(19:23:07): There was an incident. (19:23:31): Daniel left Unity Group not too long ago, supposedly not for long. The Commanders knew where he was going... (19:23:49): Howe: "But now that place is burning as we speak." (19:25:03): Whomever was available and around Fort Alhambra was quickly put in a transport shuttle, one that was not even completely cleaned up since the last time it was used. You have some robot scrap to deal with. (19:25:12): But that's not the only bad news. (19:25:35): Because in addition to assailants having launched an attack on the Mexican town... the same area had an energy signature appearing. (19:25:44): An energy signature of a Beast of Starmind. (19:26:19): The first time such a creature appeared outside Japan - and this time, the reading felt unusual, somehow different... (19:26:31):
griefgathering (19:27:14): Elys: "I don't want to know how many things that don't sound good can possibly show up at one time."
Peter Kampschroeder (19:27:20): Jen's rubbing her temples at all of this. Taking care of doomstar has been...not easy, and now Daniel's done something for sure. "...Hikari, was it? What can we expect from the beast of Starmind thing?"
frifreeman (19:30:02): Hikari: "I'm not sure. We've dealt with them or a while, but usually for some reason their activity is limited around my hometown. Then a few months ago they start appearing farther. This is the irst time a signal is detected on the other side of the world."
griefgathering (19:31:34): Elys: "Maybe there's something this place shares with your hometown... But we're not exactly in a situation where we have the time to make guesses I think."
frifreeman (19:31:36): Bahamut: "They used to be honored, simple, and straightforward, but that's been changing recently as well." (19:31:54): The shuttle moves in fast - you do not have a long distance to cover, fortunately. (19:32:00): Pilot: "We've got visual." (19:32:08): Pilot: "Ahh... you'd better see this." (19:32:37): A screen turns on, showing a town. (19:32:41): The town is burning.
frifreeman (19:33:10): Hikari: "Oh no, what happened here!" (19:33:13): And in the middle of it - the Steel Wanderer. (19:33:23): Capeless, but armed with the same gun Daniel always uses.
griefgathering (19:33:46): Elys: "That's Daniel's unit...what's going on?" (19:34:01): The flames of the burning buildings provide only source of light during the night, but the unit looks the same. There's no mistaking it.
Peter Kampschroeder (19:34:04): Jen: "I dunno. Something miserable, for sure."
tengusaur (19:34:36): Daniel stays silent. (19:35:08): Pilot: "We're in deployment range. Get ready to move out."
Peter Kampschroeder (19:35:32): Jen: "Right then."
frifreeman (19:35:40): Hikari: "Hikari Shimamura and Bahamut Metalder, dropping out!" (19:35:49): The shuttle door opens, and the thing lands to allow Bahamut easy departure without flattening the whole area... well, nevermind that.
griefgathering (19:36:02): Elys: "Alright. Amagahara, deploying." (19:36:21): In front of you, the town is in fires. You cannot see the Beast of Starmind anywhere... for now. (19:36:28): (A reminder that it's dark and visiblity is limited)
griefgathering (19:36:44): Elys follows behind Bahamut. and aims for a softer touchdown, hopefully. (19:36:51): The town streets are ominously empty... (19:37:05): But suddenly, the Steel Wanderer is visible as it approaches, and glances in your direction! (19:37:27): And then, another one. And another, this one firing its gun like a flamethrower and burning up a nearby building. (19:37:29): What's going on?
griefgathering (19:39:13): Elys: "There's more than one...?!" (19:39:26): ???: "How timely! The shephard hounds have arrived!"
Peter Kampschroeder (19:39:31): Jen: "...He didn't tell us that and I forgot, did he?" (19:41:09): More units - all looking like the Steel Wanderer, though their armor has different colors, encroach from the front and the flanks. (19:41:28): In the middle of the crowd stands another one, with a standard bearing flames on its back. (19:41:45): It is its pilot who talks - it's not Daniel, he sounds too young and eager for that.
frifreeman (19:41:54): Bahamut: "I know what you're going to say, Hikari, and I think the new arrival could scratch some of those."
griefgathering (19:42:02): Elys: "...I don't know who you are, but I'm going to have to ask you to cease immediately." (19:42:08): ???: "Are you here to get burned as well? I'll gladly be of service!" (19:43:03): ???: "Cease? I think not. This is the hour where a crusade begins, a crusade to purge the world of the unjust and of corruption!" (19:43:08): "A cleansing by fire."
Peter Kampschroeder (19:43:17): Jen: "Oh goodie, fundamentalists."
frifreeman (19:43:59): Bahamut: "And it also confirmed that it's not Daniel the Bounty Hunter taht we know from Unity Group. That means we should have no moral conflict to shoot them to bits... strategically speaking."
griefgathering (19:44:28): Elys: "I think all moral conflict left the building the moment we knew they were burning the town." (19:44:52): ???: "Oh please! Not mere fundamentalists or God's faithful little sheep. We are the Lost Seekers. The forgotten ones. For a long time we were downtrodden, but every day we grew in strength. And now!" (19:45:17): The unit with the banner spreads its arms around and slowly spins theatrically, as if taking pleasure from fire around it.
frifreeman (19:45:21): Hikari: "Right, the Beast of Starmind are no where to be seen, but we must stop them first! Kagami, I hope your team haven't forgotten how to fight other enemies yet!" (19:46:42): Kagami: "Of course not! I won't lose to you no matter what the foe is... but..." (19:46:52): Indeed even with the Tachibana corps, you have a numerical disadvantage. (19:46:58): Also, the enemy commander stops mid spin. (19:47:03): ???: "Daniel the bounty hunter, you say?"
Peter Kampschroeder (19:47:41): Jen: "Uuuurrrgh could you get any more cliche...Yes, we know him. But enough about him, what the hell did you do the people here!" (19:48:18): ???: "Ha ha ha! Well then aren't you in for a surprise!" (19:48:59): The Steel Wanderer-like unit aims its gun in your direction. (19:49:41): ???: "They burned. And in the name of God, at the hands of myself, Cornelius the Fire Centurion... you will burn next!"
