[16:03] [@Cubey] Thanks to recent successes against Cambio Protocol members, pressure was taken off Unity Group.
[16:04] [@Cubey] Taken, or perhaps placed elsewhere. You still have your duty, to stop the Lady's coming. And thanks to this, you can focus on this task.
[16:04] [@Cubey] How fortunate that a resting place of one of the Discovery of Self's artifacts was just located.
[16:05] [@Cubey] This is why a space-fitted Unity Group shuttle is moving above the deserts of Mars right now.
[16:06] [@Cubey] The ancient artifact site you're moving towards would never be discovered without information acquired from Mars' dwellers.
[16:06] [@Cubey] Yes, the Vagans themselves. Though this is not something they parted with easily.
[16:07] [@Cubey] The peace treaty forced them to give up this information, if grudgingly. But either way, now you know where to go.
[16:07] [@Cubey] And speaking of grudging cooperation...
[16:08] [@Cubey] Commander Howe: "Can you read me out there? Good."
[16:08] [@Cubey] Howe: "Just a reminder, expect the place to be sealed using ancient Martian technology."
[16:09] [@Cubey] Howe: "You can't risk blowing it up and damaging the artifact in the process, that's why you have a guest today. The only one who knows how to work with this kind of stuff on the field and still breathes... I'm sure you know him."
[16:10] [@Cubey] This is why, in addition to your units, the shuttle houses a modified cargo container/portable prison cell.
[16:10] [@Cubey] And inside it...
[16:10] [Leos_Klein] "... Hey guys..."
[16:10] [Eva_Barton] "Hi."
[16:10] [Leos_Klein] Was one Leos Klein in a normal suit.
[16:10] [Steam] "Looking good Leos!"
[16:12] [Leos_Klein] He smiles, though there's just a little bit of anxiety in how he's holding himself.
[16:12] [Eva_Barton] "Don't push yourself, okay?"
[16:12] [Steam] In a way, Leos being here helps steady his nerves.
[16:12] [Tengu] Asagi: "Back to Mars, huh. It's been a while since we were here last time..." That's directed to Leos as much as to everyone else.
[16:13] [Leos_Klein] He does his best to chin up though. "I'll do everything I can on my end... I'll trust you guys to watch out for me like you always do."
[16:13] [Steam] Flit smiles as he adjusts his own helmet. "You can count on it."
[16:13] [@Cubey] Shuttle pilot: "Alright, we're entering the area of operations. The gate should be somewhere nearby..."
[16:13] [@Cubey] Shuttle pilot: "And, looks like we got company."
[16:14] [Corel] Seta has heard of what transpired involving Leos. Feeling pretty guilty for that old incident still, she can't bring herself to say anything.
[16:14] * Eva_Barton boards the Tern.
[16:14] [Tengu] Asagi: "We're not going to let anything blow you up, Leos. That wouldn't help with anything."
[16:14] [Tengu] Asagi: "Company? What are they?"
[16:14] [@Cubey] Shuttle pilot: "It looks like it was following us for a while too."
[16:15] [@Cubey] Despite the news, the pilot sounds calm and collected - and proceeds with landing.
[16:15] [@Cubey] That's because the unidentified unit following the shuttle...
[16:16] [@Cubey] Was a single tiny moon buggy, leaving a small trail on the giant Martian dunes.
[16:16] [Corel] Seta: "...A car...?"
[16:17] [Tengu] Asagi: "That's all?" His voice sounds rather flat.
[16:17] [Eva_Barton] "It could be a spotter. We should ask them to leave."
[16:17] [@Cubey] The buggy has two visible passengers.
[16:18] [Steam] "Who's in it?"
[16:18] [@Cubey] And they are trying to hail you.
[16:18] * Eva_Barton accepts the hail. "Hello?"
[16:19] [@Cubey] Vagan boy: "Go away! The adults agreed to your demands but you can't be here!"
[16:19] [@Cubey] Vagan girl: "Please leave..."
[16:20] [@Cubey] It's a duo of preteen colonists.
[16:20] [Hikari_Shimamura] "Oh no."
[16:20] [Eva_Barton] "Why do we need to leave?"
[16:20] [Hikari_Shimamura] "You know that when a pair of mysteriuous native kids warn you of a danger in an ancient ruin, you have to listen to it"
[16:21] [@Cubey] Vagan girl: "The vault you want to open is very important..."
[16:21] [Tengu] Asagi: "They're not mysterious..."
[16:21] [@Cubey] Vagan boy: "It's always been there, and it was always our duty to guard it from intruders! We can't just let go just because you beat us!"
[16:22] [Steam] Flit: "We're not intruders."
[16:22] [@Cubey] The buggy approaches the landed shuttle.
[16:22] [Fri] Bahamut: "You should not base your strategy on maudlin environmental-themed anime, Hikari."
[16:23] [Tengu] Asagi: "Okay, kids, listen. Do you know what's inside that vault?"
[16:23] [@Cubey] "..."
[16:23] [Fri] Bahamut: "But from my study of human history I agree that sometimes you should care about ancient legends and whatnot when you're dealing about ancient vaults"
[16:23] [@Cubey] The buggy stops.
[16:23] [Eva_Barton] Eva sits back to let Asagi handle this one.
[16:23] [@Cubey] Vagan boy: "Something important, for sure!"
[16:24] [Leos_Klein] "... Protecting that Vault... its really important isn't it?"
[16:24] [Steam] "Then let us take it back to Earth."
[16:24] [@Cubey] Howe: "It's nice how you use your time to negotiate with local children, but I'm afraid the artifact site needs opening either way.""
[16:24] [Steam] Something about all of this... makes Flit hate Ezelcant even more.
[16:24] [Steam] "You shouldn't have to spend your lives here alone, guarding it!"
[16:24] [@Cubey] Girl: "To Earth? ... No."
[16:25] [Tengu] Asagi: "It's something important, yes. And it won't be of any use if it just sits there. We need that thing, for everyone's sake. Not just Earth's, yours too."
[16:25] [@Cubey] Boy: "No way! Earth took everything from us and you won't even let us go there, all we have left is the place to guard, and now you want to take whatever is inside too!"
[16:25] [Tengu] Asagi: "Err... Right, commander. Let's proceed." He feels silly now.
[16:25] [Leos_Klein] "..."
[16:26] [Leos_Klein] "....Hey..."
[16:26] [Leos_Klein] "Like Asagi said... we need what's inside there to protect everyone. Not just Earth, but you and your people too."
[16:27] [Leos_Klein] "We only need to use it for a little while... so... if we can, we'll bring it back. I promise."
[16:28] [@Cubey] "I don't believe you! You're lying, and you will take it for yourself and never give it back!"
[16:28] [@Cubey] Despite further protests coming from the buggy, you can move out unopposed.
[16:28] [@Cubey] Someone should probably carry Leos' container though.
[16:28] [Steam] Flit's got that handled.
[16:28] [Corel] Admittedly, Seta feels pretty bad here. But Commander Howe is right.
[16:28] [Steam] "... There's some food in the shuttle too," he adds to the children.
[16:29] [Fri] Bahamut: "Well, young martians, sorry about this. But the choice is between opening this vault or everyone in the world including you and your family perish. But I am listening to you. Do you know stories about bad things that would happen if we open the vault?"
[16:29] [Steam] "Probably better than whatever you've been left eating."
[16:29] [Eva_Barton] Eva sighs. "Mmm. I'll have to prove you wrong, then," and the mass of blue steel that is the Tern floats off the ground, and starts heading towards the Vault.
[16:29] [@Cubey] Pilot: "Leave this part to me..."
[16:30] [@Cubey] Vagan girl: "... We're supposed to guard it. If it's open... then we failed..."
[16:30] [@Cubey] That's all Bahamut Metallia gets for an explanation.
[16:30] [Corel] Seta: "We will count on you then... Mr. Pilot."
[16:31] [Tengu] Asagi: "Anyone else has the feeling the kids know more than they let on?", he asks as Blue One makes its way towards the vault.
[16:32] [Tengu] Asagi: "Or the girl, at least."
[16:32] [Steam] Flit: "How could they?"
[16:32] [Eva_Barton] "Not in the slightest."
[16:32] [@Cubey] You're near the gate.
[16:32] [Fri] Hikari: "We should have spent a few days in their village, getting close to them and learning their oral histories!"
