Apr 01 16:51:56 [Cubey] A little while ago...
Apr 01 16:52:09 [Cubey] ???: "The chimera's heads may be cut off, but SCCF lives on!"
Apr 01 16:53:00 [Cubey] An emergency transmission is received by Fort Alhambra. It comes from an ESUN base, one that is heavily guarded and fortified, due to its use as temporary holding for very important and dangerous prisoners.
Apr 01 16:53:24 [Cubey] Such as Beatrice Willson.
Apr 01 16:54:03 [Cubey] And now, the transmission shows - the base is under besieged. Its peripheral guard units are all obliterated, SCCF's own forces standing above them.
Apr 01 16:54:08 [Cubey] Including a unit you saw once before.
Apr 01 16:54:16 [Cubey] Golden Ebony
Apr 01 16:54:16 [Cubey] http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=504658
Apr 01 16:55:35 [Steam] Roy: "They that desperate to get their boss back, huh? Well sucks to be them!"
Apr 01 16:56:03 [Cubey] Joshua: "Allow me to introduce myself. Joshua Ingway, one of the two pilots of Golden Ebony and SCCF's temporary leader. Temporary because we know Willson is somewhere around here, and we came to take her back."
Apr 01 16:56:15 [Cubey] Joshua: "But don't trust my words alone! Ready?"
Apr 01 16:56:19 * Fri (Fri@66.186.ki.tyq) has joined
Apr 01 16:56:38 [Cubey] Behind the Golden Ebony, SCCF's yellow battleship is visible.
Apr 01 16:56:45 [Cubey] Its main canon... charging.
Apr 01 16:56:51 [Cubey] And firing!
Apr 01 16:57:36 [Cubey] When the dust disperses, the powerful beam obliterated everything in its path.
Apr 01 16:58:19 [Cubey] But fortunately, the SCCF did not target the base itself - instead, a large mountain was dwarfing the facility with its mass. That mountain is now significantly smaller.
Apr 01 16:59:04 [Cubey] Joshua: "As you can see, the SCCF still holds considerable power in our hands. You have two hours. Two hours to return our rightful leader to us, until she - and the base we're in, become martyrs for the cause."
Apr 01 16:59:25 [Jockey] "... Ooh... this is going to be messy..."
Apr 01 16:59:26 [Cubey] Joshua: "Martyrs of your own making. I know you can hear this, Unity Group. Ingway, out."
Apr 01 17:00:22 [Eva_Barton] "...I'm beginning to hate them."
Apr 01 17:00:27 [Cubey] Commander Howe: "Of course we are not going to give in to SCCF's demands. This is why you are moving out as we speak."
Apr 01 17:00:44 [Cubey] The commander is briefing you via a display, because your shuttle is already on the move.
Apr 01 17:01:03 [Cubey] Commander Howe: "Your mission is simple and comes in two stages. Stage two - stop that battleship from firing again."
Apr 01 17:01:10 [Cubey] Howe: "Step two, wipe out all SCCF targets."
Apr 01 17:01:17 [Cubey] Howe: "I don't think there are any questions?"
Apr 01 17:01:20 [Tengu] Daniel: "Remnants of fanatical groups never give up easily... They always come back."
Apr 01 17:01:45 [Tengu] Daniel: "Let's show them that they made a big mistake."
Apr 01 17:02:03 [Steam] Roy: "Totally."
Apr 01 17:02:16 [Cubey] Howe: "With Chimera gone and their greatest asset back under ESUN control, remaining Cambio Protocol members have their backs to the wall and they know it."
Apr 01 17:02:28 [Cubey] Howe: "SCCF has put all they could into this assault. Be careful out there."
Apr 01 17:02:40 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
Apr 01 17:03:11 [Steam] "We got like two hours for this? Fine by me, Be-All-About-The-Tricks-Even-When-I'm-Prison Willson's gonna get to see her welcome crew get kicked right away!"
Apr 01 17:03:33 [Jockey] "Just be ready though...."
Apr 01 17:03:41 [Jockey] "Something big like this... its just too damn obvious"
Apr 01 17:03:59 [Jockey] "Odds are they've got another card to play."
Apr 01 17:04:48 [Eva_Barton] "It's fine. All I have to do is murder them all, right?"
Apr 01 17:05:36 [Tengu] Daniel: "It's not murder if they shot first."
Apr 01 17:06:04 [Corel] Elys gazes worriedly at the now less-impressive mountain. "Just don't get overconfident."
Apr 01 17:06:52 [Steam] Roy: "Well if they're gonna try to do that Dakova brainwashing crap, I can still counter it with the Crisis Mode energy."
Apr 01 17:07:05 [Cubey] The shuttle draws in close, but the enemy is watchful.
Apr 01 17:07:11 [Steam] "So it's gonna have to be one heck of another card then!"
Apr 01 17:07:26 [Cubey] Pilot: "We can't get any closer before I get turned to swiss cheese. You're on your own from now on."
Apr 01 17:07:44 [Cubey] In front of you, taking positions around the base's fortifications, a large SCCF force.
Apr 01 17:07:45 [Tengu] Daniel: "I'm gonna be careful. I remember the battleship last time. And this one has an even bigger gun."
Apr 01 17:07:53 [Cubey] The Yellow King's Decree ominously floating behind it.
Apr 01 17:09:33 [Cubey] Not much to do now but to go out and fight, however - it won't be easy.
Apr 01 17:09:56 [Steam] "Setting up shop already like they own this place... too bad that's not how it works."
Apr 01 17:10:10 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Let's go." Steel Wanderer is ready to move out.
Apr 01 17:10:12 [Cubey] Joshua: "So, there you are. The stoppers of necessary change have arrived on the scene!"
Apr 01 17:10:29 [Cubey] And it looks like you've been spotted, as the Golden Ebony is raising its arm towards you in the middle of enemy ranks.
Apr 01 17:10:38 [Cubey] Joshua: "Let the world revolution begin, right now!"
Apr 01 17:10:43 [Steam] The Wagner launches at the first opportunity!
Apr 01 17:11:04 [Corel] Elys: "Like the Commander said, they have their backs to the wall. That's when people are the most dangerous."
Apr 01 17:11:06 [Cubey] ???: "As expected."
Apr 01 17:11:15 [Eva_Barton] Eva's blue Tern floats out, carefully articulating each joint. "...No, I shouldn't get angry..."
Apr 01 17:11:18 [Cubey] Joshua: "Indeed Alex. It's all or nothing, now!"
Apr 01 17:11:48 [Cubey] The Ebony has two pilots as advertised. But it's not the only enemy you'll be facing here.
Apr 01 17:12:14 [Cubey] Enemies: Vandal x16, Vandal with heavy equipment x8, Vandal with energy weapon x6, Golden Ebony (Joshua and Alex), The Yellow King's Decree
Apr 01 17:12:26 [Cubey] Init: Roy, Eva, Daniel, Calvin, Elys
Apr 01 17:12:28 [Cubey] Roy, Eva, go!
Apr 01 17:12:46 [Cubey] Vandal
Apr 01 17:12:47 [Cubey] http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=167081
Apr 01 17:13:02 [Steam] "No, you totally SHOULD get angry!"
Apr 01 17:13:24 [Jockey] Calvin's warily keeping his Genoace in the back ranks of the group, rifle at the ready.
Apr 01 17:13:31 [Steam] "These jerks have done a lot of bad crap, and now they're trying to play the heroes to bail out their bonkers boss!"
Apr 01 17:13:47 [Eva_Barton] "It'll disrupt my concentration, while I kill them all."
