sparecubey (16:06:37): Guided by dr Eliene's dairy - and her final written words, Unity Group departs for the cultists' hideout.
sparecubey (16:07:37): The circumstances are highly unusual, and troubling. The weather turns foul, a dark and stormy sky welcomes you as clouds gather above the location.
sparecubey (16:08:46): An abandoned peninsula, where once buildings stood but now only ruins, reclaimed by nature - or as it turns out, far worse. This is where the summoning is taking place.
sparecubey (16:09:04): This is where another horrible entity attempts to enter this existence. With human help.
sparecubey (16:09:16):
sparecubey (16:09:34): It must be stopped.
Tengu Shikigami (16:35:10): Asagi: "After all this is over, I'll be happy if I don't hear about any cults ever again..."
sparecubey (16:35:25): As soon as the UG shuttle approaches, you feel a sense of dread.
sparecubey (16:35:35): This is not a good place. (16:36:10): Eva clutches her chest. She shouldn't be here...
wyverncakes (16:36:23): Hibiki: "But if you do that then.... then if someone else tries to summon one we won't be there to stop them!"
sparecubey (16:36:28): Commander Huffman: "I happen to be... somewhat knowledgeable on this topic. There are two power signatures rising as we speak. You should be able to detect them, hmm?"
frifreeman (16:36:31): Walt's team jumps down from the shuttle.
frifreeman (16:36:39): Walt: "Just like old days, eh team?"
sparecubey (16:37:10): Huffman: "Whatever is happening, the heart of the matter is at the signatures' location. Or rather, hearts."
sparecubey (16:37:30): The problem is though, the two are some distance apart - one hidden in the woods, the other in the ruins.
frifreeman (16:38:09): Walt: " Don't even think about it."
Tengu Shikigami (16:38:14): Asagi: "What I meant is..." He shakes his head. "Urgh, nevermind. There's two of them. Looks like we'll have to-"
frifreeman (16:38:20): Walt: "Don't even say it, asagi!"
wyverncakes (16:38:38): "We can just hit one and then hit the other!" (16:38:54): Eva: "...if you say so..."
Tengu Shikigami (16:38:59): Asagi: "...Alright, alright. Let's do it that way." (16:39:34): *Eva closes her eyes and tries to focus her senses. Does she feel a stronger pull towards either site over the other?
sparecubey (16:40:31): It's hard to say.
sparecubey (16:40:50): You may run out of time if you do not split, but on the other hand considering the circumstances...
sparecubey (16:40:57): The forest signature is closer.
frifreeman (16:41:42): Walt: "Yeah, let's not get picked one by one by horrifix axe-tentacled murdermonsterbot by splitting. Let's go to the closer one first."
Tengu Shikigami (16:42:57): Asagi: "I'll take point. At the very least I can check the area from above. Eva, Hibiki, let's go." (16:43:18): Eva: "Al..alright." She floats behind Asagi, and to his flank.
sparecubey (16:43:48): You do not venture far before you already see a red trail in front of you.
wyverncakes (16:44:03): Hibiki follows behind them, trying to be super-watchful just in case anything bad were to happen.
sparecubey (16:44:07): It leads from further on into the woods - towards nearby stones that look just too chiseled to be natural.
frifreeman (16:44:20): Walt: "Don't get too close to each others, Eva. Asagi. You know what happens with couples that get... too close in places like this. But stay close. Protect each others back.
sparecubey (16:44:39): A pool of blood is gathered on the improvised altar.
wyverncakes (16:44:40): All things considered, she was glad she'd watched some horror movies with Genjuro. Not really good training for what to do, but amazing for what not to do in these situations!
frifreeman (16:44:59): Walt grabs his left arm uncounciously.
wyverncakes (16:45:02): And then that altar. "Ah!"
wyverncakes (16:45:21): She points at it, looking at everyone else. "Were we too late?!"
Tengu Shikigami (16:45:37): Asagi: "This is not a mov-" He gets interrupted by the altar coming in sight. "..."
sparecubey (16:45:44): And, Hibiki especially (due to not being in a cockpit), but to some extent others too - you smell a horrible stench.
sparecubey (16:45:56): Smells like blood... and burning.
sparecubey (16:46:15): Suddenly from the woods - a long stream of flammable liquid bursts out, trying to engulf Blue One - and the Tern!
sparecubey (16:46:18): Asagi, Eva, react. (16:47:03): *Eva: "-I can smell it...!" the Tern tries to slip in front of Blue one, and spread a barrier field in front of the two of them.+
sparecubey (16:47:23): A mobile suit visor lights up in the dark - followed by a few others next to it.
Tengu Shikigami (16:47:53): Asagi: "Hostiles! Cultists, or a monster?" He quickly dashes to the side in an evasive maneuver, readying Blue One's sword in anticipation of incoming enemies.
Tengu Shikigami (16:47:53): +
frifreeman (16:48:01): Walt: "Team, defensive formation!"
frifreeman (16:48:29): Walt's team scrambles to cover each others' back.
sparecubey (16:48:44): The barrier captures the licking flames, Blue One getting out of the way without any damage. The atmosphere around the Tern gets warmer, but there is no damage to speak of.
sparecubey (16:49:11): You hear movement shuffling in the woods - units painted in dark colors with weird symbols on them are moving around, trying to flank, surround you.
sparecubey (16:49:28): Enemies: Daughtress High Mobility x4, Destroid Spartan x6
sparecubey (16:49:32): Walt, Hibiki, go
sparecubey (16:49:37): Daughtress High Mobility

Destroid Spartan
Tengu Shikigami (16:50:07): Asagi: "The former... Looks like they didn;t summon any monsters yet. I hope."
sparecubey (16:50:15): The Destroids are armed with melee clubs and improvised ranged weaponry. (16:50:25): Eva: "...Mmm...if it's just this much hardware..."
wyverncakes (16:51:50): In spite, or possibly to spite the circumstances, Hibiki's singing begins to fill the area as she turns to focus on the new machines.
