Apr 04 19:05:36 [Steam] A short while ago, a reconnaissance unit detected an unexpected energy reading in deep space.
Apr 04 19:07:40 [Steam] Located inside of an exceptionally large asteroid, that was suspicious enough... but when the energy signatures were identified as similar to that of the Wulgaru portal... needless to say it couldn't be just ignored.
Apr 04 19:10:59 [Steam] Hence, the Unity Group assembling a team to investigate this, and in the worst case be the first line of defense if the Wulgaru were indeed preparing for a second invasion attempt
Apr 04 19:12:02 [Terra] Kei was quiet as they headed out. It was all too obvious what might happen. The war could start again
Apr 04 19:12:30 [Cubey] Izuru: "I thought we wrecked their gate and all Wulgaru were driven away from the Earth Sphere."
Apr 04 19:12:46 * aldosalt (aldosalt@m-18-4-13-527.hsd7.il.comcast.net) has joined
Apr 04 19:13:01 [Steam] The asteroid looms front and center, its size pronounced even from a distance... even if it nevertheless is considerably smaller than the gate itself.
Apr 04 19:13:04 [Corel] Seta: "That is what I heard from you when I returned, too."
Apr 04 19:13:06 [Cubey] Izuru is surprised, and a little uneasy... but ready for whatever is to come.
Apr 04 19:13:23 [Steam] And if not for the energy readings you're picking up... it really would appear as just another stray asteroid in the Solar System.
Apr 04 19:13:24 [Aero] Astara: "Well, this isn't the first time that a Gate has been reactivated."
Apr 04 19:13:38 [Aero] Astara: "Maybe they just have an extra one..."
Apr 04 19:14:17 [Tengu] Asagi: "I really don't want to think that after all the trouble we took to destroy the gate, they could just turn it back on..."
Apr 04 19:14:35 [Cubey] Izuru: "Bleh... that sounds bad."
Apr 04 19:14:56 [Terra] Kei: "How would they disguise it as an asteroid without anybody noticing? But it might be a backup gate..."
Apr 04 19:14:59 [Cubey] Izuru: "But... whatever happens, it's our duty to take care of stuff like this, right? We're Team Rabbits - and Unity Group!"
Apr 04 19:16:02 [Terra] Kei: "RIght. And hopefully it's something else that will be useful rather than dangerous..."
Apr 04 19:16:21 [Steam] Closing in on the asteroid though, something begins to move! A segment begins to shift, sliding away to expose an opening to the asteroid's interior!
Apr 04 19:16:43 [Corel] Seta: "Hmmm...?"
Apr 04 19:16:50 [Cubey] Izuru: "Maybe it's actually an ancient part of Discovery. Eh?"
Apr 04 19:16:52 [Cubey] What was that?
Apr 04 19:16:56 [Tengu] Asagi: "Now we know for sure this isn't just a normal asteroid."
Apr 04 19:17:41 [Terra] Kei: "You mean that most asteroids don't have doors?"
Apr 04 19:18:06 [Steam] While the exterior looks completely natural, this new passage is anything but, with extremely old machinery lining the interior, in a design vaguely reminiscent of some sections of the Macross!
Apr 04 19:18:11 [Aero] Astara: "At least it's not doing anything else yet!"
Apr 04 19:19:21 [Steam] No-one comes out to greet you, no change in the readings from the asteroid.
Apr 04 19:19:41 [Tengu] Asagi: "...This doesn't look very Wulgaru." Blue One flies in to take a better look.
Apr 04 19:19:55 [Cubey] Izuru: "Kinda ominous, like we're entering a haunted house. Think the doors will close behind us?"
Apr 04 19:20:04 [Cubey] Red Five takes off and moves in closer to investigate.
Apr 04 19:20:43 [Terra] Kei: "A Wulgaru-like signal, but it looks like the Macross...It probably /is/ a piece of the Discovery."
Apr 04 19:20:45 [Steam] Asagi, now that you're closer you can see the tunnel stretch off far and deep into the asteroid... and for a moment, nothing.
Apr 04 19:21:12 [Corel] Seta follows the Rabbits in Union, the Craft's cloak still wrapped around it Mobile Jedi-style.
Apr 04 19:21:30 [Aero] Astara: "It's ancient technology! It can't be haunted!"
Apr 04 19:22:02 [Aero] Astara follows behind Seta, not cool enough for a Mobile Jedi cloak.
Apr 04 19:22:06 [Steam] But then a machine drifts past at the very end of the path! A Zentradi one!
Apr 04 19:22:10 [Steam] http://www.mahq.net/mecha/macross/sdfmacross/regult.jpg
Apr 04 19:22:19 [Cubey] Izuru: "This is a really... watch out, pod!"
Apr 04 19:22:46 [Corel] Seta: "Astara, you are making me nervou- ah!"
Apr 04 19:23:20 [Tengu] Asagi: "Stop talking about ghosts, we got company! Real, physical one!"
Apr 04 19:23:34 [Steam] It doesn't notice Blue One, or if it does it doesn't show it... but the Wulgaru portal energy is beginning to build!
Apr 04 19:24:02 [Terra] Kei: "Give me a second and I'll see if that thing is even manned."
Apr 04 19:24:06 [Steam] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
Apr 04 19:24:57 [Cubey] Izuru: "It's a Zentradi unit? I thought we beat them all! Or is it a friend?"
Apr 04 19:25:32 [Cubey] Britai's fleet or what's left of it was still hanging around after all...
Apr 04 19:25:44 [Terra] Kei: "Or it's ancient and derelict. Things don't decay in space."
Apr 04 19:25:53 [Cubey] Izuru: "A real Zentradi ghost?"
Apr 04 19:25:55 [Steam] It takes a moment due to interference, possibly from the energy buildup, but it seems to settle for a moment!
Apr 04 19:26:14 [Tengu] Asagi: "I don't think it spotted me, at least... And stop talking about ghosts."
Apr 04 19:26:37 [Steam] And a Zentradi life-sign is indeed detected from inside the Regult!
Apr 04 19:26:37 [Steam] And more than that... countless more begin popping up on sensors!
Apr 04 19:26:56 [Terra] Kei: "It's manned...And there are a lot of them."
Apr 04 19:27:01 [Steam] And no sooner does that happen-
Apr 04 19:27:08 [Aero] Astara: "Why would a ghost even be piloting something!?"
Apr 04 19:28:13 [Steam] ???1: "Commander! More of the Gate Fragments are coming online!"
Apr 04 19:28:13 [Steam] ???2: "Excellent, soon we can- Wait. What's that alert for? Why is it going off?"
Apr 04 19:28:53 [Steam] ???3: "It's the sensor systems! They're detecting... Earthling craft outside!"
Apr 04 19:29:37 [Steam] ???2: "And now of all times? Sound the alarm! All available Zentran, sortie immediately!"
