May 21 21:03:33 [Cubey] The Project Khnum exposition is wrapping up.
May 21 21:04:48 [Cubey] Whether you tried to stop it from becoming reality or trying to talk to the clone soldiers, you didn't achieve anything substantial... but hopefully, ESUN won't agree to this kind of insanity.
May 21 21:04:53 [Cubey] Either way, time to go home.
May 21 21:05:25 [Cubey] ???: "Nobody move and you won't get hurt!"
May 21 21:06:22 [Cubey] Unfortunately this is the moment some hostiles have chosen to reveal themselves! Mobile suits and Real Troopers are entering the presentation site, guns aimed and ready to fire!
May 21 21:06:54 [Cubey] They immediately block the presentation hall - as well as the hangars. Your approach to your machines (for those who use them) is blocked!
May 21 21:07:08 [Tengu] Daniel was quiet and in a not very good mood after interacting with the clone soldiers, and this whole presentation. Now, it's getting worse.
May 21 21:07:15 [Aero] Astara: "Eeeeeehhhhh"
May 21 21:07:32 [Fri] Grace: "Wait, what's this?"
May 21 21:07:50 [Arachnion] Eva is in a worse mood, and so wastes no time yelling at a Real Trooper. "-Says who?!"
May 21 21:07:53 [Cubey] ???: "Lone Earth controls this location now. No further atrocities that defile the purity of mankind will happen here!"
May 21 21:08:01 [Jockey] "..."
May 21 21:08:18 [Tengu] Daniel: "...This day couldn't get any worse."
May 21 21:08:31 [Jockey] ".... Why did you say that?"
May 21 21:08:58 [Julia_Dietrich] No gun, no mecha, only whatever unarmed combat skills she still retained. "Don't say that." Kei moved to stick close to Astara and Daniel, the two people who had a chance of doing something to break them through to their units
May 21 21:08:58 [Arachnion] Eva: "Get lost!"
May 21 21:09:16 [Cubey] The panicked crowds try to spread in all directions, but the robots aim their weapons at people to make them freeze.
May 21 21:09:27 [Cubey] ???: "Hold still and shut up, this is your last chance!"
May 21 21:09:35 [Cubey] Edward: "I don't think so..."
May 21 21:09:48 [Cubey] Mcdowell isn't anywhere to be seen. But you can hear him on your comms.
May 21 21:10:28 [Tengu] Daniel hides behind a booth and reaches under his coat. "I don't have much that can stop a mech. But I gotta try. Wait for-"
May 21 21:10:36 [Cubey] And just a second after he said it, the cloned soldier mobile suits appear and attack the terrorists!
May 21 21:11:08 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Something like this!'
May 21 21:11:13 [Cubey] Their customized, heavily armored Genoaces slice with assault blades and fire physical machineguns, aiming at the terrorist units' limbs.
May 21 21:11:20 [Cubey] Two of the terrorists are disarmed, but...
May 21 21:11:35 [Cubey] ???: "Yeah, just as I thought. Okay, do it!"
May 21 21:11:51 [Cubey] A terrorist use Septem charges the genoace ranks.
May 21 21:11:59 [Cubey] The genoaces... do not fire at it!
May 21 21:12:22 [Jockey] "Something's wrong..."
May 21 21:12:38 [Aero] Astara narrows her eyes at that, moving closer towards Kei and the others who couldn't defend themselves on foot.
May 21 21:12:46 [Tengu] Daniel: "...They can't kill humans."
May 21 21:12:51 [Cubey] This is because in normal combat, units try to protect their cockpits. But this mobile suit exposes it, going chest-first! The genoaces cannot fire at it without hitting the cockpit.
May 21 21:12:54 [Cubey] Without killing the pilot!
May 21 21:13:06 [Cubey] The pilot who detonates the MS reactor and makes four genoaces explode with him!
May 21 21:13:16 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "..."
May 21 21:13:37 [Cubey] ???: "They can't hurt you! Put those freaks down!"
May 21 21:13:50 [Jockey] "...!!!"
May 21 21:13:56 [Cubey] However, this causes an opening.
May 21 21:14:03 [Cubey] You can make way to the hangar.
May 21 21:14:14 [Cubey] And those of you who don't need units - can strike back, now!
May 21 21:14:20 [Cubey] Volya, Astara, Eva, go!
May 21 21:14:23 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Hurry." He's already moving towards the hangar. Also, he pulls out a smoke grenade and throws it, to cover the way and make him and friends less vulnerable as they move there!
May 21 21:14:28 [Cubey] Enemies: Septem Kai x8, Huckebein Mark II M x6
May 21 21:14:47 [Cubey] Septem Kai
May 21 21:14:47 [Cubey]
May 21 21:14:47 [Cubey] Huckebein Mark II M
May 21 21:14:47 [Cubey]
May 21 21:15:02 [Cubey] Allies: Armored Genoace x8
May 21 21:15:05 [Fri] Grace: "Yeah, I don't need units! Pew Pew" Grace shoots at the intruders with her revolver.
May 21 21:15:22 * Steam ( has joined
May 21 21:15:22 [Fri] Grace: "On second thought, maybe I do." Grace continues running to board her Daughtress
May 21 21:16:05 [Jockey] *Volya only has the briefest of moments before Interitus grabs him. Quickly rushing towards the Lone Earth machines, reaching full form and swinging her staff hard across one of the Septems!+
May 21 21:16:20 [Arachnion] *Eva stays where she is-but in a pillar of green light and blast of displaced, the Tern appears! Eva: "I won't let you harm these people!" Her sword flips into position, and in a flash she's on one of the Septems, grabbing it by a shoulder and ramming her blade through its center.+
May 21 21:16:35 [Jockey] Interitus: "They have it bad enough already!"
May 21 21:16:40 [Jockey] "LEAVE! THEM! ALONE!!!"
May 21 21:17:25 [Aero] * Astara immediately summons her pistols to her and fires a barrage of explosive shots towards the nearest Septem while moving forward towards it. Behind her a wall of ice erupts up to cover the movements of the others as she summons one of Maxwell's limbs and sends it crashing towards the cockpit. +
May 21 21:17:35 [Cubey] "What the hell?" The terrorists didn't expect an opponent who can actually fight back! Interitus knocks a Septem down, while Eva stabs another through its cockpit. It immediately goes limp in her hands.
May 21 21:18:21 [Cubey] The rest back off, moving quickly on their leg thrusters while shooting with machineguns. React against the barrage, Eva and Volya.
May 21 21:18:49 [Cubey] Well, one of those escaping Septems is wrecked by Maxwell. And Astara's ice wall separates the terrorists from the crowds!
May 21 21:18:50 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Got it." She was already rushing behind the cyborg. She wasn't sure how many people in the room were freaks as far as the terrorists were concerned and she didn't want to find out if the list included herself, Daniel and Eva
May 21 21:19:27 [Steam] Roy: "... Just all kinds of messed up in every way it can be!"
May 21 21:19:36 [Cubey] the Huckebeins are heavier armed though. Two of them deploy rectangular launchers and fire, their projectiles hitting the ice wall and trying to crack it apart, regardless of who else might be in the line of fire!
May 21 21:19:47 [Cubey] For example, Astara. React!
May 21 21:19:59 [Cubey] The on foot people are now with their machines.
May 21 21:20:01 [Cubey] Daniel, Kei, go!
May 21 21:20:25 [Jockey] *Interitus stands her ground, forming a shield at the front of the staff to defend against the incoming weaponsfire.+
May 21 21:20:46 [Arachnion] *Eva flicks the Tern's wrist, sending machine oil and blood sliding off its blade. "-I don't care about your philosophy-yield or die!" She spreads a barrier field with one hand to take care of that oncoming barrage.+
May 21 21:21:32 [Julia_Dietrich] * Kei continued her movement, making her way through the hangar to where Purple-2 was stored. Climbing in, she started hitting the switches to fire it up and get her bearings on what data was available. +
May 21 21:21:44 [Steam] The drone body returns to the Wagner, and moments later the machine powers up entirely, eyes flashing with blue energy.
May 21 21:21:59 [Cubey] Interitus and Eva manage to block the barrage, which is inaccurate partially because the enemies are surprised.
May 21 21:22:14 [Cubey] And partially because...
May 21 21:22:16 [Aero] * "Maxwell." Astara's Craft once again extends its arms, which cross themselves in front of Astara to defend her from those shots. +
May 21 21:22:22 [Cubey] Edward: "What are you waiting for? Press on with the attack!"
