May 16 17:03:32 [Cubey] The Sidereal Tapestry has been destroyed. Its prophecies can lead actions of the Knights of the Guiding Hand no longer.
May 16 17:04:19 [Cubey] But, even despite that, they continued their mission of trying to do good in the world. And with Unity Group's mission of gathering artifacts becoming a priority - they wish to assist as well.
May 16 17:04:47 [Cubey] At this moment, you are inside the still damaged Guiding Hand stronghold, sent here to retrieve what remains of the tapestry.
May 16 17:04:52 [Cubey] Hopefully it will be of use.
May 16 17:06:08 [Cubey] Unfortunately...
May 16 17:06:17 [Cubey] There may be a slight complication regarding that.
May 16 17:06:29 [Corel] Seta wasn't around to see how Volya's situation was resolved. So she's a bit anxious being here and it shows.
May 16 17:06:41 [Cubey] "We're under attack! The guards outside have fallen already!"
May 16 17:07:06 [Jockey] "... Why did I know coming back here would end badly..."
May 16 17:07:27 [Aero] Willis: "At least they're punctual."
May 16 17:07:32 [Cubey] Sir Nathaniel: "What?! Who dares... all who can fight, regroup and guard those who cannot!"
May 16 17:07:40 [Jockey] [Volya was uneasy simply coming back here... even if it was on better terms he still felt on edge...]
May 16 17:08:04 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "So much for a peaceful visit. Go forth, Scaraber! Who are the attackers?"
May 16 17:08:20 [Aero] Willis gives the two worriers a pat on the shoulder. "Come on, they're not enemies anymore."
May 16 17:08:54 [Cubey] Listening to their (relatively new after Zieg was dethroned) leader's orders, the knights are forming a defensive perimeter, escorting non-combatants out of the threatened area.
May 16 17:09:02 [Jockey] "Yeah..."
May 16 17:09:16 [Jockey] "That and they need our help now too."
May 16 17:09:53 [Corel] Seta: "...You are right. We need to find out who these attackers are."
May 16 17:10:24 [Cubey] Your units are standing on the main courtyard, where the Defenders and a few Crusaders are on the move as well.
May 16 17:10:39 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "You are eager to defend those who, not so long ago, were your enemies, Volya. Very good."
May 16 17:10:56 [Cubey] And because all the Knights are gathering here, it's not too long until the enemy breaks through fortifications as well...
May 16 17:10:57 [Jockey] [Volya takes a sharp breath, Interitus holding his hand and leading him to a wide enough area for her to transform. Pulling Volya into the rapidly growing armored form as it rose from a kneeling state.]
May 16 17:12:08 [Aero] With that settled Willis can look around at the units after moving Strahlend to him. "You fit in pretty well partner." Given the last time he dealt with the Knights was as an enemy he seems to be quite amused at teaming up with them.
May 16 17:12:08 [Cubey] The enemy force... is only eight units.
May 16 17:12:31 [Cubey] Four of them moving as the first row, the other four behind them.
May 16 17:12:43 [Jockey] "Wha..?"
May 16 17:13:23 [Cubey] Seraphina: "What the hell? What are these..."
May 16 17:13:44 [Cubey] Those first four have an almost palpable malicious aura about them...
May 16 17:13:52 [Corel] Seta stands by the Knights and the UG members, still on foot.
May 16 17:14:01 [Cubey] Percival: "The Black Garden..."
May 16 17:14:30 [Jockey] "... Black Garden... you mean like Lilica..?"
May 16 17:14:36 [Cubey] Percival: "Lilica's old allies have returned to the world of the living."
May 16 17:14:44 [Cubey]
May 16 17:16:20 [Corel] Seta: "This is becoming more and more frequent...those who are gone returning..."
May 16 17:17:10 [Cubey] The other four units seem with one exception more normal - in fact three of them are (limited) mass production types.
May 16 17:17:25 [Cubey] But no time to think about that, as the four ghosts of the past charge forward!
May 16 17:17:35 [Aero] Willis: "We'll have to tell Kei she was right."
May 16 17:17:36 [Cubey] Seraphina: "They're coming! Hold steady now!"
May 16 17:17:59 [Cubey] (Both Seraphina and Percival are using only Guardians, as their unique units were wrecked during the last fight)
May 16 17:18:01 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Shadows of the past... What power made you return to this world? You do not belong here. Be gone!"
May 16 17:18:18 [Tengu] Scaraber draws its swords, ready for a confrontation.
May 16 17:18:23 [Cubey] ???: "Please stand aside."
May 16 17:18:49 [Cubey] You hear a young voice coming from a mass produced Huckebein.
May 16 17:19:12 [Cubey] ???: "We've come here only for the knights. This is not your fight. Please don't get involved."
May 16 17:19:49 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "So you are willing to speak. Who are you?"
May 16 17:19:53 [Aero] Willis: "Another kid?"
May 16 17:20:34 [Cubey] ???: "I was captured by the Black Garden, a long time ago."
May 16 17:21:24 [Jockey] "... But if that's true... why are you helping them?"
May 16 17:22:24 [Cubey] ???: "Its master, Melanthios, was trying to use me for some purpose or another... but his own servants grew fond of my company. We became friends."
May 16 17:22:29 [Cubey] ???: "And then..."
May 16 17:22:54 [Cubey] Seraphina: "The Child? This is the Child that Zieg rescued years back?!"
May 16 17:23:27 [Cubey] The Child: "A hero came. A hero who was my brother - with the Knights' assistance, he rescued me. I told him to spare the Black Garden as their intentions were not vile but..."
May 16 17:23:44 [Cubey] The Child: "But they didn't! They killed everyone, sparing only Lilica! And then, left me to care for myself!"
May 16 17:24:26 [Cubey] The Child: "Not only that, but their souls were used by Lilica to power her own machine. Only now they are free... and they want vengeance for all the vile things done to them."
May 16 17:24:37 [Cubey] The Child: "And I... want vengeance too."