Apr 01 17:14:56 [Steam] * The Wagner leads the charge, breaking into a sprint to try to flank the SCCF's formation as his arm cannon fires to clear the way!+
Apr 01 17:15:01 [Steam] "... Wait, it'd do that to you?"
Apr 01 17:15:30 [Eva_Barton] *With only light paratrooping units making up the majority of their force, the Tern enjoys a distinct size and firepower advantage over the Vandals. So Eva puts that to use, strafing them with barrages of laser beams.+
Apr 01 17:15:34 [Eva_Barton] "Yes."
Apr 01 17:16:44 [Cubey] A group of Vandals take refuge behind fortifications of the base - fortifications that shake under cannon fire and are pierced by lasers, the units behind them are destroyed.
Apr 01 17:17:28 [Cubey] However, another bunker blazes with gunfire - assault rifle rounds fill up the air, aimed at Wagner, while heavier armor piercing cannon rounds are fired towards the airborne Tern. React, both of you.
Apr 01 17:18:00 [Cubey] Also...
Apr 01 17:18:23 [Cubey] Joshua: "Be it that way. Remember, it is your action that has forced... oh?"
Apr 01 17:18:35 [Cubey] Joshua: "You know where she is? Get to her, then! On the double!"
Apr 01 17:18:47 [Cubey] Four Vandals break off from the ranks and try heading towards deeper into the base.
Apr 01 17:18:54 [Cubey] Daniel, Calvin, Elys, go.
Apr 01 17:18:57 [Steam] "... No way you're getting after her!"
Apr 01 17:19:30 [Steam] * In spite of the suppression fire, the Wagner still tries to move forward, diving down to avoid the shots as its tendrils point around to try to snipe the rescue party!+
Apr 01 17:19:51 [Jockey] *Calvin is quickly moving to intercept, launching several missiles at the Vandals as his Genoace quickly moves to block them off!+
Apr 01 17:21:28 [Eva_Barton] *The Tern's size belies its speed (and frailty). Eva moves in careful, precise motions through the air, slipping and twisting out of the way of those rifle shots.+
Apr 01 17:21:31 [Tengu] Daniel: "...I dealt with men such as you." Steel Wanderer raises its revolver and slams its hammer, firing several times towards the Vandals with armor-piercing shots. Daniel mostly aims at the heavily-armed opponents; Roy and Calvin have the runners covered, it seems. +
Apr 01 17:22:23 [Corel] *Elys draws her unit's bow and engages - her targets are the enemies going after Eva and Roy. A volley of blade-arrows are launched, turning red as they fly toward the foes!+
Apr 01 17:22:43 [Cubey] Calvin and Roy are pushing towards the runners!
Apr 01 17:22:49 [Cubey] But...
Apr 01 17:22:54 [Cubey] Alex: "No."
Apr 01 17:23:24 [Cubey] The Golden Ebony clenches its fist. Translucent yellow barriers appear, blocking the Genoace's missiles - and Wagner's path outright!
Apr 01 17:24:16 [Cubey] Roy is stopped! Most of enemy bullets are blocked by the new barrier but a few hit his unit, causing damage!
Apr 01 17:24:59 [Cubey] Joshua: "I'm leaving this to you man!"
Apr 01 17:25:07 [Cubey] Alex: "... Crush."
Apr 01 17:25:16 [Steam] "Crush?"
Apr 01 17:25:35 [Cubey] The energy barriers deform and fall down, turning into bludgeons that try to flatten Calvin's genoace!
Apr 01 17:25:36 [Cubey] React.
Apr 01 17:25:50 [Jockey] "!!!"
Apr 01 17:26:40 [Jockey] *Calvin's turning his unit's boosters to full to attempt to avoid the falling bludgeons as the attack turned into what was a japanese obstacle based game show for keeps!+
Apr 01 17:26:51 [Jockey] "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!"
Apr 01 17:27:38 [Cubey] Eva finds that the enemy is familiar with her unit, and they target the shots to take advantage of that. However, the bunker from which they fire comes under assault by Elyssa's arrows, and the assault is cut short before you can take anything but a glancing hit while dodging.
Apr 01 17:28:38 [Cubey] The Steel Wanderer cuts down heavily armed Vandals that appeared in Daniel's vision before they could react.
Apr 01 17:29:09 [Cubey] The Yellow King's Degree flies a bit higher.
Apr 01 17:29:29 [Cubey] It cannot fire its cannon towards you, lest its own forces be obliterated too.
Apr 01 17:29:50 [Cubey] But everything else - anti air turrets and smaller beams, are now focusing their barrage on Daniel and Elys! React, both of you!
Apr 01 17:30:42 [Cubey] The energy barriers fall down on where Calvin was a second ago, creating large holes in the metal flooring under your mobile suit's feet.
Apr 01 17:30:46 [Tengu] Daniel: "...I hate battleships." He quickly rolls to the side, trying to get behind a nearby wall in an attempt to put some cover between Steel Wanderer and the incoming barrage! +
Apr 01 17:30:55 [Cubey] Though technically safe, the area around is unstable and you are thrown around and off balanced.
Apr 01 17:31:38 [Cubey] Joshua: "You do not even understand, do you? The change brought by SCCF is welcomed by very few."
Apr 01 17:31:48 [Cubey] Roy, Eva, go again.
Apr 01 17:32:27 [Corel] Elys: *"I'm not comfortable knowing that cannon is still working, either." She has Amagahara fire a shot at the ground in front of her, creating an explosion of dust which she uses to aid in her evasion.+
Apr 01 17:32:50 [Eva_Barton] Eva: "That should have tipped you off that you were wrong."
Apr 01 17:32:51 [Steam] "No duh it's 'welcomed by very few!'"
Apr 01 17:33:42 [Eva_Barton] *Eva's now sharing the skies with this giant battleship. This giant battleship soon finds its point-defence weapons targetted by her various laser barrages.+
Apr 01 17:33:54 [Jockey] "If your next line is about the ignorance of the masses I'm kindly going to ask you to shut up."
Apr 01 17:33:58 [Steam] "It's easy to not care when it's not the brains of your guys' friends and family that you want to screw around with!"
Apr 01 17:35:22 [Cubey] Daniel is dodging the barrage towards safety, but that cover doesn't last long. The Wanderer is forced to flee again as small turret fire pokes new holes in its cloak!
Apr 01 17:35:30 [Steam] " Switching to explosive arm cannon rounds, Roy takes aim at a bunker in his way and looses several rounds!+
Apr 01 17:36:16 [Cubey] Elys' distraction is good enough to provide temporary relieve, allowing you to get away further, away from the battleship's turret range. Unfortunately it makes striking back difficult as well.
Apr 01 17:37:32 [Cubey] Joshua: "Do you believe only people used by Dakova are suffering here? Do you think us of SCCF have sacrificed nothing?"
Apr 01 17:37:59 [Cubey] Joshua: "No! Even right now we pay the price. Our change may be unwelcome, but it is necessary. Lillian Cavanagh knew all along!"
Apr 01 17:38:30 [Cubey] While the battleship is firing, Eva's counter-beams are intercepted by a new barrier out of nowhere.
Apr 01 17:38:40 [Cubey] A barrier that quickly grows smaller in size, centering around...
Apr 01 17:38:55 [Cubey] Alex: "Reinforce."
Apr 01 17:39:16 [Cubey] The Golden Ebony, forming a second layer around its armor as the unit leaps towards the Tern and delivers a powerful haymaker!
