Apr 30 20:18:17 [Cubey] The Balmarians' assault on Earth Sphere began anew...
Apr 30 20:18:26 [Cubey] Or rather - so far it is just an advance scout fleet.
Apr 30 20:18:46 [Cubey] Small in number, but it immediately took notice of the most interesting of things floating around Earth.
Apr 30 20:18:52 [Cubey] The Discovery of Self is under attack!
Apr 30 20:19:46 [Jockey] "... Could we maybe tell the invading aliens that they might just be dooming EVERYONE doing that?!"
Apr 30 20:20:31 [Cubey] Several Tulip-class Balmarian ships are engaged in long range combat with the Discovery's defenders. Fortunately, there are defenders.
Apr 30 20:20:56 [Aero] Willis: "I don't think the Balmarians are too worried about what happens here."
Apr 30 20:21:17 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "They're probably planning to control it on their own, but we could try."
Apr 30 20:21:42 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "I am sure that, if you point it out to them, they would say the power of the Discovery is better utilized in their own hands."
Apr 30 20:22:06 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "But if you are curious, why not ask?"
Apr 30 20:22:18 [Cubey] A few ESUN destroyers, reinforced by several still-functioning Zentradi vessels from Britai's fleet.
Apr 30 20:22:39 [Jockey] [Calvin lets out a deeply frustrated sigh.] "...Pass. Honestly I'd like to avoid the condescending speech they might have lined up."
Apr 30 20:22:52 [Cubey] However while the Tulips are engaged in combat, smaller Balmarian units are free to move towards the Discovery unbothered!
Apr 30 20:22:59 [Aero] Willis: "To be fair we do plenty of that ourselves."
Apr 30 20:23:08 [Tengu] The Gebian general, with most of extra-terrestial threats to Earth being gone, was mostly busy doing ambassador stuff with ESUN lately, away from Unity Group. But now, when the Balmarians are back...
Apr 30 20:23:30 [Cubey] Woolf: "Come on guys, show the newbies your coolest performance!"
Apr 30 20:23:39 [Cubey] Crowe: "Heh, I'll make sure not to miss this time!"
Apr 30 20:24:17 [Cubey] The first wave of Balmarian drones is wiped out by concentrated fire from the SSR forces - who are also there, and with extra Adeles in their numbers!
Apr 30 20:24:36 [Cubey] Which means the surviving units, a lot more of them, are now focused on the mobile suits...
Apr 30 20:25:02 [Cubey] Viletta: "Don't lose your cool. It looks like we're not alone out here."
Apr 30 20:25:25 [Cubey] This is when the UG shuttle enters the battlefield.
Apr 30 20:25:30 [Cubey] Pilot: "We are in range. Deploy at will."
Apr 30 20:25:32 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
Apr 30 20:25:32 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "A large-scale battle has already broken out. Even the SSR is here... Let us make it known that they do not have to wait any longer."
Apr 30 20:25:52 [Steam] Selena's eyes scan over the battlefield. "Do you think either of those two are here, Elma?"
Apr 30 20:25:54 [Aero] Willis: "Hope you aren't too rusty General..."
Apr 30 20:26:17 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Looks like SSR has gone on a recruitment drive."
Apr 30 20:26:32 [Steam] Elma: "I can't say either way at the moment. There's too much interference to identify Calico or Spectra's machines."
Apr 30 20:26:40 [Steam] "Then there's only one way to find out."
Apr 30 20:26:45 [Steam] The Soleares launches!
Apr 30 20:26:52 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Reinforcements are here, Captain Vadim."
Apr 30 20:27:09 [Cubey] Enemies: Megillot x45, Joelah x30, Esrim x12, Hagai x8, Varuch Ben x4
Apr 30 20:27:19 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Rusty? In response, watch and allow my blades to do the talking. To battle, Scaraber!"
Apr 30 20:27:23 [Cubey] (These are only the enemies who are close to you, there are more further away engaged in battle with the ESUN forces)
Apr 30 20:27:24 [Raiko_Horikawa] Purple-2 launched as well.
Apr 30 20:27:30 [Cubey] Varuch Ben
Apr 30 20:27:30 [Cubey] http://www.mahq.net/mecha/srw/alpha3/varuchben.jpg
Apr 30 20:27:30 [Cubey] Esrim
Apr 30 20:27:30 [Cubey] http://www.mahq.net/mecha/srw/alpha3/esrim.jpg
Apr 30 20:27:30 [Cubey] Hagai
Apr 30 20:27:30 [Cubey] http://www.mahq.net/mecha/srw/alpha3/hagai.jpg
Apr 30 20:27:30 [Cubey] Megillot
Apr 30 20:27:30 [Cubey] http://www.mahq.net/mecha/srw/og1/agx-01.jpg
Apr 30 20:27:30 [Cubey] Joelah
Apr 30 20:27:30 [Cubey] http://srwog.velv.net/mecha_images/joelah.gif
Apr 30 20:27:30 [Cubey] Huleh
Apr 30 20:27:30 [Cubey] http://www.mahq.net/mecha/srw/og-tv/agx-04.jpg
Apr 30 20:27:52 [Cubey] Willis, Selena, Kei, go now!
Apr 30 20:27:59 [Aero] Willis: "You better not disappoint." Strahlend spreads its wings and follows after the others.
Apr 30 20:28:18 [Jockey] Calvin's white Genoace launches... and it isn't alone either.
Apr 30 20:28:21 [Cubey] And indeed, the SSR has over a dozen new Adeles, with Crowe's taking point (and not looking too happy about it)
Apr 30 20:28:36 [Jockey] Desperate times call for desperate measures... meaning...
Apr 30 20:29:04 [Cubey] Ange: "Took you long enough to show up! I've been running the largest explosion circles here all by myself!"
Apr 30 20:29:19 [Cubey] Irm: "Hey, now. Don't get surrounded again, got it?"
Apr 30 20:29:29 [Jockey] a certain Ancient Princess was let out of her cell to get in some community service hours in her combat form. A familiar massive sword on her back.
Apr 30 20:29:40 [Cubey] The Grungust floats in space, shooting eye solid lasers and missiles to make sure the rapidly flying Black Six is not flanked by Megillots.
Apr 30 20:30:01 [Steam] * The second she's able to make out one of the Varuchs, Selena turns her machine to it! "And that's the riff-raff. Though what about their queen bee and top dog?" The Soleares fires a string of snap shots off from its railgun at the machine!+
Apr 30 20:30:26 [Steam] Elma: "Selena, no animal heirarchy includes both bees and dogs."
Apr 30 20:30:33 [Steam] "A comparison with lions might've been-"
Apr 30 20:30:34 [Steam] WHAM.
Apr 30 20:30:43 [Steam] "S-sorry! Sorry!"
Apr 30 20:30:50 [Aero] * Strahlend's single eye lights up as the machine forms its familiar bladed lance from Quicksilver and charges into the fray, aiming to pierce through the initial vanguard of Varuch Bens to get to the capital ships. +
Apr 30 20:31:24 [Jockey] "... really should know better than to backtalk a dame about something like this if you've been working with her that long."
Apr 30 20:31:29 [Cubey] The Varuch Ben tries to dodge, the railgun shots grazing its side. But it counters with its small shoulder cannons. Selena, react!
Apr 30 20:31:45 [Cubey] ... And the same Varuch is quickly cut apart by the charging Strahlend.
Apr 30 20:32:04 [Raiko_Horikawa] * "Keep your distance from the battleships to better avoid their attacks until we strip them of their escort to get a clean shot. General, take out the artillery emplacement here," a pair of Hagai were pinged along with their Esrim escorts. "Calvin keep this swarm of smaller ones occupied and unable to flank her. Firing data on where and when to fire will be transferred from Purple-2, follow...
Apr 30 20:32:06 [Raiko_Horikawa] ...it." +
Apr 30 20:32:10 [Cubey] Another one next to it weaves to the side to get more distance between them, while shooting off the mighty flywheel weapon and sending it spinning towards Willis. React!
Apr 30 20:32:52 [Cubey] Calvin and Hetepheres can take Kei's actions.
Apr 30 20:32:54 [Steam] "Evasive maneuvering Elma!"
Apr 30 20:33:05 [Jockey] "got it... taking aim.... Firing!"
Apr 30 20:33:07 [Cubey] Also you can move so you can combine your moves with Kei's orders.
Apr 30 20:33:49 [Steam] * The Soleares serves and spins away, arching its body to dodge the attack!+
Apr 30 20:34:27 [Cubey] Thanks to Willis' quick follow up, the attack was cut short - making it easy for the nimble machine to dodge.
Apr 30 20:34:38 [Jockey] *Calvin's lining up his rifle to put down as much precise fire as he could on the designated targets!&
Apr 30 20:35:20 [Cubey] The bug-like Megillots and more bird-shaped Joelahs move in a swarm, circling around - several shot by Calvin, and it takes one hit for a drone to go down.
