[17:12] [@Tengu] In the middle of what looked to be a peaceful day, there's suddenly an emergency alarm. A Japanese city is under attack.
[17:13] [@Tengu] The attackers are Carina's fake Craft that Unity Group fought against before. They haven't launched a direct strike against the civilian population before... until now.
[17:13] [@Tengu] Also, the reports mention something worrying.
[17:13] [@Tengu] They mention a giant.
[17:14] [@Tengu] As you get close to the area, you can see what they mean...
[17:14] [@Tengu] Even from afar, a gigantic shape looms over the city.
[17:15] [Cubey] Izuru: "!!"
[17:15] [Cubey] "Is this what the Kijin were afraid of?"
[17:15] [Corel] Lenore is pretty quiet at first. Can't blame her after what happened during the visit to the Foundation.
[17:15] [Jockey] "... You know its times like this I really wish I took up drinking."
[17:15] [@Tengu] Standing high over even the largest building, over 1 km tall, a gigantic machine moves through the city...
[17:15] [@Tengu] http://i.imgur.com/kjNicSV.jpg
[17:16] [@Tengu] The Gatekeeper
[17:16] [@Tengu] And it's your job to stop it. Quickly.
[17:16] [@Tengu] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
[17:16] [Terra] Kei: "...A giant is understating it."
[17:17] [Aero] Surprisingly, Astara actually arrives on time for once. Given what happened during the Unity Group's last visit to the Foundation it's a bit of a surprise. Even to her.
[17:17] [Cubey] Izuru "We gotta stop it! Or else, all those people..." He remembers Lenore's desperate words during her fight.
[17:18] [Cubey] The dead can't be brought back to life, but...
[17:18] [Corel] Lenore: "...I know."
[17:18] [Cubey] Izuru: "But we can still save more people from getting hurt or killed! Red Five, ready for takeoff!"
[17:18] [Steam] Roy: "..."
[17:19] [Corel] It doesn't mean it's easy to accept what happened, though.
[17:19] [Steam] As far as he was concerned, Lenore got outright robbed at the Foundation... but he'd honored her request to not intervene in spite of everything his head and heart told him to.
[17:19] [Steam] Well... maybe.
[17:20] [Terra] Kei: "Purple 2, launching!" She followed the leader of her team in heading out. At least this didn't force a confrontation about what had happened at the Foundation
[17:20] [Jockey] Calvin's Genoace launches as well, though it doesn't follow too closely behind Red Five.
[17:20] [Steam] If he still had a lip Roy wondered if he would've chewed it off by now... but there were people to save.
[17:21] [@Tengu] As you get close to the gigantic robot, you can see that it's not alone. It's surrounded by a large amount of fake Craft, moving together with it and rampaging through the city.
[17:21] [@Tengu] And to make it even worse...
[17:21] [Cubey] Izuru: "Kei, guys, we can do it!" He tries to sound encouraging.
[17:21] [Corel] Lenore gets up from where she's been sitting in the transport, and glances at Astara before leaping off.
[17:21] [Steam] "I'm going..." The Wagner can't take off, so it just dives from the transport onto the closest rooftop.
[17:21] [@Tengu] Carina: "How do you like the spectacle before you? The Gatekeeper is finally operational!"
[17:21] [Jockey] "Honestly I'd say our odds are pretty much on the fence."
[17:22] [@Tengu] Carina: "All thanks to the convenient allies from Cambio Protocol!"
[17:22] [@Tengu] The mad scientist is here as well.
[17:22] [Jockey] "Anyone have eyes on her?"
[17:22] [Aero] Astara hangs back in the transport, she hated the atmosphere but she knew that she only had herself to blame for all of it. "Good job making everyone hate you again Astara... She says this to herself before leaping out of the transport.
[17:22] [Cubey] Izuru: "It's you! It's your fault that Lenore and everyone have to suffer so much!"
[17:22] [@Tengu] The voice comes from the Gatekeeper.
[17:23] [@Tengu] Carina: "Why do you care so much? It's not like she's a real Kijin. She's just a clone."
[17:23] [Jockey] "I'm pretty sure clones are people too."
[17:23] [Corel] Lenore: "...That explains why you've been quiet for a while."
[17:24] [Terra] Astara gets a private line from Kei, showing the Rabbit try an encouraging smile. No words unless Astara says anything more.
[17:24] [Jockey] "Haven't seen any evidence to the contrary you headcase."
[17:25] [Cubey] Izuru: "Funny you say that..."
[17:25] [Terra] Kei: "Yeah, clearly the circumstances of birth rather than fully developed personalities are what makes people real..."
[17:26] [Steam] "..."
[17:26] [Steam] Hitting a bit close to home there Kei.
[17:26] [Corel] Lenore: "She's only going to see it that way."
[17:26] [@Tengu] Carina: "Is that all you have to say? You bore me. Come! Try to stop the Gatekeeper, if you can. Ahh, My father, you have finally shown me the light!"
[17:27] [Cubey] Izuru: "Father? What is she about?"
[17:27] [Cubey] He takes a look around. So many enemies on the radar...
[17:27] [@Tengu] Indeed, there is a lot of them.
[17:27] [@Tengu] Enemy List: Fake Judgement x16, Fake Vengeance x8, Fake Rebellion x3, Gatekeeper
[17:27] [@Tengu] Faux Judgement
[17:27] [@Tengu] http://i.imgur.com/lF2cUBX.jpg
[17:27] [@Tengu] Faux Vengeance
[17:27] [@Tengu] http://i.imgur.com/MBCCkpP.jpg
[17:27] [@Tengu] Faux Rebellion
[17:27] [@Tengu] http://i.imgur.com/tFpAbNR.jpg
[17:27] [@Tengu] Gatekeeper
[17:27] [@Tengu] http://i.imgur.com/kjNicSV.jpg
[17:27] [Cubey] Izuru: "This is over! I'm taking the point, but... everyone, let's be safe!"