Apr 01 17:39:18 [Cubey] React, Eva.
Apr 01 17:39:27 [Jockey] #Eva
Apr 01 17:39:31 [Cubey] # Approved
Apr 01 17:40:33 [Jockey] *What's that? You want to punch the Tern? Well you're going to have a hard time doing that as you get several blinding flares followed by smoke missiles!+
Apr 01 17:40:36 [Cubey] Another fortification comes under Wagner's fire. Two Vandals behind it suffer critical damage, but two others leap from two sides simultaneously and open machinegun fire. React, Roy!
Apr 01 17:41:40 [Jockey] "The way I see it you seem to be making other people sacrifice more than yourselves!"
Apr 01 17:42:15 [Eva_Barton] *"...Slow." Eva has the entire time between when The Golden Ebony launches to when it reaches her altitude to react. Even without psychic powers it's not hard to see coming. While Calvin blinds the thing, Eva rushes into the smoke cloud, using it for cover-and drives her blade into where the enemy's shoulder should be.+
Apr 01 17:42:41 [Jockey] "So why don't you do us all a favor, research the absolute highest you can make a bridge, build it and then jump off."
Apr 01 17:42:43 [Cubey] Joshua: "Guwah?!"
Apr 01 17:42:57 [Steam] * Roy stands his ground, shield raised to hold off the machineguns!+
Apr 01 17:43:07 [Cubey] The main pilot is blinded by the smoke discharge!
Apr 01 17:43:52 [Cubey] Alex: "Old tricks won't work on me."
Apr 01 17:44:47 [Cubey] But the cloud is dispersed around by the force of impact of Eva's hit - revealing that the Tern's blade hit a new barrier, one made to look like an old fashioned, if glowing shield.
Apr 01 17:45:05 [Cubey] While another, similar one on the other hand, is blocking Calvin's missiles.
Apr 01 17:45:12 [Cubey] Alex: "Now... remove yourself."
Apr 01 17:45:27 [Cubey] The barriers pulse, pushing Tern away forcibly!
Apr 01 17:46:37 [Cubey] The Wagner's shield holds, bullets ring against it and push Roy into a defensive pose. But he stands his ground.
Apr 01 17:47:08 [Eva_Barton] "...Mm."
Apr 01 17:47:10 [Cubey] You can see the four Vandals disappear into the main complex building. They are escaping your grasp!
Apr 01 17:47:17 [Cubey] Daniel, Calvin, Elyssa, go.
Apr 01 17:49:04 [Jockey] *Calvin's going to chase after them, admittedly there was the risk of being attacked on the way but that was what launching smoke behind him was for!+
Apr 01 17:49:45 [Tengu] Daniel: "...It's getting bad." Steel Wanderer jumps behind another wall, for cover, and quickly loads a single bullet into the Gun of God. Daniel looks around the corner and fires! The bouncing shot ricochets off several nearby constructions, going far around the tough boss unit, and flies towards the escaping Vandals, ricocheting among them too - to deadly effect. +
Apr 01 17:52:02 [Corel] *Elys goes after the enemies that are still outside. She fires an arrow upwards - where it detonates and rains down smaller ones on unsuspecting targets!+
Apr 01 17:52:49 [Cubey] Joshua: "This again? How precise... but precise plans fall apart with only a slight nudge!"
Apr 01 17:53:38 [Cubey] Taking advantage of the Tern thrown back, the Golden Ebony creates a small energy disk in its hand - actually a force field. It spins around and hurls it like a discus thrower!
Apr 01 17:54:21 [Cubey] While the bullet is making its way towards the Vandals, the discus will try to interpose it... and cut through the smoke, with Calvin somewhere in it!
Apr 01 17:54:24 [Cubey] Calvin, react!
Apr 01 17:54:37 [Steam] # Calvin
Apr 01 17:54:46 [Cubey] Also the enemy energy cannon users are taking their positions. Their units open their vulnerable insides... charge, and fire!
Apr 01 17:54:48 [Cubey] # approved
Apr 01 17:55:06 [Steam] "Well then all I gotta do is nudge it right back on track!"
Apr 01 17:55:08 [Cubey] Suddenly, several beams strike through the fortifications, trying to root out people hiding, which means Calvin!
Apr 01 17:55:26 [Cubey] Elys' attack takes care of the enemies that were suppressing Roy, and some of the energy beam ones as well.
Apr 01 17:55:38 [Steam] * The Wagner springs to the rescue, Crisis Mode kicking in as it forms a sword again, moving to protect Calvin and match discus against energy blade!+
Apr 01 17:56:15 [Cubey] The remaining heavily armed Vandals all fire in unison, three heavy cannons focusing their firepower to bring Amagahara down with concentrated, repeated shellings.
Apr 01 17:56:16 [Cubey] React.
Apr 01 17:56:18 [Jockey] *Which has him have to move even faster, the Genoace bursting from the smoke to dodge away from the incoming beam barrage!+
Apr 01 17:57:40 [Cubey] (Daniel comes udner attack of the beams as well, forgot to mention that. Please react)
Apr 01 18:00:13 [Corel] *For this, Elys moves the Matter Conversion Ring to the front of her machine. The ring acts as defense, and if it can absorb those beams, it's even better. If it works, she'll use it to construct a large arrow that is fired back at the enemy!+
Apr 01 18:00:59 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Dedicated..." Steel Wanderer quickly hides behind its cover again, waiting for the initial shots to pass - and then peeks behind it for a split second, firing a single net-like Andrew bullet towards the attackers in order to cut their barrage short. +
Apr 01 18:03:07 * Steam has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
Apr 01 18:04:39 * Steam (Steam@826-353-812-824.lightspeed.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net) has joined
Apr 01 18:06:06 [Cubey] The energy disk is interrupted - blocked by Wagner's blade!
Apr 01 18:06:34 [Cubey] Roy struggles to deflect it, but you manage to throw it off-target - both from Calvin, and the Vandals.
Apr 01 18:07:02 [Cubey] The Vandals that now get hit by a bouncing projectile, two of them falling down into useless exploding heaps, the other two lurching towards inside. They still keep going...
Apr 01 18:07:56 [Cubey] The beams are fired, forcing Calvin into full evasion while Daniel is pinned down. You fire a sticky net into the opening, making it hard for the enemies to move...
Apr 01 18:08:18 [Cubey] But move they do not have to. Instead, they try to charge up another attack.
Apr 01 18:08:53 [Cubey] ... And then a large arrow, generated by energy captured from stray beams, falls in the middle of their ranks and wipes out most of them.
Apr 01 18:09:02 [Jockey] "Two left!"
Apr 01 18:09:29 [Cubey] The one who shot it - Elyssa, her unit damaged by the enemy's physical cannon shots, even the conversion ring could only do so much...
Apr 01 18:09:50 [Cubey] Enemies: Vandal x1, Vandal with heavy equipment x2, Vandal with energy weapon x1, Golden Ebony (Joshua and Alex), The Yellow King's Decree
Apr 01 18:09:59 [Cubey] Also, two Vandals made it into the building!
Apr 01 18:10:06 [Cubey] Joshua: "And now, we wait."
Apr 01 18:10:18 [Cubey] Roy, Eva, Daniel, go!
Apr 01 18:10:48 [Corel] Elys inspects the damage, but in the meantime...
Apr 01 18:11:20 [Steam] Roy would bite his lip in frustration if he had one, but... yeah.
Apr 01 18:11:26 [Corel] Elys: "Can you guys keep going after them?"
