tengusaur (15:09:06): Thanks to information provided by a certain totally trustworthy ex-Decepticon merchant, the location where SSR holds Lee Linjun and the Shirogane was revealed.
tengusaur (15:09:42): A seaside base in South America, within the most war-torn part of the continent.
VJockey (15:10:02): "...This place feels ....wrong..."
VJockey (15:10:15): "Not as bad as some places... but... "
tengusaur (15:10:21): Here, the Cambio Protocol takes its residence.
cubey@aol.pl (15:10:56): Brye: "They couldn't decide on a nicer location..." She feels a bit uneasy for some reason.
tengusaur (15:10:58): The place would normally be heavily guarded... And this is why a distraction is necessary.
Wyverncakes (15:11:50): Mizuki: "Of course they wouldn't... but either way this is our chance."
tengusaur (15:11:53): SSR and Unity Group forces attack, engaging the Cambio Protocol forces and forcing them to pull out the base's defenders in order to respond.
frifreeman (15:12:03): Archie: "What's wrong with this place, my ladies?"
Wyverncakes (15:12:19): "Dealing a blow to them here's not something they'll be able to laugh off."
frifreeman (15:12:32): Archie: "Is it some supernatural sense of wrongness that even my keen superior feline eyes can't see?"
tengusaur (15:12:42): And while this is going on, a small stealth force of Unity Group units sneaks into the base, with the objective of quickly getting rid of remaining Cambio presence and freeing Lee and the Shirogane.
tengusaur (15:12:46): That group is, of course, you.
Aero (15:12:51): Rani: "In a way..."
frifreeman (15:13:00): Archie: "I'm not afraid of any wordly prey, but sadly my claw can't scratch a ghost..."
frifreeman (15:13:05): Archie"...yet"
cubey@aol.pl (15:13:10): Brye: "No, it's not that."
cubey@aol.pl (15:13:26): Her hands grip on Huckebein Omega's controls.
cubey@aol.pl (15:13:45): Brye: "Okay. Whatever comes, let's do it! I'm pretty sure we can handle this."
tengusaur (15:13:46): After making your way through a rough terrain, bearing clear signs of past conflicts, you arrive at the location.
tengusaur (15:14:47): A military base by the sea, partially hidden from sight by the rocky terrain and surrounding sparse woods. Some of the facilities of the base are built directly into the cliffside, including a large cave turned into a hangar and sealed with a blast door.
tengusaur (15:14:57): That hangar is where the Shirogane is kept.
tengusaur (15:15:10): The distraction is already in progress, and the base is sparsely defended.
tengusaur (15:15:21): It's time to make your move.
tengusaur (15:15:22): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
frifreeman (15:16:33): Archie:"Alright, gentlemen.:
frifreeman (15:17:19): Archie: "Who's the leader of Cambio? I'll let you guys deal with the small mooks, while I kill the head."
cubey@aol.pl (15:17:20): Brye: "Go in, grab the big blue battleship and its equally big jerk of a captain, get out. Sure, can do."
frifreeman (15:17:33): Archie:"Simple."
VJockey (15:17:53): "...Isn't it bad luck to say something's easy?"
Aero (15:18:00): Rani: "I think you should take this a bit more seriously..."
frifreeman (15:18:15): Archie: "Only if you don't believe on your skill, my lady."
cubey@aol.pl (15:18:25): Brye: "Of course I am taking this seriously. Ha ha..."
cubey@aol.pl (15:18:31): Despite her light hearted words, she is actually nervous.
frifreeman (15:19:25): Archie: "A hunter always have every possibility in his mind already. That's why nothing is ever unplanned or unexpected."
VJockey (15:20:09): The Regalis Filia and Arma Volnus hold their blades (Though in Peola's case - sheath locked blade) at the ready, admittedly with some wariness.
frifreeman (15:23:20): Archie's Wildraubtier is in humanoid mode now
Wyverncakes (15:23:28): Mizuki: "Hunter or not, keep an eye out."
VJockey (15:23:28): "We'll take point. Salwah. Come on." Half of team psychic quickly takes the lead, trusting their senses would keep them sharp on anything that might come their way.
frifreeman (15:23:53): It finds a well positioned rubble and decide to camp there
frifreeman (15:24:01): beam rifle poking out
frifreeman (15:24:14): Archie: "I'll cover you from here, go poke the thing."
Wyverncakes (15:24:35): She drops off of the machine she was hitching a ride from to continue ahead on foot, ready to summon the DuskBird at a moment's notice.
Aero (15:26:15): Rani can sense that nervousness from her partner and opens a com to her in response. "We'll be fine, we're here together right?" The Alpha moves next to the Omega to try to put her at ease.
tengusaur (15:26:29): Peola and Salwah take the lead in approaching the base... And for a while there is no visible resistance, but suddenly, as they are among the installations, they are shot at by something flying over! Luckily, those totally-not-Newtype senses let them escape the fire.
tengusaur (15:26:32): It's a Lion.
tengusaur (15:26:46): And more of them are approaching quickly.
cubey@aol.pl (15:26:48): Brye: "..." She nods.
cubey@aol.pl (15:27:04): Brye: "Yes! We can do it, because - we're here together."
cubey@aol.pl (15:27:18): Aha, here come the enemies.
cubey@aol.pl (15:27:33): Brye: "Sorry, that's a bad time to be moping around, right? We can get through this, no matter what!"
tengusaur (15:27:37): In fact. A smaller hangar (not the one where Shirogane is held), on the opposite side of the battlefield, opens.
tengusaur (15:27:48): And a large machine steps out. A golden Valsion.
VJockey (15:28:01): "... And there it is..."
tengusaur (15:28:07): Lorenzo: "Unity Group are here! Deploy all defenses!"
Wyverncakes (15:28:23): Mizuki: "The Divine Crusader from Malaysia, right?"
VJockey (15:28:42): Salwah: "Hey! Fluffy Earth Animal with the goggles, I think that's the boss. You want to try shooting him now?"
tengusaur (15:29:16): Lorenzo: "I knew there is meaning to your suspicious attack. But I didn't expect you to launch a strike on this base itself!"
frifreeman (15:29:18): Archie: "That's not stealth, gentlemen. Sigh, I guess I should expect that."
cubey@aol.pl (15:29:54): Brye: "So much of a stealthy approach..."
tengusaur (15:30:45): Lorenzo: "Yes, I am Lorenzo di Montegnacco, acting commander of Divine Crusaders. You will regret bringing further conflict to this suffering, war-torn country!"
tengusaur (15:31:05): Enemy forces are approaching from several directions.
tengusaur (15:31:05): Enemy List: Lion x10, Barrelion x5, Guarlion x4, Canis x6, Anguis x2, Caper x2, Leo x2, Valsion Custom Type-CF (Lorenzo)
Wyverncakes (15:31:06): At that, Mizuki just snorts, summoning up the DuskBird.
tengusaur (15:31:12): Valsion Custom Type-CF







tengusaur (15:31:21): Initiative: Archie, Peola, Mizuki, Brye, Rani, Lenore
frifreeman (15:31:32): Archie: "hey, is that the head of Cambio Protocol?"
tengusaur (15:31:37): (Archie, Peola, Mizuki)
tengusaur (15:31:40): (no Lenore yet)
cubey@aol.pl (15:31:44): Brye: "I don't think they have a leader..."
Wyverncakes (15:31:50): "Cambio seems to be using that conflict for its own benefit though. It's certainly a good camoflage."