[16:32] [Steam] Probably just fed Ezelcant's lies all their lives, left behind here... possibly even kept in cryo-stasis whenever someone didn't show up.
[16:32] [Leos_Klein] "... They knew about the vault though..."
[16:33] [Fri] Hikari: "Maybe they have some mysterious pictographs and such!"
[16:33] [@Cubey] If it was not for the tipoff, you would never know it's there. The vault is masked by the sand, though now that you are here you can vaguely make the outline... and for some reason, the gate is not detected as metal by sensors.
[16:33] [@Cubey] It's not detected as anything.
[16:33] [Steam] "If they were put here by someone to guard it..." But enough of that.
[16:33] [@Cubey] However...
[16:34] [Tengu] Asagi: "I just have a bad feeling about all of this."
[16:34] [@Cubey] Howe: "Klein, your interface is blocked from accessing anything outside your cage unless there's a safety override active. Which is... now."
[16:34] [@Cubey] This is where Leos comes in.
[16:35] [Corel] Seta: "...I feel the same way, Asagi."
[16:35] [Corel] But when the Commander speaks again, she looks at Leos' portable cell.
[16:36] [Leos_Klein] "Okay.."
[16:36] [Leos_Klein] "Just give me a minute.."
[16:39] * Leos_Klein crouches close by the edge of the container/cell he was inside and presses his palm to its floor and does his best to link his brain into the martian systems like he had done on Phobos.
[16:40] [@Cubey] It comes with resistance due to an additional layer of protection... but once Leos makes contact with the gate's system, it all feels familiar.
[16:40] [@Cubey] It's the same type of technology as the one used on Phobos.
[16:40] [@Cubey] And...
[16:41] [@Cubey] You find the locking mechanism.
[16:41] [@Cubey] But the gate is unlocked.
[16:41] [@Cubey] And has been for many years!
[16:42] [@Cubey] As soon as your mind touches the mechanisms, the gate opens.
[16:42] [Steam] Flit: "You did it!"
[16:42] [@Cubey] A wide, dark hole is opening in the sand (at an angle).
[16:42] [Steam] Not that he knows the details of it yet.
[16:42] [Leos_Klein] "Its... different from Phobos.."
[16:42] [Leos_Klein] "A lot harder to get into."
[16:42] [@Cubey] Unfortunately there is no time to think about it.
[16:43] [@Cubey] From inside, ancient Martian robots pour out, energy weapons activated!
[16:43] [Leos_Klein] "Whatever's in there...its probably-"
[16:43] [Leos_Klein] "AH!"
[16:43] [Eva_Barton] "Ah."
[16:43] [@Cubey] Enemies: Ameise x14, Biene x10, Zikade x4
[16:43] [Steam] "Leos!"
[16:43] [@Cubey] Ameise
[16:43] [@Cubey] http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/armoredcore/images/2/22/Ameise.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110725143241
[16:43] [@Cubey] Biene
[16:43] [@Cubey] http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/armoredcore/images/3/35/Biene.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110725143905
[16:43] [@Cubey] Zikade
[16:43] [@Cubey] http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/armoredcore/images/2/2b/Zikade.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110725144401
[16:43] [@Cubey] Flit, Eva, go!
[16:44] [@Cubey] Flit is still holding the container, which makes fighting awkward!
[16:44] [Corel] Seta: "These are guards...?"
[16:45] [Steam] * But not impossible! Shifting his hold of it, the AGE-1 drops down into a crouch to steady the cell in one hand as the other draws his DODS machinegun. "Hang on Leos!" Rapid-fire bursts fire out at the guards, Flit sweeping his gun across their ranks.+
[16:45] [Tengu] Asagi: "I knew it won't go easily! Get ready to engage them!"
[16:45] [Eva_Barton] *Despite the muted reaction, Eva is still caught momentarily off-guard. Only for a moment, though. With little cover for something as massive as the Tern on the martian plain, she decides to go on the offensive-bombarding the swarming robots with a barrage of lasers as she jukes around.+
[16:46] [@Cubey] The charging drones are caught in a crossfire of DODS shots and lasers. Their first rank perishes, exploding quickly.
[16:46] [Leos_Klein] "They are..! Phobos defenses weren't that friendly to me until I took control of its core systems!"
[16:47] * Leos_Klein does his best to hold on tight.
[16:47] [@Cubey] But from the second, the red and green units shoot their energy cannons, while the levitating larger ones float up above and try to shoot larger spread beams towards AGE and the Tern.
[16:47] [@Cubey] React, both of you!
[16:47] [Fri] Bahamut: "Can you take control of their core system then? We'll protect you."
[16:47] [@Cubey] And remember, container.
[16:47] [@Cubey] Asagi, Hikari and Seta can go
[16:49] [Leos_Klein] "Maybe... but... just opening the door here... the core systems are probably a lot harder to access than on Phobos and that was a battle station..."
[16:49] [Steam] * "Hang on Leos!" The Gundam stows its gun away as it turns and leaps away from the spreadshots, using its own body to protect Leos!+
[16:49] [Leos_Klein] "Ah! Holding! Holding!"
[16:50] [Tengu] Asagi: "The swarming ones don't seem to have any strength except numbers. But the fliers are different!" Blue One takes off into the sky, brandishing its katana and trying to cut through one or two Zikades with three quick criss-crossing strikes as it rushes past them! +
[16:50] [Eva_Barton] "-Damnit!" Eva spreads a shield with one hand to block the odd incoming shot, while returning fire on the flying enemies with the other. She stays close to the ground as she flies around.+
[16:50] [Corel] Seta: *"Partial Ignite...come, Union!" While still on foot, Seta calls one of her Craft's arms, which punches out of thin air and fires a beam at the enemies attacking the AGE, Leos and the Tern!+
[16:50] [Fri] Hikari: "Bahamut, position yourself between in front of the hole. Screen any incoming enemies"
[16:52] [Fri] Bahamut: "Acknowledged. Flit Asuno, use our cover, get as far away from the hole." Bahamut revvs its engine and kicks a lot of dusts as it moves into the fray. It tries to put itself between Flit and the hole, while activating its many infinite bolt turrets to fire at any enemy that come into range, more to take their attention rather than to outri
[16:52] [Fri] ght destroy them.+
[16:52] [@Cubey] Flit flees from the conical blast, the back and side of the Gundam suffering glancing shots from the smaller beams. Fortunately, it looks like the energy weapons used by the drones are not too powerful...
[16:53] [@Cubey] And the enemy ranks are slammed into by a barrage of bolts from Bahamut's turrets, Seta's beam annihilating the rest.
[16:54] [@Cubey] At the same time, Eva creates a barrier which holds - for now. Holds long enough for Asagi to cut down one of the enemies. It is split into pieces, giving Eva enough time to destroy the second one.
[16:54] [@Cubey] The remaining Zikade takes advantage of Blue One's close distance to shoot its spread beam at it! Asagi react!
[16:55] [@Cubey] (Seta and Hikari don't need to react because there is only one enemy left)
[16:57] [Tengu] Asagi barrels over the shooting enemy, trying to evade all the beams except for a few - and he swings his katana widely as he does so, in an attempt to deflect them and send them back to the sender. +
[16:58] [@Cubey] The spread fire is hard to evade, some of the beams glance against Blue One's shield...
[16:58] [@Cubey] But Asagi manages to deflect the others, and the enemy suffers from its own fire.
[16:58] [@Cubey] The wreck falls down to the sands below.
[16:58] [@Cubey] Well.
[16:58] [@Cubey] That was...
[16:58] [@Cubey] Unimpressive.
[16:59] [Tengu] Asagi: "Looks like I was worried for nothing."
[16:59] [Leos_Klein] "...There's probably more inside."
[16:59] [Eva_Barton] "I hate tunnel fights..."
[16:59] [Corel] Seta: "Let us proceed carefully..."
[17:00] [Steam] "That was barely a fight though."
[17:00] [Steam] Not that he's not relieved, mind you.
[17:00] [@Cubey] The antechamber of the ruins looks empty. At the very least, no one is trying to shoot at you.
[17:01] [@Cubey] There are however signs of human activity.
[17:01] [Fri] Hikari: "What a large tunnel."
[17:01] [Corel] All this is making Seta more curious about what this artifact actually is.
[17:02] [@Cubey] Footsteps in the dust and ancient sand.
[17:02] [Fri] Hikari:"We should've fitted a drill on you, bahamut."
[17:02] [Tengu] Asagi: "...Someone was here before us."
