May 28 17:14:40 [Cubey] An ordinary day at Sakihama was interrupted. All pilots are put on high alert.
May 28 17:14:55 [Cubey] A small but quick acting Balmarian force appeared from the Cross Gate.
May 28 17:15:34 [Cubey] The Balmarians don't have the firepower to clash against what remains of Earth's fleets like at the Discovery of Self not too long ago...
May 28 17:15:39 [Cubey] But that was not their goal.
May 28 17:15:53 [Cubey] They quickly evaded whatever defensive fleets could be mustered and entered Earth's atmosphere.
May 28 17:15:58 [Cubey] Their goal? Sakihama Base!
May 28 17:16:45 [Steam] Selena and Elma could not get to the Alegrias fast enough.
May 28 17:17:41 [Tengu] Asagi: "They're making a move straight against Unity Group this time..."
May 28 17:17:55 [Jockey] Grimlock and the other Dinobots armed up quickly and soon were rushing outside, ready for another brutal slugfest.
May 28 17:18:24 [Jockey] Grimlock: "Not surprised. Would have done eventually."
May 28 17:18:55 [Cubey] Huffman: "Protect the unsealed entrances. The base's deep underground, but having Balmarian guests in it can't be good for anyone, hmm?"
May 28 17:18:57 [Aero] Willis: "Balmarians...they usually aren't this straightforward."
May 28 17:19:19 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "They're after something. We'll just have to protect whatever it is."
May 28 17:19:29 [Cubey] But as you deploy, you already feel a small quake, a result of an explosion!
May 28 17:19:31 [Steam] Granted, this isn't the first time that Balmarians have wandered near Sakihama. But on the other hand, WIllis had a point.
May 28 17:19:32 [Cubey] Huffman: "..."
May 28 17:19:48 [Cubey] Their target isn't the base itself.
May 28 17:19:49 [Cubey] But the city.
May 28 17:19:54 [Aero] Willis: "Hate it when I'm right."
May 28 17:19:56 [Cubey]
May 28 17:20:58 [Steam] Selena: "Commander, this may still be a distraction for them to capture Armana."
May 28 17:21:13 [Aero] Willis: "Should we split up then?"
May 28 17:21:35 [Aero] Willis: "Even if it's a distraction I'd rather not let them run wild in the city."
May 28 17:21:59 [Cubey] Huffman: "Don't worry, the TSEN isn't there to just look nice and hi-tech. I'll send her to Fort Alhambra, you should focus on defending the city!"
May 28 17:22:39 [Jockey] [Grimlock grunts.... still..]
May 28 17:23:15 [Tengu] Asagi: "Good. Now we can focus on stopping this attack! What are they thinking, attacking civilians?"
May 28 17:23:20 [Cubey] As you leave the base's tunnels, you see smoke coming from several sections of the city.
May 28 17:23:20 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Understood. We'll make it look like she's still here, just in case."
May 28 17:23:28 [Cubey] There are also Balmarian units floating in the air around them.
May 28 17:23:33 [Cubey] As well as their leader.
May 28 17:23:48 [Cubey] Varuch Ben
May 28 17:23:48 [Cubey]
May 28 17:23:48 [Cubey] Varuch Ishar
May 28 17:23:48 [Cubey]
May 28 17:23:52 [Jockey] "Draw us out. Cause terror."
May 28 17:24:21 [Cubey] Spectra: "Here come the rats, crawling out of their holes."
May 28 17:24:42 [Aero] Willis: "It's more of a tunnel."
May 28 17:24:56 [Jockey] [An unimpressed snort escapes the Dinobot leader.]
May 28 17:24:57 [Cubey] The female Ingram clone (not Viletta) is leading the assault! Time to end this attack!
May 28 17:25:07 [Cubey] Enemies: Varuch Ben x15, Varuch Ishar (Spectra)
May 28 17:25:10 [Jockey] "Me Grimlock not rat. Me Grimlock KING."
May 28 17:25:23 [Cubey] Initiative: Selena, Asagi, Kei, Willis, Grimlock
May 28 17:25:29 [Cubey] Selena and the MJPs, go!
May 28 17:25:34 [Tengu] Asagi: "You made a mistake attacking this rat hole. I'm moving in!"
May 28 17:25:52 [Steam] Elma: "It's her again."
May 28 17:26:10 [Steam] Selena; "It certainly is."
May 28 17:26:45 [Steam] Sol Razors drawn, the Soleares breaks in for a sprint towards the Ishar! "But let's show the real rats here what extermination is all about!"
May 28 17:26:45 [Cubey] Spectra: "Great king rat, perhaps! To think she's holed up in a place like this!"
May 28 17:27:22 [Tengu] * Asagi's taking the point! Blue One moves in quickly, bombarding nearby Varuch Bens with its machinegun, before drawing its katana and slashin at the closest one of them as it zooms past! +
May 28 17:27:55 [Steam] * The Soleares kicks off the ground, flipping into the air to arch over Spectra's machine, Sol Fencer whip lashing chaotically at her from overhead!+
May 28 17:29:09 [Cubey] (The enemies are present in 4 squads of 4 units each, one led by Spectra)
May 28 17:30:47 [Cubey] Asagi engages one squad of the Varuchs, forcing them to break formation and spread! But while he slices at one of them, it tries to draw an energy blade to parry - while two others fire shoulder cannons to provide assist fire. React.
May 28 17:31:26 [Julia_Dietrich] * "Willis, we need to make sure the subordinates don't harm the city. Selena is keeping the Balmarian leader occupied and Asagi is focusing on that wing. That leaves two. I'll distract the ones closest, giving you a ping when an opening presents itself to get to the ones in the back." True to her word, Kei started taking some potshots at one of the unengaged groups of Varuch Ben's forcing...
May 28 17:31:27 [Julia_Dietrich] ...them to pay attention for a second. A few seconds later a ping and a path to the last group showed up on Willis' screen. +
May 28 17:32:02 [Cubey] Willis, take your action!
May 28 17:32:45 [Cubey] The Bens have noticed Kei's attack, though the distance and their armor makes it amount to little except getting their attention.
May 28 17:33:11 [Cubey] The shoulder-mounted Katiff cannons fire in unison at her, a barrage from all four units. React!
May 28 17:33:15 [Tengu] Asagi: "The good thing is that at least they're not using any battleships!" He clashes against the opponent's blade with his own katana, and then suddenly kicks at the Varuch Ben, trying to get it in the way of the incoming blasts, and then immediately zooms away to keep his AHSMB safe! +
May 28 17:34:28 [Cubey] Spectra: "You again?" While being engaged by Selena, she counters by moving rapidly to the side and shooting a barrage of missiles hidden on Ishar's back. Her wheel buster at the ready, but not used... yet.
May 28 17:34:33 [Cubey] React, Selena.
May 28 17:34:59 [Steam] Selena: "Elma, full power to the jammer!"
May 28 17:35:05 [Aero] * "I'll make sure to get it done then if you're distracting them yourself." Strahlend's wings expand and the machine takes off towards the indicated targets, immediately forming a large spear and swinging it towards the Varuch's once the distance was closed. +
May 28 17:36:02 [Julia_Dietrich] * She was prepared for the fire, immediately speeding to the side and starting to move in erratic, unpredictable patterns to keep them from using their superior numbers to pin her down. Attention successfully grabbed. +
May 28 17:36:16 [Cubey] Asagi and the Balmarian soldier clash, but the AHSMB and its pilot act in unison, a quick kick throws the foe off balance. The others stop shooting with the target in the way, but Asagi's katana finishes it off!