Apr 30 20:36:00 [Corel] *A wide blast of light comes from the shuttle's direction as well - one that then sweeps across the lesser Balmarian units to catch as many of them as possible!+
Apr 30 20:36:06 [Cubey] The rest sees you - suddenly the mass seems to spread around while firing circle lasers from several different directions, and the Joelahs are charging forward, releasing some kind of smaller energy danmaku! React/continue
Apr 30 20:36:31 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "I see. Their formation is the weakest at that point. Well spotted." Scaraber moves forward, spreading all of its wings and brandishing all four khopeshes, spinning around and slashing rapidly as it passes by a few enemy drones. As soon as she's close enough to the enemies, she uses the sword-hook's opposite sides to hook into one of the Esrims and throw it towards the two
Apr 30 20:36:31 [Tengu] Hagais, and then attack with a wide, sweeping strike of all blades in succession! "Let us begin the dance of death!" +
Apr 30 20:36:32 [Aero] * With its free hand Strahlend forms a large cross-like shuriken that is tossed towards the flywheel before the machine follows up behind it to impale the Varuch once the wheel was hopefully either destroyed or at least knocked out of its path towards him by the shuriken. +
Apr 30 20:36:36 [Tengu] (this also includes my action)
Apr 30 20:36:36 [Jockey] "Ack-!"
Apr 30 20:37:42 [Cubey] And the swarm suddenly has many of its individual members burned down by a sweeping blast, though the drones spread around to minimize losses.
Apr 30 20:38:31 [Jockey] *Which was at this moment a flicker of green simultaneously kicks the Genoace away and uses it as a surface to leap off from. Gripping the Serenity tightly, Lagardia swings the massive blade with a shout to split apart as many of the drone swarm as she could catch with it!+
Apr 30 20:39:35 [Corel] Seta: "I am right behind you, everyone. Please try not to lose momentum..."
Apr 30 20:40:40 [Cubey] Woolf: "You got it! It looks like we did something embarassing the last time... time to pick up the slack!"
Apr 30 20:41:27 [Cubey] As the four-armed shuriken hits against the pinwheel, Woolf's white G-Bouncer quickly draws in close.
Apr 30 20:41:56 [Cubey] The blade on its shield emerges - with a slash, the weapon is destroyed. And he provides dods rifle support fire, allowing Willis to stab through the enemy!
Apr 30 20:43:27 [Cubey] With Lagardia supporting Calvin, suddenly the herd of Megillots is thinned down - the drones closest to him were taken care of by Seta, but now the circular laser firing ones are split in halves, a series of explosions blazing in space.
Apr 30 20:43:41 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Got it...Good to have you back, Seta."
Apr 30 20:43:58 [Cubey] The drone swarm is down to a half its number - but more will arrive at any moment, as the Tulips try to draw in closer!
Apr 30 20:44:47 [Cubey] The Esrim targetted by Hetepheres tries to raise its blade, but it's too slow - thrown towards the Hagais, Hetepheres strikes from the most opportune side thanks to Kei's orders, and slashes down!
Apr 30 20:45:01 [Cubey] The Balmarian soldier unit and the two artillery units are all destroyed.
Apr 30 20:45:10 [Cubey] However
Apr 30 20:45:36 [Cubey] Two other escort Esrims attack from both sides simultaneously, circling and aiming their rifles carefully, then shooting at the Scaraber!
Apr 30 20:45:49 [Cubey] Hetepheres, react
Apr 30 20:45:52 [Cubey] and also
Apr 30 20:46:35 [Cubey] The remaining Hagais fire, their main cannons not as powerful compared to the large lasers of the Tulips, but still a considerable threat.
Apr 30 20:46:40 [Cubey] Especially since all six focus on one target.
Apr 30 20:46:45 [Cubey] The UG shuttle, with Seta on board!
Apr 30 20:46:47 [Cubey] Seta, react!
Apr 30 20:48:19 [Jockey] "Seta, if you've got a plan I REALLY THINK ITS A GOOD IDEA TO USE IT"
Apr 30 20:49:01 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Protect the shuttle, Seta!" She quickly looks around, taking measure of the situation, then draws the electro-whip! With a swing of the weapon and simultaneous dodge to the side, she tries to grab one of the attacking Balmarian mecha, then swing around, using it as a shield from the other's fire! +
Apr 30 20:50:03 [Cubey] Hetepheres' maneuver is successful! The Esrim pilot's reaction time is too slow, and it gets used as target practice by the other one, which stops firing but not until the first is destroyed.
Apr 30 20:51:03 [Corel] *Well tanking those is not an option. Instead, Seta has Union latch onto the shuttle and fires a barrage of swords in a random direction away from harm...where she will immediately re-appear, and hopefully with the shuttle as well!+
Apr 30 20:53:05 [Cubey] Pilot: "What..."
Apr 30 20:53:15 [Cubey] The beams fly off towards the shuttle... which is gone!
Apr 30 20:53:37 [Cubey] It disappears and shifts to another place in space, thanks to Seta's ability.
Apr 30 20:53:55 [Cubey] The Hagais are ready to fire off again...
Apr 30 20:54:12 [Cubey] But their ranks - and their Esrim guards' as well, are suddenly thrown in disarray!
Apr 30 20:54:19 [Corel] Seta: "Ah...it worked..."
Apr 30 20:54:22 [Cubey] Irm: "What the..."
Apr 30 20:54:33 [Corel] Seta: "...?"
Apr 30 20:54:37 [Aero] Willis: "You've got to teach me how to do that one day."
Apr 30 20:54:43 [Cubey] Two small objects fly through space, barraging the enemies with green beam shots.
Apr 30 20:54:54 [Cubey] They're rocket fists, each armed with a beam emitter!
Apr 30 20:55:00 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVMiuYjSdfU
Apr 30 20:55:22 [Cubey] Having destroyed many a Balmarian, they return to a unit that floats in space between you and the Discovery of Self.
Apr 30 20:55:26 [Cubey] You have no idea how it got there.
Apr 30 20:55:33 [Cubey] Grunbein Omega
Apr 30 20:55:33 [Cubey] http://i.imgur.com/dH0pZu9.jpg
Apr 30 20:55:40 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Not sure it's really a learned skill..."
Apr 30 20:55:59 [Jockey] "?!"
Apr 30 20:56:01 [Cubey] Viletta: "..."
Apr 30 20:56:13 [Corel] Seta: "I was actually unsure if it would work for that purpose...and-"
Apr 30 20:56:14 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "...Come in, Grunbein. Are you both okay?"
Apr 30 20:56:16 [Jockey] "What in the-.... Isn't that thing supposed to be-"
Apr 30 20:56:25 [Aero] Willis: "That machine..."
Apr 30 20:56:27 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...I am surprised. You are alive."
Apr 30 20:56:36 [Cubey] There's no response from the Grunbein.
Apr 30 20:56:41 [Jockey] [Calvin is making a wheezing noise.]
Apr 30 20:56:48 [Steam] Selena: "What in the..."
Apr 30 20:56:57 [Corel] The Kijin's attention shifts to the Grunbein too.
Apr 30 20:57:08 [Cubey] The enemies are few - you have a chance to clear a path towards the Tulips and destroy them before more are released!
Apr 30 20:57:16 [Cubey] Willis, Selena, Kei, you can go now.
Apr 30 20:57:39 [Jockey] [Lagardia simply glances at the Genoace before returning her attention to the battle.]
Apr 30 20:57:55 [Cubey] Irm: "You two..."
Apr 30 20:58:08 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "The Grunbein seems to support us, but keep an eye on it. We don't know if it's Rani and Brye, whether they're themselves or what they're gonna do if it is. If nothing happens, we'll try to talk after the battle."
Apr 30 20:58:14 [Raiko_Horikawa] (Remaining enemies?)
Apr 30 20:58:35 [Cubey] Enemies: Megillot x25, Joelah x20, Esrim x4, Hagai x3, Varuch Ben x2
Apr 30 20:59:04 [Cubey] Crowe: "I'm not surprised if they're angry at us. But it looks like they're on our side... for now."
Apr 30 20:59:38 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Focus on the battle, but keep an eye on it in case they try something irregular. I suggest our SSR allies do the same."
Apr 30 20:59:40 [Jockey] L: "She speaks much sense. With what is at stake... focus on the battle at hand."
Apr 30 21:00:07 [Corel] Seta: "I have only heard about those two... but, I understand."
Apr 30 21:00:37 [Cubey] Viletta: "I agree. Keep your distance, all forces."
Apr 30 21:00:41 [Steam] * Changing tactics, the Soleares swoops towards the Hagais, letting fly the Stealth Boomerang, the weapon's thrusters flaring and turning it into a whirling disc of destruction to plow through all three of them in a go!+
Apr 30 21:00:42 [Aero] * There was no time to be shocked, the impaled Varuch is surrounded by Strahlend's hungry nanomachines and devoured before being converted into another copy of Quicksilver. Strahlend continues on its rampage, breaking deeper into the Balmarian lines and slashing at any enemy that got close on its path to the Tulips. &
Apr 30 21:01:41 [Raiko_Horikawa] * "We still need to hold the line and keep the enemy from reaching the Discovery. Once we break through here, we can attack the battleships. Willis, can you snipe the three remaining artillery units? They're clustered together over there. Seta I need you to break up this formation of the little ones to give him a clean shot." +
Apr 30 21:02:26 [Cubey] The Megillots try to ram the Soleares, drones charging at Selena's AS one after another to stop her from destroying the artillery!
Apr 30 21:02:30 [Cubey] Selena react.
Apr 30 21:02:35 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "And everybody, make sure you cover each other not just from the Balmarians, but also from the Grunbein just in case. I'll keep an eye on the Discovery to make sure nothing happens to it."
Apr 30 21:02:49 [Cubey] Willis went ahead with his own thing, but Seta can take Kei's action!