May 21 21:22:31 [Tengu] Daniel quickly links with Steel Wanderer. "Alright. All systems, working. Let's go. Longinus, fire!" As soon as he takes a step out of the hangar, he slams the hammer twice, sending two armor-piercing bullets towards the Septems! +
May 21 21:22:53 [Cubey] The Genoaces attack the Septems as they retreat. But lacking ways of taking them down non-lethally, they try to grapple with the mobile suits!
May 21 21:23:36 [Cubey] Mobile suits that are already drawing melee weapons of their own to deal with the genoaces.
May 21 21:23:56 [Cubey] But, two of them explode, hit by Daniel's longinus bullets.
May 21 21:23:59 [Arachnion] Eva: "-Don't-"
May 21 21:24:21 [Cubey] The third manages to overwhelm the Genoace wrestling with it - using it as a human shield, it fires rifle rounds from behind it!
May 21 21:24:23 [Cubey] Daniel, react!
May 21 21:25:31 [Cubey] The icewall holds, though it is badly damaged. Astara is protected thanks to Maxwell's arm... for now.
May 21 21:25:46 [Tengu] Daniel: "...!" He ducks behind a wall, quickly ejecting empty casings from the Gun of God and loading a fresh bullet! As soon as the enemy stops shooting, he counters with an electric Medard shot, hoping to overpower the systems of both units. +
May 21 21:26:00 [Cubey] Kei: the two points of interest are the hangar, where you are, and the main exhibition hall, slightly to the side. The enemies came from somewhere between the two and are now between them.
May 21 21:26:02 [Cubey] But...
May 21 21:26:18 [Cubey] You detect another group of unidentified mobile suits on the other side of the exhibition hall!
May 21 21:26:34 [Cubey] Grace and Roy can go
May 21 21:26:43 [Julia_Dietrich] * "Roy, move through this door," she highlighted one on the map, "it'll help you flank the ones trying to suppress Astara to break her out of it. Astara, once Roy's attack takes the heat off you, show the ones attacking you the danger of being caught in a pincre maneuver. Also, look out everybody, more are coming from the other side. I can't identify their units." +
May 21 21:27:04 [Tengu] Daniel: "...What?"
May 21 21:27:15 [Cubey] Roy and Astara - take your actions
May 21 21:27:24 [Cubey] Roy can combine his with Kei's order (say if you do that)
May 21 21:27:34 [Aero] Astara: "Alright, I'm counting on you Roybot!"
May 21 21:28:01 [Steam] "Finally someone thought of using that!"
May 21 21:28:46 [Cubey] Daniel hides behind the hangar, and fires a Medard. The terrorist uses the genoace as a shield, hoping for the MS to absorb the shot. However, two of them get zapped.
May 21 21:29:02 [Cubey] The mobile suits split apart, take a few steps and collapse.
May 21 21:29:30 [Tengu] Daniel: "...They'll live."
May 21 21:29:35 [Steam] * Roy seems actually pretty happy someone's starting to play the Name Game with him... but there was still a job to do and these scumbags to deal with! The Wagner follows Kei's path, tentacles swerving around ahead to peek through the door and fire on the mooks before the machine charges through proper, sword slashing at the terrorists while they
May 21 21:29:36 [Steam] were distracted!+
May 21 21:29:42 [Steam] (Combining my actions)
May 21 21:30:06 -Global- [Network Notice] Azhure - Sorry for the interruption. We're going to be performing mainentance on the European servers: Nebula, Flame, Prometheus, Odyssey and Abyss over the weekend. Down time should be minimal. To decrease impact, we ask that users reconnect to if you are currently connected to one of these servers. Thank you for your cooperation.
May 21 21:34:11 [Fri] Grace: "Here we go, one two punch, blam blam!" Grace walk into the room step by step, two guns akimbo, firing bullets and beams at different targets. "Sorry if this hit you, friendly clones, but even genoce shoudln't exlode violently just hit by this right? Right?"
May 21 21:34:14 [Fri] +
May 21 21:34:35 [Aero] *Once the heat was off Astara leaps towards the Huckebein firing at her. She lands on the Rectangular Launcher and makes her way up the arm of the machine cutting it apart before driving Maxwell's fist into its cockpit and leaping at the other to do the same. +
May 21 21:35:56 [Cubey] Roy circles around the Huckebeins - and a second later, comes the assault from Astara and Grace! Three Huckebeins fall down, exploding one by one.
May 21 21:36:39 [Cubey] The Genoaces try to regroup for another melee assault, but two of them are grabbed and used as more human (mobile suit) shields, behind which the terrorists bunch up!
May 21 21:36:45 [Cubey] And to make matters worse...
May 21 21:36:55 [Cubey] ???: "That's enough. No one move a muscle."
May 21 21:37:13 [Cubey] The small group from behind the exhibition hall is now visible.
May 21 21:37:38 [Cubey] Its leader in a visually distinct machine, and talking.
May 21 21:38:13 [Cubey] Lone Earth leader: "While others were buying time, I've set up a detonator. One wrong move and everyone in the exhibition hall gets an explosive surprise."
May 21 21:38:30 [Cubey] New enemies: Septem Kai x2, Octape Kai (Leader)
May 21 21:38:36 [Cubey] Octape Kai
May 21 21:38:36 [Cubey]
May 21 21:39:22 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
May 21 21:39:23 [Cubey] Lone Earth leader: "This is what you get for working together with alien scum."
May 21 21:39:35 [Cubey] Leader: "And worse... for taking the pure human genome, and turning it into - this!"
May 21 21:39:42 [Cubey] The Octape points at the captured Genoaces.
May 21 21:39:53 [Cubey]
May 21 21:40:27 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "What a surprise, they used actual human genetic material for them."
May 21 21:41:02 [Steam] Roy: "Hey, leave those guys out of it! They didn't have any say in any of this!"
May 21 21:41:08 [Jockey] "... If humanity is so pure, why is it that people like you exist?"
May 21 21:41:26 [Arachnion] Eva: "-You-!" She doesn't attack, instead taking a moment to try to control herself. Stay calm, see the big picture... "It doesn't matter. Genetics or all that...They're as human as I am."
May 21 21:41:29 [Cubey] Edward: "It's not humans. It's Kin... they were made to be servants..."
May 21 21:41:35 [Cubey] Leader: "Shut up!"
May 21 21:42:11 [Cubey] Leader: "You are betraying the human race. The same aliens and freaks who tried to kill all pure humans not too long ago, now walk around us like friends. Like fucking allies!"
May 21 21:42:38 [Cubey] Leader: "One of those abominations is in the exhibition hall even now. He'll be the first to taste the fiery wrath of Lone Earth! Or she. I don't really give a damn."
May 21 21:42:43 [Jockey] "Because they ARE our allies."
May 21 21:42:56 [Cubey] Leader: "Only a matter of time before they double cross you! Can't you see it?"
May 21 21:43:02 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "...Only one? So who of us /isn't/ a freak according to you?"
May 21 21:43:30 [Cubey] Leader: "I will make everyone see the truth. Today, at this center of moral degeneracy, we will create something pure. A return to the roots. A..."
May 21 21:43:31 [Tengu] Daniel: "Stop. You're making a big mistake. You'll get everyone killed. Yourself and your men too."
May 21 21:43:56 [Cubey] ???: "Spare me. I heard this a hundred times already."
May 21 21:44:13 [Tengu] Daniel: "...!"
May 21 21:44:14 [Cubey] Kei detects new units!
May 21 21:44:32 [Cubey] Their signatures appear all around the exhibition area.
May 21 21:44:51 [Cubey] And a second later, a barrage of projectiles - armor piercing bullets and laser beams, fall down on the terrorists!
May 21 21:44:54 [Cubey] Leader: "Wha..."
May 21 21:45:00 [Julia_Dietrich] Kei: "Look out. Unknown units incoming."
May 21 21:45:00 [Cubey] They are obliterated to the last one!
May 21 21:45:08 [Cubey] ... And so were the two genoaces used as shields.
May 21 21:45:15 [Cubey] Lone Earth may be gone, but...
May 21 21:45:29 [Jockey] "?!"
May 21 21:46:03 [Cubey] ???: "Well, whaddya know. Wait long enough and the target will show up."
May 21 21:46:15 [Cubey] The unknown units approach closer.
May 21 21:46:18 [Tengu] Daniel: "That voice..."
May 21 21:46:22 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Greta."
May 21 21:46:39 [Cubey] Unknown? No. They're the Lost Seekers.
May 21 21:46:44 [Cubey]
May 21 21:46:55 [Steam] Roy: "Greta?"
May 21 21:47:43 [Cubey] Greta: "So you still remember my name, traitor. Good. Let's make this quick then."
May 21 21:47:49 [Cubey] Greta: "I'm here for your head."
May 21 21:48:47 [Tengu] Daniel: "Centurion of the Steel Legion. Was one even when I was a member..."