Apr 01 18:12:16 [Steam] * "If all you're gonna do is wait, that's fine by me!" The Wagner charges at the Golden Ebony, beams firing out before it takes not just a swing with its free-floating energy blade, but both of its physical blades too!+
Apr 01 18:12:27 [Steam] "I'll try to hold off Barry the Barrier Dude!"
Apr 01 18:12:28 [Jockey] "...Just keep the guy from tossing any more roadblocks and I'll do my best."
Apr 01 18:12:32 [Steam] "So yeah, if you can... go for it!"
Apr 01 18:12:59 [Tengu] Daniel: "I'm not the fastest one here. I can't fly."
Apr 01 18:13:41 [Eva_Barton] *With few enemies sharing her airspace, Eva has turned her attention to that battleship, peeling off more point defence weapons with lasers one by one. Once she has something resembling a gap in its defences, she unleashes a stronger barrage and her chest laser cannon on the ship's main gun.+
Apr 01 18:13:41 [Cubey] Joshua: "Did you forget there's more than one guy in here?!"
Apr 01 18:13:48 [Cubey] Alex: "Leave it to me. Reinforce."
Apr 01 18:14:29 [Cubey] Semi transparent barriers appear around the Golben Ebony, circling to the Wagner's sides and trying to block its melee swings and limit Roy's range of mvoement while getting closer and closer!
Apr 01 18:14:59 [Cubey] All the while, Joshua makes his unit deliver several close range melee jabs with bare knuckles!
Apr 01 18:15:02 [Cubey] React, Roy.
Apr 01 18:15:25 [Steam] "Who cares if that thing's even a clown car!"
Apr 01 18:15:35 [Steam] Especially if attention was being focused on him.
Apr 01 18:16:14 [Tengu] * Despite his protests, Daniel rushes forward, trying to catch up to the Vandals that disappeared inside the building. On his way, he quickly fires the Gun of God, shooting two Longinuses and a barrage of energy beams towards the remaining Vandals as he passes by! +
Apr 01 18:16:59 [Steam] * An immense heat flash burst is released to test the strength of the barriers before the energy sword suddenly explodes out into dozens of threads of energy to slip through and around the network of barriers, his swords being turned for defense against those shields now!+
Apr 01 18:22:16 [Cubey] Roy's blade explodes into tendrils!
Apr 01 18:22:37 [Cubey] Tendrils that... pierce through the barriers, the golden surfaces offering surprisingly little resistance.
Apr 01 18:22:53 [Cubey] Joshua: "Ghh... looks like you saw through our little plan!"
Apr 01 18:23:10 [Cubey] He grunts as the Golben Ebony is penetrated by the tendrils, but it also pummels the Wagner in melee, both units taking a beating in the process!
Apr 01 18:23:18 [Cubey] And the plan in question?
Apr 01 18:23:43 [Cubey] While Eva manages to burn out the small turrets one by one, when she fires her big guns at the Yellow King's Decree's main cannon...
Apr 01 18:24:02 [Cubey] No effect. It is absorbed, completely neutralized by a powerful barrier that reveals itself with a shimmer.
Apr 01 18:24:19 [Cubey] A barrier that the Golden Ebony was maintaining all along.
Apr 01 18:24:29 [Cubey] Alex: "Still not at the limit..."
Apr 01 18:25:37 [Cubey] Daniel moves forward - quickly firing at the Vandals, felling them one by one.
Apr 01 18:25:52 [Cubey] You see the damaged Vandals inside the installation.
Apr 01 18:26:05 [Cubey] One of them turns towards you, looking surprised.
Apr 01 18:26:11 [Eva_Barton] "...I wonder, how many barriers you can maintain at once..."
Apr 01 18:26:25 [Cubey] But the othe launches an arm-mounted hook shot to accelerate its advance, cutting distance as it fires at you with its machinegun.
Apr 01 18:26:38 [Cubey] It's really fast and reacts far better than normal Vandal pilots!
Apr 01 18:26:56 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Oh, hello. Fancy seeing you here, but unfortunately it's time for me to leave."
Apr 01 18:26:59 [Cubey] And that's why.
Apr 01 18:27:01 [Cubey] Daniel react.
Apr 01 18:28:15 [Cubey] Joshua: "Who knows? The limit is definitely not cut and dry, not when you deal with something far superior to pure machinery!"
Apr 01 18:28:48 [Steam] Roy: "Beatrice!"
Apr 01 18:29:39 [Jockey] "Damnit!"
Apr 01 18:30:02 [Tengu] Daniel: "I can't let you...!" He rolls to the side, behind a conveniently placed knee-high wall, and from above it takes a quick aim and fires several more beam spray blasts... aiming for the line of Beatrice's hook shot, trying to sever it while she's still reeling in! +
Apr 01 18:31:02 [Cubey] Daniel dodges with only grazing hits to his armor, and fires. The line is severed!
Apr 01 18:31:20 [Cubey] But the Vandal bounces off a suddenly appearing energy barrier, and flies above the Wanderer's head!
Apr 01 18:31:29 [Cubey] Alex: "Beatrice, status?"
Apr 01 18:32:10 [Cubey] Beatrice: "I'm fine. It wasn't the most comfortable of stays, but I'm alright. Let's get out of here."
Apr 01 18:32:21 [Cubey] Joshua: "I agree."
Apr 01 18:32:57 [Cubey] Beatrice: "... Roy Garnette."
Apr 01 18:33:25 [Cubey] Beatrice: "SCCF needs you to die, and we don't need this place anymore. Yellow King's Decree, main cannon - fire."
Apr 01 18:33:51 [Cubey] The shield around the battleship dissipates - and its energy cannon starts charging up, quickly!
Apr 01 18:34:02 [Cubey] You need to react, except.
Apr 01 18:34:02 [Steam] Roy: "!"
Apr 01 18:34:09 [Steam] Crap crap crap crap crap!
Apr 01 18:34:11 [Jockey] "Daniel, what's the heaviest thing you've got-?!"
Apr 01 18:34:12 [Corel] Elys: "...Damn!"
Apr 01 18:34:26 [Cubey] All of you, except Roy (who is a robot), but especially the psychic Eva, are suddenly experiencing a burst of pain!
Apr 01 18:34:32 [Cubey] Emanating from the Yellow King's Decree.
Apr 01 18:34:33 [Cubey] From Dakova!
Apr 01 18:34:57 [Tengu] Daniel: "I have one-...Argh..."
Apr 01 18:35:04 [Jockey] "Aghhh!"
Apr 01 18:35:23 [Jockey] [Aaand supernatural pain. Just great.]
Apr 01 18:35:38 [Eva_Barton] "Ghr..." This is entirely not a new feeling.
Apr 01 18:35:59 [Steam] Roy: "Guys? GUYS!"
Apr 01 18:36:57 [Cubey] As the weapon charges, you experience a strange sensation.
Apr 01 18:37:04 [Cubey] Almost like if Dakova was trying to reach out to you.
Apr 01 18:37:06 [Cubey] Say something.
Apr 01 18:37:09 [Cubey] Something like
Apr 01 18:37:15 [Cubey] "free me"
Apr 01 18:37:32 [Cubey] The cannon misfires, its blast exploding in its (figurative) face!
Apr 01 18:37:53 [Cubey] The Yellow King's Decree starts floating backwards, its frontside severely damaged!
Apr 01 18:38:00 [Cubey] Beatrice: "!!"
Apr 01 18:38:03 [Cubey] Joshua: "!!"
Apr 01 18:38:05 [Cubey] Alex: "..."
Apr 01 18:38:27 [Jockey] "......."