Aero (15:32:12): Rani: "At least not a single one..."
frifreeman (15:32:26): Archie: "Well, whatever, he' looks the flashier."
tengusaur (15:32:28): Lorenzo: "Its own benefit? That's certainly how you'd think about it, considering the way you do things."
frifreeman (15:32:39): And Archie let loose the beam shot that he's aimed from way before.+
frifreeman (15:32:47): As lorenzo talks, of course.
frifreeman (15:32:57): aimed at his mech's head
Wyverncakes (15:33:56): * With stealth lost, Mizuki has the DuskBird shift to Jet mode and blast well up and over the Guarlions, feathers firing out at them. But after she passes by, she switches back to humanoid mode to fire a sweeping Abyss Gaze beam at them from behind!+
VJockey (15:34:03): *Peola and Salwah quickly move into action, the former swinging the sheathed sword with a ki enhanced swing - seeking to send a Lion into a Barrelion's... barrel. Meanwhile Salwah simply gives the Princess some cover by opening fire with the back mounted guns on her machina at any foes that might try to interrupt the attack!+
tengusaur (15:34:42): Archie fires his shot, which hits the Valsion in its head - but the super robot is protected by a field, which absorbs a large chunk of the damage.
tengusaur (15:36:22): Lorenzo: "This is how you respond? So be it. Cross Smasher!" A generator opens in the Valsion's chest, and the super robot spreads its hands around it, creating two large beams spinning around each other like a single spiral-shaped one and flying into the direction of the rock where Archie is hiding!
tengusaur (15:36:25): (react)
cubey@aol.pl (15:36:53): Brye: "Watch out, cat pilot guy! He has that gravitic barrier from before!"
cubey@aol.pl (15:37:07): Getting around it will take some consideration...
tengusaur (15:38:00): Mizuki's feathers rain on the Guarlions, damaging two of them, and the Abyss Gaze follow-up burns into one of them, sending it crashing down into the sea! But the second one evades, and now moves in, swinging its assault blade (read: chain sword), while the other two Guarlions provide cover fire with head-mounted gatling guns.
tengusaur (15:38:01): (react)
cubey@aol.pl (15:38:22): # Mizuki
tengusaur (15:38:26): (approved)
cubey@aol.pl (15:38:58): Brye: "Don't worry, I got it!" *Huckey is a sniper too! The beam magnum fires a single long-distance round aimed at the Guarlion's offending blade!+
tengusaur (15:39:06): Peola sends a Lion towards a Barrelion, just as the latter was about to fire - the explosion wrecks the Barrelion's cannon, not to mention the Lion itself.
tengusaur (15:39:17): But then Salwah notices something moving in...
tengusaur (15:39:48): A mounted figure jumps in from between the buildings, trying to slash at both of them with a mighty cleaving strike of its sword!
VJockey (15:40:05): Salwah: "Phannuhel-?!"
Wyverncakes (15:40:07): * The DuskBird's wings flap fiercely, releasing more feathers to guard against the machinegun fire as Mizuki jukes away from the Guarlion closing in.+
tengusaur (15:40:11): Phannuhel: "You... You shouldn't have shown yourself!"
tengusaur (15:40:18): Regalis Eques
tengusaur (15:40:28): (Rani can go, Brye can go after the support)
cubey@aol.pl (15:41:16): Brye: "Spurned wannabe white knight strikes back?!"
tengusaur (15:41:33): The bullets rattle against the incoming feathers, while Brye's shot shatters the sword in the Guarlion's hand, letting Mizuki evade its strike.
frifreeman (15:41:55): Archie: "Of course. Shield. I wonder if ancient smilodon in prehistoric time would have to deal with shielded prey as well." Archie jumps from his hiding place toward another rubble.+
Wyverncakes (15:42:33): Mizuki: "Thanks!"
tengusaur (15:43:17): Archie manages to evade just in time. The Cross Smasher leaves a big, burning hole in his previous hiding spot.
VJockey (15:43:36): *Peola brings up her weapon and parries the incoming strike as hard as she could... if she couldn't make it in time at the very least she tries to take most of the damage onto herself. Salwah keeps firing. Turning her guns on the Eques' face.+
VJockey (15:44:30): Salwah: "...Me..?! After everything you did... you're playing the victim?!"
cubey@aol.pl (15:44:33): Brye: "We're going to get surrounded at this rate!"
Aero (15:44:42): * With the Valsion's attention on the Wildraubitier, Rani charges forward and throws a massive fist towards the machine. Given that she was the one who was closest in size to the Valsion she had to keep it pinned down. +
tengusaur (15:45:51): Peola's and Phannuhel's strikes clash in a huge shower of sparks. Peola has a disadvantage because her opponent is mounted... But she also has Salwah to help and unload several shots into Regalis Eques, which forces Phannuhel to disengage and evade.
cubey@aol.pl (15:46:12): *The Huckebein flies up towards the skies. Brye tries to zoom closer to the Shirogane hangar, while providing support from above. The mass produces Leo clones look like they can't fight back, and she pelts them with quick rounds of beam magnum fire, followed by a slash ripper cutting through both of them and flying away somewhere.+
tengusaur (15:46:17): Phannuhel: "Why do you do this to me, Salwah!"
frifreeman (15:46:34): Archie: "Surrounded? Good! That means we can shoot wherever and we'll hit an enemy!"
frifreeman (15:46:41): Archie: "Just as planned."
tengusaur (15:47:54): Rani smashes her Grungust's fist into the Valsion, which counters by doing the same - both punches smash into each other, causing cracks to appear on the knuckles of both super robots!
Aero (15:48:10): Rani: "Ngh.."
tengusaur (15:48:35): However, while this is going on, the Anguises try to flank Rani and fire their beam cannons in her direction! (react)
VJockey (15:48:53): Salwah: "You toyed with my feelings-... no not just me... Monika and Ourania too! We all thought you cared... you were my friend and you were just using us! If that isn't a good enough reason to want to fight you already I don't know what is!"
tengusaur (15:49:24): Brye peppers the Leos with fire - one of them cannot take it anymore and the slash ripper cuts right through its body, severing it into two pieces! The other one dodges, however.
tengusaur (15:50:02): And while she approaches the hangar, the Capers block her way, creating large blood-red spears and trying to skewer the Huckebein with them! (react)
Wyverncakes (15:50:20): #
tengusaur (15:50:44): Lorenzo: "Even in the worst of times, those AI-controlled units can be counted on."
tengusaur (15:50:54): (approved, you can combine it with your action if you want)
tengusaur (15:51:01): (Archie, Peola, Mizuki can go)
Wyverncakes (15:51:14): (Then I shall combine it)
cubey@aol.pl (15:52:16): Brye: "Look who's talking! Stealing other peoples' toys and keeping them to yourself is worst times, now?"
tengusaur (15:53:16): Phannuhel: "Using? No, you have to understand, Salwah. Any man of the right status should have a harem of women who are interested in him, even if they have no chance of winning him over. This is just how it works! Weren't you happy just for the attention I gave you?"
Wyverncakes (15:53:21): * One good support deserved another. "I'll make an opening, hold on!" The DuskBird rushes in. It won't get there in time, but its whip will, which Mizuki lashes around one of the spears to yank the Capra off-balance and redirect it at its comrade!+
frifreeman (15:53:32): Archie: "Gravity Shield... What would Baron von Richtoffen do..." Archie decides to turn into Bird mode and flies toward Lorenzo, unleashing some low-altitude linear bombs before pulling up.+
VJockey (15:53:36): Peola: "Phannuhel... do us all a favor and get off your high horse and get down here so we can beat your face in!!"
cubey@aol.pl (15:54:08): *The Real Trooper spins, trying to circle around the enemies and spears they throw. Brye makes the Huckebein's arms reach forward - creating a visible telekinetic barrier, just in case!+
VJockey (15:54:21): *Peola's charging in, blade on her back as she unleashes a thunderous, explosive series of punches to the side of the Regalis Eques' mount!&
Aero (15:54:22): * This was a really bad spot to be in, Rani raised her TK Field, wrapping it around the Grungust like a coating hoping that her close proximity to the Valsion would at least mean that Lorenzo couldn't raise his own barrier. Given the size of the two machines hopefully some of those shots would hit him. +
tengusaur (15:57:40): Brye dances between the incoming spears, one of them hitting the energy field and not doing much to the Huckebein apart from pushing it back. Mizuki smashes the goat-like flying mecha one into another with her whip, causing damage to both of them as they crash! But now she's on their radar now, and they quickly approach, their hands glowing... (Mizuki react)
cubey@aol.pl (15:58:28): Brye: "Phew..."
tengusaur (16:00:03): The Valsion gets hit by the bombs thrown by Archie! Not the beams shot by the Anguises, however - as Rani gets in close, the AI-controlled enemies choose not to fire rather than risk hitting their commander.
tengusaur (16:00:27): Whatever short blast they still fired, she manages to intercept with the TK field.