[17:27] [Terra] Roy just gets an unamused lineface. Does the guy not understand sarcasm?
[17:28] [Cubey] Izuru: "Stay safe, and end this!"
[17:28] [@Tengu] Initiative: Lenore, Astara, Kei, Izuru, Roy, Calvin
[17:28] [Aero] Astara: "...Raymond Gloster. Her adopted father...the man who was possessed by Invicta."
[17:28] [@Tengu] (Lenore, Astara, Kei, go)
[17:28] [Corel] Before Lenore makes any moves, she looks down at her right arm.
[17:28] [Jockey] "Oh... this is just opening up a whole new can of worms..."
[17:30] [Corel] Lenore: "Something that should be with me isn't here this time, but since you've brought out everything...it's as Izuru says."
[17:30] [@Tengu] Energy starts to slowly gather around the shoulders of the Gatekeeper, while all of its escorting units move in to engage you and cut off your approach to the unit.
[17:30] [Corel] Lenore: "It's time to end it, there's no better chance."
[17:32] [Terra] * "Roy, engage the right flank of their formation from roughly this angle," a ping shows up on his map indicating the angle of approach, "they'll be forced to turn and break formation to defend themselves which should help create an opening for the Kijin to close to the Gatekeeper itself."
[17:32] [@Tengu] (Roy, take the Kei action)
[17:33] [Steam] "Right... here I go!"
[17:33] [Aero] * Astara attempts to say something to Kei but she struggles to think of anything. On top of everything else she now had to deal with Carina desecrating the image of her best friend when she was already in a terrible mood. In the end she simply rushes forward towards the Gatekeeper, summoning Maxwell as she does and firing rounds from her pistols at anything
[17:33] [Aero] that got in her way+
[17:33] [Corel] *Lenore dashes forward while summoning her Craft - the black unit appears in segments, but the first thing that comes out is a fist that goes straight for one of the Faux Judgement!+
[17:35] [Steam] * The Wagner sprints across another rooftop, thrusters and rocket anchor firing out to pull it haflway across a city block to reach the coordinates Kei pointed out. Even as it was doing that, its tentacles arched around to start lining up a shot... and once he had it... "Alright! OVER HERE YOU CHEAP KNOCKOFFS!"+
[17:36] [@Tengu] As Astara rushes forward, she a group of enemies with shots, destroying one Judgement and damaging another. However, as she does that, suddenly a Vengeance leaps towards her, the fake Craft drawing its katanas and slashing with both at once at the end of the leap, the blades wreathed in flames! (react)
[17:37] [Cubey] # Astara
[17:37] [@Tengu] (approved)
[17:37] [@Tengu] Lenore's summoned fist hits the middle of the Judgement, crushing its armor and breaking it into pieces!
[17:37] [Cubey] Izuru: "You're just imitations! Leave the originals alone!"
[17:38] [Cubey] *Red Five flies down, strafing the attacking Vengeance with its chain rifle's beam projectiles - but as soon as Izuru is in melee range, he uses its sword mode to parry the fiery katanas.+
[17:38] [@Tengu] But then, suddenly the ground around Lenore starts to glow! She only has a short moment to react before a geyser of light erupts from the street, courtesy of a quickly incoming Judgement! (react)
[17:38] [Cubey] Izuru: "You take care of the Gatekeeper, Astara! We'll handle these guys!"
[17:39] [Terra] Kei: "...Aren't we mixing up the messages here?"
[17:40] [Jockey] "I'm pretty sure we lost it a few minutes back."
[17:40] [Cubey] Izuru: "Ah, but Kei, you see, these things are literally copies, not clones..." Suddenly awkward in the middle of a fight.
[17:40] [@Tengu] Roy distracts some of the fake Crafts, pulling several of them to the side and destroying another Judgement, as well as dealing minor damage to one or two more. However, the enemies whose attention he grabbed don't remain still, and they rush towards him, several Judgements firing lightning bolts from their pikes as they move in. (react)
[17:41] [@Tengu] (Izuru, Roy and Calvin can move)
[17:41] [Corel] *Well, successfully punching that first Judgement gives Lenore enough time to completely form her Craft, which darts in one direction as quickly as possible. That direction being the Judgement itself.
[17:41] [@Tengu] (Astara can still react)
[17:41] [Steam] (Can I combine my reaction with my move?)
[17:41] [@Tengu] (yes)
[17:41] [Terra] Kei: "I know, but still..."
[17:41] [Corel] *The large sword Lenore carries is swung, and the propulsion system activates to drive it into the fake Craft!+
[17:41] [Aero] * Maxwell nods and leaps past Judgement, leaving the faux Craft for Red Five. She takes aim at the gigantic being again and unloads several dozen rounds in an instant. +
[17:43] [@Tengu] Lenore manages to avoid the geyser of light bursting from the ground! She swings her large sword at the Judgement... But the fake Craft extends two blades of light from its wrists, and clashes them against her own blade! The two Crafts are not engaged in a blade lock, trying to overpower each other.
[17:43] [Steam] * Roy had no intent to just stand and get shot up, and the Wagner charges right back at them... only to dive off the side of the building into the relative safety of the alley below. But if the Judgements wanted to follow after him they'd be in for a rude surprise, arm cannon rounds being fired right back up from where Roy came from before violen
[17:43] [Steam] tly exploding to cook any Craft that got too close!+
[17:43] [Corel] Lenore: "Gr-!"