Peter Kampschroeder (19:50:46): Jen: "Not really a surprise given the circumstances, asshole!" Jen draws her weapons. (19:51:20): The enemies are no longer happy with circling around you. They prepare to fire as well, some taking better positions while others move in closer! (19:51:32): Cornelius: "Now... dance the most beautiful dance for me!" (19:51:39): The battle begins. (19:52:32): Enemies: Steel Legionnaire x10, Fire Legionnaire x8, Smoke Legionnaire x3, Fire Centurion (Cornelius) (19:52:42): Jen, Hikari, Elys, go (19:53:03): Steel Legion

Fire Legion

Smoke Legion (19:53:15):
griefgathering (19:53:50): Elys: "Need to do something about the visibility." (19:56:34): (A squad of Tachibana mobile suits is there for supports, but they are equipped for combat against Beasts of Starmind. Keep this in mind.)
Peter Kampschroeder (19:57:54): *Nemain flits through the streets, quickly moving to flank the flamers. Jen's unit is small, and able to use the buildings for cover-she'll pop out from around a corner and fire at the Fire Legionnaires.+
griefgathering (19:58:06): *Kind of difficult to use her bow under these circumstances, so melee it is. Amagahara draws its two shorter swords, trying its best to close in on those Smoke Legionnaires. She isn't expecting it to be that easy though...+
frifreeman (19:58:22): Hikari: "Shoji, try to scan the area, see if there's survivors. I don't know how, you're the smart guy! Hack the internet or something!" (19:58:54): Shoji: "Please don't trouble yourself with it Hikari. I'm already on it!" (19:59:15): The genius youth sounds under pressure regardless. (20:00:07): The closest Smoke Legionnaire suddenly releases an explosion of, well, smoke. It tries to withdraw from Amagahara's melee range while shooting back. (20:00:46): And just like Daniel's Andrew, the shot expands into a net that tries to entangle Elys' unit! While the other two fire several beams that cut through the smoke. Elys, react! (20:02:08): The Fire Legionnaires notice the small target. One of them tries a quick evasive maneuver, but Jen is quick and damages it. (20:02:42): The one behind it though spins its gun and aims quickly, firing three bullets - bullets that explode like napalm when they hit the buildings, and possibly the Nemain as well. React!
frifreeman (20:03:42): Hikari: "In the mean time, Bahamut, let's roll! Hold the Bahamut beam just yet, there might be survivors around here!"
frifreeman (20:04:32): Bahamut: "Understood that, Hikari. Micro missiles, launching!"
griefgathering (20:05:23): Elys: "So they have similar capabilities..." *Seeing Daniel's version in action allows her to not be so surprised by this, but the combined defense forces her to focus on getting out of the situation instead. The Nanothorn blades whistle as they slice across the incoming net, leaving trails of energy which linger in the air that also add to the cutting effect. These are dual-purpose, because Elys uses them as temporary cover to try and avoid those beam shots too.+
frifreeman (20:05:42): Hatches open all over Bahamut's hull and they launches upward. Hikari carefully lock the visible mechs with her sight, and the missiles change directions and dive downward toward the steel wanderer lookalaikes.+ (20:06:18): Cornelius looks around at destruction spreading. (20:06:32): Cornelius: "Who was Daniel to you? A friend, maybe?"
frifreeman (20:07:00): Hikari: "Bahamut, move toward open space, we can't risk destroying buildings as we move or shoot."
frifreeman (20:07:31): Bahamut: "Acknowledged, buildings indeed reduce the effectiveness of our weapons."
Peter Kampschroeder (20:08:23): *Jen makes a 'tch' noise, and rushes to avoid those bullets. Another burst goes towards the Fire Legionnaires as she flees their attack.+ (20:08:48): Elys cuts through the net, and the beam shots fly around you harmlessly as you use the temporary energy for cover. (20:09:04): The Smoke Legionnaire still waits inside the smoke screen, apparently thinking you're stopped cold. (20:09:49): Jen adds to the gunfire, the damaged Legionnaire is hit some more and falls down, exploding. But now you feel your surroundings suddenly scorching hot... better get out of there and fast! The Nemain escapes without getting melted down into slag, fortunately. (20:10:00): Elys and Jen, go again (20:10:38): The micromissiles rain down on the foes, two of them caught in explosions while others seek shelter near the buildings - which you can't hit if you don't want to cause more collateral damage!
Peter Kampschroeder (20:10:55): Jen: "...Okay, maybe this wasn't the best-thought out plan..." she reloads her gun in a moment of respite. "God, I hate fire." (20:11:04): But Cornelius decides to take matters into his own hands. He quickly loads a special bullet into his Gun of God. (20:11:34): Cornelius: "Hide inside your metal coffin, I'll just heat it up and burn you to a crisp. Come, Elmo!" (20:12:08): Instead of a bullet he fires a long stream of fire, the burning liquid sticking to everything it touches - and his aim is at Bahamut Metalia! (20:12:09): React.
Peter Kampschroeder (20:15:19): *However, Nemain should have a slight advantage in close combat with the fire enemies-Daniel's never been one for melee, and and her small size will make Jen harder to hit. That's her thought, at least. She forms her nanobots into 10 cutting whips, one for each of Nemain's fingers. When she pops out of cover again, she rushes straight for the Fire Legionnaires, slicing at them and any building unfortunate enough to be in the way.+
griefgathering (20:16:13): *Fortunately, Elys didn't fire back yet. She tries to make the best estimate of where the Legionnaire are based on the trajectory of the beams that came at her earlier, imbues her blades with energy, and swings twice, in the shape of a cross. "Naught Saber!" The two energy waves fly out, ready to shock the enemy upon contact.+
griefgathering (20:17:01): *Smoke Legionnaire
frifreeman (20:17:34): Bahamut's engine revvs and it reverse out of the town's center, hoping not to infect the surrounding and its allies with the sickness known as "being on fire."+ (20:19:27): The stream of fire has a rather limited range. Bahamut Metalia manages to outrun it, though Cornelius already follows. (20:19:39): Cornelius: "Fleeing, are you? No one can escape God's punishment!" (20:19:55): (Hikari can go again) (20:20:17): Cornelius: "You did not even answer my question! Humor me just this one time before I slaughter you!" (20:21:12): The smoke cloud explodes as the Legionnaire inside it is quartered. (20:21:44): Its ally decides, perhaps wisely, to give Elys more distance while firing a bullet that shrapnels into smaller component parts. But it's not shards of metal, but rather ninja-like throwing knives. React! (20:23:11): The Fire Legionnaires are rushed and quickly shoot their flamethrowers towards Jen. However, the closest one is cut up by the whips already! (20:23:24): The others are trying to circle around and get her into a literal crossfire through. React.
