Jul 09 17:15:21 [Cubey] Quintus made his mode.
Jul 09 17:15:41 [Cubey] The Metis group of companies headquarters was severely damaged. Abel Meyers is dead.
Jul 09 17:15:48 [Cubey] And we couldn't do anything to stop him.
Jul 09 17:17:05 [Cubey] This won't happen again - there are reports of a group of unidentified units having appeared in Italy. They resemble the Stigma machines, and are led by something that can't be mistaken for anything else.
Jul 09 17:17:39 [Cubey] Quintus' Escha was spotted around Mount Etna, and the local forces have engaged to defend the location.
Jul 09 17:18:08 [Cubey] Fyra may have left, but Project Unification will act nonetheless.
Jul 09 17:18:52 [Cubey] The shuttle is already on the move. Time to stop this, once and for all.
Jul 09 17:18:59 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
Jul 09 17:20:21 [Arach] Eva is restless, cleaning and assembling her pistol twice so far. "Morte. Any word back from Fyra?"
Jul 09 17:21:12 [Corel] Morte: "I have sent her two messages...three now. No response yet."
Jul 09 17:21:51 [Jockey] Calvin is pretty much trying not to freak out. He's... moderately successful.
Jul 09 17:21:58 [Tengu] Daniel: "Hope she's back soon. Doubt she'd like to miss this."
Jul 09 17:22:26 [Cubey] The shuttle approaches the volcano and prepares to land.
Jul 09 17:22:37 [Cubey] Even before it's close you can already detect a battle.
Jul 09 17:22:42 [Arach] Eva: "Of course..." There's no hiding the mix of frustration and worry on her face as she gets suited up.
Jul 09 17:22:44 [Aero] Astara: "Down there!"
Jul 09 17:23:20 [Cubey] The local force of mobile suits has the place surrounded, though they do not fare very well against a dozen or so Stigma units - and Quintus is there as well!
Jul 09 17:23:45 [Cubey] His massive Steed is by the mountain itself.
Jul 09 17:23:52 [Steam] Elma: "He's certainly playing for keeps..."
Jul 09 17:24:02 [Cubey] Also, to make matters more complicated, Mount Etna has a city not too far away.
Jul 09 17:24:07 [Jockey] "Why wouldn't he be?"
Jul 09 17:24:27 [Jockey] "I'd honestly be more worried if he wasn't"
Jul 09 17:24:34 [Cubey] Shuttle pilot: "We're clear for deployment. The cavalry's here!"
Jul 09 17:24:35 [Steam] "Any number of apocalyptic prophecies have made mention of Mount Etna... though it's hard to say what started the trend."
Jul 09 17:24:57 [Steam] Selena: "We'll worry about that later, after we stop this."
Jul 09 17:25:07 [Arach] Eva: "Being uniquely pathetic, his strength is the sole thing he can take pride in..."
Jul 09 17:25:34 [Tengu] Daniel: "If he can somehow make the volcano erupt..."
Jul 09 17:25:50 [Cubey] Quintus: "You've responded to my invitation? I can't say I'm surprised!"
Jul 09 17:25:52 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Deploying. Let's stop this."
Jul 09 17:25:55 [Arach] Eva: "I wouldn't put it past him. Let's do it careful and quick."
Jul 09 17:26:10 [Cubey] Your arrival did not go unnoticed.
Jul 09 17:26:21 [Jockey] "Well... this is it... lets do this!"
Jul 09 17:26:36 [Jockey] Calvin's voice was strained as he launched the Genoace.
Jul 09 17:27:04 [Cubey] Quintus: "Fools... did you forget the power I wield now?"
Jul 09 17:27:13 [Aero] Astara: "I guess it's only fitting that a Kijin be here for this..."
Jul 09 17:27:28 [Cubey] As you deploy, suddenly something happens. Energy emanates from the Steed...
Jul 09 17:27:41 [Steam] Selena: "We didn't forget, it's simply that we just don't care."
Jul 09 17:28:00 [Cubey] And flows out towards Quintus' minions! The Stigma machines start to bulge and twist...
Jul 09 17:29:03 [Cubey] Local MS pilot: "They're melting! Now's the chance... gyaaah!"
Jul 09 17:29:46 [Cubey] And new forms burst out from the Stigma units' old bodies, immediately incinerating nearby Genoaces and Huckebeins with fiery breath or lunging towards them with sharp claws.
Jul 09 17:30:01 [Cubey] The defensive force line breaks!
Jul 09 17:30:09 [Jockey] "... Well that was pretty horrifying..."
Jul 09 17:30:17 [Cubey] Its survivors are being pushed back towards the town!
Jul 09 17:30:29 [Cubey] New enemy form: Stigma Dragon
Jul 09 17:30:29 [Cubey] http://i.imgur.com/58d0qgi.jpg
Jul 09 17:31:02 [Cubey] Quintus: "... You won't be able to do anything."
Jul 09 17:31:18 [Corel] Morte: "..."
Jul 09 17:31:19 [Cubey] The Escha moves towards the volcano - or rather, a cavern at its foothills.
Jul 09 17:31:44 [Cubey] Stopping Quintus is important. But the locals are in danger, and not just the MS garrison, the civilians as well.
Jul 09 17:31:54 [Cubey] Enemies: Stigma Dragon x11, Escha (Quintus)
Jul 09 17:32:02 [Cubey] Eva, Daniel, Astara, go now.
Jul 09 17:32:07 [Cubey] Escha
Jul 09 17:32:07 [Cubey] http://i.imgur.com/q8wEirw.jpg
Jul 09 17:32:19 [Tengu] Daniel: "Maybe. But we'll still have to try."
Jul 09 17:32:25 [Jockey] "Crap... this is probably a bad idea but we might need to split up! Someone's got to stall that guy!"
Jul 09 17:32:44 [Tengu] Daniel: "Making sure they don't reach the town is priority... Here we go."
Jul 09 17:34:18 [Arach] *Eva wastes no time in deciding; she speeds past Escha, and unloads a prodigious volley of laser inside the cavern-aiming up, to collapse its roof.+
Jul 09 17:35:01 [Aero] * Astara leaps out of the shuttle and instantly summons Fortuna to her, the sphere of darkness is quickly changed into a large weapons platform that surrounds Astara as she descends down towards the Stigma Dragons. Her eyes dart back and forth as the weapon locks onto the army of beasts before raining down a storm of missiles at them. +
Jul 09 17:36:52 [Tengu] Daniel: "Don't think you can just massacre locals and get away with it." In an instant, suddenly Steel Wanderer draws the Gun of God, sending its cape fluttering in the air as the mech slams the revolver's hammer, sending a barrage of three armor-piercing Longinus shots towards one of the dragons, with another dragon in a straight line behind it! +
Jul 09 17:37:55 [Corel] Morte: "I will continue to try to establish contact... Without my Rider, my combat systems will not be up to par. It is up to all of you now."
Jul 09 17:39:55 [Cubey] Eva collapses the cavern!