[17:44] [Jockey] *Calvin's going to draw both his DODS Gun and Rifle and take aim at the Gatekeeper's many eyes - he fires his weapons in tandem, following up the spiralling beams with solid rounds in the hopes that even if the former don't penetrate, the latter might hit whatever damage they leave to make cracks big enough for others to smash apart!+
[17:44] [@Tengu] The Vengeance maneuvers between Izuru's shots as it charges, getting hit by a few and avoiding the rest. The katanas clash with Izuru's sword - Red Five starts to feel the heat from their intense flames, but the defense is successful for now!
[17:46] [@Tengu] Astara unloads Maxwell's gun into the gigantic Gatekeeper from afar! But as the first few rounds reach the giant enemy, a force field flashes briefly, intercepting them... And then, the giant suddenly leaps high into the sky, landing to the side with surprising agility and avoiding the rest!
[17:46] [@Tengu] Carina: "Surprised? And the Gatekeeper is not even finished yet."
[17:47] [Cubey] Izuru: "Ah! Either way..." *He grits his teeth - the chainsword seems to revv up more intensely as the AHSMB pushes on it with all its might to throw the enemy away! "We can't lose here!" Simultaneously, Red Five draws and quickly fires its pistol several times from below - and slashes with the chainsword in a wide swing as af ollowup!+
[17:47] [Aero] Astara: "A toy like that isn't going to keep me from getting at you."
[17:47] [Steam] "... You didn't even bother finishing that stupid thing?!?"
[17:48] [Cubey] Izuru: "It's not finished?!"
[17:48] [Steam] "One, thanks for letting us know. And two, that was really stupid of you!"
[17:48] [Corel] Lenore: "That's why Kazan was so important to her."
[17:49] [@Tengu] Carina: "A special measure is needed to finish it. But it's only a matter of time!" The Gatekeeper raises an arm in order to block the incoming shots coming from Calvin, and then suddenly swings it, sending its claws flying towards the detective's unit like boomerangs! (react)
[17:50] [Jockey] "...Well that's not fair at all."
[17:50] [Terra] Kei: "And you just couldn't help yourself but had to drag it out before it was done?"
[17:51] [Jockey] *The Genoace does its best to leap away from the incoming clawmerangs. Hurling a few explosives at them to send them off course and possibly keep them from returning to Carina!+
[17:52] [@Tengu] Roy manages to avoid the barrage of incoming bolts, only getting grazed by some, and as the Judgements appear in sight from his kill spot in the alley, he riddles them with shots, causing two to collapse. But then, a cloud of ash starts to rise around him, and suddenly a Vengeance leaps in, swinging a connected double blade horizontally! (react)
[17:53] [@Tengu] Izuru's shots knock the enemy off-balance, leaving holes in its armor! With its arms thrown away, the faux Vengeance gets ready to slash with its katanas again, but Red Five is faster as it cleaves upwards, cutting through the Craft before it can react.
[17:54] [Cubey] Izuru: "She needs Kazan to finish it..."
[17:54] [Corel] As much as it pains Lenore to say it...
[17:55] [Cubey] Izuru: "Good thing she's not going to get it!" The AHSMB stands in front of the defeated enemy in a heroic pose, the sword pointing upwards after the slash.
[17:55] [Steam] * The Vengeance had a lot of nerve trying to attack him in a street, where he grew- ... didn't grow up at all, actually. But regardless of validity of his memories, be it muscle or mental, he was still fast on the draw with his blades, swinging them up in a cross-shape to block the mook's own slash.+
[17:55] [@Tengu] Calvin's shots don't do much to the incoming blades, which leave huge marks in the ground around him before returning back to the Gatekeeper. At least the worst he gets is get pushed away by the force of the strike, though his Genoace's limbs still creak from effort as this happens.
[17:56] [@Tengu] It seems like the shots fired by Astara and Calvin did a bit of damage, though. The Gatekeeper is not invincible to harm.
[17:57] [Corel] Lenore: "Yeah. Without that, it's a big and fast enemy. But we have to manage."
[17:57] [@Tengu] Roy clashes his blades against the enemy... But the volcanic ash around him is a disruption, and he's not quick enough to brace himself! The force of the strike knocks him back, crashing the Wagner into a wall.
[17:57] [@Tengu] (Lenore, Astara, Kei, go)
[17:57] [Jockey] "Big's kind of an understatement... but I think we can handle it."
[17:59] [Steam] "... You guys still..."
[17:59] [Corel] Lenore: "Roy...!"
[17:59] [Steam] "Ugh!" The Wanger pulls itself free of the wall.
[18:00] [Steam] "-... Just conned her out of something that could save lives...!"
[18:00] [Steam] "And don't worry about me!"
[18:00] [Terra] * "Then we just need to make sure she doesn't get it. Izuru, now that you're free of your current engagement, strike at these two before they can wheel around and suppress Calvin. Lenore, help strike when Izuru draws their attention, the sooner we're able to focus on the big one, the more likely we are to destroy it." +
[18:01] [Steam] "Like yeah, you might just be a clone or something... but your head's still your own! And... and you at least know everything you've done and believed in is for real too!"
[18:01] [@Tengu] (feel free to take those actions)
[18:01] [Cubey] Izuru: "Got it, Kei!"
[18:01] [Corel] (combining with action this turn)
[18:01] [Jockey] "Understood. Lets see what a few pot shots can do...."
[18:02] [Corel] Lenore: "I got it."
[18:03] [Cubey] *The Judgements are fast - but Red Five is fast too! It zips around them, Izuru swinging the chainsword as he passes to grab their attention - and then leaps into the fray, between them, thrusting the melee weapon towards one, and the forearm blade to the other.+
[18:03] [Corel] Lenore: "And I know, Roy. It's just like how everything you've experienced is real too."
[18:04] [Corel] Before she goes on with Kei's orders though, Iblis looks at Astara and Maxwell again for some reason.
