(22:07:04): John Dotrice, Roy's boss and a benefactor of the artificial island of Erria, was abducted some time ago. (22:07:19): All of you remember that - some of you were there when it happened. (22:07:53): But now, he's back. Or at the very least, the signal from his emergency beacon was detected. (22:08:18): The location was - above Erria itself. (22:09:10): It's an emergency! As the Unity Group shuttle moved to the place as fast as possible, footage from Erria shows something appearing in a familiar looking wormhole. (22:09:20): But this time it's not just one unit. It's something much larger. (22:09:38): A whole capital ship.
Wyverncakes (22:10:01): Roy remembers the look of that wormhole.
Wyverncakes (22:10:06): "... Lilian Cavinagh." (22:10:17): The golden carrier immediately started an attack on the island - and by the time Unity Group arrives, parts of the industrial island are already on fire. (22:11:36): The gold-plated carrier ship is landing in the water heavily, its bulk dislodging enough water to form a tidal wave. It opens at the same time, releasing familiar enemies. (22:11:55): Erria is under attack - and the shuttle is close enough to deploy you and react. But that's not all.
griefgathering (22:12:00): Lenore: "They don't waste any time..."
tengusaur (22:12:09): Asagi: "I didn't expect them to launch a straight attack on Erria like this..."
Wyverncakes (22:12:40): Roy: "Well what do you expect?" (22:12:46): Any energy sensors can clearly show it - whatever is hiding underneath Erria is spiking on the readings. (22:12:56): And once again, you know well what it is.
Wyverncakes (22:13:12): "... We know about Dakova, and they probably konw that we know." (22:13:19): Because of this assault, Dakova is awakening. (22:13:30): And you need to stop it! Now! (22:13:37):
frifreeman (22:14:44): Bahamut Metalia flies uneeringly with its wings of lights spread out
griefgathering (22:15:42): Lenore: "I'm going."
tengusaur (22:16:27): Asagi: "We have to stop them. Hopefully that'll halt Dakova's awakening too."
tengusaur (22:16:36): Blue One is already launching.
Wyverncakes (22:16:40): Roy: "... Boss man..."
Wyverncakes (22:16:43): "I'm getting you back!"
Peter Kampschroeder (22:16:56): Eva: "Mm." The blue tern slips out of the shuttle.
tengusaur (22:17:00): Asagi: "Do you think he's on that carrier?"
griefgathering (22:17:08): Lenore steps out of the shuttle on-foot, partially summoning her Craft in the form of its demon like wings that sprout from her back.
frifreeman (22:17:16): Hikari: "Not many chance to use Metalia Dragon: Flying Chrome Behemoth Mode! I hope you're fine!" (22:17:24): Shuttle pilot: "Move out quickly. We've got company!" (22:17:35): Indeed your arrival did not go unnoticed.
Wyverncakes (22:17:55): The Wagner launches too, borrowing one of those flight pad things on account of no flight at all. (22:17:57): The Vandals are approaching, surfing on the waves using some sort of quick moving aquatic platforms.
frifreeman (22:17:58): Bahamut: "I can always float, Hikari, you know that. It's not a different mode at all." (22:18:25): And, among their ranks...
Wyverncakes (22:18:45): Roy: "... If they think they're gonna pull off whatever they're thinking... they're gonna be in for a real bad bit of news!" (22:18:50): Lilian: "So there you are. As I expected, this operation wouldn't go uninterrupted."
Wyverncakes (22:19:04): "Erria's my turf... and even if weird stuff's goin' on, doesn't matter!"
Wyverncakes (22:19:18): Roy: "Lilian!" (22:19:45): Lilian: "So you learnt of my name now? But not the whole it seems..."
tengusaur (22:20:20): Asagi: "I knew we'll meet her again..." (22:20:40): Enemies: Vandal x16, Vandal with heavy cannon x8, Second Fortune (Lilian Cavanagh), The Yellow King's Decree (22:20:45): Vandal (22:20:51): Second Fortune
Peter Kampschroeder (22:20:53): Eva: "I would appreciate it if you stood down." (22:21:00): Initiative: Roy, Asagi, Eva, Lenore, Hikari (22:21:05): Roy, Asagi, Eva, go
Wyverncakes (22:21:13): Roy: "Honestly think she's gonna listen?" (22:21:39): Lilian: "You're delusional if you think just asking is going to work."
griefgathering (22:21:45): Lenore: "Let's not let things end the way it did last time we saw her...."
Peter Kampschroeder (22:22:02): Eva: "I would prefer not to have to rip you apart."
frifreeman (22:22:27): Hikari: "Bahamut Flying Dragon Fortress Mode! Activate Defense!" (22:22:38): Lilian: "You'll pay the price for trying to interrupt the operation." (22:22:49): Lilian: "You first, and then Dotrice second for bringing you here."
tengusaur (22:22:53): Asagi: "Civilians died in your attack last time. I won't let you do that again!" Blue One rushes forward, readying its machinegun, heaving into the direction ot the Vandals, and opens several long bursts of fire in their direction as it flies over them. +
Wyverncakes (22:23:18): * The Wagner jets forward to try to get at the Second Fortune, tendrils turning up to fire arching blasts at Lilian!+
Wyverncakes (22:23:32): "You leave boss man alone!"
frifreeman (22:23:52): Bahamut: "If you mean activate defensive turrets, they're ready! Just be prepared Hikari, the energy for the shield is redirected into flight, so we won't have much shield screen!" (22:24:25): Bullets cut into the waves, and one of the units that ride on them. The Vandal goes up in an explosion as its allies break and dodge to the sides.
