wyverncakes 9:37 am
(9:37:44 AM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddyd8WxIOUY
wyverncakes 9:40 am
(9:40:14 AM): A broadcast was made not long ago. One issued worldwide... but not by the Cambio Protocol.
(9:41:16 AM): Rather, it was one coutesy of Ishin, with a short but prompt message.
(9:41:57 AM): "For all those on this planet, whatever alleigance you think you have is no more."
wyverncakes 9:43 am
(9:43:26 AM): "You are seeing the new, true King of Ankaia and Earth, and your choice is a simple one. Subject yourselves to me, or die."
(9:44:28 AM): That was barely a few hours ago, and since then battle -and casualty- reports have been coming in as Ishin has begun a one-man push into the ESUN capital in Brussels.
(9:44:48 AM): Currently you're all in a shuttle en-route to try to stop him.
cubey@aol.pl 9:45 am
(9:45:36 AM): The Knight's Arm is kneeled down on the shuttle floor, its weaponry close to it. It almost feels huddled, either for comfort - or concentration.
(9:45:59 AM): Sielje: "Ishin is here. He made his push all by himself..."
tengusaur 9:46 am
(9:46:20 AM): Daniel: "Brussels just can't catch a break."
VJockey 9:46 am
(9:46:24 AM): [Calvin's been looking over the information that's been coming in, trying to get a grasp of the situation. Whatever picture he gets though his face is going to remain set in a frown that's hiding plenty of nervousness.]
frifreeman 9:46 am
(9:46:42 AM): Grace's Daughrtess twirl her guns and sheathes them
tormterra 9:46 am
(9:46:52 AM): Kei: "That city really is cursed...And how does he expect to manage this on his own?"
Aldo Salt 9:46 am
(9:46:53 AM): Dido shakes his head. "Does this guy even have a plan beyond 'fight everybody'?"
(9:46:58 AM): *her
arachnion01@gmail.com 9:46 am
(9:46:58 AM): Nemain sits still opposite the Knight's arm, while Jen meditates inside. Open your mind, let the world slip away...
(9:47:22 AM): Jen: "Even odds he doesn't, I think."
cubey@aol.pl 9:47 am
(9:47:24 AM): Sielje: "He is no fool. He either let his pride get to him, or..."
VJockey 9:47 am
(9:47:25 AM): "No. He probably doesn't... and if anything that probably might make it a whole lot worse than it has to be."
frifreeman 9:47 am
(9:47:26 AM): Grace: "Before I continue on... I will put a book end... on this chapter of my life."
wyverncakes 9:47 am
(9:47:36 AM): And a push it has been. Gaping slashes have torn open buildings, and the streeths leading to Ishin's estimated location bear similar wonds.
tengusaur 9:48 am
(9:48:09 AM): Daniel: "He managed to get most of Ankaia on his side. He probably expects to do the same on Earth... one way or another."
wyverncakes 9:48 am
(9:48:14 AM): And then in a larger clearing... it just gets worse.
wyverncakes 9:49 am
(9:49:59 AM): Tanks, assorted mecha from the ESUN's arsenal, even smaller tactical warships are strewn about, their crews killed to the last man. And at the center of it all, wrenching a blade free from a dismembered Shaldol is the man of the hour himself.
VJockey 9:50 am
(9:50:30 AM): "Shit..."
tormterra 9:50 am
(9:50:43 AM): Kei: "...Just what kind of power does he have?"
arachnion01@gmail.com 9:50 am
(9:50:55 AM): Jen: "Tch..."
cubey@aol.pl 9:50 am
(9:50:57 AM): Sielje: "..."
tengusaur 9:51 am
(9:51:17 AM): Daniel: "Enough to fight an army on foot. Don't underestimate him."
wyverncakes 9:51 am
(9:51:30 AM): Ishin's gaze turns towards the shuttle, then the rest of his body turns to face you as well. "You came... predictable but foolish, and now more than ever."
VJockey 9:51 am
(9:51:47 AM): "With our track record... I think we've learned never to underestimate anything we get tossed up against..
(9:51:49 AM): *"
wyverncakes 9:52 am
(9:52:08 AM): "I truly am invincible, as you'll see in these last moments of your life."
Aldo Salt 9:52 am
(9:52:09 AM): Dido: "So he's pulling a Cu Cullhain moment, eh? Well, this isn't a cattle raid...."
Atrament Corel 9:52 am
(9:52:47 AM): Elys: "That confidence isn't unfounded, definitely."
VJockey 9:54 am
(9:54:05 AM): "...We've fought enemies that claimed invincibility before... just have to figure out the trick behind it..."
VJockey 9:54 am
(9:54:30 AM): "Its all about staying alive until then..."
wyverncakes 9:55 am
(9:55:21 AM): His "King's Arm" has several components that look to have been lifted from defeated Ankaian machines. Like his previous one it is small, more a suit of armor than a proper mech, Along the back though, eight tower-like shields are arranged in a fan-shape.
(9:55:45 AM): (Enemy: Knight's Arm - Worlds Combined)
(9:55:56 AM): (Initiative: Sielje, Jen, Grace, Elyssa, Daniel, Kei, Calvin, Dido)
(9:56:01 AM): (Sielje, Jen, Grace, go)
frifreeman 9:56 am
(9:56:21 AM): Grace drops down from the shuttle, and land with three point landing.
frifreeman 9:57 am
(9:57:23 AM): Her daughtress stands up sideways "I don't know what power you collected, Lord Ishin, but I know one thing."
(9:57:38 AM): She points at him with one of his gun. "It's not enough"
cubey@aol.pl 9:57 am
(9:57:44 AM): Sielje: "This is new... beware!"
(9:58:18 AM): Sielje: "However..."
wyverncakes 9:58 am
(9:58:20 AM): Ishin: "Oh, is it not my would be court jester?"
Aldo Salt 9:59 am
(9:59:22 AM): ShelLancer advances, taking a flanking position as Dido scans Ishin for an opening...
cubey@aol.pl 9:59 am
(9:59:29 AM): *The Knight's Arm rushes out of the shuttle, the blast pike revealed under the billowing cape. Its rocket engine is powering up as Sielje stabs it forward, into the smaller enemy while keeping her distance, a swing with her Arm's whole might! "This ends now!" +
wyverncakes 9:59 am
(9:59:41 AM): "You won't be needed. When my conquest is complete, the position will be filled many times over by whatever world leaders I find amusing enough to spare."
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:00 am
(10:00:07 AM): *Nemain soon follows, using its thrusters to break its fall into a soft landing. "You know, I actually respected you at one point." It aims its rifle. "But this is just dumb. You can't kill me, much much less everyone else." She fires around Ishin, supressing him for Sielje.+
VJockey 10:00 am
(10:00:20 AM): "The only Fool I see here is the would be conquerer."
(10:00:27 AM): "And I mean that in every sense of the word."
frifreeman 10:00 am
(10:00:31 AM): Grace pulls out something from under her tarp cloak.
(10:00:43 AM): "You missed that chance a long time ago..."
frifreeman 10:02 am
(10:02:45 AM): The thing grace pulls is a mecha-sized black-and-red wooden mask. "On earth, there used to be a comic servant character in theatres named Harlequinn. They're zany, stupid, and simple. But not many people know..."
wyverncakes 10:03 am
(10:03:05 AM): * Ishin's gaze alone turns to Sielje. "Your life? Yes." The shields on the Worlds Combined's back unfold, revealing them to be long, spider-like appendages. Four ending in bone claws, the other four stone slabs. But it doesn't seem to matter as the blast pike detonates with Ishin not seeming to defend himself!
(10:03:07 AM): And yet...
(10:03:31 AM): ... Suddenly those claws come surging out, each aimed at the Knight's Arms's chest!
(10:03:34 AM): (React: Sielje)
frifreeman 10:03 am
(10:03:35 AM): She put the mask on her daughtress. "Harlequinn is originally devil, chasing the damned's souls to hell."
VJockey 10:04 am
(10:04:09 AM): #Sielje?
wyverncakes 10:04 am
(10:04:14 AM): (Approved)
cubey@aol.pl 10:04 am
(10:04:21 AM): Sielje: "He did not defend?!"
cubey@aol.pl 10:04 am
(10:04:55 AM): *Fully expecting Ishin to have dodged, Sielje was preparing a defense - shield raised and taking steps backwards to add distance between them. But this is unexpected!+
frifreeman 10:05 am
(10:05:18 AM): Grace: "And now that's what I'm going to do to you!" Grace's mecha sommersault, firing both the beam gun and the gundam revolver toward Isshin on the air!"+
VJockey 10:05 am
(10:05:27 AM): *Calvin was moving to try get at Ishin's flank, but seeing him push straight for an attack... he takes aim at the spidery-claws and opens fire at what would appear to be their joints to disrupt their attack!_
(10:05:28 AM): *+
wyverncakes 10:06 am
(10:06:44 AM): [Jen] You flank Ishin, firing at his backside, but the stone slab mnanipulator arms move to intercept your shots! Each and every one of them is stopped cold. "You will not be the first to believe you can stop me, even as you and your comrades die."
VJockey 10:08 am
(10:08:07 AM): "Sielje! He thinks he's invincible! I don't think defense is going to be on his list of priorities!"
wyverncakes 10:09 am
(10:09:47 AM): [Sielje and Calvin] The spider arms plunge straight forwards, puncturing Sielje's shield four times over. If not for falling back the Arm would've suffered similar wounds. And if Calvin's shots had any effect on the arms, it's not visible; they look exactly the same as before! Undamaged, not even blackened!
tormterra 10:09 am
(10:09:47 AM): Kei: "I'm trying to look for openings or ways of overloading him. Long distance sniping or multiple, simultaneous attacks are the best bets I have at the moment."
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:09 am
(10:09:57 AM): Jen: "Didn't Moswar say something similar? And, pardon my french, he died like a bitch."
wyverncakes 10:10 am
(10:10:57 AM): [Grace] And as you fire at Ishin from above, the slab arms spin up to deflect your physical shots... but two of the slabs open up to reveal collections of crystals. Each of your beams is absorbed, the crystals brightening up before firing right back at you!
(10:11:00 AM): (React: Grace)
(10:11:51 AM): (Edit: Mirrors, not crystals)
VJockey 10:12 am
(10:12:08 AM): "We'll keep stalling for time."
Aldo Salt 10:13 am
(10:13:25 AM): # Grace?
wyverncakes 10:13 am
(10:13:34 AM): (Approved)
(10:14:11 AM): Kei, your scans of Ishin prove enlightening, but also confusing. Energy readings from Ishin are some of the highest you've ever seen, but they aren't emenating from him. Rather, they are being transmitted from some other location.
cubey@aol.pl 10:14 am
(10:14:41 AM): Sielje: "Ugh..."
Aldo Salt 10:14 am
(10:14:48 AM): *As the mirror alloys surge with light, Dido fires a barrage of Arc Thorns at them, trying to pierce and crack their coating! No Lance Shock yet…"+
cubey@aol.pl 10:15 am
(10:15:00 AM): In a single strike, the shield was already damaged so heavily.
frifreeman 10:15 am
(10:15:17 AM): Grace: "Not good enough!" Grace suddenly appears a few meters from where she should be, landing sideways on a ruined building, still shooting with both of her guns+
tengusaur 10:16 am
(10:16:01 AM): Daniel: "...Grace got serious."
VJockey 10:16 am
(10:16:22 AM): "I'd say that pretty much tells us how bad things are going to get."
tormterra 10:17 am
(10:17:29 AM): Kei: "He's getting power projected to him. I'll try to trace where it comes from."
tengusaur 10:18 am
(10:18:23 AM): Daniel: "Projected? That's unexpected."
wyverncakes 10:18 am
(10:18:38 AM): [Grace and Dido] Now facing attacks from two directions, Ishin simply has one of the mirror cannons change to fire at the ShelLancer instead. Grace's Daughtress is suddenly out of Ishin's line of fire, the beam going on to blast through a building. Dido however-
(10:18:52 AM): -Gets knocked out of the way as another machine arrives on the scene!
VJockey 10:19 am
(10:19:01 AM): "Not that unexpected-"
Aldo Salt 10:19 am
(10:19:02 AM): Dido: "Bluuhhhh!"