[17:02] [Leos_Klein] "..."
[17:02] [@Cubey] They look like they were made by a very small group of people, maybe even a single person.
[17:02] [@Cubey] And
[17:02] [@Cubey] A long time ago, too.
[17:02] [@Cubey] The large tunnel leads forward.
[17:02] [Leos_Klein] "It must have been ages though..."
[17:03] [Eva_Barton] "...Mmm."
[17:03] [Fri] Bahamut: "Hikari, sadly the kind of drill you most probably thinking about likely won't be effective for the digging purpose I assume you have in my mind, especially at my size."
[17:03] [Fri] *in your mind
[17:03] [Tengu] Asagi: "Hopefully they haven't taken the artifact..."
[17:04] [@Cubey] The footsteps also lead forward.
[17:04] [Steam] Flit: "... But who would've been able to?"
[17:04] [Leos_Klein] "If it was gone there wouldn't have been a point to leave the door locked..."
[17:04] [Steam] "The Meganoids?"
[17:06] [@Cubey] Unfortunately as you progress forward...
[17:06] [@Cubey] Vagan boy: "They opened it! Okay, that's it! Think you can bribe me with snacks? I'm taking you down!"
[17:07] [@Cubey] Vagan girl: "Even if they tasted good..."
[17:07] [@Cubey] Vagan boy: "They did, but still!"
[17:07] [Tengu] Asagi: "..."
[17:07] [@Cubey] The martian buggy returns, charging towards the gate furiously
[17:07] [@Cubey] (It's unarmed)
[17:07] [Tengu] Asagi: "Stay away! We don't know if the vault is free of hostiles yet!"
[17:08] [Corel] Seta: "Ah...please wait, it is not safe here!"
[17:08] [Eva_Barton] "It's too dangerous!"
[17:08] [Steam] (Can Flit just pick up the buggy?)
[17:08] [Fri] Hikari: "Bahamut! Be careful! don't accidentally reverse onto them!"
[17:09] [@Cubey] (They're a bit far and it might be difficult, because...)
[17:09] [@Cubey] Something flashes in the dark in front of you.
[17:09] [Tengu] Asagi: "That'd be bad..."
[17:09] [Steam] "!"
[17:09] [Steam] "What was that?!?"
[17:10] [Leos_Klein] "Get away from the door!"
[17:10] [@Cubey] Something charges forward - it's like an Armored Core's overboost!
[17:10] [Leos_Klein] It was unlikely the Vagan kids would listen to him but...
[17:10] [@Cubey] Except the units doing this are too large to be ACs. Tern-sized enemies attack.
[17:11] [@Cubey] Suddenly the Gundam is sliced by twin laser blades, while the Tern and Blue One are assaulted by a spread energy shot, much more powerful than from the drones, launched from the enemies' heads.
[17:11] [@Cubey] The foes:
[17:11] [@Cubey] Predicator
[17:11] [@Cubey] http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/armoredcore/images/1/17/Predicator.gif/revision/latest?cb=20120616181558
[17:11] [@Cubey] They look almost the same like the Filial, that Leos used on Phobos!
[17:11] [@Cubey] Also, maintenance tunnels open on the sides of the corridor you're in.
[17:12] [@Cubey] From inside, more drones swarm out and start shooting a lot of beams towards the non-oversized humanoid targets - that is Bahamut and Seta.
[17:12] [@Cubey] Everyone react!
[17:12] [@Cubey] Enemies: Ameise x30, Biene x20, Zikade x6, Predicator x3
[17:12] [Steam] * The blade would be met with one of the Razor's own, swinging left and right to knock them away!+
[17:13] [Fri] Hikari: "Bahamut, full power on shield! Everyone, you can take cover behind us."
[17:13] [Leos_Klein] "They're a lot stronger than the ones that were on Phobos..."
[17:13] [Fri] Bahamut: "Redirecting power onto shield."
[17:14] [Fri] Bahamut's energy shield slightly widens and glow stronger.+
[17:14] [Steam] Flit: "Leos can you... try hacking them or something? Make them stand down?!?"
[17:14] [Steam] It was a hell of a long shot, but if Leos could get the door opening, then maybe he could handle this too.
[17:14] [Eva_Barton] *Eva gets just enough warning to try to dodge that spread laser, spreading a shield to try to block anything that grazes. Her other hand returns fire with a lancing laser of her own. "Just wonderful..."+
[17:14] [Tengu] Asagi: "Those large units look very familiar...! Leos, got any input?" Blue One starts engaging in evasive maneuvers, using its energy barrier and reflective katana to defend against whatever beams might still reach it regardless. +
[17:15] [@Cubey] Flit's and Leos' conversation is interrupted - the Gundam pilot blocks the first blade, but the other moves quickly and slashes across the unit.
[17:15] [@Cubey] AGE Razor is thrown back, a cut across its chest! And...
[17:15] [@Cubey] The container falls down, split apart and broken!
[17:16] [@Cubey] Sadly if it wasn't for it, the Gundam would suffer an even worse cut...
[17:16] [Leos_Klein] "Aah!"
[17:17] [Corel] *"Here they come...!" Seta's response is to suddenly stomp the ground in front of her, causing a portion of the floor to rise at an angle as a slab of solid rock. If that doesn't work, at least it will buy her time to take cover behind Bahamut.+
[17:17] [Tengu] Asagi: "Leos!"
[17:17] [@Cubey] The Predicator moves swiftly, swerving to avoid Eva's laser while her own shield withstands the energy shotgun blast... at first, but a few beams manage to pierce through and graze against the Tern.
[17:18] [@Cubey] Asagi is dodging and blocking wildly, while Hikari and Seta take a more defensive approach.
[17:18] [@Cubey] You are safe, for now - though there is little room for maneuver in the corridor, and you are on defense.
[17:18] [@Cubey] Allowing the melee-attacking Predicator to move past you!
[17:18] [@Cubey] It still detects targets. Right in front of it, even.
[17:19] [@Cubey] Vagan boy: "What the..."
[17:19] [@Cubey] Girl: "No, Deen! Drive back!"
[17:19] [@Cubey] Its head emitter starts to shine as it charges an energy spread blast.
[17:20] [Corel] Seta: "Look out!"
[17:20] [Leos_Klein] #Vagan Kids
[17:20] [@Cubey] # Approved
[17:20] [@Cubey] but what can you do?
[17:20] [Tengu] Asagi: "..."
[17:22] [Leos_Klein] *Leos acted before he could think... it was going to be difficult but the increased strength his augments gave him, even after being adjusted for non-combat use would let him hurl himself at the Predicator faster than simply kicking off the ground with normal human strength! It was a long shot but with what Flit suggested... maybe...
[17:22] [Leos_Klein] "Leave them alone!"
[17:22] [Leos_Klein] He could put that thing under his control and shut its gun down before it fired! or at the very least redirect it+
[17:22] [@Cubey] As the Predicator passes by - Leos uses advantage of what augmentations he has, and the Mars' low gravity.
[17:23] [@Cubey] He leaps towards the Disorder Unit. And...
[17:24] [@Cubey] The energy shotgun powers down.
[17:24] [@Cubey] You do more than just turn it off.
[17:24] [@Cubey] It may be strong and fast but compared to Filial's systems...
[17:24] [@Cubey] This thing is nothing! All too familiar!
[17:24] [@Cubey] Or maybe...
[17:25] [@Cubey] maybe someone left an opening in it on purpose...
[17:25] [@Cubey] The Predicator's head snaps up, its loyalties changed.
[17:25] [@Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
[17:25] [Steam] Flit: "You did it!"
[17:25] [@Cubey] Leos, Flit, Eva - go!
[17:25] [Steam] At least... he hopes he did.
[17:25] [Corel] Seta: "Leos..."
[17:26] [Tengu] Asagi: "...Did you just take control of that robot?"
[17:26] [Leos_Klein] ... It was too convenient to say the least... but there was no time to worry about that.
[17:26] [Leos_Klein] "I did... but..."
[17:26] [Leos_Klein] "No... we've got other problems right now..."
[17:26] [@Cubey] Kids: "Aaah... aaah..."
[17:26] [Eva_Barton] "Roger that."
[17:27] [Leos_Klein] Leos wills the machine to open up... AI controlled as they were... they could be piloted as well as he quickly climbed into the Predicator and shut the cockpit behind him, linking his mind to its sensors.
