Feb 27 17:21:54 [Cubey] A city on the dark side of the Moon - an ominous location for Dakova' reappearance.
Feb 27 17:22:14 [Cubey] To make matters worse, as soon as the signature was detected, the place went out. All communications were cut off.
Feb 27 17:22:25 [Cubey] And the scouting party sent to investigate didn't report or return.
Feb 27 17:22:39 [Cubey] These are bad news. And this is why Unity Group is going in.
Feb 27 17:23:25 [Cubey] As your shuttle approaches, the city looks peaceful. Dark and blacked out, but peaceful - definitely no giant psychic monstrosities in sight.
Feb 27 17:23:32 [Cubey] What is going on?
Feb 27 17:23:47 [Roy_Garnette] That's what Roy wants to know!
Feb 27 17:23:58 [Cubey] Shuttle pilot: "We're in the operations area. The rest is up to you - be careful."
Feb 27 17:24:02 [Cubey] Only one way to find out...
Feb 27 17:24:12 * Eva_Barton meditates quietly inside the Tern, already linked with it psychically.
Feb 27 17:24:15 [Grimlock] Well there was no telling if Psychic monstrosities could affect mechanical lifeforms...
Feb 27 17:24:25 [Asagi] Asagi: "...Dakova is somewhere there. I won't let another Erria to happen."
Feb 27 17:24:39 [Grimlock] so Grimlock brought his two dumbest with him just in case.
Feb 27 17:24:58 * Corel (Mibbit@175.142.yww.ji) has joined
Feb 27 17:25:47 [Roy_Garnette] The Wagner is the first out of the shuttle, its pilot-consciousness...person-thing as resolute as he's ever been.
Feb 27 17:26:09 [Roy_Garnette] "First Crazy Carina... and now this."
Feb 27 17:26:58 [Grimlock] The Dinobots move quickly after the Wagner.
Feb 27 17:27:16 [Roy_Garnette] He remembers seeing the reports and videos of the Erria survivors. People he at least thought he'd known, with families and goals all turned into... hollow shells.
Feb 27 17:27:20 [Asagi] Asagi: "You have a nickname even for someone who..." He shakes his head. "Nevermind. Launching." Blue One takes off, looking for anything unusual.
Feb 27 17:28:26 [Cubey] You detect faint signals - the energy signatures are matching the lost reconeissance units.
Feb 27 17:28:33 [Cubey] They are deeper in the city.
Feb 27 17:28:49 [Eva_Barton] Eva launches, following behind and above most of the group. The lower gravity here will make some manuevers difficult, so she's focusing on recon.
Feb 27 17:29:33 [Eva_Barton] "Ah. There are some responses further in, similar to the squad we sent...I think it may be a trap, though."
Feb 27 17:30:38 [Asagi] "...Let's be careful. But we still need to investigate that."
Feb 27 17:31:07 [Eva_Barton] "Grimlock, if you could?"
Feb 27 17:31:54 [Grimlock] There's a grunt over the comms as the Dinobots transform and move in ahead of the others.
Feb 27 17:32:05 [Roy_Garnette] "Got your back, big guy."
Feb 27 17:32:21 [Roy_Garnette] Roy says that with no hint of irony, in spite of the size difference between them.
Feb 27 17:32:55 [Grimlock] "Good. Hard look over neck like this."
Feb 27 17:33:14 [Cubey] The Dinobots take the front, and as you move deeper into the city you notice the buildings look undamaged.
Feb 27 17:33:25 [Roy_Garnette] The lunar gravity makes every forceful step carry the Wagner further than it would on Earth, but Roy just tries to compensate and keep up the pace.
Feb 27 17:33:29 [Cubey] No fighting took place here, however...
Feb 27 17:33:41 [Cubey] ???: "Hello. About time you showed up."
Feb 27 17:34:05 [Cubey] A strange unit stands in the middle of the city, in front of you.
Feb 27 17:34:10 [Cubey] (The Prominence: http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=2471806 )
Feb 27 17:34:21 [Eva_Barton] "Please identify yourself."
Feb 27 17:34:59 [Grimlock] "What Quiet Human said. Tell name or Grimlock crush you like Insecticon!"
Feb 27 17:35:04 [Roy_Garnette] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQK1Go2ZAP8
Feb 27 17:35:18 [Asagi] Asagi: "...You know who we are?"
Feb 27 17:35:31 [Cubey] ???: "Gladly. I'm Beatrice Willson, the SCCF leader after Lilian's untimely departure from this world."
Feb 27 17:35:45 [Cubey] ( http://i.imgur.com/64kEalI.jpg )
Feb 27 17:35:49 [Roy_Garnette] Roy: "Sorry we kept you waiting, lady. If you'd come right to our doorstep maybe that wouldn't have happened!"
Feb 27 17:36:15 [Cubey] Beatrice: "I'm sorry this had to happen. If only it could have been avoided somehow... oh, that's right. It was all your fault, wasn't it?"
Feb 27 17:36:46 [Grimlock] Slag: "What human say? Ask us to beat her?"
Feb 27 17:36:53 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Anyway, I plan to bring Lilian's hopes and dreams to reality. So, if you don't mind..."
Feb 27 17:36:59 [Roy_Garnette] Roy: "You're blaming..."
Feb 27 17:37:11 [Asagi] Asagi: "Our fault? We're not the ones who woke up Dakova!"
Feb 27 17:37:12 [Roy_Garnette] "Hey, your crazy boss is the reason all this happened!"
Feb 27 17:37:13 [Grimlock] The ornery Triceratops is already digging its legs into the ground and ready to charge.
Feb 27 17:37:25 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Become a part of my presentation. You will make a fine example!"
Feb 27 17:37:29 [Roy_Garnette] "What did she think was gonna happen when she just goes and kidnaps a dude so she can blow up an island and take over the world?!?"
Feb 27 17:37:41 [Cubey] Around you, other units are detected and start their approach.
Feb 27 17:37:48 [Cubey] They are the SCCF use Vandals - and also...
Feb 27 17:38:00 [Eva_Barton] "..." Eva frowns. Something about this woman, she especially doesn't like.