May 21 21:49:06 [Tengu] Daniel: "I remember her well. An old soldier. Skilled."
May 21 21:49:53 [Cubey] Greta: "You killed Cornelius. Can't say I care much... kid was crazy, but I can't have traitors going around offing our Centurions."
May 21 21:50:32 [Cubey] Greta: "I know Unity Group harbors another one. I'll take care of it later. For now..."
May 21 21:51:05 [Tengu] Daniel: "...She knows about April..."
May 21 21:51:32 [Cubey] Greta: "Don't screw around with the Steel Legion, boy!"
May 21 21:51:42 [Cubey] The Lost Seekers are attacking!
May 21 21:51:54 [Jockey] Interitus: "..............."
May 21 21:51:58 [Cubey] Edward: "Genoace units, regroup around the exhibition hall and prepare to counter strike!"
May 21 21:52:42 [Arachnion] Eva: "Of all the days..."
May 21 21:52:42 [Cubey] Enemies: Steel Legionnaire x14, Fire Legionnaire x3, Smoke Legionnaire x3, Light Legionnaire x2, Steel Centurion (Greta)
May 21 21:52:49 [Cubey] Steel Legion
May 21 21:52:49 [Cubey]
May 21 21:52:49 [Cubey] Fire Legion
May 21 21:52:49 [Cubey]
May 21 21:52:49 [Cubey] Smoke Legion
May 21 21:52:49 [Cubey]
May 21 21:52:49 [Cubey] Light Legion
May 21 21:52:49 [Cubey]
May 21 21:52:58 [Cubey] Volya, Astara, go!
May 21 21:53:14 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Very well. I'm not just fighting for my own skin. I got others to protect this time. Let's go!"
May 21 21:53:20 [Tengu]
May 21 21:55:49 [Jockey] *Interitus takes to the air with a snap of her wings and starts raining down energy ribbons and slowing blasts down on the Legionnaires.+
May 21 21:55:59 [Jockey] Interitus: "Go away... LEAVE!"
May 21 21:57:02 [Jockey] Volya: "Kei... is there anything you can do to try keep the Genoaces out of trouble?"
May 21 21:58:31 [Cubey] Interitus is high in the air - no terrain to do clever tricks with there, but it also means the plant creature is wide open!
May 21 21:59:04 [Cubey] The first of the Steel Legionnaires is cut by energy ribbons that split it apart. Another four quickly load Guns of God using their shoulder loaders... and fire repeatedly!
May 21 21:59:12 [Cubey] Armor piercing barrage, coming your way Volya! React!
May 21 21:59:37 [Aero] * "Let's see now..." Astara activates Fortuna, shaping the sphere of darkness into a sniper rifle that looked too large for her to fire while still standing. Despite that she remains standing as she pulls the trigger, firing several high-penetrating rounds towards the Legion. +
May 21 22:00:58 [Cubey] The firing Legionnaires are hit by high caliber sniper rounds. One, then another, fall down with large holes in their bodies.
May 21 22:01:03 [Jockey] *Interitus charges her staff with energy as she sees the incoming shots... a shield wouldn't do here... so instead... she's swinging the staff rapidly at the incoming barrage with the intention of deflecting it!+
May 21 22:01:16 [Cubey] But the Smoke Legion members are on the move! The first drops down a smokeball and disappears, and others soon follow.
May 21 22:01:39 [Cubey] They reappear while moving quickly, and fire single bullets each. The bullets fly silently, and then spread into a multitude of kunai!
May 21 22:01:50 [Cubey] A cutting rain upon you Astara. React!
May 21 22:02:05 [Steam] # Astara?
May 21 22:02:10 [Cubey] # approved
May 21 22:02:27 [Cubey] Interitus spins the staff, but the force of the first bullet is enough to tell you this isn't enough. This is going to hurt!
May 21 22:02:31 [Cubey] But something appears from below.
May 21 22:03:16 [Cubey] A genoace rushes upward! It positions itself between the legionnaires and Interitus, and blocks with its shield.
May 21 22:03:37 [Cubey] A shield that gets penetrated with armor piercing bullets, which repeatedly slam into the mobile suit itself.
May 21 22:03:55 [Cubey] Critically damaged, the unit starts falling down. But Interitus and Volya are unharmed...
May 21 22:03:58 [Jockey] Interitus: "!!!!!"
May 21 22:04:01 [Cubey] Eva, Daniel, go
May 21 22:04:04 [Jockey] "No!"
May 21 22:04:34 [Steam] * The might've been silent, but as the kunai come raining down Roy can still see them! "Trying to be ninjas now? Well I'm gonna take a bet and say-" The Wagner lunges in, Crisis energy being released as dozens of blades form, angling at the attacking knives before firing out at them! "-Don't bring knives to a swordfight!"
May 21 22:04:37 [Steam] +
May 21 22:04:42 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
May 21 22:05:00 [Steam] But as that Genoace gets pummeled- "-Holy crap! Are they okay?!?"
May 21 22:05:11 [Aero] * Astara changes Fortuna's form again, this time turning it back into its normal sphere form before it erupted into a swarm of dark spears of energy that fanned out and homed onto the kunais to knock them away from her. +
May 21 22:05:26 [Cubey] The mobile suit starts to spark, a series of small explosions on its body. It is engulfed by the reactor blowing up!
May 21 22:05:37 [Cubey] But, a second before it is destroyed...
May 21 22:05:58 [Cubey] You can hear a robotic-sounding voice on the comm line.
May 21 22:06:05 [Cubey] "Stay safe."
May 21 22:06:42 [Jockey] Interitus: "A... ah-!"
May 21 22:07:06 [Jockey] [The realization... hits hard.]
May 21 22:08:02 [Arachnion] *Eva: "...Don't you people dare sacrifice yourselves for me." She kicks up into the air, floating above the battlefield-and rains a barrage of arcing laser bolts on the fire Legionnaires.+
May 21 22:08:05 [Cubey] One of the Smoke Legionnaires reloads mid-flight, the Gun of God shooting an electric Medard round to zap anything that tries to deflect the kunai!
May 21 22:08:36 [Cubey] However, the dark spears and energy projectiles don't have much of a form, and Roy and Astara working together manage to neutralize the assault.
May 21 22:10:41 [Cubey] Greta: "Sucks, doesn't it? But that's life kid, get used to it!"
May 21 22:11:04 [Steam] Roy: "No, 'life' is what you freaking robbed someone of right now!"
May 21 22:11:19 [Tengu] Daniel: "...You gotta stay alive. Fight. And watch for civilians, too. Seekers may target them." He quickly loads two bullets into the Gun of God, spins its chamber and as soon as it stops, fires towards one of the Light Legionnaires - the shots explode, covering the elite enemy and any lesser enemies that may be close! +
May 21 22:11:23 [Steam] "So guess what... Garbage Greta!"
May 21 22:11:24 [Cubey] The Fire Legionnaires are trying to make a way towards the exhibition hall - who knows what their flamethrowers could do in close quarters against civilan targets!
May 21 22:11:44 [Jockey] [Greta's answer is one very loud, angry and piercing shriek that did not at all sound human.]
May 21 22:11:53 [Steam] The Wagner pointed at her machine! "You're not getting away with any of this! And sure as heck not acting like you've got high ground here either!"
May 21 22:11:57 [Jockey] "Teritus-"
May 21 22:11:59 [Cubey] Fortunately Eva cuts through their reloaders, setting two on fire and the third retreats.
May 21 22:12:50 [Cubey] But from below, the Tern comes under attack from one of the Light Legionnaires.
May 21 22:13:32 [Cubey] Spreading lasers are quickly fired, then the Light enemy stops down for a second, and charges... a large beam follows, taking advantage of the smaller ones, suppression!
May 21 22:13:33 [Cubey] React, Eva!
May 21 22:14:42 [Cubey] The other Light Legionnaire rushes towards cover. From behind it, its hand peeks out for just a moment to fire a sticky net towards Daniel!
May 21 22:15:14 [Cubey] Greta: "Kids these days have no respect for the old. Well, don't mind if I reduce UG's fighting potential while I'm at it!"
May 21 22:15:33 [Cubey] And to make matters worse, Greta contributes to the fight as well. She fires a bullet, aiming at Roy!
May 21 22:16:07 [Cubey] But it deflects off the Wagner harmlessly (no reaction needed), hitting a Genoace not-so-harmlessly, then flying from the resulting explosion towards the Steel Wanderer!
May 21 22:16:11 [Cubey] React, Daniel!