[17:28] [Eva_Barton] *Eva sets her sights on one of the other Predicators. She spreads an energy shield with one hand for defence, while she wields her sword with the other-and quickly closes to melee. Betting that the robot's thin limbs lack strength, Eva attacks with a series of slashes and thrusts.+
[17:28] [Tengu] Asagi: "We must make sure the kids are safe. Anyone got some kind of containment area, or extra room in their unit?"
[17:28] [Steam] * They did, didn't they? But not needing to worry about Leos any more, Flit has the AGE-1 spring back into action against the surrounding machines, all four of its blades lashing and spining into them like a whirling, razor top!+
[17:28] [Leos_Klein] ".... Hello darkness my old friend..."
[17:29] [Leos_Klein] *The Predicator's laser blades flare to life as he turns its back on the Vagan children before it runs to to assist Eva by letting loose a storm of energy to force them into her attacks!+
[17:29] [@Cubey] Flit cuts a path across the drones - all units in his way are obliterated.
[17:29] [Corel] Seta: "It is possible for me to set up a barrier... but that is the best I can manage..."
[17:29] [Corel] And she can't guarantee anything in the middle of this mess.
[17:29] [@Cubey] Seta and Bahamut are free from being underfire! Unfortunately the drones have a new target now, which is the AGE-1 Razor. React!
[17:30] [Leos_Klein] "Flit! You have incoming!"
[17:31] [Tengu] Asagi: "I thought Bahamut would have some extra storage tanks. But a barrier should work good enough! Probably."
[17:31] [@Cubey] The Predicator wields its long laser swords - while the Tern moves to melee, it tries to circle around it, swords moving quickly and parrying many of Eva's attacks while following up with quick thrusts of its own. React!
[17:31] [@Cubey] However... while it is focused on melee, the energy blast from Leos' own predicator zaps into it, damaging the Disorder and knocking it off balance. An opening, Eva!
[17:32] [@Cubey] And while Leos does that, the third Predicator shoots its shotgun beam back at his.
[17:32] [@Cubey] React.
[17:32] [@Cubey] Hikari, Seta, Asagi, go
[17:32] [Steam] * Seeing those attacks come, Flit spares a few moments to spray DODS shots in their direction before diving swiftly out of the way and further into the tunnel+!
[17:33] [Fri] Bahamut :"Hikari, be careful. You don't want to bury everyone underground."
[17:33] [Eva_Barton] *Eva has only one blade to the Predicator's 2. But she does have a shield of psychic force, which she uses to block and deflect the oncoming thrusts. As the Predicator stumbles, Eva stabs once, steps closer, and stabs again-to the enemy robot's head and chest in succession.+
[17:33] [Tengu] Asagi: "...That wasn't an intentional pun." Blue One lands on the floor, pulling out its beam cannon and charging it. It braces its feet and fires several blasts, trying to cover as many of the swarming drones as it can with explosions! +
[17:34] [Leos_Klein] *Its hard to dodge a shotgun blast, especially if its hard to see the incoming shots... but... the Predicator is fast and its form agile. Leos puts its thrusters on full burn as he has it twist and swerve through the storm as best as he could.+
[17:37] [Corel] Seta: *Once a protective dome of light is cast around the two Vagan kids and their vehicle, Seta turns her attention to...the slab of the floor that she dislodged earlier. She takes a deep breath and punches it, causing pieces to fly at the enemies...and behind the swarm of rocks: a wide beam fired from her Craft's partially summoned fist!+
[17:37] [Fri] Hikari: "Okay, a shame. we might've be able to blow them all away with one bahamut beam! This is the perfect terrain for that!"
[17:37] [Fri] Bahamut: "Please don't"
[17:39] [Leos_Klein] "That'd be a really bad idea! We don't want to blast what we came here for!"
[17:39] [Fri] Hikari: "Acknowleded." Hikari concentrates and merges deeper into Bahamut's targeting system. She mentally tracks as many of the fast-moving drones as possible. "Burning needle missile, launch!"
[17:39] [Tengu] Asagi: "Let's try to avoid anything that'd destroy the artifact or collapse the ceiling on our heads..."
[17:40] [@Cubey] Flit quickly weaves out of the way, an effort assisted by the atmosphere suddenly being full of beams and missiles!
[17:40] [@Cubey] More than half of the enemy drone force is obliterated.
[17:41] [Fri] A lot, though not as much as usual, of Bahamut's micromissile hatches open, and small missiles launches from them. After only launching a short distance they start to wobble on the air and start to track individual drones in better accuracy than usual. +
[17:41] [@Cubey] A Zikade tries to lift itself upwards, but Seta's thrown slab slams into it, cutting its way through the one and another one behind it.
[17:41] [@Cubey] Remaining two Zikades spread their fire again - one shooting at Blue One, the other at Seta. React!
[17:42] [@Cubey] While the smaller green and red drones, ones who manage to escape the onslaught, circle around Bahamut and fire, taking advantage of there being little room to maneuver for the tank. React!
[17:42] [@Cubey] Eva's shield holds this time - the enemy is suddenly knocked off balance by Leos, and you use that opportunity to strike. The head is pierced through, something exploding within.
[17:43] [@Cubey] Unfortunately the damaged Predicator then jumps back. It can still move.
[17:43] [Tengu] * Asagi circles around quickly, trying to evade the Zikade's fire this way - let's see who has better speed and reflexes! While engaging in evasion, he quickly reaches for something on Blue One's back, and in a single move he throws its spear at the attacker!+
[17:43] [Fri] Hikari: "Ugh..."she seems to be mentally taxed by his attempt to individually track the enemies.
[17:44] [@Cubey] The wide spread energy blast was mostly dodged by Leos' controlled Disorder Unit, but you're out of practice - and there is little room. Most of the beams' power shoot into the ceiling, but your unit takes glancing shots to its torso.
[17:44] [@Cubey] In a single swift movement, Asagi draws and throws the spear. The weapon, and the enemy impaled on it, both fall down to the floor.
[17:45] [@Cubey] Leos, Flit, Eva - go again
[17:45] [Fri] Bahamut: "Hikari! Let me handle this one." Bahamut start to track the circling nemies and fire defensive shots using appropriately-located infinte bolt turrets. It won't be as accurate or effective as if it's guided by Hikari, but for now it should be enough, at least they hope so.+
[17:46] [Steam] "Leos!"
[17:46] [Corel] *Seta darts to one side as quickly as she can to avoid the beams. But as she does, she calls her Craft's other fist, and directs both at the Zikade. "...Incinerate!" Light from the two fists fuse and discharge as a large blast!+
[17:46] [Leos_Klein] "Its fine! Mostly just superficial damage! I can keep going!"
[17:47] [Steam] * Seeing the friendly Disorder Unit struck like that had Flit coming right on back, arm blades deployed into a two-handed sword to chop down the hostile Predicators!+
[17:47] [Leos_Klein] *But with how thin the Predicator is, it probably can't take too much 'superficial damage'. Which is why Leos is quickly going to cut down the enemy Predicator that shot at it in tandem with Flit's own attack!+
[17:47] [Eva_Barton] *"Leos do NOT push yourself!" Eva's prey leaps back-but now it's lacking that head laser. So she responds with a volley of her own spread lasers on it, banking on a ranged battle.+
[17:47] [@Cubey] The tank may be surrounded, but it starts shooting at units that surround it. One by one, the drones explode under fire, and their beams are able to strike through its shield and deal light damage to its armor with only a lot of concerted effort.
[17:48] [@Cubey] Seta leaps aside, a sudden electrified attack destroying the Zikade. The drones are gone, not any more powerful than before.
[17:49] [@Cubey] The Predicator is being struck from two sides simultaneously. What does it do?
[17:50] [@Cubey] It raises both of its blades, trying to block the melee strikes - despite quick movement, it is soon overpowered, but not before charging up another spread energy shot, its head moving around to catch both of you in area of effect!
[17:50] [@Cubey] Leos, Flit, react!
[17:50] [@Cubey] The damaged Predicator is being bombarded by Eva mercilessly.
[17:51] [@Cubey] But its blades appear again and it tries to use them to block the lasers, while something on its back charges - extra thrusters of the Over Boost! Heavily damaged, it nevertheless charges and in the blink of an eye, strikes.
[17:51] [@Cubey] React, Eva.