Feb 27 17:38:02 [Cubey] The reconeissance team Genoaces, Huckebeins and a pair of Adeles.
Feb 27 17:38:50 [Grimlock] "Talk too much. Grimlock smash you. Then smash projector. No presentation for you!"
Feb 27 17:38:54 [Cubey] The ESUN scouts take a position around the Prominence, moving robotically.
Feb 27 17:39:19 [Roy_Garnette] "... What did you do to them?"
Feb 27 17:39:21 [Cubey] Beatrice: "I'm afraid it won't be that easy. The inhabitants of this city will be witnesses for the presentation which begins... now."
Feb 27 17:39:51 [Asagi] Asagi: "Is she remotely controlling these mobile suits?"
Feb 27 17:39:52 [Cubey] The Prominence raises its halberd - an energy barrier suddenly forms around the city. A dome shaped shield traps you inside!
Feb 27 17:39:54 [Roy_Garnette] "You're not answering what I'm freaking asking you. What did you do to them?!?"
Feb 27 17:40:18 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Remotely? No, no. The pilots are still the ones using the controls. It's just that..."
Feb 27 17:40:22 [Roy_Garnette] Both swords drawn in a flash.
Feb 27 17:40:31 [Grimlock] "..."
Feb 27 17:40:36 [Eva_Barton] "No, I think they would...Ah. Yes, that."
Feb 27 17:40:40 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Well, SCCF is capable of wonderful things, isn't it? We even learnt how to utilize Dakova's power for our own ends!"
Feb 27 17:40:45 [Cubey] Beatrice: "See for yourself."
Feb 27 17:41:05 [Cubey] The SCCF units hold back, but the scout team starts to advance towards you, weapons held high in preparation to fire...
Feb 27 17:41:11 [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
Feb 27 17:41:48 [Asagi] Asagi: "...And you claim that anything that happened at Erria was *our* fault..."
Feb 27 17:42:11 [Roy_Garnette] "'Course she'd say that."
Feb 27 17:42:52 [Roy_Garnette] "She doesn't care about anyone else in the whole world, but since Lilian bit it she probably thinks that totally rained on that parade!"
Feb 27 17:43:05 [Roy_Garnette] If he had teeth he would gnash them.
Feb 27 17:43:07 [Grimlock] "What Beat human say don't matter."
Feb 27 17:43:29 [Eva_Barton] "If we don't kill the recon team, I...Could try something to help them." The Tern thrusts itself to the ground. "For now, let's eliminate the opposition."
Feb 27 17:43:33 [Grimlock] "Crush her under foot. Break Dakova."
Feb 27 17:43:50 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Sorry but you're mistaken. SCCF exists to make the world a better place. We already managed to achieve so much and put so many findings to good use! We only need the rest of the world to understand that."
Feb 27 17:43:51 [Eva_Barton] "Yes, crush."
Feb 27 17:43:56 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Hopefully this will help."
Feb 27 17:44:29 [Grimlock] Once more, Grimlock lets out a derisive noise. Yeah no.
Feb 27 17:45:07 [Cubey] Enemies (SCCF): The Prominence, Vandal x6, Vandal with heavy cannon x4
Feb 27 17:45:07 [Cubey] Enemies (Controlled): Genoace x3, Huckebein MK II M x3, Adele x2
Feb 27 17:45:14 [Cubey] Roy, Eva - go now
Feb 27 17:46:16 [Roy_Garnette] "You're really gonna try to have the high ground after all the crap you've caused?!?"
Feb 27 17:46:24 [Cubey] (The controlled ESUN scouts are actively trying to fight you, the rest stand back for now)
Feb 27 17:46:41 [Asagi] Asagi: "There must be a way to break the mind control over these pilots..."
Feb 27 17:46:53 [Grimlock] (UG Comms) "Roy!"
Feb 27 17:47:16 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Umm... yes? Look how bad the world's state is now. If we let it continue, horrible tragedies will happen in the future."
Feb 27 17:47:17 [Roy_Garnette] * The Wagner springs forward at the Prominence, kicking up high into the air to get over the scouts before its thrusters fire. Like a blue meteorite it comes crashing down, swords swinging at Beatrice's midsection!+
Feb 27 17:47:22 [Grimlock] "I, Grimlock tell you this. No let Beat human get under plating."
Feb 27 17:47:29 [Eva_Barton] * Eva moves quickly and wordlessly. She closes towards the ESUN scouts, and immediately begins slicing and tearing limbs off the first target to present itself.+
Feb 27 17:49:33 [Cubey] Beatrice: "The only way to avert them is for SCCF to take charge! Accidents may happen but compared to global scale tragedies, they are acceptable!"
Feb 27 17:50:17 [Cubey] The two Adeles spring to the sides - and from flanking positions fire spiralling DODS shots at the Wagner. While the Prominence itself does not try to evade. Instead, its pilot takes advantage of the two controlled units' attack.
Feb 27 17:51:02 [Cubey] Her unit's forearms shoot out cabled anchors that fly off towards the Wagner, trying to bite into its armor and then reel it in. At the same time, Beatrice already prepares her halberd to slice down on the Wagner as soon as it's in range.
Feb 27 17:51:03 [Cubey] Roy, react.
Feb 27 17:51:41 [Asagi] # Roy (also action)
Feb 27 17:51:49 [Cubey] Approved
Feb 27 17:52:21 [Cubey] Eva engages a Genoace and cuts off its gun arm before it can react - moving towards another and slicing down on its hand wielding a heat spike.
Feb 27 17:52:54 [Cubey] The Huckebeins decide to fire at the Tern. From a distance, they play the role of artillery support. They deploy rectangular launchers and fire several large caliber exploding missiles.
Feb 27 17:53:08 [Cubey] While the Genoace is still in range, and under threat of getting caught in the explosions as well. React!
Feb 27 17:53:13 [Cubey] Asagi and Grimlock can go.