Apr 04 19:30:21 [Steam] Though after a moment the voice chuckles on the channel. "Finally getting a little more action though... sooner than I'd like but so be it!"
Apr 04 19:31:32 [Steam] Your own sensors light up with countless more signatures as more hatches open, or in some cases get blown up by impatient pilots.
Apr 04 19:32:03 [Tengu] Asagi: "...They have to be remnants of the Boddole fleet."
Apr 04 19:32:34 [Corel] Seta: "Yes...these are certainly not ghosts."
Apr 04 19:32:50 [Corel] She sounds like she's trying to reassure herself there too.
Apr 04 19:33:02 [Terra] Kei: "Yeah."
Apr 04 19:33:17 [Cubey] Izuru: "Who's talking? We already beat the Zentraedi!"
Apr 04 19:33:19 [Steam] More Regults like the first come hurtling out, including the one you saw before, Asagi, coming roaring right past the tunnel it passed by before, missiles streaking out at you!
Apr 04 19:33:19 [Steam] (React; Asagi!)
Apr 04 19:33:19 [Steam] (Lineup: Iziru, Kei, Asagi, Seta, Astara)
Apr 04 19:33:26 [Cubey] Well, just one fleet but nevermind that!
Apr 04 19:33:29 [Aero] Astara: "Ha...ha...of course. I mean ghosts here don't even make sense..."
Apr 04 19:33:38 [Steam] (Enemies: Regults x 10)
Apr 04 19:33:39 [Steam] ^Izuru
Apr 04 19:33:39 [Steam] (Rabbits, go)
Apr 04 19:33:40 [Cubey] Izuru: "Asagi watch out!"
Apr 04 19:33:48 [Cubey] # Asagi (will combine with action)
Apr 04 19:34:46 [Tengu] Asagi: "Of all things to stumble upon here... Gah! Here they come!" Blue One quickly draws its machinegun, zooming around close to the walls of the tunnel and firing several quick bursts towards the incoming missiles - and the Regults that fired them! +
Apr 04 19:34:51 [Tengu] (both an action and a react)
Apr 04 19:34:52 * aldosalt has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
Apr 04 19:35:09 * Steam has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
Apr 04 19:37:19 [Terra] * "Seta follow up on Asagi's attack while he draws their attention. The tunnel is too narrow for real outflanking and there's only a few of them, so target these two while they're forced to evade his fire." +
Apr 04 19:38:36 * Steam (Steam@826-353-812-824.lightspeed.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net) has joined
Apr 04 19:39:09 [Steam] (Support approved, Go for it Izuru)
Apr 04 19:40:33 [Cubey] *Red Five's back fins spread out and the Jaeger Armor's thrusters accelerate it towards the opposite wall! "I see them!" But rather than crashing, Izuru flips his unit and lands Red Five on crouched legs, double-wielding pistols and firing a quick series of beams that pierces through the missiles - and goes for the Regults that fired them!+
Apr 04 19:42:22 [Steam] [Asagi and Izuru] The tunnel is wracked by explosions from your combined fire, intercepting missiles and leaving Blue One safe and sound... though the same can't be said for several of the Regults as the shots that get through blast them away.
Apr 04 19:42:33 [Steam] (Seta can go and also take her action, Astara can also act)
Apr 04 19:45:20 [Steam] (And yes, Seta can take her support)
Apr 04 19:45:51 [Corel] *Union nods at Purple Two before taking off as instructed. The caped Craft blitzes the enemies, making use of the limited space to reduce their chances of evading, and comes down on its targets with a crushing axe-kick!+
Apr 04 19:46:15 [Corel] (combining with action)
Apr 04 19:46:26 [Aero] * Astara summons Maxwell's broadsword to her and grabs onto the weapon with both hands as she charges forward, running across the side of the wall to swing at the legs of the Regults with a series of quick slashes. +
Apr 04 19:49:51 [Steam] [Seta and Astara] With dust hanging in the air in the wake of the detonated missiles, it's even easier for Seta to close in and smash her leg down on the Regults, crushing their pods soundly, Astara's run by leaves most of the rest of the initial force legless... but one determined Zentradi still gets out of his otherwise intact Pod, grabbing it an
Apr 04 19:49:52 [Steam] d lunging to try smashing it into Maxwell's backside!
Apr 04 19:49:56 [Steam] (React: Astara!)
Apr 04 19:51:21 [Cubey] Izuru: "Behind you!"
Apr 04 19:52:10 [Steam] Aside from this one rather determined pilot, the path forward is essentially clear, though more Regults having launched to the surface of the asteroid are circling around to come in after you.
Apr 04 19:52:39 [Steam] (Rabbits, go now)
Apr 04 19:52:51 [Aero] * Maxwell turns around and switches its grip on the broadsword to a reverse one. Heat starts to build around the weapon before she slashes at the air several times to unleash several heated blades of energy to destroy the Pod before it reached her. +
Apr 04 19:54:14 [Steam] [Astara] The energy blades do more than just cleave through the Pod... as the Zentradi behind it is finished off as well.
Apr 04 19:54:29 [Steam] The way forward now is now entirely clear!
Apr 04 19:54:46 [Cubey] Izuru: "This is a bad place to fight in, we gotta move forward!"
Apr 04 19:54:53 [Tengu] Asagi: "There's more of them coming from the outside. But the power readings from the gate seem to be getting stronger..."
Apr 04 19:55:03 [Aero] Astara: "Agreed..."
Apr 04 19:55:19 [Tengu] Asagi: "Make sure we won't get cut off, okay?"
Apr 04 19:55:53 [Corel] Seta: "Understood."
Apr 04 19:56:08 [Terra] Kei: "Right. I'll keep an eye out for ambushes and more open spaces to move around in."
Apr 04 19:56:34 [Cubey] Izuru: "Who'd have thought some Zentradi are still hanging around?" Red Five takes point, looking around corners cautiously as Izuru progresses - quickly!
Apr 04 19:57:22 [Tengu] Blue One follows the leader.
Apr 04 19:58:02 [Corel] While worried, Seta is also curious about what exactly is going on here...
Apr 04 19:59:28 [Steam] With the distance you have on the Regults, you're able to move further into the facility safely... and with Kei being watchful for ambushes and paths to take things seem to settle down as much as they possibly could.
Apr 04 19:59:32 [Terra] Kei: "It's not that surprising, what battle ends with one side entirely eradicated?"
Apr 04 20:00:26 [Cubey] Izuru: "I thought they'd try to run away from Earth or surrender. I guess that's not Zentradi way of doing things, huh..."
Apr 04 20:00:39 [Tengu] Asagi: "There's a lot of Zentraedi, aren't there? Not just the one fleet we defeated and the other that joined us. And they don't come to the Solar system through a gate like the Wulgaru did."