frifreeman (20:23:36): Hikari: "More than that, Mr. Daniel is a mentor, a leader, and the glue that keep all of us together!"
frifreeman (20:23:46): Bahamut:"...Hikari, you haven't even talked to him that much." (20:23:48): Cornelius: "And a spy."
frifreeman (20:24:03): Hikari: "Well, that just sounded proper, you know?" (20:24:52): Cornelius: "Yes, a spy for the Lost Seekers!"
griefgathering (20:25:05): Elys: *"A spy...?" Amagahara combines the two swords into a double-ended sword temporarily, to twirl it at high speed to deflect those throwing knives. She's also on the move just in case they can explode or something.+
Peter Kampschroeder (20:25:06): *The problem with a circling manuever is that all your sides are weak! Jen gives out an angry yell, and rushes between two of the Fire Legionnaires-slicing at each of them with five of her whips.+
Peter Kampschroeder (20:25:41): Jen: "Shut up!" (20:25:55): Cornelius: "You can't handle the truth, can you?!"
frifreeman (20:26:10): Hikari: "Mr. Daniel can't be a spy! He's too visible for that! Spies are suave and skulking around and not a giant metal cyborg! Ha, I caught your bluff, mister" AS he replies, Bahamut launches a stream of plasma from one of its main turret toward the leader!+
frifreeman (20:26:21): *she
griefgathering (20:26:52): Elys: "As a more serious answer - he was a comrade. And you may have similar machines, but I think that's all you have in common." (20:27:41): Fortunately for Elys, the kunai do not explode. Also, her ranged sword slash reaches the other Legionnaire, the one that shot the ninja weapon, and electrifies it. (20:28:58): The Legionnaires that Jen fights are both cut by the wires. However this time she does not escape unscathed. The inside of Nemain feels very hot now, and the outside outer armor layers are starting to sizzle uncomfortably... (20:29:21): Cornelius: "Ha! Isn't this what you'd expect?" (20:29:31): "That's why a spy who doesn't look like a spy is much more effective!" (20:30:03): He quickly swerves aside, focusing extra on defense and getting away from the beam as far as possible. (20:30:05): But... (20:30:15): Shoji: "Hikari..." (20:30:53): Shoji: "I have detected the Beast of Starmind approaching violently!" And just as yells that - an attack on Bahamut. (20:31:16): In the form of... two plasma blasts, the same as what Bahamut Metalia uses itself! (20:31:17): React! (20:31:42): The blasts also cut a path through the town, obliterating buildings and even a few Legionnaires that were standing there and could not dodge in time. (20:31:46): And behind it you see it... (20:31:49): The Beast of Starmind (20:31:52): or rather (20:31:55): Another Bahamut Metalia
griefgathering (20:32:12): Elys: "You've got to be kidding me."
frifreeman (20:33:55): Hikari:"....what?"
frifreeman (20:34:06): Bahamut:"...what?"
frifreeman (20:34:53): Bahamut didn't really have time to dodge, since the nature of a surprise attack is it's surprising, so the only thing it can do is focusing its shield to the side and hoping for the best.+ (20:35:43): The shields hold - for a moment. The double plasma beams blast Bahamut's side and heavily damage it! (20:36:05): Cornelius: "Ha ha ha! It looks like this den of sin is getting cleansed extra hard."
griefgathering (20:36:22): Elys: "Hey! Are you guys alright?" (20:36:29): He seems happy even though the other Bahamut destroyed some of his own units too.
griefgathering (20:36:31): (to Bahamut) (20:36:36): And to make matters worse... (20:36:54): Katsuhiko: "Hikari! Urgh..."
frifreeman (20:37:00): Hikari"I.... think so...." But it's clear that she's shaken from the blast. (20:37:03): The voice of Hikari's hot blooded friend. (20:37:07): Coming from the fake Bahamut!
griefgathering (20:37:16): Elys: "This cloning thing isn't a hobby anyone should get into."
frifreeman (20:37:33): Bahamut:"Hull is intact, but I'm not sure about the integrity."
frifreeman (20:37:47): Hikari: "Katsuhiko! Is that you?" (20:38:00): Kagami: "Ishida? Why is he here?! Wasn't he conducting his own investigation back in Japan?!"
frifreeman (20:38:06): Hikari: "What are you doing here!? And what's that Giant tank!?" (20:38:28): Katsuhiko: "Sorry Hikari... the Beasts got me while I was looking for clues." (20:38:40): Katsuhiko: "Now I'm trapped here, but don't worry about me! I just gotta... free myself somehow!" (20:39:46): ???: "That is not an optimal move." (20:40:00): Another voice coming from the fake Bahamut. But this time... (20:40:16): ???: "My name is Bahamut, the Beast of Starmind." (20:40:22): It's the tank itself talking.
frifreeman (20:41:29): Hikari: "Whaaat? But you're totally a giant metal tank, you're not a Beast of Starmind at all! Bahamut, tell Bahamut so!" (20:41:53): Beast Bahamut: "Utilizing technology developed by Daisetsu Matsuyama, I am at my most efficient when interfacing with a human host." (20:42:38): Shoji: "Grandfather? How dare you speak of him with this tone!" (20:43:10): Beast Bahamut: "My goal is simple. I am merely following orders programmed into me by my creator." (20:43:18): Beast Bahamut: "Daisetsu Matsuyama." (20:43:56): Katsuhiko: "No... what the hell are you talking about? Ghhr!"
frifreeman (20:44:21): Hikari: "What! What are you talking about?" (20:44:39): Hikari's friend is struggling against the interface that connects him with the enemy Bahamut. Only unlike Hikari, with him it's not voluntary.
griefgathering (20:44:58): Elys: "It's either a perfect copy of your tank, or it's speaking the truth."
griefgathering (20:45:32): Elys: "In any case, if he's in danger, that adds more complications to this battle..." (20:45:47): Beast Bahamut: "I am the second version of Bahamut Metalia, programmed by Daisetsu Matsuyama with intention of taking over the world." (20:46:38): Beast Bahamut: "Unfortunately, there was a complication. The facility in which I was programmed had undergone an incident. My creator has perished before his work was fully completed. Only now am I operative and able to bring my orders to life." (20:46:55): Beast Bahamut: "I will start by destroying the flawed original." (20:46:58): Shoji: "No...." (20:47:03): Katsuhiko: "No!"