[18:04] [Steam] Roy's not so sure of that...
[18:05] [Cubey] Izuru: We're all in the same boat here!"
[18:05] [Steam] But he at least knows for certain that his memories starting with Dotrice coming to Sakihama, including meeting her, were still legit.
[18:05] [Cubey] Well, except for Calvin and Astara, but he's rather busy at the moment.
[18:05] [Terra] Kei: "Yeah. We're all real and only somebody like Carina would deny it."
[18:06] [Corel] *But that only lasts a short while, so the blade comes to life again, while Lenore draws her revolver in her free hand. The two weapons are used in tandem against enemies that Izuru has distracted!+
[18:07] [Aero] * For once Astara's timing actually worked out, she breathes a small sigh of relief knowing that Kazan wasn't anywhere near here. Maxwell continues to chase after the Gatekeeper now that she knew that it could be harmed, bouncing off of sigils of energy to gain height. "Fortuna..." A sphere of darkness forms in Maxwell's hand before bursting out in the form
[18:07] [Aero] of several spears of darkness that surround and converge onto the Gatekeeper's joints. +
[18:10] [@Tengu] Izuru and Lenore strike in coordination (courtesy of Kei), their attacks destroying two more of the Judgements, as well as damaging a Vengeance and the Rebellion that attacked Lenore previously, forcing it on the defensive for the time being. None of your allies are in danger of being suppressed by enemies for the time being, and can move freely again.
[18:11] [Cubey] Izuru: "We got them!"
[18:12] [@Tengu] Gatekeeper zips to the side, avoiding the first of the incoming spears of darkness... But the rest of them hit it, and while they're slowed down by the force field, they strike at the giant opponent's joints!
[18:12] [@Tengu] Carina: "...Aahh... I see..."
[18:12] [Cubey] Izuru: "Looks like we have these guys handled! Only the Gatekeeper..."
[18:12] [Cubey] He didn't expect the enemy so huge to move quickly too.
[18:12] [@Tengu] Carina: "...You're all real? Don't make me laugh. You were created for one specific purpose. You're just tools."
[18:13] [@Tengu] Carina: "After all... aren't you fulfilling that specific purpose right now?"
[18:13] [@Tengu] Suddenly energy starts to gather much faster around the Gatekeeper's shoulder cannons! And they fire, erupting into a huge barrage of beams, which fall down upon the area around you, blowing up into explosions as soon as they land!
[18:14] [Steam] "... shut up."
[18:14] [@Tengu] (Astara, Lenore, Kei, Izuru react)
[18:14] [Terra] Kei: "..." Yeah, she didn't really have a strong argument there
[18:15] [Jockey] "I'm pretty sure tools don't have free will or the ability to make choices."
[18:15] [Cubey] *Izuru can't say anything. The AHSMB's survival instinct suddenly spikes and forces him to evade wildly, taking into the skies to evade the explosions while evasive maneuvers make it move between the beams.+
[18:15] [Terra] * What she did have, was fast reaction speeds and a unit that reacted immediately to her instincts as she sped to the side, firing her defensive guns around her to prevent any of the fake Crafts from using the opportunity to close in on her. +
[18:15] [Corel] Lenore: "Gh...! If I was, I'd just be a battery for your giant toy. That's not happening!"
[18:16] [Jockey] "And so far they've been making a lot of better ones than people you'd consider real."
[18:19] [Aero] * Maxwell starts to dart away from the barrage of beams by leaping off of more physical seals. The Gatekeeper never leaves her sight as she dodges through the beams, not wanting to give it any opportunity to attack her during the barrage. +
[18:20] [Corel] *Lenore does not want to get hit by those, so Iblis zips around in seemingly random directions to avoid the splash damage from those exploding beams. She tries not to stay so close to the ground either.+
[18:21] [@Tengu] Your units are shaken as the huge barrage of beams explodes close to them. Luckily, everyone managed to avoid it without suffering serious damage...
[18:21] [@Tengu] But the same cannot be said for the city. The area where the beams fell is covered in craters.
[18:22] [@Tengu] And many buildings that stood there are just... not there anymore.
[18:22] [Jockey] "..gh... If anyone has any ideas... now would be a great time to share..."
[18:22] [@Tengu] Carina: "Amazing, isn't it! And this isn't even the full extent of the Gatekeeper's power."
[18:23] [@Tengu] (Izuru, Roy, Calvin)
[18:23] [Cubey] Izuru: "Shut up..."
[18:23] [Terra] Kei: "We could hope that we're her target and lure her out of the city..."
[18:23] [@Tengu] Enemy List: Fake Judgement x10 (3 damaged), Fake Vengeance x7 (1 damaged), Fake Rebellion x3 (1 damaged),
[18:23] [Cubey] Izuru: "We're not here because we're doing our work as tools..."
[18:23] [@Tengu] Enemy List: Fake Judgement x10 (3 damaged), Fake Vengeance x7 (1 damaged), Fake Rebellion x3 (1 damaged), Gatekeeper (light damage)
[18:23] [Cubey] Izuru: "We're here because..."
[18:24] [Cubey] Red Five's head snaps up in a quick motion, glaring at the Gatekeeper. It rushes forward in a furious assault!
[18:25] [Cubey] Izuru: "Everyone's a hero! And you're the villain! Nothing more! We'll stop you!"
[18:26] [Jockey] "I wouldn't even give her that much kid. I'd say she's just some crazy bit part who thinks she's bigger than she actually is."
[18:26] [Cubey] *Firing the chaingun all the way, Red Five gets very close to the Gatekeeper and starts circling it. Mid-way of the flanking maneuver, the gun runs dry. "Aaaagh!" Izuru removes both forearm blades from their hardpoints, rises them and stabs into the enemy - trying to slash to the sides!+
[18:27] [Terra] Kei: "...She made a one kilometer tall robot."