(10:19:06 AM): What the heck?
cubey@aol.pl 10:19 am
(10:19:22 AM): Sielje: "Ah! Watch out!"
wyverncakes 10:19 am
(10:19:23 AM): It's the Champion's Arm, Ynya!
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:19 am
(10:19:30 AM): Jen: "Well now."
cubey@aol.pl 10:19 am
(10:19:31 AM): Sielje: "..."
wyverncakes 10:19 am
(10:19:58 AM): He gets straight to the point as well. "Kimhone was taken."
tormterra 10:20 am
(10:20:11 AM): Kei: "..." She bites her lip, glances to Sielje and keeps quiet.
VJockey 10:20 am
(10:20:13 AM): "......."
Atrament Corel 10:20 am
(10:20:24 AM): Elys is about to greet the Ankaian Champion when she hears that.
VJockey 10:20 am
(10:20:32 AM): [Calvin's going to look right at Ishin.]
wyverncakes 10:20 am
(10:20:35 AM): "Abducted by Ishin to activate a device of some sort on Ankaia."
Atrament Corel 10:20 am
(10:20:36 AM): Elys: "How? When...?"
VJockey 10:20 am
(10:20:41 AM): "That's far too convenient-"
(10:20:44 AM): "...ah..."
tormterra 10:21 am
(10:21:10 AM): Kei: "How do you power a machine with a person?"
wyverncakes 10:21 am
(10:21:32 AM): "What you're fighting is the fruit of his labor... a state like the Power Within, but far more destructive."
Aldo Salt 10:21 am
(10:21:33 AM): Dido: "So Kimhone's acting as a power source for Ishin?" Her teeth grind. "Any leads on her location, Kei?"
wyverncakes 10:21 am
(10:21:50 AM): Ishin: "So they'll die knowing the truth?"
tengusaur 10:22 am
(10:22:07 AM): Daniel: "...We must hurry."
tormterra 10:22 am
(10:22:32 AM): Kei: "I'm trying to pin it down."
VJockey 10:23 am
(10:23:08 AM): "If its on Ankaia, there's got to be some way the power's able to reach him all the way over here..."
wyverncakes 10:23 am
(10:23:17 AM): Ynya: "No!" The Champion's Arm is holding a device in one of its hands, Ankaian in design which he places on the ground. "With this prototype reopener, the path to Ankaia and Kimhone will be open again."
cubey@aol.pl 10:23 am
(10:23:49 AM): Sielje: "The Fumerco merchants' device!"
Atrament Corel 10:24 am
(10:24:03 AM): Elys: "That thing..."
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:24 am
(10:24:08 AM): Jen: "Well. Let's get this show on the road, then."
tengusaur 10:24 am
(10:24:18 AM): Daniel: "It works? Then let's go!"
wyverncakes 10:24 am
(10:24:21 AM): The device is hastily planted in the ground, energy thrumming inside of it as it begins to build up more and more... before it suddenly sputters and dies. "What?"
tengusaur 10:24 am
(10:24:35 AM): Daniel: "..."
Aldo Salt 10:25 am
(10:25:08 AM): Dido stares at Ishin. "Man," She says, "you've packed everything on that Knight's Arm, haven't you?"
cubey@aol.pl 10:25 am
(10:25:33 AM): Sielje: "Ynya! What is wrong?"
(10:25:46 AM): The Knight's Arm runs towards the device.
(10:26:07 AM): Ynya is a Champion, but Sielje grew up around this type of machinery. Maybe she can help here, just this one time...
wyverncakes 10:26 am
(10:26:15 AM): - And Ishin runs moves to intercept the Knight's Arm! "Where do you think you are going?"
VJockey 10:26 am
(10:26:24 AM): #Sielje?
tengusaur 10:26 am
(10:26:27 AM): #
cubey@aol.pl 10:26 am
(10:26:45 AM): Sielje: "... Ah..."
wyverncakes 10:26 am
(10:26:48 AM): (Approved)
VJockey 10:27 am
(10:27:10 AM): "You've got a lot of tricks Ishin... but I don't think you'll have anything for this!"
(10:27:28 AM): *Calvin launches... you guessed it. Several flares. Right into Ishin's face!+
(10:27:34 AM): "Daniel! You're up!"
tengusaur 10:28 am
(10:28:34 AM): Daniel: "Hold it, Ishin." Steel Wanderer jumps in, blocking his way with its body - and the Gun of God, pointed right at the opponent's face! Daniel fires, launching an Andrew bullet that explodes into a net of sticky foam! +
wyverncakes 10:30 am
(10:30:18 AM): [Clvin and Daniel] If the flares cause discomfort, Ishin does not show it, and as the Andew bullet's foam covers Ishin's body it seems he's stopped... for all of a minute. A sickly cracking noise rings out only seconds later, Ishin moving now to strike both Sielje AND Daniel!
(10:30:51 AM): But Ynya's blade moves in, deflecting the strikes!
tengusaur 10:31 am
(10:31:11 AM): Daniel: "Sielje! Hurry!"
cubey@aol.pl 10:31 am
(10:31:17 AM): Sielje: "Ah... y-yes!"
(10:31:26 AM): The Knight's Arm is by the machine, and...
(10:31:29 AM): Sielje: "..."
wyverncakes 10:31 am
(10:31:33 AM): The Champion's Arm is almost immediately stabbed in the leg, but in spite of that Ynya continues to try to press the offense!
cubey@aol.pl 10:32 am
(10:32:17 AM): Her Arm's hand moves in to disattach a single part. "This has gone loose. It happens all the time when handled roughly..."
cubey@aol.pl 10:32 am
(10:32:25 AM): Sielje reattaches it and the machine starts to hum...
wyverncakes 10:33 am
(10:33:14 AM): The portal materializes next to the device, large enough for all of you to get through.
(10:33:17 AM): Ynya: "Go!"
tengusaur 10:33 am
(10:33:37 AM): Daniel: "What about you?"
wyverncakes 10:33 am
(10:33:53 AM): Still locked in battle, Ynya's style is as much defense as offense, every strike having to ward off one of Ishin's own.
Atrament Corel 10:33 am
(10:33:53 AM): Elys: "Don't tell me you're going to hold him here."
cubey@aol.pl 10:34 am
(10:34:05 AM): Sielje: "Ynya..."
wyverncakes 10:34 am
(10:34:15 AM): "Rescuing my wife and child is what is needed to save Earth and stop Ishin!"
(10:34:20 AM): "There's no time to-"
wyverncakes 10:35 am
(10:35:00 AM): One of Ishin's arms stabs into the Champion Arm's shoulders, Ynya barely backstepping in time to minimize the damage. But Ishin's assault continues as he tries to fight past Ynya.
cubey@aol.pl 10:35 am
(10:35:05 AM): Sielje: "..."
(10:35:11 AM): She takes a glance at the slaughter around them.
wyverncakes 10:35 am
(10:35:12 AM): "The portal will stay open for only so long. GO!"
cubey@aol.pl 10:35 am
(10:35:23 AM): Sielje: "Make sure to live Ynya! I know you can!"
(10:35:33 AM): She jumps into the portal before she can second guess herself.
tengusaur 10:35 am
(10:35:35 AM): Daniel: "...We'll save them. You can count on it."
wyverncakes 10:35 am
(10:35:37 AM): That is all the focus Ynya can spare on you as he tries to hold Ishin off.
tormterra 10:35 am
(10:35:37 AM): Kei: "I'll call in reinforcements to support you." She sent out a ping to all nearby ESUN forces, including what data she has on Ishin so far, such as his apparent invincibility
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:35 am
(10:35:47 AM): Jen dives on through!
VJockey 10:35 am
(10:35:49 AM): "... Good luck..."
tengusaur 10:35 am
(10:35:53 AM): Steel Wanderer jumps into the portal.
VJockey 10:35 am
(10:35:59 AM): [Calvin's moving through with the others!]
Aldo Salt 10:36 am
(10:36:13 AM): Dido: "Hold the line, and don't die!"
(10:36:18 AM): ShelLancer goes through.
Atrament Corel 10:36 am
(10:36:45 AM): Elys: "We're counting on you to live, most of all. Don't forget that..."
frifreeman 10:36 am
(10:36:47 AM): Grace: "And don't kill him before he realizes what he did wrong." Grace's daughtress disappear in a puff of smoke.
Atrament Corel 10:36 am
(10:36:56 AM): Reluctantly, Elys goes on through the portal as well.
frifreeman 10:37 am
(10:37:01 AM): though after the smoke you can clearly see hte daughrtress physically run toward the portal
wyverncakes 10:37 am
(10:37:10 AM): On the other side... the Ankaia that greets you is not the Ankaia you left once before.
frifreeman 10:37 am
(10:37:11 AM): leaving the cloud of smoke behind.
tormterra 10:37 am
(10:37:54 AM): Like the others Kei follows after the signal has gone out
wyverncakes 10:39 am
(10:39:24 AM): The sky is smothered in darkness, a sense of death in the air. The ground around you uneven, trembling, and at times breaking open. Buildings around you are crumbling if not collapsed... and the only source of light there is to be had are long, red streams of some sort, coming from every direction, all arching through the sky towards a towering structure.
frifreeman 10:39 am
(10:39:44 AM): Grace: "This is... Ankaia?"
cubey@aol.pl 10:39 am
(10:39:44 AM): Sielje: "... Ishin... what have you done?"
Atrament Corel 10:39 am
(10:39:58 AM): Elys: "Someone took the decor to a new level..."
tormterra 10:40 am
(10:40:10 AM): Kei: "..." She just looks over the horror. "How?"
wyverncakes 10:40 am
(10:40:33 AM): Kei.
(10:40:41 AM): The energy signature you got from Ishin.
tengusaur 10:40 am
(10:40:42 AM): Daniel: "...What happened. This isn't just signs of conflict. It's much worse."
VJockey 10:40 am
(10:40:42 AM): ".............."
wyverncakes 10:40 am
(10:40:50 AM): It's coming from that tower.
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:41 am
(10:41:02 AM): Jen whistles. "...Jeez. What a ridiculous person..."
VJockey 10:41 am
(10:41:05 AM): [There's the sound of someone retching over the comms like they're struggling not to get sick.]
Aldo Salt 10:41 am
(10:41:09 AM): Dido: "He's trashing his old planet just to take over a new one?"
Aldo Salt 10:41 am
(10:41:24 AM): Dido struggles to find the right words.
(10:41:29 AM): "What a jerk!"
cubey@aol.pl 10:41 am
(10:41:49 AM): Sielje: "He activated an artifact.. powered by whole of Ankaia?"
VJockey 10:41 am
(10:41:54 AM): "W...we got to stop this...."
tormterra 10:42 am
(10:42:02 AM): Kei: "Up there...And where would such an artifact even come from?"
VJockey 10:42 am
(10:42:06 AM): "This.. this is twisted.."
cubey@aol.pl 10:42 am
(10:42:14 AM): Sielje: "My own land..."
(10:42:25 AM): Sielje: "Ishin... for whose sake are you doing this? This is not for Ankaia's well being..."
tormterra 10:42 am
(10:42:36 AM): Kei: "How can a planet get destroyed like this?"
cubey@aol.pl 10:42 am
(10:42:38 AM): She grips at her weapons tighter.
(10:42:46 AM): Sielje: "No time to waste. We need to stop this!"
tormterra 10:43 am
(10:43:05 AM): Kei: "Right."
VJockey 10:43 am
(10:43:21 AM): "Theory or reality... whatever's actually happening might be worse than what we can imagine.."
tengusaur 10:43 am
(10:43:23 AM): Daniel: "...Right after you, Sielje."
wyverncakes 10:43 am
(10:43:32 AM): The way to the tower is not blocked by any of Ishin's followers, but above you can see flying beasts coming into view.
tengusaur 10:43 am
(10:43:48 AM): Daniel doesn't comment much on their surroundings, but his voice sounds colder than usual.
wyverncakes 10:43 am
(10:43:52 AM): And the tower... turns.
(10:44:01 AM): And stands up straight, staring down at you all.