May 21 22:16:13 [Arachnion] *The Light legionnaire's technique is one Eva's used many times before. She spreads a barrier with both hands, diving towards the ground and through the suppression lasers to avoid the big one. The Tern lands on the pavement with a crater-and reaches out with its claws to rip the Legionnaire limb from limb.+
May 21 22:16:16 [Cubey] Grace, Roy, go.
May 21 22:16:52 [Cubey] Edward: "The squad is down to one third of its numbers. Send out reinforcements!"
May 21 22:16:56 [Fri] Grace: "Wait, Daniel. I thought you're cowboys? Why are they ninjas now?"
May 21 22:17:05 [Steam] Roy: "No, get them OUT of here!"
May 21 22:17:33 [Steam] "If they stay out here they're just all going to die!"
May 21 22:17:58 [Cubey] Edward: "There's more of them waiting for deployment. They need to prove themselves, or..."
May 21 22:18:14 [Cubey] Six extra Genoaces are activating inside the hangar.
May 21 22:18:21 [Arachnion] Eva: "Stop thinking about yourself for once in your life!"
May 21 22:18:37 [Tengu] Daniel: "That's not the Lost Seekers, Grace. That's just me...!" He quickly fires a barrage of beam shots towards the incoming net, and the Light legionnaire who fired it, and then tries to jump for cover! +
May 21 22:18:51 [Steam] "They don't gotta do crap! Stop just pretending to care about them and actually care about 'em!"
May 21 22:18:52 [Cubey] Edward: "I'm thinking about people I can save by doing this! Your friend, Volya was it? If that clone didn't save him, what would he..."
May 21 22:19:05 [Cubey] Edward starts coughing up something nasty again. Must be the dust. Or the stress of battle.
May 21 22:19:25 [Jockey] "Don't talk for me!"
May 21 22:19:56 [Arachnion] Eva: "And you sacrificed another to do that! Don't you see, you're not saving anyone-just shifting the deaths around!"
May 21 22:20:20 [Steam] * But Roy's not going to just let Greta keep being such a scumbag like she is! The Wagner lunges at the machine, shield raised and his sword held high like the attack was coming from that angle... but surprise! Suddenly the short sword springs out of the shield like a pile bunker at the woman!+
May 21 22:20:30 [Cubey] Edward: "Deaths of these clones do not matter any more than destroyed AI-controlled units. Can't you see that?"
May 21 22:20:35 [Fri] Grace: "But if you want to trick a trickster, you have to be better than the best! Hey you ninja cowboys, fight me!" Grace fire some shots the smoke legions to draw their attentions and as she runs toward them, her Daughtress disappear in a massive puff of smoke!
May 21 22:20:46 [Jockey] "They aren't AI!"
May 21 22:21:23 [Jockey] "They're living beings! We know they are!"
May 21 22:23:00 [Steam] Roy: "And I'M an AI-Controlled unit, jerkpile!"
May 21 22:23:14 [Cubey] Daniel destroys the net, but is too slow to dodge the bullet fully! It rips through the side of the Wanderer, leaving a shallow but long gash.
May 21 22:23:37 [Cubey] You are being pushed towards the exhibition hall, as Greta gives chase!
May 21 22:23:45 [Cubey] Gives chase... and comes under attack by Roy.
May 21 22:23:55 [Cubey] Greta: "Down, boy."
May 21 22:24:18 [Fri] But then Grace appears on top of the Steel Legionnaires, swinging with her cable latching on the roof, shooting at them! "Ha ha, you think I'm really asking for duelow fuuck..." Then the roof collapsed on top of Grace and the steel bots.+
May 21 22:24:33 [Cubey] Firing under her arm, she slams the hammer repeatedly, electrified Medards flying towards the Wagner before Roy's attack can connect with the Centurion. React!
May 21 22:24:41 [Arachnion] Eva: "Ghh-That's bull and you know it! I used to think I was just a tool for others to use too, you know!"
May 21 22:25:14 [Cubey] Edward: "But you're not a tool Eva, and Roy is a sapient AI. These clones aren't sapient, all they do is obey orders."
May 21 22:25:16 [Jockey] #Roy
May 21 22:25:20 [Cubey] # approved
May 21 22:25:21 * Fri has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
May 21 22:26:13 [Steam] * "Errrgh, go Heat Flash!" A sudden pulse of heat bursts from the pile bunker to deflect the Medards and also ensure Greta'll at least feel *some* pressure even if she's just going to run away!+
May 21 22:26:39 [Steam] "And just shut up!"
May 21 22:26:47 [Jockey] *Interitus is letting loose a barrage of vines at the incoming rounds, seeking to leech their energy from them in case Roy can't get them all.+
May 21 22:26:55 [Steam] "We're busy fighting enough jerks right now, so just wait your freaking turn!"
May 21 22:28:05 [Cubey] Eva forces her way through the Lucia rounds, the large beam flying off somewhere above her, but seeing the Tern approach, the Light Legionnaire is on the move again. It flees in the same direction Greta's engaging towards, making pursuit harder.
May 21 22:29:21 * Fri (Fri@202.80.mhw.w) has joined
May 21 22:29:38 [Tengu] Daniel: "Watch out for the Light Legion. They're the elite forces."
May 21 22:29:53 [Tengu] Daniel: "...And can't the clones evacuate the civilians?"
May 21 22:30:08 [Cubey] As soon as they see the smoke bomb in action, the Smoke Legionnaires try to spread once again. Seeing Grace's Daughtress appear above them, they raise their guns... only for the unit and rubble to start falling down on them!
May 21 22:30:19 [Cubey] The closest one is quick enough to fire several beam rounds however. Grace, react!
May 21 22:31:04 [Cubey] Interitus tries to absorb the electricity - and while doing so, gets zapped as well!
May 21 22:31:24 [Fri] "Ow ow ow." Grace ducks in between rubbles with her daughtress' hands around the head.+
May 21 22:31:25 [Cubey] However Roy's heat melts down the un absorbed bullets, and the flash forces Greta away.
May 21 22:31:29 [Cubey] Also Interitus, though.
May 21 22:31:52 [Cubey] Greta: "Yet another idealistic hotshot..."
May 21 22:32:33 [Cubey] The Daughtress is a bit of a smaller target, but one of the beams hits it on the shoulder, at least before the rubble fall down on the Legionnaire and bury it underneath.
May 21 22:32:37 [Steam] Roy: "When you're nothing but a bunch'a 1s and 0s, if you wanna be something bigger and better you start with ideals and work from there!"
May 21 22:33:18 [Cubey] Greta: "Spare me. This kind of naivety is dime a dozen, always was!"
May 21 22:33:24 [Cubey] Volya, Astara, Eva, go.
May 21 22:33:59 [Arachnion] (Can I get an enemy count? It's been a bit hectic)
May 21 22:34:10 [Cubey] Enemies: Steel Legionnaire x11, Fire Legionnaire x1, Smoke Legionnaire x2, Light Legionnaire x2, Steel Centurion (Greta)
May 21 22:35:41 [Jockey] *Interitus is rushing forward, letting loose a barrage of vines at Greta... rather than trying to drain the Steel Centurion though... she's trying to use that energy she drained to short circuit it!+
May 21 22:36:00 [Jockey] *drained from the bullets
May 21 22:36:26 [Arachnion] *Eva doesn't like being outnumbered. She takes to the skies again, laying into the Steel Legionnaires with arcing lasers-followed up by a sweeping beam from the Tern's chest-laser. The very same moves that Light Legionnaire tried to pull on her, on a larger scale.+
May 21 22:36:56 [Cubey] The Steel Centurion seems to run away from Interitus - and head towards the exhibition hall! While on the run, Greta quickly fires several quick rounds to disparage the vines from coming at her!
May 21 22:36:58 [Cubey] React, Interitus!
May 21 22:37:12 [Cubey] *Discourage
May 21 22:37:15 [Aero] #?
May 21 22:37:19 [Cubey] # approved
May 21 22:37:37 [Cubey] Edward: "Don't let them into the hall! No matter what!"
May 21 22:38:24 [Cubey] While flying above the battlefield, Eva notices that the enemies seem to converge towards the hall's direction... though the Steel Legionnaires are creating something of a perimeter, which you cut into now!
May 21 22:39:07 [Cubey] The beam hits one of them, then another, melting the units while the rest seek cover behind buildings, and fire concentrated barrages from behind them.
May 21 22:39:08 [Cubey] React!
May 21 22:39:27 [Jockey] *Either Interitus is willing to trust in the others to help her or she's just too angry to care, Interitus is not at all discouraged by the incoming fire and sends a slowing blast at the Centurion to make sure its hobbled before the shock sets in+
May 21 22:39:53 [Arachnion] Eva: "using civilians as pawns again..." With no need to worry about shielding buildings, Eva dives and swerves through the air to avoid the oncoming shots-and keeps up her own counter barrage.+
May 21 22:40:40 [Cubey] Greta: "Spare me the moral high ground. This is a battlefield."