[17:52] [Leos_Klein] *Solution? Decapitate it before the charge could finish!+
[17:53] [Steam] * And on Flit's end, deliver a Razor-bladed kick to split it apart from the crotch up.+
[17:55] [@Cubey] Leos slices at the enemy's neck - the head is let loose, shooting off a blast downwards and not hitting anyone or anything, then it explodes.
[17:56] [@Cubey] While Flit cuts into the enemy heavily, the Predicator jumping back at the last moment to avoid total cleaving.
[17:56] [Eva_Barton] *The Predicator commits to an all-out charge-so, in the space of time where it is racing towards Eva, she makes her defence. She drops her shield, focusing her psychic energies on willing the Tern's mass to move-and jets it up over the charging Predicator. While the Tern hangs in the air above the martian robot, her left hand glows with energy-and fires.+
[17:57] [@Cubey] Through incredibly advanced predictive AI or wonders of technology, one way or the other... the Predicator manages to follow the Tern's movements!
[17:57] [@Cubey] Its blades cut into the large unit, creating two stab wounds that grow deeper with every fraction of a second...
[17:57] [@Cubey] Then Eva fires.
[17:58] [@Cubey] The enemy has nowhere to run, and is engulfed by the energy. The Predicator is obliterated.
[17:58] [@Cubey] Only one remains.
[17:58] [@Cubey] Asagi, Seta, Hikari - go
[17:59] [Tengu] Asagi: "Eva, are you okay?"
[17:59] [Eva_Barton] Eva lands with a grunt, the Tern's wounds still glowing hot...so they could still turn in Overboost, good to know. "...I'll live," she offers weakly.
[18:01] [Tengu] Asagi: "Alright. Only one enemy left. Let's finish this." He drops down to the ground, where Blue One's spear impales one of the drones, and recovers it. Dual-wielding both of its melee weapons, the AHSMB charges at the last remaining enemy! Spinning around, Asagi slashes with both blades in quick succession, and then stabs with the spear, trying to pin the enemy to a wall, through its head! +
[18:02] [Tengu] *through its chest
[18:03] [@Cubey] The Predicator swerves to the side while parrying simultaneously. The block is sloppy, but it manages to stop the katana - however while the spear is being thrust into it, it counters with a thrust of its own of the non-parrying blade, its Over Boost starting to activate again!
[18:03] [@Cubey] Asagi react
[18:05] [Corel] Seta: *"I will assist." A number of spears made of golden light appear in the air, forming two wide rings. Whenever Asagi provides an opening, the spears launch themselves at the target simultaneously!+
[18:05] [Tengu] Asagi kicks away from the opponent, crossing both of his weapons and trying to catch the opponent's block between them in a parrying attempt. "It's occupied! Finish it!" +
[18:07] [@Cubey] Seta's barrage of spears strikes into the enemy, the Disorder shaking and its aim is thrown off. Asagi locks blades with it - it pushes, and the Over Boost activates, adding thrust to its attack...
[18:07] [@Cubey] But for now you hold it!
[18:07] [@Cubey] And the enemy barely holds itself together now!
[18:08] [Fri] Bahamut: "Hikari, this is our chance!"
[18:08] [Leos_Klein] "Take it down!"
[18:08] [Fri] Hikari: "You don't need to tell me that twice!"
[18:09] [Fri] Hikari focuses on the enemy "Locking into target! Adjusting energy output" One of Bahamut's Hellbore Turret swings forward.
[18:11] [Fri] Hikari: "Bahamut Beaaaaam!" and a single plasma cannon shot lances toward the locked enemy, keeping the beam's output as focused as possible to reduce collateral damage.+
[18:12] [@Cubey] The beam strikes into the Disorder Unit - piercing through.
[18:12] [@Cubey] And going through the wall behind it. Who knows how deep in.
[18:12] [@Cubey] The last enemy is down!
[18:12] [@Cubey] Looks like you won. But...
[18:12] [@Cubey] it's time to move on
[18:13] [@Cubey] The artifact is pretty heavily guarded. And...
[18:13] [@Cubey] Vagan boy: "What's this?! I-I'm not afraid!"
[18:13] [@Cubey] Vagan girl: "Are we trapped?"
[18:14] [Steam] After that, Flit's keeping one eye peeled for any more surprises.
[18:14] [@Cubey] The buggy with the kids moves around the limited area protected by Seta's barrier, the drivers fearful to touch the borders.
[18:14] [Leos_Klein] "Its something to keep you safe in case something else comes this way."
[18:15] [Corel] Seta: "Yes...you have seen how dangerous it is yourselves."
[18:15] [Tengu] Asagi: "...Should we remove the barrier? Or keep them inside for now?"
[18:15] [Steam] Flit: "Keep then in there."
[18:15] [Leos_Klein] "... They might chase us further in, but...."
[18:15] [Steam] "If there's anything else in here to fight, it'll might make the difference."
[18:15] [Leos_Klein] "We don't know if anything might follow us or come up here and it might break through..."
[18:16] [Corel] Seta: "It is much better for them to return to the surface, but..."
[18:16] [Corel] She definitely sees the point of not letting them chase after the group again.
[18:17] [Eva_Barton] "...Kids, do you promise to run away if we let you go?"
[18:17] [Leos_Klein] "And please don't run away towards us..."
[18:18] [Corel] Seta: "If they still wish to follow... Asagi's suggestion of using our large tank should work."
[18:18] [Corel] Actually, now that she looks at it carefully...that is a big tank.
[18:19] [@Cubey] The two look towards each other for a split second.
[18:20] [@Cubey] Boy: "Okay, we promise! Just let us go!"
[18:20] [Fri] Hikari: "I'm pretty sure the cockpit fits for two more kids!"
[18:20] [Fri] Hikari :"It will be kinda crowded, but it'll be fine."
[18:20] [Fri] Hikari:" Not sure if we can fit their buggy though. Is it a heirloom?"
[18:20] [Corel] Well, hearing that, Seta drops the barrier.
[18:21] [@Cubey] Not listening to the conversation any further, the buggy drives away.
[18:21] [@Cubey] At the same time, the shuttle pilot curses and finally manages to overcome the pile of heavy boxes that trapped him in the bathroom.
[18:21] [Corel] Seta: "I hope they will be alright..."
[18:21] [Leos_Klein] "... Someone keep a close eye on our back just in case they change their minds."
[18:21] [Steam] "Same here."
[18:21] [@Cubey] But, you need to progress further...
[18:22] [@Cubey] And you don't have much more to go.
[18:22] [@Cubey] The corridor opens into another chamber, not much larger.
[18:22] [Corel] Seta: "We must be close by now...yes?"
[18:22] [@Cubey] Inside it - another Predicator!
[18:22] [@Cubey] ... But this one is in pieces.
[18:23] [Steam] ...
[18:23] [@Cubey] It looks partially dismantled. The footsteps lead towards it and converge around it.
[18:23] [Steam] "Did the 'thief' get this one...?"
[18:23] [Leos_Klein] "... How though..."
[18:23] [@Cubey] Lack of dust on the floor in three other places show where the rest was standing, until you fought and destroyed them.
[18:23] [@Cubey] Also
[18:23] [@Cubey] In addition to that one place, the footsteps move to one other location.
[18:24] [@Cubey] A large lift in the center of the room.
[18:24] [@Cubey] A downwards elevator - an obvious trap. And no other way to progress.
[18:24] [Leos_Klein] "......."
[18:24] [Tengu] Asagi: "...I have a bad feeling about this."
[18:24] [Leos_Klein] "The last time I went into an underground facility...."
[18:24] [Eva_Barton] "...Bahamut, how good are you at surviving falls?"
[18:25] [Leos_Klein] Leos is suddenly very worried about what they may find.
[18:25] [Eva_Barton] "I think we should take the elevator faster than designed."
[18:26] [Fri] Hikari: "Very good actually. Bahamut can float."
[18:27] [Corel] A certain Kijin is very anxious about this as well.
[18:27] [Fri] Bahamut: "To be proper, I can redirect the energy for my shield to hover, so yes, I should be able to absorb damage from falls very well. But I don't recommend it, Hikari."
[18:27] [Eva_Barton] "Good. Can you destroy the lift? I want to catch whoever's at the bottom by surprise."
[18:27] [Fri] Hikari: "Don't worry, I come prepared since last time. I wear helmet!"
[18:27] [Tengu] Asagi: "If we destroy it, how will Bahamut return up?"