Tengu Shikigami (16:52:06): Asagi: "Still, what were they doing here... I don't like this."
wyverncakes (16:53:20): * "Well maybe we can ask them!" Though first she'd have to get someone out of one of those machines! She's off with a running start, shifting into a slide to kick out one of the Destroid's legs before springing up with a punch to try to tear the cockpit open!+
wyverncakes (16:53:38): "Whatever reason you think you have summoning something that terrible is really... um actually terrible!"
sparecubey (16:56:18): The Spartan swings its billy club, but it is too large to easily hit a human target - especially one moving so quickly. Hibiki knocks it off balance and tears a hole in the cockpit hatch...
sparecubey (16:56:29): Revealing a hunched figure clad in an obscuring pilot suit inside.
sparecubey (16:56:47): The pilot is looking down, hands gripping controls in grim determination.
frifreeman (16:57:05): Walt: "Fire at will!" Walt opens fire, and the rest of his team follows. They open fire at all direction. any opportunity target that appears from the woods. "Hey! Question! Who do we need to kill to stop whatever the hell you are doing?"
frifreeman (16:57:12): +
sparecubey (16:57:35): But as soon as you can get a good look at the insides of the cockpit, suddenly the cultist's head rises! Grabbing something from the side - a large revolver, the pilot fires!
sparecubey (16:57:45): React, Hibiki.
sparecubey (16:58:24): Another destroid appears from the woods, leaping towards the Genoaces. It is promptly cut down.
sparecubey (16:59:02): Following it, a high mobility Daughtress hovers in closer, the foliage flattened by its approach. The nature suffers even more as it lights up its flamethrower and fires towards the mobile suits, everything on the path being set aflame!
sparecubey (16:59:05): React, Walt.
sparecubey (16:59:08): Eva and Asagi can go
frifreeman (17:00:48): Walt: "Everyone, fall back! Focus on the flamethrower guy!" Walt's team step further from the edge of the woods together, focusing their defensive fire to the flamethrower wielder now.+
Tengu Shikigami (17:01:22): * Asagi drops down towards one of the Destroids, launching a flying kick at it in an attempt to send it stumbling at another enemy unit - and then rushes forward, trying to cut through both with several quick strikes of Blue One's katana! + (17:02:00): *Eva: "...If it's just this much...No, time is our enemy." She remains floating while Asagi drops to the ground, and bombards the Spartans from above with lasers.+
wyverncakes (17:02:03): * "Wait!", hurridly Hibiki fires off her leg pistons again, letting her backflip out of the pilot's firing zone, giving one last kick to the machine to knock it down.+
wyverncakes (17:02:24): Although...
Tengu Shikigami (17:03:11): Asagi: "I don't think talking will do much with these guys!"
wyverncakes (17:03:16): "But if they have to fight against us still, then we still have time to stop them!"
sparecubey (17:05:14): The Daughtress is shot several times, a beam piercing its fuel back container. It starts to burn up itself...
sparecubey (17:05:59): But it does not slow down! Though it can no longer fire the flamethrower, it charges forward as a blazing fireball, either as a deliberate kamikaze tactic or by coincidence.
sparecubey (17:07:00): Hibiki gets away from the cockpit and its handgun firing pilot, though admittedly a pistol of this caliber would not do much damage to you... the Spartan is knocked over, but it tries to get up almost immediately, all things considered.
sparecubey (17:07:53): While the other Destroids are cut down and bombarded by Asagi and Eva working in unison - the outdated units proving no match to your performance and skill.
sparecubey (17:07:57): Suddenly
sparecubey (17:08:40): Something slashes through the woods - cutting down a tree on its way, a beam knife is thrust towards Blue One, the mobile suit wielding it already getting out of the way.
sparecubey (17:09:04): It does so by jumping, quickly rising to uppercut slice at the Tern, adn then falling down towards dense vegetation down below.
sparecubey (17:09:17): The skeletally thin unit is lightning fast! Both of you react.
sparecubey (17:09:24): New enemy: Correl
sparecubey (17:09:29): Walt, Hibiki, go now (17:10:09): *Eva's got a melee weapon of her own-with much longer reach! She brings her sword down on the Correl in a quick slash.+
sparecubey (17:10:23): (The Daughtress which is on fire is still around, and will charge into someone quickly unless something is done about it)
wyverncakes (17:10:51): Hibiki will do something about it!
Tengu Shikigami (17:11:30): Asagi: "I've never seen this kind of Mobile Suit before!" Blue One swings its katana in an attempt to parry the incoming blade! +
sparecubey (17:12:50): The knife-wielding mobile suit is both fast and precise. Its strikes evade the parry, and the unit itself twists out of harm's way from Eva's counterattack.
wyverncakes (17:12:55): * Shifting her focus to the Daughtress, Hibiki primes both of her arm pistons before moving in. "You're just going to burn everyone down!" Well, that is unless she stopped them! First Hibiki punched out a good ways away from the Mobile Suit, the piston firing and releasing a concussive blast to put out that fire. And when the opening was clear, she moved in to deliver the second strike directly into its lower abdomen!+
sparecubey (17:13:20): It disappears behind the trees, moving closer towards your goal and leaving you with shallow, but unblocked, gashes on the armor. (17:14:12): Eva: "...urgh...That hurt, but damage is minimal..."
sparecubey (17:14:39): The pressurized air blast causes the flames to be extinguished... and once again, not sure if it's because of physics or deliberate effort on part of the pilot, but what follows - is the whole MS exploding, the fuel tanks first.
sparecubey (17:14:46): Hibiki is very close to that explosion. React!