Jul 09 17:40:07 [Cubey] Now Quintus won't be able to do whatever he came here for.
Jul 09 17:40:34 [Cubey] ... A low rumbling can be heard, and boulders fly off in all directions, as Escha clears its way by force.
Jul 09 17:41:24 [Cubey] Quintus: "Do you think this will stop me? I carry the Sequence in my hands!"
Jul 09 17:42:06 [Cubey] The Steed's forcefields (which cleared the way) are now pressing on the Tern itself. They try to crush it from the sides as Quintus moves in deeper into the now much more open cave...
Jul 09 17:42:41 [Cubey] And at the same time - a dark cube starts to form on Eva's present location, trying to trap her inside!
Jul 09 17:42:43 [Cubey] Eva, react.
Jul 09 17:44:12 [Jockey] #Eva
Jul 09 17:44:16 [Cubey] Astara's barrage rains down on the dragons, and damages them... but not very much. Their hides are tough, the way they are now!
Jul 09 17:44:18 [Cubey] # approved
Jul 09 17:45:08 [Cubey] You certainly got their attention though. Several of the Dragons prepare to use their breath weapon...
Jul 09 17:45:16 [Jockey] *Quintus would find a barrage of flares being launched towards his face! Hopefully the light would be glaring enough for Eva to get away!+
Jul 09 17:45:24 [Cubey] Though one of them is cut down by penetrating Longinus rounds, which further damage another one behind it.
Jul 09 17:46:08 [Cubey] The damaged one changes the target and bullrushes the Steel Wanderer, its blades glistening before it cleaves mightily. While two others still breathe fire at Astara. Both of you, react.
Jul 09 17:48:46 [Arach] *Eva jukes slightly to the side to try to escape the box and crushing press, and fires another barrage of lasers at Escha's face. "I don't know what will stop you. But I'm going to find out."+
Jul 09 17:49:44 [Tengu] Daniel: "They're tough. If you got any help you can offer, Morte..." While commenting, he quickly fires a sticky Andrew net at the attacker, backing away at the same time. +
Jul 09 17:50:55 [Cubey] Quintus: "Hmm?"
Jul 09 17:51:07 [Cubey] He is distracted by the flare - long enough for Eva to fire another barrage!
Jul 09 17:51:08 [Aero] * "Maxwell!" Astara uses Maxwell's partial summon to protect her from the flames using its large disembodied arms. Given the situation she didn't want to use the Craft in its full form given that it'd be an easier target to hit. +
Jul 09 17:51:24 [Cubey] It strikes into the Escha's face, damaging it.
Jul 09 17:51:38 [Cubey] ... And the unit immediately begins to regenerate. It didn't have this kind of power.
Jul 09 17:52:07 [Cubey] But another Rider did.
Jul 09 17:52:34 [Corel] Morte: "My apologies...As I am now, I would only be in your way."
Jul 09 17:52:50 [Corel] And that wasn't easy to admit by any means.
Jul 09 17:53:12 [Cubey] And while Eva avoided the force fields, the cube didn't trap her inside - but as it grew smaller, it stuck to the Tern. And it starts draining its energy - not the electrical power of the machine, but its pilot's vital force, causing Eva mental anguish!
Jul 09 17:53:40 [Cubey] Quintus: "Ghhh.... where is it? I don't see it anywhere!"
Jul 09 17:53:58 [Cubey] The angered Rider is moving fast towards the cave while examining it from the outside.
Jul 09 17:54:44 [Cubey] Maxwell's arms provide adequate protection from the fire breath, though they start getting really hot... fortunately the area of the attack that can actually threaten Astara is limited.
Jul 09 17:55:12 [Cubey] Daniel fires off a net, which slows down the enemy - though the Dragon quickly rips it apart and slashes forward, but it only nicks the Wanderer, which got away in time.
Jul 09 17:55:15 [Cubey] Calvin, Selena, go.
Jul 09 17:55:18 [Arach] Eva: "Ggh...for a rabid dog, he c-certainly has some ability..."
Jul 09 17:55:30 [Cubey] Eva is starting to feel exhausted and rather hungry too.
Jul 09 17:55:36 [Cubey] This too is a power another Rider had!
Jul 09 17:55:47 [Steam] Selena: "Well he at least can be blinded."
Jul 09 17:56:25 [Corel] Morte: "He should possess more than just those. Be careful."
Jul 09 17:56:25 [Jockey] "Thank whoever's out there for small favors"
Jul 09 17:56:37 [Tengu] Daniel: "He's the strongest one, after all. And now he has his power fully under control."
Jul 09 17:57:00 [Aero] Astara: "That's a bit unfair..."
Jul 09 17:57:23 [Jockey] *Calvin's drawing the DODS gun on his Genoace, firing multipe shots at one of the Dragons - seeking to blind them more permanently than just with flares.+
Jul 09 17:58:03 [Steam] * But trying to deal with him AND all those dragons could prove difficult. The Alegrias has a plan for that though, deploying its Servants and equipping half of the Stealth Boomerang on both of them! "Then we'll see about evening the odds. Go!" The two hurtle out at two wounded dragons the Alegrias fires its railgun fires at a third!+
Jul 09 17:59:10 [Cubey] Calvin's repeated spiralling beams shoot through the heavily damaged dragon, which roars as it takes heavy steps forward, and collapses.
Jul 09 18:00:00 [Cubey] You have the dragons' full attention now. Two of them break off from trying to reach the town, and instead leap into the air - trying to crash down on the Genoace. React!
Jul 09 18:00:56 [Cubey] Selena heavily damages the dragon trio, which now rushes her furiously, paying little attention to further railgun shots firing at their heavy armor. React.
Jul 09 18:02:15 [Jockey] *...Well isn't that just fantastic. However Calvin didn't get where he was in life by sitting still and waiting to die. Those things could probably try to change course if he dodged.... so... he was going to rush towards one of the dragons and pull away at the last second in a frantic bid to cause a massive pile up!
Jul 09 18:02:17 [Jockey] +
Jul 09 18:03:26 [Cubey] The dragons' aerial assault slows down - are they surprised by the maneuver? But the surprise is momentary, they continue to lunge.
Jul 09 18:04:29 [Cubey] But they get in one another's way. And while the dragon Calvin moved towards slashes its claws, he dodges, and the two crash into each other and fall down heavily!
Jul 09 18:04:41 [Cubey] But the slash still sends you flying away, the Genoace now having a gash across its chest.
Jul 09 18:04:46 [Cubey] Fortunately it didn't reach the cockpit or anything vital...
Jul 09 18:05:42 [Steam] * If they weren't paying attention to the railgun shots, then there was always the Prism Phantom! Another bright light erupted, the Alegrias juking to the side and swinging into the dragons' wounded bodies with its chainsaw blade!+
Jul 09 18:07:13 [Cubey] Suddenly, the Alegrias is gone. Gone, and then it's back and cutting into flanks of the damaged dragons, cleaving its way through two of them, the third roaring as it turns to face it, but too slowly to do anything.