May 21 22:41:35 [Fri] Grace: "Quick! Someone seduce her! Because eventhough everything's fair in war... Love can bloom in the battlefield."
May 21 22:41:54 [Cubey] Eva's beams strike at and fry another Legionnaire, but their attacks are aimed carefully and box you closer and closer, several rounds hitting the Tern and piercing its armor painfully!
May 21 22:42:13 [Cubey] No important systems were damaged yet, but this is getting troublesome!
May 21 22:42:24 [Tengu] Daniel: "Lost Seekers don't care about the lives of civilians. We're all unjust, to them."
May 21 22:43:03 [Tengu] Daniel: "Doubt seduction will work. Also, she's old. But you can try if you wanna, Grace."
May 21 22:43:20 [Cubey] Greta: "Ha! Experience half the shit I did, you'd know this is just fair punching back!"
May 21 22:43:48 [Aero] * "Maxwell!" Astara finally ignites her craft in its full form around her before unleashing a small tornado of fire towards the rounds fired by Greta to either knock them out of their path towards Interitus or just consume them completely. +
May 21 22:45:02 [Cubey] The rounds are on the tornado's path...
May 21 22:45:20 [Cubey] but, fired at odd angles, the bullets collide against one another! They fly off, avoiding the defense!
May 21 22:45:31 [Cubey] They hit walls of the buildings nearby and strike at Interitus' tentacles!
May 21 22:45:45 [Cubey] The plant monster's attack stops in pain!
May 21 22:46:04 [Cubey] Two Genoaces physically block the exhibition hall doors!
May 21 22:46:08 [Cubey] Greta: "... Heh."
May 21 22:46:14 [Cubey] Daniel, Astara, go!
May 21 22:46:28 [Aero] Astara: "Cute..."
May 21 22:46:48 [Cubey] Greta: "You don't live as long as me without learning a few tricks."
May 21 22:46:52 [Jockey] "Ghh... Astara... you gotta stop her!"
May 21 22:46:56 * Julia_Dietrich has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 46.0.1/20160502172042])
May 21 22:47:55 [Tengu] Daniel: "Leave them alone." He quickly breaks into a sprint, and while rushing forward, fires a ricocheting Julian shot, which bounces off a few walls and one or two Lost Seeker units (hitting them hard in the process) before heading straight towards Greta! +
May 21 22:49:31 [Aero] *Maxwell gives the plant creature a small nod, she's pretty annoyed right now. The burning craft draws its own pistols and joins in with the Gunman's assault, firing her own barrage of bullets towards Greta. &
May 21 22:51:01 [Cubey] The Light Legionnaires block Astara's path! They also try to stop her barrage (while suffering some hits in the process), with quick firing wide-spread beams from one and an energy net from another!
May 21 22:51:03 [Cubey] React/continue
May 21 22:51:40 [Cubey] One of the Light Legionnaires is further hit, but jumps making it a glancing blow - the bullet deflects off it towards a Smoke Legionnaire, destroying, it and then flies towards Greta...
May 21 22:51:49 [Cubey] Greta: "Turning my own trick against me, huh..."
May 21 22:52:04 [Cubey] Who fires a Julian of her own! It deflects off Daniel's.
May 21 22:52:26 [Cubey] And - Daniel can already see it, flying towards the two Genoaces, who are trying to take a firing position from behind their shields.
May 21 22:52:30 [Cubey] Daniel, react.
May 21 22:52:51 [Steam] # The Genoaces?
May 21 22:53:01 [Arachnion] #genoaces?
May 21 22:53:20 [Tengu] Daniel: "...!" He rushes forward, trying to spring to the Genoaces' defense! +
May 21 22:53:26 [Cubey] # approved
May 21 22:53:39 [Cubey] Both
May 21 22:53:43 [Aero] * Maxwell continues to ignite its entire body and rather than backing down she blazes brighter, the flames taking the form of a feral creature aiming to rip through both of the Light legionnaires on her way to Greta. +
May 21 22:55:29 [Arachnion] *Eva remains in the air, though she's been drifting lower to start benefiting from cover. She can't quite reach the Genoaces in time-but she can fire a laser at the bullet gunning for them.+
May 21 22:56:35 [Steam] * And having been lagging behind Greta before, Roy instead hurls his shield for the two Genoaces to use for cover too! "Hang on you two!"+
May 21 22:58:31 [Cubey] Eva fires - though her defense was unnecessary, the bullet harmlessly deflects off Roy's thrown shield.
May 21 22:58:53 [Cubey] Deflects... and hits Steel Wanderer's hand.
May 21 22:59:05 [Cubey] Or to be exact, its Gun of God. It is destroyed in a single shot.
May 21 22:59:13 [Tengu] Daniel: "!!"
May 21 22:59:18 [Cubey] Greta: "Surprised?"
May 21 22:59:50 [Cubey] Weaving between the Genoaces and avoiding their point blank rifles, Greta's Centurion slams its shoulder into the Steel Wanderer.
May 21 23:00:04 [Cubey] The two of them are thrown into the hall, where she quickly disengages!
May 21 23:00:13 [Tengu] Daniel: "Urgh...!"
May 21 23:00:55 [Cubey] And you can't get a clear shot at her with the Genoaces in the way. The Light Legionnaires got out of Maxwell's way, though Astara's assault can't continue. The electric currents shock you into a temporary stun!
May 21 23:01:06 [Jockey] "Daniel!"
May 21 23:01:14 [Cubey] They look damaged, but also look ready to not let you through into the hall.
May 21 23:01:27 [Cubey] Greta: "It's just me and you then, target."
May 21 23:01:34 [Cubey] Grace, Roy, go now.
May 21 23:01:55 [Steam] Roy: "Like heck it's just you and your targets!"
May 21 23:01:56 [Aero] Astara: "Ghhh."
May 21 23:01:57 [Tengu] Daniel: "My Gun of God..."
May 21 23:01:59 [Cubey] In fact, you can see that remaining Legionnaires are making their way towards the entrance to the hall. And because that's where most of you are (sans Eva)... you are getting surrounded.
May 21 23:02:27 [Steam] Roy: "You need a gun, man?"
May 21 23:02:28 [Tengu] Daniel: "I should've brought another weapon..."
May 21 23:02:45 [Jockey] "...Gh..."
May 21 23:03:14 [Tengu] Daniel: "If you can get one in here. With the elites on the way, may be hard..."
May 21 23:04:27 [Arachnion] Eva: "Awful lot of effort to kill one man..."
May 21 23:04:28 [Steam] "Well just 'cuz something's hard... doesn't mean it's impossible!"
May 21 23:04:30 [Jockey] "We can try..."
May 21 23:05:25 [Fri] Grace stands up
May 21 23:05:28 [Steam] * The Wagner deploys its arm cannon, hurling it at Daniel's direction! But ring of Crisis energy flows out with it as a protective shield, even as Roy has his tendrils fire to disrupt the Legionnaires' ranks!+
May 21 23:05:29 [Cubey] Greta: "Traitors get as traitors deserve."
May 21 23:07:45 [Fri] "Just as planned."
May 21 23:08:27 [Cubey] One of the Light Legionnaires charges a large beam and fires - at the thrown cannon! While the other, closer to Wagner...
May 21 23:08:49 [Cubey] Kicks the Genoace's shin and seeks refuge behind it! Not to make you wait, it fires an electric bullet from behind the hostage! React!
May 21 23:09:16 [Fri] Grace points his gun at the legionnaires. "Hey guys, question. You think I stumbled around and make stuff collapse and such accidentally? I hope you do honestly, because if not that means my schtick doesn't work anymore."
May 21 23:12:29 [Fri] Grace: "This is a peaceful discussion forum before you religious nutjobs arrived you know. You're trolls. You know what happens to trolls?" she fires. A flare arcs from his revolver. Toward the oil her daughtress spread on the legionnaires when she had the roof collapsed on top of them. "They got flamed."+
May 21 23:13:02 [Steam] * And Roy... values making sure Daniel gets a weapon! "This is gonna hurt... but ASK ME IF I CARE! MACHINA EX-CALIBER!" The ring of Crisis energy morphs into a gigantic sword, slashing down at the beam blast to safely part it! And if he gets shot and shocked? Well... some things are worth taking one for the team!+
May 21 23:13:04 [Cubey] The smoke legionnaire drops down a smokeball.
May 21 23:13:20 [Cubey] And, both the smoke and its oily armor are immediately set ablaze.
May 21 23:15:35 [Cubey] The Crisis sword cuts down on the beam, causing an explosion as the two connect!