frifreeman (17:15:08): Walt: "We don't have time for this... don't they say the requirement is almost completed!?" Walt's team try to flush the Correl out of the woods by shooting rapidly at its rough area, hoping that someone with better weapon can finish it when it appears.+
Tengu Shikigami (17:15:50): Asagi: "Then we need to hurry! If the altar is destroyed, will the ritual be disrupted?"
sparecubey (17:16:49): The Genoaces fire into the darkness, ripping up the vegetation. Walt himself is suddenly interrupted - the remaining Spartan tries to lunge at his unit, slamming the club down.
sparecubey (17:17:22): And that's the Correl's cue to attack. From the flank, its weapon flashes yellow. Then the unit leaps towards the Genoace and the Destroid both, delivering a lightning fast series of slashes.
sparecubey (17:17:24): Walt react
wyverncakes (17:17:42): * Hibiki springs back from the scorching heat as fast as her legs can take her, keeping her hands up to protect her face from the flames!+
Tengu Shikigami (17:17:55): #
sparecubey (17:18:08): Approved
Tengu Shikigami (17:19:15): Asagi: "I see you!" As soon as the enemy jumps out of the foliage, Blue One descends towards it, clashing its katana with the Correl's knife! +
frifreeman (17:22:48): Walt drops his gun and unsheathes his heat stake, before taking the incoming spartan with it.+
sparecubey (17:25:30): Walt stabs into the Destroid - the struggling enemy goes limp from being impaled by the heat stake, but the Correl slices across you both, thinking little of friendly fire.
sparecubey (17:26:13): The series of slashes is stopped quickly by Blue One moving to block, but the Correl retreats again before your blades could even clash. The Spartan is destroyed, but Walt's unit is covered in shallow cuts too.
sparecubey (17:26:47): Hibiki jumps and tumbles, an explosion behind her - but she manages to escape unscathed.
sparecubey (17:26:50): Eva, Asagi, go now.
Tengu Shikigami (17:27:39): Asagi: "I'm going to try it. We don't have much time!" Blue One turns around, aiming its missile launcher at the altar and sending several explosives flying into its direction! =
Tengu Shikigami (17:27:41): + (17:27:59): (remaining enemies?)
sparecubey (17:28:13): Enemies: Daughtress High Mobility x3, Correl
sparecubey (17:29:10): The altar is blown up by explosions... but the reaction does not cease!
sparecubey (17:29:40): Perhaps the bloody trail leading from it would be a clue.
sparecubey (17:30:17): But you have no time to ponder that - the Daughtresses fire upwards again, two streams of flames criss crossing across the night sky, trying to capture the AHSMB. Asagi, react. (17:31:42): *Eva: "...Fine." She opens up with her smaller lasers, the anti-air ones on the Tern's head and the spread laser gun in its arm. Her first target is the Daughtresses-but as Eva goes, she systematically lays waste to the forest, turning all those old growth trees and concealment the Correl is using into so many burnt splinters.+
Tengu Shikigami (17:32:07): Asagi: "That's not it... The reaction comes from somewhere else!" Blue One takes off higher into the sky, trying to spiral away from the criss-crossing flames, and fire two more missiles towards the attackers as a counter! +
sparecubey (17:34:51): The flamethrower attacks singe against the Blue One. There is very little damage to the unit itself, but its pilot suddenly feels very uncomfortable, the cockpit becoming very hot.
sparecubey (17:35:55): The Daughtresses however get thrown around by the missiles, and a barrage of lasers penetrates them as a followup. Pierced by many small beams, they explode.
sparecubey (17:36:20): Eva's deforesting uncovers the Correl - which, lacking means of quickly getting into a good attacking position, opts to retreat deeper instead!
sparecubey (17:36:31): It also uncovers something far more ominous
sparecubey (17:37:14): A dark stone - black but with red pulsing veins, standing atop a gilded pedestal. It used to be in the center of a small clearing, but now the whole area around is cleared.
sparecubey (17:37:20): You're sure this is it.
sparecubey (17:37:28): Doubly sure because the trail of blood leads towards it.
sparecubey (17:38:12): Towards a pile covered by a large dirty sheet, a pile whose identity is better not checked too closely, considering several limbs sticking out...
sparecubey (17:38:29): Walt, Hibiki, go now.
Tengu Shikigami (17:40:34): Asagi's not sure what makes him feel worse. The temperature in the cockpit, or that sight.
Tengu Shikigami (17:40:46): Asagi: "...At least we found it."
wyverncakes (17:40:58): "It'd probably be really bad to touch it, right?"
frifreeman (17:42:02): Walt: "Most likely we should destroy it."
frifreeman (17:42:14): Walt: "But what if destroying it would unleash whatever it's sealing?"
wyverncakes (17:42:20): * Not wanting to take that chance, Hibiki quickly locates the broken-off hatch from the Destroid she attacked earlier, taking hold of it in both hands. One quick spin and a determined cry later, she sends it hurling right at the stone!+
frifreeman (17:42:23): Walt: "Damnit, this is like the lady all over again!"
wyverncakes (17:42:30): "... Aaaaah! I'm sorry!"
wyverncakes (17:42:35): Walt had a really good point! (17:42:56): Eva: "-don't argue so much and do something!"
sparecubey (17:44:52): Taking advantage of Hibiki's sudden hesitation, the Correl lunges from the woods again. The giant in comparison mobile suit moves in quickly, the blade held low as the beam knife cuts the thrown hatch first, splitting it apart and making the halves fly off in two directions harmlessly.
sparecubey (17:44:58): Hibiki is going to be next. React!