Apr 30 21:03:24 [Cubey] Which allows Willis to break through! The Varuch Bens try to strike at him as he advances next to them.
Apr 30 21:03:29 [Cubey] Irm: "I don't think so!"
Apr 30 21:03:59 [Cubey] The Grungust positions itself as a moving shield, grabbing one pinwheel with a bare hand while blocking with the other.
Apr 30 21:04:28 [Cubey] Willis' path towards one of the Tulips is clear. The Balmarian unit is somewhat damaged from the exchange with the fleet.
Apr 30 21:04:50 [Cubey] Zentradi captain: "Yak! Cease fire, or you will hit the ally!"
Apr 30 21:04:53 [Corel] Seta: "Yes. I will do my best."
Apr 30 21:05:07 [Aero] Willis: "Got it."
Apr 30 21:05:11 [Cubey] The tulip on the other hand continues charging its front laser, but...
Apr 30 21:05:20 [Steam] * "For bugs, you certainly are being a bit too much like bulls!" The Blade Railgun's chainsaw is deployed, Selena spinning blade-first into the Megillots!+
Apr 30 21:05:24 [Cubey] Willis - you are clear to hit it. Continue!
Apr 30 21:06:10 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Provide support fire in moderation even if it might hit him, captain! He can take it."
Apr 30 21:08:37 [Corel] *"Come, Dissonance." A dark flash from Union's hand reveals a katana sheathed in a black scabbard. Using this, Seta makes her way toward the enemy formation pointed out by Kei. Consecutive Iaijutsu strikes and shifts in direction are used to tear into the ranks!+
Apr 30 21:09:49 [Cubey] The assailing drones are made short work out of - Selena's blade cutting into the first few, but the rest are destroyed by Seta's lightning quick katana strikes.
Apr 30 21:10:07 [Cubey] Free to continue her assault, Selena destroys the off-balance and damaged artillery units.
Apr 30 21:10:34 [Aero] * Once again borrowing a trick from Elys Willis sets Quicksilver aside and forms a bow in its free hand before taking aim and fires a series of arrows in quick fashion at the remaining Hagais. Each arrow acting like a living object as they dart towards the artillery units under Willis' control. "That's cruel General!" -
Apr 30 21:12:08 [Cubey] The Hagais are pieced by Willis' allows, thus they are destroyed extra hard.
Apr 30 21:12:10 [Aero] Continuing his multitasking Strahlend builds up energy in the large spear as Willis' mind attempts to keep track of all the nanomachine shenanigans going on and the machine lunges at the tulip to plunge the spear into the giant ship and unleash the built up energy. +
Apr 30 21:12:11 [Cubey] *Pierced
Apr 30 21:13:17 [Cubey] But as Willis turns, he seems a large beam in front of him!
Apr 30 21:13:25 [Cubey] It's not the Tulip.
Apr 30 21:13:36 [Cubey] It's a large sword beam, slicing down on it.
Apr 30 21:14:15 [Cubey] Willis throws his spear towards the Balmarian carrier, but it is cleaved in half already.
Apr 30 21:14:19 [Cubey] That only deals the finishing blow.
Apr 30 21:15:30 [Cubey] The assisting unit's gunsword returns to its normal form.
Apr 30 21:15:36 [Cubey] Grunbein Alpha
Apr 30 21:15:36 [Cubey] http://i.imgur.com/qYmCLZi.jpg
Apr 30 21:15:41 [Cubey] That's right. There are two Grunbeins.
Apr 30 21:15:59 [Cubey] Or rather, four - two more appear from the depths of the Discovery of Self.
Apr 30 21:16:03 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "..."
Apr 30 21:16:15 [Corel] Seta: "Were there this many of them before...?"
Apr 30 21:16:17 [Steam] Selena: "... Well now."
Apr 30 21:16:21 [Cubey] They ping on your radars only now though they were not there before.
Apr 30 21:16:24 [Aero] Willis: "How is that..."
Apr 30 21:16:37 [Steam] "This certainly makes defending the Discovery easier."
Apr 30 21:17:10 [Jockey] "...Oh god please don't jinx it..."
Apr 30 21:17:13 [Jockey] "Please don't"
Apr 30 21:17:30 [Cubey] And the Grunbein Alpha which helped Willis, the one closest to him.
Apr 30 21:17:39 [Cubey] Shoots a boost knuckle in Strahlend's face!
Apr 30 21:17:45 [Cubey] A beam blade appears from its emitter as it does so!
Apr 30 21:17:46 [Cubey] Willis react.
Apr 30 21:18:12 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "..."
Apr 30 21:18:13 [Tengu] #
Apr 30 21:18:29 [Cubey] # approved
Apr 30 21:18:33 [Corel] Seta: "Ah...!"
Apr 30 21:19:10 [Steam] Elma: "Seems you spoke too soon."
Apr 30 21:19:18 [Steam] Selena: "Don't I know it..."
Apr 30 21:19:41 [Tengu] * Scaraber moves in, ready to parry the incoming rocket punch's energy sword with all four of its swords put together into a barrier of blades, and reinforced by a silver anti-beam Noble Barrier! +
Apr 30 21:19:49 [Jockey] "...Oh damn it..."
Apr 30 21:20:06 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "I do not know what motives guide you... But your betrayal was not unexpected!"
Apr 30 21:20:20 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "We can probably assume none of them are actually piloted."
Apr 30 21:21:30 [Aero] * Willis' expression immediately changes and the machine gathers its nanomachines to form a large anti-beam laminated shield which allows it to move up next to Scaraber and help push back the rocket punch. He wasn't going to let Hetepheres deal with it alone. +
Apr 30 21:22:07 [Cubey] The beam blade is stopped by the Barrier and the shield - but the impact behind the rocket fist throws both of your units back, damaged despite your heavy armor
Apr 30 21:22:26 [Cubey] ???: "Pretty cool, huh?"
Apr 30 21:22:52 [Cubey] A voice you know very well suddenly sounds on all frequencies of radio comms.
Apr 30 21:23:08 [Cubey] And... other familiar voices join in.
Apr 30 21:23:23 [Jockey] ".......... oh god damnit no."
Apr 30 21:23:29 [Cubey] As, atop the Discovery of Self, two units stand. A blue one, with twin handguns on its chest as it poses dramtaically.
Apr 30 21:23:40 [Cubey] And a red one, its graviton rifle aimed at you in preparation to shoot.
Apr 30 21:23:49 [Cubey] Desta: "Yeah... shame it was used by fucking traitors!"
Apr 30 21:24:00 [Cubey] Ilinka: "They only cared about themselves..."
Apr 30 21:24:08 [Jockey] "..."
Apr 30 21:24:21 [Jockey] "There's a phrase about pots and kettles."
Apr 30 21:24:35 [Steam] Selena: "..."
Apr 30 21:24:40 [Cubey] ???: "But the world needs me now. The world is facing a crisis."
Apr 30 21:25:14 [Cubey] In front of ShotSaber and FightSaber, a green flame bursts in space as a third unit wrecks its way from the Discovery's hull to the outside!
Apr 30 21:25:24 [Jockey] ".................."
Apr 30 21:25:36 [Cubey] Apollonius "Loni" Gavin: "The world needs a hero! The world needs me!"
Apr 30 21:25:38 [Cubey] BrightSaber Gavin Custom
Apr 30 21:25:38 [Cubey] http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1623590
Apr 30 21:25:38 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "...Pretty sure we're way past this. We need to get them away from the Discovery. Fast. And we need to stop the Balmarians too."
Apr 30 21:25:54 [Corel] Seta: "The Discovery is..."
Apr 30 21:25:57 [Cubey] Crowe: "... Shit."
Apr 30 21:26:09 [Jockey] ".... I really hope we can fix that..."
Apr 30 21:26:13 [Aero] Willis: "This goddamned brat."
Apr 30 21:26:17 [Cubey] Desta: "You don't get it, do you? That's the plan!"
Apr 30 21:26:45 [Cubey] Loni: "I'll stop the Balmarians. I'll stop everyone who threatens peace on Earth!"
Apr 30 21:26:52 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Stay out of this."
Apr 30 21:27:14 [Jockey] "....."
Apr 30 21:27:15 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...How did you manage to gain control over not just one, but two Grunbeins? Did the Lady give you new toys to play with?"
Apr 30 21:27:22 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Because you did such a good job while we were gathering parts for the Discovery..."
Apr 30 21:27:36 [Cubey] Loni: "They're cool, aren't they? Not that you'd know anything about it!"
Apr 30 21:27:56 [Jockey] "The way I see it, we're the ones that do all the actual work."
Apr 30 21:28:11 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Who were the traitors you talked about? Brye and Rani? Do you know anything that happened after /that/ battle?" Hopefully their tendency to be condescending and monologue would be useful for once
Apr 30 21:28:14 [Jockey] "He's just there to swoop in, make everyone's lives harder and take all the credit in his head."
Apr 30 21:28:40 [Tengu] Hetepheres (UG and SSR only): "I suggest we stay on the defensive and let Loni and Balmarians fight. We will mop up the survivors afterwards."
Apr 30 21:29:05 [Cubey] Desta: "Pfeh, don't mention these two. Stupid bitches. They were trying to trick us!"
Apr 30 21:29:12 [Cubey] Desta: "And don't think I can't hear you!"
Apr 30 21:29:17 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei (On the same line): "We'll need to make sure Loni and his friends don't try to steal the Discovery."