May 16 17:24:46 [Corel] Seta: "..."
May 16 17:24:48 [Cubey] The Child: "So, move aside! I beg you!"
May 16 17:25:04 [Aero] Willis: "..."
May 16 17:25:15 [Cubey] Seraphina: "What? Impossible, the Knights could never...!"
May 16 17:25:21 [Cubey] Percival: "... It's all true."
May 16 17:25:22 [Jockey] "...."
May 16 17:25:31 [Aero] Willis: "That was a different time though."
May 16 17:26:10 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Do you have anything to say in your defense, sir Percival?"
May 16 17:26:32 [Jockey] [Volya felt a twist in his gut at this...]
May 16 17:26:52 [Cubey] Percival stays silent.
May 16 17:27:11 [Aero] Strahlend does not move from its position, if anything he knew as well as anyone that he was in no position to say a thing about this.
May 16 17:27:25 [Cubey] But someone else speaks up, or rather - laughs bitterly.
May 16 17:27:32 [Cubey] An older, grizzled male voice.
May 16 17:27:58 [Cubey] ???: "Of course, they're shocked... but your surprise won't take those wasted years back."
May 16 17:28:12 [Cubey] ???: "And when the chips're on the table, they'll help the knights. I'm sure they will."
May 16 17:28:31 [Cubey] The Child: "Mr Blackburn."
May 16 17:29:50 [Cubey] Blackburn: "This talk is useless except for trying to get in a better position. Let's go, Janine, Adamson."
May 16 17:31:08 [Jockey] "I'm sorry..."
May 16 17:31:23 [Jockey] "But I can't let this happen!"
May 16 17:31:52 [Cubey] Hearing Volya, the enemies approach rapidly.
May 16 17:32:02 [Cubey] Looks like a fight really is unavoidable now.
May 16 17:32:18 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "If you seek justice, bring this matter to ESUN. As things stand, the knights are our allies. I will not let you start a fire just so you will have your revenge."
May 16 17:32:23 [Cubey] Enemies: Trandafir (Royse), Diafan (Blodwen), Zori (Millaray), Gaeman (Linnaea), Magus (Vero Adamson), F-15E Strike Eagle (Cade Blackburn), Gespenst mk II M (Janine Lancaster), Huckebein mk II M (the Child)
May 16 17:32:31 [Cubey] Willis, Hetepheres, go now.
May 16 17:32:53 [Cubey] (The first four are the Black Garden and are targetting the knights - for now.)
May 16 17:33:04 [Cubey] Trandafir
May 16 17:33:04 [Cubey]
May 16 17:33:04 [Cubey] Diafan
May 16 17:33:04 [Cubey]
May 16 17:33:04 [Cubey] Zori
May 16 17:33:04 [Cubey]
May 16 17:33:04 [Cubey] Gaeman
May 16 17:33:04 [Cubey]
May 16 17:33:04 [Cubey] Magus
May 16 17:33:04 [Cubey]
May 16 17:33:04 [Cubey] F-15E Strike Eagle
May 16 17:33:04 [Cubey]
May 16 17:33:04 [Cubey] Gespenst mk II M
May 16 17:33:04 [Cubey]
May 16 17:33:04 [Cubey] Huckebein mk II M
May 16 17:33:04 [Cubey]
May 16 17:33:36 [Cubey] The Gespenst charges forward, in front of the other three.
May 16 17:33:57 [Cubey] Janine: "Justice? You don't know anything of 'justice'!"
May 16 17:34:50 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "I doubt I am the only one."
May 16 17:34:56 [Cubey] Janine: "These... 'knights' killed my own fiancee. And because I was the only one left around, who was suspected for murder for many years?"
May 16 17:35:06 [Jockey] "I know its more than just killing people-"
May 16 17:35:16 [Cubey] Janine: "This is your justice! But now we all want ours, too!"
May 16 17:36:09 [Tengu] * Scaraber moves forward, engaging Diafan in melee combat! The Gebian mech lunges with all four khopeshes, then spins around in a dance-like motion, slashing with all of them in succession. +
May 16 17:36:54 [Aero] * There's only a sigh from Willis as Strahlend summons Quicksilver to it. Unlike its usual formation the weapon seems to form in an instant before the weapon is tossed towards the Gespenst. As it does this Strahlend seems to glimmer for a second before disappearing from sight, seemingly teleporting next to the Gespenst to catch its sword and stab it towards
May 16 17:36:59 [Aero] the thrusters of the PT. +
May 16 17:37:18 [Cubey] As the Scaraber charges forward, the air around the Diafan gets thick with obscuring smoke!
May 16 17:37:47 [Cubey] Blodwen: "... You are not the one I want. Please, move away..."
May 16 17:38:27 [Cubey] The ghost speaks! And from within the fog, her own sickles strike with quick slashes, trying to deflect Scaraber's and deal harm in return.
May 16 17:38:30 [Cubey] Hetepheres, react.
May 16 17:39:34 [Cubey] The Gespenst was charging, its plasma stakes sparking as they generate energy to thrust into the Scaraber - but Strahlend suddenly makes its own advance, and appears next to the PT, flanking it!
May 16 17:39:42 [Cubey] Janine: "Ah?!"
May 16 17:40:06 [Cubey] Cade: "Evade, I got this."
May 16 17:40:36 [Corel] Seta looks kind of surprised by Willis' move. That is very familiar indeed.
May 16 17:40:47 [Jockey] "Willis! Look out!"
May 16 17:40:50 [Cubey] But as soon as the Strahlend appears, the Strike Eagle circles around it, firing explosive shells from its underslung cannon, and aiming at Willis' sword. React!
