[17:20] [Cubey] The air is uneasy around the Shirogane. Figuratively speaking - because the SSR flagship is currently in space.
[17:20] [Cubey] It is advancing towards the Discovery, escorted by the few remaining SSR units. However...
[17:20] [Cubey] Lee: "The ESUN forces are not coming?"
[17:21] [Cubey] Lee: "Is this a joke?!"
[17:21] [Cubey] Operator: "N-no sir, we just received a confirmation. Their reply was negative..."
[17:23] [Cubey] Lee: "As usual it's up to SSR to do anything..." He fumes in anger at the Shirogane's bridge.
[17:23] [Cubey] Then, he makes a decision.
[17:23] [Cubey] Lee: "All units, advance!"
[17:24] [Cubey] Irm: "Are you serious? What do you hope to accomplish with just the few of us here? Wait for Unity Group to get here at least!"
[17:24] [Cubey] Lee: "Is that insubordination, Lieutenant?"
[17:24] [Cubey] (Ana and Ben are there and able to react as well)
[17:26] [Steam] Lee's not the only one fuming
[17:27] [Steam] "... Different than my grandmother... not any better though..." she mumbles.
[17:27] [Fri] Ben: "We don't need the Unity Group. I'm going to personally charge into discovery myself if needed, to save Captain Viletta!"
[17:27] [Cubey] Lee: "What's this under the breath mumbling? I will not suffer any back talking. This is a critical situation - you have your orders. The whole of humanity is at stake!"
[17:28] [Cubey] Woolf: "Looks like once this is over, we'll have to talk. In the meantime..."
[17:28] [Steam] "... Yeah..."
[17:29] [Cubey] The mobile suit pilot heads for his G-Bouncer.
[17:29] [Cubey] Woolf: "Looks like it's up to us Handsome Aces to shoulder all the weight again."
[17:29] [Steam] All she can do is hope the Unity Group's doing *something*... and that Peola and the others'll be okay.
[17:30] [Cubey] Crowe: "I'm not getting paid enough for this." He sighs. "Come on, Viletta's too stubborn to die just from something like that. She'll be fine."
[17:30] [Cubey] Suddenly, red alerts on board the Shirogane.
[17:30] [Cubey] Whether you want to argue with Lee or not - the ship approaches Discovery too closely, and enemies around it are breaking off to engage you.
[17:31] [Cubey] Crowe: "Definitely not getting paid enough!"
[17:31] [Cubey] Even without UG or any other support around, it's time for SSR to fight.
[17:31] [Cubey] Show them what you're made of!
[17:31] [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
[17:33] [Steam] Bringing the Breaker AN online, Ana hands clenched around the controls. Fate was forcing their hands, wasn't it?
[17:34] [Cubey] With Ana's Breaker and the Handsome Aces squad, that's a total of 5 units deploying. And you're facing against...
[17:34] [Cubey] Enemies: The Seeker x3, Guardian of the Past x2, Guardian of the Present x2, Guardian of the Future x2
[17:34] [Cubey] The Seeker
[17:34] [Cubey] https://imgur.com/g6lrrFf
[17:34] [Cubey] Guardian of the Past
[17:34] [Cubey] http://i.imgur.com/ZcpK6f2.jpg
[17:34] [Cubey] Guardian of the Present
[17:34] [Cubey] http://i.imgur.com/hKoR2sB.jpg
[17:34] [Cubey] Guardian of the Future
[17:34] [Cubey] http://i.imgur.com/YemTZWt.jpg
[17:35] [Cubey] Lee: "Hold off the enemy long enough for Shirogane to get in range and fire its Tronium Cannon! Defend the flagship at all costs!"
[17:35] [Cubey] Crowe: "Not a tall order or anything."
[17:35] [Cubey] Ana, Ben, go!
[17:36] [Steam] Ana: "They don't outnumber us that badly!"
[17:36] [Steam] ... Though in terms of quality it was probably a different matter.
[17:36] [Cubey] Supports available from: Grungust type 1 Custom (Irm), G-Bouncer (Woolf), Adele (Crowe)
[17:38] [Steam] * But you couldn't win if you didn't actually fight, and Ana took aim at the the lead Seeker, Dust Rifle moving out into sniping mode. With a prayer that these would go down easier than the one fought during Peola's wedding debacle she fires over and over at its body and head.+
[17:40] [Cubey] The Seeker's massive shield arm is raised, moving to block the shots. The shield starts to accumulate damage but not for long - it charges in very closely, the hammer arm raised before it's even in range. Then, it moves forward - and falls down on the Breaker.
[17:40] [Cubey] React, Ana
[17:40] [Cubey] At the same time, inside the Discovery...
[17:41] [Cubey] Your exploration of the area brought you to a giant hall.
[17:41] [Fri] Ben: "Defending a flagship... this brings back memories..."
[17:41] [Fri] Ben: "Wait, what memory? Don't say that..."
[17:41] [Fri] Ben: "In the past I was a captain of a flagship!"
[17:41] [Cubey] This is the hall where the showdown against Calico took place.
[17:42] [Cubey] Though many places in the Discovery are dark, this one is brightly lit. Machinery is operating everywhere.
[17:42] [Cubey] If only you could figure out how any of it works...
[17:42] [Cubey] Even the familiar looking Cross Gate-like teleporter seems beyond understanding. At least in such a short amount of time.
[17:43] [Cubey] Rand: "It can't be all for nothing, right? Look, I even cleared up the passage..."
[17:43] [Fri] Handsome Five, launching!