Wyverncakes (22:24:26): "I don't know what kinda weirdo stuff you've been able to do thanks to him being here, but bodyguards don't gotta know that!"
Wyverncakes (22:24:38): "What matters... is that I'm gonna kick your butt and get him back!" (22:24:50): While doing so, they counter with machinegun fire aimed at the AHSMB! Moreover, the carrier is close and adds with AA barrage. (22:24:52): React!
tengusaur (22:26:55): Asagi: "Tch... The carrier entered the battle earlier than I expected!" Blue One quickly changes direction mid-flight, letting the survival instinct take over for a second and starting to fly around in a wide circle in order to lose all the munitions flying in its direction. +
Peter Kampschroeder (22:28:02): *Eva flies into the sky, far above the battlefield. The carrier is the mission target, so she charges and fires her giant chest-laser at the ship's core.+ (22:28:03): Lilian: "That's a lot of bite..." Suddenly, from under the waves another automated board jets up, into the skies. Her unit grapple hooks into its downside, both gaining altitude and getting away from the tendrils... for a while - because they're also going forward, which means closer to Roy! (22:29:06): And as she's close, Lilian fires several grenades in his direction. "Consider your job terminated."
Wyverncakes (22:29:57): "No, YOU'RE gonna be terminated!" (22:30:04): (React, of course)
Wyverncakes (22:30:42): * Wagner kicks up its own board as a shield of sorts as it dives under the water! Amphibious performance powers gogogo!+ (22:30:53): The waves move around the Yellow King's Decree, the carrier rumbled by the laser's discharge - but its hull holds. All anti-air guns focus fire on Eva. React! (22:32:06): Asagi navigates around the gunfire, dodging his way as the AA doesn't consider him a priority anymore. Underneath him, the Vandals regroup while the artillery equipped units continue their fire on Erria. (22:33:22): Roy disappears under the waves, the grenades exploding on the sea's surface. (22:33:30): Lilian: "Where are you hiding, now..." (22:33:46): Red eyes shine in the murky depths. (22:33:59): Suddenly, Roy has long extending claws slashing in his direction! React again! (22:34:02): Lenore and Hikari can go
Wyverncakes (22:34:12): Roy: "What the-?"
Peter Kampschroeder (22:34:16): *Eva flits back and forth through the sky, taking advantage of her far range over the AA guns. She throws in a few side-dashes in mid-air as well, for good measure.+ (22:34:20): New enemies, hiding underwater: Leo x3 (22:34:35):
frifreeman (22:34:37): Hikari: "Have no fear! They're not the only one with ship support!"
Wyverncakes (22:34:50): * Instict and muscle memory takes over, the Wanger's swords slashing out to deflect the claws!+
frifreeman (22:35:02): Hikari: "You're also bringing gunship support! Use Bahamut as cover, he can take it!"
frifreeman (22:35:21): Bahamut:"That's not the tone I'd like to hear, but yes, I totally can take it." (22:36:39): Roy parries one of the claws, but the two others slice from sides and cause gashes on the Wagner's armor. It's an ambush, and you fell for it.
griefgathering (22:37:34): *With the wings propelling her, Lenore speeds up to get to those artillery Vandals. She tries to get in front of one and draws Kazan, quickly touching the superheated blade against the water's surface to create a cloud of steam to distract it, before she closes in to slash!+
frifreeman (22:37:39): Bahamut Metalia flies forward, slowly but surely, toward the midst of the battle, angel wings spread besides it. Its many infinite bolt turrets fires all around him toward opportunity targets, while the mortar on the top of his hull booms with arcing shots toward the golden carrier. + (22:40:43): The Vandal's too busy with bombardment to notice an incoming target until it's too late - the steam going up from the sea causes it to turn and start floating back, but the blade skewers it in half! (22:41:33): The artillery units around it try to get away from the Iblis, the closer ones focus on increasing distance while the ones a bit further provide support fire, hastily aiming anti-armor rifles and firing. (22:41:34): React. (22:42:12): The scattered first line of Vandals is broken further as several of them become prey to the bolt turrets, explosions on the water's surface.
Wyverncakes (22:42:20): # Lenore? (22:42:24): But, from underneath, the Leos spring up again. (22:42:27): # approved (22:42:47): Spraying water everywhere, they jump up and slash their claws at Metalia's exposed underside. React!
Wyverncakes (22:44:12): * With the Leos breaking off from Roy, he has a chance to get some breathing room! Wagner's arm cannon fires, explosive rounds bursting from the water before detonating near the Vandals shooting at Lenore.+ (22:44:31): Eva dashes around the anti-air gunfire, outrunning the turrets quickly. You spot a hatch which can be used to secure entrance into the carrier - not too far off from where your laser struck, it is damaged. But still needs to be pried open.
frifreeman (22:44:32): Bahamut: "Hikari, note for Mr. Matsuyama. Please tell him that we do can fly, but we're pretty defenseless from below."
griefgathering (22:45:21): *Lenore is banking on those hastily aimed shots also being not as accurate. She suddenly ascends to try to throw them off even further.+
frifreeman (22:45:22): Hikari: "Oh really, Bahamut? Maybe on the hand of less talented commander! Flying Fortress mode, deactivate!"
frifreeman (22:45:34): Bahamut: "Are you sure Hika.. oh whoa."
frifreeman (22:45:54): Bahamut's angel wings disappear and Bahamut falls down toward the water like a giant flying metal brick.+
tengusaur (22:46:08): Asagi: "...Are you serious."
griefgathering (22:48:23): Lenore: "..."