May 28 17:37:03 [Cubey] While Kei gives full attention to defense, and manages to escape any sort of punishment. You have their attention indeed, but now they won't let go.
May 28 17:37:20 [Steam] * The interference waves from the Soleares strengthen as it moves to try to weave through the missiles, Selena landing opposite of the Ishar! "Well enough that you showed your face again so I can kill you!"+
May 28 17:37:53 [Steam] But then she pauses... scoffing briefly. "... Well, not yet you haven't. I'll just have to crack your mask off again!"
May 28 17:38:51 * Corel (Mibbit@113.210.pv.sjp) has joined
May 28 17:39:06 [Cubey] The Varuch Bens do not notice Willis approaching immediately, but as he's getting in melee range they turn to the Strahlend.
May 28 17:39:35 [Cubey] Two of them draw aur blades to try to block his spear, while one behind them shoots out the wheel buster to strike while Willis is busy defending!
May 28 17:39:39 [Cubey] React!
May 28 17:39:54 [Cubey] (Grimlock and Willis can move now, the latter can combine his action with defense)
May 28 17:40:10 [Cubey] As for Selena...
May 28 17:41:30 [Cubey] You move around the missiles, the jamming was successful while your whip hits against Spectra's unit, resulting in a few shallow cuts.
May 28 17:42:08 [Cubey] Spectra: "Strong words... but a running mouth is all you have!"
May 28 17:42:39 [Cubey] While you land behind her, she reverses the grip on the blade buster. Not using the wheel component, she simply stabs the blade behind - towards you. React again, Selena.
May 28 17:43:00 [Jockey] *The Dinobots move in to unleash a particularly vicious flanking assault on the Varuch Bens attacking Kei. Copious amounts of fire breath was unleashed at them as the five attacked in what could concievably be described as a five bot half-circle formation+
May 28 17:45:11 [Cubey] The Varuchs glance down - too slow. One of them is singed by the flames, damaged, while another is melted outright. The other two fly off higher into the air, away from the flames, and counter with more cannon shots, spreading wide to make the dinobots go away!
May 28 17:45:12 [Cubey] React.
May 28 17:45:52 [Steam] * "Tch!" The Soleareas spins in response, changing out a Sol Razor in favor for the Blade railgun, letting the two blades clash to parry it away from her!+
May 28 17:46:00 [Julia_Dietrich] # Dinobots
May 28 17:46:04 [Aero] * The head of the spear expands rapidly in response, forming a large blade at the end of the spear that is quickly coated in a reflective material to help it pierce through the Aur Blades. At the same time the U.I.I.N.S Machine tosses a quickly formed Cross Shuriken with its free hand towards the wheel, hoping to destroy it.+
May 28 17:46:09 [Cubey] # approved
May 28 17:46:58 [Cubey] Selena manages to barely deflect Spectra's assault...
May 28 17:47:16 [Cubey] Only to have the three Varuch Bens that serve as her escort surround you now. This is not a good tactical position...
May 28 17:47:30 [Julia_Dietrich] * Having paid keen attention to the Varuchs to dodge them, Kei spotted the opening, darting in to fire more fully at them and prevent them from breaking of flanking by forcing the dinobots back. +
May 28 17:47:54 [Jockey] *A good thing about their formation? Its relatively easy to break off from if under attack, Swoop going on the offensive to rush on through the incoming fire and send a barrage of missiles at the pair that fly higher!+
May 28 17:48:22 [Steam] Selena: "All of this for just my cutting wit?"
May 28 17:48:41 [Steam] "One might even think you're scared."
May 28 17:48:59 [Steam] No weakness. Not in front of her!
May 28 17:49:01 [Cubey] Spectra: "Nobody would come here for that!"
May 28 17:49:38 [Cubey] Kei cuts off the Varuchs' retreat and Swoop's missile barrage destroys another one.
May 28 17:50:10 [Cubey] But the ground under the landbound Dinobots' feet is torn asunder by the cannons, and their armors take a beating as well!
May 28 17:51:13 [Cubey] Willis expands the spear, it overwhelms one of the Varuchs and pierces through it, destroying it while the other decides to back off.
May 28 17:51:42 [Cubey] The shuriken strikes against the wheel, both taking damage from the collision, but one can be freely recreated due to nanomachines.
May 28 17:51:53 [Cubey] However the Varuchs decide to play it safe and fire at Willis from afar now. React!
May 28 17:51:53 [Jockey] [It wasn't anything the four down below were not used to. If they aren't dead they're fine.]
May 28 17:52:09 [Cubey] Selena and the MJPs can move again!
May 28 17:53:28 [Tengu] Asagi: "I'll support Selena. As long as nobody gets surrounded, we have the upper hand."
May 28 17:55:18 [Julia_Dietrich] * "Understood. Pinging you a path. I'll suppress them from the other side to give you an opening." Spinning around in the air, Kei began a firing run at the Varuch's surrounding Selena, relying on her more accurate beam cannons over the miniguns to avoid hitting the one pinned down. "Selena, hit the one I ping when it comes up. It'll be whichever is the most open due to the attack, then use...
May 28 17:55:20 [Julia_Dietrich] ...that opening to get some distance from them." +
May 28 17:55:57 [Tengu] * Asagi: "Got it, Kei!" Blue One starts circling in the air around the enemy formation, firing several missiles towards the enemies surrounding the ninja-bot, and then following up with a barrage of blue-tinted shots towards the explosions. +
May 28 17:56:51 [Steam] * Surrounded as the Soleares was, Selena's gaze narrowed before it suddenly took off into a sprint towards Spectra! "Prism Phantom engage!" A blinding stream of lights erupted from the Soleares, and moments afterwards its gatling guns opened fire in sweeping arcs to chew through the Varuchs' armor, the three others getting just a sample in contra
May 28 17:56:51 [Steam] st to Spectra getting the full course of it!+
May 28 17:57:02 [Aero] * "There." In response Strahlend dismisses the spear, the weapon disappearing in an instant as it broke apart to its individual nanomachines before gathering again and forming a large shield to block the barrage. +
May 28 17:57:16 [Cubey] Kei and Asagi break off to assist Selena with the enemies that surround her.
May 28 17:57:40 [Steam] "If you had any sense you would've not come back after what you put me through!"
May 28 17:57:47 [Cubey] However the three Varuchs that Asagi was fighting with seize this opportunity. You have a flywheel and several cannon shots flying in your direction, Asagi! React.
May 28 17:59:05 [Jockey] # Asagi
May 28 17:59:10 [Cubey] # Approved
May 28 17:59:40 [Cubey] Willis uses the shield for good effect, though it breaks in his hands after a fierce barrage. Nanomachines aside, you are safe.
May 28 18:00:00 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Let's not get surrounded myself, either..." He jumps upwards, to avoid one of the energy blasts and draw his katana simultaneously, and then starts swinging it defensively, in order to cut through the wheel and reflect the other beams! +
May 28 18:01:05 [Jockey] *The flywheels would promptly be under fire by the Dinobots - literally. While the risk was there that they might end up becoming flaming flywheels... there was also the chance that they would be weakened enough that Asagi could carve them easily... or that the heat would have them seize up.+
May 28 18:01:17 [Cubey] The Varuchs around Selena are engulfed by explosions, beams and gatling barrages from the ninja herself.
