Jun 29 20:08:56 [Tengu] In an attempt to make up for Aegis' involvement in the Cambio Protocol, the remaining members of the Olympios Conglomerate have restored the derelict Olympios Floating Facility, turning it into a mobile relief fortress.
Jun 29 20:09:25 [Tengu] Elyssa was asked to participate in the opening ceremony...
Jun 29 20:10:04 [Tengu] And, just in case something doesn't go right, a few other Project Unity members come as well.
Jun 29 20:10:16 [Tengu] As security.
Jun 29 20:10:24 [Cubey] Setsuko: "The Floating Facility? I wonder if the car is still there..."
Jun 29 20:10:44 [Corel] Elys: "Sorry to have to ask you to do this."
Jun 29 20:10:59 [Corel] Elys: "I can't really depend on anyone else."
Jun 29 20:11:01 [Aero] Willis' head immediately sinks at that comment. "I'm hoping that Setsuna removed that before she decided to do this..."
Jun 29 20:11:38 [Corel] Elys: "Well, it did stick out like a sore thumb."
Jun 29 20:11:56 [Corel] Elys: "I don't think she'd be welcoming guests with that there..."
Jun 29 20:12:00 [Steam] Mizuki: "It's fine. This isn't the first time that we've helped out one of our own like this."
Jun 29 20:12:08 [Aero] Willis: "I guess reputation does mean a lot."
Jun 29 20:12:12 [Tengu] You arrive at the renovated Floating Facility, stationed in Tokyo Bay. Not so long ago, it was all abandoned and ruined, and now, it looks renovated and modern, ready to fulfill its new purpose.
Jun 29 20:12:34 [Aero] Willis: "A mobile relief fortress huh..."
Jun 29 20:12:40 [Tengu] Upon arrival, you can see that representatives of many organizations are present, as well as countries that previously allied themselves with Cambio Protocol. Countries that, these days, are in dire need of aid - aid that the Olympios Floating Facility can provide.
Jun 29 20:13:20 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Well, car or not, I think it's good that everyone is trying their best to make the world a better place to live!" She adds quickly, seeing Willis' reaction to her comment.
Jun 29 20:13:31 [Aero] Willis: "Looks like everyone is trying to get some good karma..."
Jun 29 20:13:37 [Cubey] "At this rate, Cambio Protocol will soon remain only a bad memory."
Jun 29 20:14:12 [Tengu] Also, it seems you arrived just on time! Because the opening ceremony is about to start - with a speech from nobody else than Setsuna Zeeck.
Jun 29 20:14:27 [Tengu] http://i.imgur.com/3fbSDyq.jpg
Jun 29 20:14:59 [Aero] Willis: "Anyways I'll leave this formal stuff to you guys I uh...need to go somewhere real quickly. I'll be back in a bit."
Jun 29 20:15:15 [Corel] Elys: "Eh?"
Jun 29 20:15:33 [Aero] Willis: "Just...visiting something. Don't worry about it."
Jun 29 20:15:55 [Tengu] Setsuna: "Currently, we live in a new era of humanity. A tumultous, unsure era."
Jun 29 20:16:10 [Aero] And as the speech begins Willis slips off.
Jun 29 20:16:18 [Corel] Elys: "Wait-" Too late.
Jun 29 20:16:27 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ah, Willis!"
Jun 29 20:16:31 [Cubey] Well, there he went.
Jun 29 20:16:38 [Tengu] Setsuna: "The Cambio Protocol has collapsed, and the entity known as the Lady has exerted more influence upon the world."
Jun 29 20:17:15 [Tengu] Setsuna: "In this era, it is more important than ever before that humanity stands together, and lets go of past mistakes in order to create a unified front!"
Jun 29 20:18:59 [Tengu] Setsuna: "Ultimately, the role I can play here, as but a single woman, is minor. But I hope that, through my efforts, I'll be able to help mend broken links, and lead to a more united humanity in the future."
Jun 29 20:19:29 [Tengu] Setsuna: "May this Olympios Floating Facility, a mobile relief fortress, be one of those efforts."
Jun 29 20:19:49 [Tengu] Meanwhile, when the speech is going on, Willis sneaks off...
Jun 29 20:20:07 [Tengu] But where to?
Jun 29 20:21:26 [Aero] "At least it's still quiet over here..." It had only been a few months but given that the Facility had been changed he had to see if the garden was still here...and the car planted in the middle of it was removed.
Jun 29 20:21:54 [Aero] A familiar garden situated in the middle of the facility where he had spent so much of his time.
Jun 29 20:22:34 [Tengu] As it turns out, the garden is still around, its form familiar and pretty much unchanged. Complete with the car stuck in the middle of it.
Jun 29 20:22:53 [Tengu] Furthermore, almost as soon as he arrives, Willis realizes... That he's not alone.
Jun 29 20:23:06 [Tengu] Someone else came here first, from the opposite side.
Jun 29 20:23:13 [Tengu] A very familiar woman...
Jun 29 20:24:29 [Aero] Willis: "....you.." He freezes in place, he shouldn't have been surprised given how many people he'd known to return from death and yet...
Jun 29 20:24:50 [Tengu] She slowly turns around to face him...
Jun 29 20:24:59 [Tengu] Meanwhile...
Jun 29 20:25:08 [Tengu] Setsuna: "Thanks to this facility-"
Jun 29 20:25:11 [Tengu] Suddenly!
Jun 29 20:25:30 [Tengu] Several large explosions erupt within the city, interrupting the speech!
Jun 29 20:25:48 [Tengu] Everyone, including Willis, can see and hear them!
Jun 29 20:25:57 [Cubey] Setsuko: "We're under attack?!"
Jun 29 20:26:00 [Steam] Mizuki: "!"
Jun 29 20:26:16 [Aero] Willis: "What?"
Jun 29 20:26:26 [Cubey] The Glory Star doesn't waste any time getting into her mobile suit. Security is what they're there for!
Jun 29 20:26:36 [Steam] Zankuro: "Who's doing this?!?"
Jun 29 20:26:42 [Corel] Elys: "With this kind of timing too."
Jun 29 20:26:44 [Steam] Mizuki: "No time! SUmmon the BlackNight!"
Jun 29 20:26:45 [Tengu] Setsuna: "What...?"
Jun 29 20:26:46 [Tengu] People are shouting in shock and surprise!
Jun 29 20:27:05 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Be careful, this could be a distraction to draw us away from the facility!"
Jun 29 20:27:09 [Tengu] And, when Willis turns back from the explosion, he can see that the woman is not there anymore!
Jun 29 20:27:23 [Aero] Willis: "...Leigh..."
Jun 29 20:27:38 [Tengu] Project Unity members were brought here in case of complications.
Jun 29 20:27:42 [Tengu] And complications just happened.
Jun 29 20:27:47 [Tengu] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
Jun 29 20:30:03 [Tengu] Note that you are not the only ones with mecha present. A few of the organizations brought token armed forces with them, for security, and more importantly, there's Fudou Inc, a PMC hired to protect the Floating Facility.
Jun 29 20:30:19 [Tengu] All of them seem concerned with protecting the place rather than investigating the explosions within the city though.
Jun 29 20:30:22 [Aero] The former Aegis pilot sprints back to where the others were, although he attempts to hide it the look on his face shows that he's clearly bothered by what he just saw. "Of all times..."
Jun 29 20:31:33 [Steam] Mizuki: "At least we're not the only ones trying to watch out for everyone here."
Jun 29 20:32:05 [Steam] Zankuro: "... But if we don't figure out who did this, then what good is that going to do?"
Jun 29 20:32:11 [Corel] Elys: "Willis? You look like you just saw a ghost."
Jun 29 20:32:44 [Aero] Willis: "Haha...I might have, I'll explain after."
Jun 29 20:33:57 [Corel] Elys: "And we're going to have to take that risk. Tokyo's still one of the most populated cities in the world."
Jun 29 20:34:49 [Tengu] You're getting ready to investigate just what exactly happened...
Jun 29 20:35:09 [Tengu] But, as your units depart from the Floating Facility, a few others join you.
Jun 29 20:35:18 [Tengu] Large mecha belonging to Fudou Inc.
Jun 29 20:35:31 [Tengu] Azure
Jun 29 20:35:31 [Tengu] http://i.imgur.com/CjSCxxO.jpg
Jun 29 20:35:31 [Tengu] Seraph
Jun 29 20:35:31 [Tengu] http://i.imgur.com/LrLU9lh.jpg
Jun 29 20:35:31 [Tengu] Belial
Jun 29 20:35:31 [Tengu] http://i.imgur.com/YUHuYEh.jpg
Jun 29 20:35:36 [Steam] Mizuki: "If it has anything to do with what's happening, explaining now might be for the-"
Jun 29 20:36:26 [Cubey] Setsuko: "It looks like we're going to have some support at least... but these are more than just mass produced models!"
Jun 29 20:36:43 [Corel] Elys: "You got that right..."