Wyverncakes (16:00:39): * The Capras aren't the only machines with a glowing hand though. "Thieves rarely give up what they steal, but it doesn't matter. Glorified attack dogs, you're in my way and the Unity Group's way! ABYSS SANCTION!" WIth a thrust of her hand, streams of darkness erupt forth at both the machines.+
tengusaur (16:01:01): While he's busy doing bombardment, however, Archie is under attack, as several Lions move in and pepper him with shots from their linear rifles! (react)
tengusaur (16:04:12): Phannuhel's horse is under attack, causing it to stand on its hind legs. However, while this happens, the rider leaps forward, swinging his sword with several wide, lightning-fast strikes! (Peola react/continue)
tengusaur (16:05:10): Lorenzo: "These units are a gift from the Chimera. Have you forgotten they are a part of Cambio Protocol as well?"
tengusaur (16:05:17): (Rani and Brye can go)
cubey@aol.pl (16:05:57): Brye: "This guy sure likes to put in a lot of pressure..."
cubey@aol.pl (16:06:06): Brye: "Rani! Please hang in there for just a little more!"
frifreeman (16:06:13): Archie: "Now this more mundane attacks, is something I can more comfortably deal." Archie then starts to do some complicated defensive rolls and loops high on the air that you're sure have some names referring to famous aces from centuries in the pasts.+
tengusaur (16:06:34): The previously damages Capras are engulfed by the Abyss Sanction, the erupting darkness engulfing them and destroying their bodies! Their remains blow up in the sky.
cubey@aol.pl (16:08:16): *With the enemy interruptions taken care of, Brye's Huckey turns around. The Valsion comes under attack, the spinning ripper returning to slice at it from behind while Brye is aiming... "There!" A sniper shot to where she sees the field to be weakening from the ripper's attacks!+
tengusaur (16:08:28): Archie evades away from the attacking Lions, quickly doing various barrels rolls and other defensive maneuvers - some of their shots zoom just by, but none hit. Their attack causes him to get further away from the boss, however.
VJockey (16:08:40): *Peola grits her teeth and counters the strikes with rapid-fire ki-charged punches, letting out as much aggression as she could and trying to keep Phannuhel focused on her... while Salwah charges in from a flank, seeking to smash into the now unhorsed Regalis Eques with her Machina's heat spikes before rapidly swinging around to further open up the blow she may land with her blade!+
Aero (16:11:52): * "Thanks Brye..." With the Huckebein coming in, Rani begins to sync the Grungust with its partner machine. From the opposite end of Brye's attack Rani gathers some TK Energy around the right arm of the Grungust and shapes it into blade that she thrusts towards the other side of the barrier to further disrupt it and hopefully punch through. +
frifreeman (16:11:59): Archie: "I'm rather distracted and can't see the result of my attack. If I may inconvenience some of you, may I ask if the flashy mech that might or might not their leader received some damage now?"
tengusaur (16:12:53): Brye fires at the TK field...
Wyverncakes (16:13:18): Mizuki: "It's hard to tell with his barrier."
tengusaur (16:13:51): And at the same moment, suddenly something flies past her at great speed, firing several strong beam blasts at her side! (react)
tengusaur (16:14:11): It's a small, futuristic-looking fighter jet.
tengusaur (16:14:33): Sixshot: "Now, it's time to send you to the great junkyard in the sky."
cubey@aol.pl (16:14:52): Brye: "Something's coming?!"
cubey@aol.pl (16:15:11): *THe Huckebein turns ninty degrees to the side and tries to back off, away from the beams!+
tengusaur (16:15:15): Rani's blade stabs into the opponent's field, slowly penetrating it. But...
tengusaur (16:15:36): Lorenzo: "Are you sure it's a good idea to come so close? I think not!"
tengusaur (16:16:11): The Valsion suddenly launches a powerful, gravity-enhanced punch, to throw the Grungust off its balance, and then follows up with a near-point blank Cross Smasher! (react)
tengusaur (16:17:58): Peola and Phannuhel exchange blows, most of which strike against each - but some connect, causing accumulated damage to both machines. This ends when Salwah hits Phannuhel in the side, throwing him into the air - but, albeit damaged, Regalis Eques lands with grace, in its horse's saddle.
tengusaur (16:18:03): Phannuhel: "Tch..."
tengusaur (16:18:31): Brye manages to dodge some of the shots, but one of them hits the Huckebein, making it spin in the air!
tengusaur (16:18:48): The fighter jet lands on top of a nearby building, transforming into the familiar ex-Decepticon.
cubey@aol.pl (16:18:53): Brye: "Uwawawa."
tengusaur (16:18:53): Sixshot
tengusaur (16:19:02): (Archie, Peola, Mizuki, go)
tengusaur (16:19:30): Enemy List: Lion x9, Barrelion x4, Guarlion x3 (1 damaged), Canis x6, Anguis x2,, Leo (damaged), Valsion Custom Type-CF (Lorenzo) [light damage], Regalis Eques (Phannuhel) [medium damage], Sixshot
Aero (16:19:55): * "What?" Everything she knew about the Valsion was that it was mainly a machine specialized for long range combat. She throws up her own charged fist to try to match the Valsion's punch. At this distance however, the only thing she could do against the point blank Cross Smasher was fire the Alpha Blaster in an attempt to match it. +
VJockey (16:20:36): "... This is getting tense.."
frifreeman (16:21:41): Archie: "The Valsion have disappointingly little damage. Sadly I don't think my current machine could do much against it. If my partner is here, I'm pretty sure he can deal with it efficiently. Oh, how we wish for things we currently don't have."
Wyverncakes (16:23:00): Mizuki: "We'll just make due and help each other out where we can."
tengusaur (16:23:47): The attacks launched by the super robots clash against each other... But while the Grungust has an advantage in terms of melee, the Cross Smasher overpowers the Alpha Blaster, pushing Rani's unit back, making its feet leave huge marks in the ground and causing its damage armor to smoke.
frifreeman (16:24:21): Archie: "A hunter knows when he's over his head. A cheetah would stop running if it decide that the gazelle is beyond his reach, rather than wasting his energy. But an ace though, would not give up. I've did my preliminary assessment of your strength, sir, and I think I know how to go through that shield."
Wyverncakes (16:24:24): * And you know what? He was already dealing with a princess, what was the harm of having Phannuhel have to deal with an empress? The DuskBird speeds towards the Regalis Eques, coming in from behind to deliver a Void-charged Donkey Punch to the back of the machine!+
frifreeman (16:24:37): Arche flies far above the battlefield.
tengusaur (16:25:02): Lorenzo: "Surprised? The Divine Crusaders work on improving the world - ourselves included!"
cubey@aol.pl (16:25:41): Brye's unit stops spinning, right in time to see this.
cubey@aol.pl (16:25:46): "Ah, Rani!"
Aero (16:25:57): Rani: "Nh..."
cubey@aol.pl (16:26:25): "Hang in there, got it?!" Between Lorenzo's gloating and the decepticon merc showing up, this is starting to look worse and worse.
frifreeman (16:26:27): Archie: "And that is, with focused attack by everyone. And the way we can do that, is of course if all distraction is neutralized!" Archie suddenly dives down toward Phannuel, peppering it with air-to-ground missiles, before...
VJockey (16:26:37): *A glance and a nod at Salwah and the pair split off. Peola is dashing towards the Cybertronian mercenary and building up speed, before kicking off into the air in a spiralling leap and bringing the sheathed weapon down with blinding speed like a hurtling meteorite! Salwah, taking advantage ot the back attack Mizuki so kindly provided, leaps onto the horse to deal a double axe handle to the Regalis Eques' face! And considering it was still holding onto its blade Phannuhel may get a face full of ACTUAL handle.+
frifreeman (16:27:19): Archie: "Now!" he says as most likely a line of light shines behind him. He then unleashes a beam shot from his underslung beam gun, at the moment he think is the most proper for some reason.+
tengusaur (16:27:20): Phannuhel: "!" He quickly turns around in his saddle, trying to block the attack with his sword. Salwah's strike at the same time knocks him off his horse, though!
tengusaur (16:28:13): But now, Mizuki and Salwah are under attack. The group of Canises, taking advantage of the fact that nobody engages them in combat right now, takes aim at the two, and peppers them from afar with a barrage of solid and beam shots from their rifles! (Mizuki react)
Aero (16:28:30): The Grungust manages to get back to a standing position but the machine is visibly struggling to do so. Sparks flow out from the damaged sections. "I'm fine...for now at least."
tengusaur (16:30:11): Phannuhel, due to all the attacks going into his direction, is hit by Archie's attack, his Regalis showing visible damage. But then, suddenly, he launches into a massive leap, trying to get close to the cat's machine and cleave it in two with a single strike! (react)
Wyverncakes (16:30:50): * The DuskBird's swings fold down for protection as Mizuki spins around, sparing a moment to try to snipe the closest Canis with an Abyss Gaze before springing away.+
tengusaur (16:31:23): Peola's attack on Sixshot misses as he suddenly transforms into a tank-like form and rapidly zooms away, firing a blast into her direction while doing so! (react)
tengusaur (16:31:33): Sixshot: "Pretty good... But not good enough."
tengusaur (16:31:44): (Rani and Brye can go)
frifreeman (16:32:20): Archie: "I'm sorry, I need you to go down, now." Archie continues his dive! And he maneuvers in an attempt to dodge the worst of the slash.
frifreeman (16:32:53): Archie:"That's your mistake! Your movement in the air is limited! No matter how strong is your machine, you can't win against mine in the air!"
tengusaur (16:33:43): The shots fired by the attackers rain on Mizuki's wing-shields, putting some strain on them. But she manages to hit one of the Canises, Abyss Gaze piercing through it and blowing it up.
frifreeman (16:33:45): And as he maneuver against the blade, he crashes his machine at Phannuel!+
cubey@aol.pl (16:33:59): # Archie
VJockey (16:34:02): *Peola lets out a yell as the blast is incoming... however its more a roar of defiance as she shrouds her weapon with Ki, fully intent on batting the blast right back at the tank! Meanwhile Salwah takes full advantage of being on the now vacated Steed, trying to force some semblance of control over it to ride away from the incoming fire!+
cubey@aol.pl (16:34:03): (Will combine with the action)
tengusaur (16:34:05): (approved)
frifreeman (16:34:27): Archie: "A Shark is the king of the sea. But it cant' win against a wolf in the land! Pick your battlefield!"