[18:27] [Corel] Lenore: "Izuru..."
[18:27] [Jockey] "...She had help from a bunch of other crazies."
[18:28] [Jockey] *That being said he launches a few missiles at the eyes and keeps the Genoace moving as much as possible... maybe if he was lucky and one of those things blew out...+
[18:29] [@Tengu] The Gatekeeper turns around as Red Five circles it, making sure the AHSBM is always in front of it. The projectiles hit its shield, but many of them go through. However... As soon as Izuru is within melee range and starts slashing, the gigantic enemy suddenly jumps, and launches a powerful, spinning kick at the AHSMB! (react)
[18:30] [Aero] Astara: "She also made complete copies of my best friend's Craft, crazy or not she's a problem that has to be stopped."
[18:31] [Steam] * Roy knew, had to get out of the alley and past the Vengeance. He couldn't leave Carina to just everyone else, and to that extent the Wagner's short sword shifted to its spear configuration... "Not bad for tight fight!" And it charged at the Vengeance with, well, a Vengeance... its spear thrusting out over and over again, the occasional burst of
[18:31] [Steam] a Heat Flash to make sure it couldn't get away with just simple dodges!+
[18:32] [Cubey] Izuru: "!!"
[18:32] [@Tengu] Roy's vicious counter-attack puts the Vengeance into a defensive stance - it tries to parry the incoming hits with its blades, but the spear hits it repeatedly, and finally pierces right through the fake Craft!
[18:33] [Steam] "GOT YOU!"
[18:33] [Cubey] *The kick goes his way, but... "I see it!" Red Five quickly jukes up, and tries to stab downwards - the blades thrusting into the leg, and hopefully sticking to it!+
[18:33] [@Tengu] However, one of the Rebellions jumps on top of a nearby building, from which it can see the whole alley - and extends its hand, starting to pepper Wagner with projectiles fo light from there! (Roy react)
[18:34] [Corel] #Roy?
[18:34] [Steam] "Oh come on...!"
[18:34] [@Tengu] (react)
[18:34] [@Tengu] (err, approved)
[18:35] [@Tengu] Izuru manages to launch his foolhardy maneuver and stabs into the leg of the Gatekeeper! At least temporarily, though - the speed and force of the gigantic enemy means that when the kick finishes its circle, it's too much for Red Five, and it's sent flying.
[18:35] [Steam] * The Wagner swings its spear upwards as it runs out of the alley, using it like an umbrella to ward off the shots!+
[18:35] [@Tengu] Seeing missiles flying into her direction, Carina extends the Gatekeeper's hand into Calvin's direction...
[18:35] [@Tengu] Something shifts on the surface of the metal.
[18:36] [Jockey] "...Great... here we go again-"
[18:36] [Corel] "Oh no you don't!" *Lenore's assist comes in the form of a single shot imbued with energy that will explode. The intention is to stop the fake Rebellion's barrage!+
[18:37] [@Tengu] One after another, two Judgements and one Vengeance leave the hand of the Gatekeeper, jumping out and intercepting the missiles! They take some damage in the process, but they're still in the air, heading towards Calvin's Genoace in an attempt to slash it with their poleaxes/katanas respectively! (react)
[18:37] [@Tengu] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJIBok06Zjg
[18:37] [Cubey] Izuru: "Aah!" At least he sounds normal and not in rage mode again.
[18:38] [Jockey] "-okay nevermind WE'RE DOING THIS NOW!"
[18:38] [@Tengu] Roy manages to intercept a few of the shots with his spear, before the fake Rebellion is thrown off-balance and stops its barrage thanks to Lenore's hit. Its damage accumulates.
[18:39] [Jockey] *Calvin launches several flares and missiles into the faces of the newly spawned crafts and does his best to strafe away from the incoming strikes!+
[18:39] [Corel] Lenore: "There's more...?"
[18:40] [Aero] Astara: "How is it forming more..."
[18:40] [@Tengu] Calvin has a pretty long time to react, and manages to shoot down the Judgements before they can reach him, and evade the attack of the Vengeance.
[18:40] [Cubey] Izuru: "More of them appear, just like that?!"
[18:41] [@Tengu] Carina: "Surprised? The Gatekeeper is also a factory."
[18:42] [Corel] Lenore: "They had to come from somewhere, but-"
[18:42] [Aero] Astara: "From that thing...how..."
[18:43] [@Tengu] Carina: "All thanks to the old design, a battleship that was meant to help in the war against the Gates. I utilized it for a new purpose, as a framework for the Gatekeeper."
[18:43] [@Tengu] Carina: "A mobile fortress that can both fight and produce its own army of automated Craft..."
[18:44] [@Tengu] Carina: "Isn't it fortunate that Seta Alberich unknowingly helped me create it!"
[18:45] [Terra] Kei: "How do you even make a factory work with all that movement..."
[18:45] [Corel] That name again...
[18:46] [Cubey] Izuru: "..."
[18:46] [Aero] Astara: "What do you mean by that?"
[18:47] [Aero] Astara: "You're just a leech that collected her dna or whatever to do all of this."
[18:47] [Jockey] "..."
[18:48] [@Tengu] Carina: "Oh yes, you knew her, didn't you? The genetic samples and combat data she brought to Gloster were very helpful in creating the fake Craft. What a foolish girl she was! All it took for her to handle them over was to mention that they will be used to 'help to end the fight'."
[18:48] [Jockey] The kijin dame that passed on... she already played a big part in this... still did.
[18:48] [@Tengu] Carina: "Naive. Naive till the end."
[18:48] [Jockey] "............"
[18:48] [Jockey] "You've got a lot of nerve..."
[18:48] [Aero] Astara: "..."