Apr 30 21:29:29 [Cubey] Ilinka: "They will try to use us again. I won't let them."
Apr 30 21:29:35 [Cubey] Loni: "Yeah... you're right."
Apr 30 21:29:53 [Cubey] Loni: "We already got it, right? We finally reached it, the true power. The Lady's boon."
Apr 30 21:30:01 [Cubey] Loni: "Time to save the world with it!"
Apr 30 21:30:21 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "...You do know this is just a group of scouts? Not the main fleet."
Apr 30 21:30:42 [Jockey] "I don't think they care."
Apr 30 21:30:52 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...I overestimated the security of this line. Very well then."
Apr 30 21:30:54 [Cubey] Loni: "I'll handle them! Because I am the hero, that's what a hero..."
Apr 30 21:31:03 [Corel] Seta: "I do not believe that matters to them, either..."
Apr 30 21:31:07 [Cubey] Ange: "YOU TALK TOO MUCH ASS-FOR-FACE HEAD!"
Apr 30 21:31:17 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Loni, watch out!"
Apr 30 21:31:34 [Jockey] "..... Well fuck."
Apr 30 21:31:36 [Cubey] Suddenly, Black Six charges the BrightSaber, Ange unloading everything they got while dodging and swerving rapidly.
Apr 30 21:31:57 [Jockey] "This just really pushed things up the creek."
Apr 30 21:32:06 [Corel] Seta: "Please wait...! That's too sudden..."
Apr 30 21:32:11 [Corel] Well, too late anyway.
Apr 30 21:32:20 [Cubey] Viletta: "Kuroki, hold it... dammit!"
Apr 30 21:32:23 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GKAvlij9ew
Apr 30 21:33:10 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...So much for that. Forward! Keep all hostiles away from the Discovery!"
Apr 30 21:33:26 [Cubey] But as the beams quiet down and dust settles where Loni stood...
Apr 30 21:33:31 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "...Their resistance to basic facts is remarkable."
Apr 30 21:33:32 [Cubey] Loni: "Hey, that doesn't really matter."
Apr 30 21:33:41 [Cubey] Ange: "What the f..."
Apr 30 21:34:15 [Cubey] The BrightSaber's large plasma blade is held in a parrying position, and the main unit is unharmed.
Apr 30 21:34:20 [Steam] Selena: "They've had years practicing it."
Apr 30 21:34:23 [Cubey] There is no way he could've blocked all of that! But...
Apr 30 21:34:51 [Cubey] Loni: "I know you guys will try to get in the way too. I'll have to take you down too. Because..."
Apr 30 21:35:11 [Cubey] The BrighSaber charges its offhand cannon - and fires, a giant plasma blast firing through space!
Apr 30 21:35:17 [Cubey] Loni: "YOU ARE THE BAD GUYS TOO!"
Apr 30 21:35:22 [Cubey] Desta: "Yeah you tell 'em man!"
Apr 30 21:35:34 [Cubey] A single shot of that threatened to destroy a whole base, and now Black Six is under its fire.
Apr 30 21:35:42 [Cubey] Heph, Seta, Calvin, you can go now
Apr 30 21:37:32 [Jockey] *Calvin had enough trouble with the regular Brightsaber... with it in its current supercharged form? What chance did he even stand?... That being said however... he was going to launch as many flares as he could into its cameras!+
Apr 30 21:39:28 [Cubey] Ilinka: "... Out of the way."
Apr 30 21:40:16 [Cubey] The FightSaber charges forward, Ilinka tackling the flares while they are harmless - some explode in her face regardless, but her gravitic launcher was aimed to fire. And now that she's close - it does!
Apr 30 21:40:23 [Cubey] React to a blast of g-forces, Calvin.
Apr 30 21:40:39 [Steam] # Calvin
Apr 30 21:40:46 [Corel] *Seta can't ignore that firepower, so she proceeds with a blast of her own - not to neutralize Loni's, but to knock it off-course!+
Apr 30 21:40:50 [Cubey] # approved
Apr 30 21:40:55 [Tengu] * Hetepheres points her laser staff, firing a single, focused laser into Desta's direction, the beam going after him after he most likely starts to dodge. She wants to get him away from the Discovery with this attack. +
Apr 30 21:41:30 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "I suppose you could call me bad, from your perspective. I killed a lot of people, after all."
Apr 30 21:41:48 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Hopefully, today I will kill a few more."
Apr 30 21:42:08 [Jockey] *Calvin's going to dodge as best as he's able!.... And supporting his attempt was Lagardia swiftly moving in to bring her blade down on the Fightsaber's gun!+
Apr 30 21:42:15 [Steam] * The Soleares charges at Illinka, railgun firing to make her break off from her attack. But that's not all as the Stealth Boomerang discreetly begins to fly back to the AS full-speed, on a course right through the FightSaber's cannon!+
Apr 30 21:43:00 [Cubey] Ilinka's cannon is cut just as it was firing.
Apr 30 21:43:31 [Cubey] The explosion of gravity throws her unit away - same for the Soleares and Lagardia, the two of them crushed by the extreme forces somewhat!
Apr 30 21:43:37 [Cubey] Calvin ironically escapes unscathed.
Apr 30 21:43:42 [Cubey] Loni: "Ilinka!"
Apr 30 21:44:08 [Cubey] While he is being distracted, Seta's blast fires at his.
Apr 30 21:44:24 [Cubey] But the BrightSaber's beam is very powerful and she doesn't manage to deflect it that much.
Apr 30 21:44:46 [Cubey] Crowe: "Now's the worst time to freeze up!"
Apr 30 21:45:19 [Cubey] The three SSR pilots are moving towards Black Six - the G-Bouncer and Crowe's Adele extracting it quickly, the beam missing because...
Apr 30 21:45:36 [Cubey] The Grungust is blocking it with all its might, its hands and large parts of the upper body melting in the process!
Apr 30 21:46:01 [Cubey] Irm: "That was close. My dad will have my hide for this..."
Apr 30 21:46:22 [Cubey] Woolf: "We're the SSR handsome aces! No way we'll die here!"
Apr 30 21:46:41 [Jockey] "Sh-... damnit... that was too much.. you need to get out of here!"
Apr 30 21:46:49 [Cubey] The Grungust is trying to raise a thumbs-up.
Apr 30 21:46:57 [Steam] Selena: "That's the right spirit..."
Apr 30 21:47:05 [Corel] Seta: "I'm sorry...it was no good on my end..."
Apr 30 21:47:11 [Steam] Selena herself at least had Tamaki-grade airbags to help soften the blow.
Apr 30 21:47:18 [Steam] "But it's not about just not dying..."
Apr 30 21:47:27 [Steam] "We've got this lousy trio to take down too!"
Apr 30 21:47:46 [Cubey] But while Seta was firing her beam, a Grunbein Omega taks notice of her. The unit summons a gunsword and fires beam shots while charging forward, a knee's emitter already creating a blade for when the two meet! React.
Apr 30 21:47:55 [Jockey] L: "Such arrogance.... its disgusting simply to be in its presence."
Apr 30 21:48:04 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "And an ancient superweapon to protect. /And/ a Balmarian scouting fleet that's still around."
Apr 30 21:48:11 [Cubey] Crowe: "Not yet. Don't think you're the only ones who can do something here!"
Apr 30 21:49:39 [Cubey] Desta: "Ooh, look at you. Aren't you mature and responsible, thinking you're making hard decisions."
Apr 30 21:49:41 [Jockey] "... I can't believe its not even a Monday and this is happening..."
Apr 30 21:49:44 [Cubey] Desta: "Well, fuck you!"
Apr 30 21:50:00 [Cubey] The ShotSaber starts jumping and spinning around on the Discovery's hull.
Apr 30 21:50:08 [Steam] Selena: "And then there's you all though."
Apr 30 21:50:12 [Cubey] Desta realizes he has to do even more of that as the beams start chasing after him.
Apr 30 21:50:25 [Cubey] Desta: "Well I know how your shit works. Should be about... now!"
Apr 30 21:50:33 [Steam] "With the only decision you had to make was not be complete monsters... but you still decided to go ahead and be them anyways."
Apr 30 21:50:41 [Cubey] As the barriers change to golden, he fires beam shots from his pistols towards Hetepheres while still dodging like mad.
Apr 30 21:50:43 [Cubey] React!
Apr 30 21:50:48 [Cubey] Willis, Selena, Kei, you can go.
Apr 30 21:50:56 [Jockey] #Heph
Apr 30 21:51:05 [Cubey] # approved
Apr 30 21:51:36 [Cubey] Viletta: "ESUN fleet, I request you to disengage."
Apr 30 21:51:53 [Corel] *With little time to worry about what happened, Seta meets the Grunbein's charge. She raises her unit's cloak to deflect the incoming beams and distract the attacker, and then darts in from the side with a kick of her own!+
Apr 30 21:51:57 [Aero] #Heph with action?
Apr 30 21:52:05 [Aero] (Herp)
Apr 30 21:52:10 [Aero] (Nvm)
Apr 30 21:52:18 [Jockey] *This was going to be pretty tight on its timing.... Calvin opens fire into the paths of the beam shots with the DODS gun! There was no telling if there'll be much effect with how powerful those hand cannons are but... a drill beam might disperse it a bit!+
Apr 30 21:52:23 [Cubey] Viletta: "Keep your eyes peeled on both fronts but focus on Gavin."