Apr 01 18:39:37 [Jockey] [See, there was an issue here. On one hand a mind controlling entity was asking to be freed and when common sense is in play its on the list of things not to do. On the other hand it saved them from death. Which might-]
Apr 01 18:39:49 [Cubey] In the midst of the damage, you see it.
Apr 01 18:39:52 [Jockey] [Probably not the best time to think on this too hard...]
Apr 01 18:40:00 [Cubey] Glowing, trapped, in pain - Dakova's form.
Apr 01 18:40:18 [Cubey] Form that is quickly deteriorating now that it is exposed to atmosphere.
Apr 01 18:40:38 [Cubey] Joshua: "No! We must secure it, we must!"
Apr 01 18:40:40 [Cubey] Alex: "On it."
Apr 01 18:40:42 [Eva_Barton] The Tern hoves unsteadily in the air. Still, Eva clenches her teeth. "Tch."
Apr 01 18:40:53 [Cubey] The Golden Ebony moves quickly and creates a semi-sphere around Dakova.
Apr 01 18:40:53 [Cubey] But
Apr 01 18:40:56 [Cubey] the sensation is gone
Apr 01 18:41:03 [Cubey] Calvin, Elys, go!
Apr 01 18:41:17 [Tengu] Daniel: "...That was Dakova."
Apr 01 18:41:29 [Tengu] Daniel: "I actually saw him."
Apr 01 18:41:43 [Cubey] (Dakova: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/yXGv32TDmwI/maxresdefault.jpg)
Apr 01 18:42:39 [Steam] Roy: "... That's it."
Apr 01 18:42:45 [Steam] "... That's... Dakova."
Apr 01 18:43:53 [Jockey] "... What do we do."
Apr 01 18:44:04 [Eva_Barton] "...Mmm. Whether we kill it or not...I don't think it deserves this."
Apr 01 18:44:35 [Eva_Barton] "Edwards. Free it first, work out the rest later."
Apr 01 18:46:26 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Need to stop them from freeing their leader first."
Apr 01 18:48:52 [Jockey] "... Got it."
Apr 01 18:50:05 [Jockey] *Calvin's taking aim and firing several shots with his rifle at the Vandal that Beatrice was using, launching several missiles upwards!... Except... their target wasn't her... but rather he sent them to rain down on the Golden Ebony!+
Apr 01 18:55:32 [Cubey] Joshua: "Ms Willson, I suggest you retreat. Your survival is necessary for SCCF's success!"
Apr 01 18:55:47 [Cubey] Beatrice: "..."
Apr 01 18:56:14 [Cubey] Joshua: "At the very least, if you make it out of here then the final option will still be on the table!"
Apr 01 18:56:24 [Cubey] Joshua: "Don't worry!"
Apr 01 18:56:46 [Corel] Elys: *"If that's the option we're taking..." Amagahara joins in on Calvin's assault. A shower of arrows follows the missiles!+
Apr 01 18:56:47 [Cubey] Beatrice was dodging and making her way further out in the open - but it was a feint.
Apr 01 18:57:15 [Cubey] The Golden Ebony is being pummeled by missiles and energy arrows, its arms crossed in a block as it holds its ground despite taking more and more damage.
Apr 01 18:57:22 [Cubey] Joshua: "I'll hold them back! No..."
Apr 01 18:57:27 [Cubey] Alex: "We will hold them back."
Apr 01 18:57:42 [Cubey] The Ebony stomps.
Apr 01 18:57:49 [Cubey] In the air around it, more barriers materialize.
Apr 01 18:58:04 [Cubey] Except this time, they start creating a more sophistiaated, humanoid form.
Apr 01 18:58:36 [Cubey] Vaguely resembling the Vandals, they leap out towards the Genoace and Amagahara, their limbs turning into sharp energy barrier blades as they do so!
Apr 01 18:58:43 [Cubey] React, Elys and Calvin!
Apr 01 18:59:24 [Cubey] Enemies: Vandal x1 (damaged), Vandal (Beatrice, damaged, trying to escape), The Yellow King's Decree (heavily damaged), The Golden Ebony (damaged), Holonoids x6
Apr 01 18:59:32 [Cubey] Roy, Eva, go.
Apr 01 18:59:39 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
Apr 01 18:59:54 [Tengu] Daniel: "I didn't expect that."
Apr 01 19:00:13 [Jockey] [Calvin is going to back off... these things were made of barriers... so maybe...]
Apr 01 19:00:37 [Eva_Barton] "Clever, but...That power isn't yours, is it. Just borrowed."
Apr 01 19:01:17 [Eva_Barton] *"No...Taken." Eva remains in the air, and fires-but not on the Golden Ebony, on the barrier (and ship) around Dakova instead. The sky fills with energy!+
Apr 01 19:01:40 [Jockey] *He switches out to his DODS gun as he continues to keep away from the blades, firing off several shots at the holonoids! Rather than seeking to break them though... he intended to try richochet the drill beams off the constructs back at their maker!+
Apr 01 19:02:10 [Corel] Elys: *"...Neither did I. This is the concept of barriers taken to the next level." With no other option and the damage taken earlier, Amagahara switches to its two short katanas to defend itself. Elys doesn't know what these things are capable of so it's better to be safe.+
Apr 01 19:02:40 [Steam] * In contrast the Wagner presses on again, energy threads plunging towards a Holonoid to clear the way for shots at Beatrice before she can get away! "Don't care how much of a laser light show you spring on all of us... your boss isn't gonna get outta here alive if I can help it!"
Apr 01 19:02:43 [Steam] +
Apr 01 19:02:54 [Cubey] The Genoace takes a shallow cut from one of the Holonoids - and the DODS shot predictably is reflected off it, and flies towards the Golden Ebony.
Apr 01 19:03:17 [Cubey] Joshua: "Not bad! Well spotted! However..."
Apr 01 19:03:40 [Cubey] The SCCF unit creates a large barrier between its palms. It absorbs the spiraling beam.
Apr 01 19:03:48 [Cubey] Alex: "I am more powerful."
Apr 01 19:04:11 [Jockey] "... You know. I really should have expected something like that."
Apr 01 19:05:13 [Cubey] Elys uses her weapons to block the barrier enemies - they hit hard, but are relatively slow and you manage to parry them with little harm... though they are also too tough to damage easily!
Apr 01 19:06:13 [Cubey] Roy makes his way towards Beatrice before she can escape, but the Holonoid gets in his way. Its form serves as a shield, shimmering slightly as your attacks try to break through it, with little success as its form shifts when damage is taken...
Apr 01 19:06:22 [Corel] Elys: "That's an enemy made of barriers for you..."
Apr 01 19:06:24 [Cubey] and suddenly, unleashes a part of it as a powerful point blank energy explosion! Roy, react.
Apr 01 19:07:10 [Cubey] Eva starts bombarding the Yellow King's Decree.
Apr 01 19:07:33 [Cubey] The ship is heavily damaged, crippled even. Its sections start succumbing to small explosions - though the semisphere barrier still holds!
Apr 01 19:07:59 [Cubey] And what little of its AA guns are still operational try to stop you by firing. And the last remaining (normal) Vandal adds to the barrage from behind, and far below. React!
Apr 01 19:08:08 [Cubey] Daniel, Calvin and Elys, go.