Wyverncakes (16:35:35): Mizuki: "You say that, but you're a cat."
tengusaur (16:35:56): Peola punches the energy bolt, sending it back towards Sixshot - it hits the ground underneath him, throwing him into the air, but he turns into a humanoid form again, landing next to it in a three-point landing.
frifreeman (16:35:59): Archie: "I'm a flying cat."
tengusaur (16:36:00): Salwah has a horse now.
cubey@aol.pl (16:36:54): Brye: "!!"
VJockey (16:37:35): Peola: "Oh... I'm just getting warmed up!"
cubey@aol.pl (16:38:02): *As the Valsion slices up, in slow motion the Huckebein rises as well, next to it. Its visor flashes green as it aims the beam magnum forward - thrusting close through the gravitic barrier, and then firing, while simultaneously it tries to tackle the Wildraubtier out of the blade's way. Unfortunately, it means something else in its path now...+
Aero (16:39:18): Rani: "Brye!"
cubey@aol.pl (16:40:12): (Not Valsion, but Phannuhel's Regalis Equees, my bad)
tengusaur (16:40:18): Lorenzo: "You can't afford to get distracted!"
tengusaur (16:41:46): Huckebein Omega takes on the worst of Phannuhel's blade strike, which cuts deeply and leaves a nasty gash despite the TK Field.
cubey@aol.pl (16:42:24): Brye: "Aah! N... this is bad!"
tengusaur (16:42:48): But Regalis Eques is hit by the energy blast, and then Wildraubtier flies around it, crashing into Phannuhel's machine! He has no way to dodge, having no real aerial mobility!
frifreeman (16:42:51): Archie: "Lady! Are you alright!? That's unnecessary, I have everything under my control!"
cubey@aol.pl (16:43:18): Brye: "Mostly... I'm okay, just don't worry about it!"
tengusaur (16:43:39): Phannuhel: "Aaaahhh! This is not how it's supposed to go...!"
cubey@aol.pl (16:44:00): Brye: "Sorry, acting reckless like this is not my forte..."
tengusaur (16:44:11): Smashed into by Archie's unit, Regalis Eques crashes into one of the base's warehouses, breaking through its roof and raising a cloud of dust and rubble! It disappears from sight.
tengusaur (16:44:46): (Regalis Eques untargettable at the moment)
frifreeman (16:44:54): Archie then tries to stabilize his crashing plane and land somewhere not so bumpy.
tengusaur (16:44:57): You can see some movement in the distance, from the direction of the land.
tengusaur (16:45:35): A group of Mobile Suits is approaching quickly. They look battered and old, with lots of jury-rigged repairs, or parts replaced with whatever was available.
Wyverncakes (16:46:18): Mizuki: "And who're they?"
Aero (16:47:05): * Despite Lorenzo saying that her focus was still on Brye's situation. She fires her Boost Knuckles in a half hearted attempt to keep up pressure on the Valsion but she was clearly distracted. +
Aero (16:47:22): Rani: "Old...mobile suits?"
cubey@aol.pl (16:47:51): Brye: "Eh? Reinforcements?"
tengusaur (16:49:01): Rani's boost knuckle hits the Valsion, though it brings up its arms to block, and starts charging another blast. But it doesn't fire yet - that doesn't mean the enemies do nothing, though. The Barrelions lend support to their leader, firing their main cannons at Grungust Alpha. (react)
tengusaur (16:49:11): Lorenzo: "...Local militia."
VJockey (16:49:41): #Rani?
tengusaur (16:49:49): (approved)
tengusaur (16:50:14): Despite the fact that their units are battered and old, the militia closes in, all of their suits raising their guns as they are ready to join the fight, and fire at their enemies.
tengusaur (16:50:20): Some of them start shooting already.
tengusaur (16:50:30): Machiegun and beam spray shots are flying into your direction!
VJockey (16:51:20): *Peola's leaping into the path of fire, quickly seeking to punch and kick away at the barrage that was levelled at the Alpha, using both armored Scarf and her own Ki to try mitigate any damage done to her machine itself!+
cubey@aol.pl (16:51:49): Brye: "Ah, stop it! We're the good guys here!"
tengusaur (16:52:37): Lorenzo: "Do you really think so? What have you done for those people when they suffered from the conflicts in this area?"
Aero (16:53:16): * Rani recalls the Boost Knuckles, having them follow a path that would hopefully block some of the cannon fire. +
Aero (16:53:40): Rani: "We're..."
tengusaur (16:53:42): Lorenzo: "Nothing! While Cambio Protocol lent them aid and protection. And now, seeing that our base is under attack, they lend us their aid as well."
Wyverncakes (16:54:01): Mizuki: "Shut up."
frifreeman (16:54:12): Archie: "Well nothing, but does it matter? Are unity group expected to fight all war in this planet? We're called if there's a giant space monster threathiening the planet, that's it"
frifreeman (16:54:31): Archie shrugs: "Less bad attempt to demoralize us, more fighting, please."
Wyverncakes (16:54:35): "We've had problems in South America plenty, resolved plenty."
Aero (16:54:37): Rani: "Is that the only thing we should care about..."
Wyverncakes (16:55:00): "If not for Cambio distracting us maybe we might've been able to do even more for them!"
tengusaur (16:55:10): Lorenzo: "Feel free to perceive in your foolish notion that you're in the right. It won't make it any more true."
frifreeman (16:55:10): Archie: "That's what I'm good for, that's what I care for. Don't even have thumbs, cant' even plant corns to feed humans."
cubey@aol.pl (16:55:52): Brye: "..."
cubey@aol.pl (16:56:00): Brye: "These people are desperate, and you're turning them against us!"
frifreeman (16:56:07): Archie: "AS well, my friend. Feel free to continue talking, it won't make your dewfeat any less sure."
tengusaur (16:56:46): Between Peola and Rani sharing the brunt of the attack between themselves, and using their fists (and remote fist in the latter case) to block the strikes, the Grungust doesn't take much damage from the attack. Peola's Regalis takes some, though, as it serves as a shield to protect its ally.
VJockey (16:57:04): "Ngh... You okay over there?"
tengusaur (16:57:06): Lorenzo: "Desperate, indeed. They are desperate to drive you out of their home."
tengusaur (16:57:15): Enemy List: Lion x9, Barrelion x4, Guarlion x3 (1 damaged), Canis x5, Anguis x2, Leo (damaged), Valsion Custom Type-CF (Lorenzo) [light damage], Sixshot, Vandera x4, Shaldoll x4, Daughtess x3
tengusaur (16:57:21): Vandera


tengusaur (16:57:27): (Archie, Peola, Mizuki, go)
Aero (16:57:29): Rani: "...I'm fine...you shouldn't risk yourself like that. I mean taking damage is what this machine excels at..."
VJockey (16:58:18): "A princess has a duty to her people... her friends and comrades too. Besides... I owe you for the help at the wedding remember?"
frifreeman (16:58:36): Archie's machine rise from the rubble, in humanoid mode. "One distraction down."
VJockey (16:58:46): "Besides... the less damage you take from the small fry, the more you can deal with from the big ones."
tengusaur (16:58:51): The Valsion keeps charging its next blast. It's almost ready now.
Wyverncakes (16:59:40): Mizuki: "Speaking of distractions."
Wyverncakes (17:00:08): "Archie... you're in the sniper machine. Can you help me disable the newcomers?"
frifreeman (17:00:19): Archie: "The arrival of the enemy reinforcement complicate the hunt a bit, but it won't matter much."
Aero (17:01:15): Rani: "They can't do much you guys...I think we should focus on the Valsion instead."
frifreeman (17:01:37): Archie: "Lady Mizuki, they're distraction, nothing more. They won't threathen us too much."
frifreeman (17:01:57): Archie: "Same conclusion with mine, My lady."
cubey@aol.pl (17:02:17): Brye: "That's true, but..."