Jun 29 20:36:46 [Aero] Willis: "Are those Ono-Sendai machines Elys?"
Jun 29 20:37:02 [Aero] Given that they were hired by Olympios he had to ask.
Jun 29 20:37:34 [Corel] Elys: "Yeah. Some of our finest."
Jun 29 20:37:53 [Tengu] The pilots of the units don't hail you on their own, they remain silent. But together with you, they approach the source of the explosions.
Jun 29 20:38:00 [Tengu] But as you get close, you see...
Jun 29 20:38:07 [Corel] She doesn't exactly sound so happy about it either way.
Jun 29 20:38:28 [Tengu] Bizarre, thick, almost sparkling fog. It's ahead of you, among the buildings, and obscures your vision of whatever lies further.
Jun 29 20:38:49 [Cubey] Setsuko: "This is bad..."
Jun 29 20:38:57 [Cubey] But it's not entirely unfamiliar either.
Jun 29 20:39:22 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I feel like we've met this kind of fog before... just not on this scale. Are these nanomachines?"
Jun 29 20:39:49 [Tengu] You can see some movement within the mist.
Jun 29 20:40:06 [Steam] Zankuro: "What... is that?"
Jun 29 20:40:17 [Tengu] Something lumbering emerges from within it... Then another one.
Jun 29 20:40:24 [Tengu] They're crystal chimaeras.
Jun 29 20:40:25 [Aero] Willis:"No U.I.I.N machine should be able to generate this much..."
Jun 29 20:40:34 [Tengu] But that's not all.
Jun 29 20:40:43 [Corel] Elys: "It's not normal, that's for sur-"
Jun 29 20:40:45 [Tengu] You can see a much larger shape moving inside as well!
Jun 29 20:41:13 [Tengu] Two gigantic, 80-meter monstrosities, emerge from inside, stomping heavily!
Jun 29 20:41:24 [Corel] Elys: "Kaiju? No..."
Jun 29 20:41:24 [Aero] Willis: "Chimaera..."
Jun 29 20:41:27 [Tengu] Crystal Chimaera
Jun 29 20:41:27 [Tengu] https://i.imgur.com/dP4ulEq.jpg
Jun 29 20:41:27 [Tengu] Pure Chimaera
Jun 29 20:41:27 [Tengu] http://i.imgur.com/S24yZRF.jpg
Jun 29 20:41:50 [Aero] There's a sense of fear in his voice.
Jun 29 20:41:52 [Cubey] Setsuko: "So huge!"
Jun 29 20:41:57 [Tengu] Enemy List: Crystal Chimaera x9, Pure Chimaera x2
Jun 29 20:41:57 [Tengu] Allies: Azure, Seraph, Belial
Jun 29 20:41:57 [Tengu] Initiative: Willis, Elys, Setsuko, Mizuki
Jun 29 20:42:17 [Tengu] Your allies, seeing those monsters, get ready to engage them.
Jun 29 20:42:21 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Oh no... Willis, please snap out of it!"
Jun 29 20:42:25 [Tengu] But the Chimaeras spotted you as well!
Jun 29 20:42:30 [Tengu] (Elys, Willis, go)
Jun 29 20:43:28 [Tengu] (allies avalable for support)
Jun 29 20:46:21 [Corel] Elys: *"We can't let this fog continue to linger. I'm engaging." Drawing its bow, Amagahara launches a few arrows at the smaller Chimaera.+
Jun 29 20:47:57 [Tengu] Two of the crystal chimeras have their cores penetrated with arrows and shatter, while a third one loses an arm - but it's already starting to regrow it! And two more jump forward, brandishing their limbs and trying to skewer Amagahara with their long blades! (react)
Jun 29 20:48:08 [Tengu] (Setsuko can move)
Jun 29 20:48:11 [Aero] * "...I...." The appearance of that Chimaera triggers something in Willis that causes him to freeze for a while. As Elys fires he manages to recompose himself...before Strahlend charges straight at the Pure Chimaera forming a massive greatsword in its right hand before swinging the weapon over and over in a rage. +
Jun 29 20:48:37 [Steam] Mizuki: "Willis!"
Jun 29 20:48:42 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I won't let you reform!"
Jun 29 20:49:35 [Corel] Elys: "There he goes again...!"
Jun 29 20:49:57 [Corel] No...something about it is different this time...
Jun 29 20:50:01 [Cubey] *The Glory Star quickly advances forward, accelerating on ground level. Setsuko fires her beam pistol, seeking to expose cores of the small Chimaera - and the Nautilus Carver is held in Virgola's right hand just for that, its physical blade forming at the tip, and stabbing at whatever she manages to reveal.+
Jun 29 20:50:30 [Tengu] Willis rushes towards one of the gigantic chimaeras, hacking into its body over and over with powerful strikes! But the giant enemy is very tough, and while the attacks leave deep gashes in its body, it's still standing! The Chimaera lets out a terrible noise, causing nearby buildings to collapse into dust and some of its damage to close, and then it swipes an arm, firing a short-range
Jun 29 20:50:31 [Tengu] burst of energy at Strahlend! (Willis react)
Jun 29 20:50:33 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Please, Willis...!" And then she's distracted by, well, this.
Jun 29 20:50:35 [Tengu] (Mizuki can go as well)
Jun 29 20:50:59 [Steam] # Willis? (Would combine with my action)
Jun 29 20:51:04 [Tengu] (sure)
Jun 29 20:51:12 [Steam] Zankuro: "Mister Willis!"
Jun 29 20:52:23 [Tengu] Setsuko manages to expose the cores of several of the smaller Chimaeras, and then skewer them, one after another! Overall, she destroys three of them, including the one previously damaged by Elys.
Jun 29 20:53:00 [Tengu] However, now something huge looms over the Virgola! The other Pure Chimaera is there, and it leans in, trying to slam multiple limbs and tentacles into the much smaller unit with brute force! (react)
Jun 29 20:53:49 [Cubey] Setsuko: "The giant?!"
Jun 29 20:53:57 [Steam] * Without a seecond to lose, the BlackNight is charging after the Strahlend, a shimmering disc of Dusk energy materializing in one of his hands! But a second one joins it as Mizuki channels her power into the machine as well, both of them coming together to repel and deflect the attack! "Hang on... both of you!"+
Jun 29 20:54:14 [Aero] * Strahlend, rather than dodging continues its attack. As the burst of energy fires off from the massive Chimaera Strahlend is more than willing push itself through the blast, repairing any damage done to it order to continue his blood rage. The greatsword begins to grow hazy as he continues his assault. +
Jun 29 20:54:16 [Aero] +
Jun 29 20:54:38 [Corel] Elys: *"Tenacious, but you're really just in the way this time..." Amagahara forms arrows between each of its fingers and fires them in a rapid barrage as it swerves to the side - out of the way of those limbs!+
Jun 29 20:54:58 [Cubey] *She sounds surprised, but she's already performing an evasive maneuver, the Virgola circling to the side, and upwards. Setsuko tries to get out of harm's way of the closest attacking limbs, and let her maneuver make the others' path obstructed by the Chimaera's massive size itself.+
Jun 29 20:56:45 [Steam] He was still attacking even after that?
Jun 29 20:56:48 [Tengu] Mizuki rushes in, using the black Dusk shield as defense against the enemy's huge blast! But the attack is mighty, and both BlackNight and the berserking Strahlend are slowly being pushed back...
Jun 29 20:57:01 [Steam] Mizuki: "Elys, what's gotten into him?!?"
Jun 29 20:57:27 [Tengu] But then the enemy stops for a moment as a barrage of blasts falls upon it! They're fired by the Seraph, which formed energy blades at the end of each of its arms, and then fired them!
Jun 29 20:57:52 [Corel] Elys: "I thought he was just being his usual self, but it's like he's seen those big ones before!"
Jun 29 20:58:36 [Tengu] This momentary distraction is enough to let them continue the attack! Mizuki pushes at the Teu Chimaera, letting Willis hack at it again and again, finally cleaving through the giant monster and making it fall in two pieces, which shatter!
Jun 29 20:58:51 [Tengu] But, as usual, Strahlend paid for this berserking tactic by taking damage.
Jun 29 20:59:33 [Tengu] Elys manages to avoid the attacking Chimaeras, perforating one of them with arrows and making it fall to the ground with a heavy thud, before it also gets destroyed.
Jun 29 21:00:30 [Tengu] Setsuko's evasion allows her to quickly escape the attacking giant, its limbs hitting only the ground below, and the nearby buildings. But as it does so, the buildings crumble into dust, and the Pure Chimaera grows just a bit larger!
Jun 29 21:00:34 [Tengu] (Willis, Elys, go)
Jun 29 21:00:49 [Tengu] Enemy List: Crystal Chimaera x3, Pure Chimaera x1
Jun 29 21:01:17 [Cubey] Setsuko: "They're turning everything they touch into more of themselves?"
Jun 29 21:01:47 [Corel] Elys: "Yeah, the rate it's drawing matter in is incredible."