VJockey 10:44 am
(10:44:12 AM): [Calvin's quickly drawing his Genoace's revolver, switching out the normal rounds for high explosive shot.]
cubey@aol.pl 10:45 am
(10:45:37 AM): Sielje: "Many artifacts on Ankaia use the planet's energy for power. If you redirect..."
(10:45:41 AM): The tower just moved...
tengusaur 10:45 am
(10:45:51 AM): Daniel: "...That's no tower. That's a beast."
wyverncakes 10:45 am
(10:45:56 AM): More than two-hundred meters tall, its body is near-entirely of some sort of stone, save for a single, large crystal in its face.
Atrament Corel 10:46 am
(10:46:32 AM): Elys: "How did he manage this..."
wyverncakes 10:46 am
(10:46:51 AM): And encased in that crystal... lies Kimhone.
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:46 am
(10:46:56 AM): Jen: "...Ah. It's that sort of technology again, isn't it? The forbidden kind."
wyverncakes 10:47 am
(10:47:19 AM): (Enemies: Beast Amphisbaena x 10, Artificial Beast Gigant)
VJockey 10:47 am
(10:47:19 AM): ".....Jen... How fast can you move again?"
cubey@aol.pl 10:47 am
(10:47:31 AM): Sielje: "Forbidden... it just as ten years ago. Only even worse!"
wyverncakes 10:47 am
(10:47:32 AM): (Elyssa, Daniel, Kei)
frifreeman 10:47 am
(10:47:33 AM): Grace: "Fast enough."
cubey@aol.pl 10:47 am
(10:47:38 AM): Sielje: "Kimhone, we are coming!"
(10:48:09 AM): The enemy's shadow falls on the Arm but Sielje tries to reassure others with an encouraging proclamation. And herself.
arachnion01@gmail.com 10:48 am
(10:48:14 AM): Jen: "Just in straight lines, though. You thinking it's surgery time?"
tormterra 10:48 am
(10:48:38 AM): Kei: "I'll try to figure out how the energy moves around the crystal so we can get her out safely."
Aldo Salt 10:49 am
(10:49:03 AM): Dido: "You mean, Ishin's part of the same threat you and the others fought all those years back?"
VJockey 10:49 am
(10:49:12 AM): "If she's powering that thing we need someone to get up there an unplug her fromt this thing."
Aldo Salt 10:49 am
(10:49:12 AM): The threat Sieljie spent the Power Within to fight?
cubey@aol.pl 10:49 am
(10:49:22 AM): Sielje: "He cannot be... he only appeared afterwards..."
(10:49:24 AM): Sielje: "..."
VJockey 10:49 am
(10:49:24 AM): *unplug her from that
cubey@aol.pl 10:49 am
(10:49:31 AM): She is getting a very bad suspicion. It can't be true, can it?
tengusaur 10:50 am
(10:50:19 AM): Daniel: "Beating it without harming Kimhone is gonna be tricky." He spins the chamber of the Gun of God and fires three bullets at the Gigant, aiming for its neck. First two are armor-piercing bullets, with the intention of cracking the surface, and the last one is an explosive Barbara shot. +
tormterra 10:50 am
(10:50:39 AM): * "And while I do, I need the smaller beasts kept off both me and the people likely to move up there and get her out. Grace, Calvin. Lay down suppression fire here and here, forcing them into either getting crippled or veering off, maintaining our perimeter. They'll mostly likely veer off in these directions, so trail there." +
tengusaur 10:50 am
(10:50:44 AM): Daniel: "...Might be a coincidence. Might."
Atrament Corel 10:50 am
(10:50:52 AM): Elys: "You don't want to be having thoughts like that right now, anyway."
tengusaur 10:51 am
(10:51:03 AM): Daniel: "..."
VJockey 10:51 am
(10:51:14 AM): "Got it..."
(10:51:32 AM): [Calvin bites the inside of his cheek a moment out of nervousness before yelling.]
(10:51:35 AM): "Engaging!"
cubey@aol.pl 10:52 am
(10:52:06 AM): Sielje: "Yes, you are right." She does not sound too confident with that.
wyverncakes 10:52 am
(10:52:58 AM): [Daniel] Your shots strike the golem easily... but the armor-piercing bullets barely leave small dimples in the Golem's neck, the explosive round just charring the outer layer as the crystla on its face seems to glow... and a bolt of lightning shooting out to strike you!
(10:53:02 AM): (React: Daniel)
frifreeman 10:53 am
(10:53:10 AM): Grace: "I you want to tell the story of 10 years ago now is an appropriate time, just saying." Grace pulls a a handful of grenades from under her cloak and throws it one by one toward the are designated by Kei.+
VJockey 10:53 am
(10:53:34 AM): *Taking careful aim, Calvin fires multiple rounds at the 'lesser' beasts. The heavier ammunition making the revolver kick hard in the Genoace's hands as the bullets detonate violently upon impact!+
wyverncakes 10:53 am
(10:53:42 AM): (Calvin and Dido can also go. Calvin can combine his action with his Kei-enabled one if you want.)
Atrament Corel 10:54 am
(10:54:43 AM): *Amagahara draws its long-sword, taking its usual stance with it before approaching one of the Amphisbaena. From a range, Elys swings twice, sending two shock-inducing energy waves at the enemy!+
cubey@aol.pl 10:55 am
(10:55:20 AM): # Daniel
wyverncakes 10:55 am
(10:55:24 AM): (Approved)
(10:55:40 AM): [Grace and Calvin] The Amphisbaena are scarred and injured by the Genoace's fire, grenades adding onto the damage. Some are injured, one even losing one of its heads though the other just roars in defiance and determination.
tengusaur 10:55 am
(10:55:46 AM): Daniel tries to leap and roll away from the lightning strike the moment it hits! Steel Wanderer has no means of defending itself from this kind of attack, so he has to rely on his own reflexes. +
VJockey 10:56 am
(10:56:07 AM): *And just to make sure they stay away, he lets loose a few missiles at the survivors! Lets be honest. When Calvin's got explosives on hand, he's damn well going to use them!+
cubey@aol.pl 10:56 am
(10:56:14 AM): Sielje: "It may not be the best time for that!" *She rushes to the frontline - the bolt of electricity will have to deal with a very leathery, but also absorbent beasthide cloak getting in the way!+
Aldo Salt 10:56 am
(10:56:16 AM): *Dido moves forward, opening fire on the Crystal Golem attacking Daniel with some Arc Thorns! She aims at the creature's feet, hoping to attact the creature's own lightning bolts into the ground.+
wyverncakes 10:56 am
(10:56:25 AM): [Elys] With their ranks disrupted, the window is open for you to quickly cut down one of them, your slashes taking off both of the creature's heads.
wyverncakes 10:59 am
(10:59:11 AM): [Dido, Daniel, and Sielje] The arc thorns strike at the Golem's feet, chipping at them but not piercing through... or attracting the bolt either. It seems it isn't just conventional lightning. But Daniel manages to get away thanks to his own reflexes and Sielje's defense... though the beam strikes the Knight's Arm and blows it backwards... the force behind the blast fearsome indeed!
cubey@aol.pl 10:59 am
(10:59:47 AM): Sielje: "Iaaah!" The Arm falls down, smoking.
tengusaur 10:59 am
(10:59:53 AM): Daniel: "Sielje!"
cubey@aol.pl 10:59 am
(10:59:56 AM): But it immediately starts picking itself back up.
wyverncakes 11:00 am
(11:00:03 AM): But in the aftermath, you can see Kimhone trying to say something. Something drowned out by the soundproof crystal.
cubey@aol.pl 11:00 am
(11:00:05 AM): Sielje: "Not yet... I can still fight."
(11:00:17 AM): Sielje: "Compared to what Ynya is facing right now, this is nothing!"
wyverncakes 11:00 am
(11:00:20 AM): (Sielje, Grace, and Jen can act)
(11:00:42 AM): (What's Calvin using his explosives on?)
cubey@aol.pl 11:01 am
(11:01:41 AM): Sielje: "I cannot reach. The crystal is too high up..."
Aldo Salt 11:01 am
(11:01:48 AM): Dido stares up at Kimhone, zooming in with her mecha's cameras. She tries to read the Champion's lips!
cubey@aol.pl 11:01 am
(11:01:52 AM): Sielje: "But, I may do this. Please use the opening!"
VJockey 11:02 am
(11:02:00 AM): (The Amphisbaena he attacked previously)
cubey@aol.pl 11:02 am
(11:02:09 AM): The Knight's Arm moves forward, right in front of the Gigant.
(11:02:37 AM): Sielje: "Is this all you can do, giant beast? I, the Knight Sielje, the Guard of the South, will be your opponent!"
(11:03:20 AM): *She beats the shield with her polearm to cause noise - noticing that a half exploded shell is still on its tip so she removes it with a click. Switching the weapons to her trusty sword, she charges the base of Gigant and tries to stab into it while circling around!+
wyverncakes 11:03 am
(11:03:35 AM): [Calvin] The one-headed Amphisbaena's luck runs out, and it's blown away entirely. Another of the massive serpents though, dives at you, spewing corrosive venom in your direction!
(11:03:38 AM): (React: Calvin)
Atrament Corel 11:03 am
(11:03:42 AM): @Sielje
wyverncakes 11:03 am
(11:03:47 AM): (Approved)
Aldo Salt 11:03 am
(11:03:50 AM): #Calvin?
wyverncakes 11:03 am
(11:03:59 AM): (Go ahead)
tormterra 11:04 am
(11:04:01 AM): Kei: "I'll watch your back. People with more precise weapons, try to dislodge the crystal."
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:04 am
(11:04:05 AM): *Jen: "...Mkay. Deep breaths, you got this..." Nemain crouches for a running start, and forms a small dagger-like blade on its right wrist. "3, 2, 1-Go!" A bang, and it's gone, Jen crossing the distance to Gigant in an instant-and then throwing a grappling wire along its body and sprinting up towards the crystal. No subtlety here, she's going to cut that heart right out of it!+
frifreeman 11:04 am
(11:04:44 AM): Grace:" people with what what what now?" Grace is already using the distraction to shoot the hell out of the back of the monster's head using her guns.+
tengusaur 11:05 am
(11:05:29 AM): Daniel: "Marksmanship is my forte. Let's do this."
(11:05:32 AM): @ Sielje as well
Atrament Corel 11:06 am
(11:06:12 AM): Elys: *"I have you covered, Sielje." Amagahara's sword is temporarily replaced by its bow, which already has four thin blade-arrows simultaneously nocked. The projectiles fire, and are followed by consecutive rounds of arrows fired in quick succession!+
wyverncakes 11:06 am
(11:06:40 AM): (Daniel can also go)
VJockey 11:07 am
(11:07:04 AM): *Calvin's going to send his Genoace in a backwards leap, no point in wasting another explosive to try stop that cloud, it'd just explode in there and make things worse!+
Aldo Salt 11:07 am
(11:07:57 AM): *Dido triggers ShelLancer's jump jets, roaring up into the sky. Then she falls feet first onto the back of the Amphibaena, trying to slam it down to earth. She triggers her Shell Boost mode on impact for extra spinning wheel and rocket damage. "Food Grind!"+
tengusaur 11:08 am
(11:08:02 AM): * Daniel raises the Gun of God, taking careful aim at the edge of the crystal, at the opposite end than the one attacked by Elys... And as soon as the monster is distracted by Sielje's strike, he fires a Longinus bullet. +
cubey@aol.pl 11:08 am
(11:08:49 AM): The Knight's Arm is running around the Gigant for its life. Sielje really hopes she won't be crushed to death here...
wyverncakes 11:09 am
(11:09:00 AM): [Dido and Calvin] Calvin's Genoace springs away, and the Amphisbaena can't continue its attack on account of the ShelLancer's unconventional body smash attack.
wyverncakes 11:10 am
(11:10:50 AM): [Sielje, Jen, Daniel, and Grace] Sielje's bold challenge seems to get Gigant's attention, the golem looking down at the comparatively tiny combatant and suddenly clawing down at it very swiftly! Ground and buildings are like wet paper to the artificial beast as it claws at you, even as its head comes under fire from multiple sources!