Apr 30 21:53:48 [Raiko_Horikawa] * Seta was pinned down, Selana was recovering from a dodge and Hetepheres was under attack..."Willis, I need to rely on you. Loni is loyal to his friends, even if I have no idea why he would be, and Ilinka is still recovering from the blast before. Suffuse the area around her with nanobots so she can't get away. Don't go for the kill, just enough that they'll consider retreating." +
Apr 30 21:54:28 [Steam] * Keeping focused on the FightSaber, Selena charges in for another go at it! Blinding lights courtesy of the Prism Phantom streamed out to disorient Ilinka before the whole AS cloaked itself once more, spinning to the FightSaber's backside and opening up with its chianguns!+
Apr 30 21:55:46 [Cubey] Seta's cloak absorbs the beams, but the beam knee cuts against Union's side as it dodges.
Apr 30 21:56:10 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "I know you do. You probably think I rely too much on Noble Barrier for defense, as well." Suddenly, Scaraber splits in two, its core unit going upwards while the armor goes downwards and turns into a scarab-like shell! The former jumps down on the latter after the initial evasion, and starts zooming around with increased speed. +
Apr 30 21:56:12 [Cubey] Fortunately you manage to kick the enemy away, lightly damaging it.
Apr 30 21:56:24 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Focus fire on Desta while he is distracted."
Apr 30 21:57:18 [Cubey] Calvin's shots manage to change the trajectory of Desta's beams, when the two connect - which is only once.
Apr 30 21:57:35 [Cubey] But Hetepheres starts dodging away, leaving Desta standing there with a stupid look on his face.
Apr 30 21:57:42 [Cubey] Desta: "..."
Apr 30 21:58:18 [Aero] * "Never thought I'd hear that... but....alright." As angry as he was he was trusting in Kei's instructions. With the wreckage of the Tulip still around him Strahlend makes quick work of the remains, salvaging the ancestor of the U.I.I.N technology to form a massive cloud around him. The swarm is unleashed in one huge wave towards Ilinka to block any attempts
Apr 30 21:58:21 [Aero] of escaping. +
Apr 30 21:58:37 [Corel] Seta: "...For this, I will need more power..."
Apr 30 21:59:12 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Ghh!"
Apr 30 21:59:25 [Cubey] She tries to dodge out of harm's way, only to find herself blocked by nanomachines.
Apr 30 21:59:46 [Jockey] "Any more weaknesses you want to try take advantage of?"
Apr 30 22:00:29 [Cubey] "ILINKAAAA!" But Loni charges in, spinning with his blade - the mighty swing burning out the nanomachines and threatening to cut apart the Soleares as well!
Apr 30 22:00:32 [Cubey] React, Selena.
Apr 30 22:00:39 [Aero] #?
Apr 30 22:00:40 [Cubey] But you are not the real target of the attack.
Apr 30 22:00:44 [Cubey] # approved
Apr 30 22:00:55 [Aero] Willis: "I fought with Loni before, he relies more on his machine's capabilities rather than his own skil-"
Apr 30 22:01:09 [Cubey] Loni: "You guys think you can just bully Ilinka all day long, but I'm the hero dammit! I'm here for her. I'll always protect her!"
Apr 30 22:01:40 [Cubey] With large holes cut into the nanomachine cloud and the rest dispersing, the BrightSaber stands in front of FightSaber.
Apr 30 22:02:04 [Cubey] And its offhand cannon is charging up - aiming at Purple Two now.
Apr 30 22:02:16 [Steam] "Trying to play the gallant hero?"
Apr 30 22:02:17 [Aero] * And without another word Strahlend moves to counter Loni, gathering the remains of the attacking swarm before swinging the massive lance across to meet Loni's blade. +
Apr 30 22:02:21 [Cubey] Loni: "You're the mastermind behind them all, right?! Get lost!"
Apr 30 22:02:25 [Steam] "Too bad she's no lady... and you're no knight!"
Apr 30 22:02:48 [Cubey] He fires - not a single large blast, but a barrage of green homing beams converging on Purple Two! React Kei.
Apr 30 22:03:10 [Corel] # Kei?
Apr 30 22:03:15 [Cubey] # approved
Apr 30 22:03:58 [Steam] * Dodging and cutting through nanomachines are one thing, but blinding bursts of light were something else as the Soleares jukes away and under the strike!+
Apr 30 22:04:32 [Raiko_Horikawa] * She'd expected it and immediately broke into her classic evasive maneuvers. Running on pure instinct and Purple-2's passive calculations, she made a number of high speed turns to scatter the beams and slow their impact down until the energy dissipated. +
Apr 30 22:04:33 [Cubey] Willis' lance strikes against Loni's sword - the two clashing, but the sword cuts through it very quickly!
Apr 30 22:04:59 [Cubey] It was enough to let Selena dodge the blade itself, though the attack leaves a green shockwave behind, which knocks you away and spins you off-balance.
Apr 30 22:05:43 [Aero] Willis: "Like so...you tapped our communications so thanks for proving my point."
Apr 30 22:05:50 [Corel] "Kei!" *Seta's fingers hover near one of her earrings for a moment, but Loni targeting Kei causes her to abandon the idea and go straight into defense. Union aids Purple Two by forming the most resilient barrier of light that it can - standing between the beams and their target!+
Apr 30 22:06:06 [Jockey] L: "A so called hero, yet from what I see and hear you are simply a mewling whelp suckling off the teat of someone of greater strength. How much of what you show can actually be called your own?"
Apr 30 22:06:15 [Cubey] Loni: "Shut up! All of you shut up!"
Apr 30 22:06:30 [Cubey] Loni: "You think I wanted to deal with you? I got my gift, the boon... I got power to be the hero."
Apr 30 22:06:41 [Cubey] Loni: "I could've just fucked off. Just me and my friends. But the world needs me!"
Apr 30 22:06:48 [Cubey] Loni: "What will happen without me!"
Apr 30 22:07:04 [Steam] Elma: "Commander Antov would still be alive."
Apr 30 22:07:12 [Aero] Willis: "Do you think that makes you a hero?"
Apr 30 22:07:17 [Jockey] Calvin: "The same thing that always happens. We'll move on. We've been better off without you."
Apr 30 22:07:48 [Aero] Willis: "Because you keep getting gifts from someone who simply wants to be entertained by your sad attempts?"
Apr 30 22:07:51 [Cubey] Kei starts evasive maneuvers, beams chasing after her. Some fade out, but others are more stubborn - there's Seta's shield!
Apr 30 22:08:06 [Jockey] *We'll
Apr 30 22:08:11 [Cubey] It blocks them long enough for Kei to get out of harm's way reasonably unharmed. It looks like Loni couldn't fire a full strength attack here.
Apr 30 22:08:22 [Cubey] Loni: "Without me, there's..."
Apr 30 22:08:27 [Aero] Willis: "Because of you we've lost friends and comrades."
Apr 30 22:08:38 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Thanks."
Apr 30 22:08:53 [Cubey] The Lady's voice suddenly booms, not loud but present everywhere around the Discovery of Self. "Without the hero, there will be no future."
Apr 30 22:09:13 [Cubey] Hetepheres, Calvin, Seta - you can go now.
Apr 30 22:09:19 [Aero] Willis: "There won't be the future that YOU want!"
Apr 30 22:09:24 [Corel] Seta: "Thank goodness- ah..."
Apr 30 22:09:31 [Aero] He's not even surprised at this point.
Apr 30 22:09:53 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...You decided to speak up. An enemy of all life in the universe, as we know it."
Apr 30 22:10:06 [Corel] The Lady's voice gets the Kijin's attention for sure.
Apr 30 22:10:17 [Cubey] The Lady: "I give Loni what he wants. Without his deeds, Earth is doomed."
Apr 30 22:10:27 [Cubey] The Lady: "I have predicted the future."
Apr 30 22:10:42 [Jockey] *Calvin grits his teeth, the booming voice was a little startling... but at the same time nothing he hasn't experienced before. May as well piss off the malevolent disembodied voice by denting her champion!+
Apr 30 22:11:09 [Jockey] "I'd rather we get a second opinion thanks!"
Apr 30 22:11:42 [Cubey] The Lady: "The future of Earth and humanity depends on those responsible of protecting it."
Apr 30 22:12:16 [Cubey] The Lady: "With SSR in charge, the group becomes corrupt, serving self-centered politicians and sponsors, becoming little better than those they fight against..."
Apr 30 22:13:01 [Cubey] Viletta: "... Very presumptous considering our track record."
Apr 30 22:13:13 [Cubey] Zentradi captain: "Captain, there is trouble!"
Apr 30 22:13:15 [Cubey] Viletta: "Tch!"
Apr 30 22:13:17 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "And Loni wouldn't just run around like some yahoo?"
Apr 30 22:13:19 [Corel] Seta: "Loni Gavin...is a protector?"
Apr 30 22:13:34 [Corel] She sounds incredulous here.
Apr 30 22:13:45 [Cubey] The ESUN fleet started to withdraw - this is because the Grunbeins are actually attacking the Balmarian forces here.
Apr 30 22:13:56 [Cubey] But having noticed it, one of them is moving towards the Zentradi battleships now.
Apr 30 22:14:17 [Cubey] Loni: "I'm the hero, dammit! A hero protects everyone precious to him!"
Apr 30 22:14:34 [Cubey] He raises his large blade, almost effortlessly blocking Calvin's shots.