Tengu Shikigami (17:45:30): Asagi: "He tries to stop us from breaking the stone!"
frifreeman (17:46:00): Walt: "Well, that makes our choice easier then."
wyverncakes (17:48:30): * Well at least that cleaned her conscious, and with the Correl coming in, Hibiki jukes to the side and bracers herself, swinging a backhand to parry the Correl's arm away from her!+
sparecubey (17:50:54): The blade does not touch her due to the last second dodge, but the Correl's arm swinging sends Hibiki flying through the air!
sparecubey (17:51:23): Though... it quickly moves the knife to another hand. This one seems to be damaged, just from that even.
sparecubey (17:51:32): Walt, Eva, Asagi, go.
wyverncakes (17:51:45): "Uaaaah!" (17:52:52): *"Got you." That same barrage that was brought upon the forest now targets the Correl-with her smaller anti-air lasers bombarding it, while the more powerful ones arc towards the stone it was guarding.+
Tengu Shikigami (17:53:06): * Asagi turns the katana in Blue One's hands downwards, then descends towards the Correl, stabbing it from above - and immediately follows up with a second, rising strike! +
Tengu Shikigami (17:53:19): Asagi: "At the very least we'll keep him occupied for long enough."
sparecubey (17:57:13): The Correl tries to dodge around Eva's lasers, positioning itself so as to simultaneously flank Asagi, and put the AHSMB between itself and the beams.
frifreeman (17:57:40): Walt: "Ignore the mechs, just destroy the... whatevethat stone is!" Walt lead his team to bombard the stone monolyth with beam fires+
sparecubey (17:57:49): It ducks under the first stab, and repeatedly thrusts its weapon into Blue One's main arm, trying to immobilize it so the second strike never comes. Asagi, react!
sparecubey (17:57:52): As for the stone...
sparecubey (17:58:27): The last Daughtress positions itself in front of it. The beams strike its armor, but it lights up the flamethrower and tries to burn Tern up anyway. Eva react.
wyverncakes (17:59:11): # Eva?
sparecubey (18:00:08): Approved.
Tengu Shikigami (18:00:55): Asagi: "...Now!" Blue One quickly and unexpectedly lashes at the opponent with the whip-like coil around its offhand, trying to knock the Correl away and disrupt its balance! +
frifreeman (18:04:04): a
wyverncakes (18:04:09): * The Daughtress had more than just Eva to worry about though. "Huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Having recovered one of the hatch halves, Hibiki holds it in front of her like a shield as she charges from the side at the machine!+ (18:04:43): *Eva trusts Asagi to handle this. But the flames are going to be trouble if she gets caught in them for too long. So she darts through the air, working to avoid the stream of flaming liquid.+
sparecubey (18:05:46): The Daughtress shifts to the side - not knocked over due to its bottom heavy design, but it sways clumsily, and the jet of fire with it.
sparecubey (18:06:01): Eva quickly gets away from the flames which fall down and light up a section of the forest below instead.
sparecubey (18:06:28): And while the cultists are busy with that, the Genoaces fire. Their spiral beams cut through the air and blow the dark stone to smithereens.
sparecubey (18:06:35): The energy reaction is quickly diminishing!
sparecubey (18:07:04): And the Correl pilot seems to realize it too - suddenly distracted, Blue One's whip coils itself around it and knocks the enemy away before it can perform any more stabbings
sparecubey (18:07:23): The unit looks severely beaten up. Without losing a second, it disappears into the woods!
sparecubey (18:07:31): The Daughtress tries to follow. And also...
sparecubey (18:08:00): ???: "You find it prudent to destroy my own work?"
sparecubey (18:08:08): ???: "Do you even realize what I am trying to do here?"
sparecubey (18:08:29): A transmission - originating from the ruins and the source of the second energy signature, you hear a dignified older gentleman speaking.
wyverncakes (18:08:36): Hibiki: "You're trying to do something bad!"
wyverncakes (18:08:48): "And if you weren't you would've told us by now before trying to kill us!"
frifreeman (18:09:02): Walt: "Whatever you're doing we can't stop it soon enough apparently."
sparecubey (18:09:42): ???: "My... accomplices were instructed not to let anyone interrupt us. For a good reason."
frifreeman (18:09:57): Walt: "With what, still like half dozen other entities drooling over earth like it's a particularly delicious cake."
sparecubey (18:10:05): "What we are doing here isn't easily understood by the world at large. Which is amusing... it's that world we are trying to save."
Tengu Shikigami (18:10:26): Asagi: "How will summoning a monster save anything?" (18:10:33): Eva: "You're not the first to say that..."
sparecubey (18:11:01): ???: "Isn't it the Watcher? Of course you are here."
sparecubey (18:11:27): ???: "Those entities you mentioned seek to wipe out or enslave humanity. I am only doing what is necessary to prevent it."
sparecubey (18:11:54): ???: "The Sleeper From Between the Stars must awaken - but not as humanity's master. Rather, its protector."
sparecubey (18:12:34): ???: "Using complicated rituals and at an acceptably small cost of human life, I am able to control it."
sparecubey (18:12:45): ???: "All I need is not to be interrupted!"
frifreeman (18:13:50): Walt" "Well... sounds like a good proposition. I guess we all should go home everyone. He has the right idea."
frifreeman (18:14:05): Walt:"Are you seriously thinking that's what our response going to be?"
Tengu Shikigami (18:14:25): Asagi: "...I was wondering for a second."
wyverncakes (18:14:34): Hibiki: "But if we just didn't summon it at all then it wouldn't be a threat to anyone, right?"
Tengu Shikigami (18:15:52): Asagi: "Using human sacrifice to do something you THINK lets you control a horrible monster. Do you really expect us to agree to this?"
sparecubey (18:15:58): ???: "I was afraid it won't be so easy. After all, for the Sleeper to awake, the Dreamer needs to be overcome. For the Dreamer to arouse... the Watcher needs to be broken."
frifreeman (18:16:14): Walt:"What you're doing is like having your house invaded by rats, so you'reletting loose stray cats inside. Then I guess when you realize you can't control the stray cats, you're going to let loose some dogs? Then bears?"
sparecubey (18:16:34): ???: "If you are to judge me for sacrificing a few to defend many, then come! The Watcher - let me break you!"
sparecubey (18:16:42): Something stirs in the ruins up ahead.
frifreeman (18:17:25): Walt: "Ugh..." Walt grabs his let eye. "I really hope this is just migrains from eating too much cheese for breakfast earlier.."
sparecubey (18:17:40): A large, heavy mobile suit displaces pieces of rubble as it moves, crossing through a desolate stone arch.