May 16 17:40:57 [Cubey] Volya and Seta, go
May 16 17:41:29 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "You should make better use of your second chance than to use it on revenge." Scaraber takes a step back, parrying a few of the strikes, then hooks one of its curved blades with its opponents', and tries to leap over it, slashing as it does so! Hetepheres' machine is luckily using an anti-physical Noble Barrier, for now. +
May 16 17:43:21 [Jockey] *Interitus moves to try to intercept the Strike Eagle's attack, bringing out her staff and delivering a thrust towards the TSF's arm to spoil its aim+
May 16 17:43:59 [Cubey] Hetepheres is clashing against the Black Garden wraith. The cloud makes it hard to predict where the attacks are coming from, but your experience allows you to foresee them to some extent. The shallow slashes are deflected by Noble Barrier, and you seem to have the upper hand on might alone, using the enemy as an impromptu stepping stone.
May 16 17:44:20 [Aero] * "You're not the only one who has been through that..." As the shells are fired Willis drops his grip on Quicksilver, allowing the weapon to fall a few feet before catching it with his free hand and continue his attack without any hesitation. Strahlend itself shifts its body as well, moving along with its attack to ensure it wouldn't be stopped. +
May 16 17:44:41 [Cubey] But while this happens, the other three clash with the Knights' ranks. Thorns and flytraps appear on the battlefield, powers similar to Lilica's Inarog!
May 16 17:44:41 [Aero] continuing*
May 16 17:44:49 [Corel] *But the Kijin does not have time to stay surprised. Still on-foot, she fires a number of swords formed out of light at the nearest target!+
May 16 17:47:04 [Cubey] Willis evades the exploding shells, with Blackburn trying to reaim - but Interitus is in the way suddenly!
May 16 17:47:40 [Cubey] Unfortunately these few seconds of delay were enough for Janine to try to weave to the side, so your stab at her deals only a gash to the Gespenst's side.
May 16 17:47:52 [Cubey] While the PT counters with plasma stakes into Strahlend's face!
May 16 17:48:16 [Cubey] Janine: "Aaargh! I'm not giving up!"
May 16 17:48:42 [Cubey] Cade: "What have you been through, then?"
May 16 17:49:02 [Cubey] Cade: "Were you given a mission, told that it's good. That you're saving the world from a threat that will come soon..."
May 16 17:49:14 [Cubey] Cade: "Only to find out that your target is just a little child on her seventh birthday?!"
May 16 17:50:17 [Jockey] "!!"
May 16 17:50:19 [Cubey] Not waiting for a reaction to his words, Blackburn slips under Interitus' staff. A TSF knife glints in the Eagle's hand - and while ducking low, he slashes precisely at the plant monster's forearms!
May 16 17:50:22 [Cubey] React, Volya!
May 16 17:52:20 [Cubey] Seta's barrage strikes at Trandafir. Equipped with sword and shield, the unit raises the latter to defend itself. And while doing so, it moves forward to meet her in melee!
May 16 17:52:22 [Jockey] *While her partner had been shocked by that particular revelation to be late to react, Interitus did her best to counter the knife with an upward swing of the staff as she backs off with a crack of her wings+
May 16 17:52:50 [Cubey] Though it's slow, the venus flytraps appear around on the ground, summoned by another of the Garden's ghosts. Watch your step. React, Seta.
May 16 17:53:02 [Aero] Willis: "Is that it?"
May 16 17:53:44 [Aero] Willis: "At least you had a choice."
May 16 17:55:23 [Cubey] Cade: "A choice... that left me dishonorably discharged, with family and friends having abandoned me. My life lost, all because of the knights and their mission."
May 16 17:55:39 [Cubey] Cade: "But, it's not about me. If I didn't take it, someone else would."
May 16 17:56:13 [Cubey] Cade: "It was about that girl. This is for her, and everyone else the knights hurt in their self rightousness. Haaah!"
May 16 17:56:33 [Corel] *Seta does not appear to move at first, but for good reason. As soon as the swords she fired hit that shield, she instantly moves to that location as well. Hanging from the shield and temporarily out of view, she suddenly rises into the air and summons one of Union's fists to strike Trandafir from above!+
May 16 17:56:51 [Cubey] Though temporarily forced away by the staff's swing, Cade was using this opportunity to jump back. With a thruster-supported lunge, his knife slashes across Interitus' arm. Making it hard to hold the staff with both of her hands.
May 16 17:57:20 [Jockey] "Agh!"
May 16 17:57:58 [Cubey] Linnea: "Royse..."
May 16 17:58:05 [Jockey] [Volya flinched... but Interitus didn't drop the staff. Simply doing her best to clutch it tighter despite the injury.]
May 16 17:58:15 [Cubey] Royse: "I will not falter. I promise..."
May 16 17:58:56 [Cubey] The thorned knight is struck by Union, and knocked back. But, the machine's body is covered with sharp thorns, which also cut into the Union's fist as it strikes, damaging it somewhat.
May 16 17:59:04 [Cubey] Willis and Heph, go again.
May 16 17:59:19 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "I understand your grievances. All of you have similar stories to share, do you not? Tales of loss and betrayal, suffered because of the Knights and their so-called holy missions."
May 16 17:59:45 [Cubey] The Child: "Yes. Don't you see now?"
May 16 18:00:47 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Your pain is real. I do not doubt that. And yet it does not change my decision. You will not accomplish anything worthwhile by coming here and killing everyone!"
May 16 18:01:51 [Corel] Seta takes a glance at the damage as she lands. The fist disappears afterwards.
May 16 18:02:12 [Jockey] ".... I see it... a lot more painfully than you think. But I'm not going to step aside either."
May 16 18:02:21 [Tengu] * Scaraber kicks away from its opponent, taking off into the skies - and as it moves away, it pulls out the laser staff, spins around in mid-air to face Diafan away, and fires several quick laser shots before following up with a longer and more focused blast. +
May 16 18:03:35 [Cubey] Blodwen: "... Oh no."
May 16 18:03:50 [Corel] Seta: "I agree with the General. And I do not wish to go through with this if it were possible..."
May 16 18:04:22 [Cubey] Diafan retreats deeper into the cloud, quickly evading the barrage of blasts as well as its wraith pilot can. But there are many laser beams, cutting through the mist and striking their target!