[17:43] [@Tengu] Asagi: "Looks like Izuru was right. This place is operational."
[17:43] [@Tengu] Asagi: "..."
[17:43] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei looked over it all. "I wonder what this all do...I'd rather not try the teleporter until we know that it's a teleporter and not a disintegrator or a portal to hell..." She tried seeing if she could get any readings from any of it that can help clear things up
[17:43] [@Tengu] Asagi: "What do we do now?"
[17:43] [Cubey] Indeed, there is an exit leading from Discovery close from here.
[17:44] [Steam] * "Worry about staying alive!" The Breaker swoops down and to the side to get away from that hammer, Ana pushing her machine as hard as she can!+
[17:44] [Cubey] And just like Rand said earlier - it is blocked by an impenetrable energy barrier. Nothing comes out.
[17:44] [Fri] As Ana take the seeker's attention, Ben attempts to slip by with his FAST packed VF-1
[17:44] [Cubey] Nothing physical.
[17:44] [Cubey] Kei detects many energy readings, both from this room and some other regions of the Discovery.
[17:45] [Jockey] "...Think any of this goes to the barrier?"
[17:45] [Cubey] Many are faint or very erratic.
[17:45] [Cubey] It's obvious the facility is not fully functional.
[17:45] [Fri] Then it turns and unleashes everything it got at the occupied Seeker from behind! All of the FAST pack's micro missile pod opens, and dozens of micro missiles flies at it, combined with blazing vulcan fire.+
[17:46] [Cubey] The Seeker is distracted by a swarm of micro missiles falling on its back.
[17:47] [Cubey] Ben is giving all he's got and the enemy is feeling it, its attack disrupted and Ana gets away safely.
[17:47] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "There's a lot more to this place than we've seen...But I have no idea what any of it does. But it has to be powered by something, maybe we can find the engine and destroy it?"
[17:47] [Cubey] However - the enemy still has a directional barrier protecting its sides and back.
[17:47] [@Tengu] Asagi: "Probably... But let's not break machinery at random in hopes that it'll turn down the barrier. The whole ship could fall apart."
[17:47] [Cubey] Ange: "Are you sure that's a good idea? If you turn off the life support by accident..."
[17:48] [Cubey] The Seeker is damaged but its barrier absorbs the attack's full strength! It turns around, its back circle ominously charging up to unleash a beam on Ben...
[17:48] [Cubey] React!
[17:48] [Cubey] Inside the Discovery, Kei suddenly detects a new reaction.
[17:49] [Jockey] "Nobody has any damage to their cockpits right..? If it comes to that we'll be fine."
[17:49] [Cubey] A signal comes in from outside, if only briefly. And... the barrier blocking the entrance seems to weaken!
[17:49] [Cubey] Viletta: "What did you do?"
[17:50] [@Tengu] Asagi: "Nobody did anything yet!"
[17:50] [Fri] Ben: "Too slow!" Using the famous mobility of the VF, Ben rolls and strafe sideways in an attempt to dodge the beam.+
[17:50] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "Wait, I got a signal from the outside. Not sure what it says, but it came right as the barrier started to weaken...Not sure if the signal is a sign of the weakening barrier letting something slip through or if it caused it somehow."
[17:50] [Cubey] Viletta: "From the outside? Just where are..."
[17:51] [Cubey] She is interrupted as the barrier goes down - and the exit to the Discovery starts sucking everything out.
[17:51] [Cubey] You're in space!
[17:51] [Jockey] "... Kei-"
[17:51] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "Not sure. It was faint, brief and I didn't get much from-"
[17:51] [Jockey] "GAAAAAH!"
[17:51] [Jockey] [And out goes the Regalis Filia and horsebot.]
[17:52] [Cubey] Mail: "What's this? A vacuum?! We're being vacuumed out!"
[17:52] [@Tengu] Asagi: "So much for life support...!" Blue One gets pulled outside, though it at least activates its boosters in order to control it somehow.
[17:52] [Cubey] No explosive decompression here, fortunately if you resist your units can avoid getting sucked out. Air on the other hand...
[17:52] [Cubey] However you might want to be able to get out - finally, freedom! But what awaits outside?
[17:53] [Terra_Oblivion] Like the others, Kei is trying to keep Purple-2s control as they go out. "...Your unit has life support, you shouldn't need that of the ship."
[17:53] [Cubey] Irm: "I got your back, Handsome Five!"
[17:54] [Cubey] Ben rolls to the side - and the Grungust and G-Bouncer strike from another, a rocket punch unleashed at close range while the white mobile suit flanks to cut into the enemy with its short blade, and quickly retreats.
[17:54] [Jockey] [Peola... is going to try pull onto the mechanized horse and stabilize the both of them! The robotic equine's hooves slamming into the floor hopefully hard enough to anchor it!]
[17:55] [Cubey] The Adele provides beam support from a distance, but the attacks are mostly absorbed by the shield. Still, thanks to the Handsome Aces' assault, the Seeker is heavily damaged!
[17:55] [Cubey] It's not as tough as the last time - or maybe you're just so good!
[17:55] [Cubey] But that's one enemy. What about the rest?
[17:55] [Cubey] Lee: "What's going on the Discovery? The Lady's making her move!"
[17:55] [Cubey] The Guardians seem distracted.
[17:56] [Steam] (Can we see Peola?)
[17:56] [Cubey] SSR detects new arrivals on the battlefield - emerging from the Discovery itself.