Tengu Shikigami (18:18:02): Asagi: "...Maybe you shouldn't go further, Walt. Let us take care of this." (18:18:16): Eva: "...Ah...It was a trap."
sparecubey (18:18:31): Moreover, additional units appear from hiding places to take defensiev positions in the ruins.
sparecubey (18:18:59): Enemies: Destroid Spartan x8, 3D x3, Gable
sparecubey (18:19:06): 3D

sparecubey (18:19:13): The 3Ds do not seem armed in the slightest.
wyverncakes (18:19:25): Hibiki: "You shouldn't have to sacrifice anyone!"
wyverncakes (18:19:47): "And if you do have to... you should always put yourself first!"
sparecubey (18:19:58): ???: "Naive. The world will sacrifice people whether you want to or not!"
sparecubey (18:20:22): The energy signature is growing quickly now - and it's very close to the Gable.
sparecubey (18:20:26): No - it's in the Gable itself!
sparecubey (18:20:32): Walt, Hibiki, go now. (18:22:26): Eva: "...Then I'd strike back at the world."
wyverncakes (18:23:10): Hibiki: "... You're right. It does happen a lot. It happens too much."
wyverncakes (18:23:12): "But..."
wyverncakes (18:24:30): Fists clenched, she looked up at the Gable. "... If people wouldn't think that just because it happens that they can get away with it... it would happen a whole lot less!"
wyverncakes (18:25:37): * Hibiki springs into the air like a bullet, saving one of her leg pistons until she reaches the apex of her jump. Then it fires, sending her right back down, fist primed to punch into the Gable's shoulder!+
sparecubey (18:27:46): Hibiki's piston gives her acceleration necessary to slam into the Gable and...
sparecubey (18:27:52): Deal barely a scratch to it.
sparecubey (18:28:21): ???: "Your naive idealism will doom the world! Out of the way, girl!"
sparecubey (18:28:41): The Gable moves its massive arm in an uppercut aimed at the much smaller Relic user. Hibiki, react!
frifreeman (18:31:48): Walt: "If you want to save the world... why can't you just use all these resources to fund UG or something. Why do you guys always have to try to funnel your money to a single weird thing. Do you know how many hundred normal soldiers you could arm with your kind of resource?" Walt open fire at the 3d.+
frifreeman (18:32:38): Walt: "I'm not feeling good, guys. We really should finish this soon..."
wyverncakes (18:32:58): * Well, he was right about one thing. Hibiki shifts her weight and springs forward to get up and over the gigantic... virtually indestructible mobile suit.+
sparecubey (18:34:30): Upon being shot at, the 3D stumbles forward in a zombie like gait. What it tries to accomplish becomes obvious after several blasts. Once a DODS shot penetrates it, it keels down and explodes, taking a portion of the ruins with it.
sparecubey (18:34:34): These are mobile suit bombs!
sparecubey (18:34:47): And another one leaps from the ruins much closer to Walt and tries to grab at his unit! React. (18:35:03): #walt
sparecubey (18:35:07): Approved
frifreeman (18:35:08): Walt: "Oh crap..." (18:35:38): *from above, five lasers arc lance to the 3D charging Walt.+
frifreeman (18:35:43): Walt triees to push the enemy away with his shield. Hoping that they don't have magic glue or something.+
sparecubey (18:36:05): The giant arm moves quickly, glancing against the escaping Hibiki. You've now entered an aerial spiral, and go down out of control!
sparecubey (18:36:56): Walt shield slams the foe before it can explode, and Eva hastens the process while it's still far from the genoace. The potent explosion is enough to damage the shield seriously, though!
sparecubey (18:37:14): Suddenly, movement behind you.
sparecubey (18:37:28): Jumping from one ruined section of a wall to another, the Correl came back.
sparecubey (18:37:37): And it brought (some) reinforcements.
sparecubey (18:38:05): Enemies: Destroid Spartan x8, 3D x3 (2 behind you), Daughtress High Mobility (damaged), Correl (heavily damaged), Gable
sparecubey (18:38:12): Eva, Asagi, go
Tengu Shikigami (18:38:39): Asagi: "I expected him to be back... But I didn't expect more suicide bombers."
wyverncakes (18:39:05): Hibiki: "Uwaaaauaaaaaauaaaaaa!"
wyverncakes (18:39:26): Even after landing, Hibiki's going to need a little bit of time to get her bearings.
Tengu Shikigami (18:39:47): * Blue One drops down to the ground and turns around, quickly covering the newcomers with a long burst of machinegun fire. These 3Ds have to go before they reach anyone! +
sparecubey (18:40:22): The 3Ds shudder under fire and explode, one by one.
sparecubey (18:40:50): The fortified Spartans take advantage of that - firing laser cannons, machineguns and throwing flaming bombs, their barrage focused on the AHSMB's exposed back.
sparecubey (18:40:52): Asagi, react! (18:41:35): *Eva: "...You're a sick joke." She floats high above the battlefield, remaining out of the way of the 3Ds. "How noble that you have the will to sacrifice others, while keeping yourself safe." She rains pink, lasery death on the 3Ds, sweeping a barrage through their ranks.+
Tengu Shikigami (18:43:41): Asagi: "Tch... Surrounded from all directions. We need to thin them out further!" After its attack Blue One takes off into the sky again and starts maneuvering between the incoming shots, relying on its survival instinct and the energy shield to stay out of harm! +
sparecubey (18:45:16): ???: "I am protecting the ritual itself. My own survival is coincidental, as I am the only one who can complete it!" (18:45:41): Eva: "How convinient!"
sparecubey (18:45:45): Indeed, the Gable does have some kind of ritual circles and symbols drawn on it. Some black or white, others red - these ones are probably not in paint...