Apr 04 20:01:19 [Steam] The energy readings grow even stronger as you near an extremely expansive region taking up much of the center of the asteroid... but just as you near the opening, faintly seeing Zentradi soldiers hurriedly carrying damaged chunks of scrap to strange machines that begin automatically working on them...
Apr 04 20:02:07 [Steam] ... A machine suddenly comes lunging down from a shadow, striking at Red Five!
Apr 04 20:02:11 [Steam] (React: Izuru)
Apr 04 20:02:58 [Cubey] Izuru: "They're doing somethin...!!!"
Apr 04 20:03:10 [Corel] Seta: "Izuru, look out...!"
Apr 04 20:03:17 [Cubey] Suddenly, he is interrupted by Red Five's survival instincts going into overload.
Apr 04 20:03:45 [Cubey] *The AHSMB tries to back off, its arms and their blades crossing defensively as it floats backwards at full speed!+
Apr 04 20:04:02 * aldosalt (aldosalt@m-18-4-13-527.hsd7.il.comcast.net) has joined
Apr 04 20:06:11 [Steam] [Izuru] The impact of the sword striking Izuru's guard sends Red Five hurtling backwards, and now out of the shadows, you can see this machine fully!
Apr 04 20:06:42 [Steam] Though... none of you are are strangers to it.
Apr 04 20:06:44 [Steam] http://mjp-anime.jp/12mecha/images/mecha12_2.jpg
Apr 04 20:07:01 [Tengu] Asagi: "...What!"
Apr 04 20:07:16 [Terra] Kei: "..."
Apr 04 20:07:17 [Cubey] Izuru: "Gwaaagh! ... No way!"
Apr 04 20:07:27 [Corel] Seta: "That is..."
Apr 04 20:07:57 [Steam] Jiart: ["My lamata... our time together is not over just yet!"]
Apr 04 20:08:36 [Terra] Kei: "How...?"
Apr 04 20:09:29 [Steam] The Wulgaru machine sports a miscolored chunk where Izuru had previously stabbed through the machine, but otherwise stands before you good as new, as more Zentradi craft converge behind you, with even more coming from the front!
Apr 04 20:09:34 [Cubey] Izuru: "Jiart!"
Apr 04 20:10:14 [Steam] It is mostly Regults, but leading the group coming from in front is a lone Glaug... and in it...
Apr 04 20:10:23 [Corel] Seta: "A wound of some sort...? And these enemies..."
Apr 04 20:10:35 [Steam] ???2: "Your time is up, Unity Group!"
Apr 04 20:10:46 [Steam] Another familiar face!
Apr 04 20:10:51 [Steam] (Kamjin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Khyron_the_Backstabber_from_Robotech_Macross.jpg)
Apr 04 20:11:02 [Steam] (And his Glaug, for that matter: http://www.mahq.net/mecha/macross/sdfmacross/glaug.jpg)
Apr 04 20:11:13 [Steam] ^ http://www.mahq.net/mecha/macross/sdfmacross/glaug.jpg
Apr 04 20:11:20 [Steam] ^https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Khyron_the_Backstabber_from_Robotech_Macross.jpg
Apr 04 20:12:13 [Tengu] Asagi: "Jiart was supposed to be dead... I saw Izuru kill him. We all did! And on top of that, I thought Zentraedi and Wulgaru are enemies!"
Apr 04 20:12:14 [Steam] "How you slipped past so many of the sensors I don't know, but you've still come too late to stop us!"
Apr 04 20:12:34 [Steam] (Enemies; Jiart's Machine (Jiart), Glaug (Kamjin), Regult x 16)
Apr 04 20:12:40 [Steam] (Rabbits can go for realsies now)
Apr 04 20:13:12 [Cubey] Izuru: "Why are you guys working together? And why are you still alive?!"
Apr 04 20:13:58 [Corel] Seta: "...What kind of forces are at work here...?"
Apr 04 20:14:35 [Steam] Kamjin: "An alliance of convenience, nothing more."
Apr 04 20:14:36 [Terra] Kei: "Lucky escapes and desperation, most likely." She wasn't going to raise the prospect of ghosts again having see how the Kijin reacted to the thought earlier
Apr 04 20:15:06 [Tengu] Asagi: "Yeah, I just asked that!" Brandishing its katana, Blue One rushes towards the Glaug. Asagi tries to slash at the Zentraedi commander as he passes by, then turn around quickly and strike again! +
Apr 04 20:16:29 [Terra] * "Jiart's gonna fight Izuru and we need to make sure he can't use his new "allies" to distract him. Astara, punch into the regult formation. There should be an opening around here, Seta draw their attention and prevent them from suppressing Astara until she can get to it. These three are the most important targets." +
Apr 04 20:16:34 [Steam] "The Earth's culture is a poison and distraction to the Zentradi, drawing them away from their purpose!"
Apr 04 20:17:15 [Cubey] Izuru: "Of course he's going to fight me... you can feel it too, right Red Five?"
Apr 04 20:18:39 [Cubey] *Red Five seems to float freely for a moment... then in a burst of speed and determination it charges forward, a trail of beams in its wake! Izuru empties the clip on beam pistols then discards them mid-assault, preparing his blades for Jiart's inevitable counterattack.+
Apr 04 20:18:51 [Steam] [Asagi] You rush at the Zentradi machine, but Kamjin jukes back and away, your initial slash missing wildly and your follow-up being answered by a flurry of beams and missiles fired right at you! "As loathe as we were to work with the Wulgaru prince, the Wulgaru can be a means of eradicating them and freeing the Zentradi from their Culture!"
Apr 04 20:18:53 [Steam] (React: Asagi)
Apr 04 20:19:55 [Aero] * "Got it!" Taking Kei's orders somewhat literally Astara activates the shards of RB she still had, equipping Maxwell with the familiar white greaves and gauntlets. She pulls her fist back, charging the gauntlets with light waiting for the weapon to flash twice before unleashing a single straight punch through the entire regult formation. +
Apr 04 20:19:56 [aldosalt] #Asagi?
Apr 04 20:20:33 [Tengu] Asagi: "The Wulgaru have Culture of their own too, you know! ...More or less!" Engaging in evasion and raising his shield for protection, he nevertheless tries to reflect a few of the energy blasts back at Kamjin with wide katana swings. +
Apr 04 20:20:46 [Steam] (Approved, but keep in mind that Asagi is far ahead of everyone else.)
Apr 04 20:21:32 [Corel] Seta: *"I will do what I can." Union's hands glow with bright light before it directs both at the enemies - unleashing a multitude of homing beams to grab the Regults' attention!+
Apr 04 20:22:00 [Steam] [Izuru] And sure enough, Jiart is more than happy to charge right back at you, his sword spinning and deflecting your flurry of beam shots off and away before a second sword suddenly thrusts out, trying to gut you before your own weapons are at the ready!