May 16 18:04:25 [Cubey] However...
May 16 18:04:34 [Cubey] Millaray: "We have wasted enough time. This ends..."
May 16 18:04:42 [Cubey] Linnea: "Y... yes."
May 16 18:05:26 [Cubey] The two other Black Garden units gather their dark power. Venus flytraps burst from underground - their mouths quickly rising towards the Scaraber, trying to bite into it and hold it in place.
May 16 18:05:31 [Aero] * Rather than dismissing Quicksilver the weapon seems to take a mind of its own as Willis sets it to hover around Strahlend as he forms another weapon in a similar fashion as before, this time it was the large spear he had grown fond of. The weapon is pulled back as Strahlend disappears from sight again.
May 16 18:05:38 [Aero] A slight glimmer reveals that rather than teleporting the machine is simply combining its ability to cloak itself with quick movements. Still, in an instant the machine rips through the air in order to pierce through both Janine and Cade. +
May 16 18:05:57 [Cubey] While Zori itself aims with a bow. And as soon as the Scaraber looks immobilized - it shoots, one arrow after another.
May 16 18:05:58 [Cubey] React!
May 16 18:07:51 [Cubey] Cade: "This trick again? We need to restrict his movements!"
May 16 18:08:22 [Cubey] Vero: "I'm on it. The very artifact the knights were concerned about... now it will become their undoing..."
May 16 18:09:35 [Cubey] The moment Strahlend disappears, Janine and Cade flee in different directions. Hitting both will be hard - especially since the Magus is starting to conjure an ice storm. Temperature is dropping, and slippery surface as you reappear makes it hard to aim without tripping down!
May 16 18:09:56 [Cubey] And to make matters worse, the Huckebein will fire a photon rifle as soon as you reappear, aiming at your position. React, Willis.
May 16 18:10:10 [Cubey] Volya and Seta can move.
May 16 18:10:27 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "A combined attack. Well played." Scaraber quickly fires a single laser in order to cut through the incoming venus flytraps, and then spins its staff around in order to deflect the ones that are still incoming, as well as the arrows. +
May 16 18:10:28 [Jockey] "Seta... Can you help Willis?"
May 16 18:11:08 [Corel] Seta: "Yes. What do you have in mind?"
May 16 18:11:51 [Cubey] Hetepheres cuts through the plants before they can immobilize her. But the bow wielded by the enemy has the power to fell even mighty foes... the first arrow is deflected, but it throws you off guard with its momentum.
May 16 18:12:20 [Cubey] The second penetrates Scaraber's armor, knocking the unit down to the ground!
May 16 18:13:24 [Jockey] "I'm going to try stop that storm from getting worse... "
May 16 18:14:01 [Corel] Seta: "Understood."
May 16 18:14:04 [Cubey] With the noble barrier at anti-energy, the beetle unit is damaged, the arrow still sticking out of its chest even as it goes back up.
May 16 18:14:29 [Jockey] *Interitus is quickly hurling her staff as hard as she could manage at the Magus... however that wasn't the end all as she hurls herself at the caster in a shoulder charge!+
May 16 18:16:02 [Aero] * "Zephyr." Strahlend's wings open up in response to the ice storm in order to avoid the rapidly icing ground. With the ice in the air as well the machine seems to glow for a second as its nanomachines erupt out in order to clear the storm.
May 16 18:16:08 [Aero] As they do this Willis forms a pair of what seems to be large cross-like shurikens and covers them with a reflective coating before tossing them towards the Huckebein and the photon shot. +
May 16 18:16:33 [Corel] *Seta conjures her own version of a storm - not one of ice and wind, but intense, incinerating light, from above the Huckebein, to continuously damage it and throw off its aim!+
May 16 18:17:49 [Cubey] Vero has to stop channeling the storm, which starts to wane. Instead, the Magus draws a handgun - a revolver, and while aiming with both hands, fires a shot at the charging Interitus. React!
May 16 18:19:55 [Cubey] Strahlend gets out of harm's way, and it seems the storm dissipates fully with Seta's help.
May 16 18:20:38 [Cubey] The Huckebein comes under attack by the burning light, its photon shoots are easy to deflect with the shurikens, and the mass produced unit is starting to sizzle from the light!
May 16 18:20:51 [Cubey] The Child: "Aaa... aah! Brother, you..."
May 16 18:20:58 [Jockey] *Well this might be problematic! Interitus ducks low to dig her hand into the ground to cancel out her momentum as best as she could, extending her injured arm to fire a slowing blast at the incoming round! Admittedly there was no telling if it could slow down a projectile as it would a machine... but anything that might buy a bit more time to dodg
May 16 18:20:58 [Jockey] e..!+
May 16 18:21:02 [Cubey] Janine: "Ahh, dammit!"
May 16 18:21:29 [Aero] Willis: "Thanks you two."
May 16 18:21:43 [Cubey] The Eagle and the Gespenst barely recovered from being under attack, but the latter already rushes again, poorly balanced but sending a split missile at Seta, and then charging with a plasma stake fist!
May 16 18:21:45 [Cubey] React, Seta.
May 16 18:22:34 [Cubey] The revolver shot is slowed... and also thrown off aim by the staff, which didn't deal too much damage on impact but still knocked the Magus back a step.
May 16 18:22:40 [Cubey] It seems its pilot isn't really that good of a shot.
May 16 18:22:49 [Cubey] Willis and Hetepheres can go again.
May 16 18:23:45 [Cubey] Vero: "You were hunted down by the knights in the past, weren't you? And now you defend them... how noble. But do you think they'd do the same for you?"
May 16 18:24:21 [Cubey] Vero: "You are helping ingrates who do not care for collateral damage, or lives of people, as long as their prophecies come to pass!"
May 16 18:24:21 [Jockey] ".... It doesn't matter..."
May 16 18:24:55 [Jockey] "I.."