Peter Kampschroeder (22:48:26): Eva: "Ah." (22:48:30): A jet board is hit under the feet of one of the Vandals, and explodes - sending its owner floating down into the depths helplessly. (22:49:29): The ones around it abandon their fire and try to get farther away from the firing underwater menace. Lenore's Iblis takes off, seemingly heavily but without taking damage. (22:50:04): Lilian: "I see you..." (22:50:07): Roy and Asagi, go (22:50:33): The Bahamut... stops flying (22:50:53): the Leos continue slashing into it, the barrier thin due to its wings - but then the wings are gone (22:51:22): It splashes into the water, the waves this causes knocking anything nearby and on the water's surface off-balance! (22:51:35): The AI units are slammed down, damaged and forced into the depths. (22:52:06): However - Bahamut Metalia was not unscathed and its underside's armor is worse for the wear. Hopefully this will not repeat itself. (22:52:43): Also
griefgathering (22:52:46): Lenore is silently glad she went up instead of staying at that altitude.
Wyverncakes (22:52:48): * And the Wagner comes bursting out suddenly, rocket anchor firing at the Second Fortune along with more arm cannon shots! "Round two!"+ (22:52:48): one more thing (22:53:16): As Eva gets closer to the battleship, she starts to hear a psychic message.
tengusaur (22:53:55): Asagi: "...Well, that worked. To an extent. I'm going to take care of these guys bombarding the island!" Blue One approaches the enemies armed with heavy cannons quickly, trying to attack one of them from the side with a body tackle into another one, and then draw its katana, slashing at both at once! + (22:53:57): You never heard this voice before but somehow you know who it belongs to. And the implications are... unpleasant. (22:54:06): John Dotrice: "Burn out. Burn out. Burn out." (22:54:20): The message is directed towards the energy signature building up under Erria. (22:55:23): Lilian: "Do you really think I don't know where you are?" (22:56:00): She lets the anchor stick into her unit, the evasive maneuvers performed to dodge the cannon rounds - and the Second Fortune's chest armor opens already, charging up the energy cannon within. (22:56:21): The cannon fires a beam, burning a hole through the sea and towards the Wagner. React, Roy! (22:57:09): Asagi leaps into the distracted group of enemies, tackling one off its board and slashing, the two exploding immediately. (22:57:44): The normal Vandals return from the other side, trying to box the AHSMB with gunfire from several directions, and force it away from the artillery units. React.
Wyverncakes (22:57:45): * Only one chance at this, but Roy holds the Wagner's short sword to the side, unleashing a heat flash to let the force get him out of the cannon's line of fire... and with another tug on the cable send Lilian's board -and her with it- spinning!+ (22:57:47): Eva, Lenore, Hikari, go.
Peter Kampschroeder (23:00:49): *Eva: "...We should hurry. I'm hearing things." Eva zips away and above the carrier, and bombards it with her chest laser again-followed immediately by a barrage of spread lasers.&
Wyverncakes (23:01:24): Roy: "Wait... what things?" (23:01:32): Roy gets out of the beam's way partially, thanks to the jet of heat. And also...
tengusaur (23:01:39): Asagi: "I see what you're planning." Instead of being forced away, he decides to push deeper in, making Blue One maneuver and weave between the cannon-armed Vandals, trying to use their formation as cover from the fire of their lighter counterparts! + (23:01:39): Lilian: "What..."
tengusaur (23:01:43): Asagi: "...Eva?" (23:02:12): The pull forces the Fortune down, spinning and making the beam fire off to the side from its intended target! (23:02:31): The Second Fortune disappears under the waves! Though the cable still holds on tight to it.
frifreeman (23:02:31): A part of the sea open into a water-surrounded crater! And from it, Bahamut Metalia is rising slowly, with its wings back.
griefgathering (23:03:14): *Lenore draws her revolver and uses the Light Arm's power to infuse it with energy. She fires once, but a cluster of slow-moving orbs of light emerge. They don't move slow for long though, because when she pulls the trigger again and hits one of the orbs with a solid bullet, they ricochet off each other like a billiards trick-shot and spread unpredictably toward the Vandals!+
frifreeman (23:03:56): Bahamut: "That was creative thinking, Hikari, but try not to do it too much."
griefgathering (23:04:23): Lenore: "I don't like sound of that. Hearing things..." (23:04:49): The anti-air turrets try to prevent the Tern from doing its thing again. And to make things more complicated, damaged Leos lunge from the water and land on the carrier. They send claw cables flying to reach the lasering target! (23:04:52): React/continue, Eva
frifreeman (23:05:07): Hikari fixes her helmet, she seems to be shaken, but still excited. "Nah, you're waterproof right, Bahamut?"
frifreeman (23:05:32): Bahamut: "That was not the most pressing thing, actually..." (23:05:58): The Vandals attacking Asagi come under assault of colliding orbs of light.
frifreeman (23:06:29): Hikari:"But the battle still rages! Metalia, Aim your sight!" And after Metalia's main turrets raises their guns... (23:06:46): Two are too slow - toppling away from their boards, they explode. The rest, half a dozen of them, all focus their fire on the Iblis. React!
frifreeman (23:06:49): Hikari: "BAHAMUT BEEEAM!" The Twin Hellbore Cannons fires their plasma load toward the golden carrier.
frifreeman (23:07:05): Hikari: "Wait, Roy's boss isn't in danger if we do that, right? Is he in that ship?"