May 28 18:01:40 [Cubey] Three Bens are down, but the Varuch Ishar - suddenly you can't read Spectra!
May 28 18:02:25 [Cubey] Utilizing optical camouflage, the unit disappears. Spectra reappears a second later, having quickly accelerated out of the guns' range.
May 28 18:02:36 [Steam] Selena; "What?!?"
May 28 18:03:09 [Cubey] Spectra: "What I put you through? The world doesn't revolve around you, I couldn't care less! Now..."
May 28 18:03:58 [Cubey] Two pods have seperated from the Ishar while it was invisible. Now, connected by wires to the main unit, they float in the air away from it - and fire at Selena, a rapid series of shots coming from different directions! "Disappear!"
May 28 18:03:59 [Cubey] React
May 28 18:04:38 [Cubey] Thanks to Kei providing a safe path, Asagi can avoid the barrage - and the flywheel was partially melted, and he cuts through it in one strike!
May 28 18:07:35 [Steam] * "Urgh... Elma, I'm counting on you!" The Soleares flips away, kicking off of a building to try to roll away from the assault, but in the meantime its hands are busy hurling the Stealth Boomerang, the weapon winking out of existence as it arcs towards those cables to cut them away!+
May 28 18:09:17 * Corel has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
May 28 18:09:56 [Cubey] Soleares flies off from the blasts, the shots causing small explosions where it goes. Finally, they catch up with it, throwing the unit down with serious armor damage!
May 28 18:10:23 [Cubey] But the barrage is over, the cabled weapons cut off from the Varuch.
May 28 18:10:39 [Cubey] Spectra: "What? Is this the best you can do?!" She sounds angry...
May 28 18:11:12 [Cubey] ???: "Wait! Hold your weapons!"
May 28 18:11:26 [Tengu] Asagi: "What?"
May 28 18:11:49 [Jockey] "Hrm?"
May 28 18:11:53 [Steam] Selena: "Who's-?"
May 28 18:11:54 [Cubey] Someone quickly runs on the streets, from the direction of Sakihama Base!
May 28 18:12:02 [Cubey] She stops to catch her breath. It's Armana!
May 28 18:12:06 [Steam] ... Oh no.
May 28 18:12:14 [Steam] Selena: "Armana, you can't be here!"
May 28 18:12:24 [Tengu] Asagi: "...What! She was supposed to be at Alhambra!"
May 28 18:12:31 [Cubey] Armana: "I... cannot bear to see so much destruction all in my name!"
May 28 18:12:39 [Cubey] Spectra: "... There she is."
May 28 18:13:14 [Cubey] Armana: "I... need to tell you all something really important."
May 28 18:13:14 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "...What?"
May 28 18:13:39 [Cubey] Armana: "I'm sorry but I have tricked you. I am not the princess of planet Rulia, but a Balmarian one!"
May 28 18:14:06 [Jockey] "Not surprised."
May 28 18:14:26 [Tengu] Asagi: "...I think everyone knew that..." He's making an unimpressed face.
May 28 18:14:43 [Steam] Selena can't sigh enough.
May 28 18:15:37 [Cubey] Armana: "I realize you are here for me, but I beg of you. Spectra McCready, I beg of you to leave! You should be well aware that my time has not yet come!"
May 28 18:15:54 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Yeah. But how is this in your name?"
May 28 18:16:15 [Steam] "-McCready..."
May 28 18:16:23 [Steam] Just like the Ingram knockoff. Color her surprised.
May 28 18:16:59 [Cubey] Armana: "They are here for me, but they shouldn't. I swear, when the time comes, I will return to Balmar without resistance, but that time is not yet now!"
May 28 18:17:48 [Tengu] Asagi: "Time...?"
May 28 18:17:50 [Cubey] Spectra and the Varuch Bens cease fighting.
May 28 18:18:06 [Cubey] But another wave of Balmarian units approaches quickly from the skies, detected by Kei's sensors before they are in visual.
May 28 18:18:24 [Cubey] ???: "That is the truth."
May 28 18:18:30 [Jockey] "What Princess talking about."
May 28 18:18:46 [Cubey] Armana: "... Oh."
May 28 18:19:25 [Cubey] The Balmarians approach quickly, and you hear the one leading their force.
May 28 18:19:38 [Cubey] Armana: "... Luria."
May 28 18:19:40 [Cubey] Luria Qayits
May 28 18:19:40 [Cubey]
May 28 18:20:37 [Cubey] Luria: "It is true, you had the Princess of Balmar all along. But Princess Armana is not only that."
May 28 18:20:52 [Cubey] Luria: "She is also the current Priestess of Zehirut!"
May 28 18:21:00 [Aero] Willis: "Zehirut..."
May 28 18:21:05 [Cubey] Luria: "The Empire's whole stability depends on her!"
May 28 18:21:51 [Cubey] Armana: "Luria, the Spirit Emperor promised..."
May 28 18:21:56 * Steam has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
May 28 18:22:36 * Steam ( has joined
May 28 18:23:40 * Steam has quit (Client Quit)
May 28 18:34:15 * Steam ( has joined
May 28 18:34:27 [Cubey] Luria: "The Spirit Emperor saw how much Balmar's condition has worsened. He has entered a meditative communion with Zehirut himself."
May 28 18:35:16 [Cubey] Luria: "He has left Prime Minister Shiva Gozzo to command in his stead, and the Prime Minister's orders are absolute."
May 28 18:35:41 [Cubey] Luria: "We are to take you back to Balmar, regardless of how anyone feels about it. Even you, Princess Armana Tikvah."
May 28 18:35:45 [Cubey] Armana: "..."
May 28 18:36:15 [Steam] Selena: "Dragging her back, kicking and screaming even?"
May 28 18:36:55 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "And then what?"
May 28 18:36:58 [Cubey] Luria: "Such is Prime Minister Shiva's will."
May 28 18:37:28 [Cubey] Luria: "..."
May 28 18:37:51 [Cubey] Armana: "As the Priestess of Zehirut my duty is to... sacrifice myself to ensure Balmar's continued existence. When the time comes..."
May 28 18:37:53 [Steam] "Then a lot of people have died because of your Prime MInister's will."
May 28 18:38:19 [Steam] Was the battle with Ephesus's fleet all because of that? Albhad's death?
May 28 18:38:24 [Cubey] Spectra: "And yet more will die if you continue getting in the way!"
May 28 18:38:35 [Steam] ... No, ALL of Team Jelba's deaths?
May 28 18:38:49 [Cubey] The Varuch Ishar moves towards Armana, who backs away step by step.
May 28 18:38:55 [Cubey] Armana: "A... aah..."
May 28 18:39:14 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "And you didn't think to write a polite letter before invading over this?"
May 28 18:39:50 [Aero] Willis: "Especially given what the Balmarian have done before."
May 28 18:40:06 [Cubey] Spectra: "Would you just let her go peacefully? I really doubt it. She tricked you so obviously all that time!"
May 28 18:40:14 [Cubey] Armana: "... I'm sorry."
May 28 18:40:32 [Cubey] The Balmarians start converging down on your location.
May 28 18:40:34 [Tengu] Asagi: "A society built on sacrifice... What kind of empire is that?"
May 28 18:40:44 [Jockey] "If that case. Why we let you go peacefully."
May 28 18:40:54 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "It'd be her choice, not mine."
May 28 18:41:24 [Tengu] Asagi: "Why would we let you take her? We're still at war. Are you going to stop your invasions after this?"