Feb 27 17:54:08 [Asagi] "Was Erria just an accident? Or was it a tragedy!" Asagi moves in, intercepting one of the DODS shots with his energy shield and a wide swing of his katana in order to send it flying to the side! Immediately afterwards he slashes again, trying to literally disarm the offending Adele! +
Feb 27 17:55:00 [Roy_Garnette] * Eyes on the Halberd, Roy combines his swords together and sends them spinning to cut through those cables. Granted that means he's down his primary weapons... but out comes the his shield as a battering ram! "Well then here's an accident for YOU!"+
Feb 27 17:55:05 [Roy_Garnette] Yes, that sounded cooler in his head.
Feb 27 17:55:07 [Roy_Garnette] Most things did.
Feb 27 17:55:41 [Grimlock] *The Dinobots charge forward, beginning to pick up speed that even the ever ponderous Sludge was shaking the ground with his charge... then at the last moment they all transformed, with the Bronto-bot hurling his teammates at Beatrice! Both Grimlock and Slag drew their swords to join in the stabbing party!+
Feb 27 17:56:54 [Eva_Barton] "Hm." Eva's eyes narrow. Moving like a black blur, the Tern kicks one Adele out of the way and towards the edge of the city-while grabbing the other by the head and flinging it into the air. Then Eva works on a last-minute attempt to alternately dodge and shoot down the missiles.+
Feb 27 17:58:31 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Whatever you call it..." One of the attacking Adeles has its shots deflected and then is disarmed - allowing Roy to continue his attack. The cables are cut and he slams down with the shield.
Feb 27 17:59:47 [Cubey] And then an energy barrier briefly forms between the Wagner and the Prominence, slowing the former down. "All we did was contain a dangerous entity before it could do even more harm!" And taking advantage of the slowdown, Beatrice stabs the halberd up. As soon as it strikes the Wagner, a sudden explosion of dark red power throws the Wagner away!
Feb 27 18:00:19 [Cubey] A Dakova-like energy reading spikes the moment this happens, only to fade away a moment later.
Feb 27 18:01:03 [Cubey] And at the same time, after taking care of that Adele, Asagi comes under attack... by Grimlock?
Feb 27 18:01:28 [Cubey] No, it's another robotic dinosaur, a white one! It charges towards Blue One and tries to bite into it fiercely. React!
Feb 27 18:02:20 [Cubey] The energy barrier created by Beatrice is still there - the Dinobots break it, but she uses that moment to try to get away. While at the same time, a heavy red and black jet fighter appears out of nowhere and strafes the Dinobots with beam cannon shots. React!
Feb 27 18:02:24 [Roy_Garnette] Shield crumpled by the hit, and with the low gravity being a dick, the Wagner goes fly and crashes far off.
Feb 27 18:02:54 [Asagi] Asagi: "She's still utilizing Dakova even now... What the!" He moves backwards, trying to put some distance between Blue One and the sudden attacker, and stop its assault with the old "shove a blade into its mouth" tactic! +
Feb 27 18:03:15 [Asagi] Asagi: "Grimlock? No... Something else!"
Feb 27 18:03:47 [Grimlock] "?!"
Feb 27 18:04:18 [Cubey] Eva shoves the two mobile suits out of the way in a less than gentle attempt, but two missiles manage to hit the Tern while she's occupied, piercing through its barrier and, weakened, exploding on its armor.
Feb 27 18:04:30 [Cubey] She manages to dodge the second salvo however.
Feb 27 18:04:44 [Grimlock] *Grimlock swings his energon-sword at the incoming fire, seeking to use the weapon's energy field to deflect them! Slag on the other hand transforms and throws his bulk towards the ground!+
Feb 27 18:06:21 [Cubey] Halfway through its assault, the dinosaur Cybertronian stops - in order not to get skewered by Asagi's blade, though it rather looks like it lost interest instead...
Feb 27 18:06:50 [Cubey] The Dinobots manage to escape the strafing with only glancing shots, but Beatrice got away from your melee/thrown attack.
Feb 27 18:06:57 [Cubey] The two assailants both transform into humanoid forms.
Feb 27 18:07:41 [Cubey] http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/a/a8/Snapdragon-Apeface.jpg
Feb 27 18:08:08 [Grimlock] "Snapdragon. Apeface."
Feb 27 18:08:20 [Cubey] Apeface: "So a bunch of fleshy natives got wasted. So what?"
Feb 27 18:08:32 [Asagi] Asagi: "You know them?"
Feb 27 18:08:46 [Grimlock] "Decepticons. Triple changers."
Feb 27 18:08:50 [Cubey] Snapdragon: "You bore me. Stand still so I can clobber you!"
Feb 27 18:09:01 [Roy_Garnette] "So what you really mean is just more jerkwads."
Feb 27 18:09:10 [Cubey] (Snapdragon is the white dinosaur, Apeface is the black fighter jet)
Feb 27 18:09:12 [Eva_Barton] "-Gh!" Eva grits her teeth, psychic reinforcement or not that was more punishment than the Tern was meant to be taking. "-Your actions speak louder than your words."
Feb 27 18:09:28 [Cubey] Roy, Eva, go.
Feb 27 18:09:36 [Cubey] Beatrice: "I've decided to bring a little help along."
Feb 27 18:09:41 [Grimlock] "Fast ones."
Feb 27 18:09:59 [Roy_Garnette] "Right, 'a little'."
Feb 27 18:10:09 [Asagi] Asagi: "So even SCCF uses old Decepticon troops as guns for hire now."
Feb 27 18:10:26 [Roy_Garnette] "'Cuz' you totally can't mess with people's brains and make them freaking human shields you freaking coward!"
Feb 27 18:10:46 [Cubey] Enemies (SCCF): The Prominence, Apeface, Snapdragon, Vandal x6, Vandal with heavy cannon x4
Feb 27 18:10:46 [Cubey] Enemies (Controlled): Genoace x3 (2 disarmed), Huckebein MK II M x3, Adele x2 (1 disarmed)
Feb 27 18:10:46 [Cubey] Apeface http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/1/13/G1_Apeface_boxart.jpg
Feb 27 18:10:46 [Cubey] Snapdragon http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/6/69/G1Snapdragon_boxart.jpg
Feb 27 18:11:47 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Would you rather I killed them all then and razed the city? That'd be a bit wasteful."