Peter Kampschroeder (23:09:02): *"It's not...great." It takes a bit longer for her to respond, with the enemy fire drawing much of her attention. As the cables rise up to snare Eva-she can't help but smile slightly. Eva doesn't soar much higher than she was already, and she lets one of the cables wrap around the Tern's leg. As it draws taut, she dives for the carrier, foot-first-telekinesis and thrusters working together to speed her down much faster than gravity. She aims for one of the more damaged points in the ship's armor, looking to kick into-if not through the entire warship.+
griefgathering (23:10:33): Lenore: "Guard!" *The Phantom's Dark Arm flashes as a multi-layered barrier is projected in front of the Craft in defense from those shots!+
frifreeman (23:11:06): |
frifreeman (23:11:11): + (23:13:20): The Iblis' barrier holds... for a while. But Lenore is being pushed back - which in this case means closer to the battleship. (23:13:54): The battleship which comes under attack. (23:14:45): Massive plasma beams strike its side, and even though claws slash at Tern's armor, Eva continues her descent and falls down at a huge speed. (23:15:39): The Tern slams the offending Leo into the hull. A moment later, Eva feels the need to get out of there - the beams burn a hole into the carrier. Your path is open! (23:16:13): Lilian: "What are you trying to achieve?" (23:16:34): The cable that connects Roy to Lilian's machine goes taut - then snaps! (23:16:50): The Second Fortune appears on top of Bahamut Metalia, away from any bolt casters. (23:17:04): Lilian: "Just patiently wait until Dakova's energy peaks, and then it will be all over!"
tengusaur (23:17:13): Asagi: "You've done it! Now only to find Dotrice and get him out of there!"
Peter Kampschroeder (23:17:14): Eva: "I refuse."
Peter Kampschroeder (23:17:32): (eva is talking to Lilian) (23:17:35): She fires grenades at point blank range, first, second, and another. causing explosions against the tank's hull! (23:17:40): React, Hikari
Wyverncakes (23:17:49): # Hikari? (23:17:53): Approved (23:18:01): Also (23:18:08): "Burn out. Burn out." (23:18:22): Others can hear it too now. Asagi, Hikari, Lenore
frifreeman (23:18:27): Hikari: "Uh-oh, we also need to tell Shojui about defense from when the enemy is right on top of us..." (23:18:31): The voice coming from inside the battleship and calling out (23:18:52): Roy and Asagi can go
griefgathering (23:19:02): Lenore is relieved when the enemy carrier comes under attack, inadvertently sparing her from getting shot by it. "Safe." For now anyway. (23:19:03): (Roy after # though, feel free to combine with the action if you want)
Wyverncakes (23:19:28): Roy: "Waiting around for you to do crap's the last thing on our mind!"
griefgathering (23:19:45): Lenore: "Um...who is burned out?"
Wyverncakes (23:20:15): * Wagner emerges from the water again, spinning up to deliver a two-legged divekick into the Second Fortune and smash it into Bahamut!+
frifreeman (23:20:21): Bahamut: "Brace yourself, Hikari!" Bahamut fires its propulsion at once, making himself jump forward in sudden movement... toward the artificial island. He's crashing itself on it.+
Wyverncakes (23:20:25): (Going to do them separately.)
Wyverncakes (23:20:32): "... Wait. 'Burn out'?"
griefgathering (23:21:01): Lenore: "That's what I was asking..."
tengusaur (23:21:08): Asagi: "Burn out? What is that supposed to mean...?" He continues his assault on the heavy cannon Vandals, drawing his spear and dashing between them, using wide strikes to slash as many as he can, or at least knock them into the water. +
tengusaur (23:21:16): Asagi: "...Isn't that Dotrice's voice...?"
Wyverncakes (23:21:25): "What voice? You're hearing boss man?!?"
Wyverncakes (23:21:40): "Like where, on the comms or something?"
Peter Kampschroeder (23:21:49): Eva: "Mentally." (23:26:52): Roy interrupts the exploding barrage by divekicking Lilian. (23:26:58): Lilian; "Ah?!" (23:27:25): Bahamut Metalia accelerates suddenly, taking into the skies and starting to fall towards an uninhabited part of the island! (23:27:47): Both of the units tumbled off of it in the meantime. In the waves, the Second Fortune's eye flashes as it faces off the Wagner. (23:28:11): Roy can go now (23:29:01): Asagi manages to clear the way, stabbing one Vandal, the spear's swing knocking another into the water, the remaining two give him a wide berth and the assault on Erria ceases. (23:29:20): Looks like you can get in and save Dotrice! (23:29:27): Eva, Lenore and Hikari can also go
Wyverncakes (23:29:38): * She wasn't getting away this time! Wagner rushes in, closing the distance as its short sword switches to spear configurating, and leads with a thrust followed up by a sword slash!+
griefgathering (23:30:52): Lenore: "Looks like the way's clear..."
frifreeman (23:31:44): Bahamut: "That's why tank is supposed to move with support, Hikari."
griefgathering (23:32:04): (Enemy count please?)