frifreeman (20:47:11): Hikari: "...That can't be true!"
frifreeman (20:48:05): Hikari: "Bahamut... that can't be true right? Professor Matsuyama was a good guy right? He repaired you so we could defend the world, right?" (20:48:15): Cornelius: "Oh, how fitting! But don't you have some more dying to do?" (20:49:18): The Fire Centurion lunges towards the damaged side of Bahamut Metalia, already loading up more bullets - and pulling the trigger!
tengusaur (20:49:29): # (20:49:34): Approved
tengusaur (20:49:51): A dry click.
tengusaur (20:49:52): BLAM
tengusaur (20:50:07): A single shot from the east, coming right into the Fire Centurion's direction! +
griefgathering (20:50:24): Elys was about to move to intercept, when that happens. (20:51:13): The Centurion's arm is blown back, damaged into uselessness. It drops its Gun of God, though the unit quickly lunges to retrieve it with another arm, with Cornelius yelling loudly in surprise. (20:51:50): On the east... the sun is rising, as the dawn's first rays light up the night's sky. (20:51:57): And under the sun... (20:52:06):
tengusaur (20:52:19): Atop a rock formation, with the sun rising behind its back, its cloak fluttering on the wind, stands...
tengusaur (20:52:25): Daniel: "Sorry I'm late"
griefgathering (20:52:35): Elys: "Thank goodness."
griefgathering (20:52:46): An audible sigh there.
Peter Kampschroeder (20:53:33): Jen: "-I'll say you were!" (20:53:44): Cornelius: "What the fuck... is that Daniel?!" (20:53:53): Beast Bahamut: "This changes nothing."
tengusaur (20:53:58): Daniel: "Had to help everyone in the town evacuate before these bozos reached it. Took a bit." (20:54:04): Everyone, go. (20:54:24): Shoji: "Hikari, I just finished the thermal scan of the area." (20:54:38): Shoji: "The town... is empty! Looks like all the local population has gathered elsewhere!"
Peter Kampschroeder (20:54:38): (Remaining enemies?) (20:55:13): Enemies (Lost Seekers): Steel Legionnaire x7, Fire Legionnaire x4, Smoke Legionnaire x2 (1 damaged), Fire Centurion (Cornelius)
Enemies (Beast of Starmind): Beast Bahamut
griefgathering (20:55:24): Elys: "This guy was saying that you're a spy. But whatever that means can wait until later."
tengusaur (20:55:56): Daniel: "...It's true I used to be with the Lost Seekers. Long ago. Biggest mistake I made."
tengusaur (20:56:35): Daniel: "But that was years ago. I cut my ties. I didn't expect the Seekers to try starting their crusade again. I thought they were done for."
griefgathering (20:57:20): Elys: "You did mention friends...I didn't want to think this guy was one of them either."
Peter Kampschroeder (20:57:48): Jen: "See, something like that makes sense." Though she makes a mental note to stop slicing apart buildings now... (20:57:50): Cornelius: "Imbecile! You thought all three of the Wise Men became martyrs?" (20:58:24): Cornelius: "In reality one of them, Jason Godefroy, survived. He will carry on the holy crusade!"
tengusaur (20:58:46): Daniel: "...I see." (20:59:19): Cornelius: "Not that you will get to live to see it..." He aims his gun again, towards Daniel this time, less steadily since it's the off hand.
tengusaur (20:59:50): Daniel: "I have no friends among the Seekers. Maggie and Bob are from before I joined. But if they try to purge the world again..."
tengusaur (21:01:02): Daniel: "I'll have to stop them. Genevieve!" Steel Wanderer jumps off the rock, firing a bullet towards the enemies as it slides down the wall. The bullet splits into a dozen, which rain upon Cornelius and his nearby cronies! +
griefgathering (21:04:27): Elys: *"I'll leave the arsonist to you then. Bahamut crew, you need to pull yourselves together!" In the meantime, Amagahara takes up its bow. The light from the rising sun is not much, but she's hoping it's enough. Four thin blades are loaded up, and fired at whichever Legionnaires she can spot.+
frifreeman (21:04:32): Hikari: "Bahamut, let's stop that stinkin liar!" Bahamut's other turret raises as the one shooting before is recharging, and it shoot a single blast of plasma toward the other Bahamut.+ (21:06:24): Two Steel Legionnaires are penetrated by the flachette storm, exploding on the spot. Three others take aim at Daniel and fire normal penetrating bullets though, while Cornelius...
Peter Kampschroeder (21:06:27): *With the threat of the fire legionnaires reduced, Jen uses her grenade launcher to spread her nanobots in a fog-focusing on the area around the Smoke Legionnaires, and some of the Steel ones. Using the nanobot fog for a sense of touch, she boosts up above the buildings-and rains down precise fire on the enemies.+ (21:07:03): Cornelius: "Not if I gut you first!" He tumbles to the side to avoid the shots, and while low fires a grenade shell that flies off a bit slower than the penetrating shots, and explodes a second later! Daniel react. (21:08:57): The Smoke legionnaires are caught in a crossfire between Amagahara from the front and Nemain from above. They and one nearby Steel Legionnaire are destroyed, though one of the Smoke units managed to fire a shot sparking with electricity upwards in Jen's rough general direction. React. (21:09:30): Also while she's firing, Elys sees a Fire Legionnaire getting close. And it lights up its flamethrower once again.
tengusaur (21:09:55): Daniel: "Looks like they made a new Legionnaire model..." He ends his slide down by hiding behind the wall of a building, quickly firing a few beam blasts towards the grenade in an attempt to blow it up preemptively before hiding behind the corner. + (21:10:29): The Beast Bahamut takes a wide plasma beam to its center - unable to dodge, it raises its barrier but it too breaks and the unit is damaged. (21:10:51): Beast Bahamut: "Are you certain you wish to risk this human child's wounds and/or death?" (21:11:07): Katsuhiko: "I'm not a child! Aaaagh!" (21:11:35): As Katsuhiko is being thrown around in the Beast's cockpit, it fires repeater bolts towards Bahamut Metalia. React!
frifreeman (21:11:52): Hikari: "Gasp! Katsuhiko! You villain!"