Jul 09 18:07:27 [Cubey] Eva, Daniel, Astara, go again!
Jul 09 18:07:41 [Cubey] It seems the tide is turning. However...
Jul 09 18:08:04 [Cubey] Quintus is at the cave now, Escha's force fields throwing more rubble aside, as if he tried to dig deeper into the mountain.
Jul 09 18:08:59 [Cubey] Quintus: "Where? I have no time for games like this!"
Jul 09 18:10:01 [Aero] * Rather than dismissing Maxwell's heated arms Astara uses the heat gathered and begins to amplify it as she charges towards Quintus with the Stigma Dragons being taken care of by the others. The molten red fists swing out towards Escha as he was distracted digging up rubble again or at least Astara hoped he was. +
Jul 09 18:10:11 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Can't let you!" He quickly ejects the empty casings from the Gun of God, loads fresh bullets, and spins around the chamber, firing as soon as it stops revolving. The bouncing Julian shot flies, ricocheting off a dragon, off a rocky wall, and then flying towards Escha, damaging everything it hits! +
Jul 09 18:13:06 [Cubey] Escha is slammed by Maxwell's fists, thrown deeper towards the mountain cavern Quintus is so keen on exploring. Then the Julian flies towards it and explodes on the Steed's surface, while also finishing off the heavily damaged Dragon from before.
Jul 09 18:13:24 [Arach] *Eva takes a deep breath and grits her teeth. Neural feedback won't make this easy. But...but, she can do it. The Tern's blade makes a quick snicker-snack, accompanied by a pained whipmer from Eva-as she carves the cube off the Tern's leg, taking more than a bit of the leg with it. That done, her breath comes on in ragged gasps-and she opens up with spread lasers on Escha's back. "I hope...you're not...forgetting me."+
Jul 09 18:14:35 [Cubey] Eva manages to remove the cube, and the drain effect it causes with it - though the Tern sustains damage in the process, and the pilot feels it.
Jul 09 18:14:39 [Cubey] Quintus: "Agh...!"
Jul 09 18:15:04 [Cubey] Escha is burrowed under a barrage of lasers.
Jul 09 18:15:40 [Cubey] Quintus: "You... are being a nuisance..."
Jul 09 18:16:03 [Cubey] The Steed slowly stands up from the pile of mountain rubble the series of attacks trapped it under.
Jul 09 18:16:30 [Cubey] Its wounds close but not as fast as they were dealt. However, Quintus is really furious now, anger audible in his voice despite the choice of words.
Jul 09 18:16:40 [Cubey] Escha opens its hand.
Jul 09 18:16:51 [Steam] Selena: "Quite the change of pace compared to before."
Jul 09 18:16:58 [Cubey] In it, a scythe materializes.
Jul 09 18:17:07 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
Jul 09 18:17:09 [Cubey] Quintus: "Death Order."
Jul 09 18:17:11 [Aero] Astara: "!"
Jul 09 18:17:12 [Cubey] Quintus: "Disappear!"
Jul 09 18:17:38 [Cubey] And he slices, a vertical slash going through air itself - and annihilating everything in its path!
Jul 09 18:17:47 [Cubey] Eva, Astara, Daniel - react!
Jul 09 18:19:30 [Tengu] Daniel: "Fyra's power..." He really doesn't want to get hit by that thing. Steel Wanderer's joints creak as the mech breaks into evasion, jumping to the side with all the agility it can muster! +
Jul 09 18:19:59 [Aero] * Astara leaps high into the air in order to avoid that attack, given what she knew about the Death Order it was probably made to kill Kijin like her. +
Jul 09 18:20:22 [Arach] *No more banter for now. Eva pushes the Tern to the side, throwing her TK into the mix and dragging the Tern through the air.+
Jul 09 18:21:47 [Cubey] You decide to wisely avoid the attack. Everything in its path is obliterated, and a long and deep scar is cut in the earth as it goes.
Jul 09 18:22:17 [Cubey] The Escha stands up, the scythe gone but rocks float up momentarily as its force fields return.
Jul 09 18:22:31 [Cubey] Also the remaining half a dozen dragons aren't chasing the defenders anymore, but instead are returning to harass you from behind.
Jul 09 18:22:39 [Cubey] Selena, Calvin, go now.
Jul 09 18:22:46 [Corel] Morte: "Quintus, you..."
Jul 09 18:22:58 [Jockey] "Oh good grief...."
Jul 09 18:25:45 [Jockey] *Firing a number of shots at the dragons, Calvin is seeking to draw their attention as much as possible and rile them up enough in order for them to start trying to try to incinerate him... this was possibly a suicidally stupid idea... moreso since it involved keeping himself pointed towards Quintus as well as he maneuvered forward+
Jul 09 18:26:36 [Steam] # Calvin (combining with action?)
Jul 09 18:26:52 [Tengu] Daniel: "Morte. If he has Fyra's powers... Did he do something to her?"
Jul 09 18:26:57 [Cubey] #/@ approved
Jul 09 18:28:12 [Steam] * If Calvin was keeping the attention on him, then the dragons would get taken by surprise as the Alegrias soars up high, beam saber erupting out in an explosion of power before coming crashing down on the lead dragon!+
Jul 09 18:29:28 [Cubey] Calvin lightly damages and more than lightly enfuriates the dragons, and starts running for it immediately.
Jul 09 18:29:55 [Cubey] The dragons give chase!
Jul 09 18:30:14 [Corel] Morte: "It is unlikely, Daniel. But I am beginning to assume the worst."
Jul 09 18:30:15 [Cubey] But suddenly, with a splurtchy noise one of them has its head impaled with a beam saber, courtesy of Selena.
Jul 09 18:30:31 [Cubey] Its corpse falls down, but the rest just run around it and continue the chase...
Jul 09 18:30:42 [Cubey] Quintus: "Enough. This ends. Now!"
Jul 09 18:30:54 [Cubey] But the real attack comes from Escha.
Jul 09 18:31:31 [Aero] Astara: "What do we do now then..."
Jul 09 18:32:23 [Cubey] Massive energy bursts out from the unit again. But instead of turning anything into dragons, it instead turns into a huge barrage of energy projectiles.
Jul 09 18:32:33 [Cubey] Energy projectiles that fall on absolutely everything around.
Jul 09 18:33:01 [Corel] #All?
Jul 09 18:33:05 [Cubey] Behind Quintus, Mount Etna is devastated as its top is ripped off.
Jul 09 18:33:23 [Cubey] While in front of him, the projectiles fall towards you - and the city behind you! However...
Jul 09 18:33:25 [Cubey] # approved!
Jul 09 18:33:59 [Tengu] Daniel: "This is bad..."
Jul 09 18:36:02 [Jockey] "I'm pretty sure bad already passed. This is worse."
Jul 09 18:36:27 [Corel] *The transmission between Morte and the team is suddenly cut off as a humanoid form appears in the air! Covered in black, it projects a wide, shadowy field that covers the radius of the attack!+
Jul 09 18:37:46 [Corel] But how much this defense will be able to take, is difficult to tell.