Feb 27 18:12:17 [Roy_Garnette] * Down two swords and with a compromised shield, Roy made a beeline for where his swords had landed, arm cannon firing relentlessly at the Decepticons to clear a path.+
Feb 27 18:12:31 [Eva_Barton] *Eva rushes to slice the weapons off the last Genoace near her-and then, try to pierce the Huckbein's rectangular launchers.+
Feb 27 18:13:48 [Eva_Barton] (with her spread lasers, that last bit should be)
Feb 27 18:14:28 [Cubey] The ex-Decepticons scatter to the sides, transforming to jet fighters to add speed to their movement.
Feb 27 18:14:59 [Cubey] But as Roy makes a grab for his weapons...
Feb 27 18:15:33 [Cubey] Apeface: "What's this, lost your little toy? Shouldn't have dropped it!"
Feb 27 18:16:13 [Cubey] He transforms mid-air - suddenly Roy has an oversized robotic gorilla falling down on him, trying to slam down on Wagner's hand as it reaches for the swords! React.
Feb 27 18:17:38 [Cubey] The Genoace Eva attacks raises its shield - which is promptly cut in half. The unit is disabled with a few quick strikes. Spread lasers fire towards the Huckebeins' rectangular launchers, but the RTs already retreat, flying off backwards in the Moon's low gravity.
Feb 27 18:18:35 [Grimlock] # Roy?
Feb 27 18:18:55 [Cubey] Their weapons may be busted but they have more - for example photon rifles. And they aim those at the Tern... but not fire yet. Instead a barrage of armor piercing cannon shots comes from several different directions. Eva senses deadly intent - the Vandals have positioned themselves among the city's buildings, and are attacking!
Feb 27 18:18:57 [Cubey] React.
Feb 27 18:18:58 [Cubey] # approved
Feb 27 18:20:01 [Grimlock] *See, Sludge got a little left behind by his teammates when he threw them at Beatrice. So he was feeling a tiny bit left out. So what does he do aside from hurl his stupidly strong self at the robo-gorilla and try to punch it in the face?+
Feb 27 18:20:53 [Eva_Barton] "3 down..." Eva grits her teeth. If she went all-out on them, the controlled recon team would be much easier prey...Thoughts like that are cut off from the spike of killing intent. The Tern raises a shield with each arm to protect it, takes a note of its enemy's positions-and then moves to break their encirclement, to get them all in front of her.+
Feb 27 18:21:00 [Roy_Garnette] * Getting his swords was gonna have to wait! The Wagner's tendrils stab into the ground behind him to fall short of Apeface's tackle. "I'm gonna have such a comeback after this!" The hand that had been reaching out curled up into a fist, then the arm swung up in an uppercut. But the real thing of note was the sharp edge of the Wagner's arm cann
Feb 27 18:21:00 [Roy_Garnette] on, slicing up into the air towards Apeface's front!+
Feb 27 18:25:02 [Cubey] Roy halts his advance - and strikes back. "Slag!" Not only is Apeface cut into, but suddenly a Dinobot hurls himself into the gorilla, both animal robot creatures rolling away in a ball of violence.
Feb 27 18:26:05 [Cubey] Eva uses her shield to intercept the shots. It manages to hold for long enough to change position - no longer under risk of flanking, the Tern is safe. The enemies see that and start moving around, shifting their psitions.
Feb 27 18:26:10 [Cubey] Asagi, Grimlock, go now.
Feb 27 18:26:22 [Roy_Garnette] "And after that kind of a beatdown... wouldn't be srprised if you had to change your name to Apefaces!"
Feb 27 18:26:33 [Roy_Garnette] 10/10 Roy. 10/10.
Feb 27 18:27:04 [Grimlock] Sludge: "Me not Slag! Me Sludge!"
Feb 27 18:27:08 [Asagi] Asagi: "..."
Feb 27 18:27:18 [Asagi] Asagi: "...Moving on."
Feb 27 18:27:44 [Roy_Garnette] "And thanks a million too!"
Feb 27 18:28:04 [Roy_Garnette] The Wagner pulls free its swords, turning to find where Beatrice went off to.
Feb 27 18:28:32 [Cubey] The Prominence's location is betrayed by a groan from its pilot.
Feb 27 18:29:15 [Asagi] * There are still ESUN units that need to be taken care of. Asagi uses Blue One's superior speed to chase after them, holding his katana in a ready-to-draw position, and slashing repeatedly at their arms as he passes by! The AHSMB changes direction multiple times, trying to attack as many enemies as possible. +
Feb 27 18:30:50 [Cubey] The Huckebeins retreat through the air (well space) - and Blue One charges towards them, slicing.
Feb 27 18:31:00 [Grimlock] *Grimlock continues to attack the Prominence, seeking to get into close range with another flying leap... meanwhile....
Feb 27 18:31:05 [Grimlock] "This Slag!"
Feb 27 18:31:34 [Cubey] Asagi's assault comes under interruption though. Before you can disarm them all, suddenly a series of cables is shot down from below! Vandals seek to limit the AHSMB's movements and immobilize it. And others are shooting grenades and rifle rounds at the unit!
Feb 27 18:31:35 [Cubey] React.
Feb 27 18:31:43 [Grimlock] Apeface has an angry Triceratops charging at him, transforming mid charge as Sludge makes to hurl the triple changer into a flying clothesline.+
Feb 27 18:31:47 [Eva_Barton] #Asagi
Feb 27 18:31:53 [Cubey] # Approved
Feb 27 18:32:41 [Cubey] Apeface is being pummeled, unable to respond to more witty comebacks!
Feb 27 18:32:49 [Eva_Barton] * Eva has not been fleeing without purpose. From her new position further from the Vandals, the Tern takes aim-and bombards them with arcing lasers. None of the mercy shown the ESUN units is on display here.+
Feb 27 18:32:56 [Cubey] Snapdragon: "I really hate you Apeface."
Feb 27 18:33:28 [Cubey] The other ex-Decepticon fires his forearm cannon towards the two Dinobots, taking advantage of the melee clusterfuck they're in.