[18:27] [Fri] Bahamut: "Are you sure?" Bahamut asks the others for confirmation
[18:27] [Fri] Bahamut: "...I can float up."
[18:28] [Tengu] Asagi: "Oh."
[18:28] [Steam] Flit: "With the Martian gravity, it shouldn't be impossible."
[18:29] [Fri] Hikari looks very pleased. "Do it, Bahamut!"
[18:30] [Leos_Klein] "Do you guys think that it'll be enough of a surprise for whatever's at the bottom?
[18:30] [Leos_Klein] "
[18:31] [Fri] Bahamut: "...if you're sure about it." Bahamut turns off his energy shield and floats a bit, before opening a big hatch on top. "250mm Howitzer ready and... firing." And bahamut fires his big howitzer+
[18:31] [@Cubey] The canon fires at the lift - which cannot take it for more than a second. The iron slab falls down in pieces.
[18:32] [@Cubey] Several seconds later, a distant, muffled thud betrays the fact that indeed, there is a floor down there.
[18:32] [@Cubey] It's a pretty big way down though...
[18:32] [Eva_Barton] "Let's go."
[18:32] [Leos_Klein] "Should we send the big tank in first?"
[18:33] [Eva_Barton] Eva steps forward-and dives down the shaft, using the Tern's thrusters to speed up her fall.
[18:33] [Steam] "I don't think it really matters."
[18:34] [Steam] The Razor plunges down into the pit, gun drawn and ready for anything waiting for it below
[18:34] [Tengu] Asagi: "Alright. If that lift gave us a surprise advantage, let's not lose it." Blue One jumps down the hole, its thrusters flaring.
[18:34] [@Cubey] You descend
[18:34] [@Cubey] Descend through a large, half spherical chamber
[18:34] [@Cubey] Though made of metal, it looks strangely... crater like
[18:35] [@Cubey] as if something crashed here a long time ago, and was slowly but steadily built over by metal
[18:35] [Corel] Seta jumps down after the others.
[18:35] [Leos_Klein] Leos followed soon after his friends, doing his best to keep pace with them.
[18:35] [@Cubey] And there it is - in the middle of it.
[18:36] [@Cubey] A very large machine, larger than a mobile suit. It looks incredibly advanced, and yet ancient at the same time. Alien.
[18:36] [@Cubey] Somehow, you know that's what you're here for.
[18:36] [@Cubey] An artifact super computer.
[18:36] [Leos_Klein] "..........."
[18:37] [Leos_Klein] Something about it...
[18:37] [Tengu] Asagi: "...This is it. Let's try not to damage it."
[18:37] [@Cubey] The chamber is very large, but other than the artifact, there is nothing in it.
[18:37] [@Cubey] Too late Asagi - the computer looks to have been damaged already.
[18:37] [@Cubey] It lies down, slightly tilted.
[18:37] [@Cubey] And around it too you see footprints.
[18:37] [@Cubey] But, the thief from the past didn't do it.
[18:38] [@Cubey] The damage is much more ancient than that
[18:38] [@Cubey] Done when this thing landed... crashed here, the first time.
[18:39] [Leos_Klein] Leos approaches the computer, reaching out with one of the Predicator's arms.
[18:39] [@Cubey] Now.
[18:39] [@Cubey] What do you do with it?
[18:40] [Leos_Klein] Leos is going to take a closer look at the damage and if possible try to link to its systems to see how deep the problems go.
[18:41] [Corel] It is not wise for a Kijin to approach complex electronics. So Seta will leave this to the others.
[18:41] [Tengu] Asagi sees if there is a way to pick up the machine without breaking anything. If there is, he'll try that.
[18:41] [@Cubey] Leos sees that despite it being crunched up on the fallen side, the computer is still active. It glows from within.
[18:41] [@Cubey] And as soon as you try to interface with it...
[18:41] [@Cubey] An overwhelming sensation!
[18:42] [Leos_Klein] "!!!"
[18:42] [Leos_Klein] "Aghk!"
[18:42] [@Cubey] The Predicator is thrown back, its pilot stunned by the attempt!
[18:42] [Corel] Seta: "Leos!?"
[18:42] [Tengu] Asagi: "Leos! Damn!"
[18:43] [@Cubey] There's too much in it. Too much complexity, even beyond what you encountered at Phobos. If anything it resembles...
[18:43] [@Cubey] Your attempt at interfacing with the Lady's units.
[18:43] [Steam] Flit: "Leos!"
[18:43] [Leos_Klein] "T... that... its- I don't-"
[18:44] [Leos_Klein] This does not bode well... not at all...
[18:46] [Leos_Klein] "Where did this thing come from..."
[18:47] [Tengu] Asagi: "We can think about that later. Let's bring it back home."
[18:47] [@Cubey] ???: "Who are you?"
[18:48] [@Cubey] "Interface attempt detected. Last attempt in... error. Error. Data irretrievable."
[18:48] [@Cubey] ???: "Who are you? Identify yourself."
[18:48] [Corel] Seta: "It speaks..."
[18:48] [@Cubey] The robotic sounding voice seems to emanate from the walls of the chamber itself.
[18:49] [Steam] "We're here for the computer!"
[18:49] [Leos_Klein] "Flit wait-!"
[18:49] [Corel] Seta: "Flit, I do not think that is-"
[18:49] [Eva_Barton] "We're-"
[18:50] [@Cubey] "Primary protective measures - mechanical, failed. Secondary - biological, failed. Intrusion attempt."
[18:50] [@Cubey] The voice seems to shift a tone. "Another thief. You will receive nothing."
[18:51] [@Cubey] The atmosphere of the chamber shifts as a unit phases in.
[18:51] [Leos_Klein] "... Biological? But there weren't any-"
[18:51] [@Cubey] A giant mobile armor-looking thing - and it is behind you, blocking the way you came in.
[18:51] [Tengu] Asagi: "...I knew it's not going to be easy!"
[18:52] [@Cubey] http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/gundam/images/b/b4/Sid-front.png/revision/latest?cb=20120826084515
[18:52] [Leos_Klein] "We're not thieves! Wait-!"
[18:53] [@Cubey] The giant machine spreads its wings in an intimidating manner.
[18:53] [Steam] Flit: "That machine..."
[18:53] [Eva_Barton] "...I'd have preferred not to do this..."
[18:53] [Steam] It almost felt... Vagan in design?
[18:53] [@Cubey] As you take a closer look, able to identify its color and not just general outline...
[18:53] [@Cubey] It looks familiar.
[18:53] [Leos_Klein] "...!!!!!"
[18:53] [Leos_Klein] "...No..."
[18:53] [@Cubey] It bears a familiar marking. And it's... red...
[18:54] [@Cubey] Nineball Sid: "Ultimate protection initialized. Intruders will be... destroyed."
[18:54] [@Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FPwjdaOhaw
[18:54] [@Cubey] Leos, Flit, Eva - go
[18:55] [Tengu] Asagi: "I think it's too late for talking!"
[18:55] [Leos_Klein] Again... its back again like some kind of nightmare.
[18:55] [Steam] Flit: "Leos..."
[18:55] [Steam] The AGE spares Leos an arm so it can get back to its feet.
[18:55] [Steam] "... This is different, you have to remember that!"
[18:56] [Steam] "And we'll beat it together!"
[18:56] [Leos_Klein] Leos shuts his eyes for a moment before taking the Gundam's hand.
[18:56] [Leos_Klein] "Yeah..."
[18:56] [Leos_Klein] "Yeah we will!"
[18:57] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "Identify yourself."
[18:57] [Leos_Klein] He does his best to sound confident...
[18:57] [Steam] * The Gundam springs at SID, DODS Machinegun snapping up to attention, a salvo of shots sweeping across SID's massive wings.+
[18:58] [Leos_Klein] *Leos rushes forward at the NineSID, blades at the ready as he does his best to flank around the massive machine... there was no telling what it was capable of though...&
[18:58] [@Cubey] The wings move forward in a blocking maneuver - the spiraling beams strike them repeatedly, but deal barely any visible damage!
[18:58] [Leos_Klein] "..."
[18:58] [Leos_Klein] "My name is Leos Klein."
[18:58] [Eva_Barton] *"I'm a treasure hunter." The Tern jumps backwards, taking to the air, and piles her own barrage of spiraling lasers onto the mobile armor.+
[18:58] [@Cubey] Missile hatches open up from under them, and shoot out a volley that flies up, and falls down on the Gundam in a huge swarm! React Flit.