(11:10:53 AM): (React; Sielje)
cubey@aol.pl 11:11 am
(11:11:17 AM): Sielje: "Do not falter! Free Kimhone no matter what happens to me... aah!"
(11:11:55 AM): *The Arm accelerates further, and as earth explodes around it from the claw's swipe, it rolls to the side, dropping equipment while doing so.+
Aldo Salt 11:12 am
(11:12:31 AM): Dido pants for breath atop the giant serpent beast. "Wow," She mutters. "I can't believe that worked!"
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:12 am
(11:12:32 AM): Jen: "-Damnit damnit damnit-" more hacking away at the flesh around that crystal.
tengusaur 11:13 am
(11:13:03 AM): Daniel: "Jen. Don't fall."
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:14 am
(11:14:11 AM): Jen: "The thought had occured to me!"
wyverncakes 11:14 am
(11:14:23 AM): [Sielje] WIth every swipe, the Golem's hands get closer and closer to striking you down. But everyone's concentrated effort on the crystal rewards you all with a sudden cracking sound, and a crack forming in the crystal's surface.
(11:14:45 AM): And Jen, you're close enough you can barely make out "-enough..."
wyverncakes 11:16 am
(11:16:13 AM): Before power begins to build up within the crystal. But it is not the same as the beam fired before... power is building up more precisiely within Kimhone as she unfurls her claws and slashes at the damaged section with all of her might!
(11:16:48 AM): The crystal bursts open, its rampage ceasing just as two of its claws past by on either side of Sielje.
cubey@aol.pl 11:17 am
(11:17:02 AM): Sielje: "Aaah!"
tormterra 11:17 am
(11:17:04 AM): Kei: "We did it. Retrieve her and prepare to fall back to Earth, we need to stop Ishin before we can save Ankaia."
cubey@aol.pl 11:17 am
(11:17:08 AM): That was too close for comfort regardless!
wyverncakes 11:17 am
(11:17:48 AM): Kimhone emerges from it, wings beating to keep herself afloat as she looks on you with relief and gratefulness.
VJockey 11:17 am
(11:17:57 AM): "Jen, Sielje! You two alright?"
Atrament Corel 11:18 am
(11:18:05 AM): A sigh of relief comes from Amagahara's core. "Good work."
cubey@aol.pl 11:18 am
(11:18:08 AM): Sielje: "Yes! ... Yes."
cubey@aol.pl 11:18 am
(11:18:15 AM): She sighs in relief.
wyverncakes 11:18 am
(11:18:25 AM): Too late for that, Kei.
tengusaur 11:18 am
(11:18:39 AM): Daniel: "Kimhone. How do you feel?"
Aldo Salt 11:18 am
(11:18:45 AM): Dido: "Good to see you, Kimohime!" She frowns. "Could you tell us exactly what happened?"
wyverncakes 11:19 am
(11:19:19 AM): The Amphisbaena beasts scatter, and the golem ceases to move... but the streams of energy still are being gathered towards it.
(11:19:32 AM): Kimhone: "I- ISHIN!"
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:19 am
(11:19:53 AM): Jen: "Urgh...seriously, what the heck..."
tormterra 11:20 am
(11:20:06 AM): Kei: "Is everyone okay?" Even as she asks, she's trying to understand her readings of what's happening with the golem
VJockey 11:20 am
(11:20:07 AM): "...Kei... wasn't that thing supposed to shut down?"
wyverncakes 11:20 am
(11:20:13 AM): Another portal emerges from Earth, Ishin emerging through it to come at all of you.
tengusaur 11:20 am
(11:20:32 AM): Daniel: "..."
VJockey 11:20 am
(11:20:38 AM): "...!"
(11:20:52 AM): [Calvin's quickly raising his gun at Ishin in alarm.]
cubey@aol.pl 11:20 am
(11:20:59 AM): Sielje: "He is here..."
tormterra 11:21 am
(11:21:03 AM): Kei: "It was."
cubey@aol.pl 11:21 am
(11:21:04 AM): Sielje: "Ynya!"
wyverncakes 11:21 am
(11:21:11 AM): The Champion's Arm, battered, scarred, and forced to wield its sword in its off-hand on account of losing its dominant one, comes charging through afterwards, only for Ishin to smash his stone slab arms into ti to knock it to the ground.
Atrament Corel 11:21 am
(11:21:37 AM): Elys: "Ynya! Damn..."
wyverncakes 11:21 am
(11:21:46 AM): The Champion's Arm opens up, Ynya falling to the ground exhausted.
VJockey 11:22 am
(11:22:23 AM): "The prodigal dirtbag returns... coming back to gloat about how you're about to win through mass murder?"
tormterra 11:22 am
(11:22:27 AM): Kei: "He's still alive. We'll protect him and defeat Ishin."
wyverncakes 11:22 am
(11:22:42 AM): Ynya: "Ishin, look at what you've done to our world. You bring it to ruin all for the sake of your lust for power...!"
cubey@aol.pl 11:22 am
(11:22:49 AM): Sielje: "Yes! He is no longer invincible... is he?"
(11:23:00 AM): The dark skies above them look ominous.
VJockey 11:23 am
(11:23:09 AM): "One way to find out..."
wyverncakes 11:23 am
(11:23:30 AM): Ishin: "You make it sound like this is something new, Champion."
(11:24:13 AM): Ynya: "What...?"
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:24 am
(11:24:15 AM): Jen: "Man, don't tell me..."
cubey@aol.pl 11:24 am
(11:24:33 AM): Sielje: "A..."
tengusaur 11:24 am
(11:24:37 AM): Daniel: "..."
tengusaur 11:24 am
(11:24:49 AM): Daniel: "...Don't tell me..."
wyverncakes 11:24 am
(11:24:56 AM): Ishin cracks a smile as he turns to tower over the fallen Ynya. "This is not my first attempt for control, only my first successful one!"
cubey@aol.pl 11:25 am
(11:25:17 AM): Sielje: "You..."
(11:25:32 AM): Sielje: "Ten years ago... the beast-controlling warlord..."
VJockey 11:25 am
(11:25:42 AM): "......"
Aldo Salt 11:26 am
(11:26:02 AM): Dido: "…I fudging knew it!"
wyverncakes 11:26 am
(11:26:04 AM): Ynya: "Then the evil lord... that's impossible!"
tengusaur 11:26 am
(11:26:11 AM): Daniel: "It was you. It was you all along."
tormterra 11:26 am
(11:26:19 AM): Kei: "You aren't successful yet. Unity Group still stands in your way."
wyverncakes 11:26 am
(11:26:28 AM): "I saw you dead, my own blade run through your body!"
frifreeman 11:26 am
(11:26:38 AM): Grace: "That explains it..."
wyverncakes 11:27 am
(11:27:06 AM): Ishin: "And you expected the master of life itself not to safeguard against his own demise?"
Atrament Corel 11:27 am
(11:27:45 AM): Elys doesn't say anything to this. She's pretty much heard enough.
wyverncakes 11:27 am
(11:27:54 AM): Kimhone: "Then Lord Ishin... my own father..."
cubey@aol.pl 11:28 am
(11:28:25 AM): Sielje: "My village... the fathers of mine..."
frifreeman 11:28 am
(11:28:57 AM): Grace: "That explains your stubborness. And your apparent singlemindedness to your goal..."
cubey@aol.pl 11:29 am
(11:29:02 AM): Sielje: "All of it was your doing." She doesn't even sound surprised. It all fits together too well.
wyverncakes 11:29 am
(11:29:08 AM): Kimhone: "Everyone, Ishin is still invincible! The energy is still being gathered in, I was just the conduit to direct it towards him."
tengusaur 11:29 am
(11:29:32 AM): Daniel: "Then how do we fight him?"
VJockey 11:30 am
(11:30:07 AM): "......."
Aldo Salt 11:30 am
(11:30:17 AM): Dido: "So all that parroting of traditional Ankian values was just a way to gan power and trigger civil war!" She snorts. "How Earth-like of you, Ishin? Or do you go by another name?"
tormterra 11:30 am
(11:30:27 AM): Kei: "We need to find the thing really gathering it." Kei began looking through her instruments.
frifreeman 11:30 am
(11:30:36 AM): Grace: "You're not a wrongly informed well intentioned extremist! You're actually just a boring normal villain!"
VJockey 11:30 am
(11:30:41 AM): "Dido. You're a tech right?"
(11:30:50 AM): "I need to check something..."
frifreeman 11:31 am
(11:31:09 AM): Grace: "That's... that's honestly disappointing, actually." Grace's daughtress fall down
wyverncakes 11:31 am
(11:31:33 AM): "The power is still there, but the direction is weak. Anyone would be able to claim it, but the price would be-"
(11:31:39 AM): Ynya: "Say no more."
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:31 am
(11:31:51 AM): Jen takes up a position on the Gigant's shoulder. "Just another dime a dozen asshole, bent on conquest..."
Aldo Salt 11:32 am
(11:32:03 AM): Dido: "Yes, Calvin?" She switches to a private channel. "What's up."
Atrament Corel 11:32 am
(11:32:20 AM): Elys: "The price?"
VJockey 11:32 am
(11:32:35 AM): "... Something Kimhone said. Energy being directed... doesn't that mean we could funnel it somewhere else?"
cubey@aol.pl 11:32 am
(11:32:49 AM): Sielje: "The way this works... to channel this power..."
(11:32:57 AM): Sielje: "Ynya, no!"
wyverncakes 11:33 am
(11:33:04 AM): Weakly the Champion rises to his feet... eyes still shining with determination. "May my life burn out brightly with the-"
(11:33:06 AM): Ishin: "FOOL!"
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:33 am
(11:33:07 AM): Jen: "...Ah."
VJockey 11:33 am
(11:33:12 AM): "...!"
tormterra 11:33 am
(11:33:22 AM): Kei: "Ynya...We can stop the gathering of the energy. Make him mortal again."
VJockey 11:33 am
(11:33:24 AM): [Oh... Oh Shit.]
wyverncakes 11:33 am
(11:33:45 AM): So close to Ynya, it's child's play for Ishin's claws to lash out again. Ynya's forced to dodge away, but the limbs pursue!
Aldo Salt 11:33 am
(11:33:47 AM): Dido: "In theory, yeah, but you need something to conduct it…FUDGE!"
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:33 am
(11:33:51 AM): #Ynya
tengusaur 11:33 am
(11:33:59 AM): Daniel: "Ynya!"
frifreeman 11:34 am
(11:34:55 AM): #Ynya ifi t's actually defendable
wyverncakes 11:36 am
(11:36:43 AM): (It is indeed approved)
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:36 am
(11:36:46 AM): *From her position far away, Jen's options are a bit limited-but just a bit. One of Nemain's grenades launches forth, creating a nanobot smokescreen for Ynya, while a burst from her rifle aims for Ishin's knees with pinpoint accuracy.+
wyverncakes 11:38 am
(11:38:56 AM): [Jen] Your smokescreen helps obscure and mask Ynya's movements, letting him gain more distance from Ishin. The rifle fire though, strikes into Ishin's knees, and is stopped dead, falling to the ground uselessly. The power is still Ishin's, and all the protection it provides.
cubey@aol.pl 11:41 am
(11:41:46 AM): Sielje watches the scene, breathing heavily and sweating. Don't die Ynya - don't die, everyone!
frifreeman 11:41 am
(11:41:59 AM): Meanwhile, grace disappear from his place, appears a way forward, disappear again, and when it reappear next it's grabbing Ynya and pulling it out of the way.+
cubey@aol.pl 11:42 am
(11:42:17 AM): But, Ynya knew what he is doing. The only way to take power away from Ishin's own Power Within is...
wyverncakes 11:43 am
(11:43:05 AM): [Grace] "There you are!" Ishin moves up and over the smokescreen, finding Ynya and diving down to get at him... only for Grace to get to him first and then get him out of the way.
cubey@aol.pl 11:43 am
(11:43:19 AM): Sielje: "..."
wyverncakes 11:43 am
(11:43:20 AM): "... Still ever the jester."
cubey@aol.pl 11:43 am
(11:43:29 AM): Sielje: "Ynya, stop."
cubey@aol.pl 11:43 am
(11:43:48 AM): Sielje: "There is Kimhone... she needs you. Your family needs you. Ankaia needs you."