May 28 18:41:49 [Cubey] ???: "Sacrifice yourself?"
May 28 18:41:55 [Cubey] ???: "Do what some old farts told you to?"
May 28 18:42:00 [Cubey] Luria: "!! Who dares?!"
May 28 18:42:46 [Cubey] ???: "Why don't you do whatever you want just once in your life. And screw others. They act like you need to give up yourself for well being of other people but..."
May 28 18:42:59 [Cubey] Suddenly, beams and rocket punches destroy several Balmarian units!
May 28 18:43:07 [Cubey] And you see new arrivals step on the streets.
May 28 18:43:27 [Cubey] Loni: "They're just jealous! Alien invaders and oppressive tyrants, I'll wipe you all out in one swoop!"
May 28 18:44:09 [Steam] ... Of all the times for him to show up...
May 28 18:44:12 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Not this time..."
May 28 18:44:14 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "...Goddamnit."
May 28 18:44:22 [Cubey] Luria: "He disgraces the Spirit Emperor? ... It was a trap! Defend yourselves!"
May 28 18:44:26 [Cubey] Armana: "No, please..."
May 28 18:44:30 [Aero] Willis: "Everyone get ready, don't bother talking with him."
May 28 18:44:56 [Cubey] But the Ishar and Spectra's Golar Golem forces are charging forward already.
May 28 18:45:14 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "It's Loni, he does whatever he wants and it's a pain in the ass for everyone else. He'll probably fight us as well."
May 28 18:45:15 [Cubey] And, on the opposite side, Loni's BrightSaber steps forward, weapons casually slung over its shoulder, escorted by three Grunbeins.
May 28 18:45:29 * Steam has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
May 28 18:45:30 [Cubey] Spectra: "Just take the princess and get out of here!"
May 28 18:45:47 [Tengu] Asagi: "He brought company, too. Great..."
May 28 18:46:18 [Cubey] Enemies (Balmarians): Varuch Ben x5, Varuch Ishar (Spectra) (light damage), Esrim x15, Hagai Yad x9, Shemuel (Luria)
May 28 18:46:35 [Cubey] Enemies (Loni): BrightSaber, Grunbein Alpha x2, Grunbein Omega x1
May 28 18:46:44 [Cubey] Grunbein Alpha
May 28 18:46:44 [Cubey]
May 28 18:46:44 [Cubey] Grunbein Omega
May 28 18:46:44 [Cubey]
May 28 18:46:44 [Cubey] BrightSaber
May 28 18:46:44 [Cubey]
May 28 18:46:50 [Cubey] Willis, Dinobots, go now!
May 28 18:47:10 [Jockey] "...Will keep Loudmouth off backs. Kei... get Princess away. Willis, Sword Rabbit... think can keep Balmar busy?"
May 28 18:48:21 [Tengu] Asagi: "My name is not- nevermind. I'll try. Make sure nobody grabs her."
May 28 18:49:34 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "I'll look after her while she moves back into the base." Opening another line. "We've located the princess. Enemy reinforcements are trying to claim her and Loni arrived as well. Need backup to protect the princess inside the base, we'll attempt to hold them off here."
May 28 18:49:34 [Jockey] "Dinobots Transform!"
May 28 18:50:21 [Cubey] Base control: "Understood. Backup's on its way, hang on."
May 28 18:50:32 [Jockey] [ The air was split by a roar as the Dinobots transformed as one. The large sauropodal form that belonged to Sludge seeming to partially split open as gears and armor shifted rapidly as two heavyset legs extended from what was now was a lower torso. Slag and Swoop, approaching from below and above respectively in their dinosaur modes. Their lower b
May 28 18:50:32 [Jockey] odies opened and extended, the ferocious roaring heads turning outwards, Swoop's wings folding closed as they formed a mighty pair of arms]
May 28 18:50:39 * Steam ( has joined
May 28 18:50:50 [Jockey] [All of them surging with energy as they connected to Grimlock who formed the core of the combination. Snarl soon joining his comrades as his body became the armored back of the massive warrior, sections of his body mimicking the winglike crest formed from his own tail in his own robot mode.
May 28 18:50:50 [Jockey] From the headless torso emerged a black-helmeted head, its face set in a fierce scowl as its optics flashed red. The mighty warrior bared their fangs and let loose a mighty battle cry as he drew his mighty blade. Their voice a sharp contrast to the already palpable fury of the Dinobots, carrying in itself the rumble of the approaching storm and the
May 28 18:50:50 [Jockey] promise of battle most ferocious.]
May 28 18:51:15 [Jockey] "...Let battle be joined."
May 28 18:51:55 [Cubey] Loni: "You're not holding anything back, huh."
May 28 18:52:11 [Cubey] Loni: "But I know well what're you up to. Always putting people behind bars and telling them what to do!"
May 28 18:52:19 [Cubey] Loni: "... Time for the hero to save the princess."
May 28 18:52:39 [Jockey] *There was a low snarl turned roar as Dinobot surged forward, massive Energon-Claymore grinding across the ground, spitting out sparks as the combiner charged at Loni with a massive upward swing!&
May 28 18:53:25 [Tengu] Asagi: "She asked us to let her stay with Unity Group in the first place!"
May 28 18:54:21 [Steam] Selena: "I wouldn't dream to trust Amana in your hands!"
May 28 18:54:49 [Cubey] With a move of his unit's head, Loni tells his sidekicks to stay away. "Okay guys, this one's mine!" He rushes forward, his heavy sword swung with ridiculous speed!
May 28 18:55:23 [Cubey] It strikes down on the combined Dinobot's own weapon, the two clashing - as Loni does his best to keep it pinned to the ground. "Surprise." And while doing so, he aims his cannon and fires point blank with a quick homing barrage!
May 28 18:55:27 [Cubey] React/continue, Dinobots!
May 28 18:55:54 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Loni...We're trying to save her from the people trying to kidnap her, take her back to Balmar and sacrifice her to some superweapon. Didn't you hear a word of the conversation you were crashing?"
May 28 18:56:23 [Cubey] Loni: "Spare me the talk! You guys always spew whatever bullshit is convenient!"
May 28 18:56:40 [Aero] * "Asagi, it's not worth the effort." Strahlend gathers its nanomachines around it, dismissing its weapons to form as many of them as possible before unleashing the entire swarm all at once towards the charging Balmarians, setting them to devour their weapons in an effort to disarm them. +
May 28 18:56:45 [Cubey] Loni: "You want to keep her safe, prove it! I can keep her safe!"
May 28 18:56:46 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "You could just ask the princess or the Balmarians, then."
May 28 18:57:17 [Tengu] Asagi: "This is the shortest time from Loni appearing to him becoming a colossal headache yet..."
May 28 18:57:28 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Yeah..."
May 28 18:57:55 [Cubey] Several of Esrims aim their rifles at the Strahlend, only to find themselves quickly weaponless!
May 28 18:58:12 [Cubey] But from between their ranks, the Shemuel charges forward!
May 28 18:58:15 [Jockey] *Dinobot digs his feet to the ground. The damage was probably going to be large.... but combiners have always been more than the sum of their parts. His retaliation to the attack? A barrage of his own! Intense eye lasers, flame and MORE lasers from the Triceratops head on his shoulder... Oh... and a ROCKET PUNCH TO THE HEAD. Compliments of Swoop.+
May 28 18:58:48 [Cubey] Luria: "Stay out of this! The Empire needs the princess, can't you understand it!"