Jun 29 21:02:21 [Steam] Mizuki: "Then that also means we have a priority target."
Jun 29 21:03:36 [Cubey] Setsuko: "At least Willis is safe... that was a really close one!"
Jun 29 21:04:02 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Control yourself or you will have a lot of people mad if you get hurt!"
Jun 29 21:04:43 [Corel] Elys: "Yeah, and now's not the time for me to be impressed. Fudou units, if you can read me, I need some concentrated fire on the other large enemy!"
Jun 29 21:05:01 [Aero] * And it's not the only one, Willis' own nanomachines spread out using the nearby concrete and buildings to repair the damage done to Strahlend as it engages the second Pure Chimaera forming its lance to be used in tandem with his greatsword. The machine aims for its Core, thrusting the lance towards it with reckless abandon. &
Jun 29 21:05:10 [Tengu] Azure pilot: "...Understood."
Jun 29 21:06:05 [Corel] *Amagahara forms more arrows ready to launch, larger than the ones before. It fires these one by one, like a ballista, hoping to hack away the outer surface of the giant Chimaera to expose the core!+
Jun 29 21:06:49 [Corel] (requesting @ from allies)
Jun 29 21:07:34 [Tengu] Willis rushes towards the other Pure Chimaera, stabbing right at its core with his lance. Elys offers support by firing a rain of large arrows, all of them hitting the monster's body! Finally, the Azure rushes forward, its lance glowing as it stabs with it as well, in melee range!
Jun 29 21:08:17 [Tengu] But, unlike the other Chimaeras, this one's Core is hidden deep within its heavily armored body... And your attacks don't manage to unearth it yet!
Jun 29 21:08:41 [Tengu] The gigantic Chimaera slams an arm into Azure, sending it flying towards Amagahara! (Elys react)
Jun 29 21:09:04 [Tengu] And then it brings four arms towards Strahlend, trying to grab it and rip it apart with claws! (Willis react/continue)
Jun 29 21:09:10 [Tengu] (Setsuko and Mizuki, go)
Jun 29 21:09:15 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Watch out!"
Jun 29 21:09:39 [Cubey] # Elys (combining with action)
Jun 29 21:09:46 [Tengu] (approved)
Jun 29 21:10:34 [Corel] Elys: *"Crap...!" Amagahara focuses its thrust to try to brace itself for that impact to slow down the incoming Azure!+
Jun 29 21:11:08 [Cubey] *The Virgola braces itself - Setsuko is going to need all the precision she can get. Aiming carefully, she lines up the shot - and fires! A straight turret round rips through the air, powerfully hitting against the Chimaera's arm. Then another one, and another - all aimed at the joint, to weaken the limb as much as possible.+
Jun 29 21:11:49 [Steam] * Tough as it is, the wounds are still clear to see on the pure Chimaera! And going with a different plan of attack this time- "If we need to take you down ASAP... then let's see how you like this!" The BlackNight stabs its sword, glowing and humming with power into one of the Chimaera's open wounds before- "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Punching into the
Jun 29 21:11:49 [Steam] hilt with all its strength to drive the makeshift pile bunker through!+
Jun 29 21:13:30 [Tengu] Amagahara manages to grab Azure rather than being hit by it like a bullet, though both units get pushed back by the force of the strike.
Jun 29 21:14:08 [Tengu] Setsuko fires at the giant Chimaera's limbs one after another, dealing damage to some of them, and even severing a few tentacles, causing them to twitch and then dissolve!
Jun 29 21:14:25 [Aero] * Strahlend still had one hand free and as the Chimaera reached out towards him the greatsword swings out rapidly to cleave through the arms before they could reach him. At the same time the machine's thrusters max out to try to push its lance further and further into the Chimaera to reach its core. Even if it had been years he had fought them before.
Jun 29 21:15:08 [Tengu] BlackNight rushes forward, stabbing deeply withthe dark sword at its full might!
Jun 29 21:15:34 [Aero] Countless numbers of them. +
Jun 29 21:15:39 [Tengu] Willis is free from the enemy's grasp, thanks to Setsuko, and cuts at the remaining arms, before moving in for the final attack!
Jun 29 21:16:08 [Tengu] Both Strahlend's and BlackNight's blades punch deep into the enemy's armor, reaching the core!
Jun 29 21:16:21 [Tengu] The gigantic Chimaera starts charging up an energy blast, ready to fire...
Jun 29 21:16:34 [Tengu] But the strikes punch through its core, making its energy dissipate.
Jun 29 21:16:44 [Tengu] The whole giant enemy shatters.
Jun 29 21:16:53 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Did we do it? Is everyone alright?"
Jun 29 21:17:02 [Tengu] The remaining three Crystal Chimaeras move in to attack...
Jun 29 21:17:21 [Steam] Zankuro: "We at least got the really big ones!"
Jun 29 21:17:30 [Tengu] But suddenly they're interrupted as Belial rushes past one and tackles another, cutting at them both with numerous heat blades!
Jun 29 21:18:16 [Tengu] Seraph creates its energy blades again, and jumps towards the third one, spinning around and hitting it with them repeatedly!
Jun 29 21:18:29 [Tengu] The smaller Chimaeras are all cut down, their cores destroyed.
Jun 29 21:19:16 [Tengu] All the enemies are annihilated now.
Jun 29 21:20:36 [Corel] Elys: "Good. Is everyone alright?"
Jun 29 21:20:50 [Corel] More importantly, what about that fog? That's what Elys wonders as she looks around.
Jun 29 21:21:28 [Tengu] The Fudou pilots don't respond, but their machines look to be in good condition, and are already entering the fog.
Jun 29 21:21:35 [Steam] Zankuro: "I think things are good now..."
Jun 29 21:21:53 [Tengu] The fog itself doesn't look like it's spreading... but it shows no signs of dispersing, either.
Jun 29 21:22:03 [Steam] Mizuki: "... Almost. Willis?"
Jun 29 21:22:21 [Aero] Rather than waiting Willis enters the fog almost immediately, completely disregarding everything else.
Jun 29 21:22:41 [Corel] Elys: "It doesn't look like it's dissipating- Hey, Willis!"
Jun 29 21:23:29 [Cubey] Setsuko: "It's like he's possessed!"
Jun 29 21:23:36 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Just... what's going on?"
Jun 29 21:23:52 [Corel] Elys: "I don't know what this is about, either. But he does."
Jun 29 21:24:20 [Corel] Elys: "We don't have much of a choice but to follow and find out."
Jun 29 21:24:34 [Steam] Mizuki: "This might have to be the one time then that we really do have to beat the answers out of him then."
Jun 29 21:24:49 [Corel] Elys: "At least until he decides to speak again...yeah."
Jun 29 21:25:08 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I'm really tempted to..."
Jun 29 21:25:20 [Steam] Nevertheless, the BlackNight recovers its sword, and follows after Willis.
Jun 29 21:25:21 [Cubey] Setsuko: "But either way something must be inside this mist. A source."
Jun 29 21:25:25 [Corel] Before long, Amagahara is following Strahlend's trail.
Jun 29 21:25:27 [Cubey] "And Willis can't face it alone."
Jun 29 21:25:42 [Cubey] The Virgola is moving in as well.
Jun 29 21:25:50 [Tengu] When you enter the fog, you notice one problem.
Jun 29 21:26:27 [Tengu] It disrupts your radar systems and long-range comms, making them practically unusable.
Jun 29 21:26:52 [Tengu] You have to rely on short range communication. At least the fog doesn't seem to be immediately dangerous to your units.
Jun 29 21:27:03 [Corel] Elys: "You guys are getting this, right? We're isolated now."
Jun 29 21:27:18 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Yes... this isn't good at all."
Jun 29 21:27:27 [Corel] Elys is tapping part of her console which just responds with more static.
Jun 29 21:27:36 [Cubey] Setsuko: "We need to stick together in this."
Jun 29 21:28:08 [Tengu] Your vision is limited, but soon after entering, you see the shapes of further two giant Chimaeras looming nearby!
Jun 29 21:28:14 [Corel] Elys: "These are definitely UIIN cells, keep an eye out just in case there's armor degradation."
Jun 29 21:28:24 [Steam] Mizuki: "More of them."
Jun 29 21:28:24 [Tengu] The Fudou forces, seeing them, move in to engage!
Jun 29 21:28:55 [Corel] Elys: "And the PMC's not wasting any time..."
Jun 29 21:28:57 [Steam] "... Be careful. If we get cut off from each other it might end up impossible to regroup."
Jun 29 21:29:00 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I understand. Ah, more of them!"
Jun 29 21:29:38 [Tengu] The Chimaeras notice you as well, and start moving in closer.
Jun 29 21:29:44 [Tengu] But suddenly!
Jun 29 21:30:08 [Tengu] A storm of wires emerges from the fog, entangling the two Chimaeras, and the three Fudou units as well!
Jun 29 21:30:15 [Tengu] And then cutting!