(11:43:57 AM): Sielje: "You cannot do it."
(11:43:59 AM): But...
Atrament Corel 11:44 am
(11:44:06 AM): Elys: "..."
cubey@aol.pl 11:44 am
(11:44:07 AM): Someone else can.
Aldo Salt 11:44 am
(11:44:07 AM): Dido's thoughts race. "Ishin is drawing power from Ankaia itself… from the life energy of this planet. Could there be a way to reverse...?"
cubey@aol.pl 11:44 am
(11:44:20 AM): Sielje is reciting the unspeakable phrases already.
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:44 am
(11:44:20 AM): Jen: "Sielje, don't."
tengusaur 11:44 am
(11:44:32 AM): Daniel: "..."
wyverncakes 11:44 am
(11:44:45 AM): Ynya/Kimhone: "Sielje!"
Aldo Salt 11:44 am
(11:44:49 AM): Dido: "I know you like to play the hero, Sieljie, but please–!"
tengusaur 11:44 am
(11:44:59 AM): Daniel: "...You don't have to do this."
cubey@aol.pl 11:45 am
(11:45:10 AM): Sielje: "I am sorry." She smiles sadly.
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:45 am
(11:45:32 AM): Jen's voice is starting to crack. "Don't..."
cubey@aol.pl 11:45 am
(11:45:34 AM): The Knight's Arm starts to glow. No runes appear on its surface but the armor itself seems to shine very lightly.
(11:45:41 AM): Sielje: "May my life burn out brightly..."
(11:45:45 AM): Sielje: "..."
cubey@aol.pl 11:46 am
(11:46:06 AM): Her gaze falls...
(11:46:11 AM): Sielje: "No."
(11:46:19 AM): Sielje: "I want to live."
(11:46:31 AM): "Just this one time, I want to live! To save everyone!"
(11:46:41 AM): Sielje: "To save myself! I call upon you!"
tormterra 11:46 am
(11:46:53 AM): Kei: "Nobody needs to do it...He is gathering it somehow, we can stop that."
cubey@aol.pl 11:46 am
(11:46:54 AM): Sielje: "Come, POWER WITHIN!"
(11:47:27 AM): Suddenly, all power discharges in the air home on a new point. They all strike the Knight's Arm.
(11:47:45 AM): Earth rumbles... and even stones and parts ot debris start to move - slowly floating into the air.
VJockey 11:47 am
(11:47:47 AM): "..."
VJockey 11:48 am
(11:48:10 AM): "...Damnit. Ever the knight."
wyverncakes 11:48 am
(11:48:10 AM): Ishin: "Impossible..."
(11:48:20 AM): "You are... Sielje the Burned Out!"
(11:48:35 AM): "How can you invoke the Power Within a second time?"
VJockey 11:49 am
(11:49:03 AM): "Never underestimate the power of a dame's resolve..."
tormterra 11:49 am
(11:49:17 AM): Kei: "..." Purple-2 turns towards the knight and there's a distinct sense that if it had had arms, it would have reached out for her
Atrament Corel 11:49 am
(11:49:19 AM): Elys: "I guess she just found some new inspiration."
Aldo Salt 11:49 am
(11:49:22 AM): Dido: "Well, Ishin. She's not just drawing on her own power, is she?"
VJockey 11:49 am
(11:49:29 AM): [Calvin wipes his forehead.]
wyverncakes 11:50 am
(11:50:28 AM): Across Ankaia, more buildings collapse... some even explode.
cubey@aol.pl 11:50 am
(11:50:40 AM): The Knight's Arm kneels down, the arcs of power weighting it down as it is the new focus.
wyverncakes 11:50 am
(11:50:46 AM): But the energy signature for Ishin is gone.
(11:51:58 AM): ... Not that it stops him from abandoning pursuit of Ynya to lunges forward, all eight arms in position to attack!
(11:52:26 AM): (Elyssa, Daniel, and Kei, go)
Aldo Salt 11:52 am
(11:52:32 AM): #Ynya?
wyverncakes 11:52 am
(11:52:55 AM): (He's not attacking anyone at this moment, just charging forwards)
(11:53:32 AM): (Enemies: Worlds Combined (4 claw arms, 4 shield arms))
tormterra 11:54 am
(11:54:39 AM): * "He's vulnerable again. Jen, you have a good vantage from up there. Fire immediately before he can recover from the attack or press it and kill Ynya. I'll fire a brief salvo to distract him, then you shoot." And at her word, she shot a few brief, unaimed arms in the general direction of Ishin. They had little hope of hitting, but they should draw enough attention to open for the real attack. +
wyverncakes 11:55 am
(11:55:06 AM): Ishin: "All of you... have are spoiling a plan that has been in motion for many, MANY years! Take away as much of my power as fast as you can, you will not live to see the kingdom I will build over all of your corpses!"
tengusaur 11:55 am
(11:55:25 AM): Daniel: "Now. He should be vulnerable!" Steel Wanderer quickly loads a single bullet into the chamber of Gun of God, spins it, and fires. Mid-flight, the shot separates into ten small pieces, each of which unfolds into a full-sized armor piercing bullet, all of which rain upon Ishin's Arm! +
Atrament Corel 11:55 am
(11:55:47 AM): Elys: "I'll spare you more talking, Ishin."
arachnion01@gmail.com 11:56 am
(11:56:30 AM): *Jen: "...Damnit..." She's choking back tears. "Sielje, you better know what you're doing! Because if you die here, I'll never speak to you again, got it!" Her attention turns to Ishin. "Put a sock in it, edgelord." Kei's order recieved, she launches another burst and three grenades at Ishin-though these ones are explosive.+
tengusaur 11:56 am
(11:56:31 AM): Daniel: "You will not build anything, Ishin. All you do is the opposite of that."
Aldo Salt 11:56 am
(11:56:41 AM): Dido clucks her tongue. "Ishin, Ishin…people like you don't understand what Power is. On a scientific sense, I mean."
wyverncakes 11:57 am
(11:57:09 AM): [Kei and Daniel] The Worlds Combined still moves quickly, dashing to get into position to attack Kei and Purple 2! Several of the armor-piercing shots strike into and crack the stone casing around its mirror collections, one set of mirrors actually breaking. But the other three fire powerful beams at Purple 2 regardless!
(11:57:12 AM): (React: Kei)
Atrament Corel 11:57 am
(11:57:23 AM): Elys: "The thing is, you've singlehandedly ruined the lives of three people I've gotten to know. It's about time I showed more respect to them."
cubey@aol.pl 11:57 am
(11:57:29 AM): "I am not..."
(11:57:31 AM): # Kei
frifreeman 11:57 am
(11:57:31 AM): Grace: "I'll make you pay for deceiving me!"
Aldo Salt 11:57 am
(11:57:32 AM): #Kei?
frifreeman 11:57 am
(11:57:33 AM): #
wyverncakes 11:57 am
(11:57:50 AM): (Sielje can go.)
cubey@aol.pl 11:58 am
(11:58:51 AM): *In one smooth motion, the Knight's Arm lunges forward - with extraordinary speed, it picks up something along the ground and... say hello to the emblem of Sansone and Faolan's Shop of Machines, Ishin - the Arm delivers a mighty backhand with its battered shield to your body!+
(11:59:25 AM): Sielje: "I am not Burned Out! I did not use Power Within! I never said I did!"
Atrament Corel 11:59 am
(11:59:43 AM): *And with that, Amagahara disappears, two orbiting flashes accompanying it as it does. "Death Bloom..." When it shows up again, it's close to the multi-armed King's Arm, and, minding the attacks of the other UG members, engages in melee with not one, or two, but THREE blades. Two of said blades orbit the white machine, attacking with pinpoint coordination as it wields the long sword with its own hands!+
cubey@aol.pl 11:59 am
(11:59:54 AM): Sielje: "My strength, my own weakness - was mine alone. But now, the strength of all of Ankaia is with me!"
(12:00:05 PM): Sielje: "Strength of Ankaia, and strength of my friends from Earth. We will defeat you together, Ishin, and... I will live! I will live, for sure!"
(12:00:11 PM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7ueRIJG6oo
wyverncakes 12:01 pm
(12:01:48 PM): [Kei, Jen, Sielje, and Elys] Ishin's attack is short lived as grenades detonate around him. His blade arms dance to try to cut them away in time, but this gives Sielje the time to smash her shield into his body! Ishin goes flying, Elys managing to sever one of the other blade arms as Ishin goes hurtling past, crashing into a building.
tormterra 12:02 pm
(12:02:20 PM): * Kei and Purple-2 moved as one, flying straight up at the sudden attack, beginning the jagged maneuvers of a dogfight to avoid staying still for a follow-up to hit her. +
tengusaur 12:02 pm
(12:02:37 PM): Daniel: "I thought... No. I think everyone thought that..."
cubey@aol.pl 12:02 pm
(12:02:42 PM): Sielje: "I am sorry. I worried you, and I deceived you."
tengusaur 12:03 pm
(12:03:05 PM): Daniel: "Well. Aren't you full of surprises."
cubey@aol.pl 12:03 pm
(12:03:07 PM): The Arm shakes slightly.
wyverncakes 12:03 pm
(12:03:15 PM): The building crumbles and collapses inwards, burying Ishin. After a moment though Ishin bursts free, eyes shining with hatred like never before.
(12:03:42 PM): [Kei] Thanks to Sielje's intervention, you are able to get by with only mild damage as the beams grazed by you.
wyverncakes 12:03 pm
(12:03:52 PM): (Calvin, Dido)
(12:04:36 PM): Ishin: "You will PAY for this, Sielje!"
cubey@aol.pl 12:04 pm
(12:04:51 PM): Sielje: "No. I have paid enough."
tengusaur 12:04 pm
(12:04:57 PM): Daniel: "Grace. Jen. Everyone. Let's help Sielje give this bastard what for."
cubey@aol.pl 12:05 pm
(12:05:02 PM): Sielje: "Instead, I will take everything back."
frifreeman 12:05 pm
(12:05:20 PM): Grace: "No need to ask me twice"
cubey@aol.pl 12:05 pm
(12:05:22 PM): The Arm unsheathes its sword, swinging it in a wide arc.
Aldo Salt 12:05 pm
(12:05:46 PM): *A small grove o Arc Thorns sprouts in Ishin's shattered shield. "See, that's what I'm talking about, Ishin." Dido says, charging ShelLancer's spear. "Lance Shock!" Lightning sizzles into Ishin's broken shield and into him!+
cubey@aol.pl 12:06 pm
(12:06:31 PM): Sielje: "Kei, are you well?"
VJockey 12:06 pm
(12:06:39 PM): *Calvin's simply going to draw his DODS Gun and fire it along with his Revolver at Ishin.+
Aldo Salt 12:07 pm
(12:07:04 PM): Dido: "You think that power is a currency you can horde to yourself, or food you can gorge yourself on. But it's neither of those things, scientifically speaking. Power is…location."
wyverncakes 12:08 pm
(12:08:16 PM): [Dido] As the shield arm gets electrified, Ishin is still fast enough to cut through it with one of his actual arms. "If you want some of it so dearly, HAVE IT!" And he hurls the electrified limb at the ShelLancer like a bullet!
(12:08:18 PM): (React: Dido)
wyverncakes 12:10 pm
(12:10:07 PM): [Calvin] The DODS Gun fires, only for its shots to get drawn into the mirrors of two of the remaining mirror sets as Ishin skirts and jukes left and right to avoid your revolver shots. Then he returns the favor, drill-shaped blasts of energy firing out at you!
(12:10:09 PM): (React: Calvin)
(12:10:16 PM): (Sielje, Jen, Grace)
cubey@aol.pl 12:10 pm
(12:10:40 PM): # Calvin (will combine with action)
tormterra 12:11 pm
(12:11:12 PM): KeI: "Don't worry about me. Focus on Ishin...And on staying safe."