Wyverncakes (17:02:17): Mizuki: "Right then."
VJockey (17:02:35): "Do we want to risk letting them have at our backs or trying to get in the way of our attacks though..."
frifreeman (17:02:48): Archie: "Do you really want to shoot a helpless militia? If you do, fine by me, but shooting fish in a barrel isn't my style."
frifreeman (17:04:10): Archie. "I have bigger, more challenging prey..." Archie props himself in a defensive rubble, aim upward... and shoot a line of beam toward Sixshot.+
Aero (17:05:03): Rani lets out a small sigh of relief. "We'll have to I think Peola..."
Wyverncakes (17:06:07): * The DuskBird soared once more, moving directly over the Valsion as more Void energy gathered up in the machine. "Let's see how that barrier of yours fairs against shadows, shall we?" Six black plumes of energy arched and shot down at the Valsion+
tengusaur (17:06:16): Sixshot sees a beam going his direction, and jumps to the side, behind a nearby wall. The attack only grazes his armor - and while he's dodging, he raises his dual concussion blasters, and fires both repeatedly in the direction of the Wildraubtier! (react)
frifreeman (17:08:15): Archie: "Good! This is what I'm talking about!" Archie rolls sideways toward another defensive position.+
aldo salt (17:09:43): #Archie?
tengusaur (17:09:58): (approved)
aldo salt (17:12:06): *"Arc Thorns, launching!" A cluster of rocket spikes fall down on the Sixshot from above, either piercing armor or embedding themselves in the ground around it. "Lane Shock, Charging!" A bolt of lighting follows the Thorns to their destination!+
VJockey (17:13:49): *With nothing else for it Peola's charging the Valsion head on, pushing massive amounts of Ki into a single punch! If this works she might be able to break through the barrier when she breaks the flow and lets the Ki explosively vent from the impact of her punch into her target.... if the Valsion attacks before then... she can hopefully deflect the attack from everyone with it.+
tengusaur (17:13:50): The first few shots come dangerously close to Archie, making his unit shake in the air... But before he can take a head-on blast, Sixshot is suddenly caught in an electric field, and forced to evade before it zaps him too hard!
tengusaur (17:14:00): Sixshot: "...Another challenger. Don't disappoint me."
frifreeman (17:14:39): Archie: "That's, my line, Prey."
tengusaur (17:15:01): Sixshot: "We'll see who becomes prey yet!"
aldo salt (17:15:20): ShellLancer rolls into the battlefield, lance at the ready!
aldo salt (17:16:00): Dido: "What's that? Prey! Someone's calling me Prey? …I have no idea what's going on!"
tengusaur (17:16:35): The Valsion is bombarded by energy feathers from Mizuki, which cause its field to falter for a moment - enough for Peola to rush in and smash into it, the punch causing its form to shake and some cracks appear on its armor where the strike connected.
tengusaur (17:16:48): But the Valsion keeps charging its energy. And it raises its hands...
tengusaur (17:17:06): Lorenzo: "Now it's the time to eradicate you all. Your plan has failed, Unity Group..."
Wyverncakes (17:17:22): MizukI: "Peola, get out of there!"
tengusaur (17:17:23): You can see that other enemies are quickly trying to put some distance between the Valsion and themselves!
VJockey (17:17:32): "I can still do this!!!"
Aero (17:17:37): Rani: "!"
cubey@aol.pl (17:17:42): Brye: "!!"
tengusaur (17:17:42): You can feel a powerful gravitic field drawing all of you close to the Valsion!
aldo salt (17:17:55): Dido: blanches in shock. "Peola! Mizuki!"
tengusaur (17:18:27): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeLv9RKzk6U
frifreeman (17:18:35): Archie: "Apparently we're too late. This is why I said we should ignore the distraction."
tengusaur (17:18:53): This is followed by a second, crushing burst of gravitic energy, threatening to destroy anything caught within!
Aero (17:18:59): #Everyone?
tengusaur (17:19:05): Lorenzo: "Mega Graviton Wave!"
tengusaur (17:19:07): (approved)
frifreeman (17:19:07): Archie:"Archie: "Basically, turtle lady, Valsion strong, we can't penetrate its defense, from my observation, a focused attack should be able to do that, but so we can do that, all other distractions should be disabled first. That's my observation anyway. But apparently we're too late.
frifreeman (17:19:54): Archie: "Can only grit for strength now!"
Aero (17:21:30): * There isn't a moment of hesitation from Rani. The Grungust charges forward immediately, she couldn't stretch her barrier far enough to protect everyone in the vicinity but...she could still move that radius. The Super Robot smashes into the Valsion with its thrusters erupting out as it does, trying to drag the Valsion away from everyone else. She even takes the time to push Peola away in the same motion. She couldn't mess this up. +
cubey@aol.pl (17:22:09): Brye: "..."
cubey@aol.pl (17:22:14): "Rani, NOOO!"
VJockey (17:22:54): "No!"
tengusaur (17:23:00): Rani pushes the Valsio away from everyone else! Grungust Alpha is the only one caught in the Mega Graviton Wave... And it takes the attack head-on.
tengusaur (17:23:34): The graviton wave pummels it severely, crushing the giant super robot. Its smoking form, barely holding itself together, topples over into the ground.
tengusaur (17:24:06): The Valsion looms over it, looking down on the fallen Grungust.
cubey@aol.pl (17:24:16): "Ahh.... aaah...." Brye stares at the scene in shock, her eyes welling with tears.
tengusaur (17:24:49): Lorenzo: "Still alive... But not for long. Is that how you've chosen to die? Very well then..."
tengusaur (17:24:56): The Valsion raises its foot.
cubey@aol.pl (17:25:07): # Raniiya
tengusaur (17:25:11): (approved)
Wyverncakes (17:25:13): Mizuki: !"
cubey@aol.pl (17:26:15): *Causing its immediate surroundings to burn up in the thrusters' flame, the Huckebein charges forward as never before. Carried by purpose, it traverses the battlefield in a second - and is now under the foot, trying desperately to hold it up with all its might and the TK field.+
Aero (17:28:05): Rani closes her eyes, this would be fine...she saved her friends. "It's...fine." Despite her words she struggled to hold back tears, if this really was the end she would face it without worry. However...it never came. "B..brye?"
tengusaur (17:28:08): Brye moves in, using her TK field and the Huckebein's strength in an attempt to hold the foot at bay. But the Valsion is extremely strong - the whole Huckebein Omega shakes and creaks as it's slowly getting overpowered, and the foot is slowly but steadily lowering...
aldo salt (17:28:39): Dido blinks. "Rani, Brye!" She shouts. "Do the combo!"
cubey@aol.pl (17:28:39): Brye: "Aah... no! No, enough, I had enough..."
cubey@aol.pl (17:29:00): Brye: "Enough of the whole 'built for taking hits' thing, okay?"
Aero (17:29:20): Rani: "I..."
cubey@aol.pl (17:29:35): Brye: "I..." She's not holding back those tears. "I had enough of this. It's not fair. It's not fair that some jerks are forcing desperate folk to fight."
cubey@aol.pl (17:29:44): "It's not fair that you need to fight and risk your life, too."
cubey@aol.pl (17:30:11): Brye: "I..."
cubey@aol.pl (17:30:31): A glowing aura appears around the Huckebein, the telekinetic barrier expanding and intensifying in power!
cubey@aol.pl (17:30:48): Brye: "I want to change it all! Because... Raniiya, you are my special person!"
cubey@aol.pl (17:31:12): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAtQgSxoQu8
tengusaur (17:31:30): The expanded barrier pushes the Valsion away!
tengusaur (17:31:36): Lorenzo: "What...?!"
cubey@aol.pl (17:33:05): The two units suddenly open. Their frames are heavily damaged, but a mysterious power envelops them both from within, the parts floating briefly around each other before reconnecting into a new, powerful form...
cubey@aol.pl (17:33:12): http://i.imgur.com/dH0pZu9.jpg
aldo salt (17:33:20): Dido lifts a hand to her mouth in shock. "Oh," she says. "Wow…I guess it makes sense, though."
tengusaur (17:33:24): (Rani/Brye, you can go)
Aero (17:33:26): Rani: "Brye..."
frifreeman (17:33:37): Archie:"...what makes sense from all of this again?"
cubey@aol.pl (17:33:44): Brye: "Rani... let's change the world for the better! Together!"
VJockey (17:34:00): "... This is like one of those romantic tales from back home..."
cubey@aol.pl (17:34:13): Brye: "Grunby Omega, go!"