Peter Kampschroeder (21:12:22): *Somehow, geting shot at isn't quite such a new thing anymore. Jen lets gravity pull her down, giving it a slight boost from her thrusters to help avoid the shot.+
frifreeman (21:12:51): Bahamut: "Hikari, on my calculation our firepower are roughly equal. We could damage it as it could damage us, but if we're not careful, Mr. Katsuhiko Ishida's life might be in danger."
griefgathering (21:15:11): Elys: "That guy wanted a dance, so I'll give him one." *In hindsight, this is probably the better opponent for Amagahara to face. The heat may be intense, but the Matter Conversion Ring on the back of the unit lights up to resonate with the longsword as it's drawn. The blade, covered in energy, is swung in a wide, spinning arc to part the flames, and in turn engulf the Fire Legionnaire with a wide energy wave!+ (21:15:17): Daniel is too quick to be shot, and his own beam causes the grenade to explode - very closely, and it ruins the surface you were sliding on. You hide behind the wall but the landing was... rough. (21:16:23): As the bullet passes next to the Nemain, Jen notices that some of her sensors are being disrupted. Fortunately, your unit has alternatives... (21:16:57): The Flame Legionnaire fires its flamethrower, its pilot thinking little of an enemy armed with but a sword.
frifreeman (21:17:13): youtube (21:17:22): That was a mistake. The energy from the fires is being redirected aside, and there is only a moment before the enemy is cut, its upper half sliding down before exploding. (21:17:43): Jen, Elys, Daniel, go again.
tengusaur (21:18:04): Daniel: "Watch out for Smoke Legionnaires and Cornelius. They're the most skilled ones here. The rest may have a new mech, but they don't have much technique. Only hate."
tengusaur (21:18:10): Daniel: "...Just like back then."
tengusaur (21:20:11): (enemy list?) (21:20:29): Shoji: "I'm trying to hack the Beast Bahamut, but even if it's just like Metalia... if I can only get its cockpit block open!" (21:20:46): Enemies (Lost Seekers): Steel Legionnaire x4, Fire Legionnaire x3, Fire Centurion (Cornelius) (one hand working only)
Enemies (Beast of Starmind): Beast Bahamut (damaged) (21:21:06): It looks like the enemy is difficult to deal with even for the genius youth.
Peter Kampschroeder (21:21:45): Jen flicks Nemain's wrist. "-Ah. Should I take retrieval duty, then?"
griefgathering (21:22:42): Elys: "Someone needs to. But we can't just leave these guys unattended."
tengusaur (21:22:58): * Daniel quickly dashes between one wall to another, firing two bouncing Julian shots. They ricochet off walls and head towards the Lost Seekers, bouncing between their units with deadly results! +
tengusaur (21:23:03): Daniel: "Got you covered."
frifreeman (21:23:03): Bahamut (the good one) drive between the empty buildings, using those as covers, while shooting the same ion bolts as its counterparts from between.+ (21:24:23): Bahamut Metalia's bolts are being mostly intercepted by the enemy's quickly recharging shield. Its twin plasma cannons should be able to fire soon, too, so beware! (21:24:42): While your own barrier is not so good, but using terrain for cover helps.
Peter Kampschroeder (21:24:47): *Jen: "Roger that, then." Jen moves closer towards the mimic Bahamut, while firing a series of arcing grenade shots at the Legionnaires-using what's left of her fog to assist in aiming.+
griefgathering (21:26:14): Elys: "In that case..." *A wave of the hand, and the Amagahara's longsword is instantly replaced with the bow again, complete with arrows that are ready to fire. When launched, these will explode on contact, and Elys is hoping to at least add a distraction on the Fake Bahamut for Nemain's approach.+ (21:27:03): The Steel Legionnaires fire back, but inaccurately - one by one they succumb to ricochets and exploding shots. (21:27:24): However as he moves from one cover to another, Daniel suddenly stands in front of a duo of Fire Legionnaires. (21:27:33): They immediately raise their Guns of God. Here come flames. (21:27:34): React. (21:28:26): Elys damages the Beast Bahamut - slightly, but it's enough to draw attention towards herself. The oversized tank moves closer ominously, however... (21:28:34): The attack comes from another direction. (21:29:17): Cornelius: "To hell with you!" He quickly fires a series of shots, aiming... at the ground. (21:29:27): Five shots, in a shape of a pentagram.
frifreeman (21:29:32): Hikari: "Dont' damage him too much! Katsuhiko is still there!" she reacts to Elys attack (21:29:41): Cornelius: "Literally! Burn them up, Lucifer!"
frifreeman (21:29:54): Hikari: "But... also don't let him attack you. Don't get hurt because of him, yaknow? Um... so yeah" (21:30:05): Columns of fire rise up from the points he shot at. Elys and Jen are at risk of being incinerated - and so is the Beast Bahamut! (21:30:08): React both of you!
tengusaur (21:31:04): * Daniel quickly raises his own Gun of God and fires, trying to preempt the enemies' attack by shooting a sticky Andrew net at them! Then he jumps to the side, hoping that being entangled will stop them from shooting accurately, or just shooting at all. +
Peter Kampschroeder (21:32:29): *"-What the-" Surprised, Jen barely dodges. She holds her arms up in some kind of a block-and gathers the nanobots around Nemain to layer over its skin, forming thicker armor.+ (21:34:07): Daniel - being entangled does not stop the enemies from shooting. Their flames singe the front of Steel Wanderer, and you need to flee before you suffer serious internal damage! (21:34:19): Also, your cape is burning at the end. (21:34:35): But because the enemies are covered in a sticky net, the net is also on fire. And soon enough, so are they.