Jul 09 18:38:01 [Cubey] The energy barrage is intercepted. None of the projectiles fall on their targets, all of them instead captured by the shadowy barrier.
Jul 09 18:38:37 [Cubey] It weakens and breaks, projectiles hitting the one who created it instead.
Jul 09 18:38:50 [Cubey] But though damaged, it means everyone else is unharmed...
Jul 09 18:39:32 [Corel] Morte heaves a sigh. Despite the damage he took, it is one of relief.
Jul 09 18:39:53 [Corel] Morte: "You made it, Mistress."
Jul 09 18:40:25 [Cubey] Quintus: "You! You dare make an appearance now?"
Jul 09 18:41:02 [Tengu] Daniel: "Fyra. You're back."
Jul 09 18:41:14 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Did you succeed?"
Jul 09 18:41:16 [Corel] The pale Steed raises a palm, and on it, Fyra appears, looking rather beat up herself.
Jul 09 18:41:54 [Corel] Fyra: "I did. And Quintus..."
Jul 09 18:42:34 [Corel] Fyra: "Stop. I know now what you were searching for."
Jul 09 18:43:10 [Cubey] Quintus: "!"
Jul 09 18:43:40 [Corel] Fyra: "You are incomplete. Our creators fell before they could solve a fundamental problem with your design..."
Jul 09 18:44:16 [Corel] Fyra: "If you continue to use your Order - the powers of the Four - you will expire."
Jul 09 18:44:23 [Jockey] "..."
Jul 09 18:45:25 [Steam] Elma: "That's..."
Jul 09 18:45:29 [Steam] "... Extremely ironic!"
Jul 09 18:45:34 [Corel] She brings up a hand, and in it, is a glowing object that looks like a very complex icosahedral shape.
Jul 09 18:45:58 [Steam] "He's seemingly died countless times before as a normal person, but now with the power of a Rider he's mortal?"
Jul 09 18:46:44 [Corel] Fyra: "Yes."
Jul 09 18:46:50 [Cubey] Quintus: "The Causality Reactor!"
Jul 09 18:47:05 [Cubey] Quintus: "You knew it was here. You took it from me!"
Jul 09 18:47:54 [Corel] Fyra: "It was never here to begin with. Some time after our creators fell, this was moved elsewhere."
Jul 09 18:47:58 [Jockey] "Causality... cause and effect..."
Jul 09 18:48:27 [Corel] Fyra: "And now..."
Jul 09 18:49:30 [Corel] Suddenly, Fyra reaches for her own chest, and with brute force, rips a hole in it!
Jul 09 18:49:44 [Cubey] Quintus: "What are you doing? I need that!"
Jul 09 18:49:50 [Aero] Astara: "Ah,,,"
Jul 09 18:49:57 [Arach] Eva: "...eh?"
Jul 09 18:50:00 [Tengu] Daniel: "...!"
Jul 09 18:50:26 [Steam] Selena: "What?"
Jul 09 18:50:33 [Cubey] Escha floats up, and moves towards Fyra recklessly, hand stretched forward as it tries to capture her.
Jul 09 18:50:44 [Cubey] Or rather, what she has in her hand. But not for long...
Jul 09 18:50:50 [Aero] #?
Jul 09 18:50:57 [Corel] Internal mechanisms are exposed - the same metal and synthetic materials that very few had seen before.
Jul 09 18:51:07 [Cubey] # approved
Jul 09 18:51:15 [Corel] And into the same gap, Fyra shoves the reactor in.
Jul 09 18:52:44 [Aero] * And in the midst of the transfer Maxwell's floating limbs reach out to hold Escha back in a full nelson to prevent him from getting anywhere closer to Fyra. +
Jul 09 18:53:22 [Cubey] Escha is grabbed - and the angelic Steed utilizes its force fields to quickly free itself, painfully knocking Maxwell's arms away.
Jul 09 18:53:25 [Cubey] But, it's too slow.
Jul 09 18:53:40 [Cubey] The Causality Reactor is now in Fyra's body. And Quintus...
Jul 09 18:53:53 [Cubey] Quintus: "That's right... my time is running out..."
Jul 09 18:54:07 [Cubey] Quintus now stops, Escha still in midair.
Jul 09 18:54:57 [Cubey] Quintus: "My expiration will come soon. Without the reactor I... cannot fulfill my goals."
Jul 09 18:55:10 [Cubey] Quintus: "But..."
Jul 09 18:55:22 [Cubey] Quintus: "But while I can still move..."
Jul 09 18:55:30 [Cubey] Escha starts shaking.
Jul 09 18:55:35 [Corel] Fyra's eyes go dim for a while, but they light up again with a brighter glow than before.
Jul 09 18:55:45 [Cubey] Quintus: "While I can still move, I am truly unstoppable!"
Jul 09 18:55:59 [Cubey] Quintus: "You took the Reactor, I will just have to rip it from your chest!"
Jul 09 18:56:29 [Cubey] Escha morphs, changing and shifting into a larger form!
Jul 09 18:56:51 [Cubey] One that immediately disperses a horde of unnamed machines into the surrounding countryside, pushing Astara and Fyra away!
Jul 09 18:56:53 [Cubey] Escha (ultimate form)
Jul 09 18:56:53 [Cubey] http://i.imgur.com/i2lqXPL.jpg
Jul 09 18:57:33 [Cubey] Quintus: "And move I will. All Orders are at my command."
Jul 09 18:58:08 [Corel] Fyra: "You have only placed yourself further away from your goal..."
Jul 09 18:58:19 [Cubey] Polyhedrons of life-sucking energy appear around the battlefield, Escha shaking as it gathers Tver's power to become even stronger.
Jul 09 18:58:20 [Steam] Selena: "Go ahead and squander them as much as you want."
Jul 09 18:58:27 [Steam] "You'll just be ending it easier for us!"
Jul 09 18:58:51 [Cubey] The Unnamed Horde appears in large numbers and sprawls in all directions - including the nearby city as well.
Jul 09 18:59:11 [Tengu] Daniel: "Fyra's not alone. You think we'll just let you bring the world down with you?"
Jul 09 18:59:15 [Aero] Astara: "He's going all out..."
Jul 09 18:59:41 [Cubey] Eva, Daniel, Astara, go now.
Jul 09 18:59:53 [Cubey] Enemies: Stigma Dragon x5, Unnamed Horde x200, Escha (Quintus)
Jul 09 18:59:57 [Cubey] Unnamed Horde
Jul 09 18:59:57 [Cubey] http://i.imgur.com/w7UrJkT.jpg
Jul 09 19:00:27 [Arach] Eva: "Trying to cause more chaos in his death throes, huh..."
Jul 09 19:01:45 [Cubey] The sky darkens as the horde spreads around you. It can't be natural.
Jul 09 19:02:19 [Tengu] Daniel: "First, gotta stop those..." He quickly fires a few beam shots towards the unnamed horde, then opens the Gun of God and loads a single bullet, aiming for a second. "Genevieve!" Daniel fires the shot, which spreads into multiple small shrapnels, each expanding into a full-sized armor-piercing bullet, which fall like rain upon the enemies heading towards the town. +
Jul 09 19:03:09 [Jockey] "This is familiar...."