Jun 29 21:30:42 [Corel] Elys: "That weapon...!"
Jun 29 21:30:44 [Cubey] Setsuko: "!"
Jun 29 21:30:55 [Tengu] The Chimaeras are cut into tiny pieces, while the three PMCs fall down to the ground heavily, disabled!
Jun 29 21:31:19 [Tengu] ???: "That wasn't enough? Well then. Let's finish the job!"
Jun 29 21:31:37 [Tengu] A familiar unit rushes in, brandishing a huge sword in order to cut through the downed Fudou units!
Jun 29 21:31:38 [Tengu] Iris
Jun 29 21:31:38 [Tengu] https://i.imgur.com/1f3p554.jpg
Jun 29 21:31:54 [Aero] #Fudou units?
Jun 29 21:31:59 [Tengu] (approved)
Jun 29 21:33:02 [Aero] * Willis wastes no time in parrying Jen's attack, slamming his own greatsword against Iris' before thrusting the lance towards her cockpit in a single instance aiming straight for the kill on the Aegis unit. +
Jun 29 21:33:05 [Cubey] Setsuko: "It's her again..."
Jun 29 21:33:40 [Aero] Willis: "Get out of here..."
Jun 29 21:34:36 [Tengu] Strahlend and Iris clash their blades against each other! The Fudou pilots are safe. However, Willis' attempt at attacking is met by a sudden dodge from Iris, which jumps back and floats in mid-air.
Jun 29 21:35:04 [Tengu] Jen: "What a warm greeting. What's the matter? You haven't missed me at all since we met last time?"
Jun 29 21:35:53 [Corel] Elys: "I've got a bone to pick with you now, too."
Jun 29 21:36:18 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Why are you attacking both Chimaeras and people sent to stop them?"
Jun 29 21:36:42 [Corel] Considering the last time they met, Elys had her weight reduced to that of a thread.
Jun 29 21:37:06 [Tengu] Jen: "Ah yes, of course. You two seem to be attached by the hip, don't you? Is it something deeper, or are you just a part of Willis' usual harem?"
Jun 29 21:37:06 [Aero] Willis: "Haven't you learned your lesson from Cambio collapsing."
Jun 29 21:37:27 [Tengu] Jen: "I have my orders, and orders are orders."
Jun 29 21:37:46 [Corel] Elys: "This isn't just about him. You've been doing wonders for Ono-Sendai's reputation too."
Jun 29 21:38:06 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Orders must've come from someone..."
Jun 29 21:38:08 [Corel] One can practically feel the sarcasm there.
Jun 29 21:38:28 [Cubey] The harem part remains uncommented on.
Jun 29 21:38:37 [Steam] Mizuki: "Someone who has to just send her out again and again."
Jun 29 21:39:09 [Tengu] Jen: "And reputation is the most important thing for you, isn't it, miss CEO?"
Jun 29 21:39:24 [Tengu] Jen: "Enough talk. I'm not here to discuss my whole chain of command with you. I have a job to do."
Jun 29 21:40:10 [Tengu] She swings her sword, assuming a battle-ready stance once again.
Jun 29 21:40:13 [Tengu] (Willis, Elys)
Jun 29 21:40:23 [Cubey] Setsuko: "You're not the only one."
Jun 29 21:42:32 [Aero] * Strahlend moves forward again and swings the transformed Quicksilver again, lining the massive blade with energy in order to boost its cutting power. +
Jun 29 21:43:26 [Corel] Elys: *"You've all been hiding your affairs, doing this and that behind the other companies' backs..." Amagahara disperses with its bow, but continues to form the arrow-blades in its hands, which it throws at Iris as it spins!+
Jun 29 21:44:57 [Corel] Elys: "When we made that deal, this kind of behavior wasn't what it stood for!"
Jun 29 21:46:08 [Tengu] Willis rushes forward, slashing with his reinforced Quicksilver...
Jun 29 21:46:28 [Tengu] But suddenly, a quadrapedal unit rushes from the fog at great speed!
Jun 29 21:46:59 [Steam] Mizuki: "Willis, you're being-!"
Jun 29 21:47:00 [Cubey] Setsuko: "She wasn't alone!"
Jun 29 21:47:01 [Tengu] It raises a large gunblade, bringing its sword against Willis' blade, and trying to overpower it!
Jun 29 21:47:09 [Steam] Dammit, he was leaving himself so open like that!
Jun 29 21:47:18 [Tengu] Michael: "Time for round two, Willis!"
Jun 29 21:47:58 [Tengu] And at the same time, Elys' projectiles are suddenly intercepted, as a machine wielding a weird-looking shield emerges from the mist and blocks them with it!
Jun 29 21:48:15 [Corel] Elys: "A third one...?"
Jun 29 21:48:28 [Tengu] Jen: "Ohh? Excellent timing, Michael, Lucille."
Jun 29 21:48:41 [Tengu] Lucille: "Please stop this."
Jun 29 21:48:50 [Tengu] Pallas Michael Custom
Jun 29 21:48:51 [Tengu] http://i.imgur.com/4DdVaFw.jpg
Jun 29 21:48:51 [Tengu] Sofiel
Jun 29 21:48:51 [Tengu] http://i.imgur.com/0l8uUDE.png
Jun 29 21:48:51 [Aero] Willis: "You..."
Jun 29 21:49:37 [Tengu] Enemy List: Iris (Jen), Pallas Michael Custom (Michael), Sofiel (Lucille)
Jun 29 21:49:44 [Tengu] (Setsuko and Mizuki can go)
Jun 29 21:49:50 [Tengu] (Willis react)
Jun 29 21:49:53 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Willis old boss's new student? Is that her?"
Jun 29 21:50:02 [Cubey] Setsuko: "But, this means..."
Jun 29 21:50:12 [Aero] Willis: "So they were playing us..."
Jun 29 21:50:52 [Cubey] *Setsuko doesn't finish. Instead she continues sniping - picking a new position, from which she fires a round after round into the Pallas's flank mercilessly, while Michael is busy fighting Willis.+
Jun 29 21:50:53 [Corel] Elys: "Yeah...I gave them the benefit of the doubt too."
Jun 29 21:50:54 [Steam] Mizuki: "WHich is why you can't afford to get riled up by them, now more than ever!"
Jun 29 21:52:07 [Steam] * And Willis doesn't have to go it alone either as the BlackNight charges in to catch the Pallas Michael Custom's flank, its sword swinging up to cut through the big machine in the midsection of its centaur body!+
Jun 29 21:52:36 [Steam] Zankuro: "And if you really want a 'round two', it's going to be against all of us!"
Jun 29 21:54:21 [Aero] * The lance is broken apart back into nanomachines to allow Strahlend to get a two handed grip on the converted Quicksilver. Rather then pushing back he allows the custom machine to push his blade back while turning to its side to avoid the blade before dragging Quicksilver along the weapon and boosting through, once again aiming at the cockpit of the machine
Jun 29 21:54:22 [Aero] +
Jun 29 21:56:46 [Tengu] Michael: "A whole storm of attacks? I think you've forgotten about something..." All of the strikes hit his centaur-like machine, but it braces all four of its feet seems to focus nanomachines within several pieces of its armor, where the attacks landed! Their results are much lower than expected, and his unit is already starting to regenerate, as well!
Jun 29 21:56:58 [Tengu] Michael: "I still have the perfect defense."
Jun 29 21:57:46 [Tengu] Jen: "Also, I'm here." Dozens of glowing string emerge from the cloth of Iris, rushing towards Virgola and BlackNight in an attempt to grab and cut through them! (react you two)
Jun 29 21:57:51 [Tengu] (Willis, Elys, go)
Jun 29 21:58:27 [Corel] #both?
Jun 29 21:58:33 [Tengu] (approved)
Jun 29 21:58:54 [Steam] Mizuki's thoughts go back to it bracing its feet, but Jen's counterattack takes center stage though! "Tch, Zankuro, be careful!"
Jun 29 21:59:11 [Cubey] Setsuko: "It didn't do anyything? Watch out, here comes the same attack again!"
Jun 29 21:59:19 [Steam] * Dusk-energy wings erupt from the machine's back to parry and destroy the cables, Mizuki swinging the machine's blade to cut at any that slip through again!+
Jun 29 22:00:38 [Corel] Elys: *"I didn't forget!" Amagahara intercepts the strings, but unlike the last time she tried, this time, the white unit has its long sword drawn. Charged with energy, it slices across, leaving trails in the air that also carry the cutting effect and linger for a short period!+
Jun 29 22:01:21 [Cubey] *The Virgola swerves into an opening between the strings. They can't be everywhere!+
Jun 29 22:02:59 [Tengu] Mizuki and Elys cut through most of the flying strings, letting Setsuko evade the remaining ones safely! Also, Elys' cutting trail fly towards Iris, damaging it somewhat before Jen dodges!
Jun 29 22:03:15 [Tengu] Jen: "Ugh... Goddamn..."