Aldo Salt 12:11 pm
(12:11:37 PM): #"You were standing at the fulcrum point of worlds, Ishin. A place where you could move the world!" Dido aims carefully…and spears the severed shield arm through with ShelLancer's lance. "But then, here's the thing, Ishin!" ShelLancer engages Shell Boost and zooms forward, trying to bash Ishin with his own lance-skewered spear. "You slipped."+
cubey@aol.pl 12:12 pm
(12:12:06 PM): Sielje: "... You may count on me for that."
wyverncakes 12:12 pm
(12:12:06 PM): (Approved)
VJockey 12:12 pm
(12:12:13 PM): *Calvin's going to fire a DODS shot back at the reflected shot and throw himself aside!+
cubey@aol.pl 12:12 pm
(12:12:45 PM): *The Arm throws its cloak dramatically to the side. Still held in hand, it spreads wide - in the way of Ishin's energy blasts!
(12:14:03 PM): *But while doing so, it moves closer and closer. The Power Within of Ankaia surges, and Sielje... attacks as normal. A lunge forward - a lunge performed with speed and precision like never before. It quickly follows up with a circular slash to put Ishin on guard, and then...
wyverncakes 12:14 pm
(12:14:07 PM): [Dido] You skewer the limb before trying to charge right back at Ishin. Unfortunately he blasts by you, his focus having shifted to Daniel at the moment.
cubey@aol.pl 12:14 pm
(12:14:26 PM): Sielje: "I see it!" *A cross slash downwards at one of his shields - or rather, the limb that connects it to the main body!+
arachnion01@gmail.com 12:15 pm
(12:15:49 PM): *Jen slides down the side of the Gigant, ripping up material from it as she goes-and moving her earlier smokescreen closer towards her. She forms a network of pointed cables, like the back-mounted limbs Ishin has-but longer, and flexible. They arc around Sielje, striking at Ishin from different angles.+
wyverncakes 12:16 pm
(12:16:06 PM): [Sielje and Daniel] In the meantime, the DODS Gun fires into Ishin's own imitation of the shot, the two beams cancelling each other out as Sielje moves in front of one of the others, managing to block it before slashing and stabbing at Ishin. His blades swing to parry and block your own, but each exchange leaves his own notched and damaged, and another of the shield arms is cut away clean!
VJockey 12:16 pm
(12:16:36 PM): "Why don't you have a sit down Ishin?"
wyverncakes 12:16 pm
(12:16:39 PM): "You think being stronger will change anything? I defeated you once before, with a far weaker arm!"
VJockey 12:16 pm
(12:16:43 PM): "You look absolutely shattered."
frifreeman 12:17 pm
(12:17:20 PM): Grace boosts forward "This is... for making me..." Grace disappears from everyone's sight. From her point of view everyone are standing still. She jumps behind Ishin's mech and fires her revolver rapidly at point blank right toward the back skull of Ishin's mech. All the bullets stops mid-air as soon as it leaves Grace's gun. She then jumps away, and everyone moves again, as with the bullets, all moving in the same time. All takes a few seconds in her point of view, and a split second in the others'
wyverncakes 12:17 pm
(12:17:23 PM): [Sielje] The remaining three arms swing at Sielje from three different angles, designed to make defense, escape, and counterattacking virtually impossible!
(12:17:27 PM): (React: Sielje)
frifreeman 12:17 pm
(12:17:36 PM): "...thinking that you're just a misunderstood antihero!"+
cubey@aol.pl 12:18 pm
(12:18:41 PM): Sielje: "This is no honorable challenge. You have no honor, Ishin. And I do not fight this battle alone!"
Aldo Salt 12:18 pm
(12:18:55 PM): Dido whistles. "Ooh, nice one, Calvin!"
cubey@aol.pl 12:19 pm
(12:19:18 PM): *Her sword moves quickly to block attacks from one side, and she throws her shoulder forward for the cloak to handle the other. As for the third...
(12:19:39 PM): *The Knight's Arm grabs the offending claw limb with its bare hand, trying to hold Ishin in place so Grace's attacks can hit him!+
VJockey 12:20 pm
(12:20:11 PM): [Calvin grinned weakly.]
(12:20:39 PM): "Well... what can I say... the moment called for it."
wyverncakes 12:21 pm
(12:21:32 PM): [Sielje, Grace, and Jen] The slashing arms meet with resistance first from Jen's imitations and then Sielje's own attacks! One of them gets cut off even as the second stabs into the Beasthide cloak, failing to pierce it. The last is stopped with the Knight's Arm's tight grip... letting Grace's assault hammer Ishin's backside.
(12:21:57 PM): More arms are blown off, Ishin growing in annoyance and frustration.
(12:22:10 PM): (Elyssa, Daniel, Kei)
(12:22:49 PM): (Quick update: Ishin has 1 shield arm left, 2 blade arms)
Aldo Salt 12:22 pm
(12:22:54 PM): Dido: "I know, right! Bad Guys like these need to get trash-talked. Although…maybe I'm going out on a limb."
VJockey 12:24 pm
(12:24:00 PM): "That's a little to generic... maybe say he's not cut out for the Conquest business."
(12:24:04 PM): *too
cubey@aol.pl 12:24 pm
(12:24:26 PM): Sielje: "... That is enough, I think."
Aldo Salt 12:24 pm
(12:24:41 PM): Dido: "Oh, snap! …okay, we're done."
VJockey 12:25 pm
(12:25:18 PM): "Won't happen again!"
tengusaur 12:25 pm
(12:25:22 PM): Daniel: "You two are having fun." He ducks behind a ruined wall and prepares another bullet, loading it into the Gun of God, and then jumps from behind the corner and instantly fires. "Nicholas. Go." The shot unfolds into a flying rocket fist, which takes on a circular trajectory and smashes into Ishin's Arm from the side, in an attemtp to break more of its limbs! +
frifreeman 12:25 pm
(12:25:45 PM): Grace" Yeah, no need to go out on a limb on the puns, guys"
tormterra 12:25 pm
(12:25:48 PM): * "Dido use the way his loss of arms limits his range of defense to strike. With the way he's locked down and need all his arms, he has an opening from the right for a few more seconds if you fire fast. I'm lighting it up on your display." +
VJockey 12:26 pm
(12:26:01 PM): "Dido already used that one Grace."
frifreeman 12:27 pm
(12:27:21 PM): Grace: "Damnit, I have to write a full length comedic novel to regain my honor after this."
Aldo Salt 12:28 pm
(12:28:00 PM): Dido: "Roger that, Kei! Locking on, now!"
wyverncakes 12:28 pm
(12:28:11 PM): [Daniel] Your rocket punch gets Ishin's attention and he charges after, razor sharp blades meeting the Nicholas shot head-on and struggling for a second before cutting clean through it! They continue full on afterwards, slicing through the wall to get at you!
(12:28:16 PM): (React: Daniel)
Atrament Corel 12:28 pm
(12:28:50 PM): *Amagahara slides backwards a bit as others attack, then slashes upward with its sword. The tip of the blade catches the ground along the way and lifts a few large rocks that are thrown in Ishin's direction...but that isn't the real threat. Right behind two of those rocks, the orbiting short swords follow closely, aiming to take out another arm!+
Aldo Salt 12:30 pm
(12:30:03 PM): *As Daniel rocket punches Ishin, Dido aims at the gaps in Ishin's shields from the opposite side, and fires some Arc Thorns to slip past his protection and pierce his Arm's torso! If they hit, she'll follow up with a crisping Lance Shock!+
tengusaur 12:31 pm
(12:31:52 PM): Daniel: "Last Andrew. Let's make it count!" Among the flying pieces of rubble Steel Wanderer jumps back, turning the chamber of Gun of God to one occupied by a reserve bullet. Daniel fires, creating a foamy net that entangles the remaining pieces of rubble in a messy barrier, and possibly Ishin himself as well. +
wyverncakes 12:37 pm
(12:37:24 PM): [Elys, Dido, and Daniel] Ishin's blades slash across the Steel Wanderer at neck and belly-level... but the wounds are shallow as the gunslinger falls back, ensnaring Ishin again. And this time, he doesn't break out so quckly. The storm of swords from Elys cuts off his outstretched blade arms, and Dido's thorns strike his torso! The follow shock draws neither a gasp of pain or frustration from Ishin, but the machine does smash the ShelLancer's body with its remaining shield arm, knocking part of the machine concave in retaliation.
(12:37:30 PM): (Dido and Calvin, go)
VJockey 12:39 pm
(12:39:10 PM): *Calvin's going to let loose at Ishin with every single one of his remaining explosives! A few were aimed around the would-be tyrant rather than directly at him to kick up a storm of debris to knock him around!+
Aldo Salt 12:42 pm
(12:42:12 PM): *"Guh! Fast!" Dido grunts. "You've gotten enough mileage out of that shield! " ShelLancer thrusts forward with its Lance, trying to pierce through the final shield and pin it in place. "Electricity flows through the path of least resistance, Ishin! Lance Shock, discharging!"+
VJockey 12:43 pm
(12:43:22 PM): "!!! DIDO! GET OUT OF THERE!"
wyverncakes 12:44 pm
(12:44:15 PM): [Calvin and Dido] The explosives knock Ishin around left and right plenty... but they also do a decent job kicking up a dust storm to help mask his movements! ShelLancer's charge is abruptly countered and the machine is knocked away, and then...
(12:45:14 PM): "You have found petty enjoyment in derailing my plans and killing the things I've lived for."
(12:45:23 PM): "... Very well!"
(12:45:57 PM): And at once the Worlds Combined suddenly bursts from the dusty cloud, surging towards Ynya, arm ready to cut the Champion down!
wyverncakes 12:46 pm
(12:46:25 PM): And even as he does this, the last shield arm snaps open one last time, firing not at any of you, but rather Kimhone!
arachnion01@gmail.com 12:46 pm
(12:46:45 PM): #Kimhone ?
cubey@aol.pl 12:46 pm
(12:46:49 PM): #
wyverncakes 12:46 pm
(12:46:52 PM): (Approved)
(12:47:04 PM): (All defends will be approved, please just specify which you are defending)
cubey@aol.pl 12:47 pm
(12:47:09 PM): Sielje: "You may not win... and you decide to lash out against those do not fight?!"
(12:47:13 PM): (Both)
tormterra 12:47 pm
(12:47:34 PM): # Ynya
wyverncakes 12:47 pm
(12:47:53 PM): (Go for it)
wyverncakes 12:48 pm
(12:48:31 PM): Ishin: "None of this would have even been necessary if not for them! They made their choices, they can live and die with them!"
arachnion01@gmail.com 12:48 pm
(12:48:33 PM): *No time at all for this. Jen throws on Nemain's super speed, dashing in front of Kimhone in a whirlwind of air. All her stabby extra limbs are bent over Nemain's chest to block the beam, and its forearms are thrown up in a boxing block behind that.+
Aldo Salt 12:49 pm
(12:49:10 PM): #Kimhone?
VJockey 12:49 pm
(12:49:16 PM): #Kimhone?
wyverncakes 12:49 pm
(12:49:30 PM): (Approved)
(12:49:32 PM): (Both)
tormterra 12:50 pm
(12:50:25 PM): * Seeing the charge, Kei sprung into action, interposing Purple-2 between Ishin and the battered champion. Sielje, her friends and the rest of Ankaia wasn't alone here. +
cubey@aol.pl 12:50 pm
(12:50:46 PM): *The Knight's Arm runs forward. The ground rumbles as it plants its feet - and jumps! Sielje tries to get on Ishin's back, except the enemy is much smaller than the last time she did this...
