice he was hearing so very unlike the hateful being he was struggling against before.]
Jul 23 20:24:12 [Steam] "You're right... it is over! It's... I'm free!"
Jul 23 20:24:26 [Steam] "I'm free from Unicron's corruption!"
Jul 23 20:24:43 [Jockey] "That is..."
Jul 23 20:24:48 [Steam] "It started when you destroyed the Ferrotaxis... I... I can't believe I was actually able to do it!"
Jul 23 20:25:27 [aldosalt] Dido blinks in confusion. "...that..."
Jul 23 20:25:56 [Tengu] Daniel: "...He's not trying to trick you, is he?"
Jul 23 20:26:07 [Jockey] [It was convenient.... but.... could it be possible? There was no way of telling.... yet... without a way to rebuild his body, would Unicron truly have been able to continue to exert his influence before he burned out?]
Jul 23 20:26:22 [Steam] "Unicron's power was controlling me, but... Primus forgive me... I was still able to trick myself into showing you the Ferrotaxis... trick myself into letting you destroy it to stop the Cyberforming and free me!"
Jul 23 20:26:46 [Jockey] "I... am not sure... it is possible yet..."
Jul 23 20:26:51 [Arach] Gwen pulls her fist free of Jhiaxus's body. "Huh. So you always liked organics?"
Jul 23 20:27:12 [Steam] "The Organics..." He tries looking at you all, only to look away immediately in shame.
Jul 23 20:27:24 [Steam] "Forgive me for my words and actions... the damage that I must've done to your planet!"
Jul 23 20:27:51 [Jockey] "Megatron had attempted something similar.... yet...."
Jul 23 20:28:16 [Jockey] [Deception was in his nature... and Nova, even though he was corrupted had been a Prime.]
Jul 23 20:28:22 [Jockey] "Perhaps..."
Jul 23 20:28:25 [aldosalt] Dido: "Optimus. Remember your fights with Megatron. You've seen THIS before."
Jul 23 20:29:08 [Jockey] "I know... but Nova... he is acting like a completely different being..."
Jul 23 20:29:23 [Cubey] Sielje: "Ugh... I am alive. Do not worry for me..." The Arm stands back up from where it fell.
Jul 23 20:29:28 [Cubey] Only to witness... this.
Jul 23 20:30:09 [Cubey] Sielje: "..."
Jul 23 20:30:11 [Steam] Soundwave moves to take aim! "I can't believe you'd actually-"
Jul 23 20:30:16 [Cubey] "If... you are willing to stand down..."
Jul 23 20:30:28 [Cubey] Sielje: "No!"
Jul 23 20:30:32 [Steam] Nova Prime: "Optimus, watch out!"
Jul 23 20:30:45 [Jockey] "Soundwave what are you-?"
Jul 23 20:31:02 [Steam] Nova turns, opening fire on Soundwave! "Optimus you're his real target!"
Jul 23 20:31:17 [Steam] ... But there isn't a weapon in Soundwave's hand!
Jul 23 20:31:18 [Jockey] [Optimus turns to face the Decepticon-]
Jul 23 20:31:22 [aldosalt] #Soundwave?
Jul 23 20:31:24 [Tengu] Daniel: "!"
Jul 23 20:31:29 [Jockey] #Soundwave!
Jul 23 20:31:38 [Steam] You've got your own problems Optimus!
Jul 23 20:31:53 [Steam] An energon blade forms in Nova Prime's hand, moving to shank you!
Jul 23 20:31:56 [Steam] (React: Optimus)
Jul 23 20:32:05 [Steam] (Dido's # of Soundwave's approved though)
Jul 23 20:32:10 [Cubey] # Optimus
Jul 23 20:33:05 [Steam] (Also approved)
Jul 23 20:33:08 [aldosalt] *No time to think. No time for a clever maneuver. As Nova makes his move, Dido Shell-Boosts in front of Soundwave, taking the blasts on ShelLancer's raised arm.+
Jul 23 20:33:52 [Jockey] *The distraction was momentary... but would it have been enough? Optimus hands rush to intercept the incoming blade to keep it from punching too deeply into his armor but-!+
Jul 23 20:33:54 [Cubey] *Sielje runs forward, her cloak at the ready - but seeing what Nova Prime is doing, she has to change her plans. "You tricked us!" She leaps forward, the energy blade entangled in her cloak.+
Jul 23 20:34:48 [Steam] [Dido] Your timely intervention may have just saved Soundwave's life as the blasts completely blow away the ShelLancer's arms, damaging the machine's armored body as well!