Apr 04 20:22:09 [Steam] (React: Izuru)
Apr 04 20:22:43 [aldosalt] *A formation of Arc Thorns soars ahead of Asagi, trailing an interlinked web of lightning between them, which detonates the missiles as they pass through!"+
Apr 04 20:23:06 [aldosalt] Dido: "Sorry for the delay, Kei! How can I assist?"
Apr 04 20:23:55 [Cubey] Izuru: "What are you trying to do here?!" *Too fast! Red Five spins, trying to kick the blades off-target... or at least slow them down by having them graze against the AHSMB's leg!+
Apr 04 20:24:52 [Steam] [Seta and Astara supports] The Regults try to scatter from your joint hand beams... but the initial strike chews through two, and scattering does little good as another two are pierced through by the homing attacks as well!
Apr 04 20:26:04 [Steam] [Asagi and Dido] Dido's electric net prematurely detonates Kamjin's missiles, fortunately making your defense all the easier! Kamjin avoids your reflected strikes though as he falls back further into the chamber!
Apr 04 20:26:46 [Steam] (Seta and Astara can now take their proper actions)
Apr 04 20:26:53 [Steam] (As can Dido)
Apr 04 20:26:59 [Terra] Kei: "Help pin down the Zentraedi leader and his troops. Stay out of the way of Jiart."
Apr 04 20:27:44 [Tengu] Asagi: "He's too quick to take on alone... That defense helped a lot though. Good timing Dido."
Apr 04 20:28:40 [Steam] [Izuru] Jiart's blade scrapes sickly across Red Five's leg, scarring it even as it is turned away otherwise harmlessly... but...
Apr 04 20:28:53 [aldosalt] *"Roger that," Dido says, pouting over the fact that ShelLancer is so weighty and ponderous in space. "Long-Range supporting confirmed."
Apr 04 20:29:44 [Steam] Jiart: "'Trying'? I am AM... renewing this hunt!"
Apr 04 20:30:01 [Steam] ... Jiart just spoke in a language you all could understand.
Apr 04 20:30:18 [Cubey] Izuru: "He can understand me?"
Apr 04 20:30:26 [Terra] Kei: "...Just what happened with him?"
Apr 04 20:30:37 [aldosalt] *Dido locks onto to the leading Zentraedi formations and fires three formations of Arc Thorns that she electrifies with her lance! She sends these lightning nets hurling at the Ally-killer and his allies, trying to break up their formations!+
Apr 04 20:30:49 [Corel] Seta: "This is very strange..."
Apr 04 20:31:37 [Tengu] Asagi: "..."
Apr 04 20:31:42 [Steam] Jiart: "After our last battle I thought I was content, my lamata! But it grew inside of me... doubt... and the sense that I was cheated! That the Wulgaru were cheated!"
Apr 04 20:32:02 [Corel] *But in the meantime, the Kijin Empress has her focus on those Regults. Swords of light shoot out from thin air toward the enemies!&
Apr 04 20:32:31 [Cubey] Izuru: "You lost fair and square!"
Apr 04 20:32:41 [Steam] "Prey do not escape their predators by burning a bridge... and the more I lived..."
Apr 04 20:32:51 [Steam] A soft laugh began.
Apr 04 20:33:04 [Steam] "... The more I realized my survival was not coincidence!"
Apr 04 20:33:05 [Aero] * Now that she was in the middle of the Regults Astara changes her equipment again, this time drawing her pistols and firing at all of the regults around her. +
Apr 04 20:33:07 [Steam] "It was fate!"
Apr 04 20:34:01 [Cubey] Izuru: "This is crazy! You want to fight more? For what?"
Apr 04 20:34:17 [Cubey] He quickly glances at the controls. That damage doesn't look good, and the fight is just beginning...
Apr 04 20:35:37 [Steam] [Dido] "Your trick is a clever one... but you wasted it saving your friend!" More missiles and beams fired, blowing out several of the thorns and leaving wide gaps in the electric nets... large enough for the Regults to take aim and return fire at the ShelLancer!
Apr 04 20:35:37 [Steam] (React: Dido)
Apr 04 20:37:00 [Steam] [Seta] Using the lack of gravity, the Regults try to spring and bounce out of the way, though one gets a leg blown off as it tries to dodge... but plenty of beams are being sent right back your way!
Apr 04 20:37:05 [Steam] (React/continue, Seta)
Apr 04 20:38:25 [Steam] [Astara] Multiple Regults are pelted by your shots, being blown away... but suddenly even more shots come the opposite way, several piercing through crippled Regults as they come hurtling towards you too! More reinforcements!
Apr 04 20:38:29 [Steam] (React: Astara)
Apr 04 20:38:31 [aldosalt] *"It grabbed your attention, didn't it!" Dido accelerates left to dodge, then slams down on her panic button. "Shell Flak!" A curtain of hypersonic shrapnel shoots forward at the Regults, both hard to pick up on radar and obscured by the glow of the lightning nets!+
Apr 04 20:39:17 [Steam] Jiart: "I want more than just fighting, my lamata!"
Apr 04 20:39:37 [Steam] "I want the Wulgaru to return, to finish what we started!"
Apr 04 20:39:56 [Steam] "What other reason can there be for my survival?!?"
Apr 04 20:40:21 [Corel] *Only, right back her way now means...toward nothing. Union has vanished - and re-appeared instantly where one of the blades was when it passed its target! It reaches out for one of the pods from behind - an invisible hand of solidified light threatening to crush and throw the target into another foe!+
Apr 04 20:40:46 [Terra] Kei: "Random chance?"
Apr 04 20:41:09 [Tengu] Asagi: "I think now we know who activated that gate..."
Apr 04 20:41:54 [Steam] [Dido] ShelLancer nevertheless takes a few hits as it jukes to the left, its Flak Cannons sounding out, shredding two Regults to pieces though Kamjin's Glaug is all too happy to spring away, ally casualties be damned.
Apr 04 20:42:41 [Aero] * The two pistols are holstered and Astara draws Fortuna, transforming the sphere of darkness into a larger beam cannon and firing a large orange beam to sweep through the reinforcements and the regults lunging at her. +
Apr 04 20:42:48 [Cubey] Izuru: "He really wants to open a new gate!"
Apr 04 20:43:33 [Steam] Jiart: "The gate's remains, the Protoculture repair station, the Zenradi's own desire for the battles to resume... I knew our last battle was not the end! No... ahaha..."
Apr 04 20:43:50 [Steam] "I could finally see all my lamata could offer me!"
Apr 04 20:44:01 [Steam] "I could appreciate yet another battle all the more!"
Apr 04 20:44:08 [Aero] Astara: "Something seems really weird here..."