May 28 18:59:11 [Cubey] She brandishes her spear and swings it down on Strahlend, following up with a series of quick thrusts. Willis, react.
May 28 19:00:06 [Steam] # Willis
May 28 19:00:15 [Cubey] Loni sees the attack coming - and his own barrage turns into a defensive shield, the blasts forming together into a barrier rather than shooting forward.
May 28 19:00:16 [Cubey] # approved
May 28 19:00:39 [Steam] "Your Spirit Emperor and your Empire-"
May 28 19:00:40 [Cubey] They intercept the Dinobot's assault - and then explode, its force throwing the combiner away!
May 28 19:01:06 [Cubey] The BrightSaber is pushed a few steps back as well, slightly smoking.
May 28 19:01:20 [Steam] * The Stealth Boomerang comes swinging right back as the Soleares rushes into parry the spear! "-Are none of our concern! Not when you come about to recover Armana like this!"+
May 28 19:01:31 [Cubey] Loni: "Since when YOU guys ask people what THEY want? Why won't we ask her then!"
May 28 19:01:37 [Jockey] [Swoop-Arm reconnects, pretty singed. Still... all the reaction Loni gets is a grunt.]
May 28 19:02:22 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "I jsut told you to."
May 28 19:02:40 [Cubey] Luria: "You dare speak of the Spirit Emperor in such tone?!"
May 28 19:02:54 [Cubey] Armana: "I..."
May 28 19:03:09 [Cubey] Armana: "I wish to stay here for now. I will go to Balmar, but not like this!"
May 28 19:03:17 [Aero] * "I can understand that but now is really not the time, if we came to Balmar and attacked a city as a diversion to retrieve someone I'm sure you wouldn't let us do as we please either." Willis joins Selena in the parry, reforming Strahlend's spear to do so. +
May 28 19:03:49 [Cubey] Luria: "Princess... it is not our choice to make!" She is stopped cold, both her sentence, and her attack!
May 28 19:04:12 [Cubey] But...
May 28 19:04:16 [Cubey] Spectra: "Hmph."
May 28 19:04:35 [Cubey] Seeing the opening, the Ishar charges at Soleares' exposed back.
May 28 19:04:39 [Cubey] Selena, Kei, Asagi, go!
May 28 19:05:14 [Tengu] (got enemy list and/or links for other Balmarian units?)
May 28 19:05:18 [Cubey] Loni: "... Look what you're doing."
May 28 19:05:33 [Cubey] Esrim
May 28 19:05:33 [Cubey]
May 28 19:05:33 [Cubey] Hagai Yad
May 28 19:05:33 [Cubey]
May 28 19:05:33 [Cubey] Shemuel
May 28 19:05:33 [Cubey]
May 28 19:05:45 [Cubey] Enemies (Balmarians): Varuch Ben x5, Varuch Ishar (Spectra) (light damage), Esrim x15 (5 disarmed), Hagai Yad x9, Shemuel (Luria)
May 28 19:06:12 [Cubey] Loni: "I'm here to stop the alien invasion, and what is this?"
May 28 19:06:41 [Cubey] Loni: "You gave the princess fucking stockholm syndrome! But this isn't true freedom. You'll see what true freedom is soon!"
May 28 19:07:18 [Steam] " And I haven't forgotten about you either!" Blades hooking around Luria's spear, Selena turns rapidly to hurl the Shemuel into Spectra's machine before taking aim with the Blade Railgun and firing!+
May 28 19:08:19 [Cubey] Luria: "What are you... ah!"
May 28 19:08:26 [Aero] #Selena?
May 28 19:08:33 [Cubey] (Not an attack yet)
May 28 19:08:44 [Cubey] The Shemuel can't resist that well mid air and is thrown!
May 28 19:08:53 [Cubey] Spectra: "Out of the way, bodyguard."
May 28 19:09:07 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Stockholm Syndrome? Or maybe she just doesn't want to go with you!"
May 28 19:09:40 [Cubey] Luria tanks the railgun, trying to block with her spear as much as she can. But from behind her, the Varuch Ishar quickly engages with a missile barrage, followed by the flywheel striking at Selena.
May 28 19:09:41 [Cubey] React!
May 28 19:10:44 [Cubey] Loni: "Give her a chance! She was kept imprisoned by you assholes long enough already!"
May 28 19:10:46 [Tengu] * Blue One draws its spear, rushing towards the Hagad Yads in order to keep them occupied. Circling around a small group of them, Asagi launches a few quick stabs, and then rushes forward, cleaving widely with the large blade. It'd be bad if those enemies turned their cannons to the city! +
May 28 19:10:59 [Steam] * The Soleares's jammer is in full force again, and Selena also strikes out with the Sol Fencer once more to not just cut through more of the missiles, but repel the incoming flywheel!+
May 28 19:12:26 [Cubey] Asagi strikes at the artillery units. His stab, followed by a slash, destroys one and makes another completely useless.
May 28 19:12:48 [Cubey] But the others aren't useless - and unlike the earlier model, this means in close range as well! They fire a swarm of missiles at the AHSMB from close up!
May 28 19:12:49 [Cubey] React.
May 28 19:13:19 [Julia_Dietrich] * And everybody was busy. "Willis, I'm going to distract Spectra again, be ready to disengage from the leader to focus on her when I strike. Selena, keep up the pressure on their leader." Slipping into cover behind a building (just why did anybody still choose to live in Sakihama anyway?) dipping out long enough to take aim and fire some accurate shots at Spectra's back. "Now." +
May 28 19:13:50 [Cubey] Selena's jammer and fencer in action take care of the missiles - but the flywheel strikes hard, overpowering her and pushing the AS back with damage.
May 28 19:14:05 [Cubey] However the flywheel assault is interrupted by Kei.
May 28 19:14:12 [Cubey] Willis, Selena, take the Kei-granted actions!
May 28 19:14:43 [Tengu] Asagi: "They can protect themselves at short range even without escort...!" He quickly backs away, swinging the long polearm around in eight-shaped patterns in order to intercept the still-incoming missiles preemptively. +
May 28 19:15:04 [Cubey] Spectra: "Why you!" She turns around to try to bombard the AHSMB with missiles, but... that's the opening Willis can use!
May 28 19:17:54 [Steam] * Just the opening she needed, though the Soleares was certainly hurting something fierce right now. Selena moved in as well, thrusting with the Blade Railgun at a damaged section of the staff! "For someone so concerned about Armana, you don't seem to care much about when she wants to do something!"+
May 28 19:17:55 [Cubey] Asagi spins his polearm around, but the missiles explode as they are hit by the spear. Preemptive explosions may they be, but their amount still pushes you away from the artillery units.
May 28 19:17:56 [Aero] * As the flywheel veers off Willis extends Strahlend's spear again, the blade of the spear growing hazy as he charges Spectra and brings the weapon down to cleave through the Varuch Ishar with the molecular bond splitting nanothorn blade. +
May 28 19:20:22 [Cubey] Luria: "I would gladly give my life for her, but I cannot disobey an order from the Prime Minister!"
May 28 19:20:40 [Cubey] Luria parries - and her polearm, damaged, breaks where Selena shot it!
May 28 19:21:02 [Cubey] But, her Shemuel is equipped with Aur cannons too, and she fires a barrage from the shoulder mounted weapons in return!
May 28 19:21:04 [Cubey] Selena react.