Jun 29 22:03:44 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Their teamwork isn't very good. If we act together, we can defeat them."
Jun 29 22:03:48 [Cubey] "Together."
Jun 29 22:03:51 [Cubey] Hint hint, Willis.
Jun 29 22:04:23 [Tengu] Lucille: "Our mission is to fight against the Chimaera. We're not here to play anyone."
Jun 29 22:04:39 [Tengu] Lucille: "Also, please don't call the Lord's name in vain."
Jun 29 22:04:46 [Tengu] Jen: "..."
Jun 29 22:05:02 [Tengu] (Setsuko and Mizuki can go in addition to Willis)
Jun 29 22:05:08 [Steam] Zankuro: "I think that's way worse than just 'isn't very good'."
Jun 29 22:05:26 [Aero] * Completely ignoring that Willis tosses Quicksilver towards Iris before the machine disappears in a glint of light, reappearing as the blade got closer to the Aegis machine before catching it and swinging the weapon down towards Iris again. +
Jun 29 22:07:02 [Steam] The BlackNight, however, stays focused on Michael's machine.
Jun 29 22:08:37 [Cubey] Setsuko: "She's going to try to intervene, won't she? Ms Elys, I'll try to capture Lucille's attention."
Jun 29 22:08:58 [Cubey] Setsuko: "And then... whatever opening you see, please strike!"
Jun 29 22:09:15 [Corel] Elys: "Go for it."
Jun 29 22:09:27 [Steam] Mizuki: "Be as confident as you want. Or not at all... either way you'll be saying something about your 'perfect defense'!"
Jun 29 22:09:34 [Steam] "Get ready Zankuro!"
Jun 29 22:09:57 [Corel] Elys: "This fog is still here, we can't just make like it and hang around..."
Jun 29 22:10:08 [Cubey] *The Virgola charges forward towards Iris, its Barley Scythe swinging in wide. Setsuko approaches from the side, flanking while Jen comes under attack by Willis. What will you do?+
Jun 29 22:12:10 [Tengu] Willis' initial strike cuts into Iris, but Jen parries the follow-up with her own blade, before simultaneously retreating and trying to fire some feathers from her wings at him, at close range! (react)
Jun 29 22:12:44 [Steam] * The BlackNight sprinted forwards, Dusk energy building up in its hands and seeping over to its sword... but in contrast to before it only seemed to stay focused on the pommel and handle... and THAT was because as it charges it lets the sword fall from its grasp before grabbing it by the blade itself! "Did anyone ever tell you what swordsmen woul
Jun 29 22:12:44 [Steam] d do when facing armored foes?" The impromptu club was swung up at the Custom's lower body to knock it off balance!&
Jun 29 22:13:10 [Tengu] Jen: "This single-minded obsession is unusual even by your standards, Willis!"
Jun 29 22:13:37 [Cubey] Setsuko: "That we can agree on!"
Jun 29 22:14:00 [Corel] *Elys waits for a bit to see how Lucille will react before flipping her sword into reverse grip, and swinging upwards! The move launches a grounded wave of white energy that carries a stun effect, towards Iris!+
Jun 29 22:14:22 [Tengu] At the same time, Setsuko's attempt at getting Lucille's attention clearly worked, because she jumps in, using her shield to block the Barley Scythe strike! And then she counters, the weapon switching configuration into a spear with a flag on it, and then swinging wide in an attempt to push Virgola away! (react)
Jun 29 22:15:38 [Cubey] Setsuko: "... Okay. I'll show you what the Glory Stars can do."
Jun 29 22:15:44 [Cubey] She bit the bait, and...
Jun 29 22:16:36 [Cubey] *Lucille will find surprisingly little resistance from the incoming scythe - the beam weapon is turned off! The Virgola rotates its Nautilus Carver in its hands. The moment Setsuko's opponent reforms her weapon into a spear, she slams down the butt side of her own one into its center!+
Jun 29 22:17:00 [Tengu] Seeing BlackNight approach, Michael quickly fires several shots from his gunblade, before making its blade part heat up and slashing in an attempt to intercept the blow. "Against me? The answer is clearly 'die'." (Mizuki react/continue)
Jun 29 22:17:20 [Aero] * Strahlend moves forward again, changing Quicksilver into a dual ended saber that he spins in front of himself in order to deflect the feathers before rapidly slashing at the machine using the same rotation. +
Jun 29 22:19:19 [Tengu] Setsuko's sudden counter-attack interrupts Lucille's assault. But she regains balance quickly, fast enough to turn her weapon into a shield again and pull back, hiding behind it for protection against Elys' attack!
Jun 29 22:19:28 [Tengu] She's a much more careful combatant than Jen or Michael.
Jun 29 22:21:04 [Tengu] Setsuko's sudden counter-attack interrupts Lucille's assault. But she regains balance quickly, fast enough to turn her weapon into a shield again and pull back, hiding behind it for protection against FURTHER attacks!
Jun 29 22:22:26 [Tengu] Willis spins his blade around repeatedly, cutting through the feathers before any of them can reach him! Then, Elys launches her wave, hitting Iris with it head-on and stunning the opponent for a second! This is enough to let Willis launch another strike, cutting deeply into Jen's unit!
Jun 29 22:23:10 [Steam] * If would be heat versus Dusk energy, and a blade versus a hilt... and a cross-guard as well. Leaving defense of those gunblade shots to the Night's wings, Mizuki twists the sword in her hand to less that cross-guard parry Michael's own sword! "And for a piece of Willis's history, you don't seem to know much about it!" Pushing forward the Black
Jun 29 22:23:10 [Steam] Night resumes its strike, putting all its weight into the rising attack!+
Jun 29 22:24:29 [Tengu] Jen: "Urgh... Double teaming like that! Sounds like you have lots of practice, both going down on a girl like that at once, don't you!"
Jun 29 22:25:09 [Steam] ^let that
Jun 29 22:26:37 [Tengu] Mizuki manages to block the shots with her unit's wings, and she safely gets into melee. Her cross-guard parries her opponent's strike, and the two blades clash against each other loudly, but the rest of the half-swording strike still connects!
Jun 29 22:27:16 [Tengu] Michael: "Grr... But that dealt less damage than you expected, didn't it. Time for a counter-strike..."
Jun 29 22:27:31 [Aero] Willis does not respond, Strahlend merely hovers over Iris waiting for a chance to end this so he could move on to much more important problems.
Jun 29 22:27:57 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Considering this situation, I don't really think you should be saying things like that..."
Jun 29 22:27:59 [Tengu] Despite Michael's words, his Pallas is clearly damaged. And Iris is even heavier damaged!
Jun 29 22:28:23 [Tengu] Suddenly, vicious winds erupt around you!
Jun 29 22:29:05 [Tengu] Several massive, glowing tornadoes appear, clearing the mist around you!
Jun 29 22:29:30 [Corel] Amagahara takes up its usual stance, but it's interrupted when those tornadoes appear.
Jun 29 22:29:48 [Tengu] You can see what is the source of it...
Jun 29 22:29:49 [Cubey] Setsuko: "... Aah?"
Jun 29 22:29:53 [Tengu] A pair of units, floating nearby.
Jun 29 22:30:01 [Tengu] Sopraffare
Jun 29 22:30:01 [Tengu] https://i.imgur.com/Kb7Xn1w.jpg
Jun 29 22:30:01 [Tengu] Clarius
Jun 29 22:30:01 [Tengu] https://i.imgur.com/9hsINcs.jpg
Jun 29 22:30:08 [Tengu] The latter is the one that fired them.
Jun 29 22:30:33 [Tengu] And the former's pilot, with her communications clear, immediately speaks.
Jun 29 22:31:13 [Tengu] Genoveta: "Lucille, Willis... I'm disappointed in you. You two really should have taken this fight more seriously."
Jun 29 22:31:19 [Steam] Zankuro: "But... the fact you tried to avoid getting hit's proof enough! Yeah... you didn't want to just trade damage and- wait, wha-"
Jun 29 22:31:22 [Tengu] Lucille: "Ah... I'm sorry, I-"
Jun 29 22:31:28 [Aero] Willis: "...."
Jun 29 22:31:56 [Tengu] Genoveta: "And you, Michael and Jen... Why do I even bother deploying you? You idiots are always causing more trouble than you're worthy."
Jun 29 22:32:01 [Tengu] Michael: "Tch..."
Jun 29 22:32:12 [Aero] Willis: "So it was you that sent them here."
Jun 29 22:32:27 [Aero] So much for...everything they talked about during their previous encounter.
Jun 29 22:32:33 [Cubey] Setsuko: "What's going on... are you responsible for all of this?"
Jun 29 22:33:51 [Tengu] Genoveta: "Well, of course. This is an unusually interesting situation, after all. Much different than the usual everyday droll."
Jun 29 22:34:25 [Corel] Elys: "What's the deal, Genoveta? Why'd you get involved like this, and with the Cambio Protocol too!"