Apr 30 22:14:55 [Aero] Willis: "..."
Apr 30 22:14:59 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "I am moving in to aid them. Watch out for Desta."
Apr 30 22:15:05 [Cubey] Then, with a burst of speed that almost rips the stone off Discovery's surface, he charges forward to knock down the Genoace with a supersonic shoulder slam!
Apr 30 22:15:07 [Cubey] React, Calvin.
Apr 30 22:15:24 [Aero] #Calvin?
Apr 30 22:15:30 [Cubey] # approved
Apr 30 22:15:38 [Cubey] The Lady: "With Unity Group in charge..."
Apr 30 22:16:03 [Corel] Seta: "Understood, General."
Apr 30 22:16:06 [Jockey] *Calvin's too slow to dodge something that speed! He raises his shield but at best its a token defense!+
Apr 30 22:16:27 [Cubey] The Lady: "All power on Earth would be gathered in hands of few. Few who would think themselves the only ones able to stand against threats. And so they lost."
Apr 30 22:17:00 [Cubey] The Lady: "The champion, the hero, will stand victorious time and time again. Such is his story."
Apr 30 22:17:10 [Tengu] * Scaraber flies towards the Grunbein that's in pursuit of the Zentran fleet. Mid-charge, its second frame flies in, and as the core unit jumps off the scarab-like platform, they connect together into a heavily armored, crab-like form! The Crab Frame leaps towards the Grunbein, slashing a few times at its armor with its claws, and then grabbing with both of them and trying to squeeze
Apr 30 22:17:11 [Tengu] hard! +
Apr 30 22:17:22 [Corel] *Speaking of which, Seta has Union fire at Desta's unit. Just in case. A wave of explosive light spheres are launched at the target!+
Apr 30 22:17:36 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "So relying on the few leads to disaster, but relying on one person leads to victory? Remarkable logic there."
Apr 30 22:18:17 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Wrong..."
Apr 30 22:18:24 [Cubey] Ilinka: "You are... wrong..."
Apr 30 22:18:32 [Cubey] The FightSaber stands up, orienting itself despite damage.
Apr 30 22:18:39 [Aero] * "Get back." The nanomachines around Strahlend gather and form into a massive knightshield as it moves in front of the Genoace and puts in front of them. At the last moment the surface of the shield erupts into hundreds of spikes that Loni would hopefully impale himself on. +
Apr 30 22:19:32 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Loni isn't like you."
Apr 30 22:19:43 [Cubey] And it throws itself in front of Strahlend!
Apr 30 22:19:46 [Cubey] Loni: "Ilinka!"
Apr 30 22:20:08 [Cubey] The BrightSaber stops immediately - not even hitting the FightSaber, but it also means it doesn't impale itself on Strahlend's spike shield either
Apr 30 22:21:10 [Aero] Willis: "......"
Apr 30 22:21:46 [Cubey] The Grunbein Omega attacked by the Scaraber tries to rise a gunblade for defense - but it's not what Hetepheres was after. The crab frame starts squeezing it hard!
Apr 30 22:22:35 [Cubey] The Grunbein's hands aim low at the Scaraber, and start shooting beams from its emitters at point blank range.
Apr 30 22:22:38 [Cubey] Make it stop!
Apr 30 22:22:42 [Cubey] React, Hetepheres
Apr 30 22:23:05 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Sorry Loni. I always make you worry, but... I won't let you get hurt either. That'd make me worried."
Apr 30 22:23:36 [Cubey] Desta continues jumping, trying to shoot those spheres one by one.
Apr 30 22:23:44 [Cubey] Desta: "Fuck it. Guys, I think it's time we got out of here!"
Apr 30 22:24:01 [Cubey] Loni: "Yeah... let's fly! Let's fly together, Ilinka, Desta!"
Apr 30 22:24:16 [Cubey] Despite Desta's efforts, the spheres are starting to catch up with him.
Apr 30 22:24:20 [Cubey] But...
Apr 30 22:25:43 [Cubey] The other Grunbein Omega meets its deadly gaze with her unit. Literally - an eye laser magnum burns its way through space, and following it, a set of very large t-link rippers are flying to cut the Kijin down! Seta react.
Apr 30 22:26:05 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "I would like to point out; neither Unity Group nor SSR strives for complete control over the defense of Earth. Between each other, and together with ESUN... They are cooperating." Scaraber tries to grab the Grunbein's arms with its pincers and point them away, while squeezing hard at the same time. Hetepheres has to rely on both of its heavy armor and the Noble Barrier
Apr 30 22:26:05 [Tengu] (gonna turn silver any second now) in the meantime! +
Apr 30 22:26:11 [Raiko_Horikawa] #Seta
Apr 30 22:26:15 [Cubey] # approved
Apr 30 22:28:03 [Raiko_Horikawa] * Before the t-link rippers can hit, they're hit by a pair of electrified spikes set for electromagnetism, catching them before the cables were reeled in to pull them off course letting go before they're pulled all the way back to Purple-2. +
Apr 30 22:28:55 [Cubey] The rippers are trying to rip free, but Purple Two holds them tight!
Apr 30 22:29:43 [Cubey] At the same time, the Crab Frame is suffering from some heavy point blank beam barrage before the barrier can turn into the correct one.
Apr 30 22:29:45 [Cubey] But!
Apr 30 22:30:03 [Cubey] Crowe: "Don't get in the way now! Watch each other's asses!"
Apr 30 22:30:23 [Cubey] The Adele squad fires both at the rippers and at the Grunbein's (the one Heph fights) exposed back.
Apr 30 22:30:34 [Corel] *Seta's priority is actually the eye laser, because it would hit her first. Union moves to evade the same way it did earlier - launching a sword to teleport to its location - which is also where the rippers are pulled...
Apr 30 22:30:36 [Cubey] The latter managing to wrestle the arms away from herself, and squeeze them into uselessness!
Apr 30 22:31:24 [Corel] *And the Kijin Craft proceeds to smash into both with charged punches in an attempt to destroy them!+
Apr 30 22:31:47 [Cubey] Seta manages to evade the laser, and with SSR's help - destroy the rippers.
Apr 30 22:32:18 [Cubey] Loni: "Okay guys, get ready. I'll clear the way."
Apr 30 22:32:33 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "And as you can see, the cooperation brings results!"
Apr 30 22:32:42 [Cubey] The BrightSaber steels itself, taking on a steady stance as it charges its huge cannon once again.
Apr 30 22:32:49 [Cubey] Ilinka: "... Yes."
Apr 30 22:32:54 [Cubey] Desta: "Right!"
Apr 30 22:33:03 [Cubey] While the two others make it for the hole from which Loni emerged.
Apr 30 22:33:08 [Jockey] "Oh no..."
Apr 30 22:33:11 [Cubey] They are trying to escape into the Discovery of Self!
Apr 30 22:33:14 [Cubey] Willis, Selena, Kei, go
Apr 30 22:33:18 [Jockey] "GUYS WE HAVE A PROBLEM!"
Apr 30 22:33:30 [Corel] Seta: (to Kei) "Ah...this makes us even then...thank you-"
Apr 30 22:34:05 [Aero] Willis: "Tch..."
Apr 30 22:34:16 [Aero] Willis: "There's too much going on..."
Apr 30 22:34:16 [Cubey] (The ShotSaber by the way took a few of energy ball explosions, but no main body hits)
Apr 30 22:34:24 [Corel] And then that happens.
Apr 30 22:34:54 [Cubey] The two Grunbein Alphas also break off from the Balmarian fleet, now reduced to two Tulips - and make a way for the Discovery of Self as well!
Apr 30 22:34:55 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Right." Kei nodded quickly at Seta's thanks
Apr 30 22:35:07 [Cubey] (One of the Omegas was already nearby, the other is busy being crushed by Hetepheres)
Apr 30 22:35:27 [Aero] Willis: "...I'm going after them."
Apr 30 22:35:36 [Cubey] Woolf: "If you have some smart plans, now's the time to put them in motion. Just say the word!"
Apr 30 22:35:37 [Steam] "I see it! Clades, pless tell me you have a plan!"
Apr 30 22:36:05 [Aero] Willis: "Not at all, but I can only do as much as I can."
Apr 30 22:36:07 [Cubey] Unfortunately the Handsome SSR Ace team is reduced to just Woolf and Crowe, Irm and Ange are too damaged and have withdrawn.
Apr 30 22:36:10 [Jockey] "... Clades... if this plan is remotely even suicidal..."
Apr 30 22:36:22 [Steam] The Soleares moves in as well, pushing its thursters as fast as it can manage! "Well you don't have to do it alone."
Apr 30 22:36:46 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Do not undererestimate his regenerative abilities."
Apr 30 22:37:34 [Jockey] "I'm not. I'm just worried about his state of mind."
Apr 30 22:37:56 [Raiko_Horikawa] * "Move to cut them off before they enter. Actually fighting in the Discovery would risk ruining everything. Crowe, you have the fastest unit not completely pinned down. Move to cut them off. Hold them for long enough for Willis to put his plan in action and others can catch up." +
Apr 30 22:39:43 [Cubey] Crowe: "Only me against these two crazy kids? Sure."