Apr 04 20:44:12 [aldosalt] Dido: "Kamjin...that's your name, right? I can't believe there are still grunts willing to follow you into battle. How do you do it? What's your secret?"
Apr 04 20:44:24 [Steam] (Rabbits, go)
Apr 04 20:45:48 [Tengu] Asagi: "Something's weird, yes... But I doubt he's lying. If we don't do something, he'll really try to open the gate."
Apr 04 20:45:57 [Terra] * "Something does, but we can try to figure it out later...Dido, keep suppressing the lower-ranked Zentraedi. Astara, use the opening and freedom from suppression fire it gives to slip up until the Zentraedi commander. His current trajectory will put him over here in five seconds." +
Apr 04 20:46:02 [Steam] [Seta] And thus, the confused Zentradi response fire only shreds up a presumably pointless section of the interior. One of the pilots doesn't have long to question why this is though as the hand of light crumples it, smashing it against another pod and leaving that one severely damaged.
Apr 04 20:46:37 [Cubey] (How many enemies are left?)
Apr 04 20:47:11 [Steam] [Astara] The initial ring surrounding you is blown away, but a good portion of the reinforcements still manage to evade... though a column of their ranks aren't so lucky
Apr 04 20:47:26 [aldosalt] Dido: "Mmm!"
Apr 04 20:47:41 [Steam] (Enemies: Jiart's machine, Glaug (Kamjin), Regult x 12 (1 severely damaged)
Apr 04 20:47:51 [Tengu] Asagi: "And that's not something I want to see happen!" Blue One draws its spear and engages Kamjin in melee again! Asagi launches several wide, sweeping strikes towards the enemy ace, trying to push him back, and then stabs with force, in an attempt to pin him to the wall! +
Apr 04 20:48:22 [Steam] (Dido and Astara, go for it)
Apr 04 20:49:37 [Cubey] Izuru: "Okay... I'll hold him off for as long as I can. You guys stop the gate activation!"
Apr 04 20:49:43 [Cubey] Izuru: "Err... somehow."
Apr 04 20:50:17 [Aero] Astara: "My track history of stopping Gate activations is...not great."
Apr 04 20:50:58 [Corel] Seta: "...Ah...how can we do this, then?"
Apr 04 20:51:28 [Terra] Kei: "I'll see if I can find something like a control panel."
Apr 04 20:51:45 [Cubey] *Izuru circles around Jiart, firing rounds from the chainsword at his unit. He knows how fast the Wulgaru prince is, which is why he swings the weapon upwards at any side of movement, a slash to keep the opponent at bay while his offhand grabs for another weapon.&
Apr 04 20:51:49 [aldosalt] *Dido transmits orders to her tattered lightning nets, which swoop back at the Zentraadi Regults! She fires and zaps more Arc Thorn formations, sending them into to plug the gaps shot out by the Zentraadi!+
Apr 04 20:52:04 [Steam] [Asagi] Not necessarily built for close-range combat, the Glaug finds itself at a disadvantage... at first. But the Zentradi moves in under the range of your sweeping spear, being smacked in the side with a noticeably dent left but no further damage before body-slamming into Blue One, knocking it away... and setting it up for another flurry of mis
Apr 04 20:52:04 [Tengu] Asagi: "If there's no field protecting it, we can always try force."
Apr 04 20:52:04 [Steam] siles being sent!
Apr 04 20:52:07 [Steam] (React: Asgi)
Apr 04 20:53:56 [Tengu] * Asagi spins his AHSMB around, trying to intercept the missiles by hitting them with a wide strike of the polearm and make them explode at a safe distance from Blue One. +
Apr 04 20:54:21 [Steam] [Izuru] Jiart's machine is pelted by the chainsword rounds, but as it lunges and you swing your blade... you hit only empty air! Jiart completely disregarded you... to go after Kei instead! "And you will not interfere with what is fated!" Hand outstretched, a relentless stream of blasts are fired at Purple 2!
Apr 04 20:54:25 [Steam] (React: Kei!)
Apr 04 20:55:11 [Steam] (And continue your action, Izuru)
Apr 04 20:55:19 [aldosalt] #Kei?
Apr 04 20:55:23 [Aero] * Astara gives a nod towards Kei. "Alright...Asagi get ready." She waits for the Zentraedi commander to begin his attack before charging towards him with a familiar looking flaming katana now back in her possession once again. A series of whirling slashes follow along the path that she charges along to hopefully help remove some of the missiles pelting toward
Apr 04 20:55:29 [Steam] (You have your own action to worry about)
Apr 04 20:55:31 [Terra] * Immediately the survival instinct kicks in, sending Kei and her unit into a series of rapid evasive movements across the room avoiding either predictable straight lines or returning to the same spot too quickly. +
Apr 04 20:55:39 [Cubey] Izuru: "!!"
Apr 04 20:55:41 [Aero] s Asagi and inflict more damage on Kamjin. +
Apr 04 20:55:58 [Aero] Astara: "Kei!"
Apr 04 20:56:02 [Corel] Seta: "He changed his target...?!"
Apr 04 20:57:01 [Cubey] *The weapon thrown towards Jiart is... Red Five's own forearm protector! It starts generating a barrier, and the unit itself charges soon after, Izuru using both arms' barriers to try to deflect as many of those shots as possible!+
Apr 04 20:59:12 [Steam] [Dido, Astara, and Asagi] The nets manage two ensnare another Regult, frying it... and more importantly helping clear the way for Astara! The flaming sword manages to cut through the missiles with help from Asagi's spear... and as you swing by Kamjin a burning strike cuts one of the machine's arms clear off as the fire begins to spread along the r
Apr 04 20:59:12 [Steam] est of the machine... though Kamjin still has some fight in him still as the now-burning Glaug spins around, kicking the Maxwell away with noticeable force!
Apr 04 21:02:05 [Steam] [Kei and Izuru] Purple-2 quickly finds itself coming under fire, all its dodging only doing so much to minimize the damage... until Izuru's forearm protector and Red Five itself protect against the rest of the shots! Jiart's attack ceases... but only because he instead just charges and pierces through the thrown shield generator with a sword.
Apr 04 21:02:55 [Steam] The device sparks for a moment before fizzling out entirely, Jiart indulging in more, victorious laughter as he throws away the ruined protector
Apr 04 21:03:02 [Steam] (Seta, Astara, Dido)
Apr 04 21:03:28 [Steam] Jiart: "Just like before..."
Apr 04 21:03:36 [Corel] Seta: "Is...is everyone alright?"
Apr 04 21:03:45 [Cubey] Izuru: "Sorry... looks like it happened again."
Apr 04 21:04:07 [Steam] "You have always been eager, too eager, to go to lengths for others, even at cost to yourselves!"
Apr 04 21:04:09 [Terra] Kei: "For now...But we need to do something about Jiart."