frifreeman (23:32:05): Hikari: "No time for tactical review, everyone's moving inside, let's cover them!" (23:32:21): Enemies: Vandal x10, Vandal with heavy cannon x2, Second Fortune (Lilian Cavanagh) (light damage), The Yellow King's Decree, Leo x2 (damaged) (23:32:35): The normal Vandals are still maintaining fire on the Iblis though (23:33:01): Lilian: "Hmph..."
frifreeman (23:33:18): Bahamut start to floats again, this time moving toward the hole. It's not trying to enter though, it's just going to float there as defensive cover, shooting at anything that's going to makes it harder for the team to go inside the Yellow king.+ (23:33:37): The Second Fortune draws its handguns - preparing to fire. But before it can shoot a single bullet, the spear is thrust on it. (23:33:44): The Fortune disappears in a sudden wormhole. (23:33:57): It appears behind the Wagner - only then firing. React!
griefgathering (23:34:41): Lenore: "I'll keep drawing their attention here. Whoever can manage it, please rescue Mr. Dotrice."
tengusaur (23:34:57): Asagi: "I broke their bombardment, at least for now. Try not to get it too badly before we rescue him!"
Wyverncakes (23:35:02): * Wagner's covered for that though! Its tendrils rise up, firing right back at the Second Fortune!+
Peter Kampschroeder (23:35:42): *Eva: "I'll try." She rushes into the enemy ship, focusing on that psychic message-and where the source of it is.+
griefgathering (23:38:27): *Iblis' barrier suddenly darkens, along with its surroundings. Before long, the entire area where the Craft is is blackened, and bolts of darkness are fired at the Vandals' general direction, spreading the effect. Lenore takes advantage of this and fires her revolver from the dark, before suddenly appearing and punching one with the Phantom's Light Arm!+ (23:42:37): Piercing handgun shells strike against the Wagner's back armor! However... (23:42:55): Lilian: "Ghh! Stay down, bodyguard!" (23:43:25): She calls out in frustration, the tendrils' attack doing a thing against the Second Fortune itself. Lilian's forced to break away, her unit damaged. (23:44:33): On the surface, you're pushing the enemy away. Bahamut Metalia engages, barrage of fire suppressing enemies - one of the Leos tries to jump down from the hull of the golden carrier, but the bolts focus on it and destroy it.
Wyverncakes (23:44:36): "Not on your life!" (23:45:01): The bolts of darkness cut into ranks of Vandals, and the sudden arm of light crushes its way through most of them. (23:45:27): Eva enters the Yellow King's Degree. (23:45:50): And immediately faces four Vandals firing chest-mounted energy cannons, and behind them - two larger units firing balls of dark energies of their own! (23:45:55): React/continue to all of this, Eva! (23:46:08): New enemies: Caper x2 (23:46:09): (23:46:15): And yes, if it was not obvious before (23:46:24): Your enemies have support from mass produced Chimera units (23:46:51): Roy and Asagi, go now
tengusaur (23:48:14): # Eva (will combine with action) (23:48:20): Approved
Wyverncakes (23:49:34): "Everyone..."
Wyverncakes (23:49:51): "... Tied up here right now, but please..."
tengusaur (23:49:52): Asagi: "Eva! Look out! I'll take care of the Vandals!" Blue One rushes into the inside of the carrier, preparing its katana, and then swings it with several quick gestures, trying to deflect the beams back at the enemies, and to get close enough to the Vandals to retaliate by cutting at them! +
Wyverncakes (23:49:55): "... Save boss man!"
Peter Kampschroeder (23:51:11): *"Out of my way." Eva opens up with her spread lasers on the enemy Capers, dropping low to avoid their energy orbs-and then jets forward, zooming past them.+
Wyverncakes (23:51:16): * So long as Lilian and her crazy tech was alive though, she'd be a threat shadowing John though... and so with a furious cry Roy pushed the Wagner into battle again, diving under the water only to hurl his spear up at the Second Fortune from below!+ (23:54:08): Suddenly Blue One to the rescue! Swinging its katana around, it cuts one of the Vandals which succumbs to a blue energy explosion, the others discharging their cannons but Asagi deflects two of them... (23:54:36): The third shoots through the AHSMB's shield, but the brunt of the attack is taken off and it's only a weak grazing beam. (23:55:36): The Tern gets down but the energy orbs explode in front and behind it - while not dealing damage due to lack of contact, Eva's further advance is momentarily stopped. (23:56:01): Lilian: "If you insist..."
tengusaur (23:56:02): Asagi: "Close... But not close enough. Count on us, Roy."
frifreeman (23:56:44): Hikari: "I thought you'd want to be the one to personally save the boss-man, Roy!" (23:56:45): Her unit drops something into the water - diving Roy finds mines floating in the Wagner's vincinity, that explode while Lilian performs evasive maneuvers. (23:56:50): Lenore, Hikari, go now.