Aldo Salt 12:51 pm
(12:51:06 PM): *Dido zaps Ishin with another Lance Shock, using the Arc Thorns in his gut to guide the lightning! "Calvin!" She shouts. "Divert the shield while he's stunned!"+
cubey@aol.pl 12:51 pm
(12:51:36 PM): *And what she does is move her cloak again - against Lord Moswar, she tried to entangle his Arm's head to blind him. But this time, she tries to wrap up the whole of Ishin - and then spin the cloak like a bag, throwing it to the ground!&
VJockey 12:52 pm
(12:52:44 PM): *Calvin uses his own shield to swing upwards to knock said Ishin's own one' into a less harmful direction!+
wyverncakes 12:54 pm
(12:54:16 PM): [Everyone] Ishin's attacks are stopped as Purple 2's shield and Jen's own defenses stopped his chopping hand and beam respectively. The shock and subsequent shield parry sent him off balance, spinning him around and letting Sielje ensnare him in her cloak, slamming him to the ground!
tengusaur 12:55 pm
(12:55:35 PM): Daniel: "You can live and die with yours as well, Ishin."
cubey@aol.pl 12:56 pm
(12:56:12 PM): Sielje: "You have slain my family. You dared ruin Ankaia and tried to do the same, again!"
wyverncakes 12:56 pm
(12:56:15 PM): [Sielje cont.] But a sharp hand rips through the cloak, Ishin bursting out of it! "Offering yourself in their place? Very well!" Dashing in and with his manipulator arms lost, Ishin still strikes with his own, sharp limbs at Sielje's midsection!
wyverncakes 12:56 pm
(12:56:19 PM): (React/continue: Sielje)
cubey@aol.pl 12:56 pm
(12:56:44 PM): Sielje: "...!"
(12:57:04 PM): There's no time to draw her sword, and the pike is not ready!
(12:57:10 PM): But...
Atrament Corel 12:57 pm
(12:57:28 PM): Elys: "Get him, Sielje...!"
cubey@aol.pl 12:58 pm
(12:58:23 PM): *Sielje desperately grabs for something hidden under the Arm's plate. Holding to a spare warhead for the pike, she thrusts it downwards. The limbs cut into it, but she doesn't let go - in fact, as it starts to explode, she shoves it down towards Ishin, putting all her strength into it!+
(12:58:38 PM): Sielje: "Prima sum... benignus!"
wyverncakes 12:59 pm
(12:59:43 PM): Ishin: "What are you-"
wyverncakes 1:01 pm
(1:01:06 PM): Whether Ishin got anything else out is unknown, as the warhead detonates spectucularly. The Knight's Arm is blown backwards, its damaged arm blasted away from the elbow down... but Ishin himself was not so lucky.
(1:02:48 PM): Only ruined scrap is left where he was; a far more convincing death than simply being impaled on a sword.
cubey@aol.pl 1:03 pm
(1:03:12 PM): The Arm falls down with a thud.
wyverncakes 1:03 pm
(1:03:38 PM): And with that, a calm begins to settle in the atmosphere as the catastrophic buildup of energy begins to subside.
cubey@aol.pl 1:03 pm
(1:03:42 PM): Sielje can feel the Power Within leaving her body with every passing minute, but...
tormterra 1:03 pm
(1:03:55 PM): Kei rushed over. "Sielje are you okay? Come in."
VJockey 1:03 pm
(1:03:58 PM): "...Is it over?"
tengusaur 1:04 pm
(1:04:05 PM): Daniel: "Sielje. Can you hear me?"
cubey@aol.pl 1:04 pm
(1:04:24 PM): Sielje: "Ha..." A deep breath of relief.
wyverncakes 1:04 pm
(1:04:29 PM): Off in the distance, and even beyond eyeshot, Ankaians confused by the seeming death of their world begin to come out, to see what happened and if it was truly over.
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:04 pm
(1:04:36 PM): Nemain walks over towards the Knights arm as well. "Someone keep an eye on Ishin."
Atrament Corel 1:04 pm
(1:04:39 PM): Elys: "Are you alright?"
tengusaur 1:05 pm
(1:05:10 PM): Daniel: "It's over. You killed Ishin. And Ynya and Kimhone are safe."
cubey@aol.pl 1:05 pm
(1:05:22 PM): Sielje: "Yes. Yes I can hear you. And... and it is over..."
wyverncakes 1:05 pm
(1:05:23 PM): The sky remains dark, and rumbling continues... but it seems more... natural. And starting at a drizzle, and building up steadily, it begins to rain on the near-ruined planet.
Aldo Salt 1:05 pm
(1:05:52 PM): Dido lets out her own sigh. "…we should check Ishin's body. And cremate it. Make sure he's truly gone this time around."
cubey@aol.pl 1:05 pm
(1:06:00 PM): The knight tries to hold back tears of relief.
(1:06:12 PM): Her Arm slowly stands up. First one knee, then the leg, than the other.
(1:06:38 PM): Sielje: "Please do. I have a feel Ankaia is safe now, and so is Earth. But.. we need to be sure."
(1:06:52 PM): Sielje: "Safe, but ruined..."
(1:07:00 PM): For a moment, her voice is colored with worry.
(1:07:14 PM): The Arm stands up in the calm rain, looking around.
cubey@aol.pl 1:07 pm
(1:07:46 PM): Sielje: "All of it was part of Ishin's plan."
(1:08:01 PM): Sielje: "Was it not? The ruination... possibly our contact with Earth, even."
tormterra 1:08 pm
(1:08:46 PM): Kei: "Yes...But the planet can be rebuild." Probably at least, they'd need a major survey of the damage one way or another
tengusaur 1:08 pm
(1:08:52 PM): Daniel: "...Looks like it."
cubey@aol.pl 1:08 pm
(1:08:58 PM): Sielje: "I wonder would it have been better for Ankaia to stay seperate. Now it is weaker still... it may become prey of unscuruplous men of Earth. We need to be careful."
(1:09:27 PM): Sielje: "Ankaia is one thing but..."
(1:09:32 PM): She takes a deep breath.
Aldo Salt 1:09 pm
(1:09:49 PM): Dido: "There is a lot of scum on Earth…but they aren't going to do a thing to Ankaia. Not while we're around."
cubey@aol.pl 1:10 pm
(1:10:15 PM): Sielje: "My thoughts are - that for my own self, to see Earth, to meet its people. To get to know you... was one of the very best things."
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:11 pm
(1:11:05 PM): Jen: "...Thank you."
tormterra 1:11 pm
(1:11:07 PM): Kei: "Thanks." Sielje gets one of Kei's rare, bright smiles
cubey@aol.pl 1:11 pm
(1:11:10 PM): Sielje: "..."
tengusaur 1:11 pm
(1:11:22 PM): Steel Wanderer nods in response to these words.
cubey@aol.pl 1:11 pm
(1:11:32 PM): Her smile wanes. The Arm draws its sword with its remaining hand.
Atrament Corel 1:11 pm
(1:11:38 PM): Elys: "..."
cubey@aol.pl 1:11 pm
(1:11:45 PM): Sielje: "No matter my thoughts on the issue... I made a vow."
cubey@aol.pl 1:11 pm
(1:11:59 PM): Sielje: "I need to follow it."
(1:12:44 PM): Sielje: "A vow to support and pursue the fulfillment of Lord Moswar's cause. Even though he himself strayed of it... to maintain Ankaian independence. To stay away from Earth and its dangers."
(1:12:48 PM): Sielje: "This..."
(1:12:58 PM): Her voice shakes, almost cracking
VJockey 1:13 pm
(1:13:10 PM): "..."
cubey@aol.pl 1:13 pm
(1:13:18 PM): Sielje: "This is a moot. All present, Ankaian, Earth or otherwise, are its participants."
(1:13:31 PM): Sielje: "And I... make the following proclamation."
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:13 pm
(1:13:36 PM): Nemain takes a few steps towards the Knight's arm.
cubey@aol.pl 1:14 pm
(1:14:18 PM): Sielje: "For Ankaia to cut off ties with Earth. To stand on its own, to bitter end or great glory, whatever may it be. This is what my oaths and honor demand."
(1:14:36 PM): The sword is stabbed into the ground, as the Arm looks around.
VJockey 1:14 pm
(1:14:58 PM): [There was an exhausted sigh as he slumps in his seat. A tired frown on his face as he looks at the Knight's Arm.] "...Ever the knight..."
cubey@aol.pl 1:15 pm
(1:15:00 PM): Sielje: "Do you wish to disagree? I take any and all challengers."
tengusaur 1:15 pm
(1:15:04 PM): Daniel: "...Sielje. No. You can't be serious."
cubey@aol.pl 1:15 pm
(1:15:11 PM): Sielje: "Will anyone challenge me on this decision?"
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:15 pm
(1:15:16 PM): Jen: "...I will."
VJockey 1:15 pm
(1:15:16 PM): "No... She's completely serious..."
cubey@aol.pl 1:15 pm
(1:15:21 PM): She can't hold it anymore. And asks through tears.
(1:15:24 PM): Sielje: "Please?"
VJockey 1:15 pm
(1:15:25 PM): "...Same here."
tengusaur 1:15 pm
(1:15:42 PM): Daniel: "...Well then."
Aldo Salt 1:15 pm
(1:15:52 PM): Dido: "Ditto. Do you want us to come at you all at once, or one at a time?"
tengusaur 1:16 pm
(1:16:12 PM): Steel Wanderer takes a step forward.
(1:16:13 PM): Daniel: "I'm with them."
cubey@aol.pl 1:16 pm
(1:16:24 PM): Sielje: "Do what you want. I will fight you all, if I must. Fight until one side relents and gives up to the other."
Atrament Corel 1:16 pm
(1:16:24 PM): Unlike the other units, Amagahara sheathes its blade. The two weapons orbiting it also disappear.
tormterra 1:16 pm
(1:16:24 PM): Kei for her part was quiet. Lecturing was no way to treat a friend and Purple-2 was not the unit you wanted to champion anything in a duel unless they cheated and did it one by one. She did float forward to stand with everyone else, but she was quiet
cubey@aol.pl 1:16 pm
(1:16:59 PM): Sielje: "Thank you. And... my apologies."
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:17 pm
(1:17:19 PM): Jen: "The issue of food supply is not something Ankaia can solve on its own. To die of famine, when an alternative exists..." Nemain draws its spear, twirling it slowly.
cubey@aol.pl 1:17 pm
(1:17:42 PM): The Arm's blade points towards the combatants present. The cloak obscures the damaged other arm. Though Sielje's unit remains broken, she still feels the Power Within coursing in it.
(1:17:48 PM): And now, she waits for the first strike.
(1:18:05 PM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow2rdNSTGYk
VJockey 1:18 pm
(1:18:09 PM): [Calvin's Genoace discards all its ranged weapons, simply opting to use only its shield and knife.]
(1:18:21 PM): "Honorable duel.... right?"
wyverncakes 1:18 pm
(1:18:55 PM): (Initiative: Jen, Calvin, Dido, and Daniel)
Aldo Salt 1:18 pm
(1:18:56 PM): Dido decides to get into this, and raises her lance in both hands…saluting like a knight.
wyverncakes 1:18 pm
(1:18:58 PM): (Jen and Calvin, go)
tengusaur 1:19 pm
(1:19:10 PM): Daniel: "You expect us to use melee, huh..."
cubey@aol.pl 1:19 pm
(1:19:12 PM): Sielje: "Right."
Atrament Corel 1:20 pm
(1:20:31 PM): Elys watches from a distance, and doesn't move from where she is. "I did tell you once that you would have to do things you don't like sometimes. This is your fight with them, Sielje. Not mine."
tengusaur 1:20 pm
(1:20:46 PM): Steel Wanderer spins the Gun of God in its hand, then holsters it.
tengusaur 1:21 pm
(1:21:06 PM): Daniel: "Let's see how good the training you gave me was, Sielje."
VJockey 1:22 pm
(1:22:23 PM): *The Genoace gives the closest approximation its pilot can muster to a bow, before it reverses its grip on its knife and dashes in with shield raised and lashing out with an upward cut followed by a downward swing!+
tormterra 1:22 pm
(1:22:27 PM): Kei quietly hovered, watching the fight, not interrupting like she'd done so many times before
cubey@aol.pl 1:23 pm
(1:23:15 PM): Sielje: "However... do not think I will go easy on you!"
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:23 pm
(1:23:19 PM): *Jen: "Well, here goes." She throws her spear towards the center of the Knight's arm, a blow that'll kill if it strikes home-but her follow-up is elsewhere. Nemain's speed gets put to use once more as it dashes to the side of Sielje, joints straining as it comes to a dead stop next to her. Jen puts one of Nemain's legs next to Sielje's to limit her movements, and throws a plasma punch at her friend's knee.+
VJockey 1:23 pm
(1:23:42 PM): "No matter your thoughts on the issue you made a vow..."
(1:23:51 PM): "So you'll follow it even to this."