VJockey (17:34:14): Salwah: "Monika's going to want to try make a song about this..."
cubey@aol.pl (17:34:24): In an instant, the TK barrier disappears...
Aero (17:34:25): Inside the cockpit of the combined machine she looks at her partner and takes her hand. "...yeah...together."
cubey@aol.pl (17:35:14): *And from within, the combiner super robot charges forward - its knees slamming into the Valsion, their emitters creating beam spikes that stick the two together! Its hands are free, but not for long - a large gunsword materializes in them, aimed at the Valsion...
aldo salt (17:35:30): "Say, Mizuki," Dido asks. "Did you know that Rani and Brye were…?"
cubey@aol.pl (17:35:31): Brye nods in the cockpit, looking more serious than ever as her grip is tight.
cubey@aol.pl (17:36:09): *The Lucent Gunsword bombards the enemy with a barrage of powerful beams - some at point blank range, others shot to the sides. A moment later, they circle around and hit it from the back.+
tengusaur (17:37:44): Valsion Custom is hit by a constant barrage of beams! Its field intercepts the first few of them, but the rest punch through, causing scorch marks on its armor, which add to the damage it received previously! Attacked from all direction at the moment Lorenzo can't defend himself...
VJockey (17:38:31): "You didn't know Dido?"
tengusaur (17:38:41): The Canises come to his aid, though, trying to attack the Grunbein from the back by slashing at it with roche sabers! And the rest of Cambio Protocol units are closing in, ready to jump into the fray again!
tengusaur (17:38:47): (Rani/Brye react)
tengusaur (17:38:56): (Dido, Archie, Peola can go)
cubey@aol.pl (17:39:34): Brye: "Rani, now!"
aldo salt (17:39:40): Dido: "Apparently I'm an idiot? Still its obvious in retrospect…" She frowns. "I usually have good senses for these sort of things, though…"
tengusaur (17:40:21): Lorenzo: "Urgh... You still won't be able to defeat the might of the Divine Crusaders... No, the might of all of Cambio Protocol!"
VJockey (17:40:48): *Peola and Salwah are quickly rushing to the pair's aid! A ki lash whipping out from the sheathed blade to strike the foes while Salwah rides hard, Gunfire roaring from her machina's back guns at the Canises!+
VJockey (17:41:14): "Big talk! Try saying it when you're spitting out your teeth!"
Aero (17:42:22): * Rani nods and takes control, in an instant the combined machine changes colors to more closely resemble Rani's Grungust Alpha. http://i.imgur.com/qYmCLZi.jpg The Lucent Gunblade changes forms as well, a large blade of energy flows from the weapon and is swung across all of th Canises. The energy erupts out like a whip to clear the AI controlled machines in front of them. +
aldo salt (17:42:40): *"Stay out of this, you ugly mugs!" Dido launches Arc Thorns that land in a curving field around the Valsion and Omega, then electrifies them to zap the Cambio Protocol units trying to break through!+
tengusaur (17:45:05): The Canises are scorched by a ki lash, peppered with gunfire, zapped with electric Arc Thorns and cut through a giant energy blade! All five of them are destroyed.
frifreeman (17:45:36): Archie: "Oh, forgot to tell you, some of these people are militia in junk mech. Try not to kill them, Dido."
aldo salt (17:45:50): Dido: "Ah! Sorry!"
aldo salt (17:46:26): Dido frowns. "Why, exactly, should we be holding back?"
tengusaur (17:46:48): However, now the rest of Cambio units are attacking. Peola and Salwah are the targets of the Anguises, which transform into more snake-like forms and fire mouth-mounted beams into their directions, while Dido is under attack by the militia units, firing beam spray shots at ShelLancer from afar. (both of you react)
frifreeman (17:47:08): Archie: "No reason, by entering those mechs they know the risk. We're doing this because it's nice gesture, that's all."
tengusaur (17:47:30): Enemy List (Cambio Protocol): Lion x9, Barrelion x4, Guarlion x3 (1 damaged), Anguis x2, Leo (damaged), Valsion Custom Type-CF (Lorenzo) [medium damage], Sixshot [light damage]

Enemy List (local militia): Vandera x4, Shaldoll x4, Daughtress x3
tengusaur (17:47:59): (Archie and Rani/Brye can move)
tengusaur (17:48:16): (Mizuki can also move)
VJockey (17:48:48): *Peola's blocking the sword with her weapon, choosing to dig her feet into the ground and go on the defensive... meanwhile Salwah chooses the more mobile route! Sending her stolen horse into a frenzy of gallops left and right to avoid the shots!+
frifreeman (17:49:34): Archie: "Now that's out of the way... " Archie boost up to the air, and fire at Lorenzo's position from above, before landing at another rubble and taking cover there.+
Wyverncakes (17:50:07): Mizuki: "Dido, I know it might be hard by try to avoid damaging the milita machines too much. They're not in the best condition..."
Wyverncakes (17:51:11): * But her own target were the Anguis models. Feathers ejected from the DuskBird's wings to connect along its whip to form the Abyss Greatsword, and then she was diving in, slashing at the setmented machines!+
tengusaur (17:51:48): Peola blocks the shot with her sword. She can feel some kind of pulling force that tries to entrap her unit... But she manages to stand her ground against it. Salwah avoids the second blast.
tengusaur (17:53:21): Archie's shot penetrates Lorenzo's weakened machine, further damaging the Valsion. However, as he escapes to safety, he finds himself the target of three Lions and one Guarlion, which start tailing him and firing railguns! (react)
cubey@aol.pl (17:53:44): # Archibald
tengusaur (17:53:48): (approved)
cubey@aol.pl (17:53:57): Brye: "I'll be using those, okay?"
cubey@aol.pl (17:54:37): *The t-link rippers on Grunbein's back shoot out. Forming large spinning blades they fly off into the sky - and form circular shields between the damaged Wildraubtier and units that attack it!+
aldo salt (17:55:06): *Well. If Mizuki cares about the folks in the junk units, then Dido will do her best! Darting to the side with a Shell Boost, ShelLancer aims low and fires Arc Thorns at the militia unit legs and joints!+
tengusaur (17:55:27): The Anguises are much thinner and more vulnerable when they're in snake form, and Mizuki's Abyss Greatsword cuts right through both of them, causing them to blow up! The last remaining AI-controlled enemy, the Leo, launches into her direction, trying to rend DuskBird with its claws! (react)
Aero (17:56:00): #Mizuki?
frifreeman (17:56:07): Archie trust the cover and T-ripper to protect a side and focuses on dodging and shooting defensinve shots at incoming attacks from just one side.+
tengusaur (17:56:49): (the Grunbein is already supporting someone right now, but if you think you can handle another defense at the same time...)
tengusaur (17:57:42): (also you still haven't done your action)
aldo salt (17:58:00): #Mizuki?
tengusaur (17:58:47): Thanks to the impromtu shield and firing defensive shots towards the attackers, Archie is safe and the DC forces scatter for a moment.
Wyverncakes (17:59:18): * Spinning around to face the Leo, Mizuki swings her sword to the side with one hand to parry the claws before returning the favor, striking the Leo with a vicious slash of its own!+
Aero (17:59:30): (I'll let Dido handle it then)
tengusaur (18:00:03): Dido manages to avoid most of the shots, intercepting the rest with her shell. She fires thorns back at the attackers, hitting two of the Vanderas in the knees and causing them to collapse.
tengusaur (18:00:08): (approved for Dido then)
tengusaur (18:00:16): (Rani/Brye, take your action)
aldo salt (18:01:35): *"Oh no, you don't!" Dido Shell-Boost in towards the Leos and tries to spit it with her lance mid-air, immobilizing it for Mizuki to finish off!
tengusaur (18:04:02): Mizuki parries the opponent's strike. Then, Dido's ShelLancer comes in, stabbing the Leo in the back and pinning it! This leaves a perfect opening for Mizuki's final strike, which cleaves the damaged enemy in two.
tengusaur (18:04:57): (Dido and Archie can go as well)
aldo salt (18:05:04): Dido whistles sharply. "Uh, that was one of the droid opponents, right?"