[18:49] [Terra] Kei: "..."
[18:49] [@Tengu] Carina: "Well, I guess even death is no cure for stupidity."
[18:49] [Cubey] Izuru: "You..."
[18:49] [Aero] Astara: "You..."
[18:49] [Jockey] "Lady... There's a lot of things that annoy me to high heaven... and speaking ill of the dead's one of them."
[18:49] [@Tengu] (Astara)
[18:49] [Corel] Lenore only looks at Astara and the others here.
[18:50] [Corel] That was right...she wasn't around the UG back then. She didn't know Seta in person, but these people did.
[18:53] [Aero] * "I'm going to destroy you." Maxwell's flames suddenly ignite into a monstrous blaze, the mouthguard that usually covered Maxwell's face opened up and the Craft roared in anger. http://i.imgur.com/ulPkrrv.jpg The Craft seems to teleport right in front of the Gatekeeper in a tornado of fire and the craft begins to claw and tear at the Gatekeeper with reckless
[18:53] [Aero] abandon. +
[18:55] [@Tengu] Carina: "Oh no, and what are you going to do abou-" Her gloating is interrupted as suddenly Maxwell does THAT. The vicious, fiery strikes hit the Gatekeeper repeatedly, shaking the machine on its legs. Each of the attacks causes its energy shield to flare up, albeit it looks more and more disrupted - and the last hit causes the barrier to visibly shatter into thousands of small pieces!
[18:55] [@Tengu] The Gatekeeper is vulnerable!
[18:56] [@Tengu] Carina: "You...!" The Gatekeeper counters by launching several quick, strong punches and claw slashes at Maxwell, ending with a mighty rising uppercut! (react)
[18:57] [Cubey] Izuru: "... You didn't know Seta at all."
[18:57] [Steam] # Astara?
[18:57] [Cubey] Izuru: "She'd never let you hurt Astara, or me, or Lenore - or anyone!"
[18:57] [Cubey] #
[18:57] [@Tengu] (both approved)
[18:57] [@Tengu] (also Lenore and Kei can move)
[18:58] [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sROzE4jivyU
[18:59] [Cubey] *A pair of angelic energy wings spreads in the air. Their origin - the awakened Red Five. Its visor rises, the hidden eyes underneath flashing.
[18:59] [Corel] Lenore at first observes the ferocious attacks.
[18:59] [Corel] Lenore: "...So...she was definitely one of the people you wanted to bring back if Kazan could..."
[18:59] [Steam] * "Serves you freakin' right for running your mouth like that!" The Wagner lunges in to try to rescue Astara, its blades slashing to cut the Gatekeeper's arm off at the elbow!+
[19:00] [Cubey] *And the AHSMB rushes forward, limbs spread wide as it interposes itself in front of the Maxwell. The wings fold, serving as a multi layered barrier - one that also tries to grab the enemy limbs as they attack, and hold them tight!+
[19:00] [Steam] "... Like, someone-" who he didn't know but whatever, "... Just tries to put some more good in the world and then you go and turn it into all THIS?!?"
[19:00] [Steam] "What kind of stealthy psycho scumbag could that Gloster guy have been to justify you being so crazy, you crazy, crazy, CRAZY lady?!?"
[19:01] [Jockey] "Technically... the man was possessed."
[19:01] [Terra] Kei: "Seta was a hero. You've made it completely clear that you would never be able to understand her." Kei's voice was cold as she finally spoke to Carina again
[19:01] [Cubey] Izuru: "You can't bring people back to life... but we won't let you harm anyone either!"
[19:02] [Aero] Astara: "All she wanted was to help people and you do this...I'm ending this here. "
[19:03] [Terra] * "Lenore, follow up on that attack, don't let the Gatekeeper regain its balance. We'll end this here. It should have a weak point around the knee...If you attack it from behind you can get behind the protective plating. Use the most powerful weapons that your craft has." +
[19:04] [Corel] Lenore: "I'll try."
[19:05] [Corel] *One of the Phantom Arms hasn't quite recovered, but the one used for offense is just fine. Lenore tries to keep up the momentum as Kei instructed...
[19:06] [Aero] * As Izuru and Roy come to her aid, Astara waits for her moment. If Invicta was partially responsible for this then she'd use his power to end it. As the wings wrap around and cover the Gatekeeper's limb a shadowy copy of Maxwell suddenly breaks off from the Craft and the two Crafts join Roy in slashing at the elbow of the Gatekeeper. +
[19:06] [Corel] *A whirlwind of light forms around the Phantom Arm, which is sent, rocket-punch style, at the back of the Gatekeeper!+
[19:08] [@Tengu] Carina's attacks hit Red Five's wings, and the awakened AHSMB holds its ground! Furthermore, the Gatekeeper's arm is immobilized, and hit by powerful slashes from both Maxwell and Wagner! While it's not severed, it's hanging by a thread now, as well as literally hanging down, uselessly!
[19:09] [@Tengu] The Gatekeeper is hit in the back by the light-powered Phantom Arm, which causes a small explosion inside the giant! Carina's unit finally breaks free and jumps back, reaching forward with its only good arm...
[19:10] [@Tengu] Carina: "...The factory module is broken? Grr..." Instead of creating more Craft, she swings the arm, commanding the remaining units to attack! They move forward to engage again, the damaged Rebellion already getting close enough to Lenore to try slashing at her with blades of light! (Lenore react)
[19:11] [@Tengu] (Izuru, Calvin and Roy can go)
[19:11] [Cubey] # Lenore (combining with action)
[19:11] [@Tengu] (approved)
[19:13] [Cubey] Izuru: "I have your back Lenore! Take her down!"