Jun 29 22:35:25 [Tengu] Genoveta: "Cambio Protocol? I don't get what you're talking about. Such boring matters are below my interest."
Jun 29 22:35:56 [Corel] Elys: "..."
Jun 29 22:37:01 [Tengu] Genoveta: "This is different though. We're here to clean up after ourselves. Isn't that right, Silvius?"
Jun 29 22:37:12 [Tengu] Sopraffare turns its head towards the Clarius.
Jun 29 22:37:14 [Aero] Wilis: "...of course."
Jun 29 22:37:20 [Steam] Mizuki: "I'm sorry for this but just..."
Jun 29 22:37:29 [Steam] "Elys, Willis... who are these two?"
Jun 29 22:37:36 [Tengu] Jen: "What? S-Silvius?" She sounds equally shocked and annoyed.
Jun 29 22:38:12 [Corel] Elys: "You're looking at Willis' bosses, and my business partners."
Jun 29 22:38:16 [Aero] Willis: "..."
Jun 29 22:38:26 [Corel] Elys: "Former, bosses."
Jun 29 22:38:42 [Corel] Elys: "And now we know the head of Aegis is right there."
Jun 29 22:38:59 [Tengu] Genoveta: "You sound surprised. Silvius, the very founder of Aegis, is here."
Jun 29 22:39:04 [Aero] Willis: "Do you really have nothing to say Silvius? After all of this!"
Jun 29 22:39:08 [Tengu] Silvius: "..."
Jun 29 22:39:13 [Tengu] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuH1GFKZG0g
Jun 29 22:39:19 [Corel] Amagahara looks at the unit accompanying Genoveta's.
Jun 29 22:39:20 [Tengu] Silvius: "...I'm sorry."
Jun 29 22:40:07 [Corel] Elys: "You didn't say a word for years! What's going on?!"
Jun 29 22:40:32 [Tengu] Silvius: "I apologize..."
Jun 29 22:40:33 [Cubey] Setsuko: "For everything that happened?"
Jun 29 22:40:46 [Cubey] There's a lot more history between people present than even Setsuko knows about.
Jun 29 22:40:57 [Cubey] But they still refuse to say more than she has to know.
Jun 29 22:41:01 [Tengu] Silvius: "All."
Jun 29 22:41:19 [Aero] Willis: "Ghhhhhh after all of that that's all you have to say!"
Jun 29 22:41:32 [Tengu] Silvius: "I'm sorry."
Jun 29 22:42:29 [Aero] Strahlend takes a few steps forward, this day....everything about this day just when he thought everything was finally going right.
Jun 29 22:43:17 [Corel] Rather than give in to the frustration she felt at the moment, Elys at least notes that the fog is gone.
Jun 29 22:43:17 [Tengu] Michael: "Well then. Let's-"
Jun 29 22:43:29 [Tengu] Not for long, Elys.
Jun 29 22:43:40 [Tengu] Despite being initially dispelled, the fog is returning again.
Jun 29 22:43:49 [Tengu] You're getting surrounded by it once again.
Jun 29 22:43:54 [Tengu] And moreover...
Jun 29 22:44:09 [Tengu] It's getting especially thick around the downed Fudou units.
Jun 29 22:44:27 [Tengu] It's starting to cover them!
Jun 29 22:44:34 [Tengu] The downed mecha start twitching!
Jun 29 22:44:37 [Aero] Willis: "!"
Jun 29 22:44:40 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ah!"
Jun 29 22:44:47 [Cubey] Setsuko: "We need to get them away, quick!"
Jun 29 22:45:13 [Tengu] Their shapes start to grow and twist into new, grotesque forms!
Jun 29 22:45:18 [Corel] Elys: "What in the world...?"
Jun 29 22:45:22 [Tengu] Knight Chimaera
Jun 29 22:45:23 [Tengu] http://i.imgur.com/Lx0cTgg.jpg
Jun 29 22:45:23 [Tengu] Skull Chimaera
Jun 29 22:45:23 [Tengu] http://i.imgur.com/GBcLPQB.jpg
Jun 29 22:45:23 [Tengu] Blade Chimaera
Jun 29 22:45:23 [Tengu] http://i.imgur.com/cs18Lel.jpg
Jun 29 22:45:54 [Cubey] Setsuko: "What has happened? They turned into more Chimaera..."
Jun 29 22:45:56 [Aero] Willis: "...they can...even just as a cloud..."
Jun 29 22:46:04 [Tengu] The new Chimaeras, twice the size of their previous forms, rise...
Jun 29 22:46:16 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Who's the one responsible for this!"
Jun 29 22:46:57 [Tengu] Also, you can see more giant forms looming in the fog. Further Pure Chimaeras are approaching.
Jun 29 22:47:33 [Aero] Willis...remains quiet. He had an idea of exactly who was responsible for this.
Jun 29 22:47:56 [Corel] Elys: "...Will one of you say something already?"
Jun 29 22:48:12 [Steam] Zankuro: "How're we gonna... like... this is just unfair!"
Jun 29 22:48:27 [Cubey] Setsuko looks around, frantically trying to keep the fog in check. If it tries to converge on anyone else...
Jun 29 22:48:46 [Tengu] Genoveta: "Well, that leaves something to the thought, doesn't it. We need to take care of them."
Jun 29 22:49:10 [Tengu] Pure Chimaeras are entering the battleground.
Jun 29 22:49:18 [Tengu] Enemy list: 1x Knight Chimaera, 1x Blade Chimaera, 1x Skull Chimaera, 3x Pure Chimaera
Jun 29 22:49:33 [Aero] That however finally snaps Willis out from his funk in a morbid way. "Mizuki, Setsuko tell me immediately if anything in your machines start acting weird."
Jun 29 22:50:22 [Tengu] Lucille: "It's just my guess but... I don't think your machines are in danger..."
Jun 29 22:50:30 [Steam] Mizuki: "That would be more Zankuro's job since it's his but-"
Jun 29 22:50:33 [Tengu] Genoveta: "Lucille. Focus on combat."
Jun 29 22:50:38 [Steam] Zankuro: "I definitely will, Mister Willis!"
Jun 29 22:50:41 [Tengu] Lucille: "Ah! Yes, ma'am!"
Jun 29 22:51:11 [Tengu] Lucille, Genovata and Silvius move in to engage the Chimaeras as well!
Jun 29 22:51:15 [Tengu] (Willis, Elys, go)
Jun 29 22:52:12 [Corel] Elys: "I know I'm going to regret doing this again, but as long as they're attacking the Chimaera, we'll just have to go with it."
Jun 29 22:52:15 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Now you're talking to us, took you long enough Willis!"
Jun 29 22:52:17 [Cubey] Setsuko: "..."
Jun 29 22:52:29 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I will. And... we're all on the same side here, aren't we?"
Jun 29 22:52:47 [Aero] Willis: "...yeah."
Jun 29 22:53:00 [Aero] Willis: "Sorry Zankuro...forgot for a second."
Jun 29 22:53:56 [Corel] Elys just heaves a sigh that is between exasperated and relieved.
Jun 29 22:54:02 [Tengu] Jen and Michael seem to stay back for the time being. Maybe because of the damage their units took.
Jun 29 22:54:34 [Tengu] Or maybe because of the talking-down their boss gave them.
Jun 29 22:55:21 [Corel] *And not a second later, Amagahara darts in behind the three Aegis units, launching a volley of arrows at the Pure Chimaera to get their attention!+
Jun 29 22:56:33 [Aero] * "Just like old times then..." The former Aegis machine shifts into its Zephyr form, its own wings spreading out as the machine charges towards the Blade Chimaera firing floating swords towards the beast to test its capabilities. +
Jun 29 22:56:39 [Tengu] The Pure Chimaeras turn towards Amagahara, one of them especially damaged by the attack! With several arrows still sticking out of it, the giant enemy swings several arms, creating a massive wave of energy and sending it flying towards Elys' unit! (react)
Jun 29 22:58:09 [Tengu] The Blade Chimaera gets hit by several sword projectiles, which damage it deeply. But it doesn't stop it at all, and it counters with an almost-Willis level of berserking, slashing repeatedly with all of its heated blades and leaving a melted mark inthe ground in its wake! (react)
Jun 29 22:58:19 [Tengu] (Setsuko and Mizuki can go)
Jun 29 22:58:36 [Corel] *Amagahara zips to one side and ascends to avoid the wave, but the arrows now sticking out of the Pure Chimaera will suddenly detonate!+
Jun 29 23:00:16 [Tengu] Elys manages to escape the enemy's attack! Her allows explode all over the gigantic Chimaera, causing it to cry out terribly!
Jun 29 23:00:59 [Tengu] Then, a spear suddenly extends all over the battlefield in just a blink of an eye, piercing right through the weakened Pure Chimaera! It punches right through its core, making it crumble!
Jun 29 23:01:27 [Tengu] The super long spear stays there for a second, then returns back to a normal size, in Sofiel's hand.