[17:56] [Cubey] (Inside team can move out now)
[17:57] [Cubey] (And yes, you can see the arrivals, and identify them)
[17:57] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei moved out, trying to get her bearings as new information flooded into Purple-2's sensors now that they weren't blocked by whatever surrounded the ship. "Anybody out here? What happened while we were stuck?"
[17:57] [@Tengu] Asagi: "At least it looks like we're at home. It's the SSR... And they're fighting the Lady's minions."
[17:58] [Steam] Wait... was that-
[17:58] [Steam] Ana: "Peola?!?"
[17:59] [Jockey] [Yeap, that was definitely Peola's machine. Missing its scarf and sword, added a robot horse and a bunch of dents.]
[18:00] [Jockey] [And considering there was a fight... probably best to stop anchoring and get out there!]
[18:00] [Jockey] "The SSR... Ana?"
[18:01] [@Tengu] Asagi: "Where's the Unity Group? They're not around?"
[18:02] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "What's been going on while we were trapped in there?"
[18:03] [Steam] Ana: "No clue... I thought they were working up some idea to save you guys!"
[18:05] [@Tengu] Asagi: "Looks like we saved ourselves. Indirectly. Either that, or you did. Something caused the barrier that kept us from leaving to power down."
[18:05] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "Did any of you do anything that might have caused it?"
[18:07] [Steam] "Not unless it was getting the attention of some of those things..."
[18:08] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "I doubt that would do. Either way, we need to fight them."
[18:10] [Steam] "And any help with that would be appreciated!"
[18:10] [@Tengu] Asagi: "It's not going to be easy... This is not as many of them as last time, but still a lot."
[18:10] [Jockey] "Don't worry... we'll give everything we've got and then some!"
[18:10] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "Yeah...Can we expect any backup from somewhere?"
[18:14] [Cubey] Lee: "Keep away from the unidentified arrivals, SSR units."
[18:14] [Cubey] Rand: "What the hell? It's us, you doofus! Have you forgotten your own guys?"
[18:15] [Cubey] Lee: "Put Travis's comment on record. More importantly how can I be sure it's really you?"
[18:15] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "...Unidentified? You can /see/ who we are, not to mention that our IFFs should still be on."
[18:15] [Cubey] Lee: "The Discovery suddenly opened to reveal familiar looking units. You look like UG forces, but how can I be sure this is not the Lady's trap?"
[18:16] [Cubey] Viletta: "I am sending a secret security code now. Does that change your mind, Linjun?"
[18:16] [Steam] "Now you're just looking for an excuse to not give up on shooting them."
[18:16] [@Tengu] Asagi: "What the... And how can we be sure that YOU'RE-"
[18:16] [@Tengu] Asagi: "...Oh. And that could work too."
[18:17] [Jockey] "..."
[18:17] [Cubey] Irm: "Come on! We're all on the same team here!"
[18:17] [Jockey] "I'm so sorry Ana."
[18:17] [Steam] The things she went oblivious of when she was lucky enough to just test-pilot, or at least work under Viletta.
[18:17] [Cubey] Lee: "... The second you try anything funny, Shirogane will shoot."
[18:17] [Steam] "... It's usually not this bad."
[18:17] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "How do you get through the day? Your toaster might be a trap or you towel when wiping your hands."
[18:18] [Cubey] Lee: "This is the Lady we are dealing with. Manipulating minds and illusion are her specialties."
[18:18] [Jockey] "I really hope so."
[18:18] [Cubey] While you talk, the Discovery's Guardians seem almost confused, unsure whether to attack the foes in front of them - or new units emerging from the Discovery itself behind them.
[18:18] [Cubey] However... looks like their hand is forced.
[18:19] [Cubey] Ange: "Who cares about all this bullshit? You want proof? HERE IT IS!"
[18:19] [Cubey] Black Six opens fire across the enemy ranks while charging recklessly forward!
[18:19] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "...Of course they'd do that."
[18:19] [@Tengu] Asagi: "This is starting to make my head hurt... We really should focus on fighting the enemies instead-"
[18:19] [Cubey] Ange's another personality took over, and at this rate they'll get surrounded again
[18:19] [@Tengu] Asagi: "...Yeah. Like that."
[18:19] [Cubey] Kei, Asagi, Peola, go now.
[18:19] [Fri] Ben: "Captain Viletta!"
[18:19] [@Tengu] Asagi: "Only, you know. Less recklessly."
[18:20] [Fri] Ben: "I'm coming to save you. This time I will repay my debt!"
[18:20] [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GKAvlij9ew
[18:21] [Cubey] Viletta: "... Appreciated. Focus on not getting shot down."
[18:21] [@Tengu] (enemy list?)
[18:21] [Cubey] Enemies: The Seeker x3 (1 heavily damaged), Guardian of the Past x2, Guardian of the Present x2, Guardian of the Future x2
[18:22] [Terra_Oblivion] * "Asagi and Rand, go help back up Ange before they get surrounded. The one to the left of him is showing movement like it is going to turn around and attack him from the back. A quick charge at it should stop if from doing so, keeping the opening for a bit longer."
[18:22] [Terra_Oblivion] +
[18:22] [Jockey] "Hyah! Hyah!"
[18:24] [Jockey] *Peola sends the mechanized horse into a gallop, every so often its hooves erupting into flashes of blue as it somehow tears through space into a furious charge towards one of the Seekers!+
[18:25] [@Tengu] Asagi: "Roger that. I'll watch her back." Blue One brandishes its spear, then rushes forward, firing a few missiles as it charges and ending the attack by plunging the polearm deeply into the armor of the opponent marked by Kei and using it to vault over it! +
[18:25] [Cubey] Mail: "Darling! That MJP guy is going to get himself almost killed again!"