May 28 19:21:34 [Cubey] Spectra turns, sensing movement - there's Strahlend again.
May 28 19:21:38 [Cubey] Spectra: "Tch!"
May 28 19:22:00 [Cubey] She tries to quickly dodge and raise her blade wheel buster in defense.
May 28 19:22:14 [Cubey] But the Strahlend slices right through it!
May 28 19:22:33 [Cubey] The lower part of the weapon, housing the wheel, is disconnected from the rest and destroyed!
May 28 19:22:36 [Steam] * "You might get that chance yet!" The Soleares jukes down and under to evade the Aur shots, and fires a string of gatling rounds right back into the machine's face!+
May 28 19:22:54 [Cubey] Spectra: "What the..."
May 28 19:23:17 [Cubey] Unfortunately, both her and Willis are interrupted by a barrage of beams sent by two flying rocket punches, courtesy of the Grunbein Omega!
May 28 19:23:20 [Cubey] React, Willis.
May 28 19:24:18 [Cubey] The cannon barrage nicks the Soleares, and the gatlings further damage the Shemuel. Without a melee weapon to defend herself with, Luria is disengaging!
May 28 19:26:01 [Cubey] Luria: "Damage check... this is bad."
May 28 19:26:06 [Cubey] Luria: "But I cannot afford to fail here!"
May 28 19:26:59 [Cubey] The Dinobot can move. Also Willis, once he's done with his defense.
May 28 19:27:34 [Aero] * "Here I thought I could ignore them." Against his better judgement Willis positions himself in the way of the attacks aimed at him and Spectra. The nanothorn tipped spear is tossed at the rocket punches as Strahlend covers itself with reflective coating in an effort to take some of the bite away from the beams. +
May 28 19:28:42 [Cubey] Spectra activates her camouflage and disappears out of sight. So much for gratefulness.
May 28 19:29:15 [Cubey] The thrown spear is quickly interrupted and destroyed by the beams, but that means the Grunbein focused on the weapon and less on Strahlend, which suffers relatively light damage thanks to the coating.
May 28 19:29:25 [Cubey] That's a lot of nanomachine tricks to pull in short time, though...
May 28 19:29:27 [Cubey] Willis can go.
May 28 19:29:31 [Cubey] Selena can also go.
May 28 19:30:01 [Jockey] *Dinobot is clearly not done with Loni just yet, taking an aggressive stance - keeping the blade gripped in both hands, he lets loose another eye-laser blast at the Brightsaber as he charges in, delivering a flurry of swings as he advanced!+
May 28 19:31:12 [Steam] With Spectra out of sight for the moment, Selena had two priorities. One was keeping an eye on Armana herself, and the other...
May 28 19:32:19 [Steam] "Start scanning. Spectra's out of sight, but she wouldn't just scamper off on us just yet."
May 28 19:33:06 [Aero] Willis: "She's lost a weapon she might be desperate now Selena, be careful."
May 28 19:33:14 [Steam] * And with its guard raised, Selena lets Elma use all of his detection abilities to try to search. With her Varuch damaged there might be some defect brought out, some hole in her stealth...&
May 28 19:33:46 [Steam] "Desperate like a cornered animal." Her eyes narrowed. "A cornered rat."
May 28 19:35:00 [Cubey] Elma detects the Varuch - it is atop the building not too far from Armana, obviously Spectra wants to grab her while under cover!
May 28 19:35:08 [Cubey] However...
May 28 19:35:40 [Cubey] Loni: "Okay, I'm fed up now. You guys are always saying the same old shit, let's end this!"
May 28 19:35:51 [Aero] * The tired nanomachine core can only let out a sigh as the Varuch Ishar disappeared, he had to keep the Grunbeins down given how powerful they were even if Spectra was skulking around still. A moment later Strahlend formed Quicksilver and tossed the weapon towards one of the Grunbeins before disappearing behind it, applying his own optic camo by using the
May 28 19:36:03 [Aero] same reflective coating. &
May 28 19:36:33 [Cubey] Loni orders his allies to move - a Grunbein Alpha charges the Soleares, having materialized a large gunblade with which it seeks to impale it, while emitters on its knees are charging up as well.
May 28 19:36:46 [Cubey] What to do now, Selena? React/continue!
May 28 19:37:32 [Cubey] The other Grunbein Alpha releases a boost knuckle, one which flies towards Quicksilver itself rather than Strahlend. For now...
May 28 19:37:35 [Cubey] Willis, react continue.
May 28 19:37:43 [Jockey] #Selena?
May 28 19:37:48 [Cubey] While Loni himself discharges plasma!
May 28 19:38:17 [Cubey] The sudden discharge engulfs his machine and absorbs the eye beams, and he charges the Dinobot, meeting it blow for blow with his powerful plasma sword.
May 28 19:38:25 [Cubey] "This'll finish you!"
May 28 19:38:38 [Cubey] While his large cannon is rising up to fire - again.
May 28 19:38:39 [Cubey] React.
May 28 19:38:56 [Cubey] (You have your own problems, but if you think you can do it? # approved)
May 28 19:39:23 [Tengu] Asagi: "Damnit! Dinobot!"
May 28 19:39:24 [Tengu] #
May 28 19:39:55 [Cubey] # approved
May 28 19:41:09 [Tengu] * Blue One, having been knocked away from the Balmarian artillery, turns around, and swings the coiled whip-like wire around its wrist, aiming towards Loni's unit! Asagi tries to grab Loni's arm from afar and hold it as long as he can! +
May 28 19:41:21 [Steam] * The Grunbein's only a theat if she gets hit by it! And the Soleares takes off after Spectra to outpace the gigantic machine, at first making it just look like she's falling back from the Grunbein, until the Blade Railgun suddenly fires repeatedly backwards a Spectra's position!+
May 28 19:41:49 [Jockey] *Energy cannon charging? Risk the worst and JAM THE CLAYMORE INTO THE CANNON AS HARD AS POSSIBLE!.... The collective mind of Dinobot is one less piece though as the back plating disengages... transforming back into Snarl who kicks off as hard as possible towards the Grunbein Alpha attacking Selena... transforming midair into his Stegosaur mode to s
May 28 19:41:49 [Jockey] mash into its head as hard as he could!+
May 28 19:43:16 [Aero] * As the rocket punch approaches Quicksilver the weapon disappears into a cloud of nanomachines that seem to embed themselves into the fist rather than devour it. At the same time Strahlend comes out of stealth and reinforces its entire right arm before slamming it towards the cockpit of the Grunbein. Even if the machine was massive and powerful he could
May 28 19:43:22 [Aero] still eliminate the pilots. +
May 28 19:44:19 [Cubey] Selena outruns the gunblade, but the knee emitters start firing... wildly inaccurately, as the Grunbein's head is partially caved in by Snarl slamming into it!
May 28 19:44:50 [Cubey] Spectra: "Keep making it harder for yourself, don't you?!"
May 28 19:45:19 [Cubey] Frustration is clear in her voice as she's forced to dodge, the railgun firing at her position. The Varuch is no longer invisible, and more importantly gets away from Armana!
May 28 19:46:24 [Cubey] Willis manages to evade the Grunbein's attack - and smashes the cockpit!
May 28 19:47:04 [Cubey] ... The Grunbein still moves, even though you did just that. Both of its beam emitters fire at the Strahlend at point blank range, seriously damaging it!