Jul 09 19:03:15 [Cubey] Daniel clears a part of the battlefield, the vulnerable and not-entirely material horde machines easily destroyed.
Jul 09 19:03:44 [Cubey] But the same part quickly gets filled up with more - more that attack, sending a barrage of razor sharp "feathers" from their metallic wings. There is little room to maneuver! React!
Jul 09 19:04:39 [Aero] * Astara summons Kazan to her, gripping the blazing katana tightly as she uses it to amplify her own temperature manipulating abilities. The wind around the area begins to swirl as Astara unleashes several large tornadoes of burning ash out towards Escha and the hoard erupting out from him. +
Jul 09 19:05:38 [Arach] *The Tern slowly floats upwards in the air, Eva locking on to as many targets as she can-before the Tern's targeting computer just gives up. "just one more body for the pile...Quintus! Disappear!" Eva roars at the horde, and the Tern sweeps its arm across the field-raining a rapid-fire barrage of laser on the enemies.+
Jul 09 19:05:58 [Cubey] The units around Escha are destroyed and evaporate into nothingness.
Jul 09 19:06:16 [Cubey] Quintus: "You learnt nothing, Kijin. I can't be defeated!"
Jul 09 19:07:02 [Cubey] But the tornadoes are stopped cold and dissipate when powerful force fields block them. Force fields that then converge down on Astara, holding her in place while another draining cube appears on her location.
Jul 09 19:07:03 [Cubey] React!
Jul 09 19:07:23 [Tengu] Daniel: "No room to dodge. Which means..." He turns the Gun of God's chamber towards the Lucia beam generator again, and slams the hammer repeatedly, sending barrage after barrage of beam shots towards the incoming feathers, until the generator burns out. "We'll see who's a faster shot!" +
Jul 09 19:07:41 [Corel] #Astara?
Jul 09 19:07:57 [Cubey] The horde is bombarded by lasers that cut through them and cause a series of small explosions in its ranks.
Jul 09 19:08:37 [Cubey] Instead of keeping to ranged combat, the unnamed machines take to the skies! Flapping their wings, they swarm the Tern, cutting into it as they pass by, which they do from many directions simultaneously.
Jul 09 19:08:38 [Cubey] # approved
Jul 09 19:08:50 [Cubey] Eva react.
Jul 09 19:09:34 [Cubey] Daniel shoots through feathers, his beams potent enough to destroy the projectiles and also hit the units behind them. But the barrage is far too large.
Jul 09 19:10:12 [Cubey] Several feathers cut into the Wanderer, even more as he runs out of the generator's power! The mecha slouches down, damaged by many cutting projectiles,s ome still embedded in its frame.
Jul 09 19:10:22 [Corel] Morte: "It is you who has not learnt anything, Quintus." *The Steed forms a scythe in its hand, which it throws like a spinning buzzsaw to disintegrate those barriers and give Astara room to escape!+
Jul 09 19:11:22 [Aero] * "Craft Ignite, Maxwell!" Kazan disappears from her grasp as Astara finally calls her craft to her, an explosion of fire erupting out in all directions as the blazing Craft emerges from the flames and attempts to break through the draining cube spawning around her. +
Jul 09 19:11:26 [Tengu] Daniel: "Too many... And they're not normal enemies."
Jul 09 19:11:34 [Corel] Morte: "Admittedly, I will need to adjust to this power..."
Jul 09 19:11:43 [Cubey] Suddenly, the force fields are gone! Astara feels a weight taken off her shoulders, quite literally. She escapes the cube with Maxwell's help, easily.
Jul 09 19:12:05 [Cubey] Selena, Calvin and Fyra can move
Jul 09 19:13:10 [Corel] Fyra: "We do not have time for adjusting..."
Jul 09 19:13:24 [Arach] *Eva slashes and claws at the horde as they come for her, ripping into the enemies as slashes pile up on the Tern. Finally she forms a shield with one hand and rams through the horde, pushing herself to get out from their encirclement.+
Jul 09 19:13:42 [Steam] Selena: "Well we'll see what we can do."
Jul 09 19:14:12 [Corel] The Rider feels a jolt from that reactor that her body isn't meant to use, but she gets ready to go on the offensive regardless.
Jul 09 19:14:24 [Steam] "The longer the fight goes on, the better our chances of winning..."
Jul 09 19:14:31 [Steam] "Now come on Elma!"
Jul 09 19:14:41 [Cubey] Eva cuts down the herd one by one, but there's too many of them. You feel several painful cuts on Tern's body - and then break through with an energy barrier. Good call, allowing you to free yourself from being surrounded.
Jul 09 19:14:45 [Aero] Astara: "Thanks you two..."
Jul 09 19:14:53 [Jockey] *Calvin swiftly moves, launching several flares into Quintus' face as he seeks to flank him quickly!&
Jul 09 19:16:39 [Corel] Morte: "You are welcome. And now, Mistress, if you have something to use against all of this..."
Jul 09 19:16:41 [Cubey] Quintus: "This again? Your comedy ends now!"
Jul 09 19:16:44 [Steam] * The Alegrias winks out of existence again, rematerializing close to the horde to get their attention before its gatling guns all fire at once, sweeping across the ranks of the machines.+
Jul 09 19:17:20 [Cubey] The Steed charges towards Calvin, Quintus seemingly ignoring the flare as his own power flares up in anger.
Jul 09 19:18:05 [Cubey] The huge Escha seeks to slam Calvin in melee, its multiple arms moving towards the Genoace quickly - but it's the force fields that deliver the blow. React/continue.
Jul 09 19:18:42 [Cubey] The unnamed machines turn towards the Alegrias - which already starts firing, an avalanche of bullets clearing out the immediate area.
Jul 09 19:19:03 [Cubey] The immediate area which then proceeds to get rather hot... Stigma dragons are breathing fire from afar!
Jul 09 19:19:07 [Cubey] React, Selena.
Jul 09 19:19:55 [Corel] *After a while, Fyra nods at her Steed. "Thousand Lives - Unlock." Morte catches the scythe that was thrown earlier, and begins to channel energy into it, with which it slashes the air above - opening a gigantic spatial maw in the sky!
Jul 09 19:20:19 [Jockey] *This... was probably not going to end well. Calvin pushes the thrusters to the point of burning out, seeking to get past the incoming arms and their fields... and slam a familiar knife as deep as he could into the Steed's eye!+
Jul 09 19:21:51 [Corel] *From said maw, large streams of dark energy emerge - these are not beams, but spiralling torrents of souls that begin lashing out at the horde!+
Jul 09 19:21:57 [Steam] Selena: "And what do you know... friendly fire!"
Jul 09 19:22:30 [Steam] * The Alegrias's Twin Tesla Drives flare up, the machine juking first to the side and then up to escape the dragon's flame!+
Jul 09 19:23:40 [Cubey] Quintus: "What... augh!"