Apr 01 19:08:30 [Steam] * Roy can't raise his shield fast enough... so he doesn't! Instead he just tries to match the blast with an erupting wave of Crisis mode energy to match the Holonoid's!+
Apr 01 19:09:06 [Eva_Barton] *Eva flits through the sky, using her barrier to help block the AA gun fire, while she focuses more time on dodging the Vandal's fire.+
Apr 01 19:09:20 [Jockey] [UG only] "Do you guys think that barrier goes past the plating under it?"
Apr 01 19:09:43 [Eva_Barton] "Let's find out."
Apr 01 19:10:04 [Cubey] Eva finds the barrage almost insultingly easy to dodge. The ship starts going down - away from any buildings, fortunately.
Apr 01 19:10:10 [Cubey] And Roy...
Apr 01 19:10:29 [Tengu] Daniel: "Might as well use it now... Nicholas. Go." With a spin of its chamber, he loads a single bullet into the Gun of God... And as soon as it stops rotating, he closes the gun and fires. The projectile expands mid-flight, turning into a remotely controlled rocket fist, which soars forward, trying to smash through any opponents that might intercept it, as it heads towards Beatrice's
Apr 01 19:10:30 [Tengu] unit, aiming for the lower torso! +
Apr 01 19:10:37 [Cubey] Roy's armor is starting to melt from the blast, but he doesn't escape. Instead he breaks through!
Apr 01 19:10:48 [Cubey] This not only minimizes the time spent inside the blast.
Apr 01 19:11:25 [Cubey] You break through the Holonoid, its integrity too weak to hold itself together. Its parts fly off in all directions, just semitransparent golden shards that quickly disappear. One down!
Apr 01 19:12:58 [Corel] Elys: "It's not a fight if you don't take any risks..." With that in mind, Amagahara's hands suddenly generate two additional pairs of short swords - it carries and then hurls these like throwing daggers! The weapons spin through the air and converge on the holonoid from multiple directions to try to force it to alter its form.&
Apr 01 19:14:28 [Cubey] The rocket fist flies towards Beatrice! She tries to avoid the chasing projectile, but her unit is damaged. She can't!
Apr 01 19:14:54 [Cubey] Joshua: "Taking down someone who can't fight back? Not very chivalrous, is it?!"
Apr 01 19:15:13 [Cubey] The Golden Ebony interposes itself - a personal barrier shimmers, but it's broken through.
Apr 01 19:15:29 [Cubey] The unit blocks, but it is heavily damaged by the pummeling fist.
Apr 01 19:16:01 [Jockey] *Calvin, lacking the punch of his companions... literally in Daniel's case instead tries to make up for it with precision! Firing multiple shots at the Golden Ebony with its rifle given the absorption ability it revealed moments ago!+
Apr 01 19:16:26 [Cubey] The Holonoid that faces off against Elys is struck by several blades, reshaping its form while its arm elongates, trying to swing at Amagahara proper! React/continue
Apr 01 19:16:34 [Tengu] Daniel: "I'm not a knight. I'm a gun for hire. I have a job that needs to be done. And I intend to do it."
Apr 01 19:16:51 [Cubey] Joshua: "That's fair. Ghhh...!"
Apr 01 19:17:02 [Cubey] Joshua: "But I also have a job to do."
Apr 01 19:17:18 [Cubey] Alex: "Reinforce."
Apr 01 19:18:13 [Cubey] The Golden Ebony is damaged further by Calvin's fire, but that stops briefly as glow emanates from its hands - it brings them together, and creates a barrier in the shape of.
Apr 01 19:18:34 [Cubey] Two giant, spiralling knuckle hands that are quickly shot in a double rocket punch!
Apr 01 19:18:47 [Cubey] A punch that circles and tries to smite away both the Wanderer and the customized Genoace.
Apr 01 19:18:52 [Cubey] Daniel, Calvin, react!
Apr 01 19:19:14 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Dodge."
Apr 01 19:19:21 [Corel] *And that reshaping is what Elys is waiting for. The Holonoid may be made of barriers, but shifting form to cater to offense may reduce its resilience elsewhere...
Apr 01 19:19:37 [Jockey] "What else can we do? Stand still?!"
Apr 01 19:19:49 [Jockey] *DODGING THE INCOMING FIST!+
Apr 01 19:20:14 [Tengu] * Listening to his own advice, Daniel quickly dashes to the side, Steel Wanderer's joints creaking from the sudden strain. He doesn't have anything to slow down the incoming force field, and he definitely doesn't want to get hit by that! +
Apr 01 19:21:00 [Corel] *Amagahara takes hold of its single long sword as it both parries the attack and closes the distance - with the thrown swords from earlier also spinning around. She slashes once with the long sword and switches to the other blades as they pass her by - hoping to cut the enemy apart!+
Apr 01 19:24:06 [Cubey] Elys clashes against the slicing attack - but it was the Holonoid's demise. It is attacked by too many blades from too many directions. They split it into fragments that cannot hold themselves together, and disintegrate.
Apr 01 19:24:13 [Cubey] On the other front, though...
Apr 01 19:24:56 [Cubey] Daniel and Calvin tumble away, the fist's shockwave knocking them offbalance as it passes above or right next to their units. It slams down to the ground behind you, and disappears, leaving only a crater in its wake.
Apr 01 19:25:05 [Cubey] Beatrice's Vandal made it away in the commotion.
Apr 01 19:25:09 [Cubey] But the foe is still here.
Apr 01 19:25:12 [Cubey] Roy, Eva, go.
Apr 01 19:25:33 [Eva_Barton] (Is the battleship still operational?)
Apr 01 19:26:16 [Cubey] (Not really)
Apr 01 19:26:26 [Steam] "... so you get to run away."
Apr 01 19:26:32 [Steam] "Great... great great great...!"
Apr 01 19:27:00 [Eva_Barton] "Mmm...Let's see how far hat barrier can go, before you have to give up on controlling Dakova."
Apr 01 19:27:12 [Eva_Barton] "That'll be some fun science, won't it?"
Apr 01 19:27:14 [Steam] "Bet you're really patting yourself on the back, aren't you, you two jerkwads!"
Apr 01 19:27:50 [Cubey] Joshua: "Make no mistakes here. This power is my dear copilot's alone."
Apr 01 19:28:03 [Cubey] Joshua: "And now... we'll show you what exactly this old boy is capable of doing."
Apr 01 19:28:08 [Eva_Barton] *Eva bombards the Golden Ebony with lasers-hemming its motions in, and leaving some openings for Roy to attack through.+
Apr 01 19:28:35 [Steam] "If you mean you're capable of dying, sure! Do that right away!"
Apr 01 19:29:02 [Cubey] Alex: "Contain."
Apr 01 19:29:30 [Steam] * But pardon Roy for being less than optimistic, the Wagner's beam cannons firing together, aiming at a concise spot in the hopes of breaching through any shields that Alex would raise!+
Apr 01 19:29:31 [Cubey] Golden Ebony's arm materializes a large sheet-like barrier. It wraps itself around the incoming lasers, and forms a reflective ball - with them trapped still inside.
Apr 01 19:29:55 [Cubey] Alex: "Crush."
Apr 01 19:30:19 [Cubey] Its offhand on the other hand manifests a far thinner barrier - which is quickly grabbed and thrown like a solid javelin, to pierce through the Tern!
Apr 01 19:30:44 [Cubey] But as it passes next to it (as it probably will), it suddenly explodes into a billion of splinters, in all directions!
Apr 01 19:30:47 [Cubey] Eva, react.
Apr 01 19:30:51 [Cubey] Alex: "And... release."
Apr 01 19:31:34 [Cubey] Roy finds the ball with laser energy trapped within thrown on the path of his beam cannons - and as soon as the blast touches it, it explodes. The Wagner is faar closer to the epicenter than Golden Ebony!