Apr 04 21:05:03 [Steam] "You would sacrifice your own means of defense for another..."
Apr 04 21:05:09 [Cubey] Izuru breathes heavily, his pulse racing.
Apr 04 21:05:14 [Cubey] Izuru: "Yeah, and..."
Apr 04 21:05:40 [Cubey] Izuru: "You're revealing your true colors. It's not for return of Wulgaru, right? You're only trying to enjoy the thrill of the fight."
Apr 04 21:06:03 [Cubey] Izuru: "Truth to be told I kinda feel it too. A selfish feeling, right? That's why Wulgaru like it."
Apr 04 21:07:04 [Cubey] Izuru: "But if it means innocents are going to get hurt, or my friends are going to get hurt, or Kei is going to get hurt... then this feeling sucks!"
Apr 04 21:07:25 [Cubey] Izuru: "And we became much stronger and learnt so many things since we fought you the last time, Prince Jiart!"
Apr 04 21:07:50 [Terra] Kei: "And this time you don't have a full fleet helping you."
Apr 04 21:08:37 [Steam] Jiart: "The fleet will be here soon enough..."
Apr 04 21:08:49 [aldosalt] *Dido continues the lightning net tactics on the Zentraadi mooks...but uses that tactic for cover as ShelLancer closes the distances and bombards them with a close-range Shell-Flak attack. "Boom!"+
Apr 04 21:08:56 [Steam] "And if you keep saving your friends at the cost of your own machine, you won't live long enough to see it!"
Apr 04 21:09:46 [Tengu] Asagi: "No. No fleet will come to help you. Because we'll stop it!"
Apr 04 21:10:26 [Cubey] Izuru: "You're wrong. My friends don't need me to save them."
Apr 04 21:10:52 [Cubey] Izuru: "We'll stop you! By working together!"
Apr 04 21:12:00 [Steam] [Dido] More of the net gets blown away, leaving little left... but it was still drawing their attention away from you long enough to get in position, your Shell-Flak blowing through another three Regults, including the one severely damaged machine!
Apr 04 21:13:39 [Corel] Seta: *"...That's right." The white Craft holds out one hand at the enemies near the ones bombarded by Dido, and a ring of light forms. Those within it will suddenly be besieged by beams from above, coming down like lightning!+
Apr 04 21:13:47 [Steam] Jiart: "Then come, my lamata! Fight however you want, with whomever you want! I have never had hunted try their hands at hunter!"
Apr 04 21:15:00 [Terra] Kei: "This ends here, Jiart. Like it should have a year ago."
Apr 04 21:15:06 [Aero] *Astara: "Once we blow through we're going to destroy that Gate before the other Wulgaru can get here!" The craft pulls its hand back before unleashing a flaming tornado from its fist at the Regults as well. +
Apr 04 21:16:10 [Steam] [Seta and Astara] The joint assault of light and flaming wind eradicates what remains of the Regult forces... leaving behind only Kamjin and Jiart!
Apr 04 21:16:39 [Corel] Seta: "I did not return here to lose...!"
Apr 04 21:18:32 [Steam] (Rabbits, go again)
Apr 04 21:19:22 * aldosalt has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
Apr 04 21:19:26 [Cubey] Izuru: "What's the plan, Kei?"
Apr 04 21:22:32 [Tengu] Asagi: "Kei, can you find out what's needed to stop the gate? The rest of us will keep the Zentraedi occupied!" He unfolds Blue One's beam cannon, and starts circling around the enemy formation, firing a few blasts towards the battle pods - before charging up the gun and following up with a larger beam, trying to hit Kamjin as well, or at least limit hos mobility! +
Apr 04 21:23:13 * aldosalt (aldosalt@m-18-4-13-527.hsd7.il.comcast.net) has joined
Apr 04 21:25:00 [Terra] * "I'll try to pinpoint the controls. Seta, support Izuru. You've got the most power and is most able to keep up with him...But trying to pinpoint where he's going to be or what he is going to do. But he still has to be /somewhere/ and I can give you the locations of the rest of us so you can overwhelm him with firepower and give him nowhere to be." +
Apr 04 21:25:19 [Steam] Kei, you can detect the energy building up within the various gate fragments stored in the interior... but also a channel for the energy to be released outside. No telling how making a portal with these fragments will work exactly... but it seems the gate would appear outside...
Apr 04 21:26:42 [Corel] Seta: "Yes... I understand."
Apr 04 21:27:16 [Steam] [Aagi] And the only Zentradi left to occupy... is Kamjin! And with a damaged, burning machine, there's not much difficulty in sniping him with the larger beam! The Glaug tries to dodge, but it can't move fast enough, being caught in the blast and being sent flying! "No... I won't let it end this wa-"
Apr 04 21:27:16 [Cubey] Izuru: "Got it! Let's go Seta."
Apr 04 21:27:29 [Steam] But the machine strikes a wall, detonating a moment later.
Apr 04 21:27:55 [Terra] Kei: "The gate is going to form outside and it's powered by the fragments...Destroying the fragments or the power supply should stop it. If we can figure out how."
Apr 04 21:28:11 [Cubey] He sounds a bit awkward considering the relationships between all of them...
Apr 04 21:28:16 [aldosalt] Dido snorts: "Gods rest your soul Kamjin...we better not see you again."
Apr 04 21:28:20 [Corel] Seta: "...I will be right behind you, Izuru. Please lead the way."
Apr 04 21:28:20 [Cubey] But now's not the time to worry about that!
Apr 04 21:28:31 [Cubey] Izuru: "Here I go! Watch me... Kei, everyone!"
Apr 04 21:28:54 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYCBjWm7MX4
Apr 04 21:29:25 [Cubey] *Red Five follows after Jiart's machine, the unit raising both of its arm blades to quickly strike.
Apr 04 21:29:29 [Tengu] Asagi: "We fought before, Kamjin... But this is the last time."
Apr 04 21:29:45 [Corel] Seta is trying hard to hide her own awkwardness here. And fortunately there is the fight to pay attention to.
Apr 04 21:30:16 [Cubey] And mid-swing, the blades suddenly extend, creating longer beam extensions. The AHSMB spreads its wings, its visor opening. Red Five awakens, with the boost of speed and power that comes with it.&
Apr 04 21:32:12 [Corel] *Union takes off behind Red Five, cloak fluttering as it forms a sphere of light which it kicks toward Jiart's machine. The sphere erupts into smaller spheres that home in on the enemy, to buy Izuru time to close in!+
Apr 04 21:35:38 [Steam] [Izuru and Seta] "Yes... yes... that's it!" Jiart springs at Red Five full speed, but it definitely begins spinning and weaving around the homing spheres... even maneuvering such that they begin trailing after him like some twisted parody of Red Five's wings... before swinging around to try to catch Red Five between them and him, swords coming sla
Apr 04 21:35:39 [Steam] mming down at the machine from behind!