[18:27] [Cubey] A Guardian of the Future is charging up its many guns, circles appearing around it in preparation of firing blasts at Black Six.
[18:28] [Cubey] Rand: "Let's wreck 'em up, Gunleon! Leave my friends alone!"
[18:28] [Cubey] With chainsaws revved up, the orange super robot charges the enemy, knocking it off balance in space - and then Rand's weapons swipe down on it, cutting deeply.
[18:29] [Cubey] Missiles explode around the Guardian as Asagi moves in for the polearm strike. But as he gets away after the stab - the Guardian still has melee gunswords, and slashes them at Blue one and the Gunleon! React.
[18:30] [Cubey] Peola charges at the Seeker - but it sees the assault coming. Its disembodied hammer-wielding hand flies off to meet her, smiting in a mighty swing before she can even get in melee range!
[18:30] [Cubey] React!
[18:30] [Cubey] Ana and Ben can go
[18:30] [@Tengu] Asagi: "You don't have the advantage this time!" Blue One spins around mid-jump, clashing the blade of its polearm with the opponent's gunsword in a wide swing. +
[18:31] [Cubey] Asagi parries - to find his enemy's blow to be much stronger due to large size!
[18:31] [Cubey] However even if the strike overpowers you...
[18:31] [Steam] # Peola
[18:31] [Cubey] Ange: "No one's getting killed EXCEPT FOR THESE ASSHOLES!"
[18:31] [Cubey] # approved
[18:31] [Steam] (I'll combine it with my action too)
[18:31] [Cubey] Black Six slams its guns together and fires them all - an array of beams flies through space and pierces the Guardian.
[18:32] [Cubey] Destroying it.
[18:32] [Cubey] (Approved)
[18:32] [Steam] "Don't let up! I've got your back!"
[18:32] [Cubey] Ange: "That's one down!"
[18:34] [@Tengu] Asagi: "Looks like we got this! As long as-"
[18:34] [@Tengu] Asagi: "..."
[18:34] [@Tengu] Asagi: "...Almost jinxed it."
[18:34] [Steam] * The Breaker moves to join up with Peola, both of its pauldrons being ejected off and grabbed hold of. And as the hammer came swinging at them she slammed the two together, their energy cannons glowing bright. "Here goes nothing... full power!" Energy burst out at them to answer the weapon!+
[18:34] [Cubey] Rand: "Don't sweat it, kid. You got some good teamwork."
[18:34] [Cubey] A dorky thumbs up and a smile.
[18:36] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "...Well, that's one down."
[18:37] [Jockey] *Peola acknowledges Ana with a yell! Sending her horse into a leap - insofar as one can jump in space - right at the Seeker! Those hooves on the horse were glowing quite a bit more vibrantly as Peola sought to land on the enemy's body. For what purpose? That ki in the mecha horse's hooves would erupt violently outwards.+
[18:40] [Cubey] The hammer swipes, and just like that energy beams fired from the Breaker hit it mid-swing. Various parts of the weapon fly around, its shaft still holding on to something resembling a head, but the Seeker's weapon is overall heavily damaged.
[18:40] [Cubey] Dodging the main weapon and with only flying parts to contend with, Peola can ignore them as they bounce more or less harmlessly against Filia's armor.
[18:41] [Cubey] The enemy can't react in time - lacking another close ranged weapon, you charge into it and explode ki into its main body, the foe stumbling back from the eruption, damaged significantly.
[18:41] [Cubey] The damaged weapon returns to its side a moment later.
[18:41] [Cubey] Kei, Asagi, you can go again.
[18:42] [Cubey] Viletta: "Keep it up."
[18:42] [Cubey] Viletta: "It's good you managed to neutralize the energy barrier blocking the exit. We can talk about the details later."
[18:45] [@Tengu] Asagi: "They're tough, but combined fire seems to work well." Blue One pulls out its heavy beam cannon, charging it up while waiting for the damaged Seeker to turn in the right direction - Asagi remembers that these enemies take the most damage from the front. When this happens, he quickly fires twice, sending large blasts at the Lady's minion! +
[18:47] [Terra_Oblivion] * "Captain Vadim, we still need to clear some space so Ange doesn't charge into getting themselves surrounded again. Attack the one I'm pinging. Peola, now that Asagi took out the one you attacked, follow up and assist Captain Vadim. I'm showing you a path to get in safely and take it out while it's responding to her." The last, undamaged Seeker shows up on the screens of both their units,...
[18:47] [Terra_Oblivion] ...along with a path of movement for Peola to follow. +
[18:47] [Fri] Ben: "Hah, is this what everyone are afraid of? Sure they're somewhat bigger and more powerful than usual, but they're still on expectation! It's not like we never fought things that are bigger and slightly stronger than normal units!"
[18:49] [Jockey] "Got it!"
[18:49] [Cubey] Viletta: "Trust me, they were much more powerful before. I don't know what happened to them now, but I'll gladly take it. Roger that, Purple Two."
[18:49] [Fri] Ben's VF fly in-between enemy, until it reaches the occupied seeker's range. It then transform into battroid mode, and start unleashing vulcan fire at it from all side!+
[18:50] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "Maybe something related to the signal that got us out?"
[18:50] [Cubey] The damaged Seeker takes a cannon blast to the chest, getting further damaged. It charges up its beam ring in retaliation...
[18:51] [Cubey] But then the VF comes. Ben's unending barrage is stopped by the shield at first, but then the bullets break through - bombarding the enemy from all sides. In addition to that, the second beam hits. The Seeker explodes before it can unleash its own weapon.