Apr 30 22:40:03 [Steam] * The Soleares's boomerang is hurled at the FightSaber full-speed. Loni wouldn't stop for much, but for a friend in trouble there might be a chance of it! But that was only the first phase of it as both Sol Razors are pulled out, elongating into beam whips! She didn't have enough time to do this properly but- "Alright... let's see if this can wo
Apr 30 22:40:04 [Steam] rk! Long Range-!" The whips flick out just as the Stealth Wing breaks apart, wrapping around the hits and then being swing down into the machine's backside! "Carver Tempest!"
Apr 30 22:40:04 [Steam] +
Apr 30 22:40:53 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "We'll catch up soon. The second you can, move to support Crowe."
Apr 30 22:41:40 [Cubey] Crowe's Adele tries to suppress Desta's exit, firing dods shots from behind a shield...
Apr 30 22:42:27 [Cubey] Ilinka: "..." Only to get stabbed at by the FightSaber, its beam sword melting through that shield.
Apr 30 22:42:30 [Aero] * Strahlend's wings open up and the machine gives chase after Loni and friends, however at the same time the Balmarian units that were shot with arrows start to move awkwardly as if something had reactivated them. "Kei I have control over these units now, they can't move very well but they can take firing orders." His eyes share the same glow as he stretches
Apr 30 22:42:48 [Cubey] Which is when Crowe moves it, forcing the beam saber to stray off its deadly cockpit course.
Apr 30 22:42:56 [Cubey] Crowe: "Tch... is that all you got?"
Apr 30 22:43:22 [Cubey] Selena's Tempest hits the FightSaber head on, into its exposed back!
Apr 30 22:43:32 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Understood...I think you know the best way to use them right now."
Apr 30 22:44:39 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Aah..."
Apr 30 22:45:18 [Aero] his control over his nanomachines, several hundred wires soon erupt from Strahlend moving fast to create a massive weave in the trios way. He had to create enough of a formation to prevent them from getting any closer to the Discovery and he could do this by including the artillery fire as well, creating a web of beams and razor sharp wires once he finished.
Apr 30 22:45:24 [Cubey] The unit falls down, disabled and in critical condition.
Apr 30 22:45:29 [Steam] "You, Loni, and Desta aren'g going anywhere!"
Apr 30 22:46:52 [Cubey] Desta: "... Oh shit."
Apr 30 22:47:04 [Cubey] Loni: "Stay the fuck away!"
Apr 30 22:47:28 [Aero] Willis: "Not a chance."
Apr 30 22:47:45 [Cubey] One of the Grunbein Alphas throws itself in front of the deadly web that Willis created, but it can only take so much and its body receives heavy damage in the process.
Apr 30 22:47:58 [Cubey] Loni: "Then how about I MAKE YOU!"
Apr 30 22:48:12 [Aero] Willis: "Come and try!"
Apr 30 22:48:15 [Cubey] He fires a huge sweeping blast across the battlefield.
Apr 30 22:48:33 [Cubey] The cannon's fire meets with Willis' assault first, the wires burned down and beams consumed quickly.
Apr 30 22:48:43 [Cubey] But more importantly, the beam threatens to engulf you as well!
Apr 30 22:48:47 [Cubey] Willis, react!
Apr 30 22:49:07 [Cubey] Also everyone who is at the Discovery of Self gets the beam swept over them too!
Apr 30 22:49:15 [Steam] # Willis?
Apr 30 22:49:24 [Jockey] #Willis?
Apr 30 22:49:25 [Cubey] Which means Calvin I believe.
Apr 30 22:49:27 [Cubey] # approved
Apr 30 22:49:30 [Cubey] Both
Apr 30 22:49:40 [Cubey] Viletta: "Get out! Evasive maneuvers!"
Apr 30 22:49:48 [Cubey] Crowe: "You don't have to tell me that twice!"
Apr 30 22:50:06 [Cubey] Loni: "Desta, can you do it?!" He grits his teeth while continuing to maintain the beam.
Apr 30 22:50:29 [Cubey] Desta: "I... guess..."
Apr 30 22:50:32 [Cubey] Loni: "CAN YOU DO IT"
Apr 30 22:51:02 [Cubey] (Your seperate reacts are unnecessary but remember to incorporate that into the #)
Apr 30 22:51:23 [Jockey] *Calvin's doing everything he can to evade the beam so he can't do much.... Lagardia though.... The Ancient does her best to send her blade into the Brightsaber's back!+
Apr 30 22:51:37 [Steam] The Solares really lacks anything to help get Willis to safety, or protect him for that matter. So...
Apr 30 22:51:43 [Steam] "... I'll just use something I don't have."
Apr 30 22:52:28 [Steam] * Still gripping the Sol Razors, which were still connected to the blades in the back of the FightSaber, Selena begins to spin around... to hurt Ilinka and the machine direction in the course of Loni's own attack!+
Apr 30 22:53:03 [Aero] * "If you think that'll stop me you really haven't learned a thing." Strahlend switches to its Juggernaut form and coats its entire body in a reflective coating, instead of evading the machine positions its arms in front of it and aims to break through the beam and get right up to Loni's face. &
Apr 30 22:56:09 [Cubey] Ilinka: "A..."
Apr 30 22:56:12 [Cubey] Loni notices with a corner of his eye that Ilinka's unit is being thrown. "What the? Ahh!"
Apr 30 22:56:19 [Cubey] And his unit is stabbed in the back by Lagardia!
Apr 30 22:56:33 [Cubey] Loni: "Ghhh...!"
Apr 30 22:56:45 [Cubey] Desta: "I got this, I got this!"
Apr 30 22:57:41 [Cubey] Desta takes advantage of Crowe getting away and spins around - briefly materializing beam bayonets under his guns, with which he slashes...
Apr 30 22:57:55 [Cubey] And cuts off FightSaber's damaged lower body, while grabbing the upper!
Apr 30 22:58:45 [Cubey] Desta: "We can't let Loni down now. Let's do this shit!"
Apr 30 22:58:47 [Cubey] Ilinka: "Yeah!"
Apr 30 22:58:59 [Cubey] And the two of them unload everything they got while running quickly into the hole...
Apr 30 22:59:06 [Cubey] Into Lagardia's own exposed side and back.
Apr 30 22:59:53 [Cubey] While at the same time, Loni grits his teeth and presses on with the blast.
Apr 30 23:00:22 [Cubey] Parts of the discharge fly off in various sides, hitting a stray Balmarian drone or two.
Apr 30 23:00:35 [Cubey] But Strahlend takes the brunt - its arms are, little by little, melting down.
Apr 30 23:00:43 [Cubey] Soon they are soon gone. But Willis doesn't give up.
Apr 30 23:00:50 [Cubey] You make it closer and closer towards Loni.
Apr 30 23:00:58 [Cubey] And you are very close, just as the blast ceases...
Apr 30 23:00:59 [Cubey] React!
Apr 30 23:01:03 [Cubey] Or rather, continue.
Apr 30 23:01:16 [Corel] Seta winces Willis does his thing...again.
Apr 30 23:01:44 [Cubey] Remaining three Grunbeins make it to the Discovery, forming a wall between the Loni friend units and you.
Apr 30 23:01:51 [Cubey] You'll have to get through them first...
Apr 30 23:01:59 [Cubey] Hetepheres, Calvin, Seta, go.
Apr 30 23:02:01 [Cubey] Also
Apr 30 23:02:10 [Aero] Willis: "Hey Loni...what do you think I'm going to do."
Apr 30 23:02:13 [Cubey] Lagardia slumps to her knees from wounds taken.
Apr 30 23:02:21 [Cubey] Her large Ancient form is heavily wounded.
Apr 30 23:02:33 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "They are not going to make it easy..."
Apr 30 23:02:46 [Cubey] (Hetepheres is still in melee with the fourth, most heavily damaged Grunbein)
Apr 30 23:02:56 [Aero] His tone is completely cold, despite being weaponless he's still making threats.
Apr 30 23:02:59 [Cubey] Loni: "... Die?"
Apr 30 23:03:03 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "But I am used to difficulty. Time to break through! Scarab Power!"
Apr 30 23:03:09 [Corel] Seta: "Yes...and we do not have the time..."
Apr 30 23:03:25 [Aero] Willis: "No....I'm going to kill..."
Apr 30 23:04:06 [Corel] This time, the Kijin removes one of her earrings without hesitation.
Apr 30 23:04:53 [Tengu] * A burst of power emanates from Scaraber, intensifying its field and increasing its strength! The currently crab-like mech slowly but surely lifts the larger opponent above its head, and then... starts to spin! The spinning quickly gets really fast, and Scaraber rushes forward, almost like some kind of different, electromagnetic super robot!
Apr 30 23:05:24 [Jockey] *Calvin's launching as many flares at he can into a Grunbein's face before getting up close to repeatedly point blank fire his DODS gun into its body! Pardon him... he needed to get through!+
Apr 30 23:05:50 [Tengu] * Scaraber rushes towards the wall of three Grunbeins... And then stops abruptly, while letting go off the fourth Grunbein at the same time, sending it flying towards them, spinning like a drill - or some kind of weird bowling ball. +
Apr 30 23:06:18 [Aero] * Strahlend's single eye begins to glow as space around it seems to be compressed. A ton of matter had been gathered in that one place. "You should know that a true hero can kill with his eyes." The matter is annihilated and transformed into energy, in an instant a massive beam erupts from its eye at point-blank range. Threatening to engulf the Brightsaber
Apr 30 23:06:32 [Corel] While Union remains in its sealed form, a pair of thin, dragon-like wings made of golden light emerge from the Craft's back.