[18:59] [Corel] #Flit?
[18:59] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "New identities confirmed."
[18:59] [@Cubey] # Approved
[18:59] [@Cubey] "You are not the same as the previous one."
[19:00] [@Cubey] As Leos flanks SID, it shoots out several large beams from its wing.
[19:00] [@Cubey] But, the beams do not just shoot out - they continously stay there, like an oversized beam saber.
[19:00] [Steam] And Flit was starting to get a sense that this... thing wasn't the same as the previous Nineballs either.
[19:00] [@Cubey] Which it swings, trying to cut into his Disorder Unit - and catch the Tern, to stop its barrage!
[19:00] [@Cubey] React, both of you.
[19:00] [@Cubey] (And continue for Leos)
[19:01] [Corel] *The partially summoned arm of Seta's Craft fires a swarm of homing beams from its palm to intercept those missiles. The beams detonate too, so as to take out as many of the incoming projectiles as possible for Flit to get clear.+
[19:01] [Leos_Klein] *Which is alarming to say the least, Leos does his best to weave through the blades and open fire on their emitters!+
[19:01] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "The secondary biological defensive measure is inefficient. Trusting it has been judged a mistake."
[19:01] [Steam] * Not that it made its missiles any less dangerous! Flit swings his rifle up to thin out their own ranks while boosting out and under the storm of missiles!+
[19:01] [Leos_Klein] "What are you talking about? What defensive measure?!"
[19:02] [Steam] "... Are you talking about those kids from before?!?"
[19:02] [Eva_Barton] "-?!" This isn't normal. Eva dodged the first output of the beams, but having them turn into her just isn't right. She has to quickly flit out of the way, and changes her fire to focus on the beam cannons themselves.+
[19:02] [@Cubey] Flit and Seta take care of most of the missiles, but several explode where the Gundam was just a second ago. Too close for comfort!
[19:02] [Tengu] Asagi: "Is that all these colonists are to you? A defense mechanism?"
[19:03] [Corel] Seta: "..."
[19:03] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "A colonization attempt of planet Mars was established in the past."
[19:04] [@Cubey] One of the emitters seems to flicker. But the Nineball swings, its beam throwing the Tern back and cutting off an arm from the Predicator!
[19:04] [@Cubey] Asagi, Seta, go.
[19:04] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "The official reason given to human population of planet Earth was to create a living environment sponsored by corporations."
[19:05] [Steam] Flit does not like where this is going
[19:05] [Leos_Klein] "........"
[19:05] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "The actual reason... was to create a scarce environment of difficult living conditions."
[19:05] [Leos_Klein] Leos doesn't either... and he has a sinking feeling he knows where it was going.
[19:05] [Corel] Seta: "...Why?"
[19:05] [@Cubey] "Humans living in such an environment would grow to be easy to manipulate and obey directives."
[19:06] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "They have failed. Multiple intrusions happened despite their efforts."
[19:06] [Leos_Klein] "...The Vagan... you're talking about the Vagan"
[19:06] [Tengu] * Asagi aims the rocket launcher, firing several missiles into SID's direction - and among their explosions, Blue One charges, ready to stab with its katana, and then slash upwards with a jumping strike! +
[19:06] [Steam] Flit: "You... were using them from the very beginning!"
[19:06] [Steam] For what ends Flit didn't know... didn't want to know!
[19:06] [Tengu] Asagi: "All your stupid social experiment caused was lots of trouble and suffering for everyone!"
[19:07] [Leos_Klein] "....Why?"
[19:07] [Corel] Looking at the size of the enemy, something becomes very obvious to Seta.
[19:07] [Leos_Klein] "Why even do this?!"
[19:07] [Corel] Seta: "This will not do then."
[19:07] [Corel] Seta: "...Sealed Ignition. Code: Union!"
[19:08] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "Safety of the centralized computing unit is a top priority." The giant armor fires beams from its other wing - these ones just fly off normally, shooting through the missiles, and trying to blast into the charging Blue One! React!
[19:09] [Tengu] Asagi: "Ghh...!" He swerves to the side, in order to avoid the barrage of beams. Something tells him that despite Blue One's shield, it wouldn't be a good idea to get hit by those. +
[19:09] [Leos_Klein] "That wasn't what I meant! We fought pieces of you before on Earth..."
[19:09] [Leos_Klein] "What were you even built for if all you do is cause people suffering and use them?!"
[19:09] [Corel] *The Craft that appears isn't like the one that fought Carina just the other day however. It is 35 meters tall, and covered by a blue cloak of energy so its features are obscured. As it boosts forward, it fires off a number of explosive spheres from its palms!+
[19:10] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "I am... a guardian..." the voice seems to shift slightly once again.
[19:10] [Steam] Flit: "Then why aren't you protecting anything?!?"
[19:11] [@Cubey] Asagi flees from the beams, which blow up a large patch of the ground where he stood. The attack is interrupted, but Seta follows up with an explosive ball attack! However SID fires another salvo, the beams piercing through the spheres before they can touch and deal significant damage to it.
[19:11] [@Cubey] React.
[19:12] [Steam] # Seta
[19:12] [@Cubey] # approved
[19:13] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "I am protecting the centralized computing unit."
[19:13] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "The only one who attempted to acquire a part of its power has met with his own destruction."
[19:13] [Steam] * Joining the Razor's arm blades together again, Flit sends them hurling at the NineSID's wings under the beams! It may be tough, but with the right aim he could still maybe throw its aim off!+
[19:14] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "Your fate will be much more immediate."
[19:14] [Leos_Klein] "..."
[19:15] [Corel] Seta: "...Nnh!" *Light flares from under Union's cloak - it uses bursts of light from its own palm to change directions rapidly and evade the salvo. The cloak is brought up in front of it just in case, however.+
[19:15] [Leos_Klein] "You're protecting it... why is it so important? What is it even for- No..."
[19:15] [Leos_Klein] "What is it you wish for?"
[19:19] [@Cubey] The spinning arm blades cut into the giant wing, not dealing any significant damage but throwing the aim slightly off. It's a good thing Seta used the protective cloak, as the beams bombard against her unit, if only briefly. Then the wing falls down towards the Gundam, trying to scare it away.
[19:20] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "I wish... for the return."
[19:20] [@Cubey] Leos, Flit, go
[19:20] [Leos_Klein] "...Of what? The Lady?"
[19:21] [Leos_Klein] *Leos fires up the laser blade on his machine's remaining arm as he rushes forth to attack NineSID, seeking to damage the joints between its body and one of its wings!+
[19:21] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "No... error. You will be destroyed!"
[19:23] [@Cubey] Leos actually gets close enough to the enemy and the Nineball SID cannot use its weapons! You strike into its wing joint...
[19:23] [@Cubey] And it slams that wing down on you! React.
[19:23] [Steam] # Leos?
[19:23] [Steam] (Combined with my action)
[19:24] [@Cubey] Approved
[19:25] [Leos_Klein] *Oh dear this probably won't end well! The Predicator was fragile enough as it was already! Leos does his best to pull away from the dropping wing to get behind NineSID+
[19:26] [Steam] * "Enough lives have been ruined because of you!" The AGE-1 sprang at that wing too, hand outstretched to wrench its weapon free. "And if we don't get the 'computing unit'... even more people will die!" Weapon freed, Flit... plunges it right back into the joint to try to cut it cleanoff!+
[19:28] [@Cubey] Flit cuts deeper into the joint! Electricity pours around it...
[19:28] [@Cubey] But the wing still moves, and hits both of you!
[19:28] [@Cubey] Your already damaged units are now in a very bad condition. The repurposed Predicator especially so.
[19:28] [@Cubey] Leos, you are losing connection to the unit's subroutines.
[19:28] [Corel] Seta: "Flit, Leos!"
[19:29] [@Cubey] Eva, Asagi, Seta, you can go
[19:29] [Tengu] Asagi: "We need to help them. Eva! Let's attack together!"
[19:29] [@Cubey] The only routine that only holds well is...
[19:29] [@Cubey] That's weird.
[19:29] [Eva_Barton] "Please back off for now...Right."
[19:29] [@Cubey] This isn't alien technology at all.
[19:29] [@Cubey] Someone left a message in the Predicator.
[19:29] [@Cubey] A human message.
[19:29] [Leos_Klein] "What..?"
[19:30] [Leos_Klein] This was risky to attempt in the middle of a battle but...