(1:24:45 PM): "I don't expect anything less than your best at this point!"
cubey@aol.pl 1:24 pm
(1:24:51 PM): *The Arm tumbles to the side - both to evade the thrown spear and to get out of range of Calvin's knife! Sielje tries to position themselves so they're all in one line and in each other's way. And she uses her blade's superior range to slice down on Calvin's knife hand.+
wyverncakes 1:25 pm
(1:25:57 PM): [Sielje] The spear whiffs past you, the knife grazing your front as you slip by. Your own sword bites into the Genoace's wrist, but Jen's punch smacks into the Knight's leg.
(1:26:40 PM): It doesn't bust it, but it does shake the Arm's footing. Calvin gets off with just a deep gash and a (barely) functioning arm.
(1:26:45 PM): (Dido and Daniel)
cubey@aol.pl 1:27 pm
(1:27:26 PM): "Ghh." The Arm jumps back, trying to regain its footing in the rainy mud.
VJockey 1:27 pm
(1:27:49 PM): "Tch!"
tengusaur 1:28 pm
(1:28:42 PM): * Daniel picks up a piece of rubble and kicks it hard into Sielje's direction, almost like a soccer ball. This is, however, a distraction - the main attack is Steel Wanderer rushing forward, trying to shoulder tackle the Knight's Arm. Daniel's technique is far from perfect, but his unit packs a punch, and he's going to use that now. +
Aldo Salt 1:30 pm
(1:30:01 PM): *ShelLancer strides forward, lancing leaning on it's shoulders. Dido rears back, electrified the lance then swings it down on Sieljie like a home-run batter!+
cubey@aol.pl 1:31 pm
(1:31:15 PM): Sielje: "..." *She decides to evade around the Steel Wanderer, quickly moving to the side to dodge the rubble and swinging again to dissuade Daniel from adjusting his charge.
(1:33:05 PM): *The lance though - gets blocked by the cloak! The stump of the Arm's... well, arm, moves the protective beasthide to meet with the electrified weapon, while Sielje tries to kick back against ShellLancer's lower body simultaneously. Both to get away, and to upset its already forward leaning-balance.+
wyverncakes 1:36 pm
(1:36:48 PM): [Sielje] The rubble goes flying, hitting nothing but air as Sielje dodges. But as the ShelLancer and Steel Wanderer charge, the Knight's Arm gets rocked by the attacks even as its cloak meets not just the spear but also Steel Wanderer. Its leg strains from the damage Jen previously inflicted, only finding relief at the last moment as the ShelLancer's kicked down. Steel Wanderer's momentum carries it past Sielje.
(1:36:57 PM): (Jen and Calvin)
tengusaur 1:38 pm
(1:38:10 PM): Daniel: "...As I thought. Still a long way to go. But I'm not done yet."
cubey@aol.pl 1:39 pm
(1:39:41 PM): Sielje: "No, of course not. I expect you to not give up so easily..."
(1:39:45 PM): Sielje: "But neither will I."
VJockey 1:40 pm
(1:40:55 PM): *Calvin simply switches the arm holding the knife now that the other one was just so much scrap... still... it would have its uses as he moved in once again - leading with a barehanded swing with the wrecked mess before attempting a stab at one of the Arm's arms!+
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:41 pm
(1:41:12 PM): *Jen: "Persistence is one of your best traits..." Her nanobots form up into a baton and a knife, and she attacks Sielje with a series of rapid strikes-all aimed at the neck or shoulders of the Knight's arm, with the baton to parry. However, those are again not her true goal-instead, Jen tries to get her footwork close, then use Nemain's legs on the wounded knee for a leg throw.+
VJockey 1:42 pm
(1:42:21 PM): "We're all pretty stubborn aren't we?"
cubey@aol.pl 1:43 pm
(1:43:24 PM): Sielje: "Is it, really?"
tengusaur 1:43 pm
(1:43:33 PM): Daniel: "We're not just fighting for us. This is for all of Ankaia."
(1:43:39 PM): Daniel: "...But also for us."
cubey@aol.pl 1:44 pm
(1:44:46 PM): *Instead of getting close to the combatants, Sielje tries to retreat quickly! She glances backwards - there it is. While trying to get away, she grabs her pike and tries to slam it downwards, the warhead acting like an impact hammer and causing an explosion that will keep the other two at bay!+
(1:44:50 PM): At least, that's the plan.
(1:45:15 PM): Sielje: "Stubborn, and resourcesful. Yes... that would describe you well!"
wyverncakes 1:47 pm
(1:47:53 PM): [Sielje] The first of the blows fall on you, striking your chest and body before you detonate the blasting spear. Jen and Calvin are blown away, but you're knocked off your feet too by the blast, and getting up proves more difficult than after defeating Ishin.
(1:48:01 PM): (Dido and Daniel)
VJockey 1:48 pm
(1:48:17 PM): "Agh!"
(1:48:29 PM): [Yeah, that one really rattled him.]
cubey@aol.pl 1:48 pm
(1:48:37 PM): Sielje: "Egh... are you good? You may give up any moment you wish!"
(1:49:00 PM): The Power Within doesn't seem so powerful anymore. The strength of Ankaia is leaving the Arm's limbs.
tengusaur 1:49 pm
(1:49:15 PM): Daniel: "Too stubborn for that."
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:49 pm
(1:49:33 PM): Jen lands on her feet, though Nemain's really starting to show its wear now. "You first."
Aldo Salt 1:49 pm
(1:49:42 PM): *Dido picks ShelLancer off the ground. "So can you, Sieljie!' She says. "You know you're heart's not in this!" ShelLancer rockets upwards, then falls down feet first towards Sieljie. "Foot Grind!"+
VJockey 1:50 pm
(1:50:52 PM): [That blast probably tore off the arm that wasn't working so good anymore.]
(1:51:02 PM): "Give up? Not bloody likely..."
cubey@aol.pl 1:51 pm
(1:51:02 PM): Sielje: "That does not matter!"
tengusaur 1:51 pm
(1:51:27 PM): * Steel Wanderer rushes forward, trying to shoulder tackle Sielje's Arm again, but holding one of its arms hidden under its cloak as it does so... And then, at melee range, Daniel's real attack is revealed! He pulls out the Gun of God and tries to fire at Sielje at point blank, launching an electric Medard shot. +
cubey@aol.pl 1:51 pm
(1:51:29 PM): *While trying to get up, the Knight's Arm swings the pole of the pike - aiming at the ShelLancer's falling feet, Sielje tries once again to knock the heavy foe off target.+
tengusaur 1:51 pm
(1:51:35 PM): Daniel: "Melee! This counts as melee."
cubey@aol.pl 1:51 pm
(1:51:52 PM): Sielje: "... Ah."
(1:52:12 PM): *Lacking means to defend against THAT, she can do little more than to interpose the cloak against the electric attack.+
VJockey 1:52 pm
(1:52:39 PM): "... I guess it does on a technicality."
wyverncakes 1:54 pm
(1:54:09 PM): [Sielje] The pike smacks against the ShelLancer's falling frame, but a crack is heard as the Arm's leg decisively fractures. ShelLancer's knocked away and to the ground, but as you turn to defend yourself from Daniel's shot...
(1:54:27 PM): ... The bullet passes through the hole Ishin tore in your cloak.
(1:54:48 PM): Striking the Arm and with electricity surging through the machine.
cubey@aol.pl 1:55 pm
(1:55:07 PM): Sielje: "!"
(1:55:31 PM): Sielje: "Aaah...!" The Arm falls down to one knee.
(1:55:41 PM): Sielje: "I... I..." She breathes heavily.
cubey@aol.pl 1:56 pm
(1:56:20 PM): Sielje: "I... cannot."
(1:56:34 PM): Sielje: "Despite the Power Within... Ankaia's strength... I cannot go on."
(1:57:13 PM): Sielje: "My cause is lost. You have... bested me."
(1:57:46 PM): The Arm's head looks down. Inside its cockpit, small drops of water fall.
(1:58:02 PM): Sielje: "Thank you... thank you."
arachnion01@gmail.com 1:58 pm
(1:58:31 PM): Nemain comes closer, dismissing its weapons into fog as it walks. It extends a hand towards the Knight's arm.
Atrament Corel 1:58 pm
(1:58:51 PM): Elys: "...You did fight well from where I see it."
wyverncakes 1:58 pm
(1:58:51 PM): "Sielje."
tengusaur 1:59 pm
(1:59:30 PM): Daniel puts the gun away again. "I wasn't sure we could beat you. I'm glad we did."
wyverncakes 1:59 pm
(1:59:45 PM): An arm slung over Kimhone, Ynya slowly approaches the downed Arm. Tears are in their eyes, but they smile all the same.
(1:59:59 PM): Ynya: "You do not have to worry."
tormterra 2:00 pm
(2:00:12 PM): Kei relaxed in her seat, at ease from that. It didn't seem like using the power within was killing or breaking her either
wyverncakes 2:00 pm
(2:00:29 PM): "Interactions with Earth at first were... machinations. By one who was using them to his own gains."
wyverncakes 2:01 pm
(2:01:31 PM): Kimhone: "With the wisdom and knowledge of what happened, Anakaia will be able to know who to trust and find support in."
cubey@aol.pl 2:02 pm
(2:02:04 PM): Sielje: "What are you talking about? I am... not worried. I am happy. I really..."
(2:02:07 PM): Sielje: "..."
Aldo Salt 2:02 pm
(2:02:10 PM): Dido quietly records this scene for posterity.
cubey@aol.pl 2:02 pm
(2:02:10 PM): She falls silent.
tengusaur 2:02 pm
(2:02:23 PM): Daniel: "...Sielje?"
tormterra 2:02 pm
(2:02:32 PM): Kei: "...Are you okay?"
wyverncakes 2:02 pm
(2:02:43 PM): "To the end you upheld your vows, both to Ankaia and Earth. So-"
(2:02:46 PM): Ynya: "Sielje?"
cubey@aol.pl 2:02 pm
(2:02:53 PM): Sielje: "The Power Within... it has left me..."
(2:03:13 PM): Sielje: "I feel..."
VJockey 2:03 pm
(2:03:24 PM): "..."
cubey@aol.pl 2:03 pm
(2:03:33 PM): The Knight's arm slumps down and slips to the ground.
arachnion01@gmail.com 2:04 pm
(2:04:23 PM): Jen: "Hey, watch it." Nemain rushes to give it some support, a shoulder to lean on. "Easy now."
cubey@aol.pl 2:04 pm
(2:04:27 PM): But that's only so its cockpit can open right away - and Sielje walks out in uneasy steps, exhausted and with difficult ground underneath.
(2:04:37 PM): Sielje: "I feel... fine!"
(2:04:51 PM): Sielje: "Nothing has happened. I am alive, and well!"
VJockey 2:05 pm
(2:05:22 PM): ".... Ohthankgod..."
cubey@aol.pl 2:05 pm
(2:05:32 PM): And, for what seems like the first in a very long time, Sielje's face breaks into a smile and she laughs in relief. Laughter mixed with tears.
VJockey 2:05 pm
(2:05:40 PM): [Calvin lets out an explosive sigh and nearly folds over in his seat.]
wyverncakes 2:05 pm
(2:05:41 PM): Ynya and Kimhone close their eyes in relief.
VJockey 2:05 pm
(2:05:46 PM): "You had us worried you know!"
wyverncakes 2:06 pm
(2:06:01 PM): Their smiles grow brighter still... before they break out in laughter as well.
tengusaur 2:06 pm
(2:06:07 PM): Daniel: "...I'm relieved."
cubey@aol.pl 2:06 pm
(2:06:15 PM): Sielje: "I know, I know very well!"
tormterra 2:06 pm
(2:06:26 PM): Kei...is Kei and just quietly smiles seeing Sielje okay like that
cubey@aol.pl 2:06 pm
(2:06:49 PM): Sielje: "I am sorry... for everything."
wyverncakes 2:07 pm
Atrament Corel 2:09 pm
(2:09:03 PM): Elys: "Just don't forget you have more to do now, too."
arachnion01@gmail.com 2:09 pm
(2:09:33 PM): Jen takes a deep breath, tears running down her face. "Stop apolo...Agh, whatever. You idiot."
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