Wyverncakes (23:58:22): (Am I hit or can I react?) (23:59:01): (Yes, react)
9 January 2016
frifreeman (00:00:19): Hikari: "Okay, let's clear up the field so everyone can focus. BURNING NEEDLE MISSILES!"
griefgathering (00:00:23): Lenore: *"Don't get in the way...!" Using the Light Arm, Lenore produces a medium-sized sphere of light that hovers before Iblis, which she then hits with a powerful spinning kick. The sphere splits into numerous homing light bolts that target any remaining Vandals.+
Wyverncakes (00:01:22): * Roy fought the mines with even more explosions! Shaped explosion-type rounds fired from his arm cannon to blast the mines away+
frifreeman (00:01:36):
frifreeman (00:02:53): countless hatches open all over Bahamut's hull, and missiles launches from them, leaving trails of fire all over Bahamut. The missiles then turn on air and spreads toward the surviving vandals+ (00:03:56): The outside Vandals are obliterated! However - the one remaining Leo leaps into the air, trying to lunge at Iblis from behind. (00:03:59): Lenore react. (00:04:02): As for the inside front... (00:04:07): Eva, Asagi, go
frifreeman (00:04:23): #Lenore (00:04:47): カーニバルだよ (00:04:52): Approved, I mean
frifreeman (00:06:00): Hikari: "It's a..."
griefgathering (00:06:02): *Iblis does a half turn there. It's not complete because Lenore just wants to put the Dark Arm between herself and her enemy to immobilize it!+
frifreeman (00:06:45): "Circus!" Since most of the vandals had been obliterated, Hikari concentrate on the surprise Leos. Some of the surviving missiles then swerve in the air and change directions to the Leos instead.+
frifreeman (00:06:52): Like an
frifreeman (00:06:55): Itano Circus (00:07:22): The lunging Leo is suddenly stopped mid-air!
Peter Kampschroeder (00:07:24): *"Tch." Eva flips around so she is facing the Caspers again-and fires spread laser after spread laser towards them, the chimera units soon facing a barrage of lasers.+ (00:07:31): The missiles change direction and pummel it. (00:07:42): Lilian: "..."
griefgathering (00:08:05): Lenore: "We did it...?" (00:08:17): With explosions above and under her, the Second Fortune's pilot has no choice but to get away from you, and quickly too! (00:08:33): Roy managed to avoid explosion of his own unit by premature triggering of the mines.
tengusaur (00:09:19): Asagi: "They won't stand in our way for long." He quickly raises his missile launcher, firing several explosives into the direction of the enemies inside - the explosions, in addition to damage, also create smoke, and he uses its cover to rush forward and stab his spear right into the center of the other Caper's chest! + (00:10:30): The mass produced Capers are not too sturdy - pummeled by lasers and stabbed by Blue One appearing from behind explosions, one of them is destroyed! (00:10:54): While the other, damaged by Eva, gathers dark energy in its palms and tries to slam them into Tern with some sort of martial arts movement. (00:10:56): React! (00:11:41): The Vandals' cannons are cooling off but they still have assault rifles. Two of them at least, as the third's open chest was caught by a missile. (00:11:51): They try to fire at Asagi, react. (00:12:10): (Roy, Lenore and Hikari can go, though not many enemies remain)
Peter Kampschroeder (00:13:01): *The Tern holds on a course further into the ship, making it an easy target for the Casper-but at the last second it gains a green tinge and shifts sideways to dodge-adding a shove to its move as well, to force the Casper into contact with a wall.
Peter Kampschroeder (00:13:04): +
tengusaur (00:15:46): Asagi: "That's enough already!" Blue One quickly jumps to the side, trying to get both opponents in one line, and then throws its spear, trying to impale them both at once to a wall! +
Wyverncakes (00:19:10): (Enemy headcount?)
frifreeman (00:19:28): Hikari: "Hey Roy, may we destroy the carrier? Would boss-man be fine?"
Wyverncakes (00:19:46): Roy: "He totally wouldn't be if he were in the wrong place!" (00:19:50): Enemies: Caper (damaged), Vandal with energy cannon x2
Wyverncakes (00:20:21): "After we get'im out sure! Heck, I'm gonna be blowing it up a bunch too! But-"
Wyverncakes (00:21:04): * Unsure of where Lilian's gone off to, Roy changes gears to head to the ship, finding the same entrance everyone else's gone through, and joins the fray, firing at the Caper with his hand cannon some more!+
frifreeman (00:22:54): Hikari: "Okay..." Not seeing much else enemy to shoot at, Hikari flies above... and land Bahamut on top of the golden carrier."
frifreeman (00:23:18): Hikari: "There, now we can raise up the shield, and stay flying at the same time. Bahamut, use overwatch at the hole!"
frifreeman (00:23:31): Bahamut: "...overwatch?"
frifreeman (00:23:39): Hikari: "You know, the mode in X-com that..." (00:24:14): The Tern moves forward, though Eva's maneuver is interrupted halfway through the shove
frifreeman (00:24:16): Bahamut: "Yes, I played X-com, Hikari. Its just that in real life... Nevermind, yes, I'm overwatching the hole now."+ (00:24:26): The intense sensation she received is too much.
tengusaur (00:24:27): Asagi: "This is not a game..."
griefgathering (00:24:47): Lenore continues to keep watch outside. Hopefully those in the carrier would be done soon. (00:24:48): The feedback that John Dotrice receives is very intense. Dakova is close to awakening. (00:25:13): You need to act very quickly! Fortunately Roy lunges through the hole, the Wagner punching explosive new holes through the Caper.
frifreeman (00:25:18): Hikari: "Hey, Bahamut. Do you receive the psychic feedback thingy everyone are mentioning?"
Peter Kampschroeder (00:25:20): Eva: "-AH!" (00:25:23): As Asagi spears the remaining enemies, you are free to advance. (00:25:45): And somehow you have no problem pinpointing Dotrice's location.
frifreeman (00:25:50): Bahamut: "Hm, I wonder Hikari. Can psychic communication reach artificial mind?"
tengusaur (00:25:58): Asagi: "Eva! What happened?"