[19:13] [Jockey] *Calvin is quickly bringing up his MS Sized revolver to bear. Taking aim he rapidly fans the hammer to send a rapid hail of explosive rounds at the assaulting Crafts, seeking to clear the way for the heavy hitters!+
[19:13] [Steam] "Guess you're regretting hauling this out when it's not finished, huh?"
[19:13] [Cubey] *Red Five flips in the air, the wings trailing behind it. In the middle of the spin they suddenly become solid and sharp - long blades, which Izuru brings down on the offending enemy arms!+
[19:15] [Corel] Lenore: *"You're in the way...!" She tries to quickly juke to one side to avoid those blades, and fires the revolver at the Rebellion in close range!+
[19:15] [Steam] * Landing on the ground, the Wagner fires a slew of cannon rounds into it before charging full-on. Its short sword gets mounted back in its shield. "We got an arm... now let's see about getting a leg!" The spear shoots out like a pile bunker, accompanied by the explosive force of a Heat Flash!+
[19:16] [@Tengu] Red Five's solidified wings cut at the damaged Rebellion's arms, slashing them off! This lets Lenore fire a point-blank shot, which blows a hole in the fake Craft's chest, making it collapse heavily and blow up!
[19:16] [Cubey] Izuru: "These things look like Seta's Craft... but they're nothing like her!"
[19:19] [@Tengu] Calvin's barrage blows up two Judgements and one Vengeance, as well as dealing some light damage to more of the enemies and pushing most of them on the defensive! However, he's starting to run dangerously low on ammo... And most doesn't mean all! Two Vengeances attack, one of them creating a swirling vortex of volcanic ash that's going into his direction, while the other one connects its blades into one dual one, sets them on fire and tries to slash the Genoace apart with a swing! (react)
[19:21] [@Tengu] Roy's hit connects - but it doesn't damage a joint fully, as the Gatekeeper is already dodging and making it hit an armor plate instead! But regardless, it penetrates the armor and damages the giant enemy further!
[19:22] [@Tengu] Carina: "Do you really think this is over already? Premature!" The Gatekeeper jumps up and then descends towards Wagner in a familiar-looking diving kick! (react)
[19:22] [Aero] #Wagner?
[19:22] [Aero] *Roy
[19:22] [Aero] *Same thign
[19:22] [@Tengu] (approved)
[19:22] [@Tengu] (you robo-racist)
[19:23] [@Tengu] (also, everyone can move, just not all at once please)
[19:23] [@Tengu] Enemy List: Fake Judgement x8, Fake Vengeance x6, Fake Rebellion x2, Gatekeeper (damaged)
[19:25] [Corel] Izuru's presence now makes the Phantom Arm glow brighter for some reason.
[19:25] [Steam] (Will combine my action with my react, if that's okay)
[19:25] [@Tengu] (sure)
[19:26] [Steam] "No duh I know it's not over!"
[19:27] [Terra] * "Izuru, stand ready to strike at its knee the second it lands, before it can regain its footing. Standing by where I'm pinging will keep you from getting hit by the kick itself, while leaving you close enough to strike and hopefully knock it over." +
[19:27] [Aero] * "You really shouldn't have taken your eyes off me!" Astara invokes Invicta's powers once again, stopping time for a brief instant to allow her to reposition herself in front of the Wagner. "Seta..." Maxwell's arms and legs suddenly transform, covering themselves with RB's gauntlets and greaves, the space around the Craft begins to distort as Astara readies
[19:28] [Aero] herself, charging up a massive amount of light before erupting into a massive jumping uppercut to meet the divekick head on. +
[19:29] [Cubey] Izuru: "I have it Kei. Let's finish this!"
[19:30] [Steam] * The Wagner springs back, but it fires its rocket anchor out to grab onto the damaged section of armor. "But it will be finished once you're freakin' dead and buried!" He pulls hard to try to tear it open and expose another weak point on the machine!+
[19:30] [Steam] "And then we'll see if you're cool with the whole 'hey, let's insult the dead when they're gone and can't do anything about it' thing!"
[19:31] [Cubey] *Red Five rushes towards the simulated landing area, its wings slashing any enemy that foolishly stands on the way. And as soon as the Gatekeeper's leg is there - Red Five's arms stab into it, Izuru putting absolute trust in Kei's calculations. Large blades of light form on the AHSMB's empty hands - and strike!+
[19:35] [Jockey] *Seeing that cloud of blazing ashes coming towards him Calvin decides the best way to deal with it is... cause an explosion in front of it with a few bombs to disperse it. Then several flares into the face of the blade wielding craft before attempting to get under its swing and retaliate with a well placed knife upside the torso!+
[19:36] [@Tengu] Fighting fire with fire - apparently it works sometimes! Calvin manages to disperse the ash cloud, at least to get enough time to outmaneuver the larger opponent and stab right at its chest! The knife goes in deep, critically damaging the fake Craft. It goes limp.
[19:37] [@Tengu] Astara counters the diving kick with a RB-powered uppercut! The Gatekeeper, despite its much larger size, is sent flying!
[19:38] [@Tengu] Roy launches the rocket anchor and pulls a piece of the giant's armored plate apart, leaving a very obvious weak spot on its knee - one that Izuru can take advantage of.
[19:39] [@Tengu] As soon as Carina's unit lands, Red Five attacks the Gatekeeper's leg repeatedly, dealing more and more damage to it and making it collapse to one knee!
[19:39] [@Tengu] And indeed, like Kei predicted, Izuru is safe from melee attacks here. Carina can't reach him.
[19:39] [@Tengu] However...
[19:41] [@Tengu] Carina: "I have seen the light. This will not end this way!" The shoulder-mounted beam cannons start charging again! This time, the amount of eenrgy they're gathering is even more intense! In just a moment they;re about to fire an even larger barrage of beams towards you again - and towards the city!