Feb 27 18:33:29 [Cubey] React!
Feb 27 18:34:48 [Asagi] Asagi: "Don't interrupt." Seeing those cables going into his direction, he spins around and launches a wide, swinging slash at them, then quickly backs away to avoid the incoming fire, raising a free hand and firing two small missiles at the attackers to cover his evasion attempt. +
Feb 27 18:35:54 [Cubey] Four vandals are struck by spread lasers and missiles, their wrecks' remains thrown around the lunar city street's.
Feb 27 18:36:47 [Grimlock] *Oh look. Incoming cannon fire, if only there was some convenient cover to use- Apeface gets used as a shield+
Feb 27 18:36:54 [Cubey] However while Asagi evades the cables and the SCCF forces, the one Huckebein that still has a photon rifle fires towards him - the first blast is blocked by the AHSMB barrier, but another one hits its shoulder, making the arm move more sluggishly.
Feb 27 18:37:29 [Cubey] Apeface: "Argh! I hate you too Snapdragon!"
Feb 27 18:38:05 [Cubey] The triple changer is being used as a shield - but there's two of you and only one of him so some of the shots hit the Dinobots. Somewhat damaged, the trio are forced apart. Apeface looks really badly battered though.
Feb 27 18:38:35 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Hmm. This isn't going really well, is it?"
Feb 27 18:39:16 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Well, I'll have you know, everyone still has a chance to give up to SCCF! And by everyone I mean people who aren't with Unity Group. They're over."
Feb 27 18:39:44 [Cubey] The Prominence raises a layer of shields - Grimlock slices and dices, but doesn't manage to get through all of them in time!
Feb 27 18:39:56 [Cubey] Also, something else happens. A wave of energy briefly emanates from Beatrice's unit.
Feb 27 18:39:59 [Eva_Barton] "How forgiving."
Feb 27 18:40:35 [Cubey] ESUN Pilot #1: "What the... I can't move..."
Feb 27 18:40:36 [Grimlock] "Think Beat human call for help again?"
Feb 27 18:40:47 [Cubey] ESUN pilot #2: "Aaah, someone help! Get me out of this thing!"
Feb 27 18:41:01 [Cubey] The scout units are no longer silent.
Feb 27 18:41:20 [Roy_Garnette] "..."
Feb 27 18:41:28 [Asagi] Asagi: "We'll get you out of there! Stay calm!"
Feb 27 18:41:36 [Eva_Barton] "Hold on. We'll rescue you in a moment."
Feb 27 18:41:46 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Just a small demonstration of what happens to those who think they can oppose SCCF. No, I don't think that will be happening."
Feb 27 18:42:01 [Roy_Garnette] "Stop it..."
Feb 27 18:42:03 [Cubey] ESUN pilot: "What, you're here to help? Thank goodnesss... aah, no! Stop!"
Feb 27 18:42:07 [Eva_Barton] "...What are you doing to them."
Feb 27 18:42:13 [Roy_Garnette] "!"
Feb 27 18:42:15 [Cubey] The ESUN units, regardless of damage, are trying to rush you in a suicide charge.
Feb 27 18:42:35 [Cubey] Wielding whatever weapons they can, and those that no longer have hands just try to tackle.
Feb 27 18:42:41 [Cubey] Roy, Eva, go now.
Feb 27 18:43:39 [Roy_Garnette] "Stop it!" he repeats again, voice rising. "Stop... messing with their heads you psycho!"
Feb 27 18:44:12 [Asagi] Asagi: "...Damnit! What are you trying to accomplish here?!"
Feb 27 18:44:41 [Eva_Barton] Eva closes her eyes, focusing. She holds her sword at the ready as the ESUN units charge. There will be only a moment for action, and a single error will kill.
Feb 27 18:44:50 [Cubey] Beatrice: "It's a tactic to demoralize the enemy into submission. It may seem cruel for you, but in the end it saves lives."
Feb 27 18:45:01 [Cubey] Beatrice: "And it seems to be working!"
Feb 27 18:45:20 [Grimlock] "Me Grimlock used tactic before Beat human."
Feb 27 18:45:32 [Grimlock] "Won't work against Unity Group."
Feb 27 18:45:43 [Grimlock] "Make them fight you harder. Kill you harder."
Feb 27 18:46:20 [Roy_Garnette] * The Wagner moves to meet their suicide rush... but suddenly fires his rocket anchor off to the side, letting him flank the group in one go. "Stop acting like this is our freaking fault! Lilian was a nutjob... and I only wish I'd killed her before what all you did to boss man!" He crosses the space between the Wagner and the Prominence in a hear
Feb 27 18:46:20 [Roy_Garnette] tbeat, swords slashing at Beatrice in a cross-formation.+
Feb 27 18:47:05 [Grimlock] @Roy?
Feb 27 18:47:33 [Eva_Barton] *As the few coming towards her rush on, Eva steps forward. She doesn't have much time, so for all but one of the charging ESUN units she just slices atheir legs and shoves them aside. And for the last-her sword scores across the armor on the cockpit, and then her free hand stabs forth-to grap and pull the pilot out.+
Feb 27 18:49:05 [Cubey] @ approved
Feb 27 18:51:47 [Grimlock] *There's a motion from Grimlock towards his teammates and Sludge is hurling his sword to his leader. Why? Because clearly this situation needed more sword, as Roy was proving in this case. As such Grimlock is quickly assaulting Beatrice from the flank with a flurry of stabs!+
Feb 27 18:52:55 [Cubey] Eva removes the remaining limbs from one Genoace, and actually opens the cockpit of another.
Feb 27 18:53:07 [Cubey] Its pilot screams in terror at first, but then looks relieved.
Feb 27 18:53:16 [Cubey] Pilot: "Come on, help the others too!"
Feb 27 18:53:22 [Cubey] Wait, only two units attacked you?
Feb 27 18:54:12 [Cubey] Beatrice: "All of this is because of Lilian. All of SCCF's great finds and technological advancements... and I have so much more to show you!"