Jul 23 20:35:14 [Steam] [Sielje and Optimus] And the tangle of the beasthide cloak and Optimus's own hands stop the blade from barely piercing the surface!
Jul 23 20:35:19 [Steam] Nova Prime: "... No...!"
Jul 23 20:35:34 [Steam] Soundwave: "I thought as much."
Jul 23 20:35:57 [Cubey] Sielje: "You have no honor... you are no better than Megatron was!"
Jul 23 20:36:44 [Steam] "A Decepticon trick... but countered by another. I knew you would try to spin a situation to make yourself a hero and 'save' Optimus... you just needed the opportunity."
Jul 23 20:36:52 [Steam] Nova Prime: "A double-bluff...!"
Jul 23 20:37:03 [Steam] (Optimus, FINISH HIM!)
Jul 23 20:37:34 [Tengu] Daniel: "Your dirty trick failed."
Jul 23 20:38:18 [aldosalt] "Fudge-!" Dido howls as alarms blare in ShelLancer's cockpit. She glares a little at Soundwave. "Cleverly done, Soundwave...but I'm billing you for that arm!"
Jul 23 20:38:38 [Jockey] *Nova Prime would only have but the merest moment to drink in the fact that his deception was revealed by a Decepticon as an axe blade sings through the air to sink into his shoulder, dragging him forward into the barrel of the Ion Blaster - slamming into where his Spark would be.
Jul 23 20:38:56 [Jockey] "Nova. May Primus watch over what is left of you."
Jul 23 20:39:00 [Jockey] And fires.+
Jul 23 20:39:38 [Steam] Nova: "Damn you Orion Pa-!"
Jul 23 20:40:31 [Steam] The Ion Blaster fires, blowing a hole cleanly through Nova Prime's body, eradicating his Spark in a single moment.
Jul 23 20:40:55 [Steam] Nova's remains slump to the ground, lifeless.
Jul 23 20:41:03 [Steam] It's... finally over.
Jul 23 20:41:17 [Jockey] [Optimus lets the blaster fall from his fingers.]
Jul 23 20:41:24 [Cubey] Sielje: "Aah..."
Jul 23 20:41:28 [Tengu] Daniel: "The process outside. Cybertronization. Has it stopped?"
Jul 23 20:41:29 [Steam] Soundwave: "A price I will gladly pay, Leonardis."
Jul 23 20:41:37 [Jockey] "Sielje. Dido. Thank you both for what you have done..."
Jul 23 20:41:38 [Steam] "I owe you my life."
Jul 23 20:41:42 [Jockey] "Soundwave..."
Jul 23 20:42:07 [Steam] And reports are indeed coming in
Jul 23 20:42:20 [Steam] The Insecticons deactivating, and being that much easier for allied forces to clean up.
Jul 23 20:42:25 [Cubey] The knight can breathe peacefully. That was intense...
Jul 23 20:42:39 [Cubey] Sielje: "You..."
Jul 23 20:42:42 [Steam] And with the Cyberforming stopped, Earth is safe once again.
Jul 23 20:42:45 [Steam] MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
Jul 23 20:42:47 [Jockey] "That you would risk your life to ensure mine... I am honored.... and I do not believe that words alone can my gratitude.."
Jul 23 20:42:55 [Cubey] Sielje: "You are the one who did a grea thing for me first, Optimus Prime."
Jul 23 20:43:38 [aldosalt] Dido blinks. "Leonardis–?"
Jul 23 20:43:43 [aldosalt] "Oh."
Jul 23 20:44:16 [Tengu] Daniel: "...You lost me."
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