Apr 01 19:31:35 [Cubey] React.
Apr 01 19:31:46 [Eva_Barton] # Roy
Apr 01 19:32:06 [Cubey] # Approved - but don't forget about your own thing
Apr 01 19:32:18 [Cubey] Daniel, Calvin and Elys can also go
Apr 01 19:32:59 [Tengu] (which enemies are still here?)
Apr 01 19:33:08 [Corel] ^
Apr 01 19:33:26 [Cubey] (Holonoid x4, Vandal (damaged), Golden Ebony (heavily damaged))
Apr 01 19:33:48 [Eva_Barton] *With only one projectile headed her way, Eva dashes to the side in a dodge. The laser ball thrown at Roy-those lasers are hers, and just like when she makes them bend or twist she has some control over them still. In fact, more of her mental pressure is focued on the laser ball than the javelin coming towards her, as she puts everything she can into making those lasers explode in only one direction-Away from Roy.+
Apr 01 19:34:04 [Jockey] *Calvin grit his teeth and launched several flares at the Golden Ebony! Rather than shoot though, this time he sends his Genoace into a quick rush towards the barrier generating foe!+
Apr 01 19:35:04 [Steam] * With the explosion of beam cannon shots coming his way, Roy reluctantly has to fall back, trying to keep his shield up between him and the beams as much as possible!+
Apr 01 19:36:19 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Maybe we'll be able to catch up to Beatrice yet. But first..." He loads four bullets into the Gun of God, and then fires them at the enemies one after another, creating a line. And then, Steel Wanderer snaps its hand, causing all four of the projectiles to blow up at once, creating big explosions that engulf as many targets as possible! +
Apr 01 19:37:01 [Cubey] Some of the energy shards hit the Tern's side, biting into it painfully.
Apr 01 19:37:24 [Cubey] But what is Eva's real focus here is to make those lasers not hit Roy - and she succeeds.
Apr 01 19:37:30 [Cubey] The ball explodes away from the Wagner.
Apr 01 19:37:43 [Cubey] And then the Holonoids interpose themselves between you and the Ebony.
Apr 01 19:38:00 [Cubey] Alex: "..."
Apr 01 19:38:22 [Cubey] Joshua: "You're not pushing yourself too much back there, are you?"
Apr 01 19:38:37 [Corel] "They're definitely tough, but..." *Not invincible, and Elys knows that now. She approaches another Holonoid carefully, using her long sword in anticipated defense!+
Apr 01 19:38:52 [Cubey] The line of Holonoids is engulfed by explosions. One of them breaks from the strain, the rest covering each other...
Apr 01 19:39:10 [Cubey] Alex: "Nowhere close. Time to make more friends."
Apr 01 19:40:02 [Cubey] Four more Holonoids are created, and they leap from behind the first line - slashing at the charging Genoace, two more create a burst of energy aimed at the Steel Wanderer.
Apr 01 19:40:16 [Cubey] And the last one stabs at Elys, which she predicted.
Apr 01 19:40:19 [Cubey] React, everyone.
Apr 01 19:40:24 [Cubey] Alex: "There is more where this came from."
Apr 01 19:42:23 [Tengu] Daniel: "We need to stop them from generating more. Somehow." Steel Wanderer kicks the ground, creating a cloud of dirt, and uses its cover to dash behind a nearby wall for protection. +
Apr 01 19:43:20 [Jockey] *Calvin brought up his shield, swinging it into the incoming slash... before disengaging the bolts that held it to attempt to kick over and away from the holonoids to jam his knife into the machine generating them!+
Apr 01 19:45:17 [Steam] (What are Roy and Eva reacting to?)
Apr 01 19:45:27 [Corel] *Elys raises her blade to clash against the Holonoid's stab. But it soon becomes obvious that this isn't just for defense. "...Fourth Grace - Retribution." She accelerates in a quick burst and slices across - with the physical energy from the enemy's stab empowering her own counterattack!+
Apr 01 19:45:33 [Cubey] (Okay, I meant only those three, my bad)
Apr 01 19:46:11 [Cubey] Daniel hides behind cover, the enemy's ranged attack being not very accurate and so you are unharmed.
Apr 01 19:47:01 [Cubey] Elys deals a single counterstrike with overwhelming power - enough for the striking holonoid to be penetrated, and to fall apart.
Apr 01 19:47:21 [Cubey] Calvin uses the resulting opening to stab at the Golden Ebony!
Apr 01 19:47:28 [Cubey] And is promptly backhanded awway!
Apr 01 19:47:36 [Cubey] Joshua: "Can't let you do that."
Apr 01 19:47:51 [Cubey] The Holonoids consolidate their ranks around the Golden Ebony.
Apr 01 19:47:55 [Cubey] Eva, Roy go!
Apr 01 19:49:15 [Corel] Elys: "There's got to be an end to this..."
Apr 01 19:49:27 [Steam] "And you know what? I can't let YOU just keep making more of your little 'friends' until the cows come home!"
Apr 01 19:49:48 [Steam] Crisis energy begins to emanate from the Wagner again.
Apr 01 19:50:08 [Steam] "So you know what? Let's see just what your limit's really like!"
Apr 01 19:50:09 [Steam] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiFBczog_lA
Apr 01 19:50:43 [Steam] "Let's see what Barry the Barrier Dude and his non-Barrier Buddy are capable of when all the chips are down!"
Apr 01 19:51:00 [Steam] "So... CRISISPHERE!"
Apr 01 19:51:31 [Steam] * A dome of blue energy erupts from the Wagner, enveloping the entire machine as it blasts straight at the Golden Ebony!+
Apr 01 19:52:19 [Cubey] Alex: "You never learn. Reinforce."
Apr 01 19:52:53 [Cubey] The Golden Ebony raises an arm. The damaged Holonoids disappear, and a barrier shifts in front of it - engulfing the unit, an extra layer of armor and a power aura at once!
Apr 01 19:53:02 [Eva_Barton] *Eva hangs back, and unleases another hailstorm of lasers-most directed at those holonoids. The others, and her larger chest-cannon, are directed at the Golden Ebony-and the smaller lasers twist and turn to avoid any barriers along their way.+
Apr 01 19:53:03 [Cubey] Rather than waiting for Roy, Joshua and Alex leap to face him!
Apr 01 19:55:13 [Cubey] The Golden Ebony is being pummeled by Eva's lasers, which seemingly causes its barriers to waver a little.
Apr 01 19:55:23 [Cubey] But only temporarily, because the Holonoids interpose themselves - and shoot simultaneously!
Apr 01 19:55:25 [Cubey] Eva react!
Apr 01 19:55:27 [Cubey] Roy, also react!
Apr 01 19:57:32 [Eva_Barton] *Maintaining so many barriers has to count for something. So Eva lets those holonoids exist, and as she backs off for some evasive manuevers, fires a barrage at the holonoids-putting psychic force of will into her attack to pierce right through them.+
Apr 01 19:57:48 [Steam] * And Roy... doesn't back down! As much of the Crisisphere is focused directly in front of him... but if Eva's shots made that barrier waver, then he he's still got a shot with this!+
Apr 01 19:59:16 [Cubey] Eva flees from the beams, while her own beams relentlessly assault the holonoids. The one taking point is penetrated, and stands there briefly before disintegrating...
Apr 01 20:00:00 [Cubey] Joshua: "The Wagner, Dotrice's final work... it's capable of quite amazing things, but!"