[19:41] [Cubey] Izuru: "No!"
[19:42] [Aero] Astara: "Don't you dare."
[19:42] [Jockey] "... Light this up you psychopath!"
[19:43] [Jockey] #City?
[19:43] [@Tengu] (it's not attacking yet)
[19:44] [Corel] *Following everyone else's attacks, Lenore and Iblis close in on the Gatekeeper, but that starts to happen...
[19:44] [Corel] Lenore: "You've made these guys mad, but don't forget that you've taken from me directly, Carina!"
[19:45] [Terra] Kei: "We need to focus on saving the city. I'll try to find what I can about those cannons and how to destroy them."
[19:46] [Corel] *She's going to stop it, she has to. Iblis charges at the Gatekeeper head on to try to interrupt it, but something is missing here.
[19:47] [Jockey] "Think giving back some of the junk that giant of hers chucked at us would work?"
[19:47] [Corel] This is the closest Lenore has ever come to striking down Carina, but the tool she needs to do it with and to bring back her siblings is not present.
[19:48] [Corel] *She still continues, aiming a punch that is imbued with light, through the Phantom Arm...
[19:49] [Corel] But that light changes to fire...
[19:49] [Aero] Astara: "What!?"
[19:50] [Corel] *In the Phantom Arm's grip, the sword that was supposed to have been taken away by the Foundation and sealed, appears!
[19:51] [Corel] *Through Lenore's feeling of wanting vengeance, she had summoned it, even from this distance. And she isn't complaining as she brings it down on the Gatekeeper!+
[19:51] [Corel] Lenore: "You're finished!!"
[19:52] [Cubey] Izuru: "Kazan?!"
[19:52] [@Tengu] The Gatekeeper covers itself with its only good arm, in what looks like a desperate attempt at blocking the strike...
[19:52] [Steam] "She's still got it?"
[19:52] [@Tengu] At the surface of the arm, something appears.
[19:52] [Jockey] "Oh hell..."
[19:53] [@Tengu] Lenore can see it clear.
[19:54] [@Tengu] It's... her old friends. Other Kijin clones. Looking as if they're trapped right under the Gatekeeper's surface. Reaching out to her with tortured gestures. Moaning. Crying out for help.
[19:54] [@Tengu] Trapped. Within the Gatekeeper's body itself.
[19:54] [Corel] Lenore: "....!?"
[19:54] [Corel] Iblis' movement ceases completely.
[19:54] [Steam] Roy: "... Lenore?"
[19:54] [Steam] LENORE!
[19:54] [Steam] ^"LENORE!"
[19:55] [@Tengu] Suddenly the arm grabs Iblis! Hundreds of metallic tendrils emerge from the Gatekeeper, wrapping themselves around Lenore's unit!
[19:55] [Corel] The blade is only inches away from touching the giant's armor.
[19:55] [@Tengu] Iblis, Lenore, and Kazan, are pulled into the Gatekeeper!
[19:55] [@Tengu] They're swallowed...
[19:55] [Cubey] Izuru: "Lenore!"
[19:55] [Corel] Lenore: "I...aaagh-!"
[19:56] [Terra] Kei: "We need to get her out of there! Izura, Astara, you've got swords...Try to cut the tendrils."
[19:56] [@Tengu] They disappear from sight now...
[19:56] [@Tengu] Slowly, the Gatekeeper raises to both feet. Its cannons stop charging.
[19:56] [@Tengu] Carina: "..."
[19:56] [@Tengu] Carina: "...Ha..."
[19:56] [Cubey] Izuru: "I'm on it!" The AHSMB is already taking off.
[19:56] [@Tengu] Carina: "I lost the module that let me make more fake Crafts..."
[19:57] [@Tengu] Carina: "But who cares? I have Kazan now!"
[19:57] [Steam] "Shut up!"
[19:57] [Steam] "... And give her back!"
[19:57] [Aero] Astara: "You're not going to have it for long!" The Craft follows as well.
[19:58] [@Tengu] Carina: "Why would I? I need her as well. With Kazan, and with Iblis... Everything is in place now."
[19:58] [Jockey] Calvin's hanging back but he's already taking aim in preparation to open fire with everything he's still got.
[19:58] [@Tengu] Carina: "I've won. And you've given me the last pieces I needed."
[19:58] [@Tengu] Carina: "For that..."
[19:58] [@Tengu] Carina: "Thank you."
[19:59] [@Tengu] The Gatekeeper's form starts to twist, and as soon as you get close enough to attack, it and its remaining escort units disappear with a strong shockwave!
[20:00] [@Tengu] It doesn't cause any damage to you. But they're all gone.
[20:00] [Cubey] Izuru: "Ah..." Red Five's thrown back but not for long.
[20:00] [Cubey] But... it's too late.
[20:00] [Cubey] Izuru: "Lenore!"
[20:00] [@Tengu] Carina, the Gatekeeper, the fake Craft... And Lenore.
[20:00] [Terra] Kei: "..."
[20:01] [Steam] The Wagner just throws its swords in a fury where the Gatekeeper had been just moments before.
[20:01] [Jockey] "... We'll find her."
[20:01] [Aero] Maxwell finally calms down but Astara herself is slightly livid.
[20:02] [Cubey] Izuru: "Carina wanted Lenore and Kazan, and now..."
[20:02] [Jockey] "No way she can hide that thing for long..."
[20:02] [Jockey] Calvin isn't so sure...
[20:02] [Aero] Astara: "Why can't I ever do anything right..."
[20:03] [@Tengu] Only time will tell if you'll be able to find her.
[20:03] [@Tengu] For now, you're the only ones left on the empty battlefield.
[20:03] [@Tengu] MISSION FAILED
[20:04] [Cubey] Izuru: "..."
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