May 28 19:47:14 [Steam] Selena: "Oh, it certainly is seeming harder for you too, isn't it?
May 28 19:47:49 [Cubey] All the while, Asagi holds on to Loni's cannon for as long as he can. Long enough for the Dinobot to stab into it!
May 28 19:48:14 [Cubey] Loni: "Oh, come on!"
May 28 19:48:38 [Cubey] The cannon explodes - but not before it is let loose, freeing BrightSaber's hand!
May 28 19:48:48 [Cubey] Loni: "Everyone knows the hero uses melee weapons!"
May 28 19:49:00 [Cubey] And that freed hand slams into the center of Dinobot in a powerful plasma-coated punch.
May 28 19:49:22 [Cubey] One that causes an explosion which throws Dinobot's components to the sides, seriously injured and smoking green (from the plasma.)
May 28 19:49:55 [Cubey] Asagi, Kei, go now.
May 28 19:50:08 [Jockey] "Uuurgh!"
May 28 19:50:15 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Dinobots!"
May 28 19:50:18 [Cubey] Loni: "Look at you, cockpit punchers. This is why I didn't bring my friends along!"
May 28 19:50:25 [Aero] Willis: "Ghh."
May 28 19:50:46 [Aero] Willis: "That should have..."
May 28 19:50:58 [Cubey] (Actually Willis and Dinobots can move as well)
May 28 19:51:02 [Cubey] For what little the latter can do.
May 28 19:51:59 [Tengu] Asagi: "Loni, you bastard!" He swings the coil again, trying to latch onto BrightSaber and reel it in! *
May 28 19:52:01 [Tengu] &
May 28 19:52:04 [Aero] If there wasn't a pilot who the hell was moving those things.
May 28 19:52:34 [Jockey] [Grimlock slams his fist into the ground, refusing to simply lie on the ground injured and stay out of the fight. Swoop, Sludge and Slag attempt to do the same, though its harder for them.]
May 28 19:52:46 [Jockey] *And attempts to rise
May 28 19:53:25 [Cubey] Loni: "I only want to save the girl! You're the guys who keep getting..." BrightSaber grabs the coil.
May 28 19:53:36 [Cubey] "In my way!" And pulls on it, the unit much stronger than Blue One!
May 28 19:53:48 [Cubey] While Asagi is flying towards Gavin, he already prepares his oversized blade for a thrust forward!
May 28 19:53:50 [Cubey] React/continue
May 28 19:54:35 [Julia_Dietrich] (Like I said in the OOC, I need to head out to pick up something to eat before everything closes, so delay me a bit)
May 28 19:56:23 [Jockey] *Through sheer grit and stubbornness Grimlock rises with sword in hand and charges full on at the Brightsaber... and he wasn't alone. Snarl after all was relatively unharmed compared to the other Dinobots... the loner of the team refusing to let his leader go at this seemingly hopeless action alone as two swords strike out to sink into the Brightsa
May 28 19:56:23 [Jockey] ber's arms to fuck up its joints and ruin the thrust at Asagi!+
May 28 19:57:10 [Tengu] Asagi: "She doesn't want to be saved by you!" He's being pulled close, and that's exactly what he wants! Blue One brings its katana to clash against Loni's sword in a shower of sparks... But at the same time, with its free hand, the AHSMB raises its missile launcher. Asagi fires all the explosives still available to him at BrightSaber, at melee range! +
May 28 19:57:58 [Tengu] Asagi: "And too many kids on the base will cry if I let you kill our dinosaur robots!"
May 28 19:59:52 [Cubey] Loni: "I know whatcha... ugh!"
May 28 20:00:19 [Cubey] He quickly parries both Asagi and Grimlock, but didn't expect Snarl to stab at his sword hand joint!
May 28 20:01:05 [Cubey] But he quickly backhands the grumpiest Dinobot away, while his own blade is overpoweringly strong even without Grimlock being able to barely move!
May 28 20:01:12 [Aero] * With Strahlend now prioritizing its own repairs his options were rather limited. The machine forms a katana and sheath however he doesn't seem to attack with them, instead with the nanomachines embedded into the Grunbein's hand earlier he makes an attempt to wire his nanomachines through the arm of the machine and make it attack its ally. At the very least
May 28 20:01:24 [Aero] the wires would rip through the arm if it tried to resist. +
May 28 20:01:41 [Cubey] Armana: "No! Please wait!"
May 28 20:02:07 [Cubey] Loni: "Huh?"
May 28 20:02:14 [Cubey] Armana: "Leave them alone!"
May 28 20:02:24 [Cubey] Loni is distracted, enough to take a series of missiles to the face!
May 28 20:03:41 [Cubey] Willis begins his underhanded maneuver - realizing that the enemy unit controls aren't wired to the cockpit. The Grunbein acts on its own, similar to an AI yet... somehow different.
May 28 20:04:08 [Cubey] This makes it hard to control it, and the other one notices the struggle and charges, trying to stab you with its gunblade bayonet to stop it!
May 28 20:04:09 [Cubey] React.
May 28 20:04:34 [Cubey] Loni: "Why do you... gaaah!"
May 28 20:04:53 [Cubey] With a burst of plasma energy, damaged BrightSaber throws the assailants away.
May 28 20:05:26 [Cubey] Asagi and Grimlock are temporarily stunned though not too damaged from it, but your units cause a lot of rubble to fly as you crash into buildings.
May 28 20:05:38 [Cubey] Armana: "... Aaah!"
May 28 20:05:43 [Cubey] Including some on the princess herself!
May 28 20:05:56 [Tengu] Asagi: "Agh... Crap!"
May 28 20:06:21 [Jockey] "...Get... Princess. Out of here."
May 28 20:07:47 [Aero] * He had to be precise, if he messed this up then he would probably have to spend a day reconstructing himself or possibly worse. The machine veers back with one hand still holding the sheath of his newly formed sword, the other resting over the handle as the machine takes an Iaijustu stance. As the gunblade thrusts towards him he draws the katana
May 28 20:08:18 [Steam] # Armana!
May 28 20:08:25 [Cubey] # approved
May 28 20:08:26 [Aero] transforming the blade into a nanothorn blade at the last second as the weapon is drawn in an attempt to cut through the gunblade and the arm holding it. +
May 28 20:09:29 [Steam] * No time to reload the Blade Railgun, and too much rubble to try to carve through with other means! All Selena can try to do... is put her Tesla Drive to full power and dive over Armana-
May 28 20:09:37 [Steam] Selena: "Armana! Run!"
May 28 20:09:49 [Steam] *- "And take as much of it as the Soleares could!"+
May 28 20:09:56 [Steam] (No quotes on that last bit, derp)
May 28 20:11:54 [Cubey] Pieces of rubble fall down - on the AS, denting its armor and partially trapping it underneath.
May 28 20:12:00 [Cubey] Armana: "Ah, yes!"
May 28 20:12:17 [Cubey] She runs off from the danger zone...
May 28 20:12:26 [Cubey] Spectra: "There you are princess!"
May 28 20:12:37 [Steam] Elma: "What happens- Ah! Princess Armana!"
May 28 20:12:38 [Cubey] Straight into the Ishar's arms, as Spectra lunges down to capture Armana!
May 28 20:13:13 [Cubey] Willis is too distracted for precise maneuvers. Will he be fast enough?
May 28 20:13:29 [Steam] # Armana again?
May 28 20:13:42 [Cubey] The attacking Grunbein is shot by cannons, slowed down and thrown off balance enough for Willis to disarm it!