Jun 29 23:01:35 [Cubey] Setsuko: "This kind of nanomachine is terrifying... but it's not the only mysterious force at work here."
Jun 29 23:01:39 [Aero] * Strahlend reforms its lance and thrusts it out in the path of the heated blades in an attempt to tie up the many blades coming towards him and create an opening. +
Jun 29 23:02:26 [Tengu] Willis can feel the heat all around him, and Strahlend's armor starts to slowly melt! But he keeps the numerous heat blades at bay, creating an opening that one of his allies can use!
Jun 29 23:03:13 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Please aid me, the Sphere's power!" *The Virgola stands low, aiming high at the two Pure Chimaera remaining. The Nautilus shines with energy, gathering dimensional force from around itself, and from the Sphere that powers it... and then unleashes it all, a mighty blast going up towards the targets.+
Jun 29 23:03:52 [Steam] * The BlackNight returns to holding its sword conventionally, making a lunge at the Knight Chimaera! "But we just need to keep fighting until something starts to give!" The energy wings narrow into points before stabbing over and over again at the enemy Knight to test its defenses!+
Jun 29 23:04:49 [Tengu] Setsuko fires her blast, scorching both of the targets! Both of the Pure Chimaeras are engulfed by the blast and pushed to the defense, unable to move at the time being...
Jun 29 23:05:17 [Tengu] But, suddenly, the Skull Chimaera appears behind Virgola! It's using camouflage of some kind!
Jun 29 23:05:34 [Tengu] And it swipes at it with numerous claws, trying to cut through Setsuko's unit! (react)
Jun 29 23:05:54 [Corel] #Setsuko?
Jun 29 23:06:01 [Tengu] (approved)
Jun 29 23:06:21 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ah?"
Jun 29 23:07:40 [Tengu] The Knight Chimaera is stabbed at over and over again by BlackNight razor-sharp wings... But its armor is really thick, and the attack doesn't manage to cause serious damage!
Jun 29 23:08:16 [Corel] *Amagahara attempts to match that speed, drawing both its shorter swords in reverse grip and trying to intercept the attacks with parries and deflections! The enemy is larger, but it harnesses the energy behind those claw attacks and redirects it back!+
Jun 29 23:08:28 [Tengu] Genoveta's Sopraffare creates several really large spears from nanomachines, and rains them down towards the Knight, but this is also mostly stopped by its armor!
Jun 29 23:09:00 [Tengu] Bracing under all the strikes going into its direction, the Knight Chimaera nevertheless counters, stabbing right at BlackNight with its lance, the blade glowing with the strike! (react)
Jun 29 23:09:18 [Cubey] *The Virgola leaps forward, lunging into a defensive roll to get out of melee range!+
Jun 29 23:09:52 [Tengu] Elys manages to intercept most of the strikes, though her unit receives some gashes and cuts i nthe process. Setsuko's unit is safe, though.
Jun 29 23:10:47 [Tengu] Clarius, once again, summons massive whirlwinds, which scatter some of the fog around you, as well as adding to the damage the Pure Chimaeras have taken! Also, one of the whirlwinds pushes the Skull Chimaera back, damaging it.
Jun 29 23:11:05 [Tengu] Furthermore... The Aegis mecha are starting to spread nanomachines.
Jun 29 23:11:22 [Tengu] Nanomachines that seem to slowly eat away at the fog.
Jun 29 23:11:30 [Tengu] (Willis and Elys can move)
Jun 29 23:11:48 [Steam] Zankuro: "Gah... it's certainly a tough nut to- gah!"
Jun 29 23:12:04 [Aero] Willis looks over towards Amagahara as the other Aegis machines do this. While the amount of fog there was massive between all the U.I.I.N machines there.
Jun 29 23:12:41 [Corel] Elys: "I know what you're thinking."
Jun 29 23:12:59 [Steam] * As the Knight stabs with its lance, Zankuro responds with a direct counter, stabbing at the lance with its own sword!+
Jun 29 23:13:24 [Aero] Willis: "We'll basically be in normal machines against these guys though if we do this."
Jun 29 23:14:13 [Tengu] The two blades clash against each other for a moment... Then an eruption happens, throwing each machine back!
Jun 29 23:14:23 [Corel] Elys: "I don't think that's too much."
Jun 29 23:14:36 [Tengu] Both are damaged, but Knight Chimaera's armor, and especially its weapon, are covered in cracks.
Jun 29 23:15:00 [Corel] *And with that, Elys adds to the allied swarm of nanobots with her own!+
Jun 29 23:15:30 [Aero] *Willis joins in as well, adding to the massive swarm with Strahlend's own. +
Jun 29 23:15:37 [Tengu] the nanobots are starting to eat at the fog around you! It really is working!
Jun 29 23:15:49 [Tengu] (you can do a normal action in addition to that, if you want)
Jun 29 23:16:03 [Tengu] (Setsuko and Mizuki can go as well)
Jun 29 23:18:14 [Steam] Mizuki: "We need to finish this thing off quickly to back up Willis and the others. Let's do it Zankuro!"
Jun 29 23:18:22 [Tengu] Aegis forces move in to engage the Pure Chimaeras. Clarius brandishes a huge, double-sided blade, and with Sopprafare and Sofiel supporting it with spears, the Chimaeras are quickly cut down!
Jun 29 23:18:59 [Tengu] Thus leaving only the three unique ones to deal with...
Jun 29 23:19:32 [Corel] Elys: "We'll be counting on you."
Jun 29 23:20:56 [Steam] * The BlackNight's wings shoot out again, this time with pinpoint accuracy towards the countless cracks in the Knight Chimaera. And this time they don't just attack repeatedly... rather they just try to plunge in as deep and far as they can go before- "And now... goodbye!" The points of the wings erupt violently with Void energy from the inside o
Jun 29 23:20:56 [Steam] ut!+
Jun 29 23:21:16 [Aero] * "Three left...lets not fall behind." Without its nanomachines Strahlend is left in a similar state to when the machine first joined the Unity Group. The machine still charges towards the Blade Chimaera again armed only with Quicksilver, all he needed to was to create an opening for the others. +
Jun 29 23:21:19 [Cubey] "Thank you for the assist!" Setsuko catches her breath as the Virgola reorients itself - and proceeds with an immediate counterstrike.
Jun 29 23:22:41 [Cubey] *The Skull Chimaera is fired upon from a crouching position, but Setsuko doesn't wait to see what the stray turret rounds did to it. She's already charging forward - dimensional energies gathered in the Carver, and then unleashed in a straightforward stunning slam!&
Jun 29 23:23:51 [Tengu] The Skull Chimaera is fired at repeatedly, tanking most of the hits - and countering by firing several of the blades growing from its body, sending them flying towards Virgola! (react/continue)
Jun 29 23:25:11 [Cubey] Setsuko: "There! You won't run away now... and neither will I!"
Jun 29 23:25:17 [Tengu] BlackNight's wings plunge deep into the cracks on the Knight Chimaera's armor, managing to penetrate it! The Void wings pierce into the Chimeaera's body and then emerge from all directions, ripping it apart!
Jun 29 23:25:54 [Cubey] *The barley scythe manifests itself once again, and the Virgola's carver swings widely at the blades, as Setsuko tries to cut them down and force her way through them. And there comes a second slash - aimed through the enemy's weakened armor!+
Jun 29 23:26:26 [Tengu] Willis hits the Blade Chimaera with his sword - the Chimaera tries to cut at him with its heat blades, but is too slow, and the might of the strike throws it far back, as well as leaving a gash in its armor!
Jun 29 23:26:58 [Aero] Willis: "Just a bit more..."
Jun 29 23:28:20 [Tengu] Setsuko cuts through most of the blades, some of them zooming past and leaving gashes in Virgola's armor - but her strikes connect! The enemy is thrown off-balance with the stunning strike, and then the carver cuts right through, separating the Chimaera into halves and cutting through its Core!
Jun 29 23:29:05 [Tengu] With the last of her nanomachines not used to eat at the fog, Genoveta creates an explosive and drops it towards the Blade Chimaera, damaging it seriously and throwing it back further!
Jun 29 23:29:14 [Tengu] The Blade Chimaera is in a critical state...
Jun 29 23:29:19 [Tengu] And what it does is...
Jun 29 23:29:30 [Tengu] It starts to convert its whole body into energy!
Jun 29 23:29:39 [Tengu] It's all glowing and looks very unstable!
Jun 29 23:30:32 [Aero] Willis: "How did it!?"
Jun 29 23:30:32 [Tengu] Genoveta: "Oh? I think it's about to explode."
Jun 29 23:30:45 [Corel] Elys: "No kidding!"
Jun 29 23:30:50 [Tengu] The process hasn't finished yet!
Jun 29 23:31:03 [Tengu] But you only have a moment to do something!
Jun 29 23:31:05 [Cubey] Setsuko: "... We should retreat."
Jun 29 23:31:10 [Tengu] (anyone who wants to do something about it, can)
Jun 29 23:31:20 [Aero] Willis: "If it explodes here..."