Peter Kampschroeder (00:30:30): Eva: "Some kind of..." the tern stumbles a bit in its flight, before boosting forward. "We're finishing this. Now.".
tengusaur (00:32:20): Asagi: "Right. Let's find Dotrice, quickly."
tengusaur (00:32:40): He moves in deeper, to locate where the kidnapped man is held.
Wyverncakes (00:32:59): Wagner speeds on as well.
Wyverncakes (00:33:10): Where are you getting a feel for him?"
Wyverncakes (00:33:15): "What room, heck, just direction!" (00:33:39): There aren't any more obstacles on your way, unless you count slightly too small corridors. (00:33:59): But breaking through those is not hard, and as you easily remove a human-sized door, on the other side you see... (00:34:11): John Dotrice (00:34:14): In the flesh
Wyverncakes (00:34:27): Roy: "Boss man!" (00:34:27): strapped to a very painful-looking, activated machine (00:34:44): He looks up to you from his seat, trying to focus his gaze. And he speaks weakly. (00:34:49): Dotrice: "Kill... me..."
tengusaur (00:34:53): Asagi: "You can't hear the voice? It's calling us... And I kinda can see why..."
tengusaur (00:34:56): Asagi: "..."
Wyverncakes (00:35:06): "Boss man it's cool!"
Wyverncakes (00:35:09): "We're here!"
Wyverncakes (00:35:15): "We're gonna bust you out of this!"
Peter Kampschroeder (00:36:15): Eva: "Asagi? Can you remove him from that machine?"
Wyverncakes (00:36:39): Sorry Asagi, Roy's already on it, the Wagner rushing to Dotrice's side! (00:37:03): ???: "No. I don't think so."
tengusaur (00:37:07): Asagi: "...I think Roy's better fit for this. I'll watch the-" (00:37:16): A wormhole opens mid-air, between Roy and the two others!
tengusaur (00:37:17): Asagi: "...Speak of the devil!" (00:37:18): Bang (00:37:42): from inside it, a shot is fired - and the Second Fortune appears a second after, holding up an anti materiel rifle.
Wyverncakes (00:37:50): Roy: "What-" (00:38:05): A rifle which Lilian shot. (00:38:13): Right through the Wagner's cockpit.
tengusaur (00:38:23): Asagi: "...Roy!"
Wyverncakes (00:38:59): With a gaping hole in its chest, the Wagner collapses.
Peter Kampschroeder (00:39:39): Eva: "..."
frifreeman (00:39:53): Hikari: "What happens! Was our overwatch failed!?" (00:40:02): Lilian: "The operation's goal wasn't to defeat you. Did you forget?" (00:40:07): Dotrice: "Ghh... aaah!" (00:40:13): He convulses on his seat. (00:40:27): Outside, Hikari and Lenore see a pillar of fire bursting out from the center of Erria! (00:40:50): Lilian: "Only to wait for the energy surge."
Peter Kampschroeder (00:40:56): Eva: "...You have made a grave mistake."
griefgathering (00:40:59): Lenore: "...Wha...?"
tengusaur (00:41:13): Asagi: "...Shit! Dakova!" (00:41:15): Lilian: "Did I? The anomaly is severely weakened now. Capture is possible." (00:41:28): The battleship starts moving forward to Erria. (00:42:08): Lilian: "Do you realize how much we can achieve from studying, understanding - and putting its effects into use?"
griefgathering (00:42:17): Lenore: "Ah, the ship...!"
tengusaur (00:42:59): Asagi: "I don't care. You're terrorists! You killed all those people, you kidnapped Dotrice. And now, Roy is..." (00:43:24): Lilian: "Terrorists? No. We are the SCCF."
frifreeman (00:45:00): Hikari:"Everyone, Eria is erupting! Bahamut, prepare yourself!" (00:45:03): Lilian: "To study and use the unusual of the world, for advancement of humanity, betterment of all... the Special Capture/Containment Foundation - that is our goal." (00:45:17): Lilian: "And if you try to intervene, well..." (00:45:47): More wormholes appear - one in front of the Yellow King's Decree on the outside, and another - in the charred remains of Erria. (00:45:57): You can vaguely see something disappearing in it. (00:46:25): Lilian: "It's a farewell, I'm afraid." (00:47:07): The Second Fortune's gun aims in your direction.
Peter Kampschroeder (00:48:04): *The tern has its own psychic aura going on-one of murder and rage. The much larger machine closes to grab the Second Fortune with its sword arm-and blast it with lasers with the other.+
tengusaur (00:48:59): Asagi: "A farewell indeed!" He raises his katana, the blade held in a reverse grip with both hands, and rushes in, trying to stab at the Second Fortune! +
tengusaur (00:49:11): Asagi: "You're done for!" (00:49:33): You notice a wormhole forming in the floor under the Second Fortune - Lilian prepared it stealthily all along, and the unit disappears in it. (00:49:49): Reappearing instantly behind your backs, the anti-material rifle aimed to fire again! (00:49:57): Lilian: "All I need to do is remove the final obstacle!"
Wyverncakes (00:50:11): # (00:50:15): Approved
Wyverncakes (00:50:56): From the Wagner, blue sparks of something begin to kick up-
Wyverncakes (00:51:21): "... with your aim...? Dream on!"
Wyverncakes (00:51:26):
Wyverncakes (00:51:59): * The Wagner suddenly begins to rise up, turning around... "Uaaaaaagh-"
Wyverncakes (00:52:19): CRISIS MODE ENGAGED.