[18:52] [Cubey] Peola can also take an action (or combine it with the one given by Kei)
[18:53] [Cubey] The R-Gun's shoulder cannons are set in firing position while the unit itself moves around the Seeker, but Viletta makes sure to get its attention while still continuing to move before...
[18:54] [Jockey] *Peola sends her mount into a rapid charge! The moment Viletta forces the attention of the enemy that Kei marked, Peola moves in to strike from its flank! Leaning off the side of the saddle the Regalis Filia's fist grows bright with ki as she delivers an explosive punch right!+
[18:54] [Cubey] "Hi Twin Launcher, firing!" The long cannons strike at the enemy. The Seeker has to use its shield to protect against the beams.
[18:55] [Cubey] Peola feels the barrier she crosses through - the enemy's attention is occupied by the SSR captain, and you strike the exposed side.
[18:55] [Cubey] A package of chi blows up at the main body's flank.
[18:56] [Cubey] But the hammer hand then moves in, to quickly smack you out of the way! React.
[18:56] [Cubey] Ana and Ben can go again.
[18:59] [Steam] * If that Seeker still had some fight left in it, there was only one thing to do! The Breaker's thrusters flared up again, the machine charging right after Peola, bringing its rifle to the ready again. And as she moves through the barrier she aims at the damaged section of its side and opens fire. "Let's see how tough you are on the inside!"+
[18:59] [Jockey] *Peola's response upon seeing the hammer was to swing around on the saddle to build up momentum... and deliver a ki powered double kick at the incoming bludgeon! Either this would damage the weapon and possibly not hurt her too badly... or it could give them a bit of distance when the eventual explosion happens. Oh well. Too late to change course n
[18:59] [Jockey] ow!+
[19:03] [Cubey] The double kick causes the bludgeon to crack...
[19:03] [Cubey] But it's still swung your way, and slams into Regalis Filia - throwing the unit away, both from the Seeker and from its horse.
[19:04] [Steam] Ana: "Peola!"
[19:04] [Cubey] Ana fires at the exposed damaged side, the shots causing internal explosions of the Seeker.
[19:05] [Cubey] But while it's barely moving, it has enough power for final retaliation. The beam ring shines, soon to deliver a giant blast down on the Breaker - at very close range.
[19:05] [Cubey] Ana, react.
[19:05] [Fri] Ben: "Hah! Is this the battle where I'm going to be the legendary ace! I need to think of a nickname already. The Beautiful Comet, I think that might work." Ben's VF transform into fighter mode and distances itself from the exploding Seeker, before diving back into the fray. And like a comet, Ben overshoot the fray easily.
[19:06] [@Tengu] Asagi: "Should someone remind him that we used to call him Fumbles?"
[19:06] [Cubey] Crowe: "Don't underestimate these things even if they're weaker! ... Shit!"
[19:07] [Fri] Ben: "Wait, what... I mean, this is a strategy!" Just after he overshoot he fires his VF's microthruster to turn its nose toward the enemies and he fire missiles toward their flank as momentum brings him further away.+
[19:07] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "No. We need him to be effective."
[19:07] [Cubey] The Guardians of the Past are spreading their corrosive gasses around. In vacuum of space, they spread quickly, making navigation difficult unless you want your unit to be burned.
[19:07] [Cubey] (What are you attacking Ben?)
[19:07] [Fri] Ben: "...or is it tactic? Or feint?"
[19:08] [Fri] (Oh, the other seeker dead already? Something that's occupied with another fight, basically.)
[19:09] [Cubey] (No, the seeker you originally fought is still active)
[19:09] [Cubey] The Seeker is pummeled by a series of explosions that break through its barrier. It turns towards the VF...
[19:09] [Fri] (that then)
[19:09] [Steam] (Is Peola's horse still nearby?)
[19:09] [Cubey] (Close enough)
[19:10] [Cubey] And the beams fired by the two mobile suits pierce through it, finishing the enemy before it can counterattack!
[19:10] [Cubey] Woolf: "Another one for the Aces!"
[19:10] [Cubey] A Guardian of the Future charges up all its beams, and fires a large array of flashing, homing projectiles towards the Ace team!
[19:11] [Cubey] Woolf: "Uh oh, time to dodge! Now!"
[19:11] [Jockey] #Aces?
[19:11] [Cubey] Irm: "Moving on to... ugh!"
[19:11] [Cubey] The Grungust charges towards the other three, but a Guardian of the Present intercepts it, slashing with its many blades.
[19:12] [Cubey] # approved - however do note the clouds of corrosive vapors between you and the SSR handsome aces
[19:12] [Cubey] Ben react
[19:12] [Cubey] Kei and Asagi can go
[19:13] [Steam] * The glow of the energy pulls Ana back to the threat and task at hand... but then she immediately goes back to Peola's steed, having the Breaker move to try to get on it! "Alright... come on we need to go!" The Breaker takes a moment to see about getting the mount moving to get her away, before lending its own thrusters to the effort!