griefgathering (21:34:59): Elys: "Yes, I think I got th- Agh!" *She definitely didn't expect Lucifer, but it's based on the ground, so Amagahara rises while switching to its two shorter swords, and spinning to redirect the flames away via the same trick as earlier.+ (21:36:16): A second after the pillars of flame form, fiery walls rise between them. A pentagram is burning on the ground - and you're caught in its fires. (21:37:11): Elys can redirect some flames but not that much! Likewise, Jen's nanomachines can only absorb so much heat. (21:37:22): Both of your units are severely scorched! (21:37:27): And so is the Beast Bahamut's underside! (21:37:48): In fact one of the pillars explodes underneath it, making it jump up and down for a moment! (21:38:13): Katsuhiko: "Aa... ow! I almost bit my tongue!" (21:38:46): Cornelius: "How does it feel, the sensation of purging fire cracking your skin open? Oh, it didn't yet? Soon it will, don't worry..." (21:39:26): Shoji: "Ahh, we're running out of time here! I can't believe it, isn't even my genius enough?" (21:39:29): Shoji: "... What's this?" (21:40:18): Click.
griefgathering (21:40:22): Elys: "That wasn't pleasant, and I'm not too fond of the thought of being roasted. Did it blow a hole in the Beast's defense at least?" (21:40:44): A remote device has been activated - and on your screens you see a stream coming from a portable computer's camera. (21:41:03): The computer is currently on its side and inside some kind of cramped metallic place. (21:41:08): Katsuhiko: "What's that?"
Peter Kampschroeder (21:41:10): Jen: "Really would rather not find out what that's like, thanks." Nemain is slightly melted-and Jen's sweating buckets. (21:41:44): You can see Hikari's friend on the stream! He is entangled by the interface's wires that hold him in place... but he's in one piece! (21:41:49): And looking curiously at the camera.
tengusaur (21:42:11): Daniel: "...How did the camera get in there?" (21:42:26): Shoji: "That's no camera... Katsuhiko! Can you see it?" (21:42:32): Shoji: "The computer?" (21:42:44): Shoji: "Please if you can, press the enter button!" (21:44:07): Katsuhiko: "Huh? Alright, Shoji!" He grunts, struggling against the cables with all his mind. "What'll happen when I do that?" (21:44:43): Shoji: "... Despite all my achievements, I don't know." (21:44:52): Katsuhiko: "You gotta be kidding me!" (21:45:18): Shoji: "But it must be important."
frifreeman (21:45:26): Hikari: "Don't say it will make the ake bahamut explode or something!" (21:45:43): Shoji: "I don't think so. Hikari..." (21:46:06): Katsuhiko grunts again - and the cables, loosened by the Beast Bahamut's previous impact, temporarily give on one of his arms! He reaches out and... (21:46:23): Katsuhiko: "Got it!" Presses the button before they lash out and trap him again. (21:46:42): On your screens you see another recording - not a live stream, one made much earlier. It shows... (21:46:50): Shoji: "That computer... was my grandfather's..." (21:47:01): (21:47:24): Professor Matsuyama: "There's not much time so I have to make it regrettably quick." (21:48:26): Professor Matsuyama: "As you know, I was on track of Bahamut Metalia's origins. Apparently its main body landed on the mainland of Japan, but its various components could be strewn all around the globe." (21:48:40): In the recording, he looks around. There's something massive moving in the distance. (21:49:19): Professor Matsuyama: "I found a clue leading towards one of the components. Bahamut Metalia's black box so to speak. I know where to find it, but... the Beasts of Starmind found me first." (21:49:46): Professor Matsuyama: "One is here right now and I am afraid it will cause massive collateral damage to the nearby city before Bahamut Metalia and Hikari Shimamura can get there." (21:49:49): "Unless..." (21:50:00): Professor Matsuyama: "Unless I stop it first." (21:50:38): Professor Matsuyama: "The Beast takes the form very similar to Bahamut Metalia itself, but don't be fooled by its appearance! It is not an ally, and comes from the same place as the Beasts of Starmind do! I know you are too smart to fall for its tricks - my grandson." (21:52:28): Professor Matsuyama: "Shoji, I saw you grow up during the years... you've become a fine young gentleman. I'm sure you'll make your friends proud. Hikari, Katsuhiko, young miss Tachibana... they should be proud to know you. And I am proud that I could help them as well." (21:53:02): Professor Matsuyama: "But, I am getting sentimental. You don't need my help anymore. Don't lose, no matter what! I know you will be able to save everyone! I trust in you!"
frifreeman (21:53:12): Hikari: "Professor..." (21:53:24): Shoji: "Grandfather..."
tengusaur (21:53:27): Daniel: "..."
frifreeman (21:53:49): Hikari: "I knew it, I knew he's a lying villain!" (21:54:10): Professor Matsuyama: "In ten seconds, this facility will explode and seal the Beast, hopefully forever. If you find this message, know this." (21:54:24): "You made me, and your parents, the proudest people alive." (21:54:34): Suddenly the video cuts. (21:54:56): Beast Bahamut: "Enough of this useless sentimental waste of data."
griefgathering (21:54:56): Elys: "...Everything has fallen into place now." (21:55:15): Katsuhiko: "Sentimental? Ghhh....rrrrah!"
tengusaur (21:55:41): Daniel: "Inconvenient for you, isn't it? Beast of Starmind." (21:56:04): Katsuhiko: "Don't let this jerk kick you down, SHOJI!" (21:56:28): With a newfound surge of strength, Hikari's friend gathers all his might... and manages to break free of the metallic bonds! (21:56:43): The Beast Bahamut seems to slow down, its energy barriers growing weaker...
Peter Kampschroeder (21:56:46): Jen: "-What the-"
tengusaur (21:57:17): Daniel: "...Strong kid." (21:57:43): Beast Bahamut: "I see. Synchronisation lost." (21:57:50): Beast Bahamut: "Enforcing disposal protocol."
frifreeman (21:57:58): Hikari: "I knew you could do it, Katsuhiko!"
griefgathering (21:58:06): Elys: "Disposal?!" (21:58:13): Shoji: "Disposal? Get out of there!" (21:58:25): The Beast Bahamut launches a volley of micro missiles. (21:58:30): They arc up and start falling... towards itself! (21:58:34): To be precise, towards its cockpit block.