May 16 18:25:20 [Jockey] "What did they do to you?"
May 16 18:25:34 [Corel] *Seta takes note of the Gespenst's lack of balance as the Split Missiles approach. She has to time this one just right - using the projectiles as stepping stones, and then summoning her katana, Dissonance, as the Plasma Stake approaches! She hopes to slip past the initial strike and disarm the enemy, literally.+
May 16 18:25:37 [Cubey] Vero: "What did they do to me? What did they do to everybody!"
May 16 18:26:06 [Tengu] * Hetepheres doesn't wish for that attack to repeat itself - Scaraber drops down towards Zori, drawing its electro-whip and lashing towards the archery opponent, letting out a shocking discharge! And all the time, the Gebian mech gets close - as soon as Hetepheres is in melee range, she quickly slashes with two khopeshes, aiming at her opponent's arms! +
May 16 18:26:11 [Cubey] Vero: "I was a university professor leading excavations. We uncovered this here ancient thing I am using now... but to the knights, it is an ill portent."
May 16 18:26:48 [Cubey] Vero: "They struck the excavation site, killing many! Workers, my own students... they cared not. I survived only by miracle. They should've been more thorough... because revenge is on its way."
May 16 18:27:41 [Cubey] Percival: "Dammit, Zieg..."
May 16 18:28:24 [Cubey] The missiles were primed incorrectly. Seta jumps on them, and they explode - behind her. The damaged hand aims for her, and though you feel the plasma's hotness, the stakes do not hit you.
May 16 18:28:41 [Cubey] And soon they go away downwards, as the arm they are connected to is sliced off, and falls down.
May 16 18:28:50 [Cubey] Janine: "... You..."
May 16 18:28:59 [Cubey] Cade: "Janine! Get away from her!"
May 16 18:29:26 [Cubey] Millaray: "You still move? Away!"
May 16 18:29:52 [Cubey] Zori doesn't have time to aim again. But...
May 16 18:30:06 [Cubey] Royse: "My friends. To the end, we must fight..."
May 16 18:30:52 [Cubey] Trandafir runs up to its ally, blocking the whip with its shield. It is being electrocuted, but it allows Millaray to counter - instead of doing fancy attacks, it simply slams its fist into incoming Scaraber repeatedly in a barrage of furious punches! React.
May 16 18:31:20 [Corel] Seta: "It does not have to be like that..."
May 16 18:31:56 [Aero] *Strahlend takes to the air and forms a 4th weapon, this time the borrowed bow of his friend as his nanomachines gathered themselves around the main machine again. The bow is nocked with a large strange looking arrow that is fired into the sky before it explodes into a storm of metallic stakes that seem to home in on the Revengers. +
May 16 18:32:48 [Tengu] * Hetepheres braces her feet against the ground, crossing all of her blades in a barrier, letting it and the Noble Barrier take the brunt of the strike. Only then she counterattacks again, slashing at Zori's arm with a few quick strikes again! +
May 16 18:34:19 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Are you sure you have the time to fight against me? It does not take much to notice your non-revenant allies are much less skilled... And they have their backs to the wall right now."
May 16 18:36:05 [Cubey] Millaray: "I've wasted enough..."
May 16 18:36:45 [Cubey] The spectre's musings are interrupted - his punches are blocked by the barrier, and the khopeshes cut into Zori's misshapen body!
May 16 18:36:54 [Cubey] But on the other front...
May 16 18:37:12 [Cubey] Vero: "I'm raising a protective barrier! Come on... work!"
May 16 18:37:30 [Cubey] The Magus creates an emblem in the shape of a five armed star in the air.
May 16 18:38:03 [Cubey] Despite its pilots uncertainity, it expands into a defensive sigil.
May 16 18:38:34 [Cubey] Janine and Cade quickly move to try to take refuge under it, the former much slower due to lack of skill and damage, but...
May 16 18:39:04 [Cubey] Cade: "No, it has to be like this. I'm not sure you realize... we don't have a life anymore. We've nothing to go back to."
May 16 18:39:30 [Cubey] Cade: "Only thing that guides us is common feeling of revenge. Come on kid, crossfire like we practiced!"
May 16 18:40:15 [Cubey] As soon as it's under the knockoff Elder Sign, the Eagle rolls down into a crouch - and draws a Combat System rifle, firing chaingun rounds from one side.
May 16 18:40:45 [Cubey] While from the other, crackling with damage but still standing, the Huckebein assembles and quickly fires a rectangular launcher missile. Both attacks aimed at Willis. React.
May 16 18:41:14 [Jockey] #Willis?
May 16 18:41:26 [Cubey] # approved
May 16 18:42:49 [Jockey] *It was probably going to be really difficult to counter everything... but they're going to try! Interitus lets loose a barrage of energy ribbons towards the incoming projectiles, trying to weave them into the missile and as many of the bullets as possible!+
May 16 18:43:09 [Jockey] "That... that can't be true...!"
May 16 18:43:45 [Corel] Seta: "That feeling is controlling you..."
May 16 18:43:45 [Jockey] "You said your brother saved you right? What happened to him? Why did you say he left you to care for yourself?"
May 16 18:43:57 [Jockey] [Volya tries to question the child, his voice shaky.]
May 16 18:45:12 [Cubey] The Child: "He thought he was playing hero, but... but he killed people who weren't bad, while leaving Lilica alive!"
May 16 18:45:34 [Cubey] The Child: "He did it only because he liked her. He called himself a hero, but he was anything but..."
May 16 18:46:42 [Aero] * In response Willis nocks more arrows and fires them, in the midst of their arc the arrows suddenly change back into a swarm of nanomachines in order to try to devour or shoot down the projectiles. +
May 16 18:48:33 [Cubey] The energy ribbons cut into the missile, but Willis has trouble devouring all projectiles. Cade shot quickly, and he still has that barrier he fires from behind!