[19:13] [Steam] +
[19:15] [@Tengu] Asagi: "Tch... The enemies are focusing fire on them. I'm moving in to help!" Blue One starts to circle around the Guardian of the Future, firing bursts from its machinegun at the giant enemy. Asagi moves into position where there are no clouds between him and the opponent, at which point he moves in, draws his katana and launches a wide, rising strike at the Guardian! +
[19:15] [Jockey] *Peola grits her teeth as she does her best to reorient herself. It was tremendously risky given the dangerous clouds but damn it! She was a princess and she wasn't going to let her allies be in more danger than absolutely necessary! A burst of ki erupts from Regalis Filia's feet as it launches itself to get between the incoming barrage and deflec
[19:15] [Jockey] t it with her own damn fists!+
[19:17] [Fri] Ben: "Ha ha, my strategy and/or tactic paid off!" Because he overshot and let momentum flung him further as he fires his missiles, Ben's VF is in quite some distance from the enemies now, enough distance to hopefully safely dodge away from the attack!+
[19:17] [Terra_Oblivion] * "Ana, you and Captain Vadim are the best at fighting at range without rushing headlong forward to do bombing runs. We need to take the ones out spreading that gas so we can start moving freely again. I'm setting up some overlapping fields of fire and positions for you to take without having to cross the gas so you can fire at one of them without giving it the chance to escape." +
[19:18] [Cubey] Ana flees for her life, riding a horse in space rather clumsily - but fast enough to get away from the danger.
[19:19] [Cubey] Now is the time to counter attack on the Guardians of the Past, however...
[19:19] [Cubey] In front of you you see the Regalis Filia - bursting through the corrosive cloud, and then moving forward to block the beams.
[19:20] [Cubey] Though the ki-imbued arms manage to deflect a few stray lesser beams, the most powerful ones are too large to deflect! You face off against one that would actually hit the Adele mobile suit. Except it hits Regalis Filia now.
[19:20] [Cubey] The unit is smoking and critically damaged.
[19:20] [Cubey] Crowe: "..."
[19:21] [Steam] Ana: "Hey, I brought back-"
[19:21] [Steam] And then that happens.
[19:21] [Jockey] "Ghh..."
[19:21] [Jockey] "..I... I'm fine..."
[19:21] [Cubey] Blue One assaults the offending Guardian, lightly damaging it with the machinegun rounds. Then Asagi moves in for the katana kill...
[19:22] [Cubey] A Guardian of the Present interposes itself, the unit quickly moving and then slashing with its blazing swords - both to parry the AHSMB, and to cut it down! React.
[19:22] [Steam] "The hell you're not!"
[19:22] [Jockey] [Regalis Filia gives a thumbs up that fools no one.]
[19:23] [Cubey] Rand: "Hey... that's not fine at all!"
[19:23] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "Everyone, try to protect Peola from the rest of them."
[19:23] [Cubey] Rand: "You got it!"
[19:24] [Cubey] Irm: "Urgh! Just a moment, getting hot in here!"
[19:24] [Jockey] "I can... protect myself just fine... don't worry about me!"
[19:24] [Cubey] The Grungust's sword clashes against the Guardian's burning blades, but Irm seems not to be doing so well either. His unit is badly cut up now too.
[19:24] [@Tengu] Asagi: "Kinda occupied here right now!" He quickly raises his own katana to block, letting the force of the blades colliding with each other push Blue One away, out of the opponent's reach. +
[19:25] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "I know...More damage reports coming in...We need to reduce their numbers fast."
[19:26] [Steam] * She pats the side of the mount before getting off. "You get Peola to safety, you hear?" The Breaker ejects both of its Pauldrons, launching them up and away from it. "Okay then... really is just more field tests with this thing. Attack Pattern Crescent... go!" The Breaker dives down, firing beams at the Guardian of the Past over and over, be
[19:26] [Steam] fore juking back up and equipping its gauntlets again! "Full burst!" With another heavy blast focused on disappating the gas, the Breaker lunges in full-speed to finish the assault with a swift punch into the machine's heads!+
[19:26] [Cubey] Viletta: "You have a plan, carry on with it. You can worry about friends later!"
[19:29] [Cubey] Ana shoots through the clouds seeing her target. Beams penetrate through it, including larger discharges from the R-Gun flanking it.
[19:29] [Cubey] However the Guardian's body is beginning to close up already - and its many blades move in to slice at the offending Breaker, even as its skull cracks from the force of the punch!
[19:29] [Cubey] Ana react.
[19:30] [Jockey] "Ana!"
[19:31] [Cubey] Asagi is pushed away by the blades, all part of his plan to avoid further damage. But it means the Guardian of the Future is mostly unopposed, and ready to fire another barrage.
[19:31] [Jockey] [Damnit, took too much damage! There was no way she could get moving in time to deal with that!]
[19:33] [Steam] * That cracking was a good sign, or at least she hoped it was! Her fist punches into the head again, energy charging up in the gauntlet. "One more time now... come on, FULL BURST!" Another beam fired out of the gauntlet, this time precise and focused... not just to skewer the skull but to propel the Breaker out of there!+
[19:36] [Cubey] The Guardian's skullhead is struck again - and crushed completely!
[19:37] [Cubey] However while Ana performs her maneuver, the blades strike at the Breaker relentlessly.
[19:37] [Cubey] The force of the blow pushes you away and to safety, but not before your unit is damaged, losing one arm in the process, and suffering internal injuries. It is also low on power.
[19:38] [Cubey] The Guardian is suddenly barraged by physical cannon rounds and smaller beams.
[19:39] [Cubey] It goes up in flames, its own corrosive cloud consuming it. The others are likewise being (temporarily) suppressed by AA fire.
[19:39] [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTZlfw8qH-M
[19:39] [Cubey] The Shirogane is moving in.
[19:39] [Steam] Ana: "... Took him long enough..."
[19:39] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "..." Her eyes rapidly flew over all of the data pouring in from status reports on friendly units to enemy positions to the state of cosmic radiation to see if she could find /something/ to prevent all of this from falling apart around them...When Lee finally moved in, leading not to relief but a few tense moments of trying to predict what he would do
[19:40] [Steam] She'd be lying if she hadn't been getting worried there, and unlike Peola she was down one thumbs-upping hand.