Apr 04 21:35:48 [Steam] (React/Continue: Izuru)
Apr 04 21:36:45 [Cubey] Izuru: "... Got you!"
Apr 04 21:38:15 [Cubey] *Red Five's wings - the way they are now, Izuru has control over their form as well! And since Jiart is stabbing at his back, they are the closest to him as they'll ever be. They wrap themselves around his unit, trying to force him away and above Red Five's head, while Izuru slashes upwards with his normal blades for good measure... but his effort is on holding Jiart still with all his might!+
Apr 04 21:38:24 [Cubey] Izuru: "Now, guys! Everyone!"
Apr 04 21:38:28 [Cubey] (Requesting @)
Apr 04 21:39:10 [Steam] (Anyone who wants to go for it can)
Apr 04 21:39:18 [Corel] @Izuru
Apr 04 21:39:38 [Steam] (Go for it)
Apr 04 21:39:45 [Terra] Kei: "Got it."
Apr 04 21:39:49 [Tengu] @
Apr 04 21:39:50 [Terra] @Izuru
Apr 04 21:39:54 [Aero] @
Apr 04 21:40:02 [aldosalt] @Izuru?
Apr 04 21:40:04 [Steam] (All approved)
Apr 04 21:41:30 [aldosalt] *"Eat this Jiart... courteousy of your prey!" Dido fires a bushel of Arc Thorns into Jiart's mech...then light them up with a Lance Shock to fry its innards!+
Apr 04 21:41:31 [Terra] * Kei doesn't stop moving as all her guns spin around to lock on to Jiart before he can break free, unloading all that they have into the Wulgaru prince. +
Apr 04 21:43:34 [Tengu] Asagi: "No need to say it twice, Izuru!" Blue One fires one more blast towards Jiart, before its cannon needs to charge up... And then rushes in, holding its hand on the hilt of the katana. With a single gesture, Asagi performs a lightning-fast iaijutsu strike at the wulgaru prince, drawing the sword and slashing upwards at once as he passes by! +
Apr 04 21:45:21 [Aero] * Maxwell forms its broadsword once again and pulls the blade back for a brief instance before charging forward with a deep thrust, pushing as much force as she could into it to blow right through Jiart in one motion. +
Apr 04 21:46:26 [Steam] [Izuru] For a moment Jiart's blade pierces Red Five's back... Jiart letting loose a cry of victory before it decays to one of shock as he's suddenly ensnared in the wings, held down and stabbed in the front by Red Five's swords! "What... what are you-?!?"
Apr 04 21:47:09 [Corel] *Union follows behind the projectiles fired by others. As soon as it gets close enough, it discards its cloak to obscure Jiart's view, just in case, before its one of its elbows emit light that propels its fist in a straight line toward the Wulgaru Prince's machine!+
Apr 04 21:47:34 [Cubey] Izuru: "Don't worry about me."
Apr 04 21:47:38 [Cubey] Izuru: "Worry about my friends!"
Apr 04 21:49:26 [Steam] [Everyone else] ... And then the thorns and chaingun fire hammer the Wulgaru machine relentlessly... knocking its weapon loose from Red Five's back before Union, Maxwell, and Blue One do their runbys, blades and fists tearing huge chunks out of the machine and sending it away from Red Five, setting it up for that trail of blasts from before to swin
Apr 04 21:49:26 [Steam] g up and hammer him relentlessly!
Apr 04 21:49:35 [Steam] "You..."
Apr 04 21:49:41 [Steam] "You used yourself... as BAIT?!?"
Apr 04 21:51:13 [Steam] Jiart roars in defeat as explosions rock his machine... but at the very end it became more of a laugh. One at himself or this unexpected resolution... or even something else who could say?
Apr 04 21:51:55 [Steam] But the Wulgaru craft exploded high above all of you from the damage it sustained.
Apr 04 21:52:39 [Cubey] Izuru: "We're a team. We work together as one..."
Apr 04 21:52:46 [Steam] Jiart may have somehow survived the previous battle... but there was no doubt about it now.
Apr 04 21:52:51 [Terra] Kei keeps her eyes glued to Purple-2's instruments to make absolutely sure Jiart isn
Apr 04 21:52:53 [aldosalt] Dido: "P-p-pack tactics, Jerk!"
Apr 04 21:52:54 [Cubey] Red Five lets go of Jiart's unit before it could get singed by the explosion.
Apr 04 21:53:03 [Steam] Good news Kei!
Apr 04 21:53:04 [Terra] Isn't repeating his stunt from the battle at the gate
Apr 04 21:53:21 [Cubey] Izuru: "Let's stop the gate." He sounds thoughtful.
Apr 04 21:53:36 [Tengu] Asagi: "He won't be back anymore... Not from this."
Apr 04 21:53:41 [Steam] You're not picking up anything from the mangled heap of what's left behind... unfortunately-
Apr 04 21:53:54 [Steam] "Ahahahaha
Apr 04 21:54:04 [Corel] Seta: "..."
Apr 04 21:54:08 [Aero] Astara: "What!?"
Apr 04 21:54:08 [Steam] "I expected as much....!"
Apr 04 21:54:14 [Tengu] Asagi: "...!'
Apr 04 21:54:40 [Steam] Far and away on the other side of the interior, scorched and wounded but still alive, and standing at a nondescript terminal... is Kamjin!
Apr 04 21:55:05 [aldosalt] Dido: "Gods-damned zombie Zentraadi!"
Apr 04 21:55:10 [Tengu] Asagi: "You survived!"
Apr 04 21:55:53 [Cubey] Izuru: "You're still alive?!"
Apr 04 21:55:58 [Steam] Kamjin: "Jiart must have disabled our sensors so that we wouldn't have detected anyone until they were already on us... no doubt to thin our our ranks for when the Wulgaru fleet arrives."
Apr 04 21:55:59 [Terra] Kei spun her guns around to target the Zentraedi. "Stand down and step away from that terminal."
Apr 04 21:56:09 [Steam] And speaking of which... the gate's energy is reaching its absolute peak!
Apr 04 21:56:14 [Corel] Seta: "He is very difficult to remove..."
Apr 04 21:56:54 [Tengu] Asagi: "He already activated it!"
Apr 04 21:56:57 [Steam] Kamjin: "You wouldn't shoot me... this is what controls the entire procedure, it's the only way to shut down the gate!"
Apr 04 21:57:27 [Aero] Astara: "..."
Apr 04 21:57:44 [aldosalt] Dido: "But you're too self-centered to ever cooperate with us; I fail to see your point!"
Apr 04 21:58:02 [Cubey] Izuru: "Why are you trying to call Wulgaru here? You said it yourself that Jiart tried to double cross you!"