May 21 23:15:45 [Cubey] The Genoaces are thrown to the side (harmlessly) and also...
May 21 23:16:03 [Cubey] "Aaah!" Someone was trying to leave the exhibition hall, but now has to cling to a side railing to prevent falling down.
May 21 23:16:17 [Cubey] It's Chou - with a small group of civilians in tow!
May 21 23:16:46 [Cubey] Unfortunately, Roy gets blasted by the beams quite severely, and the Legionnaire jumps away from the Genoace, the living shield useless now.
May 21 23:16:49 [Cubey] But, Daniel has a weapon now!
May 21 23:17:28 [Tengu] Daniel catches the cannon. "Thanks! I'll make good use of this..." He glances towards Greta.
May 21 23:17:45 [Cubey] The fiery release caused by Grace consumed the non-Steel or Light legion machines, but.
May 21 23:17:52 [Cubey] The Steel ones are now trying to pin you down!
May 21 23:18:00 [Cubey] This is when the Genoaces from the hangar counter attack.
May 21 23:18:23 [Cubey] Shooting precisely and continuing in melee, they quickly aim for enemy heads, arms, and shoulder reloaders.
May 21 23:18:36 [Cubey] But
May 21 23:18:46 [Cubey] The damaged Legionnaires are not disabled, and throw themselves on the line of fire!
May 21 23:19:09 [Cubey] This causes the Genoaces to stop attacking. And the Legionnaires counter with a swarm of bullets. One, two, three - half the mobile suit force is cut down.
May 21 23:19:14 [Cubey] Chou: "N... no..."
May 21 23:19:30 [Cubey] Edward: "Not good."
May 21 23:19:46 [Cubey] Edward: "We need more reinforcements here! Every clone, sortie!"
May 21 23:19:52 [Cubey] Volya, Astara, Eva, go.
May 21 23:20:09 [Jockey] "Stop!"
May 21 23:20:24 [Cubey] Greta: "Looks like you're out of warm bodies here, old chum." She quickly puts the Gun of God in the reloader and retrieves it in one smooth motion.
May 21 23:21:08 [Cubey] Edward: "It doesn't matter. The project can always make more!"
May 21 23:21:21 [Cubey] Edward: "But if it gets cancelled here then it's all over. My final chance for redemption... all over..."
May 21 23:21:29 [Jockey] *Interitus unleashes a barrage of energy ribbons to carve the Steel Legion's guns from their hands before rushing in to bring them down with her staff!+
May 21 23:21:46 [Jockey] "You.... you're both despicable!"
May 21 23:22:24 [Cubey] Chou: "Stop... you're throwing your lives away..!"
May 21 23:22:43 [Cubey] The Kin tries to yell out to the battlefield, but the cries remain unheard by the clones.
May 21 23:23:00 [Arachnion] Eva grits her teeth. "...So I'm on a time limit, then..." the Tern taps its foot against the ground from where it's been taking cover-and rushes the enemy perimiter, tearing at the legionnaires with claw and blade alike. "If you wanted that," she says, rushing from one target to the next, "-You wouldn't repeat your mistakes! Samantha died to stop this kind of thing! Call them back, now!"+
May 21 23:24:04 [Cubey] Two Legionnaires are disarmed and knocked down. Once they fall - they both explode, rigged to self destruct! The same happens with those Eva cuts down.
May 21 23:24:16 [Cubey] And, the clones are there, eager to throw themselves between you and the explosions!
May 21 23:24:19 [Cubey] React, both of you!
May 21 23:24:40 [Cubey] Chou: "Don't do it!"
May 21 23:25:26 [Aero] * Astara changes her weapon once again, this time forming Inazuma in order to absorb and then redirect the currents of electricity flowing into Maxwell back towards the Legionnaires keeping her pinned. +
May 21 23:25:37 [Jockey] *No. Not again. NOT AGAIN DAMNIT! Interitus refuses! Grabbing the Genoaces and hurling them away from the blast at the cost of taking the hit for herself!+
May 21 23:25:47 [Arachnion] *The Tern outsizes the Genoaces by a wide margin-so while she spreads a barrier shield to block the explosion with one hand, Eva's other one grabs the Genoace nearest her by the head and flings it away.+
May 21 23:26:56 [Arachnion] Eva: "Don't..die..for me!"
May 21 23:27:09 [Cubey] One of the Light Legionnaires ducks behind cover, and under it runs towards Eva, Volya and the other clones.
May 21 23:27:33 [Cubey] While the second tries to counter with a large beam... but it's grabbed by the by-the-gate clones from both sides!
May 21 23:27:52 [Cubey] That makes it open to being electrocuted by Maxwell. The problem is...
May 21 23:27:59 [Cubey] If that happens, the clones will be zapped as well!
May 21 23:28:02 [Cubey] React, Astara.
May 21 23:28:33 [Cubey] Eva and Interitus protect the Genoaces from an explosion, and while the former doesn't suffer anything from it, the latter feels burns on her back.
May 21 23:29:01 [Cubey] Greta: "Well."
May 21 23:29:10 [Cubey] Greta: "Boy's got a new toy. Ready to show it off?"
May 21 23:29:25 [Cubey] Her Centurion maintains distance from the Steel Wanderer, ready to fire at a moment's notice.
May 21 23:29:35 [Cubey] Daniel, Roy, Grace, go!
May 21 23:29:45 [Tengu] Daniel: "You bet."
May 21 23:30:00 [Cubey] Edward: "At least help down an enemy ace. It doesn't matter how many genoaces it takes."
May 21 23:30:18 [Jockey] Interitus: "Quiet!"
May 21 23:30:23 [Cubey] Chou: "This isn't... what Hen wanted."
May 21 23:30:26 [Arachnion] Eva: "You haven't changed at all..."
May 21 23:30:48 [Cubey] Chou: "Hen wanted to... protect? No. That's wrong. Sorry, Hen."
May 21 23:30:59 [Cubey] Chou: "The one who wanted to save everyone... is gone now..."
May 21 23:30:59 [Tengu] * Daniel quickly rolls behind a nearby column, and fires a single shot from the arm cannon towards Greta! Then he jumps out from behind his cover, much closer to her and attempting to flank her, and shoots again! +
May 21 23:31:44 [Tengu] Daniel: "I'd be a bad professional if I betrayed Roy's trust now."
May 21 23:31:52 [Jockey] Interitus: "Please.... go! We don't want you to get hurt!"
May 21 23:32:04 [Steam] Weakly the Wagner gives Daniel a thumbs-up for that line.
May 21 23:32:08 [Jockey] [The plant creature's trying to urge the clones to retreat...]
May 21 23:32:59 [Steam] (Enemies left?)
May 21 23:33:00 [Fri] Grace: "Hey Mr. Edward. I have a much better idea for your salvation. Believe me, we can make them much more useful than this."
May 21 23:33:11 [Cubey] Greta counters by jumping to the side! While mid-air, she fires another bouncing bullet, probably wanting to hit you from behind while you hide behind the columns. And then, a bit higher, she slams the hammer and empties the clip with normal rounds, to finish off a flushed out enemy. React, Daniel!
May 21 23:33:20 [Cubey] Enemies: Steel Legionnaire x2, Light Legionnaire x2 (lightly damaged both), Steel Centurion (Greta)
May 21 23:34:05 [Fri] Grace: "You might notice using them as canon fodder kinda not received well by a lot of people, and that's a total marketing failure you know?"
May 21 23:34:21 [Fri] Grace raise her guns and shoot in rapid fire toward one of the light legionaire+
May 21 23:34:30 [Cubey] Chou: "I still remember how you used your powers to show everyone errors of your ways."
May 21 23:34:52 [Cubey] Chou: "But... I'm not Ren. I don't have any power anymore!"
May 21 23:35:15 [Tengu] Daniel: "Tch...!" He does another roll, trying to get behind the column he used as cover before. Steel Wanderer's old joints creak audibly from the maneuver. +
May 21 23:35:28 [Fri] Grace: "What if we use them as worker for shitty job that normal people don't like? Sewer cleaner, people who pick defective lego blocks from thousands of similar legos, that sort of thing."
May 21 23:35:51 [Cubey] The Light Legionnaire still seeks refuge, jumping from one cover to another. And mid-jump, it shoots a sticky net at Grace!
May 21 23:35:57 [Steam] The Wagner pushes itself back up to its feet. "And don't you freak out about stuff like that either!" he says to Chou.
May 21 23:36:00 [Cubey] The sticky net is followed up by an electrified one.
May 21 23:36:09 [Cubey] React, Grace.
May 21 23:37:38 [Cubey] Chou: "Then, what can I do?!"