Apr 30 23:06:42 [Aero] +
Apr 30 23:07:59 [Corel] *Seta directs one of the Craft's hands at a Grunbein, and from it, a tornado of light erupts - threatening to slam into the enemy and cause continuous damage!+
Apr 30 23:10:00 [Cubey] The choudenji spinning crab completely overpowers the Grunbein it holds. The copy is torn apart, its parts thrown at the other three - which quickly start firing at it.
Apr 30 23:10:47 [Cubey] But while the parts are cut down and explode, some of the flaming wrecks still hit one of the temporarily blinded Grunbeins. Which is now pierced by many DODS shots, which actually accumulate and strike through its thin, damaged torso.
Apr 30 23:11:29 [Cubey] The last damaged Omega was busy shooting at the wreckage, and it's trapped by the tornado. It fires off a few stray shots before being obliterated.
Apr 30 23:11:38 [Cubey] Loni: "What? But they're so cool... gah!"
Apr 30 23:11:52 [Cubey] The BrightSaber is engulfed by a point blank eye beam blast!
Apr 30 23:12:40 [Cubey] When it dissipates...
Apr 30 23:12:50 [Cubey] The BrightSaber, despite its upgraded form, is thrown to its knees.
Apr 30 23:13:02 [Cubey] Trying to use its large weapons as something to lean on.
Apr 30 23:13:08 [Cubey] Loni: "Agh... khhh.... shit..."
Apr 30 23:13:27 [Cubey] There is only one Grunbein left, and both Fight and ShotSaber are in poor condition.
Apr 30 23:13:29 [Cubey] But...
Apr 30 23:13:57 [Cubey] Desta: "We did it!"
Apr 30 23:14:20 [Cubey] Desta: "Come on, time to get out of here."
Apr 30 23:14:33 [Cubey] The ShotSaber touches something inside the hole, and...
Apr 30 23:14:40 [Cubey] The Discovery of Self starts moving.
Apr 30 23:14:44 [Cubey] Moving forward.
Apr 30 23:14:49 [Cubey] ... Very slowly.
Apr 30 23:15:08 [Cubey] Ilinka: "..."
Apr 30 23:15:09 [Jockey] ".........No."
Apr 30 23:15:12 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "...We still have time to stop them."
Apr 30 23:15:13 [Cubey] Desta: "What the hell."
Apr 30 23:15:26 [Cubey] Selena, Kei, go.
Apr 30 23:15:31 [Cubey] Also Willis, for what little you can do.
Apr 30 23:15:48 [Corel] Seta: "Is that normal...?"
Apr 30 23:16:06 [Jockey] "No it isn't..."
Apr 30 23:16:12 [Steam] "And then there's you-"
Apr 30 23:17:18 [Steam] * The Soleares zooms towards the surface of the discovery, kicking off of it and opening fire with all four cannons on the ShotSaber's frame!+
Apr 30 23:17:56 [Cubey] Desta: "... I don't think so!"
Apr 30 23:18:05 [Cubey] The ShotSaber rises something from the ground to use as a shield.
Apr 30 23:18:08 [Cubey] It's Legardia!
Apr 30 23:18:12 [Cubey] React Selena
Apr 30 23:19:16 [Cubey] Desta: "You want to get to me, you'll have to use your friend... or is she just an ex-enemy to you?"
Apr 30 23:19:51 [Raiko_Horikawa] * "Everyone else is busy, Seta...We have to move around that. Use a powerful, but targeted attack to strike at the ShotSaber's arm. I'm sending the coordinates. We need to break it so he won't use Legardia as a shield anymore...Be careful." +
Apr 30 23:22:40 [Corel] Seta: *"I can try." Of course, Seta launches a distraction first - dark blasts that will detonate, but only blind instead of doing any damage! She fires these in ShotSaber's general direction.&
Apr 30 23:24:19 [Cubey] Desta: "Don't think so!" He moves his hostage to intercept those blasts, while a gun aims at Selena.
Apr 30 23:24:22 [Cubey] React/continue, Seta!
Apr 30 23:27:02 [Corel] "There!" *While Seta can't guarantee that the detonation of those blasts is 100% comfy for Lagardia, they will not do any harm to her. At the same time, their purpose is to take away Desta's vision temporarily, for Seta to deliver a clean hand-knife strike to literally disarm ShotSaber and free the hostage!+
Apr 30 23:27:28 [Aero] * Even without arms Strahlend continues the assault on Loni, this time with his remaining nanomachines still on Strahlend. At the same time the stolen Balmarian machines are changed further, the units were drones anyways it would be simply to reprogram them to take controls from... "There...Kei you should have control over them now." +
Apr 30 23:27:37 [Steam] "Tch!"
Apr 30 23:28:02 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "Got it. I'll make good use of them."
Apr 30 23:28:28 [Cubey] (Will Kei @ here?)
Apr 30 23:28:45 [Steam] * Immediately the Soleares halts its fire, but it unleashes more blasts from the Prism Phantom to throw off Desta's aim and throws its boomerang around to get Desta from the side!+
Apr 30 23:28:54 [Raiko_Horikawa] (Seta? No. Tossing tons of firearms into that seems like a recipe for disaster.)
Apr 30 23:29:10 [Cubey] (@ Willis I mean)
Apr 30 23:29:19 [Raiko_Horikawa] (Ah, makes sense)
Apr 30 23:29:25 [Raiko_Horikawa] @Willis
Apr 30 23:29:30 [Cubey] @ Approved
Apr 30 23:29:32 [Cubey] also
Apr 30 23:29:46 [Cubey] Desta is slashed from the side and then... ShotSaber's arm comes clean off!
Apr 30 23:29:54 [Cubey] Desta: "What the! You attacked your..."
Apr 30 23:30:09 [Cubey] He glances at his hostage only to see that Lagardia is alright. Relatively.
Apr 30 23:30:47 [Raiko_Horikawa] * The newly controlled Balmarian units spin around to aim their weapons straight at Loni, unloading before he has the chance to realize that the one controlling them is too busy to manage them properly. +
Apr 30 23:31:01 [Jockey] [In which Calvin's going to take the opportunity to get her out of there!]
Apr 30 23:31:17 [Corel] Seta: "I will have to apologize...that was the only way I could think of..."
Apr 30 23:31:45 [Jockey] "Guys... I'm bailing her out. I'll try to get back if I can but..."
Apr 30 23:31:58 [Jockey] ".... Good luck either way..."
Apr 30 23:32:10 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "Do it. We will stop them here and now."
Apr 30 23:32:30 * Jockey has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
Apr 30 23:32:33 [Cubey] Loni: "..."
Apr 30 23:32:45 [Cubey] He is helpeless to stop Strahlend's assault and the remotely controlled units.
Apr 30 23:32:47 [Cubey] But...
Apr 30 23:32:51 [Cubey] The Grunbein Alpha isn't!
Apr 30 23:33:05 [Cubey] It positions itself in front of the barrage, the blasts and nanomachines reducing it to shreds!
Apr 30 23:33:24 [Cubey] Loni: "You guys..."
Apr 30 23:33:36 [Cubey] Loni: "I really shouldn't have doubted you for a second."
Apr 30 23:33:44 [Cubey] Loni: "Grunbeins are... really fucking cool..."
Apr 30 23:33:54 [Corel] Seta: "...."
Apr 30 23:34:15 [Cubey] Something rumbles in the Discovery.
Apr 30 23:34:20 [Cubey] And just like that
Apr 30 23:34:32 [Cubey] it moved from a gentle stroll speed to full on charge - and then some more, in a nigh instant!
Apr 30 23:35:03 [Cubey] Everyone close is thrown back - and at risk of being crushed!
Apr 30 23:35:10 [Cubey] Desta: "WHAT THE HELL!"
Apr 30 23:35:13 [Aero] Willis: "Dammit..."
Apr 30 23:35:25 [Steam] Selena: "!"
Apr 30 23:35:25 [Aero] Willis: "What is controlling those Grunbeins.."
Apr 30 23:35:27 [Cubey] Loni: "Here we go! This is our flight!"
Apr 30 23:35:53 [Corel] Seta: "!!"
Apr 30 23:36:01 [Cubey] The Discovery crashes into the Balmarian Tulips, destroying them (and further causing damage to itself).
Apr 30 23:36:06 [Corel] Well, at least she knows how fast it was supposed to go now.
Apr 30 23:36:12 [Cubey] Loni: "Time to... be the hero! Fuck you guys, fuck you!"
Apr 30 23:36:42 [Cubey] For some reason, the trio doesn't have any difficulties holding on to the Discovery's surface, despite its extreme speed and other dangers.
Apr 30 23:36:56 [Tengu] Hetepheres: "So, you are going to be the hero by running away?"
Apr 30 23:37:29 [Cubey] He doesn't respond. Soon, Loni and friends are too far away to chase.
Apr 30 23:37:33 [Cubey] It almost feels like...
Apr 30 23:37:36 [Cubey] Viletta: "..."
Apr 30 23:37:38 [Cubey] Crowe: "..."
Apr 30 23:37:41 [Cubey] Like you've been cheated.
Apr 30 23:37:51 [Aero] Willis: "Gh..."
Apr 30 23:38:04 [Raiko_Horikawa] Kei: "..."
Apr 30 23:38:07 [Cubey] MISSION
Apr 30 23:38:08 [Cubey] FAILED
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