Jul 09 19:24:18 [Cubey] The torrent wrecks its way through the enemy ranks - and Quintus saw something in it, that unnerved and distracted him.
Jul 09 19:26:11 [Cubey] Distracted long enough for Calvin to have move past his attacks, and stabbed Escha in the eye.
Jul 09 19:26:37 [Cubey] The Genoace gets promptly swatted away with a force field like an errant fly.
Jul 09 19:27:06 [Cubey] And the thing that distracted Quintus was...
Jul 09 19:27:39 [Cubey] The unnamed horde and the dragons are being swept away by phantoms, among which you can see three distinct figures...
Jul 09 19:28:26 [Cubey] Quintus: "Ett? Tver? Tre? Why do the Riders appear as phantoms? They aren't living beings!"
Jul 09 19:29:03 [Tengu] Daniel: "Fyra? Is that your doing?"
Jul 09 19:29:50 [Corel] Fyra: "This is part of the Death Order. They were not alive, but they died all the same when they were struck down."
Jul 09 19:30:27 [Cubey] Quintus: "The Death Order... yet I wield its power now!"
Jul 09 19:30:35 [Cubey] Quintus: "That and all the others as well! Conquest!"
Jul 09 19:31:11 [Cubey] With some kind of fluid still leaking from one eye, Escha summons another horde of unnamed machines, all of them flying towards Fyra and Morte, cutting with wings and shooting with feathers!
Jul 09 19:31:12 [Cubey] React!
Jul 09 19:34:11 [Corel] "So be it. I will show you what else this reactor is capable of amplifying." *Fyra, and by extension, Morte, raises the scythe up high. As the horde and their attacks come, it slashes down - a vertical line not unlike the attack used by Escha on the other members of the team earlier, but on a much larger scale!+
Jul 09 19:35:18 [Cubey] Fyra slices down through the horde - the attack having Quintus reeling, though his unit was not visibly hit.
Jul 09 19:35:29 [Cubey] The unnamed horde disappears.
Jul 09 19:35:49 [Cubey] Quintus: "The Conquest Order! What have you done, I can't access it!"
Jul 09 19:35:59 [Cubey] Not just the ones struck by Fyra. All of them are gone.
Jul 09 19:36:13 [Cubey] And because the Dragons were taken care of by the Phantoms - all that is left is the Escha!
Jul 09 19:36:19 [Cubey] Eva, Daniel, Astara, go now!
Jul 09 19:37:02 [Steam] Selena: "And weren't you just saying you wielded that power?"
Jul 09 19:37:11 [Steam] "Oh well."
Jul 09 19:38:04 [Aero] Astara: "Is she...killing his access to the other orders?"
Jul 09 19:38:23 [Tengu] Daniel: "Looks like it... As far as I can tell."
Jul 09 19:38:38 [Corel] Fyra: "...We once battled a deity who repeated a pattern. He repeated Ett's, so I applied the same solution here."
Jul 09 19:38:41 [Jockey] "Carving it out one by one."
Jul 09 19:38:54 [Corel] Morte: "I believe that means yes."
Jul 09 19:38:56 [Aero] Astara: "..."
Jul 09 19:39:07 [Arach] *Eva: "This is the path you chose..." she's been taking some time to gather herself, now that the horde was leaving her alone. The Tern opens up with its chest laser, a torrent of energy rushing towards Escha's face."+
Jul 09 19:39:29 [Aero] Now she got the feeling she knew exactly which Kijin Fyra and the other Riders were built to deal with.
Jul 09 19:39:59 [Cubey] Quintus: "No! I am still undefeatable!"
Jul 09 19:40:39 [Tengu] Daniel: "Now. Time to strike back." He quickly loads several bullets into the Gun of God and springs into action, slowly moving around Escha at long distance and firing a few shots into its direction. The first ones are charged shock bullets, made to momentarily stun the enemy while the main attack strikes - Daniel braces Steel Wanderer's feet against the ground and lets it fly!
Jul 09 19:40:39 [Tengu] "Nicholas!" The last bullet expands into a rocket fist, which starts spinning like a drill and flies with great force towards Escha's flank! +
Jul 09 19:41:19 [Cubey] Escha's damaged eye opens - good as new! The Steed shakes in fury, powerful force fields manifesting and spreading. They brace against the Tern's chest laser, wavering - but before they can dissipate completely, Escha creates another barrage of energy projectiles and sends them towards Eva, attacking from all directions. React!
Jul 09 19:42:28 [Cubey] But while the force field is strained under the laser attacks, Daniel's shock rounds strain it further. They do not reach the target itself, but the rocket punch bullet does! It breaks through the barrier, and slams into Escha's flank!
Jul 09 19:42:57 [Aero] * But there was no time to worry about that, as the others began their attack Astara activated Invicta's abilities once again this time in conjunction with Fortuna. In the frozen time Lady Grey's final gift to her separated into hundreds of black spears and surrounded Escha in a massive formation before splitting again.. "Seventeenth Stellation"
Jul 09 19:44:13 [Aero] The spears multiplied again into some ridiculous shape that completely surrounded the angelic machine as time resumed. "Fall!" And as time resumed all of the dark spears attacked in unison to complete the shape. +
Jul 09 19:44:36 [Arach] Eva sighs as the energy projectiles start to rush for her. "...Can't make it easy, though..." The Tern leaps backwards, forming a shield along its back to protect it from some of the lasers as it flees.+
Jul 09 19:44:58 [Cubey] Escha is impaled by man, many black spears.
Jul 09 19:45:41 [Cubey] The unit is thrown around and its barrier busted. The counterstrike is far from accurate - but the energy bullets are many. Eva has to strain herself to find an opening and escape through it, though having a shield to block several energy projectiles hits.
Jul 09 19:45:44 [Cubey] *Helps
Jul 09 19:46:23 [Cubey] Quintus yells furiously. Escha moves its limbs to remove the spears that stabbed through its body.
Jul 09 19:46:56 [Corel] Morte: "Good."
Jul 09 19:47:02 [Cubey] And while it does so, dark energy-draining polyhedrons appear around the ones that struck it - Steel Wanderer and Maxwell. They are large this time. No way to escape!
Jul 09 19:47:04 [Cubey] React, both of you.
Jul 09 19:47:13 [Corel] #Both
Jul 09 19:47:18 [Cubey] # approved
Jul 09 19:49:58 [Corel] Fyra: "I have seen this as well." *The Rider's eyes glow golden as she and her Steed blitz past the cubes - scythe split into two smaller ones to slash across each multiple times!+
Jul 09 19:51:12 [Cubey] The cubes break - imploding from the inside, and fade away.
Jul 09 19:51:33 [Aero] Astara: "That's another one..."
Jul 09 19:52:12 [Cubey] "No... you can't be doing this!" Quintus realizes well what is happening.
Jul 09 19:52:26 [Cubey] Selena, Calvin, Fyra - go now!
Jul 09 19:54:54 [Corel] Fyra: "Two left. Please continue to assist, everyone."