Apr 01 20:00:53 [Cubey] The two units clash against each other. "You made a mistake!" The Crisisphere is powerful, but the burst of power it offers is overwhelmed by the Golden Ebony, which slams the Wagner away and to the ground, smoking and in very bad condition!
Apr 01 20:01:40 [Corel] Elys: "No!"
Apr 01 20:02:00 [Steam] Roy: "Gah!"
Apr 01 20:02:17 [Cubey] Joshua: "Your own power is provided just by a machine. Golden Ebony's barrier power comes from its pilot."
Apr 01 20:02:36 [Tengu] Daniel: "..."
Apr 01 20:02:38 [Cubey] Joshua: "Sorry but you were outmatched all along. The victory is mine."
Apr 01 20:03:08 [Steam] Roy: "... You know... you're kinda right."
Apr 01 20:03:22 [Steam] The Wagner's toast. it can barely get up but...
Apr 01 20:03:49 [Steam] "... But... that meant I had to go after the pilot to really beat it, right?"
Apr 01 20:04:22 [Steam] "How's your buddy with his limit now?"
Apr 01 20:04:30 [Cubey] Joshua: "..."
Apr 01 20:04:32 [Cubey] Alex: "..."
Apr 01 20:04:43 [Cubey] With an almost audible sigh, the Golden Ebony slumps down a little.
Apr 01 20:04:45 [Steam] Roy: "... Awesome!"
Apr 01 20:04:49 [Cubey] The barriers around the battlefield disappear!
Apr 01 20:04:51 [Steam] "That worked!"
Apr 01 20:04:58 [Steam] Talk about a gamble!
Apr 01 20:04:58 [Cubey] The Holonoids are gone and the barrier around Dakova likewise.
Apr 01 20:05:46 [Cubey] Alex: "This may be... difficult."
Apr 01 20:05:58 [Cubey] Everyone who wants to - act now!
Apr 01 20:06:04 [Eva_Barton] "Give me a reason not to kill you."
Apr 01 20:07:04 [Cubey] Alex: "Sensibility."
Apr 01 20:07:31 [Cubey] Joshua: "Spare the words. I will die fighting rather than beg for life on my knees!"
Apr 01 20:08:37 [Eva_Barton] *Eva: "Wrong answer." the Tern drops to the ground, quickly circling around the Golden Ebony-then rushes to stab it from behind. "The sensible thing to do is to erase all you bastards FROM THE EARTH!"+
Apr 01 20:09:10 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Very well then. Now!" With a single gesture, Steel Wanderer draws and fires, sending its cape fluttering in the air! The bullet separates into a dozen mid-flight, each small globule expanding into a full-sized shot, all of which rain upon the Golden Ebony! +
Apr 01 20:09:26 [Cubey] Joshua: "So be it!"
Apr 01 20:09:42 [Cubey] The Golden Ebony turns in its place, trying to evade the stab with a half-turn.
Apr 01 20:10:08 [Cubey] But it gets caught in the rain of bullets, and it and the stab rip a hole in its chest.
Apr 01 20:10:36 [Jockey] *Calvin's Genoace sits up from where it was bitchslapped over to, drawing its revolver... chambering high explosive rounds... and opening fire to cripple the machine further+
Apr 01 20:10:55 [Cubey] Joshua?: "With your power or not, we will fight to the bitter end!"
Apr 01 20:11:07 [Cubey] Alex?: "Understood. I already accepted this fate."
Apr 01 20:11:12 [Corel] Amagahara sheathes its sword here.
Apr 01 20:11:23 [Cubey] Joshua?: "Let us become sacrifices for the world's progress, then!"
Apr 01 20:11:47 [Cubey] The unit's arm is caught in an explosive blast, which slows it down - but nevertheless it strikes, trying to punch the Tern's cockpit in.
Apr 01 20:11:50 [Cubey] Eva, react!
Apr 01 20:11:57 [Cubey] (And others can possibly chip in too)
Apr 01 20:12:01 [Cubey] Also
Apr 01 20:12:11 [Cubey] The hole in the chest revealed the enemy cockpit.
Apr 01 20:12:15 [Cubey] And...
Apr 01 20:12:27 [Cubey] Joshua and Alex, both were talking - but you saw only one person there.
Apr 01 20:12:33 [Cubey] Talking in two different voices and intonations.
Apr 01 20:13:57 [Eva_Barton] *Eva has her own arms free as well. The Tern lifts its sword up, impaling the Goldon Ebony further-while her other hand meets the punch with one of its own, glowing with psychic force. "DIE!" At the last second, that fist opens into a palm, it's laser cannon exposed-and firing.+
Apr 01 20:14:01 [Jockey] "A split personality... or something else-... no. Doesn't matter."
Apr 01 20:14:48 [Cubey] The Golden Ebony is damaged and unable to do much more. Its own punch is stopped, the hand blown off by the laser explosion.
Apr 01 20:14:57 [Cubey] And the sword impales it through the cockpit.
Apr 01 20:15:07 [Cubey] Alex: "...!"
Apr 01 20:15:17 [Cubey] With a horrible squelching noise, it ends.
Apr 01 20:15:23 [Cubey] Your foe falls to the ground lifeless.
Apr 01 20:15:26 [Jockey] "A split corpse is a better description."
Apr 01 20:15:48 [Cubey] And on the Yellow King's destroyed hull.
Apr 01 20:15:59 [Cubey] The Dakova is trashing around.
Apr 01 20:16:22 [Tengu] Daniel: "...What do we do with Dakova?"
Apr 01 20:16:23 [Cubey] Its energy limbs flailing furiously, its body disintegrates further.
Apr 01 20:16:42 [Cubey] With every passing second it seems weaker, withering in Earth's atmosphere.
Apr 01 20:16:59 [Steam] Roy: "... I guess just... let it die?"
Apr 01 20:17:03 [Cubey] And with a final sigh, it finall gives and deteriorates into nothigness.
Apr 01 20:17:08 [Corel] Elys: "..."
Apr 01 20:17:13 [Steam] Seeing it writhe like that though...
Apr 01 20:17:18 [Jockey] "...."
Apr 01 20:17:18 [Eva_Barton] Eva flicks her sword, machine oil and blood sliding off the blade. "...It doesn't matter."
Apr 01 20:17:22 [Cubey] It was not a painless or graceful death.
Apr 01 20:17:25 [Steam] In spite of all the crap it put Erria through, no matter how unintentionally...
Apr 01 20:17:28 [Jockey] "It asked to be free didn't it..?"
Apr 01 20:17:28 [Cubey] But...
Apr 01 20:17:41 [Cubey] SCCF's pet project is now permanently cancelled.
Apr 01 20:17:49 [Cubey] And the organisation itself lost a lot of equipment.
Apr 01 20:17:49 [Jockey] "Not sure if that was how it wanted to go but... I guess it'll have to do."
Apr 01 20:17:58 [Cubey] The only thing that remains is its leader.
Apr 01 20:18:02 [Cubey] Beatrice Willson, still free.
Apr 01 20:18:06 [Tengu] Daniel: "...Poor pitiful creature."
Apr 01 20:18:06 [Cubey] But what can she do by herself?
Apr 01 20:18:09 [Cubey] MISSION COMPLETE
Apr 01 20:18:52 [Eva_Barton] Eva sighs. "...Let's begin the search for Beatrice. If we can find her..."
Apr 01 20:19:23 [Corel] Elys: "Yeah. Letting her go free like that is definitely not good."
Apr 01 20:20:17 [Jockey] "... I'll chip in...See what I can do."
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