[19:40] [Cubey] Lee: "The Tronium Cannon is charged. All units, get away from Discovery!"
[19:40] [Cubey] Lee: "Fire on my signal."
[19:41] [Jockey] [Peola's back on her horse and quickly moving over to the Breaker, pulling it onto the steed as well and seeking to get out of there!]
[19:41] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "Understood." There was a certain edge to it as she scrambled to get out of the way
[19:41] [Jockey] "Ana! Come on!"
[19:41] [Cubey] ???: "Wait. Abort that order!"
[19:42] [Steam] Ana hastily grabs that hand!
[19:42] [@Tengu] Asagi: "What?"
[19:42] [Cubey] The ESUN force is here.
[19:42] [Cubey] If you can call it a force. It consists of - a single, unarmed shuttle.
[19:43] [Cubey] Lee: "What? Who's talking?"
[19:43] [Cubey] ???: "I am but a representative of the ESUN council."
[19:44] [Cubey] You know this voice and face. It is the ESUN inspector.
[19:44] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "...Give us a name and a face at least. The Lady has used that very disguise before."
[19:44] [Cubey] http://v.dreamwidth.org/10005380/2126832
[19:44] [Cubey] Inspector Jou: "... The council that didn't actually exist."
[19:45] [Cubey] Inspector Jou: "You cannot fire on the Discovery! It's the key to defeating the Lady!"
[19:46] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "How? And who are you actually?"
[19:48] [Cubey] Inspector Jou: "Aeons ago, sentient beings of the universe were enslaved by a powerful entity of a godlike power."
[19:49] [Cubey] Inspector Jou: "The entity... loved stories. But could not create its own ones, only recreate the ones told by others. Recreate them in reality itself."
[19:49] [Cubey] Inspector Jou: "The sentient beings rebelled. They put their differences aside, all working together for a common goal. The process known as... Unification."
[19:50] [Cubey] Inspector Jou: "Their weapon against the Lady - you see it in front of your very own eyes. Or rather what remains of it."
[19:52] [Cubey] Suddenly, new enemies arrive! From the other side of the Discovery, circling above it.
[19:52] [Cubey] More Guardians!
[19:52] [Cubey] Lee: "... Adjust the aim. Fire the Tronium Cannon."
[19:52] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "And what about saving our lives from the ones /right here/?"
[19:52] [Cubey] Inspector Jou: "It will be the key to stopping her once again... wait!"
[19:53] [@Tengu] Asagi: "...No!"
[19:53] [Steam] Ana: "Right... there's so many of those things, why haven't they just destroyed it?"
[19:53] [Cubey] The bow-mounted cannon charges up. The piece of Tronium used in its construction unleashes its power, a colossal beam fired.
[19:53] [Cubey] It flies...
[19:53] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "To fire at what? And, yes, what Ana said?"
[19:54] [Cubey] And hits...
[19:54] [Cubey] The new arrivals! The beam went above the Discovery, barely nicking it.
[19:54] [Cubey] But the Guardians are not so lucky!
[19:54] [Cubey] Lee: "There better be a REALLY good explanation for this, inspector!"
[19:54] [Cubey] Lee: "Destroy all enemies! Secure the Discovery!"
[19:54] [Cubey] Peola, ANa:
[19:55] [Cubey] Suddenly, a large orange shape leaps towards your mount.
[19:55] [Cubey] Rand: "Leave the quick fixes to me. I'm sending the bill to Linjun anyway!"
[19:55] [@Tengu] Asagi: "...I was worried there for a second."
[19:55] [Cubey] The small wrenches move quickly, restoring your units to mostly-workable condition.
[19:55] [Jockey] "I think we all were..."
[19:55] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "...Yeah."
[19:55] [Cubey] Everyone - move now!
[19:56] [Steam] "Thanks Rand. You're a lifesaver with these sorts of things."
[19:56] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "Let's jsust hope this isn't the Lady lying again..."
[19:56] [Cubey] Only a few enemies remain. They are still dangerous - but if you work together, you can handle them.
[19:56] [Cubey] SSR and UG.
[19:56] [Cubey] And then, once the foes are down...
[19:56] [Cubey] Maybe you'll finally get some answers.
[19:56] [Jockey] "Thanks, we owe you for that one! Ana... think we're ready for another go?"
[19:56] [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYn2Q-kVNAk
[19:57] [Steam] The Breaker flexes its second fully-functioning fistas a quick test. "Great work like always..."
[19:58] [Steam] "And definitely! Don't mind if I hitch a ride, do you?"
[19:58] [Steam] The Breaker unslings its rifle again.
[19:58] [Cubey] Enemies: Guardian of the Past x1, Guardian of the Present x2 (1 damaged), Guardian of the Future x1 (light damage)
[19:59] [@Tengu] Asagi: "Alright. Time to finish this!" Blue One draws both of its melee weapons and moves forward to meet the Guardian that previously fended it off!
[19:59] [Jockey] [Peola simply gives Ana a brilliant grin.]
[19:59] [Jockey] "Just hold on tight!"