Tengu Shikigami (18:45:55): Asagi: "I was about to say that."
sparecubey (18:46:44): Eva destroys the last 3D, but the damaged Daughtress does not give up. It disattaches its fuel tanks - and throws one of them, as a bomb. A bomb that is then shot and explodes mid air, very clsoe to the Tern. React!
sparecubey (18:47:25): Asagi is full on defense now, the entrenched enemies' gunfire requires your full concentration to avoid. One attack or another is deflected by the shield, but the damage you suffer is relatively light... for now.
sparecubey (18:47:40): What is more worrying is that the reaction grows. You are running out of time.
sparecubey (18:47:43): Hibiki, Walt, go (18:48:00): *Eva spreads a barrier field with one hand between her and the explosion.+
wyverncakes (18:48:31): (Enemies left?)
sparecubey (18:48:37): Enemies: Destroid Spartan x8, Daughtress High Mobility (damaged), Correl (heavily damaged), Gable
sparecubey (18:49:23): The explosion sweeps around the barrier, portions of the flammable liquid splashing at the Tern - but burning out before they can deal any serious harm.
wyverncakes (18:50:55): That kind of explosion...
wyverncakes (18:51:54): * WIth an idea in mind, Hibiki runs straight at the Daughtress, striking with a divekick to try to get in position to grab onto the big fuel tank!+
sparecubey (18:55:22): Hibiki grabs the fuel tank - it's heavy and hard to balance, but the Daughtress had its weapon taken from it, and can't fire a physical gun at you from close range.
sparecubey (18:55:29): The Destroids however can.
sparecubey (18:55:35): React!
wyverncakes (18:58:20): * She doesn't need to hold it for long. WIth grit teeth and all her strength, Hibiki hurls it into the crowd of Destroids before making good on her escape, using that helpful Daughtress for cover.+
sparecubey (19:03:16): The foes fire at Hibiki's position, thinking little of even the Daughtress behind her. And while she flees, they even fire at the fuel container itself.
sparecubey (19:03:19): Which explodes.
frifreeman (19:03:34): Walt look around. "He's clearly stalling. What's he waiting? the sun reaches 30 degree angle against Aldebaran or someting? Is there no other energy source? IF that's the case, focus your fire at the smug bastard then!"
sparecubey (19:03:51): The enemies' ranks are disrupted, many of them consumed by the explosion or flames, other moving frantically while on fire.
frifreeman (19:04:20): Walt's team start to focus their fire at Gable.+
wyverncakes (19:04:40): Hibiki: "Asagi-san!"
wyverncakes (19:04:55): Hibiki's beaming proudly at her handiwork. "I was able to thin them out!"
sparecubey (19:05:45): ???: "The Watcher comes. Very well!"
Tengu Shikigami (19:05:57): Asagi: "I saw! But if we don't take down the leader quickly enough..."
sparecubey (19:06:08): The Gable is being fired at. Its thick armor absorbs the beams though - despite focusing on one point, you barely puncture through it. And the unit comes closer, swinging its arms!
sparecubey (19:06:12): But while it does so...
wyverncakes (19:06:13): "But now we can!"
sparecubey (19:06:31): The Correl engages the Genoace team from behind, trying to backstab as many units as possible, jumping from one to another!
sparecubey (19:06:33): Walt react.
sparecubey (19:06:35): Asagi and Eva can go.
frifreeman (19:07:37): Walt turns his genoace aroundto parry the stab with his shield and stab back with his heat stake, while his team continue shooting.+
frifreeman (19:07:44): Walt: "Gah no! Who are you anywya?" (19:08:11): *Eva watches on from high above the battlefield. The Correl...seems like something Walt can deal with. In the split-second she has, she decides to focus on the enemy leader instead. The Tern dives towards it in a fast rush, stabbing downwards onto the Gable with its sword.+
frifreeman (19:08:54): Walt: "Do you have personal vendetta against me or something?"
Tengu Shikigami (19:09:17): Asagi: "You've done enough!" Blue One draws its spear, spins around in the air and throws it downwards towards the Correl, trying to pin it into one place! Immediately afterwards Asagi descends towards the enemy, slashing downwards with his katana! +
sparecubey (19:11:25): One of Walt's teammates is stabbed in the back, the unit slouching down heavily damaged.
sparecubey (19:11:47): Before it can be finished off, the enemy jumps away from the thrown AHSMB spear - towards Walt himself, cutting through his damaged shield while dodging the stake!
sparecubey (19:12:14): Blue One falls down on the enemy, but the Correl tries to run around, circling while slashing up down and from one side to the other. React.
sparecubey (19:13:13): The Tern actually is taller than the Gable - but the mobile suit is much heavier, and its armor is thick. By stabbing it into a damaged place, you open up a somewhat larger hole...