Feb 27 18:54:39 [Cubey] The Wagner and Grimlock conduct a fierce melee assault.
Feb 27 18:54:51 [Cubey] The barrier around Prominence breaks completely. Or rather collapses - on purpose.
Feb 27 18:54:55 [Eva_Barton] "I'll get to it..." She's still not trusting that pilot just yet.
Feb 27 18:55:20 [Grimlock] "Talk too much!"
Feb 27 18:55:23 [Cubey] Its chest opens. Energy surges - a concentrated beam of Dakova-like power shoots at the attacking Wagner at near point blank range!
Feb 27 18:56:05 [Cubey] While remaining ESUN units assault the Dinobots - one of the Adeles and the last Genoace try to hold Grimlock down, while another Adele shoots DODS shots at him.
Feb 27 18:56:24 [Cubey] The Huckebeins try to melee Slag and Sludge with their beam sabers. And while this all happens...
Feb 27 18:56:33 [Cubey] ESUN pilot: "UGh... ahh, no!"
Feb 27 18:56:49 [Cubey] The explosion of Dakova power doesn't have only a weaponized energy aspect.
Feb 27 18:57:06 [Cubey] Asagi and Eva - you feel an alien force trying to encroach into your minds.
Feb 27 18:57:22 [Cubey] A psionic attack to immobilize you, and take controls of your units away from you!
Feb 27 18:57:27 [Cubey] React, everyone!
Feb 27 18:57:39 [Asagi] Asagi: "Argh... No... Stop it, Dakova...!"
Feb 27 18:57:42 [Cubey] And while this happens, the remaining Vandals are already lining up to take shots at (hopefully) immobilized units!
Feb 27 18:58:14 [Eva_Barton] Eva: "Agh, you...you're not the first to try..."
Feb 27 18:59:07 [Asagi] Asagi tries to endure the psychic attack by holding onto a more familiar presence, that of Blue One. He needs to get moving in order to avoid the Vandals' incoming attack! +
Feb 27 19:00:06 [Grimlock] *Grimlock was a lot more agile than his attackers would think...simply slashing at the limbs before doing a dodge roll away from the incoming blast... as for the Huckbeins... Slag furiously swings his blade to parry the incoming beam saber and hack the arm it belonged to apart... while Sludge charges in to use his absurd strength to take his attack
Feb 27 19:00:07 [Grimlock] er out at the legs.+
Feb 27 19:00:53 [Roy_Garnette] * It was happening again. Another cheap... unfair turn of cheating! "You're not... DOING THIS!" There was no hesitation or retreat. Even as the blast came surging at him the Wagner stabbed with its swords to try to gut the Prominence and Beatrice with it.+
Feb 27 19:01:43 [Eva_Barton] *Eva has a passenger, so high-speed manuevers are out of the question. She hunkers down under the oncoming fire, protecting the pilot with the bulk of the Tern's mass-and spreading a barrier shield on its back, between its wings. But the psychic pressure is distracting her concentration, and the shield flickers.+
Feb 27 19:02:51 [Cubey] Eva notices right on time that the controlling presence tries to tighten the Tern's grip on the freed pilot. You manage to keep it under control.
Feb 27 19:03:18 [Cubey] But there's not much of other movement you can do. The Vandals fire - the barrier appears to block some shots, but the barrage strikes at the Tern heavily.
Feb 27 19:04:04 [Cubey] Asagi still feels his bond with Blue One, and manages to make it move somehow. But compared to its normal movements it is sluggish and clumsy, and the enemies manage to aim at it easily. You move towards cover, but sustain serious damage in the process.
Feb 27 19:05:04 [Cubey] Beatrice: "How do you like this? Frankly I didn't expect you to bring so many robotic lifeforms along for the ride... but I came prepared for that, too!"
Feb 27 19:05:13 [Eva_Barton] "Ah, ha...Assistance...please..."
Feb 27 19:05:16 [Asagi] Asagi: "Argh... Hold...!"
Feb 27 19:05:17 [Cubey] The Dinobots counter agaisnt the controlled' units attacks, but...
Feb 27 19:05:41 [Cubey] Apeface: "Not a move more, or you want more native lifes on your conscience?"
Feb 27 19:06:01 [Cubey] The ex-Decepticons aim their beam guns towards Slag and Sludge - and the mobile suits near them.
Feb 27 19:06:35 [Cubey] Snapdragon: "Yeah, don't move a hydraulic or you can kiss those wrecks good-bye!"
Feb 27 19:07:06 [Cubey] Grimlock tumbles away from harm's way, probably the only one not in huge trouble.
Feb 27 19:07:12 [Cubey] But Roy... Roy is in huge trouble.
Feb 27 19:07:20 [Cubey] His blades try to cut through the Dakova energy beam - and fail.
Feb 27 19:07:32 [Cubey] With a crack, they break. The Wagner is thrown back, heavily damaged.
Feb 27 19:07:57 [Cubey] The Prominence walks towards him, Beatrice preparing her halberd to deliver a final strike.
Feb 27 19:08:27 [Cubey] Beatrice: "I'm afraid this ends now. A bit cruel I admit. But it's all for the good in the end."
Feb 27 19:09:07 [Cubey] The Dakova energy still pulses, trying to wrestle all control it can from you.
Feb 27 19:09:25 [Roy_Garnette] "G-goo--d?"
Feb 27 19:09:49 [Roy_Garnette] Roy's voice crackles from the damage wrought on the Wagner.
Feb 27 19:09:54 [Eva_Barton] "No...no, it won't..."
Feb 27 19:11:03 [Roy_Garnette] He couldn't do anything to stop this. He tried and tried and tried... but Erria was ruined. Dotrice was dead. Lenore was... gone.
Feb 27 19:11:40 [Roy_Garnette] He couldn't even make any sense of his own self... and he was going to die less as a person and more just a machine...
Feb 27 19:11:44 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Oh, that's right. You don't even really have a cockpit there, do you? John Dotrice tried to make you seem like a human."
Feb 27 19:11:50 [Cubey] Beatrice: "But, in the end he failed."
Feb 27 19:12:41 [Roy_Garnette] That was right.