May 16 18:49:04 [Cubey] 36mm rounds hit against Strahlend's armor, causing further damage to it while fortunately avoiding the most damaged head.
May 16 18:49:14 [Cubey] The Child: "I..."
May 16 18:49:25 [Cubey] The Huckebein looks around, its allies in rather sorry condition indeed.
May 16 18:49:41 [Cubey] It looks like, whatever they came here for...
May 16 18:49:50 [Cubey] The Child: "I hated him! That's why..."
May 16 18:50:04 [Cubey] The Huckebein draws a beam saber - and recklessly charges at Interitus!
May 16 18:50:24 [Cubey] The Child: "He killed everyone I was friends with, so I killed him when I had a chance!"
May 16 18:50:51 [Cubey] The Child: "And now you're trying to stop me? This is all that's left in my life!"
May 16 18:51:06 [Cubey] Vero: "Florian, no!"
May 16 18:51:14 [Cubey] Volya and Seta can move
May 16 18:51:28 [Cubey] (Volya is under attack, so... take this into consideration)
May 16 18:51:36 [Cubey] Cade: "Damn!"
May 16 18:52:31 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "The truth comes to life. Volya, watch out!"
May 16 18:53:42 [Jockey] *Interitus' head snaps up at the incoming attack. Staff too far to grab, the most she can do is thrust her hand towards the incoming beam saber and try to absorb the energy as rapidly as possible!+
May 16 18:55:40 [Corel] *Seta sends a few blasts of light at the ground around the attacking Huckebein. Hopefully the small detonations are enough to throw off the strike on Interitus.+
May 16 18:56:48 [Cubey] The Huckebein is on the way of the light projectiles.
May 16 18:57:01 [Cubey] It doesn't try to weave its way through them, instead tanking head on, suffering more damage in the process.
May 16 18:57:07 [Cubey] The Child: "Ghh...."
May 16 18:58:04 [Cubey] The Child: "Don't you see it? My life's ruined! The knights did it all... there's nothing righteous about them!"
May 16 18:58:15 [Cubey] The saber stab is... stopped by Interitus' open palm.
May 16 18:58:36 [Cubey] A palm which absorbs its energy - causing the outer shell to dissipate, and the saber's inner particles to explode painfully into Interitus' hand.
May 16 18:58:58 [Cubey] The Child: "Ahh... ahh..."
May 16 18:59:25 [Corel] Seta: "Not good...!"
May 16 18:59:26 [Cubey] Linnaea: "... Failed?"
May 16 18:59:41 [Cubey] Millaray: "No, after so much waiting..."
May 16 19:00:07 [Cubey] Blodwen: "We want peace... closure... we cannot fail..."
May 16 19:00:23 [Cubey] Royse: "To the bitter end. May we even fight forever... together..."
May 16 19:00:46 [Cubey] Dark auras around the four Black Garden members become more intense.
May 16 19:01:13 [Cubey] Damage done to their units is being healed, wounds closed by dark hatred and determination!
May 16 19:01:21 [Corel] Seta: "...What is happening?"
May 16 19:01:52 [Aero] Willis: "This is bad."
May 16 19:02:02 [Cubey] ???: "Yes. The knights did it all."
May 16 19:02:09 [Cubey] Percival: "..."
May 16 19:02:12 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Stop! You do not have to live for this! Do not dedicate yourselves to revenge!"
May 16 19:02:14 [Cubey] Seraphina: "!! That voice?"
May 16 19:02:16 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "..."
May 16 19:02:58 [Cubey] Suddenly it feels like a wave of silence fell on the battlefield, because a single man's foot steps can be heard clearly as he departs from the main building of the Guiding Hand.
May 16 19:03:47 [Cubey] Nathaniel: "It was all done by orders of our old master, Zieg, and the one who interpreted the Sidereal Tapestry, Aloysius the fateweaver."
May 16 19:04:24 [Cubey] Nathaniel: "Yet, imprisoned they may be, thrown into cells to await punishment... or already slain in battle as it was with Lilica... we can't excuse our actions."
May 16 19:04:44 [Cubey] Nathaniel: "They happened and were done with our hands, full knowing what we were doing."
May 16 19:05:21 [Cubey] Nathaniel: "This is why... I ask you not to blame the Knights of the Guiding Hand. Not the ones who joined the ranks hoping only to make good on the world."
May 16 19:05:45 [Cubey] Nathaniel: "I am the leader of the order. All the blame falls on me."
May 16 19:06:04 [Cubey] The on foot knight stands in the middle of the battlefield. His arms spread wide, his face serious.
May 16 19:06:38 [Cubey] Nathaniel: "Sir Nathaniel de Sayard. The object of your hate. I surrender myself to thee. Do what you wish."
May 16 19:06:46 [Cubey] The Child: "..."
May 16 19:06:54 [Cubey] Cade: "..."
May 16 19:08:59 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...Well?"
May 16 19:08:59 [Cubey] The air is tense with hesitation.
May 16 19:09:07 [Cubey] But the tension is broken.
May 16 19:09:52 [Cubey] The four Black Garden units charge forward, the phantoms wielding their melee weapons to strike down at sir Nathaniel's small body!
May 16 19:10:16 [Cubey] Nathaniel: "If this hate may die today and provide some closure... so be it..."
May 16 19:11:20 [Jockey] #Nathaniel
May 16 19:11:30 [Cubey] # approved
May 16 19:12:38 [Jockey] *Except the four would find a much larger figure stepping before the knight. Interitus interposes herself between them and Nathaniel, arms crossed and wings curled around her body to block the attacks!+
May 16 19:13:01 [Corel] Seta: "Volya..."
May 16 19:13:39 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...Volya!"
May 16 19:14:43 [Cubey] Interitus' blocking form gets pounded by several punches, that quit in surprise - but the melee weapons stab into her, impaling the plant monster and leaving her immobilized in place.
May 16 19:14:58 [Aero] Willis: "Tch.."
May 16 19:15:08 [Jockey] [The most they get is a sharp hiss of pain...]