May 28 20:14:14 [Cubey] Luria: "... Stand down. We won't be here much longer."
May 28 20:14:20 [Aero] Willis: "Who..."
May 28 20:14:32 [Cubey] The Shemuel is the one that shot its Aur cannons.
May 28 20:14:44 [Cubey] But now it's next to Willis, ready to do something if he tries to interfere.
May 28 20:14:48 [Cubey] However, someone else can!
May 28 20:14:50 [Cubey] # approved
May 28 20:14:52 [Cubey] Go Selena
May 28 20:15:05 [Aero] Willis: "...rgh."
May 28 20:15:25 [Jockey] #Armana as well
May 28 20:15:58 [Cubey] # rejected - Grimlock is stunned and Snarl was thrown in the other direction, too far away.
May 28 20:16:00 [Aero] Strahlend's head darts around as Willis tries to think of a way out of the situation they got themselves in.
May 28 20:16:34 [Steam] * With Spectra's back to her and the Soleares seemingly down for the count... there's no better chance than now. Pulling itself free as fast as it can from the rubble, the Soleares lunges at the Varuch Ishar, stabbing down with its Blade Railgun!+
May 28 20:18:50 [Cubey] Spectra: "..."
May 28 20:19:01 [Cubey] Her unit glances over its shoulder - but it's too late!
May 28 20:19:01 [Cubey]
May 28 20:19:26 [Cubey] The Blade Railgun stabs down...
May 28 20:19:33 [Cubey] At nothing
May 28 20:20:12 [Cubey] Spectra: "I expected you to do something like this." The Varuch Ishar appears over the Soleares. "Predictable!" And stabs it with the blade remaining blade part of its weapon!
May 28 20:20:30 [Steam] ... Well, guilty as charged.
May 28 20:20:30 [Cubey] Then the camouflage kicks in again, making it blink to a different position, slash quickly, then again, and again!
May 28 20:20:55 [Cubey] The Soleares is too badly damaged. Limb by limb, it is torn apart!
May 28 20:21:06 [Cubey] Armana: "Selena..."
May 28 20:21:12 [Steam] Elma "U-uaaaah! Selenaaaaa!
May 28 20:21:17 [Cubey] Armana: "No!"
May 28 20:21:38 [Cubey] Spectra: "Quiet now princess. We have what we came here for."
May 28 20:21:45 [Cubey] The Varuch quickly grabs her.
May 28 20:21:50 [Cubey] Loni: "Shit... SHIT!"
May 28 20:22:23 [Cubey] Loni: "I will... save you from those assholes..."
May 28 20:22:33 [Cubey] BrightSaber rushes forward!
May 28 20:22:38 [Cubey] Armana: "No, stay away!"
May 28 20:22:41 [Cubey] Loni: "What?!"
May 28 20:22:59 [Cubey] And then a unit wreathed in green flame charged forward.
May 28 20:23:18 [Cubey]
May 28 20:23:46 [Cubey] Loni: "Argh!"
May 28 20:24:24 [Cubey] The two Grunbeins next to Willis and Luria are wrecked by Gunleon's massive wrench - supported by gunfire from other units. The SSR are here!
May 28 20:24:27 [Tengu] Asagi: "The Heat...?"
May 28 20:24:42 [Cubey] Rand: "Sorry about the holdup. The cavalry's here!"
May 28 20:24:55 [Cubey] Spectra: "All units, withdraw!"
May 28 20:24:57 [Cubey] Luria: "Y-yes!"
May 28 20:25:32 [Cubey] The Shemuel takes quickly into the skies while other balmarian units are already in air, and are disengaging quickly.
May 28 20:25:59 [Jockey] "Balmarians... stop them... quickly..."
May 28 20:26:04 [Cubey] Loni: "... I don't get it. Fuck."
May 28 20:26:13 [Tengu] Asagi: "They're taking princess Armana!"
May 28 20:26:34 [Cubey] Viletta: "Don't worry."
May 28 20:26:35 [Cubey]
May 28 20:26:56 [Cubey] Viletta: "I have it." The R-Gun shoots out a telekinetic boomerang, careful to avoid hitting Armana and slice the Ishar's arms!
May 28 20:27:04 [Cubey] Spectra: "You!"
May 28 20:27:58 [Cubey] Though shocked, Spectra reacts quickly - throwing the remains of her wheel buster forward and simultaneously disappearing, the camouflage activating one more time.
May 28 20:28:07 [Cubey] Her exit is further masked by the resulting explosion.
May 28 20:28:11 [Cubey] Viletta: "Tch..."
May 28 20:28:50 [Cubey] Loni: "She's gone? Just like that... shit! Argh!"
May 28 20:29:14 [Cubey] The BrightSaber comes under attack by the SSR barrage, just like its minions before.
May 28 20:30:01 [Cubey] And, his emotions in turmoil, Loni flees while his unit is taking damage!
May 28 20:30:10 [Cubey] Crowe: "One last for the road!"
May 28 20:30:11 [Cubey] Bang.
May 28 20:30:36 [Cubey] Loni: "It's all your fault!"
May 28 20:30:48 [Cubey] The BrightSaber quickly flees, but...
May 28 20:31:00 [Aero] Willis: "That's some timing..."
May 28 20:31:07 [Cubey] Viletta: "Not good enough, I'm afraid."
May 28 20:31:37 [Cubey] The R-Gun's head is still focused on the place where Varuch Ishar did its disappearing act.
May 28 20:31:51 * Steam has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
May 28 20:32:09 [Cubey] One where you can still see what remains of Soleares.
May 28 20:32:59 [Tengu] Asagi: "...How are Selena and Elma?"
May 28 20:33:18 [Cubey] Irm: "I'm checking now! If a lady got hurt because I was a second too slow..."
May 28 20:33:30 [Cubey] Mail: "Darling!"
May 28 20:33:54 [Jockey] "Team... needs help."
May 28 20:33:59 [Cubey] Rand: "Got it! Robot repair guy, coming up!"
May 28 20:34:04 [Tengu] Asagi: "Damn Loni... If not for him, we could've stopped them..."
May 28 20:34:15 [Jockey] "Took damage... fighting Gavin..."
May 28 20:34:17 [Cubey] The Gunleon quickly starts patching up the Dinobots one by one. As for Selena...
May 28 20:34:48 [Cubey] You can pry her cockpit open, which reveals an unsettling scene.
May 28 20:34:58 [Cubey] Elma is there, offline but mostly undamaged.
May 28 20:35:15 [Cubey] Selena... isn't. There's no gore of signs of violence. She's just disappeared.
May 28 20:35:17 [Cubey] Where off to?
May 28 20:35:33 [Cubey] But it looks like one way or another, the Balmarians got what they came here for.
May 28 20:35:48 [Cubey] All because someone wanted to play the hero and interfere.
May 28 20:35:53 [Cubey] MISSION...
May 28 20:35:57 [Cubey] Viletta: "Wait."
May 28 20:36:20 [Cubey] Viletta: "You may think this is good timing but SSR being here is not just coincidence."
May 28 20:36:40 [Cubey] Viletta: "Do you have it, Brust?"
May 28 20:37:14 [Cubey] Crowe: "The tracking device's working. My aim didn't get rusty yet."
May 28 20:37:24 [Cubey] Viletta: "We have good news for you, Unity Group."
May 28 20:37:26 [Cubey] FAILED?
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