May 21 23:37:42 [Fri] "Fire beats glue." Grace spray oil at the sticky net and ligth it up with her flares
May 21 23:37:42 [Fri] +
May 21 23:37:59 [Cubey] The Kin closes their eyes...
May 21 23:38:38 [Steam] * Short sword in one hand, main sword in the other, and the Machina Ex-Caliber forming again, Roy springs at one of the Light Legionnaires! "What matters... isn't just what you can do, but what you DO do!" The energy blade strikes first, swinging down viciously before both swords let fly right afterwards... but the goal's not to cut them down jus
May 21 23:38:38 [Steam] t yet... just get in position as suddenly the rocket anchor fires out of the main blade's pommel to reel them in... and get skewered by the telescoping short sword-turned-spear!+
May 21 23:38:45 [Cubey] Grace quickly burns down the net, only parts of it fly around the daughtress, trapping no one. One of the flares hits the Light Legionnaire's legs, starting a small fire that quickly dissipates.
May 21 23:39:01 [Cubey] But the electrified bullet hits the Daughtress, its systems are entering haywire now!
May 21 23:39:07 [Steam] "Be a good person... and the rest comes easy!"
May 21 23:39:56 [Cubey] Chou: "It can't be that easy, can it?!"
May 21 23:40:00 [Cubey] Chou: "..."
May 21 23:40:40 [Aero] * "That's..." Astara stops the flow of electricity and pauses, instead she draws upon Invicta's power again and freezes time for a few brief seconds. In the frozen time Maxwell moves to push the suicidal Genoace away from the Legionnaire. Once time resumes she restarts her electrocution without any hesitation. +
May 21 23:40:52 [Jockey] "It was for Ren..."
May 21 23:41:11 [Arachnion] Eva: "It's not easy..."
May 21 23:44:10 [Cubey] Astara decides to spare the suicidal Genoaces' help. They are thrown aside, and when time returns to normal - the enemy is getting electrocuted! But quickly it realizes what's going on, and tumbles towards cover while shooting several bullets that hit Maxwell, damaging it.
May 21 23:44:19 [Cubey] Still, you came out of the exchange in plus. But it's still moving...
May 21 23:45:10 [Cubey] While the other Light Legionnaire is stabbed by one of Wagner's blades - but as Roy has a finishing combo in mind...
May 21 23:45:41 [Cubey] The Wagner suddenly just gives. Damaged too heavily, its robotic body malfunctions for a second. And the Legionnaire uses this opportunity to shoot another sticky net at it!
May 21 23:45:44 [Cubey] React, Roy!
May 21 23:45:47 [Cubey] As for Daniel...
May 21 23:46:19 [Cubey] The Julian was merely a ruse.
May 21 23:46:41 [Cubey] Greta's bullets fired on the columns. Rubble falls down on you, knocking you down, and the gun leaves your hand!
May 21 23:46:51 [Tengu] Daniel: "Argh...!"
May 21 23:47:01 [Tengu] Daniel: "Not now...!"
May 21 23:47:19 [Cubey] Greta: "Exactly now. Don't worry boy, it won't take much longer."
May 21 23:47:33 [Cubey] The Centurion jumps towards Roy's cannon and kicks it out of the way!
May 21 23:47:41 [Cubey] While also aiming at the Steel Wanderer's cockpit.
May 21 23:47:55 [Cubey] Greta: "Any last requests?"
May 21 23:48:07 [Steam] * "W-wuau-" the Wagner's voice crackles as it falters too, but with a determined cry a burst of Crisis energy erupts from it! "C-come on! CRISISPHERE!" If he can finish off the Legionnaire? Great. If not... well, he hopes he can fry the net.+
May 21 23:48:12 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
May 21 23:48:28 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Yes."
May 21 23:48:36 [Cubey] The crisisphere expands enough to destroy the net, but the Wagner is still barely moving.
May 21 23:48:46 [Tengu] Daniel: "Answer this: what's the third name of God?"
May 21 23:49:13 [Cubey] To make matters worse, the Legionnaire is aiming right at him now!
May 21 23:49:28 [Cubey] There is a Genoace nearby, but these guys proved... less than useful.
May 21 23:49:43 * Aero has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
May 21 23:49:47 [Cubey] Greta: "Well... that's not something I expected to hear."
May 21 23:50:07 [Tengu] Daniel: "You know the answer?'
May 21 23:50:28 [Cubey] Chou: "...?"
May 21 23:50:32 [Cubey] Chou: "Help me..."
May 21 23:50:36 * Aero ( has joined
May 21 23:50:50 [Cubey] The Kin was silent for the last few moments, staring down.
May 21 23:50:56 [Cubey] Eva, Interitus!
May 21 23:51:12 [Arachnion] (Remaining enemies?)
May 21 23:51:14 [Cubey] You feel a fleeting sensation.
May 21 23:51:33 [Cubey] Enemies: Steel Legionnaire x2, Light Legionnaire x2 (damaged and heavily damaged), Steel Centurion (Greta)
May 21 23:51:37 [Cubey] (No prompt to act yet though)
May 21 23:51:50 [Arachnion] (Whoops)
May 21 23:52:07 [Cubey] A somewhat familiar one. And, struggling between being as loud as possible and as quiet as possible, Chou speaks the words:
May 21 23:52:14 [Cubey] Chou: "Please help me... save everyone..."
May 21 23:52:31 [Cubey] Greta: "Very well."
May 21 23:52:38 [Arachnion] Eva: "Chou...I can't tell you how to live your life..." Ah. This is familiar...
May 21 23:53:11 [Cubey] Chou: "No, come here, please..."
May 21 23:53:46 [Cubey] Greta: "It's something Godefroy and Defoe always said. God created the world and thus his first name is Everything."
May 21 23:53:52 [Cubey] Eva, Volya, go now!
May 21 23:54:29 [Jockey] *Interitus is moving to Chou, quickly and carefully....+
May 21 23:54:43 [Cubey] Greta: "His second name is Anything, since we don't know it."
May 21 23:55:02 [Jockey] [She reaches out to them.]
May 21 23:55:11 [Cubey] The Legionnaires notice that something is up. Both the Light ones are charging up their beams to shoot at Interitus in a crossfire!
May 21 23:55:19 [Cubey] At least they aren't aiming at Roy anymore
May 21 23:55:23 [Cubey] Volya, react.
May 21 23:56:12 [Cubey] Greta: "And because the language of God is not like the language of any people on Earth, his third name - is Nothing."
May 21 23:56:17 [Cubey] Greta: "That answer your question?"
May 21 23:56:25 [Arachnion] *There's barely any enemies left. If she can push herself a bit further...Eva fires off a barrage of lasers at one of the Steel Legionnaires-but it's a potshot. Her true target is the Light Legionairres, which she rushes at with her sword. "-No."+
May 21 23:56:33 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Yeah. It does."
May 21 23:56:44 [Tengu] Daniel goes tense inside his cockpit...
May 21 23:57:07 [Cubey] Greta: "Well then..." The Centurion's finger closes down on the trigger in slow notion...
May 21 23:58:15 [Cubey] One of the Steel Legionnaires is blown away, and Eva flies between the two Light ones, disrupting their shots with a thrust.
May 21 23:58:31 [Cubey] Though they both evade, the blade gashes one of them.
May 21 23:58:36 [Cubey] The other tries to aim at Eva instead!
May 21 23:58:55 [Cubey] But the Genoaces which Astara threw out of harm's way are now clinging on to it, weighing it arm gun down!
May 21 23:59:14 [Cubey] Interitus reaches out to Chou.
May 21 23:59:26 [Cubey] Chou: "I have the memory. I don't have the power but..."
May 21 23:59:34 [Cubey] Chou: "Someone has."
May 22 00:00:01 [Cubey] Volya, Eva - you feel a very familiar psychic sensation emanating from Chou.
May 22 00:00:35 [Jockey] "... Eva."
May 22 00:00:35 [Cubey] One speaking of all the life experiences a certain person went through. Good and bad, times of sorrow, boredom, toil, cheerfulness and tears. What it means to be alive. A person.
May 22 00:00:51 [Cubey] But this sensation is very weak and you can barely feel it. No one else present can.
May 22 00:01:04 [Arachnion] Eva: "I feel it..."
May 22 00:01:05 [Jockey] [Interitus glances over to the Tern. She'd know what the feeling meant.]
May 22 00:02:22 [Cubey] Eva, Interitus - can you even do something? If you can, do.
May 22 00:03:21 [Arachnion] Eva: "Volya, cover me." She moves closer to Chou, the titan of blue steel kneeling in front of the Kin.
May 22 00:04:21 [Jockey] [Neither Interitus nor her partner know what they could do... but Eva would. The pair move to defend both Eva and the Kin.]