Wyverncakes (00:53:16): * The aura seems to sharpen, lunging out in threads to intercept and tear through any of Lilian's shots... but more importantly cut down the Second Fortune!+ (00:54:49): Lilian: "??" (00:55:18): The Second Fortune's arm is stretching out to the side, creating quickly another portal... but she's too slow. (00:55:35): Suddenly the Second Fortune is thrown to the side, interrupted by energy tendrils coming from the Wagner. (00:55:55): The Wagner, which is still functional, and despite being shot in the cockpit...! (00:56:23): Lilian: "Agh..." (00:56:52): Lilian: "Willson... cast off the section..." (00:56:59): The Second Fortune slumps down. (00:57:14): ???: "Y-yes." (00:57:24): Around you, it seems the battleship is exploding from the inside. (00:57:41): But it's not - not the whole of it anyway. The place you're in is being disattached from the rest and starts to fall into the ocean!
Wyverncakes (00:58:08): With the damage it's sustained, the Wagner stumbles and falls over. "Crap... boss man...!"
tengusaur (00:58:14): Asagi: "Roy? You're alive?!" He's interrupted by the whole place shaking. "We need to get Dotrice out of here!"
Wyverncakes (00:59:03): Screw the Wagner and whatever the heck just happened, Roy reaches up to get out of his machine's massive chest cavity, but what falls out...
Wyverncakes (00:59:30): ... Lands with a sickening union of a crunch and clank.
Wyverncakes (00:59:49): Roy: "What the-"
Wyverncakes (00:59:50):
Wyverncakes (01:00:07): ... And then he looks down at the sparking, metal stump of an arm.
Wyverncakes (01:00:36): Visible from only one eye, the other side of his face smashed in, sparking and hanging loose.
Wyverncakes (01:00:43): "What the-"
tengusaur (01:00:55): Asagi: "..."
Peter Kampschroeder (01:01:13): Eva: "-Asagi, watch over him." She chases after Dotrice, not commenting on the new revelations. (01:01:44): As Eva approaches John Dotrice - the chamber he's in suddenly flares up, and explodes! (01:01:58): Rubble starts falling around you, threatening to bury you and your units alive! (01:02:03): You need to get out of here, and fast! (01:02:34): People outside - the Bahamut is starting to fall off the carrier, but you can still stop its escape, somehow. Possibly. (01:02:40): Everyone, react.
Wyverncakes (01:02:54): Roy... or whatever Roy really is... just screams in disbelief.
tengusaur (01:03:39): Asagi: "...Damnit. Come!" He tries to get the remains of Roy in one hand, while using the other to pull Wagner away.
Wyverncakes (01:04:11): What was going on here. Why was he made of metal, why was-
Wyverncakes (01:04:17): Why was something grabbing at him?!?
Wyverncakes (01:04:30): Roy recoils away from Blue One.
Wyverncakes (01:05:22): He was... he was just some dude who'd been living on the street, working as a bouncer, so why... why was this happening?!?
frifreeman (01:05:24): Hikari: "Well, the overwatch is useful after all! Bahamut, you've gathered enough energy. BAHAMUT BEEAM!"
griefgathering (01:05:31): Lenore: *"What is going on in there...?!" She doesn't know how to stop something like this from escaping, but she tries to fire several shots from her gun at the carrier's engines anyway, if they're visible.+
frifreeman (01:05:37): Hikari fires the plasma cannon toward the escaping ship's engine+
Peter Kampschroeder (01:05:54): Eva: "..." She puts one laser blast through where Dotrice was. Better that than burning, or slowly bleeding out if there's anything left of him. "-ROY! We are leaving!"
tengusaur (01:06:33): Asagi: "Roy. You have to come with us. I... I'm not 100% sure what's going on, myself. But you can't die here!" (01:06:54): Your attacks fly towards the engine... and suddenly are facing against an energy barrier that was not there a second ago. (01:07:08): Atop the escaping Degree, another unit stands. One you didn't see before. (01:07:11): (01:07:30): Its hand is outstretched, and the barrier disappears - but another takes its place. (01:07:44): This one is overpowered again and something explodes inside the carrier's engines, finally. (01:08:09): But... buying those precious few seconds was enough for it to enter the portal and disappear.
griefgathering (01:08:20): Lenore: "Damn!" (01:08:30): And those inside fare little better. (01:08:36): The section is breaking apart!
griefgathering (01:08:47): Iblis looks over at the disattached segment of the carrier. (01:08:56): Eva destroys Dotrice's room - making sure to put him out of his misery, though that was probably unnecessary.
frifreeman (01:09:00): Bahamut takes off and floats besides the descending section (01:09:21): Asagi grabs at the Wagner but it seems to briefly twitch away from his grasp. It takes another moment to secure the grip on it.
frifreeman (01:09:42): Hikari: "Everyone, if someone's can't fly, they can rest on Bahamut. Quick, before the ship crashes onto the ocean!" (01:09:52): But during that time, Roy slipped away...
tengusaur (01:10:03): Asagi: "...!" (01:10:42): Piles of rubble crash down on both of you, and though the Tern and the AHSMB can remove them without taking any extra damage, once you come by you do not see Roy anywhere around you. (01:10:51): Most likely the depths of the sea have claimed him by now. And Erria... (01:10:58): Erria has been almost completely destroyed. (01:11:58): Dakova was stolen by SCCF, people of Erria suffered and many of them died, and Roy - is gone. (01:12:01): MISSION FAILED
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