May 16 19:15:13 [Jockey] [Then...]
May 16 19:15:16 [Cubey] The ghosts do not continue their assault, sounds of surprise coming from the units they haunt.
May 16 19:15:21 [Cubey] Nathaniel: "...!"
May 16 19:15:29 [Cubey] Nathaniel: "What are you doing?!"
May 16 19:15:38 [Jockey] "... I know how much it hurts... you said it yourself... the knights hunted me."
May 16 19:17:06 [Jockey] "I can't ever have a normal life ever again. I don't have a home to go back to either."
May 16 19:17:28 [Jockey] "My uncle died protecting me from them when they were still hunting me."
May 16 19:18:10 [Jockey] "I've fought battles I shouldn't have had to. Felt more pain than someone my age ever should have... been forced to grow up faster than anyone ever had to..."
May 16 19:18:30 [Jockey] "I should hate them as much as you do..."
May 16 19:19:12 [Jockey] "But even if I did it won't change the fact that for all the mistakes they made there are still good people among them! People trying to make up for their mistakes!!"
May 16 19:20:35 [Jockey] "Nathaniel almost died saving people's lives from Zieg... he was willing to die just to save people's lives right now and so you could find peace..."
May 16 19:23:28 [Jockey] "I believe in them... I believe that they can make up for their mistakes. And if you're still going to try hurt them. I'm getting in your way."
May 16 19:23:41 [Jockey] "... This isn't the worst pain I've felt."
May 16 19:24:33 [Cubey] ???: "Volya won't be alone!"
May 16 19:24:53 [Cubey] A Defender is quickly running towards the battlefield.
May 16 19:25:01 [Cubey] David's late. But he stands next to Interitus.
May 16 19:25:35 [Cubey] David: "If you want them, you'll have to get through me first! I'm not saying this as a Knight of the Guiding Hand, but as Volya's friend, and Nathaniel's student!"
May 16 19:26:17 [Cubey] The phantoms take several steps back, surprised.
May 16 19:26:45 [Jockey] "David..."
May 16 19:27:12 [Jockey] [Volya's surprised... but only for a moment. A small but determined smile makes its way onto his face.]
May 16 19:28:14 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "The order did some terrible things under the command of Zieg. This is without question. But everything you have just now heard is true; sir Nathaniel is trying to take it in a new, good direction. He is dedicated to this goal so much that he is willing to die for it. And not just him, as Volya proves..."
May 16 19:28:43 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Do you want to take your revenge against people who truly, deeply, seek redemption?"
May 16 19:29:35 [Cubey] The dark aura of the spirits is turning into wisps of smoke, that one by one escape into the air like black trails, seemingly disappearing...
May 16 19:29:42 [Cubey] But they do not let go off their arms yet, and...
May 16 19:30:06 [Cubey] The Child: "Then... what are we supposed to do... I lost so much, everything..."
May 16 19:30:24 [Cubey] Janine: "Your redemption won't bring back people who died already!"
May 16 19:30:49 [Cubey] In desperation, the Huckebein and Gespenst try to circle around the impaled Interitus - apparently still hoping to rush for Nathaniel!
May 16 19:31:03 [Aero] #?
May 16 19:31:13 [Cubey] This stirs the phantoms into action again as they raise their weapons in preparation to strike again!
May 16 19:31:17 [Cubey] Hetepheres and Willis, go now!
May 16 19:31:23 [Cubey] (# can be combined with an attack)
May 16 19:32:10 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "I was forced to kill my beloved daughter with my own hands. I know how loss tastes, believe me."
May 16 19:32:47 [Aero] Willis: "I had to kill the woman I loved with my own hands...we've all have been through great loss."
May 16 19:32:57 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "And that is why I know that, no matter how much you lost, you can always find something to live for! Scarab Power!"
May 16 19:34:19 [Tengu] * A burst of power emanates from Scaraber, which starts spinning its electro-whip around its body, creating a powerful, crackling whirlwind of shocking currents which flies towards the four phantoms, in order to disrupt their attack, both by zapping their machines and pushing them back! +
May 16 19:34:49 [Aero] * "You have to live on, you have to live on for the people who would have wanted you to." The numerous weapons formed by Willis are joined by a larger Knightsword and the swarm of weapons circle forward in a tornado of steel to defend Nathaniel from both of the attackers. +
May 16 19:35:29 [Cubey] Trandafir and Gaeman try to block the attack, with a shield and polearm respectively.
May 16 19:35:40 [Cubey] But, they are pushed back! And as their guards are thrown to the sides.
May 16 19:36:11 [Cubey] From behind, Diafan counters with several quick slashes, while venus flytraps appear around the Zori as it tries to slam with a bare fist!
May 16 19:36:18 [Cubey] You feel the determination of the spirits waver. React, Hetepheres!
May 16 19:37:56 [Cubey] The Gespenst's plasma stake is deflected by the whirlwind of weaponry! Moreover, the spinning weapons throw the damaged unit back!
May 16 19:38:11 [Cubey] The Child: "Ahh... ahh... out of the way!"
May 16 19:38:33 [Cubey] Lacking another melee weapon, the Huckebein draws a machine gun and tries to fire through the whirlwind at point blank range.
May 16 19:38:45 [Cubey] Only to find its attacks blocked by a sudden bulwark of defenders rising in front of it.
May 16 19:38:54 [Cubey] Seraphina: "I don't think so!"
May 16 19:38:58 [Cubey] Percival: "..."
May 16 19:39:22 [Cubey] Cade: "Sorry... I don't have such people anymore."
May 16 19:39:41 [Cubey] The Eagle aims its combined weapon, and fires one last shell into Strahlend's damaged head.
May 16 19:39:44 [Cubey] Willis, react!
May 16 19:40:20 [Cubey] At the same time, David's Defender tries to grab Interitus, who is no longer impaled by the spirits' weaponry.