Jun 29 23:31:30 [Aero] This was the middle of Tokyo...
Jun 29 23:31:48 [Tengu] Lucille: "This is not good... Oh no... No more nanomachines left to..."
Jun 29 23:33:13 [Steam] Mizuki: "Nanomachines aren't the solution to everything..."
Jun 29 23:33:20 [Steam] Granted she's biting her lip furiously at the moment.
Jun 29 23:33:43 [Aero] Willis glances over to the remaining machines, what could they do...
Jun 29 23:34:24 [Steam] Mizuki: "... The BlackNight is like the DuskBird in that its cockpit warps space and is larger on the inside than the outside..."
Jun 29 23:34:37 [Cubey] Setsuko: "..." It's true. They may survive - but if this explodes in the middle of the city.
Jun 29 23:34:44 [Steam] "It... MIGHT be possible to try to create a cocoon using the Night's wings to replicate the effect."
Jun 29 23:34:49 [Cubey] No more running away.
Jun 29 23:34:52 [Steam] "It could at least minimize the real space caught int he blast."
Jun 29 23:35:15 [Aero] Willis: ""But if you're using your wings to stop it...
Jun 29 23:35:29 [Aero] Willis: "That's not a risk you should take..."
Jun 29 23:35:34 [Aero] Said pot to the kettle.
Jun 29 23:35:58 [Steam] Zankuro:" But I'd be the one to do it, Mr. Willis!"
Jun 29 23:36:08 [Corel] Elys: "Might be our only chance...I'm out of resources to try to force it to convert back..."
Jun 29 23:36:48 [Steam] Mizuki: "And... Zankuro and I still might have a ticket out of that too."
Jun 29 23:38:25 [Cubey] Setsuko: "If we seperate the core from the body, what will happen?"
Jun 29 23:38:51 [Aero] Willis: "The body should break down."
Jun 29 23:39:11 [Aero] Willis: "It won't be able to generate any more energy but..."
Jun 29 23:39:22 [Aero] The explosion would have to be contained.
Jun 29 23:41:24 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Then, I'll be counting on you. Zankuro!"
Jun 29 23:42:07 [Steam] That's right Zankuro, no pressure.
Jun 29 23:42:15 [Cubey] *There's no time to do anything else. The Virgola's physical Jack Carver blade stabs into the unstable Chimaera - and starts shearing mass off its body, separating as much of it from the core as possible.+
Jun 29 23:42:35 [Cubey] Setsuko: "I won't die... at worst, the Sphere will protect me. But I won't let anyone else die either!"
Jun 29 23:42:41 [Aero] Willis: "Setsuko..."
Jun 29 23:42:49 [Corel] Elys: "If that's how it is, I'm right behind you!"
Jun 29 23:43:00 [Steam] But as he closes his eyes and furrows his brow in concentration, Mizuki's hand claps down on his shoulder.
Jun 29 23:43:09 [Corel] *Amagahara joins in as well, trying to separate the core from the Chimaera's body!+
Jun 29 23:43:13 [Steam] "You don't have to do this alone. And Willis...!"
Jun 29 23:43:21 [Steam] "You never had to go it alone either!"
Jun 29 23:43:49 [Aero] Willis: "Mizuki...Elys..."
Jun 29 23:43:56 [Aero] Willis: "Yeah..."
Jun 29 23:44:05 [Tengu] Setsuko and Elys manage to cut off most of the Chimaera's body from the core! It won't generate any further energy anymore!
Jun 29 23:44:18 [Tengu] But what was converted into energy has already happened, and is about to explode...!
Jun 29 23:44:52 [Steam] The Onodera siblings then turn their attention and wings back towards the Chimaera's core, each of them flattening to near-2D status before lunging in, enveloping the core in layer after layer... and with it-
Jun 29 23:45:02 [Steam] Mizuki: "... Geh!"
Jun 29 23:45:29 [Steam] -More and more physical space as suddenly the BlackNight's actual cockpit began to close in on the two!+
Jun 29 23:47:15 [Tengu] The explosion is enveloped in darkness, BlackNight using its wings to cover it!
Jun 29 23:47:39 [Tengu] It starts to happen... The unstable energy can't hold it anymore...
Jun 29 23:47:55 [Tengu] The Chimaera blows up!
Jun 29 23:47:58 [Tengu] And at the same time...
Jun 29 23:48:21 [Tengu] Jen's Iris suddenly jumps towards Strahlend, brandishing its large sword! It aims to stab right at the cockpit!
Jun 29 23:48:28 [Steam] Mizuki: "It's showti-"
Jun 29 23:48:29 [Steam] "WILLIS!"
Jun 29 23:48:41 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Mizuki, Zankuro you did..."
Jun 29 23:48:43 [Cubey] "..."
Jun 29 23:49:01 [Tengu] A loud clashing noise, and a flash of light...
Jun 29 23:49:14 [Aero] Willis: "...."
Jun 29 23:49:16 [Tengu] The attack was parried.
Jun 29 23:49:41 [Tengu] From within the thinning fog, a third unit jumped in. Holding what seems to be a completely invisible sword, and using it to defend Willis.
Jun 29 23:49:42 [Tengu] Licht
Jun 29 23:49:42 [Tengu] https://i.imgur.com/64bA6We.png
Jun 29 23:50:15 [Aero] Willis: "...and there you are."
Jun 29 23:50:27 [Tengu] Licht turns its head, looking at Strahlend.
Jun 29 23:50:36 [Tengu] Then disengages and flies away, escaping.
Jun 29 23:50:37 [Aero] Willis: "Leigh..."
Jun 29 23:51:01 [Tengu] Jen: "There she is! It's the culprit! I attacked to draw her out from hiding!"
Jun 29 23:51:03 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Who... was that?"
Jun 29 23:51:09 [Tengu] Iris rushes after the escaping Licht!
Jun 29 23:51:14 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Sounds like an excuse!"
Jun 29 23:51:16 [Aero] Willis: "Tch..."
Jun 29 23:51:18 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Ah, wait!"
Jun 29 23:51:30 [Corel] Elys: "...Hey! Don't think you'll get away with that-!"
Jun 29 23:51:32 [Tengu] Michael: "Hey now, wait for me Jen!"
Jun 29 23:51:36 [Tengu] He follows as well!
Jun 29 23:51:52 [Tengu] It's easy to say that, Elys.
Jun 29 23:52:14 [Tengu] Unfortunately, both Amigahara and Strahlend are completely drained of nanomachines. And, having tanked that explosion with its wings, BlackNight is out of energy as well.
Jun 29 23:52:29 [Tengu] Silvius: "..."
Jun 29 23:52:36 [Cubey] Setsuko: "..." She won't leave her friends alone.
Jun 29 23:52:43 [Aero] More than anything he wanted to chase after Licht but...
Jun 29 23:52:48 [Cubey] Not when everyone's loyalties seem so...
Jun 29 23:52:51 [Cubey] Unsure.
Jun 29 23:53:01 [Tengu] Silvius: "Leave Chimaera to us."
Jun 29 23:53:04 [Aero] Strahlend buckles as he tries to move the machine to go after her.
Jun 29 23:53:37 [Aero] Willis: "...even after all of that?"
Jun 29 23:53:42 [Tengu] Silvius: "We can handle it."
Jun 29 23:53:49 [Tengu] Silvius: "You shouldn't have to kill her twice.'
Jun 29 23:53:53 [Aero] Willis: "I...."
Jun 29 23:54:03 [Aero] His head sinks again...
Jun 29 23:54:18 [Tengu] Genoveta: "Good idea. You're probably busy taking care of this whole Lady problem, aren't you? Or whatever it is that you're doing."
Jun 29 23:55:25 [Tengu] Genoveta: "At the very least, it'd help quell some of the bad blood between all of us, if we took care of something we left Willis to deal with alone previously."
Jun 29 23:55:37 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Willis... everyone..."
Jun 29 23:55:44 [Tengu] Genoveta: "Well then."
Jun 29 23:55:54 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Just... what happened in the past between all of you? What exactly?"
Jun 29 23:55:56 [Tengu] The remaining Aegis units take off, one after another, to follow Licht.
Jun 29 23:56:20 [Tengu] The fog around you seems to have cleared. Nanomachines did their job.
Jun 29 23:57:19 [Aero] Willis: "That machine...Licht...that was the Core of the Chimaera."
Jun 29 23:58:06 [Corel] Elys: "I'm only just starting to piece this together."
Jun 29 23:58:35 [Aero] WIllis: "...its pilot was my fiancee...and...now she's back."
Jun 29 23:58:45 [Steam] Mizuki: "You mean... that thing is the source?"
Jun 29 23:58:53 [Steam] "... Of all of them?"
Jun 29 23:58:55 [Aero] A slow nod...
Jun 29 23:59:06 [Tengu] MISSION COMPLETE
Jun 29 23:59:09 [Cubey] Setsuko: "Willis..."
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