Feb 27 19:13:03 [Roy_Garnette] Whatever he was, he certainly wasn't human. So...
Feb 27 19:13:25 [Roy_Garnette] ... He'd best stop trying to fight like something he wasn't.
Feb 27 19:13:29 [Asagi] Asagi: "..."
Feb 27 19:13:40 [Roy_Garnette] CRISIS MODE ACTIVATED
Feb 27 19:13:42 [Roy_Garnette] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPZAX64do4Y
Feb 27 19:13:52 [Cubey] Roy - go
Feb 27 19:14:29 [Roy_Garnette] From the wounds across his metal body, blue energy spontaneously flooded out..
Feb 27 19:14:40 [Roy_Garnette] "A-aaaauaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!"
Feb 27 19:17:03 [Roy_Garnette] * A surge of it smacked Beatrice's halberd again and the Wagner rolled back to its feet, holding out it arm to draw the power it emanated to it. "MACHINA... EX CALIBUR!" What was formed could not properly be called a sword. The shape and size were right... but the spirit of it... it had more in common with drawing of a sword, rolled up into a tu
Feb 27 19:17:03 [Roy_Garnette] be and brandished, than a proper blade. Not that he didn't send it crashing down at the Prominence, more energy bleeding out into the surroundings by the second.+
Feb 27 19:17:33 [Cubey] Beatrice: "What? This signature... shoot them, what are you waiting for!"
Feb 27 19:18:09 [Cubey] The Vandals are aiming to fire at you again.
Feb 27 19:18:47 [Cubey] But a wave of force crosses through the battlefield. You are no longer wrestling with Dakova for control - that force is gone. And judging by how the ESUN units go limp, they are free of control too.
Feb 27 19:19:15 [Cubey] Apeface: "Shouldn't have waited!"
Feb 27 19:19:42 [Cubey] The ex-Decepticons take a moment of pause then fire at the Dinobots and the ESUN scouts. Grimlock, react!
Feb 27 19:20:00 [Cubey] Eva and Asagi - react to the Vandals firing at you as well!
Feb 27 19:20:04 [Cubey] As for Roy...
Feb 27 19:20:35 [Cubey] Beatrice: "I don't know what you're trying to do but it failed I'm afraid. I still have the upper hand!"
Feb 27 19:21:16 [Cubey] Her halberd's blade flares up with Dakova's psychic energy - which becomes extinguished almost immediately in the presence of Wagner's. BUt she still slices down on the damaged unit.
Feb 27 19:21:35 [Asagi] "Roy... I don't know what you did, but it's working!" Asagi sharply jumps to the side in order to avoid enemy fire, drawing something from Blue One's back - it's the spear, which he throws towards one of the Vandals with one quick gesture! +
Feb 27 19:21:38 [Cubey] The Wagner's hand is brutally cut off, along the blade it holds!
Feb 27 19:21:38 [Grimlock] *A good distraction if Grimlock ever saw one! With their attention turned on the ESUN Scouts and his teammates... He moves up quickly to impale them BOTH on the swords he had in each hand through the back. While Slag was avoiding the fire... Sludge transformed into his significantly wider form to guard the ESUN team from the incoming shots!+
Feb 27 19:21:40 [Cubey] Roy, react!
Feb 27 19:22:51 [Cubey] Snapdragon: "Guh..."
Feb 27 19:22:54 [Cubey] Apeface: "What?"
Feb 27 19:23:17 [Eva_Barton] The Tern sets the ESUN pilot down on the ground in front of it-and then it stands up. "This is over." She points one hand at the Vandals firing at her-and launches a barrage of beams, a torrent of energy to overwhelm the incoming shots and their shooters.+
Feb 27 19:23:19 [Cubey] The white triple changer is struck with a sword, while Apeface still has his shield - and raises it, Grimlock's blade struggling against it.
Feb 27 19:23:43 [Cubey] At the same time Sludge is tanking the beams, taking some pretty serious hurt.
Feb 27 19:24:01 [Grimlock] "Made mistake. Kept back to me."
Feb 27 19:24:06 [Cubey] ESUN pilot: "Payback time!"
Feb 27 19:24:14 [Cubey] "Get away from those assholes, we got 'em!"
Feb 27 19:24:37 [Cubey] The Huckebein and the Adele fire their guns at Apeface, who can't use the shield to block them!
Feb 27 19:25:18 [Grimlock] Despite a lack of mouth, Grimlock would be grinning smugly right about now as he throws himself away from Apeface at the last minute.
Feb 27 19:25:46 [Cubey] Asagi dodges the enemy fire in a fluid motion, his thrown spear striking through the Vandal's heavy cannon - and then through the unit that holds it.
Feb 27 19:26:03 [Roy_Garnette] * Beatrice can have all the hands she wants. Even as the limb is cut off the energy sword still swings regardless, angling itself like a phantom limb was still guiding its movements. "You missed!" Or Roy wasn't paying attention. But either way the blade struck through Beatrice's halberd in response before the Wagner swung around to split the mac
Feb 27 19:26:03 [Roy_Garnette] hine in half at the waist!+
Feb 27 19:26:19 [Cubey] While Eva's barrage suppresses the rest, your attacks reducing enemy numbers to less than half.
Feb 27 19:26:52 [Cubey] Beatrice: "... What."
Feb 27 19:27:25 [Cubey] She twists the halberd to serve as a guard. But the disembodied sword strikes regardless, through it.
Feb 27 19:27:54 [Cubey] And into the torso of the Prominence. Beatrice tries to erect a shield, which is overpowered almost instantly.
Feb 27 19:28:08 [Cubey] The Prominence stumbles backwards, a very deep cut in its waist segment.
Feb 27 19:28:33 [Cubey] Beatrice: "..."
Feb 27 19:28:49 [Cubey] The unit is heavily damaged - but still can move!
Feb 27 19:29:15 [Cubey] The ESUN scouts took care of the Decepticons - Grimlock escapes with an explosion behind him.
Feb 27 19:29:19 [Cubey] Asagi, Grimlock, go!