[20:02] [Jockey] *The steed rears up on its hind legs, and for a moment everyone could swear they could hear a loud neigh. Either way Peola sends the horse into a rampaging charge! Regalis Filia leaning forwards as a crackling stream of ki forms in front of the horse like a barrier!.... or... a battering ram+
[20:02] [@Tengu] * Asagi starts circling around the Guardian of the Present, slashing at it repeatedly with both the katana and the polearm. "I'm going to make an opening in 3... 2..." Then suddenly he unwraps the coil around Blue One's arm, launching it on one of the opponent's many arms, and uses it to barrel over the Guardian, and throw the spear at its back! "Now!" +
[20:04] [Steam] * A battering ram that could shoot, no less! The steed blazed a path towards the Guardian of the Future, Ana firing over and over at the machine's damaged sections to soften it up for the inevitable and fast-approaching impact! "Alright... time to show you just what we've got!"+
[20:06] [Cubey] Asagi secures a hold on the enemy, entangling one of its limbs and delivering a stab.
[20:06] [Cubey] The Guardian quickly tries to dice Blue One.
[20:06] [Terra_Oblivion] * No more clever plans. With everybody rushing in like that, Purple-2 turned to aim at the remaining robots and unleash everything it had into them to do whatever Kei could to end the fight sooner. No cool one-liners or anything, just fire as she tried not to ruminate too much on the Inspector's words. +
[20:06] [Cubey] ???: "The star of calamity shines down upon you..."
[20:07] [Cubey] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yabm7i-O4g
[20:07] [Cubey] Irm: "It prophesies your demise! Darkness Slash!"
[20:08] [Cubey] The Grungust lunges at the Guardian. For a second you swear kanji dramatically appear to add tension to the moment.
[20:08] [Cubey] The enemy is cleaved, its upper half exploding as it is seperated from the lower.
[20:09] [Cubey] Irm: "Shame about the damage. My old man will have my skin for this..."
[20:09] [Cubey] The Guardian of the Future prepares to fire at the AHSMB and the damaged Grungust.
[20:09] [Cubey] Irm: "Woah!"
[20:09] [Cubey] But the foe comes under fire from a charging steed.
[20:09] [Cubey] A steed that shows no sign of stopping. With beams slowly materializing around you and converging - the Regalis Filia and the Breaker just... break through the Guardian.
[20:10] [Cubey] Coming on the other side, a dramatic explosion behind you as you show no signs of stopping.
[20:11] [Cubey] Kei starts pummeling the lone remaining Guardian of the Past with her cannons and machineguns.
[20:11] [Cubey] The clouds it releases are starting to converge on her location - and to make matters worse, a Guardian of the Present is lunging towards her!
[20:11] [Cubey] Rand: "Not so fast!"
[20:12] [Cubey] The Gunleon shoulder-tackles the blazing guardian, and begins to roar. Plates on its body opening, revealing a black face with glowing green eyes underneath...
[20:12] [Cubey] Rand: "Ghh... roooahh..."
[20:13] [Cubey] Rand: "Don't cry, Gunleon! I'll take in all your pain, and then some more!"
[20:13] [Cubey] Strangely enough, the Gunleon seems to be overpowering the Guardian with sheer force alone. As for the other one, which Kei originally attacked... she is not alone.
[20:13] [Cubey] Woolf: "Can't leave a lady standing alone, can you? That's just rude."
[20:14] [Cubey] Crowe: "This is the battlefield, you're going to talk about manners? Good thing I polished my sniping..."
[20:15] [Cubey] Beams rain down on the Guardian.
[20:15] [Cubey] Ange: "HOLD THE GROUND SENIOR, I AM COMING!"
[20:15] [Terra_Oblivion] Woolf just gets a very unamused look for his efforts
[20:16] [Cubey] Black Six charges in and fires its pistols at point blank range, quickly retreating as the Guardian explodes.
[20:16] [Cubey] That leaves just one.
[20:16] [Cubey] One that the Gunleon is struggling against.
[20:20] [Fri] Ben: "And now, the final strike!" Like Fate's Arrow Ben's VF dashes toward the final enemy, unleashing vulcan fire and the final load of missiles toward it. And when it reaches close range it transforms into battroid mode, and continues its assault! circling the final guardian and firing its vulcan at close range!+
[20:22] [Cubey] The Guardian tries to turn...
[20:22] [Cubey] Rand: "You're not going anywhere!"
[20:22] [Cubey] The Gunleon holds it tight, immobilizing two limbs and giving two others no choice but to try to cut the super robot down - but it holds steady, the blades barely scratching its surface in its current condition.
[20:23] [Cubey] Ben finds his barrage's effectiveness further multiplied, thanks to photon shots fired at the same time.
[20:23] [Cubey] Viletta: "Good job. And..."
[20:23] [Cubey] The R-Gun gets close to the Guardian as well, firing one photon rifle blast at point blank.
[20:23] [Cubey] Viletta: "This is the end!"
[20:24] [Cubey] The final enemy roars and explodes, energy dissipating in front of your eyes.
[20:24] [Cubey] No further enemies emerge. The battlefield is quiet now - and so is the Discovery, its massive hull dwarfing even the Shirogane.
[20:24] [Cubey] What do you do now?
[20:25] [Cubey] Lee: "Now..."
[20:25] [Cubey] Lee: "It's time for some answers, Inspector."
[20:25] [Cubey] Inspector Jou: "Yes."
[20:26] [Cubey] A new arrival can be captured in the distance, on Purple Two's sensors. It's the Unity Group shuttle.
[20:26] [Cubey] But it's late.
[20:26] [Terra_Oblivion] Kei: "It is. Starting with whether it was something you did that lowered the barrier and allowed us to leave."
[20:26] [Cubey] Inspector Jou: "Allow me to start from the beginning..."
[20:26] [Cubey] MISSION COMPLETE
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