May 22 00:05:38 [Arachnion] The Tern extends a claw towards Chou, holding it out for them to touch. "Be calm, and open your heart. I'll do the rest."
May 22 00:06:47 [Cubey] The Kin nods, their hand touching the oversized Tern's claw.
May 22 00:08:39 [Arachnion] From her position inside the Tern, Eva focuses on Chou. Finding that feeling, that faint signature she felt just before-and putting the Tern's power to work amplifying it across the battlefield.
May 22 00:09:49 [Cubey] A tiny mote of light leaves Chou's chest - its golden glow barely noticeable. It shatters...
May 22 00:09:59 [Cubey] Suddenly.
May 22 00:10:29 [Cubey] The battlefield is deluged in a familiar, passing sensation!
May 22 00:11:14 [Cubey] You felt this before. A message left by someone who is here no longer - unless remembered...
May 22 00:11:23 [Cubey] Greta: "What...?"
May 22 00:11:58 [Cubey] Greta: "God? No, this is no good! This nonsense again. Idealistic love-filled bullshit of a scatterbrain!"
May 22 00:12:11 [Cubey] She is distracted momentarily, but aims her gun at Daniel - and pulls the trigger!
May 22 00:12:13 [Cubey] Daniel, react!
May 22 00:12:23 [Cubey] And at the same time...
May 22 00:12:57 [Cubey] One by one, the genoaces' limbs drop.
May 22 00:13:09 [Cubey] Letting go off whatever they were holding. Which in case of two, means a Light Legionnaire.
May 22 00:13:28 [Cubey] A Legionnaire which immediately uses this opportunity to take aim at one of them!
May 22 00:13:34 [Cubey] And...
May 22 00:13:47 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Now."
May 22 00:14:00 [Cubey] "No!"
May 22 00:14:08 [Cubey] The other's assault blade stabs it right through the cockpit!
May 22 00:14:19 [Tengu] * Suddenly, with lightning reflexes, Steel Wanderer jumps to its feet! Daniel swings at Greta's arm, hitting its side to aim the Gun of God away from his unit!
May 22 00:14:21 [Tengu]
May 22 00:14:47 [Tengu] Daniel: "Let me guess. Lost Seekers still only teach shooting, right? You don't need any weapons but the Gun of God."
May 22 00:15:11 [Tengu] Daniel: "I thought that too. Experience taught me I was wrong. So I trained melee. Alone. With Sielje. And others."
May 22 00:15:19 [Cubey] Bang! The gun of god fires - towards a ruined column. Daniel deflected the aim, and is now in front of his opponent!
May 22 00:15:25 [Cubey] Greta: "..."
May 22 00:15:33 [Cubey] An opponent speechless to what he just said and did.
May 22 00:15:43 [Tengu] * Steel Wanderer then tackles Greta's machine, trying to shoulder-slam it, and then grab it in an arm lock!
May 22 00:16:30 [Tengu] Daniel: "Also. Your new unit is shiny and streamlined. Steel Wanderer is an old clanker in comparison. And I had to jury-rig it a lot. Put layers and layers of improvised armor on it."
May 22 00:16:38 [Tengu] Daniel: "...That means it's heavier."
May 22 00:17:22 [Tengu] * Wrestling with his opponent, Daniel tries to bend her arm and aim the hand towards the chest - and then he puts his own hand on Greta's Gun of God, and tries to pull the trigger! +
May 22 00:18:03 [Cubey] Greta: "Damn... shit! Who do you think you are, I don't even remember your face! YOu're not going to..."
May 22 00:18:07 [Cubey] She struggles against Daniel but
May 22 00:18:08 [Cubey] Bang
May 22 00:18:13 [Cubey] The Centurion is shot through the cockpit.
May 22 00:18:31 [Cubey] And outside.
May 22 00:18:43 [Tengu] Daniel quickly pulls away the Gun of God, before the explosion engulfs it as well.
May 22 00:19:02 [Tengu] Daniel: "That's fine. I don't have much of one anymore."
May 22 00:19:17 [Cubey] "Are you alright?"
May 22 00:19:31 [Cubey] It's one of the clones talking - asking the other one, whom they just saved.
May 22 00:19:54 [Cubey] But the remaining enemies quickly collect themselves and fire back, few as there might be!
May 22 00:20:03 [Cubey] Enemies: Steel Legionnaire x1, Light Legionnaire (damaged) x1!
May 22 00:20:13 [Cubey] Roy, Grace, Astara - go now
May 22 00:20:20 [Cubey] Chou: "..."
May 22 00:20:24 [Cubey] Chou: "Thank... you..."
May 22 00:20:32 [Cubey] The kin slumps down to their knees.
May 22 00:20:41 [Cubey] Unlike Ren though, there's no sign of disintegrating or anything.
May 22 00:21:03 [Jockey] "Eva... are they alright?"
May 22 00:21:57 [Fri] "Why wouldn't they? They are loooved"
May 22 00:22:54 [Arachnion] Eva: "...I think so. Rest easy, Chou..."
May 22 00:23:04 [Fri] Grace spins her gun, and nonchalantly shot the remaining steel legionaire on the head with one precise shot. Some might say it looked like she got all the time the world to do that shot.+
May 22 00:23:04 [Aero] Astara: "Just cleanup left then."
May 22 00:24:19 [Cubey] The Steel Legionnaire draws as well - but one of the Genoaces flings its shield at it, distracting it while staying safe itself!
May 22 00:24:34 [Cubey] And then, Grace shoots the foe down. It falls down and explodes, its self destruct mechanism going off at a safe distance.
May 22 00:25:39 [Steam] * Creaking and damaged, the Wagner still stands as best it could. "Then Igotta prove I'm not set for the trash bin just yet, right?" Damaged as it was, the Crisis energy still flowed well enough. And that's enough to form a hulking blade to swing at the Light Legionnaire -no wait, TWO! Death by humongous scissors!+
May 22 00:27:12 [Aero] * Astara draws her broadsword and disappears in flash of red energy, appearing behind the last Light Legionnaire that got away from her earlier before swinging the blade down to cleave it in two. +
May 22 00:27:53 [Cubey] The Light Legionnaire jumps away from the first blade of energy - only for the other to cut into it from behind. And Astara's third finishes the job!
May 22 00:27:59 [Cubey] The enemy explodes, cleaved in front of you.
May 22 00:28:12 [Cubey] That is the last one.
May 22 00:28:31 [Cubey] Edward: "What have you done? The clones are acting weird!"
May 22 00:28:48 [Cubey] And, one by one.
May 22 00:28:55 [Cubey] Clone #1: "Nothing unusual to report?"
May 22 00:29:04 [Cubey] #2: "... What am I?"
May 22 00:29:37 [Cubey] The surviving kin clones begin to talk, uncertainity more audible than the usual robotic tone.
May 22 00:29:46 [Cubey] #2: "What does it mean?"
May 22 00:30:10 [Jockey] Interitus: "You're alive."
May 22 00:30:18 [Cubey] #3: "What does it mean? Confirming receiving of the same message."
May 22 00:30:24 [Arachnion] Eva: "...We have a lot to discuss."
May 22 00:30:35 [Steam] Roy: "... Yeah..."
May 22 00:30:36 [Jockey] [There was a certainty in her voice as she said the words.]
May 22 00:31:01 [Cubey] #1: "Yes. The same message."
May 22 00:31:15 [Cubey] Now that the clones mention it, you felt something at the very end of the wave.
May 22 00:31:18 [Cubey] Something now gone.
May 22 00:31:25 [Cubey] "I'm glad we could meet again."
May 22 00:31:26 [Cubey] MISSION END
May 22 00:32:20 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Well. Looks like I can talk to them better now." Steel Wanderer leaves the hall, joining the others. Damaged, but walking. And with a Gun of God again. "Everyone fine?"
May 22 00:32:48 [Jockey] "We're alright.... you?"
May 22 00:33:27 [Tengu] Daniel: "Yeah. Lost my Gun of God, but got a new one. It was used to commit lots of vile deeds... But I'll redeem it."
May 22 00:33:37 [Tengu] Daniel: "And more importantly."
May 22 00:33:45 [Tengu] Daniel: "I know the third name of God now."
May 22 00:33:46 [Fri] "Speak for yourself. Don't put words on my mouth, kiddo! But yeah, I'm alright."
May 22 00:34:05 [Arachnion] Eva: "I'm a bit hurt...but I've seen worse."
May 22 00:35:36 [Steam] Roy: "I'll manage..."
May 22 00:35:40 [Jockey] "Um... I was talking about... nevermind."
May 22 00:35:51 [Steam] "... Though really, just glad the clone'sll be able to do more than just that now."
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