Feb 27 19:29:31 [Asagi] (enemy list?)
Feb 27 19:29:36 [Cubey] Enemies (SCCF): The Prominence (critically damaged), Vandal with heavy cannon x2
Feb 27 19:30:02 [Roy_Garnette] Roy: "... You and your old boss really talk a mean game."
Feb 27 19:30:22 [Grimlock] *Grimlock rolls with the explosion... transforming as he moved before stampeding towards the Vandals with flame billowing from his fanged maw as he sought to tear and burn them open!+
Feb 27 19:30:27 [Roy_Garnette] "... But... there are still some perks to not being a human."
Feb 27 19:30:47 [Grimlock] "Rabbit Human! Go help Roy-bot!"
Feb 27 19:31:18 [Roy_Garnette] "I don't care if it just makes me some kind of killbot..."
Feb 27 19:31:48 [Roy_Garnette] "I wouldn't have been able to help as many people if I just acted like something I wasn't!"
Feb 27 19:32:07 [Roy_Garnette] "N-not to knock humans or anything like that though...!" he hastily adds for the sake of everyone else there.
Feb 27 19:32:53 [Eva_Barton] Eva: "It's fine. What you are is one thing. What you do with it is up to you."
Feb 27 19:32:55 [Asagi] Asagi: "Looks like the stakes have turned. I'm on it!" Blue One raises its missile launcher, sending a few explosives towards the Prominence - and among their explosions, it charges forward, holding its katana in a ready to strike position! Asagi slashes several times at the enemy leader, finishing with a powerful upwards jumping strike! +
Feb 27 19:33:20 [Asagi] Asagi: "No need to make excuses, Roy. Let's just finish this!"
Feb 27 19:33:28 [Grimlock] "Me Grimlock understand what Roy-bot mean."
Feb 27 19:33:47 [Cubey] The Vandals turn towards Grimlock - the closer one cannot react in time, and is being stampeded into uselessness.
Feb 27 19:34:09 [Cubey] The other fires its heavy cannon at the Dinobot leader, thinking nothing of friendly fire, only to stop the rampaging Autobot! React.
Feb 27 19:34:36 [Cubey] Around you, the dome that trapped you inside shimmers and fades away.
Feb 27 19:35:16 [Grimlock] *Grimlock sinks his teeth into the wrecked Vandal... and HURLS it right into mr friendly fire!+
Feb 27 19:35:35 [Cubey] Beatrice: "I see. But you know, Lilian's legacy lives on in this unit. I mean it literally!"
Feb 27 19:35:51 [Cubey] As Blue One fires its missiles, the Prominence... disappears into a quickly formed portal!
Feb 27 19:35:58 [Cubey] It's just like Lilian's unit earlier!
Feb 27 19:36:35 [Cubey] It appearsa behind the AHSMB. Lacking any other weaponry, it shoots out a cable - without an anchor, it still entangles Blue One, while the other hand slams down in a melee strike!
Feb 27 19:36:37 [Cubey] Asagi, react!
Feb 27 19:36:44 [Roy_Garnette] # Asagi
Feb 27 19:36:50 [Cubey] # approved
Feb 27 19:40:18 [Roy_Garnette] * "Same tricks... same rotten views... GONNA LOSE THE SAME WAY, MISS BE-ALL-ABOUT-THE-TRICKS!" The energy blade suddenly exploded out into dozens of threads, turning to converge on the Prominence's body. Small as they were, they dove in at the head, hips, limb joints... but steering clear of any place big enough for a cockpit.+
Feb 27 19:40:23 [Asagi] Asagi: "That's true... But I fought her! And that means I know how to deal with this!" Blue One turns the sword in its hands and stabs backwards, under its armpit, at the attacking Prominence, trying to meet its arm with the blade! +
Feb 27 19:41:27 [Cubey] Grimlock lifts the enemy and throws it at the other Vandal. It fires regardless - at close range, causing a slightly subdued explosion.
Feb 27 19:41:31 [Cubey] The two wrecks collapse.
Feb 27 19:42:18 [Cubey] Asagi recognizes this trick. His unit's torsos is entangled - but he's not getting away! The katana stabs into the offending arm, causing it to go limp, almost cutting it off at the shoulder.
Feb 27 19:42:42 [Cubey] And then the Prominence is bombarded by sharp needle-like protrusions from Wagner's energy blade.
Feb 27 19:43:16 [Cubey] The threads immobilize and disable the enemy, causing several small explosions in its limbs... but the main body remains unhurt.
Feb 27 19:43:23 [Cubey] The Prominence falls down to the ground heavily.
Feb 27 19:44:03 [Cubey] Beatrice: "... This is the end isn't it."
Feb 27 19:45:03 [Roy_Garnette] Roy: "Yeah, it is."
Feb 27 19:45:20 [Roy_Garnette] The Wagner moves over the Prominence, dispelling its energy.
Feb 27 19:45:44 [Roy_Garnette] "You probably know stuff. A lot of stuff if you're the SCCF's new boss lady."
Feb 27 19:46:01 [Roy_Garnette] Maybe even where Lenore is too.
Feb 27 19:46:25 [Roy_Garnette] "So we're not gonna kill you and we're gonna throw you in a cell and you're gonna tell us everything you know in return."
Feb 27 19:46:27 [Roy_Garnette] "You're welcome."
Feb 27 19:47:04 [Cubey] You hear a faint sigh from the Prominence's cockpit.
Feb 27 19:47:21 [Cubey] It doesn't sound like Beatrice is relieved or disappointed though. Rather... it's a satisfied one.
Feb 27 19:47:31 [Cubey] Beatrice: "I see. I was hoping it'd be this way."
Feb 27 19:47:42 [Cubey] Beatrice: "Though... you may live to regret this."
Feb 27 19:47:59 [Cubey] MISSION COMPLETE
Feb 27 19:48:11 [Asagi] Asagi: "Regret or not. We don't kill unarmed prisoners."
Feb 27 19:48:16 [Asagi] "And you're our prisoner now."
Feb 27 19:48:33 [Grimlock] "...Watch you closely. Make sure you try nothing."
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