Aero (18:06:12): * With Brye's focusing on controlling the Rippers, Rani takes control of the Grunbein once again. The chest of the machine opens up, revealing what seems to be something that resembles the Huckebein's Omega Cannon. A massive amount of gravity begins to build up inside the machine but for some reason it does not fire. Instead Rani grabs the Lucent Gunblade with both hands and stabs it into the built up energy. The purple energy begins to wrap around the blade as it is pulled out of gathered power, shaping itself into a massive blade of energy and gravity. Rani points the blade downwards at the Valsion and then charges straight at the machine aiming to bury the blade into it. "Alpha!" &
Wyverncakes (18:06:17): Mizuki: "It was, don't worry."
aldo salt (18:09:19): *Dido moves in to finish off the Vangards still standing, bashing their limbs off with swings from her currently non-electrified Lance! "Stay down," she chides their pilots. "Don't give me trouble, and we won't either."+
tengusaur (18:09:28): Lorenzo: "You leave yourself wide open for a counterattack! Cross Smasher!" Valsion starts charging up the energy, and then fires it as the enemy is close by, trying to hit the blade and overwhelm it, not to mention the Grrubein itself! (react/continue)
cubey@aol.pl (18:09:51): Brye: "That was a mistake!"
frifreeman (18:10:50): Archie: "Now! Continue! Use the momentum!" Archie's been aiming and charging his hyper beam rifle for a while, and now he unleashes it toward the Valsion again, to not stop the relentless assault!+
cubey@aol.pl (18:11:11): *The Grunbein's energy blade splits! The tentacle-like energy tendrils fly off in several directions, two of them try to hold the Valsion's arms from creating the smasher, while the rest bombard it from all directions, smacking from sides, top and above!
cubey@aol.pl (18:11:16): Brye: "Omega...!"
tengusaur (18:11:38): Dido smashes the limbs of the two remaining Vanderas - those MSes are quite fragile and can't take much punishment.
tengusaur (18:11:50): (Peola and Mizuki can go too)
cubey@aol.pl (18:11:59): *All tendrils smash into the Valsion at the same time, causing an explosive emission of energy!+
Aero (18:12:15): Rani: "Strike!"
cubey@aol.pl (18:12:18): Brye: "STRIIIKE!"
tengusaur (18:12:46): The rest of the militia forces start to pull back, their morale fading. Two of the Daughresses fire bazookas at ShelLancer as they retreat, though. (Dido react)
VJockey (18:14:08): *With the Valsion mostly handled, Peola and Salwah move out to take on the Lions and their variants, the Princess delivering a series of literally explosive punches to a Guarlion before flinging it into its lesser compatriots, while Salwah attempts to trample a Barrelion!+
aldo salt (18:19:02): *Dido just focuses on dodging with a Shel-Boosts, turning her shoulder plates to block any missiles that reach her.+
tengusaur (18:20:09): Dido blocks one of the incoming projectiles, taking it on her armored shoulder plate and not taking any real damage from it. She avoids the other one.
tengusaur (18:21:19): The Divine Crusaders move in to aid their leader, but they're forced into disarray again as Peola smashes a Guarlion and sends it towards their group like a projectile. Salwah's mount kicks one of the Barrelions into water.
tengusaur (18:22:51): Lorenzo is hit by Archie's hyper beam rifle, the focused and continuous blast making his beam generation flicker and fizzle for a moment as his unit takes more damage. Then, the Alpha and Omega Strike hits.
tengusaur (18:23:35): The tendrils pierce through the limbs and body of the weakened Valsion, cracking it and smashing right through!
tengusaur (18:24:03): Electric currents start to crawl over the Valsion as something builds up inside it.
tengusaur (18:24:19): Lorenzo: "Argh... For the Divine Crusaders...!"
tengusaur (18:24:31): The Valsion blows up violently in a huge explosion!
cubey@aol.pl (18:25:08): Brye shields her eyes and looks away.
cubey@aol.pl (18:25:38): Brye: "You should all run away now..." She glances at the remaining DC units.
tengusaur (18:26:01): Seeing their leader defeated like this, the morale of the rest of DC breaks. The remaining units start fleeing.
cubey@aol.pl (18:26:08): Brye: "Ah, good!"
frifreeman (18:26:11): Archie: "Just as I said at the very start of this mission. His head. Is mine." Archie slung the still-smoking hyper beam rifle on Wildraubtier's shoulder
cubey@aol.pl (18:26:16): She can start breathing again.
cubey@aol.pl (18:26:25): Brye: "We did it! Somehow... we did it!"
VJockey (18:26:38): "... That's it right...?"
Wyverncakes (18:26:40): "Well done."
tengusaur (18:26:42): Also, once the dust settles and the after-explosion glow fades, you can see that the bulkhead door to the big cave hangar was damaged by the explosion.
Wyverncakes (18:27:04): "But we didn't come for a fight, we came for the Shirogane."
aldo salt (18:27:21): Dido sighs in relief.
cubey@aol.pl (18:27:36): Brye: "Yes, and..."
cubey@aol.pl (18:27:54): Just what did the Cambio Protocol do to Lee anyway? She's not sure if she wants to know.
aldo salt (18:27:56): "Does this mean its curtains for the Cambrio protocol?" Dido asks. "We should be so lucky…"
tengusaur (18:28:29): There's only one way to find out. The Shirogane should be inside the hangar. Lee, as well.
cubey@aol.pl (18:30:13): Brye: "Don't think so, there's still a lot of other groups that are members..."
cubey@aol.pl (18:30:26): The Grunbein walks in closer, and rips the hangar doors open.
frifreeman (18:30:34): Archie: "At least there's a silver lining."
frifreeman (18:30:41): Archie: "I don't see any birds."
VJockey (18:30:57): "...Don't cats eat birds?"
Aero (18:31:11): Rani: "They do..."
VJockey (18:31:12): "I thought you'd be happy to see a meal fly in."
frifreeman (18:31:12): Archie: "Not normal bird."
frifreeman (18:31:20): Archie: "Evil, giant bird."
frifreeman (18:31:27): Archie: "What I'm saying is"
tengusaur (18:31:27): Beyond the door lies a large hangar, the majority of it consists of a natural cavern, just with installations added. And indeed, the Shirogane is inside.
frifreeman (18:31:40): Archie: "The silver lining is that none of the cassowary empire is here."
aldo salt (18:31:58): Dido shudders. "Don't remind us of those maniacs…"
frifreeman (18:32:06): Archie: "If they're part of the Cambrio Protocol too, just then we'll face some problem."
frifreeman (18:32:16): Archie: "Because birds are insane."
VJockey (18:33:11): "... Ah..."
Wyverncakes (18:33:19): Mizuki just... coughs noticeably.
Aero (18:35:11): Rani: "Now we need to find the Captain..."
tengusaur (18:35:20): You hear a static-y radio transmission.
tengusaur (18:35:33): Lee: "-y Group. Can you hear me?"
Wyverncakes (18:35:51): Mizuki: "Captain Linjun! You're coming through."
cubey@aol.pl (18:35:59): Brye: "He's alive?!"
cubey@aol.pl (18:36:24): Brye: "I really thought you died for a moment there! Err... a long time, actually."
tengusaur (18:37:04): Lee: "I managed to free myself after all the personnel fled in terror. And they wouldn't kill me like that. For better or worse, I'm a valuable hostage."
tengusaur (18:37:30): Lee: "...You did this, didn't you? You destroyed the Cambio Protocol forces at this base."
VJockey (18:37:56): "It wasn't easy, but we did it."
Wyverncakes (18:38:05): Mizuki: "You're welcome."
Aero (18:38:21): Rani: "Even if we had to use the Seal..."
tengusaur (18:38:28): Lee: "I see."
aldo salt (18:38:49): Dido: "Let's gets you back in command and back to your people, Captain."
cubey@aol.pl (18:39:01): Brye: "Yeah, let's..."
tengusaur (18:39:14): Lee: "...Thank you. I'm grateful that you came to my rescue. Hopefully this means cooperation between SSR and UG will continue and tighten."
cubey@aol.pl (18:39:17): While she is relieved Lee is alive, she doesn't seem too happy to have to talk to him either.
tengusaur (18:40:06): Lee: "Eriksen. Arian. I think your job is done. You can return home now."
Aero (18:40:16): Rani: "..."
cubey@aol.pl (18:40:22): Brye: "..."
VJockey (18:40:33): "....Job?"
cubey@aol.pl (18:40:48): Brye: "Kinda funny for you to mention that captain, after you put up a good face and pretended UG is your friends."
tengusaur (18:41:07): Lee: "Why are you hesitating? That's an order."
Aero (18:41:27): Rani: "It's not that easy...."
Wyverncakes (18:42:03): Mizuki: "What's this about?
cubey@aol.pl (18:42:16): Brye: "Sorry, everyone..."
aldo salt (18:42:23): "…ah," Dido says. "You guys were fake defectors, then? Ordered to keep tabs on us by the SSR?"
Aero (18:42:40): Rani: "..."
cubey@aol.pl (18:42:41): She coughs nervously, but her grip on Rani's hand grows a bit tighter. Both offering - and seeking, reassurance.