Tengu Shikigami (19:13:25): Asagi keeps moving together with the enemy, exchanging quick strikes with the Correl in an attempt to parry its blows and look for an opening to land his own attack! +
sparecubey (19:13:36): But the Tern's blade is stuck, and the cultist leader uses this opportunity to slam it with both hands, mighty punches pummeling upwards! Eva react.
sparecubey (19:13:54): No response for Walt... for now.
sparecubey (19:14:45): Asagi's survival instincts kick into high gear - you can match the enemy's movements, but even while damaged it is too quick and agile for an opening to show itself. You are locked in a stalemate!
sparecubey (19:14:50): Walt, Hibiki, go. (19:17:24): *The Tern's not built for strength or durability, and has one arm tied up with the sword. So a straight punching match is a losing proposition...Thus, Eva cheats. She rips her sword out from the Gable and shoves her other hand into the hole-firing a blast of spread lasers into the enemy suit.+
frifreeman (19:19:47): Walt: "Gah, stop, damn you!" Walt tries to follow the Correl, shooting around as it circles. With proper perspective and animation, this would make good scene in an anime.+
wyverncakes (19:20:48): * With the Correl preoccupied with Walt and Asagi, Hibiki moves in to try to attack it from behind. Remembering how much damage it took from her previous attack, she primes both of her arm pistons again. Landing a clean hit could be difficult, so she instead opts for firing both pistons together in the Correl's general area, letting the shockwaves do the real work!+
sparecubey (19:22:04): The Gable slams into the Tern mightily, the punch going through the barrier after a struggle and ripping into metal itself.
sparecubey (19:22:23): But Eva manages to free her blade - and counter strikes. An explosion blows something up inside the Gable.
sparecubey (19:22:35): ???: "Urgh! So you strike as this now!"
sparecubey (19:23:09): At the same time, the Correl is moving quickly - too quickly to match easily, Walt has difficulty keeping up!
sparecubey (19:23:22): ... But its damaged form is thrown off-balance by compressed air itself.
sparecubey (19:23:37): This is enough to land a shot. A DODS spiral drills through the thin torso of the mobile suit.
sparecubey (19:23:40): And it explodes.
sparecubey (19:23:46): Eva and Asagi, go now.
Tengu Shikigami (19:23:54): (remaining enemies?)
sparecubey (19:24:12): (Only Gable really remains from enemies of note) (19:25:34): *'Hard..." Eva kicks off of the Gable and flies away-no sense staying within reach now. She charges her chest cannon, and fires its searing, anti-ship beam towards the Gable. "Die."+
Tengu Shikigami (19:26:54): Asagi: "Now!" He turns around, grabbing the beam cannon from Blue One's back and charging it up. As soon as it's ready, he fires a single focused ray, trying to catch the Gable in a crossfire together with Eva! +
sparecubey (19:29:08): The twin beams fire at the Gable's damaged chest.
sparecubey (19:29:22): The mobile suit walks forward in shambling steps...b ut the beams pierce through it, coming on the other side.
sparecubey (19:29:34): ???: "I... ugh..."
sparecubey (19:29:51): ???: "If the Watcher should be broken, the Dreamer would arouse."
sparecubey (19:30:08): ???: "If the Dreamer were overcome. The Sleeper... would awake..."
sparecubey (19:30:25): ???: "You spoke of putting my life on the line first. You know nothing..."
sparecubey (19:30:32): The unit starts shaking in a series of explosions.
sparecubey (19:31:01): ???: "My plan is successful, even though I may not see it come to its conclusion."
frifreeman (19:31:02): Walt: "What are you talking about? What's with that crappy oem anyway!?"
sparecubey (19:31:11): "I am... the Dreamer."
Tengu Shikigami (19:31:19): Asagi: "..."
wyverncakes (19:31:27): D:
sparecubey (19:31:42): The Gable falls down, its hulk surviving even internal explosions.
sparecubey (19:31:50): But above it... (19:31:52): Eva: "...Mm."
sparecubey (19:31:57): A hole in reality opens immediately.
sparecubey (19:32:05): And something dark and fleshy begins to pour out.
sparecubey (19:32:23): The Sleeper From Between the Stars is entering this world.
sparecubey (19:32:30):
frifreeman (19:32:35): Walt:"...crap, We're too late aren't we?"
Tengu Shikigami (19:32:39): Asagi: "Crap! He got what he wanted in the end!"
Tengu Shikigami (19:33:18): Asagi: "Walt, you're the Watcher! Any idea what to do?"
frifreeman (19:33:20): Walt: "Do we rally have... time... for some months long campaign to defeat a nysterious csmic horror again! Gah!"
sparecubey (19:33:32): Its tentacle-like protrusions wriggling and many eyes opening, staring down on you - the Sleeper speaks.
frifreeman (19:33:48): Walt: "What the hell does that mean anyway! Nobody explained it to me what does that mean!"
sparecubey (19:34:02): The Sleeper: "This is the greeting I receive in my new domain."
sparecubey (19:34:37): The Sleeper: "Burning flesh and spilt blood of insignificant humans."
Tengu Shikigami (19:36:34): Asagi: "It speaks. And already acts like this place belongs to it..." (19:37:01): Eva listens, and watches.
sparecubey (19:37:22): The Sleeper: "Your sacrifice pleases me. Bow down before me, and I will let you live as agents of my will."
frifreeman (19:37:35): Walt :"Hey, cult leader! Don't you say you can control it or whatever!?"
Tengu Shikigami (19:37:48): Asagi: "He's dead, Walt..."
sparecubey (19:38:01): The Dreamer doesn't respond due to being dead.
sparecubey (19:38:25): It looks like his plan to control the Sleeper proved to be too ambitious...
sparecubey (19:38:35): And now you have a giant godlike eldritch being to contend with.
sparecubey (19:38:41): One that awaits your answer. (19:39:23): Eva: "...I don't know what my friends will choose, but...I refuse."
sparecubey (19:39:45): The Sleeper: "You... refuse?"