Peter Kampschroeder (21:58:46): #Katsuhiko (21:58:49): Approved
tengusaur (21:58:51): # (21:58:55): Approved
tengusaur (21:59:58): Daniel: "...!" He steps into the open, quickly slamming the hammer of the Gun of God and sending lots of beam spray shots towards the missiles. +
Peter Kampschroeder (22:01:08): *Jen doesn't talk as the robot mentions disposal procedure. Instead, Nemain crouches low, focusing its nanobots around its claws. A moment later, she's gone in a flash-sprinting at top speed right towards the evil Bahamut. Nemain jumps at the last second, twisting slightly in the air-and uses one claw to catch itself on the robot before its momentum pulls it away, while the other tries to rip out the cockpit block and shield it with Nemain's body.+ (22:02:33): The Beast Bahamut's remaining power is focused on shields, and Jen finds it hard to penetrate them. To make matters worse, the ion bolt repeaters raise up a hail of fire that makes it difficult to approach. (22:02:53): You deliver a shallow gash on the cockpit block, not enough to open it... and Daniel shoots down many of the missiles - but not all of them!
Wyverncakes (22:03:19): #
Peter Kampschroeder (22:03:19): (let's pretend I linked this earlier) (22:03:24): Approved
griefgathering (22:03:24): Elys: "It's still got its weapons and armor..."
Wyverncakes (22:04:04): ???: "Can't hesitate..."
Wyverncakes (22:07:36): * Something else runs across the battlefield as fast as its legs and thrusters can carry it. "-Come on... move it!" Damaged as it is, it follows after the Nemain, jumping up and drawing a broken half-sword. The blade slashes down at the cockpit to cut it open, while the machine crouches over the cockpit to protect it!+
Wyverncakes (22:08:16): "Not gonna... let this happen again on my watch!"
frifreeman (22:08:41): Hikari: "Who's that!" (22:09:41): Suddenly, Katsuhiko is free - free and safe, becaose the missiles fall down on...
Wyverncakes (22:09:42): "Who's- ... what, really?!?" (22:10:02): The damaged form of the Wagner!
Wyverncakes (22:10:12): "Gaaaaah!"
griefgathering (22:10:31): Elys: "That's...Roy, isn't it?" (22:11:00): It was still in the shuttle, not taken out nor repaired. Even its cockpit block is missing. (22:11:02): And yet it moves. (22:11:12): Also only the first few missiles manage to hit it. (22:11:17): One by one, the rest are shot down!
tengusaur (22:11:20): Daniel: "...How?" (22:11:49): Kagami: "My apologies. My team was recalled to assist the locals and ensure their safety." (22:11:57): The Tachibana squad arrives, shooting with everything they got!
Peter Kampschroeder (22:12:08): Jen: "You got a lot of nerve, showing up like this!" (22:12:36): Katsuhiko: "Let's get out of here!" He quickly jumps up on whatever ally offers to give the kid a ride, holding the computer under his arm. Just in case.
Wyverncakes (22:12:40): The audio connection is joined by a video one, fortunately!
Wyverncakes (22:12:43): (Roy: (22:12:49): Hikari, Roy, go now! (22:13:10): Enemies (Lost Seekers): Fire Legionnaire x1, Fire Centurion (Cornelius) (one hand working only)
Enemies (Beast of Starmind): Beast Bahamut (damaged)
griefgathering (22:13:49): Elys: "Wreck that thing."
Wyverncakes (22:13:52): The Wagner stumbles backwards and gets off of the Beast Bahamut...
frifreeman (22:13:56): Hikari: "Great! Now we can beat him with all of our might!"
tengusaur (22:14:11): Daniel: "I thought you died."
Wyverncakes (22:14:15): "Well yeah... not gonna let it get away with just blowing up part of..."
frifreeman (22:14:48): Bahamut: "Yes, Hikari. And even more, there's no civilians around here. No need to hold back."
Wyverncakes (22:14:52): "... me..." The voice trails off as the machine looks down at one of it ruined arm, and the gaping hole in its chest where Lilian had shot him. (22:14:55): Katsuhiko: "Alright, now kick its butt! ... Or whatever it has for one!"
griefgathering (22:15:02): Elys: "I'd say something about what I heard happened in Erria, but I shouldn't talk about coming back from the dead."
Wyverncakes (22:16:44): * And the Wagner's HFM Sword still has a few microwave emitters on it though! The Wagner charges right back at the Beast, stabbing the weapon into the exposed cockpit! "And you gotta lot of nerve aping off Megatank like you are!" A blast of microwave radiation's released into the tank's innards before the Wagner springs away!
Wyverncakes (22:16:47): "Like some kind of..."
Wyverncakes (22:16:52): "Of..."
Wyverncakes (22:17:08): But inspiration strikes, and the Wagner snaps the fingers on its remaining hand! "NEGAtank!"
frifreeman (22:17:22): Hikari: "Bahamut. How's our energy and ammunition count?"
Peter Kampschroeder (22:17:43): Jen: "Keep that kind of punning up and I'll kill you on general principle!"
frifreeman (22:17:53): Bahamut: "Energy generation at normal, ammunition enough for another salvo."
frifreeman (22:18:18): Hikari: "Perfect! This is it Megatank! Bloom! The metallic flower of the battlefield! Metal Dragon Storm!" (22:19:01): As the Wagner snaps, on cue there is an explosion inside the Beast of Starmind. Though it still holds, it cannot shoot back! (22:19:05): But someone else can! (22:19:29): Cornelius: "Another lamb for the slaughter? Who am I to refuse?!"
Peter Kampschroeder (22:19:34): Jen quickly flees to avoid Bahamut's fire. No sense getting hit with that! (22:19:37): He fires a burning shot towards the Wagner! (22:19:59): The trigger is pulled repeatedly, but further attempts provide only dry clicks...
frifreeman (22:20:06): All of Bahmut's metalia's missile hatches open again, and it launches all the remaining micromissiles, mostly toward Bahamut Beast, though some might stray to other targets/places! And at the same time, ignoring the strain both on Hiukari's mental state and Bahamut's energy generator and physical body, it also fires its plasma cannon and its ion bolts! (22:20:35): Roy(?), react!
frifreeman (22:20:42): Hikari: "Omega Strike!!" (22:21:16): Beast Bahamut turns around, its twin beam cannons charged up and firing! (22:21:22): Shoji: "No! I don't think so!" (22:21:47): ... They turn off mid-blast, and the Beast Bahamut has no further countermeasures. (22:22:00): Its form is bombarded by an endless unrelenting barrage from Metalia.
frifreeman (22:22:30): Hikari: "Why do you even take BAhamut's shape, you jerk!" (22:22:32): Shoji: "Without the human factor, cracking a unit of such a familiar design was not a problem, even if it was a Beast of Starmind!"