Apr 04 21:58:11 [Steam] "And it can also be used..." Kamjin takes a moment before touching a handful of keys... "To use that portal as a means of communicating with Zentradi fleets as well! The war will continue!"
Apr 04 21:59:02 [aldosalt] Dido takes a ganders with her mech's sensors at the gate, paying attention to its energy flows. Do her engineer eyes spot any weak-points or vital junctions?
Apr 04 21:59:03 [Steam] "It will take time for the Wulgaru to transport a sizeable fleet here, but the Zentradi can just fold in... ahah-"
Apr 04 21:59:16 [Steam] But suddenly the terminal flashes red, a look of shock crossing his face.
Apr 04 21:59:21 [Steam] "Jiart you-"
Apr 04 21:59:23 [Terra] Kei: "..." Shoot him and get a swarm of Wulgaru or don't and get a swarm of Zentradi.
Apr 04 21:59:24 [Steam] And the terminal explodes!
Apr 04 21:59:35 [Aero] Astara: "Eeehhh?"
Apr 04 21:59:45 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Huh?"
Apr 04 22:00:23 [Steam] It seems Jiart had one last contingency plan, just in case the Ally Killer tried any of his usual tricks.
Apr 04 22:01:03 [Cubey] Izuru: "Eh?"
Apr 04 22:01:14 [Cubey] Izuru: "... Nevermind that. Now how do we stop it?!"
Apr 04 22:01:18 [Tengu] Asagi: "...I guess they both paid more attention to backstabbing each other than actual cooperation..."
Apr 04 22:01:24 [Steam] Too late!
Apr 04 22:01:35 [Corel] Seta: "...The gate is still..."
Apr 04 22:01:41 [Steam] Kamjin is consumed in the explosion as the gate fragments finally release their energy... rocking the entire asteroid's interior!
Apr 04 22:01:50 [Cubey] Izuru: "Woah!"
Apr 04 22:02:09 [Tengu] Asagi: "Argh...!'
Apr 04 22:02:20 [aldosalt] Dido: "Um–?"
Apr 04 22:02:25 [Aero] Astra: "Ugh....we have to move."
Apr 04 22:02:51 [Steam] Nothing else seems to happen, at least at first... but a message comes from outside.
Apr 04 22:02:51 [Terra] Kei frantically tried to scan everything she had to see if there was any indication of what was going to happen
Apr 04 22:03:19 [Steam] Shuttle pilot: "Guys... what happened in there? I think... we're gonna have trouble."
Apr 04 22:03:20 [Cubey] Izuru: "Not good. We need to get out!"
Apr 04 22:03:30 [Cubey] Izuru: "Very not good!"
Apr 04 22:03:51 [Terra] Kei: "Did the gate open?" She was already moving to the outside, but even a few seconds of advance warning could help
Apr 04 22:03:56 [Tengu] Asagi: "Don't tell me the gate is opening on the outside... With no ways to actually close it...!"
Apr 04 22:04:05 [Steam] Kei, your sensors can tell you all anyone needs to know. Another portal's been opened outside, the beam opening up a portal that Wulgaru forces are streaming out of!
Apr 04 22:04:17 [Terra] Kei: "Yes."
Apr 04 22:04:34 [Tengu] While talking, Asagi already moves out of the asteroid. There's no time to waste!
Apr 04 22:04:58 [Corel] Needless to say, Seta goes after the Rabbits.
Apr 04 22:05:06 [Cubey] Red Five quickly moves to the outside, carried by its wings mighty flaps.
Apr 04 22:05:25 [Aero] Astara starts moving. At the very least they could pick off the Wulgaru as they came out...even if it meant fighting for a very long time.
Apr 04 22:05:26 [Cubey] Izuru: "Oh crap."
Apr 04 22:06:03 [Steam] And you come out to see a small but modest strike force of Wulgaru forces. Enough to establish a decent foot-hold here... except none of them are making any moves.
Apr 04 22:06:53 [Tengu] Asagi: "...Why aren't they moving?"
Apr 04 22:07:13 [Steam] One machine moves to take point, looking at you all... but after a moment it simply opens a channel.
Apr 04 22:07:15 [Terra] Kei: "Maybe they're drones and Jiart was supposed to control them..."
Apr 04 22:07:26 [Steam] "... Forces of Earth."
Apr 04 22:07:34 [Steam] (Lumes: http://statici.behindthevoiceactors.com/behindthevoiceactors/_img/chars/char_140908.jpg )
Apr 04 22:07:44 [Cubey] Izuru: "Eh?"
Apr 04 22:08:31 [Corel] Seta: "What is happening...?"
Apr 04 22:09:05 [Steam] "We come in peace."
Apr 04 22:09:14 [Aero] Astara: "...huh?"
Apr 04 22:09:22 [Tengu] Asagi: "What?!"
Apr 04 22:10:09 [Terra] Kei: "..."
Apr 04 22:10:16 [Cubey] Izuru: "Really?"
Apr 04 22:10:27 [Cubey] Izuru: "It's not a joke, right?"
Apr 04 22:10:52 [aldosalt] Dido: "Peaceful peace...or some other kind of peace?"
Apr 04 22:10:55 [Steam] "The situation has changed, and though we had no knowledge of how this portal was made, it has made re-establishing contact with Earth possible far sooner than we had predicted."
Apr 04 22:11:33 [Aero] Astara's gaze turns over towards Seta.
Apr 04 22:11:33 [Terra] Kei: "What made you change your minds?"
Apr 04 22:12:48 [Steam] "... Those things, and why we are here, would best be discussed elsewhere. Presumably a location you would be more comfortable with."
Apr 04 22:13:16 [Steam] "But we must speak with Princess Teoria as soon as possible."
Apr 04 22:13:53 [Steam] "This is important, imperative news. It regards the Balmarians."
Apr 04 22:14:10 [Steam] MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
Apr 04 22:14:18 [Cubey] Izuru: "Balmarians... you mean, Aerogaters?
Apr 04 22:14:19 [Cubey] "
Apr 04 22:14:26 [Terra] Kei: "We'll relay word to the ESUN, any decision is up to them."
Apr 04 22:14:30 [Corel] Seta just shakes her head at her fellow Kijin. She doesn't know what's going on either.
Apr 04 22:14:36 [Tengu] Asagi: "...This is too many revelations in one day for my poor stomach.""
Apr 04 22:14:53 [Cubey] Izuru: "But we least we don't have to fight anymore now... right?"
Apr 04 22:15:09 [aldosalt] Dido: "...all the protoculture chickens are coming back to roost!"
Apr 04 22:15:34 [Terra] Kei: "Hopefully." Even if this wasn't a ruse, Wulgaru didn't exactly seem trustworthy enough to not just turn on them after the threat of the Balmarians was addressed
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