Jul 09 19:55:31 [Tengu] Daniel: "It'll be over soon."
Jul 09 19:56:03 [Corel] Morte: "Yes. We will be counting on you as usual."
Jul 09 19:56:18 [Steam] * With Quintus in such a state of shock, the opening couldn't be better. "You should've seen this coming. But since it didn't seem to matter much before..." The Alegrias surges at the Escha, beam saber still in hand to give it a deep slash across its body!+
Jul 09 19:56:35 [Jockey] "Just got to push a little more..."
Jul 09 19:57:06 [Cubey] Quintus: "Over? No... don't get full of yourselves!"
Jul 09 19:57:17 [Jockey] *Calvin lets loose a storm of missiles at the Escha from behind it!+
Jul 09 19:57:18 [Cubey] Looks like he got over his shock quickly. Or rather, it turned into blind rage.
Jul 09 19:58:05 [Corel] *The Rider's twin blades are brought back together and focused into the form of a naginata. With it, Morte engages along with anyone else, striking from another angle!+
Jul 09 19:59:18 [Cubey] Escha quickly turns in melee, spinning as it meets every opponent - its arms thrusting towards each and every one of you repeatedly, quickly creating forcefields that appear to block your blows. But the hits themselves are physical this time, and are delivered with speed and power!
Jul 09 19:59:59 [Cubey] Quintus: "I can't be defeated! The War Order won't allow it - and you won't take it away from me, either!"
Jul 09 20:00:09 [Cubey] Calvin, Selena, Fyra, react.
Jul 09 20:01:09 [Jockey] *The Genoace lets loose a smokescreen to cover its dodge in order to get away from the incoming attack! Can't hit what can't be seen!+
Jul 09 20:01:57 [Steam] * Good idea, Calvin! The Alegrias releases a blinding flash of light to do the same!+
Jul 09 20:03:07 [Corel] "Wraith Shield." *Against those forcefields, Fyra deploys her own! And this time, her own shield is detonated like it was against the three other Riders' barriers to dissipate the opposing ones...
Jul 09 20:04:32 [Corel] *In the middle of the chaos created by that blast, she throws her weapon upwards and escapes, letting it impale itself on Escha's back!+
Jul 09 20:05:07 [Cubey] Quintus: "Fools! Hide all you want, I will strike right through! There is no escape!"
Jul 09 20:06:15 [Cubey] The Escha's mighty hands strike towards immediate surroundings of Calvin and Selena, even if they are using self-made cover to not be seen easily.
Jul 09 20:06:41 [Cubey] The thrusts still strike towards you - but do not hit anything. Quintus' full assault was centered on Fyra.
Jul 09 20:07:00 [Cubey] She's able to maintain the shield for a moment.
Jul 09 20:07:12 [Cubey] But it breaks, and Fyra and Morte are getting pummeled again!
Jul 09 20:07:29 [Cubey] Damage is getting pretty serious now. However...
Jul 09 20:07:54 [Cubey] Just like Tver before, Quintus suffers from something that stopped being a part of the battle.
Jul 09 20:08:00 [Cubey] The scythe slashes down on his unit's back.
Jul 09 20:08:07 [Cubey] Quintus: "Ghh? The War Order?!"
Jul 09 20:08:34 [Cubey] Escha slows down considerably, unable to be powered by its Rider's rage anymore.
Jul 09 20:08:51 [Corel] Fyra: "...Nnh. How are we, Morte?"
Jul 09 20:08:59 [Cubey] You did it.
Jul 09 20:09:10 [Corel] Morte: "Good enough."
Jul 09 20:09:17 [Cubey] The damage you suffered in the process was serious but Quintus is all but defeated now.
Jul 09 20:09:22 [Cubey] Quintus: "... Hmph."
Jul 09 20:09:28 [Cubey] Except it was all a part of his plan.
Jul 09 20:09:44 [Cubey] A scythe appears in Escha's hand.
Jul 09 20:10:11 [Cubey] Quintus: "As long as I keep moving... I cannot lose! And you cannot defend yourself!"
Jul 09 20:10:25 [Cubey] Quintus: "I will take back what is mine after you fall by your own Death Order!"
Jul 09 20:10:30 [Corel] Morte: "And now it comes down to this."
Jul 09 20:10:32 [Cubey] Escha is right in Fyra's face.
Jul 09 20:10:42 [Cubey] And the scythe is still in its back, unable to be retrieved!
Jul 09 20:11:01 [Cubey] Quintus smiles in a mad grimace as he slashes the scythe down on Fyra!
Jul 09 20:11:04 [Cubey] Fyra, react!
Jul 09 20:12:33 [Corel] Fyra only reaches out with her hand. That scythe on Escha's back vanishes...and is replaced with a simple dagger that she holds.
Jul 09 20:12:45 [Corel] Just like against that Shoggoth.
Jul 09 20:13:03 [Corel] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQOKzS2kP-o
Jul 09 20:15:24 [Corel] *Through Morte, she faces the weapon she's wielded for much much longer than Quintus - diving in instead of running away to dodge it, and throwing her dagger straight at Escha's chest!+
Jul 09 20:16:37 [Cubey] The Death Order's terrible power slices down on Fyra and Morte.
Jul 09 20:17:16 [Cubey] But even as it slashes, Fyra throws her own weapon. Which barely nicks Escha.
Jul 09 20:17:31 [Cubey] But as soon as it touches... the Death Order wielded by Quintus stops.
Jul 09 20:17:37 [Cubey] Quintus: "No..."
Jul 09 20:17:43 [Cubey] Quintus: "You have killed Death itself!"
Jul 09 20:17:56 [Cubey] Quintus: "This cannot happen... I have my own directives... my own goals!"
Jul 09 20:18:12 [Cubey] Escha spreads its wings, arms rising to the dark sky furiously.
Jul 09 20:18:35 [Cubey] Quintus: "The Sequence... the Sequence was stripped away from me!"
Jul 09 20:18:46 [Cubey] Quintus: "Do you enjoy seeing me fail?"
Jul 09 20:19:22 [Corel] Fyra: "No. But you had already set yourself up for it."
Jul 09 20:19:43 [Tengu] Daniel lets out a weird sound that may be the equivalent of exhaling heavily.
Jul 09 20:20:05 [Cubey] Quintus: "The world may live on..."
Jul 09 20:20:18 [Cubey] Quintus: "But you won't get to see it!"
Jul 09 20:20:49 [Cubey] Even without the Orders, Quintus rushes forward, his damaged unit's force fields causing nearby debris to float into the darkened skies!
Jul 09 20:20:59 [Cubey] But now, you can finish this!
Jul 09 20:21:02 [Cubey] Everyone, act now!
Jul 09 20:21:28 [Tengu] Daniel: "...He's still not giving up."
Jul 09 20:22:22 [Steam] Selena: "Well then we won't be able to settle on just watching him fail. Not the end of the world though!"