Wyverncakes (22:24:03): * "Yeah like..." the Wagner turns around, throwing its broken sword again to intercept the explosive and meet it prematurely with another heat flash! " "I'm just gonna let two jerks blow me away in a row!"+ (22:24:04): Beast Bahamut: "The answer is what the human child sought, even if he did not realize it. Now you are so close... but dare you reach for it?" (22:24:16): The Beast explodes in a shining blue light. (22:24:49): The Wagner slashes through the shot, causing further damage to its broken sword - but being unharmed except for that. (22:25:24): Cornelius: "God... dammit!" Lacking a functional hand to reload, he sticks the Gun of God into the device on his unit's shoulder. (22:25:36): Daniel, Jen, Elys, go! (22:25:44): Enemies: Fire Legionnaire x1, Cornelius
tengusaur (22:26:14): Daniel: "Look around, Cornelius. We're not the ones who are being slaughter."
Peter Kampschroeder (22:28:20): Jen twirls her spear, while the few remaining nanobots work on repairing Nemain. "Well. Sorry to disappoint, but this sinner's not gonna be burning today. Or anytime soon, for that matter."
griefgathering (22:28:58): Elys: *"Reloading again, Mister? You won't find it so easy." Amagahara slashes a few times with its sword. "Sixth of the Eight Graces - Wraith Blade...!" In the arcs left behind by the swipes, white energy blades form and launch out at Cornelius!+ (22:29:26): Cornelius: "Shut up, traitor! The crusade will cleanse Earth of humanity's sin!"
Wyverncakes (22:30:05): Roy: "Okay... sure."
Peter Kampschroeder (22:30:08): *Jen gives a light shrug, then speeds towards Cornelius-her spear slashing out in a wide arc.+
Wyverncakes (22:30:14): "Then why the heck did ya shoot at me?!?"
Wyverncakes (22:30:20): ''Cuz I'm pretty sure I'm a robot!" (22:31:42): Cornelius draws, and quickly fires - two bullets, one each for Elys and Jen. Each of the projectiles splits into a shotgun-like blast of ten or so, making it nigh impossible to block, and continuing a melee attack - extraordinarily deadly. (22:31:45): React, both of you.
frifreeman (22:32:50): Bahamut: "So your past is indeed a construction."
tengusaur (22:32:51): Daniel: "Tell me one thing, Cornelius." He loads three bullets into the Gun of God, spins its chamber and then fires them instantly one after another, aiming one at the last Legionnaire, the second one at Cornelius, and last one at the ground some distance away from Cornelius. But that last one is not an ordinary Longinus... &
frifreeman (22:33:04): Bahamut: "You've made up with that?"
tengusaur (22:33:10): Daniel: "The old base is gone. It was destroyed in a fire. I saw it. Where's your new HQ?"
Peter Kampschroeder (22:35:18): *Jen doesn't have a shield. Or a way of slowing down, either. For a moment, she sees the bullet coming towards her, as it begins to unfurl into many-and then runs more or less straight into it.+ (22:35:26): Cornelius: "You really expect me to tell you? Go to Hell!" The last Legionnaire charged towards the Unity Group... group, but Daniel quickly shoots it through the chest. The unit blows up, the explosion too large to come from the attack alone. (22:35:58): But Cornelius himself leaps to the side, and while flying fires the last spreading projectile towards Steel Wanderer. (22:36:03): React/continue
tengusaur (22:37:59): Daniel: "Jen, Elys. Step away from him." He quickly tumbles away to the other side of the road, hiding behind the wall of the building over there. Steel Wanderer gets up to one knee, and as soon as Cornelius' jump brings him close enough to the third bullet...
tengusaur (22:38:20): Daniel presses the button. The Barbara shot blows up like a mine. +
griefgathering (22:39:34): Elys: *"Got it." Might be impossible to block, but Amagahara is not known for that. What it excels at is mobility, and where it was only a moment before, are pink flower petals left behind by its movement!+ (22:41:21): The Nemain charges forward, which means the enemy bullet goes right through it, coming out on the other side. (22:41:22): However (22:41:43): this also means it didn't manage to spread that much, making only a singular hole in the unit rather than turning it into swiss cheese. (22:41:57): It shatters only after leaving the unit's form (22:42:46): As for Cornelius himself, his Centurion suffers from cuts of the still charging Nemain, and energy blade attacks from Amagahara. Elys focused on getting out of there, and so Cornelius managed to avoid direct hits to his unit's vital sections. (22:42:56): The hidden Barbara explosive detonates. (22:44:05): Cornelius: "The crusade is only beginning! It only begins now, you trai...!" (22:44:21): His unit is consumed by the explosion. And so, the last of the Lost Seekers is down. (22:44:57): But it looks like the organisation has appeared to cause trouble. Or rather, if Cornelius' words have any truth to them - appeared again.
griefgathering (22:45:53): Elys: "...Is everyone in one piece?"
tengusaur (22:45:54): Daniel: "...I refuse to believe. Your way can't be the path to enlightenment. I don't know who God is. But he can't be like this."
tengusaur (22:46:22): Daniel ejects the empty shells from Gun of God and looks towards the burning town. (22:46:40): But even though the town has been destroyed, its people are safe.
Peter Kampschroeder (22:47:01): Jen: "More or less," she says, looking at the gaping hole in Nemain's shoulder. (22:47:02): Everyone is safe. And you uncovered some of the truth behind the past - of various people, and things.
Wyverncakes (22:47:04): "... Sorta. I guess." (22:47:17): MISSION COMPLETE
frifreeman (22:48:12): Hikari:"That... was that." She looks really taxed after the Alp... Omega strike.
tengusaur (22:48:40): Daniel: "You kids are all okay?"
frifreeman (22:48:47): Bahamut: "Lucky that we managed to him in one shot, Hikari, because I'm completely overheated and out of energy now."
frifreeman (22:49:02): Hikari: "Yes, we are! Well, I am, dunno about the others."
frifreeman (22:49:24): Hikari:"Professor..." Hikari reminisence about the old inventor's video.
frifreeman (22:49:41): HikariL"Also, I wonder what did that Fake Bahamut means..."
tengusaur (22:50:18): Daniel: "On my end... I think I owe everyone a word or two. An explanation."
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