Tengu Shikigami (19:39:59): Asagi: "...We didn't make this sacrifice. And I refuse as well."
sparecubey (19:40:04): The Sleeper: "Faced against someone much greater, you cannot even fathom the true form of my existence."
frifreeman (19:40:05): Walt: "Ugh, No, we have enough overly lording eldritch horror around. Thee is time when we must finally say, no more."
sparecubey (19:40:07): "And you refuse?"
sparecubey (19:41:24): The Sleeper: "Your insult will not be unpunished. As others tremble and watch the example that becomes of you, you will wish you were dead instead."
frifreeman (19:41:27): Walt: "So. Yes." Walt grabs his left arm in his cockpit. "I don't know how metaphysically powerful you are anyway, but we simply have enough of your kind!"
sparecubey (19:42:14): The Sleeper: "Your bodies will be pried from your metallic birds. Your burning arrows are nothing to me!"
sparecubey (19:42:39): The giant body of the Sleeper, now completely moved into this reality from the rift, inches closer, tentacles envelopinp you from all sides!
sparecubey (19:42:42): Walt, Hibiki - go.
frifreeman (19:44:19): Walt: "Well, eat this then!" Walt shot a shot of defiance, the starting shot against gods.
frifreeman (19:44:40): He fires at the Sleeper That Awakes+
sparecubey (19:45:15): Walt defiantly - and probably in vain, fires at the nearest eye as it approaches him.
sparecubey (19:45:45): With a splurting sound, the dods shot drills its way through the Sleeper's flesh, the eye lost and horrible liquid oozing out.
sparecubey (19:46:04): Sleeper: "Gyaaah! What, what is this?!"
sparecubey (19:46:24): Its tentacles shudder in pain - and quickly reach out to grab the Genoace and try to pull it apart. React Walt.
wyverncakes (19:46:26): Hibiki was a bit shaken at first, but if Walt's shot could hurt it...
Tengu Shikigami (19:46:27): Asagi: "...What?" (19:46:48): Eva: "...That's all it takes to hurt you...?"
frifreeman (19:47:11): Walt: "Whelp," Walt fires his booster to jump away from the reach as fast as he can, shooting at the incoming tentacel defensively for good measure.+
wyverncakes (19:47:14): # Walt? (Combined with my action?)
sparecubey (19:47:21): # Approve
sparecubey (19:47:23): +d
wyverncakes (19:48:52): * As the tentacle lashed out, Hibiki would dash after it, slamming her foot into the appendage to stop it cold. "We're a lot tougher than you thought! And if you just go away and never come back we won't follow after you!"+
sparecubey (19:49:35): Hibiki kicks the tentacle away, wounding the Seeker. And Walt shoots off the other one while getting to safety!
sparecubey (19:49:59): The Seeker: "Men crumbled before me! Nations bowed down in servitude!"
wyverncakes (19:50:06): A bit of diplomacy, but considering what all happened, and what the Sleeper said... if it came to it she wouldn't let up.
sparecubey (19:50:26): Eva, Asagi, go.
Tengu Shikigami (19:50:34): Asagi: "...Is it just me, or is the Seeker actually really..." (19:50:49): Eva: "That is no longer the case. Yield, or we will kill you."
Tengu Shikigami (19:51:44): * Blue One pulls out its katana, approaches the tentacle-y monster, although the AHSMB doesn't seem to act with its usual confidence. Asagi slices at the closest flailing tentacles. +
sparecubey (19:52:09): The tentacles are cut off easily.
wyverncakes (19:52:15): Hibiki: "I don't know if you had any contact with the cultists or not, but if you did then... then you're not really responsible for what they did!"
sparecubey (19:52:18): The Seeker: "Stop that instantly! What is happening?"
Tengu Shikigami (19:52:27): Asagi: "...Yeah. He's really weak."
wyverncakes (19:52:39): "So if you just apologize and leave then we'll just forget about it!"
Tengu Shikigami (19:52:43): Asagi: "I guess the universes he invaded before didn't have giant robots in them." (19:53:12): *Eva opens fire on whatever looks like a set of non-vital tentacles with an arcing barrage of laser beams.+
sparecubey (19:54:04): The Seeker: "Many lives were sacrificed in my name, granting me great power! My domain is... ow!"
frifreeman (19:54:11): Walt:"What was the last thing you fight anyway...?"
sparecubey (19:54:16): The laser beams singe its body, causing a painful looking burn.
sparecubey (19:55:45): The Seeker: "Humanity was wielding primitive metal-throwing pipes and wearing crudely forged armor the last time I was here, what has happened during my absence?!" (19:56:22): Eva: "Quite a lot...If you'll agree to stop this battle, we can talk about it."
sparecubey (19:56:23): The Seeker: "Enough, enough! Forget all I said about the example that makes you with to be dead."
Tengu Shikigami (19:56:34): Asagi: "...This feels like bullying."
frifreeman (19:57:24): Walt: "Well, to be fair, judging from its size, if it arrives here a century or two ago we'd totally be in huge trouble."
sparecubey (19:57:42): A rift starts to slowly appear behind the Sleeper From Between the Stars.
Tengu Shikigami (19:58:15): Asagi: "Good we made all that technological progress in the meantime, then."
sparecubey (19:58:17): The Sleeper: "This is not reality I wish to have my domain in. I will depart now and never return!"
sparecubey (19:58:24): The Sleeper: "... If you'd let me." (19:59:24): Eva: "...Please do not demand sacrifices from people anymore." (19:59:32): "Or at least not human ones."
sparecubey (20:00:07): The Sleeper: "I never demanded any sacrifices! I mean I do draw power from them but it was all given willingly by humans with no input from myself!"
sparecubey (20:00:17): The large fleshy hulk starts moving back into the rift.
sparecubey (20:00:23): The Sleeper: "You humans have problems!"
Tengu Shikigami (20:00:45): Asagi: "He's blaming us now..." Unamused face.
sparecubey (20:01:12): The last tentacle disappears through the rift, which quickly becomes smaller and smaller
sparecubey (20:01:21): The Sleeper: "ANd do not wake me up again!"
sparecubey (20:01:24): And disappears.
sparecubey (20:01:28): Well.
sparecubey (20:01:31): That happened.
frifreeman (20:01:33): Walt:"..."
sparecubey (20:01:36): MISSION COMPLETE
wyverncakes (20:01:37): Cue an audible sigh.
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