VJockey (18:42:55): ".... Well..."
aldo salt (18:42:57): Dido mulls that over. "Personally, I don't mind that much. It's not like we're enemies, you know?"
frifreeman (18:43:03): Archie shrugs: "Eh, I can't see anything wrong with that. It's not like they're trying to bomb us or something."
cubey@aol.pl (18:43:03): Brye: "Yeah. We were spies. Sent by Linjun himself here."
frifreeman (18:43:06): ARchie: "Yeah."
frifreeman (18:43:14): Archie: "Don't beat yourself for it."
VJockey (18:43:37): "We all still fought together. Its alright."
Aero (18:43:37): Rani returns the sentiment. Her grip on Brye's hand as tight as it ever was.
cubey@aol.pl (18:43:42): Brye: "Even while pretending to be a friend, Linjun was secretely looking for dirt to discredit you."
aldo salt (18:43:44): Dido: "Don't feel guilty. Compared to all the other folk we've had that were secretly spies, you guys are downright jolly!"
cubey@aol.pl (18:43:50): Brye: "And I'm glad you feel that way, because..."
cubey@aol.pl (18:43:56): Brye: "We're not coming back to SSR."
cubey@aol.pl (18:44:10): She glances at Rani and nods.
tengusaur (18:44:12): Lee: "...What? What is this insubordination?"
Aero (18:44:29): Rani: "And..."
cubey@aol.pl (18:45:00): Brye: "That's because..."
cubey@aol.pl (18:45:12): Brye: "It's actually your fault, Lee Linjun!"
tengusaur (18:45:38): Lee: "..."
cubey@aol.pl (18:45:57): Brye: "You act like SSR is doing good for everyone, but you make shady deals with various "sponsors" and other corporations, and your actions aim to please them."
cubey@aol.pl (18:46:35): Brye: "And, SSR's members, like Viletta, know of it, but they're okay with it?"
cubey@aol.pl (18:46:52): Brye: "But I don't think it's fine. You're just manipulating everyone. Even right now."
cubey@aol.pl (18:46:55): Brye: "So..."
cubey@aol.pl (18:47:00): Brye: "We're not coming back."
Aero (18:47:23): Rani: "We've had enough of having to do things your way."
cubey@aol.pl (18:47:38): Her gaze at Rani is questioning now.
cubey@aol.pl (18:47:42): They both feel the same way, right?
tengusaur (18:48:05): Lee: "This is insane! Do you have any idea what it takes to run an organization such as SSR? Do you think Unity Group is completely idealistic and flawless?"
Aero (18:48:49): Rani nods, tightening her grip on Brye's hand. She had absolute faith in Brye. She didn't need to say anything else.
cubey@aol.pl (18:49:06): The Grunbein turns around and starts to walk away from the hangar. Nothing else to be said to Lee.
cubey@aol.pl (18:49:17): Brye: "Of course not. Sorry, everyone..."
aldo salt (18:49:20): Dido shrugs. "That's a Golden Mean fallacy, Captain Lee. Just because we aren't squeaky-clean doesn't mean we're not shinier than your group."
frifreeman (18:49:29): Archie: "Well, I guess sorry about that, Sir Lee."
frifreeman (18:49:38): Archie: "I hope you won't hold it against us."
cubey@aol.pl (18:49:40): Brye: "We're not coming back - to SSR, or UG."
VJockey (18:49:47): "Wait-what?"
cubey@aol.pl (18:49:56): Brye: "For all of SSR's flaws, Unity Group isn't much better."
frifreeman (18:50:36): Archie: "I see..."
aldo salt (18:50:51): Dido inhales sharply. "That's not the best idea, guys! Loni and the Trio are still out there, looking to rip those seals out of your units! Without backup–!"
VJockey (18:51:02): "...Are you sure about this?"
frifreeman (18:51:06): Archie: "You're free to do what you want, that's what freedom is about of course."
VJockey (18:51:07): "Like Dido said..."
frifreeman (18:51:14): Archie: "But let me ask you one thing."
VJockey (18:51:28): "You'll be in trouble if they get you alone, and you know they'll have help."
Wyverncakes (18:51:28): Mizuki: "..."
cubey@aol.pl (18:51:46): Brye: "And the only people who can help us is Unity Group?"
frifreeman (18:52:02): Archie: "My one question is."
frifreeman (18:52:03): Archie: "Are there cats in SSR?"
Aero (18:52:40): Rani: "It's always like this..."
cubey@aol.pl (18:52:51): Brye: "You like to do that, don't you? You look down on other people."
cubey@aol.pl (18:53:03): Brye: "I'm sorry, but UG tends to be rather self-centered!"
VJockey (18:53:18): "?!"
Aero (18:53:19): Rani: "If we weren't on your side, we'd be insulted just like everyone else we ever went up against."
VJockey (18:53:21): "Wha-?!"
cubey@aol.pl (18:53:34): Brye: "Look what you've done right now."
Aero (18:53:42): Rani: "Lorenzo, if we weren't here...well."
cubey@aol.pl (18:54:11): Brye: "You tried to only neutralize the militia, but normal DC forces were slaughtered! But they're basically the same people. People who were forced to make a difficult decision because of things outside their own choice!"
aldo salt (18:54:26): "…is that so?" Dido says. She thinks back to all her trash talking comments of the past and feels a chill.
cubey@aol.pl (18:54:49): Brye: "And you always look down on people you fight, but sometimes? Sometimes they can have a point."
frifreeman (18:55:04): Archie: "Because if there aren't any cats that means you have to retract your line about for all of SSR's flaws, Unity Group isn't much better, that's all I want to say."
cubey@aol.pl (18:55:06): Brye: "You can't just throw it away without thinking, disregarding it just because it comes from a bad guy."
VJockey (18:55:19): "....."
Aero (18:55:36): Rani: "Anyone who's goals don't fall in line with what you guys want you either ignore or just disregard their reasons for fighting."
cubey@aol.pl (18:55:44): Brye: "This world is not fair, a lot of bad things have happened to people who don't deserve it. And sometimes it pushes them into doing bad things. It shouldn't be that way, and..."
Aero (18:55:49): Rani: "They're people also..."
cubey@aol.pl (18:55:51): Brye: "And yet it is. So we're going to change it."
cubey@aol.pl (18:55:56): Brye: "On our own terms."
VJockey (18:56:00): "!!!!"
cubey@aol.pl (18:56:00): Brye: "Not UG's."
Wyverncakes (18:56:25): Mizuki: "And what is that going to entail?"
VJockey (18:56:31): "That's... "
cubey@aol.pl (18:56:32): Brye: "And... there are no cats in SSR. Sorry."
cubey@aol.pl (18:56:38): The Grunbein keeps walking away.
frifreeman (18:57:13): Archie: "That's it then gentlemen. No need to worry. Unity group is still better than SSR."
aldo salt (18:57:32): Dido: "…well. We got put in our place, didn't we?"
VJockey (18:57:38): "Brye! Rani!"
VJockey (18:57:46): "Just... just let me ask you this!"
Wyverncakes (18:57:55): Mizuki: "They have their principles and we have ours."
VJockey (18:58:03): "We can at least trust you two to do the right thing!"
VJockey (18:58:05): "Right?"
cubey@aol.pl (18:58:24): Brye: "... Yeah."
Wyverncakes (18:58:30): "And they were sent to look up dirt on us anyways, so it makes sense they'd see us in the worst kind of light."
cubey@aol.pl (18:58:40): She looks towards Rani with a sad smile on her face.
Aero (18:58:45): Rani: "Of course...please take care of my pets Peola...that's all."
cubey@aol.pl (18:58:51): Brye: "Of course."
VJockey (18:58:54): "Then that'll be enough..."
VJockey (18:59:02): "Good luck..."
aldo salt (19:00:03): Dido: "If you every need help, ring us up. Not as members of the UG, but as friends, okay?"
cubey@aol.pl (19:00:46): The Grunbein raises an arm. As it walks away, it does a small wave.
cubey@aol.pl (19:00:50): This is a good-bye.
tengusaur (19:01:27): Lee seethes in frustration. He knows that whatever he's going to say right now, it'll only fall on deaf ears.
frifreeman (19:01:31): Archie: "Also if you do bad stuffs we'll hunt down and kill you."
frifreeman (19:01:39): Archie: "Don't take it personally"
tengusaur (19:02:01): Also, Unity Group and SSR forces are closing in to the base. But they're coming from a different direction than the Grunbein.
tengusaur (19:02:27): Nobody can stop Rani and Brye from leaving. They've chosen their own path.
tengusaur (19:02:30): MISSION COMPLETE
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