May 16 19:40:31 [Cubey] David: "Are you okay Volya? Ah, heavy!"
May 16 19:40:44 [Cubey] (Volya and Seta, you can move too!)
May 16 19:40:49 [Jockey] "We've been through worse..."
May 16 19:40:56 [Jockey] "Don't worry."
May 16 19:41:00 [Cubey] David: "Yeah, I know. I mean, sorry."
May 16 19:41:03 [Tengu] * Hetepheres spins around rapidly, the storm around Scaraber intensifying as her unit takes off into the sky to avoid the enemies' strikes! Best case scenario, this will affect and push them as well. +
May 16 19:41:12 [Cubey] He realizes that some of these worse circumstances were at least partially because of him.
May 16 19:41:43 [Jockey] ".... Its alright."
May 16 19:41:48 [Jockey] "Come on."
May 16 19:42:49 [Cubey] The spirits are weakened, their units thrown to the sides by the rising Scaraber! They fall to the ground, knocked prone, but immediately start rising back up.
May 16 19:42:57 [Cubey] Royse: "Cannot give up yet..."
May 16 19:43:39 [Corel] Seta: "I...I understand loss the same way. And I say this, even though I do not believe I will ever overcome that loss."
May 16 19:43:57 [Aero] * Strahlend raises its arm in response, a large buckler forming as it doe. This one time he had to be defensive. +
May 16 19:45:01 [Corel] *As she says this, black spears form in the air all around the Kijin. The dark weapons launch themselves at the spirits, with the intent to pin them down!+
May 16 19:45:03 [Jockey] *Interitus gives the Defender a shaky pat on the shoulder before moving towards the Strahlend - letting loose another slowing blast towards the incoming shell!+
May 16 19:46:44 [Cubey] The projectile explodes! Willis doesn't manage to form the buckler in time, having only a half-assed defense to defend with.
May 16 19:47:11 [Cubey] But... that's enough, because Interitus took the brunt of the explosion, with only shrapnel to threaten the Strahlend.
May 16 19:47:46 [Cubey] However, Interitus is in a really sorry shape now, the plant like form shredded and wounded in many places, plant juice oozing from penetrating wounds.
May 16 19:48:10 [Cubey] Around you, the spirits are pinned down. They struggle to get up, but cannot break Seta's weapons.
May 16 19:48:29 [Cubey] The TSF raises its weapon, but doesn't fire. It is out of ammo anymore.
May 16 19:48:36 [Cubey] The Child: "What..."
May 16 19:48:38 [Aero] Willis: "Volya!"
May 16 19:48:52 [Cubey] David: "Volya!"
May 16 19:50:23 [Jockey] "Willis... are... are you okay?"
May 16 19:51:12 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "What about you, Volya...?"
May 16 19:51:24 [Aero] Willis: "I'm should be more worried about yourself."
May 16 19:51:42 [Aero] Even if he wanted to he didn't think he could help fix up Interitus.
May 16 19:51:59 [Cubey] Vero: "Even now you're only concerned about others?"
May 16 19:52:05 [Cubey] The Child: "What... are we..."
May 16 19:52:14 [Cubey] The Huckebein drops its emptied machinegun.
May 16 19:52:21 [Cubey] "Supposed to live for now?"
May 16 19:54:13 [Cubey] Vero: "Florian..."
May 16 19:54:26 [Corel] Seta: "..."
May 16 19:55:19 [Jockey] "I'll be alright..."
May 16 19:55:32 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "There are many things in this world worth living for. I am sure you will find something. You suffered a lot, but that does not mean you have to keep suffering in the future."
May 16 19:55:33 [Jockey] "But..."
May 16 19:56:37 [Jockey] [Interitus reaches out towards the Huckebein despite her injuries...]
May 16 19:58:04 [Jockey] "The General's right... I know its hard but there can be something after all of this..."
May 16 19:58:46 [Cubey] The Child: "Ah... aaaaah!"
May 16 19:59:09 [Cubey] Your would-be opponent totally breaks down at the gesture.
May 16 19:59:20 [Cubey] But it's not a cry of anguish you are hearing. It almost sounds... relieved.
May 16 20:00:02 [Cubey] The four phantoms slowly rise, the light blades that pinned them down disappearing one by one.
May 16 20:00:11 [Cubey] But they no longer hold weapons, having left them on the ground.
May 16 20:00:26 [Cubey] They are quiet, their heads bowed down.
May 16 20:00:38 [Cubey] Almost like... in apologies.
May 16 20:01:02 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "What about the four of you? Can you stay in this world?"
May 16 20:01:03 [Cubey] The four stand together, and Trandafir's hand reaches out towards you.
May 16 20:01:08 [Cubey] It seems to be holding something.
May 16 20:01:24 [Cubey] Something small, too tiny to see.
May 16 20:01:36 [Tengu] Heph tries to check what it is.
May 16 20:02:00 [Cubey] Millaray: "No... our time is up..."
May 16 20:02:20 [Cubey] Linnaea: "But it is alright. We are..."
May 16 20:02:24 [Corel] Seta stands where she is despite noting this. The one with the deepest connection to the phantoms is Volya, after all.
May 16 20:02:43 [Cubey] As soon as the Scaraber comes closer - the four suddenly disappear, turning into mist scattered away by a gust of wind.
May 16 20:03:09 [Cubey] Royse: "We are together."
May 16 20:03:35 [Cubey] The small thing drops from Trandafir's hands, and you can easily catch it before it falls.
May 16 20:03:49 [Cubey] In the wind, you can hear the passing words.
May 16 20:03:58 [Tengu] Hetepheres catches it, being the closest and all.
May 16 20:04:20 [Cubey] Blodwen: "We leave in your hands hope... even from the likes of us, something beautiful may bloom."
May 16 20:04:30 [Cubey] The one thing left behind - are seeds.
May 16 20:04:35 [Cubey] The last remains of the Black Garden.
May 16 20:04:41 [Cubey] MISSION COMPLETE
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