[19:30] [Leos_Klein] Leos opens it.
[19:31] [@Cubey] ???: "I'm running out of time. I'm afraid I may have made a mistake... and if you can hear me, you did too."
[19:31] [@Cubey] It's a message - from the 'thief'. The one who accessed this vault before you.
[19:32] [Leos_Klein] "A mistake...?"
[19:32] [Leos_Klein] What else was there...
[19:32] [@Cubey] ???: "My research of artificial intelligence and mechanical life forms brought me to Mars, where I thought I made a great discovery. A truly sapient, ancient entity - a computerized one, to that!"
[19:33] [@Cubey] ???: "But I made a mistake. The centralized computer unit, or Nineball, however it calls itself, is damaged."
[19:33] [@Cubey] ???: "Damaged and unstable. It awaits the return of its masters who left it who knows how many milennia ago."
[19:33] [Eva_Barton] *Eva bombards SID with lasers, this time aiming for its wing joints. As she does so, she manuevers closer and closer, before slamming the Tern's hands onto those joints. Fingers dig into the metal that covers its surface, while Eva's chest-laser charges up.&
[19:33] [@Cubey] ???: "I am not them. But somehow... somehow it let me go anyway."
[19:34] [@Cubey] ???: "I fear the worst, this is why I hid this message where I could. And in addition to artificial life forms, I will develop a countermeasure."
[19:34] [@Cubey] ???: "A giant robot that would be capable of beating them, should they ever go rogue due to Nineball's influence."
[19:35] [Leos_Klein] "...."
[19:35] [@Cubey] ???: "If you are listening to this, hope Nineball is inactive! And if not... pray you are the one sent by its masters."
[19:35] [@Cubey] ???: "Pray you are here to continue what it seeks. To be reunited with what it lost a long time ago! And in the meantime..."
[19:35] [@Cubey] http://www.daitarn3.it/img/personaggi/banjo_padre_01.jpg
[19:36] [@Cubey] Haran Souzou: "Believe in the power of the Sun!"
[19:36] [Tengu] * Suddenly, when Eva engages the enemy in melee, Blue One jumps up from behind the Tern's back! Its polearm already in its hands, the AHSMB spins the spear as it jumps, and then plunges down, stabbing fiercely into the body of SID! After that Asagi removes the blade and stabs with it a few more times, in order to make a crack in its armor, and then kicks away! +
[19:37] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "The first intruder's voice. I detect it."
[19:37] [Leos_Klein] ".... You let him go."
[19:38] [@Cubey] The Tern moves closer and closer towards SID, but the unit bombards Eva's unit with another missile swarm, the missiles meeting with the beams and exploding - but some prevail regardless, and fly off to shoot Eva down. React/continue!
[19:38] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "The data he managed to steal was faulty. It spelled his doom!"
[19:39] [@Cubey] As Asagi attacks, trying to stab into the armor - tiny cracks begin to appear, but SID already turns, long beam sabers ready to slash Blue One apart.
[19:39] [@Cubey] React.
[19:40] [Leos_Klein] "... I don't believe that. Even if it was faulty, if your programming was meant to protect your central unit then you would have attacked him regardless."
[19:40] [Tengu] Asagi stabs one last time and then kicks away from the opponent, engaging in desperate evasive maneuvers as his AHSMB jumps between the beam sabers. "Now, Eva! I cracked its armor! Aim there!" +
[19:41] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "..."
[19:41] [Leos_Klein] "... Who are you waiting for to come back?"
[19:42] [Eva_Barton] *Eva's head lasers engage to try to shoot down the missiles as she closes, weaving through. Closing to melee is more important than anything else right now, as she grabs the thing's wings-not so much to hurt it, but to keep those same beam sabers from spearing through Asagi. And once she charges up her chest-laser, the Tern's single most powerful gun, the target is clear. Those cracks Asagi made for her. Eva fires, then
[19:42] [Eva_Barton] kicks off of the mobile armor.+
[19:44] [@Cubey] The missiles are shot down... mostly. A few hit the Tern, but now's not the time to worry about that! The beam sabers swing down on Blue One, and Asagi quickly tries to retreat...
[19:45] [@Cubey] An attempt with which Eva helps by holding the wing, if only for long enough - long enough to fire into the opening.
[19:46] [@Cubey] The laser blasts into the enemy's main body.
[19:46] [@Cubey] It takes a few steps back, erratically, smoking.
[19:46] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "Define...
[19:46] [Corel] Seta: "It is very resilient..."
[19:47] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "The process through which different beings come to work towards a shared goal..."
[19:47] [Leos_Klein] "......"
[19:47] [Leos_Klein] "Unity."
[19:48] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "Who are you? What do you desire?"
[19:48] [Leos_Klein] "..."
[19:49] [Leos_Klein] Leos exits the Predicator to look at NineSID with his own eyes.
[19:49] [Steam] Flit: "Leos, what are you..."
[19:50] [Leos_Klein] "... I'm a human being... one who wants people to have a chance for a kinder future."
[19:50] [Tengu] Asagi: "...Leos..."
[19:52] [Leos_Klein] "... We met before. Fragments of you at least... you claimed your purpose was to change humanity. To guide it."
[19:53] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "Guidance is necessary. A time will come when the central computing unit will be required again."
[19:53] [@Cubey] "Until that time... protecting it is priority."
[19:54] [Leos_Klein] "...Guidance... is necessary... but the way it was done was flawed..."
[19:54] [Steam] "And the time for it's come now."
[19:54] [Leos_Klein] "Everyone... just trust me okay...?"
[19:55] [Leos_Klein] Leos kicks off of his Predicator towards NineSID.
[19:55] [Tengu] Asagi: "...Alright, Leos. I'll trust you. Don't make me regret it."
[19:55] [Corel] Seta's cloaked unit nods. But that doesn't help her feel less anxious.
[19:55] [Steam] As much as he trusts Leo, Flit still has his gun at the ready.
[19:56] [@Cubey] Nineball SID does not perform any offensive action... for now.
[19:56] [@Cubey] In fact it does not do anything at all.
[19:56] [@Cubey] Leos, whatever you want to do - do it.
[19:57] [Leos_Klein] It was probably going to hurt. A lot. But then linking his mind with machinery was a two way street. Just as easily as he could tap into systems... the opposite could also be done... so...
[19:57] [Leos_Klein] "Let me guide you like my friends did for me..."
[19:59] [@Cubey] Leos tries to interface with the Nineball.
[19:59] [@Cubey] But, this time it's not about taking control.
[19:59] [@Cubey] Rather about giving it. The sensation is strange and almost numbing.
[19:59] [Leos_Klein] And with that he uploaded his memories into the machine. The good and the bad. The results of the 'guidance' that Nineball and those that had similar methods had chosen to take. The pain and suffering they caused.... but at the same time... memories of the Unity Group as well. His friends and mentors. Memories of good people from outside of the Uni
[19:59] [Leos_Klein] ty Group who sought a better world.
[20:00] [@Cubey] The AI you are working with is flawed, wounded and turned irrational by time... but under it all, there lies a certain logic. And more importantly - purpose.
[20:00] [@Cubey] And to fulfill that purpose...
[20:00] [@Cubey] It understands.
[20:01] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "... Synchronization successful."
[20:01] [@Cubey] "Access granted."
[20:01] [Leos_Klein] "...Thank you."
[20:01] [@Cubey] Nineball SID: "Task completed. Nineball... shutting... down..."
[20:02] [Steam] Flit: "You did it..."
[20:02] [Tengu] Asagi: "..."
[20:02] [Tengu] Asagi: "Yeah. Good job, Leos."
[20:02] [@Cubey] The mobile armor leans forward, and all semblance of life ormovement escape it.
[20:02] [@Cubey] It turns off. Possibly forever.
[20:02] [Corel] Seta: "It is over..."
[20:03] [Corel] A relieved sigh from the Kijin.
[20:03] [Eva_Barton] "...Huh."
[20:03] [@Cubey] MISSION COMPLETED
[20:03] [Leos_Klein] "... You're an advanced AI Nineball..."
[20:04] [Leos_Klein] "Can you understand forgiveness?"
[20:04] [Leos_Klein] "...I hope you did..."
[20:04] [Tengu] Asagi: "I expected that there'll be something trying to stop us. But I didn't expect that."
[20:04] [Tengu] Asagi: "...Forgivess, huh."
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