Jul 09 20:23:50 [Steam] * The Stealth Boomerang halves eject from the Sluggers before joining together and launching right at the Escha's head, leaving a trail of energy in their wake, Selena following up with railgun shots too!+
Jul 09 20:24:10 [Tengu] * Daniel loads five bullets into the Gun of God and fires them in quick succession, aiming at remote, different parts of Escha. Then, after a brief pause, all of them blow at once, momentarily forming the image of a star upon the large unit with their explosions! +
Jul 09 20:24:16 [Jockey] "I'm afraid you're wrong... you're not the one who'll get to see it."
Jul 09 20:24:21 [Arach] *Eva: "Better men then you have tried." Eva's voice drips with disdain, as she circles up and around Escha, peppering it with lasers.+
Jul 09 20:24:21 [Tengu] Daniel: "End of the line for you!"
Jul 09 20:24:59 [Jockey] *Calvin opens fire again with the DODS gun, Following up everybody's attacks with his own!+
Jul 09 20:25:16 [Aero] * Rather than any tricks Astara draws her signature bastard sword and simply waits, pouring power into the weapon before charging forward and putting everything she had into one large thrust aimed at Escha's chest. +
Jul 09 20:26:29 [Corel] *The large swarm of souls still present converge around the weakened Escha to tear into it, before Fyra and Morte, in the form of the reaper, slash down on the giant enemy!+
Jul 09 20:27:15 [Corel] Fyra: "We have dealt with this long enough..."
Jul 09 20:28:49 [Cubey] "Urgh!" The sluggers struggle against the shields, but with everyone's joint efforts the barriers are broken!
Jul 09 20:29:12 [Cubey] Quintus is barraged by lasers and railguns, and a star-shaped explosion appears on Escha's body.
Jul 09 20:29:42 [Cubey] But he doesn't give up either! What remains of his force field is all gathered up and released in a shockwave to topple all of you over.
Jul 09 20:30:26 [Cubey] And then, as a final strike, he showers the surrounding area with energy projectiles, even as Astara and Fyra slice down at him in melee!
Jul 09 20:30:28 [Cubey] Everyone, react.
Jul 09 20:31:46 [Arach] *Eva twists and turns through the sky to avoid the energy blasts, using her shields to try to lessen any hits that connect.+
Jul 09 20:31:49 [Tengu] Daniel quickly jumps behind a nearby large rock for cover, conveniently set loose from the volcano's wall in the battle! +
Jul 09 20:32:06 [Corel] *Fyra has the swarm cover the others as much as possible. As for herself - she has the temporary intangibility of the cloak, which she hopes is enough for her to deliver the killing blow.+
Jul 09 20:33:24 [Aero] Astara leaps back and starts unleashing Fortuna again to hopefully deflect some of the projectiles raining down on her. +
Jul 09 20:33:27 [Aero] *
Jul 09 20:36:01 [Cubey] Eva uses the shield to protect herself while evading. The barrier is hit several times, but it holds.
Jul 09 20:36:20 [Cubey] Daniel and Astara leap away, the barrage starts to rain down on them...
Jul 09 20:36:35 [Cubey] But the swarm of phantoms protects them, and the others as well!
Jul 09 20:36:43 [Cubey] Fyra exposes herself to the attack fully.
Jul 09 20:36:49 [Cubey] ... Except the projectiles pass through her.
Jul 09 20:36:53 [Cubey] Quintus: "You..."
Jul 09 20:37:08 [Cubey] And she, like the Grim Reaper itself, slices down on Quintus.
Jul 09 20:37:27 [Cubey] The scythe's impact slicing through the whole length of the unit, which falls down... and immediately starts disappearing.
Jul 09 20:38:11 [Cubey] Soon, it is gone.
Jul 09 20:38:16 [Cubey] All that's left is...
Jul 09 20:38:46 [Cubey] "Uuugh..." Quintus himself.
Jul 09 20:38:55 [Cubey] Lying on the ground, battered and clinging on to consciousness.
Jul 09 20:39:31 [Corel] Separating from Morte, Fyra lands next to him, scythe in hand.
Jul 09 20:39:41 [Tengu] Daniel: "Looks like it's over... Now what?"
Jul 09 20:39:45 [Jockey] "....Is it over?"
Jul 09 20:40:10 [Aero] Astara: "..."
Jul 09 20:40:14 [Arach] Eva: "We finish him and go home."
Jul 09 20:40:28 [Corel] She lifts the weapon up yet again and brings it down...
Jul 09 20:40:57 [Corel] But stops just short of Quintus' neck.
Jul 09 20:41:19 [Cubey] Quintus: "..."
Jul 09 20:41:23 [Cubey] Quintus: "Why..."
Jul 09 20:41:32 [Corel] The glow from her eyes dims slightly.
Jul 09 20:42:10 * Steam has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
Jul 09 20:42:26 [Corel] Fyra: "The crimes you committed were to these people, and their kin."
Jul 09 20:42:46 [Corel] Fyra: "They will judge you, together."
Jul 09 20:43:19 [Jockey] "..."
Jul 09 20:43:29 [Jockey] Calvin spares a glance at the others.
Jul 09 20:43:38 [Corel] Fyra: "Three was enough."
Jul 09 20:44:03 [Corel] Morte: "..."
Jul 09 20:44:33 [Tengu] Daniel: "...A lot of people died because of you, Quintus. And lots more would've died."
Jul 09 20:44:53 [Tengu] Daniel: "But it ain't my judgement alone."
Jul 09 20:45:02 [Arach] Eva: "I move for execution. He killed people, and tried to kill more, because he was too weak to do otherwise. He was given so many opprotunities to turn back, and squandered them all."
Jul 09 20:46:47 [Cubey] Quintus closes his eyes with a pained frown.
Jul 09 20:47:04 [Jockey] "A better person'd probably give him a chance..."
Jul 09 20:47:06 [Jockey] "I
Jul 09 20:47:08 [Cubey] If he has any thoughts on that matter, he doesn't share him.
Jul 09 20:47:13 [Aero] Astara: "He can't do much now anyways."
Jul 09 20:47:14 [Cubey] *Them
Jul 09 20:47:26 [Arach] Eva steps forward, sword at the ready.
Jul 09 20:47:30 [Jockey] *I'm not sure about keeping him alive though...."
Jul 09 20:47:37 [Jockey] ".... I abstain."
Jul 09 20:48:45 [Tengu] Daniel: "...We should take him to HQ. Let everyone decide. Not just us."
Jul 09 20:49:52 [Aero] Astara: "Agreed..."
Jul 09 20:51:03 [Arach] Eva: "...fine." The Tern walks away, slightly hobbled by the wound on its leg, and sits down.
Jul 09 20:51:22 [Cubey] Quintus has been captured and will face judgement.
Jul 09 20:51:43 [Cubey] His plans have finally been put to an end. Stigma won't harm anyone anymore.
Jul 09 20:52:10 [Cubey] And the only remaining Rider... has her own plans, which have nothing to do with the end of humanity or the world.
Jul 09 20:52:15 [Cubey] MISSION COMPLETE
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